615 christmas text messages on 2007/1230

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 10,312 times that day including 5,820 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1230

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2007_12_30_16:36:39.014   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Second to last day for the lights/X10, so turned it on early ***ALEK***
2007_12_30_16:37:52.990   074.196.097.xxx   Hello World!
2007_12_30_16:39:26.360   081.103.142.xxx   pooh bear
2007_12_30_16:39:28.074   074.196.097.xxx   Muhahaha YOU SUCK!
2007_12_30_16:39:55.496   081.103.142.xxx   no he dont
2007_12_30_16:40:33.267   074.196.097.xxx   Whats the point of this?
2007_12_30_16:41:27.832   071.192.037.xxx   Magic!
2007_12_30_16:41:44.265   081.103.142.xxx   to raise mony for sufferers of celtic deseas
2007_12_30_16:43:07.095   074.196.097.xxx   to raise money for the poor.
2007_12_30_16:43:57.432   081.103.142.xxx   no
2007_12_30_16:44:41.650   081.234.199.xxx   HELLO!
2007_12_30_16:45:11.786   081.103.142.xxx   HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_30_16:46:06.480   074.196.097.xxx   anime-please.net! loli
2007_12_30_16:46:44.640   074.196.097.xxx   This guy looks like he could use a beer!
2007_12_30_16:48:32.139   070.127.117.xxx   alec big homer is stuck
2007_12_30_16:48:41.679   074.196.097.xxx   LOL! BEEEEER!!!!!
2007_12_30_16:49:32.591   074.196.097.xxx   Much Better.
2007_12_30_16:49:53.501   074.196.097.xxx   Nice site ya got here!
2007_12_30_16:49:59.428   081.103.142.xxx   HOMER IS STUCK
2007_12_30_16:50:00.065   081.234.199.xxx   DEFLATE! :D
2007_12_30_16:50:25.294   074.196.097.xxx   Very Nice Site... (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_30_16:50:44.654   081.103.142.xxx   HOMER IS STUCK
2007_12_30_16:51:10.304   074.196.097.xxx   Yes, Could you got and fix him? (11)
2007_12_30_16:51:24.521   070.127.117.xxx   homer has fallen an cant get up
2007_12_30_16:51:28.048   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, Homer fell backwards into the garage - windy tonight - heading outside! ***ALEK***
2007_12_30_16:51:33.667   090.209.179.xxx   DOHH!!
2007_12_30_16:51:57.132   074.196.097.xxx   FIX TEH HOMERZ!!! (12)
2007_12_30_16:52:30.050   074.196.097.xxx   Thanks mr beer man! Hahaha (13)
2007_12_30_16:52:33.005   075.090.169.xxx   HELLO
2007_12_30_16:53:06.885   074.196.097.xxx   Thanks Mr. Beer Man! hahaah (14)
2007_12_30_16:53:30.866   081.234.199.xxx   muhaha
2007_12_30_16:53:45.377   075.090.169.xxx   WHASSUP FKERS
2007_12_30_16:54:03.779   070.127.117.xxx   homer say thanks alec
2007_12_30_16:54:22.989   075.090.169.xxx   CHRIS PIRILLO ROCKS SO DO U DOOD
2007_12_30_16:54:29.624   213.140.006.xxx   happy xmas from turin, northern italy
2007_12_30_16:55:19.253   075.090.169.xxx   hey are you there i want to meet u irl k
2007_12_30_16:55:45.339   070.127.117.xxx   deers backside on fire
2007_12_30_16:57:37.240   081.103.142.xxx   UNZOOM IT
2007_12_30_16:58:15.446   081.103.142.xxx   THANK-YOU
2007_12_30_16:59:29.574   070.127.117.xxx   all on
2007_12_30_17:00:30.168   081.103.142.xxx   ZOOM IN (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_30_17:02:28.793   074.196.097.xxx   Buy a cng car and save money on your fuel costs (15)
2007_12_30_17:03:00.906   074.196.097.xxx   Kilroy was here! (16)
2007_12_30_17:04:17.834   070.127.117.xxx   all off
2007_12_30_17:04:19.011   070.230.232.xxx   ho ho ho ho
2007_12_30_17:04:29.745   063.228.006.xxx   P.B.R. me A.S.A.P.!!!
2007_12_30_17:04:45.459   068.003.211.xxx   lol
2007_12_30_17:05:11.772   085.178.033.xxx   I ate the green one.
2007_12_30_17:07:15.110   068.003.211.xxx   boo!
2007_12_30_17:07:24.759   086.132.132.xxx   This is amazing! From Jack and Beth, UK
2007_12_30_17:07:27.625   085.178.033.xxx   Nicely done!
2007_12_30_17:08:22.872   196.035.158.xxx   Africa's send a huge Ho Ho Hooooo'
2007_12_30_17:09:17.033   086.132.132.xxx   is amazing! From Jack and Beth, UK
2007_12_30_17:10:53.486   071.125.061.xxx   hey
2007_12_30_17:12:56.306   076.229.147.xxx   This is dedicated to my friends Dave and Elise, both with celiac disease. Thank
2007_12_30_17:14:23.040   081.096.117.xxx   Fantastic Site. Happy New Year!!
2007_12_30_17:16:12.005   099.230.230.xxx   what a riot
2007_12_30_17:16:30.455   080.248.124.xxx   oh lol
2007_12_30_17:16:34.067   066.227.136.xxx   what a good sigth
2007_12_30_17:16:44.840   099.230.230.xxx   Your neighbours must HATE you.  LOL   I love it!!!
2007_12_30_17:19:43.945   066.227.136.xxx   _______________________________________________________________________________
2007_12_30_17:19:59.900   077.102.185.xxx   Merry christmas from the UK
2007_12_30_17:20:50.374   077.102.185.xxx   I stayed up till past midnight to watch this
2007_12_30_17:21:33.107   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Neighbors think it is a hoot - kids love it - see the FAQ ***ALEK***
2007_12_30_17:23:00.579   012.216.017.xxx   Meow
2007_12_30_17:25:12.378   062.190.231.xxx   huh
2007_12_30_17:26:10.626   075.081.211.xxx   Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
2007_12_30_17:31:10.519   098.192.137.xxx   Happy New Year from Tallahassee, Florida! - MM
2007_12_30_17:33:24.319   098.192.137.xxx   Miller, Bentley, and Levy say "HAPPY NEW YEAR!"
2007_12_30_17:35:07.357   068.048.055.xxx   Merry Christmas! - J
2007_12_30_17:35:43.653   068.048.055.xxx   SBelmont says, "Relax!"
2007_12_30_17:36:12.059   068.048.055.xxx   Frankie Says Relax!
2007_12_30_17:37:00.554   072.043.205.xxx   Marilyn I Love You From NY
2007_12_30_17:38:17.536   070.127.117.xxx   HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM CLEARWATER FLORIDA
2007_12_30_17:39:04.113   072.043.205.xxx   I love clearwater FL!!!!
2007_12_30_17:41:19.684   069.128.224.xxx   Happy New Year From Hot Springs, Virginia
2007_12_30_17:42:03.067   069.128.224.xxx   I LOVE BCHS BAND
2007_12_30_17:42:40.454   069.128.224.xxx   I LOVE MADDIE MARTIN
2007_12_30_17:43:22.126   069.128.224.xxx   I will kill you at 12:00 new years eve
2007_12_30_17:43:56.094   069.128.224.xxx   call 911 i do not care i will
2007_12_30_17:44:40.908   069.128.224.xxx   just kiddin love the homstead **** snow boarding
2007_12_30_17:45:50.983   069.128.224.xxx   I love christie ford
2007_12_30_17:50:57.110   066.227.136.xxx   _______________________________________________________________________________
2007_12_30_17:51:27.085   070.226.097.xxx   why is there beer cans right there in the screen?
2007_12_30_17:51:57.121   066.227.136.xxx   I dont know
2007_12_30_17:52:06.245   070.226.097.xxx   why is the labtop pushed back so far?
2007_12_30_17:53:21.254   066.227.136.xxx   on,off,on,off,on,off,on,off,on,off,on,off,on,off,on,off,on,
2007_12_30_17:53:45.531   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Someone asked for a beer earlier ... so I put it out there - zoomed back in ***ALEK***
2007_12_30_17:54:18.808   070.226.097.xxx   the beer cans moves?
2007_12_30_17:54:22.385   069.180.117.xxx   what beer?
2007_12_30_17:55:01.239   069.180.117.xxx   this is f___/c______ing cool
2007_12_30_17:55:18.225   024.016.137.xxx   asdf hello
2007_12_30_17:55:27.246   209.083.047.xxx   Do you find it dark and depressing after the lights are turned off for the year?
2007_12_30_17:57:05.387   076.031.011.xxx   Howdy !
2007_12_30_17:57:32.937   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Do you guys want the beer cans back ... or maybe champagne? ***ALEK***
2007_12_30_18:08:28.079   069.251.213.xxx   Test
2007_12_30_18:08:50.812   071.076.201.xxx   And Happy New Year to you
2007_12_30_18:09:20.903   142.167.124.xxx   ****!
2007_12_30_18:09:52.966   071.076.201.xxx   Santa looks like he wants to escape
2007_12_30_18:11:31.989   202.062.120.xxx   lol
2007_12_30_18:15:02.564   069.128.224.xxx   GO Chargers!!! Bath COunty Virginia
2007_12_30_18:15:27.389   069.128.224.xxx   o
2007_12_30_18:15:34.726   069.221.167.xxx   been watching this for the last few years........ hope to see many years!
2007_12_30_18:15:45.725   086.136.146.xxx   ( . Y . )
2007_12_30_18:16:12.462   069.221.167.xxx   why do people have to be such idiots, we know what that means
2007_12_30_18:16:36.632   086.136.146.xxx   Sorry.. tis the season. I just had to ___-)
2007_12_30_18:16:40.930   069.128.224.xxx   I LOVE VIRGINIA (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_30_18:17:11.727   069.221.167.xxx   i love ohio
2007_12_30_18:17:25.278   069.128.224.xxx   VIRGINIA IS FOR LOVEERS (11)
2007_12_30_18:17:41.946   069.221.167.xxx   ohio is for drinkers and rubber
2007_12_30_18:18:04.955   069.128.224.xxx   vIRGINIA IS FOR LOVERS (12)
2007_12_30_18:18:05.523   068.149.172.xxx   blah!
2007_12_30_18:18:50.903   069.128.224.xxx   a** HOLE DO NOT blah me!!!! VA IS THE BEST (13)
2007_12_30_18:19:30.849   069.128.224.xxx   Go Bath County CHARGERS (14)
2007_12_30_18:20:04.900   069.128.224.xxx   UVA GO HOOS GO (15)
2007_12_30_18:20:51.887   203.002.218.xxx   G'day from ABC Ultimo Sydney!
2007_12_30_18:24:09.155   203.002.218.xxx   Message from Sydney - hello!
2007_12_30_18:24:35.920   203.038.071.xxx   Arr mi hearties
2007_12_30_18:25:00.404   072.242.083.xxx   woohoo
2007_12_30_18:25:17.823   203.038.071.xxx   G'day from Slashdot
2007_12_30_18:28:03.169   071.126.019.xxx   whos got xbox 360
2007_12_30_18:28:22.851   085.228.243.xxx   happy new year from sweden, Biryani
2007_12_30_18:28:33.151   071.126.019.xxx   tell me ur gamertag
2007_12_30_18:28:39.994   064.142.042.xxx   hi hi hi hihihihihihihihi!
2007_12_30_18:29:35.276   071.126.019.xxx   youtube . com / youtube
2007_12_30_18:29:57.790   072.242.083.xxx   woohoo
2007_12_30_18:30:06.951   071.126.019.xxx   youtube . com / acdcdude12
2007_12_30_18:30:37.422   072.242.083.xxx   merry christmas
2007_12_30_18:31:53.623   066.227.136.xxx   ****___Welcome back 066.227.136.xxx from Alpena Michigan United States (45.065_
2007_12_30_18:31:57.495   211.040.223.xxx   Hi, I'm Jesse
2007_12_30_18:32:01.429   069.128.224.xxx   hey look at the camara dude (16)
2007_12_30_18:32:25.477   072.242.083.xxx   yup
2007_12_30_18:32:29.363   066.227.136.xxx   his name is alek
2007_12_30_18:32:29.449   211.040.223.xxx   I'm writing this from South Korea
2007_12_30_18:32:30.911   072.081.061.xxx   Happy New Year to you and your famliy!
2007_12_30_18:32:42.912   069.128.224.xxx   Jordan ForD of Hot Springs Virginia (17)
2007_12_30_18:33:09.121   072.242.083.xxx   columbus, Georgia here
2007_12_30_18:33:27.061   069.128.224.xxx   Thanks for lookn (18)
2007_12_30_18:33:27.956   211.040.223.xxx   Happy New Year from Korea!
2007_12_30_18:33:31.310   085.228.243.xxx   HO HO HO World!
2007_12_30_18:33:40.475   072.081.061.xxx   Hey you waved! :D
2007_12_30_18:34:08.733   069.128.224.xxx   COME BACK (19)
2007_12_30_18:34:40.155   067.142.130.xxx   It's kind of dark outside...
2007_12_30_18:34:48.124   069.128.224.xxx   were is every one from (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_30_18:35:08.268   211.040.223.xxx   South Korea
2007_12_30_18:35:17.163   069.128.224.xxx   virginia (21)
2007_12_30_18:35:17.915   067.142.130.xxx   Wisconsin, USA
2007_12_30_18:35:19.836   072.242.083.xxx   georgia here
2007_12_30_18:35:26.265   085.228.243.xxx   birbir from sweden
2007_12_30_18:35:39.911   087.194.163.xxx   yay! I can see now :)
2007_12_30_18:35:46.282   069.128.224.xxx   virginia (22)
2007_12_30_18:35:46.965   066.227.136.xxx   Alpena Michigan United States (45.065___N 83.455___W) You have visited 326 time
2007_12_30_18:36:23.052   069.128.224.xxx   Hot Springs Virginia USA (23)
2007_12_30_18:36:59.424   069.128.224.xxx   were is every one from??? (24)
2007_12_30_18:37:48.758   069.128.224.xxx   how did you like the lights? from alek (25)
2007_12_30_18:37:55.760   072.045.007.xxx   maryland's eastern shore & u
2007_12_30_18:38:25.687   069.128.224.xxx   moutians of virginia (26)
2007_12_30_18:38:28.268   065.102.250.xxx   HEY TAMMI !!!!
2007_12_30_18:38:52.438   069.128.224.xxx   HI!!!!!!!!! (27)
2007_12_30_18:39:12.089   067.142.130.xxx   Must deflate evil SpongeBob
2007_12_30_18:39:40.509   065.102.250.xxx   Hey From Grand junction, Colorado
2007_12_30_18:40:57.468   069.128.224.xxx   hey from bacova virginia (28)
2007_12_30_18:41:15.880   211.040.223.xxx   b*****s!@#
2007_12_30_18:41:47.017   211.040.223.xxx   Br34sts!@#
2007_12_30_18:42:20.653   211.040.223.xxx   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
2007_12_30_18:42:29.343   190.042.034.xxx   hohoho
2007_12_30_18:45:30.435   075.172.103.xxx   howdy
2007_12_30_18:46:06.619   076.029.017.xxx   doody
2007_12_30_18:46:45.301   066.247.209.xxx   hello my name is pete. happy new year
2007_12_30_18:46:47.376   076.029.017.xxx   ok
2007_12_30_18:48:41.234   071.252.164.xxx   Merry Christmas and God bless!
2007_12_30_18:48:46.840   070.166.013.xxx   Very cool!!!  Good job!
2007_12_30_18:49:40.596   142.068.186.xxx   hope you all had a nice Christmas season
2007_12_30_18:49:43.232   065.102.250.xxx   Happy New Year **** !!!
2007_12_30_18:50:19.343   070.166.013.xxx   Hello World!
2007_12_30_18:50:43.159   065.102.250.xxx   Hello Tammi In Cortez,co
2007_12_30_18:50:44.017   075.073.208.xxx   insane...
2007_12_30_18:51:42.989   075.073.208.xxx   looks like you figured it out
2007_12_30_18:51:51.460   070.092.014.xxx   Alek you need to get a jackalope for your inside display :-)
2007_12_30_18:52:07.075   080.002.021.xxx   hi - merry christmas
2007_12_30_18:52:10.886   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Santa helps me a bit in putting it all together ... :-) ***ALEK***
2007_12_30_18:52:38.085   070.166.013.xxx   are you on a computer now?
2007_12_30_18:52:49.185   075.073.208.xxx   this website is a visual disaster
2007_12_30_18:53:01.080   076.029.017.xxx   hi mend
2007_12_30_18:53:32.885   070.166.013.xxx   way cool!
2007_12_30_18:53:46.008   065.102.250.xxx   Hi Tammi !!! in cortez
2007_12_30_18:54:10.962   076.029.017.xxx   yeah
2007_12_30_18:55:20.194   076.029.017.xxx   yes
2007_12_30_18:55:39.836   065.102.250.xxx   hello Tammi
2007_12_30_18:55:54.896   076.029.017.xxx   prove it
2007_12_30_18:56:27.828   075.147.014.xxx   Seriously?
2007_12_30_18:56:33.802   070.166.013.xxx   wheres the Christmas spirit with these folks?
2007_12_30_18:56:49.516   076.029.017.xxx   this is awesome
2007_12_30_18:57:15.054   070.166.013.xxx   I think you've done a terrific job here!
2007_12_30_18:57:32.081   071.142.130.xxx   santa is not real
2007_12_30_18:57:51.610   076.029.017.xxx   my children love this site
2007_12_30_18:58:01.345   070.166.013.xxx   when do you take this down?  or is it all year?
2007_12_30_18:58:30.780   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Last day is tomorrow - take down starts on New Years! ***ALEK***
2007_12_30_18:59:05.747   070.166.013.xxx   Cool, I am glad I had a chance to turn some lights on and off!
2007_12_30_18:59:08.991   024.158.156.xxx   wow...it is really random.  Nice work Alex. (found it at lockergnome)
2007_12_30_18:59:30.305   071.142.130.xxx   is there another site for summer
2007_12_30_18:59:55.690   076.029.017.xxx   he does halloween stuff too
2007_12_30_18:59:57.769   080.002.021.xxx   great fun, thanks
2007_12_30_19:00:20.881   071.142.130.xxx   hallween stuff is cool
2007_12_30_19:00:47.011   070.166.013.xxx   Thank you!
2007_12_30_19:00:54.257   071.142.130.xxx   too cool what he does
2007_12_30_19:01:50.853   203.059.130.xxx   Merry X-mas and a happy new year from down under!
2007_12_30_19:02:09.894   071.142.130.xxx   i would not want the power bill
2007_12_30_19:06:35.581   069.122.058.xxx   amazing set up!
2007_12_30_19:06:39.854   146.115.072.xxx   Hello from Burlington Massachusetts, I also have Celiac Disease
2007_12_30_19:08:16.953   066.153.232.xxx   Nature's Four-Sided TimeCube
2007_12_30_19:08:53.304   084.217.018.xxx   Hello
2007_12_30_19:08:58.156   203.017.114.xxx   I hate working NYE
2007_12_30_19:09:18.708   066.153.232.xxx   Obviously Not Controllable Xmas Lights for Epileptics
2007_12_30_19:10:03.637   066.153.232.xxx   /.'d
2007_12_30_19:10:13.052   068.212.026.xxx   I happen to like it thanks!
2007_12_30_19:10:41.019   068.212.026.xxx   /.
2007_12_30_19:12:20.876   066.153.232.xxx   brb
2007_12_30_19:14:36.178   074.067.232.xxx   Kick a**
2007_12_30_19:18:55.745   074.196.097.xxx   LMAO ANIME! loli (17)
2007_12_30_19:19:38.007   012.202.230.xxx   Hello All!
2007_12_30_19:19:44.856   071.218.199.xxx   GREAT!!!!!!!!
2007_12_30_19:20:08.857   069.119.176.xxx   awesome
2007_12_30_19:20:48.804   074.196.097.xxx   LOL ALL LIGHTS OFF! (18)
2007_12_30_19:21:59.179   074.196.097.xxx   ALL LIGHTS ON! (19)
2007_12_30_19:23:06.180   071.218.199.xxx   Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!!
2007_12_30_19:23:29.000   098.200.087.xxx   Hi KJ
2007_12_30_19:24:00.154   074.196.097.xxx   ELMO STUCK! PLEASE FIX! (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_30_19:25:38.526   004.228.159.xxx   hey nettie in GJ!
2007_12_30_19:26:14.404   012.202.230.xxx   Hi TOrie!
2007_12_30_19:26:46.683   024.153.229.xxx   test
2007_12_30_19:27:44.721   082.041.046.xxx   HAI ROB
2007_12_30_19:28:11.003   082.041.046.xxx   hey rob
2007_12_30_19:28:24.181   065.102.250.xxx   Hey tammi in corez
2007_12_30_19:28:44.381   082.041.046.xxx   _________________________________________________________
2007_12_30_19:29:23.169   082.041.046.xxx   POOPOOPANTS AND TREE SAVE THE WORLD
2007_12_30_19:30:24.779   082.041.046.xxx   POOPOOPANTS AND TREE CLIMB EVEREST
2007_12_30_19:31:12.493   082.041.046.xxx   poopoopants and tree
2007_12_30_19:31:23.831   071.064.002.xxx   West Virginia
2007_12_30_19:31:41.848   024.153.229.xxx   autoimmune disorders can be every bit as crippling as cancer.  Good Luck.
2007_12_30_19:31:55.616   201.051.068.xxx   Welcome from Nova Friburgo - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
2007_12_30_19:31:57.426   096.232.177.xxx   Hay guise
2007_12_30_19:32:07.067   082.041.046.xxx   hay man
2007_12_30_19:33:02.336   201.051.068.xxx   Welcome from Nova Friburgo - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
2007_12_30_19:33:06.494   096.232.177.xxx   go die in a fire, a**
2007_12_30_19:35:00.131   067.127.190.xxx   Happy Festivus!
2007_12_30_19:35:26.034   220.123.204.xxx   LOL p****
2007_12_30_19:35:46.305   071.105.025.xxx   Bork, bork, bork!!!
2007_12_30_19:36:04.750   220.123.204.xxx   LMFAO I CAN HAS CHEEZBEGER
2007_12_30_19:36:31.130   071.105.025.xxx   Huh???
2007_12_30_19:36:46.985   220.123.204.xxx   THE FAIL IS STRONG IN THIS ONE
2007_12_30_19:37:19.632   071.105.025.xxx   I CAN TYPE ALL IN CAPS TOO!
2007_12_30_19:38:16.440   024.005.170.xxx   hey
2007_12_30_19:38:32.755   068.151.228.xxx   boo
2007_12_30_19:39:49.365   024.005.170.xxx   this is cool
2007_12_30_19:40:01.045   211.040.223.xxx   hi soo young!
2007_12_30_19:40:19.786   220.123.204.xxx   JESSE!!!!
2007_12_30_19:41:08.028   071.110.091.xxx   Happy Holidays from TheMidniteRyder
2007_12_30_19:41:09.177   074.192.224.xxx   :-P
2007_12_30_19:41:19.720   220.123.204.xxx   DUMBLEDORE IS g**!!!!!! DDDD:
2007_12_30_19:42:00.836   220.123.204.xxx   JAYKAY ROLLING RUINED HARRY POTTER
2007_12_30_19:42:45.595   220.123.204.xxx   ****4___****7___
2007_12_30_19:43:17.324   220.123.204.xxx   this is really neato
2007_12_30_19:44:07.089   074.192.224.xxx   :-D
2007_12_30_19:44:17.011   075.065.081.xxx   cool
2007_12_30_19:45:10.466   087.194.010.xxx   tomato
2007_12_30_19:45:17.936   220.123.204.xxx   i do it for the lulz
2007_12_30_19:45:56.956   087.194.010.xxx   tomato is watching you
2007_12_30_19:46:23.523   064.139.242.xxx   this is actually kinda cool
2007_12_30_19:46:39.200   069.120.215.xxx   very interesting
2007_12_30_19:46:40.938   087.194.010.xxx   No it's not
2007_12_30_19:47:06.181   075.065.081.xxx   who turned out the lights?
2007_12_30_19:48:22.895   070.090.143.xxx   yarrr!
2007_12_30_19:50:42.091   075.065.081.xxx   ahh! theres a person in cam 3
2007_12_30_19:50:47.505   069.120.215.xxx   aw man, he's going to turn off the x10 controls
2007_12_30_19:50:50.122   066.227.136.xxx   hi person on computer
2007_12_30_19:51:23.587   075.065.081.xxx   look! he's right there ______
2007_12_30_19:51:25.173   085.138.234.xxx   Hi
2007_12_30_19:51:51.476   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hi person on your computer! ***ALEK***
2007_12_30_19:51:54.716   066.227.136.xxx   welcome to LINK DELETED (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_30_19:52:01.758   070.090.143.xxx   tinkerer
2007_12_30_19:52:12.225   075.065.081.xxx   ______--- there he is
2007_12_30_19:52:22.741   068.041.246.xxx   HOLA
2007_12_30_19:52:25.195   086.042.009.xxx   Did everyone have a nice Christmas? From Chris In Ireland
2007_12_30_19:52:56.675   075.065.081.xxx   what's he staring at?
2007_12_30_19:52:58.174   131.030.121.xxx   How was your Christmas Alek?
2007_12_30_19:53:50.270   068.099.184.xxx   Did you get any Hulk gear for Xmas?
2007_12_30_19:53:51.184   068.100.091.xxx   Cindy
2007_12_30_19:54:34.766   220.123.204.xxx   MAD SKILLZ.. LET ME SHO U THEM (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_30_19:54:38.993   086.042.009.xxx   Is Colorado a nice place to live?
2007_12_30_19:54:46.018   068.100.091.xxx   Did you get any Hulk gear for Xmas?
2007_12_30_19:54:49.960   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Christmas was fun this year ... but no new HULK stuff - have a bunch already ***ALEK***
2007_12_30_19:55:09.630   068.099.184.xxx   Alek, did Santa bring you any Hulk gear?
2007_12_30_19:55:37.353   066.227.136.xxx   welcome to LINK DELETED (11)
2007_12_30_19:56:13.486   086.042.009.xxx   Alex, Looking forward to the new HULK movie?
2007_12_30_19:56:55.526   075.065.081.xxx   frosty's melting guys!
2007_12_30_19:57:16.911   066.209.251.xxx   grrrr
2007_12_30_19:58:14.655   075.065.081.xxx   im in ur base, writin on ur monitor
2007_12_30_19:58:41.581   070.092.014.xxx   a jackalope next to the clock with ornaments on its antlers? Maybe next year?
2007_12_30_19:58:59.645   066.227.217.xxx   Waffles
2007_12_30_19:59:16.525   070.017.088.xxx   tossing waffles?
2007_12_30_19:59:52.856   066.209.251.xxx   bubbles
2007_12_30_20:00:15.439   125.238.129.xxx   ___
2007_12_30_20:01:22.184   125.017.147.xxx   hi there! Santa!
2007_12_30_20:02:05.324   071.187.124.xxx   This is neat.
2007_12_30_20:02:51.994   068.212.026.xxx   Hi Stephanie!
2007_12_30_20:03:21.828   199.082.243.xxx   Happy New Year to all!
2007_12_30_20:03:24.658   086.042.009.xxx   As soon as i recharge my Credit Card i will donate Alek.
2007_12_30_20:05:39.132   066.157.116.xxx   hello from Charlotte
2007_12_30_20:05:46.214   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I'll keep an eye out for a Jackalope at the Garage Sales ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_30_20:06:07.923   068.014.251.xxx   Amazing
2007_12_30_20:08:39.223   071.187.124.xxx   You should.
2007_12_30_20:08:42.577   075.073.097.xxx   this is pretty awesome.
2007_12_30_20:09:03.927   075.032.011.xxx   Tacos and Beer !!!!!
2007_12_30_20:10:39.413   066.023.213.xxx   Crazy stuff
2007_12_30_20:11:30.344   075.073.097.xxx   slashdot comments :(
2007_12_30_20:11:49.530   071.187.124.xxx   HI JEN!!!
2007_12_30_20:11:54.066   066.227.136.xxx   welcome to LINK DELETED (12)
2007_12_30_20:12:08.532   075.177.093.xxx   wishing everyone a Happy New Year
2007_12_30_20:12:28.402   075.073.097.xxx   ___ --- hulk sits here
2007_12_30_20:12:45.363   071.187.124.xxx   HI JEN!!!
2007_12_30_20:13:47.758   066.227.136.xxx   he on the phone (13)
2007_12_30_20:14:03.885   068.163.014.xxx   hi everyone
2007_12_30_20:21:17.095   067.161.072.xxx   hello!
2007_12_30_20:21:54.156   067.161.072.xxx   almost ****!
2007_12_30_20:24:29.344   069.232.238.xxx   DURRRRRRRRRRRKING
2007_12_30_20:25:30.664   069.232.238.xxx   RRRRRRRRKING
2007_12_30_20:26:05.004   069.232.238.xxx   OITERNES!111
2007_12_30_20:26:11.061   071.249.042.xxx   xmas is idolatry!
2007_12_30_20:27:17.305   213.022.150.xxx   LOOOOOOOOL
2007_12_30_20:27:22.734   069.232.238.xxx   CAN I GET SOME COCOPUFFS
2007_12_30_20:27:27.369   071.249.042.xxx   amanita muscaria is a mushroom
2007_12_30_20:28:00.667   071.249.042.xxx   mohammed was here
2007_12_30_20:28:06.001   074.140.057.xxx   ?!
2007_12_30_20:29:49.684   069.232.238.xxx   DURKING****11
2007_12_30_20:30:42.931   024.012.227.xxx   test
2007_12_30_20:31:52.109   024.012.227.xxx   Bork bork bork
2007_12_30_20:33:37.096   064.252.089.xxx   Want to see homer deflate
2007_12_30_20:34:16.236   064.252.089.xxx   hey mister you in the background. Did you set all this up?
2007_12_30_20:35:46.721   064.252.089.xxx   you could wave. You house got alot more elaborate this year.
2007_12_30_20:38:06.412   069.139.115.xxx   hello
2007_12_30_20:39:16.193   203.202.092.xxx   Hello ladies!
2007_12_30_20:39:17.479   068.089.240.xxx   Happy ****
2007_12_30_20:39:48.862   069.139.115.xxx   my name is ryan
2007_12_30_20:40:08.756   068.089.240.xxx   Happy two thousand eight, I said :P
2007_12_30_20:41:01.891   024.215.183.xxx   in-sain!
2007_12_30_20:41:55.348   024.215.183.xxx   my hero!
2007_12_30_20:42:52.663   213.115.006.xxx   natural male enhancement! u need it
2007_12_30_20:43:13.493   081.111.058.xxx   UK here!
2007_12_30_20:43:26.917   024.215.183.xxx   hey UK!
2007_12_30_20:43:45.415   081.111.058.xxx   hi :)
2007_12_30_20:43:59.845   213.115.006.xxx   i am a swedish meatball
2007_12_30_20:44:01.059   064.091.205.xxx   wtf
2007_12_30_20:44:01.329   024.215.183.xxx   New York City here!
2007_12_30_20:44:10.904   070.017.088.xxx   i'm a sam mitch.
2007_12_30_20:45:10.991   064.091.205.xxx   hallo
2007_12_30_20:45:34.489   213.115.006.xxx   i am a chronic master baiter
2007_12_30_20:45:37.215   069.231.150.xxx   y hello thar
2007_12_30_20:46:02.346   064.091.205.xxx   hasta la vesta
2007_12_30_20:46:40.437   064.091.205.xxx   GET A HOME LOAN NOW. NO DOWNPAYMENT
2007_12_30_20:46:45.572   070.234.096.xxx   How long are you gonna stand there
2007_12_30_20:46:46.661   070.017.088.xxx   hum i believe he's vulcan.
2007_12_30_20:47:10.765   024.147.024.xxx   Happy New Year
2007_12_30_20:47:13.817   064.091.205.xxx   how long are you going to stad there????
2007_12_30_20:47:17.770   070.234.096.xxx   Oh snap my IP address
2007_12_30_20:47:38.451   213.115.006.xxx   do teh vulcan hand thing please!
2007_12_30_20:47:39.195   064.091.205.xxx   imma hax you
2007_12_30_20:47:56.641   070.234.096.xxx   Hax mah box
2007_12_30_20:48:12.398   064.091.205.xxx   hax mah stax
2007_12_30_20:48:18.622   065.033.216.xxx   Howdy
2007_12_30_20:48:26.789   213.115.006.xxx   i'll do other things to ur box lol
2007_12_30_20:48:36.396   070.234.096.xxx   Sup /b/
2007_12_30_20:48:49.559   064.091.205.xxx   sup 4chon
2007_12_30_20:49:46.578   024.147.024.xxx   Crazy
2007_12_30_20:50:09.811   024.159.201.xxx   Hai person watching teh clockz
2007_12_30_20:50:19.089   070.234.096.xxx   lolololol
2007_12_30_20:50:45.597   024.159.201.xxx   it seems you would get bored there, just standing.
2007_12_30_20:50:56.197   069.092.146.xxx   Happy New Year ****
2007_12_30_20:51:19.790   024.159.201.xxx   Err, sitting.
2007_12_30_20:51:37.388   059.148.232.xxx   ______
2007_12_30_20:51:38.567   064.091.205.xxx   what are you doing? why are you just sitting?
2007_12_30_20:51:50.412   024.159.201.xxx   Live long and prosper!
2007_12_30_20:51:52.729   074.077.235.xxx   apollo**** was here
2007_12_30_20:51:53.427   070.234.096.xxx   Oh snap you can read this!
2007_12_30_20:52:07.732   064.091.205.xxx   no i can't (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_30_20:52:19.472   060.234.016.xxx   Kia ora!
2007_12_30_20:52:24.430   074.077.235.xxx   o yeah!!!!!!!!
2007_12_30_20:52:31.239   059.148.232.xxx   who?
2007_12_30_20:53:24.488   059.148.232.xxx   goodbye
2007_12_30_20:53:27.931   070.234.096.xxx   TE___ST
2007_12_30_20:53:41.821   060.234.016.xxx   Happy New Year's from Queenstown, NZ!
2007_12_30_20:54:09.978   059.148.232.xxx   goodnight
2007_12_30_20:54:19.966   074.077.235.xxx   i love this
2007_12_30_20:54:44.623   070.109.230.xxx   WIN BATES IS GOD
2007_12_30_20:55:01.223   074.077.235.xxx   this is awsome
2007_12_30_20:55:02.806   068.037.146.xxx   Viva la nation.
2007_12_30_20:56:54.586   090.209.179.xxx   hi every one
2007_12_30_20:57:15.724   070.234.096.xxx   So just how many characters can this little buffer handle? I sure hope for your
2007_12_30_20:57:17.063   080.176.094.xxx   Hello!
2007_12_30_20:57:52.871   195.071.090.xxx   **** Blue Heron Cir W __n__**** Blue Heron Cir W Lafayette, CO ****6-**** __n__
2007_12_30_20:58:57.821   070.234.096.xxx   My name is Leonard Nimoy, and I'm suing you for the hand signal
2007_12_30_20:59:08.554   195.071.090.xxx   ho ho ho who wants a blow
2007_12_30_21:00:59.699   195.071.090.xxx   wheres the inflatable vulcan?
2007_12_30_21:03:15.163   195.071.090.xxx   using the force to turn on the lights
2007_12_30_21:07:05.159   070.234.096.xxx   My name is Leonard Nimoy, and I'm suing you for the hand signal (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_30_21:07:22.562   071.072.149.xxx   happy new years!!!!!!!!
2007_12_30_21:11:26.087   071.207.238.xxx   Goodbye to this site.  Going to miss it.  See you next year!
2007_12_30_21:11:27.971   024.125.012.xxx   Happy Holidays.
2007_12_30_21:11:33.821   070.219.122.xxx   Hi Joselyn
2007_12_30_21:12:35.480   071.207.238.xxx   Bye Bye from bama. Roll Tide!
2007_12_30_21:13:03.976   099.249.010.xxx   hi
2007_12_30_21:13:30.726   099.249.010.xxx   Cool
2007_12_30_21:13:39.985   210.107.029.xxx   Korea Fighting!
2007_12_30_21:15:15.991   071.072.149.xxx   titans suck! they shoulda lost
2007_12_30_21:16:01.953   024.095.048.xxx   happy holidays
2007_12_30_21:17:09.759   071.072.149.xxx   Go Browns
2007_12_30_21:18:37.339   075.167.146.xxx   Pats FTW
2007_12_30_21:22:29.527   125.238.010.xxx   WOW!
2007_12_30_21:25:23.351   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wife is coming home - gotta move Big Santa ... ***ALEK***
2007_12_30_21:25:48.697   125.238.010.xxx   ok
2007_12_30_21:27:35.244   203.171.088.xxx   Banana Rama
2007_12_30_21:30:34.885   203.027.144.xxx   AWOOOOGA!
2007_12_30_21:30:39.429   125.238.010.xxx   why wont santa inflate?
2007_12_30_21:31:09.562   203.027.144.xxx   OI, don't delete mah messages
2007_12_30_21:31:40.385   125.238.010.xxx   I can if I want!
2007_12_30_21:32:11.736   203.027.144.xxx   Why can't we just get along people?
2007_12_30_21:32:38.234   125.238.010.xxx   ok if you want us to
2007_12_30_21:33:24.096   209.000.048.xxx   Wow, this is amazing
2007_12_30_21:34:24.998   125.238.010.xxx   Can we have some beer?
2007_12_30_21:34:53.431   209.000.048.xxx   Yes, I would like some beer as well.
2007_12_30_21:35:17.112   125.238.010.xxx   And some cake
2007_12_30_21:35:58.655   209.000.048.xxx   The cake is a lie, no cake for you. I wonder if we can cause a buffer overflow 
2007_12_30_21:36:50.348   125.238.010.xxx   First we will be fryed then you will be cake
2007_12_30_21:37:32.326   209.000.048.xxx   stop inflating homer!
2007_12_30_21:37:46.560   125.238.010.xxx   why not?
2007_12_30_21:38:06.561   209.000.048.xxx   homer is evil
2007_12_30_21:38:37.709   070.101.003.xxx   all your base
2007_12_30_21:38:43.504   125.238.010.xxx   and the same for samta (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_30_21:39:33.364   209.000.048.xxx   woot, all are off
2007_12_30_21:39:47.272   125.238.010.xxx   nope (11)
2007_12_30_21:40:09.463   080.171.047.xxx   my buffer overflowed... what a mess
2007_12_30_21:40:34.679   209.000.048.xxx   ' or 1='1
2007_12_30_21:40:36.324   125.238.010.xxx   how did you do that? (12)
2007_12_30_21:40:42.226   070.101.003.xxx   i did it for the lulz
2007_12_30_21:41:00.229   209.000.048.xxx   with my mind
2007_12_30_21:41:24.908   125.238.010.xxx   WOW! it is lagy (13)
2007_12_30_21:41:54.433   209.000.048.xxx   just a tad... Night everyone!
2007_12_30_21:42:30.535   125.238.010.xxx   what at 9:54 (14)
2007_12_30_21:43:14.178   209.000.048.xxx   tis 10:42 and I got work tomorrow... (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_30_21:45:12.801   071.072.149.xxx   not me.. im off til wednesday
2007_12_30_21:45:39.666   125.238.010.xxx   :( (15)
2007_12_30_21:46:07.295   209.000.048.xxx   8========D (11)
2007_12_30_21:46:11.819   125.238.010.xxx   14 min to go (16)
2007_12_30_21:46:18.475   074.192.040.xxx   Happy New Year! --- celiac aggie
2007_12_30_21:46:25.041   070.101.003.xxx   Liz, Will You Marry Me?
2007_12_30_21:46:44.552   209.000.048.xxx   Yes, I'll marry you! (12)
2007_12_30_21:47:21.719   071.217.006.xxx   Don't Fear the Reaper!
2007_12_30_21:48:08.907   068.216.024.xxx   Celia Sux!!! Gluten Free is a Pain (but not as much as NOT gluten free)!!!
2007_12_30_21:48:44.937   125.238.010.xxx   and what? (17)
2007_12_30_21:49:14.891   070.020.085.xxx   that's what she said
2007_12_30_21:49:39.065   125.238.010.xxx   oh (18)
2007_12_30_21:50:19.572   070.020.085.xxx   maybe you should use some cream
2007_12_30_21:50:45.861   125.238.010.xxx   :) (19)
2007_12_30_21:51:25.434   125.238.010.xxx   creem is good (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_30_21:52:10.208   125.238.010.xxx   oooh is that a threat? (21)
2007_12_30_21:52:55.282   125.238.010.xxx   If you can find me? (22)
2007_12_30_21:53:16.700   070.020.085.xxx   the cake is a lie
2007_12_30_21:53:37.317   125.238.010.xxx   and what? (23)
2007_12_30_21:54:02.617   070.020.085.xxx   the cake is a lie
2007_12_30_21:54:24.999   125.238.010.xxx   :) (24)
2007_12_30_21:54:58.456   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** So you guys want an extra hour of controlling the lights tonight? ***ALEK***
2007_12_30_21:55:00.313   125.238.010.xxx   santa must stay on! (25)
2007_12_30_21:55:31.630   075.132.238.xxx   lurk moar
2007_12_30_21:57:37.019   075.132.238.xxx   Need /b/lackup!
2007_12_30_21:57:50.324   068.227.008.xxx   WOOT for Celiac Research
2007_12_30_21:58:03.062   125.238.010.xxx   yea (26)
2007_12_30_21:58:35.534   141.149.197.xxx   yo a shout out to 199
2007_12_30_21:59:03.259   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** OK - you are set for an extra hour for tonight ***ALEK***
2007_12_30_21:59:04.772   075.132.238.xxx   In West Philadelphia
2007_12_30_21:59:20.722   141.149.197.xxx   she is the best chatter
2007_12_30_22:00:05.803   125.238.010.xxx   yay (27)
2007_12_30_22:00:12.776   141.149.197.xxx   i miss me 199
2007_12_30_22:00:20.378   090.209.179.xxx   thanks alek
2007_12_30_22:00:42.632   068.089.240.xxx   yay extra time!
2007_12_30_22:01:07.613   075.132.238.xxx   lol whut?
2007_12_30_22:01:20.433   141.149.197.xxx   christmas is awesome
2007_12_30_22:02:00.795   141.149.197.xxx   thanx lite dude
2007_12_30_22:02:40.221   066.031.097.xxx   Happy New Year! 24 hrs to ****!
2007_12_30_22:03:04.542   141.149.197.xxx   well if me 199 ain't here i'm going to bed
2007_12_30_22:03:28.009   125.238.010.xxx   yay (28)
2007_12_30_22:03:46.723   066.031.097.xxx   dude - what's with the skull?
2007_12_30_22:03:49.534   141.149.197.xxx   T.T.F.N 141 out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_12_30_22:04:02.401   058.171.138.xxx   Rawr!
2007_12_30_22:04:28.769   141.149.197.xxx   u r all skullsss
2007_12_30_22:04:34.500   058.171.138.xxx   Hello Michael Chan.
2007_12_30_22:04:48.523   078.086.128.xxx   Hello Clifford Leung
2007_12_30_22:05:18.108   066.031.097.xxx   :-)
2007_12_30_22:05:31.617   141.149.197.xxx   i get more life down the hall at the morge
2007_12_30_22:06:31.234   125.238.010.xxx   what? (29)
2007_12_30_22:07:26.112   141.149.197.xxx   u all r lammmme (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_30_22:07:47.967   125.238.010.xxx   so are you (30 IM's so far today)
2007_12_30_22:08:25.453   066.031.097.xxx   pretty cool stuff - thinking of the possibilities for next year
2007_12_30_22:08:33.712   141.149.197.xxx   R  U   weird (11)
2007_12_30_22:08:54.463   125.238.010.xxx   are you nuts (31)
2007_12_30_22:09:40.145   141.149.197.xxx   i had a ball here the other nite (12)
2007_12_30_22:10:35.681   141.149.197.xxx   dude y so bilegerant (13)
2007_12_30_22:10:48.931   071.049.204.xxx   greetings from Vegas from a CO Native!
2007_12_30_22:12:58.431   125.238.010.xxx   are you nuts (32)
2007_12_30_22:13:11.290   066.066.145.xxx   ANOTHER LIGHT SHOW TO LINK DELETED
2007_12_30_22:13:39.543   125.238.010.xxx   and (33)
2007_12_30_22:13:43.451   066.066.145.xxx   CONTROLTHESHOW DOT COM
2007_12_30_22:14:49.582   066.066.145.xxx   controltheshow dot com
2007_12_30_22:14:55.095   066.031.097.xxx   ... ?
2007_12_30_22:15:45.333   066.066.145.xxx   its a site like this
2007_12_30_22:16:09.541   066.031.097.xxx   thanks, but no
2007_12_30_22:16:24.367   068.223.047.xxx   hi mom!
2007_12_30_22:16:30.242   066.066.145.xxx   actualy found the link on here
2007_12_30_22:16:37.654   066.031.097.xxx   hi son!
2007_12_30_22:16:58.293   068.223.047.xxx   did anyone link here from /. ?
2007_12_30_22:18:44.757   066.031.097.xxx   I think next year he should let us set his lights to music :-)
2007_12_30_22:19:42.019   068.223.047.xxx   i bet the lights flashing on and off bug the crap out of his neighbors!
2007_12_30_22:20:10.485   125.238.010.xxx   good idea (34)
2007_12_30_22:20:10.814   068.223.047.xxx   neighbors
2007_12_30_22:20:27.081   066.031.097.xxx   lol - the neighbors are probably on this site the most turning them OFF
2007_12_30_22:20:59.405   125.238.010.xxx   well lets leave them on! (35)
2007_12_30_22:21:55.641   066.031.097.xxx   don't look at me... I'm just watching you all playing (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_30_22:22:24.216   125.238.010.xxx   it is fun! (36)
2007_12_30_22:23:14.691   125.238.010.xxx   wonder how expensave jis power bill is (37)
2007_12_30_22:23:33.449   066.031.097.xxx   Oh Look! Lite Brites! (11)
2007_12_30_22:23:50.325   125.238.010.xxx   where is the dimmer? (38)
2007_12_30_22:24:18.991   076.237.191.xxx   Hi Joni!
2007_12_30_22:24:37.623   066.031.097.xxx   all your base belong to us (12)
2007_12_30_22:24:39.620   096.002.076.xxx   WTF GIMMIE MY BEANS!
2007_12_30_22:25:20.971   066.082.009.xxx   Hello from Alaska
2007_12_30_22:25:22.642   066.031.097.xxx   free kool aid? (13)
2007_12_30_22:25:27.180   125.238.010.xxx   where is the dimmer? (39)
2007_12_30_22:25:44.078   096.002.076.xxx   268 people are viewing this page.  You should all be ashamed
2007_12_30_22:26:07.055   125.238.010.xxx   Hello from New Zealand (40 IM's so far today)
2007_12_30_22:26:55.069   096.002.076.xxx   hello from the seventh level of h***
2007_12_30_22:27:38.111   066.031.097.xxx   This dude's wife will never let him do this again (14)
2007_12_30_22:27:40.211   096.002.076.xxx   hello from the seventh level of h***
2007_12_30_22:28:11.952   125.238.010.xxx   good for you (41)
2007_12_30_22:28:12.614   096.002.076.xxx   Mommy, make the bad man go away!!!
2007_12_30_22:28:15.679   066.031.097.xxx   I want SOUND! (15)
2007_12_30_22:28:38.944   096.002.076.xxx   I want MONEY!
2007_12_30_22:28:52.642   066.031.097.xxx   That skull freaks me out (16)
2007_12_30_22:28:55.555   125.238.010.xxx   I want a fire (42)
2007_12_30_22:29:16.930   096.002.076.xxx   we dont need no water
2007_12_30_22:29:33.028   066.031.097.xxx   I need a fire extinguisher (17)
2007_12_30_22:29:49.057   096.002.076.xxx   I need a new depends :(
2007_12_30_22:30:01.255   066.031.097.xxx   awww (18)
2007_12_30_22:30:21.323   096.002.076.xxx   ___--- Hulky was feelin' me up
2007_12_30_22:30:25.952   074.138.032.xxx   hi
2007_12_30_22:30:31.535   066.031.097.xxx   anyone smell smoke? (19)
2007_12_30_22:30:44.843   075.000.148.xxx   don sonny
2007_12_30_22:30:51.907   096.002.076.xxx   I smell ozone :P (10 IM's so far today)
2007_12_30_22:31:18.703   066.031.097.xxx   I smell... I smell... aw, I just smell :-( (20 IM's so far today)
2007_12_30_22:31:39.996   096.002.076.xxx   like week old eggnog :( (11)
2007_12_30_22:32:01.772   066.031.097.xxx   ... with rum? :-) (21)
2007_12_30_22:32:19.764   096.002.076.xxx   how else? (12)
2007_12_30_22:32:52.223   066.031.097.xxx   crap, now I'm in a jimmy buffet mood... (22)
2007_12_30_22:33:26.839   096.002.076.xxx   wtf is up with the skeleton in the santa hat, he can't be having fun (13)
2007_12_30_22:33:33.552   125.238.010.xxx   good for you (43)
2007_12_30_22:34:08.625   096.002.076.xxx   That was clever, good job. (14)
2007_12_30_22:34:28.149   066.031.097.xxx   I'm still working on  the hulk - chrismas connection (23)
2007_12_30_22:34:41.679   141.149.197.xxx   125 u sure r a tool (14)
2007_12_30_22:35:12.026   125.238.010.xxx   and what (44)
2007_12_30_22:35:12.551   024.124.072.xxx   The hulk needs a santa hat.
2007_12_30_22:35:26.530   096.002.076.xxx   yea, 125, go drill some sheetrock, or plane some ceder for a banister (15)
2007_12_30_22:35:35.834   066.031.097.xxx   a hat and 8 tiny reindeer (24)
2007_12_30_22:35:56.045   125.238.010.xxx   yea (45)
2007_12_30_22:36:04.580   024.124.072.xxx   There are two buzz lightyears, but no woody!
2007_12_30_22:36:36.000   141.149.197.xxx   some1 has a screw loose (15)
2007_12_30_22:36:40.686   096.002.076.xxx   Hulk has woody in the back, tied up, he make Hulk MAAAAAD (16)
2007_12_30_22:37:09.985   066.031.097.xxx   how do we light up the 'light up' sign? (25)
2007_12_30_22:37:26.394   121.139.122.xxx   what ya talkin' about Willis?!
2007_12_30_22:37:33.387   096.002.076.xxx   starting the house on fire. (17)
2007_12_30_22:37:46.115   066.031.097.xxx   in behind the clock in his office (26)
2007_12_30_22:38:51.644   096.002.076.xxx   I hate to do this, but I gotta get back to work :( (18)
2007_12_30_22:39:06.555   125.238.010.xxx   why do you want to do tht? (46)
2007_12_30_22:39:16.534   121.139.122.xxx   I havr the POWER!!!
2007_12_30_22:39:23.385   141.149.197.xxx   who works at this hour (16)
2007_12_30_22:39:36.300   096.002.076.xxx   bibi everyone!  o/ (19)
2007_12_30_22:39:46.728   125.238.010.xxx   it is only 6 pm (47)
2007_12_30_22:40:27.281   069.066.225.xxx   awesome
2007_12_30_22:40:34.745   024.218.162.xxx   cool
2007_12_30_22:40:56.054   069.066.225.xxx   I'M WATCHING YOUUUUUU
2007_12_30_22:41:02.221   121.139.122.xxx   Anyone holding?
2007_12_30_22:41:28.992   024.127.075.xxx   Happy Hplidays
2007_12_30_22:41:29.157   024.218.162.xxx   here... take a hit...
2007_12_30_22:41:50.400   121.139.122.xxx   thats better, thanx
2007_12_30_22:42:43.478   066.082.009.xxx   Burrito reindeer in good form tonite
2007_12_30_22:43:32.582   141.149.197.xxx   look at the screen rocket man (17)
2007_12_30_22:44:01.072   121.139.122.xxx   Ziggy played guitar...
2007_12_30_22:44:38.339   066.082.009.xxx   16 minutes to go!
2007_12_30_22:45:14.047   125.238.010.xxx   210 ppl on (48)
2007_12_30_22:46:28.419   066.082.009.xxx   14 minutes
2007_12_30_22:47:02.710   069.066.225.xxx   boooo canada
2007_12_30_22:47:07.905   121.139.122.xxx   Kimchi tastes great
2007_12_30_22:47:37.478   024.124.072.xxx   Canada is fine. :)
2007_12_30_22:47:41.388   096.228.101.xxx   Happy New Years from NYC
2007_12_30_22:48:12.441   024.124.072.xxx   It's only the 31st. :/
2007_12_30_22:49:17.956   024.124.072.xxx   He IS off.
2007_12_30_22:49:57.046   125.238.010.xxx   no he is not! (49)
2007_12_30_22:52:28.964   066.082.009.xxx   8 minutes
2007_12_30_22:55:49.662   066.082.009.xxx   don't forget to donate
2007_12_30_22:57:41.318   069.066.225.xxx   fuchsia?
2007_12_30_22:58:02.502   076.114.072.xxx   Hello world
2007_12_30_22:58:27.882   076.114.072.xxx   Someone PLEASE KILL ME
2007_12_30_22:58:36.304   069.066.225.xxx   WOAH A PERSON
2007_12_30_22:58:46.285   066.082.009.xxx   Hello Alek
2007_12_30_22:59:02.412   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hello World back to you! ***ALEK***
2007_12_30_22:59:07.441   069.066.225.xxx   PEOPLE DO LIVE HERE!
2007_12_30_22:59:36.327   066.082.009.xxx   Thanks for the extra hour
2007_12_30_22:59:57.832   076.114.072.xxx   Hello to you too Neat Idea

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