169 christmas text messages on 2007/1227

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 3,118 times that day including 1,205 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1227

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2007_12_27_17:00:52.565   071.079.126.xxx   Happy New Year! 1st Msg! :)
2007_12_27_17:03:27.171   076.205.249.xxx   happy new year from santa rosa
2007_12_27_17:04:34.990   066.082.009.xxx   Hello from Galena Alaska
2007_12_27_17:07:33.811   084.059.126.xxx   hello heres germany
2007_12_27_17:08:17.076   084.059.126.xxx   my msn adress is dex112@web.de  click on me!!!
2007_12_27_17:11:26.949   066.082.009.xxx   Hello Alek!
2007_12_27_17:11:56.780   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hi web surfers - just brushing some snow off the inflatables - another 6-8" today ***ALEK***
2007_12_27_17:13:00.545   068.013.119.xxx   hello
2007_12_27_17:13:31.402   068.013.119.xxx   go ice skating in omaha
2007_12_27_17:13:34.307   071.238.054.xxx   where are u going???
2007_12_27_17:15:15.024   066.082.009.xxx   to check on the burrito deer
2007_12_27_17:19:29.631   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Burrito Reindeer still not working - will try to remember to check during daytime ***ALEK***
2007_12_27_17:21:34.222   087.194.173.xxx   hi alek
2007_12_27_17:21:43.157   076.097.227.xxx   hi there
2007_12_27_17:22:22.096   087.194.173.xxx   :-D
2007_12_27_17:22:58.407   072.228.111.xxx   word up
2007_12_27_17:25:42.851   080.213.162.xxx   merry christmas, Silje from Norway
2007_12_27_17:27:59.846   072.228.111.xxx   Merry Cristmas from Syracuse N.Y.
2007_12_27_17:34:47.218   024.073.014.xxx   Ho Ho Ho!
2007_12_27_17:38:59.671   066.245.014.xxx   Hi Chandra -- I hope you had a Merry Christmas!
2007_12_27_17:39:40.736   066.245.014.xxx   Ho Ho Ho
2007_12_27_17:40:17.554   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yardstick went down 18" in the front yard snow - see blog for picture ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_27_17:40:41.586   066.245.014.xxx   Is anyone else looking at christmas lights
2007_12_27_17:42:52.159   024.073.014.xxx   yes
2007_12_27_17:47:53.733   076.248.171.xxx   Hello Komars -- Happy New Year! :-)
2007_12_27_17:53:59.828   078.144.058.xxx   Does it always snow at Christmas where you live?
2007_12_27_17:55:35.115   075.134.181.xxx   hello
2007_12_27_17:56:11.772   075.134.181.xxx   hi jules
2007_12_27_17:57:19.001   086.148.202.xxx   hi everyone
2007_12_27_17:58:18.949   086.148.202.xxx   its nearly 1am here
2007_12_27_18:01:23.914   086.148.202.xxx   no one talking?
2007_12_27_18:02:36.237   075.134.181.xxx   ok i will talk to you
2007_12_27_18:03:07.485   086.148.202.xxx   hi im kerry from liverpool uk
2007_12_27_18:03:09.362   068.096.197.xxx   Hello from Las Vegas!!!
2007_12_27_18:03:49.519   086.148.202.xxx   hi from liverpool uk
2007_12_27_18:04:18.776   068.096.197.xxx   Hi Liverpool (LV,NV)
2007_12_27_18:04:52.858   075.134.181.xxx   hello from midland michigan go detroit red wings
2007_12_27_18:05:00.386   086.148.202.xxx   what?
2007_12_27_18:05:24.975   068.096.197.xxx   Las Vegas Saying Hi to UK
2007_12_27_18:05:40.377   086.148.202.xxx   oh right lol
2007_12_27_18:06:19.807   086.148.202.xxx   do you know merseyside?
2007_12_27_18:09:08.061   086.148.202.xxx   good night all xx
2007_12_27_18:12:19.351   086.148.202.xxx   very quiet in here (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_27_18:12:26.508   075.144.088.xxx   for a good time call 248-546-**** ask for dave
2007_12_27_18:12:53.971   075.144.088.xxx   ****
2007_12_27_18:13:05.430   086.148.202.xxx   jerk (11)
2007_12_27_18:13:20.655   075.144.088.xxx   4
2007_12_27_18:13:49.962   075.144.088.xxx   34
2007_12_27_18:14:07.414   086.148.202.xxx   this is  a site 4 charity an u got losers like him (12)
2007_12_27_18:14:18.831   075.144.088.xxx   2
2007_12_27_18:14:55.333   071.238.054.xxx   HI
2007_12_27_18:15:13.457   086.148.202.xxx   hi (13)
2007_12_27_18:16:07.653   086.148.202.xxx   whos this? (14)
2007_12_27_18:17:57.131   086.148.202.xxx   were about is this house? (15)
2007_12_27_18:20:49.418   086.148.202.xxx   maryland? (16)
2007_12_27_18:21:01.062   142.162.164.xxx   ___reads top of page___ - says Colorado
2007_12_27_18:21:53.090   086.148.202.xxx   is that in the mountains? im from uk (17)
2007_12_27_18:24:21.830   089.060.163.xxx   Hello Happy Xmas from Germany + Gr______e ans Spinnes Board
2007_12_27_18:25:03.937   086.148.202.xxx   hi there man (18)
2007_12_27_18:25:47.279   086.148.202.xxx   give us a wave (19)
2007_12_27_18:27:12.586   071.209.226.xxx   mayra
2007_12_27_18:27:37.122   070.092.014.xxx   Thanks for sharing your lights with us, Alek. Happy New Year.
2007_12_27_18:27:39.218   089.060.163.xxx   Alles Gute fuer **** - tecnoxxl
2007_12_27_18:28:13.761   071.209.226.xxx   hi im bob the builder
2007_12_27_18:28:24.088   075.091.155.xxx   this site rocks
2007_12_27_18:28:40.897   086.148.202.xxx   and im wendy (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_27_18:28:53.646   071.209.226.xxx   this is so cool
2007_12_27_18:28:59.694   075.091.155.xxx   Old man in store wave
2007_12_27_18:29:14.926   086.148.202.xxx   can we fix it (21)
2007_12_27_18:29:32.901   071.209.226.xxx   old man what are you doin
2007_12_27_18:29:42.376   075.091.155.xxx   Old man in store wave
2007_12_27_18:29:58.711   086.148.202.xxx   less of the old (22)
2007_12_27_18:31:20.389   086.148.202.xxx   weres bob gone (23)
2007_12_27_18:31:22.822   075.091.155.xxx   Visit a cool cam site like this more!!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_27_18:32:09.266   086.148.202.xxx   were has bob gone (24)
2007_12_27_18:32:28.056   071.209.226.xxx   ?
2007_12_27_18:33:15.253   071.209.226.xxx   merry christman!!! im mayra bob's daughter
2007_12_27_18:33:53.083   086.148.202.xxx   whos bob? (25)
2007_12_27_18:33:54.398   071.209.226.xxx   this site rocks!!!!
2007_12_27_18:34:25.416   086.148.202.xxx   whos bob? (26)
2007_12_27_18:35:40.188   071.209.226.xxx   hi!
2007_12_27_18:36:28.251   086.148.202.xxx   hey alek (27)
2007_12_27_18:39:02.384   089.060.163.xxx   seit lieb zueinander!
2007_12_27_18:39:55.095   089.060.163.xxx   seit lieb zueinander! ___-) tecnoxxl
2007_12_27_18:43:53.502   024.236.144.xxx   Mein Kampfy Chair
2007_12_27_18:44:30.535   064.012.116.xxx   How much snow did ya get so far today Alek?
2007_12_27_18:47:00.897   075.091.155.xxx   Old man wave at camera please
2007_12_27_18:57:17.908   075.091.155.xxx   David stinks
2007_12_27_18:58:09.342   075.091.155.xxx   halo rocks
2007_12_27_19:11:16.533   071.011.226.xxx   I think I have the lights all to myself tonight.
2007_12_27_19:17:13.411   072.178.160.xxx   not excactly!
2007_12_27_19:17:34.742   071.011.226.xxx   The fight is on ...
2007_12_27_19:22:10.441   209.097.087.xxx   Hi from ben
2007_12_27_19:23:13.926   072.178.160.xxx   hi from jim
2007_12_27_19:23:42.000   068.063.140.xxx   Hello from York PA -Steven
2007_12_27_19:24:12.213   074.046.017.xxx   hi from the north pole!!
2007_12_27_19:24:15.416   068.063.140.xxx   hey look at the camera
2007_12_27_19:25:27.193   072.178.160.xxx   its inspector lookout of the yard
2007_12_27_19:26:52.754   068.063.140.xxx   what inspexctor?
2007_12_27_19:27:34.410   072.178.160.xxx   lookout, of the yard
2007_12_27_19:27:52.128   068.063.140.xxx   i dont see him
2007_12_27_19:29:33.128   068.063.140.xxx   can the guy who does this ee us?
2007_12_27_19:30:31.270   068.063.140.xxx   Ahhh!
2007_12_27_19:30:36.111   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** YES, I can see you! ***ALEK***
2007_12_27_19:31:07.750   068.063.140.xxx   Hope your kids had a wonderful xmas
2007_12_27_19:31:54.008   068.063.140.xxx   wish you & them all the best with the Celiac
2007_12_27_19:32:25.687   066.227.136.xxx   wave
2007_12_27_19:32:47.758   068.063.140.xxx   (PS) you looked evil when u did that
2007_12_27_19:33:36.544   066.227.136.xxx   Hi alek wave
2007_12_27_19:33:39.358   068.063.140.xxx   is all this stuff really connecedted to a pc system Alex? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_27_19:34:24.454   068.063.140.xxx   it looks wild.  must take awhile to set up (11)
2007_12_27_19:35:55.203   069.131.176.xxx   Happy New Year!
2007_12_27_19:36:23.194   066.227.136.xxx   hope you got what you wANT
2007_12_27_19:36:46.032   068.063.140.xxx   that would Alek's kids cured.  hope someday they are (12)
2007_12_27_19:37:37.786   068.063.140.xxx   Alek, you're a wonderful guy & taking the time to do this isnice.  god bless yo (13)
2007_12_27_19:40:27.342   068.063.140.xxx   Tony had too  much tequila in his limeade.  Haha!  God bless us (hiccup) every1 (14)
2007_12_27_19:42:27.994   068.063.140.xxx   Do that funny look again for my wife. (15)
2007_12_27_19:43:29.867   071.165.050.xxx   thanks for this site
2007_12_27_19:44:36.788   068.063.140.xxx   merry xmas alek.  u take paypal? (16)
2007_12_27_19:45:14.869   072.213.000.xxx   Hope everyone had a good Holiday
2007_12_27_19:46:33.363   071.212.235.xxx   hi abby...i love you
2007_12_27_19:50:07.059   071.212.235.xxx   Happy New Year!
2007_12_27_19:52:04.807   068.089.240.xxx   Christmas comes and goes so quickly
2007_12_27_19:54:34.035   070.226.006.xxx   are those stars on top of the roof new?
2007_12_27_19:55:25.027   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yes, the stars on the roof (actually mounted on the chimney) are new this year ***ALEK***
2007_12_27_19:56:36.954   070.226.006.xxx   i did not see then on top of the roof last week?
2007_12_27_19:58:30.170   070.226.006.xxx   there use to be over 100 people on here no there is usally this week only areou
2007_12_27_19:58:59.048   070.226.006.xxx   only 60 people
2007_12_27_19:59:56.844   072.065.232.xxx   Go Steelers!!!
2007_12_27_20:02:56.407   068.238.228.xxx   :-___
2007_12_27_20:04:16.095   068.238.228.xxx   Hi MOM!
2007_12_27_20:04:45.864   068.238.228.xxx   I Like Cheeze ___3
2007_12_27_20:05:39.399   070.226.006.xxx   gla****
2007_12_27_20:08:30.693   068.238.228.xxx   shamalamadingdong
2007_12_27_20:09:19.576   068.238.228.xxx   Cheeze is my life
2007_12_27_20:09:55.980   068.238.228.xxx   Cheeze is my lifeIIMNVBHUVCBUJFBV HGCSGFG
2007_12_27_20:10:10.123   070.092.014.xxx   thanks, Alek. This is nice!
2007_12_27_20:10:29.381   068.089.240.xxx   Christmas comes and goes so quickly
2007_12_27_20:16:05.296   071.239.207.xxx   Cool.
2007_12_27_20:26:15.462   069.029.094.xxx   not
2007_12_27_20:26:51.104   069.029.094.xxx   real folks!!
2007_12_27_20:27:26.487   068.223.049.xxx   Ipod touch rules
2007_12_27_20:49:56.619   074.073.088.xxx   nyc represent
2007_12_27_20:52:22.948   067.160.023.xxx   hi everyone
2007_12_27_20:53:25.515   067.160.023.xxx   ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh penguin!!!___!!!!???!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????
2007_12_27_21:02:13.562   207.096.186.xxx   hello world
2007_12_27_21:02:42.717   207.096.186.xxx   crystal saYs hi
2007_12_27_21:03:59.664   075.084.108.xxx   Hello from California
2007_12_27_21:04:24.972   207.096.186.xxx   Hello from Canada, eh
2007_12_27_21:05:23.585   066.082.009.xxx   Take off eh from Alaska
2007_12_27_21:06:27.035   066.082.009.xxx   Vader returns
2007_12_27_21:07:58.796   207.096.186.xxx   brrrrr
2007_12_27_21:10:54.655   076.026.209.xxx   Happy New Year to u and yours  The Hendry family Charleston sc
2007_12_27_21:12:54.394   024.198.046.xxx   Merry Christmas from the ISS
2007_12_27_21:14:04.300   076.026.209.xxx   Hello how are u tonight
2007_12_27_21:16:13.115   066.082.009.xxx   Great
2007_12_27_21:17:23.076   076.026.209.xxx   Good Job Your mom and Dad are Proud
2007_12_27_21:20:26.345   071.207.238.xxx   Hello
2007_12_27_21:22:10.666   071.207.238.xxx   It is dark out there
2007_12_27_21:24:24.592   076.026.209.xxx   Gnight and thanks for the fun The Hendry Family   SC
2007_12_27_21:33:55.652   066.082.009.xxx   21 minutes left
2007_12_27_21:45:00.845   066.082.009.xxx   What happened with the snow in ur tub?
2007_12_27_21:45:16.282   072.066.080.xxx   snowy
2007_12_27_21:45:41.833   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** The tub is still over half full with snow ... 8 hours later - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2007_12_27_21:52:04.922   070.092.014.xxx   Your snow is headed toward us in WI. Due here tomorrow.
2007_12_27_21:54:29.194   066.082.009.xxx   good nite from Galena Alaska
2007_12_27_21:56:19.122   067.162.060.xxx   Good-nite from Galena Illinois!
2007_12_27_21:56:36.379   066.082.009.xxx   Alek check out Vader brushing his teeth (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_27_21:59:22.283   066.082.009.xxx   THE END (11)

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