712 christmas text messages on 2007/1221

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 12,609 times that day including 8,047 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1221

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2007_12_21_16:15:36.953   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** A bit breezy and light snow coming down ... so turning X10 on early! ***ALEK***
2007_12_21_16:16:10.984   142.179.229.xxx   Merry Christmas From Canada
2007_12_21_16:18:02.657   076.178.028.xxx   YAY
2007_12_21_16:18:46.835   072.241.112.xxx   Merry Christmas, UOGamers!
2007_12_21_16:18:48.611   082.035.230.xxx   your snow man has fall down
2007_12_21_16:19:42.355   082.035.230.xxx   your snow man has fall down
2007_12_21_16:22:30.054   072.241.112.xxx   You R2D2'd my C3PO!
2007_12_21_16:23:15.157   076.209.227.xxx   this is a test
2007_12_21_16:24:00.426   076.209.227.xxx   go get a woman!
2007_12_21_16:24:42.152   076.209.227.xxx   u need a woman! :) jk this is kewl
2007_12_21_16:24:59.959   072.241.112.xxx   Got a woman!
2007_12_21_16:25:13.817   089.240.183.xxx   hello world
2007_12_21_16:25:24.096   076.209.227.xxx   hahaha
2007_12_21_16:25:58.805   076.209.227.xxx   no bad language!!!
2007_12_21_16:26:04.413   072.241.112.xxx   you made him leave =___
2007_12_21_16:26:22.155   076.209.227.xxx   meh
2007_12_21_16:26:38.066   072.241.112.xxx   yeah you
2007_12_21_16:26:55.305   090.230.149.xxx   hej fr___n sweden...
2007_12_21_16:29:26.605   024.070.110.xxx   go habs
2007_12_21_16:29:54.639   068.092.148.xxx   Go PANTHERS
2007_12_21_16:30:35.566   072.211.228.xxx   SchmoSalt reporting in...
2007_12_21_16:32:00.372   068.092.148.xxx   Hey Squirt!
2007_12_21_16:34:25.897   088.110.079.xxx   hi
2007_12_21_16:36:25.996   088.110.079.xxx   Am i actually controlling your decorations
2007_12_21_16:39:03.963   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** You are controlling everything except the "Robot Alek" in webcam3 ***ALEK***
2007_12_21_16:40:25.254   088.110.079.xxx   good website by the way
2007_12_21_16:42:05.991   071.195.120.xxx   This is the highlight of my season
2007_12_21_16:43:10.086   143.166.226.xxx   Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let is Snow............
2007_12_21_16:43:26.980   069.143.144.xxx   well that s**** it snowed there not in maryland
2007_12_21_16:43:38.828   071.195.120.xxx   Rosario Sanchez s****
2007_12_21_16:43:48.414   143.166.226.xxx   (___.___)
2007_12_21_16:44:12.391   086.136.204.xxx   Hulk!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_21_16:44:14.569   143.166.226.xxx   that was suppose to be arrows...
2007_12_21_16:44:50.932   071.195.120.xxx   I feel like god. I control everything!
2007_12_21_16:45:13.793   143.166.226.xxx   Homer lie down...  Homer tired.
2007_12_21_16:45:15.679   086.136.204.xxx   Happy Xmas From the UK!
2007_12_21_16:45:41.173   071.195.120.xxx   Is he watching us or something else?
2007_12_21_16:45:53.776   067.035.157.xxx   are you leaving them on all night christmas eve again this year?
2007_12_21_16:45:57.050   143.166.226.xxx   so Alex...  are your kids excited for Santa?? ___)
2007_12_21_16:46:05.535   086.136.204.xxx   Something else
2007_12_21_16:46:16.646   071.195.120.xxx   Do you ever talk to us alex?
2007_12_21_16:46:43.383   143.166.226.xxx   I like every Chimp I see!.. From Chimpanz A to chimpan Z
2007_12_21_16:47:00.649   080.139.150.xxx   Hello?
2007_12_21_16:47:16.174   143.166.226.xxx   Oh My god, I was wrong!  It was Earth All along!..
2007_12_21_16:47:21.357   071.195.120.xxx   Hola
2007_12_21_16:47:56.373   071.195.120.xxx   Tu Madre Has El Amore Con Mi Pero
2007_12_21_16:48:25.752   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Webcams will be on all night Christmas Eve - not sure about lights though ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_21_16:48:36.996   088.110.079.xxx   ADam smith is ace Britian
2007_12_21_16:48:48.283   071.195.120.xxx   Oh What A Feeling. I'm dancing on the ceiling.
2007_12_21_16:48:59.657   072.174.058.xxx   Hello Denver from Grand Junction!
2007_12_21_16:49:03.799   069.059.108.xxx   Merry Christmas from Starkville, MS. Go DAWGS!
2007_12_21_16:49:20.741   084.068.140.xxx   merry christmas
2007_12_21_16:49:32.739   080.139.150.xxx   Hello guys, merry christmas from germany
2007_12_21_16:49:35.137   071.195.120.xxx   You Mean Fresno State Dawhs right?
2007_12_21_16:50:01.880   089.244.176.xxx   wurstzuschnitt wishes merry christmas
2007_12_21_16:50:02.591   088.110.079.xxx   Merry chritmas from adam :___)
2007_12_21_16:50:13.899   071.195.120.xxx   Merry Christmas d***it! From Fresno, CA (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_21_16:50:40.157   024.198.046.xxx   Merry X-MASS from the ISS
2007_12_21_16:51:29.157   143.166.226.xxx   Bart, a woman is like beer. They look good, they smell good, and you'd step ove
2007_12_21_16:51:52.084   143.166.226.xxx   and you'd step over your own mother just to get one
2007_12_21_16:52:03.911   071.195.120.xxx   I just like that the whole world can see me say I am a d*** (11)
2007_12_21_16:52:48.553   071.195.120.xxx   I am sofa king excited. (Read it quickly) (12)
2007_12_21_16:52:49.748   088.110.079.xxx   is this u.s.a site
2007_12_21_16:52:55.265   143.166.226.xxx   Why (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_21_16:53:17.895   143.166.226.xxx   Good drink ... good meat ... good God, let's eat! (11)
2007_12_21_16:53:20.216   024.198.046.xxx   u mean 201 people
2007_12_21_16:53:20.365   088.110.079.xxx   cos im british
2007_12_21_16:54:08.193   088.110.079.xxx   But i wanna move to usa
2007_12_21_16:54:27.788   071.195.120.xxx   You should move to Fresno, CA (13)
2007_12_21_16:55:04.893   088.110.079.xxx   i always want to go to a comic con
2007_12_21_16:55:06.726   024.198.046.xxx   GO SABRES !!
2007_12_21_16:56:53.059   069.121.249.xxx   Merry Christmas - The VanBuren's
2007_12_21_16:56:59.268   088.110.079.xxx   where i am in brittian its 12:56pm (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_21_16:59:08.141   088.110.079.xxx   Alek you must have a huge electrical bill (11)
2007_12_21_17:02:09.180   083.067.137.xxx   Thanks for another year of  Christmas entertainment
2007_12_21_17:03:18.915   099.240.181.xxx   Hi from matthew
2007_12_21_17:04:00.084   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Electric Bill is about three bucks/day - worth the entertainment and fun IMHO! ***ALEK***
2007_12_21_17:04:00.071   084.069.149.xxx   Hi Alec from the UK - send me some snow & ty for the display
2007_12_21_17:10:31.405   075.071.121.xxx   Hi Mathew and Mark
2007_12_21_17:12:32.669   065.033.130.xxx   Greetings from Florida, USA!
2007_12_21_17:13:07.417   088.110.079.xxx   GFJGGJGJGJGJ (12)
2007_12_21_17:13:09.610   064.200.223.xxx   Greeting from California
2007_12_21_17:13:41.743   069.059.108.xxx   I love that you're doing all this for your kids. Good for you!
2007_12_21_17:14:24.327   075.071.121.xxx   Mathew Mark Mitchel Mom and Dad say Merry Christmas!!!
2007_12_21_17:15:21.871   084.069.149.xxx   Merry Xmas Alex & kids :):)
2007_12_21_17:16:02.858   079.196.154.xxx   Happy Xmas from Lemgo, NRW in Germany! Yannick
2007_12_21_17:16:40.954   076.212.154.xxx   hes gone, lets steal stuff
2007_12_21_17:17:15.808   084.069.149.xxx   I want the green man
2007_12_21_17:17:18.499   079.196.154.xxx   Yeah Guys! Ich gr______e Manuel! Yannick
2007_12_21_17:17:50.408   069.112.025.xxx   wow. you people need to get a life. what he's doing is so great. we need more p
2007_12_21_17:17:55.331   065.033.130.xxx   I'm in ur living room watching ur TV
2007_12_21_17:17:56.239   064.047.018.xxx   oh yeah
2007_12_21_17:18:15.816   079.196.154.xxx   Oh, my English is so bad, but this Website is so cool! Yannick
2007_12_21_17:18:24.123   069.112.025.xxx   You people need to get a life.
2007_12_21_17:19:02.404   069.112.025.xxx   It's sad that you take something good and turn it into a big joke.
2007_12_21_17:19:26.264   065.033.130.xxx   no way dudez
2007_12_21_17:19:32.841   079.196.154.xxx   Du kannst eine Nachricht senden, indem du sie in das gruene Feld unter den X10 
2007_12_21_17:19:33.341   076.212.154.xxx   Tis the season to be jolly
2007_12_21_17:19:56.900   084.069.149.xxx   WB alec - was a joke lol
2007_12_21_17:19:59.663   065.033.130.xxx   the only joke i see is yer mom
2007_12_21_17:20:11.391   064.047.018.xxx   Tony Romo?????!!!!!!!!************
2007_12_21_17:20:18.879   069.112.025.xxx   Alek do you see what these ignoramouses are doing?___
2007_12_21_17:20:35.818   065.033.130.xxx   thats a big word
2007_12_21_17:21:02.518   064.047.018.xxx   Chalupa?
2007_12_21_17:21:07.384   067.132.007.xxx   It stopped snowing!
2007_12_21_17:21:08.566   067.166.021.xxx   Thank you Alek!  This is great!
2007_12_21_17:21:14.316   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** As long as everyone is having fun, it's all cool with me! ***ALEK***
2007_12_21_17:21:36.975   065.033.130.xxx   the internet is a wonderful thing  =___
2007_12_21_17:21:45.570   084.069.149.xxx   If I could afford to give Alec I would :)
2007_12_21_17:22:03.643   076.212.154.xxx   having fun we are!!
2007_12_21_17:22:09.615   069.112.025.xxx   Ok Alek. By the way I'm only 15 and I think what you're doing is great!
2007_12_21_17:22:13.785   064.047.018.xxx   This is very intensest and bestest thing in amrica
2007_12_21_17:22:18.884   079.196.180.xxx   hey guys, whats about a duff? :-)
2007_12_21_17:22:49.476   064.047.018.xxx   cmoe back santa alek
2007_12_21_17:24:01.473   079.196.154.xxx   Thanks for this beautiful thing, Alek! Yannick
2007_12_21_17:24:34.187   079.196.180.xxx   i like this page :-) Manuel
2007_12_21_17:24:43.269   067.166.021.xxx   bob and elmo are tired
2007_12_21_17:24:54.013   079.196.154.xxx   Yes Manuel!
2007_12_21_17:24:57.394   075.126.157.xxx   Alek IS A MEATPOLE
2007_12_21_17:25:17.755   069.059.108.xxx   I'm officially addicted to this site
2007_12_21_17:25:42.162   075.126.157.xxx   im addicted to h*****
2007_12_21_17:25:56.247   079.196.154.xxx   This page is wonderful! Yannick
2007_12_21_17:26:29.143   079.196.180.xxx   hey yannick, whats up?? Manuel
2007_12_21_17:27:01.828   075.126.157.xxx   SANTA IS NOT REAL XMAS IS A CONSUMER HOLIDAY
2007_12_21_17:27:12.349   079.196.154.xxx   WOW! The X10 Controls are realy incredible! Yannick
2007_12_21_17:27:26.671   065.041.203.xxx   hi elvie
2007_12_21_17:27:31.615   079.196.180.xxx   Merry Christmas to everyone of you!!! Manuel
2007_12_21_17:27:40.968   075.126.157.xxx   L.RON HUBBARD IS THE ONE TRUE GOD
2007_12_21_17:28:13.164   075.126.157.xxx   SCIENTOLOGY IS WHERE IT___'S AT
2007_12_21_17:28:29.628   065.028.239.xxx   This is beautiful! Jessica
2007_12_21_17:28:59.202   076.212.154.xxx   wow tom cruise was just here
2007_12_21_17:29:00.907   079.196.154.xxx   Hi, i'm R2D2. I'm a stupid fat robot
2007_12_21_17:29:43.594   075.126.157.xxx   SANTAS SLEIGH HAS CRASHED NO SURVIVORS
2007_12_21_17:30:24.819   079.196.180.xxx   oooooohhh my got! my poor santa!!! Manuel
2007_12_21_17:30:46.576   076.212.154.xxx   hes dialing 911
2007_12_21_17:31:55.631   079.196.154.xxx   Ich gruesse alle, die mich kennen! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_21_17:32:07.847   075.126.157.xxx   MEDIC ELF TEAM IS ON THE SCENE
2007_12_21_17:32:47.665   079.196.180.xxx   thats a good message
2007_12_21_17:32:48.761   069.059.108.xxx   Y'alls neighbors must be so annoyed!
2007_12_21_17:33:10.397   075.126.157.xxx   PRANCER IS THE LONE SURVIVOR
2007_12_21_17:33:25.720   076.212.154.xxx   the neighbors think its a hoot
2007_12_21_17:33:30.088   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Chatting with Chris Pirillo right now ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_21_17:33:44.078   075.047.081.xxx   live dot pirillo dot com
2007_12_21_17:33:48.337   079.196.154.xxx   der fette Santa kommt ganricht mehr die Leiter hoch... (11)
2007_12_21_17:34:08.578   076.212.154.xxx   especially the kids
2007_12_21_17:34:30.058   079.196.180.xxx   yeah, thats right
2007_12_21_17:34:40.668   076.212.154.xxx   gotcha covered alek
2007_12_21_17:35:10.491   067.141.090.xxx   Merry Friday!
2007_12_21_17:35:24.783   079.196.180.xxx   nice hut
2007_12_21_17:35:36.797   076.073.169.xxx   cat in the hat
2007_12_21_17:35:38.661   172.201.209.xxx   3 days to go!!! In the UK
2007_12_21_17:37:43.610   079.196.154.xxx   To fat to fly! Yannick (12)
2007_12_21_17:37:51.448   079.196.180.xxx   nice hut!! Manuel
2007_12_21_17:38:00.571   071.033.207.xxx   cool lights
2007_12_21_17:38:23.511   065.033.130.xxx   alek i love your site, i've been visiting for years!
2007_12_21_17:38:33.734   075.047.081.xxx   :S
2007_12_21_17:38:44.762   071.033.207.xxx   hulk rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_21_17:38:51.289   079.196.154.xxx   santa is too fat to climb up the ladder. waxmuth (13)
2007_12_21_17:39:29.187   071.033.207.xxx   good idea to have website!!!!!!
2007_12_21_17:39:41.704   079.196.180.xxx   yannick,what are you telling about santa? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_21_17:40:26.462   071.033.207.xxx   that was mean what the person said about fat santa
2007_12_21_17:40:54.100   075.135.081.xxx   Hello
2007_12_21_17:40:55.996   071.033.207.xxx   ok ill stop
2007_12_21_17:40:56.025   068.082.123.xxx   hi chrsi
2007_12_21_17:41:11.769   079.196.154.xxx   FAT SANTA! FAT SANTA! FAT SANTA! (14)
2007_12_21_17:41:27.371   068.082.123.xxx   leo laporte is better
2007_12_21_17:41:43.903   065.189.160.xxx   y halo thar
2007_12_21_17:41:53.513   162.115.172.xxx   Alek, have you had a few, or just tired
2007_12_21_17:41:54.561   216.164.186.xxx   hello
2007_12_21_17:41:55.103   075.072.073.xxx   Hi
2007_12_21_17:41:59.102   079.196.180.xxx   Santa is not fat, he___s my friend!!! (11)
2007_12_21_17:41:59.261   071.033.207.xxx   i live in the neighborhood right next to u u know rachael metzler huh
2007_12_21_17:42:17.044   069.209.217.xxx   Merry Xmas
2007_12_21_17:42:18.087   068.082.123.xxx   sophie!!!!
2007_12_21_17:42:21.515   075.047.081.xxx   chris pirillo is cool
2007_12_21_17:42:25.419   074.162.161.xxx   SerenadedAbyss
2007_12_21_17:42:47.340   075.072.073.xxx   Go CHRIS PIRILLO LINK DELETED/LIVE!!!
2007_12_21_17:42:48.084   072.025.060.xxx   test
2007_12_21_17:42:49.131   071.033.207.xxx   rachael metzler who lives in lois
2007_12_21_17:42:50.793   075.005.245.xxx   Arcon was here, Merry X-mas guys
2007_12_21_17:42:52.219   079.196.154.xxx   Santa isn't fat! waxmuth! (15)
2007_12_21_17:43:07.049   071.248.162.xxx   Merry X-Mas
2007_12_21_17:43:13.885   162.115.172.xxx   Alek, have you had a few, or just tired?
2007_12_21_17:43:31.619   072.077.248.xxx   JUSTIN ROCKS
2007_12_21_17:43:36.542   075.005.245.xxx   Arcon was here, Merry X-mas guys
2007_12_21_17:43:38.371   206.248.186.xxx   live on chris LINK DELETED cana77
2007_12_21_17:43:57.355   072.077.248.xxx   RYAN SCANLON
2007_12_21_17:44:02.923   079.196.154.xxx   Santa is stinking! (16)
2007_12_21_17:44:09.853   079.065.086.xxx   hello
2007_12_21_17:44:14.243   085.092.163.xxx   Very impressed :)
2007_12_21_17:44:16.341   074.162.161.xxx   Cannon Ball!
2007_12_21_17:44:22.372   072.077.248.xxx   Ryan is a cutie
2007_12_21_17:44:22.793   206.248.186.xxx   hey :):):):)
2007_12_21_17:44:27.015   071.099.013.xxx   love you justin
2007_12_21_17:44:31.887   077.182.089.xxx   -_-
2007_12_21_17:44:36.452   079.196.154.xxx   Hello World! (17)
2007_12_21_17:44:36.626   067.141.090.xxx   chris at pirillo dot com
2007_12_21_17:44:42.173   066.158.153.xxx   Hello
2007_12_21_17:44:48.945   074.162.161.xxx   _______
2007_12_21_17:44:49.704   071.033.207.xxx   who is justin anyway
2007_12_21_17:45:01.757   072.077.248.xxx   Ryan is a cutie
2007_12_21_17:45:03.123   072.081.061.xxx   timberlake
2007_12_21_17:45:04.133   075.072.073.xxx   CHRIS PIRILLO!!!!
2007_12_21_17:45:13.442   076.212.154.xxx   hi chris, nice hat
2007_12_21_17:45:13.782   206.248.186.xxx   Merry Christmas From Canada  ****_12_21_16:18:02.****   YAY  2
2007_12_21_17:45:21.082   071.033.207.xxx   OHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_21_17:45:26.565   074.162.161.xxx   RIP TechTV
2007_12_21_17:45:32.964   067.141.090.xxx   live.pirillo , com
2007_12_21_17:45:37.664   079.196.154.xxx   Hulk wird gruen und platzt! (18)
2007_12_21_17:45:41.434   075.072.073.xxx   _______________ Im With Stupid____________
2007_12_21_17:45:42.589   065.189.160.xxx   hello Chris Pirillo!
2007_12_21_17:45:50.900   085.092.163.xxx   Merry Christmas from ENGLAND
2007_12_21_17:46:08.427   079.196.154.xxx   manuel (19)
2007_12_21_17:46:08.529   065.189.160.xxx   PARTY HARD!
2007_12_21_17:46:08.659   206.248.186.xxx   Your IP Is
2007_12_21_17:46:16.174   075.072.073.xxx   _______________ Im With Stupid____________
2007_12_21_17:46:21.552   079.196.180.xxx   Merry christmas from Germany (12)
2007_12_21_17:46:35.562   079.065.086.xxx   london
2007_12_21_17:46:39.610   085.092.163.xxx   Wow, that's a big clock!
2007_12_21_17:46:43.895   079.196.154.xxx   manuel (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_21_17:46:49.037   065.189.160.xxx   Party Hard!
2007_12_21_17:46:55.974   071.033.207.xxx   MERRY XMAS FROM HERON LAKE MEADOWS (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_21_17:47:01.809   086.045.198.xxx   HI ALL
2007_12_21_17:47:12.255   079.196.180.xxx   what? (13)
2007_12_21_17:47:24.310   079.196.154.xxx   LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEMMEEEEE! (21)
2007_12_21_17:47:25.308   065.189.160.xxx   _______________________________________________________________________________
2007_12_21_17:47:28.100   206.248.186.xxx   Merry Christmas from Ontario!
2007_12_21_17:47:30.116   085.092.163.xxx   Where's everyone from?
2007_12_21_17:47:40.933   072.077.248.xxx   JUSTIN ROCKS
2007_12_21_17:47:45.923   071.033.207.xxx   u live in blue heron alek (11)
2007_12_21_17:48:01.439   079.196.180.xxx   I am from germany   Manuel (14)
2007_12_21_17:48:12.440   079.196.154.xxx   LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEMMEEEEE! (22)
2007_12_21_17:48:22.942   065.189.160.xxx   COLBERT/ANON 08
2007_12_21_17:48:31.314   071.033.207.xxx   justin is weird (12)
2007_12_21_17:48:51.766   076.212.154.xxx   hes interupting chris (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_21_17:48:51.817   079.196.154.xxx   Hulk is too fat to fly! (23)
2007_12_21_17:49:04.733   074.242.117.xxx   Leo Laporte
2007_12_21_17:49:10.785   071.033.207.xxx   whoever justin is! (13)
2007_12_21_17:49:49.719   079.196.154.xxx   a*** is bad! You are really stupid! (24)
2007_12_21_17:49:54.824   065.189.160.xxx   please call 1-543-767-**** for FUN!
2007_12_21_17:50:00.047   170.135.241.xxx   whoa
2007_12_21_17:50:17.358   075.047.081.xxx   chris pirillo is awesome
2007_12_21_17:50:19.906   071.033.207.xxx   i hope ur not sharing personal info (14)
2007_12_21_17:50:21.749   070.245.220.xxx   The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!!!
2007_12_21_17:50:23.792   074.242.117.xxx   Merry Christmas TN
2007_12_21_17:50:27.846   072.077.248.xxx   I LOVE RYAN SCANLON
2007_12_21_17:50:33.898   079.196.180.xxx   poor rudolf (15)
2007_12_21_17:50:50.383   076.212.154.xxx   shhhh were listening to chris (11)
2007_12_21_17:51:00.566   079.065.086.xxx   talkin to chris pirillo
2007_12_21_17:51:04.911   071.033.207.xxx   its spelled rudolph (15)
2007_12_21_17:51:09.040   065.189.160.xxx   Chris Pirillo!
2007_12_21_17:51:13.477   072.077.248.xxx   I LOVE RYAN S SCANLON
2007_12_21_17:51:27.730   079.196.154.xxx   Hands up for the Lego Technics Bulldozer! (25)
2007_12_21_17:51:43.841   071.033.207.xxx   stay here alek and watch (16)
2007_12_21_17:51:50.013   098.195.184.xxx   hello
2007_12_21_17:52:03.776   206.248.186.xxx   ustream.tv/channel/chad-live
2007_12_21_17:52:06.403   079.196.154.xxx   HELLO (26)
2007_12_21_17:52:19.182   079.196.180.xxx   I love DWSW   yannick (16)
2007_12_21_17:52:19.958   098.195.184.xxx   I really like your site
2007_12_21_17:52:20.145   065.189.160.xxx   This is pirillo!@
2007_12_21_17:52:21.839   071.033.207.xxx   COLORADO ROCKS!!!!! (17)
2007_12_21_17:52:40.960   074.162.161.xxx   woot!
2007_12_21_17:52:55.925   065.189.160.xxx   THIS IS PIRILO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_21_17:53:15.373   065.087.188.xxx   BRAWNDO!!
2007_12_21_17:53:17.820   071.033.207.xxx   PIRILO STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (18)
2007_12_21_17:53:18.898   079.196.154.xxx   Es blaest und saugt de (27)
2007_12_21_17:53:38.729   079.065.086.xxx   BE WARNED IP ADDRESS DISPLAYED PUBLICLY
2007_12_21_17:53:39.858   071.099.013.xxx   I LOVE YOU JUSTIN SMITH
2007_12_21_17:53:41.256   079.196.180.xxx   annon ethelen edro hy amen (17)
2007_12_21_17:53:44.320   079.196.154.xxx   Es blaest und saugt der Heinzelmann, wo Mutti sonst nur saugen kann (28)
2007_12_21_17:53:46.521   074.162.161.xxx   Bawls they are touching...
2007_12_21_17:53:58.518   070.245.220.xxx   Send us some SNOW Alek!!!!!
2007_12_21_17:54:09.983   065.189.160.xxx   ITTY BITTY BABY (11)
2007_12_21_17:54:23.074   079.196.154.xxx   Es blaest und saugt der Heinzelmann, wo Mutti sonst nur saugen kann (29)
2007_12_21_17:54:46.503   071.099.013.xxx   LOVE YOU JUSTIN SMITH
2007_12_21_17:54:47.542   070.245.220.xxx   Are you singing Christmas carols Alek?
2007_12_21_17:54:51.191   079.196.154.xxx   BLASEN! (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_21_17:54:54.548   065.087.188.xxx   HI MOM!
2007_12_21_17:54:58.312   065.189.160.xxx   ITTY BITTY BOAT! (12)
2007_12_21_17:55:02.758   071.033.207.xxx   feliz navidad to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (19)
2007_12_21_17:55:15.700   070.245.220.xxx   Hi!
2007_12_21_17:55:22.769   079.196.180.xxx   Honigkuchenpferd!!!! (18)
2007_12_21_17:55:30.367   074.162.161.xxx   Whitey hey!
2007_12_21_17:55:32.920   079.196.154.xxx   ICQ isn't bad! I seek You! (31)
2007_12_21_17:55:44.557   072.077.248.xxx   PROfANITY
2007_12_21_17:55:45.126   156.034.003.xxx   you tube :)
2007_12_21_17:55:45.623   065.189.160.xxx   I DON'T BELIEVE IT! (13)
2007_12_21_17:55:58.648   079.196.180.xxx   ********7 my number (19)
2007_12_21_17:56:01.374   065.087.188.xxx   Whitey stabs your network for 400 eggnog points
2007_12_21_17:56:14.640   071.033.207.xxx   simpson isnt inflating!!!! (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_21_17:56:15.243   065.189.160.xxx   HABEEB IT! (14)
2007_12_21_17:56:15.645   074.242.117.xxx   901
2007_12_21_17:56:18.344   079.196.154.xxx   HONIGKUCKENPFERD gibt es als Tee! (32)
2007_12_21_17:56:19.017   156.034.003.xxx   Hi You Tube
2007_12_21_17:56:19.534   071.099.013.xxx   love you justin smith
2007_12_21_17:56:23.418   076.212.154.xxx   no jerks here (12)
2007_12_21_17:56:52.088   065.087.188.xxx   No peace up in this ma, foo!
2007_12_21_17:56:54.438   065.189.160.xxx   ENJOY YOUR a*** (15)
2007_12_21_17:56:58.366   079.196.154.xxx   HONIGKUChENPFERD gibt es als Tee! (33)
2007_12_21_17:57:05.076   079.196.180.xxx   my number is ********7 (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_21_17:57:13.289   076.212.154.xxx   the jolliest man on the internet (13)
2007_12_21_17:57:24.473   068.082.123.xxx   come join us at LINK DELETED
2007_12_21_17:57:32.887   071.195.218.xxx   Merry Christmas, Alek and little Komarnitskys!!!!!
2007_12_21_17:57:33.928   071.033.207.xxx   7 isnt a phone number!!!!!!! (21)
2007_12_21_17:57:38.522   079.196.154.xxx   HIER GIBT ES KEINEN SCHNEE! (34)
2007_12_21_17:58:00.789   068.082.123.xxx   liveDOTpirilloDOTcom
2007_12_21_17:58:13.453   079.196.180.xxx   du SCHMONK!!! (21)
2007_12_21_17:58:18.054   065.189.160.xxx   bye (16)
2007_12_21_17:58:22.936   065.033.130.xxx   alek i love your site, i've been visiting for years!
2007_12_21_17:58:31.723   071.033.207.xxx   make jingle bell rock STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!! (22)
2007_12_21_17:58:33.163   079.196.154.xxx   Christmas Vaication! Chavy Chase rocks! (35)
2007_12_21_17:58:47.908   066.114.222.xxx   ho ho ho and a bottle of rum
2007_12_21_17:59:07.691   024.044.142.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_21_17:59:12.390   070.245.220.xxx   I live to be Sparky!
2007_12_21_17:59:12.908   079.196.180.xxx   tell me your wishes for christmas... (22)
2007_12_21_17:59:15.051   079.196.154.xxx   Nice hat, Alek!    Waxmuth (36)
2007_12_21_17:59:15.712   065.189.160.xxx   PARTY HARD! (17)
2007_12_21_17:59:27.712   066.114.222.xxx   4:20
2007_12_21_17:59:37.284   065.087.188.xxx   Ninjas are about to pop that santa inflatable
2007_12_21_17:59:40.807   071.033.207.xxx   alek stay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (23)
2007_12_21_17:59:48.697   079.196.154.xxx   Nice hat, Alek!    Waxmuth (37)
2007_12_21_17:59:50.119   071.195.218.xxx   Merry Christmas from Utah!
2007_12_21_17:59:54.998   076.212.154.xxx   nice hearing your voice alek (14)
2007_12_21_18:00:04.600   079.196.180.xxx   Flu-Productions 4-Ever!!!! (23)
2007_12_21_18:00:13.664   071.033.207.xxx   LOL!!!!!!!!! (24)
2007_12_21_18:00:20.773   079.196.154.xxx   Click the ON/OFF buttons to make things happen! (38)
2007_12_21_18:00:40.221   072.077.248.xxx   rsrs01 trix**** orange orange1
2007_12_21_18:00:57.226   079.196.154.xxx   Webcam3 - Santa's Workshop - view Text Messages Waxmuth (39)
2007_12_21_18:01:05.177   024.044.142.xxx   This is awesome
2007_12_21_18:01:09.831   079.196.180.xxx   Pampelmusensaft!!! (24)
2007_12_21_18:01:14.841   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Just wrapped with Chris Pirillo - was a ton of fun - video later on. ***ALEK***
2007_12_21_18:01:32.550   079.196.154.xxx   SpongeBob & Elmo - Tickle me! waxmuth (40 IM's so far today)
2007_12_21_18:01:38.500   072.077.248.xxx   Im me at justin**** (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_21_18:01:45.358   024.044.142.xxx   SANTA, I WANT A MACBOOK FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!
2007_12_21_18:01:57.361   079.196.154.xxx   Garage Icicles, Blue Ball (41)
2007_12_21_18:02:19.013   070.245.220.xxx   Santa, I want it all!!!
2007_12_21_18:02:31.872   024.044.142.xxx   LETS TURN EVERTHING OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_21_18:02:45.624   079.196.154.xxx   Santa, I want a Bose Soundsystem! Waxmuth (42)
2007_12_21_18:02:50.381   079.196.180.xxx   ok! (25)
2007_12_21_18:03:14.880   079.196.154.xxx   Santa, I want a Bose Soundsystem! Waxmuth (43)
2007_12_21_18:03:15.182   071.195.218.xxx   Bah.  Now they all overloaded again.
2007_12_21_18:03:20.707   072.234.049.xxx   This is cool, me sho h****
2007_12_21_18:03:22.329   087.227.001.xxx   hi
2007_12_21_18:03:25.028   072.077.248.xxx   Merry Christmas KK and Ryan Scanlon (11)
2007_12_21_18:03:47.192   079.196.154.xxx   Santa, I want a Bose Soundsystem! Waxmuth (44)
2007_12_21_18:03:57.412   072.234.049.xxx   this must be very expensive, merry christmas
2007_12_21_18:04:10.160   072.077.248.xxx   149 ___3 (12)
2007_12_21_18:04:10.506   065.033.130.xxx   Santa, I want a new girlfriend!
2007_12_21_18:04:18.984   079.196.154.xxx   Santa, I want a Bose Soundsystem! Waxmuth (45)
2007_12_21_18:04:42.312   072.234.049.xxx   i want laiku
2007_12_21_18:04:43.293   072.077.248.xxx   Ryan Scanlon Trix spec (13)
2007_12_21_18:04:45.740   024.044.142.xxx   For all the money you spent doing this, you could have donated it to help celiac
2007_12_21_18:04:47.577   067.163.205.xxx   Hey
2007_12_21_18:04:53.018   065.033.130.xxx   ROFL (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_21_18:05:18.410   076.064.151.xxx   I GOT A  PREZZIE
2007_12_21_18:05:19.026   079.196.154.xxx   w00t (46)
2007_12_21_18:05:24.821   072.077.248.xxx   Ryan Scanlon Trix spec (14)
2007_12_21_18:05:40.566   071.162.037.xxx   love it
2007_12_21_18:05:52.993   076.064.151.xxx   I GOT A PREZZIE AND BE QUEIT
2007_12_21_18:06:07.267   072.077.248.xxx   Ryan has a bently and I have a maserati i love it :) (15)
2007_12_21_18:06:44.961   072.187.006.xxx   bump
2007_12_21_18:06:53.555   072.234.049.xxx   Kali Kasashima
2007_12_21_18:08:03.025   065.033.130.xxx   I wonder what he pays for bandwidth (11)
2007_12_21_18:10:31.289   072.045.007.xxx   are you really in betterton maryland??
2007_12_21_18:12:03.857   072.234.049.xxx   brandon. will you marry me?
2007_12_21_18:12:14.802   065.033.130.xxx   NO! (12)
2007_12_21_18:12:58.810   072.234.049.xxx   please
2007_12_21_18:13:19.292   072.045.007.xxx   where do you live
2007_12_21_18:13:24.708   072.234.049.xxx   hey be nice
2007_12_21_18:14:11.220   079.196.180.xxx   good night everyone!!! (26)
2007_12_21_18:14:26.506   065.033.130.xxx   ciao (13)
2007_12_21_18:15:12.855   065.033.130.xxx   alek you have to censor a bunch of messages now (14)
2007_12_21_18:15:55.496   072.045.007.xxx   hello from Rock Hall Maryland
2007_12_21_18:16:03.691   072.234.049.xxx   blow
2007_12_21_18:16:10.728   065.033.130.xxx   the kiddies came out in force while you were gone (15)
2007_12_21_18:16:40.171   072.234.049.xxx   i think we should say only plesant things in the spirt of christmas
2007_12_21_18:17:03.629   068.036.056.xxx   Merry Christmas to all.............:)
2007_12_21_18:17:41.142   072.234.049.xxx   ur electric bill must be crazy (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_21_18:19:27.979   072.073.096.xxx   Merry c
2007_12_21_18:19:39.485   068.036.056.xxx   Im watching Christmas Vacation
2007_12_21_18:20:00.796   072.073.096.xxx   Feliz Navidad
2007_12_21_18:20:05.297   082.103.128.xxx   great movie
2007_12_21_18:20:27.822   068.036.056.xxx   I agree
2007_12_21_18:21:04.316   202.147.135.xxx   michelle says HI !
2007_12_21_18:21:05.708   068.036.056.xxx   Ya gotta love cuz eddie
2007_12_21_18:22:02.409   202.147.135.xxx   michelle says HI
2007_12_21_18:24:33.162   082.024.131.xxx   Broken up at last! Horray! say's Luke's mum.UK
2007_12_21_18:25:37.146   066.082.009.xxx   Burrito reindeer says HELLO
2007_12_21_18:25:55.538   082.112.153.xxx   homos
2007_12_21_18:26:24.584   082.024.131.xxx   We can stay up late to work the light's!"
2007_12_21_18:27:35.956   069.251.048.xxx   lets turn them off so the neighbors think hooray they are done...then turn them
2007_12_21_18:27:42.456   082.024.131.xxx   Just made my hot chocolate, got some nice cookies to go with it.Luke's mum.
2007_12_21_18:27:53.793   068.252.041.xxx   GO BUCKS
2007_12_21_18:29:11.832   024.220.092.xxx   adrian peterson is going to stomp on washington go viks
2007_12_21_18:29:18.307   024.229.096.xxx   poop
2007_12_21_18:30:03.463   071.134.072.xxx   hellp
2007_12_21_18:30:16.515   024.220.092.xxx   go viks
2007_12_21_18:30:49.471   024.220.092.xxx   buddy what are you doing
2007_12_21_18:30:49.946   087.244.095.xxx   Will the snow to Britain please
2007_12_21_18:31:28.500   024.220.092.xxx   hey buddy wave or somthing
2007_12_21_18:32:00.319   024.220.092.xxx   seeya
2007_12_21_18:32:25.026   024.220.092.xxx   seeya
2007_12_21_18:32:31.584   087.244.095.xxx   Im not nosey what ya doing Alek?
2007_12_21_18:32:58.160   024.220.092.xxx   looks like hes pooping
2007_12_21_18:35:25.317   099.239.042.xxx   check out LINK DELETED
2007_12_21_18:35:59.681   099.239.042.xxx   You rock, Komar!!!
2007_12_21_18:37:15.356   069.221.003.xxx   poopy buut
2007_12_21_18:37:50.056   069.221.003.xxx   seconds
2007_12_21_18:38:39.067   069.221.003.xxx   what time is it?
2007_12_21_18:38:39.666   070.062.232.xxx   FreeForums.org!
2007_12_21_18:39:38.083   069.221.003.xxx   WHAT TIME IS IT?
2007_12_21_18:40:30.226   069.221.003.xxx   please tell me what time it is_________
2007_12_21_18:41:28.877   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** You can look at either the analog or digital clock to see what time it is MST ***ALEK***
2007_12_21_18:43:39.094   070.062.232.xxx   Jconserv is down
2007_12_21_18:43:53.047   089.105.236.xxx   Great idea, I must say
2007_12_21_18:44:11.951   070.062.232.xxx   I GOT A REDEEMER GUYS LOOK OUT
2007_12_21_18:45:14.218   068.082.123.xxx   down through the chimney..
2007_12_21_18:45:27.698   070.062.232.xxx   cd /disk2
2007_12_21_18:52:13.253   068.094.006.xxx   Merry Christmas from Texas!
2007_12_21_18:53:59.818   070.017.111.xxx   lmfao!
2007_12_21_18:55:12.894   024.108.135.xxx   I love this!
2007_12_21_18:55:40.446   076.118.182.xxx   lol
2007_12_21_18:57:55.016   208.157.170.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_21_19:04:14.153   071.179.244.xxx   ho ho ho
2007_12_21_19:04:20.918   067.159.044.xxx   anyone see p-scnniddy
2007_12_21_19:04:41.171   172.202.062.xxx   Testing Rhys Davies
2007_12_21_19:05:54.324   172.202.062.xxx   This site is just amazing - having so much fun :)
2007_12_21_19:06:29.855   172.202.062.xxx   visit LINK DELETED
2007_12_21_19:06:59.828   172.202.062.xxx   visit www. tvlinksdb .com
2007_12_21_19:08:43.396   083.170.097.xxx   happy p-schniddy from england bloke
2007_12_21_19:09:04.592   086.160.013.xxx   hello
2007_12_21_19:09:08.202   087.102.013.xxx   OH HAI
2007_12_21_19:09:38.069   076.030.216.xxx   LOVE PEACE JOY
2007_12_21_19:09:48.776   083.170.097.xxx   i will be back go out for pak fags smokes
2007_12_21_19:10:11.653   076.030.216.xxx   DO NOT SMOKE - ITS BAD FOR HEALTH
2007_12_21_19:10:15.304   209.055.082.xxx   Hello from Valley View, TX Pop. 700
2007_12_21_19:10:46.133   086.160.013.xxx   hey chris from tg, spoon here :)
2007_12_21_19:11:17.513   083.170.097.xxx   hello from london blokey mon
2007_12_21_19:11:40.916   024.032.088.xxx   hello der spoon lol
2007_12_21_19:11:59.890   086.160.013.xxx   omfg this is amazing eh chris?
2007_12_21_19:12:13.154   083.170.097.xxx   happy holidays to the colonys
2007_12_21_19:12:21.282   024.032.088.xxx   lol
2007_12_21_19:12:41.732   086.160.013.xxx   Hi MOM! - ___p00n LINK DELETED is ftw pimps
2007_12_21_19:12:52.553   083.170.097.xxx   american suckas
2007_12_21_19:13:07.584   024.032.088.xxx   Happy Holidays!
2007_12_21_19:13:46.271   083.170.097.xxx   iam 6 years old  stinkin americans
2007_12_21_19:14:01.595   086.160.013.xxx   hey bendik
2007_12_21_19:14:55.086   083.108.211.xxx   Hey chris
2007_12_21_19:15:24.107   202.007.176.xxx   hello
2007_12_21_19:15:24.555   086.160.013.xxx   Hows the private server going bendik? :)
2007_12_21_19:16:31.826   083.108.211.xxx   I coded alot of cw and then i got 100 errors :(
2007_12_21_19:17:02.296   086.160.013.xxx   awh dang well goodluck dude.
2007_12_21_19:17:43.156   024.062.182.xxx   hi matthew i love you
2007_12_21_19:17:49.305   068.148.108.xxx   I love the Internet!  Go alex!
2007_12_21_19:17:51.800   075.064.056.xxx   Dammit Freeheaven
2007_12_21_19:18:01.051   086.160.013.xxx   love you too spoon
2007_12_21_19:18:31.903   086.160.013.xxx   heya oic, hows thingz? XD
2007_12_21_19:18:32.081   083.108.211.xxx   who is sp0on? y ar u hear?
2007_12_21_19:18:56.490   024.062.182.xxx   grammy says merry christmas to all
2007_12_21_19:19:02.571   086.160.013.xxx   i am spoon and because lights are fun :) (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_21_19:19:13.844   208.100.155.xxx   hello
2007_12_21_19:19:24.211   083.108.211.xxx   omgomgomgomg a guy!
2007_12_21_19:19:34.860   086.160.013.xxx   man in back looks like a body builder (11)
2007_12_21_19:20:09.270   012.175.120.xxx   Wow, brilliant!
2007_12_21_19:20:13.749   083.108.211.xxx   hi there man with gla****
2007_12_21_19:20:15.394   090.224.098.xxx   i herd u liek mudkips
2007_12_21_19:20:32.115   082.103.128.xxx   hello from denmark
2007_12_21_19:20:34.200   086.199.090.xxx   Hi from France
2007_12_21_19:20:35.993   083.108.211.xxx   I do
2007_12_21_19:20:40.895   072.092.232.xxx   HULK SMASH
2007_12_21_19:20:56.271   086.160.013.xxx   ahahaha good one (12)
2007_12_21_19:21:00.673   090.224.098.xxx   STOP, HAMMER TIME
2007_12_21_19:21:09.632   083.108.211.xxx   Hello from bratilsaviakka
2007_12_21_19:21:35.756   086.199.090.xxx   n1 gg
2007_12_21_19:21:49.067   083.108.211.xxx   Stfu
2007_12_21_19:21:58.940   024.062.182.xxx   holiday greetings from New Hampshire
2007_12_21_19:22:10.059   071.133.213.xxx   good job again Alek
2007_12_21_19:22:17.688   012.175.120.xxx   Lights out, New York City!
2007_12_21_19:22:40.206   086.160.013.xxx   oh wtf are you doing (13)
2007_12_21_19:22:47.895   086.199.090.xxx   I AM BENDER
2007_12_21_19:22:55.653   083.108.211.xxx   Lmao look at that guy
2007_12_21_19:23:15.294   069.068.220.xxx   Merry Christmas Everyone from Star, NC
2007_12_21_19:23:38.971   082.103.128.xxx   happy kwanzaa-- yolanda,shalongda,dashawn
2007_12_21_19:23:49.581   086.199.090.xxx   ___- HULK SMASH YOU
2007_12_21_19:23:50.704   090.224.098.xxx   HULK SMASH PUNY HUMAN
2007_12_21_19:24:03.849   069.068.220.xxx   Merry Christmas, everyone - From Star, NC
2007_12_21_19:24:26.353   082.103.128.xxx   happy kwanzaa to u too.  talisha eavans
2007_12_21_19:25:20.193   082.103.128.xxx   happy holidays/ salutations rev al sharpton
2007_12_21_19:25:46.268   024.062.182.xxx   merry christmas grammy I love you
2007_12_21_19:26:01.401   082.103.128.xxx   Busy here at bodek
2007_12_21_19:26:25.281   086.160.013.xxx   mister why the h*** are you staring at a lava lamp (14)
2007_12_21_19:26:33.135   024.062.182.xxx   love the web site thanks alek
2007_12_21_19:26:51.870   082.103.128.xxx   lava lumps
2007_12_21_19:27:57.850   082.103.128.xxx   someone said you have no pants on
2007_12_21_19:28:38.800   076.222.052.xxx   I love IDT
2007_12_21_19:29:29.081   090.224.098.xxx   Ho Ho Ho Hoes
2007_12_21_19:30:08.733   067.162.130.xxx   ho ho ho hoes ya
2007_12_21_19:30:28.325   082.103.128.xxx   p-schniddy wazz up
2007_12_21_19:30:33.857   067.162.130.xxx   merry holidays
2007_12_21_19:31:00.377   082.103.128.xxx   happy holiday schnister (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_21_19:31:25.861   076.025.226.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_21_19:31:32.105   082.103.128.xxx   is that a real person or a inflatable (11)
2007_12_21_19:31:56.353   076.025.226.xxx   God Bless
2007_12_21_19:32:19.756   090.224.098.xxx   He's inflatable
2007_12_21_19:33:26.881   076.025.226.xxx   Keeo it clean
2007_12_21_19:33:57.567   076.025.226.xxx   Jesus loves you
2007_12_21_19:34:09.727   082.103.128.xxx   inflate a body part (12)
2007_12_21_19:35:00.881   076.025.226.xxx   Good Luck!!
2007_12_21_19:35:07.088   082.103.128.xxx   alex strange things our said (13)
2007_12_21_19:35:15.055   067.162.130.xxx   hgdjggggggggggggggggg___
2007_12_21_19:35:28.098   086.160.013.xxx   im bored of this, peace out y'all (15)
2007_12_21_19:35:45.490   076.025.226.xxx   Peace out
2007_12_21_19:35:48.614   082.103.128.xxx   great what ur doing herekids luv it (14)
2007_12_21_19:35:54.663   067.162.130.xxx   coca and some milky puffs
2007_12_21_19:36:02.083   070.224.036.xxx   Hello from Elkhart, Indiana
2007_12_21_19:36:19.519   090.224.098.xxx   I /R/ inflatable p****
2007_12_21_19:36:21.907   076.222.052.xxx   Hiya from Chicago Illinois :D
2007_12_21_19:36:51.588   070.224.036.xxx   The weather outside is frightful.
2007_12_21_19:37:01.872   076.025.226.xxx   Hi from Castle Rock Colorado
2007_12_21_19:37:06.873   082.103.128.xxx   090.224.098.xxx    ban it (15)
2007_12_21_19:37:54.592   065.033.130.xxx   hey beck lets hang out (16)
2007_12_21_19:38:36.252   082.103.128.xxx   snowing in boulder colo (16)
2007_12_21_19:39:18.993   082.103.128.xxx   snowing in my house (17)
2007_12_21_19:39:46.948   066.082.009.xxx   54 below zero in Galena Alaska
2007_12_21_19:40:23.103   065.033.130.xxx   61 in Daytona Beach Florida (17)
2007_12_21_19:40:28.702   082.103.128.xxx   how do you keep warm /kalena (18)
2007_12_21_19:40:39.954   066.175.149.xxx   Hi from Mississippi!!!
2007_12_21_19:40:53.719   066.082.009.xxx   keep moving & wrap up!
2007_12_21_19:41:18.045   082.103.128.xxx   gas heat or electric (19)
2007_12_21_19:41:40.776   066.082.009.xxx   oil & wood
2007_12_21_19:42:11.317   024.005.071.xxx   hi
2007_12_21_19:42:24.360   082.103.128.xxx   double the insulation in the walls (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_21_19:43:05.959   066.082.009.xxx   my walls are 14 inches thick
2007_12_21_19:43:40.798   070.017.111.xxx   & that's unique?
2007_12_21_19:44:10.447   066.082.009.xxx   yes
2007_12_21_19:46:56.073   074.070.035.xxx   iatn.net
2007_12_21_19:47:04.868   081.008.218.xxx   GraL aeger
2007_12_21_19:47:12.052   076.098.087.xxx   Hainesboro NJ Represent
2007_12_21_19:47:37.193   081.008.218.xxx   HALLLLLLL__________________ ___R NI KNARKADE?!
2007_12_21_19:48:30.035   076.098.087.xxx   bodek & LINK DELETED
2007_12_21_19:48:51.659   075.094.156.xxx   hi, can you wave to the camera?
2007_12_21_19:49:13.318   065.033.130.xxx   whats that moving around in the upper left corner on camera 2? (18)
2007_12_21_19:49:38.406   066.082.009.xxx   moving santa
2007_12_21_19:49:41.129   081.008.218.xxx   gief angry hu lk!
2007_12_21_19:50:01.985   074.070.035.xxx   iatn.net
2007_12_21_19:50:41.002   074.070.035.xxx   glenville police department, glenville,  ny
2007_12_21_19:51:07.191   066.082.009.xxx   i did not do it!
2007_12_21_19:51:18.747   074.070.035.xxx   one day a week mike
2007_12_21_19:51:32.676   076.098.087.xxx   Jimmy Wen says Hi
2007_12_21_19:52:04.380   081.008.218.xxx   hallo
2007_12_21_19:53:15.365   067.085.156.xxx   hello
2007_12_21_19:53:43.666   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Everyone enjoying the Winter Solstice - shortest day of the year for Northern'e ***ALEK***
2007_12_21_19:54:06.863   074.070.035.xxx   not really, summer rules
2007_12_21_19:54:13.172   065.033.130.xxx   is that today? (19)
2007_12_21_19:54:17.210   071.033.133.xxx   Hello from Fort Collins
2007_12_21_19:54:33.253   066.082.009.xxx   We gain 3 seconds of day light tomorrow
2007_12_21_19:54:39.073   074.070.035.xxx   suzuki gsxr 600
2007_12_21_19:54:57.449   072.078.022.xxx   PUNCH THE KEYS FOR GODS SAKE!!
2007_12_21_19:55:56.684   066.082.009.xxx   Huey Lewis says HELLO
2007_12_21_19:56:44.988   075.088.090.xxx   hello
2007_12_21_19:57:51.192   075.088.090.xxx   Merry Christmas Shelby
2007_12_21_19:57:51.178   072.095.013.xxx   hristmas!Santa's Workshop Cam!
2007_12_21_19:58:29.625   072.095.013.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2007_12_21_19:58:58.928   066.082.009.xxx   Bill Gates here! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_21_19:59:51.786   072.078.022.xxx   thecakeisaliethecakeisaliethecakeisaliethecakeisaliethecakeisalie
2007_12_21_20:00:49.765   024.122.194.xxx   salut claudie
2007_12_21_20:01:02.510   070.240.188.xxx   Hello from Matagorda Texas
2007_12_21_20:02:06.775   074.070.035.xxx   glenville, NY
2007_12_21_20:02:08.613   076.098.087.xxx   Alek are you the only one with a site like this?
2007_12_21_20:02:13.949   075.088.090.xxx   Hello from snowy Nebraska!
2007_12_21_20:02:35.073   074.070.035.xxx   glenville, NY
2007_12_21_20:03:08.760   074.070.035.xxx   silent jay and the buffalo
2007_12_21_20:05:09.399   024.122.194.xxx   salut de la part de claudie et francis
2007_12_21_20:05:27.815   066.082.009.xxx   Hello Texas (11)
2007_12_21_20:05:42.203   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hello Bill Gates - would you like to donate for Celiac Disease?!? ***ALEK***
2007_12_21_20:06:20.126   024.122.194.xxx   bonne initiative de ta part du Qu___bec
2007_12_21_20:06:34.874   066.082.009.xxx   My friend Shadow did for me! (12)
2007_12_21_20:06:35.547   068.083.075.xxx   helllo
2007_12_21_20:07:53.438   075.117.248.xxx   good job! it looks great!
2007_12_21_20:08:49.682   075.117.248.xxx   good job! how mucj is your electric bill? lol looks GREAT!
2007_12_21_20:09:27.981   066.082.009.xxx   3 dollars a day (13)
2007_12_21_20:10:04.456   205.144.218.xxx   Merry Christmas Everyone!
2007_12_21_20:10:43.094   075.117.248.xxx   love the hulk! lol how much is the electric bill? lol! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
2007_12_21_20:11:09.939   065.033.130.xxx   i hope its hot christmas day in florida (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_21_20:11:43.865   075.117.248.xxx   what your doing for the sick people is great!
2007_12_21_20:11:49.674   071.086.197.xxx   hi
2007_12_21_20:11:57.468   024.186.202.xxx   Is it snowing yet?
2007_12_21_20:14:36.946   024.085.147.xxx   I love jesus.
2007_12_21_20:15:18.984   071.086.197.xxx   down with gluten
2007_12_21_20:18:41.767   076.026.209.xxx   Happy Holidays from the Hendrys in Charleston SC
2007_12_21_20:19:29.643   066.082.009.xxx   ITS dARTH vADER (14)
2007_12_21_20:20:22.147   076.026.209.xxx   Happy Holidays from the Hendrys in Charleston SC
2007_12_21_20:21:18.423   066.082.009.xxx   THERE HE IS!!!! (15)
2007_12_21_20:21:23.516   068.188.040.xxx   you guys rock!!
2007_12_21_20:21:25.083   076.026.209.xxx   You are the best darth and cute too
2007_12_21_20:21:26.531   012.159.056.xxx   lol it's Vader
2007_12_21_20:21:59.983   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Kyle says he'll do his Darth Vader imitation again if you want ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_21_20:22:02.091   068.188.040.xxx   SHOEMONEY SENT ME! MERRY CHRISTMAS!
2007_12_21_20:22:06.856   076.026.209.xxx   Encore Darth
2007_12_21_20:22:07.853   066.082.009.xxx   Hello Darth from Shadow (16)
2007_12_21_20:22:47.988   076.026.209.xxx   cool man darth
2007_12_21_20:22:55.945   065.033.130.xxx   we love you darth (21)
2007_12_21_20:23:50.412   066.082.009.xxx   Kyle RULES (17)
2007_12_21_20:24:46.348   076.026.209.xxx   the hendry family from Charleston sc Say the force is with U
2007_12_21_20:25:20.257   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Kyle says thank you Jedi Masters Hendry Family ***ALEK***
2007_12_21_20:25:32.350   121.032.102.xxx   hello
2007_12_21_20:26:43.173   076.026.209.xxx   Happy Holidays from the Hendrys in Charleston SC
2007_12_21_20:28:14.271   072.213.196.xxx   Hi Joanne
2007_12_21_20:28:58.027   065.033.130.xxx   Happy Festivus! (22)
2007_12_21_20:36:07.954   072.235.146.xxx   Lotharian says hello to all!
2007_12_21_20:36:18.660   070.052.133.xxx   hey
2007_12_21_20:38:50.498   075.065.243.xxx   Hello from madison, ms
2007_12_21_20:40:38.179   075.065.243.xxx   Who has snow right now?
2007_12_21_20:41:30.597   075.065.243.xxx   Here in madison, ms, we wish for Christmas snow every year!
2007_12_21_20:41:55.201   067.193.101.xxx   windsor ontario
2007_12_21_20:41:59.894   072.235.146.xxx   Here in Hawaii, we don't know what snow is!
2007_12_21_20:42:02.569   071.136.035.xxx   Merry Christmas from sunny San
2007_12_21_20:42:20.452   071.212.215.xxx   Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!
2007_12_21_20:42:31.776   075.065.243.xxx   Don't recall a Christmas snow, but it snowed on New Year's Eve once in madison
2007_12_21_20:42:59.331   075.065.243.xxx   where is everyone from?
2007_12_21_20:43:07.092   071.212.215.xxx   John and Emily say Merry Christmas!!
2007_12_21_20:43:25.319   069.004.138.xxx   Merry christmas from Orangevale, CA!
2007_12_21_20:43:46.487   075.065.243.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2007_12_21_20:43:55.476   067.149.148.xxx   HEY HEY HEY
2007_12_21_20:43:58.870   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Merry Christmas from the Republic of Boulder, Colorado ***ALEK***
2007_12_21_20:44:23.856   069.112.019.xxx   happy channukah
2007_12_21_20:44:28.210   067.149.148.xxx   GO WINGS!!
2007_12_21_20:44:28.523   075.065.243.xxx   HO! HO! HO!
2007_12_21_20:45:06.505   069.112.019.xxx   good cause
2007_12_21_20:45:07.783   075.065.243.xxx   Anybody from Florida?
2007_12_21_20:45:47.539   067.149.148.xxx   Michigan here
2007_12_21_20:45:58.359   075.065.243.xxx   There's supposed to be a full moon on Christmas Eve!
2007_12_21_20:46:34.071   075.065.243.xxx   hello Michigan! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_21_20:46:58.073   067.149.148.xxx   HELLO!!
2007_12_21_20:47:26.004   071.212.215.xxx   _______________ HI !!! _______________
2007_12_21_20:48:40.210   071.179.244.xxx   hi
2007_12_21_20:49:26.286   082.103.128.xxx   happy kwanzaa from dewayne,talisha (21)
2007_12_21_20:49:48.468   082.103.128.xxx   hello cracka (22)
2007_12_21_20:50:16.194   075.065.243.xxx   anybody from hawaii? (11)
2007_12_21_20:51:06.507   082.103.128.xxx   maui chump (23)
2007_12_21_20:51:46.690   082.103.128.xxx   happy holidays from vietnam (24)
2007_12_21_20:51:57.916   075.065.243.xxx   just sent this link to my niece in MN (12)
2007_12_21_20:52:48.623   082.103.128.xxx   sike happy holiday (25)
2007_12_21_20:53:33.450   082.103.128.xxx   happy holiday from wishey washey (26)
2007_12_21_20:54:12.334   082.103.128.xxx   home of body shampoo (27)
2007_12_21_20:54:42.169   082.103.128.xxx   p-schniddy in da house (28)
2007_12_21_20:55:30.216   071.212.215.xxx   does this really work?!
2007_12_21_20:55:30.332   082.103.128.xxx   little hummer girl (29)
2007_12_21_20:56:15.211   082.103.128.xxx   sled zeppelin (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_21_20:56:22.942   071.212.215.xxx   D'OH!!
2007_12_21_20:57:18.336   068.089.240.xxx   Homer had too much Duff to drink
2007_12_21_21:03:12.050   066.082.009.xxx   58 MINUTES TO GO (18)
2007_12_21_21:06:50.746   082.103.128.xxx   be claus i got high (31)
2007_12_21_21:07:19.416   066.082.009.xxx   BOB RIVERS (19)
2007_12_21_21:07:20.752   082.103.128.xxx   osama got run over by a reindeer (32)
2007_12_21_21:07:31.209   074.046.180.xxx   happy christmas ahahahah s*
2007_12_21_21:07:52.735   066.082.009.xxx   again bob rivers (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_21_21:10:26.997   082.103.128.xxx   grahbe yahbalz (33)
2007_12_21_21:11:06.903   082.103.128.xxx   hugh g rection (34)
2007_12_21_21:11:28.682   082.103.128.xxx   happy holidays (35)
2007_12_21_21:12:08.458   066.082.009.xxx   Happy Holidaze (21)
2007_12_21_21:12:11.749   082.103.128.xxx   iam dressing up like santa (36)
2007_12_21_21:12:38.594   082.103.128.xxx   when i get out on parole (37)
2007_12_21_21:13:30.305   082.103.128.xxx   hark the hair-lipped angels sing (38)
2007_12_21_21:14:25.760   082.103.128.xxx   my favoritr song (39)
2007_12_21_21:14:50.723   082.103.128.xxx   homeless for the holidays (40 IM's so far today)
2007_12_21_21:17:36.645   082.103.128.xxx   chipmunks roasting on a open fire (41)
2007_12_21_21:19:06.333   099.244.111.xxx   What the f***
2007_12_21_21:19:16.125   082.103.128.xxx   teddy the red-nosed senator (42)
2007_12_21_21:19:23.537   024.131.186.xxx   test 123
2007_12_21_21:19:49.557   024.131.186.xxx   Very f***ing cool
2007_12_21_21:19:55.748   082.103.128.xxx   the restroom door said gentlemen (43)
2007_12_21_21:21:54.868   071.050.127.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_21_21:21:56.908   082.103.128.xxx   peace out world (44)
2007_12_21_21:24:10.579   024.167.210.xxx   I love NIc!
2007_12_21_21:25:37.062   024.167.210.xxx   hi dude!!! Welcome to your webcam!
2007_12_21_21:26:06.019   024.167.210.xxx   waive please!
2007_12_21_21:26:32.987   024.167.210.xxx   waved
2007_12_21_21:27:17.647   071.164.028.xxx   Thanks Alek!
2007_12_21_21:29:25.119   072.036.168.xxx   keep christ in xmas
2007_12_21_21:30:18.879   068.229.178.xxx   howdy
2007_12_21_21:30:36.649   070.146.201.xxx   Wassup!
2007_12_21_21:31:35.703   071.125.250.xxx   This is so very cool!
2007_12_21_21:32:14.359   072.021.041.xxx   yes it is
2007_12_21_21:33:40.101   072.021.041.xxx   someone said its all pictures not really off  on
2007_12_21_21:33:45.536   082.154.115.xxx   thi is nice, i wonder how many ppl are around here
2007_12_21_21:34:20.837   082.154.115.xxx   this is real thing, my text poped up right there
2007_12_21_21:34:28.750   072.021.041.xxx   1,000.000.00   its fake
2007_12_21_21:35:03.066   082.154.115.xxx   it's not fake
2007_12_21_21:35:04.222   072.021.041.xxx   cant be real outside the house
2007_12_21_21:35:07.823   067.181.208.xxx   whats fake/
2007_12_21_21:35:45.085   067.181.208.xxx   I missed that part
2007_12_21_21:36:00.244   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** 100% hoax/simulation from 2002-2004. 100% real from 2005 on - ditto the over $20,000 for Celiac ***ALEK***
2007_12_21_21:37:33.656   072.021.041.xxx   i read your article i believe u
2007_12_21_21:37:56.235   067.181.208.xxx   what did I miss?
2007_12_21_21:38:19.269   072.021.041.xxx   i just wanted to get u to finally interact with us
2007_12_21_21:40:25.875   024.167.210.xxx   we're here we're queer get used to it
2007_12_21_21:47:44.820   071.131.214.xxx   this is so neat
2007_12_21_21:52:42.939   071.087.172.xxx   hello
2007_12_21_21:53:16.601   071.087.172.xxx   Way Cool
2007_12_21_21:55:47.031   072.208.227.xxx   Beevo was here
2007_12_21_21:57:11.502   069.251.083.xxx   hi
2007_12_21_21:57:37.231   066.082.009.xxx   3 minutes to go! (22)
2007_12_21_21:57:54.486   024.255.059.xxx   Festivus for the rest of us!
2007_12_21_21:58:24.192   069.251.083.xxx   where u all from
2007_12_21_21:58:44.077   066.082.009.xxx   good bye from Galena Alaska (23)
2007_12_21_21:58:47.971   024.255.059.xxx   Tucson Az
2007_12_21_21:59:15.538   069.251.083.xxx   i from maryland
2007_12_21_21:59:17.116   024.255.059.xxx   Adios
2007_12_21_21:59:39.605   066.082.009.xxx   see u again tomorrow (24)
2007_12_21_21:59:53.518   024.255.059.xxx   Buh bye!
2007_12_21_21:59:57.434   071.087.172.xxx   Hello From Garry Conn

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