290 christmas text messages on 2007/1225

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 4,650 times that day including 1,905 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1225

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2007_12_25_16:32:30.878   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** 6" of snow so far today ... and still coming down lightly ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_25_16:32:39.324   079.196.180.xxx   Hi everyone and hi Alek
2007_12_25_16:33:34.323   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hope everyone had a Merry, Merry Christmas - did Santa come by? ***ALEK***
2007_12_25_16:33:34.622   079.196.180.xxx   Alek is cool, I like him! Manuel and Julian
2007_12_25_16:35:31.968   082.035.230.xxx   safe
2007_12_25_16:36:04.112   082.035.230.xxx   your a g my name is g you have a little a tea and coffe
2007_12_25_16:36:33.057   071.238.054.xxx   Hi alek how was ur day?
2007_12_25_16:36:45.203   071.164.013.xxx   Hi Alek--luv ur new camouflage airwalks!
2007_12_25_16:36:48.132   082.035.230.xxx   ALEX ARE YOU THERE ASWER ME LOL
2007_12_25_16:37:15.876   082.035.230.xxx   ALEX YOUR safe brappppppppppppppp
2007_12_25_16:37:31.883   079.196.180.xxx   his name isn___t alex, his name is alek
2007_12_25_16:37:51.214   082.035.230.xxx   look at the webcm alex
2007_12_25_16:38:26.414   071.164.013.xxx   Got a dusting of snow here in Western Wash.....
2007_12_25_16:38:45.957   082.035.230.xxx   so
2007_12_25_16:39:03.903   071.164.013.xxx   A white Christmas---beautiful!!!
2007_12_25_16:39:10.791   064.076.057.xxx   hi
2007_12_25_16:39:25.840   082.035.230.xxx   SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
2007_12_25_16:39:26.003   079.196.180.xxx   Here in Germany is nowere snow, i___m realy sad
2007_12_25_16:39:59.017   082.035.230.xxx   SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
2007_12_25_16:40:18.162   081.094.240.xxx   I love you Edem
2007_12_25_16:40:20.751   082.035.230.xxx   SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
2007_12_25_16:40:28.127   071.238.054.xxx   Hi alek how was ur day?
2007_12_25_16:41:09.081   071.164.013.xxx   Are u wearing ur new shows Alek?
2007_12_25_16:41:40.818   071.164.013.xxx   oops...typo----I mean shoes!
2007_12_25_16:41:58.074   081.094.240.xxx   hihi
2007_12_25_16:42:41.033   079.196.180.xxx   What did you get for Christmas???
2007_12_25_16:44:33.924   071.238.054.xxx   Pizza
2007_12_25_16:44:48.619   070.092.127.xxx   Hello Jarrod. This is Daddy
2007_12_25_16:47:20.092   071.164.013.xxx   Alek--was there a Santa sighting?
2007_12_25_16:52:27.258   086.040.112.xxx   Hey all. Is everyone having a great day ?
2007_12_25_16:52:55.491   075.061.010.xxx   Merry Christmas to all!
2007_12_25_16:53:12.561   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Sorry, no "Santa Sighting" on the webcams this year like in **** ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_25_16:55:10.058   071.164.013.xxx   Oh well, there is always next year!!
2007_12_25_16:55:12.017   069.231.235.xxx   hi
2007_12_25_16:56:01.640   071.141.124.xxx   sup
2007_12_25_16:56:03.657   071.164.013.xxx   "Peace on Earth!"
2007_12_25_16:56:13.470   075.061.010.xxx   Merry Christmas from Joe and James
2007_12_25_16:56:18.213   086.040.112.xxx   Merry christmas everyone.. From Chris in Ireland
2007_12_25_16:56:47.854   071.164.013.xxx   May you all have a great oh-eight!
2007_12_25_16:56:48.723   024.198.046.xxx   Merry Christmas from the ISS
2007_12_25_16:56:50.720   071.141.124.xxx   merry xmas
2007_12_25_16:57:44.408   071.164.013.xxx   "You'll shoot yer eye out kid!" (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_25_16:58:12.988   069.231.235.xxx   merry xmas simon and edmond
2007_12_25_16:59:03.879   071.238.054.xxx   The burrito reindeer is back in action
2007_12_25_16:59:33.946   071.164.013.xxx   Ha!  I was just thinking the same thing....lol (11)
2007_12_25_16:59:55.904   069.231.235.xxx   hi edmond merry xmas
2007_12_25_16:59:56.310   071.238.054.xxx   great minds think alike :-)
2007_12_25_17:00:15.508   071.164.013.xxx   I wish you all a very blessed Christmas! (12)
2007_12_25_17:00:24.320   024.198.046.xxx   Merry Christmas from the ISS
2007_12_25_17:00:26.750   075.061.010.xxx   hey thes is awesome
2007_12_25_17:00:50.358   024.198.046.xxx   thnx
2007_12_25_17:00:51.215   071.141.124.xxx   yea this is cool
2007_12_25_17:01:53.489   069.231.235.xxx   EDDDDDDDDDDDDddd
2007_12_25_17:05:24.038   081.158.153.xxx   Richard Green Is A Legend
2007_12_25_17:05:35.553   065.122.015.xxx   Hi Rachel
2007_12_25_17:05:38.848   074.237.161.xxx   p** p**
2007_12_25_17:06:00.331   065.122.015.xxx   I love you Megan
2007_12_25_17:06:15.071   081.158.153.xxx   RICHARD GREEN IS A LEGEND
2007_12_25_17:06:16.258   074.237.161.xxx   Go Blazers!
2007_12_25_17:06:56.934   081.158.153.xxx   Richard green is a legend
2007_12_25_17:07:14.759   074.237.161.xxx   UAB Blazers Rule
2007_12_25_17:08:29.705   074.237.161.xxx   Atlanta Braves!
2007_12_25_17:09:18.896   074.237.161.xxx   Cubbies Never Win!
2007_12_25_17:10:07.629   074.237.161.xxx   Scott Says Cubbies Win!
2007_12_25_17:11:51.453   062.136.216.xxx   BREAD
2007_12_25_17:11:56.246   066.220.107.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2007_12_25_17:12:25.123   062.136.216.xxx   BREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET
2007_12_25_17:14:03.689   071.221.116.xxx   Happy Holidays to All!!
2007_12_25_17:19:51.245   072.178.160.xxx   classic.co.uk
2007_12_25_17:20:32.933   074.132.049.xxx   Merry Christmas from Berne IN
2007_12_25_17:22:05.847   075.061.010.xxx   jnpijngpijnipgjnbpgbnfpigj
2007_12_25_17:30:31.718   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** The 6" of snow buried the front yard christmas tree ... but I did sweep it ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_25_17:33:23.914   074.132.049.xxx   woo!! Hoo!! found out I am a grandpa..
2007_12_25_17:33:25.107   024.150.087.xxx   Happiest of holidays to you o_________:-___)_________
2007_12_25_17:38:05.731   086.138.065.xxx   Merry Christmas everyone, happy new year as well
2007_12_25_17:38:46.354   201.017.146.xxx   Merry Christmas !
2007_12_25_17:39:57.923   201.017.146.xxx   Hi Thayane !
2007_12_25_17:41:37.022   205.188.116.xxx   Merry Christmas/Happy New Year
2007_12_25_17:41:45.593   071.207.165.xxx   fraud!
2007_12_25_17:42:01.342   201.017.146.xxx   Thayane !!!
2007_12_25_17:43:44.558   071.141.124.xxx   hello
2007_12_25_17:44:30.176   201.017.146.xxx   Beijos p/ todos. HMarx
2007_12_25_17:45:32.389   080.213.169.xxx   Awesome stuff
2007_12_25_17:46:06.519   080.213.169.xxx   Merry chrismas from Norway
2007_12_25_17:46:26.405   201.017.146.xxx   Merry Christmas from Brazil !
2007_12_25_17:47:17.158   072.243.033.xxx   Wasup!
2007_12_25_17:47:26.590   075.032.011.xxx   Merry Christmas from Dallas,Texas
2007_12_25_17:48:34.286   201.017.146.xxx   Feliz Natal Thayane  !
2007_12_25_17:49:09.388   070.092.127.xxx   Hello from Bakersfield Jenelle
2007_12_25_17:49:13.391   075.032.011.xxx   All Your Base Are Belong To US!!
2007_12_25_17:49:49.630   070.092.127.xxx   Hello from Bakersfield
2007_12_25_17:50:33.810   071.141.124.xxx   hello from hayward california
2007_12_25_17:52:29.852   071.124.000.xxx   hello from illinois
2007_12_25_17:52:46.733   201.017.146.xxx   Merry Christmas Joyce and Thayane!
2007_12_25_17:53:33.237   066.227.136.xxx   mary cristmass from alpena !!
2007_12_25_17:54:32.100   072.243.033.xxx   sends out a virtual round of beer to all
2007_12_25_17:56:06.351   201.017.146.xxx   Beijos no papai e na mam___e ! HMarx
2007_12_25_17:57:47.489   195.093.021.xxx   Merry Xmas from julie and william in scotland
2007_12_25_17:57:49.103   201.019.159.xxx   Mary christmas Helio!   Thayane! =)
2007_12_25_17:58:27.033   195.093.021.xxx   merry xmas from scotland
2007_12_25_17:58:42.968   201.019.159.xxx   Mery christmas Helio! Thayane! =)
2007_12_25_17:59:38.157   086.011.153.xxx   Hello and merry christmas from the UK!
2007_12_25_18:02:26.099   065.004.061.xxx   xvxcv
2007_12_25_18:02:51.751   065.004.061.xxx   Merry Christmas from Birmingham, AL
2007_12_25_18:03:31.490   065.004.061.xxx   if this really works someone call ********99
2007_12_25_18:04:26.943   065.004.061.xxx   (2  0   5 )  **** 1     9    9
2007_12_25_18:05:39.860   065.004.061.xxx   If this works someone call me by using special characters @)______)!&!((
2007_12_25_18:06:04.882   065.004.061.xxx   @)______)!&!((
2007_12_25_18:06:16.164   074.140.065.xxx   This is pretty cool....Thank you for doing this!!!
2007_12_25_18:06:43.444   065.004.061.xxx   (205)
2007_12_25_18:07:07.678   065.004.061.xxx   601
2007_12_25_18:07:21.875   074.140.065.xxx   ,,!,
2007_12_25_18:07:41.351   065.004.061.xxx   ****
2007_12_25_18:09:00.350   065.004.061.xxx   135 Pine Mtn Rd Remlap, AL (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_25_18:09:28.909   201.017.146.xxx   Beijos p/ a Sandra !
2007_12_25_18:09:37.894   065.004.061.xxx   send me a post card to 135 pine mtn rd remlap, al ****3 (11)
2007_12_25_18:10:28.934   065.004.061.xxx   send me a post card to 135 pine mtn rd remlap, al google zip (12)
2007_12_25_18:11:38.632   068.197.142.xxx   Merry Christmas from Piscataway, New Jersey
2007_12_25_18:12:04.353   201.017.146.xxx   Congratulations ! Very Nice !!! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_25_18:12:22.372   065.004.061.xxx   send post cards to 135 pine mtn rd remlap, AL google zip (13)
2007_12_25_18:12:55.464   071.164.013.xxx   You live near Reston? (13)
2007_12_25_18:13:22.728   065.004.061.xxx   nope Birmingham, AL (14)
2007_12_25_18:16:42.233   071.164.013.xxx   I was talkin' to the toilet paper guy (14)
2007_12_25_18:17:29.646   065.004.061.xxx   send post cards to 135 pine mtn rd remlap, Alabama google zi (15)
2007_12_25_18:18:17.249   071.164.013.xxx   Why should we send postcards? (15)
2007_12_25_18:19:11.312   071.164.013.xxx   I ain't gonna do it!!! I refuse!!! (16)
2007_12_25_18:19:12.149   065.004.061.xxx   i collect them and want to see if anyone will respond (16)
2007_12_25_18:22:24.044   062.159.049.xxx   hallo
2007_12_25_18:22:40.461   079.196.150.xxx   Hello, from Germany! Waxmuth
2007_12_25_18:23:16.310   065.004.061.xxx   hello, there sir (17)
2007_12_25_18:23:34.506   062.159.049.xxx   Hello
2007_12_25_18:24:17.752   065.004.061.xxx   what is your name (18)
2007_12_25_18:24:55.872   079.196.150.xxx   In Germany is it half two o'clock! yannick
2007_12_25_18:24:59.109   065.004.061.xxx   sir will you put your hand on the HULK (19)
2007_12_25_18:25:30.078   079.196.150.xxx   HULK'in
2007_12_25_18:25:59.029   065.004.061.xxx   will you pick up the HULK DOLL (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_25_18:26:18.826   079.196.150.xxx   Tigga isn't Jumping! :-D
2007_12_25_18:26:56.783   079.196.150.xxx   Tigg, tigg, tigg, TIGGAAAA!
2007_12_25_18:28:35.419   068.089.240.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2007_12_25_18:29:51.208   078.150.038.xxx   hey love the shoes alex i got a pink pair they are so comfy
2007_12_25_18:30:53.396   071.238.054.xxx   they looked like pure gold shoes
2007_12_25_18:36:29.755   068.089.240.xxx   Just made my donation.. happy holidays!
2007_12_25_18:39:46.687   086.144.119.xxx   hello from wales! merry xmas.
2007_12_25_18:44:02.678   216.167.160.xxx   Merry Christmas from NM!
2007_12_25_18:45:02.364   066.227.136.xxx   mary cristmass from alpena !!
2007_12_25_18:45:21.314   063.147.255.xxx   HO HO HO!!
2007_12_25_18:45:39.375   066.227.136.xxx   sorey express
2007_12_25_18:47:09.701   066.227.136.xxx   santa came
2007_12_25_18:47:40.271   216.108.206.xxx   Merry Christmas from Lewisberry, PA!!
2007_12_25_18:48:58.114   024.215.031.xxx   Ewelina s****
2007_12_25_18:50:39.983   024.044.254.xxx   Merry Christmas! ! everyone from NYC
2007_12_25_18:54:11.733   024.215.031.xxx   Hi tato
2007_12_25_18:55:04.278   024.215.031.xxx   wesolych swiat
2007_12_25_18:56:00.159   071.199.167.xxx   Hey Chris!
2007_12_25_18:57:31.203   024.215.031.xxx   Mike is the green giant
2007_12_25_18:58:58.946   071.199.167.xxx   Read, Gray, and Minnie....Merry Christmas!
2007_12_25_18:59:49.241   081.086.153.xxx   Merrrryyyy Christmas!
2007_12_25_19:05:48.556   170.065.128.xxx   hello world!
2007_12_25_19:06:16.737   068.014.016.xxx   merry christmas!!!!!!!!
2007_12_25_19:07:07.701   068.109.097.xxx   Merry Christmas From Mary Esther Florida!
2007_12_25_19:09:08.081   068.014.016.xxx   sirus seattlelight radio
2007_12_25_19:09:49.126   068.014.016.xxx   digital by ****
2007_12_25_19:10:02.693   068.109.097.xxx   God Bless Our Troops
2007_12_25_19:10:10.611   205.188.116.xxx   XM Radio rules
2007_12_25_19:10:21.388   068.014.016.xxx   amen
2007_12_25_19:10:38.391   205.188.116.xxx   amen
2007_12_25_19:10:43.013   068.109.097.xxx   I.Y.A.A.Y.A.S
2007_12_25_19:11:29.909   068.014.016.xxx   isaw santa last night
2007_12_25_19:12:15.139   081.086.153.xxx   Hello Mr King. Good morning from Santa
2007_12_25_19:14:50.723   081.103.143.xxx   hi merry christmas
2007_12_25_19:16:33.647   068.014.016.xxx   digital by 09
2007_12_25_19:19:54.003   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks 068 (and others) for your donation to Celiac ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_25_19:19:58.990   071.011.226.xxx   Drinking coffee?
2007_12_25_19:20:16.667   081.103.143.xxx   hi merry christmas
2007_12_25_19:20:52.807   068.014.016.xxx   merry christmas
2007_12_25_19:21:04.116   071.011.226.xxx   Hot chocolate?
2007_12_25_19:21:21.015   081.103.143.xxx   tea
2007_12_25_19:21:33.283   068.014.016.xxx   coffee?
2007_12_25_19:21:46.817   071.011.226.xxx   I bet hot chocolate.
2007_12_25_19:21:51.073   081.103.143.xxx   Tea!!!
2007_12_25_19:22:13.809   068.014.016.xxx   wine?
2007_12_25_19:22:30.805   071.011.226.xxx   I bet hot chocolate.
2007_12_25_19:22:46.450   081.103.143.xxx   bonjour!!! ca va?
2007_12_25_19:22:50.239   065.001.197.xxx   Hey Alek -- great thing you did for all of us. . .God's blessings on you and yo
2007_12_25_19:23:17.291   081.103.143.xxx   egg-nog?
2007_12_25_19:23:29.104   068.014.016.xxx   hope you have a merry christmas (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_25_19:23:51.753   081.103.143.xxx   egg-nog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_25_19:24:02.798   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hot Chocolate with a shot of Peppermint Snapps! ***ALEK***
2007_12_25_19:24:09.879   071.011.226.xxx   Egg nog! Of course!
2007_12_25_19:24:21.593   068.014.016.xxx   beer (11)
2007_12_25_19:24:40.799   081.103.143.xxx   egg-nog!!!!
2007_12_25_19:24:47.957   071.011.226.xxx   Peppermint schnaps! Now that is Christmas. Thanks!
2007_12_25_19:25:12.452   081.103.143.xxx   look at camera
2007_12_25_19:26:00.589   081.103.143.xxx   turn round (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_25_19:26:18.540   068.014.016.xxx   look over here (12)
2007_12_25_19:26:32.963   071.011.226.xxx   He is not a puppet.
2007_12_25_19:26:46.243   066.227.136.xxx   Hi alek wave
2007_12_25_19:26:48.223   081.103.143.xxx   hello!!!! (11)
2007_12_25_19:27:02.090   068.014.016.xxx   what did you get for christmas (13)
2007_12_25_19:27:27.992   081.103.143.xxx   egg-nog (12)
2007_12_25_19:27:43.181   066.227.136.xxx   Hi alek wave
2007_12_25_19:27:45.451   074.136.204.xxx   Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!!
2007_12_25_19:28:02.266   081.103.143.xxx   wave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (13)
2007_12_25_19:28:10.436   068.014.016.xxx   and a happy new tear (14)
2007_12_25_19:28:32.051   081.103.143.xxx   winnie the pooh (14)
2007_12_25_19:29:15.662   068.014.016.xxx   what has four legs but can't fly (15)
2007_12_25_19:29:33.287   081.103.143.xxx   dono (15)
2007_12_25_19:30:03.711   068.014.016.xxx   this computer (16)
2007_12_25_19:30:14.530   071.011.226.xxx   Only 3___/per in electricity. Not bad! Lots of fun!
2007_12_25_19:30:46.555   081.103.143.xxx   ha ha (16)
2007_12_25_19:30:52.562   071.011.226.xxx   That was 3 dollars per day. Lots of fun for 3 dollars.
2007_12_25_19:30:55.102   068.014.016.xxx   look at camera Alek (17)
2007_12_25_19:31:09.495   070.112.016.xxx   JO KUTTY
2007_12_25_19:31:42.430   081.103.143.xxx   where u from? (17)
2007_12_25_19:32:12.920   071.238.054.xxx   wendy!!!
2007_12_25_19:32:38.628   068.014.016.xxx   whats the matter (18)
2007_12_25_19:33:01.732   071.011.226.xxx   Linux is fun. (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_25_19:33:24.621   081.103.143.xxx   he wants more egg-nog!!!!!!!!!! (18)
2007_12_25_19:34:16.274   071.011.226.xxx   Egg nog is good for the coat .. makes it shiny. (11)
2007_12_25_19:34:22.815   068.014.016.xxx   i got egg nog right here (19)
2007_12_25_19:34:46.022   081.103.143.xxx   gd gd (19)
2007_12_25_19:35:41.581   068.014.016.xxx   merry x-mas alek (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_25_19:38:02.578   071.011.226.xxx   So, snow is cold, huh? (12)
2007_12_25_19:38:24.979   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Merry Christmas to everyone in the world (yes, snow is cold - D'OH!) ***ALEK***
2007_12_25_19:39:12.368   071.011.226.xxx   Merry Christmas to you and your family! We enjoy your website! (13)
2007_12_25_19:39:23.938   068.014.016.xxx   alek why not alex (21)
2007_12_25_19:40:08.833   071.011.226.xxx   Oh no ... oh no ... oh no ... where did he go? I can't function! (14)
2007_12_25_19:41:49.770   066.031.220.xxx   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all from Massachusetts
2007_12_25_19:42:15.943   071.011.226.xxx   And a Wicked Merry Christmas to you from Texas! (15)
2007_12_25_19:44:32.554   071.011.226.xxx   Christmas and lights are fun. (16)
2007_12_25_19:48:40.049   071.011.226.xxx   So, snow IS cold ... right? (17)
2007_12_25_19:49:42.479   065.001.197.xxx   A beautiful night in colorado, I take it. . .snowy, snowy night
2007_12_25_19:59:45.006   068.039.177.xxx   dude this is great
2007_12_25_20:00:31.180   074.047.039.xxx   Merry Christmas everyone
2007_12_25_20:01:01.374   068.039.177.xxx   I love this
2007_12_25_20:01:37.197   069.133.056.xxx   Thank you Alek, I hope you and yours had a wonderful day
2007_12_25_20:02:03.300   068.039.177.xxx   Have a great holiday
2007_12_25_20:02:33.058   076.029.026.xxx   mendi
2007_12_25_20:03:26.784   066.061.130.xxx   Hi there!
2007_12_25_20:06:00.276   068.049.032.xxx   Santa bulbs burnt out
2007_12_25_20:07:33.546   068.049.032.xxx   working now
2007_12_25_20:07:37.430   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Which Santa - they all look "decently lit" to me (?) ***ALEK***
2007_12_25_20:09:14.495   070.092.252.xxx   Happy holidays to you and your family, I hope you have a happy and healthy new 
2007_12_25_20:09:33.436   068.039.177.xxx   hey from nj
2007_12_25_20:11:04.702   141.153.040.xxx   hello & merry Christmas from  southern WV
2007_12_25_20:23:40.375   072.081.061.xxx   Merry Christmas from Pennsylvania!
2007_12_25_20:24:28.068   066.245.227.xxx   Hi baby! I love you!
2007_12_25_20:26:23.936   066.245.227.xxx   Merry Christmas to everyone. Even your neighbors.
2007_12_25_20:33:33.993   024.235.077.xxx   merry christmas
2007_12_25_20:34:56.698   060.234.154.xxx   merry xmas
2007_12_25_20:39:46.483   066.021.219.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_25_20:41:20.689   067.010.214.xxx   Merry Christmas from San Antonio
2007_12_25_20:41:30.610   068.098.235.xxx   Merry Christmas, from the jews!!!
2007_12_25_20:45:38.857   067.010.214.xxx   **** is next!
2007_12_25_20:46:13.571   067.010.214.xxx   Two thousand and eight is next!
2007_12_25_20:52:15.546   071.164.013.xxx   Have a great oh-eight! (17)
2007_12_25_20:56:47.330   076.226.151.xxx   Merry Christmas from Troy Michigan
2007_12_25_21:01:03.498   066.227.136.xxx   Hi alek wave
2007_12_25_21:02:10.113   066.227.136.xxx   mary cristmass from alpena !!
2007_12_25_21:07:12.463   024.166.247.xxx   so whats up you all?? MERRY CHRISTMAS
2007_12_25_21:07:28.065   076.226.151.xxx   The boys have gotten so big this year.  God bless you in ****
2007_12_25_21:11:30.485   141.149.197.xxx   u out there 199
2007_12_25_21:12:44.105   141.149.197.xxx   i'm takin a shot 199
2007_12_25_21:14:33.067   141.149.197.xxx   u asleep at the wheel
2007_12_25_21:18:49.755   024.116.120.xxx   hi tucker
2007_12_25_21:19:28.610   141.149.197.xxx   i' m the only talkitive 1
2007_12_25_21:21:42.518   071.141.124.xxx   no your not
2007_12_25_21:23:48.712   209.145.126.xxx   Tanya Simonds stinks
2007_12_25_21:24:18.274   207.172.050.xxx   vito is ****
2007_12_25_21:24:51.649   207.172.050.xxx   vito is the secks
2007_12_25_21:24:52.989   209.145.126.xxx   Doug Larsen rocks
2007_12_25_21:25:25.520   071.141.124.xxx   hello people
2007_12_25_21:25:35.873   207.172.050.xxx   vito ___ niclas
2007_12_25_21:26:39.327   207.172.050.xxx   Vito is one three three seven
2007_12_25_21:29:40.872   024.166.247.xxx   don vito
2007_12_25_21:31:20.401   141.149.197.xxx   u guys ny rocks
2007_12_25_21:31:54.514   069.208.083.xxx   Merry Christmas From Michigan :)
2007_12_25_21:33:06.027   141.149.197.xxx   nextel cup rules
2007_12_25_21:34:39.799   071.164.013.xxx   Billy Bob is bad Santa (18)
2007_12_25_21:36:32.576   141.149.197.xxx   the crowd last nite was much more fun
2007_12_25_21:36:59.868   068.099.184.xxx   Inflate, let's get this party started
2007_12_25_21:37:54.372   071.164.013.xxx   pump it up! (19)
2007_12_25_21:40:27.979   068.099.184.xxx   Xmas scene looks better already
2007_12_25_21:49:03.586   070.226.098.xxx   Merry Christmas
2007_12_25_21:54:56.737   071.212.225.xxx   hi there
2007_12_25_21:55:30.276   067.161.221.xxx   RAWER!!!
2007_12_25_21:58:13.078   074.132.012.xxx   God Bless everyone.
2007_12_25_21:59:07.681   071.164.013.xxx   yikes only 2 mins to go (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_25_21:59:25.786   068.099.184.xxx   Merry Xmas-Thank you Alek & family for your site
2007_12_25_21:59:41.115   071.164.013.xxx   Night all-----see ya all next year! (21)

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