Misc. "interesting/different" pictures shot by the 2003 Christmas Webcam

Like most webcam's (wanna watch grass grow?!? ;-), the reality is most of the pictures shot by the christmas webcam are not THAT "interesting" ... unless of course you are really into Xmas Lights. However, there are some that are more "interesting" than others, and the camera catches cars driving by the house, people gawking at the lights, me driving into the garage, kids playing in the yard, and other "interesting" things. Note that "interesting" continues to be quoted ... I'm not sure any of the above is truly interesting! ;-) There actually were some pretty funky shots from xmas/2002 - check out the summary of the cool christmas pictures!

Here are a couple of "interesting" shots from the 2003 christmas webcam such as Jon driving up and then waving to the webcam

There didn't seem to be that much "interesting" pop up this year, but I did put togather an animated GIF that has the first 40 images after Slashdot hit. Remember that there is a 5 second throttle that limits how fast changes in the webcam position and/or light settings can be done (this is about as fast as X10 can do things) ... so these 40 images were captured over a 4 minute interval, but after the first image, I set the animated GIF delay to 0.5 seconds (the "hit rate" from Slashdot was about double this) - would be pretty darn cool if X10 could operate this fast! Note also that the GIF degrades the image quality from the actual JPEG's. And you'll see some "random noise" frames - like most things in the analog/real world, things don't always work correctly, and sometimes the webcam just burps - Click here to see the craziness!

If you notice a christmas webcam picture that is truly cool/neat, send me an Email with an exact as time as possible (plus what was cool about it) and I'll look in the archives to see if it merits putting up here.