605 christmas text messages on 2007/1220

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 9,629 times that day including 5,403 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1220

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2007_12_20_16:25:57.418   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Day before Winter Solstice - getting dark early - X10 controls ON! ***ALEK***
2007_12_20_16:28:20.422   084.000.168.xxx   Boldog Kar___csonyt!
2007_12_20_16:28:53.124   074.095.152.xxx   Th1s s1t3 rulz!
2007_12_20_16:29:14.441   068.036.181.xxx   Brandon Smith Merry Christmas everyone
2007_12_20_16:31:06.674   075.067.124.xxx   I hope you can drink beer someday!
2007_12_20_16:31:46.302   074.095.152.xxx   (O)_(O)
2007_12_20_16:33:12.049   068.036.181.xxx   i luv this website
2007_12_20_16:33:52.102   074.095.152.xxx   4:34...Central time?
2007_12_20_16:34:21.137   074.095.152.xxx   No, no, Mountain Time?
2007_12_20_16:35:33.977   065.247.090.xxx   BLA
2007_12_20_16:36:11.376   065.247.090.xxx   where is the Hanuka Menora?
2007_12_20_16:38:11.882   084.013.113.xxx   Nobody calls the HULK a puppet....lol
2007_12_20_16:38:49.103   084.013.113.xxx   Great Radio interveiw..Dave UK
2007_12_20_16:38:49.983   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, I told the Radio DJ's not to make the HULK angry - you wouldn't like him angry! ***ALEK***
2007_12_20_16:38:56.156   064.240.009.xxx   What happened to Dancin' Homer?!
2007_12_20_16:39:13.076   063.237.114.xxx   ho ho ho
2007_12_20_16:39:42.238   082.103.128.xxx   chanaka is over
2007_12_20_16:40:03.800   084.013.113.xxx   I hope the HULK forgives them... for there sake.
2007_12_20_16:41:42.121   075.180.013.xxx   Faganator is in the house!
2007_12_20_16:42:24.546   081.209.048.xxx   joo morjensta poytaan!
2007_12_20_16:42:58.837   096.230.138.xxx   lol...fun!  This is genius.
2007_12_20_16:43:54.443   084.013.113.xxx   277 watching.......amazing
2007_12_20_16:46:41.223   084.013.113.xxx   Happy Xmas ****
2007_12_20_16:47:11.967   070.084.106.xxx   merry to all
2007_12_20_16:48:16.549   068.036.056.xxx   Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas everyone
2007_12_20_16:49:17.864   068.001.189.xxx   AJ loves the chixor
2007_12_20_16:49:18.567   024.141.191.xxx   Merry Christmas from Oakville! Love you Om!!!
2007_12_20_16:49:49.507   068.001.189.xxx   AJ loves Chixor
2007_12_20_16:50:28.743   024.141.191.xxx   Om loves MJ
2007_12_20_16:50:49.013   068.001.189.xxx   AK Loves Chixor
2007_12_20_16:52:18.842   074.036.038.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2007_12_20_16:52:28.682   084.013.113.xxx   R u getting a 20ft Santa next year on X10
2007_12_20_16:53:08.603   074.036.038.xxx   Is it cold?
2007_12_20_16:55:00.582   098.194.063.xxx   Hello from Houston Texas
2007_12_20_16:57:37.977   024.108.013.xxx   hello 142
2007_12_20_16:57:48.332   072.186.118.xxx   Merry Xmas from Mark & Holly Tampa, FL
2007_12_20_16:58:40.609   084.013.113.xxx   Holly nice name for this time of year.
2007_12_20_16:58:46.468   099.230.105.xxx   hello from canada
2007_12_20_16:59:12.125   065.078.106.xxx   4 DAYS!!!!
2007_12_20_16:59:18.172   143.166.255.xxx   Homer Clause
2007_12_20_16:59:23.074   075.055.038.xxx   greetings from sunny SoCal
2007_12_20_16:59:23.183   099.230.105.xxx   hello from mississauga
2007_12_20_17:00:24.706   143.166.255.xxx   To all the Elves I've loved before...  all the ones that came to
2007_12_20_17:01:05.898   143.166.255.xxx   Santa knocked out Homer!
2007_12_20_17:01:14.349   076.118.088.xxx   GOD BLESS YO!
2007_12_20_17:01:27.953   070.190.165.xxx   alek you are always wearing dark colors
2007_12_20_17:01:30.726   143.166.255.xxx   Why, did he sneeze
2007_12_20_17:01:32.281   084.013.113.xxx   well its 1 min past midnight goodnight all
2007_12_20_17:01:51.422   066.169.149.xxx   This is off the hook
2007_12_20_17:02:00.989   143.166.255.xxx   YEE HAW! Burrito Reindeer! :)
2007_12_20_17:02:53.890   064.012.116.xxx   this is soooo cool i love this
2007_12_20_17:03:10.591   066.169.149.xxx   Man this would get really annoying if I was a neighbor
2007_12_20_17:03:43.454   143.166.255.xxx   but you aren't
2007_12_20_17:04:01.516   075.055.038.xxx   actually the neighbors love it
2007_12_20_17:04:22.521   143.166.255.xxx   yea even Mr. Scrooge across the street!
2007_12_20_17:04:42.359   075.055.038.xxx   especially the kids
2007_12_20_17:05:19.465   075.055.038.xxx   there...I said it for you Alek
2007_12_20_17:05:51.307   143.166.255.xxx   I'm a Christmas Candy! yum yum yum!
2007_12_20_17:07:38.147   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thank you for saying it for me - yes, neighbors and especially kids think it's a hoot!  ***ALEK***
2007_12_20_17:10:56.994   074.036.038.xxx   Not so cold here in arizona!
2007_12_20_17:11:46.174   064.012.116.xxx   lets turn everything on for a little bit
2007_12_20_17:13:31.421   074.036.038.xxx   looks good now!
2007_12_20_17:13:52.889   059.167.074.xxx   This is amazing.  Donation on the way!!
2007_12_20_17:14:08.330   066.082.009.xxx   61 below zero here in Alaska
2007_12_20_17:15:32.348   059.167.074.xxx   83 above here in Melbourne
2007_12_20_17:16:32.341   202.086.214.xxx   teehee
2007_12_20_17:16:56.928   202.086.214.xxx   look ma, i'm on the internet
2007_12_20_17:17:35.515   074.036.038.xxx   Who's ready for hot chicken wings?
2007_12_20_17:18:26.844   071.114.169.xxx   Is this for real?
2007_12_20_17:18:53.422   072.186.118.xxx   Just invited my friends from LINK DELETED over here! :)
2007_12_20_17:18:55.486   070.056.057.xxx   go bobcats
2007_12_20_17:19:23.028   070.056.057.xxx   hi
2007_12_20_17:19:28.705   076.118.088.xxx   XBOX 360 YAAAAAAA!
2007_12_20_17:19:57.226   070.056.057.xxx   ps3 better =___
2007_12_20_17:20:36.892   070.056.057.xxx   Colton and Kourtney were here!!!!!
2007_12_20_17:20:40.087   074.036.038.xxx   Nintendo 64
2007_12_20_17:21:07.694   070.056.057.xxx   WAHOOO HI PERSON
2007_12_20_17:21:23.550   072.186.118.xxx   Nollaig shona duit (Happy Christmas to you) ...
2007_12_20_17:21:41.785   070.056.057.xxx   HOW COOL IS THIS?!?!?! HI EVERYONE
2007_12_20_17:23:23.520   072.186.118.xxx   My hubby thinks I'm crazy! LOL
2007_12_20_17:23:55.834   069.142.239.xxx   LOL I can read what i am writing from his laptop screen!
2007_12_20_17:24:07.929   070.146.188.xxx   you are!!!!
2007_12_20_17:24:41.466   069.142.239.xxx   Merry Chrismas from Toms River, NJ ! ! ! ! ! ! this is great!
2007_12_20_17:25:23.667   070.146.188.xxx   ok who turns them on when i turn them off
2007_12_20_17:25:53.930   069.142.239.xxx   all of us do... we are here to turn ON the lights.. not off :)
2007_12_20_17:26:06.812   072.186.118.xxx   Leave 'em on! They're pretty! :)
2007_12_20_17:26:35.457   070.146.188.xxx   if no1 turns them off how can u turn them on???
2007_12_20_17:27:09.889   069.142.239.xxx   his neighbors must hate him!
2007_12_20_17:28:09.825   064.012.116.xxx   i am one of his nabors
2007_12_20_17:28:35.123   066.082.009.xxx   no they dont!
2007_12_20_17:28:43.341   142.073.067.xxx   chunder!
2007_12_20_17:29:11.009   064.012.116.xxx   its not really annoying i am his naighbor
2007_12_20_17:29:23.758   076.110.249.xxx   This!
2007_12_20_17:31:54.763   189.129.007.xxx   Hi!
2007_12_20_17:32:08.267   162.115.172.xxx   Hi Favi in Irvine
2007_12_20_17:33:42.072   162.115.172.xxx   Hi alek, welcome back
2007_12_20_17:34:12.029   099.230.105.xxx   come by justyna i love u
2007_12_20_17:35:12.089   099.229.116.xxx   no leave me alone!
2007_12_20_17:35:18.809   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Just popping in for a minute - making dinner! ***ALEK***
2007_12_20_17:35:28.674   068.036.181.xxx   merry christmas ho ho ho
2007_12_20_17:36:15.891   064.012.116.xxx   im turning the train on ok everyone
2007_12_20_17:39:21.577   072.186.118.xxx   Nollaig chridheil
2007_12_20_17:41:29.489   072.186.118.xxx   joyeux No___l
2007_12_20_17:42:14.912   071.208.189.xxx   rylee
2007_12_20_17:42:40.175   072.186.118.xxx   Nollaig shona! :)
2007_12_20_17:42:41.915   076.168.200.xxx   hihihi
2007_12_20_17:42:51.737   198.208.251.xxx   Site design by "Angry Fruit Salad"
2007_12_20_17:43:18.453   076.168.200.xxx   hihihihihi
2007_12_20_17:43:57.374   076.168.200.xxx   jebes zemlju koja gucu nema
2007_12_20_17:45:00.765   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Darn right on that site design comment - who writes that HTML/CSS anyway! ***ALEK***
2007_12_20_17:46:04.224   069.073.191.xxx   happy kwanzaa////  dashawn,talitha, yolanda
2007_12_20_17:46:04.401   069.073.191.xxx   happy kwanzaa////  dashawn,talitha, yolanda
2007_12_20_17:47:14.411   206.171.121.xxx   rawr
2007_12_20_17:48:11.987   206.171.121.xxx   eric u s***
2007_12_20_17:48:42.781   206.171.121.xxx   KING RAWR
2007_12_20_17:49:16.324   206.171.121.xxx   kylie is still a lady
2007_12_20_17:49:38.580   069.073.191.xxx   i have misletoe
2007_12_20_17:50:34.101   069.073.191.xxx   I THINK THIS SITE IS A SHAM
2007_12_20_17:51:18.043   190.136.129.xxx   Greetings from Argentina
2007_12_20_17:52:45.543   190.136.129.xxx   in argentina is summer!
2007_12_20_17:54:19.759   099.242.097.xxx   very nice display
2007_12_20_17:55:33.623   155.091.028.xxx   This is possibly the best Xmas light display EVER!
2007_12_20_17:56:07.619   075.055.038.xxx   ha ha...you got deleted
2007_12_20_17:56:58.076   024.086.190.xxx   Hi mom!!
2007_12_20_17:58:55.979   080.193.020.xxx   siboney
2007_12_20_17:59:25.838   098.200.133.xxx   it's so dark there------I' m skeered
2007_12_20_17:59:37.708   220.253.000.xxx   :)
2007_12_20_18:00:21.692   069.221.009.xxx   poopy pants
2007_12_20_18:00:41.657   080.193.020.xxx   k te follen!
2007_12_20_18:01:02.094   098.200.133.xxx   is this the nite santa comes? i
2007_12_20_18:01:29.513   142.163.160.xxx   nope
2007_12_20_18:01:43.549   098.200.133.xxx   soon?
2007_12_20_18:02:16.447   080.193.020.xxx   emma smells!
2007_12_20_18:02:45.792   190.058.153.xxx   hi
2007_12_20_18:03:43.110   201.051.068.xxx   Merry Christmas from Rio de Janeiro
2007_12_20_18:04:47.655   080.193.020.xxx   ENTREN TODOS EN: TRIPLE W . SIBONEYPUNTO ES PUNTO TL
2007_12_20_18:05:32.479   075.055.038.xxx   Just love those brazilian women!!!
2007_12_20_18:05:34.054   099.242.097.xxx   Merry Christmas from Toronto, Canada
2007_12_20_18:05:43.510   080.193.020.xxx   W W W . S I B O N E Y . E S . T L
2007_12_20_18:05:58.190   024.116.120.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM IDAHO
2007_12_20_18:06:03.733   142.163.160.xxx   and from St. John's Newfound to you...
2007_12_20_18:06:23.811   080.193.020.xxx   X K NO T KALLAS!
2007_12_20_18:06:31.531   024.116.120.xxx   HAY STEPH
2007_12_20_18:08:33.361   024.116.120.xxx   VERY COOL
2007_12_20_18:09:23.183   068.036.056.xxx   Merry Christmas from Camp Hill, Pa :)
2007_12_20_18:09:59.015   069.249.167.xxx   hey from lancaster pa here
2007_12_20_18:10:01.521   080.193.020.xxx   HELLO NAN!!!!
2007_12_20_18:11:13.328   024.116.120.xxx   Alyssa Schnitzel Hauphenshloger says
2007_12_20_18:11:14.528   075.055.038.xxx   ok, hes gone, lets steal stuff
2007_12_20_18:11:46.834   024.116.120.xxx   Alyssa Schnitzel Hauphenshloger says
2007_12_20_18:12:23.440   024.116.120.xxx   SWAT RULES
2007_12_20_18:12:25.026   067.060.073.xxx   hahahahaha
2007_12_20_18:12:58.378   024.116.120.xxx   Alyssa Schnitzel Hauphenshloger says
2007_12_20_18:13:34.312   024.116.120.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS
2007_12_20_18:13:58.056   067.189.074.xxx   Double Merry Christmas
2007_12_20_18:14:17.714   024.116.120.xxx   Alyssa Schnitzel Hauphenshloger says I LIKE CODY
2007_12_20_18:14:32.138   075.055.038.xxx   same to you Alyssa Schnitzel Hauphenshloger
2007_12_20_18:15:14.944   076.183.029.xxx   hello?
2007_12_20_18:15:23.924   059.095.007.xxx   test
2007_12_20_18:16:55.353   075.055.038.xxx   stop testing me
2007_12_20_18:18:18.766   076.183.029.xxx   Woah.
2007_12_20_18:19:29.805   072.220.212.xxx   Mark was here, Merry Christmas!!!
2007_12_20_18:20:24.433   063.199.070.xxx   Happy Festivus
2007_12_20_18:21:32.701   209.232.148.xxx   yo yo yo !
2007_12_20_18:22:21.243   068.204.110.xxx   Hey! from FLORIDA!
2007_12_20_18:22:44.188   209.232.148.xxx   marty says hi
2007_12_20_18:22:53.879   068.204.110.xxx   Do you sit and watch all the incoming IMs?
2007_12_20_18:23:25.469   068.204.110.xxx   I would... it's awesome!!  :)
2007_12_20_18:23:57.139   068.204.110.xxx   Hey Santa, give us a thumbs up!!  :)
2007_12_20_18:24:59.162   075.109.006.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_20_18:25:10.918   066.253.084.xxx   Woo Hoo.. Lights Lights... Cool....
2007_12_20_18:25:25.720   068.204.110.xxx   Give us a THUMBS UP!! :)
2007_12_20_18:25:44.571   066.253.084.xxx   Move your blocking the text.
2007_12_20_18:25:55.862   075.055.038.xxx   solve the cube for us (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_20_18:26:00.226   068.204.110.xxx   Sweet!  Can't believe you actually see it live!  THUMBS UP BACK!! :)
2007_12_20_18:26:31.668   068.204.110.xxx   Cool website!
2007_12_20_18:26:58.176   066.227.136.xxx   Hi alek wave
2007_12_20_18:27:55.114   075.055.038.xxx   sup kyle? (11)
2007_12_20_18:28:35.560   075.055.038.xxx   solve the cube kyle (12)
2007_12_20_18:28:35.599   068.204.110.xxx   What is the guy looking at? The PC?
2007_12_20_18:28:46.248   151.118.145.xxx   Whats your address, we want to drive by
2007_12_20_18:29:07.209   068.204.110.xxx   Thanks for making a cool website!
2007_12_20_18:29:34.797   068.204.110.xxx   cool! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_20_18:30:04.670   063.199.070.xxx   Tomie Says Hello
2007_12_20_18:30:14.317   151.118.145.xxx   Hi Ava
2007_12_20_18:30:23.315   024.184.070.xxx   key there komar
2007_12_20_18:30:41.046   151.118.145.xxx   this is sooo cool!
2007_12_20_18:31:47.036   071.122.031.xxx   buddy the elf hear
2007_12_20_18:32:39.915   207.179.002.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek and family cool site
2007_12_20_18:32:51.269   067.060.073.xxx   can he see our messages???
2007_12_20_18:33:22.173   059.167.067.xxx   Hello
2007_12_20_18:33:44.031   067.060.073.xxx   well can he????
2007_12_20_18:35:57.864   076.112.073.xxx   Go Huskies!
2007_12_20_18:38:35.333   068.158.125.xxx   Jan ...WILL YOU MARRY ME
2007_12_20_18:38:44.155   207.179.002.xxx   Im going to go out on a limb and say YES
2007_12_20_18:39:16.249   207.179.002.xxx   LOL what timing
2007_12_20_18:39:56.059   072.145.121.xxx   Yes Yes  i will marry you!!!
2007_12_20_18:40:17.086   151.118.145.xxx   no way!
2007_12_20_18:42:54.956   067.190.102.xxx   schpinnola????
2007_12_20_18:44:33.152   075.106.034.xxx   hello
2007_12_20_18:44:52.871   067.182.139.xxx   Hello?
2007_12_20_18:45:31.732   024.144.204.xxx   hello
2007_12_20_18:45:36.112   069.253.110.xxx   OT ___ ___
2007_12_20_18:46:10.527   069.253.110.xxx   Do milk! Not drugs!
2007_12_20_18:46:18.599   075.106.034.xxx   This site rocks
2007_12_20_18:46:54.704   075.106.034.xxx   It's better than dancing lights
2007_12_20_18:47:32.573   075.106.034.xxx   It could use some dancing elves
2007_12_20_18:47:49.428   075.071.119.xxx   i herd you on kosi this moring this is so cool
2007_12_20_18:48:03.479   075.106.034.xxx   Is this really a person sitting here?
2007_12_20_18:48:34.810   075.106.034.xxx   Will he ever answer back?
2007_12_20_18:49:06.441   024.144.204.xxx   hi
2007_12_20_18:49:24.817   075.106.034.xxx   I think he stole that clock from the post office
2007_12_20_18:49:44.227   024.144.204.xxx   which one
2007_12_20_18:50:10.615   075.106.034.xxx   the big anaolg in the background
2007_12_20_18:50:24.072   067.190.084.xxx   Hey Cool Display
2007_12_20_18:50:30.039   024.144.204.xxx   thats a sweet clock i would love to have that
2007_12_20_18:50:46.296   075.106.034.xxx   next to the bells,
2007_12_20_18:51:13.421   012.206.241.xxx   Pretty rad decorating job
2007_12_20_18:51:24.596   075.106.034.xxx   Our post office is missing thiers (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_20_18:51:27.254   024.144.204.xxx   screw the clock i want the lava lamp!
2007_12_20_18:51:27.671   065.040.117.xxx   Merry Christmas all
2007_12_20_18:51:54.641   024.144.204.xxx   lava lamps are awsome
2007_12_20_18:51:59.640   075.106.034.xxx   Uh Oh, he's calling the cops (11)
2007_12_20_18:52:18.043   024.238.072.xxx   Oh noes, the camera glitched
2007_12_20_18:52:20.950   066.253.084.xxx   what up very cool
2007_12_20_18:52:26.030   024.144.204.xxx   o snap scatter! its the 5-0
2007_12_20_18:52:53.138   075.106.034.xxx   Is this a display or a fast light brite? (12)
2007_12_20_18:53:22.221   075.106.034.xxx   he has a headache (13)
2007_12_20_18:53:25.213   075.071.119.xxx   my brother likes your buz lightyear
2007_12_20_18:53:53.096   071.001.126.xxx   tigger rocks
2007_12_20_18:54:18.245   075.106.034.xxx   is that a Christmas Skull up there? (14)
2007_12_20_18:54:18.424   024.144.204.xxx   i like the homer simpson that comes on the screen every now and then
2007_12_20_18:54:49.634   024.238.072.xxx   I don't think that camera2 likes people
2007_12_20_18:55:12.626   075.106.034.xxx   Is that a Christmas Skull?? (15)
2007_12_20_18:55:21.248   075.071.119.xxx   i like the soungbob and elmo
2007_12_20_18:55:38.610   024.238.072.xxx   well they're deflated now
2007_12_20_18:56:01.338   075.071.119.xxx   can you go to the camra and make a funny face
2007_12_20_18:56:13.960   075.106.034.xxx   I think this guy is into The Hulk (16)
2007_12_20_18:56:31.939   071.242.057.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_20_18:56:33.834   024.238.072.xxx   you think?
2007_12_20_18:56:50.126   071.001.126.xxx   pick your nose
2007_12_20_18:57:11.697   075.106.034.xxx   hey, you, don't you talk to us? (17)
2007_12_20_18:57:36.374   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** It's hard to talk to you when there is no audio ...  ___-) ***ALEK***
2007_12_20_18:57:57.189   075.106.034.xxx   can you reply to something (18)
2007_12_20_18:58:26.476   024.238.072.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2007_12_20_18:58:31.690   075.106.034.xxx   can you typw words up here? (19)
2007_12_20_18:58:52.370   071.001.126.xxx   Nope
2007_12_20_18:58:58.382   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I'm a bit busy getting ready for Christmas, but in reply, yes, you can type words up here! ***ALEK***
2007_12_20_18:59:09.490   075.106.034.xxx   I miss-spelled type, dangit (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_20_18:59:24.719   071.001.126.xxx   still nope
2007_12_20_18:59:27.777   071.242.057.xxx   Pobody's nerfect
2007_12_20_18:59:41.968   207.161.183.xxx   Very, very Merry Christmas!!!
2007_12_20_18:59:59.257   075.106.034.xxx   i got kickeod out last night, i gotta be nice (21)
2007_12_20_19:00:34.450   075.106.034.xxx   mayb e he won't boot me again (22)
2007_12_20_19:00:56.182   058.161.121.xxx   lalala
2007_12_20_19:01:15.602   075.106.034.xxx   i'm distracting him from his important business (23)
2007_12_20_19:02:05.407   071.001.126.xxx   EVERYONE TURN EVERYTHING OFF
2007_12_20_19:03:04.618   071.001.126.xxx   ONCE IT'S DARK NO ONE CAN SEE ME
2007_12_20_19:03:33.105   071.001.126.xxx   i said off
2007_12_20_19:04:46.865   071.001.126.xxx   284 PEOPLE VIEWING WHO CAN'T FOLLOW DIRECTIONS
2007_12_20_19:05:17.169   071.001.126.xxx   i said off
2007_12_20_19:06:04.616   071.001.126.xxx   OKAY THEN, LET'S JUST ALL RANDOMLY PUSH BUTTONS (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_20_19:06:13.846   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Maybe there are 283 people that would like the lights  ON ... HO-HO-HO! ***ALEK***
2007_12_20_19:06:46.760   071.001.126.xxx   THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS NEXT, FIRST THEY ALL GO OFF (11)
2007_12_20_19:07:17.412   071.001.126.xxx   SEE WORK SHOP MAN CAN DO IT. (12)
2007_12_20_19:07:21.092   075.106.034.xxx   is that really your big grill? (24)
2007_12_20_19:08:07.197   075.106.034.xxx   I have grill envy (25)
2007_12_20_19:08:08.282   071.001.126.xxx   LOOK AT THE CAMERA AND WAVE (13)
2007_12_20_19:08:31.701   071.149.158.xxx   mERRY cHRISTMAS
2007_12_20_19:08:47.029   075.106.034.xxx   I have grill envy (26)
2007_12_20_19:08:55.366   071.001.126.xxx   GO RUN THROUGH THE SNOWMAN FAMILY (14)
2007_12_20_19:09:25.499   075.106.034.xxx   can you wave to the camera? (27)
2007_12_20_19:10:21.091   075.106.034.xxx   we're making our Christmas Salsa tonight (28)
2007_12_20_19:10:45.230   071.001.126.xxx   cHRISTMAS SALSA??? (15)
2007_12_20_19:10:46.000   068.124.152.xxx   It all looks great.thanks
2007_12_20_19:11:20.133   071.001.126.xxx   wHAT IS CHRISTMAS SALSA (16)
2007_12_20_19:11:58.414   075.106.034.xxx   What is the thing that goes up and down? (29)
2007_12_20_19:12:34.251   075.106.034.xxx   Christmas Salsa will make you slap your momma (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_20_19:12:56.727   071.001.126.xxx   i WANT SOME (17)
2007_12_20_19:13:01.555   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Size Matter when it comes to BBQ's! ***ALEK***
2007_12_20_19:13:14.991   075.106.034.xxx   It's like Easter Salsa, just diffrent month (31)
2007_12_20_19:13:38.247   071.001.126.xxx   I WANT SOME CHRISTMAS SALSA (18)
2007_12_20_19:13:51.068   075.106.034.xxx   watch, I'll tell you how to make it (32)
2007_12_20_19:14:05.500   071.001.126.xxx   OKAY (19)
2007_12_20_19:15:19.423   069.245.138.xxx   Taylor University Rocks
2007_12_20_19:15:27.674   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Stepping Santa is what goes up and down on zone #7 - tells you this at bottom of the main page ***ALEK***
2007_12_20_19:15:35.991   075.106.034.xxx   1-28oz can of diced tomatoes (33)
2007_12_20_19:16:02.944   069.245.138.xxx   Anyone from Indiana
2007_12_20_19:16:14.672   207.005.199.xxx   Hi Alek, the lights look great!
2007_12_20_19:16:19.539   075.106.034.xxx   1 bunch of Cilantro, no stems (34)
2007_12_20_19:16:55.715   075.106.034.xxx   2 large Jalopena's, no seeds for mild (35)
2007_12_20_19:17:13.846   207.005.199.xxx   Sounds yummy
2007_12_20_19:18:07.983   075.106.034.xxx   2 TBSP Garlic Salt (36)
2007_12_20_19:18:08.591   204.210.158.xxx   Al Rules!!!!!!!
2007_12_20_19:18:46.713   075.106.034.xxx   2 TBSP Garlic Salt (37)
2007_12_20_19:19:33.575   075.106.034.xxx   Put all that in food processor and grind it up to a salsa (38)
2007_12_20_19:20:15.320   075.106.034.xxx   Simple Christmas Salsa that will make you slap your momma (39)
2007_12_20_19:20:46.112   071.001.126.xxx   SOUNDS GREAT I'LL MAKE SOME TOMMOROW (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_20_19:20:50.826   075.106.034.xxx   did ya'll get it all? (40 IM's so far today)
2007_12_20_19:21:19.943   204.210.158.xxx   I see you
2007_12_20_19:21:21.671   071.001.126.xxx   YES I DID (21)
2007_12_20_19:21:38.346   075.106.034.xxx   you can get it from the IM history (41)
2007_12_20_19:22:00.091   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Toss in some onions to give that Salsa some extra zest ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_20_19:22:22.017   075.106.034.xxx   they won't let me sign up to bring anything else at work partys (42)
2007_12_20_19:22:39.653   204.210.158.xxx   HEY YOU!!!!!!
2007_12_20_19:22:57.045   075.106.034.xxx   no don't do oinions, will mess it up (43)
2007_12_20_19:23:40.884   075.106.034.xxx   you must do it right as said, it's so good (44)
2007_12_20_19:23:58.760   075.068.238.xxx   NERDS
2007_12_20_19:24:13.380   075.106.034.xxx   trust me on this, it's goooood (45)
2007_12_20_19:24:32.225   068.100.171.xxx   Merry Christmas from Centreville, VA
2007_12_20_19:24:48.258   075.106.034.xxx   I like Nerdfs, two flavors in one box (46)
2007_12_20_19:25:19.673   068.248.237.xxx   Hi, how are you?
2007_12_20_19:25:26.363   075.106.034.xxx   Happy Christmas Salsa from Carlos Texas (47)
2007_12_20_19:25:46.160   072.064.121.xxx   come see my display at grapevine, over 12 airblown
2007_12_20_19:25:51.858   216.130.161.xxx   happy holidays  P- SCHNIDDY
2007_12_20_19:26:03.300   075.106.034.xxx   Carlos, Tx pop. 4 when we're all home (48)
2007_12_20_19:26:11.719   077.098.155.xxx   Hello, World
2007_12_20_19:26:30.055   072.064.121.xxx   ding fries are done ding fries are done
2007_12_20_19:26:40.153   216.130.161.xxx   P-SCHNIDDY U IN DA HOUSE
2007_12_20_19:26:41.938   192.198.151.xxx   Ireland calling...
2007_12_20_19:26:50.678   071.141.002.xxx   Super groovy Santa man!!!
2007_12_20_19:26:54.017   075.106.034.xxx   Christmas Salsa is almost done (49)
2007_12_20_19:27:43.801   216.130.161.xxx   P-SCHNIDDY U IN DA HOUSE
2007_12_20_19:28:15.127   069.144.156.xxx   Merry Christmas from Billings, MT!!
2007_12_20_19:28:17.926   074.036.038.xxx   Oh yea!!!
2007_12_20_19:28:54.233   216.130.161.xxx   YO WHAD UP SCHNISTER
2007_12_20_19:28:55.105   192.198.151.xxx   what kind of a name is schniddy...can it be real.
2007_12_20_19:29:00.271   075.106.034.xxx   mmmm Salsa is sooo good (50 IM's so far today)
2007_12_20_19:29:26.989   076.173.125.xxx   All your base!
2007_12_20_19:29:44.721   075.106.034.xxx   momma put her foot off in that batch (51)
2007_12_20_19:29:54.577   074.036.038.xxx   give me a call
2007_12_20_19:30:17.682   075.106.034.xxx   too bad you can't tate it over there (52)
2007_12_20_19:31:17.387   075.106.034.xxx   food processor running agains means a double batch (53)
2007_12_20_19:31:26.364   067.180.241.xxx   Is it real, or is it virtual? Hmm...
2007_12_20_19:31:51.380   216.130.161.xxx   REAL DUDE COME ALEX IS THE REAL DEAL
2007_12_20_19:32:03.578   074.036.038.xxx   Hi alek!!!
2007_12_20_19:32:13.506   216.130.161.xxx   BE CHISEL
2007_12_20_19:32:24.047   075.106.034.xxx   it's real here, real there if follow instuctions I gave (54)
2007_12_20_19:32:39.460   074.036.038.xxx   my snizzle (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_20_19:32:47.661   216.130.161.xxx   BA CHISELL
2007_12_20_19:32:57.634   075.106.034.xxx   foe shizzle (55)
2007_12_20_19:33:41.632   074.036.038.xxx   shizzle me not (11)
2007_12_20_19:34:38.780   216.130.161.xxx   SHIZZLE U TO
2007_12_20_19:34:50.695   068.051.120.xxx   hello
2007_12_20_19:35:16.637   216.130.161.xxx   HAPPY KWANZA YALLL, TYRONE,LESTER KAJUANNA
2007_12_20_19:35:26.862   074.036.038.xxx   hola como esta usted (12)
2007_12_20_19:35:31.929   077.098.155.xxx   Very nice idea, Merry Christmas!
2007_12_20_19:35:48.371   075.106.034.xxx   he shizzle she shizzle we all shizzle (56)
2007_12_20_19:35:58.419   076.024.073.xxx   Kwanza is all made up!
2007_12_20_19:36:14.009   216.130.161.xxx   SHIZZLE WHAT (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_20_19:36:29.504   075.106.034.xxx   sha shizzle thre times real fast (57)
2007_12_20_19:36:46.396   074.036.038.xxx   shizzle the dradel (13)
2007_12_20_19:36:50.619   216.130.161.xxx   SO IS COMMERCIALIZED XMAS (11)
2007_12_20_19:37:01.038   075.106.034.xxx   shizzle me timbers (58)
2007_12_20_19:37:29.113   076.024.073.xxx   Kwanza was invented by a loon that then went to prison!
2007_12_20_19:37:41.230   075.106.034.xxx   where'd the guy go? (59)
2007_12_20_19:37:43.791   216.130.161.xxx   GOOD INTENTIONS BEHIND KWANZAA (12)
2007_12_20_19:37:59.690   076.024.073.xxx   I CAN TYPE IN ALL CAPS TOO!
2007_12_20_19:38:10.236   216.130.161.xxx   RIGHT P- SCHNIDDY (13)
2007_12_20_19:38:13.068   075.070.206.xxx   Howdy from Colorado
2007_12_20_19:38:20.743   075.106.034.xxx   can his kids see this? (60 IM's so far today)
2007_12_20_19:38:36.997   216.130.161.xxx   good for u sucka (14)
2007_12_20_19:38:53.252   075.106.034.xxx   he left Hulk here to type (61)
2007_12_20_19:39:20.426   216.130.161.xxx   FOOL (15)
2007_12_20_19:39:25.349   075.106.034.xxx   it's past his bedtime (62)
2007_12_20_19:40:12.243   075.106.034.xxx   dude, I can see your IP, I'm coming to get you (63)
2007_12_20_19:40:46.479   076.024.073.xxx   Lol. Merry Christmas everyone!
2007_12_20_19:40:47.385   075.106.034.xxx   I'll be there in 10 minutes (64)
2007_12_20_19:40:56.059   216.130.161.xxx   076.024.073.xxx    ALEX ban this ip he is mean (16)
2007_12_20_19:41:48.560   216.130.161.xxx   075.106.034.xxx    also ban this fool (17)
2007_12_20_19:41:59.835   076.024.073.xxx   Why am I mean?
2007_12_20_19:42:19.869   075.106.034.xxx   anybody having Christmas Salsa beside me? (65)
2007_12_20_19:42:54.677   075.106.034.xxx   hey, I'm no fool (66)
2007_12_20_19:44:02.971   024.000.078.xxx   Merry Christmas every body!!!!!!!!!! almost here
2007_12_20_19:44:28.060   070.169.100.xxx   Merry Chrstmas to all of the Troops
2007_12_20_19:45:34.144   216.130.161.xxx   why the troops (18)
2007_12_20_19:46:03.774   216.130.161.xxx   no one made them join (19)
2007_12_20_19:47:59.389   075.106.034.xxx   they joined so you didn___t have to (67)
2007_12_20_19:48:36.806   216.130.161.xxx   draft ended in early 70s fool (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_20_19:48:55.400   075.106.034.xxx   they  joined so you can be home tonite with your family (68)
2007_12_20_19:48:57.161   205.188.116.xxx   this house is lame
2007_12_20_19:49:20.816   216.130.161.xxx   ur lame (21)
2007_12_20_19:49:23.279   205.188.116.xxx   BOOO!
2007_12_20_19:49:44.039   076.024.073.xxx   No, it's really pretty cool and if I had the ___ I'd donate too!
2007_12_20_19:49:46.938   216.130.161.xxx   this house is wonderbar (22)
2007_12_20_19:49:51.233   075.106.034.xxx   they joined so you can watch tv (69)
2007_12_20_19:50:09.611   205.188.116.xxx   ur mom is lame
2007_12_20_19:50:23.045   216.130.161.xxx   paul schneider is hom     o (23)
2007_12_20_19:50:29.992   067.068.169.xxx   merry x ma___
2007_12_20_19:50:37.277   075.106.034.xxx   I'll say thanks so you don't have to....THANKS SOILDERS (70 IM's so far today)
2007_12_20_19:50:46.718   216.130.161.xxx   SIKE (24)
2007_12_20_19:50:55.636   205.188.116.xxx   LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MOUNTAINEERS!
2007_12_20_19:51:13.282   216.130.161.xxx   YEA THANK THEM FOR NOTHING (25)
2007_12_20_19:51:15.098   076.024.073.xxx   I think you meant "psych"
2007_12_20_19:51:15.730   075.106.034.xxx   Go Iola Buldogs (71)
2007_12_20_19:51:20.107   205.188.116.xxx   oooooooooooooooooo sic who who whoo
2007_12_20_19:51:41.631   205.188.116.xxx   sic em woo woo woo woo
2007_12_20_19:52:00.166   075.106.034.xxx   I hear Sant on the roof (72)
2007_12_20_19:52:20.582   216.130.161.xxx   Call them up and thank them chump (26)
2007_12_20_19:52:23.149   205.188.116.xxx   my house looks better than this one this one is disapointing
2007_12_20_19:52:35.856   075.106.034.xxx   no, it was just a Buzzard (73)
2007_12_20_19:52:49.421   151.205.069.xxx   Merry Christmas all, greetings from WV.  Go Mountaineers!!!!
2007_12_20_19:53:09.739   205.188.116.xxx   omg im in wv
2007_12_20_19:53:13.444   075.106.034.xxx   they guy is back (74)
2007_12_20_19:54:16.039   075.106.034.xxx   gooo somewhere else (75)
2007_12_20_19:54:17.841   205.188.116.xxx   who is from wv? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_20_19:54:33.464   076.024.073.xxx   Inbreds?
2007_12_20_19:55:02.100   075.106.034.xxx   i've been to richwwod, beckly, and danville (76)
2007_12_20_19:55:03.685   205.188.116.xxx   hahaha real fuuny dips*** (11)
2007_12_20_19:55:30.557   076.024.073.xxx   What?  Nothin says lovin like a sister or a cousin!
2007_12_20_19:55:32.656   151.205.069.xxx   GO MOUNTAINEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_20_19:56:11.488   205.188.116.xxx   WEST VIRGINIA IS THE BEST STATE ppl  just dont know that cuz there g** (12)
2007_12_20_19:56:16.779   088.244.117.xxx   weeeeeeeeeeee
2007_12_20_19:56:44.108   075.106.034.xxx   i went to Danville Wv last year (77)
2007_12_20_19:57:02.181   151.205.069.xxx   cool, what did you take?
2007_12_20_19:57:04.558   205.188.116.xxx   isnt it beautiful down here? (13)
2007_12_20_19:57:49.668   075.106.034.xxx   i took my drug habit having bro in law home (78)
2007_12_20_19:57:53.842   205.188.116.xxx   MORGANTOWN            W       V (14)
2007_12_20_19:57:54.382   151.205.069.xxx   Yes, I love what he's done with the place this year Alek
2007_12_20_19:59:02.500   075.106.034.xxx   Wv is nice I'd like to go back (79)
2007_12_20_19:59:02.777   205.188.116.xxx   watch this (15)
2007_12_20_19:59:30.706   205.188.116.xxx   hahahaha (16)
2007_12_20_19:59:46.166   151.205.069.xxx   your welcome to come back anytime, did you do any sight seeing while you were h
2007_12_20_20:00:18.166   205.188.116.xxx   hahahah look at it now (17)
2007_12_20_20:00:24.886   151.205.069.xxx   oooooooo dark,lol
2007_12_20_20:01:06.352   074.065.197.xxx   this is awesome
2007_12_20_20:01:15.667   151.205.069.xxx   the rooting, tooting, pooting reindeer,lol.
2007_12_20_20:01:26.061   205.188.116.xxx   npw watch this (18)
2007_12_20_20:02:08.605   205.188.116.xxx   that will wake up the nieghbors (19)
2007_12_20_20:02:11.109   099.247.232.xxx   this is fun'
2007_12_20_20:02:46.588   075.106.034.xxx   i gotta go watch vids on youtube (80 IM's so far today)
2007_12_20_20:02:49.187   151.205.069.xxx   cool ain't it?
2007_12_20_20:03:19.005   151.205.069.xxx   have fun good night
2007_12_20_20:03:26.446   075.106.034.xxx   it's 75 degrees here in Texas (81)
2007_12_20_20:03:43.759   024.008.136.xxx   Hello Elves
2007_12_20_20:03:49.761   151.205.069.xxx   It must be nice,lol (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_20_20:04:05.136   075.106.034.xxx   we have the ac on right now (82)
2007_12_20_20:04:23.825   151.205.069.xxx   while we have the heat on,lol (11)
2007_12_20_20:04:35.118   024.008.136.xxx   I am in snowy Colorado Heard you on KOSI
2007_12_20_20:04:43.092   076.024.073.xxx   I hate you ___).  It just finished snowing here! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_20_20:04:53.976   075.106.034.xxx   i'd rather have some snow instead of ac (83)
2007_12_20_20:05:12.205   024.008.136.xxx   it is supposed to snow on Christmas too!
2007_12_20_20:05:19.251   076.024.073.xxx   That was supposed to be a winking smiley... (11)
2007_12_20_20:05:30.517   099.247.232.xxx   Merry Christmas Rick!!
2007_12_20_20:05:36.997   151.205.069.xxx   lol (12)
2007_12_20_20:06:11.692   024.008.136.xxx   hi dude who walked by
2007_12_20_20:06:22.706   151.205.069.xxx   Good night all & Merry Christmas (13)
2007_12_20_20:06:33.706   099.247.232.xxx   hi person in green shirt
2007_12_20_20:06:48.999   024.008.136.xxx   whatcha doin back there?
2007_12_20_20:06:59.861   076.024.073.xxx   Is that his wife? (12)
2007_12_20_20:07:23.746   099.247.232.xxx   wonder what they are doin
2007_12_20_20:07:25.419   024.008.136.xxx   hey! Look at the messeage we are talking to ya!
2007_12_20_20:07:57.263   099.247.232.xxx   the clock says 8:08 there wow
2007_12_20_20:08:01.533   024.008.136.xxx   wave hi to the nice folks out there in tv land
2007_12_20_20:08:22.347   151.205.069.xxx   Its 10:12 (14)
2007_12_20_20:08:29.287   024.008.136.xxx   what was that?
2007_12_20_20:08:48.767   099.247.232.xxx   yep 10:09 here
2007_12_20_20:08:51.928   151.205.069.xxx   Rubix cube, cooooool (15)
2007_12_20_20:08:59.134   024.008.136.xxx   nice rubix cube dude
2007_12_20_20:09:23.115   099.247.232.xxx   hey there is that green shirt boy
2007_12_20_20:09:31.065   076.024.073.xxx   Hi kid! I hope you can eat bread some day! (13)
2007_12_20_20:09:46.989   151.205.069.xxx   Hi kiddy, your daddy's got  a cool place (16)
2007_12_20_20:09:50.183   024.008.136.xxx   what are you doing little boy?? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_20_20:10:09.184   099.247.232.xxx   you have an awesome house.  Do you want to come to Canada to decorate mine?
2007_12_20_20:10:18.873   024.008.136.xxx   are you having fun? (11)
2007_12_20_20:10:29.365   076.024.073.xxx   It's easier to solve if you p**l all the stickers first! (14)
2007_12_20_20:10:57.670   024.008.136.xxx   do you like all of dads lights? (12)
2007_12_20_20:11:34.777   076.024.073.xxx   I bet he helped put them up too!  Good job! (15)
2007_12_20_20:11:56.056   024.008.136.xxx   I bet you like all of the cool toys in there, like the buzz lightyears (13)
2007_12_20_20:12:02.125   151.205.069.xxx   Yeah, good job lil fella (17)
2007_12_20_20:12:39.799   024.008.136.xxx   have fun and get well soon, lil guy, I'd hug ya but I am very far away (14)
2007_12_20_20:13:21.968   024.008.136.xxx   Merry Christmas and thanks for the fun!! (15)
2007_12_20_20:13:56.279   076.098.087.xxx   Hainsport NJ  Represent!
2007_12_20_20:15:21.584   088.244.117.xxx   ersel sen bir salaks305___n
2007_12_20_20:15:48.810   088.244.117.xxx   salak ersel
2007_12_20_20:15:59.300   024.008.136.xxx   Hi from Joshua (16)
2007_12_20_20:16:33.720   024.008.136.xxx   Sarah Nicole Lindgren is whatching (17)
2007_12_20_20:16:38.097   088.244.117.xxx   hi to Joshua from Turtkey
2007_12_20_20:17:12.020   024.008.136.xxx   Sarah likes the Tigger (18)
2007_12_20_20:17:34.224   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Tigger is cool ... and yes, kids were playing with a Rubik's Cube ***ALEK***
2007_12_20_20:17:45.499   099.247.232.xxx   i want Turkey on xmas
2007_12_20_20:18:27.006   088.244.117.xxx   yummy,turkey
2007_12_20_20:18:38.154   099.247.232.xxx   i could watch this all night (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_20_20:19:10.926   088.244.117.xxx   yeh,so funny :)
2007_12_20_20:19:18.157   099.247.232.xxx   i just heard about this site on the news (11)
2007_12_20_20:19:31.644   024.008.136.xxx   Hi my husband and I say God bless you guys and get better (19)
2007_12_20_20:20:00.561   099.247.232.xxx   ditto to that!!!!! (12)
2007_12_20_20:20:14.698   088.244.117.xxx   don't think there is a god but thanks anyway :)
2007_12_20_20:20:39.431   099.247.232.xxx   no god? wow that is harsh (13)
2007_12_20_20:20:45.550   035.011.052.xxx   Merry Christmas Everyone! Go Spartans!!
2007_12_20_20:20:55.497   076.024.073.xxx   I agree with him, sorry. (16)
2007_12_20_20:22:30.299   099.247.232.xxx   who is stupid? (14)
2007_12_20_20:22:59.067   088.244.117.xxx   argh i'm so hungry.it's 05.22 here.2 more hour for breakfast
2007_12_20_20:23:19.778   099.247.232.xxx   breakfast?  wow where do you live? (15)
2007_12_20_20:23:37.974   088.244.117.xxx   turkey-marmaris :)
2007_12_20_20:23:54.718   099.247.232.xxx   far far away then (16)
2007_12_20_20:24:27.298   076.024.073.xxx   Hell, that's so far away, Christmas was yesterday there! (17)
2007_12_20_20:26:01.083   088.244.117.xxx   tarja shouldnt leave from nightwish :___ miss her so much (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_20_20:26:04.208   067.190.082.xxx   hello from arvada
2007_12_20_20:26:11.221   067.184.193.xxx   bananas
2007_12_20_20:26:40.967   088.244.117.xxx   me smash undead! (11)
2007_12_20_20:26:42.188   067.190.082.xxx   i love sean
2007_12_20_20:27:11.947   067.190.082.xxx   hello from arvada
2007_12_20_20:27:15.830   066.082.009.xxx   Hello from Galena Alaska
2007_12_20_20:27:48.159   088.244.117.xxx   hi gelena in alaska from turkey (12)
2007_12_20_20:28:04.917   067.190.082.xxx   I love Sean
2007_12_20_20:28:12.579   066.082.009.xxx   Hello to you!
2007_12_20_20:28:26.921   076.024.073.xxx   Poor sean... (18)
2007_12_20_20:28:52.142   067.190.082.xxx   Drink Monster Energy!
2007_12_20_20:29:47.099   024.008.136.xxx   I told my uncle about this site, he is at work in Florida (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_20_20:31:43.767   024.008.136.xxx   hi charlie (21)
2007_12_20_20:32:26.683   024.008.136.xxx   its your niece in colorado (22)
2007_12_20_20:32:33.648   067.190.082.xxx   mmmmm...doughnuts
2007_12_20_20:33:15.037   024.008.136.xxx   who said that about the muffin? (23)
2007_12_20_20:33:26.157   067.190.082.xxx   spider pig..spider pig...
2007_12_20_20:33:49.851   024.008.136.xxx   who you callin an old bag? (24)
2007_12_20_20:34:24.204   024.008.136.xxx   if i am any kind of bag i am a new one (25)
2007_12_20_20:35:13.453   024.008.136.xxx   be nice it is Christmas!!!!!! (26)
2007_12_20_20:36:05.279   024.008.136.xxx   what??? (27)
2007_12_20_20:36:38.992   024.008.136.xxx   no potty talk, this is a family site!!!! (28)
2007_12_20_20:37:19.287   024.008.136.xxx   no potty talk this is a family site (29)
2007_12_20_20:38:04.364   024.008.136.xxx   you can do that elsewhere!!!! (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_20_20:39:51.436   024.008.136.xxx   can you believe people have been talking potty talk on here!!!? (31)
2007_12_20_20:40:43.223   024.008.136.xxx   hey man in green shirt what are you looking at? (32)
2007_12_20_20:41:24.956   024.008.136.xxx   I resent that!! (33)
2007_12_20_20:42:20.246   024.008.136.xxx   Best wishes to this family and everyone who is watching!!! (34)
2007_12_20_20:42:46.475   024.008.136.xxx   bye (35)
2007_12_20_20:49:16.661   099.249.069.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_20_20:52:32.718   067.190.082.xxx   You're a pretty smart guy Alek!
2007_12_20_20:53:05.583   069.117.186.xxx   this is sweet
2007_12_20_20:54:29.097   012.197.183.xxx   Cool stuff man
2007_12_20_20:54:33.095   071.164.013.xxx   Hi again Alek--it's me!
2007_12_20_20:54:48.169   070.017.111.xxx   everyone is me.
2007_12_20_20:55:00.162   071.230.230.xxx   hi
2007_12_20_20:55:28.549   070.017.111.xxx   i think i lost hope here.
2007_12_20_20:55:36.844   071.230.230.xxx   This is overwhelming
2007_12_20_20:56:01.225   070.017.111.xxx   i think the concept is lost.
2007_12_20_20:56:22.318   099.228.069.xxx   this crazy
2007_12_20_20:56:57.680   012.197.183.xxx   what does the hulk do?
2007_12_20_20:56:57.921   076.188.080.xxx   hello
2007_12_20_20:57:57.556   076.188.080.xxx   howdy doodie
2007_12_20_20:58:13.276   070.017.111.xxx   phARTalogicals inc.  brings you .....
2007_12_20_20:58:17.350   076.188.080.xxx   hi baby i love you
2007_12_20_20:58:42.260   071.038.007.xxx   excellent, from Andrew
2007_12_20_20:58:42.545   071.164.013.xxx   Alek--u must get a kick outta reading the messages
2007_12_20_20:58:50.089   096.002.038.xxx   hello and Merry Christmas!
2007_12_20_21:00:12.636   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** 071: There is some entertainment/comedy in reading what people write ...  ___-) ***ALEK***
2007_12_20_21:00:41.744   099.228.069.xxx   I jus saw this site on TV!!!!
2007_12_20_21:02:08.664   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Would be curious which TV show it was on - news to me it air'ed. ***ALEK***
2007_12_20_21:02:33.591   074.136.204.xxx   To infinity and beyond!!!!!!!
2007_12_20_21:03:40.272   088.244.117.xxx   an hour till breakfast..hmm yummy (13)
2007_12_20_21:03:58.429   070.017.111.xxx   eh it's hopeless. turn it all into a glass parking lot.
2007_12_20_21:08:38.816   067.190.082.xxx   HELLO
2007_12_20_21:09:37.431   067.177.239.xxx   Hi
2007_12_20_21:11:50.371   071.218.055.xxx   this is cool
2007_12_20_21:16:21.159   068.008.024.xxx   Greetings Earthling!
2007_12_20_21:16:58.243   068.008.024.xxx   Wave to the Camera Please. Gordon From San Diego
2007_12_20_21:18:24.046   012.159.056.xxx   bye
2007_12_20_21:18:43.237   068.008.024.xxx   Thanx! Gordon From San Diego
2007_12_20_21:21:05.264   024.009.218.xxx   Happy Holidays, Ya'll!
2007_12_20_21:24:48.486   071.001.126.xxx   STILL GOING (22)
2007_12_20_21:27:03.385   071.001.126.xxx   LOOK I'M TYPING (23)
2007_12_20_21:27:08.063   071.224.022.xxx   Thanks for the great display -  MJO
2007_12_20_21:30:47.284   074.131.117.xxx   Awesome setup.
2007_12_20_21:34:01.939   069.144.156.xxx   Hello World!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_20_21:34:09.146   024.022.136.xxx   Sorry Hulk - I will never try to control you again
2007_12_20_21:34:43.538   069.144.156.xxx   Hi Lori!!!!!!
2007_12_20_21:37:03.806   071.238.054.xxx   Hello alek missed me?
2007_12_20_21:37:58.670   071.238.054.xxx   Well anyway back to chris' stream bye :-)
2007_12_20_21:39:35.138   072.167.043.xxx   any real timers  there
2007_12_20_21:40:16.638   072.167.043.xxx   happy kwanzaa   world
2007_12_20_21:40:42.572   151.205.069.xxx   ty, Happy Holidays to you as well (18)
2007_12_20_21:40:53.508   072.167.043.xxx   and Merry Christmas to all
2007_12_20_21:43:46.227   072.167.043.xxx   happy holidays to paranormal state
2007_12_20_21:44:08.240   072.167.043.xxx   love that show
2007_12_20_21:44:53.253   072.167.043.xxx   alex i will be makin kiwi martinis saturday
2007_12_20_21:45:42.222   072.167.043.xxx   except i will include some lime
2007_12_20_21:45:55.005   068.102.122.xxx   Hi dad!
2007_12_20_21:46:51.068   068.102.122.xxx   Thanks!
2007_12_20_21:47:29.749   072.167.043.xxx   and a cuban cigar with the martini
2007_12_20_21:47:52.673   064.058.031.xxx   felix
2007_12_20_21:48:24.210   072.016.085.xxx   hello from texas
2007_12_20_21:48:47.258   064.058.031.xxx   hello from belgium
2007_12_20_21:49:00.617   071.001.126.xxx   SANTas worksop is dark (24)
2007_12_20_21:49:39.078   072.167.043.xxx   hello from cuba
2007_12_20_21:49:58.196   068.102.122.xxx   Is santas workshop closed now?
2007_12_20_21:50:06.103   064.058.031.xxx   JE M'APPELLE AUSTIN
2007_12_20_21:50:09.544   072.167.043.xxx   hello from ukraine (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_20_21:50:25.737   068.102.122.xxx   hola from kansas
2007_12_20_21:50:39.756   072.167.043.xxx   hello from botswana (11)
2007_12_20_21:52:38.202   064.058.031.xxx   posh...
2007_12_20_21:53:10.886   064.058.031.xxx   kyle says goodnight
2007_12_20_21:53:13.595   066.082.009.xxx   Hello from the Spice Girls
2007_12_20_21:53:32.734   071.218.249.xxx   te burke's say hello
2007_12_20_21:53:40.103   064.058.031.xxx   goodmorning baaaltimore!
2007_12_20_21:53:51.409   067.175.204.xxx   h
2007_12_20_21:54:54.442   066.082.009.xxx   Hes ALIVE Burrito reindeer
2007_12_20_21:56:20.334   024.008.174.xxx   May God bless you all this Christmas and throughout the year!
2007_12_20_21:56:34.665   076.122.057.xxx   hi
2007_12_20_21:57:00.441   066.082.009.xxx   There he blows
2007_12_20_21:57:11.713   076.122.057.xxx   I love Christmas
2007_12_20_21:58:37.657   071.218.249.xxx   can i deflate the real man?!?
2007_12_20_21:59:13.717   071.218.249.xxx   be careful not to pick your nose
2007_12_20_21:59:13.979   068.005.011.xxx   Merry Christmas Grant and Garrett

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