Halloween & Christmas Pictures

Webcams were initially cool like free aerial pictures, but folks rapidly realized that it wasn't really that interesting to do stuff like watching grass grow or watching paint dry. The Halloween decorations webcam and Christmas lights webcam (even with bazillions of lights) are no exception, but every once in a while, they captured some "interesting" stuff that might be classified as cool pictures ... above and beyond just cars driving by, people gawking at the pictures of christmas lights, etc. Plus there are a number of funny christmas lights pictures and there is also a collection of halloween pictures.

Halloween is a ton of fun and a good warm up for Christmas


Full-on Inflatable Fun for Christmas ... HO-HO-HO!


Webcam2 view of the Christmas Lights in the Front Yard - Mouse Over for no snow

christmas lights front yard

Webcam3 looks into Santa's Workshop ... with the Chief Christmas Lights Elf! ;-)

christmas lights santa workshop

More cool pictures from my Halloween stuff and Christmas stuff. And if you want something to listen to while checking all this out, here is some free halloween music and free christmas music.