454 christmas text messages on 2007/1203

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 6,908 times that day including 3,773 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1203

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2007_12_03_17:00:45.181   081.079.213.xxx   Hey alek merry chirstmas mate from england
2007_12_03_17:00:59.151   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Elmo, Frosty, SpongeBob, Santa, & Homer are battling 30+ MPH winds tonight - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2007_12_03_17:01:12.232   069.177.207.xxx   u r the puny human
2007_12_03_17:01:24.349   081.079.213.xxx   Hope they survuve from craig
2007_12_03_17:01:37.094   024.198.046.xxx   Hello from the ISS
2007_12_03_17:01:49.312   024.255.209.xxx   this is so cool
2007_12_03_17:02:16.970   065.027.015.xxx   hi from kansas
2007_12_03_17:02:32.853   071.238.054.xxx   This is a load of fun and a load on alek!
2007_12_03_17:03:27.851   024.255.209.xxx   i want an inflatable hulk too
2007_12_03_17:03:32.799   065.033.224.xxx   Merry Christmas from Daytona Beach!!!
2007_12_03_17:03:48.821   065.027.015.xxx   GO KU!!!
2007_12_03_17:03:57.683   067.035.184.xxx   merry christmas from new smyrna beach!!!
2007_12_03_17:05:17.707   081.079.213.xxx   Alek wave at cam merry crimbo
2007_12_03_17:06:05.608   081.079.213.xxx   sanat alek rules
2007_12_03_17:06:08.285   075.156.100.xxx   cool
2007_12_03_17:06:25.728   071.202.255.xxx   ahh the pause that refreshes!
2007_12_03_17:06:33.800   081.079.213.xxx   I spunk on Hilary clintons clit
2007_12_03_17:06:55.485   024.198.046.xxx   hey,knock it off
2007_12_03_17:07:00.646   081.079.213.xxx   she is so hot
2007_12_03_17:07:14.214   065.033.224.xxx   Grow up
2007_12_03_17:07:24.658   024.198.046.xxx   ur sick
2007_12_03_17:07:28.999   081.079.213.xxx   dude admit it
2007_12_03_17:07:47.466   024.255.209.xxx   i wanna a beer too
2007_12_03_17:08:06.829   065.033.224.xxx   not the palce for that
2007_12_03_17:08:09.225   081.079.213.xxx   Merry Christmas America god bless
2007_12_03_17:08:17.412   071.202.255.xxx   who's in the driveway?
2007_12_03_17:08:19.094   067.035.184.xxx   merry christmas from the michauds
2007_12_03_17:08:27.510   024.198.046.xxx   MUST HAVE BEEN bILL cLINTON
2007_12_03_17:08:31.111   024.255.209.xxx   a car almost ran homer over
2007_12_03_17:08:53.415   081.079.213.xxx   Sorry Guys i shud grow up sorry folks Merry crimbo
2007_12_03_17:09:06.409   071.202.255.xxx   save homer!
2007_12_03_17:09:16.438   024.198.046.xxx   GOOD EVENING FROM THE iss
2007_12_03_17:09:20.670   068.001.189.xxx   AJ Loves Lynette
2007_12_03_17:09:40.769   024.255.209.xxx   santa attacked the car yahhhh
2007_12_03_17:09:43.684   081.079.213.xxx   Cw love lynette (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_03_17:10:03.649   071.202.255.xxx   bye bye
2007_12_03_17:10:13.826   199.117.205.xxx   snappy air
2007_12_03_17:10:37.029   081.079.213.xxx   My gd just got pregnant so glad :) (11)
2007_12_03_17:10:40.388   068.000.037.xxx   hii
2007_12_03_17:11:09.034   024.198.046.xxx   GOOD EVENING FROM THE INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION
2007_12_03_17:11:13.723   024.255.209.xxx   ELMOOO!!!!!!
2007_12_03_17:11:22.554   068.000.037.xxx   l
2007_12_03_17:11:23.683   075.005.203.xxx   this is weird.
2007_12_03_17:11:38.969   071.202.255.xxx   California says hi
2007_12_03_17:11:48.338   024.198.046.xxx   ur sick
2007_12_03_17:11:49.838   024.255.209.xxx   happy holidays from topeka ks
2007_12_03_17:11:52.278   075.005.203.xxx   hmmmmmm
2007_12_03_17:11:54.354   090.203.160.xxx   Merry Christmas, From London, England.
2007_12_03_17:12:11.944   081.079.213.xxx   london brap (12)
2007_12_03_17:12:24.224   024.255.209.xxx   i wanna hippo for christmas
2007_12_03_17:12:34.234   081.079.213.xxx   My gd just got pregnant so glad :) (13)
2007_12_03_17:12:44.454   024.198.046.xxx   HELLO FROM WESTERN NY
2007_12_03_17:13:12.812   067.035.184.xxx   how is the snow in ny?
2007_12_03_17:13:36.201   024.198.046.xxx   VERY LITTLE SO FAR
2007_12_03_17:14:19.472   067.035.184.xxx   i miss the snow. florida doesn't get much :)
2007_12_03_17:14:25.134   024.255.209.xxx   wow he must of went to the store for a beer...hes taking a long time
2007_12_03_17:14:33.761   024.198.046.xxx   GO BILLS  !! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_03_17:15:18.417   070.106.044.xxx   Go Mountaineers WVU
2007_12_03_17:15:19.203   071.202.255.xxx   Raiders Rule
2007_12_03_17:15:34.577   024.255.209.xxx   he should get a santa biker inflatable (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_03_17:15:39.622   024.198.046.xxx   YOU MUST BE JOKING (11)
2007_12_03_17:15:56.729   070.106.044.xxx   Go Mountaineers WVU
2007_12_03_17:16:30.669   067.163.227.xxx   OMG that would be pretty funny (lqtm)laugh quietly to myself...
2007_12_03_17:17:16.428   024.198.046.xxx   GOOD EVENING FROM THE INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION (12)
2007_12_03_17:17:17.254   070.106.044.xxx   What Would Be Funny
2007_12_03_17:18:16.497   070.106.044.xxx   How does Earth Look Today Huston
2007_12_03_17:18:20.323   024.198.046.xxx   GOOD EVENING FROM THE iss (13)
2007_12_03_17:19:01.690   070.106.044.xxx   How does the earth look up There Huston
2007_12_03_17:19:29.432   024.198.046.xxx   WE DID SEE THESE LIGHTS (14)
2007_12_03_17:19:45.566   070.106.044.xxx   lol
2007_12_03_17:20:05.583   065.025.051.xxx   wow
2007_12_03_17:20:47.274   070.106.044.xxx   Taking Bets Who will win Alek or The Wind ???
2007_12_03_17:21:00.493   070.041.097.xxx   hello from good ol wisco
2007_12_03_17:21:20.289   070.106.044.xxx   huh
2007_12_03_17:21:53.718   070.106.044.xxx   GO WVU :)
2007_12_03_17:22:04.778   024.255.209.xxx   HES BACK!!!!!! (11)
2007_12_03_17:22:23.706   070.106.044.xxx   Go WVU (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_03_17:22:38.219   024.198.046.xxx   Hello from the ISS (15)
2007_12_03_17:22:52.856   070.106.044.xxx   Go WVU (11)
2007_12_03_17:23:08.805   071.220.137.xxx   Merry Christmas from Arizona
2007_12_03_17:23:24.847   070.106.044.xxx   Go WVU (12)
2007_12_03_17:23:34.294   076.025.223.xxx   mmm...Miller Lite good
2007_12_03_17:23:39.427   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wind knocked down one Santa, Tin-Man, and Reindeer - BACK UP! ***ALEK***
2007_12_03_17:24:03.190   070.106.044.xxx   Go WVU (13)
2007_12_03_17:24:45.911   076.025.223.xxx   8-___
2007_12_03_17:24:51.821   070.041.097.xxx   well done
2007_12_03_17:25:05.882   070.106.044.xxx   Go WVU (14)
2007_12_03_17:25:19.475   024.255.209.xxx   Alice 105.9  s**** (12)
2007_12_03_17:25:33.875   070.106.044.xxx   Go WVU (15)
2007_12_03_17:26:07.649   076.001.095.xxx   haha this is funny
2007_12_03_17:26:21.340   070.106.044.xxx   Go WVU (16)
2007_12_03_17:26:25.568   024.255.209.xxx   !Alice 105.9 WAS VERY VERY NAUGHTY (13)
2007_12_03_17:26:48.893   070.106.044.xxx   Go WVU (17)
2007_12_03_17:27:53.199   076.025.223.xxx   Go UVW
2007_12_03_17:27:55.438   076.001.095.xxx   DOH!
2007_12_03_17:27:59.444   024.255.209.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM TOPEKA KS (14)
2007_12_03_17:28:24.442   070.106.044.xxx   SHUT UP GO WVU (18)
2007_12_03_17:29:00.091   024.189.214.xxx   hi
2007_12_03_17:29:04.988   068.000.037.xxx   webtwetbesy
2007_12_03_17:29:09.141   070.106.044.xxx   GO WVU LOL (19)
2007_12_03_17:29:17.869   024.255.209.xxx   hey alek get an inflatable biker santa for next year (15)
2007_12_03_17:29:30.038   024.189.214.xxx   stfu
2007_12_03_17:29:34.618   068.000.037.xxx   haha YEA
2007_12_03_17:30:00.570   068.000.037.xxx   GET IT !!
2007_12_03_17:30:08.200   024.189.214.xxx   aren't i awsome
2007_12_03_17:30:08.401   070.106.044.xxx   No They s*** They Fly Everywhere in the wind (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_03_17:30:34.308   024.189.214.xxx   aren't i awsome
2007_12_03_17:30:34.397   068.000.037.xxx   OHHh
2007_12_03_17:30:56.758   024.255.209.xxx   how about some toy soldiers (16)
2007_12_03_17:31:07.893   070.106.044.xxx   Go Fricken WVU (21)
2007_12_03_17:31:33.210   024.255.209.xxx   so did the car hit homer earlier? (17)
2007_12_03_17:31:43.392   070.106.044.xxx   This is an awesome site (22)
2007_12_03_17:32:30.071   070.017.044.xxx   wave alek
2007_12_03_17:32:30.703   024.189.214.xxx   Take This Quiz - LINK DELETED
2007_12_03_17:33:13.578   070.017.044.xxx   wave alek
2007_12_03_17:33:14.440   024.189.214.xxx   Take This Quiz - LINK DELETED
2007_12_03_17:37:27.560   071.195.150.xxx   Bring me lots of toys
2007_12_03_17:39:24.684   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Homer is fine - you guys just keep deflating him - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2007_12_03_17:39:26.617   071.195.150.xxx   Enjoy your lights every year Alek
2007_12_03_17:40:14.142   024.189.214.xxx   my mom says hi
2007_12_03_17:41:29.061   071.195.150.xxx   Smile Alek .. your on candid camera
2007_12_03_17:42:12.002   024.189.214.xxx   i thats hat my dad says
2007_12_03_17:42:32.442   071.195.150.xxx   What kind of bandwidth does this site use??
2007_12_03_17:43:42.238   065.110.130.xxx   very clever alek
2007_12_03_17:43:54.658   071.238.054.xxx   3 10/100 servers
2007_12_03_17:44:14.949   065.110.130.xxx   your neighbors must hate you ...
2007_12_03_17:45:58.439   024.189.214.xxx   i like your site it is awsome
2007_12_03_17:46:31.001   024.189.214.xxx   stfu (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_03_17:47:03.752   024.189.214.xxx   lmfao (11)
2007_12_03_17:47:37.621   078.150.010.xxx   hi alex hope u dont get this flue from alyson in the uk
2007_12_03_17:48:04.353   065.110.130.xxx   where are you actually located?
2007_12_03_17:48:32.135   078.150.010.xxx   i am so ill better get well before xmas
2007_12_03_17:48:57.598   024.189.214.xxx   my mom sells avon (12)
2007_12_03_17:49:10.099   071.238.054.xxx   yeah for xmas
2007_12_03_17:49:54.565   024.189.214.xxx   idk (13)
2007_12_03_17:50:12.864   070.233.229.xxx   Hi
2007_12_03_17:50:29.326   067.149.169.xxx   gi
2007_12_03_17:51:03.995   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** neighbors think it is a hoot ... and their kids love it! ***ALEK***
2007_12_03_17:51:47.112   024.255.209.xxx   that would drive me nuts (18)
2007_12_03_17:51:51.168   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** All three servers are 100 Mbit/sec. Candid Camera shot on Blog for 'ya! ***ALEK***
2007_12_03_17:52:01.172   024.189.214.xxx   someone email (14)
2007_12_03_17:52:28.012   024.189.214.xxx   i love this site (15)
2007_12_03_17:52:56.289   064.142.095.xxx   I'm in ur website, controlling ur x10z
2007_12_03_17:53:01.281   024.255.209.xxx   well when you can't do lights of your own this is great (19)
2007_12_03_17:53:12.866   024.189.214.xxx   your nabors must hate you (16)
2007_12_03_17:53:39.629   070.226.026.xxx   is alek home tongight??
2007_12_03_17:53:56.584   024.255.209.xxx   hes probably on a beer run (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_03_17:54:21.114   072.204.006.xxx   Trigg says Hello
2007_12_03_17:54:22.802   024.189.214.xxx   lmfao (17)
2007_12_03_17:55:00.485   024.189.214.xxx   funny isn't it (18)
2007_12_03_17:55:21.387   064.142.095.xxx   no starch rules!!
2007_12_03_17:55:21.740   072.204.006.xxx   This is Ginny.
2007_12_03_17:55:25.943   068.230.158.xxx   i think it worked
2007_12_03_17:55:32.257   067.149.169.xxx   dinner
2007_12_03_17:55:54.089   072.204.006.xxx   this is Ginny
2007_12_03_17:55:58.825   068.230.158.xxx   lets turn everything off
2007_12_03_17:56:19.383   024.189.214.xxx   k (19)
2007_12_03_17:56:22.335   024.255.209.xxx   yeah turn it all off (21)
2007_12_03_17:57:06.229   024.189.214.xxx   now on (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_03_17:57:10.928   070.017.044.xxx   poor elmo
2007_12_03_17:57:33.507   024.189.214.xxx   now on (21)
2007_12_03_17:57:39.902   068.230.158.xxx   off i say off
2007_12_03_17:57:50.269   071.058.020.xxx   GAdzooks
2007_12_03_17:58:03.966   067.149.169.xxx   hello
2007_12_03_17:58:19.947   068.230.158.xxx   easily amused
2007_12_03_17:58:25.451   065.110.130.xxx   they look better on, screw you
2007_12_03_17:58:42.413   024.255.209.xxx   man this is great...these are the only christmas lights i have dude (22)
2007_12_03_17:59:08.926   067.149.169.xxx   loren says hi
2007_12_03_17:59:39.183   024.189.214.xxx   anthony says hi (22)
2007_12_03_17:59:52.246   070.017.044.xxx   yup, i am definitly falling out of my chair now
2007_12_03_17:59:53.937   068.230.158.xxx   where are you
2007_12_03_17:59:59.268   071.058.020.xxx   Come back in 4 hours to see them go OFF
2007_12_03_18:00:13.080   068.206.118.xxx   this is awesome! hi from ellie in corpus christi tx
2007_12_03_18:00:14.073   070.017.044.xxx   (fall)
2007_12_03_18:00:18.838   068.230.158.xxx   ct
2007_12_03_18:00:36.403   070.017.044.xxx   ow
2007_12_03_18:00:58.358   068.229.018.xxx   Jose
2007_12_03_18:01:02.603   072.204.006.xxx   Turn It all off
2007_12_03_18:01:13.125   068.230.158.xxx   what state are you in i'm CT
2007_12_03_18:02:36.563   072.213.000.xxx   Nebraska
2007_12_03_18:02:59.569   068.206.118.xxx   i can't take my eyes off this!!! OO
2007_12_03_18:03:39.926   072.213.000.xxx   It is very addicting
2007_12_03_18:04:13.027   068.206.118.xxx   this was a great idea.
2007_12_03_18:04:14.430   066.031.176.xxx   wow...
2007_12_03_18:04:18.071   206.124.142.xxx   hello from Westminster
2007_12_03_18:04:20.620   068.230.158.xxx   Alex is BACK
2007_12_03_18:05:02.404   068.206.118.xxx   wb alex
2007_12_03_18:05:36.979   067.149.169.xxx   hi beth and bill
2007_12_03_18:06:30.144   206.124.142.xxx   hello jackie
2007_12_03_18:06:44.731   072.213.000.xxx   My name is Becky and I'm addicted to controllable christmas lights.
2007_12_03_18:06:47.345   072.241.126.xxx   Very Cool!  NiceJob.
2007_12_03_18:06:49.945   068.230.158.xxx   ALL OFF NOW
2007_12_03_18:07:36.900   068.230.158.xxx   YEAH ! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_03_18:07:37.230   067.149.169.xxx   hi aunt beth and uncle bill
2007_12_03_18:09:01.630   068.230.158.xxx   HI uncle fester and aunt momo (11)
2007_12_03_18:09:10.833   206.124.142.xxx   who is aunt beth?
2007_12_03_18:10:09.079   067.149.169.xxx   my aunt in michigan
2007_12_03_18:11:23.093   068.230.158.xxx   good grief (12)
2007_12_03_18:12:03.598   071.174.089.xxx   Ho Ho HO
2007_12_03_18:12:37.818   068.230.158.xxx   It's SANTA OMG ! (13)
2007_12_03_18:14:01.725   148.166.073.xxx   I turned everything off
2007_12_03_18:14:09.031   068.230.158.xxx   DARK (14)
2007_12_03_18:14:17.391   071.174.089.xxx   That's so SAD!
2007_12_03_18:14:27.931   071.058.020.xxx   Merry Christmas Alice
2007_12_03_18:14:31.532   148.166.073.xxx   Turn everything off
2007_12_03_18:14:49.308   071.174.089.xxx   make it bright again!
2007_12_03_18:14:55.250   068.230.158.xxx   ON I SAY ON (15)
2007_12_03_18:15:00.091   148.166.073.xxx   Whos alice?
2007_12_03_18:15:41.607   068.230.158.xxx   YOUR MAMA (16)
2007_12_03_18:16:29.953   071.174.089.xxx   Whatcha Doing?
2007_12_03_18:16:38.136   068.230.158.xxx   Yikes who turned on the lights (17)
2007_12_03_18:16:54.065   071.238.054.xxx   yeah for xmas
2007_12_03_18:16:59.899   148.166.073.xxx   Whats the bandwidth on those servers?
2007_12_03_18:17:18.930   068.230.158.xxx   hi kid (18)
2007_12_03_18:17:29.880   071.238.054.xxx   he told u already
2007_12_03_18:19:38.055   148.166.073.xxx   What O.S. r u using?
2007_12_03_18:21:13.172   068.014.031.xxx   right on right on1!!!!!!!!
2007_12_03_18:22:06.949   068.014.031.xxx   HI PERSON SITTING IN THE CHAIR
2007_12_03_18:22:40.297   068.014.031.xxx   U UGLY
2007_12_03_18:23:10.209   069.063.049.xxx   this is so cool!
2007_12_03_18:23:15.497   068.014.031.xxx   YOUR WEB IS COOL
2007_12_03_18:24:23.285   068.230.158.xxx   all off now (19)
2007_12_03_18:24:32.028   068.014.031.xxx   MERRY X-MAS from kim ramussen
2007_12_03_18:25:27.795   068.014.031.xxx   dont make me funktified
2007_12_03_18:26:35.675   071.238.054.xxx   he told u already
2007_12_03_18:26:51.696   069.063.049.xxx   merry xmas 2 u and ur family, the toms from sioux narrows,ontario
2007_12_03_18:28:30.893   024.008.131.xxx   We Love you Isa
2007_12_03_18:31:58.549   076.105.236.xxx   This is pretty cool...
2007_12_03_18:36:04.961   071.238.054.xxx   the whole family is over
2007_12_03_18:37:03.260   024.183.195.xxx   Awesome!
2007_12_03_18:37:06.042   071.238.054.xxx   yip** it's a christmas gathering
2007_12_03_18:38:07.709   071.238.054.xxx   say hi someone
2007_12_03_18:39:11.211   065.025.051.xxx   hi from sharon in ohio
2007_12_03_18:40:27.542   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** HI ***ALEK***
2007_12_03_18:41:13.079   076.105.236.xxx   Merry Christmas from LINK DELETED
2007_12_03_18:41:43.831   076.105.236.xxx   Merry Christmas from MwCgamers
2007_12_03_18:41:55.553   069.137.071.xxx   wow
2007_12_03_18:44:09.450   024.129.117.xxx   This is cool
2007_12_03_18:45:05.064   190.189.089.xxx   HOMER IS STUCK
2007_12_03_18:46:04.187   190.189.089.xxx   HOMER IS DEAD!!!!!!!!
2007_12_03_18:46:13.596   024.129.117.xxx   Happy chrismas
2007_12_03_18:46:23.831   070.226.026.xxx   let him defalit and then he will come up all the way
2007_12_03_18:47:24.458   024.183.195.xxx   Awesome!
2007_12_03_18:47:42.871   064.203.165.xxx   is this real
2007_12_03_18:48:01.509   070.226.026.xxx   let alek no that homer is stuck.please
2007_12_03_18:48:02.928   064.203.165.xxx   i guess is is brady
2007_12_03_18:48:20.763   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Homer fell backwards in the wind - D'OH!  I'll go give him a nudge. ***ALEK***
2007_12_03_18:48:25.029   024.129.117.xxx   these lights are awesome !
2007_12_03_18:48:42.497   064.203.165.xxx   zach brady is g**
2007_12_03_18:48:49.151   070.226.026.xxx   did  u tell alek?
2007_12_03_18:49:36.261   070.226.026.xxx   Alek YOUR HOMER IS STUCK???
2007_12_03_18:50:18.380   065.025.051.xxx   hi from sharon in ohio
2007_12_03_18:50:29.436   024.129.117.xxx   These chrismas lights are awesome
2007_12_03_18:50:43.807   190.189.089.xxx   THANKS ALEK!
2007_12_03_18:50:50.953   070.226.026.xxx   did alek just fix homer?
2007_12_03_18:51:40.586   024.129.117.xxx   Chrismas Rules !
2007_12_03_18:52:24.902   070.226.026.xxx   did alek just fix homer?
2007_12_03_18:52:48.968   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Take a look at webcam1 - Homer is back up ... but watch the West wind blow 'em! ***ALEK***
2007_12_03_18:53:00.050   071.238.054.xxx   say hi someone (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_03_18:53:04.046   068.099.244.xxx   This is awesome
2007_12_03_18:53:31.433   076.105.236.xxx   Hey man this is one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time!
2007_12_03_18:53:31.611   070.226.026.xxx   DID ALEK JUST FIX HOMER?????????????????????????
2007_12_03_18:53:51.354   024.129.117.xxx   Cool I saw the Hulk
2007_12_03_18:54:10.440   070.226.026.xxx   answer my question
2007_12_03_18:54:26.479   076.105.236.xxx   Where is the Hulk?
2007_12_03_18:54:45.719   071.238.054.xxx   I gotta see everybody yeah! (11)
2007_12_03_18:55:08.549   024.129.117.xxx   Webcam 1
2007_12_03_18:55:52.332   071.238.054.xxx   komar family still looks the same as last year are u guys robots (12)
2007_12_03_18:56:25.906   076.105.236.xxx   Hey man great job... this is great!
2007_12_03_18:56:58.419   064.203.165.xxx   hey abe
2007_12_03_18:57:21.663   152.007.005.xxx   hey zach
2007_12_03_18:58:10.305   064.203.165.xxx   ru still watching
2007_12_03_18:58:47.769   071.238.054.xxx   yup (13)
2007_12_03_18:59:29.789   076.105.236.xxx   Could you point to the comp and wave for a pic?
2007_12_03_18:59:58.391   064.203.165.xxx   r2d2 needs to move
2007_12_03_19:01:04.172   068.099.244.xxx   brealin is gorgeous
2007_12_03_19:01:13.141   071.238.054.xxx   put a smile on alek! (14)
2007_12_03_19:01:40.117   152.007.005.xxx   hey, zach brady
2007_12_03_19:01:48.015   071.238.054.xxx   don't look so sad and down (15)
2007_12_03_19:01:50.644   063.100.100.xxx   Hi Santa
2007_12_03_19:03:29.444   098.207.192.xxx   I also have celiac disease.....thanks and Merry Christmas!
2007_12_03_19:05:10.097   071.238.054.xxx   I hate having moion sickness! (16)
2007_12_03_19:05:47.774   068.099.244.xxx   Thats one large clock.  I am blind as well
2007_12_03_19:06:22.629   071.238.054.xxx   You should put it by laptop like last year (17)
2007_12_03_19:06:26.845   068.099.244.xxx   hey you shrunk the hulk  :(
2007_12_03_19:06:28.971   012.202.074.xxx   Awesome Site, Merry Christmas
2007_12_03_19:06:49.150   071.219.195.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_03_19:06:54.012   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Just tossed a "HULK" up on webcam3 in Santa's Workshop for you guys ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_03_19:07:01.235   068.001.168.xxx   MwC FTW!
2007_12_03_19:07:11.762   071.238.054.xxx   Yeah hulk will smash puny spammer (18)
2007_12_03_19:07:29.540   071.219.195.xxx   how may years have you done this
2007_12_03_19:09:03.186   071.219.195.xxx   so how many years have you set this up
2007_12_03_19:12:04.125   071.238.054.xxx   Apparently to many to count (19)
2007_12_03_19:12:43.883   070.236.018.xxx   hi
2007_12_03_19:13:08.954   068.001.168.xxx   hi amy!
2007_12_03_19:13:31.789   070.236.018.xxx   hi amy
2007_12_03_19:13:59.605   070.236.018.xxx   amy is a loser
2007_12_03_19:14:13.877   070.242.183.xxx   alek wave at the cam!!
2007_12_03_19:14:32.853   024.002.069.xxx   hi
2007_12_03_19:14:34.409   070.236.018.xxx   dont alek
2007_12_03_19:16:06.348   024.002.069.xxx   Merry soon to be christmas
2007_12_03_19:16:10.936   069.141.101.xxx   Merry Christmas Alex
2007_12_03_19:17:15.294   024.002.069.xxx   Hi Rex!
2007_12_03_19:17:43.384   024.002.069.xxx   How does this all work?
2007_12_03_19:17:47.950   067.185.026.xxx   Go Zags!
2007_12_03_19:17:49.509   070.236.018.xxx   alek where did you go?
2007_12_03_19:18:17.032   068.004.036.xxx   mv polo owns. yay sp**dos :___
2007_12_03_19:19:28.974   070.236.018.xxx   costco connection!!
2007_12_03_19:19:52.023   076.223.028.xxx   control the show is better
2007_12_03_19:20:31.495   068.009.089.xxx   Call Granby Laundrymat Today!!!
2007_12_03_19:20:43.556   067.185.026.xxx   Hey from Spokane, Washington!
2007_12_03_19:21:32.618   070.236.018.xxx   hi washington
2007_12_03_19:22:19.162   068.009.089.xxx   Hi Connecticut
2007_12_03_19:22:51.366   068.009.089.xxx   this is kim rasmussen saying hi
2007_12_03_19:23:55.525   069.138.092.xxx   This is so cool, I love your house___ Good job! :D
2007_12_03_19:25:16.342   068.001.168.xxx   Hi back from Connecticut
2007_12_03_19:30:28.790   072.024.108.xxx   Merry Christmas from Arizona
2007_12_03_19:33:12.262   208.123.061.xxx   Happy Holidays from Minnesota!
2007_12_03_19:33:28.605   076.166.175.xxx   hi aiden
2007_12_03_19:34:32.138   208.123.061.xxx   Good evening alek
2007_12_03_19:36:33.865   208.123.061.xxx   Where is everyone from?
2007_12_03_19:36:48.894   068.061.167.xxx   hi from shane czenkus in detroit
2007_12_03_19:37:49.468   070.104.089.xxx   HUMBUG!
2007_12_03_19:37:54.737   070.242.183.xxx   texas
2007_12_03_19:38:12.756   208.123.061.xxx   When are you gooing to get some snow Alek?
2007_12_03_19:38:26.742   070.104.089.xxx   humbug       humbug
2007_12_03_19:38:35.741   068.061.167.xxx   hi from susie shane wife
2007_12_03_19:38:57.505   076.166.175.xxx   MwC FTW
2007_12_03_19:39:32.185   068.061.167.xxx   mt clemens  rocks kid rock
2007_12_03_19:39:33.290   208.123.061.xxx   Minnesota got blasted with snow and more on the way tonight
2007_12_03_19:40:23.669   070.104.089.xxx   Bah!  Humbug!!!!        Snow????
2007_12_03_19:40:25.702   208.123.061.xxx   good snowman building kind of snow too! :)
2007_12_03_19:40:27.916   070.242.183.xxx   texas may get snow tonight we hope
2007_12_03_19:40:43.357   068.061.167.xxx   mt clemens rocks kid rock
2007_12_03_19:41:15.058   071.215.151.xxx   MwC Draylob was here
2007_12_03_19:41:38.814   068.061.167.xxx   a whats  he doin___
2007_12_03_19:42:05.419   024.022.253.xxx   AODgamersnet
2007_12_03_19:42:12.963   076.004.218.xxx   Alek, I have posted a link over at LINK DELETED
2007_12_03_19:42:56.340   076.004.218.xxx   The coaster nuts will love this!
2007_12_03_19:42:58.141   024.022.253.xxx   AODgamersDOTnet
2007_12_03_19:44:59.861   024.058.099.xxx   Happy Holidays from MwCGamers
2007_12_03_19:45:11.258   070.104.089.xxx   HI SANTA
2007_12_03_19:46:08.753   070.104.089.xxx   oh no mr bill   no  no  noooooooooo
2007_12_03_19:55:18.329   069.131.177.xxx   Think Snow! :o)
2007_12_03_19:56:05.355   066.249.232.xxx   Sara is the coolest
2007_12_03_19:57:02.383   066.249.232.xxx   Kari talks alot
2007_12_03_19:57:58.817   069.131.177.xxx   about what?
2007_12_03_20:07:31.416   205.188.116.xxx   hi jeffrey
2007_12_03_20:10:10.511   012.202.074.xxx   hi d_moss
2007_12_03_20:10:20.110   205.188.116.xxx   hi peter it s dad
2007_12_03_20:10:54.980   012.202.074.xxx   hi dave
2007_12_03_20:12:12.721   068.230.003.xxx   WAAZZAABBBII!?!?! MwCGamers
2007_12_03_20:12:42.457   066.068.170.xxx   awesome lights! I love you Ava and Sammy!
2007_12_03_20:12:45.963   063.226.176.xxx   Hello from Minnesota!
2007_12_03_20:13:51.224   071.128.006.xxx   nice job. merry christmas!
2007_12_03_20:13:59.465   066.068.170.xxx   We Miss You Emily
2007_12_03_20:14:00.246   063.226.176.xxx   Hello Alek! Lights look GREAT this year!
2007_12_03_20:14:53.420   071.140.100.xxx   Great idea! Good luck with it all
2007_12_03_20:14:58.653   066.068.170.xxx   I love you guys!
2007_12_03_20:15:35.571   205.188.116.xxx   Does anyone need a POLE BUILDING???
2007_12_03_20:16:03.041   012.202.074.xxx   What is a pole building?
2007_12_03_20:16:46.829   205.188.116.xxx   garage barns cabins
2007_12_03_20:16:49.174   063.226.176.xxx   How does he work on his computer with 170 people looking at him???
2007_12_03_20:17:03.089   024.046.177.xxx   I've been looking foward to this all year!
2007_12_03_20:17:19.057   012.202.074.xxx   how many years has this been going?
2007_12_03_20:18:06.305   024.046.177.xxx   ___------    That santa on the ladder is awesome lol
2007_12_03_20:18:28.893   205.188.116.xxx   horse barns
2007_12_03_20:18:29.843   012.202.074.xxx   I agree - this guy has some awesome stuff
2007_12_03_20:20:03.263   070.242.183.xxx   What cha reading there alek
2007_12_03_20:20:06.505   024.046.177.xxx   Only 21 days till christmas
2007_12_03_20:22:29.686   072.224.090.xxx   Only 19 days Till' Winter offically starts! woooo
2007_12_03_20:24:26.148   071.075.165.xxx   Bonner Loves Kim!  Merry Christmas Everyone!
2007_12_03_20:24:44.388   205.188.116.xxx   merry christmas everyone
2007_12_03_20:25:15.444   012.202.074.xxx   Any Missourians watching?
2007_12_03_20:26:02.803   071.075.165.xxx   Bonner Loves Kim!  Merry Christmas Everyone!
2007_12_03_20:27:05.431   065.117.101.xxx   Happy Happy Joy Joy!  Merry Christmas
2007_12_03_20:27:38.624   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Glad you guys like Stepping Santa - he kinda drives me nuts after a while though ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_03_20:28:03.392   012.202.074.xxx   I wanna know what Alek is watching, this website is the coolest so I don't know
2007_12_03_20:29:26.462   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I'm usually doing other work, but keep an eye on the Christmas Lights ***ALEK***
2007_12_03_20:30:10.128   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I should add it is all pretty much runs on full-auto ... you guys control it! ***ALEK***
2007_12_03_20:31:14.680   075.170.010.xxx   hollo audrianah
2007_12_03_20:31:50.217   075.170.010.xxx   Christopher freeman, LINK DELETED
2007_12_03_20:32:21.211   075.170.010.xxx   Holly loves Scotty
2007_12_03_20:33:45.942   208.123.061.xxx   Barbie loves Ken
2007_12_03_20:33:59.803   098.200.133.xxx   where did that dude go
2007_12_03_20:34:18.903   071.071.228.xxx   hello all
2007_12_03_20:34:39.621   208.123.061.xxx   hello
2007_12_03_20:34:58.960   098.200.133.xxx   can we turn the office light on & off?
2007_12_03_20:35:43.820   208.123.061.xxx   I like the Santa that goes up and down ladder
2007_12_03_20:37:00.635   205.188.116.xxx   HAPPY HOLIDAYS
2007_12_03_20:37:27.906   208.123.061.xxx   Do you believe in Santa Claus? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_03_20:40:32.598   208.123.061.xxx   I do (11)
2007_12_03_20:42:10.198   068.000.037.xxx   haha
2007_12_03_20:42:12.734   072.192.252.xxx   hai...kthxbau
2007_12_03_20:42:42.248   072.192.252.xxx   hai...kthxbai
2007_12_03_20:43:37.910   075.170.010.xxx   hello gracie
2007_12_03_20:44:16.342   075.170.010.xxx   goodnight Audrie and Gracie
2007_12_03_20:44:20.674   068.000.037.xxx   HEYY U CUT OF THW PRESENT :___
2007_12_03_20:44:42.774   068.000.037.xxx   YAY
2007_12_03_20:45:05.070   068.000.037.xxx   haha :) (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_03_20:45:22.210   075.170.010.xxx   hello gavin
2007_12_03_20:46:14.467   068.214.121.xxx   merry christmas too all
2007_12_03_20:46:35.718   075.170.010.xxx   and to all a goodnight!
2007_12_03_20:47:20.287   075.170.010.xxx   go to bed
2007_12_03_20:47:44.962   064.110.223.xxx   hi becky
2007_12_03_20:48:21.726   075.170.010.xxx   Yes, hello Becky!
2007_12_03_20:49:53.288   075.170.010.xxx   do the cha-cha (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_03_20:51:50.521   071.063.034.xxx   Hulk hate wind, but hulk like breaking wind!
2007_12_03_20:52:19.384   068.000.037.xxx   earlier my inflatable blew away :( haha (11)
2007_12_03_20:52:51.894   071.063.034.xxx   your love doll blew away?
2007_12_03_20:53:04.610   075.170.010.xxx   I don't have any infaltables (11)
2007_12_03_20:53:17.140   068.000.037.xxx   HAHA !!!! no. (12)
2007_12_03_20:53:28.644   012.171.050.xxx   My lawn display stinks
2007_12_03_20:53:46.719   075.170.010.xxx   I don't even have a lawn (12)
2007_12_03_20:53:47.991   068.000.037.xxx   my yard thing (13)
2007_12_03_20:54:02.422   075.094.105.xxx   very windy here to in rochester ny but colder than there with now
2007_12_03_20:54:15.619   068.000.037.xxx   it was a snowglobe one (14)
2007_12_03_20:54:28.220   071.063.034.xxx   Ok, your giant yard "thing" blew away...........lol
2007_12_03_20:54:50.479   068.000.037.xxx   exactly .... hahaha (15)
2007_12_03_20:55:07.197   071.063.034.xxx   Was it the Ron Jeremy model?lol
2007_12_03_20:55:42.553   012.171.050.xxx   Cool site -- washington, kansas
2007_12_03_20:56:11.319   071.063.034.xxx   Harrisonburg, VA here
2007_12_03_20:56:19.863   068.000.037.xxx   AHAH NOO!! (16)
2007_12_03_20:56:25.418   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** My inflatables are anchored to plywood bases with pavers on 'em - helps a LOT ***ALEK***
2007_12_03_20:56:47.033   075.094.105.xxx   rochester ny here, hi
2007_12_03_20:56:56.680   068.000.037.xxx   yea im too lazy (17)
2007_12_03_20:57:16.562   068.000.037.xxx   to build anytihng (18)
2007_12_03_20:57:24.873   075.170.010.xxx   I'm in the Great NorthWest (13)
2007_12_03_20:58:31.687   075.094.105.xxx   i never thought to use a ply wood base instead of the strings
2007_12_03_20:59:01.971   068.000.037.xxx   the strings come out of the ground when i try (19)
2007_12_03_20:59:08.774   075.094.105.xxx   thanks alek for the idea
2007_12_03_20:59:49.047   068.000.037.xxx   alright people bye (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_03_21:00:26.230   075.170.010.xxx   goodnight (14)
2007_12_03_21:00:52.991   075.094.105.xxx   goodnight
2007_12_03_21:01:06.670   075.170.010.xxx   I must put my kids to bed now (15)
2007_12_03_21:02:00.536   071.215.151.xxx   Merry Christmas to all MwC and to all a good night!
2007_12_03_21:04:29.128   075.094.105.xxx   part of the n.y thru way closed do to snow
2007_12_03_21:06:56.276   075.170.010.xxx   Happy Holidays! (16)
2007_12_03_21:09:04.066   075.170.010.xxx   I think everyone has left! :o (17)
2007_12_03_21:09:33.776   063.226.176.xxx   Right back at ya!
2007_12_03_21:10:43.052   075.170.010.xxx   SAHM 4 evr (18)
2007_12_03_21:12:21.930   075.170.010.xxx   Scott and Holly M. 4evr (19)
2007_12_03_21:20:22.251   076.115.069.xxx   When is this site going to be on slashdot again?
2007_12_03_21:21:17.799   075.170.010.xxx   Scott & Holly 4evr (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_03_21:21:45.927   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** WRT Slashdot: You'll have to talk with them - advance notice would be NICE! ***ALEK***
2007_12_03_21:26:19.483   076.115.069.xxx   LOL, no doubt and the advance notice for the Slashdot'ters
2007_12_03_21:31:47.013   201.116.021.xxx   GREETINGS FROM CAMPECHE, MEXICO!
2007_12_03_21:41:46.063   201.116.021.xxx   Alek, WAVE TO THE CAMERA!! PLEASE!
2007_12_03_21:42:12.959   072.082.235.xxx   GO ARFCOM!
2007_12_03_21:42:29.963   201.116.021.xxx   WOAH! THANKS! XD GREETINGS FROM CAMPECHE MEXICO!
2007_12_03_21:43:26.644   072.082.235.xxx   Go LINK DELETED!
2007_12_03_21:44:03.086   201.116.021.xxx   HOHOHO! MERRY X-MAS!
2007_12_03_21:45:46.727   201.116.021.xxx   greetings from CAMPECHE, MEXICO! Att. Andre
2007_12_03_21:58:34.026   075.183.018.xxx   hello from crystal

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