983 christmas text messages on 2007/1209

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 13,976 times that day including 8,937 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1209

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2007_12_09_15:40:50.428   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Turned things on early today since we have a White Christmas here! ***ALEK***
2007_12_09_15:41:42.220   069.132.200.xxx   hello alek
2007_12_09_15:41:51.133   098.200.133.xxx   r u snowed in or can u leave if u want
2007_12_09_15:43:25.194   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Only a half foot of snow ... but HULK is inside - he has a leak and doesn't like the cold ***ALEK***
2007_12_09_15:44:04.422   082.010.132.xxx   hello
2007_12_09_15:44:21.848   142.177.233.xxx   text
2007_12_09_15:44:40.594   082.010.132.xxx   how are you love the site xx
2007_12_09_15:44:59.780   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hello also. BTW, the 17,000 lights are hard to see until about 4:30'ish ***ALEK***
2007_12_09_15:45:39.276   069.132.200.xxx   how ru u doin'
2007_12_09_15:45:59.369   082.010.132.xxx   oops sorry hope I haven't caused any probs..
2007_12_09_15:46:37.459   069.132.200.xxx   can u start early again
2007_12_09_15:46:49.701   082.010.132.xxx   sorry i pressed something there xxx
2007_12_09_15:47:27.615   069.132.200.xxx   hello everbody
2007_12_09_15:47:59.290   082.010.132.xxx   what have i done???
2007_12_09_15:48:21.497   069.132.200.xxx   can you start 30 min early sgain Alek
2007_12_09_15:48:40.224   071.113.242.xxx   hello from Texas.  like your display
2007_12_09_15:48:49.572   068.212.046.xxx   why does it say im from opolusses when im from westlake la
2007_12_09_15:49:01.884   082.010.132.xxx   what does that mean alek.. or am i being really a dumb blonde
2007_12_09_15:49:08.897   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Controls are already ON - I can't make the sun set any sooner though - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2007_12_09_15:49:31.878   069.132.200.xxx   hello from  North Carlina
2007_12_09_15:49:48.534   082.010.132.xxx   how can i see you and the lights that i was on before xx
2007_12_09_15:50:18.546   069.132.200.xxx   hi can u start 30 min early
2007_12_09_15:50:19.989   082.010.132.xxx   right got it... duh..
2007_12_09_15:50:26.932   098.207.062.xxx   hi
2007_12_09_15:50:55.556   082.010.132.xxx   hi
2007_12_09_15:51:38.436   082.010.132.xxx   you must love the christmas decorations then!!! they look good (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_15:51:40.149   071.017.127.xxx   How do you control the decorations via internet
2007_12_09_15:51:42.584   142.177.233.xxx   Byron
2007_12_09_15:52:14.372   082.010.132.xxx   hi byron im amber xx (11)
2007_12_09_15:52:18.980   098.207.062.xxx   hello?
2007_12_09_15:52:36.578   142.177.233.xxx   lol hello amber
2007_12_09_15:52:56.807   082.010.132.xxx   hello im in the uk have you ever been (12)
2007_12_09_15:53:25.752   142.177.233.xxx   im from canada
2007_12_09_15:53:31.697   082.010.132.xxx   what does that mean (13)
2007_12_09_15:54:02.029   069.132.200.xxx   u mean
2007_12_09_15:54:10.035   082.010.132.xxx   i agree... canada rocks (14)
2007_12_09_15:54:23.549   142.177.233.xxx   yep
2007_12_09_15:54:32.562   067.131.056.xxx   Merry Christmas!!  Belle & Beau!!
2007_12_09_15:54:34.303   216.037.254.xxx   hi mitch
2007_12_09_15:54:41.419   068.212.046.xxx   canada is boring they never fight
2007_12_09_15:54:50.678   069.132.200.xxx   i bet yo bill is high
2007_12_09_15:54:58.968   216.037.254.xxx   hi roni
2007_12_09_15:55:20.656   082.010.132.xxx   sorry i thought that was your messagexxx (15)
2007_12_09_15:55:52.141   078.149.079.xxx   hello world
2007_12_09_15:56:05.406   082.010.132.xxx   im a bit confused as im new xx (16)
2007_12_09_15:56:26.101   078.149.079.xxx   this is so cool
2007_12_09_15:56:47.353   082.010.132.xxx   i love it too where are you from (17)
2007_12_09_15:57:02.093   069.132.200.xxx   i 'm getting married on the day before christmas eve (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_15:57:25.851   142.177.233.xxx   cool
2007_12_09_15:57:26.293   067.131.056.xxx   Merry Christmas!!  Belle & Beau
2007_12_09_15:57:30.862   069.132.200.xxx   i have 2 p** (11)
2007_12_09_15:57:50.407   082.010.132.xxx   awwwwwh thats so sweet i wish you all the best xxxx (18)
2007_12_09_15:58:02.753   078.149.079.xxx   How long is it till christmas?
2007_12_09_15:58:24.997   069.132.200.xxx   15 days (12)
2007_12_09_15:58:39.935   082.010.132.xxx   not long enough ..'s' (19)
2007_12_09_15:58:54.885   069.132.200.xxx   yes it is (13)
2007_12_09_15:59:08.238   075.068.238.xxx   oompa loompa doopitiy doo
2007_12_09_15:59:27.678   082.010.132.xxx   who's singing lol (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_15:59:29.937   069.132.200.xxx   come on sun go down (14)
2007_12_09_16:00:04.038   075.068.238.xxx   climb santa, climb
2007_12_09_16:00:09.531   082.010.132.xxx   alek are you still there (21)
2007_12_09_16:00:12.926   069.132.200.xxx   can't wait till our wedding (15)
2007_12_09_16:00:40.347   082.010.132.xxx   whre r u getting married (22)
2007_12_09_16:00:41.358   078.149.079.xxx   how long till sundown do you think?
2007_12_09_16:01:12.032   069.132.200.xxx   1hr to 30min (16)
2007_12_09_16:01:17.954   082.010.132.xxx   in the uk so i dont know hun xx (23)
2007_12_09_16:01:21.115   024.210.022.xxx   Hi
2007_12_09_16:01:36.432   069.132.200.xxx   hello (17)
2007_12_09_16:01:44.087   082.010.132.xxx   hi (24)
2007_12_09_16:01:58.331   070.226.099.xxx   when are the lights in front goin  to go on?
2007_12_09_16:02:19.170   024.210.022.xxx   Hi How are you? hahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahhahahahahah
2007_12_09_16:02:25.884   082.010.132.xxx   i love the lights xxx (25)
2007_12_09_16:03:27.685   024.210.022.xxx   i hate the lights
2007_12_09_16:03:54.988   024.210.022.xxx   santa
2007_12_09_16:04:02.186   082.010.132.xxx   if you haven't anything nice to say ..then say nothing xx (26)
2007_12_09_16:04:39.802   082.010.132.xxx   why are some people who come on idiots xx (27)
2007_12_09_16:04:43.423   069.114.077.xxx   Yo, You Rule
2007_12_09_16:05:29.164   082.010.132.xxx   thanks xxx cool site xx (28)
2007_12_09_16:05:40.325   193.110.063.xxx   Szia Mikul___s!
2007_12_09_16:06:32.849   082.010.132.xxx   isnt it.. i think its so sweet and for us too xx (29)
2007_12_09_16:07:20.081   070.244.131.xxx   merry christmas to all !!
2007_12_09_16:08:15.491   082.010.132.xxx   merry christmas too, best time of year (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_16:08:55.399   004.231.014.xxx   The scrolling banner says I'm in Harvey, Louisiana___ but I'm in Lakehills, Tex
2007_12_09_16:09:30.605   024.210.022.xxx   hi
2007_12_09_16:09:39.524   082.010.132.xxx   what scrolling banner.. hi harvey xxx (31)
2007_12_09_16:10:19.475   082.010.132.xxx   i dont know.. maybe sorting out his gr8 lights xx (32)
2007_12_09_16:10:53.068   076.185.219.xxx   merry christmas, the gunn family
2007_12_09_16:11:17.234   068.050.242.xxx   Merry Xmas from Joe and Chris
2007_12_09_16:11:31.984   082.010.132.xxx   merry christmas to all the gunn family from the UK (33)
2007_12_09_16:11:36.978   076.185.219.xxx   How much fun is this?
2007_12_09_16:11:51.647   068.050.242.xxx   No, Joe and Chris!
2007_12_09_16:12:16.538   082.010.132.xxx   who's joe n chris ..blonde is confused xx (34)
2007_12_09_16:12:22.198   068.050.242.xxx   Hi Gunn family
2007_12_09_16:12:48.164   070.247.036.xxx   wuz up everyone
2007_12_09_16:13:05.314   082.010.132.xxx   wheres the girl thats getting married (35)
2007_12_09_16:13:06.380   024.210.022.xxx   Hi everybody! This is SO cool! I wish I could do this with my 10,000 lights! I_
2007_12_09_16:13:34.493   082.010.132.xxx   hello xxxx (36)
2007_12_09_16:13:56.688   068.050.242.xxx   hi
2007_12_09_16:13:58.633   068.212.046.xxx   whats up with the x
2007_12_09_16:14:14.975   082.010.132.xxx   i think im missing messages as im new so sorry if i am xxx (37)
2007_12_09_16:14:16.775   024.210.022.xxx   stuid
2007_12_09_16:14:35.925   082.010.132.xxx   i think im missing messages as im new so sorry if i am xxxd (38)
2007_12_09_16:14:44.767   024.210.022.xxx   vegitable
2007_12_09_16:15:08.017   082.010.132.xxx   take a spelling course (39)
2007_12_09_16:16:04.822   082.010.132.xxx   what couldnt you read that (40 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_16:16:25.182   068.050.242.xxx   go Chargers!
2007_12_09_16:17:47.109   082.010.132.xxx   alek how are you hun xxx (41)
2007_12_09_16:18:16.790   024.210.022.xxx   my cat is a l******
2007_12_09_16:19:00.549   069.225.118.xxx   daniel villarreal thinks viry is cool.
2007_12_09_16:19:06.293   082.010.132.xxx   what cat? (42)
2007_12_09_16:19:24.899   024.210.022.xxx   hahhhhahahahahahha (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_16:19:28.855   069.225.118.xxx   i just donated, and so should you.
2007_12_09_16:20:11.569   082.010.132.xxx   if i had the dosh i would but i will b back to donate (43)
2007_12_09_16:21:57.133   066.075.038.xxx   boo
2007_12_09_16:22:22.481   082.010.132.xxx   boo xxxx (44)
2007_12_09_16:22:46.288   071.238.054.xxx   Hi from Flushing, MI
2007_12_09_16:22:48.984   066.075.038.xxx   Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas and Happy NewYear
2007_12_09_16:23:22.966   071.238.054.xxx   Hi from Flushing, MI
2007_12_09_16:23:31.504   065.024.037.xxx   hi people
2007_12_09_16:23:38.592   066.075.038.xxx   SAN DIEGO
2007_12_09_16:23:57.182   082.010.132.xxx   in bonnie ecosse (45)
2007_12_09_16:24:01.302   065.024.037.xxx   i livr in Ohio
2007_12_09_16:24:11.105   069.150.171.xxx   debi shaun loves you!!!!!!!
2007_12_09_16:24:29.867   082.010.132.xxx   hi all from allover xxxx (46)
2007_12_09_16:24:41.052   065.024.037.xxx   jdfhgblkdghflazdskughfidslfug
2007_12_09_16:25:02.503   069.150.171.xxx   hi tyler
2007_12_09_16:25:04.689   082.010.132.xxx   shaun debbie loves you xxx (47)
2007_12_09_16:25:06.263   065.024.037.xxx   yea
2007_12_09_16:25:29.253   068.012.077.xxx   Hi Mom!
2007_12_09_16:26:00.459   069.150.171.xxx   mom shaun loves u
2007_12_09_16:26:00.740   082.010.132.xxx   hi im amber whats e1's name (48)
2007_12_09_16:26:07.163   065.024.037.xxx   lol
2007_12_09_16:26:15.866   068.012.077.xxx   OU Sooners!
2007_12_09_16:26:37.038   065.024.037.xxx   lkjhlkjhlkjhlkjh
2007_12_09_16:26:58.933   069.150.171.xxx   the chiefs s*** today
2007_12_09_16:27:26.957   068.012.077.xxx   I hate Texas tech!
2007_12_09_16:28:13.444   082.010.132.xxx   why (49)
2007_12_09_16:28:17.596   065.024.037.xxx   hi
2007_12_09_16:28:37.523   024.255.059.xxx   Good evening from Tucson, AZ
2007_12_09_16:28:43.493   082.010.132.xxx   hi o65 (50 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_16:28:55.991   068.012.077.xxx   Only won with bad calls and us without a decent qurter back.
2007_12_09_16:29:28.836   082.010.132.xxx   hi texas (51)
2007_12_09_16:29:48.850   068.012.077.xxx   They cheated us a touch down a a seven point game!
2007_12_09_16:29:54.092   069.150.171.xxx   hi kansas
2007_12_09_16:30:00.124   082.010.132.xxx   ouch!!! (52)
2007_12_09_16:30:04.807   070.188.177.xxx   I like pie i wan to talk
2007_12_09_16:30:21.936   066.242.051.xxx   Rawr!!!!
2007_12_09_16:30:29.550   082.010.132.xxx   hi kansas (53)
2007_12_09_16:30:31.073   070.169.113.xxx   Merry Christmas from the Trayford's
2007_12_09_16:30:31.267   069.150.171.xxx   mom is thst u
2007_12_09_16:30:51.929   068.012.077.xxx   University of Oklahoma Rules!
2007_12_09_16:31:04.232   082.010.132.xxx   hi from scotland (54)
2007_12_09_16:31:29.139   070.110.148.xxx   The Eagle's Are Losers!
2007_12_09_16:31:30.330   024.255.059.xxx   If it ain't Scottish, it's crap!
2007_12_09_16:31:39.488   068.012.077.xxx   Hello From Oklahoma.
2007_12_09_16:31:47.474   070.188.177.xxx   Alek!!!!!!!!
2007_12_09_16:31:49.353   071.164.013.xxx   Hi from the evergreen state!
2007_12_09_16:32:04.239   082.010.132.xxx   love it cheers i oove scotland and everywhere (55)
2007_12_09_16:32:31.693   024.255.059.xxx   Hello from Boring, Oregon.
2007_12_09_16:32:36.817   082.010.132.xxx   hi 2 any1 ive missed xx (56)
2007_12_09_16:32:53.219   069.150.171.xxx   hi longlegs
2007_12_09_16:32:56.427   071.164.013.xxx   Peace on Earth!!!
2007_12_09_16:32:58.053   066.242.051.xxx   hello from ohio
2007_12_09_16:33:17.452   082.010.132.xxx   hi orgegan & ohio (57)
2007_12_09_16:33:22.751   069.221.158.xxx   where in ohio? thats where I am at
2007_12_09_16:33:40.426   069.150.171.xxx   hi
2007_12_09_16:33:42.249   071.164.013.xxx   May our troops be safe!
2007_12_09_16:34:02.998   082.010.132.xxx   im in scotland just saying hello to all xx (58)
2007_12_09_16:34:24.470   071.164.013.xxx   Hello from Bothell, Washington
2007_12_09_16:34:37.040   082.010.132.xxx   bless you and hope the troops are safe xx (59)
2007_12_09_16:34:47.400   070.188.177.xxx   Greetings from starship********745
2007_12_09_16:34:49.334   069.150.171.xxx   kansas
2007_12_09_16:35:21.440   082.010.132.xxx   hi bothell & kansas hows life there xx (60 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_16:35:27.088   069.150.171.xxx   shaun is cool (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_16:36:02.725   082.010.132.xxx   we love shaun xx (61)
2007_12_09_16:36:08.373   070.188.177.xxx   I am an ailen from starship ********745
2007_12_09_16:36:09.945   071.164.013.xxx   A joyous & blessed Christmas to all!
2007_12_09_16:36:23.181   069.150.171.xxx   not bad cold (11)
2007_12_09_16:36:40.230   082.010.132.xxx   joyous and blessed to you xxx (62)
2007_12_09_16:37:10.088   071.164.013.xxx   visit LINK DELETED
2007_12_09_16:37:10.214   066.242.051.xxx   Love to my Bunny!!!
2007_12_09_16:37:14.126   069.150.171.xxx   mom stop being silly (12)
2007_12_09_16:37:17.346   082.010.132.xxx   cold n snowing in scotland too xxx (63)
2007_12_09_16:37:20.291   070.188.177.xxx   Us ailens love to look at Aleks chrismas lights
2007_12_09_16:37:51.373   082.010.132.xxx   hi bunny xx (64)
2007_12_09_16:37:52.668   071.164.013.xxx   Hi to all fellow rosiechatters
2007_12_09_16:38:05.257   065.024.037.xxx   dude how does he do this?
2007_12_09_16:38:18.064   070.110.148.xxx   The Eagle's Are Losers!
2007_12_09_16:38:20.622   070.188.177.xxx   starship ********745
2007_12_09_16:38:27.810   082.010.132.xxx   whats a rossiechatter xx   hi 2 bunny2 (65)
2007_12_09_16:38:29.313   071.164.013.xxx   Is soo cool ain't it?
2007_12_09_16:38:36.805   068.194.244.xxx   alex did you change that bulb in santa from yesterday
2007_12_09_16:39:06.861   065.024.037.xxx   how does he do this?  its so cool
2007_12_09_16:39:08.000   082.010.132.xxx   alex rocks with his decorations xxx (66)
2007_12_09_16:39:27.702   071.164.013.xxx   a place where we chat about Rosie O'Donnell
2007_12_09_16:39:28.525   067.084.202.xxx   Ho HO Ho
2007_12_09_16:39:28.747   069.150.171.xxx   debi shaun and kids (13)
2007_12_09_16:39:58.783   081.101.242.xxx   Hi, from Raykay, in West Sussex..........UK
2007_12_09_16:40:02.686   065.024.037.xxx   how doe she do this? its so cool (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_16:40:26.876   071.164.013.xxx   hello to all in the UK (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_16:41:17.952   071.164.013.xxx   Merry Christmas to Alek, Wendy, Dirk & Kyle (11)
2007_12_09_16:44:03.435   071.164.013.xxx   Have a holly jolly Christmas! (12)
2007_12_09_16:44:17.111   082.010.132.xxx   merry christmas ro one and all xxx (67)
2007_12_09_16:44:45.052   024.210.022.xxx   ___hola! (11)
2007_12_09_16:44:50.539   082.010.132.xxx   loving the lights xxxxxxx (68)
2007_12_09_16:45:07.955   074.067.118.xxx   hello from johnson city ny
2007_12_09_16:45:13.412   024.210.022.xxx   feliz navidad (12)
2007_12_09_16:45:17.573   082.010.132.xxx   hola (69)
2007_12_09_16:45:23.742   068.194.244.xxx   alek zone 1 is not working check it out
2007_12_09_16:45:41.790   024.210.022.xxx   yeh, gosh (13)
2007_12_09_16:45:55.045   068.209.109.xxx   hi from LINK DELETED
2007_12_09_16:46:03.642   082.010.132.xxx   alek it is wonderful hun xxx (70 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_16:46:26.891   068.209.109.xxx   hi all from florida
2007_12_09_16:46:34.822   071.164.013.xxx   Alek.....great site!!! (13)
2007_12_09_16:46:38.161   082.010.132.xxx   hi to any1 i missed xxx (71)
2007_12_09_16:46:50.893   068.209.109.xxx   its 80 in florida
2007_12_09_16:47:03.511   071.164.013.xxx   Hello to Florida (14)
2007_12_09_16:47:27.189   082.010.132.xxx   im so jelous of florida its freezing here!! (72)
2007_12_09_16:48:00.622   071.164.013.xxx   40 degrees here in Washington state (15)
2007_12_09_16:48:34.505   082.010.132.xxx   washington omg were freezing in scotland (73)
2007_12_09_16:48:40.589   065.024.037.xxx   so (11)
2007_12_09_16:48:59.825   071.164.013.xxx   How cold in Scotland? (16)
2007_12_09_16:49:02.915   082.010.132.xxx   so what (74)
2007_12_09_16:49:30.242   074.067.118.xxx   cool
2007_12_09_16:49:35.230   065.024.037.xxx   scotland, REALLY (12)
2007_12_09_16:49:48.471   082.010.132.xxx   alex im loving the lights (75)
2007_12_09_16:49:58.990   024.126.109.xxx   animatedskyn
2007_12_09_16:50:02.605   065.024.037.xxx   dang (13)
2007_12_09_16:50:26.991   082.010.132.xxx   scotland yes..cold but beautiful (76)
2007_12_09_16:50:40.434   082.017.130.xxx   looks really pretty
2007_12_09_16:50:42.000   065.024.037.xxx   i bet (14)
2007_12_09_16:50:46.383   071.164.013.xxx   how do the neighbors like lights going on & off? (17)
2007_12_09_16:51:07.426   082.010.132.xxx   hopefully they love them xx (77)
2007_12_09_16:51:49.289   071.164.013.xxx   this is such a cool site! (18)
2007_12_09_16:51:56.212   082.010.132.xxx   alek love the lights (78)
2007_12_09_16:52:00.448   065.024.037.xxx   well in Ohio it cold, not as cold as colarodo (15)
2007_12_09_16:52:21.339   071.164.013.xxx   How cold is it in Colorado? (19)
2007_12_09_16:52:38.380   065.024.037.xxx   i have no clue (16)
2007_12_09_16:52:56.874   082.010.132.xxx   isnt it a brill site .. and shame about the weather in colorado & ohio whats it (79)
2007_12_09_16:52:58.836   071.164.013.xxx   Luv the snow! (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_16:53:19.145   067.162.009.xxx   Hi From Vernon Hills, IL, we have a foot a of snow here
2007_12_09_16:53:34.691   065.024.037.xxx   yea me to, exept it all mealted yesterday in Ohio (17)
2007_12_09_16:53:39.635   071.164.013.xxx   Lucky you in IL! (21)
2007_12_09_16:53:41.789   082.010.132.xxx   cool vernon hills xxx (80 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_16:54:22.881   065.024.037.xxx   how much does Chicago have (18)
2007_12_09_16:54:40.947   082.010.132.xxx   look everyone bookmark this site then help alek out xx its brill xx (81)
2007_12_09_16:54:52.636   067.162.009.xxx   Chicago has about a foot
2007_12_09_16:54:57.062   071.164.013.xxx   let's ask Oprah (22)
2007_12_09_16:55:34.394   065.024.037.xxx   so the guy who made this, his name i alek (19)
2007_12_09_16:55:34.624   071.164.013.xxx   Pah rump-a-pum-pum (23)
2007_12_09_16:55:38.084   082.010.132.xxx   I cant wait to go to the US (82)
2007_12_09_16:56:33.779   065.024.037.xxx   is the guy who made named alek (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_16:57:02.973   065.024.037.xxx   his name is alek (21)
2007_12_09_16:57:10.722   071.164.013.xxx   Alek Komarnitsky (24)
2007_12_09_16:57:37.029   065.024.037.xxx   how do u know this (22)
2007_12_09_16:57:38.829   082.010.132.xxx   i think so .. read on ..on his page ..he's cool xxx (83)
2007_12_09_16:57:39.472   069.019.014.xxx   SPONGEBOB IS DOWN
2007_12_09_16:57:53.461   071.164.013.xxx   guy must be a genius! (25)
2007_12_09_16:58:12.872   065.024.037.xxx   how do u know this (23)
2007_12_09_16:58:45.758   069.019.014.xxx   NOW HES WORKING
2007_12_09_16:58:49.738   065.024.037.xxx   have u been spying on him? (24)
2007_12_09_16:58:50.746   082.010.132.xxx   just with loggin on maybe im wrong? (84)
2007_12_09_16:59:24.208   082.010.132.xxx   lol.. spying ..moi? (85)
2007_12_09_16:59:46.345   142.164.182.xxx   here's looking at me
2007_12_09_16:59:57.160   082.010.132.xxx   im a newbie (86)
2007_12_09_17:00:15.895   142.164.182.xxx   I just farted
2007_12_09_17:00:44.383   082.010.132.xxx   heres looking at u 2 kid....   and who farted. (87)
2007_12_09_17:01:24.267   142.164.182.xxx   me, smelly Mcgee
2007_12_09_17:01:34.979   065.024.037.xxx   im looking at u threw a window (25)
2007_12_09_17:01:44.510   074.067.118.xxx   29 degrees freezing rain ny
2007_12_09_17:01:55.566   075.181.085.xxx   73 Degrees in North Carolina!!!!
2007_12_09_17:01:56.936   082.010.132.xxx   alek i love the lights but i need to chat on here b4 switching any of your bril (88)
2007_12_09_17:02:11.578   065.024.037.xxx   geeze 73 at winter (26)
2007_12_09_17:02:36.340   075.181.085.xxx   i know, i hate it
2007_12_09_17:02:39.561   082.010.132.xxx   well lucky you lot its minus in scotland (89)
2007_12_09_17:03:25.045   067.067.219.xxx   rarrrrrr
2007_12_09_17:03:37.849   074.067.118.xxx   cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_09_17:03:41.086   075.181.085.xxx   your up late in Scotland!
2007_12_09_17:03:45.084   142.164.182.xxx   I am in Saskatchewan and it is -20 some odd amount brrrrrr
2007_12_09_17:03:58.213   082.010.132.xxx   thats a good lion impression (90 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_17:04:46.481   024.070.095.xxx   Hello everyone!  I'm BACK! :)
2007_12_09_17:05:06.932   067.067.219.xxx   i rule the lion kingdom!!!!
2007_12_09_17:05:19.159   024.070.095.xxx   Spruce Grove, AB Canada checking in...
2007_12_09_17:05:54.663   082.010.132.xxx   hi spruce grove (91)
2007_12_09_17:06:04.513   067.067.219.xxx   RARRRRRRW
2007_12_09_17:06:15.446   024.070.095.xxx   so, where is everyone from?
2007_12_09_17:06:20.427   074.067.118.xxx   whats ur weather
2007_12_09_17:06:32.552   082.010.132.xxx   im from scotland UK xx u? (92)
2007_12_09_17:06:39.770   142.164.182.xxx   -12C here = 10 fehrenheit
2007_12_09_17:06:44.768   024.070.095.xxx   It's a nice -5 celcius
2007_12_09_17:06:45.288   067.067.219.xxx   im from texas ur lucky cause yall have snow
2007_12_09_17:07:02.565   070.152.016.xxx   about 80 here in florida
2007_12_09_17:07:06.045   074.067.118.xxx   thats really cold
2007_12_09_17:07:16.656   142.164.182.xxx   shut up
2007_12_09_17:07:30.101   082.010.132.xxx   omg -12 & -5 poor lambs xxxx its freezing in it xx (93)
2007_12_09_17:07:30.793   024.070.095.xxx   -5 Celcius isn't that cold....
2007_12_09_17:07:36.721   067.067.219.xxx   dont bee mesn
2007_12_09_17:07:58.796   142.164.182.xxx   shut up with that 80 degrees stuff
2007_12_09_17:08:13.643   082.010.132.xxx   who said shut up.. you dont say that to scottish girls ??? (94)
2007_12_09_17:08:19.822   070.152.016.xxx   its no fun to put up lights and begin to sweat
2007_12_09_17:08:31.732   071.126.011.xxx   hello every one
2007_12_09_17:08:31.747   067.067.219.xxx   stop telling people to shut up
2007_12_09_17:08:52.361   074.067.118.xxx   that wuz meen
2007_12_09_17:09:03.051   142.164.182.xxx   I said it to the Florida guy cause I'm jealous, it was sarcasm
2007_12_09_17:09:05.347   067.067.219.xxx   lets turn everything off
2007_12_09_17:09:20.110   071.126.011.xxx   i love christmas
2007_12_09_17:09:33.423   070.152.016.xxx   i hate the weather here though 80 at christmas time is not festive at all
2007_12_09_17:10:04.288   142.164.182.xxx   you could always come north :)
2007_12_09_17:10:07.649   067.067.219.xxx   is EVERYTHING controlable
2007_12_09_17:10:28.741   071.126.011.xxx   hello every one my name is bob
2007_12_09_17:10:38.348   086.159.044.xxx   not the weather
2007_12_09_17:10:44.475   074.067.118.xxx   its nice to have snow for christmas
2007_12_09_17:10:46.266   142.164.182.xxx   I wish, that would be fun (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_17:10:48.957   082.010.132.xxx   hi bob (95)
2007_12_09_17:11:02.824   067.067.219.xxx   WOOT its dark
2007_12_09_17:11:09.550   071.126.011.xxx   hey do u like chicken
2007_12_09_17:11:14.345   142.164.182.xxx   hi Blaine (11)
2007_12_09_17:11:19.820   024.139.212.xxx   hola
2007_12_09_17:11:27.310   074.067.118.xxx   hahahahah
2007_12_09_17:11:37.943   082.010.132.xxx   right going to check out the lights on alek's site brb xxxx (96)
2007_12_09_17:11:50.799   142.164.182.xxx   hi Brandie (12)
2007_12_09_17:12:35.153   074.067.118.xxx   i'm christine (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_17:12:46.848   067.067.219.xxx   this is cool...i dont have my lights up yet:( (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_17:12:53.667   142.164.182.xxx   hey Christine (13)
2007_12_09_17:13:21.067   142.164.182.xxx   you're cute (14)
2007_12_09_17:13:23.380   024.139.212.xxx   Puerto Rico
2007_12_09_17:13:55.791   074.067.118.xxx   this is so fun (11)
2007_12_09_17:14:41.660   082.010.132.xxx   hi im back brill display xx (97)
2007_12_09_17:15:31.859   071.126.011.xxx   hey serena its sal
2007_12_09_17:15:59.833   071.126.011.xxx   im bob
2007_12_09_17:16:25.636   071.126.011.xxx   i like chicken
2007_12_09_17:16:26.175   074.067.118.xxx   hi bob (12)
2007_12_09_17:16:54.408   076.122.216.xxx   I'm not sure I like my IP displayed... :eek:
2007_12_09_17:16:59.093   216.037.220.xxx   so where is everyone from?
2007_12_09_17:17:16.293   082.010.132.xxx   back (98)
2007_12_09_17:18:17.616   082.010.132.xxx   hi im from scotland uk u? (99)
2007_12_09_17:18:35.074   065.024.037.xxx   Ohio (27)
2007_12_09_17:18:48.402   216.037.220.xxx   pa
2007_12_09_17:18:51.546   076.122.216.xxx   I'm from VA
2007_12_09_17:18:58.369   067.067.219.xxx   what happend (11)
2007_12_09_17:19:11.012   082.010.132.xxx   hi ohio (100 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_17:19:11.455   065.024.037.xxx   i love Ohio (28)
2007_12_09_17:19:19.890   216.037.220.xxx   this is so cool!!!!
2007_12_09_17:19:24.346   074.067.118.xxx   why say offline (13)
2007_12_09_17:20:24.716   071.164.029.xxx   happy holidays
2007_12_09_17:20:34.177   083.216.042.xxx   hi all!
2007_12_09_17:20:45.040   089.246.041.xxx   Hallo, Great Chrismas from Germany! Super Webside!
2007_12_09_17:21:06.377   065.024.037.xxx   its hello (29)
2007_12_09_17:21:19.456   082.010.132.xxx   hello merry christmas to you all (101)
2007_12_09_17:21:39.975   089.246.041.xxx   hello?me?
2007_12_09_17:21:40.610   076.122.216.xxx   Merry Christmas!!
2007_12_09_17:21:52.925   065.024.037.xxx   jnfknlmgdfjkgdrfighuljhkgdfjhkgdfjhkjghkfdfjghkjgdhklf (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_17:22:11.479   082.010.132.xxx   merry christmas to you too xxxx (102)
2007_12_09_17:22:27.746   089.246.041.xxx   super scripting___-)
2007_12_09_17:22:29.071   065.024.037.xxx   what does xxx mean (31)
2007_12_09_17:22:32.083   071.238.054.xxx   he should put option to have ip displayed
2007_12_09_17:22:59.038   082.010.132.xxx   was that message for me hun xx (103)
2007_12_09_17:23:25.422   074.067.118.xxx   ohhh (14)
2007_12_09_17:23:50.493   082.010.132.xxx   im confuseed xxx (104)
2007_12_09_17:24:05.498   074.067.118.xxx   did everone get that (15)
2007_12_09_17:24:18.631   089.246.041.xxx   it___s ok, i have great from germany by you
2007_12_09_17:24:23.386   082.010.132.xxx   get what hun (105)
2007_12_09_17:24:29.304   065.024.037.xxx   Howdie!! (32)
2007_12_09_17:24:49.824   074.067.118.xxx   the hulk (16)
2007_12_09_17:24:51.356   082.010.132.xxx   im confuseed xxx (106)
2007_12_09_17:25:33.625   089.246.041.xxx   i must sae god night is very webside byby
2007_12_09_17:26:52.474   076.122.216.xxx   Which one turns off the light up deer?
2007_12_09_17:27:10.312   068.074.220.xxx   HEY CAMERON Santa's Workshop Cam!
2007_12_09_17:27:46.564   067.162.009.xxx   Anyone from Illinois?
2007_12_09_17:30:40.542   071.126.011.xxx   any one like chicken?
2007_12_09_17:30:41.602   069.019.014.xxx   HELLO FROM ALASKA
2007_12_09_17:30:50.535   065.024.037.xxx   Hello from Ohio (33)
2007_12_09_17:31:11.319   071.126.011.xxx   any one like chicken
2007_12_09_17:31:38.766   071.126.011.xxx   pizza? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_17:31:40.004   069.019.014.xxx   YEP
2007_12_09_17:31:45.758   065.024.037.xxx   i do its yummy (34)
2007_12_09_17:32:08.428   082.010.132.xxx   hi back for a min (107)
2007_12_09_17:32:15.648   065.024.037.xxx   xkfifjjjgdbfjhkljhk gdxofi (35)
2007_12_09_17:32:47.988   065.024.037.xxx   yo i kike rhis (36)
2007_12_09_17:33:16.859   065.024.037.xxx   yo i like this (37)
2007_12_09_17:33:43.905   071.126.011.xxx   soulja boy up in it oo why me crank that why me roll (11)
2007_12_09_17:33:59.183   082.010.132.xxx   what (108)
2007_12_09_17:35:35.957   071.126.011.xxx   sdfgsdf (12)
2007_12_09_17:35:41.862   082.010.132.xxx   ola (109)
2007_12_09_17:36:09.154   071.126.011.xxx   youtube . com / acdcdude12 (13)
2007_12_09_17:37:38.048   082.010.132.xxx   night all xx chat soon (110 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_17:38:18.621   082.010.132.xxx   byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (111)
2007_12_09_17:38:51.546   012.217.063.xxx   HIIIIIIIIII :)
2007_12_09_17:39:32.167   195.188.152.xxx   WOW! Great website :-)
2007_12_09_17:41:18.203   069.132.200.xxx   hey people please donate like i did (18)
2007_12_09_17:41:30.763   195.188.152.xxx   Hello from the United Kingdom (GBR)
2007_12_09_17:46:53.025   071.162.250.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2007_12_09_17:47:49.189   066.025.160.xxx   Merry Christmas from Adult Gamers Pub!
2007_12_09_17:48:52.952   099.241.168.xxx   hi
2007_12_09_17:49:27.857   142.164.182.xxx   yo (15)
2007_12_09_17:49:42.709   024.021.167.xxx   hello!!!
2007_12_09_17:50:09.638   142.164.182.xxx   who was that (16)
2007_12_09_17:50:18.711   075.183.069.xxx   Hello from NC
2007_12_09_17:50:45.606   142.164.182.xxx   look out for the hulk, guy, be careful (17)
2007_12_09_17:50:54.029   024.021.167.xxx   hi from OR!!!
2007_12_09_17:50:55.995   069.132.200.xxx   hello Alek (19)
2007_12_09_17:50:57.073   082.227.032.xxx   h*** world
2007_12_09_17:51:30.797   069.132.200.xxx   thats not nice (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_17:52:11.977   024.021.167.xxx   I like pie
2007_12_09_17:52:47.219   024.021.167.xxx   Merry Chrstmas to all
2007_12_09_17:52:48.807   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hulk is my buddy ... but spammers better watch out for him - HULK SMASH! ***ALEK***
2007_12_09_17:53:10.245   069.132.200.xxx   ha ha (21)
2007_12_09_17:53:23.988   024.021.167.xxx   lol dont click grrrrr hulk will smash you!
2007_12_09_17:53:58.373   024.021.167.xxx   deflate elmo!!!
2007_12_09_17:54:30.214   024.021.167.xxx   nice lights
2007_12_09_17:55:13.225   068.047.215.xxx   kevin is a h***
2007_12_09_17:55:23.705   072.081.061.xxx   Hi Mom!!!
2007_12_09_17:55:27.390   069.132.200.xxx   did it take a long time to put all of them up (22)
2007_12_09_17:55:37.826   024.021.167.xxx   yuletide
2007_12_09_17:55:42.717   074.128.148.xxx   What is wrong with that guy?
2007_12_09_17:56:04.603   068.047.215.xxx   chezlee will u mary me
2007_12_09_17:56:08.892   069.132.200.xxx   hey thats alek u tlakin bout (23)
2007_12_09_17:56:11.309   024.021.167.xxx   i love that santa on the ladder
2007_12_09_17:57:04.782   024.021.167.xxx   how long did it take for the lights? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_17:57:12.918   069.132.200.xxx   Stop turnin off all the lights i'm scared (24)
2007_12_09_17:57:31.958   024.021.167.xxx   lol (11)
2007_12_09_17:57:50.537   074.128.148.xxx   This is cool
2007_12_09_17:57:58.179   069.132.200.xxx   thank u yall make me p** in my pants (25)
2007_12_09_17:58:20.583   074.128.148.xxx   WHO DEY!
2007_12_09_17:59:37.064   069.132.200.xxx   hello i'm going to eat your flesh HULK (26)
2007_12_09_17:59:46.987   024.021.167.xxx   merry christmas (12)
2007_12_09_18:00:07.645   065.001.093.xxx   yo
2007_12_09_18:00:14.874   069.132.200.xxx   hey alek how old r u (27)
2007_12_09_18:00:30.418   065.001.093.xxx   wave
2007_12_09_18:00:35.281   074.128.148.xxx   WHO DEY!
2007_12_09_18:00:39.228   168.158.026.xxx   What is Alek looking at?
2007_12_09_18:01:00.545   074.128.148.xxx   WHO DEY!
2007_12_09_18:01:05.311   069.132.200.xxx   Do you ever tlk to people (28)
2007_12_09_18:01:34.134   168.158.026.xxx   Alek vanished
2007_12_09_18:01:36.014   075.081.052.xxx   Hello All from K.C ------ Go Broncos
2007_12_09_18:01:45.092   074.128.148.xxx   WHO DEY
2007_12_09_18:01:58.938   069.132.200.xxx   he always leave 4 aome reason (29)
2007_12_09_18:02:21.807   024.021.167.xxx   XD (13)
2007_12_09_18:02:43.775   069.132.200.xxx   turn on the lights i'm scared (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_18:03:11.956   069.132.200.xxx   MOMMY (31)
2007_12_09_18:03:15.954   024.021.167.xxx   Apple Pie FTW (14)
2007_12_09_18:03:24.600   168.158.026.xxx   Everybody try:  LINK DELETED
2007_12_09_18:03:37.912   070.075.015.xxx   lrn2webdesign f***** .uk'ers
2007_12_09_18:03:54.316   024.021.167.xxx   what is celiac disease? (15)
2007_12_09_18:04:05.446   168.158.026.xxx   freerice dot com
2007_12_09_18:04:22.322   070.075.015.xxx   turn your lighs off, your neighbours would like to f***ing sleep
2007_12_09_18:04:39.271   084.055.100.xxx   Hello!
2007_12_09_18:04:40.092   085.189.217.xxx   Hello
2007_12_09_18:04:51.977   024.021.167.xxx   ___:-D (16)
2007_12_09_18:05:06.306   069.132.200.xxx   look someones home (32)
2007_12_09_18:05:07.376   068.022.198.xxx   hi santa!
2007_12_09_18:05:22.008   069.205.022.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_09_18:05:23.339   024.021.167.xxx   hello junior! (17)
2007_12_09_18:05:52.581   024.021.167.xxx   lol jk sry (18)
2007_12_09_18:05:58.170   071.238.054.xxx   ****
2007_12_09_18:06:26.773   024.021.167.xxx   hello car (19)
2007_12_09_18:06:35.545   071.238.054.xxx   1
2007_12_09_18:06:42.663   070.104.139.xxx   I hate Chris
2007_12_09_18:06:58.170   204.251.227.xxx   Ho Ho Ho
2007_12_09_18:06:59.390   024.021.167.xxx   dont hate (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_18:07:02.922   071.238.054.xxx   ****
2007_12_09_18:07:32.736   024.021.167.xxx   stop swearing (21)
2007_12_09_18:07:34.138   071.238.054.xxx   hi
2007_12_09_18:07:36.628   204.251.227.xxx   Potato, potato, potato
2007_12_09_18:08:39.830   069.248.034.xxx   Hello from Dalmatia,Pa
2007_12_09_18:08:40.107   207.179.206.xxx   Rawr
2007_12_09_18:08:40.841   069.132.200.xxx   huh (33)
2007_12_09_18:08:43.970   024.021.167.xxx   alek wats up (22)
2007_12_09_18:09:19.519   068.022.198.xxx   how are you?
2007_12_09_18:09:38.201   069.132.200.xxx   can u tlk to people instead of jus sittin there not being mean or nonthin (34)
2007_12_09_18:10:05.224   067.162.009.xxx   Merry Christmas, Thanks for Doing This!
2007_12_09_18:10:27.693   069.132.200.xxx   how old are your kids i fill sorry for them (35)
2007_12_09_18:10:56.978   071.238.054.xxx   229 people viewing
2007_12_09_18:11:35.515   070.113.218.xxx   My dog Daisy wants bacon for xmas!
2007_12_09_18:11:44.491   098.200.133.xxx   sir u have a sweater on r u in your basement?
2007_12_09_18:11:46.575   207.179.206.xxx   How can you possibly sleep with lights turning on and off all night?
2007_12_09_18:12:04.310   024.021.167.xxx   i want a Wii for christmas (23)
2007_12_09_18:12:39.385   098.200.133.xxx   dang it to dark to see the pretty snow
2007_12_09_18:13:00.057   067.162.009.xxx   THE BLOB!
2007_12_09_18:13:31.321   207.179.206.xxx   World of Warcraft time!
2007_12_09_18:13:51.375   075.181.085.xxx   what realm?
2007_12_09_18:14:00.780   207.179.206.xxx   Spinebreaker
2007_12_09_18:14:22.453   075.181.085.xxx   cool Mok'Nathal here
2007_12_09_18:14:31.268   069.132.200.xxx   how much is your powerbill (36)
2007_12_09_18:14:32.062   098.200.133.xxx   wow check out those big bells -----coooool wonder if they ring
2007_12_09_18:14:36.874   071.231.194.xxx   hey
2007_12_09_18:14:42.737   076.073.169.xxx   im on echo isle
2007_12_09_18:14:56.624   071.231.087.xxx   this licks b***
2007_12_09_18:15:13.209   024.021.167.xxx   hey chris i'm watching you watch me! (24)
2007_12_09_18:15:15.697   080.182.124.xxx   OMG, I've never noticed that Alek is sitting there! LOL
2007_12_09_18:15:21.237   071.231.087.xxx   BAWLS
2007_12_09_18:15:26.766   069.132.200.xxx   it's cool how u take time out to do this to raise money (37)
2007_12_09_18:15:26.847   071.113.242.xxx   garage icicles not working
2007_12_09_18:15:45.250   024.021.167.xxx   stop trash talking please (25)
2007_12_09_18:16:31.662   080.182.124.xxx   Why is SpongeBob off?! =( He's the cutest!
2007_12_09_18:16:34.273   071.231.087.xxx   phunk that
2007_12_09_18:16:38.838   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Garage Icicles are working - just intermittent for some reason ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_09_18:16:40.824   069.132.200.xxx   Your children must think that your cool to do this for them (38)
2007_12_09_18:17:01.151   024.021.167.xxx   yeah dude u rock (26)
2007_12_09_18:17:33.438   071.231.087.xxx   this site is state of the art
2007_12_09_18:17:39.370   062.006.163.xxx   Happy Christmas From Aberdeen, Scotland
2007_12_09_18:17:45.415   069.132.200.xxx   can u wave your hand (39)
2007_12_09_18:18:06.354   080.182.124.xxx   And Happy Xmas from Italy too! ___)
2007_12_09_18:18:12.439   205.188.116.xxx   are you paying attention
2007_12_09_18:18:16.987   024.021.167.xxx   onoz  i inflated elmo! (27)
2007_12_09_18:18:17.554   071.231.087.xxx   yes gesture to us youre ok
2007_12_09_18:18:20.163   067.180.228.xxx   marry christmas
2007_12_09_18:18:35.903   205.188.116.xxx   wave your hand
2007_12_09_18:18:42.578   069.132.200.xxx   come on wave to us (40 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_18:19:03.267   071.231.087.xxx   hes not even real
2007_12_09_18:19:04.448   205.188.116.xxx   you know you wont to
2007_12_09_18:19:25.128   080.182.124.xxx   Yay, SpongeBob on!
2007_12_09_18:19:28.776   205.188.116.xxx   wave!!!!!!!
2007_12_09_18:19:31.352   069.132.200.xxx   Bye now i'll donate tomorrow when i get paid (41)
2007_12_09_18:19:44.639   071.231.087.xxx   this is a terrorist site stealig money using our sicknesses against our warmhea
2007_12_09_18:20:10.438   205.188.116.xxx   no its not
2007_12_09_18:20:10.979   071.231.087.xxx   our warm hearts
2007_12_09_18:20:23.210   069.132.200.xxx   who said that all he wants is to raise money (42)
2007_12_09_18:20:56.180   069.132.200.xxx   for his sick children (43)
2007_12_09_18:21:00.149   205.188.116.xxx   hes donating it to the university
2007_12_09_18:21:25.801   069.132.200.xxx   i give him my props (44)
2007_12_09_18:21:57.083   024.059.035.xxx   All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth...
2007_12_09_18:22:05.373   207.179.206.xxx   I really hate Andy Rooney...
2007_12_09_18:22:08.470   069.132.200.xxx   Thank you Alek for making a difference (45)
2007_12_09_18:22:22.418   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Donations all go direct to UofM ... I never see/touch the money - bet Mr. Scooge hasn't donated ***ALEK***
2007_12_09_18:22:27.596   064.091.049.xxx   I guess I'll drink a Rainier in honor of this site.
2007_12_09_18:22:48.691   024.059.035.xxx   Smoke a fatty for the holidays!
2007_12_09_18:22:52.845   069.132.200.xxx   lets toast (46)
2007_12_09_18:23:28.614   024.059.035.xxx   toast a joint?
2007_12_09_18:23:34.478   069.132.200.xxx   Thanks to Alek for this cool site to raise money (47)
2007_12_09_18:23:41.427   086.029.015.xxx   merry xmas
2007_12_09_18:24:17.786   069.132.200.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS ALEK MAY YOU RAISE A LOT OF MONEY (48)
2007_12_09_18:25:02.763   069.132.200.xxx   BYE BE BACK TOMORROW TO DONATE (49)
2007_12_09_18:25:19.844   024.059.035.xxx   Im Sofa King We Todd It
2007_12_09_18:26:07.801   024.110.022.xxx   Merry Happy from Alfie C. Elf...the "C" Stands for Christmas! :D
2007_12_09_18:26:08.279   069.023.123.xxx   Cory and Shaun, Mom loves ya!
2007_12_09_18:26:28.452   069.134.004.xxx   hello sir, howre you
2007_12_09_18:27:00.601   024.059.035.xxx   good...how are you?
2007_12_09_18:27:03.863   069.023.123.xxx   Hi Alek, thanks for the email.
2007_12_09_18:32:56.856   066.109.157.xxx   so many people So little Controls
2007_12_09_18:33:01.212   069.023.123.xxx   I love it here
2007_12_09_18:33:02.039   204.251.227.xxx   Hello, this is Steve and Shannon
2007_12_09_18:33:32.156   066.109.157.xxx   hi steve and shannon Im justin
2007_12_09_18:33:43.410   069.023.123.xxx   hi steve ___ shannon
2007_12_09_18:34:16.277   069.023.123.xxx   i am kina
2007_12_09_18:34:27.522   068.229.043.xxx   Merry Xmas from Las Vegas
2007_12_09_18:34:33.473   024.017.210.xxx   s*
2007_12_09_18:34:44.093   066.109.157.xxx   its snowing here in montana
2007_12_09_18:34:46.091   080.182.124.xxx   Are there any S.ex And The City fans here?!
2007_12_09_18:34:48.657   204.251.227.xxx   Bubba Man here
2007_12_09_18:35:07.420   069.023.123.xxx   mom says hi to cory and shaun
2007_12_09_18:35:20.236   068.202.005.xxx   im in FL and it 80 degress
2007_12_09_18:35:55.714   066.109.157.xxx   snowing all day in montana so Grab some hot Cocoa
2007_12_09_18:36:01.371   069.023.123.xxx   im in ks and its 20 burrrr
2007_12_09_18:36:41.152   076.235.061.xxx   Hello From Melinda in Franklin Ohio
2007_12_09_18:37:30.266   068.090.194.xxx   Hello From Randy in Fort Worth
2007_12_09_18:37:41.573   076.235.061.xxx   Happy Holidays from The Wolf Family in Franklin Ohio
2007_12_09_18:38:33.502   212.120.228.xxx   Joseph Victory maricon, great site.
2007_12_09_18:40:07.373   071.112.133.xxx   hi
2007_12_09_18:40:46.553   068.049.032.xxx   Alek, what happened to HULK
2007_12_09_18:41:37.929   066.109.157.xxx   whoa alek dissapeared
2007_12_09_18:42:54.906   071.112.133.xxx   one day i was walking down the street and......
2007_12_09_18:43:50.823   212.120.228.xxx   Wishing all a lovely christmas! - Yos___ Maricon
2007_12_09_18:44:59.990   071.112.133.xxx   hi gregg boer
2007_12_09_18:45:14.218   199.044.020.xxx   Hello from Tallahassee, Florida
2007_12_09_18:45:49.841   071.112.133.xxx   This is so cool!!!!
2007_12_09_18:46:24.439   065.024.037.xxx   were does this guy live? (38)
2007_12_09_18:47:13.457   199.044.020.xxx   MEERY CHRISTMAS!!! ___
2007_12_09_18:47:22.030   069.023.123.xxx   colorado
2007_12_09_18:47:41.457   199.044.020.xxx   Wyoming
2007_12_09_18:48:09.299   199.044.020.xxx   Utah
2007_12_09_18:48:23.759   069.023.123.xxx   COLORADO
2007_12_09_18:48:27.842   098.203.060.xxx   Florida
2007_12_09_18:48:35.861   068.049.032.xxx   Maryland
2007_12_09_18:48:38.477   199.044.020.xxx   ALABAMA
2007_12_09_18:48:55.935   071.112.133.xxx   Seattle, WA
2007_12_09_18:49:02.963   099.243.246.xxx   test
2007_12_09_18:49:05.208   068.049.032.xxx   I am ready to go to Florida
2007_12_09_18:49:18.953   199.044.020.xxx   HONOLULU, HAWAII
2007_12_09_18:49:37.704   098.203.060.xxx   Too hot here in the 80___s
2007_12_09_18:49:39.902   072.139.077.xxx   hi from NL Canada!!!
2007_12_09_18:49:45.567   212.120.228.xxx   Es claro que joseph es maricon! :___
2007_12_09_18:49:51.414   199.044.020.xxx   SOPCHOPPY, FLORIDA?
2007_12_09_18:49:56.420   098.200.133.xxx   Hawaii? OMG what is temps there?
2007_12_09_18:50:17.395   076.235.061.xxx   What an awesome thought to do soemthing like this.
2007_12_09_18:50:28.059   199.044.020.xxx   POINT BARROW, ALASKA!!!
2007_12_09_18:50:41.741   004.231.014.xxx   Hello from Medina Lake in the Texas Hill Country!
2007_12_09_18:50:48.359   068.049.032.xxx   80's is better than freezing temps here in MD
2007_12_09_18:51:03.345   075.108.021.xxx   hey
2007_12_09_18:51:09.098   071.238.054.xxx   GO LIONS!!!!!!!!  LOL
2007_12_09_18:51:09.796   098.200.133.xxx   hey Hill Country Tx!
2007_12_09_18:51:29.696   199.044.020.xxx   Upper 60's and p/c skies here in Tallahassee, FL
2007_12_09_18:51:37.210   075.108.021.xxx   West Virginia!
2007_12_09_18:51:44.902   071.238.054.xxx   GO LIONS!!!!!!!! LOL (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_18:52:00.968   199.044.020.xxx   GEAUX SAINTS! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_18:52:31.190   071.211.232.xxx   greeting from Jerry
2007_12_09_18:52:33.563   066.109.157.xxx   go alek
2007_12_09_18:52:44.120   083.061.218.xxx   Kiemo Maricon
2007_12_09_18:52:44.875   199.044.020.xxx   Hi Jerry! (11)
2007_12_09_18:53:04.395   099.243.246.xxx   Great work alex, keep it up
2007_12_09_18:53:04.934   071.211.232.xxx   JC Bear was here
2007_12_09_18:53:15.325   069.250.110.xxx   Hi Kim!
2007_12_09_18:53:38.357   083.061.218.xxx   Say hi dood on webcam
2007_12_09_18:53:39.013   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** FYI: Found the leak in the HULK ... but he doesn't want to go back outside in the cold! ***ALEK***
2007_12_09_18:54:03.562   098.200.133.xxx   poor little (big) Hulk
2007_12_09_18:54:21.088   199.044.020.xxx   Bad Hulk! Bad Hulk! Shame on you for leaking! (12)
2007_12_09_18:54:43.893   083.061.218.xxx   KIEMO MARICON
2007_12_09_18:54:49.076   199.044.020.xxx   Some duct tape'll fix it! (13)
2007_12_09_18:55:08.994   075.108.021.xxx   Its a pretty one!
2007_12_09_18:55:14.169   075.074.079.xxx   GREEN DUCT TAPE!!
2007_12_09_18:55:17.590   199.044.020.xxx   Duct tape will fix anything! (14)
2007_12_09_18:55:31.344   083.061.218.xxx   Kiemo Maricon
2007_12_09_18:55:56.094   075.108.021.xxx   duffy says hi all.
2007_12_09_18:56:10.668   199.044.020.xxx   Wakka ding hoy! (15)
2007_12_09_18:56:30.593   069.250.110.xxx   The GOOB says Hi to all my Clannies
2007_12_09_18:56:39.273   067.176.133.xxx   bnvn
2007_12_09_18:56:44.873   075.108.021.xxx   The DUFFMA was here!
2007_12_09_18:57:27.628   075.108.021.xxx   Can you say DUFFMAN?
2007_12_09_18:57:47.278   069.251.090.xxx   Ryan, time for bed.
2007_12_09_18:58:06.814   075.108.021.xxx   Yes Ryan,  go to bed.
2007_12_09_18:58:08.137   067.176.133.xxx   no
2007_12_09_18:58:17.805   024.128.150.xxx   Nice project
2007_12_09_18:58:22.835   069.251.090.xxx   Yes, it's time for bed.
2007_12_09_18:58:31.316   069.250.110.xxx   ima.goob at LINK DELETED
2007_12_09_18:59:04.863   024.128.150.xxx   Hello Everyone!!!!
2007_12_09_18:59:06.794   075.185.032.xxx   PWNED
2007_12_09_18:59:10.293   069.250.110.xxx   ima dot goob at gmail dot com
2007_12_09_18:59:24.383   069.251.090.xxx   I love pie.
2007_12_09_18:59:51.452   075.185.032.xxx   I love myself
2007_12_09_18:59:55.680   069.250.110.xxx   I am the MIDNIGHT BARBER!
2007_12_09_19:00:12.755   069.251.090.xxx   Go upstairs and brush your teeth.
2007_12_09_19:00:35.118   069.250.110.xxx   What Teeth?
2007_12_09_19:00:52.712   069.251.090.xxx   Your teeth
2007_12_09_19:01:06.856   075.185.032.xxx   no teeth that's bad
2007_12_09_19:01:10.715   069.250.110.xxx   You mean Tooth?
2007_12_09_19:01:45.403   069.250.110.xxx   I am the MIDNIGHT BARBER!
2007_12_09_19:01:55.286   071.112.133.xxx   This is so cool!
2007_12_09_19:02:43.869   071.112.133.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_09_19:03:03.078   069.251.090.xxx   Is there any team worse than the Ravens? Ugh.
2007_12_09_19:03:31.901   069.250.110.xxx   The Redskins
2007_12_09_19:03:31.745   063.228.006.xxx   Greetings from cold Minnesota!!!
2007_12_09_19:04:05.137   071.112.133.xxx   die
2007_12_09_19:04:09.079   063.228.006.xxx   GO VIKINGS!!!!
2007_12_09_19:04:19.746   075.185.032.xxx   It's Cold in Ohio too!
2007_12_09_19:04:28.940   069.250.110.xxx   Deadskins! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_19:04:55.322   071.112.133.xxx   shut up
2007_12_09_19:04:57.566   069.251.090.xxx   Ahh, Deadskins - so true.
2007_12_09_19:05:08.705   024.070.095.xxx   Jingle Bells Jingle Bells
2007_12_09_19:05:14.450   069.250.110.xxx   Hey from the Chesapeake Bay! (11)
2007_12_09_19:05:15.400   071.112.133.xxx   shut uphut up (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_19:05:26.286   063.228.006.xxx   Not cool.
2007_12_09_19:05:43.072   071.112.133.xxx   shut up (11)
2007_12_09_19:06:00.390   075.074.079.xxx   HI ALEXIS
2007_12_09_19:06:15.426   063.228.006.xxx   Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
2007_12_09_19:06:31.610   069.250.110.xxx   Hey from the Chesapeake Bay! (12)
2007_12_09_19:06:33.779   069.207.107.xxx   hey
2007_12_09_19:06:34.952   024.070.095.xxx   you're talking N(no)F(Fun)L(league) ???? on here?
2007_12_09_19:06:58.982   069.207.107.xxx   hey
2007_12_09_19:07:05.262   063.228.006.xxx   Yup!
2007_12_09_19:07:20.976   069.250.110.xxx   2old2play dot com (13)
2007_12_09_19:07:23.448   024.070.095.xxx   zzzzzzz..... BORING!!!
2007_12_09_19:07:36.166   075.074.079.xxx   HI COOKIE MONSTER
2007_12_09_19:07:37.638   069.251.090.xxx   Ryan, to bed, now!
2007_12_09_19:07:49.077   063.228.006.xxx   Where's Alek tonight???
2007_12_09_19:08:10.928   069.250.110.xxx   at grandma's (14)
2007_12_09_19:08:23.319   075.074.079.xxx   HI COOKIE MONSTER
2007_12_09_19:08:31.476   064.012.116.xxx   Alek has a life............
2007_12_09_19:08:52.078   071.112.133.xxx   hi my name is bob (12)
2007_12_09_19:09:00.123   069.207.088.xxx   hello
2007_12_09_19:09:07.524   069.251.090.xxx   Hi bob.
2007_12_09_19:09:20.553   071.112.133.xxx   hi my name is bob i live in lowa (13)
2007_12_09_19:09:40.120   069.251.090.xxx   hi bob from Baltimore, home of the bad Ravens (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_19:09:51.195   069.250.110.xxx   Iowa is odd! (15)
2007_12_09_19:09:52.632   064.012.116.xxx   Hi my name is Sue and I live in Camp Hill, Pa
2007_12_09_19:09:55.365   071.112.133.xxx   cool (14)
2007_12_09_19:10:06.130   072.197.004.xxx   Thank you!
2007_12_09_19:10:28.062   069.250.110.xxx   Iowa is odd! (16)
2007_12_09_19:10:51.702   071.112.133.xxx   y (15)
2007_12_09_19:11:03.618   072.197.004.xxx   I am Brandon and I have celiac too
2007_12_09_19:11:03.921   069.250.110.xxx   Hi Ryan (17)
2007_12_09_19:11:20.970   069.251.090.xxx   Ryan finally went to bed. (11)
2007_12_09_19:11:48.806   069.250.110.xxx   Thank You Lordy! (18)
2007_12_09_19:12:50.736   069.250.110.xxx   Hey it's 9:12 here? (19)
2007_12_09_19:13:02.600   072.200.192.xxx   HI DEREK!
2007_12_09_19:13:08.086   071.112.133.xxx   im name is thor (16)
2007_12_09_19:13:12.340   075.161.070.xxx   HI Kids
2007_12_09_19:13:19.361   069.250.110.xxx   Bo? (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_19:13:34.412   072.200.192.xxx   Mom and son in OK here, HI ALL!
2007_12_09_19:13:34.643   064.012.116.xxx   Hey its 9:15 here also
2007_12_09_19:13:46.545   071.112.133.xxx   im name is thor (17)
2007_12_09_19:13:55.501   069.250.110.xxx   Bizzzzzare? (21)
2007_12_09_19:14:17.640   075.161.070.xxx   I love the hulk
2007_12_09_19:14:31.771   064.012.116.xxx   Hi Mom and son
2007_12_09_19:14:35.838   071.112.133.xxx   i aht hulk (18)
2007_12_09_19:14:42.232   069.250.110.xxx   Is it the Bulk? (22)
2007_12_09_19:15:27.509   072.197.161.xxx   Wondering if this is real - lets all STOp controlling for a bitr and see if it 
2007_12_09_19:15:32.624   071.112.133.xxx   die (19)
2007_12_09_19:15:53.161   069.250.110.xxx   Okay you stop first (23)
2007_12_09_19:16:01.960   072.197.161.xxx   Happy holidays!
2007_12_09_19:16:17.134   071.112.133.xxx   die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_19:16:27.346   072.197.161.xxx   I have stopped
2007_12_09_19:16:28.783   069.250.110.xxx   Capital H on Holiday please! (24)
2007_12_09_19:16:45.175   071.112.133.xxx   hi (21)
2007_12_09_19:16:59.609   069.250.110.xxx   Bi! (25)
2007_12_09_19:17:01.942   099.243.246.xxx   Be happy
2007_12_09_19:17:01.964   072.197.161.xxx   hmm, 351 OF US, ODNT THINK ALL R GONNA STOP : /
2007_12_09_19:17:08.876   071.112.133.xxx   hi my name is boby (22)
2007_12_09_19:17:14.046   012.217.218.xxx   Merry Christmas!  From the Hatland's  Iowa
2007_12_09_19:17:36.270   071.112.133.xxx   ya (23)
2007_12_09_19:18:44.850   099.243.246.xxx   Happy holidays
2007_12_09_19:18:57.725   069.250.110.xxx   My uncle is my sister's dad (26)
2007_12_09_19:20:50.211   069.029.072.xxx   huh
2007_12_09_19:21:11.009   074.034.186.xxx   Happy Holidays!
2007_12_09_19:21:12.495   069.250.110.xxx   Hello McFly? (27)
2007_12_09_19:21:50.183   069.029.072.xxx   No this is all fake. a good fake but proven fake
2007_12_09_19:22:26.777   205.206.245.xxx   Hi from La Crete!!
2007_12_09_19:22:54.274   069.250.110.xxx   La Crete? (28)
2007_12_09_19:24:27.147   069.250.110.xxx   We've all been PWNED! (29)
2007_12_09_19:25:36.679   069.250.110.xxx   How do you control the lights around the Hulk (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_19:26:29.368   012.208.231.xxx   HIIIIIIIIIII
2007_12_09_19:26:55.477   069.250.110.xxx   What does that spell? (31)
2007_12_09_19:26:58.724   069.247.162.xxx   Ah yeah, Jeb
2007_12_09_19:27:36.458   069.250.110.xxx   Ima Goob on XBL! (32)
2007_12_09_19:28:05.050   069.250.110.xxx   Xbox Live! (33)
2007_12_09_19:28:36.644   069.250.110.xxx   Call Of Duty 4!! (34)
2007_12_09_19:28:38.970   205.206.245.xxx   what happens if we all press pm
2007_12_09_19:29:16.720   205.206.245.xxx   Hi there fellow by the Hulk :) Merry Christmas
2007_12_09_19:29:19.052   071.104.118.xxx   Cool house!!  Great job.
2007_12_09_19:29:48.730   069.250.110.xxx   Very Cool Indeed! (35)
2007_12_09_19:31:09.254   069.250.110.xxx   How do you control the lights around the Hulk? (36)
2007_12_09_19:31:26.532   024.070.095.xxx   I wonder what he's doing...
2007_12_09_19:32:05.046   069.250.110.xxx   Yeah, He is just looking and rubbing his chin? (37)
2007_12_09_19:32:40.518   205.188.116.xxx   cool website
2007_12_09_19:33:06.730   069.250.110.xxx   I'm scared! (38)
2007_12_09_19:33:23.343   068.185.186.xxx   NICE JOB ALEX
2007_12_09_19:33:39.595   024.070.095.xxx   super duper (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_19:34:00.467   068.185.186.xxx   Merry Christmas From Wisconsin
2007_12_09_19:34:08.502   064.149.234.xxx   game o bao
2007_12_09_19:34:51.079   069.250.110.xxx   Merry Christmas from Down Under (39)
2007_12_09_19:35:13.122   071.099.010.xxx   Hi!
2007_12_09_19:35:29.694   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** HULK is doing good - drop of glue on the pinhole leak appears to work so far ***ALEK***
2007_12_09_19:35:35.673   064.149.234.xxx   Good job!
2007_12_09_19:35:52.023   068.185.186.xxx   HI ALEX
2007_12_09_19:36:05.394   024.164.184.xxx   hey alex
2007_12_09_19:36:31.998   024.164.184.xxx   hey alek
2007_12_09_19:36:35.641   071.104.118.xxx   Orange County, CA in the house!!!
2007_12_09_19:37:07.716   024.164.184.xxx   Orange County, NY!!
2007_12_09_19:37:49.568   071.104.118.xxx   All we need now is Orange County Florida!
2007_12_09_19:38:29.424   071.099.010.xxx   I live in Orange County Florida! :D
2007_12_09_19:38:57.348   075.177.093.xxx   Merry Christmas to all
2007_12_09_19:39:20.764   024.023.200.xxx   Its that time of year again
2007_12_09_19:39:33.073   069.019.014.xxx   GALENA ALASKA HERE!
2007_12_09_19:39:45.817   069.250.110.xxx   I know I got the shower running. (40 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_19:40:01.901   075.177.093.xxx   Winston Salem NC here
2007_12_09_19:40:30.444   069.250.110.xxx   Is your cousin your brother also? (41)
2007_12_09_19:40:48.429   024.023.200.xxx   Jon Lorenzo was here
2007_12_09_19:41:03.848   069.250.110.xxx   When? (42)
2007_12_09_19:41:04.831   075.177.093.xxx   no that is in West Virginia LOL
2007_12_09_19:42:49.335   069.250.110.xxx   Somewhere in WV there is a brother who is his own sister (43)
2007_12_09_19:47:48.216   070.191.236.xxx   Ho Ho Ho. Merry Christmas. Nice work.
2007_12_09_19:50:47.663   024.243.061.xxx   Hey Awesome site!!!
2007_12_09_19:52:06.213   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** About 6-8" of snow the last 48 hours ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_09_19:52:32.855   068.227.052.xxx   Thank You for the wonderful lights!!!
2007_12_09_19:56:20.076   070.128.121.xxx   Appreciate what you do.  Son had similar symptoms (Hirschsprung's) & just had c
2007_12_09_19:57:01.486   070.128.121.xxx   colon removed
2007_12_09_19:57:03.318   075.177.093.xxx   ITS MERRY CHRISTMAS NOT MERRY XMAS. KEEP CHRIST IN CHRISTMAS
2007_12_09_19:57:11.756   068.227.052.xxx   I also have Celiac so thanks for all you do!!!
2007_12_09_19:57:14.226   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks 070 - good luck with your son ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_09_19:57:36.350   070.128.121.xxx   Thank you.  You as well.
2007_12_09_19:59:08.041   068.150.179.xxx   he must have tv on that system!
2007_12_09_19:59:38.228   068.150.179.xxx   he's watching the Simpsons D:
2007_12_09_20:01:12.721   068.227.052.xxx   Have a wonderful Holiday
2007_12_09_20:08:02.647   070.128.121.xxx   Someone's never heard of Karma!
2007_12_09_20:09:17.914   068.227.052.xxx   Christmas Trees were first put up in Germany!
2007_12_09_20:10:13.251   080.193.153.xxx   im g**
2007_12_09_20:11:22.073   068.104.149.xxx   Alek!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_09_20:13:16.238   076.223.056.xxx   your site is my new procrastination tool... yayy!
2007_12_09_20:13:39.351   068.104.149.xxx   wish we had snow
2007_12_09_20:13:48.906   024.005.164.xxx   i rok
2007_12_09_20:14:02.612   070.251.077.xxx   Saw you shovelling snow today. Made me remember I like Texas.
2007_12_09_20:14:25.816   024.005.164.xxx   yo alek
2007_12_09_20:14:50.260   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I'll put up a video of the snow shoveling - probably tomorrow ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_09_20:14:51.326   024.005.164.xxx   wave person!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_09_20:15:16.560   068.104.149.xxx   054, i'll help you
2007_12_09_20:15:17.637   024.005.164.xxx   please wave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_09_20:15:36.562   024.255.059.xxx   That was a geat exit.
2007_12_09_20:15:55.918   209.055.082.xxx   Merry Christmas to all! Watch **** on History!
2007_12_09_20:16:34.691   209.055.082.xxx   By **** I mean nineteen sixty eight
2007_12_09_20:16:37.112   076.107.179.xxx   Mccoy and fallin
2007_12_09_20:17:51.039   024.005.164.xxx   i love u all
2007_12_09_20:18:47.460   024.005.164.xxx   no swerin!!!
2007_12_09_20:18:51.907   209.055.082.xxx   now that's not very nice
2007_12_09_20:19:02.154   070.251.077.xxx   Whatcha working on?
2007_12_09_20:19:12.112   070.128.121.xxx   Isn't that cute.  066 can spell.
2007_12_09_20:19:25.687   068.104.149.xxx   ___3
2007_12_09_20:19:42.146   024.005.164.xxx   ________________________________________________________________________
2007_12_09_20:20:08.028   024.005.164.xxx   :)
2007_12_09_20:20:09.022   068.104.149.xxx   peace out
2007_12_09_20:20:11.270   076.107.179.xxx   merry xmas mccoy
2007_12_09_20:20:40.568   068.104.149.xxx   merry christmas
2007_12_09_20:21:14.448   068.104.149.xxx   you to
2007_12_09_20:21:30.520   209.055.082.xxx   goodnight i guess
2007_12_09_20:21:47.498   068.104.149.xxx   come back alek
2007_12_09_20:21:49.972   024.107.018.xxx   Merry Christmas to and from your friends at Ghostplace
2007_12_09_20:22:47.855   068.104.149.xxx   SHOW US!!!!!
2007_12_09_20:23:25.170   068.227.052.xxx   "It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!"
2007_12_09_20:23:26.646   068.104.149.xxx   BIG TALKER!!!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_20:24:00.821   068.104.149.xxx   Whatever (11)
2007_12_09_20:24:59.494   071.117.137.xxx   I see you!!!
2007_12_09_20:26:14.828   068.104.149.xxx   figures (12)
2007_12_09_20:27:01.058   071.117.137.xxx   fngtfgtgfhtygnfytugnt
2007_12_09_20:27:19.792   068.104.149.xxx   most of youe kind do (13)
2007_12_09_20:27:57.345   068.104.149.xxx   most of youe kind do (14)
2007_12_09_20:28:29.003   068.104.149.xxx   you wish (15)
2007_12_09_20:28:58.589   071.117.137.xxx   jenna loves daddy!
2007_12_09_20:29:29.295   220.101.007.xxx   great lights
2007_12_09_20:29:53.643   071.117.137.xxx   jenna loves mommy!
2007_12_09_20:31:01.589   071.117.137.xxx   jenna will beat you up buddy!
2007_12_09_20:31:04.703   068.104.149.xxx   SCUM (16)
2007_12_09_20:31:14.300   080.099.129.xxx   Hi Alek! Merry Christmas! From Hungary Vucs Tibor.
2007_12_09_20:31:51.730   075.081.052.xxx   Merry christmas
2007_12_09_20:32:48.396   071.117.137.xxx   Enghghter tettgtgfftxt & retuthghgrn tffddsdghhho sebgegh real-time in Santa's 
2007_12_09_20:33:27.318   082.077.102.xxx   just dropped by to send a holiday hug yet again from hungary
2007_12_09_20:33:40.910   068.227.052.xxx   Santa Clause in German is Sinter Clausen
2007_12_09_20:35:05.140   068.227.052.xxx   "It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!"bahh humbug to the "Who Cares" per
2007_12_09_20:37:11.910   076.243.180.xxx   Merry Christmas All!
2007_12_09_20:38:08.373   068.227.052.xxx   happy Chanukah!!!
2007_12_09_20:38:33.616   203.147.141.xxx   g'day !
2007_12_09_20:38:37.936   074.234.183.xxx   o hai
2007_12_09_20:39:52.791   068.227.052.xxx   it's not about the lights, but the spirit!
2007_12_09_20:40:04.568   068.104.149.xxx   alek , gone and back? What's up dude?!?! (17)
2007_12_09_20:41:04.607   068.227.052.xxx   bah humbug to u "spirit my a* " person (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_20:41:29.809   098.193.108.xxx   Greetings from Chicago
2007_12_09_20:42:03.336   076.223.056.xxx   i'm from chicago too!
2007_12_09_20:42:11.177   068.104.149.xxx   CHEERS, 245!___!!! (18)
2007_12_09_20:42:31.908   098.193.108.xxx   We just moved backed to Chicago from Colorado 2 months ago
2007_12_09_20:43:01.123   076.223.056.xxx   where in colorado were you?
2007_12_09_20:43:12.035   098.193.108.xxx   We were in Broomfield
2007_12_09_20:43:36.518   068.104.149.xxx   SO (19)
2007_12_09_20:43:51.899   098.193.108.xxx   We used to drive by Alex's house to check out the lights
2007_12_09_20:44:45.344   076.223.056.xxx   i'm in chicago too - originally from windsor, co
2007_12_09_20:44:51.669   068.104.149.xxx   whatever (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_20:45:37.203   024.059.024.xxx   Alek why is half of your lights not working for me?
2007_12_09_20:45:39.683   068.094.062.xxx   hi olivia
2007_12_09_20:45:41.259   068.104.149.xxx   whatever (21)
2007_12_09_20:45:58.545   068.227.052.xxx   peopl can control them (11)
2007_12_09_20:46:07.220   068.094.062.xxx   hi olivia
2007_12_09_20:46:14.223   068.104.149.xxx   not ment for 054 (22)
2007_12_09_20:46:27.951   066.019.116.xxx   Hello from Texas!!
2007_12_09_20:46:49.386   068.094.062.xxx   i love frosty
2007_12_09_20:47:30.736   068.227.052.xxx   humer rocks d'oh (12)
2007_12_09_20:47:40.845   068.094.062.xxx   i thought frosty loved me
2007_12_09_20:48:26.489   068.227.052.xxx   and I meant Homer not humer (13)
2007_12_09_20:48:55.265   068.104.149.xxx   the truth is hard to handle sometimes (23)
2007_12_09_20:49:16.221   068.094.062.xxx   how many other people have made out with frosty
2007_12_09_20:49:57.368   068.227.052.xxx   frosty is tilting sideways (14)
2007_12_09_20:50:02.825   068.104.149.xxx   I love bill but others happen sometimes (24)
2007_12_09_20:50:19.403   068.094.062.xxx   how many other people have made out with frosty?
2007_12_09_20:50:25.856   099.236.059.xxx   I enjoy Cake.
2007_12_09_20:50:53.948   068.104.149.xxx   i hanen't with frosty....YET!!! (25)
2007_12_09_20:51:06.119   068.227.052.xxx   I celebrate Christmikah (15)
2007_12_09_20:51:09.459   099.236.059.xxx   I like Cake.
2007_12_09_20:51:49.931   068.227.052.xxx   I celebrate Christmukah (16)
2007_12_09_20:51:55.647   068.094.062.xxx   hi mommy
2007_12_09_20:52:39.900   068.227.052.xxx   r u fetured on that HGTV thingy? (17)
2007_12_09_20:52:43.398   068.091.035.xxx   haha Merry Christmas
2007_12_09_20:52:54.549   068.104.149.xxx   I'm not your mommy (26)
2007_12_09_20:53:19.064   068.094.062.xxx   hi we are from texas and we have finally have cold weather
2007_12_09_20:53:19.989   068.227.052.xxx   Are you featured on that HGTV special? (18)
2007_12_09_20:53:57.732   068.094.062.xxx   if ur not my mommy have u seen her?
2007_12_09_20:54:07.820   068.227.052.xxx   merry Christmas (19)
2007_12_09_20:54:23.219   068.094.062.xxx   if ur not my mommy have u seen her? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_20:54:46.521   068.227.052.xxx   jingle bells (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_20:55:27.962   068.094.062.xxx   he my olivia (11)
2007_12_09_20:55:29.007   068.104.149.xxx   I saw her with rudolph a while ago (27)
2007_12_09_20:56:02.131   068.227.052.xxx   peace on earth (21)
2007_12_09_20:56:55.570   068.104.149.xxx   OK PEACE (28)
2007_12_09_20:57:28.280   068.104.149.xxx   GOODNIGHT (29)
2007_12_09_20:57:30.412   068.094.062.xxx   hve you see my  mommy (12)
2007_12_09_20:57:53.895   068.227.052.xxx   there are 16 days until Christmas (22)
2007_12_09_20:59:13.714   068.227.052.xxx   be nice this site is for families (23)
2007_12_09_20:59:17.201   068.104.149.xxx   Alek, Do you think the lights are on to long??? (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_20:59:25.525   076.223.056.xxx   doesn't seem possible christmas is almost here!
2007_12_09_21:00:06.028   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hour to go tonight - HULK should be back tomorrow BTW ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_09_21:00:09.241   024.059.024.xxx   the santa won't deflate Alek
2007_12_09_21:00:16.956   068.227.052.xxx   there are 4 days left in Hanukah (24)
2007_12_09_21:01:06.337   068.227.052.xxx   there is 17 days until Kwanza (25)
2007_12_09_21:02:43.386   068.227.052.xxx   in Puerto Rico they celebrate 3 kings day (26)
2007_12_09_21:03:32.836   068.227.052.xxx   Santas favorite cookies are ginger snaps (27)
2007_12_09_21:05:39.568   068.227.052.xxx   the official colors of Christmas are red, green, and blue (28)
2007_12_09_21:06:43.771   068.227.052.xxx   love the lava lamp (29)
2007_12_09_21:07:21.426   075.181.122.xxx   i want a tme inflatable for my lawn!
2007_12_09_21:08:19.211   075.181.122.xxx   how do you back up out of your drive way??
2007_12_09_21:08:27.036   024.008.061.xxx   Bye Bye Santa!
2007_12_09_21:08:29.390   068.227.052.xxx   bah humbug 2 the hoa they will not let me do lights (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_21:10:39.658   068.227.052.xxx   your lawn tree went out :( (31)
2007_12_09_21:11:47.538   068.227.052.xxx   nope it just came back on (32)
2007_12_09_21:13:22.475   068.227.052.xxx   tell hulk to get well soon (33)
2007_12_09_21:14:38.634   075.181.122.xxx   no dont goo
2007_12_09_21:15:03.844   075.181.122.xxx   f***. he left :/
2007_12_09_21:16:30.843   024.076.107.xxx   d***
2007_12_09_21:17:06.993   075.181.122.xxx   your the reason why we have global warming dood.
2007_12_09_21:17:20.725   024.076.107.xxx   TURN EVERYTHING ON:))
2007_12_09_21:17:43.630   075.181.122.xxx   not cool.
2007_12_09_21:17:57.689   024.076.107.xxx   How does this affect Global Warming?
2007_12_09_21:18:03.885   068.227.052.xxx   u turn it on... u can control the lites (34)
2007_12_09_21:18:40.023   024.076.107.xxx   TURN EVERYTHING ON:))
2007_12_09_21:19:21.509   075.181.122.xxx   sdjhfwe SDf
2007_12_09_21:19:34.226   024.118.244.xxx   This is so cool!
2007_12_09_21:19:37.294   024.076.107.xxx   This is the same every year, he needs to change it up a bit.
2007_12_09_21:20:24.736   024.076.107.xxx   Hmmm, your cool.
2007_12_09_21:22:25.642   024.118.244.xxx   Oops, there goes Santa!
2007_12_09_21:23:14.806   024.070.095.xxx   why would someone write that stuff? (11)
2007_12_09_21:24:41.914   071.251.240.xxx   great website dude, this is neat ty
2007_12_09_21:24:43.842   024.118.244.xxx   Here come Santa again!
2007_12_09_21:25:00.912   208.127.082.xxx   Leah doesn't believe this
2007_12_09_21:25:24.249   024.070.095.xxx   Well Leah.. it's real! (12)
2007_12_09_21:25:36.331   024.076.107.xxx   Merry Christmas everyone!
2007_12_09_21:26:28.842   024.059.024.xxx   Alek most of the controls aren't working for me
2007_12_09_21:26:41.273   024.076.107.xxx   Add me on msn, LINK DELETED!!!!!
2007_12_09_21:27:08.171   024.070.095.xxx   can't put links (13)
2007_12_09_21:27:09.550   024.076.107.xxx   Crap... :/
2007_12_09_21:27:18.552   024.118.244.xxx   Baweted!
2007_12_09_21:27:24.207   068.227.052.xxx   tis the season to be jolly!!! (35)
2007_12_09_21:27:30.463   065.188.040.xxx   sucka
2007_12_09_21:27:51.018   024.070.095.xxx   Alek should go on David Letterman (14)
2007_12_09_21:28:16.942   024.076.107.xxx   This was on Daily Planet last year. (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_21:28:22.469   068.227.052.xxx   no he should be on Ellen (36)
2007_12_09_21:28:39.625   024.070.095.xxx   yes, Ellen (15)
2007_12_09_21:28:54.719   065.188.040.xxx   sucka
2007_12_09_21:29:03.604   024.059.024.xxx   that would be good if Alek lived in New York City
2007_12_09_21:29:23.561   065.188.040.xxx   Rob Rules!!
2007_12_09_21:29:23.823   024.070.095.xxx   someone needs to contact that show and have her do that.  bring him to the Show! (16)
2007_12_09_21:29:55.352   065.188.040.xxx   Rob Rules!!
2007_12_09_21:30:00.557   024.059.024.xxx   that would be cool
2007_12_09_21:30:04.122   024.070.095.xxx   it would be so cool!  he'd get even more noticed (17)
2007_12_09_21:30:34.078   068.227.052.xxx   I am gonna email her show 2nite (37)
2007_12_09_21:30:56.589   024.070.095.xxx   ya do that!!  we need to get Alek on Ellen... (18)
2007_12_09_21:31:06.126   071.251.240.xxx   this is cool, I've visited before & I love seeing it every year.  ty & god bless
2007_12_09_21:31:19.852   024.118.244.xxx   It would be impossible to make anything happen with too many user though.
2007_12_09_21:31:20.219   068.227.052.xxx   that willbe awesome (38)
2007_12_09_21:31:49.246   024.076.107.xxx   ___3 (11)
2007_12_09_21:32:26.447   068.227.052.xxx   brb (39)
2007_12_09_21:32:55.079   068.227.052.xxx   gonna email Ellen (40 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_21:33:09.431   024.070.095.xxx   too bad that Writers strike is happening (19)
2007_12_09_21:33:22.210   024.118.244.xxx   Nothing would happen if there were too many people, though.
2007_12_09_21:33:50.594   024.070.095.xxx   Alek on Ellen!  Alek on Ellen!  Alek on Ellen! (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_21:35:09.522   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Ellen, Letterman, whatever ... have 'em come to Colorado to see Homer! ***ALEK***
2007_12_09_21:35:39.930   024.070.095.xxx   Yes for sure!..  that would have to be.. Ellen would likely do it (21)
2007_12_09_21:36:05.628   024.118.244.xxx   It's him!  Look ___
2007_12_09_21:36:25.762   024.070.095.xxx   Hey Alek!  How'd ya like to be on Ellen?? (22)
2007_12_09_21:37:10.323   068.194.244.xxx   Alex Said At 21:43:09: Donate 100 dollars to celic and I will strip
2007_12_09_21:37:48.726   024.070.095.xxx   well.....  you heard him everyone!! (23)
2007_12_09_21:39:53.603   068.227.052.xxx   Hey Alek I emailed Ellen's show to suggest you be on there (41)
2007_12_09_21:41:09.639   068.194.244.xxx   Alex Says: Lights on two extra hours till 12 tonight enjoy
2007_12_09_21:41:42.548   024.059.024.xxx   Alek you have alot of personators
2007_12_09_21:42:32.052   069.019.014.xxx   18 MINUTES TO GO!
2007_12_09_21:42:48.190   024.118.244.xxx   Would you be kind enough to smile for a screenshot?
2007_12_09_21:43:26.443   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** The Alek imitation is getting kinda old ... and unfair to other viewers ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_09_21:44:14.149   072.092.099.xxx   Nice stare down
2007_12_09_21:44:29.196   068.194.244.xxx   Santa is on fire alek do something save him hes gona blow
2007_12_09_21:45:10.123   068.194.244.xxx   Santa(big santa) is on fire crap homer catching on fire
2007_12_09_21:45:57.697   068.194.244.xxx   oh man the fire spread to elmo save spongbob
2007_12_09_21:46:58.255   068.194.244.xxx   alek alek alek alek alek alek save the infladables before there destroyed
2007_12_09_21:47:42.640   068.194.244.xxx   fire fire fire oooooooooo
2007_12_09_21:47:48.904   024.118.244.xxx   I think your workshop needs a rotatiing Mr. T action figure.
2007_12_09_21:47:58.723   012.183.052.xxx   HEY ALL FROM MISSISSIPPI STATE
2007_12_09_21:48:22.063   068.194.244.xxx   put out the fire alek put it out (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_21:49:04.829   024.068.074.xxx   What is my IP Addy
2007_12_09_21:49:22.468   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Mr. "T" would be a nice addition - I pitty the fool! ***ALEK***
2007_12_09_21:50:43.602   024.068.074.xxx   Alek.. your clock looks to be an hour fast..
2007_12_09_21:50:52.404   072.092.099.xxx   To bad they don't make a Mark Erickson inflatable.
2007_12_09_21:51:36.207   066.057.178.xxx   Pretty cool
2007_12_09_21:51:59.313   072.092.099.xxx   Hey Alek your shoe is untied!
2007_12_09_21:55:01.322   024.068.074.xxx   Friendship is like p______ing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you ge
2007_12_09_21:55:52.375   024.118.244.xxx   The next step is to hook this up to the neighboer's... (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_09_21:55:58.267   012.183.052.xxx   hey all from miss. state
2007_12_09_21:56:11.516   024.068.074.xxx   Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.
2007_12_09_21:57:05.820   024.068.074.xxx   Energizer Bunny arrested, charged with battery.
2007_12_09_21:58:21.562   024.059.024.xxx   lol funny
2007_12_09_21:58:46.705   123.108.080.xxx   Many Greetings and well wishes from Australia
2007_12_09_21:59:13.174   012.183.052.xxx   the inflatables arnt working
2007_12_09_21:59:59.999   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Remember that there is a couple of second latency/delay in the X10 controls and webcam update ***ALEK***

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