146 christmas text messages on 2009/0101

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 4,130 times that day including 2,536 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 0101

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2009_01_01_17:01:13.206   098.204.014.xxx   First!!!
2009_01_01_17:01:28.731   205.188.116.xxx   ho ho ho happy new year
2009_01_01_17:01:43.718   098.204.014.xxx   Yeah!
2009_01_01_17:02:10.691   205.188.116.xxx   send cheese pizza and lots of it
2009_01_01_17:02:19.682   072.081.022.xxx   Happy New Year's All! Don't talke your lights down so quick!
2009_01_01_17:03:24.746   205.188.116.xxx   some one ups me some cheese pizza
2009_01_01_17:04:02.041   072.081.022.xxx   I don't think KFC makes pizza.
2009_01_01_17:04:38.019   156.034.196.xxx   chicken pizza!!!
2009_01_01_17:04:53.513   072.081.022.xxx   Might be good...
2009_01_01_17:06:32.226   069.125.012.xxx   dude, this is awesome
2009_01_01_17:06:40.357   071.169.135.xxx   eirnin
2009_01_01_17:07:39.930   156.034.196.xxx   Happy New Year Everyone!!! especially Alek!!!
2009_01_01_17:09:01.620   069.125.012.xxx   where's homer?
2009_01_01_17:09:32.749   156.034.196.xxx   he broke!!!!
2009_01_01_17:10:17.275   082.027.112.xxx   Happy New Year Party People! Nath, Portsmouth, England
2009_01_01_17:19:56.483   090.202.212.xxx   Happy New Year to Wifey & Dillan
2009_01_01_17:24:42.700   090.202.212.xxx   Happy New Year Dillan from Daddy
2009_01_01_17:25:21.367   090.202.212.xxx   Happy New Year Dillan from Mummy & Daddy
2009_01_01_17:27:24.420   156.034.196.xxx   yay Alek is fixing Homer!!!
2009_01_01_17:31:29.500   156.034.196.xxx   Thanks Alek - missed Homer last nite!
2009_01_01_17:32:17.404   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Just got home from snow skiing - Homer is back UP! ***ALEK***
2009_01_01_17:34:47.676   081.104.136.xxx   alek ar
2009_01_01_17:35:01.081   086.143.126.xxx   Snow skiing sounds fun! not much of that around here in the uk :(
2009_01_01_17:35:22.447   081.104.136.xxx   alek are the other lights broke:-(
2009_01_01_17:38:02.307   086.143.126.xxx   Have sum of the decorartions fell dwn agen at the front?
2009_01_01_17:38:54.842   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, we had 50 MPH winds last night ... everything comes down tomorrow anyway . ***ALEK***
2009_01_01_17:46:59.340   156.034.196.xxx   Alek - we're going to miss this site - Thanks and Happy NY
2009_01_01_17:50:40.016   098.119.108.xxx   apple valley
2009_01_01_17:58:57.392   076.097.020.xxx   Hi Callie
2009_01_01_17:59:36.126   076.097.020.xxx   Happy New Year Everyone
2009_01_01_18:02:08.347   071.171.149.xxx   Happy New Year from Ohio
2009_01_01_18:17:31.459   072.200.200.xxx   Happy New Year from Oklahoma
2009_01_01_18:18:07.389   072.200.200.xxx   Did everyone eat their lucky black eyed peas today?
2009_01_01_18:26:03.298   068.194.244.xxx   alex did u go skining today
2009_01_01_18:28:34.500   068.194.244.xxx   wheres giant santa alek
2009_01_01_18:28:53.875   071.169.135.xxx   happ holiday
2009_01_01_18:34:05.654   078.148.187.xxx   hi Alec, how do we claim our share of the KFC:-)
2009_01_01_18:35:26.845   071.169.135.xxx   this is awsome
2009_01_01_18:37:49.030   078.148.187.xxx   do you have to listen to x10 click all evening?
2009_01_01_18:43:36.948   076.173.216.xxx   happy  new year from los angeles
2009_01_01_18:43:53.917   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, lot of X10 clicks all night long ... plus Stepping Santa! ***ALEK***
2009_01_01_18:44:51.050   076.173.216.xxx   morgan says happy new year
2009_01_01_18:50:08.926   067.083.023.xxx   hi
2009_01_01_18:56:32.908   067.083.023.xxx   happy new year alek 2009
2009_01_01_18:57:05.725   067.083.023.xxx   merry late christmas
2009_01_01_19:09:23.182   012.214.210.xxx   hi from n
2009_01_01_19:10:00.435   012.214.210.xxx   hi from nc
2009_01_01_19:11:14.964   097.083.119.xxx   Happy New Year Alpena
2009_01_01_19:17:07.750   090.213.099.xxx   happ new year from basingstoke
2009_01_01_19:24:28.347   076.111.075.xxx   yo
2009_01_01_19:25:10.758   076.111.075.xxx   hello from Gena and Steve in Woodbridge Va!
2009_01_01_19:26:12.483   076.111.075.xxx   this is Gena and I love Steve!
2009_01_01_19:27:00.733   069.152.205.xxx   Happy New Year!
2009_01_01_19:27:20.486   071.174.206.xxx   I love you, Margo!
2009_01_01_19:28:32.927   076.111.075.xxx   Helloooooooooo
2009_01_01_19:29:13.748   071.174.206.xxx   I'm writing from Massachusetts
2009_01_01_19:30:39.577   069.066.081.xxx   =___ =___ =___ =___ =___ =___ =___ =___ =___ =___ =___ =___ =___ =___ =___ =___
2009_01_01_19:31:03.869   069.066.081.xxx   =___
2009_01_01_19:31:30.712   069.066.081.xxx   =)
2009_01_01_19:31:36.098   076.111.075.xxx   Go ECU Pirates (Liberty Bowl)!!
2009_01_01_19:31:57.315   024.139.178.xxx   Happy new year to my friends in Puerto Rico and USA
2009_01_01_19:31:58.496   069.066.081.xxx   boo!
2009_01_01_19:32:18.238   076.111.075.xxx   Arrgh!
2009_01_01_19:35:17.499   071.236.117.xxx   Haypp New Year and many blessings!
2009_01_01_19:46:58.695   065.103.219.xxx   last night of the lights
2009_01_01_19:50:33.229   024.139.178.xxx   Thanks for the christmas light
2009_01_01_20:04:08.958   076.111.075.xxx   bow chicka bow wow
2009_01_01_20:04:11.433   070.242.182.xxx   is this the last night?
2009_01_01_20:05:18.799   076.111.075.xxx   bow chicka bow wow
2009_01_01_20:06:25.408   156.034.196.xxx   Thanks Alek...best wishes 2 u & family for 2009
2009_01_01_20:08:23.458   076.111.075.xxx   thanks for everything
2009_01_01_20:09:06.038   074.232.077.xxx   hello im deaf that is COOL!
2009_01_01_20:10:10.660   074.232.077.xxx   Atlanta Georgia was here
2009_01_01_20:11:06.182   216.037.229.xxx   last night ___tear___
2009_01_01_20:11:10.040   156.034.196.xxx   Thank You Alek from Quispamsis, New Brunswick  CANADA
2009_01_01_20:11:39.899   216.037.229.xxx   last night ______tear______
2009_01_01_20:13:33.760   076.111.075.xxx   sad times =___( (10 IM's so far today)
2009_01_01_20:13:52.664   067.165.105.xxx   Happy New Year George!
2009_01_01_20:14:01.416   076.111.075.xxx   =( (11)
2009_01_01_20:14:19.032   216.037.229.xxx   =( We'll miss you Alek....
2009_01_01_20:14:36.660   076.111.075.xxx   X80 (12)
2009_01_01_20:15:22.247   076.111.075.xxx   7 weeks until the Daytona 500! (13)
2009_01_01_20:15:37.586   067.165.105.xxx   Hi!
2009_01_01_20:16:12.216   024.139.178.xxx   Hi :)
2009_01_01_20:19:37.772   096.233.249.xxx   so when are you taking the lights down?
2009_01_01_20:36:31.153   156.034.196.xxx   maybe when the wind slows down & it warms up a bit :)
2009_01_01_20:37:57.681   067.142.130.xxx   Hello from Galena, Alaska
2009_01_01_20:44:00.237   076.111.075.xxx   Go ECU Pirates (Liberty Bowl)!! (14)
2009_01_01_20:50:41.390   216.188.225.xxx   HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM AUSTIN TEXAS
2009_01_01_20:51:27.538   216.188.225.xxx   HAPPY NEW YEAR MALYSJA NAVARRO
2009_01_01_20:51:54.866   076.114.056.xxx   Happy New Year From Sacramento, CA
2009_01_01_20:52:45.668   076.114.056.xxx   Go Gadget Go!
2009_01_01_20:53:52.442   076.114.056.xxx   Ruffles are so in this year!
2009_01_01_20:58:56.241   156.034.196.xxx   the chips ??? (10 IM's so far today)
2009_01_01_21:00:07.637   205.188.116.xxx   congrats alek on the kfc win
2009_01_01_21:00:40.265   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks for all the nice words - one more hour left for this holiday season ... ***ALEK***
2009_01_01_21:01:06.381   205.188.116.xxx   how depressing lol
2009_01_01_21:03:45.211   156.034.196.xxx   yep...i'll go to sleep & it'll all be gone, nothing 2 c :( (11)
2009_01_01_21:09:53.252   070.018.232.xxx   goodbye until halloween sir.
2009_01_01_21:11:24.159   070.018.232.xxx   before you know it... ya know.
2009_01_01_21:16:50.543   090.204.235.xxx   Thought I'de stop by and say by!
2009_01_01_21:21:51.157   216.188.225.xxx   DONT TAKE DOWN THE LIGHTSYET
2009_01_01_21:25:42.125   096.224.058.xxx   alek thank u for this year see u next year for halloween & x-mas 2009
2009_01_01_21:26:35.626   096.014.133.xxx   this is cool
2009_01_01_21:27:06.065   096.014.133.xxx   brisk
2009_01_01_21:28:22.474   096.014.133.xxx   who can see this type your name
2009_01_01_21:29:29.718   067.142.130.xxx   Shadow
2009_01_01_21:30:26.509   096.014.133.xxx   where are you from shadow
2009_01_01_21:31:01.277   067.142.130.xxx   Galena Alaska
2009_01_01_21:32:09.401   096.014.133.xxx   i am from oshkosh wisconsin
2009_01_01_21:32:27.865   067.142.130.xxx   I can see the North Pole out my back door!
2009_01_01_21:32:52.837   067.165.105.xxx   How 'bout a final wave Alek?!
2009_01_01_21:33:58.607   096.014.133.xxx   wave
2009_01_01_21:34:16.119   075.094.217.xxx   I weight 1000 lbs and I love food!!!
2009_01_01_21:34:38.412   096.014.133.xxx   really
2009_01_01_21:34:38.581   216.188.225.xxx   Happy New Year to the Navarro's in Austin TX
2009_01_01_21:35:05.049   075.094.217.xxx   EAT MY BLUBBER NAVAROOS!!
2009_01_01_21:35:42.366   216.188.225.xxx   eat ur heart out
2009_01_01_21:35:58.010   075.094.217.xxx   I have!!
2009_01_01_21:36:45.485   075.094.217.xxx   I want alex to fix me some grub!!!
2009_01_01_21:37:16.149   074.057.123.xxx   i want more 8====D
2009_01_01_21:37:21.346   096.014.133.xxx   wave in the back ground
2009_01_01_21:37:56.689   075.094.217.xxx   Yum Yum I want to eat alex's glasses!!
2009_01_01_21:38:55.512   075.094.217.xxx   Is that corn edible!!?? Alex??
2009_01_01_21:39:08.627   096.014.133.xxx   is it possible to overload the system
2009_01_01_21:40:46.668   075.094.217.xxx   My blubber will overload your taste buds with goodness!!
2009_01_01_21:41:52.221   096.014.133.xxx   wow (10 IM's so far today)
2009_01_01_21:42:20.599   070.112.094.xxx   blibberblabber
2009_01_01_21:46:30.313   067.142.130.xxx   15 mins to GO!
2009_01_01_21:46:59.156   096.014.133.xxx   hello every body (11)
2009_01_01_21:50:04.430   070.242.182.xxx   Well, we're nearing the end :(
2009_01_01_21:50:55.540   024.139.178.xxx   10 minutes to the end
2009_01_01_21:51:28.191   096.014.133.xxx   hi (12)
2009_01_01_21:53:03.173   070.242.182.xxx   The end is nigh
2009_01_01_21:53:35.485   070.242.182.xxx   I bet Alek is looking forward to getting his office back
2009_01_01_21:56:07.302   098.209.097.xxx   5 Minutes left :(
2009_01_01_21:56:35.396   070.242.182.xxx   It's like the terminator seeking into the heated steel
2009_01_01_21:56:58.668   075.032.011.xxx   So this is it...
2009_01_01_21:57:34.196   075.032.011.xxx   Thanks, Alek!!!
2009_01_01_21:58:32.147   070.242.182.xxx   Alek and everyone, have a gr8 year and see you soon :)
2009_01_01_21:58:37.913   067.165.105.xxx   Bye!
2009_01_01_21:59:09.702   075.032.011.xxx   Adios...
2009_01_01_21:59:24.361   070.242.182.xxx   Mata ne
2009_01_01_21:59:40.506   024.139.178.xxx   Thanks Alex !!!! I enjoy the christmas light
2009_01_01_21:59:44.660   098.209.097.xxx   Bye! See you next years
2009_01_01_21:59:59.999   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks everyone - it's a "wrap" for 2008 ... come back after Thanksgiving/2009! ***ALEK***

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