310 christmas text messages on 2007/1218

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 9,209 times that day including 6,369 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1218

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2007_12_18_16:30:23.446   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Alyson from the UK asks for the lights to be turned on early - OK! ***ALEK***
2007_12_18_16:30:57.751   071.238.054.xxx   thanx
2007_12_18_16:33:54.326   024.198.046.xxx   Good Evening from the ISS
2007_12_18_16:34:30.452   189.068.101.xxx   fELIZ naTAL DO bRASIL
2007_12_18_16:34:37.678   150.208.110.xxx   Love your site
2007_12_18_16:34:41.314   071.238.054.xxx   Vista doesn't reconize my voice darn u vista!
2007_12_18_16:34:47.944   083.067.097.xxx   Hello from Abingdon UK!!!
2007_12_18_16:35:15.725   071.015.114.xxx   hello from denton
2007_12_18_16:36:20.659   143.166.226.xxx   YAY!! DEC 18th!!! woooo
2007_12_18_16:36:40.723   083.067.097.xxx   Cool site!  Thanks Abingdon UK
2007_12_18_16:37:11.571   143.166.226.xxx   OK who wants to sing Christmas Carols??
2007_12_18_16:37:31.828   083.067.097.xxx   You go first!
2007_12_18_16:37:37.767   150.208.110.xxx   Vista dosent like Vixen :(
2007_12_18_16:38:14.046   143.166.226.xxx   Deck the Halls with b***  of Holly... fa lalalala lala lala
2007_12_18_16:38:46.570   143.166.226.xxx   Tis the Season to be Jolly.. Fa lalalala lala la la
2007_12_18_16:39:30.775   083.067.097.xxx   lol Very good!!!!
2007_12_18_16:39:37.551   143.166.226.xxx   come on people!! Sing!! :)
2007_12_18_16:40:19.112   083.067.097.xxx   All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth...........
2007_12_18_16:40:32.593   143.166.226.xxx   my two front teeth
2007_12_18_16:40:40.846   150.208.110.xxx   wow whatever that light is on left side of workshop cam is bright!
2007_12_18_16:40:46.965   069.231.059.xxx   Christmas Hulk Christmas Hulk do de doo de doo
2007_12_18_16:40:57.118   083.067.097.xxx   I'm dreaming of a white christmas.........
2007_12_18_16:41:05.914   143.166.226.xxx   see my two front teeth, gee if I could only have my two front teeth
2007_12_18_16:41:39.040   143.166.226.xxx   oh oh.. the little guy is in charge :O
2007_12_18_16:42:00.986   070.248.007.xxx   AKB48!
2007_12_18_16:42:18.787   143.166.226.xxx   Are you having any fun?  What you getting out of living!
2007_12_18_16:43:38.485   150.208.110.xxx   Are you implying he should kill himself?
2007_12_18_16:44:15.864   086.158.196.xxx   Hello
2007_12_18_16:44:24.894   143.166.226.xxx   yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Marry Christmas (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_18_16:44:55.926   143.166.226.xxx   I wanna live again!! I wanna live again.... (11)
2007_12_18_16:45:33.374   143.166.226.xxx   Clarence!! Take me back!.. please Clarence..., I wanna live again (12)
2007_12_18_16:46:09.218   144.223.008.xxx   sean ward
2007_12_18_16:46:14.028   209.033.124.xxx   Hello from Texas
2007_12_18_16:46:33.250   143.166.226.xxx   howdy Yall down thar in Texas.. (13)
2007_12_18_16:46:41.617   217.095.253.xxx   Greetings from Germany!
2007_12_18_16:47:11.766   209.033.124.xxx   How's the weather in the Black Forrest?
2007_12_18_16:47:21.947   143.166.226.xxx   It's the Grinch who Stole Christmas! (14)
2007_12_18_16:48:25.084   143.166.226.xxx   Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way!... Oh what fun.. (15)
2007_12_18_16:48:39.236   024.094.058.xxx   Hey! Keep the poor guy's christmas lights ON!
2007_12_18_16:48:39.702   083.067.097.xxx   We LOVE the lights!
2007_12_18_16:50:47.040   024.094.058.xxx   Lights! On I say!
2007_12_18_16:51:32.196   083.067.097.xxx   jOY TO THE WORLD.....LA LA LA
2007_12_18_16:51:33.577   024.094.058.xxx   This is too much fun.
2007_12_18_16:52:41.105   024.094.058.xxx   Comes with the added bonus of not having to have blinking timers for all of you
2007_12_18_16:53:32.169   083.067.097.xxx   We want some snow.....send it over here!!!!
2007_12_18_16:53:43.791   024.094.058.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek!
2007_12_18_16:59:26.607   070.119.070.xxx   hi max have you been a good boy this year?
2007_12_18_17:00:26.543   070.188.162.xxx   no
2007_12_18_17:03:23.736   072.081.080.xxx   cool
2007_12_18_17:05:04.346   083.067.097.xxx   good night everyone............ (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_18_17:06:16.956   072.081.080.xxx   yep
2007_12_18_17:08:55.093   082.217.128.xxx   ALL ON
2007_12_18_17:11:07.934   082.217.128.xxx   This must really kill your internet connection and power usage!!!
2007_12_18_17:12:48.053   071.113.016.xxx   Merry Christmas to all Fabrizio celiacs!
2007_12_18_17:13:05.083   078.144.024.xxx   Tis the Season to be Jolly
2007_12_18_17:13:42.548   082.217.128.xxx   trala la la la
2007_12_18_17:13:55.132   071.113.016.xxx   Thanks for supporting celiac research
2007_12_18_17:14:03.935   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Power consumption is 65 Amps - works out to about three dollars/day! ***ALEK***
2007_12_18_17:14:41.521   082.217.128.xxx   wow thats not bad!!!
2007_12_18_17:15:09.366   082.217.128.xxx   oh wait... that is bad!!!!
2007_12_18_17:15:50.712   078.144.024.xxx   Depends if your the owner of the power company
2007_12_18_17:15:53.433   082.217.128.xxx   its scary how you know where we live
2007_12_18_17:16:32.329   082.217.128.xxx   from our ip adress
2007_12_18_17:16:59.486   078.144.024.xxx   Aleks knows everything. He needs to so he can deliver presents on Christmas EVE
2007_12_18_17:18:19.564   063.228.006.xxx   Merry Christmas everyone!!
2007_12_18_17:18:43.134   082.217.128.xxx   ahha i made the whole garden dark
2007_12_18_17:18:53.525   063.228.006.xxx   Alex is in deep thought.
2007_12_18_17:19:00.750   078.144.024.xxx   How many bulbs are there this year......
2007_12_18_17:20:30.451   063.228.006.xxx   HELLO ALEK AND FAMILY!!!
2007_12_18_17:20:58.996   082.217.128.xxx   i can only see the off on your roof, what is infront of it?
2007_12_18_17:21:04.483   063.228.006.xxx   Anyone out there from Minnesota??
2007_12_18_17:21:40.748   078.144.024.xxx   Yes....you
2007_12_18_17:22:03.391   063.228.006.xxx   Yes...you?
2007_12_18_17:23:32.680   204.210.229.xxx   HI TYLER AND NATE
2007_12_18_17:23:35.351   082.217.128.xxx   who... me? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_18_17:23:37.046   063.228.006.xxx   5:23
2007_12_18_17:24:05.448   063.228.006.xxx   Hello
2007_12_18_17:24:27.341   082.217.128.xxx   hello (11)
2007_12_18_17:25:20.335   082.217.128.xxx   everyone controlling the lights turn them to OFF and deflate all (12)
2007_12_18_17:26:09.904   204.210.229.xxx   just want u to know that we think ur site is great
2007_12_18_17:26:51.803   082.217.128.xxx   bye bye frosty (13)
2007_12_18_17:28:07.476   082.217.128.xxx   :):):P:(:):) (14)
2007_12_18_17:28:42.759   082.217.128.xxx   (C)(C)(C)(C)(C)(C)(C)(C)(C)(C)(C)(C)(C)(C)(C)(C)(C)(C)(C)(C)(C)(C)(C)(C)(C)(C)( (15)
2007_12_18_17:31:28.163   063.228.006.xxx   Burrito Reindeer!!
2007_12_18_17:41:26.587   220.233.107.xxx   Merry Xmas from Sydney Australia
2007_12_18_17:48:34.442   083.100.254.xxx   What time is in youe home town?
2007_12_18_17:49:31.581   024.008.062.xxx   this is dg yi nm
2007_12_18_17:49:44.009   076.212.158.xxx   4:20
2007_12_18_17:51:37.498   024.201.043.xxx   je taime fannie
2007_12_18_17:51:46.098   166.082.145.xxx   I love karen
2007_12_18_17:52:31.846   166.082.145.xxx   I LOVE KSG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_18_17:53:40.505   125.238.097.xxx   hey theres a dude in there, HI!!!!!!!
2007_12_18_17:54:21.756   166.082.145.xxx   WAVE TO US!!!!
2007_12_18_17:54:36.013   129.044.241.xxx   Merry christmas Rachel
2007_12_18_17:55:03.207   024.201.043.xxx   Gestion de Reseaux - Toujours connect___!
2007_12_18_17:55:20.572   125.238.097.xxx   lol its 5.55 there, its 1.25 here
2007_12_18_17:55:33.791   071.075.119.xxx   Merry Christmas!!!
2007_12_18_17:55:50.968   125.238.097.xxx   Merry christmas to you 2
2007_12_18_17:56:26.155   129.044.241.xxx   larua will you marry me
2007_12_18_17:58:19.562   066.082.009.xxx   Hello from Galena Alaska
2007_12_18_17:58:21.172   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Say YES Laura!   ;-) ***ALEK***
2007_12_18_17:58:48.667   070.226.199.xxx   say yes!
2007_12_18_17:59:31.362   070.226.199.xxx   hey dude..whats up?
2007_12_18_17:59:34.308   129.044.241.xxx   Rachel says Im the hulk
2007_12_18_18:00:11.806   129.044.241.xxx   she said yes about 12 years ago
2007_12_18_18:00:24.544   070.226.199.xxx   kathryn elzerman is wierd
2007_12_18_18:00:43.338   024.008.062.xxx   olah senor
2007_12_18_18:01:00.791   070.226.199.xxx   hola como estas
2007_12_18_18:01:30.392   070.226.199.xxx   estoy bien, gracias
2007_12_18_18:01:48.033   125.238.097.xxx   oh the guy went
2007_12_18_18:02:00.897   070.226.199.xxx   kathryn is still wierd
2007_12_18_18:02:19.548   125.238.097.xxx   hus kathryn
2007_12_18_18:02:34.572   067.177.248.xxx   Bruce is a sweetie!
2007_12_18_18:02:44.828   070.226.199.xxx   your mom
2007_12_18_18:03:12.419   067.177.248.xxx   Alabama
2007_12_18_18:03:13.023   070.226.199.xxx   i think
2007_12_18_18:04:10.242   067.177.248.xxx   GO CRIMSON TIDE!
2007_12_18_18:04:41.626   070.017.111.xxx   ew!
2007_12_18_18:04:47.494   070.226.199.xxx   go buckeyes
2007_12_18_18:05:07.580   070.017.111.xxx   go away.
2007_12_18_18:05:33.926   070.226.199.xxx   me? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_18_18:05:34.720   024.008.062.xxx   it has a 3 sec reaction time
2007_12_18_18:05:51.046   070.017.111.xxx   i flatuated.
2007_12_18_18:06:08.430   070.226.199.xxx   ok? (11)
2007_12_18_18:06:09.853   024.008.062.xxx   oops
2007_12_18_18:07:27.313   076.178.028.xxx   is the ISS here tonight?
2007_12_18_18:07:32.768   067.177.248.xxx   Merry Christmas Colorado!
2007_12_18_18:07:35.708   070.226.199.xxx   hello? (12)
2007_12_18_18:07:50.377   024.008.062.xxx   hello
2007_12_18_18:08:10.443   070.226.199.xxx   anyone there? (13)
2007_12_18_18:08:47.878   070.226.199.xxx   bye peoples! (14)
2007_12_18_18:08:52.819   067.177.248.xxx   Yes. I'm here.
2007_12_18_18:09:40.810   067.177.248.xxx   The human is here.....be careful
2007_12_18_18:10:23.835   066.227.136.xxx   wave please please
2007_12_18_18:11:28.169   066.227.136.xxx   thank you
2007_12_18_18:12:22.714   071.195.218.xxx   One of the feeds is offline?
2007_12_18_18:14:30.148   069.119.120.xxx   This is our first time on and you are awesome-Amanda 11, Rebecca 9 and Katherin
2007_12_18_18:15:26.583   024.008.062.xxx   it is awesome
2007_12_18_18:16:30.859   098.195.140.xxx   Hey guys Happy Holidays!!!
2007_12_18_18:17:20.531   076.178.028.xxx   do we have the ISS tonight?
2007_12_18_18:19:02.518   076.178.028.xxx   guess not....
2007_12_18_18:20:50.318   074.076.018.xxx   Merry Christmas From The Skogsberg's in NY
2007_12_18_18:29:32.377   065.078.106.xxx   6 DAYS!!!!
2007_12_18_18:30:09.014   071.145.130.xxx   remember the reason for the season
2007_12_18_18:34:44.264   072.218.164.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2007_12_18_18:39:34.275   071.096.036.xxx   ... and a Happy New Year
2007_12_18_18:42:36.568   065.028.035.xxx   Email me! LINK DELETED
2007_12_18_18:43:17.706   065.028.035.xxx   Anarchyx67___at___gmail___dot___com
2007_12_18_18:43:53.157   065.028.035.xxx   gmail dot com
2007_12_18_18:44:29.901   086.005.003.xxx   Ho cubed everyone!
2007_12_18_18:45:06.786   065.028.035.xxx   Anarchyx67 at gmail dot com
2007_12_18_18:45:57.114   076.098.087.xxx   cool
2007_12_18_18:46:10.444   086.005.003.xxx   Jade and Luke merry HoHo
2007_12_18_18:46:43.061   076.098.087.xxx   its gonna be a VERY DETKY CHRISTMAS!!!
2007_12_18_18:47:42.899   065.028.035.xxx   Hello from Kansas City!!!!
2007_12_18_18:47:52.969   086.005.003.xxx   Nay IV says HoHoHo
2007_12_18_18:50:32.511   065.028.035.xxx   Holy cow, power go out?? lol
2007_12_18_18:51:37.888   098.018.016.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2007_12_18_18:51:45.599   071.122.031.xxx   jerm the elf here
2007_12_18_18:52:03.938   068.018.220.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_18_18:52:07.305   070.017.111.xxx   yeh right.
2007_12_18_18:52:22.654   071.104.182.xxx   Love of Linda is great
2007_12_18_18:52:38.683   098.018.016.xxx   Happy Holidays
2007_12_18_18:52:49.905   086.005.003.xxx   Notts UK sez hey!
2007_12_18_18:53:12.457   066.227.136.xxx   santa is comeing
2007_12_18_18:53:29.297   076.098.087.xxx   Merry XMAS from the BORO
2007_12_18_18:53:48.368   071.122.031.xxx   the elves need diection
2007_12_18_18:53:50.222   086.005.003.xxx   cool link Ken!
2007_12_18_18:53:58.632   024.166.183.xxx   jaeden
2007_12_18_18:54:18.091   063.245.155.xxx   Thomas says hello
2007_12_18_18:54:21.706   098.018.016.xxx   Merry Christmas from Mars
2007_12_18_18:54:45.451   065.028.035.xxx   Merry Christmas from your bedroom
2007_12_18_18:54:46.769   071.122.031.xxx   where is clark griswald
2007_12_18_18:55:33.062   063.245.155.xxx   Hi Thomas and Emily
2007_12_18_18:55:33.178   024.166.183.xxx   merry cmas pammy
2007_12_18_18:55:35.894   098.018.016.xxx   Wallyworld
2007_12_18_18:55:40.613   071.122.031.xxx   the exterior light guru
2007_12_18_18:56:00.327   070.017.111.xxx   hehAHAHAH!
2007_12_18_18:56:02.680   076.098.087.xxx   HO HO HO!!!
2007_12_18_18:56:28.909   071.122.031.xxx   clark i hope you didnt do it on my account
2007_12_18_18:57:00.793   086.005.003.xxx   Merry Christmas everyone!
2007_12_18_18:57:28.310   071.122.031.xxx   merry new year
2007_12_18_18:57:41.713   086.005.003.xxx   Great job Alek!
2007_12_18_18:57:55.032   098.018.016.xxx   Peace on earth
2007_12_18_18:58:06.714   071.122.031.xxx   alek not here
2007_12_18_18:58:23.955   086.005.003.xxx   Visualize whirred peas
2007_12_18_18:58:24.640   024.126.109.xxx   jeff here
2007_12_18_18:58:28.267   065.100.176.xxx   hello from greeley
2007_12_18_18:59:01.820   024.126.109.xxx   jeff is here!
2007_12_18_18:59:11.166   024.166.183.xxx   Jazz
2007_12_18_18:59:25.760   086.005.003.xxx   PlanetRock 4 Xmas!
2007_12_18_18:59:29.210   065.100.176.xxx   Merry Christmas cole michele kizer & czar!!!
2007_12_18_19:01:33.557   065.100.176.xxx   Merry x mas
2007_12_18_19:04:09.467   065.100.176.xxx   I love this
2007_12_18_19:06:15.761   065.100.176.xxx   Merry Christmas cole michele kizer & czar!!!
2007_12_18_19:11:45.807   070.017.111.xxx   lmfao.
2007_12_18_19:12:40.736   065.005.215.xxx   Howdy!
2007_12_18_19:13:13.779   070.017.111.xxx   doody
2007_12_18_19:13:37.148   012.159.056.xxx   Hi
2007_12_18_19:15:04.460   065.100.176.xxx   Hello
2007_12_18_19:15:10.588   076.105.157.xxx   hello
2007_12_18_19:15:37.204   076.105.157.xxx   whats up
2007_12_18_19:16:05.810   076.105.157.xxx   this is awsome
2007_12_18_19:16:08.607   065.100.176.xxx   not much u
2007_12_18_19:16:33.599   076.105.157.xxx   this is awsome
2007_12_18_19:17:19.261   065.100.176.xxx   the clock is off be a min
2007_12_18_19:17:46.594   065.100.176.xxx   well 30 sec
2007_12_18_19:29:35.614   076.086.167.xxx   thats a nice hulk you got there
2007_12_18_19:31:30.102   070.017.111.xxx   yawn.
2007_12_18_19:40:11.518   068.109.074.xxx   Hello
2007_12_18_19:40:27.660   220.233.107.xxx   Magic! :-)
2007_12_18_19:41:06.135   024.189.214.xxx   turn everything on
2007_12_18_19:44:25.085   066.243.240.xxx   Hey Kristien and Austin!!
2007_12_18_19:45:28.486   076.098.087.xxx   have amerry detky christmas
2007_12_18_19:47:59.679   210.087.062.xxx   Bernard is here
2007_12_18_19:48:13.051   076.098.087.xxx   Merry Christmas From Linda F & Steve D
2007_12_18_19:48:30.459   210.087.062.xxx   hello from australia
2007_12_18_19:49:01.666   210.087.062.xxx   Hello from Shanners
2007_12_18_19:49:38.241   210.087.062.xxx   G'Day from Melbourne
2007_12_18_19:50:33.480   068.097.117.xxx   I have Celiac too!  Merry Christmas!
2007_12_18_19:53:50.617   068.097.117.xxx   2inoklahoma@cox. net Moore, Oklahoma says HI
2007_12_18_19:56:40.178   076.105.157.xxx   HI MY NAME IS JOSH AND I WANT TO SAY HI
2007_12_18_19:58:06.493   076.105.157.xxx   HELLO
2007_12_18_19:59:53.674   076.105.157.xxx   hello amanda
2007_12_18_20:01:24.211   076.105.157.xxx   ______#___@#@______
2007_12_18_20:04:15.277   207.200.116.xxx   Hi to Emily in Centennial
2007_12_18_20:04:19.329   066.082.009.xxx   50 below zero here in Galena Alaska
2007_12_18_20:04:52.025   207.200.116.xxx   Brrrrrrrrrr!!!!
2007_12_18_20:05:47.291   207.200.116.xxx   We should be doing our homework, but this is WAY MORE FUN!!!
2007_12_18_20:06:21.255   207.200.116.xxx   MORE FUN!!!
2007_12_18_20:11:21.291   125.236.161.xxx   Awesome!
2007_12_18_20:12:01.705   125.236.161.xxx   Merry Christmas CJ. ___3
2007_12_18_20:12:24.797   024.008.062.xxx   this is fun
2007_12_18_20:13:06.626   024.008.062.xxx   chris and jen rapier?
2007_12_18_20:13:32.891   024.008.062.xxx   ok
2007_12_18_20:16:36.780   070.017.111.xxx   you can't spell saturday without turd!
2007_12_18_20:20:16.899   072.200.200.xxx   hi all merry christmas
2007_12_18_20:21:00.226   070.017.111.xxx   hulk looks like he's been putting on the carbs. (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_18_20:21:25.445   076.020.131.xxx   The neighbors will be happy
2007_12_18_20:23:43.360   070.017.111.xxx   say something new. (11)
2007_12_18_20:24:47.688   076.020.131.xxx   new
2007_12_18_20:25:57.512   076.098.087.xxx   Detky The Halls
2007_12_18_20:26:00.075   076.020.131.xxx   i love u
2007_12_18_20:26:03.515   070.017.111.xxx   wrong..  "something new" (12)
2007_12_18_20:26:29.165   076.020.131.xxx   I love shane
2007_12_18_20:26:44.106   076.098.087.xxx   Detky LOVEs KISS
2007_12_18_20:26:51.411   024.008.171.xxx   go pack 79!
2007_12_18_20:27:01.133   076.020.131.xxx   Me Shavon
2007_12_18_20:27:28.824   076.020.131.xxx   The Time is Wrong
2007_12_18_20:27:35.649   070.017.111.xxx   can't spell saturday without TURD!!!! (13)
2007_12_18_20:27:37.887   024.008.171.xxx   von
2007_12_18_20:27:55.761   076.020.131.xxx   :P
2007_12_18_20:28:08.490   024.008.171.xxx   Hi Shavon
2007_12_18_20:28:10.909   024.008.062.xxx   go pack 511 (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_18_20:28:45.387   070.017.111.xxx   ever hear of time zones? (14)
2007_12_18_20:31:17.926   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Pack 79 ROCKS!!!! ***ALEK***
2007_12_18_20:31:22.230   076.098.087.xxx   whose that guy and what is he doin
2007_12_18_20:32:05.115   024.008.171.xxx   go Tigers Den 6
2007_12_18_20:32:49.120   072.200.200.xxx   Merry Christmas DeLene!
2007_12_18_20:33:43.126   076.098.087.xxx   darkness (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_18_20:38:48.915   070.017.111.xxx   yeh emos hate darkness it scares them boohoo. (15)
2007_12_18_20:40:36.159   072.200.200.xxx   hey all from The Sooner State
2007_12_18_20:42:42.201   004.129.087.xxx   Merry Christmas from the Smiths of VA
2007_12_18_20:44:48.534   070.017.111.xxx   lmfao the smiths.. yeh right. (16)
2007_12_18_20:52:19.244   066.031.151.xxx   hello from southeastern massachusetts
2007_12_18_20:53:11.444   070.017.111.xxx   hello from fort knox. (17)
2007_12_18_20:54:12.191   066.031.151.xxx   what's up fort knox it's 22 degrees here
2007_12_18_20:54:29.384   070.017.111.xxx   hi from graceland mansion! (18)
2007_12_18_20:55:02.631   066.031.151.xxx   Elvis, is that you?
2007_12_18_20:57:22.130   072.195.177.xxx   hey wheres alek and the gang tonight?
2007_12_18_20:59:09.693   072.195.177.xxx   hello wheres everone at tonight?
2007_12_18_21:02:59.467   070.017.111.xxx   pinching loaves (19)
2007_12_18_21:04:46.201   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hey Fort Knox - donate some gold for Celiac Disease!  ;-) ***ALEK***
2007_12_18_21:05:52.417   024.254.037.xxx   Go Bears!
2007_12_18_21:06:05.302   070.017.111.xxx   all my gold is gone for the problems my family has. (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_18_21:06:30.747   024.254.037.xxx   All your base are belong to us
2007_12_18_21:08:24.850   067.162.130.xxx   Merry Winter! I love you all!
2007_12_18_21:09:12.521   067.162.130.xxx   This is a great thing i love you! donate now!!!!!
2007_12_18_21:09:46.330   069.182.004.xxx   Tacky Christmas RULES!!!
2007_12_18_21:10:41.421   067.162.130.xxx   1.) Be carful when putting the tree up
2007_12_18_21:11:35.421   066.082.009.xxx   The burrito reindeer is alive & well
2007_12_18_21:11:39.789   067.162.130.xxx   I love you alex komarnitsky!! Merry holidays!
2007_12_18_21:13:08.090   012.215.220.xxx   Hello from Florida
2007_12_18_21:13:28.371   066.082.009.xxx   WE all LOVE him!
2007_12_18_21:13:35.599   067.162.130.xxx   !Rock On! I love you all! ya merry holidays or winter or what ever you want jus
2007_12_18_21:14:06.627   067.162.130.xxx   want just love life!
2007_12_18_21:14:38.815   024.254.037.xxx   Laissez les bons temps rouler!
2007_12_18_21:15:48.213   067.162.130.xxx   I love Alek Komarnitsky donate now you are my hero!
2007_12_18_21:18:41.493   067.162.130.xxx   i love you mom!
2007_12_18_21:20:01.672   067.214.023.xxx   I love you too dear
2007_12_18_21:21:46.727   070.245.109.xxx   Jennifer I love you!!!
2007_12_18_21:22:40.805   067.214.023.xxx   Tammy Parmer Likes to p** in public
2007_12_18_21:27:20.014   072.187.006.xxx   AgEnT96 tampa florida in the house :)
2007_12_18_21:27:29.945   067.214.023.xxx   Rob Uss For President
2007_12_18_21:29:46.900   210.214.076.xxx   This is awesome
2007_12_18_21:31:23.943   220.233.107.xxx   Hello from Sally and Zac
2007_12_18_21:31:44.094   067.214.023.xxx   Hello Sally And Zac
2007_12_18_21:33:36.759   220.233.107.xxx   Hi we are in Sydney Australia
2007_12_18_21:36:59.956   068.099.184.xxx   Where is everybody?  Alek and family must be at Xmas parties
2007_12_18_21:37:25.236   070.017.111.xxx   those cursers are a real pain in the r*****! (21)
2007_12_18_21:37:55.178   070.017.111.xxx   so r***** is a potty mouth word?  oh brother! (22)
2007_12_18_21:38:38.772   070.017.111.xxx   very backwards, wall up on the education factor. (23)
2007_12_18_21:39:31.230   070.017.111.xxx   let's keep the kids shocked at biology folks... (24)
2007_12_18_21:40:05.115   071.195.005.xxx   hello from minnesota
2007_12_18_21:41:56.234   071.195.005.xxx   cool idea with x10
2007_12_18_21:57:22.768   075.092.090.xxx   who is that guy?
2007_12_18_21:58:14.345   075.092.090.xxx   tell him to "hurry up and buy!"
2007_12_18_21:59:16.707   066.082.009.xxx   good night from Alaska

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