Alek's "15 Seconds (or 15 MegaWatts!) of Fame" with 22,000 Xmas lights and the webcam/webcontrol

Boulder Daily Camera (local paper)
- December 13th, 2002 two page article with picture featuring the 22,000 Xmas lights
- December 21st, 2002 letter to the Editor - yet another "Only in Boulder!"
- December 26th, 2002 two page article (with same picture) that talked about Holiday energy use and used the 22,000 Xmas lights as an example.
A GREAT quote from the article was when the reporter asked me if I was going to pay the surcharge for wind-power next year and I responded:
    "Look, I'm already in hot water with my wife for all the time and money I spend on this"
Actually, my wife has been a pretty good sport about it.

This story was picked up by several news outlets, including News4 and the Rocky Mountain News.

The daily Austrian paper "Der Standard" wrote about the "Crazy American" with 22,000 Xmas lights - here is a translation to English here.

It got mentioned at the bottom of this online Russian news publication at

Ander from Denmark wrote:
My name is Anders and I live in Denmark in Europe. Just wanted to let you know that you have a cool website (mostly the xmas-part with the webcam). Too bad I live in Denmark so I can only operate the lights between 2:00 and 6:00 am. :( Your website was mentioned in the "Denmarks Radio ch. 4" radio station lately - a good radio station in Copenhagen. They were discussing American Christmas traditions and suddenly your house and website came up because of the 22.000 lights.

Some neighbors dropped off an award for most beautiful Christmas lights in 2002 - this was pretty cute! ;-)

I got Slashdotted which means my web site got swamped with hits. My own brother Myke did this to me on Xmas Eve ... so I will get back at him by crushing him in front of the Internet in a game of Rock Paper Scissors Roshambo.

It was mentioned a variety of other on-line forums, too numerous to mention. Total web hits was over a 100,000 - read about it here.

If you saw it anywhere else, pls send me an Email.

P.S. As things happened, I posted a variety of updates on the web page