600 christmas text messages on 2007/1219

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 5,161 times that day including 2,394 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1219

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2007_12_19_16:27:02.765   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** OK - starting to get dark now - Control of the Christmas Lights to the Internet! ***ALEK***
2007_12_19_16:30:06.906   076.245.122.xxx   YIPPPPp**EE!!! I'M FIRST TODAY!!
2007_12_19_16:30:10.724   070.017.111.xxx   no really?
2007_12_19_16:30:28.648   070.016.025.xxx   Hello!
2007_12_19_16:30:45.262   081.096.119.xxx   Anthony loves Aileen
2007_12_19_16:30:47.967   070.017.111.xxx   hi, i'm the ghost of elvis i love this show.
2007_12_19_16:31:50.794   076.245.122.xxx   Have a Blue Christmas Elvis
2007_12_19_16:32:20.262   070.017.111.xxx   i am.  blue xmas lights, blue collar...
2007_12_19_16:32:29.517   070.016.025.xxx   This place it really cool...
2007_12_19_16:32:40.058   083.067.097.xxx   thanks for switching the lights on early so us
2007_12_19_16:33:09.174   076.245.122.xxx   And a fried PB and bananna sandwich
2007_12_19_16:33:10.372   083.067.097.xxx   folks in uk can see
2007_12_19_16:33:17.028   070.017.111.xxx   blue moon..   blue jeans...
2007_12_19_16:33:35.048   207.200.116.xxx   I LOVE YOU JOHN
2007_12_19_16:34:02.335   070.017.111.xxx   what about some loving for ol' E here?
2007_12_19_16:34:52.737   076.245.122.xxx   You ain't nothin but a hound dog
2007_12_19_16:35:08.229   065.010.102.xxx   This is cool!!!
2007_12_19_16:36:06.195   066.001.092.xxx   hello from sunny arizona
2007_12_19_16:36:32.366   070.017.111.xxx   hey how is the weather in arizona?
2007_12_19_16:37:31.198   066.001.092.xxx   nice
2007_12_19_16:37:43.143   070.017.111.xxx   maryland here.. cold cold cold!
2007_12_19_16:37:48.767   065.010.102.xxx   im in miami
2007_12_19_16:38:08.971   066.001.092.xxx   what happened with that chat thing
2007_12_19_16:38:09.265   070.017.111.xxx   oh no fair!
2007_12_19_16:38:40.814   070.017.111.xxx   not that i don't enjoy maryland it's just COLD!
2007_12_19_16:38:45.228   066.001.092.xxx   where is that text thing
2007_12_19_16:38:59.592   024.072.157.xxx   i am with peter kutz
2007_12_19_16:39:11.953   070.017.111.xxx   i wish my cams would refresh this fast.. but... (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_19_16:39:46.117   099.236.046.xxx   Merry Christma Eliza
2007_12_19_16:39:52.490   065.010.102.xxx   it looks like every 3 seconds
2007_12_19_16:39:53.649   076.245.122.xxx   Dont call me but
2007_12_19_16:40:16.562   070.017.111.xxx   my problem is mostly software... can't find good stuff. (11)
2007_12_19_16:40:50.620   070.017.111.xxx   oh and i need an extension!  big time but the hardware.... (12)
2007_12_19_16:41:47.067   066.001.092.xxx   what happened to that chat thing from halloween?
2007_12_19_16:41:51.490   071.058.028.xxx   Hello and Merry Christmas to you and your family!  Big best wishes to your kids
2007_12_19_16:42:45.814   099.236.046.xxx   Hi Andrew
2007_12_19_16:42:51.529   066.001.092.xxx   how are you?
2007_12_19_16:43:37.076   074.077.111.xxx   WTF? Mate
2007_12_19_16:45:08.114   075.030.187.xxx   hello world
2007_12_19_16:46:06.461   075.030.187.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_19_16:46:22.927   207.200.116.xxx   hola
2007_12_19_16:47:20.139   067.161.226.xxx   Happy Holidays
2007_12_19_16:47:26.811   216.162.092.xxx   happy hanuka
2007_12_19_16:47:47.111   213.251.160.xxx   greetings from schneider clan
2007_12_19_16:48:07.688   070.060.227.xxx   Hello to all from Burlington, NC!
2007_12_19_16:48:36.839   067.161.226.xxx   Hello From Chickamauga Ga.
2007_12_19_16:50:15.579   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yes, JPEG updates are about every 3 seconds ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_19_16:50:22.461   216.162.092.xxx   Hello from philly
2007_12_19_16:50:44.667   082.034.031.xxx   hello from England
2007_12_19_16:51:31.882   090.208.195.xxx   Hi Alek, Do you change you work hours for Xmas Lights
2007_12_19_16:52:05.851   216.162.092.xxx   cheers to you too :D
2007_12_19_16:52:23.753   213.251.160.xxx   greetings from our family to yours au voir
2007_12_19_16:52:56.104   068.226.068.xxx   clear
2007_12_19_16:54:11.226   213.251.160.xxx   alec replace many bulbs ???
2007_12_19_16:54:59.363   216.162.092.xxx   HO HO HO! ___-)
2007_12_19_16:55:29.618   089.024.005.xxx   :-D
2007_12_19_16:56:40.635   216.162.092.xxx   In soviet russia house control you!
2007_12_19_16:58:31.968   069.251.090.xxx   Hi from baltimore
2007_12_19_17:00:13.161   071.071.107.xxx   God bless us, every one!
2007_12_19_17:01:02.824   071.164.013.xxx   Hi Alek
2007_12_19_17:01:03.566   213.251.160.xxx   Merry XMas From the Detky Clan of "THE BORO"
2007_12_19_17:01:06.274   071.071.107.xxx   HI. is that you, Alek?
2007_12_19_17:01:35.495   071.164.013.xxx   that be Alek
2007_12_19_17:01:40.313   213.251.160.xxx   Merry XMas From the Detky Clan of "THE BORO"
2007_12_19_17:02:36.740   213.251.160.xxx   Alex is Hot for a Nerd
2007_12_19_17:03:03.233   069.251.090.xxx   Merry Christmas from Ryan
2007_12_19_17:03:30.360   071.071.107.xxx   Happy Holidays!
2007_12_19_17:03:33.164   213.251.160.xxx   Alek FEARS CNN
2007_12_19_17:04:26.344   076.026.209.xxx   Thanks for the lights...
2007_12_19_17:05:07.364   213.251.160.xxx   is it snowing alek
2007_12_19_17:05:18.622   068.057.068.xxx   merry christmas n thx 4 dasa fun
2007_12_19_17:05:36.311   213.251.160.xxx   Michelle McCool is falling for Jaime Noble
2007_12_19_17:05:45.729   071.175.070.xxx   Hello everyone!
2007_12_19_17:05:54.165   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** No snow today - maybe Friday night though ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_19_17:05:55.031   068.057.068.xxx   merry christmas n thx for the fun
2007_12_19_17:06:05.402   076.026.209.xxx   My family really enjoys your Holiday spirit..Thanks The HENDRY
2007_12_19_17:06:22.021   213.251.160.xxx   have you tested your HULK for HGH (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_19_17:06:34.849   068.057.068.xxx   We are having such a good time playing with your lights and watching our IMs po
2007_12_19_17:07:14.312   068.057.068.xxx   HI WHOEVER IS READING THIS
2007_12_19_17:07:39.937   012.005.062.xxx   boo from nc
2007_12_19_17:07:47.533   071.164.013.xxx   I see a new guy in front--tigger?
2007_12_19_17:08:39.564   068.057.068.xxx   HUH?
2007_12_19_17:09:03.191   213.251.160.xxx   i'am making kiwi martinis this weekend hohoho (11)
2007_12_19_17:09:20.329   068.057.068.xxx   SOMEONE SAY HI TO ME
2007_12_19_17:09:23.287   076.026.209.xxx   Happy Holidays from the Hendrys in Charleston SC
2007_12_19_17:10:05.570   068.057.068.xxx   someone say hi 2 me plz
2007_12_19_17:10:09.960   213.251.160.xxx   i want to add a little pineapple (12)
2007_12_19_17:10:30.071   068.057.068.xxx   someone say hi 2 me plz
2007_12_19_17:10:39.233   076.026.209.xxx   Hello to you fron Charleston SC
2007_12_19_17:11:02.212   068.057.068.xxx   and hello back 2 u from richmond va
2007_12_19_17:11:08.043   213.251.160.xxx   richard simmons says helloooo (13)
2007_12_19_17:11:36.350   068.057.068.xxx   lol HEY EVERY1 MERRY CHRISTMAS (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_19_17:11:36.695   076.026.209.xxx   Hello Love You
2007_12_19_17:11:47.745   071.164.013.xxx   you back again Richard Simmons
2007_12_19_17:12:12.437   209.033.095.xxx   Rock On!
2007_12_19_17:12:13.489   068.057.068.xxx   lol merry christmas richard n ever1 else (11)
2007_12_19_17:12:16.885   076.026.209.xxx   Wrking out to the oldies
2007_12_19_17:12:17.333   071.164.013.xxx   sooooo funny when you fell on Ellen
2007_12_19_17:12:44.814   068.057.068.xxx   i no right lol___ (12)
2007_12_19_17:12:56.052   072.036.195.xxx   WOW
2007_12_19_17:13:08.673   068.057.068.xxx   wat? (13)
2007_12_19_17:13:26.059   076.026.209.xxx   Working out to the oldies  Luv RS
2007_12_19_17:14:08.837   068.057.068.xxx   hahaha i want it 2 be christmas alredy___ (14)
2007_12_19_17:14:45.070   068.057.068.xxx   i know right omg hi ever1 (15)
2007_12_19_17:14:54.191   071.164.013.xxx   Alek--lava light is not turned on
2007_12_19_17:15:04.937   076.026.209.xxx   The Hendry family from Charleston SC says Hello..
2007_12_19_17:15:17.310   068.057.068.xxx   shizmsakhbfllkssbhg (16)
2007_12_19_17:15:23.528   071.164.013.xxx   oh--now it is--my bad
2007_12_19_17:15:44.497   068.057.068.xxx   huh?? (17)
2007_12_19_17:15:47.552   012.005.062.xxx   check outside your house dude your lights are on fire
2007_12_19_17:15:53.859   076.026.209.xxx   We Thank you for the fun
2007_12_19_17:16:28.765   068.057.068.xxx   u stupid (18)
2007_12_19_17:16:41.332   076.026.209.xxx   WE Love Your Display THANK YOU (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_19_17:16:47.641   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hulk STRONG - no need for Puny Human Doping ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_19_17:16:59.170   096.224.128.xxx   UR WELCOME
2007_12_19_17:17:07.800   213.251.160.xxx   GENE SIMMONS SAYS HAPPY HOLIDAYS (14)
2007_12_19_17:17:31.278   076.023.058.xxx   is it true you are in Sandy UT?
2007_12_19_17:17:32.568   096.224.128.xxx   U TO
2007_12_19_17:18:25.163   096.224.128.xxx   O0O NO THE LIGHTS OUR ON FIRE O0O f*** --LOL
2007_12_19_17:19:20.658   096.224.128.xxx   THIS IS ALEX HOW ARE U
2007_12_19_17:20:06.645   096.224.128.xxx   HELLO 150 PPL
2007_12_19_17:20:45.110   096.224.128.xxx   HOLLY JOLLY--LOL
2007_12_19_17:22:14.363   096.224.128.xxx   SURE
2007_12_19_17:22:51.804   209.033.095.xxx   burp
2007_12_19_17:22:54.669   213.251.160.xxx   i'am dreaming of a bowl offf oats (15)
2007_12_19_17:24:11.043   209.033.095.xxx   burp
2007_12_19_17:24:24.532   213.251.160.xxx   silver of gold i mean barley and oats (16)
2007_12_19_17:24:50.298   209.033.095.xxx   Dave Smith Motors.....
2007_12_19_17:25:42.013   216.205.224.xxx   Mike Tyson motors
2007_12_19_17:26:01.870   213.251.160.xxx   nature valley granola says merry xmas (17)
2007_12_19_17:26:41.525   216.205.224.xxx   ___ )
2007_12_19_17:26:43.980   068.012.155.xxx   !!!
2007_12_19_17:28:17.876   071.164.013.xxx   Alvin!!!  okay!
2007_12_19_17:28:28.694   213.251.160.xxx   linda fromm says hi (18)
2007_12_19_17:30:20.657   024.094.058.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2007_12_19_17:30:38.283   068.012.155.xxx   Hohoho
2007_12_19_17:31:28.825   024.094.058.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2007_12_19_17:32:16.559   071.164.013.xxx   some ppl need to be blocked
2007_12_19_17:32:33.250   220.233.107.xxx   Hi from Emma in Sydney Aus
2007_12_19_17:32:54.127   076.185.180.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_19_17:32:57.204   071.164.013.xxx   cmon--knock it off! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_19_17:33:20.378   024.094.058.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2007_12_19_17:33:30.773   220.233.107.xxx   Hi from Emma in Sydney Aus
2007_12_19_17:33:32.888   213.251.160.xxx   somepeople are horrible (19)
2007_12_19_17:33:57.189   024.094.058.xxx   heh: ****_12_19_17:33:05.****
2007_12_19_17:34:51.179   071.164.013.xxx   Hi Steve---uve been here b4 (11)
2007_12_19_17:35:04.209   216.205.224.xxx   Pepsi - - The Real Thing
2007_12_19_17:35:17.373   207.200.116.xxx   I want to know if John has signed on yet
2007_12_19_17:35:26.061   024.094.058.xxx   Amazing what people ___think___ they can get away with
2007_12_19_17:35:58.782   216.205.224.xxx   Drink Starbucks!!
2007_12_19_17:37:01.740   072.200.196.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_19_17:37:11.833   220.233.107.xxx   testing
2007_12_19_17:37:19.235   071.164.013.xxx   Detky--u in Chicago? (12)
2007_12_19_17:38:25.670   213.251.160.xxx   lincoln park (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_19_17:40:46.143   072.200.196.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_19_17:40:47.635   071.164.013.xxx   block even? (13)
2007_12_19_17:41:18.389   071.164.013.xxx   You have been warned Detky! (14)
2007_12_19_17:41:50.729   072.200.196.xxx   Kool
2007_12_19_17:42:05.142   088.107.234.xxx   Merry Christmas from Blackpool UK
2007_12_19_17:42:13.923   216.205.224.xxx   Watch Adult Swim
2007_12_19_17:42:38.595   072.200.196.xxx   Merry Christmas from Norman, OK
2007_12_19_17:43:52.449   071.164.013.xxx   Merry Christmas to Olive Hoover (15)
2007_12_19_17:45:05.995   071.164.013.xxx   no meanies here (16)
2007_12_19_17:46:40.118   213.251.160.xxx   i'am the real detky, ba humbug to the imposter (21)
2007_12_19_17:47:44.992   213.251.160.xxx   in france, alec i love what your doing (22)
2007_12_19_17:47:55.729   216.205.224.xxx   OMG look its Lee Corso
2007_12_19_17:49:24.453   216.205.224.xxx   Not so fast my friend!
2007_12_19_17:50:37.370   213.251.160.xxx   alex ban em all (23)
2007_12_19_17:51:17.393   024.094.058.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2007_12_19_17:51:38.664   071.164.013.xxx   oh man...... (17)
2007_12_19_17:52:29.000   213.251.160.xxx   bonjour tali ala vio (24)
2007_12_19_17:54:11.449   071.049.212.xxx   love the lights i wish i could put stuff on my roof
2007_12_19_17:54:37.271   083.170.097.xxx   071.164.013.xxx I'm from London now !!
2007_12_19_17:54:44.435   099.228.127.xxx   This is so cool...
2007_12_19_17:56:06.128   071.049.212.xxx   what
2007_12_19_17:58:35.368   068.104.149.xxx   if your Mr. Ed
2007_12_19_17:58:46.809   083.170.097.xxx   Goodnight good people of the internet
2007_12_19_17:59:19.660   068.104.149.xxx   goodnight
2007_12_19_18:00:30.772   071.049.212.xxx   come on we need more people
2007_12_19_18:00:36.234   099.228.127.xxx   Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night. HO HO HO
2007_12_19_18:04:14.923   024.224.177.xxx   merry x-mas matthew
2007_12_19_18:05:12.178   072.226.214.xxx   Joshua says Merry XMas
2007_12_19_18:05:22.410   024.224.177.xxx   Daeden stinks
2007_12_19_18:05:50.309   213.251.160.xxx   merry christmas to john elway (25)
2007_12_19_18:07:21.118   072.226.214.xxx   Chris says Merry XMas
2007_12_19_18:08:52.728   087.244.086.xxx   oh wats up with cam 1?
2007_12_19_18:09:33.088   087.244.086.xxx   as if by magic it re-appears
2007_12_19_18:10:14.358   072.226.214.xxx   Thanks Alek
2007_12_19_18:11:19.047   213.251.160.xxx   whats the temperature (26)
2007_12_19_18:11:57.589   213.251.160.xxx   are you near aspen (27)
2007_12_19_18:12:59.562   072.226.214.xxx   Merry XMas from Chris
2007_12_19_18:13:14.733   213.251.160.xxx   alex 2 questions are for you (28)
2007_12_19_18:14:02.315   071.164.013.xxx   Temperature: 41.2___F (18)
2007_12_19_18:14:40.755   062.136.137.xxx   There's a man by the screen! :o
2007_12_19_18:15:04.425   024.224.177.xxx   Greets from Nova Scotia, Canada!
2007_12_19_18:15:50.382   072.226.214.xxx   Merry XMas from Jenn
2007_12_19_18:16:35.605   071.164.013.xxx   Merry Christmas from Wash. (19)
2007_12_19_18:20:34.968   072.231.227.xxx   ah, time again to play with Alek's power
2007_12_19_18:20:44.404   099.228.127.xxx   Wave and say hello
2007_12_19_18:21:53.150   099.228.127.xxx   One computer geek to another, Alek I think what you are doing is great..
2007_12_19_18:22:13.841   096.231.131.xxx   Rock-On
2007_12_19_18:22:54.611   096.231.131.xxx   Beautiful
2007_12_19_18:24:53.105   071.164.013.xxx   I see Dirk or Kyle (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_19_18:25:03.650   096.231.131.xxx   Lovely Display !
2007_12_19_18:25:24.139   024.224.177.xxx   Free Robert Latimer!
2007_12_19_18:25:33.998   096.231.131.xxx   I want you as my neighbor !
2007_12_19_18:25:48.600   205.188.116.xxx   Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night
2007_12_19_18:26:03.445   099.228.127.xxx   What is Alek looking at?
2007_12_19_18:26:06.351   096.231.131.xxx   Merry Christmas to you !
2007_12_19_18:26:06.869   024.224.177.xxx   What's your hydro bill for the month?
2007_12_19_18:26:54.636   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** About a hundred bucks for the month ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_19_18:26:59.917   071.164.013.xxx   he's reading our comments on puter screen (21)
2007_12_19_18:27:07.053   024.224.177.xxx   Ouch!
2007_12_19_18:27:42.495   024.224.177.xxx   My son says the ______ is worth it  :)
2007_12_19_18:27:46.701   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** That's about three bucks a day ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_19_18:28:26.813   024.224.177.xxx   I let him stay up a bit later tonight just to see your site
2007_12_19_18:28:59.768   071.164.013.xxx   hydro means water? (22)
2007_12_19_18:29:23.094   024.224.177.xxx   hydro-electric....
2007_12_19_18:29:46.143   099.228.127.xxx   Greetings from Brampton, Ontario, Canada
2007_12_19_18:29:52.213   071.164.013.xxx   oh--so electric bill--I see (23)
2007_12_19_18:30:02.951   024.224.177.xxx   Our energy here is provided by dams (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_19_18:30:26.420   099.228.127.xxx   We get ours from Niagara Falls...
2007_12_19_18:30:40.577   024.224.177.xxx   it's an east coast thing...sorry for the confuse (11)
2007_12_19_18:31:27.675   024.224.177.xxx   gotta get the kids to bed. You rock Alek! (12)
2007_12_19_18:31:33.610   099.228.127.xxx   My Daughter has Type 1 diabetes so I know what you go through.
2007_12_19_18:32:53.286   072.231.227.xxx   I get my power from Niagra Mowhawk
2007_12_19_18:33:38.513   024.207.255.xxx   hello
2007_12_19_18:33:41.733   072.231.227.xxx   Hey Alek, look, The controls were toggled 1,666 times
2007_12_19_18:34:15.704   072.231.227.xxx   seems like the devil is a fan of your website aswell
2007_12_19_18:34:21.438   099.228.127.xxx   Alek can you wave so we know you are live and not taped?
2007_12_19_18:34:44.814   024.207.255.xxx   you can know because of the texts
2007_12_19_18:34:53.946   071.164.013.xxx   is it live or is it memorex?  lol (24)
2007_12_19_18:35:13.354   024.207.255.xxx   how true lol
2007_12_19_18:35:21.211   071.164.013.xxx   he IS live (25)
2007_12_19_18:35:30.757   072.231.227.xxx   The clock's there too
2007_12_19_18:35:48.228   024.207.255.xxx   sweet.... this is a cool site
2007_12_19_18:36:33.654   070.017.111.xxx   i'd donate but i only have 3.48 cents.. (13)
2007_12_19_18:37:00.149   072.231.227.xxx   That's how you know it's not taped
2007_12_19_18:37:01.286   070.017.111.xxx   of course he leaves..   my karma. (14)
2007_12_19_18:37:30.472   024.207.255.xxx   well he gave me the thumbs up
2007_12_19_18:37:41.140   070.017.111.xxx   but i have 3.48 in my paypal.. that's it... until next year. (15)
2007_12_19_18:37:45.606   071.164.013.xxx   he comes & goes (26)
2007_12_19_18:37:56.001   096.231.131.xxx   Love it !
2007_12_19_18:38:36.330   096.231.131.xxx   You guys are great !
2007_12_19_18:39:05.930   096.231.131.xxx   Can I have your technology
2007_12_19_18:39:06.986   024.207.255.xxx   i'm amazed this works!
2007_12_19_18:39:47.967   096.231.131.xxx   what is your controller ?
2007_12_19_18:41:11.812   024.207.255.xxx   hello
2007_12_19_18:41:19.166   076.098.087.xxx   aXXo was here
2007_12_19_18:41:39.652   024.207.255.xxx   person on the phone
2007_12_19_18:42:18.898   071.164.013.xxx   that's Alex's kid (27)
2007_12_19_18:42:49.108   071.164.013.xxx   oops--I mean Alek (28)
2007_12_19_18:47:29.493   075.089.135.xxx   merry christmass all!!
2007_12_19_18:56:25.004   071.010.179.xxx   Happy hollidays everyone!!!
2007_12_19_18:59:41.282   024.184.070.xxx   hi liz
2007_12_19_19:04:28.753   213.251.160.xxx   AXXO IS IT REALLY U (29)
2007_12_19_19:05:13.958   213.251.160.xxx   AXXO QUIT SLACKING U BUM (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_19_19:06:42.941   208.096.081.xxx   Near Sudbury,Ellio Lake , ON very kewl site
2007_12_19_19:07:44.543   213.251.160.xxx   shovel the snow axxo (31)
2007_12_19_19:09:02.893   076.098.087.xxx   they call me FATSO
2007_12_19_19:13:45.935   213.251.160.xxx   no reindeer games for u fatso (32)
2007_12_19_19:14:24.200   213.251.160.xxx   no slammin doors for u (33)
2007_12_19_19:15:36.638   076.098.087.xxx   Alek needs a strawberry shortcake
2007_12_19_19:16:14.454   213.251.160.xxx   iam dreaming of a barley beer (34)
2007_12_19_19:16:34.632   204.116.138.xxx   Happy Ho Ho Ho from Rick in NC
2007_12_19_19:16:42.322   213.251.160.xxx   hockney rules (35)
2007_12_19_19:16:44.265   066.082.009.xxx   visitors
2007_12_19_19:17:20.181   076.098.087.xxx   Leetay like a MOFO
2007_12_19_19:18:31.440   213.251.160.xxx   the carpenders rock (36)
2007_12_19_19:19:00.035   076.098.087.xxx   LINGSTON TRIO ROCKS
2007_12_19_19:19:06.092   213.251.160.xxx   mel torme rules (37)
2007_12_19_19:19:32.890   076.098.087.xxx   PINEYS RULE
2007_12_19_19:19:33.098   213.251.160.xxx   dean martin croons (38)
2007_12_19_19:20:04.873   213.251.160.xxx   by the way iam lactose intorate (39)
2007_12_19_19:20:52.746   213.251.160.xxx   pschiddy in the house (40 IM's so far today)
2007_12_19_19:23:13.136   213.251.160.xxx   happy holiday alex (41)
2007_12_19_19:23:54.048   076.098.087.xxx   SATILITTE 99 IS OPERATIONAL SIR!
2007_12_19_19:24:43.768   067.078.224.xxx   greetings from Birmingham
2007_12_19_19:25:38.987   024.211.178.xxx   hello
2007_12_19_19:26:08.319   213.251.160.xxx   mayfair is a oat free neighborhood (42)
2007_12_19_19:26:36.394   024.211.178.xxx   hello
2007_12_19_19:26:48.313   024.098.064.xxx   ahh.ahh...your epidermis is showing
2007_12_19_19:26:54.035   213.251.160.xxx   god bless mayor john street (43)
2007_12_19_19:27:09.291   070.057.081.xxx   hi girls
2007_12_19_19:27:23.596   024.098.064.xxx   I love Mayor John...he's at my house right now
2007_12_19_19:27:25.346   024.211.178.xxx   hello how are you
2007_12_19_19:27:42.760   076.098.087.xxx   Hainesport is a Ghetto
2007_12_19_19:27:50.525   024.211.178.xxx   hey kerrie
2007_12_19_19:27:59.260   024.098.064.xxx   I'm good, thanks for asking...just trying to get this pesky nail out of my hand
2007_12_19_19:28:09.022   070.057.081.xxx   Merry CHRISTmas from Utah!!!!
2007_12_19_19:28:14.858   213.251.160.xxx   whats up oatie (44)
2007_12_19_19:28:26.743   024.211.178.xxx   Hello from ZEBULON NC
2007_12_19_19:28:53.342   213.251.160.xxx   all i want for xmas is 2 bowls of barley (45)
2007_12_19_19:29:00.459   024.211.178.xxx   hey david.
2007_12_19_19:29:14.598   024.098.064.xxx   I'd like some barley, I'll have mine as BEER
2007_12_19_19:29:26.760   076.098.087.xxx   i dont get it
2007_12_19_19:30:01.489   213.251.160.xxx   the song all i want for xmas is my 3 front teeth (46)
2007_12_19_19:30:47.831   024.098.064.xxx   3 teeth? Must be from Arkansas
2007_12_19_19:31:11.460   076.098.087.xxx   or Hainesport (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_19_19:32:59.515   213.251.160.xxx   my bad 2 front teeth succa (47)
2007_12_19_19:33:31.962   024.098.064.xxx   Ah...if you have "2 bad front teeth"...must be Alabama
2007_12_19_19:33:52.442   213.251.160.xxx   u disrespecting arkansas f o  o  L (48)
2007_12_19_19:34:26.691   024.098.064.xxx   Not disrespecting...just stating facts
2007_12_19_19:34:37.738   213.251.160.xxx   PSCHNIDDY he dont like that (49)
2007_12_19_19:35:04.354   213.251.160.xxx   arkansas is for winners (50 IM's so far today)
2007_12_19_19:35:12.286   024.098.064.xxx   Pschniddy probably likes Waffle House too
2007_12_19_19:35:29.699   213.251.160.xxx   u must be a looooser (51)
2007_12_19_19:35:33.658   068.037.071.xxx   All your base are belongs to us
2007_12_19_19:35:47.500   076.098.087.xxx   dont be dizrespectin the schnid dog yo (11)
2007_12_19_19:36:19.426   068.037.071.xxx   ... the matrix has you neo
2007_12_19_19:36:25.532   213.251.160.xxx   happy holidays// from Talisha.tamaqa.dashawn,latifa (52)
2007_12_19_19:36:48.796   068.037.071.xxx   shaniqua dont live here no mo
2007_12_19_19:36:54.629   024.098.064.xxx   No hard feelings schnid...just all in holiday fun
2007_12_19_19:36:55.294   076.098.087.xxx   happy holidays from LINK DELETED (12)
2007_12_19_19:37:13.696   213.251.160.xxx   happy xmas from the griswalds (53)
2007_12_19_19:37:26.219   068.037.071.xxx   happy holidays from 2girls1... oh nevermind
2007_12_19_19:37:59.240   076.098.087.xxx   happy holidays from John Holmes (13)
2007_12_19_19:38:01.032   213.251.160.xxx   merry xmas from MUMIA (54)
2007_12_19_19:38:20.846   068.037.071.xxx   Merry Xmas from Obama
2007_12_19_19:38:28.994   024.098.064.xxx   Yo Jersey, this is a family friendly site (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_19_19:38:42.803   213.251.160.xxx   happy kwanzaa,  kalik, marty,deserbache (55)
2007_12_19_19:38:46.182   068.037.071.xxx   I will behave
2007_12_19_19:38:51.482   071.175.070.xxx   Hey guys, from PWOnline.TV
2007_12_19_19:39:17.610   068.037.071.xxx   I cant believe xmas is 6 days away
2007_12_19_19:39:22.093   213.251.160.xxx   paul schneider licks reindeer teabags (56)
2007_12_19_19:39:49.848   075.089.135.xxx   merry christmass from kentucky
2007_12_19_19:39:55.270   068.037.071.xxx   I like green tea
2007_12_19_19:39:55.835   076.098.087.xxx   Detky teabagged linda (14)
2007_12_19_19:40:12.993   024.098.064.xxx   Yo Amsterdam, keep it clean or go bye bye (11)
2007_12_19_19:40:16.721   084.208.160.xxx   leik lol
2007_12_19_19:40:43.125   068.037.071.xxx   I am Santa Claus
2007_12_19_19:40:43.913   076.098.087.xxx   SD fears Gotees (15)
2007_12_19_19:40:46.782   090.196.171.xxx   Chelsea Clinton. Oh yes.
2007_12_19_19:41:16.032   068.037.071.xxx   Dont use boiling water for green tea, burns the leaves (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_19_19:41:46.308   068.037.071.xxx   thats where the bitter taste comes from (11)
2007_12_19_19:45:00.972   068.082.013.xxx   Spidey pig
2007_12_19_19:45:03.416   075.089.135.xxx   hello suzanna
2007_12_19_19:46:20.547   068.082.013.xxx   Harry plopper
2007_12_19_19:46:25.850   213.251.160.xxx   024.098.064.xxx//    is mean alex please ban him (57)
2007_12_19_19:46:56.622   024.211.178.xxx   Great Site!! NC loves it
2007_12_19_19:48:21.216   068.082.013.xxx   ****
2007_12_19_19:49:15.993   216.130.161.xxx   Jericho NY in the house !
2007_12_19_19:49:34.778   068.082.013.xxx   Santa rules!!
2007_12_19_19:49:46.803   216.130.161.xxx   Coming for you P-SCHNIDY
2007_12_19_19:49:57.690   172.200.138.xxx   Hulk smash
2007_12_19_19:50:30.897   213.251.160.xxx   a oat a day keeps schneider away (58)
2007_12_19_19:50:31.251   076.098.087.xxx   KC is a Internet Pirate (16)
2007_12_19_19:50:51.026   066.245.138.xxx   HOWDY FROM TEXAS SUCKA
2007_12_19_19:51:07.343   213.251.160.xxx   hey no d on gs in doors for u (59)
2007_12_19_19:51:14.330   070.144.192.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2007_12_19_19:51:18.397   216.130.161.xxx   Hey Schniddy ... I schwacked it to the HULK last night
2007_12_19_19:51:59.523   066.245.138.xxx   HOWDY FROM KATY TEXAS
2007_12_19_19:52:19.241   216.130.161.xxx   HOWDY KATY
2007_12_19_19:52:25.971   213.251.160.xxx   i love this site (60 IM's so far today)
2007_12_19_19:52:50.997   066.245.138.xxx   Lauren says merry Christmas
2007_12_19_19:53:05.484   172.200.138.xxx   haha i turned everything off!
2007_12_19_19:53:07.263   216.130.161.xxx   This site is great . I agree
2007_12_19_19:53:33.555   172.200.138.xxx   haha i turned everything off!
2007_12_19_19:53:34.076   066.245.138.xxx   You want some French Fried Potaters?
2007_12_19_19:53:34.146   070.144.192.xxx   Merry Christmas from Brandon, Ms.
2007_12_19_19:53:41.754   024.211.178.xxx   David from NC gives thumbs up!
2007_12_19_19:54:05.088   216.130.161.xxx   Merry Christmas from the Oat and Barley capitol of the midwest
2007_12_19_19:54:27.726   024.178.187.xxx   Hi and Merry Christmas from Birmingham, AL
2007_12_19_19:54:40.919   066.245.138.xxx   Who is that guy in the picture?
2007_12_19_19:54:47.445   024.211.178.xxx   Hey computer guy how about a wave
2007_12_19_19:55:00.640   216.130.161.xxx   THATS ALEK
2007_12_19_19:55:02.148   172.200.138.xxx   Merry Christmas from Officialmafia(dot)com
2007_12_19_19:55:23.400   066.245.138.xxx   He looks like Mister Grinch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_19_19:55:23.527   024.211.178.xxx   wave to us (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_19_19:55:42.766   216.130.161.xxx   he cant wave
2007_12_19_19:55:46.399   172.200.138.xxx   Mexican Wave?
2007_12_19_19:56:33.372   216.130.161.xxx   Yeah Schniddy figures you ask for a mexican wave
2007_12_19_19:56:39.371   072.081.061.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek!
2007_12_19_19:56:40.320   066.245.138.xxx   What town is this in? Is he real or fake?
2007_12_19_19:56:42.440   024.211.178.xxx   any wave (11)
2007_12_19_19:56:57.803   172.200.138.xxx   Merry Christmas, Love Michael Jackson
2007_12_19_19:57:20.131   024.211.178.xxx   a heee heee owwww (12)
2007_12_19_19:57:24.103   216.130.161.xxx   Merry merry Michael (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_19_19:57:25.333   072.081.061.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek!
2007_12_19_19:57:43.621   066.245.138.xxx   abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
2007_12_19_19:58:09.552   072.081.061.xxx   Looks like you have a real intelligent audience tonight!
2007_12_19_19:58:15.002   066.245.138.xxx   Outside Weather at 19:58:04 Mountain Time - Metric
2007_12_19_19:58:30.403   070.017.111.xxx   oh look.... (16)
2007_12_19_19:58:46.783   066.245.138.xxx   Merry Christmas from Loveland Colorado. God Bless our Military personnel! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_19_19:59:15.093   024.211.178.xxx   YOU TOO!! (13)
2007_12_19_19:59:21.920   216.130.161.xxx   GOD BLESS P-SCHNIDDY (11)
2007_12_19_19:59:26.996   066.245.138.xxx   Giant Lighted Christmas Tree, Upper (11)
2007_12_19_19:59:35.601   070.017.111.xxx   eh, now he's gone again... what the? (17)
2007_12_19_19:59:51.250   216.130.161.xxx   Upper regional domes? (12)
2007_12_19_19:59:53.933   076.098.087.xxx   god bless upper regional domes (17)
2007_12_19_20:00:02.431   024.211.178.xxx   Thanks for letting us drop by and have some fun (14)
2007_12_19_20:00:08.344   066.245.138.xxx   Where did you go Christmas guy?????? (12)
2007_12_19_20:00:30.527   070.017.111.xxx   what does it take to donate 3 bucks!  :D (18)
2007_12_19_20:00:51.037   066.245.138.xxx   i see the light!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (13)
2007_12_19_20:01:04.525   070.017.111.xxx   i mean it feels insulting ya know so i wanted to ask. (19)
2007_12_19_20:01:21.186   066.245.138.xxx   WAZ up ??????????? (14)
2007_12_19_20:01:39.054   070.017.111.xxx   but it has to be paypal cuz that's where the 3 is. (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_19_20:01:43.787   216.130.161.xxx   Alek BAN 076.098.087.xxx He's been messing all night (13)
2007_12_19_20:01:55.987   076.098.087.xxx   Azzasin (18)
2007_12_19_20:02:25.579   066.245.138.xxx   merry christmas, bill Clinton (15)
2007_12_19_20:02:35.575   216.130.161.xxx   Scniddy ... Schniddy .. this is a family website dude (14)
2007_12_19_20:02:53.532   066.245.138.xxx   merry christmas, bill Clinton! (16)
2007_12_19_20:03:09.936   024.211.178.xxx   we had kids watching (15)
2007_12_19_20:03:22.471   216.130.161.xxx   Alek BAN 076.098.087.xxx He's been messing all night (15)
2007_12_19_20:03:27.557   066.245.138.xxx   I am a kid (17)
2007_12_19_20:03:29.125   024.209.240.xxx   I love u all
2007_12_19_20:03:45.899   024.211.178.xxx   i love you dianna (16)
2007_12_19_20:03:48.473   067.176.042.xxx   hello?
2007_12_19_20:03:53.298   216.130.161.xxx   I LOVE OATS (16)
2007_12_19_20:03:56.857   076.098.087.xxx   Alek GROW A GOATEE (19)
2007_12_19_20:04:20.926   067.176.042.xxx   i am bob
2007_12_19_20:04:23.963   024.211.178.xxx   i love you dianna (17)
2007_12_19_20:04:42.180   216.130.161.xxx   LMAO SCHNIDDY (17)
2007_12_19_20:04:44.328   066.245.138.xxx   This is so cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (18)
2007_12_19_20:05:06.191   067.162.130.xxx   i love you ya rock on i love oranges
2007_12_19_20:05:21.162   216.130.161.xxx   See how you went from P-SCHNIDDY TO JUST SCHNIDDY? (18)
2007_12_19_20:05:22.410   067.176.042.xxx   its not working!!!!!!!!
2007_12_19_20:05:31.502   076.098.087.xxx   i love scotch (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_19_20:06:05.350   216.130.161.xxx   See how you went from P-SCHNIDDY TO JUST SCHNIDDY? (19)
2007_12_19_20:06:09.828   070.100.115.xxx   Hi there
2007_12_19_20:06:23.019   067.162.130.xxx   turn off
2007_12_19_20:06:36.826   216.130.161.xxx   See how you went from P-SCHNIDDY TO JUST SCHNIDDY? (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_19_20:07:02.370   216.130.161.xxx   Like PUFFY went to just Diddy (21)
2007_12_19_20:07:39.151   076.098.087.xxx   Alek do you have and Kingston Trio? (21)
2007_12_19_20:07:56.294   067.162.130.xxx   turn everything off
2007_12_19_20:08:09.184   216.130.161.xxx   THE TRIO RAWKKKS !! (22)
2007_12_19_20:09:08.941   070.100.115.xxx   Hi Marcia how are you
2007_12_19_20:09:10.102   066.245.138.xxx   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!!!!! (19)
2007_12_19_20:09:20.577   213.251.160.xxx   schniddy are u cut (61)
2007_12_19_20:09:51.899   066.245.138.xxx   Goodnight (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_19_20:09:53.074   076.098.087.xxx   im bald w/ a goatee (22)
2007_12_19_20:10:15.285   216.130.161.xxx   SHAVE YOUR GOATEE FOR XMAS SCHNIDDY (23)
2007_12_19_20:10:31.208   076.098.087.xxx   i like to call it a FLAVOR SAVER (23)
2007_12_19_20:10:45.921   066.245.138.xxx   Goodnight !!!!!!! (21)
2007_12_19_20:10:55.901   216.130.161.xxx   SHAVE YOUR GOATEE FOR XMAS SCHNIDDY (24)
2007_12_19_20:11:02.933   213.251.160.xxx   man milk retainer (62)
2007_12_19_20:11:28.940   216.130.161.xxx   Donate the hair to the Cancer foundation (25)
2007_12_19_20:11:32.258   076.098.087.xxx   i work out in Mt Laurel gym (24)
2007_12_19_20:12:03.093   216.130.161.xxx   With your bfriend? (26)
2007_12_19_20:12:05.420   071.232.076.xxx   hi
2007_12_19_20:12:33.803   076.098.087.xxx   yeah  we both like this big tall guy w/ a pathfinder (25)
2007_12_19_20:12:38.445   216.130.161.xxx   Steve said your GOATEE is a fake Schniddy (27)
2007_12_19_20:13:13.564   216.130.161.xxx   He's still outside laughing over his comment (28)
2007_12_19_20:13:39.121   070.017.111.xxx   i have a buttock bubble. (21)
2007_12_19_20:13:45.154   076.098.087.xxx   he better stop laughing or im gonna snap his vertabre (26)
2007_12_19_20:14:18.638   216.130.161.xxx   AWWWW MAN .... THE TEARS OF LAUGHTER (29)
2007_12_19_20:14:26.080   071.206.139.xxx   HI
2007_12_19_20:15:10.430   068.055.254.xxx   iuu
2007_12_19_20:15:12.329   216.130.161.xxx   LMAO @ CRAZY FACE (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_19_20:16:12.736   071.206.139.xxx   AUSTIN IS AMAZIN
2007_12_19_20:16:20.186   216.130.161.xxx   THIS GUYS GOOD (31)
2007_12_19_20:17:53.621   069.081.181.xxx   ronpaulradio baby!
2007_12_19_20:19:19.437   216.130.161.xxx   GOOD THE CRQZY FACE GUY IS GONE (32)
2007_12_19_20:19:49.666   069.081.181.xxx   ronpaulradio for the win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
2007_12_19_20:20:48.397   216.130.161.xxx   OK NO POLITICS MAN (33)
2007_12_19_20:21:01.316   213.251.160.xxx   I LOVE that p-- schniddy fellow (63)
2007_12_19_20:21:23.047   216.130.161.xxx   I USED TO WORK AT OAT-TALK RADIO (34)
2007_12_19_20:21:39.202   024.166.247.xxx   Looks GReat ALEK!
2007_12_19_20:22:19.179   216.130.161.xxx   Ohhh schniddy where are you? (35)
2007_12_19_20:22:25.585   090.196.171.xxx   computer guy looks serious. smile its xmas.
2007_12_19_20:23:56.335   216.130.161.xxx   Schniddy .. hows the KISS cover band coming along? (36)
2007_12_19_20:24:40.554   076.098.087.xxx   good im Peter Criss  the CAT (27)
2007_12_19_20:24:47.224   216.130.161.xxx   Where are you? Stroaking your GOATEE schniddy? (37)
2007_12_19_20:25:51.788   213.251.160.xxx   iam philcarcel jr  airforce anyone (64)
2007_12_19_20:25:59.928   068.055.254.xxx   hi
2007_12_19_20:26:05.291   216.130.161.xxx   Schniddy, weren'T you working on a Bon-Jovi tribute band too? (38)
2007_12_19_20:26:16.257   076.098.087.xxx   Alek sure is funny (28)
2007_12_19_20:26:38.510   213.251.160.xxx   alex are u near vail (65)
2007_12_19_20:26:52.732   076.098.087.xxx   i slammed my in the door (29)
2007_12_19_20:27:26.798   216.130.161.xxx   Your what Schniddy, we're not mind readers (39)
2007_12_19_20:27:45.541   213.251.160.xxx   i will be in vail 2 weeks (66)
2007_12_19_20:28:27.357   216.130.161.xxx   Schniddy. I think I'm done with Paranormal State already (40 IM's so far today)
2007_12_19_20:29:10.327   216.130.161.xxx   Too much fluff if you know what I mean. (41)
2007_12_19_20:30:17.717   216.130.161.xxx   Belial is wreacking havoc on those with messy living conditions now? (42)
2007_12_19_20:30:56.595   216.130.161.xxx   If ones house is messy it's an invitation for demonic possesion? (43)
2007_12_19_20:32:28.632   071.229.143.xxx   I pooted
2007_12_19_20:32:55.097   216.130.161.xxx   Hope everything came out ok (44)
2007_12_19_20:33:11.201   071.229.143.xxx   how was ur day Alek?
2007_12_19_20:34:28.150   075.106.034.xxx   charlie rocks
2007_12_19_20:34:31.480   216.130.161.xxx   He's a ROBOT he won't answer (45)
2007_12_19_20:35:08.550   075.106.034.xxx   This guys wife is hot, have you seen her?
2007_12_19_20:35:21.666   071.229.143.xxx   he's no robot he's just shy/awesome
2007_12_19_20:35:36.245   213.251.160.xxx   Is that Cadet Fletcher from police academy (67)
2007_12_19_20:35:56.621   216.130.161.xxx   OMG ...(((PUKE))) (46)
2007_12_19_20:36:20.831   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I'll pass on the "HOT" compliment to my wife - thanks! ***ALEK***
2007_12_19_20:36:28.797   121.001.043.xxx   Merry Xmas...(from the beautiful country, PHILIPPINES)
2007_12_19_20:36:31.994   075.106.034.xxx   We we're doign it earlier
2007_12_19_20:37:38.309   213.251.160.xxx   SHE IS HOT (68)
2007_12_19_20:37:59.619   024.166.155.xxx   where is my red corvette?
2007_12_19_20:37:59.852   075.106.034.xxx   Think he's hot, you oughta see his wife
2007_12_19_20:38:39.390   216.130.161.xxx   OK ENOUGH FOR ME (47)
2007_12_19_20:39:10.932   075.106.034.xxx   I don't have on any underwear
2007_12_19_20:39:35.310   067.163.227.xxx   eLINK DELETED
2007_12_19_20:39:55.492   071.229.143.xxx   thats huge!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_19_20:40:48.126   071.192.246.xxx   Hi Alek I was diagnosed 2 years ago right in time for the holidays. This is awe
2007_12_19_20:40:59.243   075.106.034.xxx   I can bite my nails when it does that
2007_12_19_20:41:04.968   071.229.143.xxx   dude nobody cares
2007_12_19_20:41:30.413   075.106.034.xxx   Your momma cares
2007_12_19_20:41:54.620   075.106.034.xxx   Your momma cared for me last night
2007_12_19_20:41:55.582   216.130.161.xxx   Schniddy is 071.229.143.xxx get him alek ! (48)
2007_12_19_20:42:18.971   071.229.143.xxx   Guys just a frindly reminder that this is a family site
2007_12_19_20:42:40.625   076.098.087.xxx   yeah ITS A FRIENDLY SITE (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_19_20:43:59.787   071.229.143.xxx   What do you do for fun Alek? What do ur kids like?
2007_12_19_20:44:35.620   213.251.160.xxx   alex you are very handsome (69)
2007_12_19_20:44:47.665   070.017.111.xxx   lol (22)
2007_12_19_20:44:54.043   076.098.087.xxx   i think so too (31)
2007_12_19_20:45:31.748   070.017.111.xxx   eh... (23)
2007_12_19_20:45:45.634   071.229.143.xxx   u guys think he "has fun" with his wife?
2007_12_19_20:45:58.793   070.017.111.xxx   nah. (24)
2007_12_19_20:46:46.557   076.098.087.xxx   he does the Dirty Brooklyn (32)
2007_12_19_20:47:03.756   070.017.111.xxx   ah i see now i don't have credit so my money..... (25)
2007_12_19_20:47:17.458   076.098.087.xxx   im with stupid_________ (33)
2007_12_19_20:47:33.002   070.017.111.xxx   is obsolete.. sheesh!   now what? (26)
2007_12_19_20:48:14.747   070.017.111.xxx   i don't want no bracelets i have no cards. (27)
2007_12_19_20:48:36.098   074.140.127.xxx   Birdly!
2007_12_19_20:49:21.817   070.017.111.xxx   well ___3 isn't much of a donation anyways i guess. (28)
2007_12_19_20:49:27.635   076.098.087.xxx   :O (34)
2007_12_19_20:49:35.155   068.051.097.xxx   Corbie and Birdly say hi to Chloe and Nathan
2007_12_19_20:52:10.769   066.090.077.xxx   check out my myspace  LINK DELETED/DetkyRules
2007_12_19_20:54:54.266   071.162.179.xxx   Merry Christmas to the O'Donnell's
2007_12_19_20:54:59.363   066.090.077.xxx   22 m ill  looking for fun
2007_12_19_20:56:24.847   070.017.111.xxx   500 m  looking for geritol (29)
2007_12_19_20:56:32.668   071.162.179.xxx   Merry Christmas Uncle Steve
2007_12_19_20:56:54.476   070.017.111.xxx   merry xmas mr. ed. (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_19_20:57:36.870   088.107.064.xxx   Hello there.
2007_12_19_20:58:09.808   070.017.111.xxx   hello here. (31)
2007_12_19_20:58:19.559   066.090.077.xxx   this site is a fraud
2007_12_19_20:59:45.005   024.166.247.xxx   nope not at all
2007_12_19_21:01:00.119   151.196.109.xxx   lulz
2007_12_19_21:01:03.309   071.179.019.xxx   all your base are belong to us
2007_12_19_21:01:12.906   066.090.077.xxx   alek whens last call
2007_12_19_21:01:43.428   070.017.111.xxx   in my stomach. (32)
2007_12_19_21:02:27.890   071.179.019.xxx   hi alek
2007_12_19_21:02:33.185   065.000.170.xxx   spanish Fort Alabama
2007_12_19_21:03:07.833   076.103.211.xxx   Napa, CA says Hi, and Merry Christmas!!
2007_12_19_21:03:15.396   065.000.170.xxx   says merry  xmas
2007_12_19_21:03:36.673   071.238.054.xxx   santa just wished u a merry xmas alek :-)
2007_12_19_21:03:56.464   066.090.077.xxx   World of Warcraft RULES!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_19_21:03:59.952   070.017.111.xxx   for knee kate! (33)
2007_12_19_21:04:14.418   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thank you Santa ... and be sure to stop by my house next week! ***ALEK***
2007_12_19_21:05:50.243   071.238.054.xxx   he's on chris' pirillo's stream right now i anyone wants to stop bye
2007_12_19_21:10:57.591   097.100.038.xxx   zaz
2007_12_19_21:11:44.643   097.100.038.xxx   pagan
2007_12_19_21:13:38.281   097.100.038.xxx   this whacked
2007_12_19_21:13:40.214   076.098.087.xxx   pschniddy  up in here (35)
2007_12_19_21:13:49.035   071.234.061.xxx   graaargh
2007_12_19_21:14:45.037   097.100.038.xxx   this is whacked!
2007_12_19_21:14:55.184   071.015.114.xxx   HELLO FORM DENTON TEXAS
2007_12_19_21:15:36.703   076.098.087.xxx   cali represent (36)
2007_12_19_21:16:21.265   076.098.087.xxx   anyone need fire wood? (37)
2007_12_19_21:16:52.906   024.065.240.xxx   Great Display Once Again! Thanks
2007_12_19_21:17:42.247   076.098.087.xxx   i gettin whacked right now on barley (38)
2007_12_19_21:17:57.979   070.017.111.xxx   420 lmfao! man they still say that? (34)
2007_12_19_21:18:32.672   076.098.087.xxx   you dont even know dude (39)
2007_12_19_21:19:13.099   070.017.111.xxx   oh yeh, ok,  SO you SAY. (35)
2007_12_19_21:19:46.878   070.017.111.xxx   nah sorry i rather do the enlightement stuff, PURPLE! (36)
2007_12_19_21:20:48.322   024.065.240.xxx   You Guys Should Grow Up
2007_12_19_21:20:50.433   070.017.111.xxx   that should confuse those rugrats. (37)
2007_12_19_21:21:39.504   076.098.087.xxx   alek do u have trouble with the paranormal? (40 IM's so far today)
2007_12_19_21:22:41.254   024.182.072.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_19_21:23:49.275   070.017.111.xxx   yeh yeh. (38)
2007_12_19_21:23:57.787   066.082.009.xxx   Hello from Galena Alaska
2007_12_19_21:25:24.736   076.098.087.xxx   tawanna waz up grl (41)
2007_12_19_21:28:05.737   066.082.009.xxx   47 below zero here in Galena
2007_12_19_21:31:08.621   070.017.111.xxx   do all these cammers lose touch? (39)
2007_12_19_21:31:50.802   071.028.185.xxx   wish I was in colorado!
2007_12_19_21:32:20.550   074.236.237.xxx   Yay! I rock
2007_12_19_21:32:46.657   070.078.101.xxx   Ha i love php!!!
2007_12_19_21:33:09.518   071.012.185.xxx   greetings from alabama!
2007_12_19_21:36:05.910   071.028.185.xxx   God Bless and Merry Christmas from Georgia!!!
2007_12_19_21:37:06.040   071.238.054.xxx   does anyone have problems with voice recinition?
2007_12_19_21:38:54.329   071.109.030.xxx   what kind of problems?
2007_12_19_21:39:46.905   071.238.054.xxx   It kees faling
2007_12_19_21:40:54.521   071.109.030.xxx   That can be anything ...what have you tried
2007_12_19_21:41:04.721   076.098.087.xxx   goodnight from the soul hole  aka harlem humps (42)
2007_12_19_21:41:17.883   071.238.054.xxx   well one minute it works then it dies :-(
2007_12_19_21:41:54.083   071.109.030.xxx   have you tried reloading the program
2007_12_19_21:42:30.861   066.082.009.xxx   Burrito reindeer is alive & well!
2007_12_19_21:42:44.589   071.238.054.xxx   yup sometimes it works again but then sometimes it dies
2007_12_19_21:44:17.750   071.109.030.xxx   have you looked for conflicts?
2007_12_19_21:44:52.435   071.238.054.xxx   depends on what u mean
2007_12_19_21:45:20.517   070.017.111.xxx   it's junk, forget it.   burrito reindeer! (40 IM's so far today)
2007_12_19_21:46:23.062   071.109.030.xxx   google the program name and your platform and see what comes up
2007_12_19_21:46:43.857   071.103.013.xxx   ____________ DON'T BUY! IT'S STOLEN
2007_12_19_21:47:27.683   071.103.013.xxx   That guy must have no life sitting there....
2007_12_19_21:50:01.063   071.109.030.xxx   but he loves his kids
2007_12_19_21:50:04.300   071.103.013.xxx   Send money to help my kids please. ___3
2007_12_19_21:50:13.243   071.238.054.xxx   well gotta go fix crappy vista
2007_12_19_21:50:19.523   024.209.015.xxx   I'm here again tonight from Ohio... Hi Alex!!    Just love visiting.
2007_12_19_21:50:39.710   071.109.030.xxx   sorry about the vista
2007_12_19_21:51:06.697   066.082.009.xxx   9 minutes left
2007_12_19_21:51:31.772   072.167.043.xxx   merry xmas alll
2007_12_19_21:51:46.911   071.109.030.xxx   Have a great night all
2007_12_19_21:52:07.345   072.167.043.xxx   alex where is your hot looking wife
2007_12_19_21:52:28.602   071.238.054.xxx   It's ok i always have my trusty legal xp cd on hand :-)
2007_12_19_21:52:43.627   066.082.009.xxx   Alex first mail plane goes out tomorrow Shadow
2007_12_19_21:53:56.616   066.082.009.xxx   your check will be on it
2007_12_19_21:54:32.628   072.167.043.xxx   how can electric be so cheap
2007_12_19_21:55:40.004   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Roger on the mail plane Shadow - UofM folks say they will be looking for it ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_19_21:57:20.760   066.082.009.xxx   ok!

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