279 christmas text messages on 2007/1229

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 5,511 times that day including 2,828 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1229

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2007_12_29_17:00:07.246   068.078.137.xxx   Ente#1 Zach G from Illinoisr text & return to see real-time in Santa's Workshop
2007_12_29_17:01:07.047   066.082.009.xxx   Hello from Galena Alaska
2007_12_29_17:01:47.270   090.200.154.xxx   hi
2007_12_29_17:01:59.934   082.040.077.xxx   hi ashley fae bryan x
2007_12_29_17:03:15.904   066.068.144.xxx   merry chirsmas and new yrs form texas
2007_12_29_17:03:30.329   066.065.243.xxx   hey everybody this is really cool!!
2007_12_29_17:03:48.914   082.040.077.xxx   hi tt
2007_12_29_17:04:27.624   066.068.144.xxx   no kidding
2007_12_29_17:05:25.608   066.065.243.xxx   what an awesome site
2007_12_29_17:05:36.183   082.040.077.xxx   tt loves ashley xx
2007_12_29_17:07:19.712   068.078.137.xxx   Hello
2007_12_29_17:08:28.372   066.068.144.xxx   this is cool as red hat
2007_12_29_17:09:06.801   068.078.137.xxx   Hi
2007_12_29_17:11:18.366   078.149.013.xxx   Hello
2007_12_29_17:11:33.773   078.086.147.xxx   morning
2007_12_29_17:12:18.190   090.200.154.xxx   nii nite every one
2007_12_29_17:13:04.138   216.161.137.xxx   i-da-ho
2007_12_29_17:15:49.881   078.086.147.xxx   boom headshot
2007_12_29_17:20:14.975   024.233.138.xxx   xxxx
2007_12_29_17:20:19.013   168.158.026.xxx   Linux + Python!
2007_12_29_17:22:41.477   076.102.255.xxx   Happy New Year from California
2007_12_29_17:24:46.904   070.109.152.xxx   hi aaron
2007_12_29_17:26:19.375   070.109.152.xxx   yo
2007_12_29_17:27:22.429   070.109.152.xxx   hi man in the back ground
2007_12_29_17:28:01.844   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hello web surfer 070 who wrote the above! ***ALEK***
2007_12_29_17:29:24.535   076.102.255.xxx   Hi Alek, Did you all have a great christmas?
2007_12_29_17:32:23.664   076.102.255.xxx   Was this site profitable this year?
2007_12_29_17:35:29.169   066.065.243.xxx   i love this site!
2007_12_29_17:36:08.093   070.017.088.xxx   dot dot dot
2007_12_29_17:36:11.609   068.094.244.xxx   Greetings from Hannah and David in Texas!
2007_12_29_17:36:38.779   070.017.088.xxx   still haven't celebrated xmas yet  :D
2007_12_29_17:37:09.429   070.017.088.xxx   still have to wrap the pressies.. yah!
2007_12_29_17:45:32.362   071.178.216.xxx   happy new years everyone!
2007_12_29_17:46:33.702   071.178.216.xxx   Charley wants to say merry belated christmas!
2007_12_29_17:47:27.421   024.178.206.xxx   Hi everyone
2007_12_29_17:49:14.139   071.178.216.xxx   i live down the street from college park! go terps!
2007_12_29_17:52:50.322   071.178.216.xxx   is there a censor?
2007_12_29_17:53:30.091   071.178.216.xxx   your neighbors must hate you by now.
2007_12_29_17:54:51.154   068.078.137.xxx   Hi MOM
2007_12_29_17:58:17.270   201.043.255.xxx   BLUNK!
2007_12_29_17:58:40.018   201.043.255.xxx   Men, this rulz
2007_12_29_18:02:07.570   201.043.255.xxx   Men this rulz!
2007_12_29_18:02:25.895   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Neighbors think it is a hoot - kids love it - see the FAQ ***ALEK***
2007_12_29_18:03:25.739   201.043.255.xxx   Oh Yeah
2007_12_29_18:06:35.384   066.227.136.xxx   Hi alek wave
2007_12_29_18:09:26.694   024.184.070.xxx   alek, you need to keep this idea going after christmas
2007_12_29_18:09:58.472   024.184.070.xxx   let us control you appliances or something else
2007_12_29_18:10:50.292   024.184.070.xxx   your garage door would be funny
2007_12_29_18:11:24.615   024.184.070.xxx   channels on the tv
2007_12_29_18:12:23.638   024.184.070.xxx   how about a collaborative document like a digital painting
2007_12_29_18:12:50.708   201.043.255.xxx   Sonia te amo
2007_12_29_18:12:52.233   024.184.070.xxx   be creative
2007_12_29_18:13:19.242   201.043.255.xxx   Sonia te Amo! Sergio
2007_12_29_18:13:29.955   024.184.070.xxx   what do you think?
2007_12_29_18:13:57.616   213.094.229.xxx   hi ther from ireland
2007_12_29_18:14:05.608   201.043.255.xxx   Sonia te Amo!!!   Sergio
2007_12_29_18:14:06.244   024.184.070.xxx   oh yeah by the way GO GIANTS
2007_12_29_18:14:25.517   201.043.255.xxx   Sonia te Amo!!!   Sergio
2007_12_29_18:14:26.008   194.000.077.xxx   yo
2007_12_29_18:15:16.151   024.184.070.xxx   i have an idea, control an animatronic character
2007_12_29_18:15:42.575   024.184.070.xxx   make it happen (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_29_18:16:02.836   086.042.093.xxx   You, from Dublin Artane, and
2007_12_29_18:16:17.165   024.184.070.xxx   it'll be GENIUS (11)
2007_12_29_18:17:22.055   024.184.070.xxx   What say you Alek? (12)
2007_12_29_18:17:55.679   024.184.070.xxx   Come on Trebek (13)
2007_12_29_18:18:46.922   024.184.070.xxx   Ok, thanks for another great year!! Be well! (14)
2007_12_29_18:19:09.689   061.009.231.xxx   wow this is awesome..thanks chris p. for leting us know
2007_12_29_18:21:44.686   070.017.088.xxx   hope to get paid monday or i'm in trouble!  :D
2007_12_29_18:22:29.366   024.184.070.xxx   alek, what database are you running for stats? (15)
2007_12_29_18:24:15.253   024.184.070.xxx   touchdown GIANTS!!! (16)
2007_12_29_18:24:24.319   061.009.231.xxx   hope you all have a great new year and best wishes for your family-grant ,austr
2007_12_29_18:27:42.796   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Some sledding pictures posted in the blog ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_29_18:28:34.107   072.221.073.xxx   blah blah
2007_12_29_18:28:38.721   208.005.197.xxx   hi
2007_12_29_18:29:07.012   076.249.188.xxx   Hi just donated ___10 sorry it can't be more.
2007_12_29_18:29:38.775   070.017.088.xxx   i couldn't donate a thing no credit card.
2007_12_29_18:30:49.959   201.043.255.xxx   HI Alek!!!
2007_12_29_18:38:09.592   066.227.136.xxx   hi derk
2007_12_29_18:38:21.575   086.044.010.xxx   Boards.ie Rules!
2007_12_29_18:38:56.722   066.227.136.xxx   Hi alek wave
2007_12_29_18:39:16.043   086.044.010.xxx   Yore Ma!
2007_12_29_18:39:37.888   066.227.136.xxx   OFF                            ON                              OFF             
2007_12_29_18:40:10.534   066.227.136.xxx   mary cristmass from alpena !!
2007_12_29_18:40:50.194   089.101.183.xxx   happy christmas from ireland!
2007_12_29_18:41:50.347   086.044.010.xxx   Nollaig Shona Duit!
2007_12_29_18:45:14.398   086.015.230.xxx   8==D
2007_12_29_18:55:02.305   086.041.093.xxx   CHRISTMAS IS GINE : ___
2007_12_29_18:57:43.255   070.017.088.xxx   i haven't had xmas yet...
2007_12_29_18:58:41.492   068.078.137.xxx   Lights broke
2007_12_29_19:00:45.975   089.101.041.xxx   Last bit of Christmas before the new year :(
2007_12_29_19:04:18.306   068.078.137.xxx   Lights Broke
2007_12_29_19:10:25.198   087.102.122.xxx   im sam powell
2007_12_29_19:11:37.699   087.102.122.xxx   hes not stupid
2007_12_29_19:13:01.190   087.102.122.xxx   he's makin a difference
2007_12_29_19:13:30.193   087.102.122.xxx   thumbs up to the guy
2007_12_29_19:15:10.026   087.102.122.xxx   omfg mikes here?
2007_12_29_19:15:39.079   087.102.122.xxx   you g** adam
2007_12_29_19:16:20.070   076.104.078.xxx   Hi?
2007_12_29_19:16:39.671   087.102.122.xxx   ________________________===0 my sword of justice _________
2007_12_29_19:17:18.583   192.198.151.xxx   Hi Rosarie
2007_12_29_19:17:35.785   087.102.122.xxx   '0..0'
2007_12_29_19:18:04.478   192.198.151.xxx   Looking a bit bored there Alek!
2007_12_29_19:18:16.054   087.102.122.xxx   i dint realise celiacs was a disease :O
2007_12_29_19:18:29.471   071.074.253.xxx   Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!!
2007_12_29_19:18:47.133   087.102.122.xxx   ___waves at IP address above______ (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_29_19:18:51.311   192.198.151.xxx   Sick eating turkey
2007_12_29_19:19:40.196   024.040.182.xxx   Wave to us in North Carolina!
2007_12_29_19:20:17.838   087.102.122.xxx   PRIDE OF HULL (11)
2007_12_29_19:21:25.356   087.102.122.xxx   relaxing eh alek? (12)
2007_12_29_19:21:56.089   067.186.238.xxx   Whats Komar?
2007_12_29_19:22:01.876   024.040.182.xxx   Nap time!
2007_12_29_19:22:10.913   087.102.122.xxx   bread ? (13)
2007_12_29_19:23:04.618   067.186.238.xxx   Komar is Bread?
2007_12_29_19:23:23.047   087.102.122.xxx   agreed. komar is bread (14)
2007_12_29_19:24:08.378   087.102.122.xxx   this websites amazing! 0.o (15)
2007_12_29_19:24:41.744   087.102.122.xxx   i dread to think of alek's electricity bills (16)
2007_12_29_19:24:51.222   087.102.116.xxx   Adam shelton loves men!
2007_12_29_19:25:12.609   087.102.122.xxx   Adam: I DO! (17)
2007_12_29_19:25:34.005   071.074.253.xxx   Why don't you potty mouths get off of here? No one wants to read your garbage!
2007_12_29_19:25:39.183   087.102.116.xxx   sam and adam love shaft
2007_12_29_19:25:42.972   087.102.122.xxx   not funny :( (18)
2007_12_29_19:26:33.594   087.102.116.xxx   It is desrespectful to the guys cause tbh
2007_12_29_19:27:04.770   087.102.122.xxx   yea this adam kid sounds like a proper fruit, hows amy doing? (19)
2007_12_29_19:27:40.022   087.102.116.xxx   on a guys site when hes raising money for his kid
2007_12_29_19:28:07.754   087.102.116.xxx   grow up
2007_12_29_19:28:20.423   087.102.122.xxx   grow dow (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_29_19:28:48.559   087.102.122.xxx   n (21)
2007_12_29_19:28:51.533   067.186.238.xxx   why cant poeple treat others like they would want
2007_12_29_19:29:37.809   087.102.122.xxx   stop ruining what this guys got and be quiet 067 (22)
2007_12_29_19:30:20.181   067.186.238.xxx   Alek Your doing a great thing
2007_12_29_19:30:47.588   087.102.122.xxx   keep it up budd! (23)
2007_12_29_19:31:17.837   087.102.122.xxx   i can see his hair growing ... (24)
2007_12_29_19:31:28.171   087.102.116.xxx   your doing a great thing...all the best =___
2007_12_29_19:31:39.801   071.074.253.xxx   For sure - stop trying to ruin things. Does your momma know youre up and being 
2007_12_29_19:31:46.855   087.102.122.xxx   gone with the wind (25)
2007_12_29_19:35:49.750   206.251.019.xxx   Hello Bryan
2007_12_29_19:35:57.679   080.060.219.xxx   Heey guys!!
2007_12_29_19:36:47.217   206.251.019.xxx   Hello Bryan
2007_12_29_19:38:19.543   070.017.088.xxx   hi ghost of fat elvis!
2007_12_29_19:39:42.646   064.012.116.xxx   this is great !
2007_12_29_19:43:12.390   070.017.088.xxx   someone's snapping pics of xmas display is that good?
2007_12_29_19:44:01.567   070.017.088.xxx   seeing how i've had rotten karma this month.  :O
2007_12_29_19:46:29.889   124.179.235.xxx   Happy new year to all
2007_12_29_19:47:08.500   209.143.010.xxx   Happy Holidays
2007_12_29_19:51:00.961   209.143.010.xxx   Happy New Year
2007_12_29_19:52:15.340   209.143.010.xxx   Turn ALL lights on
2007_12_29_19:53:20.731   209.143.010.xxx   Happy New Year
2007_12_29_19:53:27.141   083.071.031.xxx   Happy New Year! :-)
2007_12_29_19:53:40.334   075.065.243.xxx   Happy New Year from Madison , MS
2007_12_29_19:54:30.905   083.071.031.xxx   I support America's war of terror!
2007_12_29_19:54:31.578   075.065.243.xxx   Madison, MS - America's best kept secret!
2007_12_29_19:54:36.881   089.101.106.xxx   Ponybear
2007_12_29_19:55:01.027   075.065.243.xxx   Where is everyone from?
2007_12_29_19:55:09.630   083.071.031.xxx   Go team americaw!
2007_12_29_19:55:52.113   083.071.031.xxx   3 cheers for America's war of terror!
2007_12_29_19:55:58.336   075.065.243.xxx   Miss State Univ won the Liberty Bowl - Go Dawgs!
2007_12_29_19:57:21.518   075.065.243.xxx   hello?
2007_12_29_19:58:05.981   075.065.243.xxx   What are Aleks' plans for New Years?
2007_12_29_19:58:34.921   086.004.185.xxx   learn more about celiac disease at komar.org/faq/celiac_disease/ and LINK DELET
2007_12_29_20:00:41.307   086.004.185.xxx   learn more about celiac disease at komar.org/faq/celiac_disease/ Max-Andison
2007_12_29_20:03:04.960   075.065.243.xxx   try this link:LINK DELETED
2007_12_29_20:03:37.526   075.065.243.xxx   why was that link deleted?
2007_12_29_20:04:44.346   075.065.243.xxx   Go to: Univ. of Maryland Center for Celiac Disease Research
2007_12_29_20:06:25.708   086.004.185.xxx   learn more about celiac disease at komar.org/faq/celiac_disease/ Max-Andison
2007_12_29_20:07:38.246   086.004.185.xxx   learn more about celiac disease at komar.org/faq/celiac_disease/ LINK DELETED
2007_12_29_20:08:50.462   086.004.185.xxx   learn more about celiac disease at komar.org/faq/celiac_disease/ chris.pirillo.
2007_12_29_20:13:07.506   012.216.240.xxx   Lenis Pong says hide ur bong
2007_12_29_20:13:14.162   089.204.194.xxx   well done on a nice site
2007_12_29_20:14:39.832   068.036.051.xxx   Happy! Happy! from Chuck @ LINK DELETED
2007_12_29_20:15:17.461   066.227.136.xxx   OFF                            ON                              OFF             
2007_12_29_20:15:50.547   071.201.180.xxx   h*** Courtney
2007_12_29_20:17:40.915   066.185.041.xxx   hola pat
2007_12_29_20:19:00.019   068.089.240.xxx   Yo yo yo
2007_12_29_20:20:04.284   068.089.240.xxx   Not much traffic post-christmas ___)
2007_12_29_20:21:11.166   218.088.103.xxx   to many cops on the roads...
2007_12_29_20:21:37.205   068.089.240.xxx   They are very needed this time of year.
2007_12_29_20:22:51.269   071.092.101.xxx   ohh no
2007_12_29_20:23:24.793   218.088.103.xxx   they are needed, but why do they take my weed?
2007_12_29_20:24:57.412   071.092.101.xxx   pew pew
2007_12_29_20:25:24.867   070.127.117.xxx   all on
2007_12_29_20:26:26.225   066.227.136.xxx   OFF                            ON                              OFF             
2007_12_29_20:27:33.969   070.127.117.xxx   onoffnow
2007_12_29_20:27:37.696   071.174.070.xxx   Hello From Andover Mass
2007_12_29_20:28:13.103   070.127.117.xxx   onoffnow
2007_12_29_20:28:34.419   071.174.070.xxx   Hello From Andover Mass
2007_12_29_20:29:23.846   071.174.070.xxx   Hello From Andover Mass
2007_12_29_20:31:00.751   071.174.070.xxx   Hello From Andover Mass
2007_12_29_20:37:51.551   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Anybody watching the Giants-Patriots football game? ***ALEK***
2007_12_29_20:38:34.680   071.174.070.xxx   Me
2007_12_29_20:39:03.665   071.174.070.xxx   Go Patriots
2007_12_29_20:39:13.136   172.207.052.xxx   Hoes
2007_12_29_20:39:54.923   071.174.070.xxx   Mean person your the hoe
2007_12_29_20:41:03.600   172.207.052.xxx   haha pwned
2007_12_29_20:43:00.448   172.207.052.xxx   bah humbug
2007_12_29_20:49:15.775   024.023.106.xxx   hi from pa!
2007_12_29_20:49:37.445   082.031.080.xxx   mooo
2007_12_29_20:50:40.027   082.031.080.xxx   sea bass
2007_12_29_20:51:51.109   024.023.106.xxx   I LIKE CHEESE
2007_12_29_20:52:05.410   082.031.080.xxx   hey!
2007_12_29_20:55:20.679   082.031.080.xxx   mmm breaded sea bass,
2007_12_29_20:55:31.612   024.023.106.xxx   D'oh!!
2007_12_29_20:55:53.232   082.031.080.xxx   mmm breaded sea bass,
2007_12_29_20:56:23.415   024.023.106.xxx   Mmmm.Fish sandwiches with CHEESE!
2007_12_29_20:57:12.213   082.031.080.xxx   mmmm, fishing for cheese, useing a sea bass.
2007_12_29_20:58:31.949   024.023.106.xxx   Barracuda ate my Cheese!
2007_12_29_21:02:32.831   024.023.106.xxx   WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!
2007_12_29_21:04:39.032   082.031.080.xxx   -----------------------------------------
2007_12_29_21:07:08.897   124.168.244.xxx   test
2007_12_29_21:08:47.026   068.099.184.xxx   Let's get this party started!!  Pass the nog.
2007_12_29_21:14:26.917   124.168.244.xxx   Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year
2007_12_29_21:14:59.054   066.188.220.xxx   Merry Xmas from MN
2007_12_29_21:15:27.254   070.110.079.xxx   BRENT AHHH
2007_12_29_21:15:35.570   068.078.137.xxx   Hi Red Iron
2007_12_29_21:15:55.713   070.110.079.xxx   OH NO! BOO!
2007_12_29_21:16:19.372   124.168.244.xxx   lol
2007_12_29_21:17:08.844   124.168.244.xxx   Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year
2007_12_29_21:17:18.323   068.078.137.xxx   Hi RedIron
2007_12_29_21:18:57.675   081.110.198.xxx   Hey
2007_12_29_21:19:21.616   076.212.102.xxx   hi
2007_12_29_21:19:37.606   081.110.198.xxx   Hey You Guys Good Job! I Donated ___100
2007_12_29_21:20:01.461   124.168.244.xxx   this is so cool, need something like this over here is AUS
2007_12_29_21:20:23.116   081.110.198.xxx   im from england
2007_12_29_21:20:34.605   083.071.009.xxx   U guys rock!
2007_12_29_21:20:40.976   076.212.102.xxx   u did not donate
2007_12_29_21:20:54.749   081.110.198.xxx   yes i did
2007_12_29_21:20:54.986   066.188.220.xxx   Patriots 16 and 0
2007_12_29_21:21:09.357   076.212.102.xxx   just kinding
2007_12_29_21:21:34.539   066.227.136.xxx   qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq
2007_12_29_21:21:35.739   081.110.198.xxx   i donated a while ago
2007_12_29_21:21:51.149   076.212.102.xxx   lol
2007_12_29_21:21:51.679   124.168.244.xxx   hi luke
2007_12_29_21:22:14.260   066.227.136.xxx   ===============================================================================
2007_12_29_21:22:18.473   124.168.243.xxx   hi lol
2007_12_29_21:22:41.374   081.110.198.xxx   no-competiton.net
2007_12_29_21:22:42.179   066.227.136.xxx   =============================================================================== (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_29_21:23:05.972   091.121.102.xxx   Watashi wa Kira desu
2007_12_29_21:23:14.704   081.110.198.xxx   no-competiton.net/forum
2007_12_29_21:24:10.945   091.121.102.xxx   no competition like ho competition
2007_12_29_21:24:16.592   065.087.172.xxx   Ryan Santana Was Here
2007_12_29_21:24:29.979   081.110.198.xxx   no-competiton.net
2007_12_29_21:25:31.343   065.087.172.xxx   Happy New Year
2007_12_29_21:25:36.333   066.019.186.xxx   love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_29_21:25:51.301   075.073.184.xxx   play with my b***
2007_12_29_21:26:48.748   065.087.172.xxx   Ryan Santana Was Here
2007_12_29_21:27:11.589   091.121.102.xxx   clap on / clap off
2007_12_29_21:27:38.527   124.168.244.xxx   lol
2007_12_29_21:27:55.553   075.073.184.xxx   hi guy
2007_12_29_21:28:17.669   124.168.244.xxx   hi guy sitting at the computer
2007_12_29_21:28:59.511   066.082.009.xxx   His name is Alek
2007_12_29_21:29:06.920   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hi person sitting on their computer watching me on my computer! ***ALEK***
2007_12_29_21:29:17.071   065.087.172.xxx   i love you snigdha
2007_12_29_21:29:21.996   098.026.012.xxx   omg wow
2007_12_29_21:29:22.575   124.168.244.xxx   lol
2007_12_29_21:30:15.126   098.026.012.xxx   omg wow
2007_12_29_21:30:33.732   124.168.243.xxx   lol
2007_12_29_21:30:34.269   124.168.244.xxx   nice display, well done (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_29_21:30:44.584   066.082.009.xxx   Burrito reindeer is hard at work
2007_12_29_21:31:10.381   071.123.071.xxx   i like t******!
2007_12_29_21:31:46.652   091.121.102.xxx   i've got a lovely bunch of coconuts
2007_12_29_21:31:55.946   071.123.071.xxx   como se llama la llama llorona
2007_12_29_21:32:41.861   071.123.071.xxx   i wanna make a shoutout to my parents to thank them for the new computer
2007_12_29_21:35:00.657   071.123.071.xxx   core 2 duo!
2007_12_29_21:37:38.022   098.026.012.xxx   asdfjkl___
2007_12_29_21:38:49.988   012.201.077.xxx   Jenna loves Dustin
2007_12_29_21:40:39.340   067.186.238.xxx   did i just sink homer?
2007_12_29_21:40:46.758   070.127.117.xxx   alloff
2007_12_29_21:40:48.478   012.201.077.xxx   Thats not nice
2007_12_29_21:42:00.954   024.230.039.xxx   howya doin?
2007_12_29_21:42:33.003   070.127.117.xxx   all on
2007_12_29_21:43:13.349   067.186.238.xxx   is homer deflated yet?
2007_12_29_21:43:52.542   070.127.117.xxx   all off now
2007_12_29_21:44:42.465   067.186.238.xxx   this is so cool...i just inflated him again i think
2007_12_29_21:45:34.404   098.026.012.xxx   asldkjfoisdjflaksjdfldsjk                                                      
2007_12_29_21:46:10.902   067.186.238.xxx   this is so fun..thanks alek!!!!
2007_12_29_21:47:50.048   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** You are welcome 067 ... and a Happy New Year to you and everyone ***ALEK***
2007_12_29_21:48:51.377   070.092.014.xxx   Thanks, Alek. Happy New Year.
2007_12_29_21:52:04.848   067.186.238.xxx   patriots just won perfect seoson
2007_12_29_21:59:48.006   072.178.160.xxx   die elmo die
2007_12_29_22:00:00.000   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wellll ... now that it is 10:00PM, it's lights out for everything ... including Elmo! ***ALEK***

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