858 christmas text messages on 2007/1205

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 15,647 times that day including 10,943 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1205

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2007_12_05_17:00:18.746   075.068.238.xxx   hi
2007_12_05_17:00:32.768   070.183.058.xxx   Hello from Irvine
2007_12_05_17:00:50.491   075.068.238.xxx   Greetings
2007_12_05_17:01:27.179   075.068.238.xxx   ___:')
2007_12_05_17:01:32.339   070.183.058.xxx   Hello from MBA
2007_12_05_17:01:49.179   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hooking up BIG Santa ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_05_17:01:59.222   067.160.023.xxx   Hey Alek, it's your UW friend Kris from McMahon Hall (jim
2007_12_05_17:02:49.249   075.068.238.xxx   Liar
2007_12_05_17:02:56.792   071.037.126.xxx   how fun!
2007_12_05_17:03:15.330   070.185.242.xxx   Hello from Broken Arrow OK
2007_12_05_17:03:15.556   066.185.100.xxx   Get Ho!
2007_12_05_17:03:24.963   075.068.238.xxx   move along, nothing to see here
2007_12_05_17:03:25.177   068.110.112.xxx   I farted.. but the lights look hot!!!
2007_12_05_17:03:40.570   132.170.038.xxx   Ho ho ho
2007_12_05_17:03:56.937   207.105.240.xxx   Ha Ha Ha
2007_12_05_17:03:57.004   067.160.023.xxx   My kids don't believe you blew things up for a living!!
2007_12_05_17:04:00.011   075.068.238.xxx   where my ho's at?
2007_12_05_17:04:06.463   068.094.123.xxx   Happy 10 Rosie and Kelly
2007_12_05_17:04:45.620   067.160.023.xxx   platypus attack!!!!!!!!!!!!! run
2007_12_05_17:04:54.295   149.199.062.xxx   Hello from California
2007_12_05_17:05:28.830   081.159.042.xxx   Hello from Somerset, England
2007_12_05_17:05:32.006   075.068.238.xxx   lol hulk is watching you type
2007_12_05_17:05:33.909   064.012.116.xxx   We got an inch of snow here today.....Pa
2007_12_05_17:05:55.120   071.177.209.xxx   Hi Kayla
2007_12_05_17:05:56.842   067.160.023.xxx   Homer quote #97: aw i wanted a peanut
2007_12_05_17:05:58.865   081.079.213.xxx   hey any gurls wanna cht?
2007_12_05_17:06:17.331   075.068.238.xxx   A/S/L
2007_12_05_17:06:19.177   068.094.123.xxx   Happy 10 Years Rosie O and Kelly O!!!!!!!
2007_12_05_17:06:52.846   081.079.213.xxx   I need sum juicy lips across my face
2007_12_05_17:07:13.665   075.068.238.xxx   you need spelling lessons
2007_12_05_17:07:37.093   067.160.023.xxx   Alek, do you still have a funnelator?
2007_12_05_17:08:03.980   192.055.012.xxx   Hey Alex
2007_12_05_17:08:07.764   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I DO still have a funnellater - tons of fun, 'eh! ***ALEK***
2007_12_05_17:08:30.656   067.160.023.xxx   My kids don't believe I was wild and crazy with you and Jim
2007_12_05_17:09:06.760   069.255.051.xxx   hello from virginia
2007_12_05_17:09:16.494   081.079.213.xxx   Hi Alek , is the santa tracker on this year? Hope So ..
2007_12_05_17:09:38.679   068.094.123.xxx   HAPPY 10 YEARS ROSIE AND KEL!
2007_12_05_17:09:54.964   081.079.213.xxx   Missed him last year what happened?
2007_12_05_17:10:03.317   075.009.141.xxx   hi
2007_12_05_17:10:11.356   067.160.023.xxx   Lars was here
2007_12_05_17:10:35.659   081.079.213.xxx   Alek is the santa tracker on this year?
2007_12_05_17:10:39.229   069.255.051.xxx   hello to CNU students
2007_12_05_17:10:43.896   069.201.146.xxx   what?
2007_12_05_17:10:52.696   067.160.023.xxx   Alek, what is your electricity bill in Oct. and Dec.?????
2007_12_05_17:11:02.738   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Webcams WILL be watching out for the Big Red Guy on Christmas Eve! ***ALEK***
2007_12_05_17:11:15.265   081.079.213.xxx   Hope he comes
2007_12_05_17:11:48.614   081.079.213.xxx   Where was he lst year?
2007_12_05_17:12:02.765   082.112.131.xxx   is it something I did ? bye Alek. lol
2007_12_05_17:12:05.344   075.009.141.xxx   hi santa
2007_12_05_17:12:22.725   075.068.238.xxx   pay no attention to the big green man (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_05_17:12:35.162   067.160.023.xxx   ah alien invasion run___
2007_12_05_17:12:37.675   081.079.213.xxx   17 male 4 older
2007_12_05_17:12:51.534   075.009.141.xxx   hi alek
2007_12_05_17:13:19.018   067.160.023.xxx   WERE'S THE BEEF!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_05_17:13:24.548   076.120.004.xxx   Yeah cool!
2007_12_05_17:13:24.743   071.244.009.xxx   hello
2007_12_05_17:13:26.471   068.094.123.xxx   Hello everyone in RoLand!
2007_12_05_17:13:28.119   075.009.141.xxx   wav alek
2007_12_05_17:13:33.215   069.255.051.xxx   This is great!  Hello to all CNU students
2007_12_05_17:13:35.836   209.244.004.xxx   howdy
2007_12_05_17:13:44.220   076.212.145.xxx   H**** checking in!!
2007_12_05_17:13:45.497   081.079.213.xxx   Right here Blud , u want it
2007_12_05_17:13:56.488   067.160.023.xxx   WERES THE BEEF????????? (11)
2007_12_05_17:14:09.571   024.009.142.xxx   do your neighbors enjoy this?
2007_12_05_17:14:16.478   075.068.238.xxx   in my belly (11)
2007_12_05_17:14:21.627   081.079.213.xxx   ___I will bang yu Blud (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_05_17:14:28.607   068.094.123.xxx   Arent you worried about a short and blowing up the neighborhood??
2007_12_05_17:14:41.121   067.160.023.xxx   STILL WAITING FOR BEEF LOCATION (12)
2007_12_05_17:14:41.346   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** neighbors think it is a hoot ... and their kids love it! ***ALEK***
2007_12_05_17:15:05.816   067.160.023.xxx   DJHGQJUA (13)
2007_12_05_17:15:08.889   075.009.141.xxx   look at the cam
2007_12_05_17:15:09.032   081.079.213.xxx   ENGLAND BRAP (11)
2007_12_05_17:15:12.243   068.094.123.xxx   Punky Power!!
2007_12_05_17:15:29.657   024.009.142.xxx   you must live in part of boulder where they don't mind that. :)
2007_12_05_17:15:33.404   165.069.003.xxx   Go courier!
2007_12_05_17:15:49.707   081.079.213.xxx   F ur mum (12)
2007_12_05_17:16:00.604   067.160.023.xxx   go muffin man (14)
2007_12_05_17:16:26.493   076.212.145.xxx   He's gone....let's steal stuff
2007_12_05_17:16:39.506   067.160.023.xxx   no (15)
2007_12_05_17:17:22.361   069.255.051.xxx   I love the hulk
2007_12_05_17:17:24.340   067.160.023.xxx   oh no badger strike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (16)
2007_12_05_17:17:45.328   068.094.123.xxx   I Love You Gina!
2007_12_05_17:17:45.985   075.009.141.xxx   what time is it
2007_12_05_17:18:02.775   075.068.238.xxx   time to buy a watch (12)
2007_12_05_17:18:12.068   075.009.141.xxx   519
2007_12_05_17:18:21.551   071.244.009.xxx   i love kdog
2007_12_05_17:18:41.656   075.009.141.xxx   air up santa
2007_12_05_17:18:45.894   076.212.145.xxx   10:2
2007_12_05_17:18:55.841   068.094.123.xxx   I LOVE YOU GINA!!
2007_12_05_17:19:10.505   075.068.238.xxx   aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (13)
2007_12_05_17:19:52.892   076.212.145.xxx   i love you gina
2007_12_05_17:20:05.725   069.255.051.xxx   helooooo
2007_12_05_17:20:16.767   075.068.238.xxx   @______________________________ (14)
2007_12_05_17:20:37.570   068.094.123.xxx   Everyone DONATE!
2007_12_05_17:20:43.419   075.068.238.xxx   ___!@#_________&___()_+ (15)
2007_12_05_17:21:08.758   069.255.051.xxx   hello christopher newport univ students
2007_12_05_17:21:19.702   067.160.023.xxx   ah alien invasion run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (17)
2007_12_05_17:22:03.012   068.094.123.xxx   Just waiting for everything to blow up (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_05_17:22:09.969   067.160.023.xxx   Dear alek, can you disco dance? (18)
2007_12_05_17:22:12.704   064.134.004.xxx   And to all. . . a very merry Christmas!
2007_12_05_17:22:34.838   075.068.238.xxx   8=====D (16)
2007_12_05_17:22:36.321   068.094.123.xxx   I would HATE to have your Light Bill!!!! (11)
2007_12_05_17:22:54.621   069.255.051.xxx   Yes, Virginia there is a Christmas!
2007_12_05_17:23:21.225   067.160.023.xxx   i am a ninja (19)
2007_12_05_17:23:28.345   063.236.011.xxx   This is so fun!!! I hope it all works for you!
2007_12_05_17:23:35.252   068.094.123.xxx   Yes there is a Santa! (12)
2007_12_05_17:23:59.578   067.160.023.xxx   alek, can u disco  dance? (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_05_17:24:02.220   068.094.123.xxx   What does the Hulk do? (13)
2007_12_05_17:24:39.852   067.160.023.xxx   WERES THE BEEF?????????????????????????? (21)
2007_12_05_17:24:55.598   068.094.123.xxx   Shake the Hulk Please (14)
2007_12_05_17:25:31.103   068.094.123.xxx   Please stop with the Beef.  It's under the BUN (15)
2007_12_05_17:25:57.023   068.094.123.xxx   Its under the pickle (16)
2007_12_05_17:26:13.402   075.068.238.xxx   covered in cheese (17)
2007_12_05_17:26:13.724   067.160.023.xxx   OK YAY?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? (22)
2007_12_05_17:26:52.185   067.160.023.xxx   I LIKE PINAPPLE PANCAKES (23)
2007_12_05_17:26:53.722   067.162.060.xxx   Hello and Merry Christmas!
2007_12_05_17:27:13.986   066.245.109.xxx   Rease family rules
2007_12_05_17:27:41.287   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Light Bill is about three dollars a day ... in the Republic of Boulder! ***ALEK***
2007_12_05_17:28:00.115   064.134.004.xxx   Being one of the duped the first year, I am really glad to see it is real. . .o
2007_12_05_17:28:04.221   066.245.109.xxx   Merry Christmas from Alabama!
2007_12_05_17:28:35.108   068.094.123.xxx   how did you set all this up!  WOW (17)
2007_12_05_17:29:12.308   066.245.109.xxx   Santa is climbing the ladder...cool!
2007_12_05_17:29:14.184   068.094.123.xxx   You should at least wave to the cam! Get some news coverage! (18)
2007_12_05_17:29:15.885   069.040.251.xxx   hi i see u lol
2007_12_05_17:30:01.928   068.094.123.xxx   Trying to get u some news coverage. WAVE HELLO! (19)
2007_12_05_17:30:07.191   066.245.109.xxx   I am the LINK DELETED creator...Hi!
2007_12_05_17:30:10.412   012.041.166.xxx   is it weird having your lights going on and off constantly?
2007_12_05_17:30:36.562   069.040.251.xxx   if i were him id think so
2007_12_05_17:30:36.572   068.094.123.xxx   We are filming You.  Please WAVE (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_05_17:30:48.940   012.197.249.xxx   hello from the city of lights Natchitoches La
2007_12_05_17:31:19.122   069.040.251.xxx   hello from chagrin falls ohio
2007_12_05_17:31:42.553   024.009.142.xxx   boo to alice 105!
2007_12_05_17:31:46.233   069.040.251.xxx   i like your clock
2007_12_05_17:32:07.915   076.100.238.xxx   Thanks for letting us play.
2007_12_05_17:32:11.105   067.162.060.xxx   hello from Elk Grove, Illinois
2007_12_05_17:32:16.054   069.040.251.xxx   and the pirate skull ______
2007_12_05_17:33:01.185   012.197.249.xxx   man you should live here we have loads of lights too
2007_12_05_17:33:14.533   067.162.060.xxx   Hello from Elk Grove, Illinois
2007_12_05_17:33:14.675   069.255.051.xxx   this is a little addicting
2007_12_05_17:33:31.831   012.197.249.xxx   ya think!
2007_12_05_17:33:34.717   066.245.109.xxx   Hi Alek!
2007_12_05_17:33:53.415   068.094.123.xxx   Why did you turn down the 10 grand?? (21)
2007_12_05_17:34:23.590   024.009.142.xxx   i'm surprised the other boulderites aren't mad about the electricity usage.
2007_12_05_17:35:10.657   068.094.123.xxx   Hey man behind the computer.  Why arent you interacting?? (22)
2007_12_05_17:35:42.543   068.094.123.xxx   Wave to us who are donating (23)
2007_12_05_17:36:10.346   068.094.123.xxx   at least a Thumbs Up (24)
2007_12_05_17:36:41.107   068.094.123.xxx   THANK U (25)
2007_12_05_17:37:09.740   068.094.123.xxx   EVERYONE PLEASE DONATE (26)
2007_12_05_17:37:35.548   076.212.145.xxx   ok hes gone again, lets steal stuff
2007_12_05_17:38:08.848   068.211.129.xxx   go to gaholidaylights. com for more christmas webcams
2007_12_05_17:38:12.658   076.212.145.xxx   dibs on hulk
2007_12_05_17:38:19.166   099.225.017.xxx   wassup erin!!
2007_12_05_17:38:45.292   068.211.129.xxx   go to gaholidaylights. com for more christmas webcams
2007_12_05_17:40:44.757   068.094.123.xxx   If you are watching and playing PLEASE DONATE (27)
2007_12_05_17:41:50.190   012.041.166.xxx   Rainier Beer comes from here ____________
2007_12_05_17:42:02.495   068.211.129.xxx   go to gaholidaylights. com for more christmas webcams
2007_12_05_17:42:32.854   068.047.170.xxx   HI MOM
2007_12_05_17:43:33.036   068.047.170.xxx   JINGLE CATS 4 LIFE
2007_12_05_17:44:25.141   069.040.251.xxx   it would be entertai ning if u dance in front of webcam
2007_12_05_17:45:02.527   068.211.129.xxx   go to gaholidaylights. com for more christmas webcams
2007_12_05_17:45:04.454   069.040.251.xxx   lol
2007_12_05_17:45:29.065   068.211.129.xxx   go to ALEK SAYS PLEASE STOP POSTING YOUR SITE PLEASE. com for more christmas webcams
2007_12_05_17:45:59.702   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Donate a thousand to Celiac and I will dance for the webcam ***ALEK***
2007_12_05_17:46:04.938   069.040.251.xxx   hey look a gnome is climbing up the red ladder dressed as santa
2007_12_05_17:46:36.631   024.198.046.xxx   Hello again from the ISS
2007_12_05_17:47:40.626   024.198.046.xxx   We___re expecting company over the weekend
2007_12_05_17:48:24.005   069.040.251.xxx   i like the lights evreywhere it is so coooooooool!!!!!
2007_12_05_17:48:47.747   068.001.189.xxx   rendan says HI!
2007_12_05_17:48:59.423   070.060.035.xxx   i know it is
2007_12_05_17:49:01.969   024.198.046.xxx   They look even nicer from 220 miles up
2007_12_05_17:49:27.258   069.040.251.xxx   doh (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_05_17:50:27.121   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thank you Mr. gaholidaylights for getting the hint - no need to keep reposting ***ALEK***
2007_12_05_17:50:50.994   209.049.106.xxx   Will you marry me
2007_12_05_17:51:24.505   068.001.189.xxx   Brendan sez YO!
2007_12_05_17:52:29.833   069.040.251.xxx   hey! i wish you a merry merry christmas and i hope your children get better bef (11)
2007_12_05_17:53:34.939   068.211.129.xxx   soory
2007_12_05_17:53:52.917   068.094.123.xxx   U are a genius for doing this!  AMAZING (28)
2007_12_05_17:54:01.464   068.211.129.xxx   sorry
2007_12_05_17:54:29.733   068.094.123.xxx   How much have you raised so far? (29)
2007_12_05_17:54:36.295   075.028.152.xxx   Merry Christmas to you & my sister Cam
2007_12_05_17:54:38.653   209.049.106.xxx   Will you marry me
2007_12_05_17:55:14.217   068.094.123.xxx   Is there a place to show how much has been raised? (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_05_17:55:57.413   068.094.123.xxx   Please Donate Everyone! (31)
2007_12_05_17:56:19.674   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** The total raised for charity - $20,000 - is right on the front page - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2007_12_05_17:56:29.415   068.094.123.xxx   He went out of his way for this.  DONATE PLEASE (32)
2007_12_05_17:57:06.271   068.094.123.xxx   I was asking about how much has been raised tonight! (33)
2007_12_05_17:58:10.398   068.094.123.xxx   Besides that, I donated... Did You?? (34)
2007_12_05_17:58:20.236   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Donations are direct to UofM ... so I have to check with them - no daily tally ***ALEK***
2007_12_05_17:59:02.545   068.094.123.xxx   I donated ___100.   Best of Luck to you and your family! (35)
2007_12_05_18:00:09.573   069.245.147.xxx   Hallo
2007_12_05_18:00:11.963   068.094.123.xxx   I also sent a link to LINK DELETED (36)
2007_12_05_18:00:45.799   068.094.123.xxx   Rosie ODonnells website (37)
2007_12_05_18:01:03.427   074.224.086.xxx   did any one go to that ga holiday lights link
2007_12_05_18:04:06.096   068.094.123.xxx   Hang on there.  more people are coming (38)
2007_12_05_18:04:33.051   209.234.083.xxx   I got the e-mail!
2007_12_05_18:06:30.091   069.137.105.xxx   Good results come from persistence___ GREAT results come from dedication - KUDO
2007_12_05_18:10:41.336   068.094.123.xxx   Hang on there.  more people are coming (39)
2007_12_05_18:14:51.291   068.094.123.xxx   Tell your friends about this site (40 IM's so far today)
2007_12_05_18:15:23.839   068.094.123.xxx   Come on everyone... get more people here and Donate (41)
2007_12_05_18:16:31.215   068.094.123.xxx   U rock Alex (42)
2007_12_05_18:17:03.750   068.094.123.xxx   Will the rest of the family make an apperance? (43)
2007_12_05_18:18:32.841   072.038.056.xxx   avery loves daddy
2007_12_05_18:18:34.195   068.094.123.xxx   I still dont understand what the Hulk does (44)
2007_12_05_18:21:38.705   076.178.028.xxx   hey cool r2d2 infront of the present
2007_12_05_18:21:48.520   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hulk SMASHES ... what else?!?   ;-) ***ALEK***
2007_12_05_18:22:39.825   068.094.123.xxx   Does Hulk do anything????? (45)
2007_12_05_18:23:09.157   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** R2D2 just got a buddy - To Infinity and Beyond! ***ALEK***
2007_12_05_18:23:26.321   071.238.054.xxx   alek that webpage geholiday lights looks exactly like urs
2007_12_05_18:23:50.242   072.038.056.xxx   avery and daddy
2007_12_05_18:25:22.198   024.022.031.xxx   cdsjvdjv
2007_12_05_18:29:44.273   071.238.054.xxx   alek geholiday lights stole ur page!
2007_12_05_18:31:55.140   076.178.028.xxx   gaholiday lights took the wgg tag too
2007_12_05_18:32:56.051   071.238.054.xxx   even took his music icons
2007_12_05_18:33:37.759   072.081.061.xxx   Hehehe! The office is shaping up nicely!
2007_12_05_18:33:43.462   076.220.126.xxx   Barbarine's saying "HI" and great job!!
2007_12_05_18:34:13.962   071.238.054.xxx   geholiday lights is getting a big lump o coal and a spot on aleks bad things si
2007_12_05_18:34:49.875   076.178.028.xxx   its not even live
2007_12_05_18:35:26.913   076.178.028.xxx   lets slashdot gaholiday lights so htey crash
2007_12_05_18:35:30.885   071.238.054.xxx   is that ur site?
2007_12_05_18:35:55.101   076.178.028.xxx   no
2007_12_05_18:36:16.864   066.227.136.xxx   good day
2007_12_05_18:36:26.367   071.238.054.xxx   well whoever it is alek has to talk legally to em
2007_12_05_18:36:26.487   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** No idea who did gaholiday - but yes, it's a direct copy - oh well ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_05_18:36:59.174   071.238.054.xxx   Have a legal battle!
2007_12_05_18:37:01.124   066.227.136.xxx   wave alke
2007_12_05_18:38:18.994   071.238.054.xxx   I would send em a friendly email :-)
2007_12_05_18:39:16.602   072.081.061.xxx   It's not like it's real competition...
2007_12_05_18:39:44.217   076.178.028.xxx   it says "This Site Is Created  By: Dylan Lewis" on the bottom
2007_12_05_18:40:17.648   071.238.054.xxx   well thats a lie should say site created by alek and stole by him
2007_12_05_18:40:21.303   072.081.061.xxx   Next Topic...
2007_12_05_18:40:24.112   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Guys, it's really not a big deal at all - wish 'em a Merry Christmas for me! ***ALEK***
2007_12_05_18:42:14.742   076.100.145.xxx   The guys at Hop Talk wish you the Peace and Joy of the season.
2007_12_05_18:54:00.219   082.032.214.xxx   Hi Alek - Merry Christmas, good to see the display again! - Dom
2007_12_05_18:57:14.410   076.098.216.xxx   hello david
2007_12_05_18:57:56.174   024.198.046.xxx   Hello from the ISS
2007_12_05_18:58:12.066   074.224.086.xxx   i mad about the ga holiday thing
2007_12_05_18:58:45.740   024.198.046.xxx   Hello again from the ISS
2007_12_05_19:00:04.198   074.224.086.xxx   we should sue ga holidaylights
2007_12_05_19:01:40.733   071.238.054.xxx   get over urself and that (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_05_19:02:20.204   209.248.124.xxx   QUIT TURNING ON ALL THE LIGHTS!
2007_12_05_19:03:22.093   071.238.054.xxx   wait one last thing go here STOP POSTING YOUR SITE PLEASE. com/christmas/test.h (11)
2007_12_05_19:04:02.340   012.215.105.xxx   merry christmas to everyone
2007_12_05_19:04:04.920   071.238.054.xxx   ok just to say he ever has alek's main page as a test page... gasps (12)
2007_12_05_19:04:45.885   067.140.152.xxx   i just pooted
2007_12_05_19:05:37.820   209.248.124.xxx   Nice Christmas display, hope you use HomeSeer.
2007_12_05_19:06:15.662   071.238.054.xxx   I like pie! (13)
2007_12_05_19:07:00.476   071.207.185.xxx   I like cerial!
2007_12_05_19:07:14.270   071.238.054.xxx   even more of a search and long and behold cam 2 is on there also (14)
2007_12_05_19:07:21.731   071.207.185.xxx   Cereal___
2007_12_05_19:09:22.573   074.224.086.xxx   omg did you see that when you go to LINK DELETED/christmas/test.html
2007_12_05_19:09:26.294   076.235.187.xxx   grrr.....
2007_12_05_19:10:40.159   071.207.185.xxx   whattheheckelmowontdeflate!!!
2007_12_05_19:11:08.286   071.238.054.xxx   yes exactly where i went (15)
2007_12_05_19:12:20.681   071.207.185.xxx   Poor homer
2007_12_05_19:12:41.346   071.238.054.xxx   they must be watching us it gone now (16)
2007_12_05_19:14:02.914   071.238.054.xxx   we have a traitor amongst us! (17)
2007_12_05_19:14:04.797   071.207.185.xxx   Heeeeey Alek
2007_12_05_19:14:37.301   074.224.086.xxx   the test html disapperared
2007_12_05_19:15:29.891   071.238.054.xxx   exactly and so did the one of wgg funny i mention it and presto gone (18)
2007_12_05_19:15:56.076   071.229.001.xxx   Thank you Alek! I have Celiac's too! thank you so much for promoting awareness!
2007_12_05_19:16:16.146   068.032.215.xxx   You guys are awesome! From the Flaxs' in Tucson
2007_12_05_19:16:42.819   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** You are welcome - yes, more awareness about Celiac is a good thing. ***ALEK***
2007_12_05_19:18:14.975   071.229.001.xxx   This is my first xmas being diagnosed- you made me smile
2007_12_05_19:19:12.397   071.238.054.xxx   Well more of a reason to donate right 231 (19)
2007_12_05_19:19:43.902   099.227.132.xxx   do  you like cheese santa?
2007_12_05_19:20:17.768   067.170.208.xxx   Merry Christmas Geeks!  Geeks Rule!
2007_12_05_19:20:37.559   075.066.019.xxx   Hi Alek, John from USLforms. Cool site
2007_12_05_19:21:21.706   072.034.097.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_05_19:21:31.391   071.238.054.xxx   nah slashdot wouldn't even attack that garbage (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_05_19:21:42.249   099.227.132.xxx   twitter sent me!
2007_12_05_19:22:06.125   072.034.097.xxx   I donated but forgot to say it was from your site that caused me to donate
2007_12_05_19:22:16.833   099.227.132.xxx   what is your electrical bill like?
2007_12_05_19:22:44.861   024.092.241.xxx   HEllo from NY!!!!
2007_12_05_19:22:47.274   071.238.054.xxx   he only says everday 3 dollors a day (21)
2007_12_05_19:22:58.956   099.227.132.xxx   and do your neighbors like all the craziness?
2007_12_05_19:23:21.919   071.238.054.xxx   he also answers that everyday yes they think it is a hoot (22)
2007_12_05_19:23:27.732   099.227.132.xxx   guy kawasaki says hi
2007_12_05_19:24:46.359   024.011.078.xxx   Hello Cool Person!!!
2007_12_05_19:24:52.484   099.227.132.xxx   happy holidays! nice site!
2007_12_05_19:25:01.043   071.238.054.xxx   alek u should put that in bold (23)
2007_12_05_19:25:03.315   024.092.241.xxx   Hello from NY!
2007_12_05_19:25:20.233   099.200.138.xxx   is this for real?
2007_12_05_19:25:42.847   024.011.078.xxx   People like you make Christmas FUN!
2007_12_05_19:26:33.456   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** The REAL Guy Kawasaki ... or Jackie Chan ***ALEK***
2007_12_05_19:26:36.338   024.092.241.xxx   I LOVE Christmas!!!!
2007_12_05_19:26:56.347   024.011.078.xxx   Hello Santa's Work Shop Guy!!!
2007_12_05_19:28:09.141   072.255.117.xxx   your sister-in-law says hi
2007_12_05_19:28:41.935   075.183.018.xxx   hello from crystal in nc
2007_12_05_19:28:49.148   072.255.117.xxx   stop picking your nose bro
2007_12_05_19:29:29.819   072.034.097.xxx   Lets see of we can raise 100 thousand this year for  Celiac Research!
2007_12_05_19:30:07.902   068.211.129.xxx   alex im sorry for stealing some of your source code
2007_12_05_19:30:46.984   071.238.054.xxx   plz put a reconaization acklodeging it came from him (24)
2007_12_05_19:31:47.574   071.238.054.xxx   and merry christmas (25)
2007_12_05_19:32:05.714   099.200.138.xxx   your page is freaking out in firefox
2007_12_05_19:32:18.670   068.219.214.xxx   dont steal any more code
2007_12_05_19:32:42.962   071.227.207.xxx   falalalalalala
2007_12_05_19:32:59.052   071.238.054.xxx   yes it is a good site though :-) also merry xmas 021 (26)
2007_12_05_19:33:42.224   071.227.207.xxx   Santa lives!
2007_12_05_19:34:06.068   068.219.214.xxx   i like your remote control deal it is nice on ga holiday lights
2007_12_05_19:34:14.230   071.238.054.xxx   ... Nice house looks better then ours :-) (27)
2007_12_05_19:35:06.476   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** HEY, that was NOT a nose pick - was just scratching an itch!  ;-) ***ALEK***
2007_12_05_19:35:34.505   071.238.054.xxx   sure it was just like when u were caught sp**ding! (28)
2007_12_05_19:35:49.367   065.033.224.xxx   was that Mrs Alex??
2007_12_05_19:36:06.415   066.057.102.xxx   merry xmas mander
2007_12_05_19:37:36.458   066.057.102.xxx   merry xmas marvin
2007_12_05_19:38:30.946   071.238.054.xxx   marry xmas geholiday guy! (29)
2007_12_05_19:38:38.510   099.226.052.xxx   Hello from Ontario, Canada
2007_12_05_19:39:18.220   071.238.054.xxx   ello canadian us americans welcome u (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_05_19:41:00.824   068.046.199.xxx   posted from LINK DELETED !!!
2007_12_05_19:41:48.956   068.219.214.xxx   alex what are you doing
2007_12_05_19:41:49.291   071.238.054.xxx   Alek are u reading a joke? (31)
2007_12_05_19:42:08.287   071.245.005.xxx   This site has changed!
2007_12_05_19:42:18.352   068.219.214.xxx   how
2007_12_05_19:42:34.321   071.238.054.xxx   great another spammer (32)
2007_12_05_19:42:55.911   208.047.017.xxx   .
2007_12_05_19:43:05.737   070.226.027.xxx   is alek talking on the phone?
2007_12_05_19:43:15.838   068.219.214.xxx   yes
2007_12_05_19:43:17.033   156.034.026.xxx   hello
2007_12_05_19:43:30.114   071.238.054.xxx   no... HE just has the reciever to his ear for the heck of it (33)
2007_12_05_19:43:35.817   024.161.080.xxx   hi
2007_12_05_19:43:41.771   199.008.065.xxx   Great concept
2007_12_05_19:44:01.944   068.046.199.xxx   Hey Alek, great job this year... Always stepping it up
2007_12_05_19:44:10.762   071.245.005.xxx   is there like no line anymore?
2007_12_05_19:44:17.729   066.057.102.xxx   Homer is down for the count
2007_12_05_19:44:38.105   071.238.054.xxx   it can't be! (34)
2007_12_05_19:45:11.768   071.238.054.xxx   nah he's fine (35)
2007_12_05_19:45:14.452   098.203.250.xxx   Alek - I'm blogging what you sent me.
2007_12_05_19:45:21.558   067.084.095.xxx   Omg Hi!
2007_12_05_19:45:24.011   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hi Chris - I can see you watching me! ***ALEK***
2007_12_05_19:45:26.251   024.161.080.xxx   YAY!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS ALLL
2007_12_05_19:45:47.751   098.203.250.xxx   Alex, this is Chris Pirillo - blogging now.
2007_12_05_19:45:53.259   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Lets try again - Hi Chris - I'm watching you watch me! ***ALEK***
2007_12_05_19:45:55.585   071.238.054.xxx   who's chris??? (36)
2007_12_05_19:46:24.474   024.058.128.xxx   its real i told you
2007_12_05_19:46:46.562   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Chris is watching me - see chris.pirillo.com/live/ ***ALEK***
2007_12_05_19:46:56.603   066.057.102.xxx   This site is FAKE
2007_12_05_19:47:23.814   024.058.128.xxx   im build a parall port controler now!
2007_12_05_19:47:24.079   067.084.095.xxx   Boogers are tasty :) Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas To All!!
2007_12_05_19:47:26.967   084.053.049.xxx   haha
2007_12_05_19:47:30.126   071.184.143.xxx   Bowler4Ever here. Nice site. Hope you get the money needed to get the kids well
2007_12_05_19:47:31.286   071.238.054.xxx   No it is 100 precent real (37)
2007_12_05_19:47:45.416   024.161.080.xxx   no its not a fake
2007_12_05_19:48:04.513   066.057.102.xxx   pics or it didn't happen
2007_12_05_19:48:21.660   024.058.128.xxx   my dad has celiac disease
2007_12_05_19:48:23.675   098.200.133.xxx   is it christmas already??
2007_12_05_19:48:47.155   068.046.199.xxx   You must have incredibly cool neighbors
2007_12_05_19:48:51.678   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Lets try again - Hi Chris - I'm watching you watch me! ***ALEK***
2007_12_05_19:49:03.853   024.161.080.xxx   chris i can see you
2007_12_05_19:49:22.976   098.200.133.xxx   i see you too chris
2007_12_05_19:49:44.451   068.219.214.xxx   who is chris
2007_12_05_19:49:51.724   024.161.080.xxx   chris this is evilspngebob34 in your chat THIS is awsome
2007_12_05_19:50:18.353   071.238.054.xxx   he he (38)
2007_12_05_19:50:49.172   098.200.133.xxx   christmas dude is playing in a chat rm i guess
2007_12_05_19:50:52.182   067.176.157.xxx   lol
2007_12_05_19:51:04.311   071.184.143.xxx   Hey, Chris Pirillo. It's Bowler4Ever :D
2007_12_05_19:51:26.990   148.087.001.xxx   Julio
2007_12_05_19:51:34.726   076.178.028.xxx   hahaha cool
2007_12_05_19:51:50.672   024.161.080.xxx   live dot pirillo dot com
2007_12_05_19:51:59.149   148.087.001.xxx   Julio is cool
2007_12_05_19:52:03.001   075.047.077.xxx   this is very cool
2007_12_05_19:52:17.398   199.008.065.xxx   Chris Preillo ftw
2007_12_05_19:52:18.130   071.238.054.xxx   this site just got a whole lot more fun! (39)
2007_12_05_19:52:27.845   156.034.026.xxx   my teacher has celiac......please help thae cause and donate
2007_12_05_19:52:27.852   132.241.164.xxx   hi good stuff!
2007_12_05_19:52:32.230   024.161.080.xxx   live dot pirillo dot com
2007_12_05_19:52:46.731   098.200.133.xxx   hmm this chat room is to crowded for me going to anther 1
2007_12_05_19:52:48.401   071.238.054.xxx   see he streams why don't u (40 IM's so far today)
2007_12_05_19:52:51.787   099.247.112.xxx   this is so cool
2007_12_05_19:53:00.091   024.161.080.xxx   live dot pirillo dot com
2007_12_05_19:53:32.771   024.161.080.xxx   live dot pirillo dot com
2007_12_05_19:53:34.286   076.178.028.xxx   his has SOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_05_19:53:36.660   067.176.157.xxx   this is awesome!
2007_12_05_19:54:17.237   071.184.143.xxx   Chris Pirillo loves bowling and Christmas. Thanks, Chris!
2007_12_05_19:54:24.398   071.063.034.xxx   anyone want some virtual egg nog?lol
2007_12_05_19:54:40.322   071.123.189.xxx   Hey Alek and Chris, Merry Christmas from TJENN and JENNw77
2007_12_05_19:54:41.694   024.161.080.xxx   live dot pirillo dot com (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_05_19:54:43.488   148.087.001.xxx   Unlce Larry rocks
2007_12_05_19:54:52.409   070.058.007.xxx   Greetings from Dennis
2007_12_05_19:55:00.457   071.238.054.xxx   he is making a screenshot of u (41)
2007_12_05_19:55:05.141   208.047.017.xxx   this is cool
2007_12_05_19:55:06.049   024.161.080.xxx   live dot pirillo dot com (11)
2007_12_05_19:55:23.011   068.219.214.xxx   stop sayinglive dot pirillo dot com
2007_12_05_19:55:25.238   070.234.107.xxx   woot
2007_12_05_19:55:30.996   069.180.076.xxx   hello from Florida
2007_12_05_19:55:31.703   071.063.034.xxx   Pirillo, lay off the ads,ok?
2007_12_05_19:55:33.807   024.161.080.xxx   live dot pirillo dot com (12)
2007_12_05_19:55:35.237   199.008.065.xxx   Hi Wicket
2007_12_05_19:55:37.565   071.123.189.xxx   Hey Alek and Chris Merry Christmas From TJENN and JENNw77
2007_12_05_19:55:41.780   148.087.001.xxx   Uncle larry
2007_12_05_19:55:44.846   132.241.164.xxx   justin dot tv
2007_12_05_19:55:50.152   071.238.054.xxx   this is really really fun now u rule chris (42)
2007_12_05_19:55:57.292   012.201.106.xxx   This is awsome!
2007_12_05_19:55:59.276   024.161.080.xxx   live dot pirillo dot com (13)
2007_12_05_19:56:03.983   071.184.143.xxx   youtube dot com / Bowler4Ever
2007_12_05_19:56:11.929   072.134.021.xxx   koonie
2007_12_05_19:56:15.334   072.215.083.xxx   what's up!
2007_12_05_19:56:19.704   076.083.021.xxx   Buzz Buzz Buzz Lightyear!
2007_12_05_19:56:22.633   071.063.034.xxx   Pirillo, check this out www dot wtf dot com
2007_12_05_19:56:27.760   132.241.164.xxx   hi
2007_12_05_19:56:30.195   024.161.080.xxx   live dot pirillo dot com evilspngebob34 (14)
2007_12_05_19:56:41.171   072.206.108.xxx   kma
2007_12_05_19:56:41.283   074.015.243.xxx   I want cookies
2007_12_05_19:56:46.414   148.087.001.xxx   aromacreek dot com
2007_12_05_19:56:55.770   097.100.093.xxx   i love weenies
2007_12_05_19:57:02.130   071.238.054.xxx   dog wants to deflate a homer (43)
2007_12_05_19:57:03.870   076.120.006.xxx   Alexis and Quinn say Merry Christmas!
2007_12_05_19:57:04.106   024.161.080.xxx   live dot pirillo dot com evilspngebob34 (15)
2007_12_05_19:57:09.000   069.232.039.xxx   g***** is the man
2007_12_05_19:57:17.865   099.247.112.xxx   this is really cool
2007_12_05_19:57:18.730   074.061.120.xxx   hey cool!
2007_12_05_19:57:29.178   082.095.242.xxx   live dot pirillo dot com stz3d
2007_12_05_19:57:33.915   024.161.080.xxx   live dot pirillo dot com evilspngebob34 (16)
2007_12_05_19:57:46.208   069.232.039.xxx   You spin me right round baby right round
2007_12_05_19:58:03.397   024.161.080.xxx   live dot pirillo dot com evilspngebob34 (17)
2007_12_05_19:58:05.752   082.095.242.xxx   live dot pirillo dot com stz3d
2007_12_05_19:58:07.674   069.180.076.xxx   thegiant dot us DUDE THIS IS SWEET NICE JOB
2007_12_05_19:58:20.361   068.094.123.xxx   Give us another thumbs up (46)
2007_12_05_19:58:24.100   071.238.054.xxx   smile ur being stalked by 299 people (44)
2007_12_05_19:58:27.350   076.083.021.xxx   I NEED YOUR LOVE!
2007_12_05_19:58:29.093   024.161.080.xxx   live dot pirillo dot com evilspngebob34 (18)
2007_12_05_19:58:58.119   072.191.014.xxx   hello!
2007_12_05_19:58:58.727   024.161.080.xxx   live dot pirillo dot com evilspngebob34 (19)
2007_12_05_19:59:01.002   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Someone submitted to DIGG - could be intereting tonight ... HO-HO-HO! ***ALEK***
2007_12_05_19:59:01.548   132.241.164.xxx   TWIT dot TV
2007_12_05_19:59:19.349   071.229.224.xxx   Hi Alek from you old friend Herb M
2007_12_05_19:59:23.140   024.161.080.xxx   live dot pirillo dot com evilspngebob34 (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_05_19:59:31.393   148.087.001.xxx   @OracleJulio
2007_12_05_19:59:53.601   071.238.054.xxx   lol (45)
2007_12_05_19:59:54.774   132.241.164.xxx   Hello from CSU Chico
2007_12_05_19:59:59.235   024.161.080.xxx   live dot pirillo dot com evilspngebob34 (21)
2007_12_05_19:59:59.990   076.120.006.xxx   Alexis and Quinn say Merry Christmas!
2007_12_05_20:00:36.381   148.087.001.xxx   Yo quiero taco bell
2007_12_05_20:00:38.146   024.161.080.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS CHRIS!!!! (22)
2007_12_05_20:00:47.380   132.241.164.xxx   Kevin says this is awesome!
2007_12_05_20:01:17.481   070.113.218.xxx   Great site!!!
2007_12_05_20:01:21.111   024.161.080.xxx   DIGG!!!! (23)
2007_12_05_20:01:24.274   071.238.054.xxx   a digg!!! (46)
2007_12_05_20:01:26.770   071.123.189.xxx   YAY! DIGG!!!
2007_12_05_20:01:42.275   132.241.164.xxx   Digg will swarm this place :P
2007_12_05_20:02:03.893   076.178.028.xxx   Alexis are you from idaho?
2007_12_05_20:02:14.254   132.241.164.xxx   Happy Holiday's
2007_12_05_20:02:37.617   148.087.001.xxx   Hi Mo Mo
2007_12_05_20:02:48.280   070.113.218.xxx   x10 rulez
2007_12_05_20:02:53.269   071.238.054.xxx   now slashdot for a repeat of last year (47)
2007_12_05_20:03:09.294   132.241.164.xxx   I'm getting dinner
2007_12_05_20:03:17.705   075.047.077.xxx   chris pirillo rocks your socks
2007_12_05_20:03:25.450   148.087.001.xxx   Hi Dn Julio
2007_12_05_20:03:25.695   069.139.233.xxx   waaaa***uuuuuuupppp!!!!
2007_12_05_20:03:25.711   071.238.054.xxx   now slashdot for a repeat of last year (48)
2007_12_05_20:03:54.412   075.047.077.xxx   swat is cool too
2007_12_05_20:04:17.675   024.161.080.xxx   i got a few to look here Evilspngebob34 (24)
2007_12_05_20:04:19.073   071.123.189.xxx   Merry Christmas lek & Chris Pirillo from TJENN and JENNW77
2007_12_05_20:04:38.490   071.229.224.xxx   I just donated!  - Herb
2007_12_05_20:04:45.968   068.040.039.xxx   Woot! merry x-mas foos!
2007_12_05_20:05:20.119   068.040.039.xxx   Must control hulk!
2007_12_05_20:05:28.671   024.161.080.xxx   JODY GNANT!!!! (25)
2007_12_05_20:05:29.505   148.087.001.xxx   this is not a restaurant
2007_12_05_20:05:36.124   076.224.003.xxx   lol
2007_12_05_20:05:43.450   012.219.061.xxx   I own you all!
2007_12_05_20:05:44.725   148.087.001.xxx   Hulk Rocks!
2007_12_05_20:05:55.998   076.178.028.xxx   Alexis are you from idaho? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_05_20:05:57.490   068.040.039.xxx   What's with the skeleton next to the clock?
2007_12_05_20:06:03.040   069.180.076.xxx   ALL YOUR LIGHTS ARE BELONG TO US
2007_12_05_20:06:11.123   024.161.080.xxx   JODY GNANT!!! ROCKS (26)
2007_12_05_20:06:12.320   071.123.189.xxx   Talk Tech 24/7 at liveDOTpirilloDOTcom
2007_12_05_20:06:14.187   148.087.001.xxx   Big Daddy sends his greetings!!! - Mo MO
2007_12_05_20:06:34.772   024.128.015.xxx   hi
2007_12_05_20:06:39.051   075.047.077.xxx   all your chris pirillo belongs to us
2007_12_05_20:06:40.521   148.087.001.xxx   Hey Mo mo (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_05_20:06:51.928   024.161.080.xxx   jody gnant!! (27)
2007_12_05_20:07:03.234   068.040.039.xxx   why does pirillo sing like a girl?
2007_12_05_20:07:06.039   071.238.054.xxx   all messages are displaying in bold why? (49)
2007_12_05_20:07:13.882   148.087.001.xxx   this is not a restaurant (11)
2007_12_05_20:07:16.667   148.087.001.xxx   Arriba Mexico, Cochos! - MOMO
2007_12_05_20:07:25.955   024.161.080.xxx   chris pirillo os a robot (28)
2007_12_05_20:07:26.559   075.047.077.xxx   chris pirillo is cool!!
2007_12_05_20:07:41.804   132.241.164.xxx   Opium (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_05_20:07:59.969   069.180.076.xxx   your face
2007_12_05_20:08:03.288   148.087.001.xxx   Yo quiero taco bell (12)
2007_12_05_20:08:15.614   068.040.039.xxx   booyah...green field
2007_12_05_20:08:19.662   132.241.164.xxx   hi Chris! (11)
2007_12_05_20:08:33.287   024.161.080.xxx   chris is a robot (29)
2007_12_05_20:08:33.681   074.046.126.xxx   that is really cool
2007_12_05_20:09:03.568   068.040.039.xxx   someone save frosty!
2007_12_05_20:09:14.953   148.087.001.xxx   chao Mo (13)
2007_12_05_20:09:22.296   076.178.028.xxx   why is everything bolded? (11)
2007_12_05_20:09:22.590   024.161.080.xxx   happy hanukah (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_05_20:09:22.834   071.121.181.xxx   This is Hannah VM
2007_12_05_20:09:24.827   132.241.164.xxx   Co cks (12)
2007_12_05_20:09:55.511   024.161.080.xxx   hi norm (31)
2007_12_05_20:10:05.489   068.040.039.xxx   Anti-gliadin antibodies SUCK!
2007_12_05_20:10:10.407   132.241.164.xxx   hi (13)
2007_12_05_20:10:11.480   024.128.015.xxx   DEDHAM HIGH SCHOOL ROCKS!
2007_12_05_20:10:16.911   076.178.028.xxx   EVERYTHING is bolded (12)
2007_12_05_20:10:24.016   070.178.098.xxx   Hello Pumpkin!!!
2007_12_05_20:10:37.061   068.040.039.xxx   Durkee county football RULES!
2007_12_05_20:10:43.867   071.121.181.xxx   Hello from Lynden, Washington
2007_12_05_20:10:49.338   071.221.023.xxx   This rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_05_20:10:52.859   071.238.054.xxx   alek all messages are now being made bold fix it!!!! (50 IM's so far today)
2007_12_05_20:11:03.099   132.241.164.xxx   Hello from CSU Chico (14)
2007_12_05_20:11:10.682   068.040.039.xxx   I don't think i've laughed this hard in a long time...
2007_12_05_20:11:12.472   068.094.123.xxx   more people coming in!  PLEASE DONATE (47)
2007_12_05_20:11:35.399   071.121.181.xxx   Hello from Moscow, Russia
2007_12_05_20:11:48.251   024.013.250.xxx   Howdy
2007_12_05_20:11:54.072   132.241.164.xxx   hello from Ura*** (15)
2007_12_05_20:12:16.917   024.128.015.xxx   DEDHAM HIGH SCHOOL ROCKS!
2007_12_05_20:12:30.814   068.040.039.xxx   DEDHAM SUX! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_05_20:12:36.406   071.121.181.xxx   Hello from Taipei
2007_12_05_20:12:37.344   024.013.250.xxx   WJHS Sucks!
2007_12_05_20:12:44.753   024.161.080.xxx   woodstck NY woot (32)
2007_12_05_20:12:53.138   132.241.164.xxx   Your high school sucks! (16)
2007_12_05_20:12:55.563   068.040.039.xxx   YOU SUCK! (11)
2007_12_05_20:12:56.135   024.128.015.xxx   DEDHAM ROCKS
2007_12_05_20:13:29.835   024.161.080.xxx   live dot pirillo dot com (33)
2007_12_05_20:13:31.241   071.121.181.xxx   hjjtfrgjkjjhjh
2007_12_05_20:14:03.131   024.128.015.xxx   Is this SANTAs wkshp
2007_12_05_20:14:12.532   132.241.164.xxx   Kevin Rose (17)
2007_12_05_20:14:14.389   012.219.061.xxx   Sethmooooo
2007_12_05_20:14:18.764   024.161.080.xxx   live dot pirillo dot com (34)
2007_12_05_20:14:19.299   071.121.181.xxx   Hello from the Pacific Northwest!
2007_12_05_20:14:38.484   132.241.164.xxx   Kevin Rose (18)
2007_12_05_20:14:53.857   071.008.042.xxx   hmmm, you gonna eat yo cornbread?
2007_12_05_20:14:54.155   068.040.039.xxx   dug dug dug (12)
2007_12_05_20:15:05.646   076.238.014.xxx   Yes!
2007_12_05_20:15:06.921   024.161.080.xxx   live dot pirillo dot com (35)
2007_12_05_20:15:07.847   065.186.222.xxx   Hello
2007_12_05_20:15:09.570   071.123.189.xxx   Alex Albretch
2007_12_05_20:15:10.270   068.039.080.xxx   leo laporte
2007_12_05_20:15:11.943   071.121.181.xxx   Iowa Hawkeyes are teh best!
2007_12_05_20:15:24.609   068.040.039.xxx   Dude, turn the lava on! (13)
2007_12_05_20:15:47.426   071.121.181.xxx   Lava Lava Lava Lava
2007_12_05_20:16:07.263   132.241.164.xxx   Java Java Java Java (19)
2007_12_05_20:16:14.573   024.074.187.xxx   hi
2007_12_05_20:16:19.295   071.121.181.xxx   Donate Donate Donate
2007_12_05_20:16:29.229   071.008.042.xxx   woo
2007_12_05_20:16:32.391   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Switching to full load balanced mode due to traffic - three 100 Mbps servers! ***ALEK***
2007_12_05_20:16:35.367   012.219.061.xxx   I need a beer ___
2007_12_05_20:16:41.335   024.161.080.xxx   hi puppy bright (36)
2007_12_05_20:16:52.102   132.241.164.xxx   get me a beer! (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_05_20:17:09.867   024.161.080.xxx   cambells soup is good (37)
2007_12_05_20:17:15.278   068.040.039.xxx   All your frosty are belong to us (14)
2007_12_05_20:17:22.138   076.238.014.xxx   swweeeeeeeeet
2007_12_05_20:17:38.128   071.121.181.xxx   Hi Alek!  We love your Christmas lights!  Hope you get lots of money. (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_05_20:17:46.651   024.161.080.xxx   puppy brite (38)
2007_12_05_20:18:09.459   071.238.054.xxx   lets make counter crash!!! (51)
2007_12_05_20:18:10.171   076.238.014.xxx   I dare you to press the GRRRRR button
2007_12_05_20:19:07.109   024.161.080.xxx   hi puppy brite (39)
2007_12_05_20:19:10.243   071.121.181.xxx   What is Christmas all about anyway? (11)
2007_12_05_20:19:33.987   024.161.080.xxx   hi puppy brite (40 IM's so far today)
2007_12_05_20:19:36.710   068.040.039.xxx   PRESENTS! (15)
2007_12_05_20:20:03.382   024.161.080.xxx   cambel's soup s**** (41)
2007_12_05_20:20:04.339   069.118.077.xxx   hi mike
2007_12_05_20:20:12.731   068.040.039.xxx   It's all gimme gimme gimme! (16)
2007_12_05_20:20:12.982   209.030.085.xxx   Wow this is fun!!!
2007_12_05_20:20:22.748   071.121.181.xxx   really is presents all.  im sick of material stuff (12)
2007_12_05_20:20:38.555   012.217.096.xxx   This is KInda cool
2007_12_05_20:20:38.906   209.030.085.xxx   HEY!
2007_12_05_20:20:43.148   076.223.056.xxx   I had a great day!!!!  looks like alek did too!!!!
2007_12_05_20:20:44.413   069.118.077.xxx   Hey evilspongebob
2007_12_05_20:20:49.903   072.209.226.xxx   jo
2007_12_05_20:20:57.397   068.040.039.xxx   Punk hulk telling me to restart... (17)
2007_12_05_20:21:04.912   132.241.164.xxx   i wish i knew as much as chris lol, i cant even make a myspace layout.... (21)
2007_12_05_20:21:07.809   071.238.054.xxx   no it's abot giving! (52)
2007_12_05_20:21:08.559   024.161.080.xxx   hi pple who s*** (42)
2007_12_05_20:21:13.246   071.121.181.xxx   So what is christmas all about? (13)
2007_12_05_20:21:38.271   132.241.164.xxx   dood i wonder if i can run java script on myspace (22)
2007_12_05_20:21:45.729   024.161.080.xxx   happy honakah!! (43)
2007_12_05_20:21:47.519   064.012.116.xxx   Pentax 6.1 MP K110D Digital SLR Camera & 18-55 mm Lens Kit
2007_12_05_20:21:48.846   071.121.181.xxx   so what if i cant give (14)
2007_12_05_20:21:52.714   068.094.123.xxx   more people coming in!  PLEASE DONATE (48)
2007_12_05_20:22:03.656   068.059.107.xxx   stop
2007_12_05_20:22:19.583   076.223.056.xxx   nice alek!!  i laughed!!  out loud!
2007_12_05_20:22:20.389   024.161.080.xxx   happy hanikah (44)
2007_12_05_20:22:20.478   195.095.184.xxx   Yes donate ! FTW
2007_12_05_20:22:57.401   070.249.190.xxx   cool lava lamp
2007_12_05_20:22:59.489   024.161.080.xxx   hi chris (45)
2007_12_05_20:22:59.982   068.040.039.xxx   Lights OFF SAYS HULK (18)
2007_12_05_20:23:06.825   132.241.164.xxx   doo da doo doo (23)
2007_12_05_20:23:25.734   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Chris Pirillo saga mentioned on blog with pictures ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_05_20:23:26.263   071.121.181.xxx   What is Christmas all about? (15)
2007_12_05_20:23:32.499   024.161.080.xxx   change the catagory to make it on digg (46)
2007_12_05_20:23:43.355   132.241.164.xxx   stfu (24)
2007_12_05_20:23:55.603   071.002.087.xxx   Nice Hulk Dude
2007_12_05_20:24:07.250   070.249.190.xxx   hulk is grinch colored.
2007_12_05_20:24:18.635   070.139.113.xxx   this is awesome - nice job
2007_12_05_20:24:39.961   024.164.011.xxx   I love Chris!
2007_12_05_20:24:43.071   071.121.181.xxx   what is christmas about? (16)
2007_12_05_20:24:58.481   132.241.164.xxx   Hey s* y take your clothes off (25)
2007_12_05_20:25:25.018   208.123.017.xxx   greetings  from mn
2007_12_05_20:25:35.427   076.178.028.xxx   alek everytinh is bolded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 (13)
2007_12_05_20:25:45.620   070.249.190.xxx   greetings from AR
2007_12_05_20:25:52.686   071.238.054.xxx   chris is watching nuke's (53)
2007_12_05_20:26:02.134   071.229.186.xxx   Hi Alek    Katsu would think this is pretty neat. great job
2007_12_05_20:27:15.867   065.001.037.xxx   Very nice job, from a lockergnomie
2007_12_05_20:27:26.482   071.238.054.xxx   chris went by by (54)
2007_12_05_20:27:33.573   024.164.011.xxx   I love Chris!
2007_12_05_20:27:54.378   024.169.134.xxx   Merry Christmas, Alex
2007_12_05_20:28:29.257   024.169.134.xxx   Hulk is a wimp! LOL!!!
2007_12_05_20:28:30.437   065.001.037.xxx   I'd hate to see your power bill for December!
2007_12_05_20:28:40.859   132.241.164.xxx   eastcoastvegas dot com (26)
2007_12_05_20:29:06.680   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Power bill is about three bucks a day - REALLY - see FAQ (div/bold issue fixed!) ***ALEK***
2007_12_05_20:29:36.532   132.241.164.xxx   hump hump (27)
2007_12_05_20:30:01.550   068.189.218.xxx   Can you wave
2007_12_05_20:30:09.532   068.088.193.xxx   hi
2007_12_05_20:30:31.673   065.001.037.xxx   Maybe get power company to sponsor part of this? Lower bill?  :)
2007_12_05_20:30:37.477   068.189.218.xxx   Really cool....You rock!
2007_12_05_20:30:41.686   132.241.164.xxx   so how' s everyone doing? (28)
2007_12_05_20:31:27.647   068.189.218.xxx   To infinity!  And BEYOND!
2007_12_05_20:31:50.240   076.223.056.xxx   bold issue not fixed... still showing bold on my computer
2007_12_05_20:31:54.691   202.137.139.xxx   hello from laos
2007_12_05_20:32:06.978   068.189.218.xxx   Want to say hi to my Son Jonathan!
2007_12_05_20:32:20.960   132.241.164.xxx   there is no issues with bold text, it's you (29)
2007_12_05_20:32:49.128   132.241.164.xxx   Hi World! (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_05_20:32:55.926   068.189.218.xxx   I wonder what Frankenstein is doing?
2007_12_05_20:33:35.824   132.241.164.xxx   NIGHT EVERYONE (31)
2007_12_05_20:33:54.801   071.238.054.xxx   refresh to fix bold (55)
2007_12_05_20:34:40.170   065.001.037.xxx   Got allot of local media for this I'm wondering?
2007_12_05_20:34:55.195   202.137.139.xxx   thanks for sharing your christmas with us
2007_12_05_20:35:25.404   068.189.218.xxx   The cursor is hillarious
2007_12_05_20:37:00.083   068.007.085.xxx   happy holidays from san diego california
2007_12_05_20:37:21.424   070.139.113.xxx   this is awesome - nice job
2007_12_05_20:37:32.123   063.231.087.xxx   Alek, you da man!
2007_12_05_20:38:44.633   071.238.054.xxx   just flashed offline!?!?!? (56)
2007_12_05_20:39:46.072   071.238.054.xxx   what happened to digg? (57)
2007_12_05_20:40:10.181   069.180.076.xxx   Watching Chris watching you is funny
2007_12_05_20:40:55.559   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Just realized DIGG was 11 days ago - won't FP - maybe next week. ***ALEK***
2007_12_05_20:41:29.020   071.238.054.xxx   someone just posted a new one (58)
2007_12_05_20:42:49.972   068.094.123.xxx   more people coming in!  PLEASE DONATE (49)
2007_12_05_20:43:36.014   068.094.123.xxx   Please Answer...Does 105.9 still have something on their website about this? I  (50 IM's so far today)
2007_12_05_20:44:45.107   068.094.123.xxx   I cant find the story on the 105.9 website. (51)
2007_12_05_20:45:30.537   071.238.054.xxx   He is in grting in troble by someine??? (59)
2007_12_05_20:45:54.304   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** No longer on 105.9's site ... but the audio was captured on mine ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_05_20:46:19.481   068.094.123.xxx   ok, thanks so much (52)
2007_12_05_20:46:50.134   068.094.123.xxx   hey the Lava Lamp went off  :( (53)
2007_12_05_20:46:55.293   097.089.183.xxx   Blah blha
2007_12_05_20:49:15.890   097.089.183.xxx   Hello Shiela
2007_12_05_20:51:34.373   069.180.076.xxx   HO HO HO
2007_12_05_20:52:38.633   068.094.236.xxx   i like pie
2007_12_05_20:53:53.206   024.192.139.xxx   :)
2007_12_05_20:54:50.785   068.094.236.xxx   is cheesecake a pie or a cake?
2007_12_05_20:55:09.664   216.015.074.xxx   D'Oh!
2007_12_05_20:56:54.818   202.049.173.xxx   Hello from New Zealand
2007_12_05_20:56:59.567   070.240.139.xxx   Hi Camilla
2007_12_05_20:57:26.383   070.240.139.xxx   Hi from Oklahoma
2007_12_05_20:57:29.871   068.094.236.xxx   Auckland?
2007_12_05_20:57:56.762   068.111.098.xxx   Merry Christmas Silly Yak
2007_12_05_20:59:06.304   068.094.236.xxx   you're mom is a silly yak!
2007_12_05_21:01:49.391   202.049.173.xxx   More FM
2007_12_05_21:04:39.707   070.240.139.xxx   hi tiffany
2007_12_05_21:05:00.305   075.073.089.xxx   What are the ___bad___ kids getting this year?
2007_12_05_21:05:47.377   070.240.139.xxx   Hi Tiffany :)
2007_12_05_21:07:41.434   070.240.139.xxx   Merry Christmas Oklahoma
2007_12_05_21:08:12.266   024.181.053.xxx   who bees the guy in bottom left
2007_12_05_21:08:15.988   123.226.121.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2007_12_05_21:08:55.251   074.141.005.xxx   Happy Holidays from LINK DELETED
2007_12_05_21:09:15.985   075.166.010.xxx   hi
2007_12_05_21:09:19.597   024.181.053.xxx   whos link deleted
2007_12_05_21:10:11.090   074.141.005.xxx   mine :(
2007_12_05_21:10:40.010   024.181.053.xxx   must be nice for it only to be 9:10
2007_12_05_21:10:48.370   134.048.160.xxx   YEESSS HE LOOKED AT US!!!!!
2007_12_05_21:11:09.397   024.181.053.xxx   but not you
2007_12_05_21:11:22.634   068.094.123.xxx   someone said this was a hoax again (54)
2007_12_05_21:11:26.063   134.048.160.xxx   he was only looking at me
2007_12_05_21:11:37.981   074.141.005.xxx   why do the controls go off at 10?
2007_12_05_21:11:40.730   190.056.090.xxx   im from guatemala and you?
2007_12_05_21:12:01.320   024.181.053.xxx   im from that dumpster out back
2007_12_05_21:12:36.016   190.056.090.xxx   yea i speak litle english!!!!
2007_12_05_21:13:31.313   068.094.123.xxx   open the garage door   lol (55)
2007_12_05_21:13:47.133   190.056.090.xxx   were view you donde escribes
2007_12_05_21:13:49.988   068.110.112.xxx   do you get complaints from people?
2007_12_05_21:14:07.283   068.094.123.xxx   Are you having fun Alek? (56)
2007_12_05_21:14:07.836   024.181.053.xxx   i hate calc!!!!!!
2007_12_05_21:14:20.806   190.056.090.xxx   you speak spanish
2007_12_05_21:14:42.413   024.181.053.xxx   i speak stupid
2007_12_05_21:14:43.954   068.094.123.xxx   why does Cam2 keep going black and White? (57)
2007_12_05_21:15:17.698   024.181.053.xxx   because it hates you
2007_12_05_21:15:28.775   190.056.090.xxx   hey hablas espa___ol
2007_12_05_21:15:34.812   068.110.112.xxx   HELLLLOOO do you get compaints form peoplle?
2007_12_05_21:15:43.120   068.094.123.xxx   oh you are so clever (58)
2007_12_05_21:16:17.902   068.094.123.xxx   good thing your IP address keeps popping up when you send a message! (59)
2007_12_05_21:17:29.734   068.094.123.xxx   wonder how many of you are actually donating (60 IM's so far today)
2007_12_05_21:17:29.781   190.056.090.xxx   no entiendo nada men
2007_12_05_21:17:39.816   012.226.164.xxx   does this work?
2007_12_05_21:18:05.143   202.092.090.xxx   Time to go home
2007_12_05_21:18:17.623   190.056.090.xxx   hello from guatemala
2007_12_05_21:18:18.114   066.171.116.xxx   hi alek, thanks for the email!
2007_12_05_21:18:19.860   068.094.123.xxx   Cam3 is for real but I think 1 and 2 are a hoax but I still donated 100 (61)
2007_12_05_21:18:24.406   207.202.171.xxx   Hi there!!! LINK DELETED!!!
2007_12_05_21:19:04.101   202.092.090.xxx   Hi Brooke
2007_12_05_21:19:07.079   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks for the donation - all cams are 100 percent real - ditto the $20,000+  for Celiac***ALEK***
2007_12_05_21:19:14.239   190.056.090.xxx   bye men
2007_12_05_21:19:23.472   066.171.116.xxx   no snow, eh?
2007_12_05_21:19:33.082   012.205.163.xxx   This is your IfdN
2007_12_05_21:19:57.373   024.017.187.xxx   My kids LOVE this.
2007_12_05_21:20:13.496   066.171.116.xxx   no snow, eh?
2007_12_05_21:20:37.691   068.094.123.xxx   come on open the garage for us (62)
2007_12_05_21:21:06.382   066.171.116.xxx   stick out ur tongue so we know ur real!
2007_12_05_21:21:14.912   207.202.171.xxx   Hello from Seattle!
2007_12_05_21:21:48.288   207.202.171.xxx   Great automation -- mavromatic.
2007_12_05_21:21:51.085   024.017.187.xxx   Hello From Bellingham, WA
2007_12_05_21:22:07.693   070.255.252.xxx   All your base are belong to us
2007_12_05_21:22:38.954   012.205.163.xxx   no, all your base belong to ME!
2007_12_05_21:23:01.766   202.092.090.xxx   It's been a long time since I saw this message
2007_12_05_21:23:05.569   068.063.184.xxx   Greetings from TechtalkRadio
2007_12_05_21:23:07.570   075.107.183.xxx   ho ho ho from missouri
2007_12_05_21:23:19.335   203.020.074.xxx   Hello Sean xxxx
2007_12_05_21:24:04.273   134.048.160.xxx   Rebecca will you marry me?
2007_12_05_21:24:26.440   202.092.090.xxx   NO I WON't
2007_12_05_21:24:43.766   070.255.252.xxx   Hello fromTexas! Ye haw!
2007_12_05_21:26:39.426   068.063.184.xxx   Love you Army Girl!
2007_12_05_21:27:17.921   216.175.118.xxx   Merry Christmas FNN!
2007_12_05_21:27:34.355   069.137.177.xxx   Love you AZ!!
2007_12_05_21:31:34.970   064.053.144.xxx   HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM BIG JOHN
2007_12_05_21:31:46.257   068.110.112.xxx   I bought a ferrari today!!!
2007_12_05_21:32:18.682   203.097.108.xxx   HiYa from New Zealand!
2007_12_05_21:35:38.116   070.048.000.xxx   happy holidays
2007_12_05_21:36:28.550   070.048.000.xxx   Seasons Greetings from Perth, Ontario
2007_12_05_21:36:59.216   068.110.112.xxx   anyone else have a ferrari? or a lamborghini? bentley maybe or even a rolls roy
2007_12_05_21:37:40.254   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** 1972 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Convertible - how's that for 'ya! ***ALEK***
2007_12_05_21:37:59.521   131.202.212.xxx   '98 Toyota Corolla
2007_12_05_21:39:05.092   068.110.112.xxx   anyone wanna race? :) is the 88 your daily ride?
2007_12_05_21:39:05.293   131.202.212.xxx   University of New Brunswick, in Canada, Says Hi!
2007_12_05_21:40:21.684   069.247.241.xxx   cool happy holidays
2007_12_05_21:42:06.776   076.178.028.xxx   you look happy alek.... (14)
2007_12_05_21:42:10.838   207.144.111.xxx   WHOOHOOO this is crazy!! i def love it! i thought my singing christmas tree was
2007_12_05_21:42:40.481   068.110.112.xxx   how do you make santa climb the latter???
2007_12_05_21:43:12.212   071.238.054.xxx   he stands with whip... jk (60 IM's so far today)
2007_12_05_21:43:27.753   208.020.044.xxx   Okay - now everyone wave to the nice elf! _________waves_________
2007_12_05_21:44:04.260   071.238.054.xxx   _________ Alek 223 highest this year (61)
2007_12_05_21:44:38.278   076.223.056.xxx   no pic on the blog of your upside down fun earlier? sad...
2007_12_05_21:44:57.439   208.020.044.xxx   You're kids would like a redbone coonhound for Christmas! :)
2007_12_05_21:46:37.560   068.110.112.xxx   I googled your car and it showed a pic of you with hulk in the car
2007_12_05_21:48:41.008   067.168.125.xxx   Pretty awsome but my son does not think it is real
2007_12_05_21:48:53.855   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Should I leave the lights on for an extra hour tonight? ***ALEK***
2007_12_05_21:49:40.063   058.168.012.xxx   merry christmas evan and elliot xxx
2007_12_05_21:49:49.753   068.110.112.xxx   yes
2007_12_05_21:50:33.272   068.110.112.xxx   whats your occupation? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_05_21:51:29.160   058.168.012.xxx   merry christmas from australia
2007_12_05_21:52:02.803   068.094.123.xxx   I want to see someone walk outside the house (63)
2007_12_05_21:52:58.418   068.159.114.xxx   me too
2007_12_05_21:53:11.275   068.094.123.xxx   I will donate another 100 if you show its really LIVE (64)
2007_12_05_21:53:12.146   076.223.056.xxx   yes, leave the lights on!
2007_12_05_21:54:05.773   068.159.114.xxx   how long did this take to set up
2007_12_05_21:54:15.381   068.094.123.xxx   come on just open the garage door or walk outside (65)
2007_12_05_21:54:27.105   068.110.112.xxx   does it burn fuses when we turn the lights on an off (11)
2007_12_05_21:54:40.035   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Watch during the day 068 - plenty of people/cars going by - thanks for donating! ***ALEK***
2007_12_05_21:55:06.306   068.094.123.xxx   Happy Holidays to LA and TX (66)
2007_12_05_21:55:19.536   068.110.112.xxx   I know I saw someone pull in the garage at 5 (12)
2007_12_05_21:56:06.377   068.159.114.xxx   whered he go
2007_12_05_21:56:09.760   068.094.123.xxx   There he is!! (67)
2007_12_05_21:56:36.934   068.094.123.xxx   in the garage! (68)
2007_12_05_21:56:42.130   068.159.114.xxx   where????
2007_12_05_21:57:01.494   068.094.123.xxx   guess I was wrong (69)
2007_12_05_21:57:07.078   024.255.231.xxx   welcome back alek
2007_12_05_21:57:28.331   076.025.253.xxx   text
2007_12_05_21:57:35.466   068.110.112.xxx   whered you go. (13)
2007_12_05_21:57:45.290   068.228.228.xxx   Hey, just got your email!
2007_12_05_21:57:49.827   069.081.092.xxx   Yes, first time here!
2007_12_05_21:57:56.009   024.255.231.xxx   we missed you
2007_12_05_21:58:15.138   068.094.123.xxx   I have been here for HOURS.  Donated 100 anyone else donate? (70 IM's so far today)
2007_12_05_21:58:28.774   068.228.228.xxx   What kind of text filters are up this year?
2007_12_05_21:58:54.797   058.168.012.xxx   merry christmas again from australia!
2007_12_05_21:59:09.293   068.094.123.xxx   i would donate more if I knew it was live (71)
2007_12_05_21:59:31.998   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I look forward to hearing about UofM receiving 068's $100 donation for charity! ***ALEK***
2007_12_05_21:59:50.388   024.013.189.xxx   hey alek
2007_12_05_21:59:56.327   058.168.012.xxx   merry christmas evan and elliot
2007_12_05_22:00:06.893   068.094.123.xxx   Its from Mike and Vicky.  The 100 (72)
2007_12_05_22:00:34.864   068.094.123.xxx   U have my IP, why would I lie? (73)
2007_12_05_22:01:03.504   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Cool on the donation - turning garage light off shortly ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_05_22:01:07.025   068.228.228.xxx   Thanks for the good times Komar!
2007_12_05_22:01:12.680   068.094.123.xxx   Plus I have posted your link on about 20 websites (74)
2007_12_05_22:02:39.221   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** BTW, webcams ON for an extra hour tonight ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_05_22:02:52.894   068.094.123.xxx   Trying to find your email address on here, I will prove it (75)
2007_12_05_22:02:56.397   024.255.231.xxx   YEAHHHH
2007_12_05_22:03:24.943   024.255.231.xxx   alek your the man
2007_12_05_22:03:59.645   068.094.123.xxx   but after read the hoax stuff i want to know Im not being dupped (76)
2007_12_05_22:04:35.642   068.094.123.xxx   even if its not real, I was still happy to help (77)
2007_12_05_22:05:31.514   024.255.231.xxx   its the novelty of it that strikes my interest
2007_12_05_22:06:40.736   065.125.138.xxx   KEWL!!!
2007_12_05_22:06:43.465   069.251.163.xxx   Ray says Hello
2007_12_05_22:08:19.493   024.255.231.xxx   OMG I SEE BUZZ LIGHTYEAR BY THE MONITOR
2007_12_05_22:08:48.749   024.255.231.xxx   Buzz is my hero....
2007_12_05_22:08:54.703   069.251.163.xxx   ___ lol
2007_12_05_22:09:56.470   068.094.123.xxx   Alek did u check on my 100? (78)
2007_12_05_22:10:33.386   068.094.123.xxx   also got 10 bracelets (79)
2007_12_05_22:10:57.763   206.248.136.xxx   hello world
2007_12_05_22:11:13.038   068.094.123.xxx   that does go to your family right? (80 IM's so far today)
2007_12_05_22:11:14.553   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Donation goes direct to UofM - I never see it - and they are sleeping now ***ALEK***
2007_12_05_22:12:02.068   024.255.231.xxx   dude don't donate for the fame...do it from your heart
2007_12_05_22:12:09.518   068.094.123.xxx   well I wish I could do more, but I hope it helps (81)
2007_12_05_22:12:45.173   068.094.123.xxx   what fame?  lol (82)
2007_12_05_22:12:46.640   098.193.077.xxx   Hello
2007_12_05_22:13:15.194   024.255.231.xxx   all the donatons have there names up on the sitte
2007_12_05_22:13:18.771   071.208.092.xxx   watup yo!
2007_12_05_22:13:22.918   068.114.119.xxx   hey
2007_12_05_22:13:39.857   068.094.123.xxx   i think this is the most genuine concept to help raise awareness (83)
2007_12_05_22:13:45.353   071.208.092.xxx   GRU.ORG
2007_12_05_22:13:49.634   098.193.077.xxx   HELLO
2007_12_05_22:14:14.512   024.255.231.xxx   alek i wanna thank you for this...my kids are having a blast (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_05_22:14:18.816   098.193.077.xxx   Hello
2007_12_05_22:14:57.135   069.251.163.xxx   Rachel is awesome =)
2007_12_05_22:15:13.552   083.135.234.xxx   Hello from webcam-tour.de
2007_12_05_22:15:15.814   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** When UofM confirms the donation, I put the name on the page ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_05_22:15:18.951   071.208.092.xxx   wow, your neighbors must hate you :)
2007_12_05_22:15:53.489   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Especially the one across the street who let me put webcam1 on his house! ;-) ***ALEK***
2007_12_05_22:16:03.503   075.166.119.xxx   hello from LINK DELETED  :)
2007_12_05_22:16:13.197   024.255.231.xxx   hehehehehehehehehe (11)
2007_12_05_22:16:29.716   075.166.119.xxx   hello from littleton
2007_12_05_22:17:01.433   071.208.092.xxx   niwot in the house!
2007_12_05_22:17:10.268   069.251.163.xxx   Hello from Maryland.
2007_12_05_22:17:39.782   098.193.077.xxx   Hey chewy whats up
2007_12_05_22:17:49.298   075.166.119.xxx   I LIKE ICE CREAM
2007_12_05_22:18:13.065   098.193.077.xxx   yo chewy
2007_12_05_22:18:46.025   024.007.220.xxx   hi
2007_12_05_22:18:58.607   069.225.021.xxx   Merry
2007_12_05_22:19:07.547   075.166.119.xxx   your page needs to be web 2.0
2007_12_05_22:19:12.010   098.193.077.xxx   hannukah
2007_12_05_22:19:23.104   024.007.220.xxx   hey mr how do i donate
2007_12_05_22:19:35.062   069.225.021.xxx   Merry Christmas from Monster Mansion !!!
2007_12_05_22:21:40.252   024.007.220.xxx   is hulks weener green too
2007_12_05_22:24:15.181   075.166.119.xxx   how do you push this all down to theplanet servers?
2007_12_05_22:25:02.541   069.234.056.xxx   wocka wocka wocka!
2007_12_05_22:25:07.269   024.161.080.xxx   live dot pirillo dot com (47)
2007_12_05_22:25:40.077   024.255.231.xxx   So alek did you put any thought on my biker santa idea for next year? (12)
2007_12_05_22:25:54.206   069.234.056.xxx   git-r-done!
2007_12_05_22:26:25.937   024.161.080.xxx   live dot pirillo dot com (48)
2007_12_05_22:26:54.845   024.161.080.xxx   /nick evilspngebob34 (49)
2007_12_05_22:28:00.409   068.094.123.xxx   had fun Alek! Glad I was able to help! (84)
2007_12_05_22:28:35.173   068.094.123.xxx   have a great night everyone!  Donate Donate Donate (85)
2007_12_05_22:28:46.939   075.069.239.xxx   Kewl
2007_12_05_22:28:54.841   024.255.231.xxx   lol need music on the site (13)
2007_12_05_22:29:12.928   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Actually, there WILL be a Biker Dude in 2008 - come back then to see 'em! ***ALEK***
2007_12_05_22:29:34.919   024.255.231.xxx   YEAHHHHHHH (14)
2007_12_05_22:30:11.138   024.255.231.xxx   :( the hulk blocked my screen:( (15)
2007_12_05_22:31:44.384   075.022.021.xxx   f***ers
2007_12_05_22:32:12.931   075.022.021.xxx   whos idea is this?
2007_12_05_22:32:37.106   075.022.021.xxx   CHEWYYYY
2007_12_05_22:32:50.501   024.255.231.xxx   its alek's idea:D he's the coolest (16)
2007_12_05_22:33:12.132   075.022.021.xxx   my cokc hurts
2007_12_05_22:33:38.344   075.022.021.xxx   v*****
2007_12_05_22:33:40.891   024.255.231.xxx   BRIGHT LIGHT!!! (17)
2007_12_05_22:34:09.418   075.022.021.xxx   im h****.
2007_12_05_22:34:44.835   024.015.093.xxx   hahah
2007_12_05_22:36:13.397   024.015.093.xxx   1,000,000 ___ goes to you!
2007_12_05_22:41:08.899   024.015.093.xxx   so much money has just been donated!
2007_12_05_22:49:25.242   076.098.145.xxx   lol
2007_12_05_22:54:42.342   076.098.145.xxx   Time is slow ___
2007_12_05_22:55:49.215   064.119.141.xxx   no way!
2007_12_05_22:56:45.467   076.098.145.xxx   Does anyone else ever talk?
2007_12_05_22:57:04.947   064.119.141.xxx   where are you from?
2007_12_05_22:57:20.586   076.098.145.xxx   USA
2007_12_05_22:57:58.453   064.119.141.xxx   what city?  I'm from Eureka
2007_12_05_22:58:26.642   076.098.145.xxx   not from there, im in NJ
2007_12_05_22:59:05.270   070.135.123.xxx   stop it
2007_12_05_22:59:09.186   076.098.145.xxx   ttyl
2007_12_05_22:59:14.948   072.224.090.xxx   Its almost over!!!
2007_12_05_22:59:34.637   076.098.145.xxx   noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
2007_12_05_22:59:41.706   072.224.090.xxx   GAGAGG ebnd

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