519 christmas text messages on 2007/1216

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 10,096 times that day including 6,243 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1216

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2007_12_16_16:52:06.910   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Starting to get dark ... so just turned on the X10 Controls a bit early ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_16_16:53:56.440   076.017.087.xxx   gogogo
2007_12_16_16:54:07.457   076.178.002.xxx   Hello Santa!
2007_12_16_16:54:21.815   071.164.013.xxx   Hi Alek
2007_12_16_16:55:23.763   071.164.013.xxx   what white elephant gift did you receive last night?
2007_12_16_16:55:26.014   076.178.002.xxx   My son, whose birthday is today, says hello as well.
2007_12_16_16:55:38.256   086.020.180.xxx   happy christmas to you and your family from sher
2007_12_16_16:55:59.949   076.178.028.xxx   yay hello everyone-brandon
2007_12_16_16:56:26.898   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Saw a twenty+ foot Santa an hour ago - will upload pictures later tonight ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_16_16:57:23.379   071.164.013.xxx   cool
2007_12_16_17:00:28.459   065.190.150.xxx   cake is good!!!!
2007_12_16_17:01:12.095   071.164.013.xxx   Alek Komarnitsky made international news
2007_12_16_17:01:52.889   065.190.150.xxx   this is the coolest!
2007_12_16_17:01:59.544   086.020.180.xxx   hi stephen hall
2007_12_16_17:02:22.903   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** It was just in the local Denver paper - no international that I know of (?) ***ALEK***
2007_12_16_17:02:43.821   071.164.013.xxx   I voted for you Alek!
2007_12_16_17:03:41.203   065.190.150.xxx   i like this thing (p.s. keep homer on)
2007_12_16_17:03:48.675   071.164.013.xxx   that's how the article starts out....
2007_12_16_17:04:47.137   065.190.150.xxx   oh yeah! i like it here!
2007_12_16_17:06:35.762   068.047.105.xxx   you have out done yourself----Thank you
2007_12_16_17:07:04.495   086.020.180.xxx   happy xmas to everyone from the uk
2007_12_16_17:07:43.706   065.190.150.xxx   i got a neighbor who makes a light show like this.
2007_12_16_17:10:24.362   065.190.150.xxx   have a awesome christmas!!!
2007_12_16_17:11:31.116   075.072.073.xxx   ZOMG HAX
2007_12_16_17:12:04.606   202.037.048.xxx   boo.. ___)
2007_12_16_17:12:16.954   065.190.150.xxx   press the GRRRR!!! button.
2007_12_16_17:13:24.836   065.190.150.xxx   got to go!!!
2007_12_16_17:15:05.813   151.118.008.xxx   haha this is funny
2007_12_16_17:15:23.307   075.072.073.xxx   STOP MESSING MY STUFF UP :(
2007_12_16_17:15:43.576   151.118.008.xxx   psssh hahah
2007_12_16_17:15:57.201   075.072.073.xxx   jerk :(
2007_12_16_17:17:37.236   075.072.073.xxx   turn it all off
2007_12_16_17:17:53.156   024.155.207.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2007_12_16_17:18:18.010   075.072.073.xxx   mERYY TURN IT ALL OFF
2007_12_16_17:18:51.417   068.196.160.xxx   jingle bells
2007_12_16_17:19:08.322   075.072.073.xxx   you fail....
2007_12_16_17:19:42.376   071.193.255.xxx   good night
2007_12_16_17:19:44.721   075.072.073.xxx   lol
2007_12_16_17:20:03.306   202.037.048.xxx   gasp..
2007_12_16_17:20:22.092   024.155.207.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_16_17:20:25.890   075.072.073.xxx   does this annoy the nieghbors?
2007_12_16_17:20:57.694   090.208.195.xxx   Why was Alek pointing at the laptop
2007_12_16_17:21:24.286   075.072.073.xxx   does this annoy the neighbors?
2007_12_16_17:21:55.779   071.164.013.xxx   I was just reading his impressive bio
2007_12_16_17:22:19.731   075.072.073.xxx   does this annoy his neighbors? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_16_17:23:06.473   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Neighbors think it is a hoot - kids love it - see the FAQ ***ALEK***
2007_12_16_17:23:23.373   071.229.143.xxx   pick up hulk
2007_12_16_17:23:33.306   075.072.073.xxx   oh cool, how much does all this cost? (11)
2007_12_16_17:25:31.586   075.072.073.xxx   well, you should also do a music one so its coriographed to music (12)
2007_12_16_17:26:21.080   024.155.207.xxx   THis is great!  I would think your neighbors enjoy it & that it doesn't annoy t
2007_12_16_17:28:11.741   075.072.073.xxx   X10 Controls toggled 1,268 times (includes 735 overloads) today (13)
2007_12_16_17:28:28.113   071.131.214.xxx   hi!!
2007_12_16_17:28:38.618   075.072.073.xxx   HI (14)
2007_12_16_17:28:57.723   071.131.214.xxx   are you a real person?
2007_12_16_17:29:22.064   075.072.073.xxx   yes i am (15)
2007_12_16_17:29:25.519   068.187.045.xxx   my name is justin garrrett
2007_12_16_17:29:27.917   072.155.180.xxx   Happy Holidays to you and yours!
2007_12_16_17:29:45.518   071.131.214.xxx   woah! happy holidays
2007_12_16_17:29:48.056   075.072.073.xxx   THE CAKE IS A LIE! (16)
2007_12_16_17:30:22.749   068.187.045.xxx   ********23
2007_12_16_17:30:53.159   068.187.045.xxx   hay
2007_12_16_17:32:06.392   075.072.073.xxx   horses eat hay (17)
2007_12_16_17:33:17.398   075.072.073.xxx   OMG SANTA IS CLIMBING LADDER :O (18)
2007_12_16_17:33:20.846   066.110.225.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_16_17:33:43.351   071.164.013.xxx   Alek--r u a rocket scientist?
2007_12_16_17:34:06.494   172.141.091.xxx   i love yvonne
2007_12_16_17:34:26.442   075.072.073.xxx   what?? (19)
2007_12_16_17:35:00.022   075.072.073.xxx   kthxbai (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_16_17:36:25.175   071.164.013.xxx   PYOTB Alek!
2007_12_16_17:36:34.011   070.058.185.xxx   Happy Holiday
2007_12_16_17:37:06.180   070.058.185.xxx   Cool Display
2007_12_16_17:37:38.630   070.058.185.xxx   Hello
2007_12_16_17:38:06.274   070.058.185.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_16_17:38:24.345   071.164.013.xxx   he's baaaaaaack (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_16_17:39:03.592   071.164.013.xxx   Raaaaaaaaaai-neeeeeeeeer-beeeeeeeeeeeer (11)
2007_12_16_17:39:05.709   099.240.181.xxx   Merry Christmas from Ottawa where we've had more than a foot of snow today
2007_12_16_17:39:37.672   090.208.195.xxx   Hi Alek, Any chance of a wave to SHHS techs
2007_12_16_17:39:54.482   071.164.013.xxx   Lucky you Ottawa--wish we had snow in Wash. state (12)
2007_12_16_17:40:20.987   071.164.013.xxx   NICE! (13)
2007_12_16_17:40:25.894   066.110.225.xxx   Hello There :)
2007_12_16_17:40:49.325   071.164.013.xxx   Thanks for the wave Alek! (14)
2007_12_16_17:41:28.179   071.164.013.xxx   havin' a cuppa joe (15)
2007_12_16_17:42:45.618   099.240.181.xxx   Its fun to control. lights!
2007_12_16_17:42:54.124   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** You are welcome - Hot Cocoa with a dash of Kaluha - yummy! ***ALEK***
2007_12_16_17:44:14.814   071.218.025.xxx   Alek - Happy Holidays - Gary H from LMSS !
2007_12_16_17:44:53.264   071.185.182.xxx   w00t
2007_12_16_17:45:11.448   071.164.013.xxx   poof----he's gone (16)
2007_12_16_17:47:05.632   024.127.178.xxx   Merry Chrismas
2007_12_16_17:49:57.970   071.185.182.xxx   ( _________ )
2007_12_16_17:51:19.968   070.014.136.xxx   merry christmas and God Bless
2007_12_16_17:51:51.737   202.037.048.xxx   there we goo.. all lights up...
2007_12_16_17:52:32.143   202.037.048.xxx   any sounds coming from your xmas decoration?
2007_12_16_17:54:39.678   071.033.202.xxx   Hi Neighbor!
2007_12_16_17:55:12.317   071.033.202.xxx   Checking in from Louisville,co
2007_12_16_17:56:32.271   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Louisville is just down the street - nice community ... and nice Parade of Lights ***ALEK***
2007_12_16_17:57:39.748   067.165.193.xxx   Cool!
2007_12_16_17:58:24.219   024.127.178.xxx   This is Arsome
2007_12_16_17:58:25.004   024.184.070.xxx   Hello again there
2007_12_16_17:58:32.834   064.012.116.xxx   Im going to Hershey to see their display of Christmas lights
2007_12_16_17:59:14.570   067.165.193.xxx   i saw u in the paper
2007_12_16_17:59:20.919   064.012.116.xxx   Christmas Candy Lane at Hershey, Pa
2007_12_16_18:00:42.941   024.184.070.xxx   Alek, I'm trying to save you money here
2007_12_16_18:01:34.819   065.028.035.xxx   Merry Christmas from the Medleys!
2007_12_16_18:01:58.450   067.165.193.xxx   hi
2007_12_16_18:02:41.991   065.028.035.xxx   Merry Christmas from the Medleys!
2007_12_16_18:02:54.217   067.165.193.xxx   beautiful christmas lights. waaaaahaaa. i would get bored if iw ere you!!
2007_12_16_18:07:01.727   070.073.108.xxx   ho ------ ho ------ ho
2007_12_16_18:07:29.491   071.164.013.xxx   Ho Ho Ho to you
2007_12_16_18:07:34.787   070.073.108.xxx   hi from Calgary Canada
2007_12_16_18:07:41.516   067.165.193.xxx   kirsten, will you marry me?
2007_12_16_18:07:59.882   070.073.108.xxx   YES
2007_12_16_18:08:20.697   071.164.013.xxx   Merry Clickmas!   lol (17)
2007_12_16_18:09:03.736   070.073.108.xxx   Is that a real person back there??? Or is he a puppet?
2007_12_16_18:09:25.370   067.165.193.xxx   I love you kirsten. 4ever bby.
2007_12_16_18:09:46.687   070.073.108.xxx   Ohhhh and I love you!!!
2007_12_16_18:10:24.359   071.164.013.xxx   Alek--u must be addicted to this too! (18)
2007_12_16_18:10:59.224   067.165.193.xxx   alek you are a genius. way to go.
2007_12_16_18:12:58.424   024.008.017.xxx   Ever coming back to LMC
2007_12_16_18:13:05.137   071.164.013.xxx   sounds like a fun partay last nite (19)
2007_12_16_18:13:36.158   024.179.181.xxx   i bet there were a lot of fun parties last night
2007_12_16_18:13:41.725   071.164.013.xxx   was the white elephant gift exchange a hoot? (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_16_18:14:20.674   071.164.013.xxx   Mohitos----sounds yummerz (21)
2007_12_16_18:14:53.886   068.113.043.xxx   hola
2007_12_16_18:15:02.106   071.164.013.xxx   Alek--u get many ppl driving by your house? (22)
2007_12_16_18:15:57.318   067.161.212.xxx   h*** yeah.
2007_12_16_18:16:15.103   066.227.136.xxx   Hi alek wave
2007_12_16_18:16:28.030   070.226.014.xxx   what time is it?
2007_12_16_18:16:50.199   071.164.013.xxx   Alek already waved--sorry u missed it (23)
2007_12_16_18:17:25.519   071.164.013.xxx   time is 18:17 cmon! (24)
2007_12_16_18:18:16.584   071.164.013.xxx   thanks Alek (25)
2007_12_16_18:20:34.416   071.164.013.xxx   Alek--I notice u always remove ur gla**** first--HA! (26)
2007_12_16_18:21:18.544   071.164.013.xxx   what is wrong with s s e s ? (27)
2007_12_16_18:21:41.437   070.226.014.xxx   gla****
2007_12_16_18:22:01.567   070.226.014.xxx   GLa****
2007_12_16_18:22:50.049   071.164.013.xxx   ha ha ha ha (28)
2007_12_16_18:22:54.821   099.240.181.xxx   hi we got 2 feet of snow in ottawa
2007_12_16_18:23:31.910   071.164.013.xxx   wow Alek----that is a GInormous Santa!!!! (29)
2007_12_16_18:23:57.331   070.226.014.xxx   we got 7inches ofsnow in Toledo ohio
2007_12_16_18:24:53.390   099.240.181.xxx   merry christmas dudes
2007_12_16_18:25:12.741   071.164.013.xxx   got it set as my desktop background! (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_16_18:25:36.452   068.103.046.xxx   jjl___jkl-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2007_12_16_18:25:42.833   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, check out the blog - just posted MONSTER Santa picture - D'OH!!! ***ALEK***
2007_12_16_18:26:25.132   071.164.013.xxx   Alek---how come I can't type (gla****)? g l a s s e s? (31)
2007_12_16_18:28:02.051   071.164.013.xxx   Survivor finale tonight!!!!! (32)
2007_12_16_18:28:57.671   099.240.181.xxx   only 9 days till christmas!!!!
2007_12_16_18:29:02.127   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** There a profanity filter 071 - unfortunately needed every once in a while - sig ***ALEK***
2007_12_16_18:29:29.381   075.071.128.xxx   ___-___
2007_12_16_18:30:03.140   071.164.013.xxx   so I guess it doesn't like sses  s s e s (33)
2007_12_16_18:30:55.189   099.240.181.xxx   only 9 days till christmas
2007_12_16_18:31:05.454   071.164.013.xxx   oh I get it --has to do with the 'a' prior to sses--HA (34)
2007_12_16_18:32:03.309   086.160.123.xxx   Hi Alek from West Yorkshire x
2007_12_16_18:32:30.284   071.179.097.xxx   Because being a pilot rocks that hard...
2007_12_16_18:32:38.279   099.240.181.xxx   goodnighttoallandtoallagoodnight
2007_12_16_18:33:22.627   208.104.157.xxx   hello all
2007_12_16_18:34:41.265   071.179.097.xxx   Being a pilot rocks that hard...
2007_12_16_18:34:42.869   071.237.089.xxx   Happy Holidays from Boulder, CO.
2007_12_16_18:35:49.278   071.173.000.xxx   merry christmas from lock haven
2007_12_16_18:37:33.713   071.173.000.xxx   love you samantha
2007_12_16_18:38:00.682   071.164.013.xxx   Big Winter Storm Pummels Northeast (35)
2007_12_16_18:42:51.511   065.095.193.xxx   SNOW DAY!
2007_12_16_18:43:35.027   065.095.193.xxx   Alek i donated 2nd year doing so
2007_12_16_18:44:44.048   065.095.193.xxx   I donated ___**** (which isnt much on how much i get paid)
2007_12_16_18:45:17.314   065.095.193.xxx   Sorry i cant say how much =(
2007_12_16_18:46:05.792   071.164.013.xxx   one million dollars! (36)
2007_12_16_18:46:09.269   071.238.054.xxx   I hate when people have to cuss just to seem big
2007_12_16_18:46:58.559   065.095.193.xxx   So alek how's the kids?
2007_12_16_18:47:12.877   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks for all the donations - monster Santa's appreciate it too!   ___-) ***ALEK***
2007_12_16_18:47:25.212   070.232.050.xxx   Love Your Site
2007_12_16_18:51:28.366   071.164.013.xxx   Candy Cane Lane (37)
2007_12_16_18:52:20.114   071.164.013.xxx   247 ppl viewing Christmas lights--holy moley (38)
2007_12_16_18:53:16.520   071.164.013.xxx   you. need. that. Santa. period.   LOL (39)
2007_12_16_18:59:20.278   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** That twenty foot Inflatable Santa would be awesome! ***ALEK***
2007_12_16_19:02:51.780   064.012.116.xxx   Hey!!!
2007_12_16_19:03:47.216   065.095.193.xxx   Shh santa is watching
2007_12_16_19:06:05.632   065.095.193.xxx   Alek everythin is good!
2007_12_16_19:06:56.001   065.095.193.xxx   Who likes X Mas Cheer? ME ME ME!!!!
2007_12_16_19:07:13.423   071.238.054.xxx   And there's an expample of the spam filter at work
2007_12_16_19:08:30.495   065.095.193.xxx   jeeze people have potty mouthes these days
2007_12_16_19:10:14.182   068.059.160.xxx   boo potty mouth
2007_12_16_19:10:21.701   065.095.193.xxx   And the record breaking ALEK!!!! "Drum roll please" (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_16_19:10:46.587   068.059.160.xxx   hooray beer!
2007_12_16_19:11:16.615   065.095.193.xxx   Yummy, Dont overload it =-P (11)
2007_12_16_19:14:47.204   130.065.109.xxx   Carlito was here
2007_12_16_19:16:09.950   068.116.141.xxx   Hello from Fort Worth, Texas
2007_12_16_19:16:35.392   130.065.109.xxx   i love coming here every year to check out the lights
2007_12_16_19:19:38.631   068.209.248.xxx   You have done an amazing job with all of your christmas lights!
2007_12_16_19:20:36.193   075.120.161.xxx   Hello from Arkansas !!!
2007_12_16_19:21:19.714   075.120.161.xxx   wave at us!!!  Merry Christmas !!!
2007_12_16_19:21:42.017   068.209.248.xxx   Hi from Georgia!
2007_12_16_19:25:27.908   207.200.116.xxx   Hi this is Rachael from Centennial
2007_12_16_19:25:37.771   082.077.102.xxx   mayday mayday! dumb reindeer on fire again
2007_12_16_19:25:49.198   209.097.087.xxx   hello from ben
2007_12_16_19:26:02.121   207.200.116.xxx   HI From Nicole Raymond
2007_12_16_19:26:14.056   071.136.067.xxx   yippie! No snow in Oceanside, California! Greetings from SDRado
2007_12_16_19:26:53.960   207.200.116.xxx   Thanks and we love you
2007_12_16_19:27:54.986   207.200.116.xxx   Hi from Nicole and Rachael Raymond
2007_12_16_19:28:35.091   071.136.067.xxx   God Bless Us All! :-)
2007_12_16_19:30:56.486   207.200.116.xxx   I love you
2007_12_16_19:31:32.473   207.200.116.xxx   I love youI love co
2007_12_16_19:31:34.929   071.238.054.xxx   I love submitting this form!
2007_12_16_19:32:34.768   068.209.248.xxx   We love Colorado!
2007_12_16_19:32:51.145   071.238.054.xxx   No he's not don't believe him kids he a big lier
2007_12_16_19:33:10.777   068.209.248.xxx   Colorado is awesome
2007_12_16_19:33:45.815   068.209.248.xxx   Ho Ho Ho
2007_12_16_19:34:28.896   068.209.248.xxx   Ho Ho Ho
2007_12_16_19:37:48.985   068.209.248.xxx   Hi from McDonough, Georgia! Love your lights!
2007_12_16_19:37:55.242   071.074.253.xxx   Great job on the Xmas decorations and website from
2007_12_16_19:37:58.314   076.248.171.xxx   Merry Christmas! Thanks for the fun!
2007_12_16_19:39:26.664   068.209.248.xxx   Merry Christmas from the Murphy's
2007_12_16_19:39:43.327   071.074.253.xxx   Merry Christmas from Ohio!!
2007_12_16_19:41:19.727   082.077.102.xxx   hey, it's kyle!
2007_12_16_19:41:56.762   071.074.253.xxx   Hey to Kyle!
2007_12_16_19:42:42.375   071.238.054.xxx   type something kyle!
2007_12_16_19:42:49.647   078.092.057.xxx   hello gecc!!!
2007_12_16_19:43:39.264   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Kyle says: It's my Mom's birthday tomorrow! ***ALEK***
2007_12_16_19:44:03.887   070.130.189.xxx   Wow, too cool. Thanks for the p**k at your stuff.
2007_12_16_19:44:28.396   088.107.087.xxx   Hello everyone!
2007_12_16_19:44:52.258   070.130.189.xxx   Hrm .. it doesn't like the word p-e-e-k
2007_12_16_19:44:53.189   082.077.102.xxx   happy b-day to your mom
2007_12_16_19:45:40.618   082.077.102.xxx   what'd you get her?
2007_12_16_19:47:57.822   071.074.253.xxx   Hi to Alek and the boys! Merry Christmas!
2007_12_16_19:52:03.415   070.130.189.xxx   I could have had a V-8
2007_12_16_19:53:18.163   088.107.087.xxx   Please could you face the camera?
2007_12_16_19:54:08.659   076.185.180.xxx   hi
2007_12_16_19:54:14.815   068.209.248.xxx   Awww thanks for the closeup :-)
2007_12_16_19:54:23.743   082.077.102.xxx   that was odd
2007_12_16_19:54:32.240   088.107.087.xxx   And I didn't think you were paying attention what we were typing.
2007_12_16_19:55:13.023   068.209.248.xxx   Are you close to Colorado Springs by chance? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_16_19:55:33.337   076.185.180.xxx   how come we can't deflate the hulk?
2007_12_16_19:56:11.220   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Do you think the Hulk would LIKE to be deflated - GRRR! ***ALEK***
2007_12_16_19:57:44.727   076.185.180.xxx   he might
2007_12_16_19:57:45.012   068.209.248.xxx   Not the hulk I remember! :-) (11)
2007_12_16_19:59:05.294   068.209.248.xxx   wow how long does it take you to set all of this up? (12)
2007_12_16_19:59:24.447   076.185.180.xxx   i like homer
2007_12_16_19:59:33.110   088.107.087.xxx   Hi from Wales United Kingdom, Love your site!
2007_12_16_20:00:43.234   088.107.087.xxx   Your electricity bill must be extreme?
2007_12_16_20:00:59.925   074.229.219.xxx   hi from middleburg florida
2007_12_16_20:02:18.577   076.185.180.xxx   hi from plano texas
2007_12_16_20:04:26.950   088.107.087.xxx   3:04am in Britain, I should be asleep.
2007_12_16_20:06:16.605   071.191.038.xxx   Ernie Rules
2007_12_16_20:07:03.931   072.213.000.xxx   hello craig
2007_12_16_20:07:15.511   072.083.106.xxx   Verahnice!
2007_12_16_20:11:26.683   070.057.042.xxx   hi mikes
2007_12_16_20:12:28.529   070.057.042.xxx   i like pie!!!
2007_12_16_20:12:54.495   071.164.013.xxx   Everyone needs to read the FAQ! (40 IM's so far today)
2007_12_16_20:13:01.782   070.057.042.xxx   this is the coolest site ever merry christmas!
2007_12_16_20:13:29.932   071.164.013.xxx   Happy Birthday to Wendy!!! (41)
2007_12_16_20:15:48.299   071.164.013.xxx   buh bye again Alek (42)
2007_12_16_20:16:20.992   075.057.203.xxx   Is this really real, if it is can you wave
2007_12_16_20:16:23.694   071.164.013.xxx   ummmm I thought u were leaving sorry (43)
2007_12_16_20:16:57.256   075.057.203.xxx   GO BEARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_16_20:17:02.566   088.107.087.xxx   Just sent you ___1.02 by PayPal.
2007_12_16_20:17:11.320   071.245.001.xxx   no
2007_12_16_20:19:31.577   024.023.106.xxx   No smiling! :) :) :)
2007_12_16_20:19:53.875   088.107.087.xxx   Goodnight everyone!
2007_12_16_20:19:56.114   024.198.046.xxx   GOOD EVENING FROM THE iss
2007_12_16_20:19:58.359   071.164.013.xxx   am cookin' a raspberry pie (44)
2007_12_16_20:20:41.274   024.198.046.xxx   Hello from the ISS
2007_12_16_20:20:51.377   088.107.087.xxx   Goodnight, it's past my bedtime.
2007_12_16_20:21:20.627   024.198.046.xxx   good night from the ISS
2007_12_16_20:22:45.389   071.164.013.xxx   What is the ISS? (45)
2007_12_16_20:24:06.529   024.198.046.xxx   International Space Station
2007_12_16_20:24:20.649   071.164.013.xxx   nah......really? (46)
2007_12_16_20:24:39.185   024.198.046.xxx   good night from the ISS
2007_12_16_20:24:39.278   024.166.247.xxx   wave
2007_12_16_20:25:07.242   071.164.013.xxx   waz in the box Alek? (47)
2007_12_16_20:25:11.425   024.198.046.xxx   The lights look fantastic from space
2007_12_16_20:25:32.901   075.070.154.xxx   nice box
2007_12_16_20:25:52.639   076.178.028.xxx   is the ISS here tonight?
2007_12_16_20:26:18.346   024.198.046.xxx   good night from the ISS
2007_12_16_20:26:40.933   076.178.028.xxx   goodnight ISS
2007_12_16_20:26:55.617   024.166.247.xxx   no somebody acting like he is the ISS! what a joke
2007_12_16_20:27:30.157   074.229.219.xxx   Merry Christmas to my wonderful husband
2007_12_16_20:28:01.711   065.025.051.xxx   you space men go to bed early?
2007_12_16_20:28:11.715   074.062.234.xxx   Aloha and Mele Kalikimaka from Kauai, Hawaii
2007_12_16_20:29:22.332   071.164.013.xxx   I don't believe that msg was from ISS (48)
2007_12_16_20:29:30.727   075.070.154.xxx   merry christmas to charlie sr and jr. in boulder
2007_12_16_20:29:47.613   065.025.051.xxx   hi from sharon in ohio
2007_12_16_20:29:49.271   071.164.013.xxx   do you Alek? (49)
2007_12_16_20:30:26.624   071.164.013.xxx   I wasn't born yesterday! (50 IM's so far today)
2007_12_16_20:30:55.644   075.070.154.xxx   merry christmas to charlie sr and jr. in boulder
2007_12_16_20:31:15.206   071.164.013.xxx   ______chuckles______ (51)
2007_12_16_20:31:42.024   075.070.154.xxx   merry christmas to charlie sr and jr. in boulder
2007_12_16_20:33:19.656   071.164.013.xxx   enuf Charlies (52)
2007_12_16_20:34:04.741   070.059.022.xxx   Merry Christmas, Millers!
2007_12_16_20:34:10.065   071.164.013.xxx   what the heck u doin' Alek? (53)
2007_12_16_20:34:41.342   071.164.013.xxx   careful.....don't get a shock! (54)
2007_12_16_20:35:45.754   071.164.013.xxx   have u heard of Olive---the other reindeer? (55)
2007_12_16_20:36:44.094   071.238.054.xxx   I hated that show... Sorry if u liked it
2007_12_16_20:37:37.026   071.238.054.xxx   whoa crazy shirt alek
2007_12_16_20:37:42.886   075.070.154.xxx   merry christmas to steve and lia
2007_12_16_20:37:44.959   065.025.051.xxx   todd wins survivor
2007_12_16_20:38:01.962   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Busy cleaning my office ... I mean Santa's Workshop! ***ALEK***
2007_12_16_20:38:09.074   075.070.154.xxx   merry christmas to steve and lia
2007_12_16_20:39:00.253   065.025.051.xxx   anyone like the snowman cam?
2007_12_16_20:39:43.793   065.025.051.xxx   i do
2007_12_16_20:40:37.458   071.164.013.xxx   u brat who said who won Survivor!!! (56)
2007_12_16_20:41:18.315   065.025.051.xxx   lol
2007_12_16_20:41:40.552   071.164.013.xxx   gots ta keep Santa's place ship shape! (57)
2007_12_16_20:41:44.255   070.017.111.xxx   ok, who's going to complain xmas is a commercial racket?
2007_12_16_20:41:45.112   131.212.128.xxx   hi from d, MN
2007_12_16_20:42:26.665   070.017.111.xxx   this guy is not so green.   give it up!
2007_12_16_20:43:11.778   071.164.013.xxx   The brat lives in Doylestown!!! (58)
2007_12_16_20:44:07.788   065.025.051.xxx   no  wadsworth
2007_12_16_20:44:57.396   071.164.013.xxx   well....close right? (59)
2007_12_16_20:45:51.861   065.025.051.xxx   yeah really close
2007_12_16_20:46:24.300   071.164.013.xxx   lol (60 IM's so far today)
2007_12_16_20:46:25.107   071.049.039.xxx   hi people
2007_12_16_20:46:55.412   071.164.013.xxx   y shouldn't have spoiled it! (61)
2007_12_16_20:47:02.652   065.025.051.xxx   hey baby
2007_12_16_20:47:11.476   071.049.039.xxx   merry christmas
2007_12_16_20:47:46.222   065.025.051.xxx   sorry lol (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_16_20:48:03.037   071.164.013.xxx   I've had 61 IM's so far today--WOW! (62)
2007_12_16_20:49:07.710   024.009.215.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_16_20:49:20.719   131.212.128.xxx   great site, i love it
2007_12_16_20:49:38.872   024.009.215.xxx   wave high to ur camera
2007_12_16_20:50:25.804   065.025.051.xxx   he wont (11)
2007_12_16_20:50:44.130   024.009.215.xxx   thats ok
2007_12_16_20:50:57.037   071.164.013.xxx   he's already done it twice tonight! (63)
2007_12_16_20:51:18.588   024.009.215.xxx   Bravo!!!
2007_12_16_20:51:30.128   071.164.013.xxx   thanks Alek----you Rock!!!! (64)
2007_12_16_20:51:32.647   065.025.051.xxx   we like you anyway (12)
2007_12_16_20:51:55.944   199.045.163.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_16_20:52:05.081   071.164.013.xxx   he did it!!! (65)
2007_12_16_20:52:33.079   071.164.013.xxx   Alek is da bomb! (66)
2007_12_16_20:52:33.141   071.197.193.xxx   this is sweet
2007_12_16_20:53:08.925   071.197.193.xxx   shout out from PSU!!!
2007_12_16_20:53:15.831   024.009.215.xxx   i could have so much fun with this!!
2007_12_16_20:53:28.442   065.025.051.xxx   love you alex (13)
2007_12_16_20:54:22.170   071.197.193.xxx   i wish i could donate money :(
2007_12_16_20:55:09.164   024.009.215.xxx   This is so cool
2007_12_16_20:55:37.885   070.187.155.xxx   rusty is a big jerk
2007_12_16_20:55:59.111   138.089.169.xxx   diz iz cool
2007_12_16_20:56:07.008   065.025.051.xxx   rusty? (14)
2007_12_16_20:56:19.500   071.197.193.xxx   nail
2007_12_16_20:56:27.948   070.187.155.xxx   yeh my brother
2007_12_16_20:56:46.898   138.089.169.xxx   f***
2007_12_16_20:56:54.246   071.197.193.xxx   seattle, wa rocks!
2007_12_16_20:57:25.149   138.089.169.xxx   who da h*** is da dude in the back
2007_12_16_20:57:33.543   071.164.013.xxx   Seattle, (67)
2007_12_16_20:57:46.878   071.229.143.xxx   Can U poke The Hulk?
2007_12_16_20:57:57.030   065.025.051.xxx   alex (15)
2007_12_16_20:58:03.494   024.009.215.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_16_20:58:09.287   071.164.013.xxx   Seattle, WA does indeed ROCK! (68)
2007_12_16_20:58:34.503   071.197.193.xxx   Yes, ineed it does
2007_12_16_20:59:08.306   071.229.143.xxx   How long did it take to set this all up?
2007_12_16_20:59:24.722   071.197.193.xxx   a very long time
2007_12_16_20:59:41.175   070.017.165.xxx   mike tyson
2007_12_16_20:59:47.363   124.171.088.xxx   this is so cool
2007_12_16_20:59:53.731   071.229.143.xxx   Any complaints from neighbors?
2007_12_16_21:00:17.653   131.212.128.xxx   do you program for a living
2007_12_16_21:00:22.687   024.009.215.xxx   We live in Colorado too
2007_12_16_21:00:25.981   076.224.033.xxx   hey this is pretty nice, must be a pain to the neighbors
2007_12_16_21:00:27.368   124.171.088.xxx   wow im like 15 this is like the best thing i hav ever seen how can i do this
2007_12_16_21:00:53.087   071.164.013.xxx   Yeah Puget Sound University! (69)
2007_12_16_21:00:53.471   124.171.088.xxx   who is that
2007_12_16_21:00:55.960   071.229.143.xxx   Was that a wizard on the cam?
2007_12_16_21:01:06.882   024.009.215.xxx   Way to show some Christmas Spirit!!
2007_12_16_21:01:45.519   071.164.013.xxx   I missed the wizard (70 IM's so far today)
2007_12_16_21:01:48.145   124.171.088.xxx   hey charlotte
2007_12_16_21:02:00.732   071.229.143.xxx   Do your kids sleep alright with the blinking lights?
2007_12_16_21:02:16.729   124.171.088.xxx   lol
2007_12_16_21:02:20.041   071.164.013.xxx   gonna go now.....thanks Alek!!!! (71)
2007_12_16_21:02:54.567   124.171.088.xxx   s*
2007_12_16_21:03:15.497   071.229.143.xxx   Do your kids like to show this off to their freinds?
2007_12_16_21:03:26.349   124.171.088.xxx   dnt do that
2007_12_16_21:03:33.934   071.238.054.xxx   potty mouth at 21:01
2007_12_16_21:04:19.806   071.229.143.xxx   Thanx for a great shoW!!!
2007_12_16_21:05:05.876   151.205.082.xxx   Merry Christmas to you & your family
2007_12_16_21:05:06.181   071.238.054.xxx   u should set it up like controltheshow
2007_12_16_21:05:16.985   124.171.088.xxx   hey ash
2007_12_16_21:05:36.096   075.172.079.xxx   Hello p**ps
2007_12_16_21:05:53.254   124.171.088.xxx   love u ash
2007_12_16_21:05:55.811   071.229.143.xxx   HI there
2007_12_16_21:06:15.289   124.171.088.xxx   ___) (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_16_21:06:16.272   203.087.121.xxx   heyy!
2007_12_16_21:06:47.923   071.229.143.xxx   Whats ur favorite music? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_16_21:06:57.810   203.087.121.xxx   how are ya ryan?
2007_12_16_21:07:18.826   124.171.088.xxx   gd ash lol (11)
2007_12_16_21:07:29.838   075.070.154.xxx   merry christmas to tim in Iowa
2007_12_16_21:07:54.229   203.087.121.xxx   dats good ryan! whooot
2007_12_16_21:08:16.558   124.171.088.xxx   Australia rocks at 2:38pm (12)
2007_12_16_21:08:26.915   071.229.143.xxx   Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way (11)
2007_12_16_21:09:12.941   071.229.143.xxx   wher'd he go? (12)
2007_12_16_21:09:15.856   068.009.083.xxx   HO ! HO ! HO !
2007_12_16_21:09:51.690   071.229.143.xxx   Have a holly jolly christmas (13)
2007_12_16_21:10:28.691   071.229.143.xxx   How many days did this take to set up? (14)
2007_12_16_21:10:31.439   124.171.088.xxx   ___) (13)
2007_12_16_21:11:04.170   124.171.088.xxx   i want this at my house (14)
2007_12_16_21:11:06.596   068.009.083.xxx   All I want for chirstmas is my two front teeth
2007_12_16_21:11:12.769   071.229.143.xxx   =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) (15)
2007_12_16_21:11:42.867   068.009.083.xxx   ____________
2007_12_16_21:12:45.265   124.171.088.xxx   how do i give money to u (15)
2007_12_16_21:13:09.200   071.229.143.xxx   This rocks my stockings (16)
2007_12_16_21:13:29.915   071.238.054.xxx   no it all goes to the university of maryland he never sees/touches it (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_16_21:13:30.408   072.024.032.xxx   Hoowwdy Hooo!
2007_12_16_21:13:50.836   071.229.143.xxx   Hey there Mr.Hankey (17)
2007_12_16_21:14:10.404   142.059.186.xxx   hi
2007_12_16_21:14:24.114   071.238.054.xxx   you can go to his main site and click on the donate button (11)
2007_12_16_21:14:54.948   124.171.088.xxx   ok (16)
2007_12_16_21:15:39.100   071.229.143.xxx   Lafeyette rulez!!!! (18)
2007_12_16_21:16:03.609   070.238.200.xxx   Windows XP for the win!
2007_12_16_21:16:25.973   071.229.143.xxx   What kind of cookies are you leaving for santa? (19)
2007_12_16_21:16:30.696   071.238.054.xxx   I am currently running vista (12)
2007_12_16_21:18:23.389   201.208.123.xxx   hola les envio mis saludos desde Caracas. Venezuela
2007_12_16_21:18:47.078   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Gluten-Free Cookies are left out for Santa here ...  ___-) ***ALEK***
2007_12_16_21:19:20.608   065.025.051.xxx   yuk (16)
2007_12_16_21:19:49.048   065.025.051.xxx   sorry lol (17)
2007_12_16_21:20:06.002   071.229.143.xxx   I luv santa (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_16_21:20:27.869   201.208.123.xxx   me encanta este website :)
2007_12_16_21:21:49.077   071.238.054.xxx   just looked at his bio and how did u get 9,999,999 points in pinball! (13)
2007_12_16_21:21:53.406   065.025.051.xxx   who turned out the lights (18)
2007_12_16_21:22:06.971   071.229.143.xxx   I love my orange juice (21)
2007_12_16_21:22:27.461   071.145.138.xxx   i love this
2007_12_16_21:22:57.206   071.145.138.xxx   press 1 if ur from PSU
2007_12_16_21:23:38.696   071.229.143.xxx   1 and I started that thread (22)
2007_12_16_21:23:58.946   071.145.138.xxx   lol cool
2007_12_16_21:24:48.979   065.025.051.xxx   i love skull with santa hat (19)
2007_12_16_21:25:01.301   071.229.143.xxx   yep PSP & LAX is pretty cool (23)
2007_12_16_21:25:32.050   071.145.138.xxx   wtf lol look at him
2007_12_16_21:26:12.026   024.107.121.xxx   at who
2007_12_16_21:26:27.395   071.145.138.xxx   that man right their
2007_12_16_21:26:46.279   071.229.143.xxx   see the one in all his glory (24)
2007_12_16_21:26:53.146   024.107.121.xxx   right where?
2007_12_16_21:26:58.629   065.025.051.xxx   cute huh (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_16_21:27:15.582   071.145.138.xxx   u dumbass the one right above the laptop
2007_12_16_21:27:17.376   071.229.143.xxx   yea (25)
2007_12_16_21:27:21.543   024.107.121.xxx   not that I can think of
2007_12_16_21:27:57.796   072.187.006.xxx   Tampa florida in the house  merry xmas to all
2007_12_16_21:28:20.428   071.229.143.xxx   good thing ur neighbors aren't epileptic (26)
2007_12_16_21:28:49.283   065.025.051.xxx   hj florida (21)
2007_12_16_21:28:53.343   024.107.121.xxx   they probably think the inflatables are alive
2007_12_16_21:30:13.518   075.049.082.xxx   1
2007_12_16_21:30:21.324   070.131.086.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_16_21:32:29.694   065.025.051.xxx   i like the lava lamp (22)
2007_12_16_21:33:22.402   065.025.051.xxx   i like climping santa (23)
2007_12_16_21:34:14.205   076.178.086.xxx   santa is a b****
2007_12_16_21:34:44.315   024.107.121.xxx   oops
2007_12_16_21:34:55.418   065.025.051.xxx   no way (24)
2007_12_16_21:35:01.431   024.231.248.xxx   hi
2007_12_16_21:35:25.697   207.200.116.xxx   Happy Holidays
2007_12_16_21:35:26.782   024.107.121.xxx   bye
2007_12_16_21:35:30.276   024.231.248.xxx   ___
2007_12_16_21:35:54.222   071.229.143.xxx   ... (27)
2007_12_16_21:36:32.064   071.229.143.xxx   I love you (28)
2007_12_16_21:36:56.762   024.231.248.xxx   das stimme ich auch
2007_12_16_21:37:11.191   066.074.193.xxx   lol
2007_12_16_21:37:12.820   068.100.246.xxx   Yes me aswell
2007_12_16_21:37:23.410   071.229.143.xxx   YEA GO PSU!!!!! (29)
2007_12_16_21:37:24.184   024.231.248.xxx   :)
2007_12_16_21:37:58.091   071.229.143.xxx   LAcrosse pwns all sports (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_16_21:38:32.859   072.244.063.xxx   Hey! No Penguin???
2007_12_16_21:38:38.597   071.229.143.xxx   123 if u are hooked on psu off-topic (31)
2007_12_16_21:38:44.712   067.177.220.xxx   lights camera action
2007_12_16_21:40:11.026   067.187.129.xxx   testing 1 2 3 testing 1 2 3
2007_12_16_21:40:17.341   024.216.179.xxx   Pretty Lights.
2007_12_16_21:40:19.554   024.107.121.xxx   away with spongebob
2007_12_16_21:40:46.680   067.187.129.xxx   clown luv jugaloz!
2007_12_16_21:40:59.793   070.131.086.xxx   Cool Scene
2007_12_16_21:41:17.095   071.218.216.xxx   Very cool, having fun, n9edk
2007_12_16_21:42:55.981   067.187.129.xxx   252 people viewing Christmas Lights - HOLY MOLEY!
2007_12_16_21:43:00.396   070.131.080.xxx   Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas Family
2007_12_16_21:43:36.259   067.187.129.xxx   ho ho ho is wrong now  some girls get offended!
2007_12_16_21:44:00.973   070.131.080.xxx   aw jeeze
2007_12_16_21:44:22.431   067.187.129.xxx   ICP jugaloz!
2007_12_16_21:44:35.107   076.025.088.xxx   Feliz Navidad
2007_12_16_21:44:39.807   072.220.068.xxx   yo
2007_12_16_21:44:50.874   024.107.121.xxx   ho ho ho haters are a bunch of uptight scrooges
2007_12_16_21:45:12.608   070.017.111.xxx   i highly doubt girls get offended by santas ho ho ho.
2007_12_16_21:45:42.073   070.017.111.xxx   so YOU believe the media and what they say hum?
2007_12_16_21:46:42.091   068.100.246.xxx   Tune in later... on santa's grotto talk....
2007_12_16_21:47:00.276   024.107.121.xxx   ho ho ho or man-made global warming hoax?
2007_12_16_21:47:11.510   072.244.063.xxx   the penguins will be serving egg nog :-)
2007_12_16_21:47:33.894   070.017.111.xxx   heh, can't take it can ya?
2007_12_16_21:47:48.273   072.220.068.xxx   wh here is from psu?
2007_12_16_21:47:52.126   067.183.221.xxx   hello
2007_12_16_21:47:55.217   071.131.214.xxx   HI CARSON!
2007_12_16_21:47:56.127   024.107.121.xxx   can't take what? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_16_21:48:26.785   067.183.221.xxx   George Bush is the worst president in history!
2007_12_16_21:48:29.886   024.107.121.xxx   I'm from psu ... hwhunt13 (11)
2007_12_16_21:48:30.770   071.131.214.xxx   hi carson!
2007_12_16_21:48:51.355   072.220.068.xxx   hey hw im raul777him :D
2007_12_16_21:49:32.446   067.183.221.xxx   nee hao ma
2007_12_16_21:49:46.630   072.187.006.xxx   goodnight everyone tampa fl off to bed peace :)
2007_12_16_21:50:18.652   024.107.121.xxx   the x10 control overloads are annoying (12)
2007_12_16_21:50:40.429   067.183.221.xxx   sahina tahini
2007_12_16_21:51:40.331   068.100.246.xxx   Hi Dude_________
2007_12_16_21:51:56.952   024.107.121.xxx   he's back (13)
2007_12_16_21:52:11.607   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wazzup Web Surfer 068? ***ALEK***
2007_12_16_21:52:12.289   069.019.014.xxx   Hello from Galena, Alaska
2007_12_16_21:52:17.655   068.100.246.xxx   What button controlls him?
2007_12_16_21:52:43.949   072.244.063.xxx   he controls us!
2007_12_16_21:52:52.734   068.100.246.xxx   Nice to see it's carbon nutral
2007_12_16_21:52:54.551   024.107.121.xxx   I don't want to find out (14)
2007_12_16_21:53:01.199   067.183.221.xxx   GW Bush . .. the Saudi Lackey!
2007_12_16_21:53:27.990   072.220.068.xxx   alek call me raul777him :O
2007_12_16_21:54:08.265   071.131.214.xxx   hi emily
2007_12_16_21:54:10.075   068.100.246.xxx   Happy Holidays man on the chair
2007_12_16_21:54:19.391   067.183.221.xxx   Are you ALek?
2007_12_16_21:54:48.083   067.183.221.xxx   Sasha sez u aint real!
2007_12_16_21:55:12.570   072.220.068.xxx   Is this real or fake?
2007_12_16_21:55:29.263   068.100.246.xxx   it's fake
2007_12_16_21:55:49.651   072.220.068.xxx   :(
2007_12_16_21:55:57.653   024.107.121.xxx   you mean the guy in the beige? (15)
2007_12_16_21:56:10.083   068.100.246.xxx   Happy holidays, tho
2007_12_16_21:56:32.335   072.220.068.xxx   i said if everything we control is for real
2007_12_16_21:56:47.460   024.107.121.xxx   actually it's merry chistmas (16)
2007_12_16_21:57:11.290   068.100.246.xxx   yes, it is
2007_12_16_21:57:39.883   072.220.068.xxx   sweet.....
2007_12_16_21:57:52.272   068.100.246.xxx   Soon, the fun will end (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_16_21:58:07.797   096.229.095.xxx   Airwarriors RULES! love skim...
2007_12_16_21:58:20.982   024.107.121.xxx   another 120 secondsto go (17)
2007_12_16_21:58:30.234   068.100.246.xxx   then we'll be stuck in this laptop..... (11)
2007_12_16_21:58:46.471   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, everything shuts down in a minute ... but will be back tomorrow ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_16_21:58:49.783   065.025.051.xxx   whats next alex? (25)
2007_12_16_21:58:53.876   071.142.132.xxx   Merry Chrismas everyone
2007_12_16_21:58:56.355   024.107.121.xxx   60 seconds to go (18)
2007_12_16_21:59:20.658   068.100.246.xxx   Then the neighbours can sleep, rest of the house too (12)
2007_12_16_21:59:26.037   065.025.051.xxx   good night world (26)

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