2013 Christmas Lights Etc Photo Contest

In 2008, the Controllable Christmas Lights for Celiac Disease won the KFC Nationwide Holiday Lights contest and I had them donate the $1,000 first prize to charity.

In 2013, Christmas Lights Etc is having a $5,000 Photo Contest and I have entered the picture to the left. That's my son Kyle and I by the 15' Santa Balloon. It would be cool to add to the over $80,000 raised for charity so far.

The contest winner is 50% determined by Internet voting through December 31st, 2013 so please consider voting (you can do once/day) here for my site and help win some money for Celiac Disease.

So surf on by, tell your friends, blog about it, spread the word, etc.

Merry Christmas and HO-HO-HO! ;-)

My display came in 2nd place - AWESOME!!! ;-)
While it's mighty tempting to use the prize winnings to order some of the fantastic Christmas stuff from CLE, I had them donate it to Celiac Disease as mentioned above. Hats off to CLE for running a fun contest and thank you everyone who voted.

Here's some pictures/info from the 2008 KFC Contest

Alek Komarnitsky from the Republic of Boulder, Colorado is happy to be the winner of the 2008 Kentucky Fried Chicken Original Holiday Traditions contest (screenshot) - local newspaper article.

The Controllable Christmas Lights for Celiac Disease are an annual tradition on the Internet as over the years, millions of people worldwide (148 countries so far in 2008) have viewed the 20,000+ Christmas lights via three live webcams on the totally free, fun, and zany www.komar.org website.

Those web surfers have also enjoyed using the website's X10 controls to turn the over-the-top Christmas display ON & OFF ... plus inflating/deflating the giant Santa, Frosty, Elmo, SpongeBob, and even Homer Simpson - D'OH! ;-)

While Alek is tempted to use the $1,000 grand prize to buy even more Christmas Lights, he has asked KFC to donate the cash prize directly to the University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research which they appreciate. This brings the total raised so far to over $35,000 to help find a cure to benefit his two sons, Dirk and Kyle.

Nifty Time-lapse video of the K-F-C "stuff" in action
12/16: Semi-finalist via webcam 2 and 3
12/22: WINNER via webcam 2 and 3
12/23: Misc. media coverage - 15 seconds of fame - WOOT! ;-)
            Channel 2 coverage and gotta love the intro from FOX
"Clark Griswold move over - a Lafayette family can now officially lay claim to the best Christmas Lights Display in the entire country"