Misc. Motorcycles

Dirk ready to ride in December/2000 in New Orleans

dirk motorcycle solo

Dirk with Uncle Myke at around the same time

dirk myke motorcycle

Dirk riding "solo" on Myke's motorcycle

Myke "motors by" the Christmas Display
myke motorcycle with dirk solo

Myke and Dirk "rip it up" in the neighborhood

Dirk with Uncle Myke in 2004

myke motorcycle with dirk

Myke deciding which vehicle is "best" to transport golf clubs ...

myke golf motorcycle convertible

myke golf  motorcycle with dirk solo

Myke driving "Ricky" in Hawaii as Kris looks on - Feb/2004

ricky in hawaii motorcycle

Alek around 1980 with the 1970 Honda CL350

Alek CL350 motorcycle

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