422 christmas text messages on 2007/1201

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 12,697 times that day including 9,165 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1201

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2007_12_01_17:00:09.038   084.069.035.xxx   Yay!
2007_12_01_17:00:50.694   086.140.209.xxx   hey dudes
2007_12_01_17:00:59.062   071.238.054.xxx   Wazzup!
2007_12_01_17:01:01.513   071.224.017.xxx   hello everyone
2007_12_01_17:01:14.810   207.007.161.xxx   hi
2007_12_01_17:01:21.391   070.190.165.xxx   Merry Christmas! Love this site.
2007_12_01_17:01:22.364   087.162.175.xxx   hello here is ednong from hannover
2007_12_01_17:01:39.775   072.076.004.xxx   greetings lb
2007_12_01_17:01:50.396   070.226.029.xxx   why is one sceen off line?
2007_12_01_17:01:51.988   084.069.035.xxx   Why is cam 1 down?
2007_12_01_17:02:07.825   068.104.149.xxx   goodevening everyone
2007_12_01_17:02:20.755   070.226.029.xxx   why is the cam 2 froze?
2007_12_01_17:02:43.056   072.076.004.xxx   2 cams down
2007_12_01_17:02:45.476   087.162.175.xxx   I think its overloaded ___)
2007_12_01_17:02:53.518   084.069.035.xxx   both cam 1 & 2 seem to be down now
2007_12_01_17:02:54.250   070.226.029.xxx   what happened to the lights
2007_12_01_17:03:05.422   067.149.248.xxx   what in the world?
2007_12_01_17:03:09.794   069.209.066.xxx   well that stinks...
2007_12_01_17:03:16.096   068.104.149.xxx   it is cool and cloudy here in the desert
2007_12_01_17:03:28.038   071.238.054.xxx   So hows life!
2007_12_01_17:03:35.271   084.069.035.xxx   cam 1 back up
2007_12_01_17:03:44.555   081.079.213.xxx   yeah they on
2007_12_01_17:04:02.266   071.238.054.xxx   alek waht dod u do!
2007_12_01_17:04:08.318   172.201.226.xxx   Hello World
2007_12_01_17:04:17.956   084.069.035.xxx   maybe the wireless network went down
2007_12_01_17:04:28.542   070.124.051.xxx   Sharon says howdy from Texas
2007_12_01_17:04:37.697   070.226.029.xxx   what had happend to the lights?
2007_12_01_17:04:43.280   087.162.175.xxx   or the power - no wind ___)
2007_12_01_17:04:54.117   068.104.149.xxx   howdy sharon
2007_12_01_17:04:54.733   067.149.248.xxx   There was an overload - Alek
2007_12_01_17:05:11.770   071.238.054.xxx   Two failures in one week what is happening to this site
2007_12_01_17:05:24.078   088.104.146.xxx   24 DAYS LEFT
2007_12_01_17:05:35.278   070.226.029.xxx   it is turning to junk
2007_12_01_17:05:54.367   071.224.017.xxx   23 days left
2007_12_01_17:05:55.720   071.238.054.xxx   YEA
2007_12_01_17:06:09.865   070.190.165.xxx   I cannot believe it is December!
2007_12_01_17:06:11.025   070.226.029.xxx   this website is turing to junk?
2007_12_01_17:06:38.022   071.224.017.xxx   nooooooo
2007_12_01_17:06:50.800   070.226.029.xxx   no what?
2007_12_01_17:06:55.966   068.104.149.xxx   naw, just needs  TLC
2007_12_01_17:06:56.478   071.238.054.xxx   i think his code thought it was january 1st so it shut off
2007_12_01_17:07:01.194   081.079.213.xxx   Witham England here Merry christmas guys
2007_12_01_17:07:27.165   086.140.209.xxx   hey hey hey
2007_12_01_17:07:48.639   068.104.149.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_01_17:08:16.410   071.224.017.xxx   philladelphia pa here, merry xmas
2007_12_01_17:08:53.202   067.149.248.xxx   Are alpacas cool?
2007_12_01_17:08:55.822   087.162.175.xxx   it's so cool :)
2007_12_01_17:09:01.963   172.201.226.xxx   This website rocks!
2007_12_01_17:09:06.117   084.069.035.xxx   Essex, UK
2007_12_01_17:09:21.766   079.178.061.xxx   Happy Holidays From Israel!
2007_12_01_17:09:34.030   067.149.248.xxx   What about Mamoths
2007_12_01_17:09:44.465   069.092.027.xxx   merry xmas from the Tucker Family in
2007_12_01_17:09:45.389   172.201.226.xxx   Where is this in America?
2007_12_01_17:09:47.526   068.104.149.xxx   it's late there UK
2007_12_01_17:09:54.019   065.040.144.xxx   Hi Mom!
2007_12_01_17:09:59.727   071.224.017.xxx   happy holidays from the afganni caves
2007_12_01_17:10:19.835   068.219.194.xxx   who rocks the house!
2007_12_01_17:10:25.163   069.092.027.xxx   Sherman Texas
2007_12_01_17:10:42.356   070.190.165.xxx   arizonaaaaa
2007_12_01_17:10:44.066   172.201.226.xxx   Wave to the camera?
2007_12_01_17:10:54.573   079.073.011.xxx   woohoo ure lights rock
2007_12_01_17:11:14.622   069.092.027.xxx   happy holidays from the tucker in sherman texas
2007_12_01_17:11:28.884   068.104.149.xxx   waving can you see
2007_12_01_17:11:38.556   071.224.017.xxx   is there even anyone watching the display?
2007_12_01_17:11:50.304   071.252.228.xxx   174 people viewing Christmas Lights - INSANE!
2007_12_01_17:11:51.584   069.092.027.xxx   i can see you waving
2007_12_01_17:12:02.745   068.104.149.xxx   maybe
2007_12_01_17:12:07.509   172.201.226.xxx   where 2?
2007_12_01_17:12:17.344   069.092.027.xxx   i am watching
2007_12_01_17:12:28.193   084.069.035.xxx   wow your neighbours must get annoyed
2007_12_01_17:12:55.054   070.104.087.xxx   HEY ALEK!!!!
2007_12_01_17:13:01.471   069.092.027.xxx   i think its cool and for a good cause
2007_12_01_17:13:16.876   070.104.087.xxx   WOOOOO!!!! ALEK FOR PESIDENT!!!!
2007_12_01_17:13:18.798   068.104.149.xxx   last i heard they like!!!
2007_12_01_17:13:38.372   070.104.087.xxx   WOOOOO!!!! ALEK FOR PRESIDENT!!!!
2007_12_01_17:13:54.762   069.092.027.xxx   god bless you and your family alek
2007_12_01_17:14:04.328   070.104.087.xxx   ___DOES CHEER___ GO ALEK!!!
2007_12_01_17:14:36.120   070.104.087.xxx   Alek FOR PRESIDENTE!!!
2007_12_01_17:14:49.321   084.069.035.xxx   ...........
2007_12_01_17:15:01.963   069.092.027.xxx   happy holidays from the tucker family in sherman texas
2007_12_01_17:15:03.110   070.104.087.xxx   VOTE SANTA FOR PRESIDENT!!!
2007_12_01_17:15:14.591   068.104.149.xxx   What is for dinner tonight? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_01_17:15:25.285   070.104.087.xxx   SANTA PROMISES FREE BACON!!!
2007_12_01_17:16:05.053   172.201.226.xxx   Can you deflate the hulk?
2007_12_01_17:16:06.106   070.104.087.xxx   HOMER SIMPSON!!!
2007_12_01_17:16:27.261   070.104.087.xxx   VOTE HOMER FOR PRESIDENT!!!
2007_12_01_17:16:48.462   070.104.087.xxx   VOTE HULK FOR PRESIDENT!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_01_17:17:08.087   070.104.087.xxx   HULK PROMISES SMASHING!!!! (11)
2007_12_01_17:17:11.212   068.191.176.xxx   i vote for hulk
2007_12_01_17:17:22.015   084.069.035.xxx   hey
2007_12_01_17:17:39.139   070.104.087.xxx   HOMER PROMISES DOUGHNUTS!!! WITH SPRINKLES (12)
2007_12_01_17:18:00.418   070.104.087.xxx   DOUGHNUTS WITH SPRINKLES!!! (13)
2007_12_01_17:18:02.957   068.191.176.xxx   i love doughnuts
2007_12_01_17:18:18.634   084.069.035.xxx   658___ (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_01_17:18:24.672   070.104.087.xxx   d'oh!!! I HATE BAGELS!!! (14)
2007_12_01_17:18:52.338   070.104.087.xxx   lol (15)
2007_12_01_17:19:12.778   070.104.087.xxx   HULK PROMISES GREEN SWEATERS!!!! (16)
2007_12_01_17:19:52.663   070.104.087.xxx   VOTE ME FOR PRESIDENT!!!! (17)
2007_12_01_17:20:13.399   070.104.087.xxx   I PROMISE BLACK MAILING!!!!! (18)
2007_12_01_17:20:35.550   070.104.087.xxx   I WILL BLACK MAIL YOU ALL!!!! (19)
2007_12_01_17:21:07.614   070.104.087.xxx   I SHALL RULE THE WORLD!!!! WITH SANTA!!! (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_01_17:21:36.876   098.204.014.xxx   Alec is the best!
2007_12_01_17:21:49.844   172.201.226.xxx   xmas rocks
2007_12_01_17:22:39.790   070.104.087.xxx   BA-HUMBUG!!! (21)
2007_12_01_17:23:24.544   071.163.110.xxx   Kathy was here
2007_12_01_17:23:28.750   069.209.066.xxx   what's up with all of the caps and internet yelling?
2007_12_01_17:24:10.924   067.009.064.xxx   spam
2007_12_01_17:24:16.740   070.104.087.xxx   GOOOO SANTA!!! AND ALEK!!!! (22)
2007_12_01_17:24:23.642   071.163.110.xxx   this is so cool
2007_12_01_17:24:55.109   071.187.178.xxx   Merry X-mas!!!
2007_12_01_17:24:56.020   070.104.087.xxx   BLAH!!!! (23)
2007_12_01_17:24:56.786   067.009.064.xxx   SPAM
2007_12_01_17:25:32.274   070.104.087.xxx   SPAM SUCKS!!! ALEK RULES!!!! (24)
2007_12_01_17:26:32.454   065.033.068.xxx   Hi everyone I am from florida and i think Alex is awsome
2007_12_01_17:27:31.840   070.104.087.xxx   oooohhh alek....this is santa speaking (25)
2007_12_01_17:27:57.521   024.110.022.xxx   Hello to the Maryland Terps!
2007_12_01_17:27:57.877   070.104.087.xxx   AND YOU'VE BEEN BAD ALEK!!! (26)
2007_12_01_17:28:21.119   070.104.087.xxx   just kidding (27)
2007_12_01_17:28:54.195   024.110.022.xxx   Happy Holidays Maryland Terps!
2007_12_01_17:29:13.462   068.104.149.xxx   What is for dinner tonight? (11)
2007_12_01_17:29:38.711   067.009.064.xxx   Spam
2007_12_01_17:30:04.910   071.163.110.xxx   yummm Spam
2007_12_01_17:32:06.700   099.227.241.xxx   Canada Rules
2007_12_01_17:33:24.028   070.104.087.xxx   did i miss anything? did alek come by? (28)
2007_12_01_17:34:11.872   099.227.241.xxx   No He Did Not. He's Having s*
2007_12_01_17:34:34.483   070.104.087.xxx   hes having dinner? (29)
2007_12_01_17:35:10.736   070.104.087.xxx   oh.............................. (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_01_17:35:15.081   069.209.066.xxx   Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies and frozen pineapple are good!
2007_12_01_17:38:04.124   070.104.087.xxx   did alek come by yet? (31)
2007_12_01_17:40:40.126   024.110.022.xxx   Is it time for Santa Claus yet?
2007_12_01_17:41:06.692   070.104.087.xxx   its not the 24th yet (32)
2007_12_01_17:41:48.846   070.104.087.xxx   CHOCOLAAAAATE!!!!! (33)
2007_12_01_17:42:13.335   070.104.087.xxx   CHOCOLATE!!!!! (34)
2007_12_01_17:42:19.122   071.224.017.xxx   whats up everyone?
2007_12_01_17:42:59.689   070.104.087.xxx   TALKING FROM NEW JERSEY HERE!!!! (35)
2007_12_01_17:43:03.933   074.034.104.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_01_17:43:30.566   070.104.087.xxx   its not christmas yet (36)
2007_12_01_17:43:55.456   069.084.252.xxx   Hi
2007_12_01_17:44:23.238   069.084.252.xxx   How are you?
2007_12_01_17:44:37.923   071.202.255.xxx   Happy Holidays from California
2007_12_01_17:45:11.496   069.084.252.xxx   Snowy in Seattle Say Happy Holidays
2007_12_01_17:46:34.281   070.226.029.xxx   snowy in ohio
2007_12_01_17:47:08.613   070.226.029.xxx   where is alek?
2007_12_01_17:47:15.507   070.104.087.xxx   when i get older then i'll donate (37)
2007_12_01_17:48:29.101   070.226.029.xxx   how old r u? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_01_17:48:38.784   070.168.069.xxx   Hi there
2007_12_01_17:49:01.067   070.104.087.xxx   I'M ALEK'S BIGGEST FAN!!! (WAVES FLAG) (38)
2007_12_01_17:49:21.311   081.178.112.xxx   hey all
2007_12_01_17:49:40.504   070.226.029.xxx   how old r u? (11)
2007_12_01_17:51:01.050   067.161.161.xxx   fasf
2007_12_01_17:51:12.622   081.178.112.xxx   54
2007_12_01_17:52:10.025   081.178.112.xxx   what you doing?
2007_12_01_17:53:53.815   067.165.144.xxx   c***
2007_12_01_17:54:36.064   067.165.144.xxx   this is sweet. have you considered doing an animated setup to music?
2007_12_01_17:55:28.015   070.226.029.xxx   WHERE IS ALEK? (12)
2007_12_01_17:55:34.804   024.149.095.xxx   Awesome house!  Merry Christmas! :)
2007_12_01_17:57:28.102   070.226.029.xxx   where is alek please asnwer me (13)
2007_12_01_17:57:53.774   070.226.029.xxx   tell me (14)
2007_12_01_17:58:37.674   069.209.066.xxx   ___-)___ alek is probably with his family
2007_12_01_18:02:11.743   070.226.029.xxx   for what (15)
2007_12_01_18:04:09.730   069.084.252.xxx   Hi from seattle
2007_12_01_18:05:49.174   071.238.054.xxx   Hi from Flushing,MI
2007_12_01_18:06:03.437   070.104.087.xxx   where is alekZ? (39)
2007_12_01_18:06:06.647   069.084.252.xxx   Happy Holiday
2007_12_01_18:06:25.813   070.104.087.xxx   where is alek? (40 IM's so far today)
2007_12_01_18:15:51.808   069.205.115.xxx   we were here
2007_12_01_18:16:06.687   069.209.066.xxx   where is alek person: stop stalking!
2007_12_01_18:16:34.734   069.205.115.xxx   how bout you
2007_12_01_18:17:03.504   069.205.115.xxx   bad boy
2007_12_01_18:19:00.960   076.251.234.xxx   this is really intresting, thanks for setting this up
2007_12_01_18:25:14.590   099.243.246.xxx   Great work, keep it up
2007_12_01_18:25:39.532   068.191.176.xxx   hi tony
2007_12_01_18:29:22.384   064.012.116.xxx   hi sara
2007_12_01_18:29:25.756   067.149.248.xxx   f***
2007_12_01_18:29:57.394   070.104.087.xxx   anyone here? (41)
2007_12_01_18:30:04.666   064.012.116.xxx   hi shadow
2007_12_01_18:32:34.206   074.060.076.xxx   i need shadow
2007_12_01_18:33:04.036   074.194.108.xxx   Are you there Trent?
2007_12_01_18:33:42.999   076.251.234.xxx   Trent is no longer here, it is only me buahhhhh!
2007_12_01_18:34:13.781   074.194.108.xxx   Sorry
2007_12_01_18:35:43.830   076.251.234.xxx   JK i dont know this Trent guy, so he might be
2007_12_01_18:36:11.428   074.194.108.xxx   Ah well
2007_12_01_18:41:47.806   069.248.197.xxx   Ho Ho Ho
2007_12_01_18:44:51.399   074.244.143.xxx   MERRY XMAS TO ALL
2007_12_01_18:45:01.940   070.018.068.xxx   Greetings from Castanea, Pa.
2007_12_01_18:45:02.418   069.024.168.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_01_18:45:21.745   069.209.066.xxx   HOHOHO is no longer politically correct... stupid PC people
2007_12_01_18:45:27.722   069.024.168.xxx   Sweet
2007_12_01_18:45:28.352   074.244.143.xxx   HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM ORLANDO FLORIDA
2007_12_01_18:46:20.563   069.084.252.xxx   merry Christmas from Washington!
2007_12_01_18:46:53.004   070.018.068.xxx   waazzzuupppp????
2007_12_01_18:49:44.078   072.094.057.xxx   ITS WAR
2007_12_01_18:50:12.366   072.094.057.xxx   Off or ON
2007_12_01_18:50:26.471   098.200.122.xxx   This is addicting!
2007_12_01_18:50:30.380   070.104.087.xxx   HIIIIII (42)
2007_12_01_18:50:32.559   069.248.197.xxx   of
2007_12_01_18:51:14.920   072.094.057.xxx   off's loosing
2007_12_01_18:51:19.402   068.047.207.xxx   hello
2007_12_01_18:51:42.914   070.226.029.xxx   f*** everybody (16)
2007_12_01_18:52:04.063   068.047.207.xxx   wonderful to see you're in the Christmas Spirit!
2007_12_01_18:52:24.329   070.226.029.xxx   i no arn't i? (17)
2007_12_01_18:52:48.605   068.047.207.xxx   Love & Blessings! :)
2007_12_01_18:53:15.511   067.176.055.xxx   what is the address of this house?
2007_12_01_18:57:17.687   070.248.252.xxx   Hello from Houston, Texas
2007_12_01_18:57:51.772   071.114.060.xxx   hi
2007_12_01_18:57:57.923   070.248.252.xxx   ALTON says hello
2007_12_01_18:58:35.110   068.047.207.xxx   Hello Alton
2007_12_01_18:59:36.324   072.094.057.xxx   WHO LET THE DOGS OUT
2007_12_01_19:02:08.157   071.096.251.xxx   Merry Christmas & Good Night!
2007_12_01_19:02:15.427   024.017.159.xxx   Merry Christmas!!
2007_12_01_19:02:47.493   024.017.159.xxx   Hi!! My name is Alecia!! :)
2007_12_01_19:02:54.601   071.096.251.xxx   I'm an elf!
2007_12_01_19:03:15.773   024.017.159.xxx   this is really neat!!
2007_12_01_19:03:33.705   099.243.246.xxx   Hi elf
2007_12_01_19:03:37.819   068.047.207.xxx   yup!
2007_12_01_19:03:45.418   072.094.057.xxx   IM ...
2007_12_01_19:03:46.637   088.097.244.xxx   clever
2007_12_01_19:05:14.754   071.096.251.xxx   Christmas is almost here!
2007_12_01_19:05:27.573   088.097.244.xxx   jpcmusicdotcom was here. Hi from UK
2007_12_01_19:05:29.174   012.218.156.xxx   cool
2007_12_01_19:05:37.329   066.133.216.xxx   this is really neat!!
2007_12_01_19:06:00.184   024.017.159.xxx   We got snow here today!!
2007_12_01_19:06:00.615   088.097.244.xxx   jpcmusicdotcom was here. Hi from UK
2007_12_01_19:06:46.908   024.017.159.xxx   we got snow here today!!
2007_12_01_19:07:03.930   069.151.027.xxx   Yee haw
2007_12_01_19:07:43.188   072.094.057.xxx   BALCONY ON
2007_12_01_19:08:26.780   072.094.057.xxx   ok
2007_12_01_19:09:09.213   071.185.245.xxx   dont listen turn off
2007_12_01_19:09:10.954   205.188.116.xxx   Hi everyone from Camp Hill, Pa :)
2007_12_01_19:09:37.045   071.185.245.xxx   HIGH
2007_12_01_19:10:47.867   071.185.245.xxx   this is great
2007_12_01_19:11:18.985   071.185.219.xxx   no its not
2007_12_01_19:11:46.894   071.185.245.xxx   yes
2007_12_01_19:12:01.750   066.133.216.xxx   HI !!  From Hawthorne Calif.
2007_12_01_19:12:46.491   066.133.216.xxx   this is cool ______
2007_12_01_19:13:20.852   071.185.219.xxx   wow
2007_12_01_19:13:56.088   066.133.216.xxx   woot!!!
2007_12_01_19:14:14.610   071.185.219.xxx   sweep
2007_12_01_19:14:56.165   071.185.219.xxx   wheres santa
2007_12_01_19:16:05.736   066.133.216.xxx   at the bottom left of the christmas cam2 front lawn
2007_12_01_19:16:44.888   066.133.216.xxx   doesnt really look like u can see it very well though only his hair and hat are
2007_12_01_19:17:53.419   071.185.219.xxx   ohhh i seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
2007_12_01_19:18:35.922   099.243.246.xxx   This is neat!!
2007_12_01_19:18:48.278   069.134.196.xxx   holllaaa
2007_12_01_19:18:50.424   066.133.216.xxx   hehe
2007_12_01_19:19:18.030   099.243.246.xxx   Real time 9:20 EST
2007_12_01_19:19:32.850   069.134.196.xxx   wazzz up mom?
2007_12_01_19:20:21.622   099.243.246.xxx   24 more days for xmas...
2007_12_01_19:20:32.584   068.148.087.xxx   Happy Holidays Everyone
2007_12_01_19:23:00.372   066.133.216.xxx   ho ho ho :D
2007_12_01_19:24:58.491   071.227.182.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_01_19:27:14.999   066.133.216.xxx   :O
2007_12_01_19:29:11.444   071.063.044.xxx   Hi!
2007_12_01_19:29:13.456   066.133.216.xxx   Hi Ffrom RYAN (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_01_19:31:53.959   072.222.145.xxx   MY CHESTNUTS ARE ROASTED - THIS IS COOL
2007_12_01_19:36:17.092   209.051.200.xxx   IM ON TV           YEAHHHH
2007_12_01_19:41:26.882   070.104.087.xxx   how r u on tv? (43)
2007_12_01_19:42:28.296   069.064.003.xxx   hey hey hey back again this year
2007_12_01_19:42:55.757   069.113.198.xxx   looking good
2007_12_01_19:44:18.200   069.064.003.xxx   kathleen loves x-mas
2007_12_01_19:44:36.956   072.092.099.xxx   milkshake!
2007_12_01_19:44:37.174   066.227.136.xxx   Hi From Alpena MI
2007_12_01_19:45:53.424   024.107.018.xxx   Merry Christmas from St. Louis, Missouri
2007_12_01_19:45:54.758   099.226.113.xxx   Sup people?
2007_12_01_19:46:06.370   070.104.087.xxx   sooooo bored (44)
2007_12_01_19:46:43.097   099.226.113.xxx   This is so dumb you cant swear. Good cause though.
2007_12_01_19:47:20.719   099.226.113.xxx   Are any facebook people on?
2007_12_01_19:47:49.497   024.107.018.xxx   Why would you WANT to swear on a Christmas site?
2007_12_01_19:48:17.511   209.051.200.xxx   O        O            OOOOOOOOO
2007_12_01_19:49:35.087   075.178.188.xxx   OUTSTANDING LIGHT SHOW!!!
2007_12_01_19:50:16.368   075.178.188.xxx   HAPPY HOLIDAYS...
2007_12_01_19:51:25.363   024.107.018.xxx   Thanks Alek for all your hard work!
2007_12_01_19:52:44.826   076.223.028.xxx   control the LINK DELETED is way better
2007_12_01_19:52:46.502   209.051.200.xxx   O         O           O           OOOOOOOOO
2007_12_01_19:53:22.969   076.223.028.xxx   control the show is way better
2007_12_01_19:54:33.447   024.107.018.xxx   Where is giant Santa?
2007_12_01_19:54:40.642   024.149.095.xxx   My boyfriend doesn't think it's real, but it works!
2007_12_01_19:55:19.398   075.132.238.xxx   /b/
2007_12_01_19:55:27.234   024.107.018.xxx   My husband said the same thing...
2007_12_01_19:56:52.303   069.209.066.xxx   newbie!!!!!!
2007_12_01_19:57:55.586   075.132.238.xxx   Pool's closed due to a***
2007_12_01_19:58:39.522   066.243.240.xxx   Happy holidays to all from Yakima Wa!!!
2007_12_01_19:59:37.633   024.107.018.xxx   And a Merry Christmas bakc to Yakima
2007_12_01_20:00:17.027   208.123.061.xxx   Hello and Merry Christmas from Minnesota
2007_12_01_20:01:11.696   024.107.018.xxx   Hello back to Minnesota from Missouri
2007_12_01_20:03:05.856   208.123.061.xxx   Where is everyone from?
2007_12_01_20:04:47.379   024.107.018.xxx   Potts family from St. Louis, MO
2007_12_01_20:05:23.518   066.210.177.xxx   NEWS9
2007_12_01_20:06:42.252   066.210.177.xxx   Nate is producing the show
2007_12_01_20:07:28.841   066.210.177.xxx   BOOMER! SOONER!
2007_12_01_20:08:07.139   071.208.090.xxx   Hppy Hldys
2007_12_01_20:08:55.542   071.208.090.xxx   Rudolf Rules
2007_12_01_20:09:11.247   069.243.253.xxx   Jenifer, will u marry me?
2007_12_01_20:09:58.944   070.104.087.xxx   yeah jenifer, marry him (45)
2007_12_01_20:10:45.853   070.241.008.xxx   Happy Holidays from Houston
2007_12_01_20:10:51.574   069.243.253.xxx   she missed it...Jenifer will u marry me?
2007_12_01_20:11:11.402   070.104.087.xxx   MARRY HIM JENIFER!!! (46)
2007_12_01_20:11:42.199   066.141.093.xxx   merry christmas lawton, ok
2007_12_01_20:11:42.707   069.243.253.xxx   she said YESSSSS!
2007_12_01_20:12:04.795   070.104.087.xxx   CONGRATS (47)
2007_12_01_20:12:14.952   071.238.054.xxx   ONLINE PROPOSAL YEAH :-)... CONGRATS!
2007_12_01_20:12:36.142   070.104.087.xxx   I WISH YOU GUYS THE BEST!!! (48)
2007_12_01_20:12:41.677   061.069.208.xxx   hello from toowoomba australia
2007_12_01_20:12:48.187   071.208.090.xxx   Great Stuff Happy Holidays
2007_12_01_20:13:00.397   070.104.087.xxx   even though i dont know you (49)
2007_12_01_20:13:21.157   071.208.090.xxx   Hello Australia from Lafayette
2007_12_01_20:13:48.045   070.104.087.xxx   whats a lafayette? (50 IM's so far today)
2007_12_01_20:14:15.613   071.208.090.xxx   Lafayette, where this house is
2007_12_01_20:14:43.093   070.104.087.xxx   oh (51)
2007_12_01_20:15:05.181   070.104.087.xxx   WAIT! this house or another house? (52)
2007_12_01_20:20:34.849   066.210.177.xxx   WOOO HOOO !!!!!
2007_12_01_20:23:35.825   076.178.028.xxx   alek is STILL gone!??!
2007_12_01_20:26:36.244   069.209.066.xxx   it is a saturday night and he does have a life outside this site
2007_12_01_20:29:27.561   075.153.036.xxx   WOW
2007_12_01_20:29:39.715   076.178.028.xxx   yeah, true.
2007_12_01_20:30:33.417   076.175.068.xxx   hello  Go Chargers
2007_12_01_20:30:33.915   075.153.036.xxx   Santa Rocks
2007_12_01_20:31:54.722   075.153.036.xxx   Happy Holidays To All by the way it is dec 1
2007_12_01_20:32:47.333   076.175.068.xxx   Go Chargers!!!!
2007_12_01_20:32:55.334   075.153.036.xxx   santa ROCKS my stockings off the chimney
2007_12_01_20:33:55.751   076.175.068.xxx   Chiefs Suck!!!!
2007_12_01_20:34:42.591   075.153.036.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_01_20:35:05.777   075.153.036.xxx   fjwgeFSDFBkfHDGfhjgdfuydgwefhgwjef
2007_12_01_20:35:52.428   075.153.036.xxx   santa is sure fat but he can fit down the chimney
2007_12_01_20:36:30.273   070.190.165.xxx   DECK THE HALLS!
2007_12_01_20:36:47.216   141.157.010.xxx   Happy Holidays Danielle
2007_12_01_20:37:00.804   075.153.036.xxx   deck the halls with poison i vy
2007_12_01_20:37:37.107   075.153.036.xxx   fa lala lalalalalalala
2007_12_01_20:37:37.926   141.157.010.xxx   santa must be a busy man this time of year
2007_12_01_20:37:43.411   216.175.119.xxx   feliz navidad family cabrera
2007_12_01_20:38:27.008   216.175.119.xxx   hanah , daisy ashley i love you
2007_12_01_20:38:31.994   075.153.036.xxx   hark the harold angels sing glory to the new born king (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_01_20:39:14.662   216.175.119.xxx   May God bless you all
2007_12_01_20:39:27.551   141.157.010.xxx   i love what you have done!  its awesome!   Marry Xmas to all- the nidiffer's
2007_12_01_20:39:57.940   216.175.119.xxx   from california may god bless you
2007_12_01_20:40:07.853   076.175.068.xxx   Broncos suck!!!!
2007_12_01_20:40:38.889   075.153.036.xxx   bless abbotsford b.c. its were i live duh (11)
2007_12_01_20:44:43.530   065.025.002.xxx   happy holidays
2007_12_01_20:45:41.103   065.025.002.xxx   merry christmas to all and to all a good night
2007_12_01_20:47:50.279   065.025.002.xxx   this controll lights thing is pretty sweet
2007_12_01_20:47:51.481   069.125.163.xxx   Commodore Rules!!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_01_20:52:12.392   071.215.089.xxx   :)
2007_12_01_20:53:16.636   059.167.152.xxx   hello
2007_12_01_20:53:41.888   071.215.089.xxx   :)
2007_12_01_20:55:25.519   072.081.061.xxx   Cut it out you sleezebag!
2007_12_01_20:55:37.263   070.117.154.xxx   please Keep it clean
2007_12_01_20:57:09.536   075.153.036.xxx   merry Christmas (12)
2007_12_01_20:57:40.146   070.117.154.xxx   Marry Christmas from silsbeewx.org
2007_12_01_20:58:18.306   208.102.099.xxx   Merry Xmas from LINK DELETED
2007_12_01_20:58:50.406   208.102.099.xxx   Merry Christmas Penny
2007_12_01_21:00:23.532   012.215.220.xxx   Hello from Florida!
2007_12_01_21:00:52.601   208.102.099.xxx   Brenton Pratt The Elf
2007_12_01_21:02:06.918   012.215.220.xxx   Hi from Florida!
2007_12_01_21:03:48.738   076.112.016.xxx   Hello from Rochester, Michigan!
2007_12_01_21:06:19.904   076.112.016.xxx   This is nuts
2007_12_01_21:07:31.275   208.102.099.xxx   You're nuts. This is cool.
2007_12_01_21:09:52.405   076.112.016.xxx   I agree it's cool!
2007_12_01_21:12:20.754   208.102.099.xxx   Cool!
2007_12_01_21:17:36.519   071.164.231.xxx   Hi from Texas
2007_12_01_21:18:12.896   208.102.099.xxx   Hello from Cincinnati, OH
2007_12_01_21:20:46.824   072.224.090.xxx   Whats up wheres alek?
2007_12_01_21:20:55.705   068.194.244.xxx   has alex been here at all tonight guts
2007_12_01_21:21:54.329   076.178.028.xxx   nope
2007_12_01_21:22:17.573   098.200.133.xxx   lites to stay on all nite since no one to turn them off
2007_12_01_21:24:12.706   208.102.099.xxx   Lights shutdown via computer control
2007_12_01_21:24:34.685   071.168.134.xxx   hey
2007_12_01_21:24:54.767   098.200.133.xxx   no one at the computer to turn lites off
2007_12_01_21:25:36.102   072.224.090.xxx   LOL everything is off
2007_12_01_21:31:13.047   203.097.108.xxx   Excellent job
2007_12_01_21:31:52.382   203.097.108.xxx   Excellent jobZealand
2007_12_01_21:36:57.752   072.224.090.xxx   Gmfullsize . c o  m
2007_12_01_21:38:29.187   070.188.190.xxx   granby ct.
2007_12_01_21:39:51.569   070.188.190.xxx   granby laundromat granby LINK DELETED
2007_12_01_21:41:30.400   071.107.140.xxx   Merry Christmas to all!!
2007_12_01_21:42:39.741   070.188.190.xxx   and to all a good night
2007_12_01_21:43:28.115   070.188.190.xxx   GRANBY CONN.
2007_12_01_21:43:50.572   024.032.022.xxx   moby is the best dog ever
2007_12_01_21:44:30.423   070.188.190.xxx   boots is the best cat ever
2007_12_01_21:44:45.617   071.107.140.xxx   I wonder what this electric bill is like!
2007_12_01_21:45:03.850   070.188.190.xxx   lol
2007_12_01_21:47:03.707   070.188.190.xxx   i pod
2007_12_01_21:47:51.598   070.067.105.xxx   Amazing website :)
2007_12_01_21:48:16.290   070.188.190.xxx   wal mart
2007_12_01_21:48:21.000   071.107.140.xxx   I wonder if they ever watch what's going on outside their house anymore...hmmm
2007_12_01_21:48:46.417   070.188.190.xxx   dido
2007_12_01_21:48:54.964   071.215.043.xxx   mmmmm this is werid
2007_12_01_21:49:20.724   070.188.190.xxx   youre weird (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_01_21:49:48.922   071.215.043.xxx   yes i am,,,, LINK DELETED
2007_12_01_21:49:50.320   071.107.140.xxx   wow! those deflate quickly!!
2007_12_01_21:50:10.229   070.188.190.xxx   S@#___ (11)
2007_12_01_21:50:24.333   069.209.066.xxx   i wonder if alek logs onto his site from other computers
2007_12_01_21:50:40.094   071.215.043.xxx   myspace dot com /firepup36 add me please i need more friends
2007_12_01_21:50:51.622   071.107.140.xxx   hmmm
2007_12_01_21:51:05.170   070.188.190.xxx   9:52pm (12)
2007_12_01_21:51:09.126   074.234.183.xxx   I liek cheese... it's good
2007_12_01_21:51:29.623   071.107.140.xxx   I like chocolate milk
2007_12_01_21:51:30.998   071.215.043.xxx   i had some cheese an hour ago :)
2007_12_01_21:51:42.755   068.101.017.xxx   Eat mor chickn
2007_12_01_21:51:52.364   070.188.190.xxx   i did too!!!!!! (13)
2007_12_01_21:52:02.797   069.209.066.xxx   i had cheese too (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_01_21:52:49.695   071.107.140.xxx   y'all are cheesy
2007_12_01_21:53:04.504   071.215.043.xxx   any one look at my myspace?
2007_12_01_21:53:29.141   070.188.190.xxx   NO (14)
2007_12_01_21:53:42.497   071.107.140.xxx   nope
2007_12_01_21:53:44.404   074.234.183.xxx   no, now stop spamming
2007_12_01_21:53:51.645   071.215.043.xxx   why not? i am not a hot chick
2007_12_01_21:54:10.042   070.188.190.xxx   NO (15)
2007_12_01_21:54:45.484   069.209.066.xxx   pathetic person - stop trolling for validation of your life (11)
2007_12_01_21:54:49.777   071.215.043.xxx   well i wonder how p***ed the nieghbors are with all the lights going on and off
2007_12_01_21:55:20.242   071.107.140.xxx   indeed...I was thinking that
2007_12_01_21:55:54.167   070.188.190.xxx   santa says hi (16)
2007_12_01_21:56:31.763   069.209.066.xxx   Hi Santa!!!! (12)
2007_12_01_21:56:41.324   071.251.080.xxx   Bless you and your family!  Merry Christmas!!!
2007_12_01_21:56:44.490   070.188.190.xxx   ho ho ho ho ho ho ho (17)
2007_12_01_21:56:45.686   071.203.221.xxx   cool
2007_12_01_21:57:21.316   070.188.190.xxx   ho ho (18)
2007_12_01_21:57:36.686   071.203.221.xxx   aaron
2007_12_01_21:58:12.737   069.209.066.xxx   Hi Aaron! (13)
2007_12_01_21:59:10.289   071.107.140.xxx   yo yo yo (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_01_21:59:35.027   070.188.190.xxx   snow in connicut (19)
2007_12_01_21:59:49.322   069.209.066.xxx   Snow in Chicago (14)

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