1,222 christmas text messages on 2007/1213

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 16,951 times that day including 10,970 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1213

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2007_12_13_16:00:45.131   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Turned the X10 Controls on early - lights will be hard to see until 4:30'ish ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_13_16:01:09.150   071.238.054.xxx   00.3
2007_12_13_16:01:36.502   081.031.112.xxx   wooo
2007_12_13_16:02:03.661   172.142.073.xxx   hello..... happy holidays
2007_12_13_16:02:43.901   081.031.112.xxx   hello from england
2007_12_13_16:02:46.532   098.200.133.xxx   Congratulations Alek for Alaskas contribution
2007_12_13_16:03:04.821   086.020.127.xxx   hello from england
2007_12_13_16:03:15.678   068.049.032.xxx   HOLLA HOLLA
2007_12_13_16:03:36.398   076.212.147.xxx   San Diego CA checking in
2007_12_13_16:03:56.112   098.200.133.xxx   someone turn the lites out so we can see the Christmas lites
2007_12_13_16:04:00.639   096.225.159.xxx   hello
2007_12_13_16:04:19.906   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Congrats should go to KIYU and Galena, Alaska for the $1,000 donation to Celiac Charity! ***ALEK***
2007_12_13_16:04:20.241   067.165.088.xxx   hi folks. -lennox
2007_12_13_16:05:17.297   083.071.003.xxx   hello!!
2007_12_13_16:05:26.143   066.082.009.xxx   Hello from Galena, Alaska
2007_12_13_16:05:40.124   083.071.003.xxx   merry christmas!!
2007_12_13_16:05:50.040   098.200.133.xxx   reindeer must not have "eaten" yet appears to have no gas yet
2007_12_13_16:05:53.806   082.211.215.xxx   WOOHOO!
2007_12_13_16:06:09.209   066.082.009.xxx   Thanks Alek!
2007_12_13_16:06:15.645   172.142.073.xxx   I feel sorry for your children.....!
2007_12_13_16:06:21.632   083.071.003.xxx   thank you for sharing this wonderful gift!
2007_12_13_16:06:48.382   096.225.159.xxx   8====)
2007_12_13_16:07:01.269   086.020.127.xxx   hello jaime love becky xx
2007_12_13_16:07:20.419   068.095.145.xxx   ehowa via dallas tx
2007_12_13_16:07:32.941   083.071.003.xxx   frankie xx
2007_12_13_16:07:34.150   098.200.133.xxx   congrats to KIYU but Alek you made it happen for all u do here
2007_12_13_16:08:07.276   071.238.253.xxx   EHOWA Rox and so do You
2007_12_13_16:08:26.535   083.071.003.xxx   how do you make a nice egg nog?
2007_12_13_16:08:26.915   078.150.204.xxx   Kendal Town FC
2007_12_13_16:08:52.655   068.095.145.xxx   Tortola BVI EHOWA
2007_12_13_16:09:02.135   125.238.001.xxx   NZ RULES
2007_12_13_16:09:04.622   204.153.016.xxx   Kingston Ontario!!!
2007_12_13_16:09:08.334   083.071.003.xxx   how do you make a nice egg nog?
2007_12_13_16:09:24.343   068.095.145.xxx   COWBOYS SUPERBOWL
2007_12_13_16:09:43.277   125.238.001.xxx   I CANT INSTALL HALF LIFE 2!!
2007_12_13_16:09:46.349   204.153.016.xxx   George Bush is the worst president EVER
2007_12_13_16:09:57.382   071.238.253.xxx   eggnog and brandy
2007_12_13_16:10:10.995   068.095.145.xxx   SUPPORT BUSH AND OUR TROOPS
2007_12_13_16:10:18.945   078.150.204.xxx   new england superbowl
2007_12_13_16:10:35.440   083.071.003.xxx   hello dani xx
2007_12_13_16:10:41.285   075.070.026.xxx   Hello from Colorado Springs!
2007_12_13_16:10:41.583   068.095.145.xxx   NEW ENGLAND STINKS
2007_12_13_16:11:20.266   071.243.137.xxx   Hi from Buffalo
2007_12_13_16:11:30.369   096.225.159.xxx   can I has hulk smash
2007_12_13_16:11:34.548   078.150.204.xxx   new england superbowl champs
2007_12_13_16:11:35.498   068.095.145.xxx   Go Dallas Cowboys!!! EHOWA
2007_12_13_16:11:36.693   075.070.026.xxx   Colorado
2007_12_13_16:11:38.051   063.225.171.xxx   New England ROXORS your BOXORS
2007_12_13_16:11:41.692   082.211.215.xxx   Go Denmark
2007_12_13_16:11:51.333   098.200.133.xxx   hey Buffalo do you have snow up there too?
2007_12_13_16:11:58.778   071.243.137.xxx   new england CHEATS
2007_12_13_16:12:27.640   078.150.204.xxx   we've got a new england manager
2007_12_13_16:12:51.448   125.238.001.xxx   I AM BEING HELD PRISONER!
2007_12_13_16:12:56.475   067.177.145.xxx   EHOWA
2007_12_13_16:12:57.330   071.230.066.xxx   Where's the Earth-shattering kaboom?
2007_12_13_16:13:05.582   071.243.137.xxx   6" of snow today in buffalo
2007_12_13_16:13:09.513   068.095.145.xxx   Go Dallas Stars
2007_12_13_16:13:10.299   075.070.026.xxx   Rape!
2007_12_13_16:13:25.551   125.238.001.xxx   ___earth shattering kaboom___
2007_12_13_16:13:26.020   098.200.133.xxx   do u think Hulk is frozen since he has no shirt on?
2007_12_13_16:13:50.904   071.238.054.xxx   Hi from Flushing, MI
2007_12_13_16:14:01.997   125.238.001.xxx   HULK COLD!
2007_12_13_16:14:14.986   071.230.066.xxx   Oh, I'm going to blow up the Earth!
2007_12_13_16:15:02.878   098.200.133.xxx   yoohoo Alek lean over there & flip on the lava lamp
2007_12_13_16:15:09.497   068.095.145.xxx   2+2=4
2007_12_13_16:15:35.116   078.150.204.xxx   i'd like to knock your snowmen over
2007_12_13_16:15:35.799   098.200.133.xxx   never mind there it goes
2007_12_13_16:15:42.768   207.237.063.xxx   hello
2007_12_13_16:15:56.428   097.096.168.xxx   Mean people s***
2007_12_13_16:16:12.091   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** The GROOVY Lava Lamp is on zone #6 ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_13_16:16:12.522   071.230.066.xxx   I'm going to dip my b***  in it.
2007_12_13_16:16:28.598   083.071.003.xxx   are u just sitting ther watching stuf? or keeping the website updated?
2007_12_13_16:17:06.964   083.071.003.xxx   hey mister... giv me a wave!!
2007_12_13_16:17:11.649   071.238.054.xxx   what zone is reindeers "fart"
2007_12_13_16:17:14.519   098.200.133.xxx   im moderator. he has to knock out the real ugly stuff
2007_12_13_16:17:17.407   097.096.168.xxx   Snow is beautiful
2007_12_13_16:17:28.185   071.230.066.xxx   Wow! This guy has a lot of time on his hands.
2007_12_13_16:17:37.475   124.170.226.xxx   Wake up Santa!
2007_12_13_16:17:41.248   083.071.003.xxx   hey mister... giv me a wave!! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_16:18:09.665   083.071.003.xxx   please? (11)
2007_12_13_16:18:44.291   083.071.003.xxx   can u wave to me? it wud mak me so happy (12)
2007_12_13_16:19:22.058   012.022.086.xxx   Merry Xmas!
2007_12_13_16:19:27.435   083.071.003.xxx   are u smiling at me? :D (13)
2007_12_13_16:19:52.841   066.082.009.xxx   lets see some donations
2007_12_13_16:20:02.463   083.071.003.xxx   can u c this? (14)
2007_12_13_16:20:02.697   098.200.133.xxx   is zone 6 the snowfamily? lava lamp is off when they are down? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_16:20:26.463   071.238.054.xxx   yes
2007_12_13_16:20:38.524   083.071.003.xxx   world u b able to wave to me please? (15)
2007_12_13_16:21:20.705   083.071.003.xxx   please please please? (16)
2007_12_13_16:21:32.651   066.082.009.xxx   taco bell on the way!
2007_12_13_16:21:33.302   024.207.160.xxx   Real time h*** cam
2007_12_13_16:21:40.270   098.200.133.xxx   his arm would break if he waved everytime ppl asked himm to (11)
2007_12_13_16:21:54.945   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Would you donate to Celiac Charity if I waved?!? ***ALEK***
2007_12_13_16:22:17.495   068.083.021.xxx   hello stefani
2007_12_13_16:22:18.983   083.071.003.xxx   i dont have a cresit card! im sorry!! im only 15! :( (17)
2007_12_13_16:22:25.784   024.207.160.xxx   Jingle nuts
2007_12_13_16:23:27.977   068.083.021.xxx   Happy Hollydays
2007_12_13_16:23:51.125   083.071.003.xxx   how about if i gave some money here in dublin for it? (18)
2007_12_13_16:24:20.511   024.207.160.xxx   Oh cripes that f@g is lookinf at the camera
2007_12_13_16:24:23.778   070.190.165.xxx   NICE JOB ALEK!
2007_12_13_16:24:26.331   083.071.003.xxx   awww i love u!! u look like santa :D (19)
2007_12_13_16:24:43.213   068.083.021.xxx   Hey Alek wave to my wife she is a skeptic
2007_12_13_16:25:11.245   083.071.003.xxx   thank u so much:D i wil do my best to find some charities (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_16:25:12.681   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Your welcome. Note that PayPal can be used for donations to Celiac charity too ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_13_16:26:07.109   083.071.003.xxx   ok thank u!! (21)
2007_12_13_16:26:12.390   071.238.054.xxx   ****___
2007_12_13_16:26:13.896   097.096.168.xxx   I'm sorry I don't have a job or a credit card - I'm too young
2007_12_13_16:27:23.122   069.251.090.xxx   hi from baltimore
2007_12_13_16:27:53.568   069.251.090.xxx   I see you!
2007_12_13_16:27:54.913   068.059.160.xxx   Hi from Orlando
2007_12_13_16:28:10.553   070.238.161.xxx   Hi
2007_12_13_16:28:29.462   068.105.219.xxx   Hi from Idaho!
2007_12_13_16:28:45.075   083.071.003.xxx   your back :D:D (22)
2007_12_13_16:28:49.956   070.016.170.xxx   Why Are the Lights On Early Alekj
2007_12_13_16:29:06.363   070.238.161.xxx   Hi from illinios! christmas! rocks!
2007_12_13_16:29:23.492   068.095.145.xxx   Go Dallas Cowboys!!! EHOWA
2007_12_13_16:29:43.400   070.016.170.xxx   Hey Yall From West Viginia Go Mountaineers
2007_12_13_16:30:10.730   068.095.145.xxx   Baylor University Bears (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_16:30:18.443   068.083.021.xxx   Alek dude! Isnt it dinner time yet?
2007_12_13_16:30:25.153   083.071.003.xxx   how  are your children doing? bet they cant wait until santa! (23)
2007_12_13_16:30:31.085   070.016.170.xxx   WVU rocka
2007_12_13_16:30:38.322   066.082.009.xxx   hello there Waco
2007_12_13_16:31:23.532   067.187.129.xxx   hey all  from lodi cali
2007_12_13_16:31:27.611   083.071.003.xxx   did it take long to make this site? (24)
2007_12_13_16:31:29.726   070.016.170.xxx   Alek Do You use the lamp x10 controllers or Apliance ones?
2007_12_13_16:31:56.266   067.187.129.xxx   this is pretty cool!
2007_12_13_16:32:45.006   083.071.003.xxx   night night... have a wonderful christmas! (25)
2007_12_13_16:33:03.075   067.187.129.xxx   EHOWA says MERRY CHRISTMAS!
2007_12_13_16:33:40.368   083.071.003.xxx   its 11.33pm here in dublin! (26)
2007_12_13_16:33:48.517   068.059.160.xxx   no wait ! come back!
2007_12_13_16:34:18.809   068.059.160.xxx   an arm!!    YEAH
2007_12_13_16:34:32.547   066.082.009.xxx   you did it now!
2007_12_13_16:34:32.874   075.065.168.xxx   Wheres the inflatable sheep?
2007_12_13_16:34:58.866   083.071.003.xxx   wher in america are u? (27)
2007_12_13_16:35:04.022   067.187.129.xxx   brianna and weston say hi!
2007_12_13_16:35:36.836   204.016.011.xxx   hello dear
2007_12_13_16:35:46.350   066.082.009.xxx   watch out for that gas Alek
2007_12_13_16:36:16.142   075.065.168.xxx   call ********85 and ask for michael
2007_12_13_16:37:19.496   066.082.009.xxx   hey now we got some gas
2007_12_13_16:38:02.705   083.071.003.xxx   its 11.37pm here in dublin! (28)
2007_12_13_16:38:12.529   067.162.141.xxx   who is the dork behind me?
2007_12_13_16:38:49.900   066.082.009.xxx   lift off
2007_12_13_16:39:02.248   083.071.003.xxx   wher is your workshop? is christmas morning wonderful there? (29)
2007_12_13_16:39:22.487   083.100.237.xxx   Best wishes from Hull Uk
2007_12_13_16:39:24.758   202.027.047.xxx   Hello from New Zealand
2007_12_13_16:39:29.538   070.135.072.xxx   Merry Christmas from Round Rock Texas
2007_12_13_16:39:52.112   083.071.003.xxx   merry christmas love dublin xx (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_16:40:55.537   070.101.055.xxx   TwStD Inc.
2007_12_13_16:40:57.176   083.071.003.xxx   what do u do on christmas morning? anyone pls answer xx (31)
2007_12_13_16:41:08.276   202.027.047.xxx   Merry Xmas world
2007_12_13_16:41:20.084   083.100.237.xxx   I drink Champagne
2007_12_13_16:41:39.708   202.027.047.xxx   Merry Xmas
2007_12_13_16:41:50.873   074.236.246.xxx   Merry Christmas from Hallie and Colton in KY!
2007_12_13_16:41:52.325   083.071.003.xxx   i visit my family and exchange presents and sit around the fire (32)
2007_12_13_16:42:36.639   070.101.055.xxx   TwStD Inc.
2007_12_13_16:42:48.252   083.071.003.xxx   christmas morning is so much fun.. i wake up at 6am! oops!:D (33)
2007_12_13_16:43:18.232   070.101.055.xxx   I love to punch my wife in the baby maker
2007_12_13_16:43:20.111   083.071.003.xxx   what about u? (34)
2007_12_13_16:43:24.809   083.100.237.xxx   I stuff My Turkey
2007_12_13_16:43:42.313   076.024.082.xxx   Merry Xmas from Rachel
2007_12_13_16:44:07.099   083.071.003.xxx   my sister and i pluck the turkey and pepare the table and be excited :D (35)
2007_12_13_16:44:28.044   070.101.055.xxx   Ron Paul for President
2007_12_13_16:45:06.918   070.101.055.xxx   I love to give rusty trombones as gifts
2007_12_13_16:45:41.569   083.071.003.xxx   goodnight...seasons greetings..i hope u all enjoy christmas (36)
2007_12_13_16:46:20.083   083.071.003.xxx   goodbye mister... one more wave? (37)
2007_12_13_16:46:35.950   086.138.065.xxx   hey everyone, happy christmas an best wishes for the new year!
2007_12_13_16:47:06.208   070.101.055.xxx   Hucklebuck LOL
2007_12_13_16:47:42.988   070.101.055.xxx   Only on Fridays
2007_12_13_16:48:02.981   065.091.020.xxx   dude you rock
2007_12_13_16:48:12.383   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Want some high-res pictures of burrito reindeer - keep zone 1 & 7 on please ***ALEK***
2007_12_13_16:48:39.121   070.101.055.xxx   Gone to whack off
2007_12_13_16:48:40.522   065.091.020.xxx   hihihi
2007_12_13_16:48:50.128   074.236.246.xxx   Hello from Hallie and Colton!
2007_12_13_16:48:57.977   076.212.147.xxx   hes gone, lets steal stuff
2007_12_13_16:50:17.963   024.063.117.xxx   Why my mom?
2007_12_13_16:50:22.841   071.240.197.xxx   sup
2007_12_13_16:50:32.412   065.091.020.xxx   hihi
2007_12_13_16:50:53.674   074.236.246.xxx   Look Songebob!
2007_12_13_16:50:57.003   071.122.031.xxx   jerm says hay
2007_12_13_16:51:00.669   024.063.117.xxx   And he isn't coming back for a long long time!
2007_12_13_16:51:34.236   080.229.136.xxx   Hello from Milton Keynes, England. Cool setup!
2007_12_13_16:51:59.777   071.122.031.xxx   hello jessy doo
2007_12_13_16:52:13.469   024.063.117.xxx   Eng-a-land you say?
2007_12_13_16:52:29.421   083.100.237.xxx   good nigh Y'all
2007_12_13_16:52:38.859   086.138.065.xxx   hello all from the UK, good night and happy christmas from across the big pond!
2007_12_13_16:52:39.335   024.063.117.xxx   My finger?
2007_12_13_16:52:39.546   074.236.246.xxx   W/B light boy!
2007_12_13_16:53:04.875   206.202.072.xxx   Merry Christmas, Bi-Kemba!!!
2007_12_13_16:53:08.238   086.041.099.xxx   hello from ireland
2007_12_13_16:53:09.258   080.229.136.xxx   Hi fellow /. ers
2007_12_13_16:53:24.587   074.236.246.xxx   spider pig spider pig does whatever the spider pig does
2007_12_13_16:53:39.981   080.229.136.xxx   greetings person in the pic
2007_12_13_16:53:57.047   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Disabling Light Controls so I can get high-res shot of Burrito Reindeer ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_13_16:54:18.039   074.236.246.xxx   :(
2007_12_13_16:54:31.266   070.135.072.xxx   Merry Christmas from Round Rock Texas
2007_12_13_16:54:34.886   086.138.065.xxx   Happy holidays from the UK and good night from across the pond
2007_12_13_16:54:53.642   071.122.031.xxx   bilbo like lights
2007_12_13_16:55:16.699   080.229.136.xxx   man, this kind of messaging can take off!
2007_12_13_16:55:17.010   086.138.065.xxx   this is so cool....best site ever!!!
2007_12_13_16:55:23.819   024.063.117.xxx   Too bad the controls are off for a few minutes
2007_12_13_16:55:44.093   024.161.020.xxx   sup yall EHOWA ro
2007_12_13_16:55:46.348   071.122.031.xxx   i luv to floss
2007_12_13_16:56:08.084   086.041.099.xxx   what no lights ????
2007_12_13_16:56:08.937   074.236.246.xxx   and now he's gone
2007_12_13_16:56:23.766   024.094.104.xxx   I like traffic lights, I like traffic lights, I like traffic lights but only wh
2007_12_13_16:56:24.629   024.063.117.xxx   I can see him in his window!
2007_12_13_16:56:27.511   024.161.020.xxx   boo
2007_12_13_16:56:31.093   066.082.009.xxx   got to LOVE the burrito reindeer! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_16:56:47.424   071.122.031.xxx   i like doing laundry nude
2007_12_13_16:57:04.646   086.138.065.xxx   i can see him in cam 1
2007_12_13_16:57:15.686   024.161.020.xxx   creamcheese is da bomb
2007_12_13_16:57:34.884   086.138.065.xxx   outside now
2007_12_13_16:57:41.675   080.229.136.xxx   yeah he's there in 1, no 2
2007_12_13_16:58:03.298   024.161.020.xxx   lbeh.org after you donate here
2007_12_13_16:58:09.080   086.041.099.xxx   is he coming back ?
2007_12_13_16:58:10.454   086.138.065.xxx   two people!!!!
2007_12_13_16:58:23.203   080.229.136.xxx   I love you Sarah x
2007_12_13_16:58:31.671   071.122.031.xxx   i like eating yellow snowCam!
2007_12_13_16:58:53.096   086.041.099.xxx   quick look busy here he comes
2007_12_13_16:58:56.049   080.229.136.xxx   Knock, Knock
2007_12_13_16:59:12.848   024.094.104.xxx   who's there?
2007_12_13_16:59:17.780   071.163.149.xxx   who's there?
2007_12_13_16:59:29.552   080.229.136.xxx   Doctor . .
2007_12_13_16:59:40.501   071.122.031.xxx   hay jess
2007_12_13_16:59:47.521   071.163.149.xxx   doctgr who?
2007_12_13_16:59:53.793   024.094.104.xxx   doctor who? (baker was the best)
2007_12_13_17:00:00.385   066.082.009.xxx   BURRITO REINDEER (11)
2007_12_13_17:00:05.752   080.229.136.xxx   LOL! 8-)
2007_12_13_17:00:09.577   086.138.065.xxx   doctor foster went to gloucester
2007_12_13_17:00:32.845   206.202.072.xxx   Lisa ALI!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
2007_12_13_17:00:35.938   066.082.009.xxx   ring of fire (12)
2007_12_13_17:00:36.285   080.229.136.xxx   ******************** (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_17:00:47.189   012.096.160.xxx   Whats up with the rear end of the deer?
2007_12_13_17:00:52.923   024.094.104.xxx   dr dr, give me the news, got a bad case of lovin' u
2007_12_13_17:01:08.741   066.082.009.xxx   FLAMES (13)
2007_12_13_17:01:11.789   071.168.208.xxx   that poor reindeer is farting fire
2007_12_13_17:01:21.535   080.229.136.xxx   doctor kept losing his patience (11)
2007_12_13_17:01:34.123   012.096.160.xxx   HA HA HA HA HA
2007_12_13_17:01:54.629   080.229.136.xxx   enable the controls already - i need to infalte (12)
2007_12_13_17:01:58.947   071.122.031.xxx   i need some meds man
2007_12_13_17:02:00.340   024.094.104.xxx   dr detroit
2007_12_13_17:02:14.171   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Done shooting pictures - Control of my House returned to the Internet! ***ALEK***
2007_12_13_17:02:21.812   080.229.136.xxx   non doctor (13)
2007_12_13_17:02:21.864   086.041.099.xxx   glad your back
2007_12_13_17:02:44.749   080.229.136.xxx   thank you sir (14)
2007_12_13_17:02:59.981   066.082.009.xxx   thanks for the photo Alek (14)
2007_12_13_17:03:27.319   012.096.160.xxx   Burning Deer FARTS!!!!!!!!
2007_12_13_17:03:37.076   086.138.065.xxx   I for one welcome our new inflateable masters
2007_12_13_17:04:01.276   086.041.099.xxx   is he ordering pizza ?
2007_12_13_17:04:03.732   080.229.136.xxx   yeah but can it run Linux (15)
2007_12_13_17:04:16.883   066.082.009.xxx   wife is on the way? (15)
2007_12_13_17:04:20.190   024.094.104.xxx   mmmmm... pizza
2007_12_13_17:04:32.763   206.202.072.xxx   Lisa Ali!  Merry Christmas!!!
2007_12_13_17:04:51.941   066.082.009.xxx   HELLO to Darth Vader (16)
2007_12_13_17:04:54.011   143.166.226.xxx   HEYYY KIDDS!! HAHEHAHAHAHAHA
2007_12_13_17:05:05.121   086.041.099.xxx   pizza and duff beer mmmmm sweet
2007_12_13_17:05:26.657   065.100.027.xxx   Alek, merry Christmas from Raton, NM!
2007_12_13_17:05:26.870   143.166.226.xxx   No beer and No TV make Homer go something something
2007_12_13_17:06:02.900   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Per the FAQ, Linux/Apache/Mod_Perl is used extensively ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_13_17:06:39.419   143.166.226.xxx   Sure lisa one Magic Animal!..
2007_12_13_17:06:51.553   080.229.136.xxx   there's a FAQ? going there now... (16)
2007_12_13_17:07:08.050   086.041.099.xxx   wheres my pizza ????
2007_12_13_17:07:18.573   206.202.072.xxx   Shelli Droe loves Simba!
2007_12_13_17:07:26.557   143.166.226.xxx   Gluten Free Pizza..
2007_12_13_17:08:05.261   086.041.099.xxx   not too close to the cam  you scared me then !
2007_12_13_17:08:10.769   206.202.072.xxx   It's all Fernando's fault!
2007_12_13_17:08:13.784   080.229.136.xxx   Hello Professor Falken (17)
2007_12_13_17:08:28.735   143.166.226.xxx   he moved the webcams!!
2007_12_13_17:08:33.866   216.143.120.xxx   Hello world
2007_12_13_17:08:40.773   206.202.072.xxx   Shelli we should be working
2007_12_13_17:09:14.960   143.166.226.xxx   WOW.. THAT'S OLD!!!
2007_12_13_17:09:23.659   080.229.136.xxx   yeah the heroes guy (18)
2007_12_13_17:09:37.826   206.202.072.xxx   but Lisa, this is for a good cause!
2007_12_13_17:09:38.333   076.212.147.xxx   you here Mr Shadow?
2007_12_13_17:09:42.757   066.026.246.xxx   way too much free time!!
2007_12_13_17:10:13.795   206.202.072.xxx   Fernando loves POSSUMS!
2007_12_13_17:10:19.083   143.166.226.xxx   Pabst Blue Ribbon. that's like 50 some years old...
2007_12_13_17:10:19.110   216.143.120.xxx   hey sailor
2007_12_13_17:10:30.112   080.229.136.xxx   I've not had so much fun for ages!! (19)
2007_12_13_17:10:30.198   071.007.137.xxx   ken loves shane
2007_12_13_17:10:47.943   068.103.073.xxx   dogman likes fish
2007_12_13_17:10:50.482   086.041.099.xxx   blue ribbon beer mmmmmmmm sweet (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_17:11:31.291   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thought you guys might like a PBR after a long day at work ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_13_17:11:34.975   066.026.246.xxx   this guy roxers my soxers
2007_12_13_17:11:35.404   143.166.226.xxx   can anyone remember the old song they had for Blue Ribbon?
2007_12_13_17:11:44.143   066.082.009.xxx   let there be burrito gas (17)
2007_12_13_17:12:03.932   071.168.208.xxx   hee hee... this is on the screen
2007_12_13_17:12:09.121   071.007.137.xxx   keesey u goin ta beeead
2007_12_13_17:12:35.035   143.166.226.xxx   HI there
2007_12_13_17:13:01.498   086.041.099.xxx   my christmas wish, pizza and beer mmmmmm sweet (11)
2007_12_13_17:13:03.368   143.166.226.xxx   hey Bud!!  hows it going?? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_17:13:16.913   066.026.246.xxx   SPANK HIM!!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_13_17:13:27.488   080.229.136.xxx   ahhh that's not nice (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_17:13:31.322   068.103.073.xxx   fishman
2007_12_13_17:13:34.488   143.166.226.xxx   he just stole Santa's Hat!! (11)
2007_12_13_17:13:38.133   072.231.227.xxx   Ha, Hulk Smash
2007_12_13_17:13:41.888   072.199.044.xxx   No presents for you
2007_12_13_17:13:58.164   068.103.073.xxx   fried fish
2007_12_13_17:14:39.266   070.149.106.xxx   Pabst Blue Ribbon and coors one in same
2007_12_13_17:14:46.872   086.041.099.xxx   drink, drink, drink (12)
2007_12_13_17:15:20.143   072.231.227.xxx   This is freaking awesome, great idea
2007_12_13_17:15:28.928   143.166.226.xxx   Go make the kid stand behind the Burrito Reindeer (12)
2007_12_13_17:15:48.200   070.149.106.xxx   now boons farm thats the stuf
2007_12_13_17:15:50.001   066.026.246.xxx   (______(___x.x)___
2007_12_13_17:16:08.032   143.166.226.xxx   gotta move the can over! (13)
2007_12_13_17:16:26.913   066.026.246.xxx   little to the right
2007_12_13_17:16:40.289   086.041.099.xxx   dont touch my beer grrrrrr (13)
2007_12_13_17:16:52.163   143.166.226.xxx   ok that works... (14)
2007_12_13_17:16:57.375   070.149.106.xxx   now boons farm thats the stuf
2007_12_13_17:17:48.302   066.026.246.xxx   dang ninjas
2007_12_13_17:18:02.154   070.149.106.xxx   is that skelator in the back ground
2007_12_13_17:18:20.053   080.064.072.xxx   hello
2007_12_13_17:18:38.246   066.026.246.xxx   hi
2007_12_13_17:18:41.261   206.202.072.xxx   fern rules
2007_12_13_17:18:58.338   080.064.072.xxx   sz___p est___t
2007_12_13_17:19:22.033   070.149.106.xxx   who moved the camera out front
2007_12_13_17:19:46.044   080.064.072.xxx   udv Budapest
2007_12_13_17:19:51.200   066.026.246.xxx   yo mama
2007_12_13_17:20:08.026   070.149.106.xxx   my mama
2007_12_13_17:20:18.290   066.026.246.xxx   yes
2007_12_13_17:20:34.656   070.149.106.xxx   your mama
2007_12_13_17:20:41.074   012.219.008.xxx   I love what youve done here, keep it up! Brandon, Iowa
2007_12_13_17:20:57.863   066.082.009.xxx   nice flame (18)
2007_12_13_17:21:04.460   070.149.106.xxx   his mama lol
2007_12_13_17:21:35.339   066.026.246.xxx   rofl (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_17:21:35.796   070.149.106.xxx   the mama
2007_12_13_17:21:38.087   086.041.099.xxx   goodnight from Ireland and thanks (14)
2007_12_13_17:21:38.523   012.219.008.xxx   hate to see the electric bill!
2007_12_13_17:21:43.005   080.064.072.xxx   sziasztok magyarok
2007_12_13_17:21:47.205   070.233.184.xxx   HO HO HO
2007_12_13_17:21:59.339   072.231.227.xxx   It's all Windmill energy bud
2007_12_13_17:22:03.996   076.212.147.xxx   lets drink his PBR while hes gone
2007_12_13_17:22:05.075   072.020.220.xxx   Hi kristy
2007_12_13_17:22:23.743   206.202.072.xxx   Hello Lisa and Shelli
2007_12_13_17:22:27.594   070.149.106.xxx   hes back (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_17:22:32.381   070.233.184.xxx   Electric GOd in Tonkawa Ok is keeping the power on
2007_12_13_17:22:37.785   066.026.246.xxx   su cara se ve como mi naga (11)
2007_12_13_17:22:45.549   012.219.008.xxx   how long did it take to set up?
2007_12_13_17:22:45.966   086.041.099.xxx   leave the beer alone !!!!!!! (15)
2007_12_13_17:23:01.610   137.201.242.xxx   amazing!!
2007_12_13_17:23:06.427   206.202.072.xxx   Hello Lisa and Shelli
2007_12_13_17:23:09.237   072.020.220.xxx   Fist is also a verb
2007_12_13_17:23:13.221   070.149.106.xxx   pass me my beer please (11)
2007_12_13_17:23:16.838   071.032.219.xxx   TEST _ JASON
2007_12_13_17:23:27.965   069.156.098.xxx   Hulk Smash!!!
2007_12_13_17:23:29.970   071.071.000.xxx   Hi To everyone at LINK DELETED!
2007_12_13_17:23:33.773   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Electric Bill is about three bucks/day - REALLY. Please see the FAQ ***ALEK***
2007_12_13_17:23:35.090   066.026.246.xxx   beer is bad mmmk (12)
2007_12_13_17:23:41.964   086.041.099.xxx   hello test jason lol (16)
2007_12_13_17:23:54.328   071.032.219.xxx   XEROONE.NET
2007_12_13_17:23:58.222   143.166.226.xxx   Molson Canadian!!  Canada has the best beer! :D (15)
2007_12_13_17:24:08.432   069.156.098.xxx   TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!
2007_12_13_17:24:09.628   075.075.141.xxx   pbr me
2007_12_13_17:24:25.792   069.149.123.xxx   yay alcohol
2007_12_13_17:24:38.562   086.041.099.xxx   Ireland has the best "Guinness" (17)
2007_12_13_17:24:40.233   071.071.000.xxx   Hi to everyone at skatelog!
2007_12_13_17:24:42.735   069.156.098.xxx   STEAM WHISTLE IS THE BEST!!!
2007_12_13_17:24:47.025   070.149.106.xxx   taste like moose p** (12)
2007_12_13_17:24:57.205   012.219.008.xxx   bud light is the best
2007_12_13_17:24:59.088   143.166.226.xxx   Quick! name all the beers out there!! (16)
2007_12_13_17:25:15.251   069.156.098.xxx   corona
2007_12_13_17:25:21.561   086.041.099.xxx   Guinness is good for you (18)
2007_12_13_17:25:23.978   069.149.123.xxx   Corona ftw
2007_12_13_17:25:31.097   143.166.226.xxx   Coors, Molson, (17)
2007_12_13_17:25:41.113   012.219.008.xxx   vatos locos forever holmes
2007_12_13_17:25:43.436   069.156.098.xxx   this is a great time waster
2007_12_13_17:25:45.411   070.149.106.xxx   ahhh there you go (13)
2007_12_13_17:25:51.808   086.041.099.xxx   Guinness (19)
2007_12_13_17:26:06.040   143.166.226.xxx   oh my!!  its' becoming a beer fest (18)
2007_12_13_17:26:15.432   069.149.123.xxx   DUFF BEER!
2007_12_13_17:26:26.569   070.149.106.xxx   see told you pabist and coors one in same (14)
2007_12_13_17:26:31.364   071.071.000.xxx   please donate to Celiac Research!!!
2007_12_13_17:26:34.468   012.219.008.xxx   sams club beer
2007_12_13_17:26:35.075   076.212.147.xxx   What, no Bud?
2007_12_13_17:26:40.253   086.041.099.xxx   beer, beer, we want more beer (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_17:26:56.830   066.082.009.xxx   Homer says beer (19)
2007_12_13_17:27:17.522   086.041.099.xxx   wheres the Guinness ? (21)
2007_12_13_17:27:23.662   071.071.000.xxx   Bethany says HI to all the skaters out there ___)
2007_12_13_17:28:24.656   012.219.008.xxx   hey baby, how u doin?
2007_12_13_17:28:28.218   086.041.099.xxx   mmmm beer and pizza sweet (22)
2007_12_13_17:28:42.326   071.071.000.xxx   doing GREAT!
2007_12_13_17:29:08.138   012.219.008.xxx   glad 2 hear it
2007_12_13_17:29:08.213   143.166.226.xxx   heh, he's going around the house looking for all the different Cans :P (19)
2007_12_13_17:29:15.382   070.149.106.xxx   i still want to know who moved camera out front (15)
2007_12_13_17:29:42.286   143.166.226.xxx   he moved it, it's remote (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_17:29:44.701   076.212.147.xxx   HI BETHANY.. SECTOR NINE RULES
2007_12_13_17:30:07.780   208.106.108.xxx   hahahahhaha
2007_12_13_17:30:09.464   070.149.106.xxx   area 51 is the best (16)
2007_12_13_17:30:12.139   067.086.133.xxx   alek moved it with his magic
2007_12_13_17:30:18.212   143.166.226.xxx   WE ARE THE BORG, PREPARE TO BE a* IMILATED! (21)
2007_12_13_17:30:33.633   071.071.000.xxx   HI:P  from Bethany
2007_12_13_17:30:44.990   143.166.226.xxx   RESISTANCE IS FUTILE! (22)
2007_12_13_17:31:05.815   070.149.106.xxx   give us you donkeys (17)
2007_12_13_17:31:11.889   072.185.227.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2007_12_13_17:31:17.328   086.041.099.xxx   goodnight from Ireland (23)
2007_12_13_17:31:45.467   208.117.082.xxx   test
2007_12_13_17:32:08.762   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** That was a really, really good test!!! ***ALEK***
2007_12_13_17:32:13.259   068.219.076.xxx   hello from GA
2007_12_13_17:32:14.803   070.149.106.xxx   hay turn the lights out (18)
2007_12_13_17:32:36.848   076.212.147.xxx   PASS OR FAIL?
2007_12_13_17:33:08.257   067.086.133.xxx   in the eyes of the borg you all fail
2007_12_13_17:33:16.806   071.071.000.xxx   fail? I dunno...
2007_12_13_17:33:59.405   071.071.000.xxx   do we ever REALLY know these things?
2007_12_13_17:34:10.729   070.149.106.xxx   i faileded (19)
2007_12_13_17:35:00.250   067.086.133.xxx   red alert! all hands to battle stations!
2007_12_13_17:35:12.128   070.149.106.xxx   or is it failed'ed (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_17:35:54.056   072.054.251.xxx   testing text
2007_12_13_17:35:57.676   067.086.133.xxx   maxiumum power to the engines scotty! i need every ounce shes got!
2007_12_13_17:36:19.127   075.065.244.xxx   I think she is dead Jim
2007_12_13_17:36:32.969   076.087.081.xxx   f**in b***  out
2007_12_13_17:36:34.875   076.212.147.xxx   WHERES PICKARD WHEN WE NEED HIM?
2007_12_13_17:37:00.557   067.086.133.xxx   I AM LOCUTIS OF BORG! YOU ARE BORG!
2007_12_13_17:37:06.105   070.188.162.xxx   hello and happy holidays! nice lights
2007_12_13_17:37:10.240   070.149.106.xxx   damit jim i cant guve ye anymore power (21)
2007_12_13_17:37:10.500   075.065.244.xxx   EHOWA
2007_12_13_17:37:24.949   208.106.108.xxx   die xmas scum
2007_12_13_17:37:55.140   071.074.109.xxx   Having fun?
2007_12_13_17:38:34.129   076.212.147.xxx   SHES ABOUT TO BLOW
2007_12_13_17:38:36.792   071.238.054.xxx   lotsa beer there!
2007_12_13_17:38:50.577   067.086.133.xxx   bearing 59.2 mark 3, warp factor 6. .... Engage!
2007_12_13_17:38:51.174   072.185.227.xxx   Merry Christmas, Mary Anne
2007_12_13_17:39:20.643   070.149.106.xxx   is the professor there to (22)
2007_12_13_17:39:50.927   070.149.106.xxx   hay little buddy (23)
2007_12_13_17:40:03.810   024.158.079.xxx   Hello Sam
2007_12_13_17:40:04.412   076.087.081.xxx   HELP!!!  I've got a candy cane stuck up my a* !!
2007_12_13_17:40:31.254   067.086.133.xxx   i will donate ___1 for every minute you guys can keep the lights off
2007_12_13_17:40:32.309   070.149.106.xxx   you have a candy cane in you nose?? (24)
2007_12_13_17:40:38.808   064.072.122.xxx   hello everyone!
2007_12_13_17:40:49.215   076.087.081.xxx   HULK MADDD!!  HULK SMASH!!
2007_12_13_17:40:50.042   076.212.147.xxx   THE DYLITHIUM CRYSTALS ARE MELTING (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_17:41:13.576   067.086.133.xxx   KHAAAAAN!!!!!
2007_12_13_17:41:54.789   075.181.085.xxx   26 Degrees in Colorado....Global Warming?
2007_12_13_17:42:00.136   076.087.081.xxx   HULK MADDD!!  HULK SMASH!!
2007_12_13_17:42:13.445   067.086.133.xxx   hulk on candid camera. hulk no like candid camera. HULK SMASH CANDID CAMERA!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_17:42:20.194   070.149.106.xxx   m'i'c'k'e'y m___o'u's'e (25)
2007_12_13_17:43:01.377   067.086.133.xxx   it would be embarising if alek was cought watching p***! (11)
2007_12_13_17:43:20.219   070.149.106.xxx   think ill have another beeer (26)
2007_12_13_17:44:08.574   082.017.089.xxx   me to
2007_12_13_17:44:11.696   172.188.104.xxx   tasty burger
2007_12_13_17:44:32.348   076.212.147.xxx   4...8...15...16...23...42 (11)
2007_12_13_17:44:50.045   082.041.026.xxx   hello
2007_12_13_17:45:45.604   076.212.147.xxx   4..8..15..16..23..42 (12)
2007_12_13_17:45:57.775   070.149.106.xxx   BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (27)
2007_12_13_17:46:38.463   070.149.106.xxx   xnay the bingonay (28)
2007_12_13_17:47:16.441   072.224.144.xxx   its sweaty!
2007_12_13_17:47:20.847   070.149.106.xxx   is that pig talk (29)
2007_12_13_17:47:31.438   076.212.147.xxx   No....Lost! (13)
2007_12_13_17:47:40.972   072.224.144.xxx   no thats my nick name
2007_12_13_17:48:10.658   072.224.144.xxx   this is soo cool!
2007_12_13_17:48:23.300   071.173.000.xxx   biddy boo and austin
2007_12_13_17:48:24.257   076.212.147.xxx   your nickname is Lost? (14)
2007_12_13_17:48:29.055   070.149.106.xxx   very KOOL (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_17:50:04.478   070.149.106.xxx   i want my mama (31)
2007_12_13_17:50:55.886   066.082.009.xxx   i want your mama to (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_17:50:59.665   072.224.144.xxx   who thinks this is AWSOME?
2007_12_13_17:51:38.357   070.149.106.xxx   survivor on in 10 min got to go (32)
2007_12_13_17:51:54.453   072.224.144.xxx   YA, UR RIGHT
2007_12_13_17:52:00.239   066.082.009.xxx   the burrito does (21)
2007_12_13_17:52:04.726   071.173.000.xxx   trin wants santa
2007_12_13_17:52:12.215   070.149.106.xxx   ill come back and tell you who (33)
2007_12_13_17:52:34.146   071.173.000.xxx   trinity and austin
2007_12_13_17:52:42.013   070.149.106.xxx   got voted off (34)
2007_12_13_17:53:38.821   071.173.000.xxx   santas bin a very bad boy
2007_12_13_17:53:51.549   066.215.118.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_13_17:54:10.880   071.173.000.xxx   austin and trish
2007_12_13_17:54:38.526   072.224.144.xxx   is there a way to contact the guy that did this?
2007_12_13_17:55:10.588   066.082.009.xxx   he will be back soon (22)
2007_12_13_17:55:53.602   065.031.092.xxx   OMFG THIS IS TEH s*
2007_12_13_17:56:07.471   071.173.000.xxx   santa is soooooooooooooo cool
2007_12_13_17:57:53.658   072.224.144.xxx   hey creator!
2007_12_13_17:58:30.095   065.091.049.xxx   Nice  but i wonder what your Electric bill is?
2007_12_13_17:59:04.629   070.124.109.xxx   you are the Bomb
2007_12_13_17:59:08.464   066.082.009.xxx   3.00 a day (23)
2007_12_13_17:59:31.525   071.193.101.xxx   i love cheese
2007_12_13_17:59:41.777   074.142.033.xxx   devin walker
2007_12_13_18:00:03.967   071.193.101.xxx   this is trippy
2007_12_13_18:00:14.452   065.091.049.xxx   Merry Xmas to all From Exterm Gang hope your watching from IRC
2007_12_13_18:00:46.460   074.142.033.xxx   sorry about the guys next door
2007_12_13_18:01:18.124   076.097.227.xxx   byte me
2007_12_13_18:01:29.031   065.091.049.xxx   From the PCLinuxos Chat irc room hello
2007_12_13_18:02:09.520   071.195.056.xxx   schwing alibaba
2007_12_13_18:02:29.459   086.153.193.xxx   My name is Tom :)
2007_12_13_18:02:55.706   071.195.056.xxx   Tom is g**
2007_12_13_18:03:19.384   192.240.080.xxx   wow this is entertaining
2007_12_13_18:03:38.114   074.166.136.xxx   Happy Holidays to Texstar and the ripper gang....Cindy
2007_12_13_18:04:32.248   192.198.151.xxx   Hi from Ireland
2007_12_13_18:05:17.748   071.111.009.xxx   cheese sure is wonderful....isn't it?
2007_12_13_18:06:05.880   192.198.151.xxx   Nollag shona
2007_12_13_18:06:26.554   071.111.009.xxx   Bob dylan needs to record an album of Beegee songs
2007_12_13_18:06:51.488   192.198.151.xxx   You look a bit bored...have you no bulbs to replace?
2007_12_13_18:07:10.980   074.236.246.xxx   hello from ky
2007_12_13_18:07:48.436   076.212.094.xxx   Wiggity
2007_12_13_18:07:53.104   074.236.246.xxx   this is so cool
2007_12_13_18:08:25.794   192.198.151.xxx   fridges are cool
2007_12_13_18:08:30.454   149.032.254.xxx   Hey where'd teh beer go?
2007_12_13_18:08:48.974   076.212.094.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2007_12_13_18:08:59.740   071.111.009.xxx   I think that michael bolton needs to record a duet album with chick norris
2007_12_13_18:09:00.366   099.236.116.xxx   Mmmm beer
2007_12_13_18:09:02.553   068.039.208.xxx   hellojoanne hill
2007_12_13_18:09:27.265   190.166.017.xxx   greetz to all @ pclos
2007_12_13_18:09:39.563   149.032.254.xxx   Joanne are you in Mobile, Al?
2007_12_13_18:09:52.624   076.105.023.xxx   EHOWA is the coolest
2007_12_13_18:09:58.720   192.198.151.xxx   where did he go?
2007_12_13_18:10:01.480   068.039.208.xxx   NO!
2007_12_13_18:10:22.643   149.032.254.xxx   Ok then your not my cousin
2007_12_13_18:10:27.498   071.111.009.xxx   wouldn't it be awsome if Eric Clapton sang with Prince?
2007_12_13_18:10:41.961   071.141.209.xxx   LOL
2007_12_13_18:11:10.245   192.198.151.xxx   wouldn't it be better if eric clapton didn't sing with prince..
2007_12_13_18:11:18.744   190.166.017.xxx   feliz navidad
2007_12_13_18:13:14.024   065.091.049.xxx   Come 1 come al to the #PCLinuxOs chatroom on freenode
2007_12_13_18:13:30.392   072.190.098.xxx   hi mom
2007_12_13_18:14:00.890   070.240.166.xxx   Merry Christmas to Cindy !!!
2007_12_13_18:14:03.683   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** If you guys can spare a vote, please see link in the Blog ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_13_18:14:30.532   065.091.049.xxx   Wiil do Alex thanks
2007_12_13_18:14:41.039   070.240.166.xxx   Merry Christmas to Cindy !!!
2007_12_13_18:15:18.323   192.198.151.xxx   can i have the can of miller please? I'm gasping!
2007_12_13_18:15:21.984   072.190.098.xxx   Cindy is here with me...
2007_12_13_18:15:38.705   070.240.166.xxx   That bad bad girl
2007_12_13_18:15:40.195   192.240.080.xxx   FRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT
2007_12_13_18:15:41.672   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** You are welcome to that MGD ... if you can reach it through your computer! ***ALEK***
2007_12_13_18:16:06.436   192.240.080.xxx   FRAT FRAT FRAT
2007_12_13_18:16:07.248   070.240.166.xxx   I want a beer too!
2007_12_13_18:16:22.249   192.198.151.xxx   ...or you could post it!
2007_12_13_18:16:35.698   192.240.080.xxx   FRAT FRAT FRAT
2007_12_13_18:16:40.687   065.091.049.xxx   Bet he's from millwaukee  drinking Pabst
2007_12_13_18:16:42.613   071.111.009.xxx   Springsteen should totally record with michael jackson!
2007_12_13_18:17:11.962   192.240.080.xxx   FRATSACK KE
2007_12_13_18:17:18.324   192.198.151.xxx   Springsteen is too old. Michael likes them young.
2007_12_13_18:17:54.649   097.097.196.xxx   hi ben and sunii
2007_12_13_18:18:12.070   012.106.089.xxx   better than my lights
2007_12_13_18:18:40.005   192.240.080.xxx   caveberg eat frosty!
2007_12_13_18:18:55.722   097.097.196.xxx   hi peoples
2007_12_13_18:19:41.025   075.073.083.xxx   santa's going to eat the missssssss
2007_12_13_18:20:08.897   070.240.166.xxx   Santa ate my cookie.
2007_12_13_18:20:25.545   192.240.080.xxx   i ate santa.
2007_12_13_18:21:10.040   070.240.166.xxx   I ran over baby kitty with vaccum cleaner!
2007_12_13_18:21:29.582   192.240.080.xxx   i threw your mom down the steps
2007_12_13_18:21:33.622   075.073.083.xxx   No Santa ate the cookies
2007_12_13_18:22:16.989   070.240.166.xxx   Who's the burglar dude in the webcam?
2007_12_13_18:22:28.890   065.091.049.xxx   Back later thanks for the Show Alek
2007_12_13_18:23:14.064   067.187.129.xxx   my son weston says cool site
2007_12_13_18:23:24.405   070.240.166.xxx   Thanks for the light show and Happy Holidays to all!
2007_12_13_18:25:12.473   061.213.247.xxx   hello and merry christmas from Saigo Junior HIgh Japan (1st grade)
2007_12_13_18:25:53.542   061.213.247.xxx   We are watching you from our classroom
2007_12_13_18:26:04.381   074.061.252.xxx   Hello merry christmas from visalia
2007_12_13_18:26:17.372   098.195.003.xxx   Eat a booger
2007_12_13_18:26:29.570   069.019.014.xxx   hello from Galena, Alaska
2007_12_13_18:26:30.920   074.061.252.xxx   Now
2007_12_13_18:27:00.408   061.213.247.xxx   akemas***e omedetou
2007_12_13_18:27:01.251   067.187.129.xxx   merry christmas from lodi ca  EHOWA
2007_12_13_18:27:08.475   074.061.252.xxx   Merry christmas from california
2007_12_13_18:27:40.136   012.106.089.xxx   HO HO HO MERRY CHRISTMAS from Western University
2007_12_13_18:27:51.205   067.187.129.xxx   carrie says,  hi
2007_12_13_18:27:54.221   061.213.247.xxx   ________________________________________________
2007_12_13_18:28:15.219   074.061.252.xxx   __________________________________________________________________________
2007_12_13_18:28:30.925   069.019.014.xxx   KIYU
2007_12_13_18:28:42.674   061.213.247.xxx   Merry Christmas from Ryo Saito
2007_12_13_18:29:14.928   074.061.252.xxx   Hello merry christmas from visalia
2007_12_13_18:29:47.225   069.208.145.xxx   Merry Christmas, Kailey!!!
2007_12_13_18:29:49.884   071.136.009.xxx   ho ho hos
2007_12_13_18:30:10.912   074.061.252.xxx   Christmas
2007_12_13_18:30:35.243   069.208.145.xxx   Merry Christmas, Kailey!!!
2007_12_13_18:30:51.160   071.038.244.xxx   508 viewers. WOW!!!!!!
2007_12_13_18:31:13.841   069.208.145.xxx   Merry Christmas, Kailey!!!
2007_12_13_18:31:38.777   076.021.108.xxx   RDefined Shoutbox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_13_18:31:41.886   069.208.145.xxx   Ho Ho Ho !!!
2007_12_13_18:31:51.816   074.061.252.xxx   hello alek how are you
2007_12_13_18:31:57.217   069.019.014.xxx   3 hours & 29 minutes left
2007_12_13_18:32:16.979   074.061.252.xxx   cool
2007_12_13_18:32:19.970   069.208.145.xxx   My Dixie Wrecked
2007_12_13_18:32:30.363   076.021.108.xxx   merry christmas R32 freaks and nuts
2007_12_13_18:32:44.260   074.061.252.xxx   Iam Sad
2007_12_13_18:32:56.196   069.208.145.xxx   Peace on Earth
2007_12_13_18:32:58.537   076.021.108.xxx   y r u sad?
2007_12_13_18:33:28.190   076.021.108.xxx   visualize whirled peas
2007_12_13_18:34:24.128   076.021.108.xxx   merry christmas Alek and family!
2007_12_13_18:34:38.246   071.225.115.xxx   hey kristi
2007_12_13_18:34:55.363   076.104.202.xxx   mike
2007_12_13_18:34:59.260   076.021.108.xxx   spoolin, I know you're lurking
2007_12_13_18:35:07.219   071.225.115.xxx   merry christmas kristi
2007_12_13_18:35:18.319   069.019.014.xxx   keep it up burrito reindeer
2007_12_13_18:36:25.443   076.021.108.xxx   whee
2007_12_13_18:36:56.526   076.021.108.xxx   thanks for the Crocs link,. Nebby!
2007_12_13_18:37:03.732   071.225.115.xxx   merry christmas aimee & kristi
2007_12_13_18:42:08.298   071.111.009.xxx   Neil Young and Neil Diamond should record together!!
2007_12_13_18:42:47.101   069.019.014.xxx   why?
2007_12_13_18:43:06.548   071.111.009.xxx   why not?
2007_12_13_18:44:38.386   069.019.014.xxx   i would not buy it
2007_12_13_18:45:35.752   071.111.009.xxx   the hit would be "caroline and the damage done"
2007_12_13_18:46:52.610   068.053.092.xxx   huh ?
2007_12_13_18:49:18.673   075.177.102.xxx   ello!
2007_12_13_18:49:37.770   069.019.014.xxx   why not Elmo & Homer
2007_12_13_18:51:58.636   071.111.009.xxx   Tom Petty should do an album of Irish folksongs
2007_12_13_18:56:46.914   071.055.156.xxx   Where is Santa now?
2007_12_13_18:57:44.964   069.019.014.xxx   he is north of us
2007_12_13_18:58:37.739   024.162.225.xxx   Go Hokies!
2007_12_13_18:58:39.212   190.030.211.xxx   britney!gimme more of coke
2007_12_13_18:59:01.773   071.111.009.xxx   If Sting retires, will his name change to Stung? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_18:59:38.186   190.030.211.xxx   in argentina is summer!
2007_12_13_19:00:36.878   075.022.084.xxx   Hi Roat from charley
2007_12_13_19:01:00.088   190.030.211.xxx   saludo para el marques!
2007_12_13_19:03:04.287   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Right now, Santa is in front of the garage ... deflated! ***ALEK***
2007_12_13_19:03:33.142   076.240.085.xxx   Merry Christmas Erik and Wishbone!
2007_12_13_19:04:41.516   068.052.066.xxx   Merry Christmas from Franklin Tennessee
2007_12_13_19:05:21.587   068.052.066.xxx   Merry Christmas from Alex Farmer
2007_12_13_19:06:00.563   082.017.089.xxx   scott
2007_12_13_19:06:04.230   069.138.033.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM BRENTWOOD tN
2007_12_13_19:06:16.987   071.225.204.xxx   hi
2007_12_13_19:06:41.391   069.138.033.xxx   WATS UP DO YOU LIVE IN FRANKLIN
2007_12_13_19:06:43.278   082.017.089.xxx   merrry christmas from the uk
2007_12_13_19:07:24.911   068.206.077.xxx   Full Auto, The Original Rock and Roll!!!
2007_12_13_19:07:57.699   069.138.033.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM BRENTWOOD TN
2007_12_13_19:08:08.422   074.067.118.xxx   what a pensive look
2007_12_13_19:08:44.637   068.206.077.xxx   Full Auto!!!
2007_12_13_19:08:53.087   024.059.024.xxx   hello Alek I'm back for the 57th time
2007_12_13_19:10:02.886   064.132.194.xxx   duct-tape loves the xmas___
2007_12_13_19:10:34.998   068.206.077.xxx   cdfcvnvjfkghhiie  My cat says hi!!!
2007_12_13_19:10:52.398   072.224.144.xxx   Everyone form Maine says hi
2007_12_13_19:10:56.497   068.211.202.xxx   the thing at the top says i been here 89 times
2007_12_13_19:11:41.188   068.211.202.xxx   a lot
2007_12_13_19:11:53.099   072.224.144.xxx   specheeeeee
2007_12_13_19:12:06.389   024.059.024.xxx   your lights rock I'd still like to do this at my parents house but knowing me I
2007_12_13_19:12:44.539   068.206.077.xxx   Wowsers!!!
2007_12_13_19:13:23.074   075.068.238.xxx   just finished an exam... 4 hours!
2007_12_13_19:13:41.866   068.206.077.xxx   Full auto rocks and rolls!!!
2007_12_13_19:13:49.334   078.150.244.xxx   Happy Xmas Alex and Family
2007_12_13_19:13:58.474   097.084.177.xxx   mike and sara where here
2007_12_13_19:14:13.352   068.206.077.xxx   Full Auto, The Original Rock and Roll!!!
2007_12_13_19:14:58.285   024.059.024.xxx   who is Full Auto?
2007_12_13_19:15:12.466   068.206.077.xxx   The force is strong, here.
2007_12_13_19:15:18.166   204.094.086.xxx   Hello all from Export Pennsylvania
2007_12_13_19:15:56.147   068.206.077.xxx   Full auto is the original rock and roll!!!
2007_12_13_19:16:06.813   068.059.160.xxx   Will you marry me?
2007_12_13_19:16:37.652   024.059.024.xxx   ok is it a band or what?
2007_12_13_19:16:43.971   068.059.160.xxx   i love you!
2007_12_13_19:17:07.860   068.206.077.xxx   M16, MP5, M2...
2007_12_13_19:17:11.304   068.237.086.xxx   BAH HUMBUG
2007_12_13_19:17:39.491   203.161.012.xxx   Neato
2007_12_13_19:18:22.025   071.173.000.xxx   i love you sammie
2007_12_13_19:18:56.354   070.018.068.xxx   Santa's havin a brew!
2007_12_13_19:19:38.001   071.173.000.xxx   miss you BUG!!!!
2007_12_13_19:20:07.029   071.173.000.xxx   farrrrrrrrrrrrrt
2007_12_13_19:20:10.020   068.206.077.xxx   Full auto is the original rock and roll!!! Dump the magazine!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_19:20:34.979   068.059.160.xxx   Bug here... where are you baby?
2007_12_13_19:20:38.455   068.206.077.xxx   Full auto rocks and rolls!!! (11)
2007_12_13_19:20:42.861   071.173.000.xxx   hi samie (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_19:21:04.321   078.150.244.xxx   its 2.20 am here in the UK
2007_12_13_19:21:21.297   068.059.160.xxx   go to bed
2007_12_13_19:21:42.378   078.150.244.xxx   I cant keep seeing lihjts
2007_12_13_19:24:56.061   071.242.013.xxx   yay!!!
2007_12_13_19:24:59.751   099.249.148.xxx   merry easter everyone
2007_12_13_19:25:04.542   078.150.244.xxx   Such intelligance
2007_12_13_19:25:29.725   069.019.014.xxx   keep on cooking reindeer
2007_12_13_19:26:32.931   071.242.013.xxx   yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_13_19:27:39.123   069.114.035.xxx   testing
2007_12_13_19:27:57.685   068.047.215.xxx   jens a hoe
2007_12_13_19:28:06.631   069.233.131.xxx   D'oh
2007_12_13_19:28:09.501   069.076.014.xxx   asdf
2007_12_13_19:28:42.261   069.233.131.xxx   BMW is King
2007_12_13_19:29:19.630   069.019.014.xxx   2 hours & 31 minutes to go (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_19:29:29.608   069.233.131.xxx   Keep em on!
2007_12_13_19:31:12.542   206.075.105.xxx   hello
2007_12_13_19:31:29.185   069.233.131.xxx   Hi!
2007_12_13_19:32:10.328   069.019.014.xxx   meat or beat the burrito donation!!! (11)
2007_12_13_19:32:42.142   076.248.145.xxx   Nice Lites Yeah!!!
2007_12_13_19:32:42.525   067.034.026.xxx   The gods themselves contend in vain
2007_12_13_19:33:15.099   068.206.077.xxx   Full auto is the original rock and roll!!! Dump the magazine!!! (12)
2007_12_13_19:33:58.932   068.206.077.xxx   Full auto rocks and rolls!!! (13)
2007_12_13_19:34:55.480   068.206.077.xxx   M16 Rocks and Rolls!!! (14)
2007_12_13_19:35:01.357   069.019.014.xxx   lets see them donate to Alek (12)
2007_12_13_19:35:32.701   068.206.077.xxx   M16, MP5, M2... (15)
2007_12_13_19:36:48.941   068.059.160.xxx   Hi Honey! I love you!!!
2007_12_13_19:37:49.799   069.019.014.xxx   she loves me to! (13)
2007_12_13_19:38:25.426   068.206.077.xxx   Full auto is the original rock and roll!!! Dump the magazine!!! (16)
2007_12_13_19:40:13.647   068.206.077.xxx   We've only just begun to live (17)
2007_12_13_19:40:52.471   068.206.077.xxx   Full auto is the original rock and roll!!! Dump the magazine!!! (18)
2007_12_13_19:41:07.817   076.248.145.xxx   You need a nuc plant to keep this up!
2007_12_13_19:41:24.729   068.206.077.xxx   Full Auto!!! (19)
2007_12_13_19:42:16.836   068.206.077.xxx   Full auto is the original rock and roll!!! (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_19:43:19.764   067.011.222.xxx   hello from New Braunfels Texas!
2007_12_13_19:44:19.633   068.206.077.xxx   Full auto is the original rock and roll!!! (21)
2007_12_13_19:44:51.240   067.011.222.xxx   hello FROM CACEE!
2007_12_13_19:45:18.625   068.206.077.xxx   M16 Rocks and Rolls!!! (22)
2007_12_13_19:46:05.649   068.206.077.xxx   Free George Jung!!! (23)
2007_12_13_19:46:19.073   074.235.176.xxx   we get it already!full auto rocks! go to bed already!
2007_12_13_19:46:23.537   071.164.226.xxx   hi
2007_12_13_19:46:47.257   067.011.222.xxx   Hi back!
2007_12_13_19:46:47.551   068.206.077.xxx   Free George Jung!!! (24)
2007_12_13_19:47:02.433   071.051.237.xxx   Get over George Jung, Help the kids
2007_12_13_19:47:31.403   068.206.077.xxx   Thank you ffor your concern.  Peace!!! (25)
2007_12_13_19:47:39.048   151.201.032.xxx   hey whats up
2007_12_13_19:49:19.378   068.206.077.xxx   Drinking a Bud, and you? (26)
2007_12_13_19:49:42.251   072.081.061.xxx   Merry Christmas Everyone!
2007_12_13_19:50:03.833   068.206.077.xxx   Full auto is the original rock and roll!!! Dump the magazine!!! (27)
2007_12_13_19:50:28.695   072.081.061.xxx   Santa Claus Rocks!!!
2007_12_13_19:50:41.606   067.186.173.xxx   the lights rokk soooo much
2007_12_13_19:50:48.385   068.206.077.xxx   I feel the Force, and it does good, here!!! (28)
2007_12_13_19:51:01.872   024.141.020.xxx   Hello from Ontario Canada
2007_12_13_19:51:06.913   070.017.111.xxx   oh yeh look at those promotions going on!
2007_12_13_19:51:41.742   072.081.061.xxx   Hulk Hates SPAM!
2007_12_13_19:51:45.689   068.206.077.xxx   Howdy from south Texas, we had a white Christmas in ****!!! (29)
2007_12_13_19:52:06.065   075.030.160.xxx   cheers from Pahrump nevada
2007_12_13_19:52:11.364   070.017.111.xxx   yep brought to you by pabst and miller..
2007_12_13_19:52:22.559   068.206.077.xxx   In ****, that is! (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_19:52:37.028   024.113.152.xxx   Test from WA
2007_12_13_19:53:09.453   068.206.077.xxx   The year was two thousand and four, ****! (31)
2007_12_13_19:53:36.846   068.206.077.xxx   cdfcvnvjfkghhiie  My cat says hi!!! (32)
2007_12_13_19:53:47.148   068.248.150.xxx   new glarus wishes everybody a wonderful christmas
2007_12_13_19:53:49.362   024.141.020.xxx   Anybody from Oakville Ontario watching???
2007_12_13_19:53:50.067   075.030.160.xxx   BAA hAAAA
2007_12_13_19:54:13.929   071.051.237.xxx   gfg___pfdsg___pfl___pkp,dfs  my cat said he could kick your cats b***
2007_12_13_19:54:22.713   068.248.150.xxx   is that you joseph marley?
2007_12_13_19:54:30.219   068.206.077.xxx   George Jung Rocks!!! (33)
2007_12_13_19:54:46.531   067.173.229.xxx   hi all
2007_12_13_19:55:06.020   071.051.237.xxx   EVERYONE HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!
2007_12_13_19:55:18.678   075.068.103.xxx   I like pie
2007_12_13_19:55:19.747   068.206.077.xxx   My cat can lick anything!!! (34)
2007_12_13_19:55:30.944   203.000.236.xxx   LOVE YOU CHARMAINE
2007_12_13_19:55:34.236   068.248.150.xxx   i like thai
2007_12_13_19:55:43.422   067.173.229.xxx   America rules I love CHRISTmas
2007_12_13_19:55:43.899   024.113.152.xxx   hello from port angeles wa
2007_12_13_19:55:45.544   072.019.177.xxx   i love nicole barnes
2007_12_13_19:55:50.650   068.206.077.xxx   George Jung Rocks!!! (35)
2007_12_13_19:56:20.399   072.081.241.xxx   GO YANKEES!!!
2007_12_13_19:56:25.750   068.248.150.xxx   i smell pupies
2007_12_13_19:56:34.397   068.206.077.xxx   My cat says MEOW!!! (36)
2007_12_13_19:56:37.123   071.051.237.xxx   GEORGE JUNG s****
2007_12_13_19:56:57.619   068.248.150.xxx   ___puppies
2007_12_13_19:57:02.820   068.206.077.xxx   Blows! (37)
2007_12_13_19:57:14.639   072.019.177.xxx   i love nicole barnes from adam davis
2007_12_13_19:57:21.643   072.081.241.xxx   GO YANKEES!!!
2007_12_13_19:57:34.087   068.248.150.xxx   hulk says you bad!
2007_12_13_19:57:37.253   068.206.077.xxx   I love beer and pizza! (38)
2007_12_13_19:58:08.618   068.248.150.xxx   beer and pizza makes you fat
2007_12_13_19:58:37.498   068.206.077.xxx   It makes me happy!!!  And burp!!! (39)
2007_12_13_19:58:43.825   024.141.020.xxx   Big Trucker Mike says hello
2007_12_13_19:59:14.982   072.019.177.xxx   I LOVE ADAM DAVIS FROM NICOLE DAVIS
2007_12_13_19:59:17.030   068.248.150.xxx   big trucker lmao
2007_12_13_19:59:42.469   068.206.077.xxx   Full auto is the original rock and roll!!! Dump the magazine!!! (40 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_19:59:52.887   072.081.241.xxx   GO YANKEES!!!
2007_12_13_19:59:55.677   124.191.035.xxx   Hi Alex. Merry Xmas from Victoria Australia
2007_12_13_20:00:02.222   076.020.058.xxx   HELLO TO ALL
2007_12_13_20:00:27.216   072.231.227.xxx   Hello
2007_12_13_20:00:36.214   068.206.077.xxx   Thirty rounds, onee point seconds, rock and roll!!!! (41)
2007_12_13_20:01:22.272   024.141.020.xxx   Wayne says hello
2007_12_13_20:01:39.683   068.206.077.xxx   Hi from the "Here's Your Sign" Trailer Park! (42)
2007_12_13_20:02:05.178   072.231.227.xxx   Is it true Santa can't say Ho ho ho in Aussie anymore?
2007_12_13_20:02:19.560   068.206.077.xxx   My trailer park is bigger! (43)
2007_12_13_20:02:57.519   068.206.077.xxx   Mine's a double wide! (44)
2007_12_13_20:03:14.126   072.187.006.xxx   Hello everyone tampa florida in the house :)
2007_12_13_20:03:58.868   068.206.077.xxx   Happy Beer Year! (45)
2007_12_13_20:04:40.699   068.206.077.xxx   Hi from the Happy Snapper Trailer Park! (46)
2007_12_13_20:05:40.996   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Merry Christmas Australia and everyone else around the world! ***ALEK***
2007_12_13_20:05:57.563   072.231.227.xxx   wow, over 500 people watching
2007_12_13_20:05:59.270   068.206.077.xxx   Free George Jung!!! (47)
2007_12_13_20:06:22.784   067.071.093.xxx   Hi Tracy!
2007_12_13_20:06:31.039   068.206.077.xxx   George Jung Rocks!!! (48)
2007_12_13_20:06:48.725   071.205.091.xxx   Help me!
2007_12_13_20:07:11.476   124.191.035.xxx   Thank you Alek, hope you and your family have a good one :)
2007_12_13_20:07:18.159   067.162.223.xxx   Sup.
2007_12_13_20:07:44.067   068.206.077.xxx   Drinking a Bud, and you? (49)
2007_12_13_20:07:46.931   067.162.223.xxx   Whats shakin, Bacon?
2007_12_13_20:08:22.503   067.162.223.xxx   I say we keel the hulk.
2007_12_13_20:08:25.557   068.206.077.xxx   Como estan, todos? (50 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_20:08:30.581   072.231.227.xxx   man, I wish I could do this with my Christmas display
2007_12_13_20:09:02.150   068.206.077.xxx   I feel the Force, and it does good, here!!! (51)
2007_12_13_20:09:06.277   067.162.223.xxx   I think that guy is picking his nose.
2007_12_13_20:09:37.438   068.206.077.xxx   Offer him a brewsky (52)
2007_12_13_20:09:54.417   067.162.223.xxx   I think he needs one. Hardcore.
2007_12_13_20:10:06.939   072.231.227.xxx   Alek, is that Spongebob hanging up?
2007_12_13_20:10:16.450   068.206.077.xxx   or two (53)
2007_12_13_20:10:53.942   024.141.020.xxx   happy bday marilyn
2007_12_13_20:10:57.339   024.013.051.xxx   whats up
2007_12_13_20:11:33.461   070.171.234.xxx   go army!
2007_12_13_20:12:13.874   068.206.077.xxx   We salute our armed forces.  Thank you! (54)
2007_12_13_20:12:15.340   070.049.034.xxx   Hi DAD
2007_12_13_20:12:28.791   024.141.020.xxx   HAPPY BDAY MARILYN
2007_12_13_20:12:41.762   071.050.086.xxx   Santa's Workshop Cam!
2007_12_13_20:12:49.789   072.187.006.xxx   hi pags
2007_12_13_20:13:26.277   071.050.086.xxx   s* SEXSEXSEXs***
2007_12_13_20:13:46.640   071.050.086.xxx   SDFSDFSDAVSGDG
2007_12_13_20:13:50.175   070.171.234.xxx   hey yall
2007_12_13_20:13:57.418   068.206.077.xxx   Dude this is a family site, please! (55)
2007_12_13_20:13:58.159   069.251.087.xxx   whats up? This is awesome!
2007_12_13_20:14:29.200   068.206.077.xxx   Free George Jung!!! (56)
2007_12_13_20:14:30.522   074.248.067.xxx   alek is the man
2007_12_13_20:14:34.090   070.171.234.xxx   it is. hows everyone doin?
2007_12_13_20:14:44.127   076.068.128.xxx   shuk likes duke
2007_12_13_20:15:05.291   068.206.077.xxx   We be jamming! (57)
2007_12_13_20:15:13.243   074.248.067.xxx   free edwin
2007_12_13_20:15:35.737   071.050.086.xxx   WHAT YOUR DOING FOR CELIAC REASERCH IS REWALY GOOD
2007_12_13_20:15:41.849   068.206.077.xxx   Free Wilie! (58)
2007_12_13_20:15:45.514   074.248.067.xxx   why the beer cans today, alek?
2007_12_13_20:16:12.098   124.191.035.xxx   no ho ho its not banned, cookies and milk out for santa
2007_12_13_20:16:36.628   068.206.077.xxx   Beer is good, Santa likey! (59)
2007_12_13_20:16:40.963   072.218.195.xxx   CHeese?
2007_12_13_20:16:51.106   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Beer stacks better than Eggnog ... also figured some levity would be fun ***ALEK***
2007_12_13_20:16:52.014   071.050.086.xxx   YOU SAY THIS IS A FAMILY WEBSITE AND YOU HAVE BEER CANS
2007_12_13_20:17:13.542   068.206.077.xxx   Beer is good!!! (60 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_20:17:14.583   072.218.195.xxx   Oh get over it.  geeze
2007_12_13_20:17:14.726   074.248.067.xxx   wave to the camera, alek
2007_12_13_20:17:48.339   074.248.067.xxx   hey, he did it....cool!
2007_12_13_20:17:52.520   068.206.077.xxx   Way to wave Alek!!! (61)
2007_12_13_20:18:04.500   071.050.086.xxx   MAKE A FUNNY FACE,ALEC
2007_12_13_20:18:13.650   124.191.035.xxx   wave :D
2007_12_13_20:18:13.926   086.143.042.xxx   hi from the uk dude way cool
2007_12_13_20:18:17.189   075.065.244.xxx   ___waves to Alex___
2007_12_13_20:18:23.944   068.206.077.xxx   George Jung Rocks!!! (62)
2007_12_13_20:18:30.506   074.248.067.xxx   alek is the man
2007_12_13_20:19:05.338   071.050.086.xxx   MAKE A FUNNY FACE ALEK, PPPPLLLEEEAAa***E
2007_12_13_20:19:22.341   068.206.077.xxx   cdfcvnvjfkghhiie  My cat says hi!!! (63)
2007_12_13_20:19:31.263   075.065.244.xxx   You see?
2007_12_13_20:19:47.639   086.143.042.xxx   hi agent
2007_12_13_20:19:50.071   124.191.035.xxx   hey tampa florida, how you doing there ___kissy___
2007_12_13_20:19:55.104   068.206.077.xxx   See what? (64)
2007_12_13_20:20:03.776   024.141.020.xxx   FUTURE SHOP ROCKS
2007_12_13_20:20:15.727   074.248.067.xxx   aaaahhhhh!
2007_12_13_20:20:16.482   075.065.244.xxx   HULK!
2007_12_13_20:20:27.594   068.206.077.xxx   The Hulk is here! (65)
2007_12_13_20:20:47.264   024.141.020.xxx   FUTURE SHOP ROCKS AGAIN
2007_12_13_20:20:50.396   071.050.086.xxx   WOAH DUDE YOU SCARED ME!!
2007_12_13_20:20:54.290   074.248.067.xxx   aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!
2007_12_13_20:21:07.497   068.206.077.xxx   Sandy Paws is coming to town! (66)
2007_12_13_20:21:27.017   071.206.071.xxx   scam
2007_12_13_20:21:29.290   071.050.086.xxx   HULK!!!!!!
2007_12_13_20:21:55.802   075.065.244.xxx   Hello from shreveport Louisiana
2007_12_13_20:22:05.651   068.206.077.xxx   Free George Jung!!! (67)
2007_12_13_20:22:09.475   071.050.086.xxx   THIS IS A SPAM DO YOU WANT ME (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_20:22:09.739   064.252.022.xxx   From our family to yours, I wish you all the best now and every day! Many bless
2007_12_13_20:22:13.316   072.048.112.xxx   Hellz yeah
2007_12_13_20:22:19.292   074.248.067.xxx   btr, la
2007_12_13_20:22:30.205   072.187.006.xxx   i am great in tampa  how is the weather in the uk  tonight ?
2007_12_13_20:22:37.635   069.019.014.xxx   BURRITO REINDEER RULES!
2007_12_13_20:22:53.003   072.048.112.xxx   Anyone up for a dirty sanchez?
2007_12_13_20:22:59.844   072.130.030.xxx   purple monkey dishwasher
2007_12_13_20:23:30.322   071.095.180.xxx   hey how are things in groton...LOL
2007_12_13_20:23:39.845   072.048.112.xxx   WTF are there beer cans on the desk.
2007_12_13_20:23:50.940   075.065.244.xxx   I'd rather have a rusty trumbone :P
2007_12_13_20:23:51.297   072.130.030.xxx   how are things on the moon?
2007_12_13_20:24:13.772   072.187.006.xxx   alek allways puts varous idems there
2007_12_13_20:24:47.393   071.095.180.xxx   hey loucy...merry xmas!!!!!
2007_12_13_20:25:15.595   072.146.202.xxx   WORD!!!!!
2007_12_13_20:25:25.274   071.115.131.xxx   Hi
2007_12_13_20:25:33.715   069.019.014.xxx   ONE HOUR & 35 MINUTES TO GO
2007_12_13_20:25:42.672   072.048.112.xxx   Leave the d*** Christmas lights on!!!
2007_12_13_20:25:43.659   074.248.067.xxx   what up, dawg? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_20:25:47.840   072.146.202.xxx   WOOOOOT!!!!!
2007_12_13_20:26:16.874   072.048.112.xxx   DON'T TAZE ME BRO!
2007_12_13_20:26:23.729   072.146.202.xxx   HOLLLA PLAYA
2007_12_13_20:26:52.686   074.248.067.xxx   alek is back! (11)
2007_12_13_20:26:53.417   069.019.014.xxx   welcome back Alek
2007_12_13_20:27:00.456   072.146.202.xxx   HEY MAN I SEE YOU!!! BOOOOOOOO!!!!
2007_12_13_20:27:13.257   072.048.112.xxx   You all shouldhear yourselves, you sound like retards.
2007_12_13_20:27:38.585   072.146.202.xxx   DID WE ASK YOU b****OLE
2007_12_13_20:27:39.859   075.065.244.xxx   de de dee
2007_12_13_20:27:44.060   072.048.112.xxx   Nice gla**** bro.
2007_12_13_20:27:58.238   064.252.022.xxx   It's sad that some people that IM can't be mature and have to say nasty things
2007_12_13_20:28:00.272   086.143.042.xxx   wouldnt want your electric bill lol
2007_12_13_20:28:08.858   069.019.014.xxx   let see some donations tonight
2007_12_13_20:28:11.812   072.146.202.xxx   heck nah
2007_12_13_20:28:20.371   072.048.112.xxx   Oh snap!
2007_12_13_20:28:27.684   074.248.067.xxx   yeah, how much is your electric bill, alek? (12)
2007_12_13_20:28:43.975   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Drinking some hot chocolate with a dash of Snapps - nice! ***ALEK***
2007_12_13_20:28:58.930   072.048.112.xxx   Whay are thee beer cans on the desk
2007_12_13_20:28:59.335   086.143.042.xxx   or do you have a genny
2007_12_13_20:29:04.436   072.146.202.xxx   EGG NOG RULEZ!!
2007_12_13_20:29:37.801   071.095.180.xxx   i hope you raise alot of money for the research alex!!!!
2007_12_13_20:29:47.677   072.048.112.xxx   Why are there PBR cans on your desk? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_20:30:27.946   072.048.112.xxx   Pabst Blue Ribbon is a choice holiday drink! (11)
2007_12_13_20:30:31.838   074.248.067.xxx   alek, move the beer cans, dude..... (13)
2007_12_13_20:31:01.353   072.048.112.xxx   Alex, please wave at us! (12)
2007_12_13_20:31:03.346   024.141.020.xxx   CROWN ROYAL ALL THE WAY
2007_12_13_20:31:22.213   069.001.035.xxx   EHOWA
2007_12_13_20:31:35.886   024.141.020.xxx   BEER IS FOR WIMPS (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_20:31:49.050   072.048.112.xxx   Alek, wave hi for my little sister (13)
2007_12_13_20:32:43.433   071.188.052.xxx   Madison would like a pony please
2007_12_13_20:32:45.620   024.009.016.xxx   hi there nice to meet you
2007_12_13_20:32:45.789   064.252.022.xxx   Your boys are adorable. I just read about Celiac...I hope they find a cure
2007_12_13_20:33:06.132   072.048.112.xxx   Your Santa is broken. (14)
2007_12_13_20:33:07.501   069.019.014.xxx   time to go do the news again
2007_12_13_20:33:35.427   074.248.067.xxx   who's on the phone, alek? (14)
2007_12_13_20:33:42.362   072.048.112.xxx   Your Santa is about to fall over. (15)
2007_12_13_20:33:57.374   024.141.020.xxx   LISE IN GRAND VALLEY GET OFF THE PHONE (11)
2007_12_13_20:34:16.254   072.048.112.xxx   HANG UP!!!!!!! (16)
2007_12_13_20:34:55.751   024.141.020.xxx   WAKE UP OAKVILLE ONTARIO (12)
2007_12_13_20:35:55.578   072.048.112.xxx   Dirtz Sanchez anyone? (17)
2007_12_13_20:36:14.456   071.115.131.xxx   Hi from Mattawan, Michigan
2007_12_13_20:36:24.234   072.048.112.xxx   EHOWA! (18)
2007_12_13_20:36:38.426   069.001.035.xxx   ehowa!!!
2007_12_13_20:36:39.905   074.248.067.xxx   mattawan, michigan?  I been there (15)
2007_12_13_20:36:41.309   067.187.129.xxx   sure you are the reciever LOL
2007_12_13_20:37:21.558   069.001.035.xxx   EHOWA!!!
2007_12_13_20:37:25.452   068.206.077.xxx   Full auto is the original rock and roll!!! Dump the magazine!!! (68)
2007_12_13_20:37:48.285   074.248.067.xxx   alek, wave the dude's little sister (16)
2007_12_13_20:37:55.257   071.196.135.xxx   CTB I LOVE U
2007_12_13_20:37:58.884   067.187.129.xxx   can i get a beer?
2007_12_13_20:38:22.469   074.248.067.xxx   CTB, I love you more (17)
2007_12_13_20:38:32.605   076.120.175.xxx   Much clown luv muthafackos!
2007_12_13_20:39:00.831   067.187.129.xxx   wats up jugaloz! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_20:39:05.669   130.013.121.xxx   I Love  My Wife,Shaanon!
2007_12_13_20:39:07.657   086.143.042.xxx   your lights are great and good cause to happy christmas xxxx
2007_12_13_20:39:26.979   024.141.020.xxx   ICP BLOWS (13)
2007_12_13_20:39:45.979   067.187.129.xxx   wave if you are really reading all thses IMs (11)
2007_12_13_20:39:49.808   076.120.175.xxx   your mothers better though
2007_12_13_20:40:04.480   071.050.086.xxx   THIS IS A SPAM DO YOU WANT ME (11)
2007_12_13_20:40:09.868   071.217.133.xxx   Merry Christmas from Great Falls, Montana
2007_12_13_20:40:24.859   067.187.129.xxx   violent J smashes m&m fagz (12)
2007_12_13_20:40:30.991   074.248.067.xxx   i been to great falls, montana! (18)
2007_12_13_20:40:50.270   076.120.175.xxx   what ya drinkin on homes?
2007_12_13_20:40:59.499   024.141.020.xxx   I TOLD U ICP s**** (14)
2007_12_13_20:41:10.259   071.217.133.xxx   cool!  Montana is awesome...  where'd you visit?
2007_12_13_20:41:32.659   076.120.175.xxx   go away dont use this to flame people on. thats not what this is for loser
2007_12_13_20:41:46.643   130.013.121.xxx   I Love Shaanon
2007_12_13_20:41:50.395   071.050.086.xxx   WAVE TO THE CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (12)
2007_12_13_20:41:59.786   067.187.129.xxx   HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL! (13)
2007_12_13_20:42:03.359   068.206.077.xxx   Happy Beer Year! (69)
2007_12_13_20:42:17.816   071.217.133.xxx   Happy new year to you to!
2007_12_13_20:42:36.113   074.248.067.xxx   i love shaanon, too (19)
2007_12_13_20:42:38.551   209.169.024.xxx   Where's Bender?
2007_12_13_20:42:39.831   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Dang there are a lotta people tonight - maybe I should leaave it up for an extra hour ***ALEK***
2007_12_13_20:42:54.798   067.187.129.xxx   wow i just noticed your IP are flashed with message..hmm who can i hack?  lol (14)
2007_12_13_20:43:00.817   075.067.004.xxx   yeah baby
2007_12_13_20:43:10.486   071.050.086.xxx   DUDE WAVE TO THE f***IN CAMERA (13)
2007_12_13_20:43:17.787   076.120.175.xxx   :D yea this is a pretty cool setup you got going
2007_12_13_20:43:48.479   067.187.129.xxx   420 all day (15)
2007_12_13_20:44:03.559   075.067.004.xxx   snaf was here 07
2007_12_13_20:44:31.293   067.187.129.xxx   i booted snaf (16)
2007_12_13_20:44:51.135   075.067.004.xxx   lollerz
2007_12_13_20:44:54.504   130.013.121.xxx   World of Warcraft Pwns!
2007_12_13_20:45:10.903   067.187.129.xxx   pimp street (17)
2007_12_13_20:45:11.828   076.120.175.xxx   nooooo!
2007_12_13_20:45:13.021   076.022.234.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM NASHVILLE, TN
2007_12_13_20:45:47.219   130.013.121.xxx   SSLLAAAAAAAYYEEEEEEER!
2007_12_13_20:46:03.599   067.187.129.xxx   SLAYER (18)
2007_12_13_20:46:56.466   076.116.145.xxx   bah humbug
2007_12_13_20:48:00.374   076.022.234.xxx   ****220 to reach Santa!
2007_12_13_20:48:07.666   024.020.170.xxx   HI Mike...
2007_12_13_20:48:31.452   067.165.235.xxx   extrembigwheels
2007_12_13_20:49:09.193   067.165.235.xxx   www extremebigwheels dot comm
2007_12_13_20:49:51.462   024.020.170.xxx   Hi MIke...___waving___
2007_12_13_20:50:10.092   067.040.252.xxx   hello from portland oregon, the rose city
2007_12_13_20:50:17.867   024.141.020.xxx   WHO SAID HI MIKE (15)
2007_12_13_20:50:42.152   024.020.170.xxx   I said Hi MIke
2007_12_13_20:50:42.617   067.040.252.xxx   a friend in oregon
2007_12_13_20:51:15.908   067.165.235.xxx   www extremebigwheels dot com
2007_12_13_20:51:22.081   067.040.252.xxx   two s's?
2007_12_13_20:51:36.572   076.226.070.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS PUFF A ROOOO
2007_12_13_20:52:01.387   024.141.020.xxx   LISE RU OFF THE PHONE YET (16)
2007_12_13_20:52:07.539   067.165.235.xxx   www extremebigwheels dot com
2007_12_13_20:53:31.909   076.226.070.xxx   RYAN TO ME LOVE YOU TOME
2007_12_13_20:57:59.269   024.008.169.xxx   Julia is cool
2007_12_13_20:58:48.448   024.008.169.xxx   paul is a pest
2007_12_13_20:59:23.735   024.008.169.xxx   frank is fat julia es gordo
2007_12_13_20:59:39.410   024.141.020.xxx   MADTRUCKER DOT COM (17)
2007_12_13_21:00:02.206   024.008.169.xxx   marty loves chicks
2007_12_13_21:01:02.541   024.008.169.xxx   I ove you Daddy!
2007_12_13_21:01:15.669   024.152.186.xxx   EHOWA Rulz
2007_12_13_21:01:49.558   067.040.252.xxx   hi vanessa
2007_12_13_21:01:54.002   024.008.169.xxx   8-sfgrfcdxwszqwedxfrccedwsrt6d57
2007_12_13_21:02:09.985   069.019.014.xxx   1 hour left
2007_12_13_21:02:34.174   067.040.252.xxx   the office is on nbc onthe west coast
2007_12_13_21:03:16.433   067.040.252.xxx   www dot myspace dot com / mikethepostman
2007_12_13_21:03:22.508   132.038.190.xxx   i'm at work
2007_12_13_21:03:47.542   067.040.252.xxx   do you work in an office?
2007_12_13_21:03:51.003   132.038.190.xxx   i can't get this to work at home
2007_12_13_21:04:20.949   024.141.020.xxx   HO HO COUGH COUGH (18)
2007_12_13_21:04:31.972   067.040.252.xxx   mike in portland says, " im watching the office!"
2007_12_13_21:04:35.916   132.038.190.xxx   maybe it's a firefox thing
2007_12_13_21:05:07.387   067.040.252.xxx   mike in pdx says, " you need slingbox..."
2007_12_13_21:05:52.349   132.038.190.xxx   jack says...what is slingbox
2007_12_13_21:05:59.759   067.040.252.xxx   mike in pdx put lights on the house yesterday and is a procrastinator no more (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_21:06:07.603   076.178.028.xxx   what was the bright thing?
2007_12_13_21:06:23.633   069.019.014.xxx   HELLO FROM GALENA ALASKA
2007_12_13_21:07:08.333   067.040.252.xxx   pdx, or says hi to galena alaska (11)
2007_12_13_21:08:33.083   067.176.059.xxx   Hi Vaughnie!
2007_12_13_21:09:09.052   069.019.014.xxx   check out the burrito reindeer
2007_12_13_21:11:20.111   024.141.020.xxx   OAKVILLE ONTARIO CANADA SAYS HELLO TO ALASKA (19)
2007_12_13_21:11:47.612   024.141.020.xxx   ALASKA (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_21:12:10.963   069.019.014.xxx   good to see u
2007_12_13_21:13:41.530   069.019.014.xxx   did anyone see that party Alek had today (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_21:13:51.499   074.248.067.xxx   alek is the man@ (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_21:14:14.697   069.019.014.xxx   yes he is! (11)
2007_12_13_21:14:24.943   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hello Galena, Alaska - how is the weather up there? ***ALEK***
2007_12_13_21:14:47.094   069.019.014.xxx   HEAVY ICE FOG (12)
2007_12_13_21:14:47.976   076.223.056.xxx   done with another semester! 1/4 done with grad school!
2007_12_13_21:15:24.755   069.019.014.xxx   STILL WARM 15 ABOVE ZERO (13)
2007_12_13_21:16:24.830   069.019.014.xxx   no complaints here (14)
2007_12_13_21:16:31.324   024.141.020.xxx   LISE GRAND VALLEY GET OFF THE PHONE (21)
2007_12_13_21:16:42.167   070.226.008.xxx   what is the temp in colorado
2007_12_13_21:18:15.037   069.019.014.xxx   look to your right for temp (15)
2007_12_13_21:18:20.175   070.226.008.xxx   what is the Temp. in colorado?
2007_12_13_21:18:49.734   070.226.008.xxx   what is the Temp. in flrodia right now?
2007_12_13_21:19:56.037   024.008.169.xxx   28 C
2007_12_13_21:20:09.802   216.223.166.xxx   Nathan, Kelsi, and Karli
2007_12_13_21:20:14.493   066.169.191.xxx   Great lights
2007_12_13_21:20:24.136   070.226.008.xxx   it is 28 in flordia?
2007_12_13_21:20:37.807   216.223.166.xxx   Chanelle is a babe
2007_12_13_21:20:39.769   067.034.134.xxx   Cocoa Florida 69 degrees outside
2007_12_13_21:21:24.350   216.223.166.xxx   Nappanee IN 32
2007_12_13_21:21:28.787   069.019.014.xxx   40 minutes to go (16)
2007_12_13_21:21:37.107   070.226.008.xxx   it is only 32 degrees in ohio
2007_12_13_21:22:06.365   024.047.241.xxx   Hello Lau Lau!!!
2007_12_13_21:23:12.915   069.019.014.xxx   please donate tonight (17)
2007_12_13_21:23:13.724   069.114.024.xxx   Hey Boo Boo Kitty
2007_12_13_21:23:18.001   024.070.095.xxx   Roxk Roxk
2007_12_13_21:24:30.484   069.149.123.xxx   We're getting snow in TX this weekend :)
2007_12_13_21:25:03.286   071.217.133.xxx   Natacia says "hi" from great falls, montana
2007_12_13_21:25:05.384   069.019.014.xxx   send me a BIG Texas steak (18)
2007_12_13_21:25:07.772   069.149.123.xxx   500+ people WOW!
2007_12_13_21:25:17.285   070.177.011.xxx   EHOWA!
2007_12_13_21:25:49.714   067.034.134.xxx   As close as I'll get to a white Christmas this year, thanks!!
2007_12_13_21:26:51.948   024.047.241.xxx   Hello..Sexy Girlfriend!!!
2007_12_13_21:27:24.785   069.114.024.xxx   I like Pancakes!!!!!!!1
2007_12_13_21:27:28.979   069.137.185.xxx   Hi Kassi!  I love you!
2007_12_13_21:27:53.879   069.114.024.xxx   Send me pancakes!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_13_21:28:50.361   070.101.041.xxx   Ernie For President!!!!!!!
2007_12_13_21:29:00.401   024.047.241.xxx   go away pancakes
2007_12_13_21:29:31.472   070.226.008.xxx   o many people r on
2007_12_13_21:29:50.054   069.114.024.xxx   hi jil!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_13_21:29:59.204   024.047.241.xxx   Jillian I am going to eat your brain
2007_12_13_21:30:00.266   069.137.185.xxx   Hello from Tucson, AZ!  Merry Christmas
2007_12_13_21:30:32.026   069.114.024.xxx   jilllll is s* ayyyyy
2007_12_13_21:30:40.768   070.101.041.xxx   Rochester NY says hello and HO HO HO
2007_12_13_21:30:58.615   024.047.241.xxx   Jillian I am going to eat your brain!
2007_12_13_21:31:29.144   071.161.097.xxx   Alice, I SOOO Love You!
2007_12_13_21:31:54.247   071.145.197.xxx   ernies HOWA roCkS
2007_12_13_21:33:18.716   024.184.042.xxx   Laura Rocks!!!!
2007_12_13_21:33:24.210   074.185.233.xxx   pray for the troops - volunteering to defend our freedom & nation!
2007_12_13_21:33:42.144   071.145.197.xxx   can i meet Laura?
2007_12_13_21:33:46.612   079.073.239.xxx   This site is SO AWESOME! Nice one dude!
2007_12_13_21:33:52.989   066.075.130.xxx   I also voted for you-
2007_12_13_21:34:26.712   066.075.130.xxx   let us know if you win!!
2007_12_13_21:34:30.945   071.145.197.xxx   Bush is a Moron
2007_12_13_21:34:37.228   024.184.042.xxx   Porkchop Sandwiches!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_13_21:35:01.919   024.047.241.xxx   Jill.... look behind you...
2007_12_13_21:35:28.244   069.114.024.xxx   who farted?
2007_12_13_21:35:29.815   024.184.042.xxx   AHHHHHHHHHH
2007_12_13_21:36:03.654   024.184.042.xxx   this must be driving this guy's neighbors crazy
2007_12_13_21:36:33.103   069.114.024.xxx   I have to p**!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
2007_12_13_21:36:55.802   024.047.241.xxx   you always have to p**
2007_12_13_21:37:22.119   024.047.241.xxx   you fart in your sleep
2007_12_13_21:38:38.643   067.169.231.xxx   i'm smokin' some killer budz!!!!
2007_12_13_21:38:56.671   072.128.041.xxx   britney spears is a train wreck
2007_12_13_21:39:32.705   204.119.253.xxx   Go VT
2007_12_13_21:39:45.586   067.169.231.xxx   Santa is dead, news at 11
2007_12_13_21:40:28.817   204.119.253.xxx   Rudolph did it!!!!!
2007_12_13_21:42:02.134   067.169.231.xxx   rudolph indited in santa death, steroids the cause
2007_12_13_21:42:06.003   208.107.130.xxx   It wasn't me!
2007_12_13_21:43:19.549   067.169.231.xxx   rudolph escapes, last seen flying south
2007_12_13_21:44:21.916   208.107.130.xxx   go Rudolph go!
2007_12_13_21:44:26.750   067.169.231.xxx   Mrs claus having affair w/red nose slayer
2007_12_13_21:45:15.809   067.169.231.xxx   run rudolph run
2007_12_13_21:45:20.858   065.190.107.xxx   Lauren Ain't gettin' nuthin' for Christmas
2007_12_13_21:45:54.764   067.169.231.xxx   lauren is getting my "love"
2007_12_13_21:46:00.894   076.122.243.xxx   last seen in a white Bronco
2007_12_13_21:48:01.203   067.169.231.xxx   rudolph spotted in tiajuana donkey show
2007_12_13_21:48:40.306   204.119.253.xxx   Mrs Claus reportedly pregnant with red nose heir
2007_12_13_21:49:29.795   071.197.205.xxx   Merry HO HO from Julie!
2007_12_13_21:49:58.316   068.015.232.xxx   visit LINK DELETED!
2007_12_13_21:50:19.126   071.197.205.xxx   Aimee..look!
2007_12_13_21:50:27.910   068.015.232.xxx   visit policeposersDOTcom
2007_12_13_21:50:40.262   076.122.243.xxx   I like merry HOs
2007_12_13_21:50:41.093   071.084.116.xxx   Frijoles is the gratest
2007_12_13_21:50:43.382   069.019.014.xxx   10 minutes to go! (19)
2007_12_13_21:50:44.285   074.136.204.xxx   I'll visit your mom!
2007_12_13_21:50:51.930   071.197.205.xxx   Caitlin...LOOK!
2007_12_13_21:52:13.190   070.048.182.xxx   Gunner...Merry XMas
2007_12_13_21:52:25.044   067.191.097.xxx   Merry Christmas______
2007_12_13_21:52:33.934   076.122.243.xxx   I like merry HOs
2007_12_13_21:52:37.100   069.019.014.xxx   Alek THANKS FOR EVERYTHING (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_21:52:54.757   067.191.097.xxx   Greetings from Jacksonville
2007_12_13_21:54:46.520   069.019.014.xxx   go super burrito reindeer (21)
2007_12_13_21:56:16.749   067.087.097.xxx   lauren's hot
2007_12_13_21:56:21.875   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** We got a big crowd tonight - an extra hour? ***ALEK***
2007_12_13_21:57:31.772   076.122.243.xxx   That would be great thanks!
2007_12_13_21:59:48.341   069.019.014.xxx   well I better get some more burritos (22)
2007_12_13_22:00:35.790   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Not sure if Junk-in-the-Box does delivery?!?  ;-) ***ALEK***
2007_12_13_22:01:59.236   069.019.014.xxx   i'll call the North pole branch (23)
2007_12_13_22:02:02.324   074.136.204.xxx   Another hour??? SWEET!!!!!!
2007_12_13_22:02:58.724   069.019.014.xxx   maybe the Arctic express can deliver (24)
2007_12_13_22:04:13.809   076.106.036.xxx   hello
2007_12_13_22:04:30.670   128.251.088.xxx   Hello from Flower Mound, TX
2007_12_13_22:04:51.919   076.106.036.xxx   hello from Myersville, MD
2007_12_13_22:09:27.972   066.025.189.xxx   hello i sm simon
2007_12_13_22:09:58.172   069.019.014.xxx   feed the reindeer (25)
2007_12_13_22:12:18.576   070.149.186.xxx   lag
2007_12_13_22:13:00.479   066.025.189.xxx   good night sir ___
2007_12_13_22:13:21.891   069.019.014.xxx   good nite (26)
2007_12_13_22:16:12.705   069.019.014.xxx   anyone awake? (27)
2007_12_13_22:17:41.662   072.227.022.xxx   what does the grrrr!! button do?
2007_12_13_22:18:05.118   069.019.014.xxx   push it (28)
2007_12_13_22:18:18.177   076.122.243.xxx   it kills a puppy
2007_12_13_22:18:38.061   069.019.014.xxx   push it real good (29)
2007_12_13_22:18:49.376   024.021.252.xxx   Hi guys
2007_12_13_22:18:58.417   072.081.061.xxx   Merry Christmas Everyone!
2007_12_13_22:19:13.530   121.055.219.xxx   Happy Holidays
2007_12_13_22:19:38.970   024.021.252.xxx   call me 503-557-**** ...My name is Steve...Take care..!!
2007_12_13_22:20:13.848   121.055.219.xxx   Merry Christmas from Guam!!!
2007_12_13_22:20:35.022   076.122.243.xxx   Happy Festivus!
2007_12_13_22:21:01.993   072.081.061.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2007_12_13_22:21:37.227   076.002.101.xxx   Merry X-mas
2007_12_13_22:22:42.296   076.002.101.xxx   EHOWA Rules
2007_12_13_22:23:35.899   071.036.022.xxx   Little Jack Frost Here... REALLY!
2007_12_13_22:23:38.197   076.122.243.xxx   ****309
2007_12_13_22:23:54.433   070.123.166.xxx   Happy holidays!!
2007_12_13_22:24:09.550   071.036.022.xxx   Lookie!
2007_12_13_22:24:23.708   161.051.011.xxx   wow
2007_12_13_22:24:28.320   076.002.101.xxx   enter text here and hit return
2007_12_13_22:24:30.451   069.019.014.xxx   we are running low on burritos (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_22:24:55.437   076.002.101.xxx   BEER!
2007_12_13_22:25:03.750   071.036.022.xxx   I Love Lori! My Wife and Life!XO
2007_12_13_22:25:17.094   072.081.061.xxx   Jutdlime pivdluarit ukiortame pivdluaritlo!
2007_12_13_22:25:29.031   076.002.101.xxx   I love your wife too!
2007_12_13_22:25:38.761   069.159.067.xxx   howdy howdy howdy
2007_12_13_22:25:44.791   071.036.022.xxx   I Love You HoneY!
2007_12_13_22:26:04.320   069.019.014.xxx   and she loves me to (31)
2007_12_13_22:26:05.897   069.159.067.xxx   me too...
2007_12_13_22:26:09.986   072.081.061.xxx   Mele Kalikimaka!
2007_12_13_22:26:30.152   071.036.022.xxx   Get on the Bus! SHort StAAnder!
2007_12_13_22:27:11.972   072.081.061.xxx   Buone Feste Natalizie
2007_12_13_22:27:14.593   071.036.022.xxx   I feel More Like I do Now than when I first Got here!!!
2007_12_13_22:27:22.700   098.199.218.xxx   FAA s****
2007_12_13_22:28:00.119   098.199.218.xxx   NATCA NEEDS YOUR HELP
2007_12_13_22:28:04.666   072.081.061.xxx   Gledileg Jol
2007_12_13_22:28:17.533   071.036.022.xxx   High From Santa's Workshop Cam!
2007_12_13_22:28:33.831   098.199.218.xxx   KEEP EM FLYING
2007_12_13_22:28:54.585   071.036.022.xxx   Stay Home Save Money!'
2007_12_13_22:29:04.715   098.199.218.xxx   ZHU ATC
2007_12_13_22:29:21.600   072.081.061.xxx   Nollaig chridheil huibh (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_22:29:43.739   069.019.014.xxx   donate tonite (32)
2007_12_13_22:30:06.772   098.199.218.xxx   Support Your Air Traffic Controllers!!!
2007_12_13_22:30:07.373   072.146.202.xxx   WAVE AT US MAN!
2007_12_13_22:30:10.426   071.036.022.xxx   Bie Bye! From Idaho. We Be HIGH in da SWI!
2007_12_13_22:30:31.701   207.118.031.xxx   We're having a big Xmas party Saturday - expect lots of hits!
2007_12_13_22:30:51.198   069.019.014.xxx   he will wave for me! (33)
2007_12_13_22:31:23.215   072.146.202.xxx   he didn't even acknowledge me
2007_12_13_22:31:47.046   098.199.218.xxx   God Bless you and your Children
2007_12_13_22:31:54.194   069.019.014.xxx   donate like i did (34)
2007_12_13_22:31:58.035   072.146.202.xxx   looks like he is surfing GOOGLE (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_22:32:17.650   066.061.131.xxx   greetz from ohio!
2007_12_13_22:32:43.204   064.093.098.xxx   yo from Canada
2007_12_13_22:32:43.810   071.080.024.xxx   I am potty mouthing !!!!
2007_12_13_22:32:57.916   072.146.202.xxx   WTF___ (11)
2007_12_13_22:33:20.808   084.141.204.xxx   Hello from Germany!
2007_12_13_22:33:55.146   207.118.031.xxx   Schoenen gruss aus Amerika!
2007_12_13_22:34:11.334   084.141.204.xxx   THX!
2007_12_13_22:34:18.696   069.019.014.xxx   27 minutes to go! (35)
2007_12_13_22:34:32.799   207.118.031.xxx   Bitte ein Bit!
2007_12_13_22:34:53.478   071.080.024.xxx   EHOWA loves Alek's Lights !!
2007_12_13_22:35:10.674   067.162.060.xxx   All help is appreciated!  Thanks again
2007_12_13_22:36:58.102   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks for all the donations - and lights will go OFF at 11:00. ***ALEK***
2007_12_13_22:37:05.718   071.080.024.xxx   Turn on the lava lamp
2007_12_13_22:37:53.370   069.019.014.xxx   there you go (36)
2007_12_13_22:38:04.564   071.080.024.xxx   SO cool
2007_12_13_22:38:22.030   066.067.000.xxx   ur s* y
2007_12_13_22:38:27.580   067.162.060.xxx   My daughter has Celiac Disease and Diabetes, Thx, Alek
2007_12_13_22:38:48.809   072.146.202.xxx   i wonder if the lights going on and off ever bother him (12)
2007_12_13_22:38:56.677   066.067.000.xxx   alex ur hott
2007_12_13_22:39:20.017   071.080.024.xxx   It's a labor of love
2007_12_13_22:39:24.773   075.040.231.xxx   this is unbelievable. you are obviously a genius
2007_12_13_22:40:48.237   072.146.202.xxx   anyone watching spurs @ lackers? (13)
2007_12_13_22:41:33.230   069.019.014.xxx   no just watching moose & wolves (37)
2007_12_13_22:42:00.861   072.146.202.xxx   spurs 74, lakers 72 (14)
2007_12_13_22:42:10.787   066.067.000.xxx   its like freakin 12:41 am and im notin bed yet and i have to get up at6:30 this
2007_12_13_22:42:35.124   072.146.202.xxx   same time here (15)
2007_12_13_22:42:39.562   069.019.014.xxx   8:41 pm here still at work (38)
2007_12_13_22:43:02.991   075.040.231.xxx   I am staying up all night
2007_12_13_22:43:06.678   076.073.169.xxx   im off work tomorrow
2007_12_13_22:43:21.183   072.146.202.xxx   dang, im not off till the 24th (16)
2007_12_13_22:43:33.291   069.153.141.xxx   hello
2007_12_13_22:43:46.673   075.040.231.xxx   hulk says to wake the wife up with the green snake
2007_12_13_22:43:49.632   066.067.000.xxx   im in new york so it sux
2007_12_13_22:44:08.678   072.146.202.xxx   how cold is it in new yourk (17)
2007_12_13_22:44:23.667   066.067.000.xxx   umm idk hold on
2007_12_13_22:44:32.307   075.040.231.xxx   where is smurfette and her blue b***ies?
2007_12_13_22:44:41.579   067.162.060.xxx   Hello from Hawaii!
2007_12_13_22:45:34.981   066.067.000.xxx   37 degrees in rochester ny
2007_12_13_22:45:49.819   069.019.014.xxx   hey Hawaii (39)
2007_12_13_22:45:51.617   072.146.202.xxx   it was so warm in georgia, we could wear shorts and t-shirt (18)
2007_12_13_22:46:26.553   066.067.000.xxx   wow i wanna come out ther
2007_12_13_22:46:29.519   069.143.212.xxx   hilarious!
2007_12_13_22:46:44.741   075.040.231.xxx   anyone got any pot for sale?
2007_12_13_22:46:51.489   072.146.202.xxx   still feels like summer (19)
2007_12_13_22:46:53.322   066.067.000.xxx   lol
2007_12_13_22:47:21.321   072.146.202.xxx   yea  i have alot of kitchen pots, what kind you want (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_22:47:31.291   069.143.212.xxx   nighty night
2007_12_13_22:47:42.968   069.153.141.xxx   sleep tight
2007_12_13_22:47:44.923   075.040.231.xxx   saute' pan
2007_12_13_22:47:57.383   066.067.000.xxx   im tired but i dont wanna go to bed
2007_12_13_22:48:01.010   072.146.202.xxx   alright, how many lol (21)
2007_12_13_22:48:05.489   205.188.116.xxx   This may be the coolest thing EVER
2007_12_13_22:48:07.732   069.019.014.xxx   i've got a nice selection of toilets (40 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_22:48:19.101   069.153.141.xxx   sleep tight
2007_12_13_22:48:25.521   066.067.000.xxx   lol wtf (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_22:48:27.024   072.146.202.xxx   lol (22)
2007_12_13_22:48:58.239   075.040.231.xxx   I need to go drop the cosby's off at the pool, but don't want to leave
2007_12_13_22:49:11.053   066.067.000.xxx   wait do u live in georgia? (11)
2007_12_13_22:49:24.077   072.146.202.xxx   i do (23)
2007_12_13_22:49:42.957   066.067.000.xxx   thats hott (12)
2007_12_13_22:50:08.765   072.146.202.xxx   lol yep, always hott here till like mid january (24)
2007_12_13_22:50:10.035   069.019.014.xxx   10 minutes to go (41)
2007_12_13_22:50:46.376   072.146.202.xxx   9 (25)
2007_12_13_22:51:46.287   066.067.000.xxx   anyone have myspce? (13)
2007_12_13_22:52:01.814   075.040.231.xxx   yes
2007_12_13_22:52:12.841   069.019.014.xxx   Alex take a bow ! Shadow (42)
2007_12_13_22:52:30.082   066.067.000.xxx   yo add me peoples my link is LINK DELETED/csensr88 (14)
2007_12_13_22:52:47.880   076.007.120.xxx   Happy Hollerdays!
2007_12_13_22:54:07.659   066.067.000.xxx   myspace/csensr88 thats my link (15)
2007_12_13_22:54:31.621   024.209.015.xxx   Merry Christmas From Ohio!!  We really enjoy visiting nightly....
2007_12_13_22:54:33.379   069.019.014.xxx   Good night from Galena, Alaska (43)
2007_12_13_22:55:23.944   075.210.151.xxx   Hi Carol
2007_12_13_22:55:34.213   071.111.009.xxx   Neil Young and Neil Diamond should do a record together! (11)
2007_12_13_22:55:43.039   075.040.231.xxx   what was your myspace link?
2007_12_13_22:56:12.245   075.210.151.xxx   Hi Carol
2007_12_13_22:56:22.400   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Good night Galena and everyone else ... and take a bow yourself Shadow ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_13_22:56:52.739   069.019.014.xxx   YOU TOO (44)
2007_12_13_22:56:58.050   161.051.011.xxx   Merry Christmas to all from Kuwait
2007_12_13_22:58:19.895   075.210.151.xxx   Hello from San Francisco
2007_12_13_22:58:22.221   071.111.009.xxx   U2 should do an album of Irish folk songs (12)
2007_12_13_22:58:50.175   075.040.231.xxx   I have hariy toes (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_13_22:58:59.174   076.122.243.xxx   nite all, have a good one

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