The Smallest BBQ Grill!

I enjoy grilling on the Biggest BBQ Grill - which can be seen in the background of these pictures. However, at a recent neighborhood garage sale, my wife Wendy came back with what must be the Smallest BBQ grill - just the right size for my kids. This has two burner controls (unknown BTU output), plastic grilling grids, side serving tray, caster'ed wheels for easy transport by two-year old Kyle, underneath storage area, and comes with a complete set of grilling tools. The coolest thing about it is the ignitor - push it and you get realistic grilling noises! ;-)

Happy Grilling,
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Kyle-n-Dirk grilling on the Smallest BBQ Grill

smallest bbq grill 0

Kyle says this is some yummy bacon!

smallest bbq grill

Careful with that spatula Kyle

smallest bbq grill 1

OOOPS - Kyle drops his hamburger

smallest bbq grill 2

We'll serve it anyway!

smallest bbq grill 3

Ted sends some picture of his "Smallest BBQ Grill" - thanx!

A nice Hibachi BBQ Grill

habachi bbq grill 1

Smaller and actually grills!

habachi bbq grill 2

Use mini-BBQ instead of stove

habachi bbq grill 3

Grilling paper money is not recommended

habachi bbq grill 4