2004 Toyota Sienna XLE MiniVan

Well, we finally bit the bullet and "upgraded" to the minivan; yet another sign that family subarbia life has completely taken over. While I thought it would been cool to buy something like this souped-up minivan that will do a 12 second quarter mile, we decided that having 14 cup holders was more important. It's actually a darn nice car (with pretty decent pickup even) and it should become the family workhorse for the next decade.

The XLE model has a fair number of gizmo's (Wendy demonstrates some below) ... half of which seem dedicated "against" kids (i.e. there are driver lockouts for lots of things). Kyle has allready figured out one of these, so I'm not sure Toyota planned for "Mr. Trouble" in their testing/design of the Sienna. But the kids seemed to like there 2004 Toyota Sienna XLE MiniVan!

BTW, our saleperson Ron (who was pretty decent) was showing Wendy all the "cool features" and she stopped him saying "It's a minivan; there is nothing cool about it" since she misses her sexy little Mazda sports car she had when she was single. But she has grown to like the utility of the Toyota Sienna. Plus it has a "James Bond'ish" license plate of 007 HZP ... with "HZP" standing for Hazardous Poopy! ;-)

Toyota Sienna XLE minivan remote control Wendy being shown car features
by Ron from Longmont Toyota.
The Owner's manual is 487 pages long!

BTW, the odometer had 3 miles on it,
so this was about as new as they get ... ;-)

This picture was taken on July 5th, 2003

Wendy demonstrates remote control of dual powered sliding side doors AND back door

2004 Toyota Sienna remote control wendy

On June 21st, 2013 (almost exactly 10 years later), it "turns over" to 100,000 miles

2004 Toyota Sienna Odometer 100,000 miles

2004 Toyota Sienna 100,000 miles closeup

The "digital" rollover isn't as neat as the analog version did on our 1998 Subaru Outback

On August 29th, 2014, the odometer shows all Snake Eyes! ;-)

2004 Toyota Sienna Odometer 111,111 miles

On Oct 13th, 2015, the odometer went to 123456 miles - 144,444 miles on Nov 7th, 2017

2004 Toyota Sienna Odometer 123,456 miles a

2004 Toyota Sienna Odometer 123,456 miles c

2004 Toyota Sienna Odometer 123,456 miles b

As of 2017, it continues to run great and requires minimal work - here's the maintenance log.

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