611 christmas text messages on 2007/1214

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 13,020 times that day including 8,403 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1214

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2007_12_14_16:00:54.849   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Since it is cloudy, I turned things on early ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_14_16:00:56.670   083.071.003.xxx   you truley are a wonderful man. a credit to your family god bless
2007_12_14_16:01:03.221   065.011.137.xxx   Happy New Year
2007_12_14_16:01:39.110   216.087.067.xxx   Hey from Golden, CO
2007_12_14_16:01:50.761   072.009.008.xxx   Hello! =)
2007_12_14_16:02:14.715   083.071.003.xxx   i really appreicate your work!
2007_12_14_16:03:06.921   070.118.235.xxx   thanks for the fun!
2007_12_14_16:03:48.203   083.071.003.xxx   how long has this been active?
2007_12_14_16:04:15.486   069.132.062.xxx   hey
2007_12_14_16:04:39.604   216.087.067.xxx   Pretty Cool, i bet your neighbors do get mad
2007_12_14_16:04:40.052   012.010.136.xxx   Got any coal?
2007_12_14_16:04:45.666   081.031.112.xxx   hello from england
2007_12_14_16:04:58.408   098.020.226.xxx   merry christmas
2007_12_14_16:05:44.416   098.020.226.xxx   merry christmas
2007_12_14_16:06:59.925   086.131.127.xxx   Coolness!
2007_12_14_16:07:26.644   068.196.160.xxx   jungle bellls
2007_12_14_16:07:36.155   070.104.146.xxx   cool
2007_12_14_16:07:57.746   086.131.127.xxx   Can't wait till Night Time..! Merry xmas!!
2007_12_14_16:08:03.846   069.132.062.xxx   this is not working
2007_12_14_16:08:10.216   070.104.146.xxx   hello from Temecula, CA
2007_12_14_16:08:48.537   069.132.062.xxx   i press on and they wont come on!
2007_12_14_16:08:59.946   086.131.127.xxx   Scotland Says "Hello!"
2007_12_14_16:09:18.962   069.132.062.xxx   scotland is stupid
2007_12_14_16:09:52.055   086.131.127.xxx   We beg to differ, and, it's too bright for the lights.. you just can't see them.
2007_12_14_16:10:29.954   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** It's working - look closely ... plus sun goes down in 20 minutes ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_14_16:11:04.029   069.132.062.xxx   thank you for you help
2007_12_14_16:11:31.817   068.036.056.xxx   Hey Alek is it snowing there?
2007_12_14_16:11:51.488   066.032.003.xxx   hey thanks this is cool
2007_12_14_16:13:01.399   063.228.006.xxx   Hey Alek!!!
2007_12_14_16:14:48.048   063.228.006.xxx   Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
2007_12_14_16:15:47.525   097.097.210.xxx   merry xmas from FL
2007_12_14_16:16:26.945   063.228.006.xxx   Must be nice in Florida this time of year
2007_12_14_16:16:35.822   071.122.031.xxx   when does it get dark
2007_12_14_16:16:38.277   066.032.003.xxx   i Can i up this
2007_12_14_16:16:44.452   086.131.127.xxx   We beg to differ, and, it's too bright for the lights.. you just can't see them.
2007_12_14_16:17:37.825   071.122.031.xxx   i like to floss in the dark
2007_12_14_16:17:43.308   063.228.006.xxx   Hello from Minnesota!
2007_12_14_16:18:17.442   069.132.062.xxx   giant santa wont deflate!
2007_12_14_16:19:01.915   063.228.006.xxx   He is now.
2007_12_14_16:19:20.827   071.122.031.xxx   you have to blow on him
2007_12_14_16:19:24.125   069.132.062.xxx   never mind i got him to deflate
2007_12_14_16:20:16.085   086.131.127.xxx   I see lights.. Almost!!
2007_12_14_16:20:35.210   076.197.168.xxx   Ho Ho HO!
2007_12_14_16:20:55.531   071.122.031.xxx   is it dark yet
2007_12_14_16:21:16.867   097.097.210.xxx   this site is awsome
2007_12_14_16:21:28.400   066.032.003.xxx   how much did this all cost
2007_12_14_16:21:32.634   099.236.046.xxx   I love Christmas!
2007_12_14_16:21:40.746   071.122.031.xxx   its the light guru
2007_12_14_16:21:46.175   097.097.210.xxx   probaly alot of money
2007_12_14_16:21:58.741   066.032.003.xxx   too much money
2007_12_14_16:22:12.811   097.097.210.xxx   yea lol were do u live
2007_12_14_16:22:30.622   066.032.003.xxx   sc
2007_12_14_16:22:32.517   076.197.168.xxx   This is too cool
2007_12_14_16:22:37.266   071.122.031.xxx   i need lessons from the guru
2007_12_14_16:22:45.195   097.097.210.xxx   i live in florida
2007_12_14_16:23:07.816   076.197.168.xxx   ..and Santa is back
2007_12_14_16:23:07.893   066.032.003.xxx   i live in SC
2007_12_14_16:23:08.643   071.122.031.xxx   same here
2007_12_14_16:23:22.228   086.003.149.xxx   helllo
2007_12_14_16:23:28.587   097.097.210.xxx   sweet i live in citrus county
2007_12_14_16:23:52.769   071.122.031.xxx   st pete go rays
2007_12_14_16:24:09.445   097.097.210.xxx   lol sry i am a astros fan
2007_12_14_16:24:46.340   069.132.062.xxx   my neibor has lights synced to musi and he uses a company called animatedlighti
2007_12_14_16:24:54.936   071.122.031.xxx   we will win a game or two next year
2007_12_14_16:25:15.015   097.097.210.xxx   lol
2007_12_14_16:25:36.643   071.122.031.xxx   is it dark yet (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_14_16:25:44.571   097.097.210.xxx   hope evreyone has a merry xmas bye
2007_12_14_16:26:07.899   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Lights more visible now ... let me know when you can see Burrito Reindeer! ***ALEK***
2007_12_14_16:26:22.674   071.122.031.xxx   whats the white stuff on the ground (11)
2007_12_14_16:26:46.253   086.131.127.xxx   I believe it's grass...
2007_12_14_16:26:54.797   097.097.210.xxx   snow lol (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_14_16:26:55.413   070.104.146.xxx   ho ho ho from baccarat rd.
2007_12_14_16:27:14.916   097.097.210.xxx   lol grass lmfao (11)
2007_12_14_16:27:23.716   082.005.173.xxx   Chand Family Oxford UK
2007_12_14_16:27:27.340   071.122.031.xxx   far out man i like grass (12)
2007_12_14_16:27:46.369   097.097.210.xxx   lol what kind of grass lol (12)
2007_12_14_16:27:49.900   086.131.127.xxx   maybe his White Ballance is off.. Could be grass ___P
2007_12_14_16:27:53.525   076.197.168.xxx   Ho Ho Ho from Indiana
2007_12_14_16:28:05.381   071.122.031.xxx   is it dark yet (13)
2007_12_14_16:28:38.929   070.104.146.xxx   to think i could be working here in temecula
2007_12_14_16:28:46.088   071.122.031.xxx   hay somebody blew frosty (14)
2007_12_14_16:29:23.345   082.005.173.xxx   Happy Christmas Cain and Saul
2007_12_14_16:29:47.721   086.131.127.xxx   is it just me, or does Spongebob not deflate?
2007_12_14_16:30:05.357   071.122.031.xxx   sombody farted (15)
2007_12_14_16:30:37.356   066.082.009.xxx   Hello from Galena, Alaska
2007_12_14_16:30:46.739   086.131.127.xxx   Gasp! i almost see the tree! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_14_16:31:01.193   071.122.031.xxx   smells like snow gas (16)
2007_12_14_16:31:43.959   071.122.031.xxx   homer farted (17)
2007_12_14_16:32:33.319   071.122.031.xxx   i like yellow snow (18)
2007_12_14_16:32:52.430   086.131.127.xxx   I hope your kids get better somehow... Merry Xmas! (11)
2007_12_14_16:32:57.262   069.132.062.xxx   oo that's nasty
2007_12_14_16:33:22.483   078.145.041.xxx   merry christmas
2007_12_14_16:33:27.133   069.132.062.xxx   no potty language (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_14_16:34:22.300   078.145.041.xxx   Ho Ho Ho
2007_12_14_16:34:36.045   071.122.031.xxx   i like to floss and do laundry eating a big mac (19)
2007_12_14_16:36:17.918   076.197.168.xxx   Hi Mandi
2007_12_14_16:36:33.019   172.200.138.xxx   Omg
2007_12_14_16:36:41.959   071.122.031.xxx   santa likes limberger cheese (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_14_16:36:44.795   078.145.041.xxx   Merry Christmas from Ballymoney
2007_12_14_16:36:55.153   071.238.054.xxx   Is that a rainbow in the backfound on webcam 1
2007_12_14_16:37:31.417   172.200.138.xxx   Dude, This Is Awesome, Woooooooooo P.s Santa Rules
2007_12_14_16:37:36.316   099.243.128.xxx   Very cool automation
2007_12_14_16:37:58.739   071.122.031.xxx   hey were is the light guruWorkshop Cam! (21)
2007_12_14_16:38:33.023   072.231.227.xxx   Nah, that's not a rainbow
2007_12_14_16:38:36.264   172.200.138.xxx   HULK SMASH!
2007_12_14_16:38:52.131   071.122.031.xxx   guru is out sideCam! (22)
2007_12_14_16:39:18.445   172.200.138.xxx   8=========)
2007_12_14_16:39:28.924   072.231.227.xxx   yay! Alek!
2007_12_14_16:39:32.884   071.122.031.xxx   get back to work he is back (23)
2007_12_14_16:39:59.388   068.187.045.xxx   santa is that you
2007_12_14_16:39:59.569   024.062.111.xxx   Linda is a nerd
2007_12_14_16:40:05.784   172.200.138.xxx   HO, HO AND HO
2007_12_14_16:40:37.397   071.122.031.xxx   dont let the guru catch us while were on lighy duty (24)
2007_12_14_16:40:44.270   072.231.227.xxx   you mean Ha ha ha
2007_12_14_16:40:47.140   068.187.045.xxx   hay
2007_12_14_16:41:08.744   172.200.138.xxx   ITD 23:40 OVER HERE IN THE UK
2007_12_14_16:41:11.944   072.231.227.xxx   "Ho ho ho" scares the kiddies
2007_12_14_16:41:25.238   071.122.031.xxx   this is light stuff (25)
2007_12_14_16:42:02.868   068.187.045.xxx   hay is santa thar
2007_12_14_16:42:08.712   071.122.031.xxx   when does the guru eat im hungry (26)
2007_12_14_16:42:47.302   071.122.031.xxx   does the guru cook (27)
2007_12_14_16:42:54.588   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Burrito Reindeer is zones #1 and #8 ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_14_16:43:45.555   071.122.031.xxx   maybe yhe guru will get us elves some pizza (28)
2007_12_14_16:43:53.532   172.200.138.xxx   IS THIS BILL GATES HOUSE?? :)
2007_12_14_16:44:27.137   071.122.031.xxx   im talking food here (29)
2007_12_14_16:45:20.427   172.200.138.xxx   I WANT TO CONTROL HULK = (
2007_12_14_16:45:21.982   071.122.031.xxx   alright the guru is getting us something to eat (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_14_16:45:23.711   067.167.185.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_14_16:46:00.673   172.200.138.xxx   And A Happy New Year
2007_12_14_16:46:03.342   172.142.065.xxx   hellllllllllllllllllooooo
2007_12_14_16:46:10.721   071.122.031.xxx   mountian oysters sound good (31)
2007_12_14_16:46:48.043   172.200.138.xxx   Wheres MC Hammer? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_14_16:46:52.486   212.056.102.xxx   Santa's going to be busy
2007_12_14_16:47:00.182   071.122.031.xxx   smooked mullet sounds even better (32)
2007_12_14_16:47:20.535   069.132.062.xxx   hey merry christmas (11)
2007_12_14_16:47:56.029   071.122.031.xxx   hay guru we elves are hungry so feed us (33)
2007_12_14_16:48:37.335   071.122.031.xxx   did we lose the light uru (34)
2007_12_14_16:48:37.653   098.200.133.xxx   Hey Elmer or is that Elmie...no Elmo....there it is!
2007_12_14_16:48:48.243   172.142.065.xxx   Is it snowing there santa?
2007_12_14_16:49:00.663   063.119.140.xxx   adsf
2007_12_14_16:49:13.505   071.122.031.xxx   santa quit (35)
2007_12_14_16:49:40.300   172.200.138.xxx   This is F-ing great! (11)
2007_12_14_16:49:46.867   076.197.168.xxx   This is nuts, I can't beleive how many people are on here
2007_12_14_16:49:54.487   078.145.041.xxx   Jingle Bells
2007_12_14_16:50:14.392   172.200.138.xxx   Batman smells (12)
2007_12_14_16:50:20.642   076.197.168.xxx   HOLY MOLEY!
2007_12_14_16:50:26.079   204.153.016.xxx   Hi From a* urant
2007_12_14_16:50:30.974   071.122.031.xxx   hey this is a great place to be keeps us elves off bad site (36)
2007_12_14_16:51:48.117   071.122.031.xxx   everyone back to wrk befor the guru finds us playing (37)
2007_12_14_16:51:52.287   172.200.138.xxx   Santa is dead (13)
2007_12_14_16:52:52.741   071.122.031.xxx   santa is nothing but a glorified pack mule (38)
2007_12_14_16:53:02.180   072.231.227.xxx   Nate, you s***
2007_12_14_16:53:49.342   172.200.138.xxx   Did you know, it was coca cola that turned santas suit red? It was White (14)
2007_12_14_16:54:05.158   071.017.064.xxx   Nidia is ugly
2007_12_14_16:54:37.770   072.231.227.xxx   Nidia is quite the Female Nate :'(
2007_12_14_16:54:52.664   071.122.031.xxx   santa does steroids and like yellow snow (39)
2007_12_14_16:55:00.842   098.200.133.xxx   Don
2007_12_14_16:55:25.219   071.122.031.xxx   jerm is the man (40 IM's so far today)
2007_12_14_16:55:30.915   098.200.133.xxx   don't be ugly since Santa is watcccccccching
2007_12_14_16:55:31.350   172.200.138.xxx   Eric, hope your watching this (15)
2007_12_14_16:55:46.286   071.017.064.xxx   christmas lights waste energy!
2007_12_14_16:56:13.704   071.122.031.xxx   so does santa (41)
2007_12_14_16:56:36.187   172.200.138.xxx   No, he just wastes mince pies (16)
2007_12_14_16:56:41.488   098.200.133.xxx   Christmas lites bring GOOOD cheer
2007_12_14_16:56:44.021   072.205.231.xxx   where is santa
2007_12_14_16:57:05.226   071.122.031.xxx   he likes fury animals (42)
2007_12_14_16:57:31.872   172.200.138.xxx   Eric, I hate you dude, Seasons F______king greetings (17)
2007_12_14_16:57:46.954   066.169.150.xxx   lol the reindeer is farting
2007_12_14_16:57:53.010   072.205.231.xxx   keep it clean
2007_12_14_16:58:23.429   172.200.138.xxx   Sorry, (18)
2007_12_14_16:58:31.402   070.104.146.xxx   Hey sims position, i had to reboot
2007_12_14_16:58:56.894   071.122.031.xxx   ya us elves work to hard for our pay ! (43)
2007_12_14_16:59:19.448   098.200.133.xxx   reindeer is HUNGRY
2007_12_14_16:59:23.297   172.200.138.xxx   d***, Elves! I hate them! (19)
2007_12_14_17:00:24.084   070.104.146.xxx   yo ho ho to wilson creek we will go!
2007_12_14_17:00:41.496   172.200.138.xxx   STFU Eric! (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_14_17:00:44.563   071.122.031.xxx   thats better than what you eat (44)
2007_12_14_17:00:52.925   207.200.116.xxx   merry christmas
2007_12_14_17:00:56.753   068.159.071.xxx   Dana is Rotten!
2007_12_14_17:01:15.808   072.148.032.xxx   woot
2007_12_14_17:01:20.371   172.200.138.xxx   Hoe Hoe Hoe (21)
2007_12_14_17:01:26.590   068.159.071.xxx   Dan is NOT rotten
2007_12_14_17:01:28.614   071.122.031.xxx   i luv emily also but more than you (45)
2007_12_14_17:01:34.453   070.104.146.xxx   Lisa perfected the sims position
2007_12_14_17:01:38.935   072.205.231.xxx   i have been naughty santa, will you spank me?
2007_12_14_17:01:40.289   071.111.009.xxx   Rod Stewart and Donovon should record an album!
2007_12_14_17:02:07.165   172.200.138.xxx   Rod Stewart? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (22)
2007_12_14_17:02:09.907   071.122.031.xxx   rod blows frosty (46)
2007_12_14_17:02:22.371   096.229.249.xxx   eric loves web
2007_12_14_17:02:33.350   072.205.231.xxx   i need a spanking, i have been naughty
2007_12_14_17:02:46.066   070.104.146.xxx   lovett- webb
2007_12_14_17:03:09.514   172.200.138.xxx   Love is better than wine (23)
2007_12_14_17:04:02.916   071.122.031.xxx   milton luvs emily more! (47)
2007_12_14_17:04:09.863   172.200.138.xxx   Eric, Shut up you Hobo Bashing h*** (24)
2007_12_14_17:04:26.665   071.111.009.xxx   Bob Dylan and Cher should do an album together!
2007_12_14_17:04:43.385   172.200.138.xxx   Eric = Noob (25)
2007_12_14_17:05:04.370   071.122.031.xxx   bob d. is dead its just a clone (48)
2007_12_14_17:05:30.684   172.200.138.xxx   Bob D is not dead, he just went home (26)
2007_12_14_17:05:42.727   071.122.031.xxx   and cher is in rehab (49)
2007_12_14_17:05:57.026   076.197.168.xxx   Ho Ho Ho from Dave in Indiana
2007_12_14_17:06:02.123   172.200.138.xxx   Chers like 200 years old (27)
2007_12_14_17:06:16.635   087.166.159.xxx   Emily loves ericness
2007_12_14_17:06:23.326   071.122.031.xxx   dave go home (50 IM's so far today)
2007_12_14_17:06:34.983   172.200.138.xxx   Ericness = g**ness? (28)
2007_12_14_17:06:55.711   087.166.159.xxx   YOU GO HOME!!
2007_12_14_17:07:06.098   172.200.138.xxx   Sorry, Eric = Noobness (29)
2007_12_14_17:07:21.033   071.111.009.xxx   Elvis Presley isn't dead!!
2007_12_14_17:07:40.246   071.122.031.xxx   dave? daves not here (51)
2007_12_14_17:07:40.899   087.166.159.xxx   NOOO HE DOESNT he'll kick your a* ... and i will too
2007_12_14_17:07:54.295   172.200.138.xxx   San Fran, Wooooooo (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_14_17:08:57.135   087.166.159.xxx   eww.   MAKE IT SNOW WHERE I AM!!!!!!!
2007_12_14_17:09:08.387   172.200.138.xxx   Ducklings? (31)
2007_12_14_17:09:30.938   071.122.031.xxx   lets go boweling this getting old (52)
2007_12_14_17:10:02.686   087.166.159.xxx   umm i want hotcoco.... NOW!cake please
2007_12_14_17:10:19.381   071.122.031.xxx   the guru is back so get back to work everyone (53)
2007_12_14_17:10:25.509   172.200.138.xxx   He Bill gates, So show some respect (32)
2007_12_14_17:10:41.580   087.166.159.xxx   ahhh!!!! STOP THAT!!!
2007_12_14_17:10:53.731   071.122.031.xxx   he is the lighy guru (54)
2007_12_14_17:11:28.976   071.122.031.xxx   you mean lighy guru (55)
2007_12_14_17:11:38.995   172.200.138.xxx   Guru! Guru! Give us a wave, Give us a wave Guru! (33)
2007_12_14_17:12:05.144   071.122.031.xxx   sosh the guru farts (56)
2007_12_14_17:12:19.430   087.166.159.xxx   ERIC I LOVE YOU... LOVE FROM EMILY DUH
2007_12_14_17:12:23.899   172.200.138.xxx   :D (34)
2007_12_14_17:12:40.227   070.226.101.xxx   who farted?
2007_12_14_17:12:44.690   071.122.031.xxx   do you hear what i hear (57)
2007_12_14_17:12:59.690   172.200.138.xxx   No, I see what you see (35)
2007_12_14_17:13:01.299   070.226.101.xxx   who farted?
2007_12_14_17:13:27.312   087.166.159.xxx   ERIC I LOVE YOU
2007_12_14_17:13:54.925   172.200.138.xxx   Yuck, Gross! (36)
2007_12_14_17:14:00.953   071.122.031.xxx   listen everyone the guru may speak (58)
2007_12_14_17:14:55.726   087.166.159.xxx   YOOO THERES A DUDEE!!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_14_17:15:07.671   071.122.031.xxx   the guru says you of simple minds do not fret all is cold out (59)
2007_12_14_17:15:20.959   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** "Guru" doesn't have much to say - have fun, keep it family friendly! ***ALEK***
2007_12_14_17:15:52.031   208.081.042.xxx   merry xmas all
2007_12_14_17:15:53.799   066.082.009.xxx   Hello Alex
2007_12_14_17:16:14.744   071.111.009.xxx   Donald Rumsfeld should run for president!
2007_12_14_17:16:19.504   087.166.159.xxx   KEEP IT FRIENDY? DUDE IN THE BACK I CAN SEE YOU!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_14_17:16:24.636   071.122.031.xxx   the light guru is a hard worker show respect and listen (60 IM's so far today)
2007_12_14_17:16:26.038   070.178.098.xxx   My Grandkids think Alek is Santa!!
2007_12_14_17:16:30.577   066.082.009.xxx   looks like hes eating well
2007_12_14_17:16:36.715   172.200.138.xxx   Hahaha (37)
2007_12_14_17:17:13.456   066.082.009.xxx   Galena here
2007_12_14_17:17:16.203   071.122.031.xxx   i whant a light guru t shirt (61)
2007_12_14_17:17:26.757   087.166.159.xxx   gosh many lights..... i wish it would SNOW d***IITTTT (11)
2007_12_14_17:17:54.546   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Dude, we've had over a foot of snow in the last week ... where have you been! ***ALEK***
2007_12_14_17:18:04.988   071.122.031.xxx   does wal mart have light guru t shirts (62)
2007_12_14_17:18:12.215   172.200.138.xxx   Woop, Woop and Woot! (38)
2007_12_14_17:18:25.755   086.138.065.xxx   Merry christmas one and all
2007_12_14_17:18:54.967   071.122.031.xxx   light guru left lets party (63)
2007_12_14_17:19:06.499   172.200.138.xxx   Elton John Reigns Supreame! (39)
2007_12_14_17:19:34.686   071.122.031.xxx   elton john lip sinks (64)
2007_12_14_17:20:02.832   172.200.138.xxx   Liar! (40 IM's so far today)
2007_12_14_17:20:05.499   071.111.009.xxx   Elton John should record with Milly Vanilly!
2007_12_14_17:20:29.852   071.122.031.xxx   the light guru has more talent then elton (65)
2007_12_14_17:21:06.237   071.217.133.xxx   11 days till christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_14_17:21:23.935   172.200.138.xxx   Thats Sir Elton to you! (41)
2007_12_14_17:22:07.649   071.217.133.xxx   all i want is james spader under my tree...
2007_12_14_17:22:20.681   071.122.031.xxx   elton can only blow gas (66)
2007_12_14_17:23:04.514   071.122.031.xxx   elton is weak (67)
2007_12_14_17:24:01.042   071.122.031.xxx   elton cries at his own birthdays (68)
2007_12_14_17:24:11.400   087.166.159.xxx   OMGG THISSIS SOOO MUCH FUNN!! (12)
2007_12_14_17:24:15.319   070.104.146.xxx   tina lewis has a really big b***
2007_12_14_17:25:10.447   087.166.159.xxx   this is better than shoppingdanngg (13)
2007_12_14_17:25:28.279   172.200.138.xxx   Max Smells (42)
2007_12_14_17:25:59.625   070.104.146.xxx   Marley eats bunnies (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_14_17:26:34.786   072.190.109.xxx   Merry Chistmas
2007_12_14_17:27:07.727   096.229.249.xxx   the triplets will rule the world
2007_12_14_17:27:14.365   072.190.109.xxx   Spellcheck owns
2007_12_14_17:27:25.594   070.104.146.xxx   damien (11)
2007_12_14_17:27:57.569   071.122.031.xxx   guru (69)
2007_12_14_17:28:16.444   070.104.146.xxx   I have to go buy a sea scooter or something (12)
2007_12_14_17:28:47.462   071.122.031.xxx   anyone see the light guru (70 IM's so far today)
2007_12_14_17:29:34.200   071.122.031.xxx   he is back get back to work (71)
2007_12_14_17:29:36.113   087.166.159.xxx   id be watching from the window too (14)
2007_12_14_17:31:16.922   071.218.203.xxx   Many Presents goody goody!
2007_12_14_17:31:24.635   070.104.146.xxx   is that a hatchet i see in the workshop? (13)
2007_12_14_17:32:03.015   071.217.133.xxx   hi
2007_12_14_17:32:12.039   065.011.137.xxx   wak awak a wak a wak wak
2007_12_14_17:32:43.584   070.226.101.xxx   i have a even better christmas light display better then alek!!
2007_12_14_17:32:46.876   071.217.133.xxx   hey it's the aflac duck!  wak awak a waka wak wak
2007_12_14_17:33:12.280   068.094.020.xxx   thanks for bringing so much jot to ourkids...they love checking in on the site!
2007_12_14_17:33:20.558   071.217.133.xxx   send some money to me aflac duck
2007_12_14_17:33:21.467   070.226.101.xxx   i got a even better front yard then alek it is got every thing u can think of.
2007_12_14_17:33:26.403   065.011.137.xxx   crazy miami cuban here qak a wak
2007_12_14_17:33:28.383   075.039.035.xxx   HO HO HO
2007_12_14_17:33:44.835   070.226.101.xxx   i have a even better christmas light display better then alek!!
2007_12_14_17:34:19.027   071.217.133.xxx   so where's your website then so we can all play and turn things off and on
2007_12_14_17:34:23.609   087.166.159.xxx   but we cant control your lights (15)
2007_12_14_17:34:33.847   123.108.083.xxx   hello from Jim in Australia
2007_12_14_17:34:50.630   071.217.133.xxx   exactly so alek wins
2007_12_14_17:34:57.792   065.011.137.xxx   si abla spanish
2007_12_14_17:34:58.435   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Glad Aflac enjoys the display and congrats on your display 070 ***ALEK***
2007_12_14_17:35:08.265   075.039.035.xxx   Hello from Lady D in Detroit, MI
2007_12_14_17:35:42.261   065.011.137.xxx   Miami here
2007_12_14_17:35:56.454   071.217.133.xxx   hi detroit from montana
2007_12_14_17:36:26.366   071.217.133.xxx   hi miami
2007_12_14_17:36:38.560   205.240.039.xxx   Hey Everyone!
2007_12_14_17:36:53.214   075.039.035.xxx   LOL says Detroit...and best of luck to the kids!
2007_12_14_17:37:09.613   068.217.210.xxx   hello from albany georgia. send us some of that snow :)
2007_12_14_17:37:15.826   065.011.137.xxx   Hi ho Hi ho
2007_12_14_17:37:45.420   066.082.009.xxx   Go Burrito Reindeer Go!
2007_12_14_17:37:48.877   099.243.128.xxx   awesome
2007_12_14_17:40:35.159   087.166.159.xxx   man this better like be on tomorrow cos this is major fun (16)
2007_12_14_17:41:38.482   065.011.137.xxx   Totally
2007_12_14_17:42:06.389   065.011.137.xxx   like you know
2007_12_14_17:42:09.022   087.166.159.xxx   haha ok alek!!! man there you better have this tomorrow (17)
2007_12_14_17:43:05.381   065.011.137.xxx   tomorrow light be like on
2007_12_14_17:43:11.751   087.166.159.xxx   this is cool being able to do this when i live in germany (18)
2007_12_14_17:43:57.350   065.011.137.xxx   yes it is (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_14_17:44:30.660   081.153.208.xxx   moo
2007_12_14_17:44:35.855   065.011.137.xxx   is in not like 1 am there (11)
2007_12_14_17:45:02.657   065.011.137.xxx   in germany (12)
2007_12_14_17:45:56.787   070.104.146.xxx   chubby little fart motorsports, time to leave work now (14)
2007_12_14_17:48:01.413   098.200.133.xxx   walmart selling guru shirts for 29.99
2007_12_14_17:49:00.245   069.209.228.xxx   star off
2007_12_14_17:50:00.724   069.209.228.xxx   merry christmas
2007_12_14_17:51:37.014   069.209.228.xxx   what are you watching
2007_12_14_17:51:50.980   069.253.185.xxx   hey pop
2007_12_14_17:52:06.119   069.209.228.xxx   love it
2007_12_14_17:52:46.819   069.253.185.xxx   Hey Alek wave to my dad
2007_12_14_17:53:44.046   098.200.133.xxx   I'm waving at your dad since Alek is busy
2007_12_14_17:53:52.322   066.098.168.xxx   Alek... Hope you have Baileys to keep you warm!
2007_12_14_17:55:55.740   098.200.133.xxx   turn on burrito reindeer
2007_12_14_17:56:05.322   024.094.016.xxx   Hi
2007_12_14_17:57:28.932   098.200.133.xxx   was that shout out to "tha dad" alek?
2007_12_14_17:59:07.798   012.106.089.xxx   Hello from WesternU
2007_12_14_17:59:49.871   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Lot of inbounds from Web Email Sites - did this hit a big Email list? ***ALEK***
2007_12_14_18:03:21.543   066.082.009.xxx   i fed the burrito reindeer
2007_12_14_18:05:02.355   024.008.169.xxx   paul marty and julia rock the reindeer
2007_12_14_18:05:02.538   098.200.133.xxx   reindeer is so happy now (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_14_18:05:44.975   024.008.169.xxx   paul marty and julia rock the reindeer
2007_12_14_18:06:23.940   067.098.177.xxx   Lieutenant Dan! Ice cream!!!!!!!!
2007_12_14_18:07:02.772   069.141.101.xxx   hi there  KATIE L
2007_12_14_18:07:51.985   069.141.101.xxx   KATIE L  SAYS   BAH       HUMBUG
2007_12_14_18:09:07.652   069.141.101.xxx   KAtie FROM east WINDSOR SAY bAH  HUMBUG
2007_12_14_18:10:23.044   069.141.101.xxx   kATES MOM SAY mERRY cHRisTmas
2007_12_14_18:11:27.803   065.011.137.xxx   Shrimp (13)
2007_12_14_18:11:44.186   069.141.101.xxx   to all and to all a good nite
2007_12_14_18:11:58.120   065.011.137.xxx   shrimp soup (14)
2007_12_14_18:12:31.977   065.011.137.xxx   shrimp cassarole (15)
2007_12_14_18:13:09.509   065.011.137.xxx   bubba gump shrimp pie (16)
2007_12_14_18:13:47.119   065.011.137.xxx   big shrimp (17)
2007_12_14_18:15:44.473   071.089.017.xxx   Happy Holidays!
2007_12_14_18:16:35.946   065.011.137.xxx   Shrimp cola (18)
2007_12_14_18:17:11.758   065.011.137.xxx   ackKKKKKKK!!!!!!!! (19)
2007_12_14_18:17:31.607   079.073.239.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2007_12_14_18:17:59.287   091.096.107.xxx   Huhu Schatz
2007_12_14_18:27:04.597   091.096.107.xxx   Auch Huhu Schatz! :-)
2007_12_14_18:27:15.247   066.082.009.xxx   Hello from Galena, Alaska
2007_12_14_18:28:04.822   091.096.107.xxx   Hello from Germany
2007_12_14_18:29:05.453   066.082.009.xxx   support the burrito reindeer
2007_12_14_18:29:31.562   070.127.117.xxx   merry cristmas from florida
2007_12_14_18:29:57.679   091.096.107.xxx   Frits ist doof!
2007_12_14_18:30:26.799   091.096.107.xxx   Und  Frits mag ich nicht
2007_12_14_18:30:32.817   070.017.111.xxx   mry xmas!
2007_12_14_18:30:39.253   070.127.117.xxx   the deer is on fire
2007_12_14_18:30:59.075   066.082.009.xxx   its GAS
2007_12_14_18:31:08.969   070.017.111.xxx   yeh yeh but happy festival of lights!  yeh drink on!
2007_12_14_18:31:27.246   091.096.107.xxx   Jepp!
2007_12_14_18:32:06.754   070.017.111.xxx   happy holidays monica and lauren!  y did u leave!
2007_12_14_18:32:48.180   091.096.107.xxx   Irgendwelcher Diabetiker hier?
2007_12_14_18:34:05.013   070.017.111.xxx   scheet dat hup yr hass.
2007_12_14_18:34:24.099   066.067.000.xxx   anyone have myspace?
2007_12_14_18:35:14.164   122.049.174.xxx   Merry xmas from Ridleyton south australia
2007_12_14_18:35:23.326   091.096.107.xxx   anyone from asylum here?
2007_12_14_18:35:51.703   066.067.000.xxx   s***
2007_12_14_18:36:27.996   066.067.000.xxx   ___uck
2007_12_14_18:37:14.158   072.224.144.xxx   specheeeee
2007_12_14_18:39:01.917   091.096.107.xxx   who___s there?
2007_12_14_18:39:36.759   066.082.009.xxx   ME
2007_12_14_18:39:38.824   069.246.048.xxx   HELLO CARTER AND ADDISON IN MICHIGAN
2007_12_14_18:39:42.854   091.096.107.xxx   hi asylum members (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_14_18:40:12.780   074.067.118.xxx   hi
2007_12_14_18:40:15.115   069.246.048.xxx   GO LIONS!
2007_12_14_18:41:00.652   066.067.000.xxx   i have to poop bb in 5
2007_12_14_18:41:02.437   069.246.048.xxx   I LIKE PIE!
2007_12_14_18:42:12.628   069.246.048.xxx   GOODNIGHT
2007_12_14_18:43:15.833   086.145.111.xxx   nite evry1 xxx 4 the girls :P
2007_12_14_18:46:18.175   071.122.031.xxx   hello from jermCam! (72)
2007_12_14_18:48:01.270   071.122.031.xxx   where is the lighy guru (73)
2007_12_14_18:48:40.578   066.082.009.xxx   at a party
2007_12_14_18:49:17.615   071.122.031.xxx   the elves need direction (74)
2007_12_14_18:51:08.302   071.122.031.xxx   we need the guru pappa elf here (75)
2007_12_14_18:51:59.844   066.082.009.xxx   he will return soon!
2007_12_14_18:53:27.238   071.217.133.xxx   HI (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_14_18:53:55.679   071.122.031.xxx   st pete fl rocks (76)
2007_12_14_18:53:56.754   066.082.009.xxx   hello
2007_12_14_18:54:13.629   204.153.016.xxx   Hey Christine
2007_12_14_18:54:49.954   065.000.170.xxx   hi nikki
2007_12_14_18:55:17.613   065.000.170.xxx   andrew morgan
2007_12_14_18:55:34.115   071.122.031.xxx   is it dark vetSanta's Workshop Cam! (77)
2007_12_14_18:55:50.197   068.206.077.xxx   Full auto is the original rock and roll!!!
2007_12_14_18:55:54.669   142.068.104.xxx   g** today
2007_12_14_18:56:18.264   068.206.077.xxx   Full auto is the original rock and roll!!! Dump the magazine!!!
2007_12_14_18:56:26.185   142.068.104.xxx   turd muffin
2007_12_14_18:56:33.485   071.122.031.xxx   frosty bites (78)
2007_12_14_18:56:45.523   068.206.077.xxx   Free George Jung!!!
2007_12_14_18:57:13.258   142.068.104.xxx   sorry love roy
2007_12_14_18:57:17.726   071.122.031.xxx   any brother elves out there (79)
2007_12_14_18:57:22.905   068.206.077.xxx   Full auto rocks and rolls!!!
2007_12_14_18:57:44.226   142.068.104.xxx   sorry love roy purdy
2007_12_14_18:58:05.037   071.122.031.xxx   just elveing (80 IM's so far today)
2007_12_14_18:58:12.684   068.206.077.xxx   cdfcvnvjfkghhiie  My cat says hi!!!
2007_12_14_18:58:27.475   142.068.104.xxx   lolmy friend is stup
2007_12_14_18:58:48.463   071.122.031.xxx   ever hunt with elves (81)
2007_12_14_18:58:49.049   068.206.077.xxx   Drinking a Bud, and you?
2007_12_14_18:59:17.303   142.068.104.xxx   no
2007_12_14_18:59:35.797   068.206.077.xxx   Miller Lite, and you?
2007_12_14_18:59:40.087   071.122.031.xxx   elves are bad dudes (82)
2007_12_14_19:00:00.169   065.073.018.xxx   Goodness Graceshees
2007_12_14_19:00:04.910   142.068.104.xxx   k nooooooooooooooob
2007_12_14_19:00:28.773   071.122.031.xxx   yhere ears stink though (83)
2007_12_14_19:00:38.203   142.068.104.xxx   sierra is so cute love roy purdy
2007_12_14_19:00:53.181   068.206.077.xxx   Miller Lite, and you?
2007_12_14_19:01:13.246   071.122.031.xxx   jerm you out there (84)
2007_12_14_19:01:15.895   065.073.018.xxx   ohs knows
2007_12_14_19:01:19.024   220.233.206.xxx   hello from glenbrook blue mountains australia
2007_12_14_19:01:48.669   071.122.031.xxx   max that you man (85)
2007_12_14_19:02:08.711   068.206.077.xxx   Como estan, todos?
2007_12_14_19:02:33.500   071.122.031.xxx   yeah its me jerm (86)
2007_12_14_19:03:07.306   068.206.077.xxx   Thirty rounds, one point seconds, rock and roll!!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_14_19:03:22.621   071.122.031.xxx   cool did you get that raise max (87)
2007_12_14_19:04:03.376   071.122.031.xxx   sure did 15 cents (88)
2007_12_14_19:04:42.891   071.122.031.xxx   that blows snow (89)
2007_12_14_19:05:25.173   071.122.031.xxx   yeah jerm sure does (90 IM's so far today)
2007_12_14_19:05:46.235   070.017.111.xxx   talking to yourself again?
2007_12_14_19:06:22.420   068.206.077.xxx   George Jung Rocks!!! (11)
2007_12_14_19:06:23.322   071.122.031.xxx   hay who is this chestnut (91)
2007_12_14_19:06:58.106   070.017.111.xxx   it's hey.
2007_12_14_19:07:03.585   068.206.077.xxx   We salute our armed forces.  Thank you! (12)
2007_12_14_19:07:06.995   071.122.031.xxx   someone with snow gas (92)
2007_12_14_19:07:25.916   070.017.111.xxx   oh yes salute paid murderers.
2007_12_14_19:07:40.947   071.122.031.xxx   that has lumps (93)
2007_12_14_19:07:53.601   066.162.032.xxx   Merry Christmas Yahoo!
2007_12_14_19:08:00.042   070.017.111.xxx   people who will benefit from killing innocent...
2007_12_14_19:08:27.573   066.162.032.xxx   A Big Hello to Yahoo!
2007_12_14_19:08:29.037   070.017.111.xxx   civilians...    that's real honor.
2007_12_14_19:08:56.266   070.017.111.xxx   that's what xmas is about right? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_14_19:11:20.929   066.082.009.xxx   burn baby burn (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_14_19:12:13.627   070.017.111.xxx   and all those trillions of dollars gone.    merry XMAS! (11)
2007_12_14_19:13:02.503   070.017.111.xxx   merry xmas to regular folks dying in a farce war! (12)
2007_12_14_19:17:14.649   067.167.218.xxx   God Bless Us Everyone
2007_12_14_19:19:33.643   072.208.067.xxx   Hello from Phoenix!
2007_12_14_19:19:42.364   067.167.218.xxx   Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel I made you out of clay.
2007_12_14_19:20:15.431   069.234.180.xxx   Happy Holidaze
2007_12_14_19:20:31.043   067.167.218.xxx   Wow, It's just what I wanted.
2007_12_14_19:21:15.650   067.167.218.xxx   A sweater? You really shouldn't have!
2007_12_14_19:21:52.274   067.167.218.xxx   I Love pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_14_19:24:30.622   075.003.115.xxx   love this
2007_12_14_19:25:50.858   075.003.115.xxx   good job
2007_12_14_19:28:00.187   070.017.111.xxx   joy to the world and death to innocent p-pole. (13)
2007_12_14_19:28:34.113   070.017.111.xxx   yes kill innocents for the sake of unity. (14)
2007_12_14_19:29:06.122   070.017.111.xxx   do not support g.w. bush, support peace on earth! (15)
2007_12_14_19:29:11.460   064.252.124.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2007_12_14_19:29:44.885   070.017.111.xxx   those who think war means peace are ignorant! (16)
2007_12_14_19:30:14.521   064.252.124.xxx   GO GIANTS!!
2007_12_14_19:43:42.927   067.162.060.xxx   Go Packers!
2007_12_14_19:44:24.829   067.162.060.xxx   Stop What?
2007_12_14_19:44:54.587   068.196.075.xxx   shastabule!
2007_12_14_19:45:23.249   067.162.060.xxx   Oh what the #______&!
2007_12_14_19:46:11.161   067.162.060.xxx   EAT ME!
2007_12_14_19:47:04.331   067.162.060.xxx   Thx!
2007_12_14_19:47:08.629   068.159.071.xxx   Yall stop using fowl language!
2007_12_14_19:47:33.132   071.172.038.xxx   totally freak
2007_12_14_19:48:27.495   068.159.071.xxx   Dan ROCKS!
2007_12_14_19:48:34.425   071.172.038.xxx   very weird my friend
2007_12_14_19:48:50.245   067.162.060.xxx   CLUC! CLUCK!
2007_12_14_19:48:58.984   068.159.071.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS!
2007_12_14_19:49:35.683   067.162.060.xxx   GOD BLESS US ALL!
2007_12_14_19:50:27.628   068.159.071.xxx   CLEMSON ROCKS!
2007_12_14_19:52:59.752   068.159.071.xxx   Keep Christ in Christmas!
2007_12_14_19:53:56.150   024.046.228.xxx   Test one two three
2007_12_14_19:54:06.120   068.082.104.xxx   EHOWA s**** a**
2007_12_14_19:54:11.022   069.132.200.xxx   hey people from NC
2007_12_14_19:54:35.377   068.082.104.xxx   Ernie Stewart is a loser!!
2007_12_14_19:54:46.781   068.159.071.xxx   SoUtH cArOLiNa RoCkS
2007_12_14_19:54:59.559   024.046.228.xxx   United States AIR FORCE.  Support Your Troops
2007_12_14_19:55:16.560   071.172.038.xxx   there is no santa
2007_12_14_19:56:14.404   068.159.071.xxx   SANTA IS REAL!
2007_12_14_19:56:37.704   024.046.228.xxx   How much can I fit on this screen? How much can  I fit on this screen?
2007_12_14_19:56:55.544   071.172.038.xxx   NONONONONONONO'
2007_12_14_19:57:01.718   068.159.071.xxx   HAVE A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS!!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_14_19:57:03.156   024.046.228.xxx   ok, 4 lines
2007_12_14_19:57:29.824   068.159.071.xxx   YES YES YES YES YES (11)
2007_12_14_19:57:40.025   071.172.038.xxx   suuuuuure man then explain th
2007_12_14_19:58:19.860   024.046.228.xxx   WHere is this house?
2007_12_14_19:58:37.658   068.159.071.xxx   North Pole! (12)
2007_12_14_19:59:09.252   066.066.138.xxx   15 to 25inches of snow for us this weekend.
2007_12_14_19:59:46.434   204.153.016.xxx   Hey Am!
2007_12_14_20:00:14.786   068.159.071.xxx   GO Hillcrest High SChool Rams! (13)
2007_12_14_20:00:45.432   068.248.150.xxx   f***
2007_12_14_20:01:09.020   068.159.071.xxx   Excuse your language! (14)
2007_12_14_20:01:33.155   068.248.150.xxx   hulk says swearing bad!!!
2007_12_14_20:02:11.804   068.248.150.xxx   f*** you hulk
2007_12_14_20:02:49.329   068.248.150.xxx   hulk says you die now!
2007_12_14_20:03:41.966   070.053.021.xxx   Dan is g**
2007_12_14_20:04:01.920   068.248.150.xxx   god is swearing????????????
2007_12_14_20:04:21.252   070.053.021.xxx   no..but he knows that dan is g**
2007_12_14_20:04:45.045   068.248.150.xxx   g______????
2007_12_14_20:06:46.696   070.053.021.xxx   COSTCO ROCKS
2007_12_14_20:06:49.903   068.248.150.xxx   gadzukes
2007_12_14_20:09:45.721   024.019.162.xxx   love me now
2007_12_14_20:09:50.715   068.248.150.xxx   knock what off!?
2007_12_14_20:10:32.627   068.248.150.xxx   I love Maysteel, Allenton WI
2007_12_14_20:11:11.129   068.248.150.xxx   Mayville Cardinals rule! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_14_20:11:46.485   024.019.162.xxx   Pretty please my dear aunt sally
2007_12_14_20:14:01.494   066.082.009.xxx   hello from Galena, Alaska! (11)
2007_12_14_20:14:08.480   069.242.194.xxx   hello world.
2007_12_14_20:14:59.567   069.242.194.xxx   anna is the greatest
2007_12_14_20:17:14.409   066.082.009.xxx   1 hour & 44 minutes left (12)
2007_12_14_20:19:29.948   066.082.009.xxx   its the burrito reindeer (13)
2007_12_14_20:28:12.457   076.114.248.xxx   Smell my Face
2007_12_14_20:28:41.845   076.114.248.xxx   DC101
2007_12_14_20:31:54.723   076.114.248.xxx   DC101 - Smell my
2007_12_14_20:32:32.152   076.114.248.xxx   DC101 - Elliot in the Morning - Smell my face
2007_12_14_20:41:03.400   072.224.144.xxx   who likes to bowl?
2007_12_14_20:42:25.832   064.012.116.xxx   I  bowl in two leagues
2007_12_14_20:43:24.711   072.224.144.xxx   candle pin or big b*** ?
2007_12_14_20:44:16.138   069.120.114.xxx   Its the only fun in that part of the world!!
2007_12_14_20:44:38.916   064.012.116.xxx   Hmmm, I think my dog just threw up in the other room.
2007_12_14_20:45:18.453   068.004.002.xxx   Hum, that's interesting - not!
2007_12_14_20:46:44.099   071.038.039.xxx   HI THERE!
2007_12_14_20:48:18.636   071.225.115.xxx   hey gcc
2007_12_14_20:53:21.022   066.082.009.xxx   FIRE (14)
2007_12_14_20:54:12.684   066.082.009.xxx   SMELL THE TACO BELL (15)
2007_12_14_20:55:16.699   069.023.110.xxx   Hello
2007_12_14_20:57:10.741   069.023.110.xxx   Hi....___Dora     ___Chad        I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!
2007_12_14_20:57:44.888   069.023.110.xxx   I    ___3   This   Website
2007_12_14_20:59:28.526   024.070.095.xxx   yaawwwn  I am tired.
2007_12_14_21:00:13.116   070.017.111.xxx   then go to bed. (17)
2007_12_14_21:00:27.817   069.023.110.xxx   I want to learn to do this to our house xD
2007_12_14_21:00:44.251   070.017.111.xxx   then study about it online. (18)
2007_12_14_21:01:24.206   069.023.110.xxx   xD
2007_12_14_21:01:41.286   072.068.150.xxx   Hello from NYC NY
2007_12_14_21:01:51.553   069.120.114.xxx   You first need a 10___ ownership of a Nuclear reactor!!
2007_12_14_21:02:15.538   070.017.111.xxx   this setup is not as intersting. (19)
2007_12_14_21:02:17.134   069.023.110.xxx   lmao
2007_12_14_21:02:38.130   069.014.161.xxx   10x must love you... have they donated?
2007_12_14_21:03:21.392   069.023.110.xxx   .....err.....My dad wants to set our lights to music
2007_12_14_21:03:27.270   068.005.228.xxx   hi
2007_12_14_21:03:35.093   070.017.111.xxx   dmx is better. (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_14_21:03:51.255   068.005.228.xxx   dmx is a h***
2007_12_14_21:04:05.674   070.017.111.xxx   then your dad wants LOR. (21)
2007_12_14_21:04:22.374   069.023.110.xxx   err....ok?
2007_12_14_21:04:45.290   070.017.111.xxx   because everyone else uses LOR. (22)
2007_12_14_21:04:50.879   068.005.228.xxx   who says err...ok?  are you queer?
2007_12_14_21:05:54.498   070.017.111.xxx   otherwise you may want DMX which takes more. (23)
2007_12_14_21:06:00.875   071.217.133.xxx   family website people...  christmas well wishes and all that  geesh! (11)
2007_12_14_21:06:06.691   069.023.110.xxx   err....ok?
2007_12_14_21:06:12.608   076.084.172.xxx   Scotty poops
2007_12_14_21:06:39.774   070.017.111.xxx   i use dmx with input. (24)
2007_12_14_21:07:19.958   076.084.172.xxx   Brit wrestles bears
2007_12_14_21:07:30.398   066.082.009.xxx   53 minutes to go! (16)
2007_12_14_21:07:59.179   070.017.111.xxx   dmx is better overall. (25)
2007_12_14_21:08:17.072   076.084.172.xxx   Chin up or I'll punch you in the face
2007_12_14_21:08:29.493   075.168.102.xxx   no, dmx overall s****
2007_12_14_21:09:08.219   075.168.102.xxx   christi is a dork
2007_12_14_21:09:17.043   070.017.111.xxx   those who don't know how to use it say that. (26)
2007_12_14_21:13:45.190   070.017.111.xxx   hahah! (27)
2007_12_14_21:14:18.234   204.153.016.xxx   i would hate to see this guys power bill
2007_12_14_21:14:32.662   071.217.133.xxx   hey phyllis!  HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII  LOL (12)
2007_12_14_21:14:40.900   070.017.111.xxx   also those who think xmas is **** years old are nuts. (28)
2007_12_14_21:15:14.998   071.217.133.xxx   great falls, montana is the best place on earth!  merry christmas all! (13)
2007_12_14_21:15:20.922   075.000.035.xxx   hello
2007_12_14_21:15:25.764   070.017.111.xxx   that deer is flatuating fire. (29)
2007_12_14_21:16:25.747   070.017.111.xxx   hm, someone who implies doesn't mean they'll do it. (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_14_21:17:13.774   125.238.253.xxx   Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from a transplanted Mountaineer (WV) in NZ
2007_12_14_21:17:17.401   075.000.035.xxx   i give inflatable homer life
2007_12_14_21:17:45.267   070.017.111.xxx   that's been done already X-infinity. (31)
2007_12_14_21:19:03.401   071.217.133.xxx   merry christmas phyllis (14)
2007_12_14_21:20:25.371   071.071.085.xxx   OMG THIS IS AWESOME
2007_12_14_21:21:40.395   070.017.111.xxx   no, it's not. (32)
2007_12_14_21:21:57.631   071.071.085.xxx   Leave then?
2007_12_14_21:27:49.878   071.097.135.xxx   Merry Christmas from Sturgis, MI
2007_12_14_21:28:27.753   071.097.135.xxx   and Angola, IN
2007_12_14_21:29:03.530   071.097.135.xxx   How you know how S_________TY Sturgis is?
2007_12_14_21:29:37.173   024.070.095.xxx   Hey yall.  Who watched Christmas Movies on TV tonight?
2007_12_14_21:34:20.901   069.119.101.xxx   whats up
2007_12_14_21:35:49.147   024.070.095.xxx   the Reindeer farted
2007_12_14_21:37:06.988   024.070.095.xxx   he'll always have to place his reindeer and the polar bear together now
2007_12_14_21:38:53.235   024.070.095.xxx   gow up moron, before you get banned
2007_12_14_21:40:10.076   024.070.095.xxx   blah blah
2007_12_14_21:40:38.499   066.082.009.xxx   GO BURRITO REINDEER ! (17)
2007_12_14_21:40:57.774   068.046.181.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2007_12_14_21:41:17.064   066.082.009.xxx   19 MINUTES LEFT (18)
2007_12_14_21:41:18.455   024.070.095.xxx   Would you STOP it already!!!!
2007_12_14_21:41:44.478   068.046.181.xxx   Try two... Merry Christmas!
2007_12_14_21:42:43.118   068.046.181.xxx   Happy Holidays!
2007_12_14_21:43:17.781   024.070.095.xxx   well, you'll just get banned dummy
2007_12_14_21:43:35.096   068.046.181.xxx   Merry Ho Ho Ho!
2007_12_14_21:46:12.470   024.070.095.xxx   you truly need to stop.. you're really acting immature
2007_12_14_21:46:48.744   065.091.049.xxx   Hes just a Dumb kid
2007_12_14_21:48:33.960   024.070.095.xxx   that makes it even worse (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_14_21:49:45.482   074.136.194.xxx   clear
2007_12_14_21:50:28.628   024.070.095.xxx   he thinks he's cool because Alex isn't here and gets away with it (11)
2007_12_14_21:50:43.709   065.091.049.xxx   i have his Ip i know wher ehe lives
2007_12_14_21:51:05.250   024.070.095.xxx   yet, when Alex sees all this crap, your b*** will be banned pal (12)
2007_12_14_21:51:34.248   065.091.049.xxx   Il just send the log to his local police
2007_12_14_21:51:56.801   065.030.118.xxx   DESU DESU DESU DESU
2007_12_14_21:52:37.797   098.200.133.xxx   Merry Christmas (11)
2007_12_14_21:53:14.553   098.200.133.xxx   Happy New Year (12)
2007_12_14_21:53:35.650   065.030.118.xxx   Merry Christmas to the /b/tards
2007_12_14_21:54:50.077   065.030.118.xxx   Dude thats not cool my brother died that way
2007_12_14_21:54:53.326   098.200.133.xxx   r all ppl in Pennsylvania strange? (13)
2007_12_14_21:55:15.144   066.082.009.xxx   5 MINUTES (19)
2007_12_14_21:55:26.112   065.030.118.xxx   brb cats started glowin
2007_12_14_21:56:32.875   065.030.118.xxx   my brother died that way too
2007_12_14_21:57:04.277   098.200.133.xxx   071 u take the fun out of all this go away (14)
2007_12_14_21:57:30.448   024.070.095.xxx   no worries, he'll be banned soon (13)
2007_12_14_21:58:04.806   024.070.095.xxx   no worries.. it's coming (14)
2007_12_14_21:59:06.299   098.200.133.xxx   LOL Pink Floyd...they are pretty old dudes (15)

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