RoShamBo (aka Rock Paper Scissors) with Christmas Lights

I have my Christmas Lights viewable and controllable via the Christmas webcam. My brother Myke Slashdot'ed me which caused a server meltdown the night before Xmas. It also has resulted in a LOT of flickering activity on the xmas_webcam - lets just say my web site is doing an imitation of "ET Phone Home" ;-)

So I am going to CRUSH him in a best two-outa-three Rock Paper Scissors ( RoShambo) live on the xmas_webcam scheduled for 2130 MST Sunday, December 29th, 2002. Here is how it is going to work. I will LOCKOUT the xmas_webcam from anyone doing updates except for Myke's IP address around 2125MST. I.e. you will be able to view/update the webcam, but not change the lights; only Myke will be able to do this. Myke and I will call each other on the phone (sorry, no audio on the webcam), and we'll do a RoShamBo and I will make a Rock, Paper, or Scissors "throw" in front of the webcam (using a flashlight to illuminate it and myself). At the same time, Myke will make his Rock, Paper, or Scissors "throw" by toggling ONE set of lights - note that they are labeled as such.

I expect it to be over quickly ... and can you guess based on what I have highlighted above what my first "throw" will be! ;-)

The Rock Paper Scissors (Roshambo) challenge

There is no audio, but the images/pictures are shown below ... along with some color commentary! Note that I can tell what Myke's Rock-Paper-Scissors throw is by which zone of lights change, and Myke can tell what my Rock-Paper-Scissors throw is by what he sees in the webcam. Two different ways of looking at the IDEALLY the same thing, but as we shall see, this became significant ...

Myke toggles all the lights on - Alek ready to ROCK!
rock paper scissors
Alek: "Can you see my smiling face?"
Myke: "Just barely ... and it is still ugly!"
Alek: "Sorry the flashlight is weak - all the good batteries are in the kids' xmas toys"
Myke: "Excuses, excuses ... but I can see enough to know what you will throw"
Alek: "So, is Grasshopper ready for Master to throw that ROCK?"
Myke: "Yea, right ... I'm not falling for that trick - lets RoShamBo!"

Alek: Rock - Myke: Scissors ... Alek WINS!
rock paper scissors
Alek: "Master did tell Grasshopper that he was going to throw a ROCK first!"
Myke: "Damnit!!!"

Alek: Scissors - Myke: Rock ... Myke WINS!
rock paper scissors
Alek: "Ahhhh ... using my own ROCK against the Master ... Grasshopper learns fast ... but is disrepectful!"
Myke: "Yeah right - I'm resetting the lights - you are going down bro!"

Alek: Paper - Myke: Paper ... TIE!
rock paper scissors
Alek: "Ahhhh ... Grasshopper thought the Master would use his rock ..."
Myke: "Go ahead and throw that rock ... if you dare!"

Alek: Scissors - Myke: Paper ... DISPUTED TIE!
rock paper scissors
Alek: "Too bad Grasshopper, Master's scissors cuts your paper"
Myke: "Whad'ya mean - there's nothing but static on the picture"
Alek: "You turned the snowman's lights off (Zone #3) which is paper, and I cut it with my scissors"
Myke: "I'm telling you, there is nothing but static on the my computer monitor"
Alek: "I'm standing in front of the webcam with some VERY sharp scissors ..."
Myke: "Well I can't tell that - the whole picture is messed up"
Alek: "Ummmmm ... the webcam sometimes blitzes out - are you sure?"
Myke: "Yes!"
Alek: "You aren't pulling my leg - remember I can check the image logs later!"
Myke: "YES Damnit!"
Alek: "OK - I guess we have to call this a tie, since you can't see my scissors"
Myke: "Considering you can see my paper throw, that's only fair"
Alek: "OK - I guess I'll have to beat you again - Master will use his ROCK this time Grasshopper - prepare yourself!"
Myke: "Go ahead and pull out that ROCK again!"
Alek: "RoShamBo!!!!"

Alek: Rock - Myke: Scissors ... Alek WINS!
rock paper scissors
Alek: "Ouch Grasshopper ... that has gotta hurt!"
Myke: "DAM ..." 


Alek: "HEY, wait a minute, don't hang up on me"

Alek dials Myke's Phone Number ...

The Thrill of Rock-Paper-Scissors Victory!
rock paper scissors
Phone is ringing as I dial Myke's number

Myke: "Hello"
Alek: "HEY, you still online?"
Myke: "What for?" 
Alek: "HEY, click on update webcam just ONE more time"
Myke: "Do I have to?"
Alek: "Master is standing in front of the Snowman with messages for Grasshopper"
Myke: "OK, updating webcam ... let me look ... oh GREAT ... "


Alek: "Have you lost your voice grasshopper?"

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