523 christmas text messages on 2007/1129

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 5,828 times that day including 3,107 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1129

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2007_11_29_16:07:50.520   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Webcams and IM on early ... but no X10 controls until ~5:15 due to picture taking ***ALEK***
2007_11_29_16:13:12.023   074.060.076.xxx   bummer
2007_11_29_16:16:45.465   071.254.190.xxx   what the heck
2007_11_29_16:18:29.371   071.238.054.xxx   Darn
2007_11_29_16:19:08.714   071.238.054.xxx   alwk killed santa
2007_11_29_16:19:28.037   082.034.031.xxx   hello
2007_11_29_16:19:56.452   071.238.054.xxx   He kidnapped santa gasp!
2007_11_29_16:20:23.957   071.254.190.xxx   we have to wait another hour
2007_11_29_16:20:24.047   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Took Santa down since wife is coming home shortly ... ***ALEK***
2007_11_29_16:22:14.120   204.069.004.xxx   HO HO HO HO
2007_11_29_16:22:31.042   071.238.054.xxx   Shouldn't you move the ladder too
2007_11_29_16:24:03.998   204.069.004.xxx   Ho ho ho ho ho
2007_11_29_16:25:44.648   076.178.028.xxx   not you again....
2007_11_29_16:27:41.192   089.241.241.xxx   Good Evening from the UK
2007_11_29_16:28:16.661   082.019.162.xxx   I feel all Christmassy now
2007_11_29_16:29:28.719   071.238.054.xxx   Santa's alive!
2007_11_29_16:30:12.278   071.241.049.xxx   No......
2007_11_29_16:30:58.867   071.241.049.xxx   say it ant so
2007_11_29_16:31:47.914   071.241.049.xxx   what happen who did what?
2007_11_29_16:33:53.253   012.215.105.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_11_29_16:36:38.918   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hey Mr. 088, my kids read this ... plus other families - can you be cool? ***ALEK***
2007_11_29_16:37:35.556   198.209.062.xxx   no
2007_11_29_16:38:45.784   064.246.018.xxx   No i like  to spam!
2007_11_29_16:39:05.584   198.209.062.xxx   HEY  DAD!!!!!!!!!!!! GUESS WHAT!!!!
2007_11_29_16:39:26.196   064.246.018.xxx   This site is going down
2007_11_29_16:40:19.939   089.241.241.xxx   wish you would
2007_11_29_16:40:26.359   064.246.018.xxx   Alek says: i am shutting it down right now!
2007_11_29_16:40:30.545   198.209.062.xxx   a* holes. @ movip wont give a s***.
2007_11_29_16:41:10.732   072.010.127.xxx   ryan smells
2007_11_29_16:41:15.478   198.209.062.xxx   you F(_)cker
2007_11_29_16:41:16.943   064.246.018.xxx   i am at least keeping it clean unlike u
2007_11_29_16:42:00.119   198.209.062.xxx   he______
2007_11_29_16:42:23.155   072.010.127.xxx   hi i like pie
2007_11_29_16:42:36.355   064.246.018.xxx   Aleks kid says: Yes my dad hates you all so leave
2007_11_29_16:42:44.362   198.209.062.xxx   cow pie, to be precise
2007_11_29_16:43:30.124   064.246.018.xxx   alek says: you all should find a new site to goto last nigjt
2007_11_29_16:44:08.582   089.241.241.xxx   you should get a life
2007_11_29_16:44:15.132   071.238.054.xxx   why did he turn the snowmen family around?
2007_11_29_16:45:14.163   064.246.018.xxx   I am alek so fear me!
2007_11_29_16:45:59.999   089.241.241.xxx   fagot
2007_11_29_16:47:14.870   064.246.018.xxx   i shall now hack alek's computer and kill this site and webcams
2007_11_29_16:47:49.594   064.246.018.xxx   roar
2007_11_29_16:48:03.320   089.241.241.xxx   istn it time for your bed
2007_11_29_16:48:38.550   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** You know Mr. Spammer, what would your Mom think of your commentary? ***ALEK***
2007_11_29_16:48:45.966   064.246.018.xxx   Alek says: i am shutting it down right now! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_29_16:49:10.632   089.241.241.xxx   your like a stuck record
2007_11_29_16:49:22.653   064.246.018.xxx   she would like it (11)
2007_11_29_16:50:03.826   064.246.018.xxx   spam (12)
2007_11_29_16:50:23.948   071.037.010.xxx   hi
2007_11_29_16:50:42.766   064.246.018.xxx   spam (13)
2007_11_29_16:51:34.718   064.246.018.xxx   I like to spam (14)
2007_11_29_16:52:24.718   071.037.010.xxx   this is fake
2007_11_29_16:52:52.783   064.246.018.xxx   I like to spam (15)
2007_11_29_16:53:29.261   071.037.010.xxx   FAKKKE
2007_11_29_16:54:21.727   064.246.018.xxx   I like to spam (16)
2007_11_29_16:54:57.296   064.246.018.xxx   I like to spam (17)
2007_11_29_16:55:25.495   205.188.116.xxx   spam !
2007_11_29_16:55:37.972   071.037.010.xxx   Hi, it's Fergie, and I'm going to donate ___3,000
2007_11_29_16:56:12.139   205.188.116.xxx   24 1/2 day christmas!
2007_11_29_16:56:12.808   064.246.018.xxx   I like to spam (18)
2007_11_29_16:56:35.516   071.037.010.xxx   it GARY
2007_11_29_16:56:53.344   064.246.018.xxx   I like to spam (19)
2007_11_29_16:57:12.922   205.188.116.xxx   spam,spam,spam spam,- can of spam
2007_11_29_16:57:33.978   064.246.018.xxx   I like to spam (20 IM's so far today)
2007_11_29_16:57:35.979   071.037.010.xxx   CHAG
2007_11_29_16:57:48.454   206.191.039.xxx   im derlimopet
2007_11_29_16:58:13.720   064.252.251.xxx   hi
2007_11_29_16:58:14.656   064.246.018.xxx   I like to spam (21)
2007_11_29_16:58:34.952   206.191.039.xxx   i like spam tobut no u
2007_11_29_16:58:36.394   071.037.010.xxx   nig
2007_11_29_16:58:50.422   070.188.177.xxx   Alec bloc spam guy please
2007_11_29_16:59:14.604   064.246.018.xxx   spam (22)
2007_11_29_16:59:40.814   205.188.116.xxx   maps
2007_11_29_16:59:50.703   064.246.018.xxx   I like to spam (23)
2007_11_29_17:00:13.540   070.188.177.xxx   someone talk to me
2007_11_29_17:00:31.987   064.246.018.xxx   I like to spam (24)
2007_11_29_17:00:43.933   070.106.044.xxx   Hello I will talk to you
2007_11_29_17:00:52.040   205.188.116.xxx   spam spam spam egg and ham and spam and bacon and fry egg and spam!
2007_11_29_17:01:12.276   064.246.018.xxx   I like to spam (25)
2007_11_29_17:01:16.925   069.137.134.xxx   hi :)
2007_11_29_17:01:18.402   070.188.177.xxx   PIE PIE PIE PIE PIE TALK
2007_11_29_17:01:33.720   205.188.116.xxx   mmmmmm pie
2007_11_29_17:01:52.031   064.246.018.xxx   I like to spam (26)
2007_11_29_17:01:55.337   071.037.010.xxx   you like to s***
2007_11_29_17:01:56.934   206.191.039.xxx   i like to eat spam
2007_11_29_17:02:10.958   070.106.044.xxx   Pie??????????
2007_11_29_17:02:11.609   074.163.230.xxx   HI
2007_11_29_17:02:32.570   064.246.018.xxx   I like to spam (27)
2007_11_29_17:02:51.986   205.188.116.xxx   spam is good lunchmeat.
2007_11_29_17:02:56.552   070.188.177.xxx   I WANT LIGHTS
2007_11_29_17:03:04.590   024.198.046.xxx   GO SABRES !!!!
2007_11_29_17:03:34.463   074.163.230.xxx   PUT THE  X 10 ON
2007_11_29_17:03:49.086   064.246.018.xxx   I want a hippo for christmas (28)
2007_11_29_17:03:49.149   070.188.177.xxx   does anyone know were to buy X10
2007_11_29_17:03:53.563   024.198.046.xxx   NO
2007_11_29_17:03:59.850   070.106.044.xxx   They will be on at 5:15
2007_11_29_17:04:23.569   074.163.230.xxx   ITS 5 15 NOW
2007_11_29_17:04:29.726   064.246.018.xxx   I want a hippo for christmas (29)
2007_11_29_17:04:32.122   024.198.046.xxx   OK,THNX
2007_11_29_17:04:37.528   070.188.177.xxx   YES
2007_11_29_17:05:09.291   070.106.044.xxx   there is a link to the Website on this one
2007_11_29_17:05:10.386   064.246.018.xxx   I want a hippo for christmas (30 IM's so far today)
2007_11_29_17:05:15.176   074.163.230.xxx   HO HO HO HO
2007_11_29_17:05:25.240   024.198.046.xxx   WELCOME
2007_11_29_17:05:36.171   205.188.116.xxx   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
2007_11_29_17:05:50.873   064.246.018.xxx   I want a hippo for christmas (31)
2007_11_29_17:06:07.369   074.163.230.xxx   10 MINS
2007_11_29_17:06:15.559   206.191.039.xxx   P  O   R  K E Y
2007_11_29_17:06:29.244   072.224.090.xxx   Woot another day of xmas light switching
2007_11_29_17:06:31.447   064.246.018.xxx   I want a hippo for christmas (32)
2007_11_29_17:06:57.166   074.163.230.xxx   ME TOO
2007_11_29_17:07:06.113   024.198.046.xxx   GOOD FOR YOU
2007_11_29_17:07:12.016   064.246.018.xxx   I want a hippo for christmas (33)
2007_11_29_17:07:26.364   205.188.116.xxx   merry xmas -
2007_11_29_17:07:55.945   024.198.046.xxx   GOOD FOR YOU
2007_11_29_17:08:04.214   070.106.044.xxx   I know were you can get one cheap
2007_11_29_17:08:34.158   024.198.046.xxx   GOOD FOR YOU
2007_11_29_17:08:38.065   064.246.018.xxx   I want a hippo for christmas (34)
2007_11_29_17:09:18.695   064.246.018.xxx   I want a hippo for christmas (35)
2007_11_29_17:09:20.409   074.163.230.xxx   5 MINS
2007_11_29_17:09:26.076   205.188.116.xxx   meeeeeeeeeerrrrry chhhhhhhhriiiiiistmmas (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_29_17:09:27.150   216.162.049.xxx   Colby
2007_11_29_17:09:50.288   071.227.207.xxx   WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_11_29_17:09:58.341   064.246.018.xxx   I want a hippo for christmas (36)
2007_11_29_17:10:39.026   064.246.018.xxx   I want a hippo for christmas (37)
2007_11_29_17:10:40.426   024.198.046.xxx   CAREFUL ON THAT LADDER
2007_11_29_17:10:55.191   205.188.116.xxx   doh doh doh doh doh doh ! (11)
2007_11_29_17:11:11.298   071.037.010.xxx   crohns is better then celiac
2007_11_29_17:11:17.799   024.198.046.xxx   GO SABRES !!!!
2007_11_29_17:11:19.724   064.246.018.xxx   I want a hippo for christmas (38)
2007_11_29_17:11:25.992   074.163.230.xxx   4 MINS
2007_11_29_17:11:41.191   205.188.116.xxx   whooooooooo (12)
2007_11_29_17:11:54.932   024.198.046.xxx   GO SABRES !!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_29_17:12:00.382   064.246.018.xxx   I want a hippo for christmas (39)
2007_11_29_17:12:25.418   071.037.010.xxx   WAVE to prove your real (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_29_17:12:31.933   205.188.116.xxx   mmmmmm turkey (13)
2007_11_29_17:12:32.491   024.198.046.xxx   GO SABRES !!!! (11)
2007_11_29_17:12:43.727   074.163.230.xxx   3 MINS
2007_11_29_17:12:52.513   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** X10 Controls back on ... even for you Mr. Hippo Spam!   ;-) ***ALEK***
2007_11_29_17:12:53.425   064.246.018.xxx   I want a hippo for christmas (40 IM's so far today)
2007_11_29_17:13:01.149   071.037.010.xxx   wave! (11)
2007_11_29_17:13:32.013   064.246.018.xxx   I want a hippo for christmas (41)
2007_11_29_17:13:40.706   205.188.116.xxx   hello! (14)
2007_11_29_17:13:48.476   024.198.046.xxx   GO SABRES !!!! (12)
2007_11_29_17:14:24.481   074.197.083.xxx   yay! im dead s* xxyyyy!!!!
2007_11_29_17:15:00.169   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Fixed exposure on webcam2 - was still in "night" mode ***ALEK***
2007_11_29_17:15:17.001   024.198.046.xxx   GO SABRES !!!! (13)
2007_11_29_17:15:28.724   074.197.083.xxx   Your the Man Alek!!
2007_11_29_17:15:33.174   071.037.010.xxx   please wave for celiac (12)
2007_11_29_17:16:09.519   064.246.018.xxx   all i want is a lu mp of coal plz santa give me one (42)
2007_11_29_17:16:37.623   024.198.046.xxx   GO SABRES !!!! (14)
2007_11_29_17:16:43.161   071.238.054.xxx   santa would be happy to give u that
2007_11_29_17:16:53.228   074.197.083.xxx   Does it p*** your neighbors off cuz you rlights are on off on off on off all th
2007_11_29_17:16:57.020   205.188.116.xxx   dammmmmmmmmmmmmn (15)
2007_11_29_17:17:28.806   064.252.251.xxx   hi
2007_11_29_17:17:35.305   072.224.090.xxx   Go green bay packers! Cowboys are gonna loose!
2007_11_29_17:17:44.134   024.198.046.xxx   GO SABRES !!!! (15)
2007_11_29_17:17:52.671   024.005.134.xxx   Season Greetings from Techie Diva
2007_11_29_17:18:02.533   071.037.010.xxx   s*** my walls (13)
2007_11_29_17:18:17.556   067.170.021.xxx   Gary Blake
2007_11_29_17:18:45.742   071.227.207.xxx   q
2007_11_29_17:19:01.015   024.198.046.xxx   How bout those BILLS !! (16)
2007_11_29_17:19:11.095   074.163.230.xxx   GIVE LIVE LOVE (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_29_17:19:15.974   071.037.010.xxx   FAKE (14)
2007_11_29_17:19:54.632   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** neighbors think it is a hoot ... and their kids love it! ***ALEK***
2007_11_29_17:20:06.275   067.170.021.xxx   Mill Creek Washington
2007_11_29_17:20:10.778   024.198.046.xxx   How bout those BILLS !! (17)
2007_11_29_17:20:27.183   071.227.207.xxx   hey what ya doin?
2007_11_29_17:20:47.386   071.037.010.xxx   REALL (15)
2007_11_29_17:21:13.780   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Forgot to turn the snowman around - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2007_11_29_17:21:15.633   024.005.134.xxx   Techie Diva
2007_11_29_17:21:16.515   024.198.046.xxx   How bout those BILLS !! (18)
2007_11_29_17:22:04.162   071.227.207.xxx   GO SEAHAWKS
2007_11_29_17:22:25.599   024.198.046.xxx   How bout those BILLS !! (19)
2007_11_29_17:22:28.418   067.170.021.xxx   Seahawks over Eagles
2007_11_29_17:22:51.740   070.127.117.xxx   GO BUCS
2007_11_29_17:22:52.620   024.005.134.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2007_11_29_17:23:28.879   071.227.207.xxx   hO hO hO
2007_11_29_17:23:32.345   024.198.046.xxx   GO SABRES !!!! (20 IM's so far today)
2007_11_29_17:24:41.260   024.198.046.xxx   How bout those BILLS !! (21)
2007_11_29_17:25:30.011   070.127.117.xxx   GO BUCS
2007_11_29_17:25:49.426   024.198.046.xxx   GO SABRES !!!! (22)
2007_11_29_17:26:46.740   071.227.207.xxx   Sultan
2007_11_29_17:26:53.469   070.127.117.xxx   GO BUCS
2007_11_29_17:27:23.298   067.170.021.xxx   Ryan Oster was here!!
2007_11_29_17:28:10.732   024.198.046.xxx   How bout those BILLS !! (23)
2007_11_29_17:29:04.907   099.228.075.xxx   hi
2007_11_29_17:29:12.816   065.033.068.xxx   dude you are awsome
2007_11_29_17:29:39.108   024.198.046.xxx   OK,THNX (24)
2007_11_29_17:30:06.659   088.073.052.xxx   Hallo from Berlin
2007_11_29_17:30:25.545   072.240.163.xxx   snowman has deer
2007_11_29_17:30:47.463   099.228.075.xxx   hi
2007_11_29_17:30:55.380   076.025.195.xxx   Hello from denver
2007_11_29_17:31:39.607   024.198.046.xxx   Hello from BUFFALO ! (25)
2007_11_29_17:32:22.473   088.073.052.xxx   Hello from Germany
2007_11_29_17:33:08.526   024.198.046.xxx   East or West? (26)
2007_11_29_17:33:42.586   067.170.021.xxx   John Meikle
2007_11_29_17:33:45.168   088.073.052.xxx   West Germany
2007_11_29_17:34:13.170   065.033.068.xxx   Michael and Daniels saying Hi from fl, usa
2007_11_29_17:34:26.172   024.198.046.xxx   Hello from Soviet Union (27)
2007_11_29_17:35:09.856   072.092.099.xxx   SOVIET UNION DOES NOT EXIST ANYMORE!
2007_11_29_17:35:48.797   024.198.046.xxx   Who says (28)
2007_11_29_17:36:07.354   069.137.134.xxx   hey
2007_11_29_17:36:33.923   067.170.021.xxx   Call Kent Green 425-750-****
2007_11_29_17:36:37.915   072.240.163.xxx   do you ever get tired of sitting there
2007_11_29_17:38:31.730   072.010.127.xxx   patrick smells
2007_11_29_17:39:35.710   072.010.127.xxx   brian smells
2007_11_29_17:39:47.125   066.000.232.xxx   Hello everyone!!!!
2007_11_29_17:41:11.545   072.010.127.xxx   mike stinks
2007_11_29_17:41:21.731   024.198.046.xxx   Hi from International Space Station (29)
2007_11_29_17:41:46.605   206.191.039.xxx   ok
2007_11_29_17:42:45.386   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** ISS's IP appears to be in Auburn, Maine ... but pretty funny! ***ALEK***
2007_11_29_17:43:24.971   072.010.127.xxx   merry x-mas
2007_11_29_17:43:42.881   066.000.232.xxx   Hello from planet zyloid
2007_11_29_17:44:46.494   072.010.127.xxx   turn every off
2007_11_29_17:44:53.666   024.198.046.xxx   we r using that as our downlink site (30 IM's so far today)
2007_11_29_17:46:08.599   198.209.062.xxx   happy halloween!!!
2007_11_29_17:46:09.138   024.198.046.xxx   Great show guy !! (31)
2007_11_29_17:46:14.406   072.240.163.xxx   hey who turned out the lights
2007_11_29_17:46:52.065   069.137.134.xxx   ha ha
2007_11_29_17:46:59.314   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I like these ISS/Zygoid dudes - welcome to Earth! ***ALEK***
2007_11_29_17:48:03.147   024.198.046.xxx   We___ll look for ur lights on our next pass over Denver (32)
2007_11_29_17:48:07.261   198.209.062.xxx   hello from NYC
2007_11_29_17:49:05.458   072.240.163.xxx   HELLO FROM OHIO
2007_11_29_17:49:11.604   024.198.046.xxx   We___ll look for ur lights on our next pass over Denver (33)
2007_11_29_17:50:50.350   198.209.062.xxx   i killed elmo
2007_11_29_17:50:56.669   072.240.163.xxx   Wave
2007_11_29_17:52:13.409   072.240.163.xxx   ok Don't wave
2007_11_29_17:53:01.225   075.055.039.xxx   boys boys boys stop fighting
2007_11_29_17:53:35.171   072.240.163.xxx   Yep Santa is watcing you
2007_11_29_17:54:55.873   072.240.163.xxx   wonder how good Dad has been this year
2007_11_29_17:57:39.322   070.105.000.xxx   Merry Christmas from the Brumbaughs in Fort Lee, Va
2007_11_29_17:58:39.914   065.074.018.xxx   Hi Shannon Merry Christmas
2007_11_29_17:59:53.243   205.188.116.xxx   happy holidays (16)
2007_11_29_18:00:00.253   070.105.000.xxx   Kaylee loves Hulk!! Merry Christmas
2007_11_29_18:04:51.889   069.004.135.xxx   Hi Everyone!
2007_11_29_18:05:27.384   024.208.212.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_11_29_18:05:28.984   069.004.135.xxx   Hi Everyone, from Roseville CA
2007_11_29_18:05:31.603   199.224.121.xxx   s***
2007_11_29_18:06:16.582   069.004.135.xxx   Hi, from Roseville CA
2007_11_29_18:06:23.919   199.224.121.xxx   Christmas is my favorite holiday! Hello from PA!
2007_11_29_18:07:55.124   199.224.121.xxx   Hello from Lewisberry, PA!!!!!!
2007_11_29_18:08:17.293   076.006.004.xxx   I love you Rusty & Chris
2007_11_29_18:08:33.398   199.224.121.xxx   s*
2007_11_29_18:08:56.728   076.006.004.xxx   u weiny
2007_11_29_18:09:09.697   072.145.121.xxx   for a webcam like this go to gaholidaylights .com
2007_11_29_18:09:12.690   199.224.121.xxx   s*  is fun!
2007_11_29_18:09:36.329   070.067.105.xxx   this is so coo
2007_11_29_18:10:19.166   199.224.121.xxx   i love men
2007_11_29_18:10:31.103   070.067.105.xxx   I want to have lights like this
2007_11_29_18:11:27.665   199.224.121.xxx   its only 6:11 there, its 8:11 here
2007_11_29_18:12:08.263   063.170.164.xxx   what's that guy doing?
2007_11_29_18:12:08.582   199.224.121.xxx   hey man!
2007_11_29_18:12:52.465   199.224.121.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!
2007_11_29_18:13:16.884   063.170.164.xxx   Happiest Holdiays!
2007_11_29_18:14:03.857   024.123.030.xxx   Merry Christmas from Indiana!
2007_11_29_18:14:24.506   063.170.164.xxx   Amelia, I see you.
2007_11_29_18:15:16.009   199.224.121.xxx   i see you (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_29_18:16:01.206   199.224.121.xxx   199.224.121.xxx (11)
2007_11_29_18:17:05.708   199.224.121.xxx   i really like these lights (12)
2007_11_29_18:17:18.415   070.105.000.xxx   IS THERE A WAY TO CHANGE THE MUSIC?
2007_11_29_18:17:51.569   199.224.121.xxx   No 070.105.000.xxx (13)
2007_11_29_18:19:02.520   068.194.244.xxx   GUYS help me turn all the lights off
2007_11_29_18:19:11.671   070.105.000.xxx   Welcome back. We love your site
2007_11_29_18:19:44.646   199.224.121.xxx   yes we really love it (14)
2007_11_29_18:19:52.475   068.194.244.xxx   alex how come web cam 2 went black and white for me
2007_11_29_18:21:07.229   199.224.121.xxx   that just happened to me too (15)
2007_11_29_18:22:22.025   199.224.121.xxx   GO TO LINK DELETED (16)
2007_11_29_18:23:11.015   199.224.121.xxx   gaholidaylights. com (17)
2007_11_29_18:23:26.160   066.007.115.xxx   interesting stuff
2007_11_29_18:24:33.618   066.007.115.xxx   hey man! wave to us!
2007_11_29_18:24:34.520   070.245.212.xxx   I love you, Micah!
2007_11_29_18:25:41.608   066.007.115.xxx   can we chat with the man?
2007_11_29_18:26:04.418   070.245.212.xxx   I love you too, Tyler!
2007_11_29_18:28:44.842   066.007.115.xxx   Tyler, you guys in Little Rock?
2007_11_29_18:28:53.309   024.151.034.xxx   Hello Patrick and Ryan
2007_11_29_18:29:40.820   066.007.115.xxx   Willimantic, CT welcome
2007_11_29_18:29:43.463   024.151.034.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_11_29_18:30:20.381   066.007.115.xxx   the ghost of xmaspast walked by!
2007_11_29_18:30:23.816   024.151.034.xxx   Hello Patrick and Ryan
2007_11_29_18:31:14.187   066.007.115.xxx   Willimantic CT
2007_11_29_18:31:15.344   071.236.030.xxx   Merry Christmas from Atlanta Georgia
2007_11_29_18:31:36.392   024.151.034.xxx   Merry Christmas from Monroe, CT
2007_11_29_18:32:00.452   070.190.165.xxx   Happy Holidays from Phoenix, Arizona
2007_11_29_18:34:09.335   066.007.115.xxx   where in phx?
2007_11_29_18:35:15.895   066.007.115.xxx   i used to live near 83rd/glendale. visiting this xmas! cant wait
2007_11_29_18:36:08.790   070.190.165.xxx   tempe
2007_11_29_18:36:17.109   097.096.237.xxx   ABSO LUTLY
2007_11_29_18:37:33.159   097.096.237.xxx   C-C-C-C-CLOWMBOAT
2007_11_29_18:37:49.185   071.238.054.xxx   spammer is gone
2007_11_29_18:38:54.180   097.096.237.xxx   DSFARGEG
2007_11_29_18:39:51.102   071.117.137.xxx   d'oh!!!
2007_11_29_18:41:18.919   098.200.133.xxx   abcdefghijklmn
2007_11_29_18:41:36.605   067.070.123.xxx   HEY n*****S!
2007_11_29_18:42:00.664   098.200.133.xxx   abcde
2007_11_29_18:42:07.640   097.096.237.xxx   SURPRIZE c***FAGS
2007_11_29_18:42:33.565   087.081.248.xxx   cool
2007_11_29_18:42:36.816   098.200.133.xxx   Survivor is on everyone go watch tv
2007_11_29_18:42:43.664   071.117.137.xxx   I love the smell
2007_11_29_18:43:10.637   098.200.133.xxx   strike with the writrs
2007_11_29_18:43:40.767   067.070.123.xxx   OH GOD MY DONG IS BLEEDING
2007_11_29_18:43:54.495   098.200.133.xxx   knock knock
2007_11_29_18:44:30.975   067.070.123.xxx   WHEN I WAS
2007_11_29_18:44:43.246   098.200.133.xxx   i am hungry
2007_11_29_18:44:45.167   097.096.237.xxx   WHEN YOU WERE
2007_11_29_18:44:50.920   071.117.137.xxx   Sorry, I farted, has any on seen Jack Mehoff?
2007_11_29_18:45:13.070   155.246.152.xxx   nope
2007_11_29_18:45:20.225   098.200.133.xxx   sponge bob arrested for DWI
2007_11_29_18:45:27.953   097.096.237.xxx   CANDLEJACK IS SO GA
2007_11_29_18:46:02.934   155.246.152.xxx   office 07 rules!!
2007_11_29_18:46:10.405   098.200.133.xxx   where is bob tonight not at his desk?
2007_11_29_18:46:29.008   097.096.237.xxx   IM AN FBI AGENT AN FBI AGENT
2007_11_29_18:46:51.647   098.200.133.xxx   hello bob
2007_11_29_18:47:48.157   097.096.237.xxx   DID SUMMOM SAY LOLI
2007_11_29_18:47:52.545   067.070.123.xxx   ****8___ SIEG HEIL! ****8___
2007_11_29_18:48:15.847   098.200.133.xxx   bob get back to your desk (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_29_18:48:48.431   067.070.123.xxx   I'm doing one of your kids... riight now
2007_11_29_18:49:04.871   207.144.205.xxx   i thought this was a family friendly website
2007_11_29_18:49:37.439   097.096.237.xxx   MMM WHATCHA SAY
2007_11_29_18:49:45.126   076.178.028.xxx   not this late, its when all the spammers come
2007_11_29_18:50:29.328   207.144.205.xxx   you know he does look at the logs he can block u
2007_11_29_18:51:06.018   097.096.237.xxx   p**** (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_29_18:51:07.558   068.194.244.xxx   turn on lights its dark
2007_11_29_18:52:54.819   097.096.237.xxx   ENGLISH MOTHERf**A DO YOU SPEAK IT (11)
2007_11_29_18:56:06.600   097.096.237.xxx   WUT (12)
2007_11_29_18:56:53.611   098.200.133.xxx   n e one here (11)
2007_11_29_18:57:53.438   097.096.237.xxx   YEZS (13)
2007_11_29_18:58:41.008   024.044.020.xxx   Maureen Sean and hank are you there
2007_11_29_19:01:37.238   063.226.176.xxx   Hello From The Morton's
2007_11_29_19:01:59.642   024.044.020.xxx   maureen steve hank and sean
2007_11_29_19:02:35.427   063.226.176.xxx   The Hulk Rules!!!
2007_11_29_19:02:37.105   068.194.244.xxx   tucas
2007_11_29_19:03:33.642   068.194.244.xxx   to kid whos cursing: my kids, alexs kids, and many others read this SO STOP
2007_11_29_19:04:04.189   063.226.176.xxx   126 people are viewing this site! Incredible!
2007_11_29_19:04:28.911   068.194.244.xxx   why dont you ruin a diffrent site and not a family charity one loser
2007_11_29_19:05:14.569   063.226.176.xxx   I could not agree more.
2007_11_29_19:05:16.237   071.098.091.xxx   hello world
2007_11_29_19:05:39.775   068.194.244.xxx   alek there are certain ips that must be blocks not right to kids
2007_11_29_19:05:45.876   063.226.176.xxx   Hello you!
2007_11_29_19:06:28.700   063.226.176.xxx   He's there.
2007_11_29_19:06:46.606   068.194.244.xxx   please consider blocking spamers im thinkin of not letting my kids view this
2007_11_29_19:07:53.242   068.194.244.xxx   the cursings, pretending to be you, and s* aulness is rediculas
2007_11_29_19:08:19.918   063.226.176.xxx   Look at the camera!
2007_11_29_19:08:54.668   063.226.176.xxx   He's Gone :-(
2007_11_29_19:09:05.398   068.194.244.xxx   ok just walk away and say nothing you dont care alek (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_29_19:11:02.870   024.019.239.xxx   greetings from seattle, washington
2007_11_29_19:12:08.384   024.019.239.xxx   I love your website!
2007_11_29_19:13:02.350   064.112.215.xxx   I love you Ardyth
2007_11_29_19:13:34.316   071.221.087.xxx   My daughter loves your site!!!
2007_11_29_19:16:30.686   071.202.255.xxx   Happy holidays from cold, cold Cali
2007_11_29_19:17:39.241   063.226.176.xxx   It's freezing here in Minnesota!
2007_11_29_19:19:06.593   063.226.176.xxx   What a GREAT website (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_29_19:20:12.044   063.226.176.xxx   HELLO!!! (11)
2007_11_29_19:26:00.382   063.226.176.xxx   hi (12)
2007_11_29_19:27:29.083   063.226.176.xxx   116 people viewing Christmas Lights - INSANE! (13)
2007_11_29_19:28:28.734   063.226.176.xxx   puny human trying to control hulk!!! (14)
2007_11_29_19:28:59.458   069.131.177.xxx   Hello from my iPhone!
2007_11_29_19:29:09.661   063.226.176.xxx   Look at the Camera!!!! (15)
2007_11_29_19:29:54.632   063.226.176.xxx   Awesome!!! (16)
2007_11_29_19:30:47.918   063.226.176.xxx   I think your site is great! (17)
2007_11_29_19:31:54.129   063.226.176.xxx   And....he's gone again!!! (18)
2007_11_29_19:32:47.666   194.109.251.xxx   Great Site
2007_11_29_19:33:33.508   063.226.176.xxx   He's BACK!!! (19)
2007_11_29_19:33:47.262   194.109.251.xxx   Greetings from Holland
2007_11_29_19:34:19.897   063.226.176.xxx   I'm waving at you!!! (20 IM's so far today)
2007_11_29_19:34:29.424   069.131.177.xxx   Hello again from planet zygoid!
2007_11_29_19:35:08.142   063.226.176.xxx   Greetings from Minnesota (21)
2007_11_29_19:35:54.944   063.226.176.xxx   Who's winning?? Green Bay or Dallas?? (22)
2007_11_29_19:36:07.672   074.060.076.xxx   Good evening this site rocks
2007_11_29_19:36:40.700   069.131.177.xxx   Excellent site earthling!
2007_11_29_19:37:16.472   063.226.176.xxx   I love Christmas!!! (23)
2007_11_29_19:38:03.967   063.226.176.xxx   Don't Leave!!!! (24)
2007_11_29_19:38:07.119   066.030.123.xxx   Nice job love the idea
2007_11_29_19:38:52.824   063.226.176.xxx   Don't Leave!!!! (25)
2007_11_29_19:39:25.378   063.226.176.xxx   HULK MASK!!!!!! (26)
2007_11_29_19:40:52.844   063.226.176.xxx   HULK MASK PUNY HUMAN!!!! (27)
2007_11_29_19:41:46.145   071.202.255.xxx   Hehehehehehehe
2007_11_29_19:42:31.047   069.092.182.xxx   This is really neat
2007_11_29_19:42:41.933   063.226.176.xxx   Hello From The Morton's (28)
2007_11_29_19:42:46.825   205.188.116.xxx   hello from Baltimore md (17)
2007_11_29_19:42:57.147   069.131.177.xxx   Hi Blake
2007_11_29_19:43:13.651   071.202.255.xxx   wave at us Alek
2007_11_29_19:43:18.133   063.226.176.xxx   GO PATRIOTS!!!! (29)
2007_11_29_19:44:00.235   063.226.176.xxx   Please Wave at us! (30 IM's so far today)
2007_11_29_19:44:30.182   206.191.039.xxx   hey alek can i come over at 9
2007_11_29_19:46:52.530   206.191.039.xxx   ok see you then
2007_11_29_19:47:38.926   206.191.039.xxx   wave iwfuxxxxx
2007_11_29_19:48:21.832   206.191.039.xxx   fuxxxxx i love beer
2007_11_29_19:48:23.321   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hey .206 - looks like you live in Canada - that's a long ways from here! ***ALEK***
2007_11_29_19:49:03.064   206.191.039.xxx   i know i was just joking (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_29_19:49:40.508   206.191.039.xxx   can you at least wave on cam (11)
2007_11_29_19:50:25.535   206.191.039.xxx   all the people in the house say hey (12)
2007_11_29_19:51:01.630   206.191.039.xxx   hey (13)
2007_11_29_19:51:43.229   206.191.039.xxx   hey (14)
2007_11_29_19:52:38.224   085.165.116.xxx   Hello from Norway! :)
2007_11_29_20:00:28.355   024.237.015.xxx   Merry Christmas from Alaska!
2007_11_29_20:03:54.752   066.109.157.xxx   How are you alex?
2007_11_29_20:08:09.553   083.143.245.xxx   eh Hello me no good english
2007_11_29_20:11:49.707   071.111.135.xxx   Anthony
2007_11_29_20:13:53.601   083.143.245.xxx   THE HACKER RETURNS
2007_11_29_20:15:54.231   083.143.245.xxx   WEE I AM RUNNING A MUCK IN YOUR SYSTEM AS WE SPEAK
2007_11_29_20:16:21.387   070.190.165.xxx   Do you feel awkward knowing ppl are watching you?
2007_11_29_20:16:38.005   024.019.239.xxx   greetings
2007_11_29_20:18:02.517   099.162.229.xxx   Merry Christmas Jamie
2007_11_29_20:19:41.095   072.145.121.xxx   hohoho
2007_11_29_20:21:59.009   076.223.028.xxx   hey what dude
2007_11_29_20:24:25.259   072.205.057.xxx   cool
2007_11_29_20:25:50.337   204.073.103.xxx   Touchdown!
2007_11_29_20:32:17.174   070.226.099.xxx   ugly people
2007_11_29_20:33:01.850   070.226.099.xxx   hi
2007_11_29_20:33:30.555   024.013.128.xxx   hello
2007_11_29_20:34:54.648   070.226.099.xxx   how many people on here are ugly
2007_11_29_20:35:32.722   070.226.099.xxx   ?
2007_11_29_20:35:38.892   067.168.142.xxx   hi from the Avey family
2007_11_29_20:36:43.708   070.226.099.xxx   g**  people
2007_11_29_20:37:23.638   070.105.124.xxx   Toot Toot!
2007_11_29_20:38:08.352   067.168.142.xxx   Dawson, Abbi, Rebecca, and Snooprob say hi from Auburn, wa
2007_11_29_20:39:07.558   070.105.124.xxx   Oh wow! I live about 4 hrs from here :)
2007_11_29_20:41:53.668   068.194.244.xxx   alek these spameers cursers etc need to be controlled do something (11)
2007_11_29_20:42:44.748   068.194.244.xxx   saving your electric bill by turning all the lights off (12)
2007_11_29_20:44:14.956   067.168.142.xxx   WAVE to prove your real
2007_11_29_20:44:24.110   122.057.157.xxx   n***** d***s
2007_11_29_20:46:00.245   068.194.244.xxx   electric bill saved these lights are staying off alek as long as im in control (13)
2007_11_29_20:48:03.447   068.194.244.xxx   whats that light you see in the window when all lights are off alek (14)
2007_11_29_20:48:06.592   069.209.066.xxx   Haha!  I messed up your evil plot!
2007_11_29_20:48:17.900   024.059.024.xxx   something messed up with the controls Alek they not working for me
2007_11_29_20:48:56.754   068.194.244.xxx   that would be my fault o well (15)
2007_11_29_20:49:05.396   069.209.066.xxx   Haha!  I messed up your evil plot!
2007_11_29_20:50:49.536   069.209.066.xxx   point made
2007_11_29_20:51:44.103   068.194.244.xxx   icles above garage door arent controlable FIX (16)
2007_11_29_20:52:34.114   068.194.244.xxx   yo alek we cant turn the icecles on and off above the garage (17)
2007_11_29_20:53:42.911   068.194.244.xxx   alek lights above garage are stuck on PLEASE FIX (18)
2007_11_29_20:54:34.372   068.194.244.xxx   alek dont ignore me I wont stop till you answer (19)
2007_11_29_20:54:40.651   066.245.192.xxx   Maybe he's fixing the lights right now on his computer.
2007_11_29_20:55:18.828   068.194.244.xxx   ALEX WHITE ICLE LIGHTS STUCK ON (20 IM's so far today)
2007_11_29_20:56:09.663   068.194.244.xxx   ALEX FIX IT ALEX FIX IT ALEX FIX IT ALEX FIX (21)
2007_11_29_20:56:38.188   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** May have Blown the Super Socket in the Garage for Zone #1 Icicles ... ***ALEK***
2007_11_29_20:56:42.550   072.195.177.xxx   am i allowed to use the controls or just a certin limit is allowed?
2007_11_29_20:57:08.680   068.194.244.xxx   ok cool thats all you needed to say (22)
2007_11_29_21:01:22.226   071.231.130.xxx   Michelle B.
2007_11_29_21:02:03.747   071.231.130.xxx   WSU rules!!!
2007_11_29_21:03:43.639   072.195.177.xxx   can i give this website link out to the radio stations in my area?
2007_11_29_21:04:22.715   072.190.052.xxx   THIS IS SLAMA!!!
2007_11_29_21:04:57.840   072.190.052.xxx   ARE YOU WATCHING THE COBOYS GAME!?
2007_11_29_21:05:21.584   071.231.130.xxx   Mill Creek, WASHINGTON
2007_11_29_21:05:53.359   072.190.052.xxx   COYBOYS ARE WINNING... 34-24
2007_11_29_21:06:02.337   071.231.130.xxx   GMMM
2007_11_29_21:06:29.674   076.178.028.xxx   alek the icicles wont turn off!
2007_11_29_21:07:25.922   072.190.052.xxx   ima hack someones computer... since i can see their IP address
2007_11_29_21:08:31.059   072.190.052.xxx   1ST DOWN PACKERS!
2007_11_29_21:08:46.096   129.074.200.xxx   merry x-mas
2007_11_29_21:09:17.422   072.190.052.xxx   umm... nothing ever turns off when i ask it to...
2007_11_29_21:10:01.991   072.190.052.xxx   YOU NEED MORE LIGHTS
2007_11_29_21:10:21.921   024.151.034.xxx   Hello from Monroe, CT
2007_11_29_21:10:41.844   072.190.052.xxx   hey there
2007_11_29_21:11:16.010   012.226.088.xxx   Hi Debbie!
2007_11_29_21:11:42.189   072.190.052.xxx   ARE YOU WATCHING THE COYBOYS GAME?
2007_11_29_21:12:19.604   024.151.034.xxx   Brian
2007_11_29_21:12:34.867   072.190.052.xxx   SLAMA go night night now... (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_29_21:12:57.998   072.195.177.xxx   alex can u come fix my christmas lights i cant find out why they wont work
2007_11_29_21:18:55.377   205.188.116.xxx   ha ha ha (18)
2007_11_29_21:21:13.846   072.195.177.xxx   merry christmas
2007_11_29_21:22:09.257   072.195.177.xxx   its 11:22 pm here in warner robins georgia
2007_11_29_21:27:00.991   072.195.177.xxx   my hubby josh said u did a wonderful job..merry christmas
2007_11_29_21:27:29.840   070.176.158.xxx   Hello from Phoenix, AZ
2007_11_29_21:29:06.324   071.109.175.xxx   Hello from Camarillo, CA
2007_11_29_21:29:20.939   072.145.121.xxx   i hate homework
2007_11_29_21:30:45.289   075.072.219.xxx   you should wave!!!
2007_11_29_21:31:10.215   066.169.150.xxx   o hai. can I haz cheezburger?
2007_11_29_21:31:33.914   075.072.219.xxx   WAVE!!!! NO CHEESEBURGER FOR YOU!!
2007_11_29_21:32:05.364   066.169.150.xxx   i no has bukit eethur
2007_11_29_21:32:20.764   075.072.219.xxx   Clinton For PREZ!!!
2007_11_29_21:32:51.969   066.169.150.xxx   Obama 08
2007_11_29_21:33:21.446   075.072.219.xxx   Obama is a good choice.. just no republicans
2007_11_29_21:34:34.494   075.072.219.xxx   Can this man see our text messages?
2007_11_29_21:34:46.020   072.195.177.xxx   alex it will be ok ur doing a wonderful job we love it..
2007_11_29_21:35:16.466   075.072.219.xxx   Let's get the guy to wave!!
2007_11_29_21:36:07.880   075.072.219.xxx   There's the wife... lol Hey wave dude!!
2007_11_29_21:37:25.164   075.072.219.xxx   If you can see this message wave at the webcam
2007_11_29_21:38:56.439   072.195.177.xxx   alex is stressing out
2007_11_29_21:39:29.884   068.194.244.xxx   alex most zones wont let you turn them off something is wrong (23)
2007_11_29_21:39:33.848   075.072.219.xxx   yeah he so is.. deep in thought.. did you see that other person go by?
2007_11_29_21:40:07.306   072.195.177.xxx   alek is will all be ok..lets cheer him up
2007_11_29_21:40:34.978   075.072.219.xxx   Alex what's on your mind? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_29_21:41:31.967   072.195.177.xxx   were worring over here arent we guys.. (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_29_21:41:41.911   075.072.219.xxx   Wave at the webcam (11)
2007_11_29_21:41:54.208   076.178.028.xxx   it looks bad
2007_11_29_21:42:19.456   075.072.219.xxx   Wave at the webcam (12)
2007_11_29_21:42:30.598   072.195.177.xxx   hello mrs.alek (11)
2007_11_29_21:42:33.064   074.060.076.xxx   looks like someyone need a beer
2007_11_29_21:42:37.178   076.178.028.xxx   is he upset about the socket?
2007_11_29_21:43:01.786   075.072.219.xxx   No he's upset about your mom!!! (13)
2007_11_29_21:44:08.648   075.072.219.xxx   Alex what is the deal with you?! HUH I"LL FIGHT YOU!!! (14)
2007_11_29_21:44:34.759   072.195.177.xxx   if u cant be nice leave (12)
2007_11_29_21:44:48.571   074.060.076.xxx   Merry Chrismas!!!!___
2007_11_29_21:45:05.485   075.072.219.xxx   Alex says: Hey guys lets all be friends come on... (15)
2007_11_29_21:46:34.598   075.072.219.xxx   Alex says: I'm very concerned over zone #1 i may have to rewire it (16)
2007_11_29_21:47:12.881   075.072.219.xxx   rewire it (17)
2007_11_29_21:47:30.341   071.164.029.xxx   you s***
2007_11_29_21:48:29.872   075.072.219.xxx   Wow why u being so mean to Mr. Alex? (18)
2007_11_29_21:49:38.131   071.164.029.xxx   where do you live??
2007_11_29_21:50:14.774   075.072.219.xxx   Alex says: Colorado (19)
2007_11_29_21:50:34.414   071.164.029.xxx   do you ski???
2007_11_29_21:51:01.666   072.195.177.xxx   who types in the alek says? (13)
2007_11_29_21:51:13.085   075.072.219.xxx   Alex says: When i'm not working or hanging up x-mas lights (20 IM's so far today)
2007_11_29_21:51:48.926   071.164.029.xxx   Alek's say: hello
2007_11_29_21:52:32.597   072.195.177.xxx   well 9 minutes..goodnight to all and to all a good night (14)
2007_11_29_21:52:38.131   075.072.219.xxx   Alex do you know the muffin man? (21)
2007_11_29_21:52:46.539   071.164.029.xxx   so Alek do you ski???
2007_11_29_21:53:47.532   067.086.133.xxx   nice lights Alek
2007_11_29_21:54:06.111   075.072.219.xxx   Alex: says yes and now i really have to work thanks guys! (22)
2007_11_29_21:54:55.251   075.072.219.xxx   little dark alex? (23)
2007_11_29_21:55:37.761   072.195.177.xxx   looks like homer and elmos wrestling (15)
2007_11_29_21:55:58.171   075.072.219.xxx   Server Warning: 4 Minutes until X10 Powerdown (24)
2007_11_29_21:56:51.111   067.086.133.xxx   where did hulk go?
2007_11_29_21:57:10.457   075.072.219.xxx   Server Warning 3 Minutes until X10 Powerdown (25)
2007_11_29_21:58:03.546   075.072.219.xxx   Server Warning 2 Minutes until X10 Powerdown (26)
2007_11_29_21:58:40.320   072.195.177.xxx   goodnight (16)
2007_11_29_21:59:02.635   075.072.219.xxx   Server Warning X10 Shutting Down in 1 Minute (27)
2007_11_29_21:59:05.561   074.060.076.xxx   night
2007_11_29_21:59:06.254   208.123.061.xxx   Hi from Minnesota Alek!  Cold here 3 below zero!
2007_11_29_21:59:54.746   075.072.219.xxx   X10 Server Starting Powerdown Operations (28)
2007_11_29_22:05:00.000   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Confirm that the X10 Super Socket in the Garage is blown - will replace tomorrow ***ALEK***

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