624 christmas text messages on 2007/1212

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 6,839 times that day including 3,423 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1212

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2007_12_12_16:30:29.321   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Here we go for another niight of fun on the 12th day of the 12th month! ***ALEK***
2007_12_12_16:32:39.428   143.166.255.xxx   what's so big about the 12th?
2007_12_12_16:35:58.417   143.166.255.xxx   Ooops dropped my doughnut..
2007_12_12_16:37:13.962   143.166.255.xxx   Homer Simpson!  Ho mer Sim pson
2007_12_12_16:38:06.489   143.166.255.xxx   Buffalo Gal won't you come out tonight.. come out tonight!
2007_12_12_16:38:33.263   143.166.255.xxx   And dance by the light of the moon!
2007_12_12_16:38:47.344   066.082.009.xxx   Galena Alaska is here !
2007_12_12_16:39:25.357   143.166.255.xxx   Simple Simon ate the Pieman, going to the fair..
2007_12_12_16:39:30.614   207.105.240.xxx   HI
2007_12_12_16:39:47.413   066.082.009.xxx   Hello
2007_12_12_16:40:31.157   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** How is the "burrito deer" looking tonight? ***ALEK***
2007_12_12_16:41:02.734   066.082.009.xxx   GREAT
2007_12_12_16:41:35.459   066.082.009.xxx   NO flames yet
2007_12_12_16:42:10.204   066.082.009.xxx   there we go!
2007_12_12_16:44:57.867   066.082.009.xxx   Looking good!
2007_12_12_16:47:41.445   066.082.009.xxx   lets feed him some tacos
2007_12_12_16:51:12.180   024.184.070.xxx   nice job
2007_12_12_16:51:25.311   069.119.015.xxx   Happy Holidays
2007_12_12_16:51:36.637   143.166.255.xxx   that deer will never live that down now...  burrito deer hehe
2007_12_12_16:51:41.777   024.184.070.xxx   how about a wave
2007_12_12_16:51:52.824   069.119.015.xxx   I love Jada and Neela
2007_12_12_16:52:38.935   065.033.097.xxx   Bryan P. in Melbourne, Fl likes to play with lights
2007_12_12_16:52:50.119   067.180.181.xxx   Ho Ho HO HO HO!!!!
2007_12_12_16:53:02.475   143.166.255.xxx   there it goes again!! :D
2007_12_12_16:53:21.509   066.082.009.xxx   it's got to burn
2007_12_12_16:53:24.853   024.184.070.xxx   wave hello to the camera!!
2007_12_12_16:53:33.915   067.180.181.xxx   lick my santa eggs
2007_12_12_16:53:51.437   143.166.255.xxx   that deer needs to watch his diet!
2007_12_12_16:54:09.111   068.094.221.xxx   Hello from Texas
2007_12_12_16:55:12.525   066.082.009.xxx   Hello Texas
2007_12_12_16:55:29.599   143.166.255.xxx   Homer loves Mambo! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_12_16:55:40.866   075.162.118.xxx   Webo was here!!
2007_12_12_16:56:26.785   143.166.255.xxx   its too bad that they can't show this place on National TV for a few minutes.. (11)
2007_12_12_16:56:33.297   024.184.070.xxx   George Bush Rules!
2007_12_12_16:56:55.858   143.166.255.xxx   No Bush talk allowed.. this is a Family website! :) (12)
2007_12_12_16:57:08.220   066.082.009.xxx   everyone dreams (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_12_16:57:25.375   024.184.070.xxx   s=vot+at2 div 2
2007_12_12_16:57:35.596   143.166.255.xxx   G. Bush probably doesn't know how to spell the website out (13)
2007_12_12_16:57:41.528   069.119.015.xxx   My neighbor Mike S is a Jerk! Torrington CT-----
2007_12_12_16:57:49.618   066.082.009.xxx   Alex says - CAN U HEAR ME NOW? (11)
2007_12_12_16:58:06.330   143.166.255.xxx   Wa***UP!!!!! (14)
2007_12_12_16:58:35.268   143.166.255.xxx   How you doin, no how you doin! (15)
2007_12_12_16:58:40.515   024.184.070.xxx   i have dislexia anorexia
2007_12_12_16:59:00.245   143.166.255.xxx   So you eat too much? (16)
2007_12_12_16:59:13.830   024.184.070.xxx   yes
2007_12_12_16:59:37.615   143.166.255.xxx   I don't think we'll hit 23,000 plus im's tonight (17)
2007_12_12_16:59:47.124   024.184.070.xxx   where is everyone from?
2007_12_12_17:00:09.551   143.166.255.xxx   I'm inside the Red/Green Box on the chair! (18)
2007_12_12_17:00:15.915   066.082.009.xxx   aLASKA (12)
2007_12_12_17:00:23.786   206.248.160.xxx   TORONTO CANADA HERE!!!!
2007_12_12_17:00:28.196   024.184.070.xxx   wave to the camera!
2007_12_12_17:00:41.255   143.166.255.xxx   Edmonton Alberta Canada!! (19)
2007_12_12_17:00:57.996   024.184.070.xxx   long island (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_12_17:01:38.009   069.119.015.xxx   Senecal Lodge #55 AF & AM
2007_12_12_17:03:10.873   066.082.009.xxx   LOOK AT THE FLAMES (13)
2007_12_12_17:03:25.610   143.166.255.xxx   who here is loving the fire deer? (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_12_17:03:38.438   076.178.028.xxx   me
2007_12_12_17:03:40.527   206.248.160.xxx   Merry **** X-mas Alek!!
2007_12_12_17:03:46.830   066.082.009.xxx   Shadow (14)
2007_12_12_17:04:14.927   206.248.160.xxx   Numbers NOT allowed in text??
2007_12_12_17:04:21.422   089.242.066.xxx   KCA
2007_12_12_17:04:38.982   143.166.255.xxx   It's dark here!  and he's in the same Time zone as me! (21)
2007_12_12_17:04:54.550   066.082.009.xxx   pep-toe anyone (15)
2007_12_12_17:05:05.180   089.242.066.xxx   its midnight here
2007_12_12_17:05:23.181   143.166.255.xxx   ooh Midnight!.. :D (22)
2007_12_12_17:05:30.865   066.082.009.xxx   3pm here (16)
2007_12_12_17:05:34.975   206.248.160.xxx   How much Snow you gotten so far down there?
2007_12_12_17:05:53.616   143.166.255.xxx   Down where? (23)
2007_12_12_17:05:59.200   064.012.116.xxx   hi bob
2007_12_12_17:06:04.172   143.209.084.xxx   Hello from Dallas
2007_12_12_17:06:06.599   089.242.066.xxx   we have none
2007_12_12_17:06:08.193   206.248.160.xxx   where Alek is
2007_12_12_17:06:27.513   143.166.255.xxx   well, looks like he's got some.. (24)
2007_12_12_17:06:49.080   206.248.160.xxx   ya...just a bit...SIX inches on tuesday
2007_12_12_17:06:54.206   066.082.009.xxx   Should be 50 below zero here (17)
2007_12_12_17:07:36.731   066.082.009.xxx   but its 20 above zero today (18)
2007_12_12_17:07:54.075   143.166.255.xxx   Twenty Above? (25)
2007_12_12_17:08:06.205   206.248.160.xxx   we have gotten like six inches TOTAL here
2007_12_12_17:08:31.068   143.166.255.xxx   oooooooh dark (26)
2007_12_12_17:09:25.460   206.248.160.xxx   whats his neighbours think of all the ON and Off
2007_12_12_17:11:31.423   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Neighbors think it is a hoot ... and the kids love it! ***ALEK***
2007_12_12_17:11:37.127   089.242.037.xxx   hello from N.Ireland
2007_12_12_17:11:41.203   206.248.160.xxx   Imagine the ppl walking by on the street...lol
2007_12_12_17:12:15.672   069.149.123.xxx   shhhh Alek is on the phone
2007_12_12_17:12:24.109   206.248.160.xxx   Alek....how much snow in total so far this year?? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_12_17:12:25.322   089.242.037.xxx   Merry Christmas from N.Ireland
2007_12_12_17:13:01.423   090.204.051.xxx   alek could you please give us a wave
2007_12_12_17:13:08.834   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wife due home in about 15 minutes - will have to move Homer this time - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2007_12_12_17:13:19.579   066.082.009.xxx   but its 20 above zero today (19)
2007_12_12_17:13:30.317   206.248.160.xxx   LOL @ ALEK (11)
2007_12_12_17:14:01.235   069.149.123.xxx   Hes' really good about turning his lights off
2007_12_12_17:14:12.002   024.184.070.xxx   I love Sammi!! (11)
2007_12_12_17:15:26.761   024.184.070.xxx   (921) 837-**** (12)
2007_12_12_17:15:37.448   089.242.037.xxx   Time in Ireland 12.14am
2007_12_12_17:16:05.459   143.166.255.xxx   We love it all!! time in Edm Canada 5:16pm (27)
2007_12_12_17:18:30.269   071.164.013.xxx   Will have to come to this site next Halloween too!
2007_12_12_17:19:16.797   071.164.013.xxx   Hi Alek----being reading stuff on ur site all day!
2007_12_12_17:19:56.081   071.164.013.xxx   Cool that you went to the U Dub!
2007_12_12_17:20:49.589   089.242.037.xxx   Did You Mod_Perl this site yourself?
2007_12_12_17:20:50.407   071.164.013.xxx   especially liked the varmit hunting!
2007_12_12_17:21:17.180   070.180.103.xxx   wow i have the same stepping santa
2007_12_12_17:21:50.738   068.163.103.xxx   Very cool
2007_12_12_17:23:06.377   071.164.013.xxx   when do u take down the Christmas decorations?
2007_12_12_17:24:23.540   206.248.160.xxx   Whats your cost at the end of the season for hydro? (12)
2007_12_12_17:24:51.601   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Homer coming down for wife in minivan (xmas takedown after Jan 1st) ***ALEK***
2007_12_12_17:27:06.976   206.248.160.xxx   Leave the lights on for ALEK's wife! (13)
2007_12_12_17:27:32.666   075.068.238.xxx   nerrrrrrdddddsssss!!!!
2007_12_12_17:27:36.612   071.164.013.xxx   I see you out there Alek!
2007_12_12_17:27:52.240   206.248.160.xxx   wheres the button to turn off that ALEK figure...lol (14)
2007_12_12_17:28:44.719   071.164.013.xxx   I didn't see the minivan enter
2007_12_12_17:29:01.405   074.244.050.xxx   rgjkjgk
2007_12_12_17:29:28.471   206.248.160.xxx   Ummmmm......ok..lol (15)
2007_12_12_17:29:32.228   089.242.037.xxx   is the computer controlling the switches?
2007_12_12_17:29:51.975   071.164.013.xxx   Alek--you r one smart guy!
2007_12_12_17:30:03.662   206.248.160.xxx   no WE do at our homes..... (16)
2007_12_12_17:30:11.241   074.244.050.xxx   jhhgj
2007_12_12_17:30:25.244   076.097.159.xxx   This is so cool
2007_12_12_17:30:39.023   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wife is on her way ... should be any minute ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_12_17:30:45.421   206.248.160.xxx   ya it is...this is my 3rd year (17)
2007_12_12_17:30:56.248   076.097.159.xxx   can you look left for me
2007_12_12_17:31:29.805   071.164.013.xxx   this is my second year viewing
2007_12_12_17:31:47.928   206.248.160.xxx   Has the station put up that money yet?? (18)
2007_12_12_17:32:01.736   070.180.103.xxx   this is so weard????????
2007_12_12_17:32:04.053   071.164.013.xxx   buh bye Alek (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_12_17:32:40.104   206.248.160.xxx   Weird YET COOL at the same time (19)
2007_12_12_17:32:43.754   071.164.013.xxx   he always turns off the light when he leaves (11)
2007_12_12_17:33:03.939   066.082.009.xxx   the flames, the flames (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_12_17:33:17.851   071.168.134.xxx   hey
2007_12_12_17:33:29.125   206.248.160.xxx   gotta save when he can....Imagine his elect bill!!! (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_12_17:34:04.805   069.149.123.xxx   his bill for the lights is 3 bucks a day... read the FAQ!
2007_12_12_17:34:18.392   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yep - good to turn lights off when not in use - plus Santa's Workshop looks better in the dark ***ALEK***
2007_12_12_17:34:27.216   206.248.160.xxx   She's late........must be doing some "Santa" shopping (21)
2007_12_12_17:35:12.566   076.097.159.xxx   this rocks
2007_12_12_17:35:33.153   077.100.230.xxx   house looks gr8 from uk
2007_12_12_17:36:44.163   206.248.160.xxx   Is that a BUDWISER sign to your right there ALEK? (22)
2007_12_12_17:37:08.910   071.164.013.xxx   I see a Rainier sign (12)
2007_12_12_17:37:18.854   076.097.159.xxx   where is this located??
2007_12_12_17:37:52.575   071.164.013.xxx   LaFayette, Colorado (13)
2007_12_12_17:38:03.856   086.145.006.xxx   Hello Alek how are you tonight
2007_12_12_17:38:10.165   066.082.009.xxx   shes home! (21)
2007_12_12_17:38:17.720   071.164.013.xxx   wifey is home! (14)
2007_12_12_17:38:20.505   077.100.230.xxx   love the house
2007_12_12_17:38:21.763   206.248.160.xxx   She's HOME!!!! (23)
2007_12_12_17:38:22.860   076.097.159.xxx   thanks
2007_12_12_17:38:32.428   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Raaiiii ... neeerrrrr ... Beeeeer ***ALEK***
2007_12_12_17:38:57.840   077.100.230.xxx   your welcome
2007_12_12_17:39:24.210   071.164.013.xxx   Don't they have auto garage door opener? (15)
2007_12_12_17:39:27.313   206.248.160.xxx   lol......gotta run out and greet the happy family (24)
2007_12_12_17:39:51.265   077.100.230.xxx   lol
2007_12_12_17:40:38.735   077.100.230.xxx   its dark
2007_12_12_17:41:15.864   071.164.013.xxx   Is he gonna put Homer back up? (16)
2007_12_12_17:41:47.222   206.248.160.xxx   Homer's Home!! (25)
2007_12_12_17:41:51.426   077.100.230.xxx   yeahhhhhhhhhhhh
2007_12_12_17:41:52.688   071.238.054.xxx   Jeez guys shut off santa on him... lol
2007_12_12_17:42:07.791   071.164.013.xxx   I see a kid out there (17)
2007_12_12_17:42:31.866   206.248.160.xxx   lets make santa fall on him...lol (26)
2007_12_12_17:43:07.175   071.164.013.xxx   yep---I see Homer (18)
2007_12_12_17:43:10.848   077.100.230.xxx   lolllllllllllllllllll
2007_12_12_17:44:45.874   206.248.160.xxx   Merry X-mas to all and to all a good night FROM-Toronto Canada (27)
2007_12_12_17:45:02.807   071.164.013.xxx   is din din ready? (19)
2007_12_12_17:47:10.615   066.082.009.xxx   there go them flames (22)
2007_12_12_17:48:15.333   066.082.009.xxx   welcome back (23)
2007_12_12_17:48:19.407   216.205.224.xxx   I like the green gift box
2007_12_12_17:48:48.408   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wife was worried about running over Elmo and/or Santa - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2007_12_12_17:49:11.668   071.164.013.xxx   Alek--were u born in Wash. state? (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_12_17:49:19.710   024.178.099.xxx   Greetings from the sunny south!
2007_12_12_17:49:59.058   071.164.013.xxx   dang----he's gone again (21)
2007_12_12_17:50:24.921   065.078.140.xxx   Greetings From Nor Cal
2007_12_12_17:50:57.866   066.082.009.xxx   hes there in SPIRIT (24)
2007_12_12_17:51:03.496   071.164.013.xxx   visit rosiechat dot com (22)
2007_12_12_17:52:35.977   024.178.099.xxx   If Santa had three eggnogs in 5 minutes, would the toys be delivered?
2007_12_12_17:53:08.452   024.178.099.xxx   delivered ?
2007_12_12_17:53:34.085   071.238.054.xxx   I don't know
2007_12_12_17:53:46.769   074.142.050.xxx   hi jack
2007_12_12_17:53:56.358   024.178.099.xxx   only if you like toys and not Liver!!
2007_12_12_17:54:26.321   074.142.050.xxx   hi daddy
2007_12_12_17:55:44.921   024.178.099.xxx   Aloha From the fine state of Hawaii
2007_12_12_17:57:13.759   072.188.028.xxx   hey fro FL
2007_12_12_17:57:39.389   074.142.050.xxx   hope to visit hawaii again soon
2007_12_12_17:57:49.036   024.178.099.xxx   yeah! Florida rocks!
2007_12_12_17:59:47.484   024.040.183.xxx   Merry Christmas from Belmont, NC
2007_12_12_18:00:44.365   024.178.099.xxx   Merry Christmas from Atlanta, GA
2007_12_12_18:00:55.192   024.220.092.xxx   north dakota reeks -30 tonight
2007_12_12_18:01:47.204   024.178.099.xxx   id have to move back to Georgia  77 today!
2007_12_12_18:03:41.868   024.220.092.xxx   why am i on this site right now lol
2007_12_12_18:04:09.781   024.220.092.xxx   must be -30 outside
2007_12_12_18:07:42.645   198.163.045.xxx   -9 c in winnipeg manitoba,canada
2007_12_12_18:08:19.881   024.040.183.xxx   Preston sees the hulk!!!!!
2007_12_12_18:09:46.826   083.248.081.xxx   Greetings from Sweden!
2007_12_12_18:09:58.819   072.218.128.xxx   Hulk s****
2007_12_12_18:10:07.032   066.082.009.xxx   REINDEER SAYS more burittos (25)
2007_12_12_18:10:31.964   083.248.081.xxx   Sweden rocks!
2007_12_12_18:10:33.379   072.218.128.xxx   hulk s___u___c___k___s___
2007_12_12_18:13:31.408   070.176.167.xxx   awesome
2007_12_12_18:14:16.015   082.077.102.xxx   getting in christmas mood with die hard. yay!
2007_12_12_18:17:13.061   012.159.056.xxx   That's the way it should be
2007_12_12_18:17:54.184   074.160.042.xxx   Happy Holidays from Buford GA!
2007_12_12_18:20:13.738   075.144.088.xxx   HAPPY HOILDAYS FROM THE NORTH POLE
2007_12_12_18:22:04.796   063.228.006.xxx   Merry Christmas From The Morton's
2007_12_12_18:24:27.517   063.228.006.xxx   Where the heck is Alek??
2007_12_12_18:24:42.715   068.051.248.xxx   Merry Christmas from The Brettons
2007_12_12_18:25:06.595   063.228.006.xxx   Merry Christmas From Minnesota!
2007_12_12_18:25:41.880   063.228.006.xxx   MinneSNOWta
2007_12_12_18:25:51.754   067.162.077.xxx   Happy Holidays from Portage, Indiana
2007_12_12_18:26:16.893   063.228.006.xxx   GO VIKINGS!!!!
2007_12_12_18:27:11.029   063.228.006.xxx   Alek??? Where are you buddy??
2007_12_12_18:27:37.782   068.051.248.xxx   Merry Christmas from too hot Fort Myers, Florida
2007_12_12_18:27:51.993   204.111.159.xxx   Let's Go Hokies!
2007_12_12_18:28:02.614   068.051.248.xxx   Merry Christmas from too hot Fort Myers, Florida
2007_12_12_18:30:46.973   068.051.248.xxx   Our first visit and real like your site!
2007_12_12_18:30:51.654   063.228.006.xxx   I wish I was in Florida!!!
2007_12_12_18:32:02.549   068.051.248.xxx   Maybe somewhere where it is a combination of freezing and too hot for this time
2007_12_12_18:32:24.990   063.228.006.xxx   I love Christmas!!!
2007_12_12_18:32:52.113   068.051.248.xxx   too hot for this time of year!
2007_12_12_18:34:41.325   068.051.248.xxx   Cool site, Just found computer in workshop
2007_12_12_18:35:27.480   067.162.077.xxx   Im done Christmas shopping, yay!
2007_12_12_18:35:41.900   204.111.159.xxx   Much love from Blacksburg, VA!  Go Tech!!
2007_12_12_18:37:29.620   067.162.077.xxx   Remember those less fortunate this year.
2007_12_12_18:45:20.808   076.184.060.xxx   very fun site-holiday greetings!
2007_12_12_18:48:10.991   202.086.208.xxx   cool
2007_12_12_18:48:59.526   202.086.208.xxx   this is pretty awesome
2007_12_12_18:49:57.355   069.144.156.xxx   Merry Christmas from Billings, MT!!!!!!!
2007_12_12_18:50:04.335   072.155.166.xxx   kim is crazy
2007_12_12_18:50:51.269   099.252.065.xxx   clean me!
2007_12_12_18:51:13.940   072.155.166.xxx   a**
2007_12_12_18:51:38.509   076.184.060.xxx   what are you looking at?
2007_12_12_18:51:53.183   072.155.166.xxx   dude i wanna see this guy come out
2007_12_12_18:54:49.822   099.252.094.xxx   Wow this is wild. Good work.
2007_12_12_18:55:10.498   076.178.028.xxx   nice shirt
2007_12_12_18:55:46.617   072.155.166.xxx   dude there he is
2007_12_12_18:55:54.758   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Welllllll ... glad you like the shirt! ***ALEK***
2007_12_12_18:56:19.970   072.155.166.xxx   dude your my hero
2007_12_12_18:56:37.904   024.214.167.xxx   Cool..watching from Montgomery, Al
2007_12_12_18:57:19.180   072.155.166.xxx   im still a little skeptical can you go outside and wave at the frakenstien
2007_12_12_18:58:12.670   068.225.047.xxx   Thanks for creating such wonderful x-mas display for the world.
2007_12_12_18:58:50.376   098.200.133.xxx   shame on u Alek i see reindeer has BAD gass again tonight, give him meds
2007_12_12_18:59:24.557   098.200.133.xxx   give him some pepto
2007_12_12_19:00:27.832   072.226.217.xxx   okey doke!
2007_12_12_19:00:29.425   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Sorry about the Burrito Deer - hopefully doesn't smell too bad for Internet Surfers ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_12_19:00:52.707   072.155.166.xxx   chris is stupid
2007_12_12_19:01:29.036   070.160.074.xxx   /allo
2007_12_12_19:02:10.538   072.226.217.xxx   Ron Paul is da man!!!
2007_12_12_19:02:39.568   070.160.074.xxx   This site should have a siezure warning.
2007_12_12_19:02:53.248   099.252.065.xxx   Hey Todd, let me out!
2007_12_12_19:04:05.698   098.200.133.xxx   will u be putting up link to media when article comes out?
2007_12_12_19:04:10.339   070.160.074.xxx   I bet Alek's nieghbors LOVE him.
2007_12_12_19:04:46.188   072.155.166.xxx   i would set it up in their yard everyonce in a while
2007_12_12_19:05:49.883   080.192.241.xxx   hope the neighbours arn't sensitive to flashing lights...
2007_12_12_19:06:25.013   072.155.166.xxx   lol, i bet they go and turn them of when its time for bed
2007_12_12_19:06:53.282   098.200.133.xxx   neighbors r on their computers controlling lites to
2007_12_12_19:07:09.853   072.155.166.xxx   it would be pretty bad if we just randomly saw some guy with a hammer goin off  (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_12_19:07:44.827   070.017.111.xxx   a....?
2007_12_12_19:08:03.590   072.155.166.xxx   hammer and starts destroying the lights (11)
2007_12_12_19:08:29.647   070.017.111.xxx   reminds me there were vandals who publish...
2007_12_12_19:08:44.860   072.155.166.xxx   but i bet nobody is gonna try to rob him (12)
2007_12_12_19:09:00.808   070.017.111.xxx   their vids on youtube destroying folks hard work.
2007_12_12_19:09:27.547   098.200.133.xxx   snowman family are the security guards
2007_12_12_19:09:43.104   070.017.111.xxx   electrified bear traps.
2007_12_12_19:10:16.597   098.200.133.xxx   then there is Hulk he throws darts at thieves fm the roof
2007_12_12_19:10:20.428   076.002.111.xxx   hello
2007_12_12_19:10:52.946   076.002.111.xxx   merry christmas
2007_12_12_19:11:01.797   070.017.111.xxx   oh thank heaven for 7-11___
2007_12_12_19:11:40.403   068.162.144.xxx   Wow what a great site
2007_12_12_19:12:35.822   098.200.133.xxx   site is good dancing monkeys come out at midnite-stay tuned
2007_12_12_19:13:12.343   076.184.060.xxx   leah is a dork
2007_12_12_19:13:51.585   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** There actually is a 7-11 just down the street - thank heaven! ***ALEK***
2007_12_12_19:14:50.127   064.236.243.xxx   What a terrible disease - no beer?
2007_12_12_19:15:20.247   024.184.070.xxx   i love cheese (13)
2007_12_12_19:17:30.616   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Swiss or Chedder? ***ALEK***
2007_12_12_19:17:51.367   076.223.056.xxx   lol... alek's wearing the infamous referee shirt
2007_12_12_19:17:55.960   024.184.070.xxx   toe (14)
2007_12_12_19:18:56.805   076.223.056.xxx   cheddar - sharp.  tillamook makes the best!
2007_12_12_19:18:59.677   024.184.070.xxx   dude, can you see what we are typing? (15)
2007_12_12_19:19:16.483   066.136.147.xxx   Jake is a Tool
2007_12_12_19:19:49.199   076.223.056.xxx   what kind of tool?  i'd be a hammer.
2007_12_12_19:20:06.094   066.136.147.xxx   Hello Kenny
2007_12_12_19:20:08.248   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I can see what you see ... plus I can see YOU!!! ***ALEK***
2007_12_12_19:20:21.049   024.184.070.xxx   alek, are you a programmer? (16)
2007_12_12_19:20:31.702   066.243.240.xxx   Hey from Yakima Washington!  Merry Christmas!!
2007_12_12_19:21:09.038   069.149.123.xxx   Blogging is fun
2007_12_12_19:21:19.875   070.045.159.xxx   Merry Christmas From San Juan,Puerto Rico
2007_12_12_19:22:19.478   024.184.070.xxx   alek, are you a programmer? (17)
2007_12_12_19:23:39.572   076.223.056.xxx   i laugh whenever the deer looks like he's passing firey gas
2007_12_12_19:23:53.862   024.184.070.xxx   alek do your neighbors really get p***ed? (18)
2007_12_12_19:24:51.854   071.112.043.xxx   Quite a cool setup I must say...  :)
2007_12_12_19:25:58.336   024.184.070.xxx   poo poo pottie (19)
2007_12_12_19:26:29.224   076.223.056.xxx   alek, can you give the deer a beano?
2007_12_12_19:27:12.005   024.184.070.xxx   u r sofa king we todd did (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_12_19:27:37.069   024.184.070.xxx   hey (21)
2007_12_12_19:28:10.437   071.112.043.xxx   Hey - back at chya!
2007_12_12_19:29:18.261   069.247.139.xxx   HAH!
2007_12_12_19:30:26.175   024.184.070.xxx   showing ip address on the screen is a privacy violation (22)
2007_12_12_19:31:05.630   069.247.139.xxx   Don't want your IP shown, don't use the site.
2007_12_12_19:31:45.196   012.159.056.xxx   lol
2007_12_12_19:32:28.004   068.217.210.xxx   every website on the internet can see your ip address and more.
2007_12_12_19:32:48.524   071.112.043.xxx   Nice eyes dear!
2007_12_12_19:33:17.381   024.184.070.xxx   my home address is 10 oak hill drive, nashville, tn (23)
2007_12_12_19:33:30.135   070.017.111.xxx   uh.....  ok.
2007_12_12_19:34:29.362   024.184.070.xxx   alek do your neighbors really get upset? (24)
2007_12_12_19:34:30.144   071.112.043.xxx   Hi Mommy!
2007_12_12_19:35:09.382   024.184.070.xxx   alek do your neighbors really get upset? (25)
2007_12_12_19:35:30.998   071.112.043.xxx   Happy Holidays from Redmond, WA!
2007_12_12_19:36:05.037   024.184.070.xxx   alek do your neighbors really get upset? (26)
2007_12_12_19:36:28.790   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Neighbors think it is a hoot ... and the kids love it! (for the million'th time ***ALEK***
2007_12_12_19:36:38.041   070.113.218.xxx   cool lights
2007_12_12_19:37:09.923   024.184.070.xxx   sorry, didn't know.  thanks for the good work (27)
2007_12_12_19:37:32.527   097.096.199.xxx   rayray in FL woowoo!
2007_12_12_19:37:35.658   066.082.009.xxx   Galena Alaska is back (26)
2007_12_12_19:38:25.146   070.113.218.xxx   Merry Christmas from Austin, TX!
2007_12_12_19:38:41.002   097.096.199.xxx   _________ f*****
2007_12_12_19:39:41.054   068.059.007.xxx   Hulk!
2007_12_12_19:40:09.300   071.112.043.xxx   Can you wave at the camera please??
2007_12_12_19:40:26.000   066.082.009.xxx   reindeer says MORE BEANS! (27)
2007_12_12_19:40:54.704   024.184.070.xxx   how about a full moon (28)
2007_12_12_19:41:49.908   066.082.009.xxx   HE WAVED! (28)
2007_12_12_19:41:59.620   024.184.070.xxx   thank god he left.  now we are alone (29)
2007_12_12_19:42:21.770   075.170.010.xxx   you were alone!
2007_12_12_19:42:34.843   024.184.070.xxx   for goodness sake put down that twinkie (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_12_19:42:45.691   071.112.043.xxx   We are all so lonely now...  please come back...
2007_12_12_19:42:58.330   066.082.009.xxx   sad time to be alone (29)
2007_12_12_19:43:12.189   098.161.049.xxx   Where did you go...
2007_12_12_19:43:14.697   024.184.070.xxx   merry freakin christmas (31)
2007_12_12_19:43:49.226   024.184.070.xxx   so alone (32)
2007_12_12_19:44:13.416   070.136.096.xxx   haha
2007_12_12_19:44:17.225   024.184.070.xxx   so empty inside (33)
2007_12_12_19:44:35.641   066.082.009.xxx   i feel used (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_12_19:44:44.358   070.136.096.xxx   i feel empty too :(
2007_12_12_19:44:45.890   071.112.043.xxx   You are right
2007_12_12_19:44:58.119   024.184.070.xxx   i feel like the raindeer after having taco bell (34)
2007_12_12_19:45:08.679   071.238.054.xxx   alek is back
2007_12_12_19:45:14.657   066.082.009.xxx   he just uped & left us (31)
2007_12_12_19:45:16.989   070.136.096.xxx   omg its him!!! HI!!!
2007_12_12_19:45:25.235   024.184.070.xxx   yip** (35)
2007_12_12_19:45:27.214   071.112.043.xxx   Hey can you wave?
2007_12_12_19:45:34.388   075.170.010.xxx   Hello kiddos!
2007_12_12_19:45:48.048   066.082.009.xxx   lets hear it for the boy (32)
2007_12_12_19:45:52.170   070.136.096.xxx   wave at us :)
2007_12_12_19:45:55.998   024.184.070.xxx   someone is with him. (36)
2007_12_12_19:46:18.421   071.112.043.xxx   PLEASE WAVE!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_12_19:46:26.586   070.136.096.xxx   what is he looking at?
2007_12_12_19:46:27.338   066.082.009.xxx   darth vader? (33)
2007_12_12_19:46:35.041   075.170.010.xxx   Hi to C. A. G. G.
2007_12_12_19:46:50.673   138.089.136.xxx   fuse
2007_12_12_19:47:12.253   024.184.070.xxx   we love alek, he's the man, if no one can do it, his wife can (37)
2007_12_12_19:47:24.386   075.170.010.xxx   Kids didn't beleave it was really me typing :)
2007_12_12_19:47:35.530   071.112.043.xxx   Hulk Rocks!! (11)
2007_12_12_19:47:38.527   066.082.009.xxx   hole new meaning to roasting chest nutts (34)
2007_12_12_19:47:43.899   070.136.096.xxx   -_-
2007_12_12_19:48:03.512   138.089.136.xxx   hi
2007_12_12_19:48:11.974   071.112.043.xxx   HI ALL-U ALL ROCK-GO SPONGEBOB!!! (12)
2007_12_12_19:48:34.028   068.122.160.xxx   Merry Christmas Everybody!!
2007_12_12_19:48:49.768   071.112.043.xxx   Where he go? (13)
2007_12_12_19:49:06.061   071.164.013.xxx   check out rosiechat dot com (23)
2007_12_12_19:49:07.930   068.122.160.xxx   Come back!!
2007_12_12_19:49:11.231   138.089.136.xxx   u 2
2007_12_12_19:49:17.919   075.170.010.xxx   away
2007_12_12_19:49:33.311   071.112.043.xxx   :)  :(  +_+ (14)
2007_12_12_19:50:02.538   071.164.013.xxx   _________did someone make him mad_________ (24)
2007_12_12_19:50:23.658   075.170.010.xxx   Goodnight for now..have fun and play NICE
2007_12_12_19:50:24.812   071.112.043.xxx   _____________________________________________________________________ (15)
2007_12_12_19:50:33.952   024.184.070.xxx   trivia question: who sang "breakfast at tiffany's?" (38)
2007_12_12_19:50:34.998   024.059.024.xxx   Alek reminds me of Clark Griswold
2007_12_12_19:50:56.019   071.164.013.xxx   don't get me started (25)
2007_12_12_19:51:35.885   071.164.013.xxx   Alek's alias IS Clark Griswald (26)
2007_12_12_19:51:50.949   156.110.172.xxx   Hi Alex
2007_12_12_19:52:14.938   071.164.013.xxx   no, it's Alek with a K (27)
2007_12_12_19:52:32.464   066.082.009.xxx   burning down the house (35)
2007_12_12_19:52:37.657   138.089.136.xxx   where r these lights from
2007_12_12_19:52:51.818   071.238.054.xxx   1+1=2
2007_12_12_19:52:57.898   071.112.043.xxx   hi (16)
2007_12_12_19:53:21.278   071.164.013.xxx   Kid Nation finale tonight (28)
2007_12_12_19:53:26.320   024.184.070.xxx   trivia question: who sang "breakfast at tiffany's?" (39)
2007_12_12_19:53:28.490   156.110.172.xxx   Hi Eric
2007_12_12_19:53:34.381   138.089.136.xxx   where is this place located
2007_12_12_19:53:42.891   071.112.043.xxx   Hi all u rock go sponbob! (17)
2007_12_12_19:53:50.596   071.164.013.xxx   14 days til he comes! (29)
2007_12_12_19:54:00.011   156.110.172.xxx   Spongebob goes down
2007_12_12_19:54:06.991   024.184.070.xxx   kid nation is over on east coast.  good final episode (40 IM's so far today)
2007_12_12_19:54:12.428   071.112.043.xxx   GO DUMBLEDORE (18)
2007_12_12_19:54:36.552   071.164.013.xxx   Lafette, Colorado is where Alek is (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_12_19:54:41.163   071.238.054.xxx   5r+10=20
2007_12_12_19:54:54.187   024.184.070.xxx   they all get gold stars and drink too much soda (41)
2007_12_12_19:55:14.592   071.112.043.xxx   5x=2x=3X2 (19)
2007_12_12_19:55:21.333   138.089.136.xxx   merry swissmiss
2007_12_12_19:55:22.047   071.164.013.xxx   that would be cool if they all get gold stahs! (31)
2007_12_12_19:55:41.519   071.112.043.xxx   YOYOYO (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_12_19:55:47.042   071.238.054.xxx   r=2!
2007_12_12_19:56:01.504   024.184.070.xxx   yeah boyz, what's poppin (42)
2007_12_12_19:56:06.190   138.089.136.xxx   MERRY SWISSMISS
2007_12_12_19:56:13.853   068.248.150.xxx   hello???
2007_12_12_19:56:24.974   071.238.054.xxx   gotsa love algebra!
2007_12_12_19:56:29.613   066.082.009.xxx   HELLO (36)
2007_12_12_19:56:43.020   068.248.150.xxx   where ya from?
2007_12_12_19:56:52.049   071.112.043.xxx   GO DUMBLEDORE!!!! (21)
2007_12_12_19:56:58.441   138.089.136.xxx   HELLO ALEK
2007_12_12_19:57:00.708   066.082.009.xxx   Alaska (37)
2007_12_12_19:57:04.107   071.164.013.xxx   Alek--u originally from Wash. state? (32)
2007_12_12_19:57:21.856   068.248.150.xxx   wisconsin??
2007_12_12_19:57:34.097   071.164.013.xxx   since u went to the U Dub (33)
2007_12_12_19:57:35.045   071.112.043.xxx   wash. (22)
2007_12_12_19:57:48.070   138.089.136.xxx   Alek DO U CHEER
2007_12_12_19:58:00.231   071.112.043.xxx   ya (23)
2007_12_12_19:58:06.639   068.248.150.xxx   cool
2007_12_12_19:58:13.999   071.164.013.xxx   what did I say? (34)
2007_12_12_19:58:25.740   071.112.043.xxx   ya5 years (24)
2007_12_12_19:58:43.939   071.164.013.xxx   there he went again--poof! (35)
2007_12_12_19:58:50.349   071.112.043.xxx   HI DUDE WAVE!! (25)
2007_12_12_19:58:54.954   138.089.136.xxx   HA HA (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_12_19:59:11.836   068.248.150.xxx   went to the bathroom?
2007_12_12_19:59:24.345   071.164.013.xxx   out go the lights!!! (36)
2007_12_12_19:59:37.566   138.089.136.xxx   Alek U NEED A HAIRCUT (11)
2007_12_12_19:59:40.649   068.248.150.xxx   had to p**!
2007_12_12_19:59:53.252   024.184.070.xxx   alek, i haven't seen you since **** with chaos when you proposed to wendy (43)
2007_12_12_19:59:56.090   071.164.013.xxx   LOL (37)
2007_12_12_20:00:29.987   024.184.070.xxx   alek, i haven't seen you since  chaos when you proposed to wendy (44)
2007_12_12_20:00:38.821   072.090.116.xxx   COOL!!!
2007_12_12_20:01:03.695   024.184.070.xxx   alek, i haven't seen you since chaos when you proposed to wendy (45)
2007_12_12_20:01:16.618   138.089.136.xxx   Alek SHAVE YOUR NECK (12)
2007_12_12_20:01:32.508   071.164.013.xxx   Have u been naughty or nice? (38)
2007_12_12_20:01:40.900   068.248.150.xxx   alek do a dance!
2007_12_12_20:02:24.027   138.089.136.xxx   DO THE LIMBO (13)
2007_12_12_20:03:07.426   024.184.070.xxx   alek, i saw you at the hazel miller party across the street (46)
2007_12_12_20:04:02.565   024.184.070.xxx   and at the neighborhood margharita party (47)
2007_12_12_20:06:05.575   071.191.039.xxx   Hello World
2007_12_12_20:06:18.790   070.176.158.xxx   HAPPY Holiday from Phoenix, AZ
2007_12_12_20:06:22.506   024.184.070.xxx   i just saw a mouse run by 2 monopoly sets (48)
2007_12_12_20:08:54.421   068.039.187.xxx   Does This Work?
2007_12_12_20:09:08.896   024.184.070.xxx   hello from the blue heron hermit club (49)
2007_12_12_20:09:20.910   071.164.013.xxx   Who sang Breakfast at Tiffany's? (39)
2007_12_12_20:09:41.028   068.039.187.xxx   Hello World!!!
2007_12_12_20:10:12.797   066.082.009.xxx   HELLO (38)
2007_12_12_20:10:27.853   068.020.007.xxx   hello from brookfield illinois
2007_12_12_20:10:52.581   068.039.187.xxx   Hey from PA
2007_12_12_20:10:52.889   071.191.039.xxx   Hi Brookfield!
2007_12_12_20:11:27.996   024.184.070.xxx   hello from the blue heron hermit club (50 IM's so far today)
2007_12_12_20:11:56.741   071.164.013.xxx   Hello Long Island (40 IM's so far today)
2007_12_12_20:12:05.973   066.082.009.xxx   hello from the Alaska Bush Company (39)
2007_12_12_20:12:12.563   068.039.187.xxx   Hey BHH Club
2007_12_12_20:12:16.606   024.184.070.xxx   hello from camp patiya (51)
2007_12_12_20:12:39.306   068.020.007.xxx   hope everyone has a happy holiday season
2007_12_12_20:12:51.677   071.164.013.xxx   hello Blue Heron---u seem to b havin fun tonite (41)
2007_12_12_20:13:12.573   066.082.009.xxx   go reindeer GO (40 IM's so far today)
2007_12_12_20:13:15.346   024.184.070.xxx   why do you say? (52)
2007_12_12_20:13:20.909   071.164.013.xxx   Y have 50 IMs today (42)
2007_12_12_20:13:56.200   071.164.013.xxx   u do long island blue heron (43)
2007_12_12_20:14:17.207   024.184.070.xxx   yes (53)
2007_12_12_20:14:50.062   024.184.070.xxx   you have 43 texts (54)
2007_12_12_20:14:55.023   071.164.013.xxx   U live in Long Island?  244 (44)
2007_12_12_20:15:23.919   024.184.070.xxx   how did you guess? (55)
2007_12_12_20:15:27.355   069.057.204.xxx   Happy to be Gluten-Free
2007_12_12_20:16:18.267   072.090.116.xxx   Vote for BUSH!!!!!
2007_12_12_20:16:29.768   071.164.013.xxx   no guess--long isl (45)
2007_12_12_20:17:22.684   024.184.070.xxx   and you have verizon fios (56)
2007_12_12_20:17:36.207   072.090.116.xxx   Nice and 37 degrees in Portland, Oregon!
2007_12_12_20:17:59.389   071.164.013.xxx   I am psychic (46)
2007_12_12_20:18:44.137   024.184.070.xxx   no you are from seattle washington (57)
2007_12_12_20:19:10.466   067.142.130.xxx   Otego, NY
2007_12_12_20:19:24.279   069.057.204.xxx   Hello from Cedar Falls, IA
2007_12_12_20:19:35.890   071.164.013.xxx   yep, I do....do you? (47)
2007_12_12_20:20:51.969   024.184.070.xxx   how is otsego ny? (58)
2007_12_12_20:21:01.797   070.017.111.xxx   ah xmas a almost 200 year old concept.
2007_12_12_20:21:38.970   066.026.080.xxx   02
2007_12_12_20:21:41.267   024.184.070.xxx   is that by elmira? (59)
2007_12_12_20:22:07.193   024.184.070.xxx (60 IM's so far today)
2007_12_12_20:22:33.403   066.026.080.xxx   off
2007_12_12_20:22:35.162   071.173.000.xxx   merry christmas kids
2007_12_12_20:22:51.952   070.017.111.xxx   pheh.
2007_12_12_20:22:52.141   024.184.070.xxx   may God be with everyone this holiday season (61)
2007_12_12_20:23:00.475   066.026.080.xxx   off
2007_12_12_20:23:13.514   072.090.116.xxx   How's it in Cedar Falls?  Still Freezing???
2007_12_12_20:23:16.877   066.082.009.xxx   ON (41)
2007_12_12_20:23:19.651   070.017.111.xxx   god? LMFAO!!!
2007_12_12_20:23:26.202   024.184.070.xxx   remember to keep Christ is Christmas (62)
2007_12_12_20:23:31.727   066.026.080.xxx   off
2007_12_12_20:23:45.476   072.090.116.xxx   on
2007_12_12_20:23:52.071   070.017.111.xxx   off your keister? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_12_20:23:56.838   066.082.009.xxx   ON (42)
2007_12_12_20:24:04.105   024.184.070.xxx   remember to keep Christ is Christmas (63)
2007_12_12_20:24:15.226   066.026.080.xxx   Kind of like the kids trying to put down the windows when I am trying to put th
2007_12_12_20:24:22.727   072.090.116.xxx   on off on off on off on off on of on off on off
2007_12_12_20:24:25.508   070.017.111.xxx   yeh since christmas is an original concept by xtians. (11)
2007_12_12_20:24:39.133   024.184.070.xxx   remember to keep Christ in Christmas (64)
2007_12_12_20:24:56.723   070.017.111.xxx   no they didn't borrow that day like all the other days. (12)
2007_12_12_20:25:12.544   066.026.080.xxx   d*** it, I will pull this car over!!
2007_12_12_20:25:39.029   024.184.070.xxx   hello from camp patiya (65)
2007_12_12_20:25:41.292   071.164.013.xxx   024.184.070.****3 IM's today (48)
2007_12_12_20:26:11.932   071.164.013.xxx   alek is baaaaack (49)
2007_12_12_20:26:23.077   024.184.070.xxx   hello from the blue heron hermit club (66)
2007_12_12_20:26:44.644   066.082.009.xxx   Well I have to go do the 6:30pm news (43)
2007_12_12_20:27:11.459   024.184.070.xxx   Alek, I read your blog.  don't get nervous (67)
2007_12_12_20:27:50.458   066.026.080.xxx   Vote for Ron Paul
2007_12_12_20:27:52.743   024.184.070.xxx   thanks again alek.  nice job.  see you soon (68)
2007_12_12_20:28:20.157   071.164.013.xxx   Blue Heron--you have fios? (50 IM's so far today)
2007_12_12_20:28:36.738   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Glad you enjoy it 024 and others ... Merry Christmas ***ALEK***
2007_12_12_20:28:44.460   070.017.111.xxx   are you a fan of lights or an air conditioner? (13)
2007_12_12_20:30:10.210   024.184.070.xxx   one more think alek.  you should use this technology.. (69)
2007_12_12_20:30:49.993   070.017.111.xxx   nah use candles. (14)
2007_12_12_20:30:56.238   024.184.070.xxx   to control a device where people can collaboratively create something (70 IM's so far today)
2007_12_12_20:32:48.015   071.238.054.xxx   i like pie
2007_12_12_20:32:54.928   066.026.080.xxx   off
2007_12_12_20:32:57.083   071.164.013.xxx   I don't git it blue heron (51)
2007_12_12_20:36:02.137   071.112.043.xxx   I don't git it blue heron (26)
2007_12_12_20:37:09.639   071.112.043.xxx   All Text Messages (last 20:popup) - latest at 20:36:02 when 071.112.043.xxx sai (27)
2007_12_12_20:37:41.374   071.112.043.xxx   166 people viewing Christmas Lights - INSANE (28)
2007_12_12_20:39:04.280   071.112.043.xxx   wow (29)
2007_12_12_20:41:02.797   071.112.043.xxx   Carpe Diem (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_12_20:41:04.302   071.207.238.xxx   Love It!!
2007_12_12_20:41:35.670   071.207.238.xxx   Roll Tide
2007_12_12_20:41:43.871   071.112.043.xxx   Garage Icicles, Front Door Area (31)
2007_12_12_20:43:17.053   071.112.043.xxx   DUMBLEDORE ROCKS (32)
2007_12_12_20:46:29.058   024.045.079.xxx   yea i love christmas
2007_12_12_20:47:04.343   024.045.079.xxx   hi from Hampton Bays
2007_12_12_20:48:40.488   071.225.115.xxx   hi from the baurs
2007_12_12_20:49:15.043   024.045.079.xxx   hello
2007_12_12_20:51:18.505   071.225.115.xxx   hey lauren
2007_12_12_20:51:46.801   071.225.115.xxx   hey lauren and whitney
2007_12_12_20:52:42.403   071.164.013.xxx   Alek--were u born in Wash state? (52)
2007_12_12_20:53:17.840   071.225.115.xxx   hey whitney and lauren
2007_12_12_20:53:58.011   071.225.115.xxx   hey grove city whitney & lauren
2007_12_12_20:54:22.397   071.164.013.xxx   Alek--r u addicted to this as I am? (53)
2007_12_12_20:54:39.223   071.225.115.xxx   hey lauren...study break?
2007_12_12_20:55:33.259   071.164.013.xxx   Alek--do u have a techy jog? (54)
2007_12_12_20:55:40.424   071.225.115.xxx   good luck with finals whitney and lauren
2007_12_12_20:56:00.276   071.164.013.xxx   job?  lol (55)
2007_12_12_20:56:28.991   071.225.115.xxx   finally finals!!! at gcc
2007_12_12_20:57:01.075   071.225.115.xxx   merry christmas from the baurs
2007_12_12_20:58:00.358   068.144.097.xxx   test123
2007_12_12_20:58:11.805   071.164.013.xxx   Alek---r u Polish? (56)
2007_12_12_20:58:32.398   152.020.170.xxx   Wow how fun
2007_12_12_20:58:51.862   071.164.013.xxx   my name ends in sky also (57)
2007_12_12_20:59:04.659   071.225.115.xxx   hey lauren ru there? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_12_20:59:07.677   070.226.102.xxx   no bad words!!!!!!!
2007_12_12_20:59:39.870   071.225.115.xxx   looking for lauren and whitney...have you seen them? (11)
2007_12_12_21:01:20.908   070.226.102.xxx   who is that
2007_12_12_21:01:41.553   071.164.013.xxx   Kid Nation just beginning (58)
2007_12_12_21:02:22.521   071.164.013.xxx   season finale--woohoo (59)
2007_12_12_21:02:27.433   071.225.115.xxx   GCC GCC (12)
2007_12_12_21:03:01.901   071.225.115.xxx   no...its W00t w))t (13)
2007_12_12_21:03:27.497   071.164.013.xxx   Alek--what was ur fav sub*ect in school? (60 IM's so far today)
2007_12_12_21:03:35.715   071.225.115.xxx   w))t w))t (14)
2007_12_12_21:03:50.478   069.149.123.xxx   ****
2007_12_12_21:03:57.035   071.164.013.xxx   bet u were good in math (61)
2007_12_12_21:04:27.735   069.149.123.xxx   lol it bleeped leet. :(
2007_12_12_21:04:59.874   071.225.115.xxx   good night Whitney and Lauren (15)
2007_12_12_21:05:16.741   069.149.123.xxx   My best sub*ect was recess
2007_12_12_21:08:16.089   069.149.123.xxx   Buzz looks like he is yelling at Artoo. haha
2007_12_12_21:09:03.067   071.164.013.xxx   yeah he does (62)
2007_12_12_21:09:54.382   071.164.013.xxx   Alek--how big is the screen u r lookin' at? (63)
2007_12_12_21:11:58.324   071.238.054.xxx   i think it's crazy hair day there
2007_12_12_21:12:30.540   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Dual 19" LCD at ****x**** - lights look good on 'em - especially in Hi-Def! ***ALEK***
2007_12_12_21:14:29.407   069.149.123.xxx   I still have a seventeen inch CRT :(
2007_12_12_21:14:52.400   071.238.054.xxx   nice hair :) (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_12_21:15:01.818   024.166.062.xxx   I only have 6 inches!
2007_12_12_21:15:16.683   066.082.009.xxx   can we some more taco bell for our deer? (44)
2007_12_12_21:15:57.620   071.238.054.xxx   i am using a old laptop at ****x768 (11)
2007_12_12_21:16:28.607   070.226.102.xxx   what year was it made?
2007_12_12_21:17:02.973   066.082.009.xxx   44 minutes left (45)
2007_12_12_21:17:05.157   071.238.054.xxx   It is an armada **** (12)
2007_12_12_21:17:42.115   024.166.062.xxx   A laptop is so much better when the user is crying...
2007_12_12_21:17:51.708   066.082.009.xxx   43 minutes left (46)
2007_12_12_21:17:54.331   071.238.054.xxx   old thing loud too (13)
2007_12_12_21:18:17.939   070.226.102.xxx   what year was the laptop made?
2007_12_12_21:18:35.258   024.070.095.xxx   13 days folks :)
2007_12_12_21:18:36.434   071.164.013.xxx   Alek--how long have u lived in ur house? (64)
2007_12_12_21:19:11.900   069.149.123.xxx   344 years... he's a vampire (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_12_21:20:13.654   024.070.095.xxx   next year he should have a couple more christmas songs to play
2007_12_12_21:20:42.072   071.238.054.xxx   the manufactor date is not listed (14)
2007_12_12_21:21:06.963   066.082.009.xxx   taco bell has been deliverd (47)
2007_12_12_21:22:05.820   068.041.246.xxx   Hmmmm, Taco Bell
2007_12_12_21:23:22.661   071.238.054.xxx   alek must of not likes his taco and gave to reindeer (15)
2007_12_12_21:23:23.403   066.082.009.xxx   darth vader returns (48)
2007_12_12_21:23:39.572   068.041.246.xxx   I am so hungry
2007_12_12_21:23:51.148   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I'm a fan of Junk-in-the-Box myself ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_12_21:24:12.297   071.238.054.xxx   whats that (16)
2007_12_12_21:24:36.707   066.082.009.xxx   road kill (49)
2007_12_12_21:24:53.868   068.041.246.xxx   eeeew roadkill?
2007_12_12_21:25:10.528   076.248.171.xxx   Merry Christmas from Chico, California
2007_12_12_21:25:16.446   066.082.009.xxx   dont go !! (50 IM's so far today)
2007_12_12_21:27:20.960   066.082.009.xxx   the taco bell kicked in! (51)
2007_12_12_21:28:20.246   066.075.130.xxx   This is just awesome!
2007_12_12_21:28:59.013   066.082.009.xxx   hes BACK (52)
2007_12_12_21:29:06.949   069.057.204.xxx   Happy to Be Gluten-Free
2007_12_12_21:30:06.300   066.075.130.xxx   How can we contact you?
2007_12_12_21:31:09.087   071.238.054.xxx   Whats junk-in-a-box (17)
2007_12_12_21:31:47.075   067.162.060.xxx   Where did everyone go?
2007_12_12_21:32:07.600   071.238.054.xxx   They all disapeared (18)
2007_12_12_21:32:43.473   066.082.009.xxx   refried clown (53)
2007_12_12_21:32:55.198   067.162.060.xxx   Wel you have done a gre job!
2007_12_12_21:32:57.752   066.075.130.xxx   Thanks you for doing this..  My kids love it!
2007_12_12_21:33:20.431   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** JACK-in-the-Box ... I used to order 3 Super Tacos, Onion Rings, and Strawberry Shake ***ALEK***
2007_12_12_21:33:21.935   071.238.054.xxx   funny___ but what is it realy (19)
2007_12_12_21:33:42.518   066.075.130.xxx   We are From CO as well, but we are stationed in CA..
2007_12_12_21:34:16.987   071.238.054.xxx   oh well u said junk-in-a-box ok makes more sense (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_12_21:35:23.415   071.226.231.xxx   1st time here, very cool & thanks for enlighting us of this desease
2007_12_12_21:35:31.663   071.238.054.xxx   that don't sound to healthy for u either (21)
2007_12_12_21:35:56.025   067.162.060.xxx   God Bless You for your hard work!
2007_12_12_21:36:21.814   070.169.113.xxx   I'm curious, what does your wife think of all this?
2007_12_12_21:36:29.112   069.253.158.xxx   Jym-b0!!!!
2007_12_12_21:37:06.788   069.253.158.xxx   I love this site!
2007_12_12_21:37:37.354   071.238.054.xxx   as i recall he said in faq that his wife doesn't mind it as long as no one come (22)
2007_12_12_21:38:04.474   071.238.054.xxx   comes to say hi (23)
2007_12_12_21:38:06.590   071.226.231.xxx   santa climbs!!! too cool
2007_12_12_21:40:43.295   069.253.158.xxx   SUPER COOL!
2007_12_12_21:41:39.004   063.144.017.xxx   Hi everybody
2007_12_12_21:41:56.295   071.238.054.xxx   Faq says she complains about getting more lights... and she is jewish and takes (24)
2007_12_12_21:42:58.586   071.238.054.xxx   now alek is wandering around amlessly (25)
2007_12_12_21:44:28.641   063.144.017.xxx   Merry Christmas everyone!
2007_12_12_21:45:53.004   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Cleaning up my office right now ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_12_21:46:44.084   071.238.054.xxx   oh! (26)
2007_12_12_21:47:36.741   074.234.183.xxx   i like cheese.
2007_12_12_21:47:38.022   024.164.248.xxx   hello
2007_12_12_21:48:19.462   024.164.248.xxx   saludos ecuatorianos
2007_12_12_21:48:42.278   074.234.183.xxx   sup alek?
2007_12_12_21:49:24.597   074.234.183.xxx   rofl! i clicked off for awhile... like 2 minutes on everything andthe entire fr
2007_12_12_21:51:03.811   071.238.054.xxx   ok then... (27)
2007_12_12_21:53:38.604   075.110.200.xxx   cool
2007_12_12_21:54:52.613   068.144.191.xxx   sweetness
2007_12_12_21:56:03.288   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** WOW - only 4 minutes left - where did the night go?!? ***ALEK***
2007_12_12_21:56:17.265   068.217.210.xxx   seems driveway lights arent working :(
2007_12_12_21:57:23.889   066.082.009.xxx   see you again tomorrow Alex (54)
2007_12_12_21:58:14.500   071.238.054.xxx   congrats alek u are on chris prillo's blog collage (28)
2007_12_12_21:59:29.775   068.217.210.xxx   thanks :)
2007_12_12_21:59:37.541   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** ChrisP ROCKS - we've been talking about doing a live interview ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_12_21:59:42.509   068.144.191.xxx   this is really really cool

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