361 christmas text messages on 2007/1215

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 7,879 times that day including 4,537 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1215

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2007_12_15_17:00:24.397   066.227.136.xxx   wellcome
2007_12_15_17:00:43.829   062.136.137.xxx   i love this site
2007_12_15_17:01:49.884   069.019.014.xxx   Hello from Galena, Alaska
2007_12_15_17:01:53.023   082.047.192.xxx   this is cool
2007_12_15_17:02:08.294   147.153.084.xxx   Burrito Reindeer ROCKS!
2007_12_15_17:02:28.045   069.019.014.xxx   Thank You!
2007_12_15_17:02:45.941   066.227.136.xxx   welcome to LINK DELETED
2007_12_15_17:03:05.445   066.227.136.xxx   turn all off'
2007_12_15_17:03:25.146   071.122.031.xxx   is it dark yetCam!
2007_12_15_17:03:42.692   062.136.137.xxx   Hello Suzzy!
2007_12_15_17:03:55.702   076.098.087.xxx   ubercool
2007_12_15_17:03:57.587   081.168.019.xxx   Hey Tom!
2007_12_15_17:04:20.492   071.122.031.xxx   has anyone seen the light guru
2007_12_15_17:04:23.396   062.136.137.xxx   BEEDLE.
2007_12_15_17:04:29.074   076.098.087.xxx   MY b***  ARE ITCHING
2007_12_15_17:04:32.572   081.168.019.xxx   Yay for PotterCast!
2007_12_15_17:04:52.340   062.136.137.xxx   I LOVE MELISSA ANELLI
2007_12_15_17:05:16.899   081.168.019.xxx   I fangirl Melissa Anelli!
2007_12_15_17:05:21.592   080.007.101.xxx   Hi Mum
2007_12_15_17:05:23.934   071.122.031.xxx   jerm from st pete says hi
2007_12_15_17:05:34.517   062.136.137.xxx   How clean is this house?
2007_12_15_17:06:01.525   082.047.192.xxx   Lee from UK says Hi!
2007_12_15_17:06:01.959   071.122.031.xxx   real clean
2007_12_15_17:06:11.378   081.168.019.xxx   Were soaring were flying!
2007_12_15_17:06:20.423   062.136.137.xxx   Scourgify!
2007_12_15_17:06:42.971   071.122.031.xxx   this is the gurus work shop
2007_12_15_17:06:46.073   081.168.019.xxx   Accio Firebolt!
2007_12_15_17:07:10.199   062.136.137.xxx   Nox!
2007_12_15_17:07:14.119   082.047.192.xxx   Lee from UK says Hi!
2007_12_15_17:07:44.391   065.190.111.xxx   Hi Riley
2007_12_15_17:07:48.600   071.122.031.xxx   where is the light guru we need direction
2007_12_15_17:08:30.755   082.047.192.xxx   homer died :(
2007_12_15_17:08:37.191   071.122.031.xxx   us elves are helpless without him
2007_12_15_17:08:44.669   081.168.019.xxx   Turn them all off d*** it!
2007_12_15_17:09:45.159   071.122.031.xxx   guru guru guru
2007_12_15_17:10:18.296   082.047.192.xxx   How long till Christmas?
2007_12_15_17:10:40.510   071.122.031.xxx   next year
2007_12_15_17:11:01.727   082.047.192.xxx   oh no iv'e missed it
2007_12_15_17:11:33.805   071.122.031.xxx   its your birthday (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_15_17:12:15.361   071.122.031.xxx   elves luv to eat yellow snow (11)
2007_12_15_17:13:09.732   071.122.031.xxx   some like to floss with tinsle (12)
2007_12_15_17:13:44.872   082.047.192.xxx   house is getting dark... :(
2007_12_15_17:14:16.160   071.122.031.xxx   elves are under rated and under paid (13)
2007_12_15_17:14:35.025   082.047.192.xxx   it's 12:14 am here in UK :(
2007_12_15_17:14:51.420   062.136.137.xxx   I know, I'm bloody shattered!
2007_12_15_17:15:22.513   082.047.192.xxx   Ha ha ye, i only stayed up to see this
2007_12_15_17:15:26.455   071.122.031.xxx   its 7:30 pm in st pete fl (14)
2007_12_15_17:15:51.249   062.136.137.xxx   well i was doing other things and then I remembered this came on at midnight :D
2007_12_15_17:16:03.224   071.122.031.xxx   7:15 i mean (15)
2007_12_15_17:16:31.694   124.188.029.xxx   hii
2007_12_15_17:16:33.100   082.047.192.xxx   i was searchine howto comp ctrl, lights and found this (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_15_17:16:47.048   071.122.031.xxx   santa rocks (16)
2007_12_15_17:19:08.024   070.017.111.xxx   never ask someone to vote unless they want to.
2007_12_15_17:20:45.694   070.176.002.xxx   Merry Christmas!!
2007_12_15_17:28:30.840   024.138.059.xxx   Hi Melinda!
2007_12_15_17:30:08.155   068.212.095.xxx   hey
2007_12_15_17:30:32.913   024.138.059.xxx   Halifax
2007_12_15_17:30:35.989   069.183.233.xxx   w00t!!!!!!!!!w00t!!!!!!!!!w00t!!!!!!!!!w00t!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_15_17:31:03.748   024.138.059.xxx   b****
2007_12_15_17:32:03.283   024.138.059.xxx   Halifax, Nova Scotia!!!!
2007_12_15_17:32:53.371   084.000.101.xxx   cs___ more!!!!
2007_12_15_17:33:42.540   084.000.101.xxx   budos ciganyok
2007_12_15_17:42:41.828   068.148.034.xxx   he3ll
2007_12_15_17:49:55.100   070.017.111.xxx   oh brother.. how belittling.
2007_12_15_17:52:27.123   066.227.136.xxx   Add your own cheerful christmasy commentAdd your own cheerful christmasy comment
2007_12_15_17:52:58.081   072.229.167.xxx   I love you, from Charlotte
2007_12_15_17:53:54.532   068.230.158.xxx   hi matt
2007_12_15_17:53:56.334   069.040.255.xxx   hello world
2007_12_15_17:54:40.714   172.189.134.xxx   Hey Hey- Jonathan,UK
2007_12_15_17:55:11.706   072.229.167.xxx   let's play nice, Santa's watching!
2007_12_15_17:55:12.367   068.230.158.xxx   hi matt in ct
2007_12_15_17:57:02.867   068.230.158.xxx   all off !
2007_12_15_17:57:13.163   172.189.134.xxx   I Wish Everyone A Merry Christmas
2007_12_15_17:57:34.007   068.230.158.xxx   ho ho ho
2007_12_15_17:58:02.345   068.230.158.xxx   hi matt !
2007_12_15_17:58:07.458   075.056.176.xxx   hello, this is santa
2007_12_15_17:58:39.129   068.230.158.xxx   santa, bring me a BMW
2007_12_15_17:58:48.442   075.056.176.xxx   no
2007_12_15_17:59:07.481   068.230.158.xxx   WHY NOT
2007_12_15_17:59:38.203   075.056.176.xxx   cause those dont fit in the sley
2007_12_15_17:59:52.843   172.189.134.xxx   Who is from the UK?
2007_12_15_18:00:12.673   068.230.158.xxx   HOW ABOUT IN A TRUCK
2007_12_15_18:00:39.398   075.056.176.xxx   then the reindeer feel left out
2007_12_15_18:00:42.175   068.230.158.xxx   HI MATT !
2007_12_15_18:00:44.261   068.113.043.xxx   Bob
2007_12_15_18:01:57.277   075.056.176.xxx   santa doesnt speak french
2007_12_15_18:02:08.694   068.230.158.xxx   santa, bring me a BMW (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_15_18:02:24.269   075.056.176.xxx   i said no
2007_12_15_18:02:51.971   075.056.176.xxx   no
2007_12_15_18:03:21.929   075.056.176.xxx   the elves cant make those yet
2007_12_15_18:04:03.172   075.056.176.xxx   no
2007_12_15_18:04:08.440   068.230.158.xxx   SANTA SURE IS a grumpy old p**** (11)
2007_12_15_18:04:33.536   075.056.176.xxx   im **** years old next year (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_15_18:05:25.503   075.056.176.xxx   sorry it has to be on a list (11)
2007_12_15_18:05:48.299   068.230.158.xxx   santa i really want that d*** bmw, if not you will get a speci (12)
2007_12_15_18:06:07.991   075.056.176.xxx   no cars (12)
2007_12_15_18:07:06.756   068.230.158.xxx   ok how about a hotty instead (13)
2007_12_15_18:07:41.126   068.230.158.xxx   not her, skank (14)
2007_12_15_18:08:27.797   075.056.176.xxx   good night children, this is santa and im going to bed (13)
2007_12_15_18:08:34.619   068.230.158.xxx   i want some steroids santa this is ALEX (15)
2007_12_15_18:10:06.039   068.230.158.xxx   BAAAD SANTA  OLD  FART (16)
2007_12_15_18:10:43.960   068.230.158.xxx   I'D settle for a 323 (17)
2007_12_15_18:12:37.843   068.230.158.xxx   where's santa ? (18)
2007_12_15_18:12:51.484   068.113.043.xxx   Santas dead
2007_12_15_18:13:25.112   068.113.043.xxx   santas a ninja
2007_12_15_18:13:26.504   068.230.158.xxx   what ? dead ? (19)
2007_12_15_18:13:54.918   208.104.207.xxx   Connor & Cody say "Merry Christmas"!!!
2007_12_15_18:14:01.390   068.230.158.xxx   can't be i saw him today (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_15_18:14:27.727   068.113.043.xxx   santas a ninja so you cant see him
2007_12_15_18:14:39.807   076.249.188.xxx   Dude, Burrito Reindeer! Sweet!!!
2007_12_15_18:15:07.159   068.230.158.xxx   wtf (21)
2007_12_15_18:15:36.229   024.011.176.xxx   Jesus Is AWESOME
2007_12_15_18:15:48.160   068.113.043.xxx   wtf mate
2007_12_15_18:15:59.472   068.230.158.xxx   oh god here we go (22)
2007_12_15_18:16:38.290   076.249.188.xxx   Dude, Burrito Reindeer! Sweet!!___==u&
2007_12_15_18:16:59.187   069.019.014.xxx   enjoy
2007_12_15_18:17:01.938   068.230.158.xxx   i like mine well done (23)
2007_12_15_18:17:15.924   068.113.043.xxx   i just killed santa
2007_12_15_18:17:39.449   068.230.158.xxx   i just killed your mama (24)
2007_12_15_18:18:06.468   066.210.177.xxx   After 5 days and 19 hours, I have electricty!
2007_12_15_18:18:34.319   068.230.158.xxx   hooray for you (25)
2007_12_15_18:19:11.815   068.230.158.xxx   next time pay the bill on time (26)
2007_12_15_18:20:25.374   066.210.177.xxx   it was an ice storm goof, and the bill was paid
2007_12_15_18:20:30.241   068.230.158.xxx   santa bring me a ho ho ho (27)
2007_12_15_18:20:55.798   089.024.004.xxx   Merry Xmas
2007_12_15_18:23:28.578   068.230.158.xxx   let it snow (28)
2007_12_15_18:23:54.790   024.011.176.xxx   does anyone know if celiac
2007_12_15_18:24:30.312   024.011.176.xxx   is close to hepatitis autoimmune?
2007_12_15_18:25:56.350   068.033.200.xxx   p****
2007_12_15_18:26:18.911   024.011.176.xxx   my friend has it
2007_12_15_18:26:20.263   068.230.158.xxx   santa is on his way to the mall now (29)
2007_12_15_18:26:27.085   068.033.200.xxx   Sup /b/?
2007_12_15_18:27:25.027   075.170.016.xxx   Merry Christmas Very Cool!!!!!!
2007_12_15_18:28:48.018   075.065.243.xxx   hello from MS
2007_12_15_18:29:23.493   069.019.014.xxx   Hello from Galena, Alaska
2007_12_15_18:29:27.322   024.011.176.xxx   trying to date on a christmas site lol?
2007_12_15_18:30:07.735   075.065.243.xxx   is it snowing where you live?
2007_12_15_18:30:26.677   024.011.176.xxx   I live in MI, sure is
2007_12_15_18:30:28.076   069.019.014.xxx   Yes
2007_12_15_18:30:58.144   075.065.243.xxx   we rarely get snow in central MS
2007_12_15_18:31:34.183   069.019.014.xxx   we also have had heavy ice fog for 4 days
2007_12_15_18:33:16.870   075.065.243.xxx   it was a steady drizzle here
2007_12_15_18:33:59.441   075.065.243.xxx   of course my kids always want snow for Christmas
2007_12_15_18:34:22.488   069.019.014.xxx   Hello Alek
2007_12_15_18:34:46.810   024.070.095.xxx   Alek, use the force!
2007_12_15_18:34:59.014   069.019.014.xxx   we can send u some snow
2007_12_15_18:35:09.267   024.011.176.xxx   sup alek, are you on your computer?
2007_12_15_18:35:56.180   072.231.227.xxx   Urghhh, I hate being in a snow Belt
2007_12_15_18:36:02.194   069.019.014.xxx   how was the party last night?
2007_12_15_18:36:36.530   069.019.014.xxx   hello darth vader (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_15_18:36:39.876   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Party was fun last night - wife's Book Club Party at 7:00 here - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2007_12_15_18:37:06.279   069.019.014.xxx   OH NO !!! (11)
2007_12_15_18:37:11.127   024.011.176.xxx   how do you control the stuff in santa's work shop
2007_12_15_18:37:26.292   024.070.095.xxx   Everybody Dance Now!!..
2007_12_15_18:37:30.454   072.231.227.xxx   Alek, just Barge in singing Frosty the Snowman, they'll leave real quic
2007_12_15_18:37:47.906   069.019.014.xxx   with the controls on the top right (12)
2007_12_15_18:38:50.316   069.019.014.xxx   bye Alek (13)
2007_12_15_18:39:33.507   024.011.176.xxx   I'm just curious, how much did the x10 controllers cost alek?
2007_12_15_18:39:49.802   070.101.128.xxx   I always enjoy this :)
2007_12_15_18:40:13.296   069.019.014.xxx   depends on the kit u purchase (14)
2007_12_15_18:45:11.073   068.149.033.xxx   Merry Christmas to my kids
2007_12_15_18:45:34.942   024.011.176.xxx   hi alek (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_15_18:45:40.041   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** X10  modules are ______15 bucks ... but I have a LOT of 'em ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_15_18:45:49.817   069.249.167.xxx   hi alek
2007_12_15_18:46:17.943   024.011.176.xxx   really, that's sweet, I might have to get me a few of those (11)
2007_12_15_18:47:05.795   024.011.176.xxx   oh ya, and alek, your site is so sweet, I just found out about (12)
2007_12_15_18:59:23.172   024.227.060.xxx   This site rocks!
2007_12_15_18:59:32.388   076.023.058.xxx   this is the coolest ever!!
2007_12_15_19:00:02.379   076.023.058.xxx   jaiden loves this
2007_12_15_19:00:07.916   024.227.060.xxx   Hi Mom
2007_12_15_19:00:54.867   075.058.055.xxx   And the boys of the NYPD choir were singing "Galeay Bay"
2007_12_15_19:04:06.718   075.058.055.xxx   And the bells were ringing out for Christmas Day
2007_12_15_19:04:19.762   071.226.087.xxx   hello from 80 degrees Leesburg, FL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_15_19:05:34.586   071.226.087.xxx   Go PATSS 14-0!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_15_19:06:22.538   071.226.087.xxx   Hello From 80 degrees FLORIDA!!!!!!
2007_12_15_19:10:24.627   068.101.019.xxx   Cool display
2007_12_15_19:10:54.955   071.226.087.xxx   did the broncos win on thursday?????
2007_12_15_19:11:30.291   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Bottle of Bubbly out there for you guys ... First Guests just showed up! ***ALEK***
2007_12_15_19:12:00.684   071.226.087.xxx   broncos suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
2007_12_15_19:17:31.132   068.101.019.xxx   Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!!!
2007_12_15_19:18:40.209   068.101.019.xxx   Pensacola Fl Is warm tonite
2007_12_15_19:19:35.849   069.019.014.xxx   pour me one Alek
2007_12_15_19:19:44.439   154.020.080.xxx   this is cool...
2007_12_15_19:20:14.995   069.019.014.xxx   Hello from Galena
2007_12_15_19:20:33.469   154.020.080.xxx   I'm freezing my nuts off in Canada
2007_12_15_19:20:58.472   068.101.019.xxx   I'll be back tomorrow,Goodnight
2007_12_15_19:22:53.239   154.020.080.xxx   Bah Humbug to Denver radio stations
2007_12_15_19:23:22.362   069.144.156.xxx   Hello from Billings, MT!!!!
2007_12_15_19:23:45.190   069.019.014.xxx   rockon Burrito reindeer
2007_12_15_19:24:34.472   069.019.014.xxx   guest are here Alek
2007_12_15_19:24:48.303   072.224.090.xxx   mad people showed up just now
2007_12_15_19:25:24.092   154.020.080.xxx   how mad?
2007_12_15_19:25:47.727   069.019.014.xxx   mad cow
2007_12_15_19:27:06.616   069.019.014.xxx   shooting sparks
2007_12_15_19:28:24.767   071.134.149.xxx   hello Santa
2007_12_15_19:28:30.698   072.082.209.xxx   MERRY XMAS, ALEX AND FAMILY
2007_12_15_19:28:56.942   071.134.149.xxx   Thanks for the fun
2007_12_15_19:29:33.748   068.004.002.xxx   Let's pop the cork on the spirits and have a party!!
2007_12_15_19:32:29.295   098.200.133.xxx   well goodness how sweet was that...pass a glass over - pls
2007_12_15_19:33:51.367   071.117.137.xxx   gnymgthtbbdbgvfghvdfrhvghvrehfghfgffbfvhdhgfgd
2007_12_15_19:36:18.470   075.177.093.xxx   HO HO HO
2007_12_15_19:37:01.790   074.220.132.xxx   I can't wait to see you Christmas eve santa
2007_12_15_19:37:04.592   071.013.236.xxx   This is amazing
2007_12_15_19:37:05.124   075.177.093.xxx   Merry Christmas everyone
2007_12_15_19:37:13.571   075.021.100.xxx   Sometimes NOT seeing is believing
2007_12_15_19:37:17.883   071.117.137.xxx   jenna
2007_12_15_19:37:53.862   074.220.132.xxx   I want an Ipod for xmas, love raven
2007_12_15_19:38:49.594   074.220.132.xxx   I want a psp for christmas santa, Love, Chelsea
2007_12_15_19:39:02.310   071.013.236.xxx   I Love this!
2007_12_15_19:39:53.578   074.220.132.xxx   I want a playstation 3 for christmas santa, THANKS. Love, JO JO
2007_12_15_19:40:36.352   074.236.237.xxx   I Love Alek's Website
2007_12_15_19:41:18.356   075.177.093.xxx   I want use a new car for christmas
2007_12_15_19:41:21.970   074.236.237.xxx   I love Alek's Website! Brooke! Prospect, Kentucky
2007_12_15_19:43:31.051   074.220.132.xxx   I love santa! Hope, from Dell, Arkansas
2007_12_15_19:44:18.977   070.228.091.xxx   Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas
2007_12_15_19:45:38.468   070.228.091.xxx   Off!
2007_12_15_19:47:43.064   071.111.011.xxx   8=====D!!
2007_12_15_19:48:17.295   074.220.132.xxx   Here comes santa claus, here comes santa claus !!!
2007_12_15_19:48:41.295   071.111.011.xxx   Hi Frank!
2007_12_15_19:50:00.884   072.196.131.xxx   bawk!
2007_12_15_19:51:50.622   070.228.091.xxx   I SAID OFF! OFF! OFF! NO MORE LIGHTS BWAHAHAHA
2007_12_15_19:54:35.120   069.251.087.xxx   Shannon rocks!
2007_12_15_19:57:53.924   064.085.159.xxx   Kelli Rocks!
2007_12_15_19:58:22.305   064.085.159.xxx   Geoff rocks!
2007_12_15_20:04:13.854   068.197.099.xxx   Hola Muchacho!
2007_12_15_20:12:47.926   068.197.099.xxx   Hi Tootsie
2007_12_15_20:13:49.665   067.071.020.xxx   Hello
2007_12_15_20:13:50.101   068.197.099.xxx   Hello
2007_12_15_20:14:31.085   067.071.020.xxx   Merry Christmas to all.. congrats to the guy who put this together
2007_12_15_20:17:45.628   067.071.020.xxx   Christmas in 10 days!
2007_12_15_20:21:40.560   067.071.020.xxx   How much did this cost????
2007_12_15_20:23:00.574   072.188.028.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2007_12_15_20:23:18.051   068.212.046.xxx   hey jenny
2007_12_15_20:23:54.938   074.229.157.xxx   Blueberry smells funny.
2007_12_15_20:25:59.286   068.212.046.xxx   i dont smell that bad
2007_12_15_20:26:22.301   074.229.157.xxx   You smell like poo, stop deflating Homer!
2007_12_15_20:27:05.455   068.212.046.xxx   ___( how did you know i was doing that are you on the phone with me?
2007_12_15_20:27:48.459   074.229.157.xxx   No, I'm just in your closet steelingz yr pantz
2007_12_15_20:28:21.022   068.212.046.xxx   not again!!!! here i come
2007_12_15_20:28:50.308   074.229.157.xxx   Shut your face, stop turning off all the lights!
2007_12_15_20:31:13.728   068.212.046.xxx   o no hes not
2007_12_15_20:31:34.576   067.071.020.xxx   I have that homer and spongebob in my living room :P
2007_12_15_20:31:46.918   074.229.157.xxx   u guys r so immature stop playng with this stupidly
2007_12_15_20:32:05.836   071.178.101.xxx   ho ho ho
2007_12_15_20:32:15.840   068.212.046.xxx   dont be mean its christmas
2007_12_15_20:32:43.933   074.229.157.xxx   :)
2007_12_15_20:33:39.208   068.212.046.xxx   Merry christmass from lousiana
2007_12_15_20:34:04.788   074.012.011.xxx   lol...
2007_12_15_20:34:14.998   071.178.101.xxx   Thanks from Santa
2007_12_15_20:34:49.059   068.212.046.xxx   OMG SANTA AHHHHH!!!! I WANT A PONY
2007_12_15_20:35:15.571   024.013.174.xxx   very cool
2007_12_15_20:35:16.740   069.019.014.xxx   Hello from Galena, Alaska (15)
2007_12_15_20:38:27.557   068.212.046.xxx   hello from westlake lousisana
2007_12_15_20:39:05.068   071.243.003.xxx   ...wow
2007_12_15_20:39:31.822   066.227.136.xxx   Rusty Chevrolet
2007_12_15_20:39:43.819   071.178.101.xxx   Merry Merry!!!
2007_12_15_20:40:36.025   071.178.101.xxx   Darin and Jenn say Thanks!
2007_12_15_20:41:13.281   069.019.014.xxx   DA YOOPERS (16)
2007_12_15_20:43:26.756   205.188.116.xxx   nice wine
2007_12_15_20:44:16.565   069.019.014.xxx   champange (17)
2007_12_15_20:44:22.172   205.188.116.xxx   nobodys home
2007_12_15_20:44:47.368   068.212.046.xxx   lier (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_15_20:44:51.256   069.019.014.xxx   they are having a party (18)
2007_12_15_20:45:51.896   205.188.116.xxx   must be
2007_12_15_20:46:20.844   205.188.116.xxx   see yall later
2007_12_15_20:46:27.978   024.218.169.xxx   must be Santa.... Snata Claus
2007_12_15_20:46:36.816   074.038.073.xxx   i love my woogie
2007_12_15_20:46:49.876   205.188.116.xxx   me 2
2007_12_15_20:47:17.064   074.038.073.xxx   i love kim
2007_12_15_20:47:30.892   205.188.116.xxx   i dont
2007_12_15_20:47:56.796   069.019.014.xxx   she loves me too (19)
2007_12_15_20:48:10.718   205.188.116.xxx   no she dont___
2007_12_15_20:48:37.607   069.019.014.xxx   yes she does! (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_15_20:48:51.313   074.038.073.xxx   who farted?
2007_12_15_20:49:01.739   070.095.051.xxx   no she did'nt
2007_12_15_20:49:08.819   205.188.116.xxx   you can smell that?
2007_12_15_20:49:22.384   069.019.014.xxx   she told me last night (21)
2007_12_15_20:49:59.510   069.019.014.xxx   go burrito reindeer (22)
2007_12_15_20:50:11.835   074.038.073.xxx   merry xmas from fairmont mn
2007_12_15_20:50:29.646   205.188.116.xxx   ey ye yey
2007_12_15_20:51:22.786   074.038.073.xxx   wheres penni lover?
2007_12_15_20:51:23.664   069.019.014.xxx   use the scratch & sniff monitor (23)
2007_12_15_20:52:00.474   205.188.116.xxx   whered he come from (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_15_20:52:08.033   069.019.014.xxx   Hello Alek from Shadow (24)
2007_12_15_20:52:18.897   074.038.073.xxx   the roses wish you a merry xmas
2007_12_15_20:52:45.833   069.019.014.xxx   He came from the party (25)
2007_12_15_20:52:53.205   074.038.073.xxx   look over here alec
2007_12_15_20:53:12.827   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Just popping in for a minute - party is going great downstairs! ***ALEK***
2007_12_15_20:53:25.636   076.010.140.xxx   This is so cool
2007_12_15_20:53:26.065   074.038.073.xxx   wave hello
2007_12_15_20:53:48.766   064.136.049.xxx   hello
2007_12_15_20:53:57.016   069.019.014.xxx   NICE! (26)
2007_12_15_20:54:41.470   064.136.049.xxx   do a little dance
2007_12_15_20:55:06.047   012.219.144.xxx   more booze!!!!!!
2007_12_15_20:55:36.014   012.219.144.xxx   Look Booze---_______________
2007_12_15_20:55:56.908   012.219.144.xxx   ________________________
2007_12_15_20:56:17.806   076.010.140.xxx   Hello Brandon
2007_12_15_20:56:19.536   074.038.073.xxx   awsome show
2007_12_15_20:58:14.672   064.136.049.xxx   do a dance
2007_12_15_20:58:29.172   074.038.073.xxx   merry xmas (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_15_21:00:00.150   064.136.049.xxx   hello everyone
2007_12_15_21:01:39.291   071.173.000.xxx   sammie and david
2007_12_15_21:01:41.925   064.136.049.xxx   where is everyone from
2007_12_15_21:01:44.837   012.217.197.xxx   This Rocks!!!
2007_12_15_21:02:11.309   071.173.000.xxx   i love you sammie
2007_12_15_21:02:24.168   064.136.049.xxx   where is everyone from
2007_12_15_21:02:49.862   071.127.043.xxx   mars
2007_12_15_21:03:07.028   071.173.000.xxx   hey this is david sheaffer , I  love you Sammie.... ___3
2007_12_15_21:04:14.486   064.136.049.xxx   hey this is hp
2007_12_15_21:04:27.271   069.019.014.xxx   Galena, Alaska (27)
2007_12_15_21:04:56.510   064.136.049.xxx   hello out there
2007_12_15_21:05:36.048   069.019.014.xxx   dont forget to donate! (28)
2007_12_15_21:06:12.685   064.136.049.xxx   wave to everyone
2007_12_15_21:07:28.962   069.019.014.xxx   ((((())))) (29)
2007_12_15_21:08:20.232   064.136.049.xxx   ( . ) ( . ) (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_15_21:09:28.928   069.019.014.xxx   burrito reindeer loves visitors (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_15_21:10:05.837   064.136.049.xxx   wave to everyone (11)
2007_12_15_21:10:31.335   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Almost time for dessert downstairs - lotsa chocolates - YUMMM! ***ALEK***
2007_12_15_21:10:54.446   064.136.049.xxx   wave already (12)
2007_12_15_21:11:05.267   067.008.010.xxx   Hey Hulk...it's sounddude from OEP. Merry Christmas!
2007_12_15_21:14:22.012   069.019.014.xxx   47 minutes left (31)
2007_12_15_21:16:50.999   067.008.010.xxx   Good Night and Merry Christmas from the Sounddude!
2007_12_15_21:21:06.545   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** White Elephant Gift Exchange about to fire up - should be nutty/crazy/fun ***ALEK***
2007_12_15_21:21:15.330   068.192.012.xxx   oh hai
2007_12_15_21:22:16.789   071.056.188.xxx   hello from Mechanicsville, va
2007_12_15_21:22:30.802   070.226.025.xxx   the garage lights r on
2007_12_15_21:23:09.934   069.019.014.xxx   I know I turned them on (32)
2007_12_15_21:24:41.669   076.026.209.xxx   Great Fun
2007_12_15_21:25:07.346   068.032.086.xxx   Wow!! This is really a cool site!!!
2007_12_15_21:25:22.798   069.019.014.xxx   36 minutes left (33)
2007_12_15_21:25:44.228   068.032.086.xxx   I love you so much Sharon!!!!
2007_12_15_21:26:05.973   069.019.014.xxx   I do too! (34)
2007_12_15_21:26:33.942   068.032.086.xxx   LOL.. This is fun
2007_12_15_21:27:06.225   068.032.086.xxx   Hello from Snowy Michigan!!!
2007_12_15_21:27:07.540   069.019.014.xxx   tacos for burrito reindeer (35)
2007_12_15_21:31:48.040   076.026.209.xxx   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All
2007_12_15_21:31:54.526   071.056.188.xxx   Feliz Navidad
2007_12_15_21:33:20.080   070.226.025.xxx   the lights in the garage r on.
2007_12_15_21:33:49.053   069.019.014.xxx   I turned the on (36)
2007_12_15_21:34:28.136   070.226.025.xxx   the lights inside the garage kee word IN!!!!
2007_12_15_21:35:03.999   069.019.014.xxx   hidden link on the burrito reindeer page (37)
2007_12_15_21:36:34.817   076.026.209.xxx   turn on all the lights they go out soon
2007_12_15_21:37:06.462   069.019.014.xxx   21 minutes left (38)
2007_12_15_21:37:32.839   076.026.209.xxx   ina hendry is the best mom
2007_12_15_21:39:16.081   069.019.014.xxx   you can say that (39)
2007_12_15_21:42:34.930   076.026.209.xxx   anyone else want a red rider bb gun?
2007_12_15_21:43:02.454   069.019.014.xxx   Alek is doing jello shots right now (40 IM's so far today)
2007_12_15_21:43:05.800   075.021.100.xxx   You'll shoot your eye out!!!!
2007_12_15_21:44:30.465   076.026.209.xxx   merry christmas everyone
2007_12_15_21:44:38.706   069.019.014.xxx   I have one that all the cast gave to me (41)
2007_12_15_21:45:20.190   088.107.001.xxx   Hi Sensuous from Andrew The Great
2007_12_15_21:46:13.021   069.019.014.xxx   14 minutes (42)
2007_12_15_21:46:23.994   075.021.100.xxx   I believe in Santa, I do, I do, I do
2007_12_15_21:46:25.068   076.026.209.xxx   this is a great setup thanks for the early xmas present
2007_12_15_21:47:52.705   075.021.100.xxx   I believe in Santa, I really do
2007_12_15_21:49:13.442   069.019.014.xxx   I believe in the BURRITO REINDEER (43)
2007_12_15_21:50:08.564   072.145.141.xxx   Hello from  Georgia! Merry Christmas
2007_12_15_21:52:48.758   069.019.014.xxx   Hello to Texas (44)
2007_12_15_21:53:47.940   088.107.001.xxx   Yay! Merry Christmas to all at the Daily Rotten, from Andy. :-)
2007_12_15_21:54:43.687   069.019.014.xxx   I wonder if Alek can walk a strait line tonite (45)
2007_12_15_21:59:35.956   069.019.014.xxx   Good nite from Galena, Alaska (46)

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