618 christmas text messages on 2007/1223

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 8,635 times that day including 4,654 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1223

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2007_12_23_16:24:52.291   066.157.034.xxx   hello :___
2007_12_23_16:24:53.778   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Webcam1 burped, so adjusting that ... but X10 is ON now ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_23_16:25:23.449   066.157.034.xxx   gasp
2007_12_23_16:26:00.546   172.206.228.xxx   Can you wave please?
2007_12_23_16:26:09.139   090.208.195.xxx   Kyle was pressing buttons!
2007_12_23_16:26:10.101   069.243.018.xxx   Nibs!
2007_12_23_16:26:18.461   082.005.173.xxx   Happy Christmas from the /Chan
2007_12_23_16:26:23.176   086.144.146.xxx   hey
2007_12_23_16:26:39.164   068.227.086.xxx   go outside and wave!
2007_12_23_16:26:53.063   086.144.146.xxx   loving this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....
2007_12_23_16:27:01.587   066.157.034.xxx   ___waves___ O.o
2007_12_23_16:27:05.092   082.005.173.xxx   Happy Christmas from the Chand Family in Oxford UK
2007_12_23_16:27:41.807   066.157.034.xxx   merry xmas from new orleans woot :___
2007_12_23_16:27:46.326   069.243.018.xxx   Merry Christmas from us in Manassas, VA!
2007_12_23_16:28:04.809   096.234.183.xxx   hello
2007_12_23_16:28:13.096   172.141.037.xxx   Merry christmas xD
2007_12_23_16:28:13.229   066.157.034.xxx   -_-______
2007_12_23_16:28:59.590   086.144.146.xxx   Noobs
2007_12_23_16:29:02.387   066.157.034.xxx   -pokes tigger-
2007_12_23_16:29:49.116   066.157.034.xxx   thats nice to know
2007_12_23_16:30:05.106   086.144.146.xxx   yh
2007_12_23_16:30:19.810   086.131.206.xxx   the camera moved!
2007_12_23_16:30:45.354   066.157.034.xxx   GASP
2007_12_23_16:30:58.451   172.206.228.xxx   Hello Bryony!
2007_12_23_16:31:16.517   080.133.240.xxx   Merry Christmas from Germany!
2007_12_23_16:31:22.258   071.164.013.xxx   Hi Alek----is there a problemo?
2007_12_23_16:31:34.237   066.157.034.xxx   merry xmas from new orleans _________
2007_12_23_16:31:59.941   172.141.037.xxx   Merry Christmas from england =___
2007_12_23_16:32:30.966   172.141.037.xxx   Merry christmas Ella!
2007_12_23_16:32:55.697   066.157.034.xxx   haha christmas skeleton nice xD (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_23_16:33:25.816   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** OK - webcam1 should be in the right position now - what 'ya think? ***ALEK***
2007_12_23_16:33:51.825   086.131.206.xxx   looks good
2007_12_23_16:33:59.824   172.141.037.xxx   cool xD
2007_12_23_16:34:00.744   066.157.034.xxx   i like bbq (11)
2007_12_23_16:35:15.947   172.141.037.xxx   i love christma***ss
2007_12_23_16:35:50.206   066.157.034.xxx   this must have taken months to set up o.o (12)
2007_12_23_16:36:16.155   074.237.029.xxx   Great site!
2007_12_23_16:36:34.745   172.141.037.xxx   Amazing!
2007_12_23_16:36:50.996   066.157.034.xxx   D'OH =O (13)
2007_12_23_16:38:58.396   172.206.228.xxx   Alek what do you do on your pc?!
2007_12_23_16:39:49.298   066.157.034.xxx   the webcam was grey for a second there O.o (14)
2007_12_23_16:41:19.504   172.141.037.xxx   jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock (8)
2007_12_23_16:41:58.608   066.207.077.xxx   Go Joe
2007_12_23_16:43:38.003   084.002.154.xxx   szia sanyi!!!!!!
2007_12_23_16:44:17.764   081.132.008.xxx   YOU ROCK
2007_12_23_16:44:25.984   074.237.029.xxx   too much fun...thank you!
2007_12_23_16:45:00.857   084.002.154.xxx   h___lye telefonos majom
2007_12_23_16:45:07.174   081.132.008.xxx   YOU SHOULD BE PROUD ALEK AND FAMILY GREAT THING TO DO
2007_12_23_16:45:11.853   066.157.034.xxx   looks like 237 other people have no life as well =) (15)
2007_12_23_16:46:02.798   084.002.154.xxx   mmmmmmmmmmmmm
2007_12_23_16:47:19.599   066.157.034.xxx   H3LL0 W3rLd (16)
2007_12_23_16:47:27.183   086.131.206.xxx   when are you going to get streaming sorted?
2007_12_23_16:47:59.882   066.157.034.xxx   i like barbeque O.O (17)
2007_12_23_16:48:32.953   090.200.154.xxx   hi every one
2007_12_23_16:48:56.212   066.157.034.xxx   i love the beatles ___-___ (18)
2007_12_23_16:50:04.426   086.131.206.xxx   whoa! one of the cams has gone offline!
2007_12_23_16:50:55.841   062.136.217.xxx   hi frm uk
2007_12_23_16:51:30.472   062.136.217.xxx   this is unbelievable
2007_12_23_16:52:04.471   062.136.217.xxx   absolutly amazing
2007_12_23_16:52:09.144   069.250.138.xxx   My name is Liz!!
2007_12_23_16:52:30.422   066.227.136.xxx   HAPPY DAY BEFORE CIRSTMASS EAVE
2007_12_23_16:52:30.985   062.136.217.xxx   hi liz
2007_12_23_16:52:35.839   069.250.138.xxx   Poopy head
2007_12_23_16:52:37.811   090.208.195.xxx   Hi Liz
2007_12_23_16:52:54.255   066.227.136.xxx   HAPPY DAY BEFORE CIRSTMASS EAVE
2007_12_23_16:53:05.789   069.250.138.xxx   Thanks to everyone who said hi to me -Liz
2007_12_23_16:53:07.843   066.157.034.xxx   Ello Liz lol (19)
2007_12_23_16:53:17.318   071.164.013.xxx   Merry Christmas Eve Eve
2007_12_23_16:53:24.665   062.136.217.xxx   hello agen liz
2007_12_23_16:53:53.765   066.157.034.xxx   my favorite letter is the ___ (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_23_16:54:07.220   069.250.138.xxx   Where are you from?
2007_12_23_16:54:12.247   062.136.217.xxx   x
2007_12_23_16:54:28.335   066.157.034.xxx   hi from new orleans =D (21)
2007_12_23_16:54:37.025   062.136.217.xxx   uk
2007_12_23_16:55:24.042   062.136.217.xxx   england !!!!
2007_12_23_16:56:34.850   062.136.217.xxx   whos watching? giv tj a shout
2007_12_23_16:56:50.094   066.157.034.xxx   ello tj (22)
2007_12_23_16:57:07.102   062.136.217.xxx   elllo (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_23_16:57:25.213   066.157.034.xxx   fancy a cup of tea? (23)
2007_12_23_16:57:50.698   062.136.217.xxx   absolutly (11)
2007_12_23_16:58:02.323   071.133.121.xxx   hi
2007_12_23_16:58:29.574   062.136.217.xxx   wers tea guy frm? (12)
2007_12_23_16:59:09.515   066.157.034.xxx   new orleans XD (24)
2007_12_23_16:59:22.918   207.200.116.xxx   congrats on a great fundraiser idea!
2007_12_23_16:59:30.526   062.136.217.xxx   aah, gonna be a problem then (13)
2007_12_23_16:59:40.809   066.157.034.xxx   rofl uep (25)
2007_12_23_17:00:03.399   062.136.217.xxx   ??? (14)
2007_12_23_17:00:17.362   066.157.034.xxx   !!! (26)
2007_12_23_17:00:18.350   071.133.121.xxx   Please visit LINK DELETED !
2007_12_23_17:00:39.443   062.136.217.xxx   oh no (15)
2007_12_23_17:00:48.677   066.157.034.xxx   oh goodie i want to visit link deleted too (27)
2007_12_23_17:00:50.694   090.200.154.xxx   hi alek
2007_12_23_17:01:00.952   071.133.121.xxx   Please visit LINK DELETED dot com
2007_12_23_17:01:17.435   066.157.034.xxx   good try there.. (28)
2007_12_23_17:01:49.023   071.133.121.xxx   Make sure you check out stuffonpets com
2007_12_23_17:01:53.916   090.200.154.xxx   hi alek
2007_12_23_17:01:54.285   068.010.120.xxx   Hello All
2007_12_23_17:02:12.846   071.133.121.xxx   stuffonpets com rules!
2007_12_23_17:02:38.432   068.194.186.xxx   Jane Rocks!
2007_12_23_17:03:26.749   068.194.186.xxx   Celiac Chicks are HAWT...
2007_12_23_17:03:44.017   071.012.185.xxx   Birmingham Alabama Loves Alek!
2007_12_23_17:03:45.344   086.156.069.xxx   Merry Xmas from Malcolm, Somerset, England
2007_12_23_17:03:55.458   068.010.120.xxx   Who is Jane?
2007_12_23_17:03:59.381   091.041.178.xxx   Cheers from Europe!
2007_12_23_17:05:00.036   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Cheers to Web Surfers on the other side of the Pond! ***ALEK***
2007_12_23_17:05:06.626   068.010.120.xxx   Merry Christmas to all from Va. Beach, VA
2007_12_23_17:05:26.495   066.157.034.xxx   Merry Christmas ___0___  ___lauren (29)
2007_12_23_17:05:47.250   071.133.121.xxx   Merry Xmas from stuffonpets ___dot___ com
2007_12_23_17:06:15.142   075.050.049.xxx   it's so close now my kids are going to pop
2007_12_23_17:06:19.834   086.131.206.xxx   HEYY!
2007_12_23_17:06:23.813   074.038.073.xxx   merry xmas from kim & dusty
2007_12_23_17:06:25.398   066.157.034.xxx   oh sure plug your site on a charity site nice job o.o (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_23_17:07:43.282   066.157.034.xxx   (b 'u')b thumbs up (31)
2007_12_23_17:08:10.296   074.038.073.xxx   merry xmas from kim & dusty
2007_12_23_17:08:22.412   071.133.121.xxx   stuffonpets dot com!
2007_12_23_17:08:42.976   074.038.073.xxx   wheres everyone from?
2007_12_23_17:08:50.577   075.050.049.xxx   merry christmas chasity
2007_12_23_17:09:15.612   074.038.073.xxx   fairmont minn here
2007_12_23_17:09:43.204   068.010.120.xxx   Virginia Beach, Virginia
2007_12_23_17:11:00.899   081.132.124.xxx   hello america from britain
2007_12_23_17:11:13.464   071.133.121.xxx   stuffonpets dot com!
2007_12_23_17:11:44.491   075.050.049.xxx   hello brittain from amercia
2007_12_23_17:11:55.756   074.038.073.xxx   any other sites with cams?
2007_12_23_17:12:15.348   071.071.199.xxx   hi Virginia Beach from Williamsburg!
2007_12_23_17:12:21.026   074.061.010.xxx   hello santa
2007_12_23_17:12:22.331   071.133.121.xxx   yea, on stuffonpets dot com
2007_12_23_17:12:42.880   068.010.120.xxx   Hi Williamsburg from V.B.
2007_12_23_17:12:59.360   074.038.073.xxx   stuffonpets????
2007_12_23_17:13:09.295   071.133.121.xxx   yes (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_23_17:13:10.527   098.200.133.xxx   wow, crowded here tonight
2007_12_23_17:14:02.309   071.211.254.xxx   Merry Christmas Tom
2007_12_23_17:15:22.517   090.200.154.xxx   cam 1 keeps going offline
2007_12_23_17:16:04.466   074.038.073.xxx   dusty & kim
2007_12_23_17:16:25.407   098.200.133.xxx   Santa is messing w/the cam to fol us
2007_12_23_17:16:33.315   074.038.073.xxx   wavealec
2007_12_23_17:17:09.788   090.200.154.xxx   hi alek
2007_12_23_17:17:18.271   074.038.073.xxx   hello from minn
2007_12_23_17:17:58.595   090.200.154.xxx   why does the cam 1 go offline
2007_12_23_17:18:01.696   076.073.169.xxx   is webcam 1 off line?
2007_12_23_17:18:06.933   098.200.133.xxx   on count of 3 all 277 ppl here need to wave at Alex
2007_12_23_17:18:10.031   075.185.159.xxx   happy festivus!
2007_12_23_17:18:34.793   098.200.133.xxx   ooops Alec
2007_12_23_17:19:00.872   066.157.034.xxx   hilare festum nativitatis christi et felicem annum novum! ___3 (32)
2007_12_23_17:19:25.126   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Webcam1 wireless is being erratic tonight - looking into it ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_23_17:19:27.409   098.200.133.xxx   I'll get it right yet...................Alek
2007_12_23_17:19:28.919   096.229.082.xxx   NO BIG INFLATEABLES!
2007_12_23_17:20:02.487   098.200.133.xxx   maybe it's so cold it's shutting it all down
2007_12_23_17:20:04.799   066.157.034.xxx   its offline smart one. (33)
2007_12_23_17:20:10.870   090.200.154.xxx   wats up with cam 1 alek
2007_12_23_17:20:48.018   075.050.049.xxx   goodnight to all and to all goodnight
2007_12_23_17:21:07.321   098.200.133.xxx   let's all sing while Alek is working on the lights
2007_12_23_17:21:14.675   066.157.034.xxx   ello there random peoples (34)
2007_12_23_17:21:26.635   074.075.090.xxx   Beep Beep IMMA JEEP
2007_12_23_17:21:40.929   068.038.165.xxx   hello from new jersey
2007_12_23_17:21:42.119   098.200.133.xxx   Hi Jeep man
2007_12_23_17:21:47.338   081.132.124.xxx   come back mister
2007_12_23_17:21:57.445   069.048.081.xxx   hi 40!
2007_12_23_17:22:13.219   074.075.090.xxx   Derka Derka I JIHAD ALL THE TIME!
2007_12_23_17:22:49.751   069.048.081.xxx   greetings from the buffalo and silent jay
2007_12_23_17:23:00.200   076.073.169.xxx   dirka dirk muhamoud jihaaaaad
2007_12_23_17:23:15.239   074.075.090.xxx   What are you staring at?
2007_12_23_17:23:21.537   081.096.117.xxx   Hello from Ireland
2007_12_23_17:23:36.830   098.200.133.xxx   all the codes that takes to run the cams & lights
2007_12_23_17:24:07.935   074.075.090.xxx   ah how do you handle multiple requests? what if 50 people click the same thing
2007_12_23_17:24:21.464   071.112.043.xxx   Wave guy!
2007_12_23_17:24:23.636   081.096.117.xxx   Clickmas
2007_12_23_17:24:51.991   098.200.133.xxx   good one.....clickmas (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_23_17:24:55.547   081.132.124.xxx   hello from scotland
2007_12_23_17:25:15.013   074.075.090.xxx   Hmm i dont see that on a google search.
2007_12_23_17:25:28.133   098.200.133.xxx   scotland, what time is it there? (11)
2007_12_23_17:25:41.235   131.030.121.xxx   Hello From McChord AFB!!
2007_12_23_17:25:41.367   071.112.043.xxx   Can you wave??
2007_12_23_17:26:10.962   081.132.124.xxx   12.30 at night
2007_12_23_17:26:14.366   071.112.043.xxx   thks
2007_12_23_17:26:49.781   071.112.043.xxx   Cool Thing you got
2007_12_23_17:27:39.278   071.112.043.xxx   Is Anybody Here exept me??
2007_12_23_17:27:58.347   081.132.124.xxx   how come time diferent on clock and comp
2007_12_23_17:28:24.743   081.096.117.xxx   Happy Holidays
2007_12_23_17:28:47.752   098.200.133.xxx   299 ppl here it says (12)
2007_12_23_17:29:01.058   088.045.222.xxx   I Like Pie!
2007_12_23_17:29:13.055   081.132.124.xxx   very cold here in scotland
2007_12_23_17:29:15.051   081.096.117.xxx   HOLY MOLEY!
2007_12_23_17:29:17.344   131.030.121.xxx   Hi All From Tacoma!
2007_12_23_17:29:41.803   024.071.223.xxx   why is the house off line!
2007_12_23_17:29:52.929   081.132.124.xxx   hi from new zealand
2007_12_23_17:30:12.524   081.096.117.xxx   Time 4 bed -12.30pm
2007_12_23_17:30:14.616   024.071.223.xxx   go canada go
2007_12_23_17:30:37.424   088.045.222.xxx   I Like Pie!
2007_12_23_17:30:47.756   024.071.223.xxx   ya
2007_12_23_17:30:55.644   072.021.041.xxx   081.132.124.xxx   he's in colorado
2007_12_23_17:30:56.245   131.030.121.xxx   Go eat pie then...
2007_12_23_17:31:11.735   088.045.222.xxx   ok... =(
2007_12_23_17:31:25.524   098.200.133.xxx   I hate when the hulk boots me off from viewing (13)
2007_12_23_17:31:29.359   072.021.041.xxx   happy holidays from hainesport
2007_12_23_17:31:55.350   131.030.121.xxx   how long have you been infront of the comp?
2007_12_23_17:32:29.283   098.200.133.xxx   he's been there all day geting ready for you guys to flip lites (14)
2007_12_23_17:32:38.738   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** About the same amount of time you have been in front of your computer! ***ALEK***
2007_12_23_17:33:06.240   131.030.121.xxx   Im at work soooo 12hrs :)
2007_12_23_17:33:10.175   098.200.133.xxx   ROFL good one Alek (15)
2007_12_23_17:33:33.292   024.071.223.xxx   why is the house off line alek?
2007_12_23_17:33:33.504   071.112.043.xxx   Does anybody play Clubpenguin???
2007_12_23_17:33:54.133   072.021.041.xxx   p- schniddy where r u
2007_12_23_17:33:55.248   024.071.223.xxx   why is the house off line alek
2007_12_23_17:34:35.248   072.021.041.xxx   problems with wireless
2007_12_23_17:34:47.460   085.160.075.xxx   zdravim tady banan ze brezna :)
2007_12_23_17:35:02.047   072.021.041.xxx   read text messages
2007_12_23_17:36:32.725   076.005.228.xxx   sup from bedford pennsylvania
2007_12_23_17:37:09.688   076.005.228.xxx   give us a thumbs up alec
2007_12_23_17:37:10.839   222.162.081.xxx   Hey all from Yanji, China!!
2007_12_23_17:38:21.552   076.005.228.xxx   go out side and wave to the cameras alec
2007_12_23_17:39:05.673   076.005.228.xxx   go out side and wave to the cameras alechey kid give us a thumbs up
2007_12_23_17:39:13.405   066.227.136.xxx   Hi alek wave
2007_12_23_17:39:36.914   076.005.228.xxx   go alec go
2007_12_23_17:39:55.329   131.030.121.xxx   Go Go Go!!
2007_12_23_17:40:19.914   085.160.075.xxx   czech republic.. here is 1.40AM
2007_12_23_17:40:36.952   076.005.228.xxx   go do it on the front lawn
2007_12_23_17:40:48.265   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Webcam1 needs power reset, but have to wait until neighbors return ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_23_17:41:06.279   085.160.075.xxx   alek.why is offline 3th cam????
2007_12_23_17:43:02.767   085.160.075.xxx   tomorrow will be 3th cam ok ???
2007_12_23_17:43:41.665   076.005.228.xxx   scooby doby doo where are you
2007_12_23_17:44:08.006   085.160.075.xxx   am here.. merry xmas
2007_12_23_17:44:24.129   131.030.121.xxx   Come baaaccckkk!!!
2007_12_23_17:45:05.081   222.162.081.xxx   Christmas is Cold in China his year.
2007_12_23_17:45:25.651   076.005.228.xxx   SCOOBY DOO SU_________
2007_12_23_17:46:12.741   085.160.075.xxx   in czech republic is cold too -10___C
2007_12_23_17:46:29.902   076.005.228.xxx   HOLY STEVIE WONDER (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_23_17:46:38.590   072.193.211.xxx   hello
2007_12_23_17:46:57.503   121.045.248.xxx   Its 90 here in sunny Australia
2007_12_23_17:47:07.941   072.193.211.xxx   mix ix cool
2007_12_23_17:47:28.042   070.252.114.xxx   hi
2007_12_23_17:48:26.176   070.252.114.xxx   Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_23_17:49:41.778   085.160.075.xxx   2nd chrismas im here..alek its good idea this site
2007_12_23_17:50:07.991   072.193.211.xxx   merry X mas - Mix
2007_12_23_17:51:20.715   068.199.198.xxx   2 days!!!
2007_12_23_17:52:06.135   131.030.121.xxx   Where did Alek go?
2007_12_23_17:52:28.605   085.160.075.xxx   in CZ today 24.12 :o)
2007_12_23_17:53:59.469   071.149.158.xxx   merry christmas sueco
2007_12_23_17:54:08.371   084.171.146.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_23_17:54:29.496   071.149.158.xxx   hi sueco
2007_12_23_17:55:23.082   085.160.075.xxx   je tady nekdo kdo mi rozumi??
2007_12_23_17:55:38.727   074.132.012.xxx   hello all
2007_12_23_17:56:01.384   024.184.070.xxx   yo quiero beber tus grande globos
2007_12_23_17:56:42.204   085.160.075.xxx   to tady zadnej picus nerozumi ? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_23_17:56:45.459   074.132.012.xxx   Merry Christmas from Indiana, USA!!!
2007_12_23_17:57:34.656   085.160.075.xxx   alek.. will be tomorrow 3th cam ok ? (11)
2007_12_23_17:58:21.090   074.132.012.xxx   when will the house cam be working???
2007_12_23_17:58:45.332   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** As noted above, when my neighbors get home so they can power reset it! ***ALEK***
2007_12_23_17:59:17.328   068.223.054.xxx   hey! I love christmas!
2007_12_23_17:59:44.137   068.223.054.xxx   jingle bellzzzz :)
2007_12_23_17:59:56.394   071.112.229.xxx   Merry Christmas one and all!!
2007_12_23_18:02:16.799   024.009.142.xxx   yay!
2007_12_23_18:03:05.777   074.132.012.xxx   this is all very cool
2007_12_23_18:05:00.033   070.106.084.xxx   why is cam 1 off?
2007_12_23_18:05:36.645   131.030.121.xxx   he has to reboot
2007_12_23_18:08:56.501   085.160.075.xxx   Alek said: As noted above, when my neighbors get home so they can p (12)
2007_12_23_18:08:58.897   090.206.040.xxx   Hi to all  i live in northern ireland,and just want to say Merry Christmas.
2007_12_23_18:09:26.570   069.023.094.xxx   Aloha!
2007_12_23_18:11:08.105   131.030.121.xxx   Woot!___!! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_23_18:12:59.080   085.160.075.xxx   wau..super (13)
2007_12_23_18:13:43.149   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** OK - webcam1 is back up ... by itself - what's up with that?!? ***ALEK***
2007_12_23_18:18:13.251   074.142.203.xxx   This is cool
2007_12_23_18:18:45.887   075.128.150.xxx   HA
2007_12_23_18:19:20.473   079.076.234.xxx   Merry f***in christmas :D
2007_12_23_18:19:23.516   067.184.000.xxx   Very windy where we are, How is your weather?
2007_12_23_18:19:53.294   071.059.178.xxx   Hi there from Aaron!
2007_12_23_18:22:23.575   069.251.090.xxx   Hi Mr. Computer Man
2007_12_23_18:22:58.444   069.251.090.xxx   CAN YOU WAVE TO US?
2007_12_23_18:23:44.328   069.251.090.xxx   Thank you!!
2007_12_23_18:24:05.317   024.071.223.xxx   hi
2007_12_23_18:27:31.937   065.035.034.xxx   hey'
2007_12_23_18:28:01.824   065.035.034.xxx   Kiss My b***
2007_12_23_18:29:32.907   075.181.085.xxx   ip 065.035.034.xxx logged
2007_12_23_18:30:21.806   084.029.012.xxx   alissa, ow are you..?
2007_12_23_18:31:07.131   084.029.012.xxx   Alissa zit op turnen
2007_12_23_18:32:48.703   074.013.069.xxx   HI SANTA WE LOVE YOU !!! LOVE TERI-ANNA LIBBY IN PRESCOTT ON
2007_12_23_18:33:32.482   071.122.031.xxx   jerm and paul the elves say hi
2007_12_23_18:33:47.261   084.029.012.xxx   his is the coolest site..!
2007_12_23_18:34:21.648   071.122.031.xxx   do you eat yellow snowCam!
2007_12_23_18:35:17.697   071.122.031.xxx   elves just loafin
2007_12_23_18:36:35.080   071.122.031.xxx   anyone see the christmas guy
2007_12_23_18:37:36.006   210.010.201.xxx   Hello from Australia! Merry Christmas!
2007_12_23_18:37:47.862   024.184.070.xxx   merry CHRISTmas everyone
2007_12_23_18:37:57.354   069.131.176.xxx   Sarah
2007_12_23_18:38:19.140   071.122.031.xxx   this time of year rocks
2007_12_23_18:38:43.683   024.184.070.xxx   what a strange sunday night football game
2007_12_23_18:38:54.765   069.131.176.xxx   Merry Chru
2007_12_23_18:39:15.244   071.122.031.xxx   who farted was that elleiot the elf
2007_12_23_18:39:48.325   024.184.070.xxx   merry kwanzahanuamas
2007_12_23_18:40:07.142   071.122.031.xxx   every one back to work pappa elf is back
2007_12_23_18:40:18.994   088.218.175.xxx   woot
2007_12_23_18:40:27.178   210.010.201.xxx   Merry Christmas everyone! May all your christmas wishes come true!
2007_12_23_18:40:39.142   024.184.070.xxx   Alek, I thought you gave up drinkin
2007_12_23_18:40:56.004   071.122.031.xxx   i smell beef and cheese
2007_12_23_18:41:01.883   069.131.176.xxx   Hello Everyone! Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!1
2007_12_23_18:41:05.994   090.200.154.xxx   alek why have you got two computer monitors
2007_12_23_18:41:28.986   024.184.070.xxx   _______________________________________________________________________________
2007_12_23_18:41:42.027   071.122.031.xxx   two heads are better than one
2007_12_23_18:41:42.662   069.131.176.xxx   HEYA!!!!!!!!
2007_12_23_18:42:24.791   069.131.176.xxx   Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_23_18:42:34.416   071.122.031.xxx   were is the keg (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_23_18:43:08.466   210.010.201.xxx   Hi alek!!!
2007_12_23_18:43:13.058   069.131.176.xxx   Hello From Knoxville Tennessee!!!!!!
2007_12_23_18:43:13.955   071.122.031.xxx   were are all the white wemon (11)
2007_12_23_18:43:46.308   210.010.201.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek!
2007_12_23_18:43:57.222   071.122.031.xxx   mungo like beans (12)
2007_12_23_18:44:21.647   069.131.176.xxx   Knoxville Tennessee says Hi!!!!!!
2007_12_23_18:44:39.644   071.193.007.xxx   Merry Christmas from Yuba City, CA!
2007_12_23_18:44:56.831   210.010.201.xxx   Tasmania Australia says Merry Christmas
2007_12_23_18:44:58.992   071.122.031.xxx   as father and son we shall rule the internet (13)
2007_12_23_18:45:14.407   206.113.150.xxx   too funny
2007_12_23_18:45:25.785   069.131.176.xxx   Merry Christmas from Joplin Missouri!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_23_18:45:46.481   071.122.031.xxx   impresive most impresive (14)
2007_12_23_18:46:02.035   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Just having a little Christmas Sangria - yummy! ***ALEK***
2007_12_23_18:46:04.926   069.131.176.xxx   kewl
2007_12_23_18:46:29.451   071.122.031.xxx   may the mouse be with you (15)
2007_12_23_18:47:05.737   069.131.176.xxx   hi from butler alabama (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_23_18:47:08.148   069.048.081.xxx   Greetings from glenville police department
2007_12_23_18:47:19.710   071.122.031.xxx   from another hard drive far far away (16)
2007_12_23_18:47:42.561   067.041.212.xxx   Merry Christmas from the Paxsons in Greeley!!!
2007_12_23_18:48:15.855   069.131.176.xxx   where's greeley???/ (11)
2007_12_23_18:48:26.928   071.122.031.xxx   may the swartz be with you oh no its yogourt (17)
2007_12_23_18:48:54.859   070.022.052.xxx   this is fckin crazy
2007_12_23_18:49:06.447   072.075.209.xxx   Greetings from North Tonawanda NY
2007_12_23_18:49:24.876   076.118.088.xxx   i love santa!!!
2007_12_23_18:50:13.149   071.122.031.xxx   latter from the ss minnow (18)
2007_12_23_18:50:30.277   076.118.088.xxx   i love presents!!!
2007_12_23_18:50:43.561   071.122.031.xxx   dork (19)
2007_12_23_18:51:19.106   071.122.031.xxx   dorks on roids (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_23_18:52:45.806   070.181.013.xxx   cool
2007_12_23_18:53:07.162   070.022.052.xxx   hola
2007_12_23_18:53:15.162   070.181.013.xxx   no lights
2007_12_23_18:53:39.853   070.022.052.xxx   quit deflatin santa
2007_12_23_18:54:24.172   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, if you keep deflating Santa, you'll get Coal for Christmas! ***ALEK***
2007_12_23_18:54:26.886   070.181.013.xxx   i wonder if the neighbors like the lights going on off so much
2007_12_23_18:54:54.725   070.022.052.xxx   hihi
2007_12_23_18:55:27.683   076.118.088.xxx   hello everyone!!!
2007_12_23_18:56:02.457   131.030.121.xxx   Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!! (11)
2007_12_23_18:57:51.396   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Neighbors think it is a hoot - kids love it - see the FAQ - plus above where webcam is! ***ALEK***
2007_12_23_18:59:39.981   070.022.052.xxx   do the lights toggle themselves or do u turn them on
2007_12_23_19:01:17.114   207.047.162.xxx   HEY EVEYONE MERRY XMAS!
2007_12_23_19:01:39.057   070.022.052.xxx   u too
2007_12_23_19:02:07.848   207.047.162.xxx   thanks
2007_12_23_19:02:20.981   070.022.052.xxx   leave my lights on ppls lol jk
2007_12_23_19:02:54.410   207.047.162.xxx   THIS MUST GET ANOYING TO LIVE HERE
2007_12_23_19:03:23.551   070.022.052.xxx   id love to live there
2007_12_23_19:03:28.928   070.181.013.xxx   lights are fun
2007_12_23_19:03:36.030   065.069.162.xxx   You need to move to my neighborhood.. not a light to be seen
2007_12_23_19:04:02.557   207.047.162.xxx   LOL THOSE GRINCH"S
2007_12_23_19:04:20.222   065.069.162.xxx   Exactly!  lol
2007_12_23_19:04:23.137   074.132.012.xxx   Hello again from Indiana, USA
2007_12_23_19:04:49.156   065.069.162.xxx   Hello from Missouri
2007_12_23_19:05:30.848   207.047.162.xxx   HELLO FROM SASKATCHEWAN CANADA
2007_12_23_19:06:14.408   207.047.162.xxx   im using my xmas present (computer)
2007_12_23_19:06:15.672   074.132.012.xxx   Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas
2007_12_23_19:06:42.519   072.075.209.xxx   hi from joshua l.
2007_12_23_19:06:44.906   207.047.162.xxx   THANKS YOU TOO!
2007_12_23_19:07:06.062   065.069.162.xxx   Merry Christmas to you too!
2007_12_23_19:07:23.059   207.047.162.xxx   HEY!!!
2007_12_23_19:07:37.939   072.075.209.xxx   hi from joshua, chris and zack
2007_12_23_19:07:51.271   207.047.162.xxx   NICE SANTA HAT!!
2007_12_23_19:07:54.717   066.037.077.xxx   hi
2007_12_23_19:07:58.703   065.069.162.xxx   Hi from Brenda, Daniel, Damon, Dustin, Jassy, Drake and Zane
2007_12_23_19:08:18.076   072.075.209.xxx   are you the real santa?
2007_12_23_19:08:20.343   069.131.176.xxx   hello (12)
2007_12_23_19:08:43.319   065.069.162.xxx   Oh and from Pete, Whiz and McCloud, ,can't forget the pets!! lol
2007_12_23_19:08:45.812   066.037.077.xxx   nice christmas lifgts
2007_12_23_19:08:59.254   069.131.176.xxx   hi from knoxville tn (13)
2007_12_23_19:09:04.371   072.075.209.xxx   i like your lights.
2007_12_23_19:09:33.005   069.131.176.xxx   hello from disney World (14)
2007_12_23_19:10:01.803   069.131.176.xxx   this is mission control (15)
2007_12_23_19:10:07.837   207.047.162.xxx   disney your lucky!!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_23_19:10:15.865   070.022.052.xxx   id love to live there
2007_12_23_19:10:27.886   072.075.209.xxx   What are you doing now?
2007_12_23_19:10:31.167   074.132.012.xxx   from kokomo Indiana, Hello all
2007_12_23_19:10:32.344   060.234.211.xxx   Merry DXmas
2007_12_23_19:10:39.478   208.033.154.xxx   EAT AT JOE's
2007_12_23_19:10:45.546   207.047.162.xxx   I WOULDNT ALL THE FLASHING LIGHTS (11)
2007_12_23_19:11:05.299   072.075.209.xxx   joshua age 10 loves your light display
2007_12_23_19:11:37.484   207.047.162.xxx   OK JOSHUA!! (12)
2007_12_23_19:12:10.510   072.075.209.xxx   Do you know Santa?
2007_12_23_19:12:24.489   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Joshua: Santa says be nice and listen to your parents! ***ALEK***
2007_12_23_19:12:25.883   074.132.012.xxx   night everyone, have a Merry Christmas
2007_12_23_19:12:54.795   070.022.052.xxx   how do the lights turn themselves on (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_23_19:13:19.103   069.048.081.xxx   merry xmas love jim majewski
2007_12_23_19:13:21.310   060.234.211.xxx   Magic
2007_12_23_19:13:52.039   098.200.133.xxx   woohoo there is santa in the workshop (16)
2007_12_23_19:14:15.055   072.075.209.xxx   what are you doing while you are sitting there? Are you on a computer
2007_12_23_19:14:32.203   077.102.172.xxx   gd site
2007_12_23_19:14:33.674   069.048.081.xxx   hi
2007_12_23_19:14:40.484   098.200.133.xxx   he's checking his list twice (17)
2007_12_23_19:14:45.784   072.075.209.xxx   computer (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_23_19:14:58.703   065.069.162.xxx   trying to find out who's naughty or nice
2007_12_23_19:15:22.907   207.047.162.xxx   HELLO!!! (13)
2007_12_23_19:15:33.142   072.075.209.xxx   Can you wave to the camera? (11)
2007_12_23_19:15:42.304   077.102.172.xxx   hey am i controlling this?
2007_12_23_19:15:43.686   070.022.052.xxx   where are the lights at in the world (11)
2007_12_23_19:16:05.856   069.048.081.xxx   slugastino
2007_12_23_19:16:16.903   098.200.133.xxx   is that a car in the driveway? (18)
2007_12_23_19:16:25.246   072.075.209.xxx   Can you wave to the camera? (12)
2007_12_23_19:16:28.425   077.102.172.xxx   it 2 6 am where i am in the uk
2007_12_23_19:17:14.935   077.102.172.xxx   nearly chistmas woo
2007_12_23_19:17:42.987   072.075.209.xxx   Are you reading this? If so wave,please (13)
2007_12_23_19:17:51.432   077.102.172.xxx   he really cool site
2007_12_23_19:18:29.724   077.102.172.xxx   if ur reading thise wave
2007_12_23_19:18:48.252   098.200.133.xxx   he's thinking shhhhhh (19)
2007_12_23_19:19:05.254   077.102.172.xxx   lol
2007_12_23_19:19:38.146   077.102.172.xxx   he has our i.p adresses
2007_12_23_19:20:01.514   207.047.162.xxx   ITS A CAR!!!! (14)
2007_12_23_19:20:02.989   072.075.209.xxx   Thanks for this site.  Merry Christmas (14)
2007_12_23_19:20:34.932   072.075.209.xxx   God bless you and your family (15)
2007_12_23_19:20:57.857   098.200.133.xxx   HEY can everyone hear me (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_23_19:21:19.090   065.069.162.xxx   can
2007_12_23_19:21:38.476   077.102.172.xxx   sweet site
2007_12_23_19:21:40.927   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Santa sees and hears everything - have you been naughty or nice?!?   ___-) ***ALEK***
2007_12_23_19:21:55.383   072.075.209.xxx   Wishing u and urs a Happy new year (16)
2007_12_23_19:22:00.261   067.162.009.xxx   Chicago is below zero!
2007_12_23_19:22:11.220   077.102.172.xxx   look at us santa (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_23_19:22:35.040   072.075.209.xxx   It rained today in Buffalo NY (17)
2007_12_23_19:22:54.134   098.200.133.xxx   need an umbrella (21)
2007_12_23_19:23:02.621   065.069.162.xxx   we got about 4 inches of snow yesterday in MO
2007_12_23_19:23:59.136   098.200.133.xxx   Santa are you ready for the big trip coming up (22)
2007_12_23_19:24:26.946   071.072.149.xxx   shrek is on tv!
2007_12_23_19:24:40.766   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Santa has been working out and reindeer are in tip-top shape! ***ALEK***
2007_12_23_19:24:52.842   086.010.068.xxx   what on ntl?
2007_12_23_19:25:59.939   071.072.149.xxx   its on TNT
2007_12_23_19:26:10.718   067.162.009.xxx   Hi Alek!
2007_12_23_19:26:11.436   098.200.133.xxx   santa claus 2 is on here (23)
2007_12_23_19:26:31.967   072.201.028.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_23_19:26:47.538   072.199.143.xxx   lol
2007_12_23_19:26:49.453   067.162.009.xxx   No me Digas!
2007_12_23_19:27:47.497   024.187.061.xxx   Hi!
2007_12_23_19:28:15.500   065.069.162.xxx   LOL (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_23_19:28:55.317   065.069.162.xxx   was that an elf that just went by? (11)
2007_12_23_19:29:35.499   024.187.061.xxx   I think
2007_12_23_19:29:39.922   072.199.143.xxx   hello world
2007_12_23_19:30:02.682   024.187.061.xxx   hi
2007_12_23_19:30:03.451   131.030.121.xxx   Ho Ho Ho baby!! ___-) (12)
2007_12_23_19:30:36.614   024.187.061.xxx   Ho Ho mHo
2007_12_23_19:30:51.726   066.245.014.xxx   Hello Amber, Jason and Keira Parmentier
2007_12_23_19:31:31.205   072.075.209.xxx   goodnight all (18)
2007_12_23_19:31:55.107   065.184.224.xxx   Hello Sasha! Merry Christmas
2007_12_23_19:32:27.415   066.245.014.xxx   Bernie Poelzl
2007_12_23_19:32:35.519   071.072.149.xxx   where is everyone from? im in Troy, Ohio
2007_12_23_19:32:53.826   066.245.014.xxx   Campbell California
2007_12_23_19:32:54.491   065.184.224.xxx   I am in NC
2007_12_23_19:33:07.840   024.187.061.xxx   Im in nj
2007_12_23_19:33:23.109   065.069.162.xxx   Im in MO (12)
2007_12_23_19:33:35.061   065.184.224.xxx   Anyone have these light displays?
2007_12_23_19:33:35.806   066.245.014.xxx   Campbell CA
2007_12_23_19:34:36.119   086.010.068.xxx   is shrek on ntl?
2007_12_23_19:34:42.442   098.200.133.xxx   I'm in the county jail (24)
2007_12_23_19:35:03.539   066.245.014.xxx   Bah Humbug
2007_12_23_19:35:17.215   070.017.111.xxx   least you have food.
2007_12_23_19:35:19.782   024.187.061.xxx   mommouth county jail
2007_12_23_19:35:20.714   098.200.133.xxx   got 2 days for impersonating Santa LOL (25)
2007_12_23_19:35:29.261   074.065.146.xxx   Merry Christmas from Maine!
2007_12_23_19:35:35.469   066.245.014.xxx   HO HO HO
2007_12_23_19:35:47.101   086.010.068.xxx   is it christmas eve in america?
2007_12_23_19:35:53.914   070.017.111.xxx   so that's what it takes to get food?
2007_12_23_19:37:00.915   071.072.149.xxx   ut oh all the lights are out
2007_12_23_19:37:07.078   065.069.162.xxx   tomorrow is Christmas Eve here (13)
2007_12_23_19:37:35.001   075.165.078.xxx   Hi from Seattle
2007_12_23_19:37:48.907   065.184.224.xxx   does n e 1 have the computer gen. lights?
2007_12_23_19:38:03.262   086.010.068.xxx   it is half past 2 in the morning crimbo eve
2007_12_23_19:38:28.879   086.010.068.xxx   in the uk
2007_12_23_19:39:31.965   024.187.061.xxx   whos in county jail
2007_12_23_19:41:32.901   086.010.068.xxx   me they sent me there because i dressed as santa
2007_12_23_19:42:23.845   063.246.240.xxx   merry christmas alyssa
2007_12_23_19:42:34.688   024.187.061.xxx   lol what state
2007_12_23_19:43:05.952   063.246.240.xxx   hello cotton rotten
2007_12_23_19:43:06.618   086.010.068.xxx   uk
2007_12_23_19:43:11.195   098.200.133.xxx   that's  me Im in jail for impersonating Santa (26)
2007_12_23_19:43:52.430   024.187.061.xxx   what state
2007_12_23_19:43:56.850   063.246.240.xxx   hello cotton rotten
2007_12_23_19:44:40.671   098.200.133.xxx   who is picking cotton (27)
2007_12_23_19:44:41.446   064.160.204.xxx   lknknn
2007_12_23_19:45:10.966   064.160.204.xxx   this is so cool!
2007_12_23_19:45:17.646   063.246.240.xxx   merry christmas mr dalton
2007_12_23_19:45:21.373   071.240.178.xxx   HI from TEXAS
2007_12_23_19:45:28.949   098.200.133.xxx   it's cold out not cool out (28)
2007_12_23_19:45:43.577   069.146.138.xxx   Merry Christmas Massman Girls
2007_12_23_19:45:52.958   065.025.051.xxx   merry christmas from sharon in ohio
2007_12_23_19:45:53.254   063.246.240.xxx   hi from morristown tennessee
2007_12_23_19:46:20.476   090.200.154.xxx   which inflatable has the biggist fan
2007_12_23_19:46:48.666   063.246.240.xxx   Go Vols!!!!!!!!
2007_12_23_19:48:01.347   069.146.138.xxx   Hi Grandma Theresa luv Ame
2007_12_23_19:48:27.557   076.122.222.xxx   Hello Caleb
2007_12_23_19:48:30.603   069.146.138.xxx   We Miss Grandpa Too
2007_12_23_19:49:01.731   069.146.138.xxx   HI From Cheyenne
2007_12_23_19:50:03.973   063.246.240.xxx   I love you L'Von
2007_12_23_19:50:16.329   209.242.054.xxx   Season's greetings!
2007_12_23_19:50:42.927   063.246.240.xxx   I love you L'Von
2007_12_23_19:51:12.761   063.246.240.xxx   Mattie Lou
2007_12_23_19:51:21.675   071.207.178.xxx   hi
2007_12_23_19:51:42.074   069.146.138.xxx   Tell Granpa we luv him too
2007_12_23_19:52:00.910   063.246.240.xxx   Go Vols!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_23_19:52:51.331   069.146.138.xxx   i love you
2007_12_23_19:53:20.115   069.146.138.xxx   wE MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH
2007_12_23_19:53:50.170   075.111.033.xxx   w00t
2007_12_23_19:54:10.186   069.146.138.xxx   Me and Emma go to the YMCA
2007_12_23_19:56:08.916   069.146.138.xxx   Grand maI miss you very, very much..Ame
2007_12_23_19:56:27.682   071.225.210.xxx   hi from new jersey
2007_12_23_19:56:54.422   075.094.105.xxx   hi from rochester new york
2007_12_23_19:56:55.512   069.146.138.xxx   Go Chiefs...even though they lost again (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_23_19:57:30.810   069.146.138.xxx   I can't wait to see you Mom in Feb (11)
2007_12_23_19:57:42.447   075.094.105.xxx   GO BILLS....YEA THEY LOST TOO
2007_12_23_20:00:12.916   069.146.138.xxx   We miss granpa too....Ame (12)
2007_12_23_20:00:21.982   076.098.087.xxx   my granma just got ran over by a reindeer
2007_12_23_20:00:45.367   069.146.138.xxx   Papa misses you all too (13)
2007_12_23_20:01:16.110   069.146.138.xxx   HI Granpa..AMe (14)
2007_12_23_20:01:59.870   075.094.105.xxx   your a smart "ALEK" ARNT YOU
2007_12_23_20:02:04.610   069.146.138.xxx   Write us back Granpa (15)
2007_12_23_20:04:31.536   068.058.002.xxx   hey baby, check out my wonderful s* y message! Merry XMAS!
2007_12_23_20:07:14.356   075.063.252.xxx   hi
2007_12_23_20:07:47.761   075.063.252.xxx   hi son
2007_12_23_20:07:50.176   069.146.138.xxx   Grandpa AJ...Can you come to our house for next Christmas? (16)
2007_12_23_20:08:20.721   069.146.138.xxx   You can bring Granma too (17)
2007_12_23_20:08:28.988   075.094.105.xxx   alek,do you enjoy taking every thing down as much..up?
2007_12_23_20:08:37.403   075.063.252.xxx   we will have to see
2007_12_23_20:09:14.689   069.146.138.xxx   We sure hope you can... (18)
2007_12_23_20:09:34.437   068.058.002.xxx   have a merry christmas!
2007_12_23_20:10:31.777   075.063.252.xxx   hope you all have a very merry christmas
2007_12_23_20:12:13.536   075.145.216.xxx   Wish y'all a very merry christmas from Mississippi
2007_12_23_20:12:13.589   069.146.138.xxx   Bye Grandma and Grandpa...Luv Ame (19)
2007_12_23_20:12:51.281   075.145.216.xxx   brenda and maggy are crazy
2007_12_23_20:13:23.957   075.145.216.xxx   Y'all have a merry christmas from Mississippi
2007_12_23_20:13:31.087   071.211.151.xxx   Happy Holidays Denrick
2007_12_23_20:14:07.539   074.136.143.xxx   happy holiday everyone
2007_12_23_20:15:23.005   069.133.051.xxx   merry christmas from fairfield ohio
2007_12_23_20:16:39.218   075.063.252.xxx   merry christmas from lees summit missouri
2007_12_23_20:21:41.861   024.182.072.xxx   Merry Christmas Tammy
2007_12_23_20:32:33.791   071.252.224.xxx   Happy Holidays from Texas
2007_12_23_20:32:36.384   207.200.116.xxx   hi
2007_12_23_20:34:56.811   141.151.115.xxx   Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas from Pennsylvania!
2007_12_23_20:37:53.041   072.178.160.xxx   annoying the neighbors is fun
2007_12_23_20:39:55.092   072.178.160.xxx   hello is anyone home?
2007_12_23_20:40:08.140   076.004.031.xxx   Merry Christmas from the Keener's in Carthage NC
2007_12_23_20:41:29.796   072.178.160.xxx   im also listening to wrr in dallas
2007_12_23_20:42:16.211   069.023.123.xxx   Merry Christmas to Cory and Shaun from MOM
2007_12_23_20:44:53.536   065.095.132.xxx   very nice!
2007_12_23_20:45:41.486   065.095.132.xxx   merry christmas from London Ontario Canada
2007_12_23_20:46:55.982   069.023.123.xxx   Merry Christmas from Kansas City, Kansas
2007_12_23_20:50:49.772   076.004.031.xxx   Merry Christmas to Melissa Love Mom
2007_12_23_20:50:49.929   069.023.123.xxx   Hey there Alek,
2007_12_23_20:51:29.127   069.023.123.xxx   How is everyone there? Ready for Santa?
2007_12_23_20:51:50.851   065.095.132.xxx   merry christmas Alex from Al in London Ontario Canada
2007_12_23_20:51:57.664   024.059.024.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek and familly from Jake in New York
2007_12_23_20:53:36.314   076.004.031.xxx   Merry Christmas to Promise and Doo'mi
2007_12_23_20:53:51.579   024.059.024.xxx   and Happy New Year too
2007_12_23_20:55:28.857   076.102.255.xxx   have a cool yule from Cali.
2007_12_23_20:55:34.317   121.044.241.xxx   Wasup Dwag
2007_12_23_20:59:20.119   076.110.215.xxx   Have a Cool Yule ALL
2007_12_23_20:59:59.308   070.176.203.xxx   ima rough you up boy
2007_12_23_21:01:51.509   024.071.223.xxx   hi
2007_12_23_21:03:04.473   074.033.008.xxx   Hello
2007_12_23_21:04:25.113   069.146.138.xxx   I want some (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_23_21:10:02.238   066.227.136.xxx   wave please please
2007_12_23_21:10:07.613   069.019.014.xxx   Hello from Galena Alaska
2007_12_23_21:10:09.277   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Posted Picture of our Christmas Tree on the Blog - look good? ***ALEK***
2007_12_23_21:10:20.545   075.069.239.xxx   hi Bob
2007_12_23_21:10:44.229   075.069.239.xxx   merry christmas keri
2007_12_23_21:10:52.174   066.227.136.xxx   Hi alek wave
2007_12_23_21:13:49.856   131.030.121.xxx   Awsome Tree Alek. (13)
2007_12_23_21:14:36.886   024.080.023.xxx   Merry Christmas, from Vancouver, British Columbia
2007_12_23_21:18:40.366   208.061.029.xxx   Merry CHRISTmas, from Georgia
2007_12_23_21:19:17.586   208.061.029.xxx   Hi other 222 people online viewing!
2007_12_23_21:21:38.011   208.061.029.xxx   Goodnight & Merry Christmas!
2007_12_23_21:28:59.119   068.091.026.xxx   ho ho ho
2007_12_23_21:29:26.756   012.217.218.xxx   Merry Christmas from Tipton, Iowa!!
2007_12_23_21:29:37.852   068.091.026.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_23_21:30:10.145   012.217.218.xxx   I love you Tyler Hatland!
2007_12_23_21:30:15.375   068.091.026.xxx   Merry Christmas from El Paso, TX.
2007_12_23_21:31:54.262   012.217.218.xxx   I love Christopher, Tyler and Ashley Hatland!!!!!!
2007_12_23_21:31:59.110   075.068.060.xxx   this is pretty cool
2007_12_23_21:33:33.579   012.217.218.xxx   Merry Christmas from Tyler!!!!
2007_12_23_21:34:05.293   012.217.218.xxx   Marry me?
2007_12_23_21:34:08.614   072.178.160.xxx   where did you get the santa?
2007_12_23_21:35:32.851   071.061.194.xxx   wassup
2007_12_23_21:38:22.697   068.058.030.xxx   pork chop sandwiches!
2007_12_23_21:38:23.931   071.061.194.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM PITTSBURGH PA
2007_12_23_21:39:09.756   068.058.030.xxx   Has anyone seen my Trapper keeper?
2007_12_23_21:40:16.090   098.192.222.xxx   It's with the TP in my b*******!
2007_12_23_21:41:16.815   098.192.222.xxx   why'd it bleep my backyard?
2007_12_23_21:42:27.582   072.178.160.xxx   how about cartman next year
2007_12_23_21:43:30.050   068.058.030.xxx   I like pie
2007_12_23_21:44:17.262   072.178.160.xxx   cheesy poofs rule
2007_12_23_21:45:21.535   024.240.072.xxx   My mom's dog looks ugly now!
2007_12_23_21:46:42.492   069.159.047.xxx   FSJ Forever! Do not give up!
2007_12_23_21:47:01.497   068.058.030.xxx   The cake is a lie!
2007_12_23_21:47:07.113   070.169.115.xxx   Someone in KS wants to know why the dog is ugly
2007_12_23_21:48:40.457   070.017.111.xxx   it's not a dog.. LOOK again.
2007_12_23_21:49:17.318   068.217.221.xxx   hello
2007_12_23_21:49:22.948   024.240.072.xxx   The groomer cut all the dogs hair off.
2007_12_23_21:49:40.342   072.178.160.xxx   sweeet
2007_12_23_21:49:44.717   068.217.221.xxx   nice
2007_12_23_21:51:46.878   207.200.116.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_23_21:53:29.502   072.178.160.xxx   its amr hankey christmas
2007_12_23_21:54:36.885   125.238.141.xxx   6 minutes to turn everything back on again!!!!
2007_12_23_21:54:50.837   207.200.116.xxx   Turn it on
2007_12_23_21:54:56.211   070.017.111.xxx   no.
2007_12_23_21:55:38.218   207.200.116.xxx   Some Christmas Sprit lol
2007_12_23_21:55:41.940   125.238.141.xxx   Please?  I'm watching from New Zealand!
2007_12_23_21:56:07.668   207.200.116.xxx   Wow Long ways away
2007_12_23_21:56:32.028   070.017.111.xxx   this xmas is going to suck.
2007_12_23_21:56:32.883   125.238.141.xxx   Yeah, but Santa gets here first!
2007_12_23_21:56:36.736   072.178.160.xxx   got to love that internet
2007_12_23_21:57:25.929   070.017.111.xxx   knee grow!
2007_12_23_21:57:48.488   121.218.105.xxx   hi from shalvey NSW Australia
2007_12_23_21:57:58.324   024.070.095.xxx   woo hoo! one more day to go!! :D
2007_12_23_21:58:15.115   070.017.111.xxx   xmas is sucking pretty bad now.
2007_12_23_21:58:45.802   072.178.160.xxx   and to all a good night (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_23_21:59:02.559   121.218.105.xxx   william bailey (4) from australia says hi
2007_12_23_21:59:11.121   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Look for Santa tomorrow night! ***ALEK***
2007_12_23_21:59:21.877   066.037.077.xxx   merry christmas  from virginia
2007_12_23_21:59:25.356   024.166.247.xxx   hello Alek
2007_12_23_21:59:33.617   125.079.142.xxx   hello___
2007_12_23_21:59:39.712   072.178.160.xxx   bye bye (11)

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