228 christmas text messages on 2007/1226

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 3,359 times that day including 1,276 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1226

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2007_12_26_17:01:02.679   087.105.024.xxx   kupa!
2007_12_26_17:02:20.409   085.160.101.xxx   hi everybody
2007_12_26_17:03:34.869   195.093.021.xxx   hello to everyone from scotland.
2007_12_26_17:05:03.887   072.054.251.xxx   why aren't any of the lights working?
2007_12_26_17:05:50.350   085.160.101.xxx   turn on the light :)
2007_12_26_17:06:24.114   085.160.101.xxx   alek isnt home
2007_12_26_17:09:08.695   085.160.101.xxx   let it snow
2007_12_26_17:10:41.820   085.160.101.xxx   alek home
2007_12_26_17:12:36.857   075.181.085.xxx   hi alek
2007_12_26_17:12:39.098   066.082.009.xxx   HES LATE
2007_12_26_17:12:41.753   090.193.136.xxx   Welcome back!
2007_12_26_17:12:45.447   085.160.101.xxx   hi alek .. how are you ?
2007_12_26_17:13:37.050   076.087.151.xxx   a little after christmas sale hunting I suspect
2007_12_26_17:13:40.272   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Got home late and forget to setup the auto-start ... everything UP and running  ***ALEK***
2007_12_26_17:13:58.383   066.082.009.xxx   Hello from Galena
2007_12_26_17:14:43.094   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** And YES, I picked up some stuff for next year at the 50-75% off sales! ***ALEK***
2007_12_26_17:15:09.758   085.160.101.xxx   alek.. everything ok and cool :)
2007_12_26_17:15:23.587   076.087.151.xxx   as i suspected!
2007_12_26_17:15:26.997   072.054.251.xxx   I love the 50-75 off sales, I always stock up! I looks like Homer is having a l
2007_12_26_17:16:07.363   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Gotta go unload car and hook up Big Santa ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_26_17:19:36.263   075.037.148.xxx   wats up
2007_12_26_17:20:08.937   085.160.101.xxx   how long will be your sites on ? think cam
2007_12_26_17:20:37.447   076.212.157.xxx   i got a pony
2007_12_26_17:21:09.678   076.212.157.xxx   and a red ryder bb gun
2007_12_26_17:21:16.515   075.037.148.xxx   I Bought Over 10,500 Lights On SALE Today
2007_12_26_17:21:56.143   076.212.157.xxx   right on...some compeition
2007_12_26_17:22:17.774   075.037.148.xxx   076.212.157.xxx
2007_12_26_17:22:59.945   076.212.157.xxx   what?
2007_12_26_17:23:34.319   075.037.148.xxx   Does anyone think targets lights s***
2007_12_26_17:24:38.287   076.212.157.xxx   guess not
2007_12_26_17:25:40.817   075.037.148.xxx   Because some people on P.C. say they arnt verry good but i never have had a pro
2007_12_26_17:26:17.710   075.037.148.xxx   Had a problem
2007_12_26_17:28:11.928   076.212.157.xxx   its dark out there
2007_12_26_17:28:48.851   024.074.187.xxx   yes
2007_12_26_17:28:52.417   075.037.148.xxx   cause i turned all the lights off
2007_12_26_17:33:01.232   075.037.148.xxx   this thing is so cool
2007_12_26_17:37:32.087   085.160.101.xxx   this youtube video is ALEK
2007_12_26_17:38:14.964   085.160.101.xxx   click to all text messages (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_26_17:39:31.527   085.160.101.xxx   youtube / eBL0sfEVqQ8 (11)
2007_12_26_17:42:48.913   066.066.145.xxx   :
2007_12_26_17:43:14.366   066.066.145.xxx   :)
2007_12_26_17:43:25.275   075.134.051.xxx   i love this websight
2007_12_26_17:44:03.575   075.134.051.xxx   thank you for helping those in need
2007_12_26_17:48:39.372   074.224.208.xxx   Hey I'm viewing the cams on a iPod touch!!!!!
2007_12_26_17:49:43.281   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Cool about the iPod Touch - that's a first! ***ALEK***
2007_12_26_17:50:04.374   066.082.009.xxx   Its Darth
2007_12_26_17:50:52.187   074.224.208.xxx   Just got it it is sweet!!!!
2007_12_26_17:52:03.970   074.224.208.xxx   Ipods rule
2007_12_26_17:52:06.040   071.192.182.xxx   hola
2007_12_26_17:53:22.868   075.037.148.xxx   hi
2007_12_26_17:54:05.730   086.139.197.xxx   hi all/ from liverpool uk
2007_12_26_17:56:51.793   085.160.101.xxx   here is 2AM..im goin to sleep.. bye (12)
2007_12_26_17:57:29.037   086.139.197.xxx   wers here___
2007_12_26_17:57:52.342   086.139.197.xxx   wers here
2007_12_26_17:58:45.716   086.139.197.xxx   liverpool merseyside its 1am
2007_12_26_17:59:30.301   085.160.101.xxx   im from czech republic (13)
2007_12_26_18:00:27.035   086.139.197.xxx   cool
2007_12_26_18:00:41.783   067.162.169.xxx   happy holidays from florida !!!
2007_12_26_18:01:15.422   086.139.197.xxx   any english peple viewing?
2007_12_26_18:01:22.918   085.160.101.xxx   that my dream live in florida :) (14)
2007_12_26_18:02:34.749   067.162.169.xxx   no snow just hurricanes
2007_12_26_18:02:49.287   069.048.081.xxx   IATN.NET
2007_12_26_18:03:24.245   085.160.101.xxx   :-D that right but im wanna see tornado on my own eyes (15)
2007_12_26_18:03:30.463   067.162.169.xxx   try LINK DELETED   it's from florida
2007_12_26_18:04:47.013   067.162.169.xxx   where do we see the lava lamp ?
2007_12_26_18:05:51.755   067.162.169.xxx   can we control it?
2007_12_26_18:07:22.256   067.162.169.xxx   goodnight from Orlando !!
2007_12_26_18:11:19.044   085.160.101.xxx   lava lamp? try youtube (16)
2007_12_26_18:12:25.738   207.200.116.xxx   I HATE THIS
2007_12_26_18:12:41.829   076.212.157.xxx   hes not here, lets steal stuff
2007_12_26_18:13:07.572   207.200.116.xxx   nobody wants to steal anything.
2007_12_26_18:13:46.045   076.212.157.xxx   then lets "borrow" stuff
2007_12_26_18:13:55.340   066.082.009.xxx   Its Darth
2007_12_26_18:13:55.481   067.162.060.xxx   Merry day after Christmas!
2007_12_26_18:14:13.859   207.200.116.xxx   MERRY BELATED CHRISTMAS!
2007_12_26_18:14:36.468   024.205.062.xxx   p***!
2007_12_26_18:14:39.406   067.162.060.xxx   I love Christmas!
2007_12_26_18:15:04.653   207.200.116.xxx   It's a happy season.
2007_12_26_18:15:11.403   024.205.062.xxx   I dislike censoring
2007_12_26_18:15:18.026   067.162.060.xxx   I love Budwiser!
2007_12_26_18:15:22.348   076.212.157.xxx   may the force be with you darth
2007_12_26_18:15:46.167   207.200.116.xxx   -_-
2007_12_26_18:15:53.946   067.162.060.xxx   I LOVE MICHELOB
2007_12_26_18:15:58.251   024.205.062.xxx   Insert s*  joke here
2007_12_26_18:17:00.412   207.200.116.xxx   Is this some sort of t.v. screen?
2007_12_26_18:17:04.293   076.212.157.xxx   youre gonna get a beer belly (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_26_18:17:38.330   024.205.062.xxx   Ir does seem to be a tv
2007_12_26_18:17:50.185   086.139.197.xxx   any english folks?
2007_12_26_18:18:06.978   207.200.116.xxx   Sure.
2007_12_26_18:18:48.031   024.205.062.xxx   someone cyb er on the tv
2007_12_26_18:19:09.010   207.200.116.xxx   Um. No.
2007_12_26_18:23:16.712   089.242.250.xxx   Hi
2007_12_26_18:24:42.367   024.205.062.xxx   ok turn everything off
2007_12_26_18:26:02.985   089.242.250.xxx   ok, put it all on then
2007_12_26_18:28:48.975   024.205.062.xxx   and again
2007_12_26_18:29:29.838   089.242.250.xxx   back on!
2007_12_26_18:30:09.560   024.205.062.xxx   begin full shtdown, wait ten secs after all of then reverse
2007_12_26_18:30:45.227   066.038.100.xxx   colby perry from ky
2007_12_26_18:32:05.467   068.036.056.xxx   Hey Alek did ya hear anything from This Old House yet?
2007_12_26_18:32:46.772   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Was a finalist in Old House ... but did not win ... oh well ... :-( ***ALEK***
2007_12_26_18:33:17.675   068.036.056.xxx   :(
2007_12_26_18:33:43.840   089.242.250.xxx   i love this site! Would be nice to live somewhere with a white Christmas!
2007_12_26_18:34:28.026   068.036.056.xxx   Enter again next year Alek
2007_12_26_18:34:49.687   089.242.250.xxx   Weather in N.Ireland is wet
2007_12_26_18:35:14.111   068.036.056.xxx   I voted for ya :)
2007_12_26_18:35:31.721   089.242.250.xxx   Emerald Isle is Emerald because it rains alot!
2007_12_26_18:36:39.483   071.164.013.xxx   Seattle is Emerald cuz it rains a lot too!
2007_12_26_18:37:15.069   089.242.250.xxx   LOL
2007_12_26_18:40:26.431   141.158.030.xxx   turned out your lights
2007_12_26_18:41:46.012   071.011.226.xxx   Snow ... white, cold, refreshing.
2007_12_26_18:42:48.329   071.011.226.xxx   Welcome Stiz to the best website in the world!
2007_12_26_18:45:55.280   071.011.226.xxx   YOU DEFLATED SANTA, STIZ!!!
2007_12_26_18:47:38.779   069.015.192.xxx   This is your dream
2007_12_26_18:47:50.652   071.011.226.xxx   Yes .. it is.
2007_12_26_18:48:26.610   069.015.192.xxx   Frosty's going down
2007_12_26_18:48:58.677   071.011.226.xxx   From what I understand, snow IS cold. Right?
2007_12_26_18:50:33.528   069.015.192.xxx   That's what i've read on the interweb
2007_12_26_18:50:36.107   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Snow is colder than 32F or 0C ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_26_18:51:14.315   064.012.116.xxx   great display
2007_12_26_18:51:42.330   071.011.226.xxx   Thanks ... 32 F or 0 C is cold. Like my freezer.
2007_12_26_18:53:21.077   069.015.192.xxx   from what i understand paper beats ice, no?
2007_12_26_18:53:41.241   071.011.226.xxx   Rock eats snow, snow makes paper.
2007_12_26_18:54:33.429   071.011.226.xxx   WOW! IT IS only 6:54 in Colorado!
2007_12_26_18:55:08.436   069.015.192.xxx   can i remotely inflate your junk?
2007_12_26_18:55:27.138   071.011.226.xxx   Family show ... FAMILY SHOW!
2007_12_26_18:55:41.256   069.015.192.xxx   bingo
2007_12_26_18:56:04.380   066.082.009.xxx   Hey Darth
2007_12_26_18:56:32.219   071.164.013.xxx   071--u in Ft. Worth, TX?
2007_12_26_18:57:03.711   071.164.013.xxx   You have never experienced snow???
2007_12_26_18:57:04.397   071.011.226.xxx   Me? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_26_18:58:19.177   064.012.116.xxx   great display
2007_12_26_18:59:24.263   071.011.226.xxx   A guy I know, Jon Kisk, looks like a Frosty/Santa mix. (11)
2007_12_26_19:00:51.185   064.012.116.xxx   Even I like your lights, The Grinch
2007_12_26_19:01:04.020   189.160.058.xxx   Hello. I'm Jose Arturo
2007_12_26_19:01:20.032   064.012.116.xxx   Even I like your lights, The Grinch
2007_12_26_19:01:23.872   066.082.009.xxx   Hello Jose
2007_12_26_19:02:08.077   189.160.058.xxx   Jose:I'm from mexico.
2007_12_26_19:02:22.543   071.011.226.xxx   Jose, welcome to the best Linux website north of the Rio Grande! (12)
2007_12_26_19:02:34.389   066.082.009.xxx   Burrito Reindeer not working
2007_12_26_19:02:41.337   064.012.116.xxx   Even I like your lights, The Grinch
2007_12_26_19:03:27.840   066.082.009.xxx   Hello Jose from Alaska
2007_12_26_19:03:59.261   064.012.116.xxx   Even I like your lights, The Grinch
2007_12_26_19:04:11.640   071.011.226.xxx   Alaska .. How cold is Tundra? (13)
2007_12_26_19:04:30.578   066.082.009.xxx   40 below zero
2007_12_26_19:05:03.681   071.011.226.xxx   Wow! That is really cold. (14)
2007_12_26_19:05:03.972   070.187.209.xxx   hello
2007_12_26_19:05:17.814   069.015.192.xxx   Sounds like Ryan Broggs love life
2007_12_26_19:05:19.428   064.012.116.xxx   Even I like your lights, The Grinch
2007_12_26_19:06:31.808   066.082.009.xxx   we are happy for u (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_26_19:09:04.420   071.011.226.xxx   Where is the hot chocolate with schnapps? (15)
2007_12_26_19:09:25.564   066.082.009.xxx   Darth returns (11)
2007_12_26_19:09:33.223   216.161.137.xxx   Hey!!!!
2007_12_26_19:09:54.008   207.200.116.xxx   OMG HEY GORGEOUS PEOPLE
2007_12_26_19:11:05.109   216.161.137.xxx   Santa Rules
2007_12_26_19:14:08.411   207.200.116.xxx   IS THAT STEVEN COLBERT?! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_26_19:15:12.469   066.082.009.xxx   nope (12)
2007_12_26_19:15:45.447   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, Burrito Reindeer's lights aren't working - will look at it tomorrow ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_26_19:16:35.510   066.082.009.xxx   ok (13)
2007_12_26_19:17:07.192   207.200.116.xxx   Look at all the adorable little children! (11)
2007_12_26_19:17:20.990   066.082.009.xxx   princes leah ? (14)
2007_12_26_19:18:02.358   066.082.009.xxx   Darth! (15)
2007_12_26_19:18:40.314   066.082.009.xxx   polar bear! (16)
2007_12_26_19:20:14.702   207.200.116.xxx   Star Wars___ collecters? (12)
2007_12_26_19:21:20.950   207.200.116.xxx   Dr. Suess. (13)
2007_12_26_19:21:34.490   066.082.009.xxx   The Dr. is in (17)
2007_12_26_19:21:58.048   207.200.116.xxx   Aww, the little girl is really pretty! (14)
2007_12_26_19:23:28.371   071.131.018.xxx   hello
2007_12_26_19:24:15.039   071.131.018.xxx   I am watching from Beijing, China!
2007_12_26_19:25:34.360   207.200.116.xxx   Wow. What time is it in Beijing? (15)
2007_12_26_19:26:54.981   071.131.018.xxx   It is 9:26 am in Beijing
2007_12_26_19:27:06.668   066.082.009.xxx   time for a cold one (18)
2007_12_26_19:29:29.279   024.211.075.xxx   This is great!! Happy Holidays!!
2007_12_26_19:30:14.573   066.082.009.xxx   Hippy Holidaze to u (19)
2007_12_26_19:31:25.318   207.200.116.xxx   THE HULK! (16)
2007_12_26_19:31:30.561   072.218.128.xxx   I see you! hehe Merry Christmas!
2007_12_26_19:33:12.744   066.082.009.xxx   Bye Alek (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_26_19:33:45.389   071.141.124.xxx   hello alek
2007_12_26_19:39:50.026   024.211.075.xxx   Who is next to giant santa in front of garage?
2007_12_26_19:44:47.313   075.181.085.xxx   Homer Simpson
2007_12_26_19:57:47.310   067.053.135.xxx   hi steve
2007_12_26_19:58:18.196   076.098.087.xxx   MIKE BRINSON FEARS NUDITY
2007_12_26_20:00:29.007   067.053.135.xxx   wiscons rocks
2007_12_26_20:12:13.902   216.161.137.xxx   Greets from Idaho
2007_12_26_20:14:03.475   012.160.096.xxx   Happy Holidays from Berryville,Arkansas
2007_12_26_20:14:07.963   099.141.081.xxx   Christmas ****
2007_12_26_20:14:40.911   012.160.096.xxx   Love all your stuff you have put on your site.
2007_12_26_20:16:37.029   099.141.081.xxx   RandomBrad dot Com
2007_12_26_20:19:50.987   099.224.150.xxx   hello all
2007_12_26_20:22:30.861   072.086.082.xxx   Hello from Fort Wany, IN Merry X-Mas
2007_12_26_20:23:08.692   076.248.171.xxx   Happy New Year from California
2007_12_26_20:24:35.365   066.082.009.xxx   Party On! Galena Alaska (21)
2007_12_26_20:29:54.498   070.181.068.xxx   I want snow!
2007_12_26_20:30:31.138   070.181.068.xxx   You guys are sooo weird!!!
2007_12_26_20:31:37.781   070.181.068.xxx   BAH HUMBUG!
2007_12_26_20:32:19.789   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wait until the three ghosts visit you 070!   :-) ***ALEK***
2007_12_26_20:41:37.567   166.166.076.xxx   THIS IS REALLY NEAT!
2007_12_26_20:43:47.456   076.195.207.xxx   burp
2007_12_26_20:44:14.155   166.166.076.xxx   EWWWWW
2007_12_26_20:46:26.156   166.166.076.xxx   THIS HAS GOT TO BE ONE OF THE COOLEST THINGS IN THE WORLD
2007_12_26_20:48:11.375   166.166.076.xxx   LOOKS LIKE FROSTY HAS HAD A BAD DAY
2007_12_26_20:50:24.397   024.070.095.xxx   So Santa has come and gone... what's next?  ****!!!
2007_12_26_20:50:51.681   024.070.095.xxx   ****
2007_12_26_20:51:21.904   024.070.095.xxx   that reads two thousand and eight
2007_12_26_20:55:36.765   069.243.044.xxx   w00t
2007_12_26_20:59:15.086   024.255.231.xxx   yahhh christmas is finally over
2007_12_26_20:59:45.617   069.243.044.xxx   OFF! LOL
2007_12_26_21:06:14.908   024.198.046.xxx   Merry Christmas from the ISS
2007_12_26_21:07:09.564   069.019.014.xxx   Hello ISS
2007_12_26_21:08:03.671   069.019.014.xxx   57 MINUTES LEFT
2007_12_26_21:15:55.192   070.104.089.xxx   I wish we had snow! Just raining
2007_12_26_21:18:00.338   070.104.089.xxx   Best wishes for a happy new year and a cure!
2007_12_26_21:20:08.283   024.211.075.xxx   Happy Holidays from North Myrtle Beach, SC!!!
2007_12_26_21:22:54.994   071.181.248.xxx   merry christmas from Lock Haven,Pa.
2007_12_26_21:24:49.750   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** FYI: More snow predicted for tomorrow - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2007_12_26_21:26:05.086   072.145.094.xxx   HOPPE EVERYONE HAD AN AWSOME CHRISTMAS!
2007_12_26_21:35:00.950   067.162.060.xxx   You Are Bad
2007_12_26_21:35:22.819   069.019.014.xxx   25 minutes to go!
2007_12_26_21:36:00.742   067.162.060.xxx   When does this end for the year?
2007_12_26_21:36:02.188   024.022.219.xxx   Hi Everyone!
2007_12_26_21:36:26.407   069.019.014.xxx   Hello
2007_12_26_21:36:35.055   024.022.219.xxx   groovy
2007_12_26_21:39:48.924   067.162.060.xxx   I Love Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_26_21:41:08.380   067.162.060.xxx   God Bless the World!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_26_21:48:27.619   069.019.014.xxx   12 minutes to offline
2007_12_26_21:50:11.840   069.019.014.xxx   Alek returns
2007_12_26_21:50:51.310   024.166.247.xxx   alek how much snow is predicted???
2007_12_26_21:55:58.819   069.019.014.xxx   have a good evening from Alaska
2007_12_26_21:58:41.479   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** We could get yet another 6" on Thursday - where is Global Warming?!?  :-) ***ALEK***

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