446 christmas text messages on 2007/1222

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 6,233 times that day including 2,906 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1222

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2007_12_22_16:33:27.524   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** X10 Controls ON - three days to Christmas - HO-HO-HO! ***ALEK***
2007_12_22_16:33:43.798   086.147.150.xxx   hello
2007_12_22_16:33:43.820   071.072.149.xxx   hey... from troy, Ohio!   Go Buckeyes!
2007_12_22_16:35:31.559   086.147.150.xxx   great website
2007_12_22_16:37:02.795   068.039.102.xxx   sweeeeeeeeeeet
2007_12_22_16:37:06.524   172.206.228.xxx   Wave please ?
2007_12_22_16:38:35.075   172.206.228.xxx   Thank you!
2007_12_22_16:38:38.435   071.072.149.xxx   Thumbs up if you like the browns
2007_12_22_16:39:00.499   086.147.150.xxx   hello andrew
2007_12_22_16:39:01.595   076.030.216.xxx   GO STEELERS!!!
2007_12_22_16:39:26.817   086.147.150.xxx   hello andrew
2007_12_22_16:39:27.227   079.196.182.xxx   hi guys!
2007_12_22_16:39:33.702   071.074.113.xxx   this is a cool site :)
2007_12_22_16:39:39.481   076.030.216.xxx   GO PITTSBURGH STEELERS!!!
2007_12_22_16:39:56.491   086.147.150.xxx   hello andrew
2007_12_22_16:40:02.912   201.208.123.xxx   hooolaaaa desde caracas, venezuela
2007_12_22_16:40:19.053   068.036.056.xxx   GO DALLAS COWBOYS!!!!!
2007_12_22_16:40:21.559   071.072.149.xxx   Alek are u a broncos fan
2007_12_22_16:40:41.332   076.030.216.xxx   ADD SOME GOOGLE ADSENSE ADS
2007_12_22_16:41:17.947   068.117.023.xxx   Merry Christmas from Cracked
2007_12_22_16:41:24.533   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** No Adsense since I want everything to go to charity. ***ALEK***
2007_12_22_16:41:33.187   086.147.150.xxx   hello andrew
2007_12_22_16:42:21.355   071.072.149.xxx   who do u want to win.. browns or bengals
2007_12_22_16:42:29.301   087.009.133.xxx   Ciao from Italy! merry christmas!!!
2007_12_22_16:42:59.358   079.196.182.xxx   hi
2007_12_22_16:43:20.030   090.204.235.xxx   hi
2007_12_22_16:43:38.636   201.208.123.xxx   hooolaaaa javito
2007_12_22_16:43:59.919   071.072.149.xxx   3 more days til christmas
2007_12_22_16:44:32.131   201.208.123.xxx   javiiii vez la pantalla???
2007_12_22_16:45:35.756   201.208.123.xxx   jaaaviii tas alli
2007_12_22_16:45:56.066   075.132.134.xxx   olo,loo0
2007_12_22_16:46:18.138   201.208.123.xxx   jaaaaaaaaviiiiiii
2007_12_22_16:46:57.323   079.196.182.xxx   much greetings from germany
2007_12_22_16:47:26.305   076.098.087.xxx   Detky the Halls
2007_12_22_16:48:09.465   201.208.123.xxx   feliz navidad les deseo desde  caracas, venezuela el mejor pais del mundo
2007_12_22_16:49:08.541   064.081.114.xxx   pie.
2007_12_22_16:49:30.827   090.204.235.xxx   fabbbb
2007_12_22_16:50:09.701   201.211.014.xxx   ilianaaaaaaa  feliz navidad
2007_12_22_16:51:06.858   079.196.182.xxx   frohe weihnachten aus Germany
2007_12_22_16:51:30.884   201.208.123.xxx   feeeliiiiiiz naaaviiidaaaad pa ti tambien javito
2007_12_22_16:54:45.089   090.204.235.xxx   alek did you do an interview with cool LINK DELETED
2007_12_22_16:55:07.464   074.193.087.xxx   Merry Christmas to all!
2007_12_22_16:55:31.223   090.204.235.xxx   cool gagets
2007_12_22_16:57:01.467   068.048.065.xxx   The Bethinator Wuz Heaer!!
2007_12_22_16:57:22.194   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Coolest-Gadgets.Com folks are cool - interviewed with 'em in the past - not this year ***ALEK***
2007_12_22_16:58:14.058   074.248.067.xxx   alek is the man!
2007_12_22_16:58:16.196   201.211.014.xxx   feliz navidad a todos
2007_12_22_16:58:46.236   074.248.067.xxx   alek is the man
2007_12_22_16:58:56.917   068.048.065.xxx   The Bethinat0r will eet jor FAYC
2007_12_22_16:59:15.706   074.248.067.xxx   feliz navidad al tacos
2007_12_22_17:00:20.309   201.211.014.xxx   felices fiestas
2007_12_22_17:00:31.089   068.048.065.xxx   OMG YOU"RE READING THIS ONLINE WOW
2007_12_22_17:01:16.000   201.211.014.xxx   iliana es el grinch
2007_12_22_17:01:38.680   074.248.067.xxx   smile for the camera, alek!
2007_12_22_17:02:04.271   068.048.065.xxx   THATS RIGHT, LEAVE OR THE BETHINATOR WILL BE AVENGED!
2007_12_22_17:03:18.617   090.204.235.xxx   this is fab
2007_12_22_17:04:25.342   079.196.182.xxx   haha!!!______
2007_12_22_17:05:03.739   074.248.067.xxx   alek!  ALEK!  ALEK!  Alek is the man!
2007_12_22_17:05:55.121   074.248.067.xxx   i see a burned out bulb!
2007_12_22_17:05:55.526   070.190.165.xxx   I can't believe how soon Christmas is!
2007_12_22_17:06:29.188   074.248.067.xxx   I see a burned out bulb!
2007_12_22_17:06:37.420   070.190.165.xxx   did you move the webcam back?
2007_12_22_17:07:37.618   074.248.067.xxx   hello, alek's wife!
2007_12_22_17:08:17.547   074.248.067.xxx   smile for the camera!
2007_12_22_17:08:54.344   068.039.102.xxx   hello hello =___
2007_12_22_17:09:18.792   098.192.222.xxx   Hi Anakin! And Jesse and EThan!
2007_12_22_17:09:51.902   098.192.222.xxx   Cool house!  From the Kramers
2007_12_22_17:11:08.293   068.039.102.xxx   hi momma!
2007_12_22_17:11:51.881   098.192.222.xxx   Merry Christmas and happy new year to all!
2007_12_22_17:11:51.915   090.196.171.xxx   merry xmas wifey!!!
2007_12_22_17:12:26.905   024.086.190.xxx   Merry Christmas Everyone!!
2007_12_22_17:12:39.285   079.196.182.xxx   is anyone speaking german?
2007_12_22_17:14:21.084   098.192.222.xxx   NO
2007_12_22_17:14:56.738   079.196.182.xxx   doch, ich aber
2007_12_22_17:14:59.800   090.196.171.xxx   merry xmas dillan
2007_12_22_17:15:04.145   098.192.222.xxx   Fleas navidog said the puppy
2007_12_22_17:15:15.752   090.242.007.xxx   Thanks Alec - hope U & ures have a goo xmas :):)
2007_12_22_17:15:48.730   090.196.171.xxx   merry xmas from mum & dad
2007_12_22_17:15:56.082   090.204.235.xxx   hello
2007_12_22_17:16:16.788   205.188.116.xxx   Merry Christmas from Matt & Jamie - Baltimore, MD
2007_12_22_17:17:03.672   142.177.025.xxx   Hello from halifax
2007_12_22_17:17:37.477   090.196.171.xxx   hello from sheffield
2007_12_22_17:18:02.875   142.177.025.xxx   Merry Christmas from Liam and Emily
2007_12_22_17:18:29.959   205.188.116.xxx   Matt and Jamie again saying Merry Christmas from Baltimore, MD!
2007_12_22_17:21:09.208   099.240.181.xxx   Merry christmas from matthew
2007_12_22_17:21:10.358   142.177.025.xxx   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
2007_12_22_17:21:52.853   081.158.220.xxx   Merry Christmas!!!
2007_12_22_17:23:29.570   024.107.160.xxx   This is very cool!
2007_12_22_17:24:06.394   067.189.116.xxx   Hey Family!
2007_12_22_17:24:08.374   142.177.025.xxx   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Santa!!
2007_12_22_17:24:11.151   090.204.235.xxx   hello jodie
2007_12_22_17:24:19.759   024.198.046.xxx   Good Evening from the ISS
2007_12_22_17:24:45.861   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hello International Space Station - how is the weather up there? ***ALEK***
2007_12_22_17:25:06.550   024.107.160.xxx   Mikey was here!!
2007_12_22_17:25:14.894   024.198.046.xxx   Clear and beautiful
2007_12_22_17:25:28.956   172.206.082.xxx   james
2007_12_22_17:26:03.154   172.206.082.xxx   Hello Christmas sooon whooo!!!
2007_12_22_17:27:38.915   068.230.010.xxx   Hello From Arizona!
2007_12_22_17:29:46.424   172.206.082.xxx   This is jo-d From England Whooo"
2007_12_22_17:30:45.610   172.206.082.xxx   How Is Everyone?? X
2007_12_22_17:31:50.013   024.198.046.xxx   GO SABRES !!
2007_12_22_17:32:10.107   082.024.041.xxx   Hello
2007_12_22_17:32:20.272   066.084.099.xxx   Go WIngs!
2007_12_22_17:32:27.999   024.198.046.xxx   Merry X-MASS from the ISS
2007_12_22_17:33:48.888   172.206.082.xxx   Merry xmas back hehe :)!
2007_12_22_17:33:50.660   066.084.099.xxx   Wooohoo
2007_12_22_17:34:28.685   172.206.082.xxx   hehe wuu2?
2007_12_22_17:34:31.188   024.198.046.xxx   GO SABRES !!
2007_12_22_17:34:37.818   075.155.200.xxx   jhello from Canada
2007_12_22_17:34:46.350   066.084.099.xxx   Hi Jo!
2007_12_22_17:34:49.831   079.196.137.xxx   WOHOO. MANU und YANNICK
2007_12_22_17:35:06.676   024.198.046.xxx   GO LEAFS GO !!
2007_12_22_17:35:23.864   079.196.182.xxx   Wer zockt noch die St___mme?
2007_12_22_17:35:37.066   066.084.099.xxx   Hi Mimi!
2007_12_22_17:35:37.121   172.206.082.xxx   Whooooo Santas coming yo town (___) __ yh bby
2007_12_22_17:35:38.151   079.196.137.xxx   Alek IS SO COOL! :-) CELIAC DISEASE IS BAD! :-(
2007_12_22_17:35:43.823   024.198.046.xxx   GO SABRES !!
2007_12_22_17:36:04.425   172.206.082.xxx   whats sabres?
2007_12_22_17:36:07.889   079.196.137.xxx   Alek IS SO COOL! :-) CELIAC DISEASE IS BAD! :-(
2007_12_22_17:37:03.629   079.196.137.xxx   FAT SANTA! FAT SANTA! FAT SANTA!
2007_12_22_17:37:12.882   024.198.046.xxx   NHL Team
2007_12_22_17:37:13.095   079.196.182.xxx   Yes, Alek is a realy nice guy!
2007_12_22_17:37:36.646   079.196.137.xxx   Alek is so cool!
2007_12_22_17:37:39.282   083.067.137.xxx   Go Go Power Rangers!
2007_12_22_17:37:39.685   024.198.046.xxx   NHL Team
2007_12_22_17:38:06.434   012.214.174.xxx   What about those Red Wings?
2007_12_22_17:38:09.496   079.196.137.xxx   I want Alek!
2007_12_22_17:38:21.888   024.198.046.xxx   GO LEAFS GO !! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_22_17:38:38.797   066.084.099.xxx   Hi Mimi!
2007_12_22_17:38:54.592   079.196.137.xxx   MANUUUUUUUUUUU! DIE STAEMME!
2007_12_22_17:38:56.108   024.198.046.xxx   Hello !! (11)
2007_12_22_17:39:12.426   024.094.058.xxx   Hi!
2007_12_22_17:39:25.294   079.196.137.xxx   MANUUUUUUUUUUU! DIE STAEMME!
2007_12_22_17:39:32.630   071.142.132.xxx   merry x-mas
2007_12_22_17:39:40.051   024.198.046.xxx   Good Evening from the ISS (12)
2007_12_22_17:40:07.977   079.196.137.xxx   ISS has none Internet! NOOB!
2007_12_22_17:40:28.962   024.094.058.xxx   Why not?
2007_12_22_17:40:35.174   079.196.137.xxx   BLASEN! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_22_17:41:00.952   068.063.007.xxx   **** YEAH!
2007_12_22_17:41:06.257   079.196.137.xxx   santa is too fat to climb up the ladder. waxmuth (11)
2007_12_22_17:41:09.977   024.198.046.xxx   GO SABRES !! (13)
2007_12_22_17:41:13.236   024.094.058.xxx   the ISS is up the with all those satellites you'd think it would have high sp**d
2007_12_22_17:41:15.771   079.196.182.xxx   RUBBELN!!!!!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_22_17:41:34.983   024.198.046.xxx   GO SABRES !! (14)
2007_12_22_17:41:41.085   079.196.137.xxx   santa is too fat to climb up the ladder. waxmuth (12)
2007_12_22_17:41:58.876   068.063.007.xxx   mobile al!!!!
2007_12_22_17:42:00.097   024.198.046.xxx   GO LEAFS GO !! (15)
2007_12_22_17:42:29.232   079.196.137.xxx   Poor Santa! Waxmuth (13)
2007_12_22_17:42:41.673   024.198.046.xxx   Good Evening from the ISS (16)
2007_12_22_17:43:06.925   079.196.137.xxx   Tigger isn't cool! (14)
2007_12_22_17:43:20.840   012.214.174.xxx   How bout them Red Wings?
2007_12_22_17:43:23.715   076.005.228.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS
2007_12_22_17:43:45.932   068.063.007.xxx   how y'all doing?
2007_12_22_17:43:54.438   079.196.137.xxx   only 1 day until christmas! waxmuth (15)
2007_12_22_17:44:14.881   076.005.228.xxx   merry x-mas from bedford PA
2007_12_22_17:44:42.119   079.196.137.xxx   LEGO TECHNICS BULLDOZER! CASIO-G-SHOCK! ROCKS! (16)
2007_12_22_17:45:07.457   076.005.228.xxx   wave to the camera alek
2007_12_22_17:45:20.889   080.177.153.xxx   hello chloe
2007_12_22_17:45:54.950   080.177.153.xxx   love you Melaniexxxx
2007_12_22_17:46:06.067   076.005.228.xxx   WHOS EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS
2007_12_22_17:46:49.594   069.205.017.xxx   Helloooo Dug!
2007_12_22_17:46:49.736   076.005.228.xxx   WAVE TO THE CAM ALEK OR DO SOMETHING
2007_12_22_17:47:06.270   080.177.153.xxx   Happy Xmas
2007_12_22_17:47:26.332   083.067.137.xxx   Hello Wilko
2007_12_22_17:47:30.126   079.196.182.xxx   Alek is a nice guy (11)
2007_12_22_17:47:53.175   076.005.228.xxx   YOU DA MAN ALEK
2007_12_22_17:47:54.286   090.204.235.xxx   hi alek
2007_12_22_17:47:55.466   079.196.137.xxx   Yes, alek is a cool Guy! (17)
2007_12_22_17:47:56.880   083.067.137.xxx   Tommmmm!
2007_12_22_17:48:25.305   079.196.137.xxx   AAAAAAALLLLEEEEEKKKKKK! (18)
2007_12_22_17:48:42.935   076.005.228.xxx   THANKS FOR WAVING ALEK
2007_12_22_17:48:44.240   083.067.137.xxx   Hey Wilko!
2007_12_22_17:49:01.787   068.063.007.xxx   yay alek!
2007_12_22_17:49:21.595   079.196.137.xxx   X10 Controlls controll the World! (19)
2007_12_22_17:49:21.490   083.067.137.xxx   Tom do you think Caz is fit?
2007_12_22_17:49:28.944   076.005.228.xxx   NO ALEK COME BACK
2007_12_22_17:49:32.062   090.204.235.xxx   HULK
2007_12_22_17:49:53.853   079.196.137.xxx   TIGGER is g**! (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_22_17:50:16.838   076.005.228.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU
2007_12_22_17:50:29.942   079.196.137.xxx   TIGGER is stinking! Waxmuth (21)
2007_12_22_17:50:40.509   083.067.137.xxx   Sunky Funky! OOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
2007_12_22_17:50:46.137   090.204.235.xxx   226 peopl viewing christmas lights- HOLY MOLY (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_22_17:51:08.782   083.067.137.xxx   Kill Myself!
2007_12_22_17:51:18.094   079.196.137.xxx   Der arme TiGGaaaa... Hey Manu, wie geht's? waxmuth (22)
2007_12_22_17:51:37.120   076.005.228.xxx   WHO WANTS TO SEE ALEC DO A DANCE OUT SIDE (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_22_17:51:48.295   079.196.182.xxx   lol, und dia? (12)
2007_12_22_17:52:05.628   083.067.137.xxx   Ollies mate!
2007_12_22_17:52:27.896   068.036.056.xxx   Merry Christmas everyone!!
2007_12_22_17:52:31.339   079.196.137.xxx   Hesy Manu, h___ng mal deinen Namen dran. Mir geht es gut! waxmuth (23)
2007_12_22_17:52:38.080   076.005.228.xxx   WHOS WITH ME ON THE DANCE SAY ME (11)
2007_12_22_17:52:48.742   079.196.182.xxx   yes, good idea, alek has to dance outsite (13)
2007_12_22_17:52:54.394   083.067.137.xxx   me
2007_12_22_17:53:08.012   071.238.054.xxx   Cool wine
2007_12_22_17:53:11.311   068.036.056.xxx   MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
2007_12_22_17:53:17.715   079.196.182.xxx   ME!!!!!! (14)
2007_12_22_17:53:37.201   076.005.228.xxx   AWSOME (12)
2007_12_22_17:53:42.147   079.196.137.xxx   LAVALAMP! WOOOHOOO! LiGhT uP with OsRaM! (24)
2007_12_22_17:53:43.962   090.204.235.xxx   hello (11)
2007_12_22_17:54:26.717   076.005.228.xxx   TURN ALL THE LIGHTS OFF (13)
2007_12_22_17:54:32.084   079.196.137.xxx   LAVALAMP! WOOOHOOO! LiGhT uP with OsRaM! (25)
2007_12_22_17:54:36.174   090.204.235.xxx   helo (12)
2007_12_22_17:55:13.682   069.248.192.xxx   hahahah
2007_12_22_17:55:13.905   079.196.137.xxx   Osram! (26)
2007_12_22_17:55:49.130   076.005.228.xxx   GO OUT SIDE AND DO A DANCE ALEK PLEASE (14)
2007_12_22_17:56:05.347   069.248.192.xxx   alek is funny looking!
2007_12_22_17:56:12.019   067.186.087.xxx   HAY GUYZ
2007_12_22_17:56:19.367   079.196.182.xxx   Alek you have to dance outside everyone said (15)
2007_12_22_17:56:47.808   076.005.228.xxx   YEAH ALEC DANCE (15)
2007_12_22_17:56:49.301   079.196.137.xxx   I will spend some Money! Waxmuth (27)
2007_12_22_17:56:57.067   069.248.192.xxx   Jordynn says HI!
2007_12_22_17:57:23.428   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Have NOT seen that thousand dollar donation to Celiac for the Dance Outside ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_22_17:57:26.888   079.196.137.xxx   Celiac disease is so bad :-( Poor Kids! (28)
2007_12_22_17:57:38.952   076.005.228.xxx   IF YOU WILL DANCE GIVE US A THUMBS UP IF NOT A THUMBS DOWN (16)
2007_12_22_17:58:25.042   067.186.087.xxx   i wonder what the neighbors think?
2007_12_22_17:58:28.847   069.248.192.xxx   tyler smells like onions!
2007_12_22_17:59:23.339   076.005.228.xxx   COME ON ALEC DANCE (17)
2007_12_22_17:59:27.056   079.196.137.xxx   Hallo liebe Fans, ich wuensche Euch schoene Weihnachten! (29)
2007_12_22_18:00:16.049   079.196.182.xxx   please Alek dance!!!!!! (16)
2007_12_22_18:00:17.739   076.005.228.xxx   OR DO A DANCE INSIDE IT DOSENT MATTER (18)
2007_12_22_18:00:53.057   076.005.228.xxx   AS LONG AS YOU DANCE (19)
2007_12_22_18:01:21.846   099.240.200.xxx   Hello Marion
2007_12_22_18:01:46.866   065.095.199.xxx   HAHAHA
2007_12_22_18:01:49.156   076.005.228.xxx   DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_22_18:02:22.246   071.180.241.xxx   Merry Christmas from Tampa, FL
2007_12_22_18:02:43.853   076.005.228.xxx   =30 (21)
2007_12_22_18:03:33.983   076.005.228.xxx   ALEC DANCE ALEC DANCE ALEC DANCE (22)
2007_12_22_18:04:25.833   076.005.228.xxx   YOU READY FOR CHRISTMAS ALED IF YOU ARE THUMBS UP (23)
2007_12_22_18:05:21.910   076.005.228.xxx   GIVE ME A THUMBS UP ALEC (24)
2007_12_22_18:05:52.362   024.031.029.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_22_18:07:02.262   076.005.228.xxx   ALDJFWEOPITAOHGOJGRHPGOOUEROGHERT (25)
2007_12_22_18:07:56.121   076.005.228.xxx   ITS SANTA WHATS EVERYONE WANT FOR CHRISTMAS (26)
2007_12_22_18:08:42.738   024.032.010.xxx   Bob say's merry Christmas
2007_12_22_18:08:46.590   076.005.228.xxx   HEY KID GIVE US A THUMBS UP AND MERRY XMAS (27)
2007_12_22_18:09:32.450   024.031.029.xxx   Way to go
2007_12_22_18:09:46.238   076.005.228.xxx   THANKS KID (28)
2007_12_22_18:09:55.581   024.032.010.xxx   Ha, this is cool
2007_12_22_18:10:00.733   066.082.009.xxx   Darth Vader returns
2007_12_22_18:10:23.776   076.005.228.xxx   WHAT YOU WANT FOR XMAS KID (29)
2007_12_22_18:11:01.130   066.082.009.xxx   Hello Darth from Galena
2007_12_22_18:11:28.763   076.005.228.xxx   U DA MAN DARTH (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_22_18:12:21.599   076.005.228.xxx   IF U EXCITED FOR XMAS GIVE US A THUMBS UP (31)
2007_12_22_18:12:39.268   066.082.009.xxx   go Vader go
2007_12_22_18:13:44.430   076.005.228.xxx   DO YOU LIKE WHAT WERE DOING WITH THE LIGHTS ALEC (32)
2007_12_22_18:14:00.203   070.091.080.xxx   More lights next year?
2007_12_22_18:14:35.335   076.005.228.xxx   YOU GO ALEC (33)
2007_12_22_18:15:04.987   082.153.021.xxx   Hello from Rob
2007_12_22_18:15:22.280   076.005.228.xxx   HEY FROM TRISTAN (34)
2007_12_22_18:16:36.939   076.005.228.xxx   WHAT EVERYONE WANT FOR XMAS (35)
2007_12_22_18:16:56.788   024.031.029.xxx   Hello Queenie
2007_12_22_18:17:41.250   024.031.029.xxx   Marry Christmas
2007_12_22_18:18:09.544   024.031.029.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_22_18:18:26.448   076.005.228.xxx   NIGHT YALL MERRY XMAS (36)
2007_12_22_18:19:12.754   068.036.056.xxx   I want an iPod Touch
2007_12_22_18:20:17.676   076.005.228.xxx   BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (37)
2007_12_22_18:20:36.467   068.207.214.xxx   merry christmas
2007_12_22_18:21:14.207   068.207.214.xxx   Hi Bradley and Brett!!!
2007_12_22_18:25:05.373   084.070.194.xxx   HAPPY CHRISTMAS FROM MY DOG LEICA.
2007_12_22_18:34:23.339   071.237.084.xxx   Merry Christmas from the Starlings
2007_12_22_18:35:34.324   071.229.254.xxx   Jamie has bad gas
2007_12_22_18:36:05.154   071.229.254.xxx   Just kidding
2007_12_22_18:37:02.066   076.178.028.xxx   hi to the ISS
2007_12_22_18:37:04.632   070.169.115.xxx   Merry Xmas from my cats Mickey & Mandy
2007_12_22_18:42:00.011   076.026.215.xxx   Marry Christmas to skirt wearers
2007_12_22_18:43:08.569   076.209.227.xxx   yo yo yo
2007_12_22_18:43:35.015   076.209.227.xxx   get a woman!
2007_12_22_18:44:15.695   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Darth Vader picture posted to blog ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_22_18:44:20.609   071.229.192.xxx   howdy
2007_12_22_18:45:48.067   076.209.227.xxx   get a woman!
2007_12_22_18:45:58.740   087.194.114.xxx   KABOOM!!!
2007_12_22_18:46:17.866   076.209.227.xxx   drink that booze on the table!
2007_12_22_18:48:16.619   087.194.114.xxx   Try to turn everything off
2007_12_22_18:48:35.741   024.045.184.xxx   Hi Finn's!
2007_12_22_18:48:58.149   087.194.114.xxx   This is what the Internet was invented for!
2007_12_22_18:50:20.113   076.209.227.xxx   hahaha
2007_12_22_18:51:33.802   068.162.118.xxx   happy holidayspaul detky
2007_12_22_18:51:55.158   076.026.215.xxx   Merry Christmas from SC
2007_12_22_18:52:38.498   075.004.233.xxx   HELP! I AM STUCK INSIDE THESE LIGHTS!
2007_12_22_18:53:16.861   087.194.114.xxx   Darkness!!!
2007_12_22_18:56:20.114   071.221.236.xxx   Merry Chrismas Joyce
2007_12_22_19:03:20.071   076.109.160.xxx   Jesus is alive
2007_12_22_19:03:33.012   066.082.009.xxx   go Vader go
2007_12_22_19:04:27.980   024.071.223.xxx   hi
2007_12_22_19:04:56.854   024.071.223.xxx   COOL!!!!!
2007_12_22_19:05:52.597   071.122.031.xxx   buddy the elf here
2007_12_22_19:06:51.370   024.071.223.xxx   HI
2007_12_22_19:07:44.449   024.071.223.xxx   I AM SO COOL
2007_12_22_19:07:51.233   076.018.096.xxx   Merry Christmas from ALABAMA
2007_12_22_19:09:52.573   024.071.223.xxx   HELLO
2007_12_22_19:10:14.101   075.067.176.xxx   Thanks you, from a celiac :)
2007_12_22_19:10:34.326   070.127.117.xxx   merry christmas from tampa bay florida  go bucs
2007_12_22_19:11:34.977   024.071.223.xxx   HEY MOVE
2007_12_22_19:12:15.601   074.194.021.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_22_19:12:51.003   074.194.021.xxx   Happy New Year
2007_12_22_19:13:26.573   074.194.021.xxx   Jonesboro Arkansas 12-22-****
2007_12_22_19:13:51.287   024.071.223.xxx   HA HA
2007_12_22_19:13:53.527   074.194.021.xxx   Jonesboro Arkansas 8:15pm
2007_12_22_19:14:15.517   074.194.021.xxx   Thromgartin
2007_12_22_19:14:39.732   074.194.021.xxx   Thromgartin Arkansas
2007_12_22_19:14:45.797   068.032.215.xxx   Happy Birthday Phyllis!!!
2007_12_22_19:15:06.766   024.071.223.xxx   MOVE!!!
2007_12_22_19:15:22.593   074.194.021.xxx   LOLOLOL
2007_12_22_19:15:53.646   074.194.021.xxx   Throgmartin in Arkansas
2007_12_22_19:16:05.332   024.126.157.xxx   someone donate some money
2007_12_22_19:16:15.493   075.163.057.xxx   Merry Christmas Jason and Roberta
2007_12_22_19:16:52.851   074.194.021.xxx   Jerry & Angie Montgomery
2007_12_22_19:16:57.598   024.126.157.xxx   make the hulk go GRRRRRR!
2007_12_22_19:17:25.851   074.194.021.xxx   Where r u form? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_22_19:17:27.961   024.071.223.xxx   HELLO
2007_12_22_19:17:53.924   024.126.157.xxx   cool site Alek
2007_12_22_19:18:19.377   074.194.021.xxx   Where R U From (11)
2007_12_22_19:19:09.214   074.194.021.xxx   Wave at camera Alek (12)
2007_12_22_19:19:58.418   024.224.177.xxx   Merry X-mas Madeleine von Arx
2007_12_22_19:20:06.206   024.071.223.xxx   HCFGH (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_22_19:24:21.688   074.070.044.xxx   Pickle poop!
2007_12_22_19:25:16.986   074.070.044.xxx   I wanna throw pickles at the Default Sgt!
2007_12_22_19:28:19.713   069.048.081.xxx   greetings from silent jay and the buffalo
2007_12_22_19:28:27.208   074.070.044.xxx   I like poop!
2007_12_22_19:28:30.058   096.228.035.xxx   deflate! :)
2007_12_22_19:29:10.170   069.048.081.xxx   merry christmas from general tsao
2007_12_22_19:29:30.371   074.070.044.xxx   I like poop!
2007_12_22_19:29:30.825   071.102.156.xxx   this is awesome!!! THANX!!!
2007_12_22_19:29:42.916   069.048.081.xxx   disgusting weight gain
2007_12_22_19:30:18.327   069.048.081.xxx   once a week mike
2007_12_22_19:30:48.950   069.048.081.xxx   goodnight, shield 40
2007_12_22_19:30:56.855   024.214.085.xxx   Shut up you idiot!  I'm John Kimple!
2007_12_22_19:31:22.009   069.048.081.xxx   goodnight shield 40
2007_12_22_19:32:00.648   069.048.081.xxx   aka the father of someones...
2007_12_22_19:32:46.159   074.070.044.xxx   Dug is gonna get a pickle up his......
2007_12_22_19:33:39.041   069.048.081.xxx   pickles are gud
2007_12_22_19:34:04.868   074.070.044.xxx   h***** was innocent
2007_12_22_19:34:06.310   024.214.085.xxx   No text in the yard this year...?
2007_12_22_19:34:54.649   071.071.199.xxx   hi grass guy
2007_12_22_19:35:00.390   074.070.044.xxx   Dave loves Dug. Bryan Loves Adolf
2007_12_22_19:35:55.231   074.070.044.xxx   I love potty-mouthing. Upper deckers 4 Life!
2007_12_22_19:36:48.441   074.070.044.xxx   God can c u when I am an idiot
2007_12_22_19:37:07.555   099.228.127.xxx   Merry Christmas from Brampton, Ontario, Canada
2007_12_22_19:37:24.638   069.048.081.xxx   10-4, bonded roofing
2007_12_22_19:37:46.589   069.144.117.xxx   hello chandler
2007_12_22_19:37:51.801   074.070.044.xxx   Merry Christmas from GPD, home of the default Sgt. (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_22_19:38:02.880   099.228.127.xxx   Alek, how much is wind powered?
2007_12_22_19:38:50.775   024.214.085.xxx   Shut up you idiot!  I'm John Kimple!
2007_12_22_19:39:24.958   069.048.081.xxx   rip car 808 (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_22_19:39:37.597   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I signed up for Xcel Energy's Wind Power program - Hundred Percent! ***ALEK***
2007_12_22_19:39:58.299   074.070.044.xxx   Dug is hung like a french fry (11)
2007_12_22_19:40:08.049   099.228.127.xxx   No Solar power in batteries?
2007_12_22_19:40:25.626   070.104.117.xxx   very cool!
2007_12_22_19:40:47.914   074.070.044.xxx   poop is a heat source (12)
2007_12_22_19:40:54.201   076.199.101.xxx   hello there from ca
2007_12_22_19:41:56.961   099.228.127.xxx   Come on people keep it civalized..
2007_12_22_19:42:25.916   069.144.117.xxx   hello chandler
2007_12_22_19:43:00.727   099.228.127.xxx   Do you have the wind turbines at home or just use a company that does use wind?
2007_12_22_19:44:05.712   024.214.085.xxx   Who is your daddy, and what does he do?
2007_12_22_19:44:22.956   069.048.081.xxx   sa pd (11)
2007_12_22_19:44:53.809   024.214.085.xxx   Is he detective John Kimple?
2007_12_22_19:45:15.739   069.048.081.xxx   gpd comm, the root of all problems (12)
2007_12_22_19:45:18.062   099.228.127.xxx   Alek, All the best to you and family at Christmas.
2007_12_22_19:45:50.668   075.128.121.xxx   Merry X-mas to p*** stars!
2007_12_22_19:46:00.137   024.214.085.xxx   I want to ask you a few questions..
2007_12_22_19:47:49.001   066.082.009.xxx   its alive i tell you
2007_12_22_19:47:54.997   099.228.127.xxx   Grow UP
2007_12_22_19:49:58.016   066.082.009.xxx   Hello to the burrito reindeer
2007_12_22_19:51:54.100   072.231.227.xxx   Hey Alek, is the wind getting at you guys there too?
2007_12_22_19:53:18.654   071.211.178.xxx   Merry Christmas and thank you for this wonderful site.
2007_12_22_19:56:29.721   066.156.007.xxx   fers
2007_12_22_19:59:22.072   066.026.232.xxx   Greetings from Kernersville NC!     Happy Holidays
2007_12_22_20:00:39.190   071.071.199.xxx   Hey, greetings from Charlotte, NC!
2007_12_22_20:01:13.108   216.218.068.xxx   hey stupid santa
2007_12_22_20:03:13.044   066.026.232.xxx   Spider Pig for President
2007_12_22_20:03:15.524   072.024.214.xxx   nice job like what u did be are not be good job marry x-mas joplin mo.
2007_12_22_20:04:14.628   066.026.232.xxx   Only 368 Shopping Days until next Christmas!
2007_12_22_20:05:15.525   066.026.232.xxx   Bacon:  The perfect Xmas gift!  Try some today. Won't you?
2007_12_22_20:06:07.489   066.026.232.xxx   No.  Granny, I said  SIP the Egg Nog!
2007_12_22_20:06:43.283   066.026.232.xxx   Good Night, pleasant dreams and Happy Christmas
2007_12_22_20:06:50.835   071.071.199.xxx   Just tried some eggnog flavored Ghiradelli chocolate. Ick!
2007_12_22_20:06:58.254   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea 072, wind has really picked up ... 30MPH+ ... inflatables are hanging in there ***ALEK***
2007_12_22_20:07:33.431   012.202.165.xxx   we were here last year, such a great site
2007_12_22_20:07:37.306   207.255.157.xxx   Hiiii!
2007_12_22_20:08:13.039   207.255.157.xxx   Job well done - good luck with everything.
2007_12_22_20:08:49.282   067.161.226.xxx   Happy Holidays
2007_12_22_20:10:51.870   071.071.199.xxx   which ecorations are your kid's faves?
2007_12_22_20:11:30.745   068.099.184.xxx   broken glass means broken fun
2007_12_22_20:11:35.460   207.255.157.xxx   Who's the guy in the webcam?
2007_12_22_20:12:07.929   068.099.184.xxx   me
2007_12_22_20:12:29.473   207.255.157.xxx   ??
2007_12_22_20:12:40.793   067.161.226.xxx   is that snow outside I see
2007_12_22_20:13:44.644   207.255.157.xxx   Is it hard to sleep at night with all of that running?
2007_12_22_20:14:22.451   067.161.226.xxx   still warm here
2007_12_22_20:15:20.847   207.255.157.xxx   Are there a lot of neighbors around?
2007_12_22_20:16:36.728   076.248.171.xxx   Hello and Merry Xmas from Chico, Calif.
2007_12_22_20:17:31.346   066.227.136.xxx   three days to Christmas - HO-HO-HO!
2007_12_22_20:20:29.479   067.161.226.xxx   Hey Alek, Lets have a thumbs up For Christmas
2007_12_22_20:27:27.514   067.181.215.xxx   GREAT IDEA AND 100___ UNEEK! YOU HAVE MY SUPORT!
2007_12_22_20:29:03.781   067.181.215.xxx   EVERY ONE HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS!
2007_12_22_20:37:27.887   074.193.087.xxx   Have a Merry Chri9tmas
2007_12_22_20:39:04.900   068.072.038.xxx   Happy Holidays
2007_12_22_20:48:32.359   066.025.021.xxx   Happy Holidays from Dallas Texas - GO COWBOYS!
2007_12_22_20:49:50.616   075.071.191.xxx   Merry Christmas J and C
2007_12_22_20:50:03.418   216.087.095.xxx   merry christmas everyone...
2007_12_22_20:50:46.569   072.240.241.xxx   hey marissa
2007_12_22_20:51:01.775   216.087.095.xxx   Merry Christmas from Sara and Patrick
2007_12_22_20:51:44.249   072.094.114.xxx   Merry Christmas OT!
2007_12_22_20:54:42.489   079.076.121.xxx   ,
2007_12_22_20:57:24.565   216.087.095.xxx   bye, hulk..Go Dallas!
2007_12_22_21:02:25.060   072.094.114.xxx   teh?
2007_12_22_21:04:57.554   071.212.215.xxx   Meliki Kalikimaka!
2007_12_22_21:07:40.938   071.212.215.xxx   I see you in there!
2007_12_22_21:08:11.434   070.068.087.xxx   Merry Christmas from Vancouver
2007_12_22_21:08:37.295   072.094.114.xxx   Buzz smash!
2007_12_22_21:08:59.468   074.032.161.xxx   noice
2007_12_22_21:09:05.978   024.008.136.xxx   great job!
2007_12_22_21:15:54.806   072.188.104.xxx   Looks Great!
2007_12_22_21:16:57.674   072.188.104.xxx   Santa is a FUNNY man! ___-)
2007_12_22_21:18:50.540   024.009.168.xxx   Hi Jennifer!
2007_12_22_21:19:09.686   071.235.107.xxx   Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
2007_12_22_21:19:59.248   024.009.168.xxx   Hola Mom!
2007_12_22_21:21:17.354   071.235.107.xxx   Where's the Beef?
2007_12_22_21:21:30.338   072.188.104.xxx   Stephanie from MRI is a hottie!
2007_12_22_21:21:58.970   072.188.104.xxx   I love you Stephanie!
2007_12_22_21:22:31.680   072.188.104.xxx   I'm excited for our wedding!!!
2007_12_22_21:23:55.361   071.235.107.xxx   What is plasma?
2007_12_22_21:29:57.396   207.200.116.xxx   I LOVE YOU JOHN
2007_12_22_21:33:00.116   070.244.131.xxx   looking COLD alek!
2007_12_22_21:41:22.651   064.191.093.xxx   where is that p-schniddy
2007_12_22_21:43:35.904   024.213.035.xxx   i love you rachel
2007_12_22_21:44:08.765   070.244.131.xxx   i love Brittany!
2007_12_22_21:44:09.276   024.213.035.xxx   ha, thats the same alarm clock i have at home
2007_12_22_21:44:27.281   071.231.130.xxx   I love Monica!!
2007_12_22_21:49:50.672   066.245.014.xxx   Merry Christmas Sharlene Washington!
2007_12_22_21:51:14.562   070.132.016.xxx   Hi
2007_12_22_21:51:29.928   066.245.014.xxx   Amber Parmentier -- I love you
2007_12_22_21:51:44.711   070.132.016.xxx   Look heer!!
2007_12_22_21:52:12.342   066.245.014.xxx   Hi Amber
2007_12_22_21:52:37.778   071.139.020.xxx   Hi Jo Mama
2007_12_22_21:52:50.563   066.245.014.xxx   lol you found it
2007_12_22_21:53:19.521   071.139.020.xxx   I found it!  Hi Mom!
2007_12_22_21:53:19.843   066.245.014.xxx   pretty fun eh Amber?
2007_12_22_21:54:17.196   066.245.014.xxx   OK Enuf christmas fun... I have to pick up Brittany from work
2007_12_22_21:54:46.084   071.139.020.xxx   OK have a great night dib
2007_12_22_21:54:57.230   066.245.014.xxx   A shout out to all my homies in Campbell, CA
2007_12_22_21:55:37.175   071.139.020.xxx   WEST SIDE!
2007_12_22_21:56:15.284   066.245.014.xxx   Goodnight Amber, Jason and Keira
2007_12_22_21:56:33.066   202.180.083.xxx   Merry Christmas from downunder New Zealand!!
2007_12_22_21:57:09.119   068.225.013.xxx   hello katie
2007_12_22_21:57:47.856   070.244.131.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_22_21:58:01.380   066.245.014.xxx   Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
2007_12_22_21:59:02.263   069.019.014.xxx   good nite from Galena Alaska

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