882 christmas text messages on 2007/1211

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 9,564 times that day including 5,586 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1211

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2007_12_11_16:30:47.706   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wife has car back in the garage ... so turning on the X10 controls! ***ALEK***
2007_12_11_16:32:53.700   070.094.005.xxx   yay!
2007_12_11_16:33:09.246   069.136.115.xxx   YAY from Tucson AZ!!!
2007_12_11_16:33:20.866   195.137.058.xxx   Hi mam
2007_12_11_16:33:28.034   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Replaced light bulbs in Homer ... so he should look a bit brighter tonight ***ALEK***
2007_12_11_16:33:53.885   195.137.058.xxx   Thanks Alek
2007_12_11_16:34:36.717   024.086.190.xxx   I wonder if the Christmas tree is fixed?
2007_12_11_16:35:06.497   143.166.255.xxx   WOOO.. I love it when the lights are on early!!
2007_12_11_16:35:08.591   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Just an FYI that X10 will be disabled tonight around 7'ish for newspaper photo shoot ***ALEK***
2007_12_11_16:35:33.593   143.166.255.xxx   ok we'll smile! for ya
2007_12_11_16:35:40.119   195.137.058.xxx   i'll have gone to bed long before that (UK)
2007_12_11_16:36:14.426   069.136.115.xxx   What a perfect job...!! YAY!
2007_12_11_16:37:48.202   080.192.131.xxx   YAY for inflate :p
2007_12_11_16:39:20.613   012.215.220.xxx   Hello Kristin!
2007_12_11_16:39:55.675   069.136.115.xxx   Hello to Klink in Wigan UK!! ___3
2007_12_11_16:40:04.545   024.074.187.xxx   hi all
2007_12_11_16:40:26.114   080.192.131.xxx   hello back :D
2007_12_11_16:40:37.071   071.238.054.xxx   robot alek gone?
2007_12_11_16:40:51.496   024.074.187.xxx   nice lights
2007_12_11_16:41:12.736   024.086.190.xxx   yay for off...save alex some ______
2007_12_11_16:41:13.034   080.192.131.xxx   call dropped
2007_12_11_16:41:34.587   195.137.058.xxx   what does he do for a living?
2007_12_11_16:42:17.499   143.166.255.xxx   probably works on computers

2007_12_11_16:42:17.583   066.082.009.xxx   Hello from Galena Alaska 
***ALEK*** This awesome dude ends up raising $1,000 via his Radio Station for the KIYU Burrito Reindeer! ***ALEK***

2007_12_11_16:42:46.493   024.074.187.xxx   luckies you got snow
2007_12_11_16:42:52.908   143.166.255.xxx   that polar bear when it lights up, sorta looks like a Bond fire! hehe
2007_12_11_16:43:15.036   195.137.058.xxx   hello GBN
2007_12_11_16:43:18.640   074.012.248.xxx   hello there
2007_12_11_16:43:38.365   071.238.054.xxx   looks like reindeer is crapping fire
2007_12_11_16:43:49.047   074.012.248.xxx   merry
2007_12_11_16:44:03.448   080.192.131.xxx   christmas?
2007_12_11_16:44:03.513   066.082.009.xxx   I've never seen our polar bear light up!
2007_12_11_16:44:05.821   024.074.187.xxx   how does this guy do all this??
2007_12_11_16:44:22.381   195.137.058.xxx   it's magic, duh!
2007_12_11_16:44:34.775   069.136.115.xxx   Magic and a large checkbook
2007_12_11_16:45:01.232   024.074.187.xxx   veary large
2007_12_11_16:45:01.583   080.192.131.xxx   shhh he's back
2007_12_11_16:45:03.669   071.238.054.xxx   alek what did u feed reindeer
2007_12_11_16:45:30.992   071.246.103.xxx   hi
2007_12_11_16:45:55.235   071.238.054.xxx   hello robot alek
2007_12_11_16:45:55.907   195.137.058.xxx   lots of chiles
2007_12_11_16:46:00.351   071.246.103.xxx   great job!!
2007_12_11_16:46:04.950   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** That's funny ... does look like the reindeer ate a bad burrito - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2007_12_11_16:47:07.957   071.238.054.xxx   he needs some pepto bismal
2007_12_11_16:47:11.849   195.137.058.xxx   ok, the coast is clear, lol
2007_12_11_16:47:49.248   080.192.131.xxx   Drink Coca-Cola
2007_12_11_16:48:06.707   071.246.103.xxx   Lets Go METS
2007_12_11_16:48:13.240   069.136.115.xxx   Have a Coke and a smile!!
2007_12_11_16:48:51.700   066.082.009.xxx   LOOK its Bigfoot
2007_12_11_16:48:55.609   071.238.054.xxx   that must be one hot polar bear
2007_12_11_16:50:03.739   071.238.054.xxx   still looks like he ate a bad borrito
2007_12_11_16:50:22.276   024.086.190.xxx   reindeer must have a warm b***
2007_12_11_16:50:52.473   071.238.054.xxx   that gotsa be stinky!
2007_12_11_16:51:20.532   069.136.115.xxx   WOOOT!  All lights on!!!
2007_12_11_16:51:26.605   063.230.252.xxx   gecko doubts this is real
2007_12_11_16:51:42.980   080.192.131.xxx   ORLY?
2007_12_11_16:51:48.625   064.012.116.xxx   I want a Wii!!!
2007_12_11_16:51:55.013   071.246.103.xxx   is the reindeer ok??
2007_12_11_16:51:57.492   069.136.115.xxx   You make Baby Jesus cry
2007_12_11_16:52:20.583   066.082.009.xxx   GOOD work Alex
2007_12_11_16:52:26.431   071.238.054.xxx   still looks like he had a bad burrito
2007_12_11_16:52:27.459   024.086.190.xxx   let there be fire!
2007_12_11_16:52:43.380   064.012.116.xxx   Thanks! this is cool, my son loves this!
2007_12_11_16:52:50.555   080.192.131.xxx   Have you been good this year maybe santa will bring you a Wii :p
2007_12_11_16:52:54.109   195.137.058.xxx   should let it be, it looks funny
2007_12_11_16:53:25.320   071.246.103.xxx   is everything ok?
2007_12_11_16:54:02.355   071.238.054.xxx   that reindeer needs to see somebody about that (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_16:54:06.258   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Just fixed half of reindeer's lights ... but snow reflection from bear DOES look like fire! ***ALEK***
2007_12_11_16:54:36.084   071.246.103.xxx   greetings from NYC
2007_12_11_16:55:00.733   070.188.177.xxx   Thanks Alek
2007_12_11_16:55:34.024   195.137.058.xxx   greetings young padawan (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_16:56:06.397   071.238.054.xxx   what if someone from street called 911 (11)
2007_12_11_16:56:25.444   064.012.116.xxx   Hi from icy Muskegon, MI!
2007_12_11_16:56:43.883   195.137.058.xxx   it must be dinner time (11)
2007_12_11_16:57:08.180   064.012.116.xxx   is that fire in the front yard???
2007_12_11_16:57:19.712   071.238.054.xxx   robot alek does not eat food (12)
2007_12_11_16:57:51.623   071.238.054.xxx   no fire just a polar bear (13)
2007_12_11_16:57:52.509   071.164.013.xxx   Merry Christmas All!
2007_12_11_16:58:06.132   195.137.058.xxx   eats perl code for breakfast (12)
2007_12_11_16:58:27.248   071.164.013.xxx   I see Santa climbing the ladder again!
2007_12_11_16:58:35.689   071.238.054.xxx   what about lunch and diner (14)
2007_12_11_16:59:02.190   195.137.058.xxx   sandwiches and soup (13)
2007_12_11_16:59:21.423   071.238.054.xxx   but he is a robot (15)
2007_12_11_17:00:42.311   071.164.013.xxx   Do ppl really control stuff here?
2007_12_11_17:00:45.955   143.166.255.xxx   maybe some day he'll get a figu**** that has lights that travel
2007_12_11_17:01:09.321   071.238.054.xxx   yes - and no i will not keep snowman family off (16)
2007_12_11_17:01:20.690   195.137.058.xxx   204 people watching - holy moley! (14)
2007_12_11_17:01:47.885   071.246.103.xxx   203 people viewing Christmas Lights - HOLY MOLEY!
2007_12_11_17:01:49.491   071.238.054.xxx   they all want to make reindeer fart (17)
2007_12_11_17:02:09.262   086.157.133.xxx   Good morning alek
2007_12_11_17:02:13.729   195.137.058.xxx   is there a grinch in the blog? (15)
2007_12_11_17:03:26.119   071.164.013.xxx   I wanna see the lava lamp lit up
2007_12_11_17:03:45.604   086.157.133.xxx   where is alwk
2007_12_11_17:04:10.422   071.164.013.xxx   heard wife call him for din din
2007_12_11_17:04:33.479   024.079.078.xxx   hi all
2007_12_11_17:04:36.324   195.137.058.xxx   night all, bed time (midnight here) (16)
2007_12_11_17:04:47.068   086.157.133.xxx   ok alek robot where is alek
2007_12_11_17:04:50.872   071.164.013.xxx   Temperature: 20.8___F
2007_12_11_17:05:26.429   143.166.255.xxx   he should do the cooking.
2007_12_11_17:05:41.449   071.164.013.xxx   Hi Alek!!!!!
2007_12_11_17:05:58.901   143.166.255.xxx   let her sit here for a few hours while he does the hard work :D heh
2007_12_11_17:06:12.933   071.164.013.xxx   What r u drinking there?
2007_12_11_17:06:15.377   089.054.043.xxx   Schoene Gruesse aus Bayern, Deutschland
2007_12_11_17:06:36.926   195.137.058.xxx   love how observant you all are (17)
2007_12_11_17:06:37.071   086.157.133.xxx   Nice to see you alek, are you OK
2007_12_11_17:06:38.182   143.166.255.xxx   looks blue..  Might be a Pepsi or a beer.
2007_12_11_17:06:54.939   071.164.013.xxx   makin' me thirsty
2007_12_11_17:07:02.561   195.137.058.xxx   or a blue cup (18)
2007_12_11_17:07:19.444   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Drinking some "Mighty Mango Orange Juice" ***ALEK***
2007_12_11_17:07:19.902   143.166.255.xxx   that too.. possibly, milk or something
2007_12_11_17:07:26.909   071.164.013.xxx   Alek----smile at the camera! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_17:07:56.623   195.137.058.xxx   yeah, wave to us alek, please!!! (19)
2007_12_11_17:08:34.074   071.238.054.xxx   hello robot alek (18)
2007_12_11_17:09:01.902   195.137.058.xxx   darn it (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_17:09:02.246   071.164.013.xxx   dang....he left (11)
2007_12_11_17:09:38.784   195.137.058.xxx   love the word dang, dunno why (21)
2007_12_11_17:09:41.887   089.054.043.xxx   Schaut aus Deutschland noch jemand zu???
2007_12_11_17:10:40.328   071.238.054.xxx   robot had to do some robot things (19)
2007_12_11_17:11:23.065   195.137.058.xxx   like practie his robot dance (22)
2007_12_11_17:12:15.978   071.238.054.xxx   yup (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_17:12:56.924   195.137.058.xxx   yip-yip (23)
2007_12_11_17:13:55.856   082.032.000.xxx   excellent
2007_12_11_17:14:40.870   082.032.000.xxx   Bristol UK Enjoying
2007_12_11_17:19:24.410   143.166.255.xxx   So Alex..  what are you getting for Christmas this year??? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_17:20:52.545   143.166.255.xxx   He Went outside!! (11)
2007_12_11_17:23:40.623   143.166.255.xxx   he's back!! (12)
2007_12_11_17:24:07.577   129.244.188.xxx   I turn them all off!
2007_12_11_17:24:41.377   143.166.255.xxx   Quick Larry.. Get out of there!! he's coming! :O (13)
2007_12_11_17:25:12.866   143.166.255.xxx   haha.. Early April Fooks (14)
2007_12_11_17:25:25.996   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** No idea what I'm getting for Christmas ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_11_17:25:37.111   143.166.255.xxx   err fools.. (15)
2007_12_11_17:26:53.636   068.010.064.xxx   My kids are loving this
2007_12_11_17:27:12.786   143.166.255.xxx   Make sure you put a copy of the Newpaper article/picture on your blog (16)
2007_12_11_17:27:37.155   143.166.255.xxx   your blog (17)
2007_12_11_17:28:12.615   024.030.050.xxx   Hello from Chris
2007_12_11_17:28:26.325   143.166.255.xxx   where's Chris? (18)
2007_12_11_17:28:58.612   143.166.255.xxx   oh my someone attacked Elmo!!!! (19)
2007_12_11_17:32:19.385   082.023.040.xxx   On and Off !!!!!
2007_12_11_17:33:23.643   216.221.087.xxx   hosug!!!!
2007_12_11_17:34:07.363   129.044.142.xxx   marry christmas from Niagara Falls, NY
2007_12_11_17:34:09.243   070.053.140.xxx   i love u sephora, ninoska
2007_12_11_17:35:25.841   071.238.054.xxx   hi robatic alke (21)
2007_12_11_17:35:44.749   129.044.142.xxx   Hello from Niagara Falls, NY
2007_12_11_17:36:14.099   071.238.054.xxx   lets try to confuse the robot (22)
2007_12_11_17:36:57.883   070.234.237.xxx   This is great, Merry Christmas to you and your family
2007_12_11_17:38:05.815   071.238.054.xxx   if a tree fallsin the middle of a forest and no one is around to hear it does i (23)
2007_12_11_17:39:10.098   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Picture of "gasous" deer posted on blog ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_11_17:39:36.210   208.104.086.xxx   the lights are great!
2007_12_11_17:40:48.594   071.238.054.xxx   can he hear me (24)
2007_12_11_17:41:37.500   071.238.054.xxx   alek bot is all knowing (25)
2007_12_11_17:42:12.030   071.238.054.xxx   lets deprogram him (26)
2007_12_11_17:43:25.890   071.238.054.xxx   where is off button for alek bot (27)
2007_12_11_17:43:30.343   208.104.086.xxx   awesome display i bet the neighborhood kids love you!
2007_12_11_17:47:57.872   066.159.238.xxx   Great job
2007_12_11_17:49:37.240   206.124.248.xxx   Sooo cool!!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_11_17:50:22.202   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Perhaps a bit less Alek Bot and a bit more Christmas Spirit discussion? ***ALEK***
2007_12_11_17:50:26.068   012.208.014.xxx   sweetness
2007_12_11_17:52:51.713   024.255.059.xxx   Happy Festivus!
2007_12_11_17:52:58.102   012.208.014.xxx   WOW THIS IS AWESOME!
2007_12_11_17:54:27.542   012.208.014.xxx   but i can't imagine how annoying this must get.
2007_12_11_17:57:27.387   075.051.164.xxx   Its Xmas in Falujah
2007_12_11_17:57:54.975   074.073.035.xxx   Love It. God Bless You All
2007_12_11_17:59:43.180   066.159.238.xxx   I believe homers dead!!!!!!
2007_12_11_18:00:33.067   075.051.164.xxx   Hi...where are the kids?
2007_12_11_18:00:47.136   074.073.035.xxx   love climbong santa
2007_12_11_18:01:04.379   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Homer is probably weighed down by snow - I'll go brush it off! ***ALEK***
2007_12_11_18:01:19.291   069.140.178.xxx   Hello there
2007_12_11_18:03:06.142   069.140.178.xxx   I love u pootie
2007_12_11_18:03:58.147   075.021.124.xxx   back for more Cmas fun
2007_12_11_18:04:08.239   074.073.035.xxx   I Live In NYC and just love it! Thank You
2007_12_11_18:04:22.459   075.051.164.xxx   i luv pootie too
2007_12_11_18:04:53.815   074.073.035.xxx   Yeah, Homer's BACK!
2007_12_11_18:05:02.064   070.244.207.xxx   merry christmas emily
2007_12_11_18:05:55.708   070.244.207.xxx   merry christmas bobby
2007_12_11_18:06:31.669   066.082.009.xxx   we love it in Alaska too
2007_12_11_18:06:41.068   070.244.207.xxx   santa rocks
2007_12_11_18:07:17.820   070.244.207.xxx   we love it in austin tx
2007_12_11_18:07:40.787   066.082.009.xxx   Alex smile for the newspaper tonight at 7pm
2007_12_11_18:07:57.992   024.008.066.xxx   hello person
2007_12_11_18:08:22.922   024.008.066.xxx   wave to the camera
2007_12_11_18:08:32.676   098.200.133.xxx   Snowman family are cute
2007_12_11_18:08:37.618   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** A Gorilla, The Hulk, and Spiderman will smile - I hope they go for the shot! ***ALEK***
2007_12_11_18:09:44.862   098.200.133.xxx   will we get to see the photo shoot on the webcams or will cams be off
2007_12_11_18:10:12.214   066.082.009.xxx   controls will be turned off in 50 minutes
2007_12_11_18:10:37.406   075.051.164.xxx   booooooooooooooo
2007_12_11_18:10:46.947   098.200.133.xxx   no lite control but will we be able to see on the cams?
2007_12_11_18:11:13.639   066.082.009.xxx   NO its a good thing
2007_12_11_18:11:54.937   098.200.133.xxx   what is a good thing
2007_12_11_18:11:59.957   066.082.009.xxx   the newspaper is going to do a story on Alex
2007_12_11_18:12:30.095   066.082.009.xxx   at 7pm (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_18:12:51.693   098.200.133.xxx   we know that but will we be able to WATCH the shoot
2007_12_11_18:13:16.043   066.082.009.xxx   should be able to! (11)
2007_12_11_18:15:35.549   066.082.009.xxx   where is the reindeer GAS (12)
2007_12_11_18:15:57.431   098.200.133.xxx   go see pic he posted on blog
2007_12_11_18:16:38.898   066.082.009.xxx   THERE IT IS!!! (13)
2007_12_11_18:16:40.457   098.200.133.xxx   gassy fire
2007_12_11_18:17:23.595   098.200.133.xxx   thats some BAD gas!! what is he feeding them??
2007_12_11_18:17:57.062   066.082.009.xxx   SMELLS ROASTED (14)
2007_12_11_18:18:20.120   098.200.133.xxx   Alek says hellllllo
2007_12_11_18:18:50.029   066.082.009.xxx   HELLO can your hear me now! (15)
2007_12_11_18:19:08.717   098.200.133.xxx   LOL good one (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_18:19:11.985   221.249.203.xxx   ______________________________
2007_12_11_18:19:44.248   221.249.203.xxx   Helo
2007_12_11_18:20:11.394   221.249.203.xxx   ______________________________
2007_12_11_18:20:46.536   098.200.133.xxx   guess we were to noisy he had to go to anaother room to talk (11)
2007_12_11_18:23:21.106   098.200.133.xxx   get off the robot garbage will ya (12)
2007_12_11_18:24:43.155   072.195.177.xxx   hey alek and family..anyone from georgia on tonight?
2007_12_11_18:26:04.890   098.200.133.xxx   lava lamp went dark again tonight (13)
2007_12_11_18:26:18.558   072.195.177.xxx   it was 80 here in georgia today
2007_12_11_18:27:21.089   072.195.177.xxx   hey alek kinda looks like robin williams dont he
2007_12_11_18:27:26.808   075.051.164.xxx   michael bay is gonna make this into a movie
2007_12_11_18:27:40.481   068.075.045.xxx   IT IS 7:32 IN JOLIET
2007_12_11_18:28:00.015   098.200.133.xxx   that is robin williams shhhhh don't tell no one (14)
2007_12_11_18:28:09.906   075.051.164.xxx   shia labouf will play alex and giant robots will play the kids
2007_12_11_18:29:47.623   098.200.133.xxx   Y is Santa so fluffy/fat when he exercises every nite here (15)
2007_12_11_18:30:15.548   075.051.164.xxx   cuz santa spends too much time at mickey d's
2007_12_11_18:30:43.440   068.075.045.xxx   Santa is sooooooooooo cooooooooooooool
2007_12_11_18:30:45.827   098.200.133.xxx   I never see him leave Aleks driveway (16)
2007_12_11_18:31:16.119   075.051.164.xxx   santa is magic
2007_12_11_18:31:22.308   068.075.045.xxx   Santa is soooooo cooooool!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_11_18:31:27.179   070.152.084.xxx   FRESH WHAT IT IS!
2007_12_11_18:31:27.359   071.238.054.xxx   we got some comedians in im tonight huh alek (28)
2007_12_11_18:31:28.093   072.195.177.xxx   does alek get to read our messages?
2007_12_11_18:31:52.227   098.200.133.xxx   Alek, PLEASE give that reindeer something for that GAS! (17)
2007_12_11_18:32:20.283   068.075.045.xxx   n'joy everything y'all
2007_12_11_18:32:24.133   071.238.054.xxx   yes he ca e all of them (29)
2007_12_11_18:33:04.703   072.195.177.xxx   hey alek tell the boys hello from warner robins ga
2007_12_11_18:33:38.131   068.075.045.xxx   my webkinz rock they r sooo coooooooool !!!!!!!!
2007_12_11_18:33:38.238   076.126.090.xxx   cool yule from California
2007_12_11_18:33:54.313   071.238.054.xxx   alek is mostly boring though - he does nothing exciting on cam (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_18:34:12.176   070.053.140.xxx   heritage college nursing program   gatineau, quebec
2007_12_11_18:34:35.022   072.145.118.xxx   we are  all one
2007_12_11_18:34:58.162   068.075.045.xxx   Hey all that was my daughter Iming she is going to bed now!!1
2007_12_11_18:35:49.739   068.075.045.xxx   Merry Christmas to all and Alek our prayers are with your children and your fam
2007_12_11_18:35:50.619   071.238.054.xxx   I wonder if heading of newspaper is going to be farting reindeer live (31)
2007_12_11_18:36:26.583   070.152.084.xxx   FRESH WHAT IT IS!
2007_12_11_18:37:06.813   070.053.140.xxx   sociology is not a real sub*ect...
2007_12_11_18:38:05.573   070.053.140.xxx   sociology was only invented for students that didn't get into anything else...
2007_12_11_18:39:17.136   075.129.166.xxx   Gumby in Union, MO sez HO HO HO !!!!!
2007_12_11_18:39:45.436   070.152.084.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL!!!!!!FROOM WOOKIE
2007_12_11_18:39:54.221   072.195.177.xxx   what does it mean when u see the hulk on ur screen
2007_12_11_18:39:56.152   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hello warner robins ga - as a former blue-suiter, I salute you guys! ***ALEK***
2007_12_11_18:40:32.852   072.195.177.xxx   awwe alke u rock!!love billy and gene
2007_12_11_18:41:07.602   072.195.177.xxx   sorry alek..2 year old in my lap
2007_12_11_18:42:16.448   071.238.054.xxx   the stress is getting to him (32)
2007_12_11_18:43:05.727   071.238.054.xxx   isn't it (33)
2007_12_11_18:43:54.111   066.066.138.xxx   Hi Alek. Merry Christmas to you.
2007_12_11_18:44:22.506   071.238.054.xxx   Is media going to come in here? (34)
2007_12_11_18:44:55.524   098.200.133.xxx   Katie Couric on the way (18)
2007_12_11_18:45:13.027   071.238.054.xxx   -elmo heads look dull (35)
2007_12_11_18:45:47.669   071.238.054.xxx   elmos head looks dull (36)
2007_12_11_18:45:50.821   098.200.133.xxx   that's cuz Elmo is not to bright (19)
2007_12_11_18:46:09.830   072.195.177.xxx   elmos only 3
2007_12_11_18:46:28.814   098.200.133.xxx   Elmo is older than 3 (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_18:46:50.388   072.195.177.xxx   he was created to be a 3 yr old monster (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_18:47:00.169   066.237.109.xxx   Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night
2007_12_11_18:47:16.581   098.200.133.xxx   No, no, Elmo is "dull" because his nose hurts from the gas fumes (21)
2007_12_11_18:47:29.557   071.238.054.xxx   alek looks stressed today is it the media (37)
2007_12_11_18:47:51.209   072.195.177.xxx   did aleks special chilli get to the reindeer? (11)
2007_12_11_18:47:58.051   098.200.133.xxx   heck no Alek has been smiling all night (22)
2007_12_11_18:48:07.512   071.238.054.xxx   lol (38)
2007_12_11_18:48:48.331   071.238.054.xxx   he could be doing that to make us not worry (39)
2007_12_11_18:48:51.300   072.195.177.xxx   why are the messages numbered? (12)
2007_12_11_18:48:58.115   071.064.015.xxx   this is really great, merry christmas!!
2007_12_11_18:49:34.436   098.200.133.xxx   11 minutes to show time (23)
2007_12_11_18:49:34.900   071.238.054.xxx   or alek is considering something (40 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_18:49:36.753   192.231.040.xxx   Macs s***
2007_12_11_18:50:01.107   066.237.109.xxx   Merry Christmas Stephanie!
2007_12_11_18:50:12.601   192.231.040.xxx   I'm using a Mac in class, and it really, really suks
2007_12_11_18:50:26.574   098.200.133.xxx   is your hair combed Alek for the media? (24)
2007_12_11_18:50:48.641   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Roads are icey ... so photographer just called with 8:00 ETA ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_11_18:50:49.791   072.195.177.xxx   my sister said when u have a minute alek she wanna see you (13)
2007_12_11_18:51:05.382   192.231.040.xxx   I mean, it really, REALLY suks. I don't recommend Macs
2007_12_11_18:51:37.498   098.200.133.xxx   SHOW time Alek left (25)
2007_12_11_18:51:41.989   071.238.054.xxx   what does eta mena? (41)
2007_12_11_18:51:48.659   192.231.040.xxx   Alec, Macs suk, don't they?
2007_12_11_18:52:06.301   075.017.223.xxx   merry christmas alek
2007_12_11_18:52:06.661   066.237.109.xxx   I love Kyle Shanley xoxo Merry Christmas Baby!
2007_12_11_18:52:19.273   071.238.054.xxx   whats a eta (42)
2007_12_11_18:52:37.219   075.017.223.xxx   merry xmas alex from hudson
2007_12_11_18:52:49.250   192.231.040.xxx   Estimated Time of Arrival
2007_12_11_18:53:06.072   075.017.223.xxx   fsgsgsr
2007_12_11_18:53:09.253   071.238.054.xxx   oh thanx (43)
2007_12_11_18:53:22.539   192.231.040.xxx   no problem. would you like to hook up later tonigh? ___)
2007_12_11_18:53:24.939   066.237.109.xxx   Stephanie and Kyle Chicago 11/13/****
2007_12_11_18:53:34.649   071.199.151.xxx   Merry Xmas to Claire and Amy
2007_12_11_18:54:06.126   072.195.177.xxx   merry christmas to all who can read this..From..Raven..aka..Ryan (14)
2007_12_11_18:54:17.890   066.066.138.xxx   Merry Christmas from Rochester NY!
2007_12_11_18:54:30.434   098.200.133.xxx   I can't read it (26)
2007_12_11_18:54:30.769   210.138.152.xxx   haPPy Clistmas!!!
2007_12_11_18:54:32.210   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** To Claire and Amy ... or FROM Claire and Amy ... Rust? ***ALEK***
2007_12_11_18:55:18.422   071.199.151.xxx   To Claire and Amy. They are watching....
2007_12_11_18:55:19.317   098.200.133.xxx   Is Katie running late? It's almost 7 (27)
2007_12_11_18:56:44.826   071.199.151.xxx   To Claire and Amy. They are watching ...From Jim
2007_12_11_18:57:06.108   072.195.177.xxx   imma girl named Ryan (15)
2007_12_11_18:57:06.148   071.238.054.xxx   we should talk about all the good stuff about alk (44)
2007_12_11_18:57:11.722   098.200.133.xxx   R u getting excited Alek? I am! (28)
2007_12_11_18:58:03.176   071.238.054.xxx   and to think we get to see the whole neverous breakdown live (45)
2007_12_11_18:58:23.480   072.195.177.xxx   were all excited for him and his family..i hope its on our national news tonight (16)
2007_12_11_18:59:07.151   098.200.133.xxx   LOL, told you Katie Couric is coming. (29)
2007_12_11_18:59:54.712   071.238.054.xxx   hopefully she do't break the lights (46)
2007_12_11_19:00:27.949   071.238.054.xxx   step on lights (47)
2007_12_11_19:01:18.065   071.238.054.xxx   hopefully she don't step on light (48)
2007_12_11_19:01:58.102   072.195.177.xxx   so whos doin the interview? (17)
2007_12_11_19:02:09.129   098.200.133.xxx   was that your call earlier Alek, will they be late (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_19:02:21.087   071.238.054.xxx   more and more people are coming (49)
2007_12_11_19:02:28.229   211.122.217.xxx   AmbientBlueNight
2007_12_11_19:02:49.799   074.060.193.xxx   merry christmas
2007_12_11_19:03:22.995   071.238.054.xxx   halfof the star on giant tree is missing (50 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_19:03:44.050   074.060.193.xxx   Keaghan says merry christmas
2007_12_11_19:03:45.663   072.195.177.xxx   its still awsome (18)
2007_12_11_19:03:58.087   098.200.133.xxx   I'm pacing floors waiting, Alek looks cool as a cucumber (31)
2007_12_11_19:04:08.277   071.238.054.xxx   yes it is (51)
2007_12_11_19:04:13.490   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Reporter steps on lights - www.komar.org/christmas/2004/movies/channel9rep.jpg  - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2007_12_11_19:06:42.354   098.200.133.xxx   OMG, that pic of reporter, your house has hardly no decorations (32)
2007_12_11_19:08:23.192   071.238.054.xxx   alek has had the media over too many times now to panic (52)
2007_12_11_19:08:41.329   098.200.133.xxx   good point (33)
2007_12_11_19:11:23.547   098.200.133.xxx   socks? what did i miss (34)
2007_12_11_19:11:30.137   208.111.196.xxx   alek can you send the reporter link again...i cant get it to come up
2007_12_11_19:12:15.314   098.200.133.xxx   he sent Katies phone number did you get that (35)
2007_12_11_19:12:54.197   076.185.002.xxx   hi there
2007_12_11_19:13:21.536   074.060.193.xxx   merry x-mas ashley
2007_12_11_19:14:15.011   071.189.252.xxx   b*ghj
2007_12_11_19:14:37.949   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Just click on All Text Messages to see all the chit-chat tonight ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_11_19:15:42.849   208.111.196.xxx   yeah i didnt think about that until after i sent the last thing
2007_12_11_19:16:08.431   208.111.196.xxx   thanks
2007_12_11_19:16:35.743   098.200.133.xxx   I'm calling Katie right now..that's rude to be late! (36)
2007_12_11_19:16:55.567   072.195.177.xxx   i got the impression that katie couric is aleks wife?..is this true? (19)
2007_12_11_19:17:21.382   098.200.133.xxx   Katie Couric is the news anchor (37)
2007_12_11_19:17:26.587   069.207.151.xxx   hey, turn everything off and keep it off!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_11_19:17:49.529   189.137.123.xxx   I LOVE B.S.H.
2007_12_11_19:18:09.208   069.207.151.xxx   turn all the lights off
2007_12_11_19:19:17.025   069.207.151.xxx   is this real or fake?
2007_12_11_19:19:34.486   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Are YOU real or fake?!?   ;-) ***ALEK***
2007_12_11_19:19:57.293   024.013.217.xxx   Hello Weez!!!!
2007_12_11_19:20:13.245   069.207.151.xxx   answer my question....................... so when i turn these lights off they 
2007_12_11_19:20:31.828   189.137.123.xxx   i hope you can gather all that you need
2007_12_11_19:21:26.346   069.207.151.xxx   AHHH THIS IS SO FAKE!
2007_12_11_19:22:00.363   072.195.177.xxx   BRB  dont 4get me (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_19:22:40.282   024.086.093.xxx   anonomyous returns
2007_12_11_19:23:00.851   069.207.151.xxx   4chan is here?
2007_12_11_19:24:05.838   069.207.151.xxx   your wife is not sick.. stop lieing
2007_12_11_19:24:11.544   024.086.093.xxx   there is only one flying spagetti monster
2007_12_11_19:24:43.202   069.207.151.xxx   Where is caturday?
2007_12_11_19:25:06.570   024.086.093.xxx   look a person
2007_12_11_19:25:27.921   069.207.151.xxx   You people all lie, your wife isn't dead.
2007_12_11_19:26:05.258   068.217.210.xxx   4chan'r needs to go back to /b/
2007_12_11_19:26:31.481   069.207.151.xxx   Hahah I am not a 4chaner, I am a psuc (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_19:27:09.955   024.086.093.xxx   i love this website, its like **** all over again
2007_12_11_19:27:10.522   072.025.192.xxx   Psuc rulez -Pspfreak****
2007_12_11_19:27:12.851   069.207.151.xxx   STOP NOONE IS DIEING (11)
2007_12_11_19:27:17.401   066.082.009.xxx   someone feed the reindeer a buritto! (16)
2007_12_11_19:27:42.727   024.086.093.xxx   do a barrel roll
2007_12_11_19:27:43.269   072.025.192.xxx   lolwut?
2007_12_11_19:27:46.568   071.238.054.xxx   where is reporter (53)
2007_12_11_19:27:49.917   069.207.151.xxx   STOP NOONE IS DIEING (12)
2007_12_11_19:28:18.692   066.082.009.xxx   HTERE WE GO! (17)
2007_12_11_19:28:34.932   069.207.151.xxx   who cares who dies, I am from psuc- FIGHT FOR IT! (13)
2007_12_11_19:28:50.202   066.082.009.xxx   flames (18)
2007_12_11_19:29:14.637   069.207.151.xxx   PSUC TURN OFF EVERYTHING AND KEEP IT OFF!!!!!!!!! (14)
2007_12_11_19:29:52.345   072.161.084.xxx   woo
2007_12_11_19:30:03.147   205.188.116.xxx   hi from fl
2007_12_11_19:30:03.472   069.207.151.xxx   KEEP ALL THE LIGHTS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (15)
2007_12_11_19:30:36.273   024.086.093.xxx   i'm developing a simple usb-___120v relays tommrorow
2007_12_11_19:30:45.846   208.038.084.xxx   w****
2007_12_11_19:30:49.671   069.207.151.xxx   Sorry noone cares about your little f***ing sickness (16)
2007_12_11_19:31:15.323   208.038.084.xxx   i like fat chicks
2007_12_11_19:32:02.296   069.207.151.xxx   What the f*** noone cares about your kids sickness (17)
2007_12_11_19:32:08.757   098.200.133.xxx   what happended to Christmas & lites discussion? (38)
2007_12_11_19:32:12.551   208.038.084.xxx   whos teh guy sitting right there? he cool i like his clock in the bk round
2007_12_11_19:32:24.802   076.180.187.xxx   Audra Peter!
2007_12_11_19:32:48.130   069.207.151.xxx   thats a h*** s* ual clock. (18)
2007_12_11_19:32:58.863   072.195.177.xxx   they are getting nasty (21)
2007_12_11_19:33:12.192   072.161.084.xxx   HULK SMASH PUNY HUMAN!
2007_12_11_19:33:12.864   066.082.009.xxx   Where did Darth Vader go? (19)
2007_12_11_19:33:20.467   024.255.231.xxx   wow  can't you ban them alek?
2007_12_11_19:33:30.234   024.086.093.xxx   I LOVE WINDOWS ME
2007_12_11_19:33:31.708   208.038.084.xxx   does that guy know hes on camera?_________
2007_12_11_19:33:44.572   072.161.084.xxx   I'm sure he does :P
2007_12_11_19:33:45.221   098.200.133.xxx   yes he knows duuuuuh (39)
2007_12_11_19:33:59.716   024.255.231.xxx   alek...can you ban them?
2007_12_11_19:34:09.870   208.038.084.xxx   whats this for? i came from the PSU
2007_12_11_19:34:10.028   076.180.187.xxx   He wants me though, I'm his wife!
2007_12_11_19:34:13.622   071.255.046.xxx   hey yall
2007_12_11_19:34:17.385   098.200.133.xxx   was that them Alek? (40 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_19:34:38.783   072.025.192.xxx   oh haii dere mr owner
2007_12_11_19:34:41.202   208.038.084.xxx   p****
2007_12_11_19:34:52.660   069.207.151.xxx   i hope this little site kills your power bill (19)
2007_12_11_19:35:09.638   076.180.187.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2007_12_11_19:35:18.165   072.195.177.xxx   alek somepeople are so rude on here (22)
2007_12_11_19:35:19.099   072.161.084.xxx   rawr
2007_12_11_19:35:22.508   072.025.192.xxx   oh haii dere mr owner!
2007_12_11_19:35:23.504   069.207.151.xxx   I am jewish. (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_19:35:24.977   098.200.133.xxx   Santa is watching those that are mean here!! No gifts for you (41)
2007_12_11_19:35:29.977   071.255.046.xxx   COOLEST web site EVAR!!!!!!!!
2007_12_11_19:35:46.927   208.038.084.xxx   Watch me Crank it watch me roll, something somthing superman the hoe now ZOO!
2007_12_11_19:35:53.031   076.180.187.xxx   Thanks for the cool site!
2007_12_11_19:35:54.638   072.161.084.xxx   I AM A FURRE
2007_12_11_19:36:07.318   130.101.093.xxx   Hi
2007_12_11_19:36:12.120   069.207.151.xxx   this site is very fake (21)
2007_12_11_19:36:20.243   208.038.084.xxx   soulja boy is black
2007_12_11_19:36:20.549   072.025.192.xxx   oh haii der MR
2007_12_11_19:36:39.164   072.161.084.xxx   I'm male dude, sorry. but try Furcadia
2007_12_11_19:36:39.681   069.207.151.xxx   furrys, lol (22)
2007_12_11_19:36:46.486   071.255.046.xxx   PS3___XBOX360
2007_12_11_19:36:50.842   072.025.192.xxx   :___
2007_12_11_19:37:01.411   208.038.084.xxx   V/-___GINA
2007_12_11_19:37:10.924   069.207.151.xxx   why is this guys camra's so laggy!???????????????????????????????? (23)
2007_12_11_19:37:22.914   024.023.040.xxx   hi
2007_12_11_19:37:23.059   072.161.084.xxx   That reindeer musta ate mcdonalds.
2007_12_11_19:37:29.082   072.025.192.xxx   oh hi dere mr owner
2007_12_11_19:37:47.137   208.038.084.xxx   V/hi (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_19:38:16.699   072.161.084.xxx   Two beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese
2007_12_11_19:38:22.709   072.025.192.xxx   Maii name is Pspfreak**** :)
2007_12_11_19:38:38.895   074.248.067.xxx   alek is the man
2007_12_11_19:38:49.460   071.255.046.xxx   hey pspfreak
2007_12_11_19:38:55.403   072.025.192.xxx   ___woman
2007_12_11_19:38:56.566   072.161.084.xxx   HULK SMASH PUNY HUMAN!
2007_12_11_19:39:07.253   074.248.067.xxx   wave to the camera, alek
2007_12_11_19:39:34.056   208.038.084.xxx   this is so fake (11)
2007_12_11_19:39:39.963   072.025.192.xxx   who called maii name? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_19:39:49.395   074.248.067.xxx   smile, alek
2007_12_11_19:39:56.119   072.161.084.xxx   Furre (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_19:40:17.985   098.200.133.xxx   how can you say fake, look at your monitor, NOT fake (42)
2007_12_11_19:40:28.874   074.248.067.xxx   if this is real, alek would wave to the camera
2007_12_11_19:40:41.139   071.255.046.xxx   where he go?
2007_12_11_19:40:47.440   072.161.084.xxx   HULK SMASH PUNY HUMAN! (11)
2007_12_11_19:40:48.551   072.025.192.xxx   its leik im hacking someone's house exept i didnt do anything... (11)
2007_12_11_19:40:52.835   098.200.133.xxx   did you see him just leave? (43)
2007_12_11_19:41:12.153   074.248.067.xxx   come back, dude
2007_12_11_19:41:12.060   071.255.046.xxx   bathroom?
2007_12_11_19:41:20.735   072.025.192.xxx   well it is his house... (12)
2007_12_11_19:41:24.142   072.161.084.xxx   m,nkhgjfhkvgkj (12)
2007_12_11_19:41:34.489   072.083.141.xxx   PSU FTW PSU!!!
2007_12_11_19:41:38.016   074.248.067.xxx   come back, dude
2007_12_11_19:41:51.882   072.025.192.xxx   PSUC FTW (13)
2007_12_11_19:42:07.902   074.248.067.xxx   GEAUX L S U
2007_12_11_19:42:11.367   071.255.046.xxx   you all made him leave
2007_12_11_19:42:25.778   072.025.192.xxx   Ima turn off ur house nao (14)
2007_12_11_19:42:31.983   072.161.084.xxx   Atari roolz (13)
2007_12_11_19:42:33.318   074.248.067.xxx   i didnt do it
2007_12_11_19:42:44.144   205.188.116.xxx   whats up
2007_12_11_19:43:15.868   074.248.067.xxx   where'd alex go?
2007_12_11_19:43:28.286   072.161.084.xxx   Dunno (14)
2007_12_11_19:43:40.095   071.255.046.xxx   psn-boogz876 add me
2007_12_11_19:43:46.202   072.025.192.xxx   waii you people turn his house back on? :cut: (15)
2007_12_11_19:44:00.585   072.161.084.xxx   I got one of thsoe climbing santas. (15)
2007_12_11_19:44:03.337   066.066.138.xxx   Hello from Rochester NY. Where are you???
2007_12_11_19:44:10.014   074.248.067.xxx   were you here last night? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_19:44:15.406   072.025.192.xxx   me 2 (16)
2007_12_11_19:44:18.201   071.105.233.xxx   must get annoying
2007_12_11_19:44:28.498   071.255.046.xxx   UTICA NY FTW
2007_12_11_19:44:40.500   074.248.067.xxx   geaux l s u (11)
2007_12_11_19:44:48.831   071.105.233.xxx   SO CAL
2007_12_11_19:44:55.493   076.205.163.xxx   hello???
2007_12_11_19:44:59.659   066.066.138.xxx   Utica. Hello Neighbor, sort of.
2007_12_11_19:45:25.395   218.225.087.xxx   greetings.
2007_12_11_19:45:28.386   072.161.084.xxx   Someplace. (16)
2007_12_11_19:45:41.845   066.066.138.xxx   So cal. Trojans #1!!!
2007_12_11_19:45:46.448   072.025.192.xxx   i would be sooo p***ed if i was his neighbour... (17)
2007_12_11_19:45:57.138   072.161.084.xxx   HE'S BACK (17)
2007_12_11_19:45:59.454   071.255.046.xxx   MUST BE A BIG POO (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_19:46:18.314   072.025.192.xxx   lol?wut (18)
2007_12_11_19:46:23.731   072.161.084.xxx   hey it's getting small (18)
2007_12_11_19:46:34.952   071.255.046.xxx   STOP ZOOMING (11)
2007_12_11_19:46:55.060   072.025.192.xxx   i leik teh zoom (19)
2007_12_11_19:46:55.155   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** neighbors think it is a hoot ... and their kids love it! ***ALEK***
2007_12_11_19:47:17.898   072.161.084.xxx   I only have a massive load of lights (19)
2007_12_11_19:47:24.360   071.255.046.xxx   nooo come back (12)
2007_12_11_19:47:31.377   072.025.192.xxx   well its deffinately a good idea (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_19:47:50.704   072.161.084.xxx   I should try this here. (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_19:47:59.360   074.248.067.xxx   where (12)
2007_12_11_19:48:06.922   072.025.192.xxx   ad yes plz come back... it amuses me (21)
2007_12_11_19:48:44.983   072.025.192.xxx   yay (22)
2007_12_11_19:48:53.769   074.248.067.xxx   hey, dude....you rock (13)
2007_12_11_19:49:13.253   072.161.084.xxx   I'm in the Ozarks. (21)
2007_12_11_19:49:21.454   074.248.067.xxx   wave to the camera, alek (14)
2007_12_11_19:49:21.896   071.255.046.xxx   wave to the camera (13)
2007_12_11_19:49:31.206   072.025.192.xxx   lol 297 ppl controlling one house... (23)
2007_12_11_19:49:39.326   066.237.109.xxx   **** is Gonna Rock!!
2007_12_11_19:49:49.603   218.226.247.xxx   Hello from TOKYO
2007_12_11_19:49:50.549   074.248.067.xxx   on the phone (15)
2007_12_11_19:49:55.476   072.161.084.xxx   yet noone is driven nuts (22)
2007_12_11_19:50:05.331   071.255.046.xxx   who you taking too (14)
2007_12_11_19:50:26.174   072.161.084.xxx   No clue. where is everyone else (23)
2007_12_11_19:50:36.987   074.248.067.xxx   alek is talking to the cops. neighbors must be mad (16)
2007_12_11_19:50:57.214   068.148.108.xxx   this is so cool
2007_12_11_19:50:59.125   072.161.084.xxx   whoa, really? lol (24)
2007_12_11_19:51:00.584   218.226.247.xxx   HULK
2007_12_11_19:51:04.660   071.255.046.xxx   lol (15)
2007_12_11_19:51:27.068   074.248.067.xxx   how do we get response from alek? (17)
2007_12_11_19:51:29.725   072.161.084.xxx   I don't see no stinkin 5-0 (25)
2007_12_11_19:51:35.280   060.053.179.xxx   cool
2007_12_11_19:51:55.984   072.161.084.xxx   Hello there! (26)
2007_12_11_19:51:58.193   068.148.108.xxx   angela
2007_12_11_19:52:15.874   065.025.051.xxx   hi from sharon in ohio
2007_12_11_19:52:17.819   074.248.067.xxx   he's back....wave to the camera, dude! (18)
2007_12_11_19:52:32.467   072.161.084.xxx   Smile big! (27)
2007_12_11_19:52:36.803   071.255.046.xxx   he wont (16)
2007_12_11_19:52:42.724   071.254.174.xxx   :D
2007_12_11_19:52:50.441   098.200.133.xxx   Hulk is smiling (44)
2007_12_11_19:52:53.770   074.248.067.xxx   where'd he go? (19)
2007_12_11_19:52:57.438   072.161.084.xxx   aw darn (28)
2007_12_11_19:52:58.842   072.025.192.xxx   D: (24)
2007_12_11_19:53:26.434   071.222.056.xxx   allo govna!
2007_12_11_19:53:27.573   098.200.133.xxx   Alek went to the photo shoot (45)
2007_12_11_19:53:43.517   074.248.067.xxx   what photo shoot? (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_19:53:56.916   071.255.046.xxx   liar (17)
2007_12_11_19:54:07.219   098.200.133.xxx   Wallstreet Journal coming (46)
2007_12_11_19:54:24.386   072.195.177.xxx   they are takin pics (23)
2007_12_11_19:54:27.539   072.025.192.xxx   i feel bad nao cuz i gots no moneys to donate :emo: (25)
2007_12_11_19:54:50.221   098.200.133.xxx   they take credit cards donate on a card (47)
2007_12_11_19:55:15.747   072.138.036.xxx   Hello from Ottawa Ontario canada
2007_12_11_19:55:43.589   098.200.133.xxx   Hi Canada (48)
2007_12_11_19:55:43.964   072.025.192.xxx   lol im 14 i have no cardez... if i do mah parents arent telling me bout it... (26)
2007_12_11_19:56:10.249   071.238.054.xxx   orter til hasn't come eh (54)
2007_12_11_19:56:15.622   060.053.179.xxx   get in. its cold out there :)
2007_12_11_19:57:05.622   072.025.192.xxx   O haii dere from Edmonton,Alberta,Canada.... Canada FTW! (27)
2007_12_11_19:58:28.994   072.138.036.xxx   Merry Christmas Everyone
2007_12_11_19:58:50.497   098.200.133.xxx   Merry Christmas to you too (49)
2007_12_11_19:59:16.747   072.025.192.xxx   Its "Happy holidays" You might offend someone D: lol (28)
2007_12_11_19:59:39.861   071.205.068.xxx   yo
2007_12_11_19:59:56.708   072.025.192.xxx   yoyoyo (29)
2007_12_11_20:00:08.972   072.195.177.xxx   bright light bright light (24)
2007_12_11_20:00:33.867   072.138.036.xxx   Sorry I am as old as Santa
2007_12_11_20:00:41.217   060.053.179.xxx   your wife? blocking the view
2007_12_11_20:00:51.910   072.025.192.xxx   why is everyone obssesed with turning OFF the lights? (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_20:01:02.773   072.195.177.xxx   hey its the reporters (25)
2007_12_11_20:01:27.060   060.053.179.xxx   Smile .....
2007_12_11_20:01:28.796   098.200.133.xxx   Hi Reporters (50 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_20:01:59.356   072.195.177.xxx   ready 4 ur close up alek? (26)
2007_12_11_20:02:07.290   098.200.133.xxx   Reporters: take high heels off (51)
2007_12_11_20:03:16.286   072.195.177.xxx   hi the reporters from warner robins ga!! (27)
2007_12_11_20:03:24.878   098.200.133.xxx   Make sure Alek goes on the front page! (52)
2007_12_11_20:03:41.243   074.142.050.xxx   hi mindi
2007_12_11_20:03:53.224   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea guys, the reporter is here ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_11_20:04:03.020   072.195.177.xxx   and make sure 13 wmaz gets a copy please (28)
2007_12_11_20:04:18.429   072.025.192.xxx   what is love? baby dont hurt me,dont hurt me,no more... (31)
2007_12_11_20:04:19.353   098.200.133.xxx   Everyone smile for the pic (53)
2007_12_11_20:05:05.113   098.200.133.xxx   don't forget to take Hulks picture too (54)
2007_12_11_20:05:13.007   072.025.192.xxx   what is love? baby dont hurt me,dont hurt me,no more... (32)
2007_12_11_20:05:51.068   098.200.133.xxx   wow, she's awfully young for a reporter (55)
2007_12_11_20:06:10.787   072.195.177.xxx   there went hulk (29)
2007_12_11_20:06:29.617   072.025.192.xxx   again...lol (33)
2007_12_11_20:06:39.325   198.209.048.xxx   hi
2007_12_11_20:06:41.384   098.200.133.xxx   hi camera man (56)
2007_12_11_20:06:55.385   072.195.177.xxx   hello guy (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_20:07:00.368   072.025.192.xxx   yay (34)
2007_12_11_20:07:05.282   098.200.133.xxx   can you hear me now (57)
2007_12_11_20:07:40.857   098.200.133.xxx   that's a pretty pink jacket (58)
2007_12_11_20:07:44.499   072.025.192.xxx   lol i screenshotted but im too lazy to save it... (35)
2007_12_11_20:08:22.205   072.025.192.xxx   wered everyone go? (36)
2007_12_11_20:08:25.849   098.200.133.xxx   Alek will post pics for us on his blog (59)
2007_12_11_20:09:08.793   098.200.133.xxx   Hi young lady, you're a sweet looking girl! (60 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_20:09:27.496   072.025.192.xxx   AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! (37)
2007_12_11_20:09:36.381   096.240.016.xxx   gorilla attack!
2007_12_11_20:09:38.488   098.200.133.xxx   LOL who is the monkey (61)
2007_12_11_20:10:08.599   098.200.133.xxx   wave monkey!! (62)
2007_12_11_20:10:33.514   072.025.192.xxx   :'(  you scared me mr gorilla :'(  Ima go cry nao... (38)
2007_12_11_20:10:52.200   074.248.067.xxx   wave to the camera (21)
2007_12_11_20:11:01.532   072.195.177.xxx   hey aleks boys!! (31)
2007_12_11_20:11:16.505   072.025.192.xxx   no (39)
2007_12_11_20:11:20.795   069.244.223.xxx   thanks yall, working on my tree lights nowl.
2007_12_11_20:11:47.477   098.200.133.xxx   LOL, the monkey is 1 of the boys, you silly one! (63)
2007_12_11_20:12:03.190   072.025.192.xxx   ive never had so much fun turning things on and off b4... (40 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_20:12:42.326   074.248.067.xxx   AAAAAHHHHHHHH! (22)
2007_12_11_20:12:47.895   098.200.133.xxx   Speak up, we can't hear in the back (64)
2007_12_11_20:13:21.008   074.248.067.xxx   AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! (23)
2007_12_11_20:13:38.903   098.200.133.xxx   LOL, that is the neighbors not the reporters (65)
2007_12_11_20:13:42.010   024.070.095.xxx   What is this?
2007_12_11_20:14:03.458   072.195.177.xxx   merry christmas to everyone in the workshop!! (32)
2007_12_11_20:14:13.327   074.248.067.xxx   someone call the cops.  Gorilla on the loose! (24)
2007_12_11_20:14:24.183   024.070.095.xxx   hi little ones!! :)  say hi!
2007_12_11_20:14:44.635   074.248.067.xxx   move out of the way, camera guy. (25)
2007_12_11_20:15:10.692   074.248.067.xxx   thanks, dude (26)
2007_12_11_20:15:11.084   024.070.095.xxx   So thats what happens when you never shave!!
2007_12_11_20:15:12.679   222.152.171.xxx   Hello from New Zealand!
2007_12_11_20:15:16.331   098.200.133.xxx   they look like they are having fun (66)
2007_12_11_20:15:24.919   084.009.091.xxx   Yay, people looking at the monitor!
2007_12_11_20:15:40.836   024.070.095.xxx   Hello from inside the room...
2007_12_11_20:15:52.550   072.025.192.xxx   im controlling ur house from a cell phone...lol (41)
2007_12_11_20:15:59.828   222.152.171.xxx   ____________________________________  Fishy!
2007_12_11_20:16:09.480   074.248.067.xxx   what up, dawg? (27)
2007_12_11_20:16:32.826   024.070.095.xxx   I think the webcam was moved...
2007_12_11_20:16:34.405   098.200.133.xxx   where did they go (67)
2007_12_11_20:16:45.936   074.248.067.xxx   zoom in (28)
2007_12_11_20:16:46.840   072.025.192.xxx   do we really have nothing more important to do than control a house? (42)
2007_12_11_20:17:17.889   024.070.095.xxx   must be getting a tour
2007_12_11_20:17:22.375   098.200.133.xxx   i thought it was fun when they were there (68)
2007_12_11_20:17:39.866   074.248.067.xxx   no potty mouth, dude (29)
2007_12_11_20:17:43.668   072.025.192.xxx   this is what happens when psuc sees ur website.... (43)
2007_12_11_20:17:52.312   024.070.095.xxx   keep the inappropriate comments to yourself
2007_12_11_20:18:17.582   072.195.177.xxx   i wish the rude and nasty people would go somewhere else and talk that mess (33)
2007_12_11_20:18:19.785   074.248.067.xxx   alek rocks! (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_20:18:24.658   084.009.091.xxx   What's PSUC?
2007_12_11_20:18:24.991   024.070.095.xxx   hey Alex, your webcam moved.. there we go!
2007_12_11_20:18:35.619   072.025.192.xxx   ugh... u guize are so immature... (44)
2007_12_11_20:18:54.891   074.248.067.xxx   wave to the camera, alek (31)
2007_12_11_20:19:00.448   024.070.095.xxx   sigh.. some people just can't behave on here
2007_12_11_20:19:14.499   071.208.080.xxx   nice decorations
2007_12_11_20:19:19.396   072.025.192.xxx   yea... (45)
2007_12_11_20:19:24.313   098.200.133.xxx   count of 3 everyone yell HI (69)
2007_12_11_20:19:39.299   074.248.067.xxx   HI! (32)
2007_12_11_20:19:44.529   066.082.009.xxx   THERE THEY ARE (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_20:19:47.315   072.025.192.xxx   phail! (46)
2007_12_11_20:19:59.093   084.009.091.xxx   People in cam 1!
2007_12_11_20:20:17.855   072.025.192.xxx   lul wut? (47)
2007_12_11_20:20:27.739   024.070.095.xxx   yup (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_20:20:49.487   074.248.067.xxx   U2 rocks (33)
2007_12_11_20:20:52.931   024.070.095.xxx   ding ding ding (11)
2007_12_11_20:20:56.605   072.025.192.xxx   THEY DISABLED THE CONTROLS! :'( (48)
2007_12_11_20:21:07.312   071.208.080.xxx   very x-masy!!a very decor!!
2007_12_11_20:21:19.150   084.009.091.xxx   Time for me to sleep. Night random people!
2007_12_11_20:21:22.603   024.070.095.xxx   shut up already!! (12)
2007_12_11_20:21:22.809   065.074.192.xxx   This is soo cool!
2007_12_11_20:21:50.068   072.025.192.xxx   like me lulz (49)
2007_12_11_20:22:00.574   064.012.116.xxx   Merry Christmas from Camp Hill, Pa
2007_12_11_20:22:05.941   024.070.095.xxx   ok great.. good for you.. now stop it (13)
2007_12_11_20:22:20.024   072.025.192.xxx   Dont do drugs. (50 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_20:22:25.745   074.248.067.xxx   TILT (34)
2007_12_11_20:22:36.762   075.138.096.xxx   merry xmas from nc
2007_12_11_20:22:38.161   065.074.192.xxx   The Hulk is my hero!
2007_12_11_20:22:54.099   074.248.067.xxx   Merry Christmas (35)
2007_12_11_20:22:54.503   072.025.192.xxx   **************************************************** (51)
2007_12_11_20:23:10.045   024.070.095.xxx   would you stop it already.. you're very childish (14)
2007_12_11_20:23:44.868   072.025.192.xxx   no u! (52)
2007_12_11_20:23:54.224   024.070.095.xxx   what, are you WANTING to get banned?? (15)
2007_12_11_20:23:56.145   074.248.067.xxx   ?????????????? ???????? ??????? ????? (36)
2007_12_11_20:24:10.522   072.025.192.xxx   !!! (53)
2007_12_11_20:24:25.871   024.070.095.xxx   there's always someone who has to be immature.. (16)
2007_12_11_20:24:33.824   074.248.067.xxx   its the right time for a bright time, to rock the night away (37)
2007_12_11_20:24:40.942   099.165.252.xxx   Merry Christmas KK and NikNik
2007_12_11_20:24:47.642   072.025.192.xxx   LOD sucks... is that fetus? (54)
2007_12_11_20:24:52.294   071.208.080.xxx   who's that camera guy
2007_12_11_20:25:04.811   024.070.095.xxx   Jingle Bell Time!! doo doo doo (17)
2007_12_11_20:25:16.635   074.248.067.xxx   Zloof rocks (38)
2007_12_11_20:25:19.660   024.084.181.xxx   Bodies are for h****** and fat people
2007_12_11_20:25:33.596   072.025.192.xxx   i would have normally found this music annoying hours ago (55)
2007_12_11_20:25:38.169   071.208.080.xxx   who's that camera guy
2007_12_11_20:26:07.268   024.084.181.xxx   B======D___  ___-p****
2007_12_11_20:26:13.934   098.200.133.xxx   where did they go. not in driveway n e more (70 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_20:26:35.932   071.208.080.xxx   merry xmas from mochi
2007_12_11_20:26:38.790   072.025.192.xxx   ran away frum ur ugly face (56)
2007_12_11_20:26:45.174   024.084.181.xxx   So I can just type anything and it shows up here?
2007_12_11_20:26:46.286   208.052.130.xxx   god bless you and your family
2007_12_11_20:26:55.397   074.248.067.xxx   L S U     L S U    L S U   L S U (39)
2007_12_11_20:27:23.764   071.208.080.xxx   Here comes Santa Claus, up the ladder!me in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2007_12_11_20:27:32.203   072.025.192.xxx   my computer pwns theirs :sim: (57)
2007_12_11_20:27:36.612   074.248.067.xxx   Hey, the santa claus is moving (40 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_20:27:39.134   087.127.178.xxx   arrg, hi tech xmas
2007_12_11_20:28:04.376   071.208.080.xxx   have a wicked xmas
2007_12_11_20:28:10.628   072.025.192.xxx   teh hulk (58)
2007_12_11_20:28:16.713   024.084.181.xxx   Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free! YOU ARE A PIRATE!
2007_12_11_20:28:35.158   074.248.067.xxx   the hulk rocks (41)
2007_12_11_20:28:48.279   071.208.080.xxx   englands scotties say hi
2007_12_11_20:29:01.944   074.248.067.xxx   santa rocks (42)
2007_12_11_20:29:31.663   024.084.181.xxx   his marbles
2007_12_11_20:29:35.706   071.208.080.xxx   let god cherish you
2007_12_11_20:29:35.886   074.248.067.xxx   rocks the night away (43)
2007_12_11_20:30:02.122   072.025.192.xxx   they came back yay (59)
2007_12_11_20:30:13.267   087.127.178.xxx   Im spy peoples
2007_12_11_20:30:26.200   071.208.080.xxx   god loves  you(mary too) (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_20:30:31.659   074.248.067.xxx   call 9 1 1 (44)
2007_12_11_20:30:40.595   024.084.181.xxx   For a good time - LINK DELETED
2007_12_11_20:30:55.736   072.025.192.xxx   lulz (60 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_20:30:58.150   099.252.065.xxx   Yo Yo, Merry Christmas yall!
2007_12_11_20:31:05.126   072.227.022.xxx   Cool cool cool
2007_12_11_20:31:19.103   071.208.080.xxx   what a cool cameraman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (11)
2007_12_11_20:31:23.455   072.025.192.xxx   hoe hoe hoe (61)
2007_12_11_20:31:33.551   072.195.177.xxx   butterflydupree @ y a h o o  plz yahoozers add me (34)
2007_12_11_20:31:41.002   087.127.178.xxx   is giant santa granpa simpson?
2007_12_11_20:32:06.589   074.248.067.xxx   poor dude just had a heart attack (45)
2007_12_11_20:32:09.192   072.025.192.xxx   srsly? (62)
2007_12_11_20:32:16.867   024.084.181.xxx   So I can just type anything and it shows up here?
2007_12_11_20:32:33.174   072.227.022.xxx   boo... oh wait...its not a halloween
2007_12_11_20:32:35.593   087.127.178.xxx   no
2007_12_11_20:32:41.242   072.025.192.xxx   no its a scam... (63)
2007_12_11_20:32:46.171   024.084.181.xxx   DO NOT WANT
2007_12_11_20:32:59.912   072.227.022.xxx   You recently IM'ed - window will refresh when you can do again
2007_12_11_20:33:08.577   072.025.192.xxx   I DO WANT (64)
2007_12_11_20:33:08.964   074.248.067.xxx   yessirree, bobby (46)
2007_12_11_20:33:19.334   068.200.090.xxx   whats the deal
2007_12_11_20:33:36.408   074.248.067.xxx   i really love you (47)
2007_12_11_20:33:43.227   087.127.178.xxx   the screen isnt actually in the room
2007_12_11_20:33:45.161   072.025.192.xxx   SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM (65)
2007_12_11_20:33:47.142   071.208.080.xxx   i live in blue heron too (12)
2007_12_11_20:34:20.956   074.248.067.xxx   dance hulk, dance! (48)
2007_12_11_20:34:32.785   072.025.192.xxx   D: u can disable the musicD: (66)
2007_12_11_20:34:38.905   087.127.178.xxx   its just a wee window ontop of the picture
2007_12_11_20:35:00.785   071.208.080.xxx   some people write bad stuff. sad isnt it (13)
2007_12_11_20:35:13.935   072.025.192.xxx   so did that guy wit teh heart attack die yet? (67)
2007_12_11_20:35:37.000   074.248.067.xxx   i called 9 1 1 (49)
2007_12_11_20:35:43.186   071.208.080.xxx   do you belive in santa (14)
2007_12_11_20:35:43.877   087.127.178.xxx   theyre using a flash
2007_12_11_20:35:58.220   072.025.192.xxx   did he live? (68)
2007_12_11_20:36:03.700   074.248.067.xxx   Another 6" of snow has already fallen on Tuesday (50 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_20:36:27.212   087.127.178.xxx   deffo a long exposure situation
2007_12_11_20:36:31.598   071.208.080.xxx   fgdsjhkgfkajyhfgs (15)
2007_12_11_20:36:35.920   099.252.065.xxx   Ho Ho Ho!
2007_12_11_20:36:38.392   072.025.192.xxx   i see teh flash D: (69)
2007_12_11_20:36:39.028   074.248.067.xxx   alek rocks (51)
2007_12_11_20:37:09.845   074.248.067.xxx   stay tuned for live coverage as Elmo, Frosty, Santa, SpongeBob (52)
2007_12_11_20:37:10.764   072.025.192.xxx   Hoe Hoe Hoe to u 2 (70 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_20:37:23.777   071.208.080.xxx   i know the camera man.he rocks (16)
2007_12_11_20:37:59.805   072.025.192.xxx   this site totally owns psuc (71)
2007_12_11_20:38:17.181   074.248.067.xxx   280 people viewing Christmas Lights (53)
2007_12_11_20:38:18.287   071.208.080.xxx   dhgjjjjjjjjjjjjdgh (17)
2007_12_11_20:38:35.418   070.226.016.xxx   what is going on with the lights___
2007_12_11_20:38:50.919   074.248.067.xxx   alek is back (54)
2007_12_11_20:39:00.127   072.025.192.xxx   cant you ban them? (72)
2007_12_11_20:39:18.214   070.226.016.xxx   what is goin on?
2007_12_11_20:39:26.933   071.208.080.xxx   asian camera guys rock tons (18)
2007_12_11_20:40:07.257   074.193.087.xxx   hey there kiddo!
2007_12_11_20:40:13.138   070.226.016.xxx   there are kids in the room watch your mu=outh
2007_12_11_20:40:19.832   072.025.192.xxx   funny how everyone wants to control the lights at the same time (73)
2007_12_11_20:40:44.649   071.208.080.xxx   annahah acuttae ankutah egas calebian (19)
2007_12_11_20:40:58.175   072.025.192.xxx   Idea: close laptop? (74)
2007_12_11_20:41:00.000   074.193.087.xxx   hey there are kids in the room!
2007_12_11_20:41:46.214   071.208.080.xxx   why isnt santa not real (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_20:42:06.826   074.193.087.xxx   Santa IS REAL!!!!
2007_12_11_20:42:11.375   072.025.192.xxx   Idea: close laptop? (75)
2007_12_11_20:42:19.494   099.252.065.xxx   R U lookin at me?
2007_12_11_20:42:33.783   098.200.133.xxx   front page Alek? come on give us some scoop (71)
2007_12_11_20:42:33.974   070.243.035.xxx   this is cool
2007_12_11_20:42:53.092   071.246.103.xxx   Hi LIssie
2007_12_11_20:43:18.999   099.252.065.xxx   Now I'm lookin at U!
2007_12_11_20:43:25.345   024.084.181.xxx   I like to poop
2007_12_11_20:43:34.173   070.243.035.xxx   ignore thoses losers you are doing a good job....
2007_12_11_20:43:36.017   071.208.080.xxx   give proof santas real (21)
2007_12_11_20:43:40.923   072.025.192.xxx   o rly? (76)
2007_12_11_20:44:10.169   099.252.065.xxx   Help! I'm stuck in this screen!
2007_12_11_20:44:10.983   069.235.086.xxx   blinkie blinkie blink blink
2007_12_11_20:44:18.871   070.243.035.xxx   ignore thoses losers you are doing a good job....
2007_12_11_20:44:26.089   071.208.080.xxx   how do yoo p** (22)
2007_12_11_20:44:41.187   072.025.192.xxx   poop tastes good... (77)
2007_12_11_20:45:00.542   069.235.086.xxx   HULK MAD! HULK WANT TO SMASH BAD PRESENTS!
2007_12_11_20:45:06.981   063.228.006.xxx   Alek!!!
2007_12_11_20:45:11.424   071.208.080.xxx   p** for me men (23)
2007_12_11_20:45:16.363   072.025.192.xxx   we're so immature... (78)
2007_12_11_20:45:17.408   071.117.137.xxx   hyrhnyrgtbgtegggggggggbrtygft
2007_12_11_20:45:37.830   099.252.065.xxx   Help! I'm stuck in this screen!
2007_12_11_20:45:55.509   072.025.192.xxx   We're so immature... (79)
2007_12_11_20:46:10.208   099.252.065.xxx   Help! I'm stuck in this screen!
2007_12_11_20:46:31.003   071.208.080.xxx   hello!every one have a good day and smile be happy (24)
2007_12_11_20:46:33.882   072.025.192.xxx   no one is lulzing so u phail epically (80 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_20:46:35.752   075.142.211.xxx   d***
2007_12_11_20:46:52.697   063.228.006.xxx   Knock it off.
2007_12_11_20:46:59.038   099.252.065.xxx   Press Clr Alt Delete to get me out!
2007_12_11_20:47:06.539   024.184.064.xxx   Frankie Morello was here
2007_12_11_20:47:09.457   072.025.192.xxx   let there be light (81)
2007_12_11_20:47:27.025   063.228.006.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2007_12_11_20:47:44.829   099.252.065.xxx   Touch the top of the lava lamp
2007_12_11_20:47:50.643   069.235.086.xxx   ___---- R2D2! BEEP BEEP! WHIIIRL!
2007_12_11_20:48:02.238   071.208.080.xxx   merry x-mas!have a good x-mas spirit and be jolly! (25)
2007_12_11_20:48:07.883   063.228.006.xxx   Merry Christmas From Minnesota!
2007_12_11_20:48:24.301   024.184.064.xxx   HeLlo EvEryOne!!!!!!!! FM
2007_12_11_20:48:26.334   071.117.137.xxx   jenna
2007_12_11_20:48:30.840   069.235.086.xxx   HULK MAD! HULK WANT TO SMASH!
2007_12_11_20:48:38.403   099.252.065.xxx   Merry Christmas from Moncton, NB Canada (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_20:48:47.655   024.155.178.xxx   Hola mi amigos! Merry x-mas!!!
2007_12_11_20:48:47.831   074.136.204.xxx   Shut up Stupid!
2007_12_11_20:49:05.882   099.252.065.xxx   EZ Cowboy! (11)
2007_12_11_20:49:20.019   074.136.204.xxx   Cowboys suck!
2007_12_11_20:49:21.477   072.025.192.xxx   Canada FTW USA FTL (82)
2007_12_11_20:49:25.046   071.159.016.xxx   Greetings from "Hell On Earth" - Flint, MI
2007_12_11_20:49:44.980   069.235.086.xxx   Nobody in my house cares for the holidays, actually.
2007_12_11_20:49:58.010   071.208.080.xxx   merry x-mas!have a good x-mas spirit and be jolly! (26)
2007_12_11_20:50:18.444   072.025.192.xxx   we are having a war on someone elses computer... (83)
2007_12_11_20:50:39.612   072.195.177.xxx   mines going nuts (35)
2007_12_11_20:50:39.740   074.136.204.xxx   I think it's time for all the little kiddies to goto bed!
2007_12_11_20:50:52.235   071.208.080.xxx   boooring home work is poo (27)
2007_12_11_20:51:01.157   024.155.178.xxx   Hello hunnies!!!
2007_12_11_20:51:02.512   099.252.065.xxx   This is how we use free sp**ch... (12)
2007_12_11_20:51:02.685   069.235.086.xxx   Jingle Bells, Batman Smells Robin Laid An Egg! Batmobile Lost A Wheel! Joker Go
2007_12_11_20:51:37.017   099.252.065.xxx   This is how we use free sp**ch... (13)
2007_12_11_20:51:51.347   024.155.178.xxx   happy x-mas coolios!
2007_12_11_20:51:51.471   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Photo Shoot is OVER - went great - pictures this Sunday ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_11_20:51:55.102   069.235.086.xxx   There Is No Sanity Clause!
2007_12_11_20:52:05.322   072.025.192.xxx   i gotz a cold... (84)
2007_12_11_20:52:22.751   024.155.178.xxx   yo face does, maybe
2007_12_11_20:52:23.796   099.252.065.xxx   Gnite all!! (14)
2007_12_11_20:52:44.708   072.025.192.xxx   baii...whoever u are... (85)
2007_12_11_20:52:54.591   024.155.178.xxx   night nancies!
2007_12_11_20:52:56.115   071.208.080.xxx   gesay to nowamocoshi?desu hanana wa misu okurasi.atae!! (28)
2007_12_11_20:53:01.948   099.252.065.xxx   Just me (15)
2007_12_11_20:53:28.938   024.155.178.xxx   timing is everything!
2007_12_11_20:54:32.568   071.208.080.xxx   bye bye now.Merry x-mas.may joy fill your spirits. (29)
2007_12_11_20:54:52.477   072.025.192.xxx   we have no spirits... (86)
2007_12_11_20:55:28.622   071.117.137.xxx   hvhvhgvmbbvbgvngbbrhgytghtmvmgvngnvbtrvhvgmhvnbvhhhhhyugygngygnygnygnymmmmmmmmm
2007_12_11_20:55:28.815   076.195.161.xxx   Merry Christmas, Alek!  From Ashleigh in California, age 4
2007_12_11_20:55:44.343   069.238.169.xxx   Pretty cool, much respect from Sacramento, CA
2007_12_11_20:55:52.360   072.025.192.xxx   we have no feelings, no sense of judgement, no life... (87)
2007_12_11_20:56:34.066   072.195.177.xxx   someones here alek (36)
2007_12_11_20:56:50.127   069.238.169.xxx   The wife must think your nuts....
2007_12_11_20:56:51.753   069.235.086.xxx   Like, Bummer, dude. Just have a nice holiday already!
2007_12_11_20:57:06.471   071.117.137.xxx   ge7ghrvhgergvgjrydf ngyvhgcgjugvb j gergvtgbgho56yhlbkt
2007_12_11_20:57:13.322   072.025.192.xxx   well kay i gots to go... Merry Christmas to ALL! i guess... (88)
2007_12_11_20:57:22.507   068.104.012.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_11_20:57:37.326   076.195.161.xxx   We wish you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!
2007_12_11_20:57:48.301   068.104.012.xxx   Hulk Smash!
2007_12_11_20:59:14.328   068.104.012.xxx   Viva Las Vegas
2007_12_11_20:59:42.510   072.195.177.xxx   ill have a blue christmas (37)
2007_12_11_20:59:58.932   068.104.012.xxx   I'll have a red one
2007_12_11_21:00:16.762   072.195.177.xxx   k (38)
2007_12_11_21:00:29.568   068.104.012.xxx   l m n o p
2007_12_11_21:00:32.248   024.209.040.xxx   Linux Rocks! Screw Windows1
2007_12_11_21:00:40.064   076.195.161.xxx   Where's your Christmas spirit, Dave?
2007_12_11_21:00:55.551   072.195.177.xxx   dave? (39)
2007_12_11_21:01:57.758   156.034.204.xxx   merry Christmas from Crystal, Dan, DJ, Tessa and Charlie Grand Bay
2007_12_11_21:04:02.853   071.210.122.xxx   Merry Christmas From Tucson, Arizona
2007_12_11_21:04:09.427   066.082.009.xxx   Galena Alaska is in the house (21)
2007_12_11_21:04:39.691   072.195.177.xxx   ooh btw nice shirt alek can i borrow it..lol..? (40 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_21:04:42.779   066.082.009.xxx   58 minutes to go! (22)
2007_12_11_21:04:54.598   063.228.006.xxx   Alek!!!
2007_12_11_21:05:59.669   156.034.204.xxx   look at the computer...hi from grand bay
2007_12_11_21:06:46.272   122.031.001.xxx   hello world
2007_12_11_21:07:03.454   071.208.080.xxx   Glenn and McKenna say thanks! (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_21:11:24.729   122.031.001.xxx   13:11 Japan I am very interesting
2007_12_11_21:12:56.012   072.195.177.xxx   05:09 im native american and im rlly interesting (41)
2007_12_11_21:14:16.341   069.238.169.xxx   Wow what time is it in Japan right now?
2007_12_11_21:14:39.504   071.208.080.xxx   im dodecaheron and reallyreally interstingime in Santa's Workshop Cam! (31)
2007_12_11_21:14:43.333   072.195.177.xxx   toothhurtie (42)
2007_12_11_21:15:43.267   071.208.080.xxx   Hi Alek and family from Glenn (32)
2007_12_11_21:17:13.052   072.208.067.xxx   Hi Alek and family----Melissa, Phx!
2007_12_11_21:17:18.017   072.195.177.xxx   hey joe..its me!! (43)
2007_12_11_21:18:52.878   072.195.177.xxx   how many messages are we allowed a day? (44)
2007_12_11_21:19:11.373   068.100.253.xxx   Hola
2007_12_11_21:19:27.247   065.078.106.xxx   1
2007_12_11_21:20:45.586   070.244.207.xxx   lights are cool
2007_12_11_21:21:36.801   072.195.177.xxx   so if i turned my cam on my lights i could help u get donations right alek? (45)
2007_12_11_21:22:21.608   070.244.207.xxx   no
2007_12_11_21:22:47.700   012.043.022.xxx   you mind if I post a link to your site on my radio station's website?
2007_12_11_21:22:58.866   024.126.142.xxx   hi from ATLANTA!
2007_12_11_21:24:11.804   072.195.177.xxx   idea:live webcams all year round (46)
2007_12_11_21:27:23.389   066.082.009.xxx   34 minutes to go! (23)
2007_12_11_21:28:46.649   125.054.233.xxx   maicocco
2007_12_11_21:29:15.397   066.082.009.xxx   Alex love the reindeer flames (24)
2007_12_11_21:29:23.161   075.072.170.xxx   Hello Brian
2007_12_11_21:30:48.587   024.141.079.xxx   Hai dere
2007_12_11_21:30:56.328   075.072.170.xxx   Hello Justin I love you
2007_12_11_21:31:55.099   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Glenn and McKenna  ROCKED tonight - it was a BLAST! ***ALEK***
2007_12_11_21:32:45.556   069.133.056.xxx   Nite nite
2007_12_11_21:32:53.883   024.141.079.xxx   Hai dere PSUC, can you guess who dis is?
2007_12_11_21:33:48.824   072.195.177.xxx   27 minutes (47)
2007_12_11_21:35:48.754   075.080.128.xxx   till what?
2007_12_11_21:37:07.621   075.072.170.xxx   two penguins on an ice berg on says to the other looks like you are wearing a t
2007_12_11_21:39:32.719   072.195.177.xxx   ok jokes didnot finish out (48)
2007_12_11_21:40:03.730   072.195.177.xxx   and i wanna see whats next (49)
2007_12_11_21:40:18.128   075.080.128.xxx   wave!
2007_12_11_21:40:31.941   075.072.170.xxx   what makes you so sure i am not
2007_12_11_21:41:32.042   072.195.177.xxx   not what (50 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_21:41:54.516   075.080.128.xxx   alek wave!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_11_21:42:00.389   098.200.010.xxx   Happy Hollidays
2007_12_11_21:42:23.012   075.080.128.xxx   Alek WAVE!!!
2007_12_11_21:43:59.652   068.004.002.xxx   Hi Alek & family from Irvine, CA - Good job keepings things running!
2007_12_11_21:44:49.362   024.070.095.xxx   everybody rock to the music!!  Christmas is good! (18)
2007_12_11_21:46:55.957   072.195.177.xxx   santa claus is coming to town (51)
2007_12_11_21:47:10.446   069.238.169.xxx   Good night, see you some other time
2007_12_11_21:47:36.237   142.162.044.xxx   this is the most awesome IDEA EVER !!!
2007_12_11_21:48:10.328   072.195.177.xxx   i know right hes a brilliant man he loves his family (52)
2007_12_11_21:49:09.496   142.162.044.xxx   Kudo to him
2007_12_11_21:49:30.920   072.195.177.xxx   whats kudos? (53)
2007_12_11_21:49:51.772   142.162.044.xxx   kinda like Awesome Job
2007_12_11_21:50:17.501   072.195.177.xxx   im old fashioned id rather type it all out (54)
2007_12_11_21:50:49.195   142.162.044.xxx   lol.. i just got off work.. i take the short way on everyhing now
2007_12_11_21:51:10.422   072.195.177.xxx   wow welcome home..how was ur day (55)
2007_12_11_21:51:51.634   142.162.044.xxx   lol.. it was awesome.. the normal day for a Tech Support agent
2007_12_11_21:52:49.003   072.195.177.xxx   wow i bet youre smart (56)
2007_12_11_21:53:24.152   142.162.044.xxx   lol.. it really isn't that hard
2007_12_11_21:53:40.224   072.195.177.xxx   hey anyone wanna add me to ya hoo like now? (57)
2007_12_11_21:54:29.818   072.195.177.xxx   butterflydupree (58)
2007_12_11_21:54:33.619   142.162.044.xxx   i learned about this site on Geeek Brief TV
2007_12_11_21:54:54.446   072.195.177.xxx   cool (59)
2007_12_11_21:55:19.208   142.162.044.xxx   i learned about this site on Geeek Brief TV
2007_12_11_21:56:05.036   072.195.177.xxx   email santa for me (60 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_21:56:09.285   142.162.044.xxx   Anyone wanna add me to WLM  (corey @ Live.ca
2007_12_11_21:57:24.699   142.162.044.xxx   oops... corey@live.ca  :) (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_11_21:57:42.911   081.141.234.xxx   seasons greetings and hello from tiverton in devon uk
2007_12_11_21:59:21.075   142.162.044.xxx   MERRY X-mas to EVERYONE at ICT Group (11)
2007_12_11_21:59:30.880   072.195.177.xxx   noone wanna ad dme no fair (61)
2007_12_11_21:59:36.564   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Good night everyone - more Christmas Fun tomorrow! ***ALEK***
2007_12_11_21:59:59.319   142.162.044.xxx   NIGHT !! (12)

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