517 christmas text messages on 2007/1128

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 7,798 times that day including 4,597 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1128

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2007_11_28_17:00:18.080   070.171.215.xxx   hi
2007_11_28_17:00:34.483   071.238.054.xxx   clcok in office is displaying wrong time
2007_11_28_17:00:39.846   072.224.090.xxx   First!
2007_11_28_17:00:58.494   070.171.215.xxx   first message :)
2007_11_28_17:01:09.695   071.164.029.xxx   yoyoyo
2007_11_28_17:01:31.533   206.251.005.xxx   the webcams are too slow :(
2007_11_28_17:01:43.086   070.171.215.xxx   ___p
2007_11_28_17:01:53.269   071.164.029.xxx   meary xmas
2007_11_28_17:02:37.098   075.180.172.xxx   HI
2007_11_28_17:02:51.003   071.164.029.xxx   Hi Alek's
2007_11_28_17:03:35.622   071.164.029.xxx   it's not 5___03
2007_11_28_17:04:10.327   071.164.029.xxx   it's 404
2007_11_28_17:04:32.318   063.226.176.xxx   Hello Everyone!
2007_11_28_17:05:21.457   063.226.176.xxx   This is one of the coolest christmas sites EVER!!!
2007_11_28_17:05:25.173   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** hello back to you ... ***ALEK***
2007_11_28_17:05:25.217   071.190.012.xxx   alex whats the lader doing in the front
2007_11_28_17:05:27.564   071.198.233.xxx   any snow there?
2007_11_28_17:05:53.228   071.164.029.xxx   it's snowing here
2007_11_28_17:06:06.643   063.226.176.xxx   I love that he uses the Hulk for a decoration!
2007_11_28_17:06:10.843   072.224.090.xxx   Alek, Wave at the camera!
2007_11_28_17:06:45.778   063.226.176.xxx   He's gone!
2007_11_28_17:07:11.844   071.164.029.xxx   Alek the santa is not working
2007_11_28_17:07:31.616   063.226.176.xxx   Come Back!
2007_11_28_17:07:44.066   071.164.029.xxx   i see him
2007_11_28_17:07:48.819   071.198.233.xxx   who is at the door?
2007_11_28_17:08:08.311   071.238.054.xxx   Roar
2007_11_28_17:08:17.009   071.164.029.xxx   i heed a smoke
2007_11_28_17:08:59.018   072.224.090.xxx   hes fixing homer or spongebob
2007_11_28_17:09:41.489   063.226.176.xxx   Awesome Display!
2007_11_28_17:09:55.614   071.198.233.xxx   was there a malfunction with elmo!??
2007_11_28_17:10:59.520   071.198.233.xxx   whew all fixed.
2007_11_28_17:11:52.755   075.094.105.xxx   clark w. grizwald would be proud of this
2007_11_28_17:14:00.077   075.094.105.xxx   Hello all from me in rochester ny
2007_11_28_17:15:44.309   069.137.134.xxx   hello
2007_11_28_17:17:59.526   069.137.134.xxx   hello?
2007_11_28_17:18:35.528   077.097.186.xxx   w00p!!! ty!
2007_11_28_17:18:36.742   069.137.134.xxx   ha ha
2007_11_28_17:19:15.666   069.137.134.xxx   :)
2007_11_28_17:19:17.162   075.094.105.xxx   were is every one from? this is so coool! i truly hope with this work of art wi
2007_11_28_17:19:47.972   077.097.186.xxx   ENGLAAAAAND!
2007_11_28_17:19:56.968   075.094.105.xxx   DADDY LOVES YOU IAN!
2007_11_28_17:20:28.063   068.191.045.xxx   Wow its cold where you live
2007_11_28_17:20:53.745   077.097.186.xxx   oh for hongs sake
2007_11_28_17:21:46.353   075.094.105.xxx   we see you
2007_11_28_17:21:47.745   068.194.244.xxx   snowman family looks great alex really changed the display :)
2007_11_28_17:22:04.665   077.097.186.xxx   haha hey leave him alone
2007_11_28_17:22:16.915   068.194.244.xxx   snowman family looks great alex really changed the display :
2007_11_28_17:22:23.838   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Ladder was for pictures - I turned 'em all on, and you guys would turn 'em off! ***ALEK***
2007_11_28_17:23:25.160   077.097.186.xxx   the snowman?
2007_11_28_17:24:00.447   077.097.186.xxx   haha oi!
2007_11_28_17:24:48.874   068.112.152.xxx   HELLO jAMES!
2007_11_28_17:25:31.964   068.112.152.xxx   Hello James and Bill
2007_11_28_17:25:34.048   075.094.105.xxx   nice job alex! to bad for some bad people ruining a family site.
2007_11_28_17:26:04.807   068.112.152.xxx   Hello James!
2007_11_28_17:26:13.936   129.219.230.xxx   Alek, do the toys make a lot of noise in that room?
2007_11_28_17:26:43.581   068.112.152.xxx   Hello James!This is way cool!!!!!
2007_11_28_17:26:50.337   077.097.186.xxx   good!!.. and this is such a good idea
2007_11_28_17:27:10.231   024.117.175.xxx   hello
2007_11_28_17:27:13.164   195.137.058.xxx   Hello people. Bed time for me
2007_11_28_17:27:23.394   068.112.152.xxx   Nice job with your lights
2007_11_28_17:28:00.471   071.238.054.xxx   where did all these 112 people come from?
2007_11_28_17:28:05.904   024.117.175.xxx   hulk angry you off now puny human!!!
2007_11_28_17:28:26.215   075.094.105.xxx   hey alex were your kids? show the world why you do this site...
2007_11_28_17:29:39.519   024.046.225.xxx   alex i love you web site
2007_11_28_17:29:48.236   024.117.175.xxx   i think his name is Alec
2007_11_28_17:30:11.800   195.137.058.xxx   Actually, it's Alek
2007_11_28_17:30:23.078   205.188.116.xxx   hey what up
2007_11_28_17:30:27.445   077.097.186.xxx   yeah, says at the top
2007_11_28_17:30:27.895   024.046.225.xxx   sorry alek .....love the web site
2007_11_28_17:30:37.875   070.114.034.xxx   HI
2007_11_28_17:30:38.992   072.145.121.xxx   hey
2007_11_28_17:30:43.574   071.238.054.xxx   there you go
2007_11_28_17:30:53.727   077.097.186.xxx   hey!!
2007_11_28_17:30:54.483   024.046.225.xxx   hello from ny
2007_11_28_17:30:57.677   205.188.116.xxx   lkl
2007_11_28_17:31:10.224   075.094.105.xxx   hey buddy merry christmas give us a wave
2007_11_28_17:31:13.742   195.137.058.xxx   'sup Dirk or Kyle?
2007_11_28_17:31:36.051   216.162.053.xxx   RandomBrad dot Com
2007_11_28_17:31:53.269   068.194.244.xxx   cutie
2007_11_28_17:31:55.261   070.114.034.xxx   Hi, I love this site!
2007_11_28_17:32:15.665   072.145.121.xxx   go to ga holiday lights .com
2007_11_28_17:32:20.497   071.112.078.xxx   this is cool
2007_11_28_17:32:24.496   068.194.244.xxx   wave to me dirk
2007_11_28_17:32:36.018   024.046.225.xxx   how does he do this
2007_11_28_17:32:51.423   070.114.034.xxx   WAVE PLZ...
2007_11_28_17:32:56.458   075.094.105.xxx   got to be proud of your dad. he seems to be VERY COOL
2007_11_28_17:33:01.286   195.137.058.xxx   it's magic, that's how
2007_11_28_17:33:06.541   068.194.244.xxx   no picking your nose -dirk lol
2007_11_28_17:33:18.374   070.114.034.xxx   lol UR DAD IS AWSOME!!!!
2007_11_28_17:33:33.268   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** pi rocks ***ALEK***
2007_11_28_17:33:34.268   071.112.078.xxx   this is cool
2007_11_28_17:33:58.170   075.094.105.xxx   Were is the other boy (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_28_17:34:14.590   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj ***ALEK***
2007_11_28_17:34:15.383   024.046.225.xxx   magic...is alek santa
2007_11_28_17:34:49.687   067.175.071.xxx   Catherine is playing the trombone too loud!!
2007_11_28_17:35:06.076   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** ppppppppppppppppppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ***ALEK***
2007_11_28_17:35:46.201   067.175.071.xxx   Catherine is playing the trombone too loud!!
2007_11_28_17:35:52.369   195.137.058.xxx   That's what i was thinking
2007_11_28_17:36:49.573   071.238.054.xxx   Was that alek's son typing those messages?
2007_11_28_17:36:54.454   075.094.105.xxx   what is that (11)
2007_11_28_17:38:02.249   075.094.105.xxx   it went ___- that way (12)
2007_11_28_17:38:31.333   071.213.090.xxx   Someone playing with Daddy's computer
2007_11_28_17:38:39.285   069.148.144.xxx   quentin says hi
2007_11_28_17:38:41.966   071.238.054.xxx   he went that way ___
2007_11_28_17:39:21.517   071.238.054.xxx   play with it again!
2007_11_28_17:39:23.231   069.148.144.xxx   where is santa
2007_11_28_17:40:13.102   075.094.105.xxx   any one here from new york (13)
2007_11_28_17:41:03.363   071.238.054.xxx   your son was playing with your computer
2007_11_28_17:42:53.982   024.044.020.xxx   Patrick smells
2007_11_28_17:43:12.694   070.171.215.xxx   LoL
2007_11_28_17:43:22.734   067.086.057.xxx   Is that what that was?
2007_11_28_17:43:30.879   024.044.020.xxx   Ryan smells too
2007_11_28_17:43:31.017   069.148.144.xxx   Lisa is the love of my life
2007_11_28_17:43:58.257   067.086.057.xxx   that's what she told me :(
2007_11_28_17:44:00.281   071.238.054.xxx   but i do have to agree with him pi does rock
2007_11_28_17:44:34.621   024.044.020.xxx   ryan smells a lot
2007_11_28_17:44:54.094   067.086.057.xxx   is he hanging out with Patrick?
2007_11_28_17:45:15.182   075.094.105.xxx   come on folks raise some cash for his kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (14)
2007_11_28_17:45:43.788   070.208.119.xxx   eddie & Kandi
2007_11_28_17:46:02.027   071.238.054.xxx   i am using goodsearch to do that (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_28_17:46:07.110   067.086.133.xxx   it must look wierd from the street with all the decorations facing your house
2007_11_28_17:46:30.951   205.188.116.xxx   26 days to christmas
2007_11_28_17:46:35.046   075.094.105.xxx   celiac s**** (15)
2007_11_28_17:46:49.542   067.086.133.xxx   alek are you playing with camera #2?
2007_11_28_17:47:22.417   024.059.024.xxx   Alek your lights how do they turn on from this web site?
2007_11_28_17:47:38.932   070.171.215.xxx   lol
2007_11_28_17:47:54.649   068.084.001.xxx   outlawfirefighter dot com
2007_11_28_17:48:09.369   024.107.018.xxx   Merry Christmas Logan
2007_11_28_17:48:26.732   071.238.054.xxx   that my good sir is confidential (11)
2007_11_28_17:48:35.320   075.094.105.xxx   kind of windy there hey Alek? (16)
2007_11_28_17:48:48.147   072.081.061.xxx   Why should we outlaw fire fighters???
2007_11_28_17:48:48.270   066.078.071.xxx   Howdy all
2007_11_28_17:48:56.260   205.188.116.xxx   ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-------___ merry christmas._ and happy new year!
2007_11_28_17:49:13.371   216.162.053.xxx   RandomBrad dot Com
2007_11_28_17:49:22.696   071.238.054.xxx   what happened to ho ho ho from last year? (12)
2007_11_28_17:50:35.070   070.171.215.xxx   lol
2007_11_28_17:50:40.679   067.086.133.xxx   yea i liked that
2007_11_28_17:51:03.399   075.094.105.xxx   hey all kids check your tv guides there is a christmas special on tonight (17)
2007_11_28_17:51:22.575   068.084.001.xxx   shrek on nbc
2007_11_28_17:51:31.176   067.086.133.xxx   the shrek x-mas thing
2007_11_28_17:51:44.605   071.238.054.xxx   shrek the halls (13)
2007_11_28_17:51:47.857   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** HO-HO-HO was **** ... I change it around every year - like the tree? ***ALEK***
2007_11_28_17:52:10.875   070.171.215.xxx   Flood
2007_11_28_17:52:32.963   071.238.054.xxx   what was the ____________ supposed to be? (14)
2007_11_28_17:52:49.584   205.188.116.xxx   season holiday .
2007_11_28_17:52:56.565   075.094.105.xxx   Alek what do do for a living? (18)
2007_11_28_17:53:03.659   071.238.054.xxx   what was the stars supposed to be (15)
2007_11_28_17:53:13.675   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** The flash was me playing with the webcam exposure settings - done for now. ***ALEK***
2007_11_28_17:53:17.752   067.086.133.xxx   alek: how come webcam #2 keeps changing brightness/contrast every now and then
2007_11_28_17:53:18.177   024.044.020.xxx   ryan and Patrick say hello
2007_11_28_17:53:56.292   024.044.020.xxx   hello hank and sean from pat and ryan
2007_11_28_17:54:03.127   075.094.105.xxx   hi ryan and patrick (19)
2007_11_28_17:54:10.353   205.188.116.xxx   ho ho ho ho ho  ho your stockings in your _________
2007_11_28_17:54:43.133   024.044.020.xxx   ok
2007_11_28_17:54:50.160   068.084.001.xxx   WRFD
2007_11_28_17:55:05.686   066.078.071.xxx   Fud
2007_11_28_17:55:18.638   068.084.001.xxx   elmer
2007_11_28_17:55:40.014   024.209.015.xxx   Hello From Ohio.....  Great Job Again This Year!!
2007_11_28_17:55:41.592   075.094.105.xxx   its good you cant swear or it blocks it (20 IM's so far today)
2007_11_28_17:55:42.307   066.078.071.xxx   Bunny?
2007_11_28_17:55:43.786   205.188.116.xxx   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxmaaaaaaaaaaaa***ssssssssssssssssssss
2007_11_28_17:56:23.935   066.078.071.xxx   Bunny?
2007_11_28_17:56:36.029   024.044.020.xxx   merry x-mas
2007_11_28_17:57:02.427   068.084.001.xxx   Run Run Reindeer
2007_11_28_17:57:17.106   068.191.176.xxx   hi every one
2007_11_28_17:58:09.173   205.188.116.xxx   yrrem samtisrc
2007_11_28_17:58:26.683   071.238.054.xxx   do you hear "i wanna grow up to be you" alot? (16)
2007_11_28_17:59:16.004   068.194.244.xxx   hey alex what happened to the frankenstein infladable you use to use
2007_11_28_17:59:17.151   205.188.116.xxx   raey wen yppah
2007_11_28_18:00:18.984   068.194.244.xxx   alex what happened to the frankenstein infladable from 05
2007_11_28_18:00:21.898   067.086.133.xxx   shrek the halls is on!
2007_11_28_18:00:23.190   024.044.020.xxx   Hello Sean and hank
2007_11_28_18:00:53.277   068.194.244.xxx   hank l
2007_11_28_18:01:56.900   068.194.244.xxx   alex can I send you one of my infladables I no longer use
2007_11_28_18:02:06.755   024.044.020.xxx   Hankster and sean are you watching shrek movie
2007_11_28_18:02:09.220   065.029.032.xxx   Hey.  Nice Lights!
2007_11_28_18:02:12.249   069.221.015.xxx   ALL THE LIGHTS R ON....
2007_11_28_18:02:38.859   068.194.244.xxx   put em all off I never seen it (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_28_18:02:41.107   024.044.020.xxx   this is awesome (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_28_18:03:02.815   068.194.244.xxx   put em all off I never seen it (11)
2007_11_28_18:04:42.431   065.029.032.xxx   Cool Website Dude!
2007_11_28_18:06:21.296   216.162.052.xxx   Hey there Suttor
2007_11_28_18:07:26.837   216.162.052.xxx   Hey Brad
2007_11_28_18:08:01.760   071.254.093.xxx   whats wrong with homer?
2007_11_28_18:10:07.046   068.194.244.xxx   Alex homers broken and the roof icecles in cam 2 dont work (12)
2007_11_28_18:10:19.026   071.254.093.xxx   homer fell down went boom...
2007_11_28_18:10:40.966   071.238.054.xxx   one to many beers (17)
2007_11_28_18:10:52.479   071.254.093.xxx   homie needs help!
2007_11_28_18:11:22.708   216.162.052.xxx   Repent for The End is Near
2007_11_28_18:11:54.767   072.081.061.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2007_11_28_18:12:06.353   071.254.093.xxx   please marge, help me
2007_11_28_18:12:16.407   216.162.052.xxx   Taylor University Trojans Football Has a Bad Record
2007_11_28_18:12:35.998   071.254.093.xxx   its all barts fault
2007_11_28_18:12:42.821   068.194.244.xxx   icicles in cam 2 with bugs wong go on (13)
2007_11_28_18:12:47.763   216.162.052.xxx   but the basketball team is pretty sweet
2007_11_28_18:13:16.298   216.162.052.xxx   Sweet like getting your front teeth knocked out
2007_11_28_18:14:25.323   068.194.244.xxx   homers fan died (14)
2007_11_28_18:15:13.758   068.194.244.xxx   zone 1 is my favorite whats yours??? (15)
2007_11_28_18:15:44.706   070.114.034.xxx   HI KOMAR!!!!
2007_11_28_18:15:49.678   068.194.244.xxx   ALEX HOMER FELL OVER AND IS NOT CONTROLLABLE (16)
2007_11_28_18:16:16.097   071.254.093.xxx   homor wants to play
2007_11_28_18:16:25.423   071.238.054.xxx   is that a laser pointer? (18)
2007_11_28_18:16:28.116   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Heading outside to fix Homer - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2007_11_28_18:16:33.459   070.114.034.xxx   CAN U FIX HOMER MABEY???
2007_11_28_18:17:01.442   071.254.093.xxx   hes fallen and cant reach the phone!
2007_11_28_18:17:07.419   070.114.034.xxx   YAY ALEK
2007_11_28_18:17:57.291   070.114.034.xxx   HE FIXED HOMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
2007_11_28_18:18:12.240   075.065.243.xxx   hello from madison, ms
2007_11_28_18:18:39.303   071.254.093.xxx   ITS ALIVE!!!!
2007_11_28_18:19:02.575   075.065.243.xxx   We're getting ready to watch the Grinch!
2007_11_28_18:19:10.932   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** ALIVE just like Frankenstein (he's out for Halloween) ***ALEK***
2007_11_28_18:20:03.721   070.127.117.xxx   homer say thank you alek
2007_11_28_18:20:15.279   075.065.243.xxx   just got lights on my fence
2007_11_28_18:21:04.969   075.065.243.xxx   will finish the job on shrubs tomorrow
2007_11_28_18:21:54.429   075.065.243.xxx   will never look as good as Alek's house though!
2007_11_28_18:22:19.871   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Homer's fan is fine - he just fell backwards and got stuck behind Elmo ***ALEK***
2007_11_28_18:23:19.362   071.238.054.xxx   do you have a job/profession? (19)
2007_11_28_18:24:49.177   075.065.243.xxx   the on/off buttons don't seem to work as well as they did last year
2007_11_28_18:25:23.269   075.065.243.xxx   mentions overloads
2007_11_28_18:25:56.361   075.065.243.xxx   hello ... where are you from?
2007_11_28_18:26:38.735   075.065.243.xxx   yoohoo ... anyone out there?
2007_11_28_18:26:55.542   068.191.176.xxx   hi
2007_11_28_18:26:58.722   071.238.054.xxx   He is from hulkville in the rublic of bolder (20 IM's so far today)
2007_11_28_18:27:08.317   075.065.243.xxx   hello! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_28_18:27:50.884   071.238.054.xxx   have you ever made a video game? (21)
2007_11_28_18:27:55.696   064.060.043.xxx   Happy Holidays!  Keep up the good work!
2007_11_28_18:28:28.994   070.187.209.xxx   hi
2007_11_28_18:28:41.073   065.078.106.xxx   i like cheese
2007_11_28_18:29:02.449   068.191.176.xxx   i like cheese too
2007_11_28_18:29:29.725   070.187.209.xxx   can u wave if u can see this
2007_11_28_18:29:35.882   065.078.106.xxx   barrel roll
2007_11_28_18:30:16.399   068.191.176.xxx   barrel roll?
2007_11_28_18:31:04.048   068.191.176.xxx   when did u put frosty out??
2007_11_28_18:31:09.494   070.114.034.xxx   Y are they all off?
2007_11_28_18:31:29.648   065.078.106.xxx   last month
2007_11_28_18:31:44.197   068.191.176.xxx   because some one keeps turning them off
2007_11_28_18:32:03.292   134.010.122.xxx   GOOD MORNING
2007_11_28_18:32:19.796   070.187.209.xxx   i just turned them all on
2007_11_28_18:32:58.894   070.114.034.xxx   STOP TURNIN OFF (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_28_18:33:02.772   070.187.209.xxx   why does it say off on top of the guarge
2007_11_28_18:33:36.173   068.191.176.xxx   i was wondering that too
2007_11_28_18:34:11.923   070.187.209.xxx   now it says on
2007_11_28_18:34:35.509   068.191.176.xxx   now it says nothing
2007_11_28_18:35:03.070   071.238.054.xxx   it says on and off (22)
2007_11_28_18:35:04.654   070.114.034.xxx   cyall 2morrow nite :) (11)
2007_11_28_18:35:20.368   068.191.176.xxx   kk bye
2007_11_28_18:35:21.692   067.175.071.xxx   it would be neat to write messages to the roof
2007_11_28_18:35:30.891   070.187.209.xxx   is itreally windy there
2007_11_28_18:35:54.507   068.191.176.xxx   what kind of messeges? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_28_18:36:36.763   067.175.071.xxx   messages like these
2007_11_28_18:36:59.930   068.191.176.xxx   ya it would be cool (11)
2007_11_28_18:38:31.588   067.175.071.xxx   with the LED lights it could be done
2007_11_28_18:38:55.446   068.191.176.xxx   yes it could (12)
2007_11_28_18:39:45.107   067.175.071.xxx   but the way it looks nice is really nice
2007_11_28_18:40:11.052   068.191.176.xxx   yup (13)
2007_11_28_18:40:24.093   067.175.071.xxx   nice = now
2007_11_28_18:41:21.545   068.191.176.xxx   g2g  bye every one (14)
2007_11_28_18:41:58.812   067.175.071.xxx   latr gator
2007_11_28_18:42:35.211   071.238.054.xxx   you have a funny acent (23)
2007_11_28_18:42:45.543   071.208.011.xxx   hi alicia and micah!
2007_11_28_18:43:12.174   071.208.011.xxx   ho! ho!ho!
2007_11_28_18:45:09.973   024.255.059.xxx   Greetings from Tucson, Az--not Sahuarita..close though.
2007_11_28_18:50:31.818   070.018.169.xxx   Merry Early XMAS from Newark, NJ
2007_11_28_18:51:22.225   205.188.116.xxx   ho ho ho ho ho ho ! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_28_18:51:46.255   070.145.108.xxx   Merry Christmas from Palm Coast Florida!!
2007_11_28_18:54:52.004   024.164.184.xxx   happy christmas
2007_11_28_19:00:07.244   069.205.253.xxx   All the lights were off! YES!!!
2007_11_28_19:02:19.602   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Looks a lot nicer when things lit ... plus Santa will send you coal! ***ALEK***
2007_11_28_19:03:56.134   069.205.253.xxx   Woah...alek has finally talked
2007_11_28_19:04:15.962   012.226.023.xxx   This is so cool!  Merry Xmas!!
2007_11_28_19:05:43.076   069.205.253.xxx   Why do people always put an "X" in CHRISTmas??
2007_11_28_19:07:24.274   069.205.253.xxx   and CHRIST shouldn't be taken out of CHRISTmas
2007_11_28_19:08:13.920   070.187.209.xxx   hello
2007_11_28_19:08:39.113   024.151.034.xxx   Hello Henry
2007_11_28_19:08:55.371   012.226.023.xxx   I'm far from stupid...just a little lazy
2007_11_28_19:09:08.404   075.094.105.xxx   GOOD NIGHT IAN DADDY LOVE'S YOU BIGGER THAN HEAVEN!! (21)
2007_11_28_19:09:17.708   070.127.127.xxx   waz up
2007_11_28_19:09:34.396   070.187.209.xxx   say matt
2007_11_28_19:10:10.379   070.127.127.xxx   christmas fun
2007_11_28_19:10:14.573   070.187.209.xxx   all lights off please
2007_11_28_19:10:16.096   071.252.162.xxx   hello alexa
2007_11_28_19:11:12.747   070.187.209.xxx   i saw u fixing homer earler today (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_28_19:11:52.780   070.187.209.xxx   lol (11)
2007_11_28_19:12:37.568   076.188.145.xxx   hi
2007_11_28_19:13:22.546   070.187.209.xxx   u on matthew (12)
2007_11_28_19:13:53.085   070.187.209.xxx   u on matthew (13)
2007_11_28_19:14:17.106   070.127.127.xxx   howdy
2007_11_28_19:14:38.697   070.187.209.xxx   that u matt (14)
2007_11_28_19:16:23.819   070.187.209.xxx   good night every1, it is 9:17 here on the east coasr (15)
2007_11_28_19:16:50.798   071.252.162.xxx   hello Tram An
2007_11_28_19:16:51.512   070.187.209.xxx   hello (16)
2007_11_28_19:20:25.164   066.030.051.xxx   Merry Christmas from Maine!
2007_11_28_19:26:34.225   076.178.028.xxx   well hello scrooge
2007_11_28_19:28:27.863   024.113.094.xxx   Keep it Clean - we
2007_11_28_19:30:33.300   067.181.016.xxx   Simey has a big SMILE
2007_11_28_19:31:34.646   067.181.016.xxx   Simey likes girls named Jessica
2007_11_28_19:32:04.459   067.181.016.xxx   Yes sir.
2007_11_28_19:34:39.038   067.181.016.xxx   They're taking the hobbits to isengard :(
2007_11_28_19:34:52.320   076.198.155.xxx   god bless us, every one :-)
2007_11_28_19:35:46.717   072.234.165.xxx   Mele Kalikimaka - Merry Christmas with Aloha!
2007_11_28_19:35:55.422   076.198.155.xxx   that's not nice, mister
2007_11_28_19:36:05.493   210.050.192.xxx   mendoza loves it in every hole
2007_11_28_19:36:20.901   067.181.016.xxx   yah so :(
2007_11_28_19:36:51.520   069.014.043.xxx   merry christmas chris and gage
2007_11_28_19:37:03.840   076.198.155.xxx   may the Spirit of Christmas Present haunt you until you're nicer!!
2007_11_28_19:37:31.350   076.198.155.xxx   and your little dog, too!
2007_11_28_19:37:59.723   067.181.016.xxx   lol. The spirit of christmas present was the nice one
2007_11_28_19:38:02.629   210.050.192.xxx   I CAN HAZ SMALL DONAySHUN?
2007_11_28_19:38:46.218   067.181.016.xxx   the spirit of christmas future was the scary one. :/ l2broadway
2007_11_28_19:39:02.478   076.198.155.xxx   some of you don't play well with others!
2007_11_28_19:39:33.656   067.181.016.xxx   need to "Leard"
2007_11_28_19:42:09.777   069.014.043.xxx   wave hi! wave hi
2007_11_28_19:42:13.974   076.198.155.xxx   you can remove it from the choices below the ___1 donation
2007_11_28_19:43:43.394   067.181.016.xxx   ron, ron, ron, ron weasley
2007_11_28_19:43:49.832   076.198.155.xxx   What's he got to do with Christmas?????
2007_11_28_19:44:35.965   067.181.016.xxx   harry potter harry potter OO harry potter harry potter (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_28_19:44:37.137   076.198.155.xxx   OH! I get it.....Duh.....
2007_11_28_19:44:38.321   069.151.027.xxx   Super Mario Galaxy is awesome
2007_11_28_19:45:18.901   076.198.155.xxx   Alex, don't you get tired of just sitting there watching us?
2007_11_28_19:48:00.644   067.181.016.xxx   tru dat (11)
2007_11_28_19:48:51.191   216.137.071.xxx   Merry Christmas from Iowa!
2007_11_28_19:49:22.733   069.014.043.xxx   meryy christmas from michigan
2007_11_28_19:49:41.244   216.137.071.xxx   Hi Michigan!
2007_11_28_19:49:48.238   069.151.027.xxx   That red light thing next to the swirly tree
2007_11_28_19:49:56.719   069.014.043.xxx   hello!
2007_11_28_19:50:17.151   069.151.027.xxx   Is that Optimus Prime?
2007_11_28_19:50:24.067   216.137.071.xxx   Iowa girl used to live in Michigan
2007_11_28_19:51:21.816   024.117.175.xxx   alek, why don't you message
2007_11_28_19:51:24.385   216.137.071.xxx   Go Hawkeyes!
2007_11_28_19:51:26.491   068.248.150.xxx   im @work :(
2007_11_28_19:53:09.759   066.030.051.xxx   Wave!
2007_11_28_19:53:12.371   216.137.071.xxx   Alec thanks for visiting our family blog
2007_11_28_19:53:14.605   068.248.150.xxx   ha ha
2007_11_28_19:54:09.991   207.118.060.xxx   jaymar is cool
2007_11_28_19:54:11.079   068.248.150.xxx   back to work i go wait im on break
2007_11_28_19:54:43.512   207.118.060.xxx   jaymar is cool
2007_11_28_19:54:44.759   066.030.051.xxx   Or at least wave...
2007_11_28_19:54:46.562   068.248.150.xxx   yea lets see a dance
2007_11_28_19:55:32.218   068.248.150.xxx   thanks now go away
2007_11_28_19:55:59.386   068.248.150.xxx   thanks now go awayown
2007_11_28_19:56:17.365   076.006.004.xxx   Merry Christmas to all... and to all a good night!  :)
2007_11_28_19:56:44.123   207.144.205.xxx   great hat
2007_11_28_19:56:51.141   207.118.060.xxx   Jaymar is cool
2007_11_28_19:57:00.735   068.248.150.xxx   hey kid.........
2007_11_28_19:58:07.235   207.118.060.xxx   nice Rainer Beer sign
2007_11_28_19:58:31.667   076.006.004.xxx   Rusty, Chris, Courtney... Mommy loves you!
2007_11_28_19:58:49.031   072.240.163.xxx   Santa says you better  go to bed or you'll be on the naughty list
2007_11_28_19:58:51.333   076.178.028.xxx   hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_11_28_19:58:52.564   066.030.051.xxx   I like the frankenstien bucket
2007_11_28_19:58:59.173   068.060.107.xxx   I just saw a nice fine booty.
2007_11_28_19:59:32.671   068.248.150.xxx   attention ..this is Santa
2007_11_28_19:59:54.773   068.060.107.xxx   Liar.
2007_11_28_20:00:09.915   024.117.175.xxx   .
2007_11_28_20:00:42.962   068.109.071.xxx   my kids rock...
2007_11_28_20:00:47.220   066.030.051.xxx   Does the Lava lamp light up?
2007_11_28_20:00:59.998   068.248.150.xxx   aint ti past your bedtime?
2007_11_28_20:01:30.642   068.060.107.xxx   (______.______Wewt.______.______)
2007_11_28_20:01:32.785   066.030.051.xxx   me?
2007_11_28_20:01:50.836   072.240.163.xxx   coal is no fun
2007_11_28_20:01:59.770   024.117.175.xxx   turn off the lights so we can see the decorations
2007_11_28_20:02:02.972   068.060.107.xxx   (______.______Wewt.______.______)
2007_11_28_20:02:31.913   204.073.103.xxx   Butterfinger hot chocolate is about the greatest thing ever
2007_11_28_20:03:01.771   204.073.103.xxx   It's like drinking a Butterfinger
2007_11_28_20:03:06.043   066.030.051.xxx   o___(___o)
2007_11_28_20:03:18.409   068.060.107.xxx   (____/)          (_______)          (")(")
2007_11_28_20:03:39.166   072.240.163.xxx   who turned off the lights
2007_11_28_20:04:07.105   066.030.051.xxx   YArrrrr you're pirate looks malnurished
2007_11_28_20:05:36.396   068.109.071.xxx   megan and ryan are the best kids ever!!!!
2007_11_28_20:06:03.574   066.030.051.xxx   Ok,  I'm heading to bed...Have a pleasent evening!
2007_11_28_20:06:09.551   072.240.163.xxx   No Megan Dakota and Kayla rose are
2007_11_28_20:06:36.244   066.030.051.xxx   Julie-Ann is pretty cool too (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_28_20:06:41.851   066.038.100.xxx   kayden is the best
2007_11_28_20:08:21.403   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Testing code that fixing last 20 popups sometimes not "working" ***ALEK***
2007_11_28_20:10:13.491   068.248.150.xxx   im still at work:( (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_28_20:10:39.622   068.109.071.xxx   as if..
2007_11_28_20:10:54.094   068.248.150.xxx   hey kid do another dance (11)
2007_11_28_20:11:01.713   072.240.163.xxx   Thats it your getting coal for Christmas
2007_11_28_20:11:24.858   068.248.150.xxx   stop drinking that (12)
2007_11_28_20:11:56.866   204.073.103.xxx   Don't listen to him!
2007_11_28_20:12:23.866   068.248.150.xxx   yes listen to me im santa (13)
2007_11_28_20:13:10.054   068.072.036.xxx   Happy Holidays
2007_11_28_20:13:16.293   071.238.054.xxx   were you the one who typed i like pi (24)
2007_11_28_20:13:33.768   068.109.071.xxx   i love my hot wife,muffin...
2007_11_28_20:13:45.709   068.072.036.xxx   HAPPY HOLIDAYS
2007_11_28_20:14:26.003   070.077.101.xxx   I love this thing
2007_11_28_20:14:31.097   068.072.036.xxx   Kid MOVE
2007_11_28_20:14:32.729   071.238.054.xxx   dirk or kyle move it your blocking the im (25)
2007_11_28_20:14:57.875   068.072.036.xxx   That's OK
2007_11_28_20:15:14.263   076.178.028.xxx   i dont come here for the lights very much, i come for the office
2007_11_28_20:15:15.899   071.238.054.xxx   he looks just like his father (26)
2007_11_28_20:15:18.886   068.109.071.xxx   bite me muslim boy
2007_11_28_20:15:19.526   072.240.163.xxx   hey scratch your head
2007_11_28_20:15:24.894   070.077.101.xxx   Muslims R Cool
2007_11_28_20:16:00.125   070.077.101.xxx   TICK TICK TICK BOOM..Scared ya
2007_11_28_20:16:04.401   068.072.036.xxx   Duke loves Muslims
2007_11_28_20:16:35.904   070.077.101.xxx   TICK TICK TICK TICK BOOM!!!!!!!! hahah scared ya
2007_11_28_20:16:38.045   071.238.054.xxx   now both of em are there (27)
2007_11_28_20:16:49.983   068.072.036.xxx   No seriously this is a great holiday for all
2007_11_28_20:17:11.490   070.077.101.xxx   TICK TICK TICK TICK BOOM!!!!!!...hahaaha
2007_11_28_20:17:16.285   071.238.054.xxx   time to annoy alek with stepping santa! (28)
2007_11_28_20:17:25.726   072.240.163.xxx   I know two Kids that are on the naughty list
2007_11_28_20:17:26.316   068.072.036.xxx   Hey you little Dibbleys move :)
2007_11_28_20:17:57.969   068.072.036.xxx   Yes that is a lava lamp
2007_11_28_20:18:13.677   204.073.103.xxx   Santa goes up the ladder
2007_11_28_20:18:20.635   024.117.175.xxx   what IS celiac disiese anyways
2007_11_28_20:18:26.727   071.238.054.xxx   why do u have a paper towel thing? (29)
2007_11_28_20:18:32.869   076.006.004.xxx   This is awesome!!  Thank you for sharing!!
2007_11_28_20:18:40.464   068.072.036.xxx   Merry CHRISTMAS boys
2007_11_28_20:18:43.219   204.073.103.xxx   Santa goes down the ladder
2007_11_28_20:18:44.526   070.077.101.xxx   click the link dumbass
2007_11_28_20:18:52.438   024.147.006.xxx   hello derek
2007_11_28_20:19:02.387   142.177.139.xxx   I have a lava lamp but the lava dont  move, some is stuck at the top and the re
2007_11_28_20:19:17.308   071.238.054.xxx   stop turning off santa im trying to annoy alek (30 IM's so far today)
2007_11_28_20:19:34.686   068.072.036.xxx   Hello I'm Helio Castroneves and I love to dance (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_28_20:20:11.298   071.238.054.xxx   I am a robot come to take over your house bee boop b*** (31)
2007_11_28_20:20:23.806   068.072.036.xxx   and 19 year olds (11)
2007_11_28_20:20:55.951   071.238.054.xxx   I own ur lights bee b*** boop (32)
2007_11_28_20:21:31.484   071.238.054.xxx   What are u two doing! (33)
2007_11_28_20:22:04.926   068.072.036.xxx   pwn is short for MERRY CHRISTMAS (12)
2007_11_28_20:22:08.389   071.238.054.xxx   Alek what are ur kids up too (34)
2007_11_28_20:22:20.333   076.006.004.xxx   pwn?
2007_11_28_20:22:40.717   068.072.036.xxx   pwn means MERRY CHRISTMAS (13)
2007_11_28_20:22:51.115   066.030.051.xxx   Nate says what? (11)
2007_11_28_20:23:18.375   070.077.101.xxx   Hi Kaitlin
2007_11_28_20:23:38.597   066.030.051.xxx   dasf (12)
2007_11_28_20:23:50.344   076.006.004.xxx   there are children watching... be nice
2007_11_28_20:24:11.616   012.206.054.xxx   very cool
2007_11_28_20:24:26.820   068.072.036.xxx   His name is Edward McGill so ban him (14)
2007_11_28_20:24:32.421   069.151.027.xxx   I sear that thing between the lawn tree and the swirl tree is Prime!
2007_11_28_20:25:18.739   068.072.036.xxx   Will you come to my house and do my lights for ___100? (15)
2007_11_28_20:25:43.525   068.072.036.xxx   our (16)
2007_11_28_20:26:19.793   070.077.101.xxx   whatz up
2007_11_28_20:26:34.752   069.151.027.xxx   Mike says: It's easy to tell when Alek is and isn't talking. :) :P
2007_11_28_20:27:39.995   024.207.181.xxx   Sending prayers to your children!
2007_11_28_20:28:23.319   068.072.036.xxx   you can't send prayers you just say them (17)
2007_11_28_20:28:28.347   024.207.181.xxx   Did you guys watch Shrek the Halls and Grinch tonight?
2007_11_28_20:28:45.517   071.238.054.xxx   nope (35)
2007_11_28_20:28:55.953   068.072.036.xxx   Yeah Shrek was pretty bad (18)
2007_11_28_20:29:11.722   069.151.027.xxx   I played Wii tonight.. they TV special looked bad
2007_11_28_20:29:18.510   076.104.204.xxx   Hello from Kent Washington
2007_11_28_20:29:37.898   068.072.036.xxx   What does a Japanese kid say when he swings?  Wii (19)
2007_11_28_20:30:17.986   024.059.024.xxx   LOL
2007_11_28_20:30:23.587   207.144.205.xxx   i wished shrek the halls was longer
2007_11_28_20:31:14.928   068.072.036.xxx   Shrek was terrible (20 IM's so far today)
2007_11_28_20:32:01.238   024.059.024.xxx   I'd like to do that with my lights this site is awesome
2007_11_28_20:32:03.056   068.072.036.xxx   Good one Alek, Master of Inflatable People (21)
2007_11_28_20:32:32.566   068.072.036.xxx   YOU KILLED CHRISTMAS (22)
2007_11_28_20:33:04.900   070.135.015.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_11_28_20:33:11.424   068.072.036.xxx   IAlek, I take it you cant hear the bell ring anymore? (23)
2007_11_28_20:33:55.481   068.072.036.xxx   Go watch Polar Express then (24)
2007_11_28_20:34:04.631   070.135.015.xxx   hmmm, rude
2007_11_28_20:35:16.264   024.207.181.xxx   Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings.
2007_11_28_20:35:24.433   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** How 'bout lets cut out the "Alek's son" since you aren't ... ***ALEK***
2007_11_28_20:35:30.821   068.072.036.xxx   No seriously go watch it. Its a good movie (25)
2007_11_28_20:35:33.037   069.014.043.xxx   hello!
2007_11_28_20:36:05.559   024.207.181.xxx   Wont you come home George Bailey?
2007_11_28_20:36:57.034   024.181.079.xxx   jingle bells batman smells, robin laid an egg
2007_11_28_20:38:15.668   024.207.181.xxx   Your Potters field Mr. Potter is becoming just that.
2007_11_28_20:38:55.507   024.207.181.xxx   Qwannzaaaaaaaaa Yo MTV Raps Yo Snoop Doggity
2007_11_28_20:39:32.375   024.207.181.xxx   This is Hannah Montana. I love your website. Can it be on my show?
2007_11_28_20:40:18.995   024.207.181.xxx   This is Angelina Jolie....can I adopt your website like I do kids?
2007_11_28_20:40:48.029   069.151.027.xxx   This hulk. You use merchandise. you pay royalties or hulk SMASH!
2007_11_28_20:40:58.776   024.207.181.xxx   If this is real face the camera???? Wave to us!
2007_11_28_20:41:45.659   072.224.090.xxx   LOL everything is off
2007_11_28_20:41:50.526   024.207.181.xxx   Hey People in That House. Can you wave to us???????????? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_28_20:43:20.481   207.144.205.xxx   alek, getting anymore snow this week
2007_11_28_20:43:56.070   071.238.054.xxx   lets hope so it makes a nice effect (36)
2007_11_28_20:44:25.435   069.151.027.xxx   I am hoping for a warm X'Mas this year
2007_11_28_20:45:31.954   207.144.205.xxx   he looks mad alek are you mad
2007_11_28_20:45:57.702   024.235.199.xxx   Merry Christmas!!!!
2007_11_28_20:47:04.775   068.057.007.xxx   Hello From Fort Payne Alabama
2007_11_28_20:48:38.276   207.144.205.xxx   ok can we stop with the spam cr
2007_11_28_20:49:39.041   024.235.199.xxx   hahahaha go Alek go!
2007_11_28_20:52:18.350   207.144.205.xxx   he just switched comps ban his other IP
2007_11_28_20:52:31.854   024.235.199.xxx   Alek's neighbors must be happy with the light show ___wink___
2007_11_28_20:53:02.045   071.076.205.xxx   Merry Christmas to everyone !
2007_11_28_20:53:26.840   071.076.205.xxx   Sharon
2007_11_28_20:53:45.537   071.238.054.xxx   I still rember that one neighbor from halloween who asked how to deflate alek's (37)
2007_11_28_20:54:25.349   071.238.054.xxx   that was funny though (38)
2007_11_28_20:54:46.921   207.144.205.xxx   does alek have a headache
2007_11_28_20:56:16.553   071.238.054.xxx   187 people alek still less then last year (39)
2007_11_28_20:56:33.906   074.234.183.xxx   I like sheep.
2007_11_28_20:57:11.710   074.234.183.xxx   I like sheep... they taste great wil an apple sauce/
2007_11_28_20:59:44.517   074.234.183.xxx   I pwn you all!
2007_11_28_21:01:38.430   071.206.018.xxx   hi cortsnarf
2007_11_28_21:02:10.310   071.206.018.xxx   ho ho ho
2007_11_28_21:02:58.644   068.116.141.xxx   Hello from Fort Worth, TX
2007_11_28_21:05:03.833   129.219.230.xxx   anyone from iowa?
2007_11_28_21:06:16.790   071.206.018.xxx   ___3
2007_11_28_21:06:49.379   074.234.183.xxx   Evertime you look at this, god kills a kitten! Think of teh genocide
2007_11_28_21:07:37.458   024.045.219.xxx   I need a Latte
2007_11_28_21:07:50.338   071.206.018.xxx   ...O_O
2007_11_28_21:09:21.137   024.045.219.xxx   poopoo
2007_11_28_21:12:14.947   076.104.204.xxx   hi from lily
2007_11_28_21:13:53.189   072.038.056.xxx   shawn from peterborough
2007_11_28_21:20:25.841   075.080.058.xxx   Happy Holidays - Jack - Encino, CA
2007_11_28_21:26:12.355   075.080.058.xxx   Happy Birthday Malia, 2, Encino, CA
2007_11_28_21:27:08.081   068.194.244.xxx   guys can you turn all the lights off for me iv never seen it (17)
2007_11_28_21:31:21.326   068.194.244.xxx   thanks (18)
2007_11_28_21:31:54.972   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** HEY ... it's dark out there - turn my lights back on! ***ALEK***
2007_11_28_21:33:52.310   076.203.196.xxx   yo yo yo
2007_11_28_21:41:47.690   067.084.204.xxx   hey hey
2007_11_28_21:41:57.744   216.168.121.xxx   Canada says HEYO!
2007_11_28_21:42:20.052   067.084.204.xxx   spam is dumb
2007_11_28_21:45:13.066   068.194.244.xxx   stop imitating alex your so dumb (19)
2007_11_28_21:47:28.097   071.238.054.xxx   down goes santa homer (40 IM's so far today)
2007_11_28_21:48:52.887   076.178.028.xxx   what is with all the spam today?
2007_11_28_21:49:27.178   067.084.204.xxx   people are making stuff up!!
2007_11_28_21:52:32.563   067.084.204.xxx   stop saying spam!
2007_11_28_21:52:45.743   072.081.061.xxx   Are all of the decorations set up now?
2007_11_28_21:54:37.829   071.238.054.xxx   watcha doing (41)
2007_11_28_21:56:21.999   071.238.054.xxx   no i want the present kept on! (42)
2007_11_28_21:58:50.695   071.111.009.xxx   elvis eats boats
2007_11_28_21:59:00.102   071.238.054.xxx   2 more minutes darn time goes by fast when you are controlling lights (43)
2007_11_28_21:59:24.387   066.155.238.xxx   MOO!
2007_11_28_21:59:38.737   067.084.204.xxx   1 min.
2007_11_28_21:59:46.319   072.081.061.xxx   Good maybe the internet kiddies will go to bed

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