1,001 christmas text messages on 2008/1204

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 20,005 times that day including 14,454 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1204

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2008_12_04_15:57:24.705   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Turning things on a bit early tonight - a bit of snow out there! ***ALEK***
2008_12_04_15:57:53.646   129.007.251.xxx   wooo! it on
2008_12_04_15:57:55.213   071.052.058.xxx   hey alek are you gonna update the zones?
2008_12_04_15:58:04.184   086.131.036.xxx   hi
2008_12_04_15:58:40.832   071.052.058.xxx   sorry, bout that i didn't mean to type that
2008_12_04_15:59:20.878   086.131.036.xxx   does any1 no were i can get a blow up from uk
2008_12_04_15:59:22.195   129.007.251.xxx   woooooooo!
2008_12_04_15:59:55.978   075.118.211.xxx   Cool stuff - Thanks!
2008_12_04_16:00:04.251   129.007.251.xxx   A hello from the University of Houston
2008_12_04_16:00:07.632   096.226.134.xxx   lol
2008_12_04_16:00:35.956   072.086.030.xxx   Liz is in love with matt and matt is in love with liz
2008_12_04_16:00:39.189   064.122.196.xxx   hello how are you?
2008_12_04_16:00:56.626   086.131.036.xxx   does any1 no were i can get a blow up from uk
2008_12_04_16:00:59.943   208.178.101.xxx   Hi heather!
2008_12_04_16:01:12.382   096.226.134.xxx   hi all merry xmas
2008_12_04_16:01:22.848   085.160.099.xxx   ceska republika zdravi.. mlada boleslav
2008_12_04_16:01:31.743   086.131.036.xxx   r the lights on
2008_12_04_16:01:48.193   067.141.191.xxx   Hello Thomaston GA
2008_12_04_16:02:03.543   129.007.251.xxx   this is a awesome site
2008_12_04_16:02:03.748   096.226.134.xxx   Does anyone read this?
2008_12_04_16:02:08.032   208.178.101.xxx   Go Brewers!
2008_12_04_16:02:20.256   012.192.137.xxx   Hello from Madison, Wi
2008_12_04_16:02:36.251   096.226.134.xxx   does anyone read this?
2008_12_04_16:03:11.014   085.160.099.xxx   know anybody SKODA cars behind the see ??
2008_12_04_16:03:43.718   096.226.134.xxx   nope
2008_12_04_16:04:58.681   096.226.134.xxx   Al Gore hates you? but I don't
2008_12_04_16:05:51.924   024.016.019.xxx   3 year old Emily says Merry Christmas and thank you for this
2008_12_04_16:06:23.275   217.095.237.xxx   greetings from germany
2008_12_04_16:06:38.441   024.217.143.xxx   merry christmas
2008_12_04_16:07:21.044   088.105.217.xxx   love you!
2008_12_04_16:07:49.516   068.032.197.xxx   Im glad to see it snowing where you live Alek
2008_12_04_16:08:21.648   068.032.197.xxx   cause I dont like SNOW
2008_12_04_16:08:37.055   091.107.144.xxx   Y HALO THAR!
2008_12_04_16:08:39.149   203.013.074.xxx   what a beautiful display
2008_12_04_16:08:54.531   068.161.129.xxx   I can't wait to see where snta is on christmas eve
2008_12_04_16:09:19.498   072.004.018.xxx   christan hooper says Hi
2008_12_04_16:09:52.679   068.230.093.xxx   hi
2008_12_04_16:09:56.309   085.160.099.xxx   Zdravim PETRA LINHARTA.. toho co ho zabijou v INDII
2008_12_04_16:10:40.835   170.035.208.xxx   Testing 123
2008_12_04_16:11:14.162   091.107.144.xxx   Mollins says hi
2008_12_04_16:11:30.747   170.035.208.xxx   110 to 120 volts
2008_12_04_16:11:33.508   085.160.099.xxx   i think 110V ?
2008_12_04_16:12:47.161   203.013.074.xxx   hi kids!
2008_12_04_16:13:09.885   085.160.099.xxx   kids  we dont see
2008_12_04_16:13:15.210   091.107.144.xxx   Hello kids
2008_12_04_16:13:45.776   018.237.001.xxx   Hi everyone. Great display!
2008_12_04_16:15:21.646   085.160.099.xxx   hey men... i dont know ..i think is 110v.. im from europe
2008_12_04_16:16:11.193   085.160.099.xxx   czech republic... :D
2008_12_04_16:16:15.240   024.016.019.xxx   Paul (13) from Seattle says Hi
2008_12_04_16:17:15.211   024.016.019.xxx   yes 13
2008_12_04_16:18:20.383   024.016.019.xxx   yes, tons of lights
2008_12_04_16:18:20.568   203.013.128.xxx   Anyone from Optus watching?
2008_12_04_16:18:51.573   143.088.000.xxx   Hi
2008_12_04_16:19:48.328   143.088.000.xxx   This is too cute
2008_12_04_16:20:03.244   222.000.100.xxx   cool
2008_12_04_16:20:20.151   203.013.128.xxx   STOP. Hammertime
2008_12_04_16:20:47.250   143.088.000.xxx   I have quite a few cats too
2008_12_04_16:21:05.840   203.013.128.xxx   cats are yum
2008_12_04_16:21:19.554   143.088.000.xxx   In chinese food
2008_12_04_16:22:15.777   143.088.000.xxx   Haha has to show the beer
2008_12_04_16:22:22.902   085.160.099.xxx   beeer :D  gimme more :)
2008_12_04_16:22:57.730   203.013.128.xxx   When I was his age on was into hard liqour
2008_12_04_16:23:31.174   072.020.067.xxx   Josh7owens should be banned!
2008_12_04_16:23:57.835   072.086.030.xxx   Jethal Silverwing Is THE Man!
2008_12_04_16:24:01.763   222.000.100.xxx   its Halloween Homer
2008_12_04_16:24:31.751   070.173.226.xxx   3.8mustang!!!!!!
2008_12_04_16:24:44.755   072.020.067.xxx   rules!
2008_12_04_16:24:49.893   076.116.148.xxx   3.8mustang for real! w00t w00t!
2008_12_04_16:25:10.685   072.020.067.xxx   wandler20 is god
2008_12_04_16:25:25.819   076.116.148.xxx   CLiff is a furry
2008_12_04_16:25:58.862   098.030.147.xxx   nodnarb
2008_12_04_16:26:05.057   072.020.067.xxx   I hope klotz isnt watching, watchout kids
2008_12_04_16:26:09.299   203.013.128.xxx   FordXR5Turbo
2008_12_04_16:26:30.235   076.116.148.xxx   lol I wonder how many people are here from 3.h8
2008_12_04_16:26:40.558   070.173.226.xxx   A lot!!!
2008_12_04_16:26:54.928   072.020.067.xxx   in
2008_12_04_16:27:20.092   076.116.148.xxx   AH COORS LIGHT EWWWWWWWWWWW
2008_12_04_16:27:28.047   072.020.067.xxx   Coors light sucks!
2008_12_04_16:27:30.179   085.160.099.xxx   in europe is 0.27 AM___)
2008_12_04_16:27:46.521   076.093.182.xxx   biggs gots a beer, hahaha
2008_12_04_16:28:21.382   076.116.148.xxx   ESPECIALLY THAT NASTY BEER
2008_12_04_16:28:23.645   076.093.182.xxx   if he can open it with his teeth, he's man enough for it, lol
2008_12_04_16:28:37.403   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Needless to say, that's not a ___real___ beer bottle ... ***ALEK***
2008_12_04_16:29:06.733   076.093.182.xxx   Humane Society is watching this
2008_12_04_16:29:10.442   024.108.000.xxx   Merry Christmas
2008_12_04_16:30:18.486   203.000.162.xxx   Free land rights for whales!
2008_12_04_16:30:18.733   076.093.182.xxx   can ya digg it?
2008_12_04_16:30:25.633   099.177.121.xxx   Let's see some lights!
2008_12_04_16:30:44.242   076.093.182.xxx   LIGHTS!
2008_12_04_16:31:11.865   076.093.182.xxx   Homer IS down!, Muahahaha
2008_12_04_16:31:19.019   203.000.162.xxx   4:30 and all is well!
2008_12_04_16:31:42.311   076.093.182.xxx   Greetings from San Diego!
2008_12_04_16:31:54.552   203.000.162.xxx   Ho Ho Ho - what a stutter!
2008_12_04_16:32:22.091   076.093.182.xxx   and now homer is down! YES!!
2008_12_04_16:32:56.760   012.049.200.xxx   Wee Wee Wee! All the way home!
2008_12_04_16:34:21.325   074.013.226.xxx   YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY
2008_12_04_16:34:56.469   066.193.041.xxx   hello?
2008_12_04_16:36:01.466   121.247.108.xxx   happy holidays
2008_12_04_16:36:05.867   076.093.182.xxx   I WIN!!!!! HOMER IS DOWN FOR THE COUNT!
2008_12_04_16:36:52.813   121.247.108.xxx   Happy Birthday to Vijay
2008_12_04_16:37:01.787   099.224.152.xxx   no swearing
2008_12_04_16:37:38.630   190.224.092.xxx   GIZ ROCKS!
2008_12_04_16:37:55.992   099.224.152.xxx   whays giz
2008_12_04_16:38:27.091   121.247.108.xxx   COOL
2008_12_04_16:39:11.237   121.247.108.xxx   Great Work Alek
2008_12_04_16:39:56.286   121.247.108.xxx   Great Work Alek
2008_12_04_16:40:45.682   070.176.057.xxx   Hey kiddo!
2008_12_04_16:46:17.463   071.165.059.xxx   GREAT JOB!!!
2008_12_04_16:46:48.037   070.091.018.xxx   Yay it's snowing!
2008_12_04_16:46:52.984   071.165.059.xxx   THIS IS REALLY AWESOME!!!!
2008_12_04_16:47:17.680   070.091.018.xxx   Alek is out taking pictures...
2008_12_04_16:47:23.417   070.187.164.xxx   woot
2008_12_04_16:47:43.271   070.091.018.xxx   wooo hoo SNOW!
2008_12_04_16:47:57.852   070.176.057.xxx   There are families here. Watch the language and terms!
2008_12_04_16:48:16.255   071.052.058.xxx   Yay christmas
2008_12_04_16:48:28.360   198.144.205.xxx   holly ho ho
2008_12_04_16:48:42.958   070.091.018.xxx   My lights are up. I want snow too.
2008_12_04_16:49:39.919   024.144.026.xxx   koo
2008_12_04_16:49:50.069   012.192.137.xxx   Hello
2008_12_04_16:49:52.353   070.176.057.xxx   I hope your IP is banned too.
2008_12_04_16:50:00.252   069.030.059.xxx   w00t!
2008_12_04_16:50:14.611   121.247.108.xxx   HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO VIJAY
2008_12_04_16:50:35.097   202.089.157.xxx   hello and all the best
2008_12_04_16:50:42.365   070.091.018.xxx   Alek is in the street
2008_12_04_16:50:51.534   070.254.224.xxx   Hi Addy!
2008_12_04_16:50:56.798   069.030.059.xxx   I love you Emilie!
2008_12_04_16:51:11.615   070.091.018.xxx   who gives about josh
2008_12_04_16:51:46.097   070.176.057.xxx   ---
2008_12_04_16:51:52.201   070.091.018.xxx   Hiya Alek!
2008_12_04_16:52:20.401   097.088.191.xxx   boooooyaaaaaa
2008_12_04_16:52:32.926   012.176.155.xxx   dude in your lawn!
2008_12_04_16:52:41.689   064.216.047.xxx   bababooey bababooey bababooey bababooey
2008_12_04_16:52:59.589   024.130.010.xxx   hey guys
2008_12_04_16:52:59.910   085.160.099.xxx   lights on !!!!!!!!!!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_04_16:53:04.294   070.253.229.xxx   Hello from Waco Texas
2008_12_04_16:53:29.275   012.176.155.xxx   dude by your garage!!!! deploy hulk!
2008_12_04_16:53:31.806   203.042.008.xxx   Hello from Australia
2008_12_04_16:53:41.361   070.253.229.xxx   HAY GUISE WHATS GOIN ON DIS WEBSITE?
2008_12_04_16:53:42.626   075.104.189.xxx   I ___3 j7o
2008_12_04_16:53:42.832   070.091.018.xxx   takes those pics quick, A
2008_12_04_16:53:43.547   097.088.191.xxx   i like black
2008_12_04_16:54:02.377   070.254.224.xxx   I love women!
2008_12_04_16:54:03.950   071.142.212.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2008_12_04_16:54:07.274   070.091.018.xxx   Under snow
2008_12_04_16:54:26.060   024.130.010.xxx   shut up
2008_12_04_16:54:32.278   070.253.229.xxx   HAY GUISE WHATS GOIN ON DIS WEBSITE?
2008_12_04_16:54:32.491   070.254.224.xxx   will you touch my special place?
2008_12_04_16:54:43.915   070.091.018.xxx   talking about yourself again? (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_04_16:54:49.930   203.042.008.xxx   The clock and the computer show differnt time
2008_12_04_16:54:56.764   071.238.160.xxx   Wayne Loves Jim
2008_12_04_16:55:11.424   070.253.229.xxx   Type text & CR to HEsee real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_04_16:55:22.416   070.091.018.xxx   I love SNOW (11)
2008_12_04_16:55:29.471   075.104.189.xxx   Merry Fishmas!
2008_12_04_16:55:36.739   071.238.160.xxx   Wayne Loves Jim
2008_12_04_16:55:43.034   071.233.020.xxx   Hello Chris
2008_12_04_16:55:56.134   074.013.226.xxx   IS THIS FOR REAL?!?!?!?!?
2008_12_04_16:56:00.563   085.160.099.xxx   Alek what you did out?  Takin pictures? (11)
2008_12_04_16:56:06.012   070.176.057.xxx   Glad you're back Alek. Seriously.
2008_12_04_16:56:26.139   074.013.226.xxx   LOOK GEORGE!!!!
2008_12_04_16:56:32.477   071.238.160.xxx   This is neat!  Thanks!!
2008_12_04_16:56:42.343   070.091.018.xxx   some people like too much attention (12)
2008_12_04_16:56:44.125   069.123.177.xxx   long island in da house!
2008_12_04_16:56:54.730   076.025.214.xxx   owens you dbag go away
2008_12_04_16:56:58.406   204.017.026.xxx   HoHoHo
2008_12_04_16:56:59.423   203.042.008.xxx   You septics are all mad!!!
2008_12_04_16:57:12.694   070.091.018.xxx   How much snow do you have out there/ (13)
2008_12_04_16:57:14.540   064.216.047.xxx   looks like /b/ found their way here
2008_12_04_16:57:34.845   075.104.189.xxx   hello, man on screen
2008_12_04_16:57:40.581   071.142.212.xxx   this is fun!
2008_12_04_16:57:41.555   069.123.177.xxx   so does my pits
2008_12_04_16:57:56.215   071.238.160.xxx   He is ignoring you!
2008_12_04_16:58:14.100   070.091.018.xxx   I love Christmas! (14)
2008_12_04_16:58:16.763   074.193.154.xxx   hello world!
2008_12_04_16:58:20.724   071.233.020.xxx   Hello Chris
2008_12_04_16:58:46.062   076.025.214.xxx   wheres the mustard?
2008_12_04_16:58:55.392   071.233.020.xxx   Helo Nancy Ouellette
2008_12_04_16:59:01.385   074.193.154.xxx   in the cabinet
2008_12_04_16:59:03.539   203.042.008.xxx   Why are people so unkind?
2008_12_04_16:59:41.979   071.238.160.xxx   Jingle Jingle Jingle
2008_12_04_16:59:53.306   203.042.008.xxx   It'a warm down here in HELL!!!!
2008_12_04_16:59:54.888   074.193.154.xxx   WHOOOOO!!!
2008_12_04_17:00:06.790   069.119.074.xxx   awesome
2008_12_04_17:00:09.662   086.131.036.xxx   g2g hope u gt more snow merry xmas love wat u doing its great bye
2008_12_04_17:00:22.442   071.238.160.xxx   Cindy Lou Who!!
2008_12_04_17:00:29.077   074.193.154.xxx   be nice...its christmas!!!
2008_12_04_17:00:43.640   070.176.057.xxx   ---
2008_12_04_17:00:50.191   152.131.010.xxx   ho ho ho
2008_12_04_17:01:14.700   074.193.154.xxx   O M G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_04_17:01:30.137   209.094.131.xxx   This tastes like burning
2008_12_04_17:01:56.843   069.119.074.xxx   nice lights.
2008_12_04_17:02:03.989   074.193.154.xxx   mac is better than pc
2008_12_04_17:02:55.430   098.114.063.xxx   hi
2008_12_04_17:03:15.171   074.193.154.xxx   STOP!!!
2008_12_04_17:03:35.247   098.114.063.xxx   hi
2008_12_04_17:04:18.803   074.193.154.xxx   **** firebird
2008_12_04_17:04:27.619   064.012.116.xxx   hi: brian
2008_12_04_17:04:37.966   152.131.010.xxx   x-mas
2008_12_04_17:04:49.938   074.193.154.xxx   seriously stop using profanity
2008_12_04_17:05:19.156   096.224.051.xxx   349 people viewing Christmas Lights - HOLY MOLEY
2008_12_04_17:05:26.371   071.115.038.xxx   is that snoopy on cam 2?
2008_12_04_17:05:26.976   074.193.154.xxx   everyone click ON/INFLATE now! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_04_17:05:40.810   064.012.116.xxx   hi: brian
2008_12_04_17:05:59.152   074.193.154.xxx   yay!!!! (11)
2008_12_04_17:06:25.190   074.193.154.xxx   everything is ON!!! (12)
2008_12_04_17:06:39.670   064.012.116.xxx   Codemanbates @ LINK DELETED
2008_12_04_17:06:39.808   071.115.038.xxx   Is that snoopy on cam 2?
2008_12_04_17:07:01.274   064.216.047.xxx   Homer is dead
2008_12_04_17:07:03.452   074.193.154.xxx   everyone click OFF/DEFLATE now!!! (13)
2008_12_04_17:07:37.241   074.193.154.xxx   it wont let us control it!!! (14)
2008_12_04_17:08:21.039   064.012.116.xxx   yes it does
2008_12_04_17:08:42.243   074.193.154.xxx   then turn something off.... (15)
2008_12_04_17:09:09.363   074.193.154.xxx   its temp disabled (16)
2008_12_04_17:09:14.184   068.215.134.xxx   AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH
2008_12_04_17:09:16.460   064.012.116.xxx   see
2008_12_04_17:09:38.640   074.193.154.xxx   what will we do? how will we survive? (17)
2008_12_04_17:09:48.731   068.215.134.xxx   woah...awesome
2008_12_04_17:09:51.494   064.012.116.xxx   i change the colors
2008_12_04_17:10:30.554   074.193.154.xxx   give us control!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (18)
2008_12_04_17:10:44.336   064.012.116.xxx   lol
2008_12_04_17:10:50.592   012.176.155.xxx   Hulk ANGRY!
2008_12_04_17:10:59.061   068.215.134.xxx   my roflcopter goes soi soi soi soi soi soi
2008_12_04_17:11:56.056   068.215.134.xxx   CHEESE!
2008_12_04_17:12:00.214   071.115.038.xxx   man more pic tacking
2008_12_04_17:12:40.265   068.215.134.xxx   ...............................................................................
2008_12_04_17:13:01.031   076.224.021.xxx   I LOVE SUSIE
2008_12_04_17:13:37.163   012.176.155.xxx   ACK! HUMAN!
2008_12_04_17:13:42.183   068.215.134.xxx   I SEE YOU!
2008_12_04_17:14:07.103   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** OK - done taking pictures - how about more Christmasy family comments ... ***ALEK***
2008_12_04_17:14:10.419   085.160.099.xxx   I want to see your pic ALEK pls (12)
2008_12_04_17:14:15.531   216.244.054.xxx   This is so cool!
2008_12_04_17:14:26.942   068.215.134.xxx   That guy up there...he is awesome. BOW TO HIM!
2008_12_04_17:14:42.777   074.193.154.xxx   let us control it please (19)
2008_12_04_17:15:05.319   012.176.155.xxx   enough with the AJAX speak
2008_12_04_17:15:13.667   074.193.154.xxx   ok everyone click OFF/DEFLATE now!!! (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_04_17:16:40.447   072.161.086.xxx   oops
2008_12_04_17:16:46.564   074.193.154.xxx   everyone click ON/INFLATE now!!! (21)
2008_12_04_17:17:08.537   072.161.086.xxx   you do it. I'm lazy
2008_12_04_17:17:39.480   012.176.155.xxx   now dude, spin around in a circle 4 times!
2008_12_04_17:18:14.133   024.234.184.xxx   Alllooooha!
2008_12_04_17:18:15.639   074.193.154.xxx   santa says "DEFLATE!" (22)
2008_12_04_17:18:34.406   208.053.118.xxx   The Lord Vice says- WHEEEEEEEEEE _______
2008_12_04_17:18:59.837   066.016.003.xxx   we love elmo!!!!!
2008_12_04_17:19:05.234   074.193.154.xxx   WOW!!! (23)
2008_12_04_17:19:52.045   024.234.184.xxx   Do it rockasanta
2008_12_04_17:19:59.572   085.160.099.xxx   what is your connectio to internet? (13)
2008_12_04_17:19:59.561   004.022.097.xxx   I'm back here wasting time!  ARGHH
2008_12_04_17:20:49.743   004.022.097.xxx   But ain't it fun!!!
2008_12_04_17:21:49.746   066.016.003.xxx   next year let's do this but with power tools
2008_12_04_17:22:04.307   076.095.180.xxx   I wish we had a white christmas here in L.A.
2008_12_04_17:22:53.035   085.160.099.xxx   Alek. Take your pictures on the web (rapidshare). Picture of your christmas lig (14)
2008_12_04_17:23:30.390   220.233.181.xxx   This is inspiring!
2008_12_04_17:24:41.855   220.233.181.xxx   Merry Christmas dude with the gla**** :)
2008_12_04_17:25:18.371   076.095.180.xxx   The dude with the gla**** is Alek, the brains behind this wonderful operation
2008_12_04_17:25:56.583   072.161.086.xxx   I love you Victoria, you mean alot to me
2008_12_04_17:26:06.979   216.101.090.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2008_12_04_17:28:24.108   072.161.086.xxx   are thoe LEDs on cam 2?
2008_12_04_17:28:50.503   099.048.039.xxx   Love
2008_12_04_17:29:30.655   072.161.086.xxx   yes?
2008_12_04_17:30:11.636   099.048.039.xxx   Clifforf, You mean the world to me, I hope that we will always be together, I l
2008_12_04_17:31:19.985   216.101.090.xxx   how much badwidth does this webstie use?
2008_12_04_17:31:28.243   072.161.086.xxx   Victoria my love you mean the world to me
2008_12_04_17:32:46.372   024.248.046.xxx   Hi Mike
2008_12_04_17:32:48.528   209.173.186.xxx   Louie... I miss U !!! Luv Pooh
2008_12_04_17:33:08.840   099.048.039.xxx   Cliff you are my christmas present ___3 and always will be
2008_12_04_17:34:09.404   209.173.186.xxx   Louie I miss U. Luv Pooh
2008_12_04_17:35:14.894   069.127.057.xxx   this is more fun than debugging a Linux Kernal
2008_12_04_17:35:59.171   209.173.186.xxx   Lou... I miss U . Luv Pooh
2008_12_04_17:36:47.798   070.176.057.xxx   Merry Christmas from Tucson, Az, USA. Peace!
2008_12_04_17:37:16.545   069.127.057.xxx   Merry Christmas and THANK GOD for OBAMA!
2008_12_04_17:37:35.951   064.012.116.xxx   merry x-mas nf ohio
2008_12_04_17:37:36.483   208.053.118.xxx   From all of us freaks at Spleen's___ Happy Crazy Christmas heh
2008_12_04_17:38:13.092   064.012.116.xxx   you too
2008_12_04_17:38:30.140   208.053.118.xxx   ___runs around wildy and into a wall___
2008_12_04_17:38:32.238   205.188.116.xxx   21 days to xmas
2008_12_04_17:39:00.994   024.167.001.xxx   Your electric bill is going to be ridiculous lol
2008_12_04_17:39:35.198   208.053.118.xxx   Where'd he go?
2008_12_04_17:39:50.172   064.012.116.xxx   why is there a pumpkin (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_04_17:41:37.441   064.012.116.xxx   merry x-mas to you too as___ (11)
2008_12_04_17:42:26.305   064.012.116.xxx   little kids are on this (12)
2008_12_04_17:43:01.266   024.248.046.xxx   Merry Christmas
2008_12_04_17:43:04.818   076.106.175.xxx   Santa's watching you!
2008_12_04_17:44:02.954   208.053.118.xxx   Potty mouth___ does that mean someone has a toilet cleaner in their mouth? O.o
2008_12_04_17:44:23.366   064.012.116.xxx   hey mister (13)
2008_12_04_17:44:40.167   074.130.215.xxx   Doh!
2008_12_04_17:45:31.165   067.096.186.xxx   Merry Christmas
2008_12_04_17:47:18.761   063.083.249.xxx   merry christmas from Los Angeles
2008_12_04_17:48:02.739   071.238.160.xxx   Merry Christmas from Howell MI.
2008_12_04_17:48:19.683   121.127.215.xxx   Merry Christmas from Australia
2008_12_04_17:49:51.436   071.052.058.xxx   hey alek and fam
2008_12_04_17:50:01.155   069.080.163.xxx   hello
2008_12_04_17:50:04.024   068.194.244.xxx   MOVE I CANT SEE THE SCREEN KYLE
2008_12_04_17:50:47.656   068.194.244.xxx   HOW OLD ARE U KYLE YOUR REALLY CUTE
2008_12_04_17:51:17.172   068.194.244.xxx   KYLE COME BACK
2008_12_04_17:51:35.051   069.068.103.xxx   i want the x10 control at my house
2008_12_04_17:51:45.694   071.012.130.xxx   THIS IS AWESOME GOOD JOB KYLE
2008_12_04_17:52:07.062   068.194.244.xxx   ALEX WHERES THE LADY WHO HELPED U MAKE THAT BABY___
2008_12_04_17:53:42.258   068.226.083.xxx   This is quite sweet...
2008_12_04_17:53:55.691   203.206.160.xxx   BaLLZ
2008_12_04_17:54:38.515   068.226.083.xxx   good cause too...
2008_12_04_17:54:55.945   069.068.103.xxx   where can i find help to set up web x10
2008_12_04_17:56:56.036   074.193.200.xxx   hey mom
2008_12_04_17:57:03.155   067.134.006.xxx   I rule the world
2008_12_04_17:57:30.174   067.134.006.xxx   just kidding!
2008_12_04_17:57:30.259   069.136.002.xxx   God bless you and your family Alek!
2008_12_04_17:57:30.619   072.025.054.xxx   Very Nice
2008_12_04_17:57:47.967   069.068.103.xxx   can you post instructions for web x10 setup
2008_12_04_17:58:10.814   069.136.002.xxx   Google them?
2008_12_04_17:58:22.304   072.025.054.xxx   K1BIX is the man
2008_12_04_17:58:34.538   067.134.006.xxx   let me google that for LINK DELETED
2008_12_04_17:59:45.736   070.176.057.xxx   Six O'Clock and All is Well!___
2008_12_04_18:00:00.082   069.136.002.xxx   Someone DDOS'd my internet.
2008_12_04_18:00:29.553   076.125.245.xxx   This is awesome!!!
2008_12_04_18:00:35.160   070.176.057.xxx   Alek, is your system set to Coordinated Universal Time?
2008_12_04_18:01:04.716   071.126.002.xxx   hi from buffalo ny
2008_12_04_18:01:30.547   072.073.018.xxx   Hi from Big James Kahuna
2008_12_04_18:01:49.642   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** The large clock is on atomic time, but not the backwards or digital one ***ALEK***
2008_12_04_18:02:35.334   070.176.057.xxx   Are you listening to the Atomic clock over the air? (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_04_18:03:05.616   012.192.137.xxx   Awesome Job!
2008_12_04_18:03:30.631   068.226.083.xxx   SWEETNESSSSSSSSS
2008_12_04_18:03:31.810   150.176.200.xxx   i love scotch
2008_12_04_18:03:55.791   150.176.200.xxx   i love boys
2008_12_04_18:04:08.612   072.025.054.xxx   scotch tape?
2008_12_04_18:04:15.716   150.176.200.xxx   cool dude
2008_12_04_18:04:19.268   075.111.048.xxx   Thats what she said
2008_12_04_18:04:50.369   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** The clock syncs up via radio ... the atomic part irradiates my brain!  ;-) ***ALEK***
2008_12_04_18:05:23.576   064.216.047.xxx   Hi!
2008_12_04_18:07:05.501   068.226.083.xxx   i'm hooked.
2008_12_04_18:08:11.927   064.216.047.xxx   I like pie
2008_12_04_18:08:19.630   076.016.120.xxx   no
2008_12_04_18:08:58.529   064.216.047.xxx   hi there
2008_12_04_18:09:09.010   076.244.162.xxx   that you nick???
2008_12_04_18:10:00.926   070.080.166.xxx   hi
2008_12_04_18:11:04.063   076.244.162.xxx   high
2008_12_04_18:11:13.870   209.248.126.xxx   Sam says "Merry Christmas"!
2008_12_04_18:11:17.669   065.069.204.xxx   sdfsadf
2008_12_04_18:11:27.654   076.016.120.xxx   weed ?
2008_12_04_18:11:44.051   012.192.137.xxx   :-)
2008_12_04_18:11:47.663   076.244.162.xxx   cronic
2008_12_04_18:11:50.566   064.091.217.xxx   The Matirx Has you neo
2008_12_04_18:12:35.052   012.192.137.xxx   YAY Homer!
2008_12_04_18:12:47.686   209.248.126.xxx   Sam says "Merry Christmas"!
2008_12_04_18:13:21.264   076.244.162.xxx   same to ya sam
2008_12_04_18:13:34.426   068.062.022.xxx   Type teHixt & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_04_18:14:15.357   069.121.001.xxx   Merrry Christmass!
2008_12_04_18:14:22.440   070.176.057.xxx   Thanks for the info on the clock Alek. Fascinating. 8) (11)
2008_12_04_18:14:51.270   076.244.162.xxx   clockwatcher
2008_12_04_18:15:01.773   064.091.217.xxx   Merry christmas! LINK DELETED Rocks!
2008_12_04_18:15:36.311   064.091.217.xxx   Svt Performance lol :)
2008_12_04_18:16:29.211   070.176.057.xxx   At our house we have a 200year old Cuckcoo... (12)
2008_12_04_18:17:13.076   068.047.168.xxx   Hello There Kayeligh!!!!!
2008_12_04_18:17:13.976   012.192.137.xxx   We have an old cuckcoo too, we call him grandpa
2008_12_04_18:17:27.685   070.176.057.xxx   ...a 75 year old chiming Telechron mantel clock.... (13)
2008_12_04_18:17:53.567   068.047.168.xxx   Hello there Kayleigh!!!!
2008_12_04_18:18:30.183   070.176.057.xxx   ..and others including digital, analog, and Atmoic tuned. (14)
2008_12_04_18:21:33.208   012.192.137.xxx   B-)
2008_12_04_18:21:36.823   067.189.122.xxx   this is amazing! Great job!
2008_12_04_18:21:56.964   012.192.137.xxx   ___3
2008_12_04_18:22:35.999   012.192.137.xxx   I must say, im entertained...
2008_12_04_18:22:39.076   075.146.096.xxx   This is an ingenious setup!
2008_12_04_18:22:53.943   068.047.168.xxx   23.********.054
2008_12_04_18:23:33.172   076.027.110.xxx   Merry Christmas
2008_12_04_18:24:42.512   068.062.022.xxx   My kids have an autoimmune disorder called Celiac Disease. So please consider a
2008_12_04_18:25:33.295   012.192.137.xxx   There is no place like of the holidays..
2008_12_04_18:25:33.686   068.062.022.xxx   Hi, Flushing Michigan
2008_12_04_18:26:04.824   012.192.137.xxx   There is no place like of the holidays..
2008_12_04_18:26:07.287   076.027.110.xxx   :-)
2008_12_04_18:27:21.060   072.051.149.xxx   Love Major Geeks!!
2008_12_04_18:30:55.703   076.027.110.xxx   M3rrY Chr15tm@___
2008_12_04_18:31:00.234   076.180.162.xxx   hey hey
2008_12_04_18:31:31.684   066.212.217.xxx   Giggaty giggaty Gooo !
2008_12_04_18:32:32.737   024.069.059.xxx   sn95forums FOR THE MOTHER f**IN WIN
2008_12_04_18:32:56.265   071.075.075.xxx   i love lamp
2008_12_04_18:33:03.765   012.192.137.xxx   123 (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_04_18:33:32.114   098.216.036.xxx   I once pooped a hammer
2008_12_04_18:33:40.797   066.212.217.xxx   StorminstangsofConnecticut.net
2008_12_04_18:34:10.862   070.017.120.xxx   yeh,, yeh.
2008_12_04_18:35:03.975   072.051.242.xxx   who dat?
2008_12_04_18:35:07.570   024.009.073.xxx   poop
2008_12_04_18:35:19.922   070.017.120.xxx   f****
2008_12_04_18:35:49.784   024.009.073.xxx   hello
2008_12_04_18:35:56.546   173.049.000.xxx   Hi
2008_12_04_18:36:17.996   173.049.000.xxx   Wazzzzzzup
2008_12_04_18:36:33.417   024.163.130.xxx   wow. neighbors must just love this
2008_12_04_18:36:44.114   070.081.143.xxx   yo
2008_12_04_18:36:55.414   071.124.225.xxx   what do i do
2008_12_04_18:37:20.163   070.081.143.xxx   hello from quebec, canada!
2008_12_04_18:38:01.771   076.027.110.xxx   Brian Loves Lacey! :-D
2008_12_04_18:38:11.720   067.165.213.xxx   Please...one at a time
2008_12_04_18:38:39.681   173.049.000.xxx   Ok lest see how much we can fit on this screen by tying as much as we can in a 
2008_12_04_18:39:23.197   097.087.096.xxx   BARREL ROLLLLLLLL
2008_12_04_18:39:35.518   173.088.180.xxx   HO HO HOLY COW THATS ALOT OF LIGHTS
2008_12_04_18:39:36.927   070.081.143.xxx   GO HABS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_04_18:40:04.732   066.212.217.xxx   The Patriots Rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_04_18:40:11.363   067.165.213.xxx   Merry Christmas!!!!
2008_12_04_18:40:24.684   012.192.137.xxx   There is no place like of the holidays.. (11)
2008_12_04_18:40:27.774   024.163.130.xxx   64 characters
2008_12_04_18:40:53.363   066.212.217.xxx   Patriots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_04_18:40:58.290   012.192.137.xxx   :-) (12)
2008_12_04_18:41:06.528   024.069.059.xxx   I met stanta once
2008_12_04_18:41:10.454   173.088.180.xxx   WRITES DOWN IP'S OF IDIOT COMMENTS...
2008_12_04_18:41:40.947   024.069.059.xxx   is this thing real? anyone see it in person?
2008_12_04_18:42:02.865   066.212.217.xxx   Patriots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_04_18:42:47.271   076.214.044.xxx   hi
2008_12_04_18:42:52.804   067.165.213.xxx   smart
2008_12_04_18:43:18.490   070.017.120.xxx   trams
2008_12_04_18:43:55.955   024.163.130.xxx   if you have noticed this notice you will have noticed that this notice is not w
2008_12_04_18:44:10.203   067.165.213.xxx   s m a r t - t r a m s
2008_12_04_18:44:12.207   070.017.120.xxx   nope... nadda...
2008_12_04_18:44:44.959   209.216.173.xxx   Merry hoho christmas ya all
2008_12_04_18:44:53.880   070.017.120.xxx   incomprehencible.
2008_12_04_18:44:56.593   075.134.052.xxx   I need orders
2008_12_04_18:45:31.860   024.163.130.xxx   catsup?
2008_12_04_18:45:34.732   070.017.120.xxx   oh NO!  it's an upside down universe captain!
2008_12_04_18:45:35.018   209.216.173.xxx   RUDOLPH bring me mustard
2008_12_04_18:45:35.132   024.069.059.xxx   hfdhdf
2008_12_04_18:46:17.450   070.017.120.xxx   the new ketchup hour glass for the holidays only 50___ off!
2008_12_04_18:46:18.489   209.216.173.xxx   Please pass the mustard
2008_12_04_18:46:52.216   067.165.213.xxx   Please pass the hot dog
2008_12_04_18:46:58.472   068.047.168.xxx   my toddler loves watching this!
2008_12_04_18:47:00.002   071.052.058.xxx   o buzz
2008_12_04_18:47:03.601   070.017.120.xxx   hienz new idea for time travel failed today.. people asked for...
2008_12_04_18:47:07.477   209.216.173.xxx   To infinity and beyond
2008_12_04_18:47:09.827   024.163.130.xxx   I'd like a small number 2 with no tomatoe and root beer to drink
2008_12_04_18:47:46.444   068.047.168.xxx   you're an awesome dad!
2008_12_04_18:47:46.969   075.134.052.xxx   I'll take a nachos bel grande
2008_12_04_18:47:47.687   070.017.120.xxx   shake your fist at the ketchup harder buzz!
2008_12_04_18:47:48.557   071.052.058.xxx   that will be 2.40
2008_12_04_18:48:52.477   067.042.077.xxx   hi
2008_12_04_18:48:59.067   075.134.052.xxx   I'll take a nachos bel grande
2008_12_04_18:49:05.810   070.017.120.xxx   timelapse indicated that ketchup is against gravity. (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_04_18:49:27.893   075.134.052.xxx   Your Mom
2008_12_04_18:49:52.044   070.017.120.xxx   sigh,    w.h.    anyways.....   heinze corp today ..... (11)
2008_12_04_18:50:01.365   024.163.130.xxx   catsup need not follow your silly rulez
2008_12_04_18:50:08.058   209.216.173.xxx   Its making me waiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttt
2008_12_04_18:50:11.331   072.081.061.xxx   Buzz is back!
2008_12_04_18:50:23.562   072.155.215.xxx   yo
2008_12_04_18:50:36.441   070.017.120.xxx   sorry kiddo, gravity is not MY rule...  now find a job. (12)
2008_12_04_18:50:38.108   216.008.135.xxx   lets all watch the ketchup drop
2008_12_04_18:51:54.889   024.163.130.xxx   find a job... funny
2008_12_04_18:52:18.417   070.017.120.xxx   g.a.l.      jobless usually have difficulties in the real world. (13)
2008_12_04_18:52:51.298   085.160.099.xxx   je tu nejaky cech?????? (15)
2008_12_04_18:52:54.166   070.017.120.xxx   thus there's programs to help the incapable. (14)
2008_12_04_18:53:29.233   070.017.120.xxx   join them today and help promote a healthy GNP. (15)
2008_12_04_18:53:38.263   098.114.063.xxx   CR
2008_12_04_18:53:59.177   085.160.099.xxx   kecas :d (16)
2008_12_04_18:54:07.666   070.017.120.xxx   i'm sure they rather be on their own.. than be a gift. (16)
2008_12_04_18:54:10.655   098.114.063.xxx   hey
2008_12_04_18:54:43.635   070.017.120.xxx   shame no one cares what you think of this josh loser. (17)
2008_12_04_18:54:59.262   098.114.063.xxx   dont talk about that here
2008_12_04_18:55:19.390   070.017.120.xxx   find work, that'll help everyone out this holiday season. (18)
2008_12_04_18:57:25.218   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Ketchup has almost dropped ... should I flip***ack over and let Buzz have some? ***ALEK***
2008_12_04_18:58:36.898   012.192.137.xxx   Buzz could use a ketchup mohawk (13)
2008_12_04_18:58:49.130   072.155.215.xxx   hey guy wave at the camera please
2008_12_04_18:59:32.983   072.155.215.xxx   is that guy a robot
2008_12_04_19:00:04.559   072.155.215.xxx   whats he looking at
2008_12_04_19:00:13.646   072.204.024.xxx   YO YO
2008_12_04_19:00:44.771   072.155.215.xxx   yo yo yo yo
2008_12_04_19:00:57.147   098.114.063.xxx   hi im really impressed how do u dcontrol ur office
2008_12_04_19:01:11.730   085.160.099.xxx   dont you think about the next webcam??? (17)
2008_12_04_19:01:12.451   070.017.120.xxx   ah the xmas drama is neigh the spirit to be defeated. (19)
2008_12_04_19:01:20.218   072.155.215.xxx   Hi my name is Taylor
2008_12_04_19:01:23.452   072.204.024.xxx   I LOVE SARAH
2008_12_04_19:01:45.070   216.065.160.xxx   123
2008_12_04_19:01:46.089   071.033.137.xxx   3.8 is teh lose!
2008_12_04_19:01:46.125   070.017.120.xxx   taylor?  wasn't he captured by the apes? (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_04_19:02:04.421   072.155.215.xxx   i escaped
2008_12_04_19:02:21.450   070.017.120.xxx   heh,  i doubt that very likely. (21)
2008_12_04_19:02:50.108   072.155.215.xxx   Jesus is the reason for the season
2008_12_04_19:02:53.238   070.017.120.xxx   you're probably zira. (22)
2008_12_04_19:02:56.692   069.251.089.xxx   look at that guy on the couch
2008_12_04_19:03:15.829   071.033.137.xxx   I LOVE TAYLOR!
2008_12_04_19:03:30.051   070.017.120.xxx   as the ketchup hour glass flows.. another episode goes. (23)
2008_12_04_19:03:38.688   069.251.089.xxx   hes been watching the same thing for days
2008_12_04_19:03:43.849   072.155.215.xxx   Christ is the reason for the season
2008_12_04_19:03:58.691   070.017.120.xxx   nope it's not actually. (24)
2008_12_04_19:09:14.874   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Anticipationnnnn .... ***ALEK***
2008_12_04_19:09:35.240   066.068.191.xxx   y is there 2 different times on the clocks?
2008_12_04_19:09:41.367   070.017.120.xxx   that's a drug name isn't it? (25)
2008_12_04_19:10:15.002   066.068.191.xxx   i wonder how long it took to set up these lights?
2008_12_04_19:10:22.800   070.017.120.xxx   oh oh the ketchup is running out of time allotment again. (26)
2008_12_04_19:11:17.583   070.017.120.xxx   the hourglass ketchup these are the days of our heinz. (27)
2008_12_04_19:11:36.912   076.204.176.xxx   hi
2008_12_04_19:12:00.099   012.176.155.xxx   Pepto!
2008_12_04_19:12:03.320   070.017.120.xxx   brought to you by pepto! (28)
2008_12_04_19:12:54.719   070.017.120.xxx   days are dismal?  break out the bismal. (29)
2008_12_04_19:16:30.165   067.187.161.xxx   Hello Cruel World!
2008_12_04_19:17:38.581   067.187.161.xxx   Believe those who are seeking the truth.  Doubt those who find it.
2008_12_04_19:17:49.202   069.115.151.xxx   Let the inflatables free!
2008_12_04_19:17:58.925   070.017.120.xxx   oh brother. (30 IM's so far today)
2008_12_04_19:18:01.601   067.187.161.xxx   Believe those who are seeking the truth.  Doubt those who find it.
2008_12_04_19:18:03.677   063.245.140.xxx   Merry Christmas Everyone!
2008_12_04_19:18:40.899   070.017.120.xxx   hey, um bartender?  i'll have a herseys with a bismal chaser! (31)
2008_12_04_19:19:05.780   099.177.121.xxx   Everyone stop clicking so I can have a go!
2008_12_04_19:19:31.879   070.017.120.xxx   if you mix chocolate syrup with pink fluid,  you'd get brown. (32)
2008_12_04_19:19:39.749   067.187.161.xxx   Knock on the sky and listen to the sound.
2008_12_04_19:20:13.263   070.017.120.xxx   uhumhummm...  now back to the bbq sounds of char broil (33)
2008_12_04_19:20:29.511   075.064.222.xxx   this is cool
2008_12_04_19:20:31.743   067.187.161.xxx   There are some remedies worse than the disease.
2008_12_04_19:20:38.616   099.177.121.xxx   pepto to go along with the hersheys?
2008_12_04_19:21:20.687   075.064.222.xxx   I wish I was the only person controlling this
2008_12_04_19:21:35.928   070.017.120.xxx   ketchup, chocolate syrup, pepto, a hot night ahead. (34)
2008_12_04_19:21:56.307   063.245.140.xxx   Ho Ho Ho!
2008_12_04_19:22:11.204   067.187.161.xxx   You never know what is enough, until you know what is more than enough.
2008_12_04_19:22:20.065   076.016.120.xxx   hoes
2008_12_04_19:22:30.105   070.017.120.xxx   oh cut it out,  go preach to a dog or catfood. (35)
2008_12_04_19:23:32.969   072.188.109.xxx   oh my
2008_12_04_19:23:54.848   099.177.121.xxx   Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!
2008_12_04_19:24:40.888   070.017.120.xxx   ho ho ho the mistle toe and all that frozen beer. (36)
2008_12_04_19:24:42.443   063.245.140.xxx   I've loved this site for several years now!
2008_12_04_19:25:01.005   076.204.176.xxx   hi
2008_12_04_19:25:10.799   075.068.238.xxx   NERDS!
2008_12_04_19:25:23.202   099.177.121.xxx   Greetings from Cleveland Ohio
2008_12_04_19:25:24.588   070.017.120.xxx   jealous. (37)
2008_12_04_19:25:44.988   203.049.073.xxx   Hello World from Australia!
2008_12_04_19:26:04.874   070.017.120.xxx   baaaaa! (38)
2008_12_04_19:26:28.203   099.177.121.xxx   Hello Australia from the world! It's 9:26 pm on Thursday night!
2008_12_04_19:26:42.766   070.017.120.xxx   so, it is.......... (39)
2008_12_04_19:28:09.499   099.177.121.xxx   nitey nite, nerds!
2008_12_04_19:29:59.098   099.177.121.xxx   Hmmm, Pepto and Chocolate syrup...not a good combo
2008_12_04_19:31:30.566   099.177.121.xxx   Hello world from Cleveland Ohio
2008_12_04_19:31:45.666   067.177.208.xxx   Hi Alek--what time is it?
2008_12_04_19:32:18.963   067.177.208.xxx   Time for a Corona!
2008_12_04_19:32:52.489   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Megatron also says time for a Corona!!! ***ALEK***
2008_12_04_19:34:01.720   070.017.120.xxx   megatron alone without drinking pal! (40 IM's so far today)
2008_12_04_19:34:35.624   071.200.212.xxx   richard loves karli
2008_12_04_19:38:38.532   067.190.125.xxx   hi all cr
2008_12_04_19:39:05.159   067.190.125.xxx   hi justin
2008_12_04_19:39:15.094   068.230.072.xxx   ichiban
2008_12_04_19:39:15.989   070.065.140.xxx   merry christmas
2008_12_04_19:39:31.940   070.017.120.xxx   bently from the jeffersons show has left us. (41)
2008_12_04_19:39:34.600   067.190.125.xxx   hi stevo
2008_12_04_19:39:59.947   076.016.120.xxx   batMAN
2008_12_04_19:40:06.513   012.159.056.xxx   hmm beer
2008_12_04_19:41:26.356   082.046.052.xxx   This can't be real, surely?
2008_12_04_19:41:33.657   070.017.120.xxx   buzz is wondering why he can't enjoy beer also. (42)
2008_12_04_19:42:07.749   067.190.125.xxx   hi guy in the camera
2008_12_04_19:42:11.156   070.017.120.xxx   poor, unfreshed buzz... tisk tisk. (43)
2008_12_04_19:42:15.525   067.241.014.xxx   what a great, crazy site!
2008_12_04_19:43:23.733   070.017.120.xxx   hello?  dominos! (44)
2008_12_04_19:43:25.324   067.190.125.xxx   who's on the phone with you?
2008_12_04_19:43:36.444   082.046.052.xxx   Frosty the snowman...
2008_12_04_19:44:19.837   067.190.125.xxx   frosty doesn't have ears how can he hear the conversation?
2008_12_04_19:44:31.399   070.017.120.xxx   i used to drink coors lite like it was water..  yep. (45)
2008_12_04_19:45:11.525   070.017.120.xxx   now i do that with korbel..  yep!   my poor tummy wummy. (46)
2008_12_04_19:45:13.059   074.237.009.xxx   hello
2008_12_04_19:45:44.116   082.046.052.xxx   Frosty iglood some ears on himself before he answered the phone
2008_12_04_19:45:47.604   067.134.006.xxx   hey  mom
2008_12_04_19:45:58.991   074.237.009.xxx   this site rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_04_19:46:04.149   067.190.125.xxx   hi hunny
2008_12_04_19:46:05.912   071.206.013.xxx   GO REDSKINS!!!
2008_12_04_19:46:42.833   082.046.052.xxx   Buzz Lightyear's arm is protecting our IP addresses now.
2008_12_04_19:46:57.577   067.134.006.xxx   haha yes it is!
2008_12_04_19:47:24.196   067.134.006.xxx   I could use that corona in the corner
2008_12_04_19:49:01.068   076.175.034.xxx   this is pretty cool.
2008_12_04_19:49:08.633   067.134.006.xxx   SVTPerformance rocks!
2008_12_04_19:49:37.355   076.094.157.xxx   Conor says...Merry Christmas!
2008_12_04_19:49:59.744   067.048.023.xxx   Alek why is the screen semiblocked??
2008_12_04_19:50:24.546   067.134.006.xxx   The crickets have landed on the moon
2008_12_04_19:50:42.022   067.048.023.xxx   Merry Christmas to Cory & Shaun
2008_12_04_19:51:17.016   082.046.052.xxx   The screen is getting smaller and smaller! :P
2008_12_04_19:51:34.686   067.048.023.xxx   PBR Yes!!
2008_12_04_19:51:50.977   076.094.157.xxx   Conor says goodnight
2008_12_04_19:51:51.366   098.246.053.xxx   Oh my!
2008_12_04_19:52:40.129   067.134.006.xxx   I want my Corona back!!!
2008_12_04_19:53:05.790   082.046.052.xxx   You'll have to wait until the sun comes back up...
2008_12_04_19:53:07.325   067.134.006.xxx   Pam?  What??!! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_04_19:53:10.274   098.246.053.xxx   Merry Xmas.  Bizzles!
2008_12_04_19:53:38.794   067.134.006.xxx   Pam is the ghey (11)
2008_12_04_19:54:15.416   067.048.023.xxx   What is with the stuff around the screen Alek??
2008_12_04_19:54:32.044   098.112.096.xxx   hi mom!
2008_12_04_19:54:33.681   076.094.157.xxx   Conor says goodnight
2008_12_04_19:54:37.786   076.175.034.xxx   Mmmm...PAM
2008_12_04_19:55:21.970   076.188.057.xxx   Greetings from beautiful Dover, Ohio!
2008_12_04_19:55:24.561   070.176.057.xxx   The moon says "Cha". (15)
2008_12_04_19:55:37.976   098.112.096.xxx   BUZZZZZ LIGHTYEAR!!!!
2008_12_04_19:55:58.682   076.175.034.xxx   TO INFINITY AND BEYOONNDDD!
2008_12_04_19:56:12.647   098.112.096.xxx   NERDS FTW!!!
2008_12_04_19:56:16.968   128.227.067.xxx   Hello, world!
2008_12_04_19:56:23.054   070.100.052.xxx   Yay!
2008_12_04_19:56:29.920   076.094.157.xxx   where's woody?
2008_12_04_19:56:39.052   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wife is coming home - need to unplug/move Elmo and Homer - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2008_12_04_19:57:00.866   067.134.006.xxx   SVTPer's keep it clean! (12)
2008_12_04_19:57:09.305   128.227.067.xxx   there's no where to leave  a commnet.
2008_12_04_19:57:33.585   071.192.148.xxx   hello everyone - bajumpaa
2008_12_04_19:57:41.827   070.176.057.xxx   Woody is at Pizza Planet. (16)
2008_12_04_19:58:03.393   071.192.148.xxx   hi krissy
2008_12_04_19:59:10.550   067.076.194.xxx   To infinity.......And BEYOND!!
2008_12_04_19:59:13.471   071.192.148.xxx   Merry Christmas
2008_12_04_20:01:27.048   067.076.194.xxx   Pam, for light non greasy cooking!
2008_12_04_20:01:59.413   216.165.237.xxx   Hi!
2008_12_04_20:02:31.332   096.251.165.xxx   Hey there :)
2008_12_04_20:03:02.394   096.251.165.xxx   Hey @jackiie :D
2008_12_04_20:03:24.714   063.245.140.xxx   I'm married to a Wendy too!
2008_12_04_20:03:30.792   074.225.129.xxx   LUIS ZUBIETA FORM MAIMI SAID HI
2008_12_04_20:04:18.004   074.225.129.xxx   LUIS YOU GUY GO ALL OUT
2008_12_04_20:04:20.493   098.119.108.xxx   hello
2008_12_04_20:04:43.319   067.076.194.xxx   RUN BUZZ!! IT'S RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!!
2008_12_04_20:04:50.525   067.048.023.xxx   KCK says Hey
2008_12_04_20:04:59.525   074.225.129.xxx   CAN A ASK YOU SOMETHING
2008_12_04_20:05:10.485   098.119.108.xxx   what
2008_12_04_20:05:20.815   208.066.091.xxx   zim from 1.2 says hi
2008_12_04_20:05:41.908   074.225.129.xxx   IS LUIS WANT DO YOU  PUT UP YOUR LIGHT
2008_12_04_20:06:00.490   098.119.108.xxx   Hi from Apple Valley, Ca.
2008_12_04_20:06:22.618   208.066.091.xxx   p*****osh7owens
2008_12_04_20:06:30.861   064.216.047.xxx   Nice snow
2008_12_04_20:06:32.653   067.076.194.xxx   Santa, save Buzz!! KNock over the big scary monster!!!
2008_12_04_20:06:35.785   098.219.183.xxx   Belv
2008_12_04_20:06:39.277   096.025.030.xxx   Hi Y'all from Raleigh, NC
2008_12_04_20:06:59.595   096.251.165.xxx   Yay @jackiie :D You'd better be watching this time.
2008_12_04_20:07:17.212   098.119.108.xxx   Support our Troops
2008_12_04_20:07:20.319   067.076.194.xxx   Thats it Santa! Now knock him offf!!
2008_12_04_20:07:26.154   074.225.129.xxx   LUIS FORM MAIMI GOD BLESS YOU ALL
2008_12_04_20:07:52.107   064.216.047.xxx   Master Chief rocks
2008_12_04_20:07:52.567   067.076.194.xxx   Hello from Gun Barrel City Texas!
2008_12_04_20:08:03.505   024.224.072.xxx   Hello from NC!
2008_12_04_20:08:05.859   098.119.108.xxx   Support Our Troops
2008_12_04_20:08:18.679   064.216.047.xxx   Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux
2008_12_04_20:08:28.518   067.100.141.xxx   p****
2008_12_04_20:08:33.348   074.225.129.xxx   NO OBAMA
2008_12_04_20:08:41.790   069.108.065.xxx   @yuglook yaaay i was watching! :D lol
2008_12_04_20:08:48.587   067.076.194.xxx   YES WE CAN!!
2008_12_04_20:08:48.629   064.216.047.xxx   NO OSAMA (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_04_20:09:06.255   074.225.129.xxx   GO MC CAIN
2008_12_04_20:09:17.545   067.076.194.xxx   YES WE CAN!!
2008_12_04_20:09:23.435   067.100.141.xxx   I'm glad John McCain didn't win.
2008_12_04_20:09:33.249   074.225.129.xxx   NO YOU CAN
2008_12_04_20:09:43.667   096.224.059.xxx   im not
2008_12_04_20:09:52.576   067.076.194.xxx   WE WILL
2008_12_04_20:10:14.161   067.100.141.xxx   John McCain would have continued to destroy this nation just like Bush
2008_12_04_20:10:21.497   074.225.129.xxx   COOL LIGHT
2008_12_04_20:10:29.315   069.080.163.xxx   hello
2008_12_04_20:10:37.500   098.219.183.xxx   the shocker
2008_12_04_20:10:43.050   067.076.194.xxx   go away politics! This is for Christmas (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_04_20:10:47.560   069.225.116.xxx   San Pedro
2008_12_04_20:10:49.129   067.100.141.xxx   the show stopper
2008_12_04_20:11:09.063   096.224.059.xxx   hulk should have 1
2008_12_04_20:11:11.672   098.219.183.xxx   the brunswick
2008_12_04_20:11:16.225   069.080.163.xxx   f** You
2008_12_04_20:11:24.294   069.225.116.xxx   Manghera
2008_12_04_20:11:41.825   098.219.183.xxx   the brunswick
2008_12_04_20:11:46.495   067.076.194.xxx   ___sigh___ always has to be an idiot in the crowd (11)
2008_12_04_20:12:04.800   067.100.141.xxx   and that idiot is _YOU_
2008_12_04_20:12:24.601   067.076.194.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY (12)
2008_12_04_20:12:25.382   070.017.120.xxx   hum, speaking of idiots...... (47)
2008_12_04_20:12:36.321   074.225.129.xxx   COOL LIGHT (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_04_20:13:00.697   071.117.186.xxx   Merry Christmas
2008_12_04_20:13:03.635   069.225.116.xxx   CHILDREN
2008_12_04_20:13:19.274   074.225.129.xxx   HAPPY  NEW YAER (11)
2008_12_04_20:13:26.407   070.017.120.xxx   when the little attention HOR  is done having a fit.... (48)
2008_12_04_20:13:37.092   098.219.183.xxx   Merry Christmas  Ho Ho Ho
2008_12_04_20:13:42.799   063.245.140.xxx   Hi Twitter twits!
2008_12_04_20:13:56.264   067.100.141.xxx   Santa would have voted for Obama, cuz he's peaceful
2008_12_04_20:13:59.205   070.017.120.xxx   now that i got mpg view fixed i'm going to watch his movies. (49)
2008_12_04_20:14:32.622   168.103.139.xxx   Merry Christmas from Idaho!
2008_12_04_20:14:39.098   074.225.129.xxx   WANT DO YOU PUT LIGHT  WANT (12)
2008_12_04_20:15:00.944   067.076.194.xxx   OK what IS up with the Pam??  lol (13)
2008_12_04_20:15:17.058   074.225.129.xxx   I KOWN RIGHT (13)
2008_12_04_20:15:26.821   067.100.141.xxx   The Pam covers his parts while he faps
2008_12_04_20:15:37.226   067.076.194.xxx   Its making me want to cook some pork chops (14)
2008_12_04_20:16:06.017   074.225.129.xxx   ME TO (14)
2008_12_04_20:16:54.758   096.224.059.xxx   hommers stuck
2008_12_04_20:17:07.506   074.225.129.xxx   YES (15)
2008_12_04_20:17:14.836   067.076.194.xxx   lol just like Homer (15)
2008_12_04_20:17:41.313   069.225.116.xxx   THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID
2008_12_04_20:17:41.848   074.225.129.xxx   COOL (16)
2008_12_04_20:17:55.612   069.228.147.xxx   Veda Smells!!!
2008_12_04_20:18:18.311   067.076.194.xxx   is that a giant pumpkin in the upper left hand corner of the yard? (16)
2008_12_04_20:18:22.349   074.225.129.xxx   **** **** 3 2 1 HAPPY **** (17)
2008_12_04_20:18:27.503   069.228.147.xxx   Rick suckss,,,,,:D
2008_12_04_20:18:47.202   074.225.129.xxx   YTES (18)
2008_12_04_20:18:51.294   067.100.141.xxx   Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down
2008_12_04_20:18:59.390   071.117.186.xxx   Pam is slippery
2008_12_04_20:19:36.963   071.070.250.xxx   what is the pam for
2008_12_04_20:19:52.633   067.100.141.xxx   The pam is for fapping
2008_12_04_20:19:53.055   074.225.129.xxx   COOK (19)
2008_12_04_20:19:56.007   067.076.194.xxx   to keep food from sticking (17)
2008_12_04_20:19:56.371   071.117.186.xxx   jenna says hi!!
2008_12_04_20:20:11.055   071.070.250.xxx   doesn't look like the kitchen
2008_12_04_20:20:46.095   074.225.129.xxx   ? OBAMA (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_04_20:20:50.632   075.046.068.xxx   I love PAM!
2008_12_04_20:20:51.115   067.076.194.xxx   its actually to keep santa from sticking on the ladder (18)
2008_12_04_20:21:14.274   074.225.129.xxx   FUNNY (21)
2008_12_04_20:21:14.569   071.070.250.xxx   that's a good use
2008_12_04_20:21:34.073   067.100.141.xxx   What is the green thing with the sungla****? (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_04_20:21:35.361   063.135.027.xxx   Hi dad!
2008_12_04_20:21:36.602   067.076.194.xxx   see how easily he slides down (19)
2008_12_04_20:21:46.459   071.070.250.xxx   pam should pay him for the free advertisement
2008_12_04_20:21:51.268   071.180.209.xxx   say wahat
2008_12_04_20:21:56.374   074.225.129.xxx   123 (22)
2008_12_04_20:21:59.487   024.016.019.xxx   Dallin from Bothell, WA says Hi. (age 7)
2008_12_04_20:22:22.368   074.225.129.xxx   6 (23)
2008_12_04_20:22:29.909   071.070.250.xxx   holly springs north carolina
2008_12_04_20:22:50.470   067.076.194.xxx   Hi Dallin (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_04_20:23:01.314   075.046.068.xxx   From the Hills of Maine to the western plain!
2008_12_04_20:23:11.033   067.100.141.xxx   Dallin is a cute name (11)
2008_12_04_20:23:14.987   074.225.129.xxx   GO OBAMA (24)
2008_12_04_20:23:42.603   071.070.250.xxx   Merry Christmas
2008_12_04_20:24:12.975   067.100.141.xxx   What is the glowing green thing with the sungla****? (12)
2008_12_04_20:24:13.936   075.046.068.xxx   F 1 J 1 !
2008_12_04_20:24:44.356   074.225.129.xxx   HO HO HO (25)
2008_12_04_20:24:54.823   024.016.019.xxx   my friends name is Kumar
2008_12_04_20:25:21.858   216.134.248.xxx   FSC Rules!!
2008_12_04_20:25:24.604   067.100.141.xxx   Mmmm.... White Castle (13)
2008_12_04_20:25:32.099   168.103.139.xxx   yo!!!
2008_12_04_20:25:37.929   098.119.108.xxx   .
2008_12_04_20:25:58.711   067.100.141.xxx   Hi dude!  I like your setup! (14)
2008_12_04_20:26:17.825   096.224.059.xxx   alek hommers stuck
2008_12_04_20:26:21.604   074.225.129.xxx   YOU COOL GUY (26)
2008_12_04_20:26:41.201   069.228.147.xxx   Yes, Homer is down for the count!
2008_12_04_20:26:45.095   067.100.141.xxx   What is the glowing green thing with the shades? (15)
2008_12_04_20:26:51.472   098.119.108.xxx   Happy Holidays to our troops
2008_12_04_20:26:54.797   072.191.030.xxx   hi
2008_12_04_20:26:55.262   097.118.217.xxx   Howdy from Thornton
2008_12_04_20:27:03.193   074.225.129.xxx   WERE PAM (27)
2008_12_04_20:27:07.353   070.176.057.xxx   Slug bug! (17)
2008_12_04_20:27:23.579   072.191.030.xxx   hi?????????????
2008_12_04_20:27:34.346   069.228.147.xxx   hello
2008_12_04_20:27:35.925   096.224.059.xxx   homers stuck
2008_12_04_20:27:44.712   098.119.108.xxx   Happy Holidays to our troops
2008_12_04_20:27:46.323   067.100.141.xxx   You are very creative to have such a setup!  Congrats! (16)
2008_12_04_20:27:49.973   024.131.202.xxx   Hello there!
2008_12_04_20:27:53.527   074.225.129.xxx   HOW COOL IS IT (28)
2008_12_04_20:28:28.767   067.100.141.xxx   Brando s**** (17)
2008_12_04_20:28:36.538   069.228.147.xxx   Homer needs CPR! He is not getting up!
2008_12_04_20:28:45.013   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Heading outside to fix Homer ***ALEK***
2008_12_04_20:28:52.628   024.131.202.xxx   Your neighbors must hate you
2008_12_04_20:29:02.611   074.137.101.xxx   Hi from Kentucky !!
2008_12_04_20:29:04.435   216.134.248.xxx   hello to everyone from FalleN ... LINK DELETED FTW!
2008_12_04_20:29:26.070   096.224.059.xxx   yha you need to fix him fast  d'oh
2008_12_04_20:29:27.416   097.118.217.xxx   Hi to Ellyse and Meg
2008_12_04_20:29:59.116   074.225.129.xxx   GO MC CAIN (29)
2008_12_04_20:30:23.835   024.131.202.xxx   Go McCain?  where have you been?
2008_12_04_20:30:32.155   207.200.116.xxx   yay. alek fixed homer
2008_12_04_20:30:32.386   069.228.147.xxx   Homer  is Alive!!! YAY!!
2008_12_04_20:30:35.030   067.100.141.xxx   Brando hates his job  Good thing its his last day (18)
2008_12_04_20:30:36.388   096.224.059.xxx   go hulf
2008_12_04_20:31:07.575   069.228.147.xxx   Homer  is Alive!!! YAY!!
2008_12_04_20:31:13.169   067.100.141.xxx   hulf?  i think you meant hulk (19)
2008_12_04_20:31:23.753   096.224.059.xxx   go hulk d'oh
2008_12_04_20:31:52.586   067.100.141.xxx   That's what she said (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_04_20:32:10.908   097.118.217.xxx   Hello from GeoEye
2008_12_04_20:32:27.690   067.100.141.xxx   Hello from Orlando, FL (21)
2008_12_04_20:32:45.583   199.052.013.xxx   My boss gave me unemployment for Christmas!  Huzzah!
2008_12_04_20:33:00.752   097.118.217.xxx   Hi Britton
2008_12_04_20:33:03.345   070.176.057.xxx   I think Home just gets cold. He is all skin and bones. (18)
2008_12_04_20:33:28.150   097.118.217.xxx   Hi Britton
2008_12_04_20:33:38.362   064.126.060.xxx   visit LINK DELETED
2008_12_04_20:33:51.516   199.052.013.xxx   Nobody move...I dropped a contact lense...
2008_12_04_20:34:01.204   067.100.141.xxx   Full Sail University (22)
2008_12_04_20:34:38.864   067.100.141.xxx   Hey dude!  I see you (23)
2008_12_04_20:34:46.171   067.076.194.xxx   HEY WHere did the PAm go??? (21)
2008_12_04_20:35:14.420   068.056.060.xxx   Hello from Florida
2008_12_04_20:35:24.287   024.005.073.xxx   How chaotic does this all get?
2008_12_04_20:35:34.908   199.052.013.xxx   PAm is right hEre
2008_12_04_20:35:50.687   076.021.111.xxx   happy holidays to the world!!! love, Jodi
2008_12_04_20:36:19.522   067.076.194.xxx   put zee Pam back  lol (22)
2008_12_04_20:37:23.443   076.021.111.xxx   peace and contentment to all
2008_12_04_20:38:23.604   024.143.050.xxx   Totally cool, merry xmas
2008_12_04_20:38:53.122   024.143.050.xxx   Won't this drive you crazy?
2008_12_04_20:39:20.036   076.021.111.xxx   Alek and family - a very happy holiday season to you.  love, Jodi
2008_12_04_20:40:05.478   076.021.111.xxx   thank you for putting this page up.  i know it must be a lot of work.  happy ho
2008_12_04_20:40:38.068   076.021.111.xxx   Yvy!  I see you!
2008_12_04_20:40:47.516   069.137.206.xxx   :p
2008_12_04_20:41:21.401   069.137.206.xxx   Playstation 3!
2008_12_04_20:42:18.457   199.052.013.xxx   My dog ran into the sliding glass door today...I laughed
2008_12_04_20:42:45.476   076.021.111.xxx   HI ROBIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_04_20:42:48.663   096.224.059.xxx   HOHOHO MERRY CHRISTMAS
2008_12_04_20:43:29.651   069.137.206.xxx   :___
2008_12_04_20:44:16.574   065.012.105.xxx   hi
2008_12_04_20:44:58.181   069.137.206.xxx   whats up?
2008_12_04_20:45:59.831   069.137.206.xxx   Scrubs on comedy central
2008_12_04_20:46:23.073   098.030.051.xxx   good night people! i love brie cheese!
2008_12_04_20:47:24.632   199.052.013.xxx   ZOMG ROFL
2008_12_04_20:48:30.661   069.137.206.xxx   ___-___ E ____ ____ ( )
2008_12_04_20:49:14.143   098.030.051.xxx   i love u grandpa and daddy!!!
2008_12_04_20:52:03.748   074.177.126.xxx   What Up?
2008_12_04_20:52:29.828   096.224.059.xxx   NM (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_04_20:52:55.177   075.169.218.xxx   Hello world!
2008_12_04_20:53:32.964   024.143.225.xxx   I am a Silly Yak too!
2008_12_04_20:54:14.694   075.181.077.xxx   wHATS UP
2008_12_04_20:54:26.161   096.224.059.xxx   HO HO HO (11)
2008_12_04_20:54:34.988   024.143.225.xxx   And I eat burgers on Kinnikinnick english muffins!
2008_12_04_20:55:21.626   076.021.111.xxx   english muffins sound good right now!
2008_12_04_20:55:31.845   075.169.218.xxx   Have a merry christmas all! and to all a good night!
2008_12_04_20:55:35.562   205.188.116.xxx   ho ho ho ho ho merry christmas
2008_12_04_20:56:01.847   155.097.236.xxx   hey you--Peace!
2008_12_04_20:56:27.172   067.149.254.xxx   oh rly?
2008_12_04_20:57:16.725   074.177.126.xxx   Got any Food?
2008_12_04_20:57:31.439   205.188.116.xxx   merry chiristmas and happy new year
2008_12_04_20:58:01.270   075.181.077.xxx   I'M JEWISH I FEEL SO NAUGHTY!  TEEHEEHEE
2008_12_04_20:58:36.733   199.052.013.xxx   ZOMG!  The Hulk just popped and told me to get lost!
2008_12_04_20:59:15.520   075.181.077.xxx   STOP!  COLLABORATE AND LISTEN!
2008_12_04_20:59:29.395   203.013.128.xxx   STOP. Hammertime
2008_12_04_21:00:12.156   075.181.077.xxx   OJ IS INNOCENT
2008_12_04_21:01:31.462   076.021.111.xxx   but Lemon Juice is guilty
2008_12_04_21:02:27.921   076.113.177.xxx   My XBOX 360 is Broken! HELP SANTA!
2008_12_04_21:03:12.394   098.204.139.xxx   All I want for CHristmas is my two front teeth
2008_12_04_21:03:13.630   068.228.204.xxx   Hello!  Merry CHRISTMAS
2008_12_04_21:03:17.588   091.019.233.xxx   kiss my a** Santa
2008_12_04_21:03:22.274   067.190.072.xxx   Hello Colorado
2008_12_04_21:03:42.442   068.228.204.xxx   I love Santa!!
2008_12_04_21:03:48.833   074.210.143.xxx   Hello from Shawinigan, Qc
2008_12_04_21:04:14.320   091.019.233.xxx   greez from germany
2008_12_04_21:04:21.080   068.228.204.xxx   Arizona wishes you a merry christmas!
2008_12_04_21:04:22.011   199.052.013.xxx   What is the singular form of the word "pants"?
2008_12_04_21:04:56.054   068.228.204.xxx   superman
2008_12_04_21:05:06.850   091.019.233.xxx   realy cool project
2008_12_04_21:05:17.541   199.052.013.xxx   Hulk ___ Superman
2008_12_04_21:05:26.928   075.181.077.xxx   do not look it directly in the eyes
2008_12_04_21:05:59.648   091.019.233.xxx   ich liebe Dich Esther
2008_12_04_21:06:29.394   075.181.077.xxx   ik ben santa claus hohoho
2008_12_04_21:07:34.110   024.013.173.xxx   OT FTW
2008_12_04_21:08:20.621   074.014.007.xxx   i like to play with the lights
2008_12_04_21:08:23.083   098.025.042.xxx   Merry Xmas from Wesley and Mackayla
2008_12_04_21:08:23.886   075.181.077.xxx   lick...
2008_12_04_21:08:41.427   070.137.027.xxx   Hi there!
2008_12_04_21:09:30.534   075.169.218.xxx   love it, keep it up!
2008_12_04_21:10:00.308   075.181.077.xxx   buzz is smoking yo
2008_12_04_21:10:32.760   075.181.077.xxx   who is that handsome beast
2008_12_04_21:10:42.970   071.012.130.xxx   how did you come up with this ? :)
2008_12_04_21:12:32.603   074.014.007.xxx   turn it all off then on!!!
2008_12_04_21:12:32.527   024.184.200.xxx   neato
2008_12_04_21:12:35.787   071.037.068.xxx   wave alek
2008_12_04_21:13:05.560   069.143.186.xxx   fake again this year?
2008_12_04_21:13:16.778   024.184.200.xxx   meow meow moew
2008_12_04_21:13:31.812   068.039.183.xxx   THIS IS COOL!
2008_12_04_21:13:33.918   074.014.007.xxx   pew pew pew
2008_12_04_21:13:46.606   024.184.200.xxx   SHARON X IS NOT AMUSED
2008_12_04_21:14:01.690   068.039.183.xxx   matt kwan eats turtles
2008_12_04_21:14:03.972   202.089.167.xxx   is this for real?
2008_12_04_21:14:05.295   068.150.179.xxx   down with auto bail out!
2008_12_04_21:14:28.425   071.037.068.xxx   alek air five
2008_12_04_21:14:34.309   068.039.183.xxx   turn off dammit
2008_12_04_21:15:04.903   074.014.007.xxx   TURN ON
2008_12_04_21:15:06.402   202.089.167.xxx   lol
2008_12_04_21:15:23.722   069.143.186.xxx   this is freaaaaaky
2008_12_04_21:15:27.409   071.037.068.xxx   air five alek
2008_12_04_21:15:38.264   071.168.037.xxx   all on
2008_12_04_21:15:53.883   069.143.186.xxx   smell you later
2008_12_04_21:15:56.847   074.014.007.xxx   or just inflate
2008_12_04_21:16:06.009   024.184.200.xxx   can buzz lightyear dance
2008_12_04_21:17:03.455   068.039.183.xxx   who is this guys neighbor
2008_12_04_21:17:24.584   074.014.007.xxx   a very tired person
2008_12_04_21:18:18.705   068.039.183.xxx   this looks like someone's myspace page
2008_12_04_21:18:29.112   074.014.007.xxx   why do people hate frosty!!!
2008_12_04_21:19:56.002   166.129.254.xxx   hello linda bean
2008_12_04_21:20:53.994   024.247.194.xxx   ho ho ho
2008_12_04_21:20:58.906   074.014.007.xxx   Lights off, INFLATE
2008_12_04_21:21:15.035   099.237.176.xxx   Never gona give you up
2008_12_04_21:21:22.828   024.184.200.xxx   AUTOBOTS TRANSFORM
2008_12_04_21:21:29.528   024.247.194.xxx   never gonna let you down
2008_12_04_21:21:48.870   024.184.200.xxx   goodnight SHARON X
2008_12_04_21:21:49.512   099.237.176.xxx   never gonna tell a lie
2008_12_04_21:21:57.857   074.014.007.xxx   never gonna run around
2008_12_04_21:22:20.881   024.184.200.xxx   never gonna give you up
2008_12_04_21:22:22.931   074.014.007.xxx   and desert you (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_04_21:22:27.224   099.237.176.xxx   and desert you
2008_12_04_21:22:50.292   074.014.007.xxx   RICK ROLL (11)
2008_12_04_21:23:46.882   166.129.254.xxx   BEANJ
2008_12_04_21:24:06.412   074.014.007.xxx   Now this is the story all about how (12)
2008_12_04_21:24:27.963   074.014.007.xxx   My life got flipped, turned upside down (13)
2008_12_04_21:24:58.018   074.014.007.xxx   Ill tell you how I became the prince of a town called bel-air (14)
2008_12_04_21:25:26.662   166.129.254.xxx   there once was a man from nantucket
2008_12_04_21:25:45.943   068.248.232.xxx   Merry Christmas from Kat!
2008_12_04_21:26:00.376   074.014.007.xxx   Ma-ia-hii Ma-ia-huu Ma-ia-hoo Ma-ia-haha (15)
2008_12_04_21:26:21.405   099.237.176.xxx   Alo, salut, sun eu. Un haiduc.
2008_12_04_21:26:22.289   074.014.007.xxx   Alo, Salut, sunt eu, un haiduc, (16)
2008_12_04_21:26:25.862   166.129.254.xxx   i love linda
2008_12_04_21:26:56.799   074.014.007.xxx   Si te rog, iubirea mea, primeste fericirea. (17)
2008_12_04_21:26:59.606   099.235.071.xxx   SIDNEY CROSBY
2008_12_04_21:27:19.587   099.237.176.xxx   Alo. Alooo. Sunt euu, Picasoo
2008_12_04_21:27:39.322   166.129.254.xxx   Linda is my favorite BEAN
2008_12_04_21:27:49.695   099.235.071.xxx   Someone has too much time on their hands...
2008_12_04_21:28:11.058   068.053.106.xxx   To infinity and beyond
2008_12_04_21:28:13.142   166.129.254.xxx   I love Armando!
2008_12_04_21:28:27.630   068.248.232.xxx   Thanks for all the Xmas Fun!
2008_12_04_21:28:50.118   099.234.129.xxx   hello
2008_12_04_21:28:51.690   074.014.007.xxx   Here's to the finest crew in Starfleet! Engage! (18)
2008_12_04_21:29:14.424   099.234.129.xxx   guru is here?
2008_12_04_21:29:17.145   074.014.007.xxx   Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise. (19)
2008_12_04_21:29:19.930   099.237.176.xxx   printf ("Hello World.___n___nMerry Christmas!")___
2008_12_04_21:29:43.906   099.234.129.xxx   glue is here?!?
2008_12_04_21:29:56.997   099.237.176.xxx   printf ("Hello World.___n___nMerry Christmas!")___
2008_12_04_21:30:00.802   074.014.007.xxx   UofT!!! (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_04_21:30:12.156   099.234.129.xxx   SKULE
2008_12_04_21:30:14.253   099.225.216.xxx   ___3 christmas is here!!
2008_12_04_21:30:35.144   074.014.007.xxx   oh and Merry Christmas...HEE HEE (21)
2008_12_04_21:30:39.461   099.234.129.xxx   ENGINEERS RULE THE WORLD.
2008_12_04_21:31:08.638   074.014.007.xxx   no they don't. this guy does...this is awesome (22)
2008_12_04_21:31:24.613   099.234.129.xxx   ENGSCI SUX.
2008_12_04_21:32:36.812   099.234.129.xxx   I LUV YOU JEBUS!
2008_12_04_21:33:20.142   099.234.129.xxx   JEBUS ROX MY WORLD
2008_12_04_21:33:27.493   074.014.007.xxx   all of your base are belong to us (23)
2008_12_04_21:33:48.634   099.234.129.xxx   ___belong to me.
2008_12_04_21:33:50.439   121.127.215.xxx   echo 'hello world'___
2008_12_04_21:33:53.644   207.118.060.xxx   merry CHRISTmas
2008_12_04_21:34:11.873   099.237.176.xxx   Terrorists set us up the presents.
2008_12_04_21:34:19.771   074.014.007.xxx   HELP ME!!!!!!!! _____________o/__ (24)
2008_12_04_21:34:29.692   099.234.129.xxx   merry XENUmas (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_04_21:34:49.056   099.237.176.xxx   Help I'm stuck in the computer and can't get out!
2008_12_04_21:34:57.287   074.014.007.xxx   ____________o/_ (25)
2008_12_04_21:35:11.162   099.234.129.xxx   Help I'm stuck in this LCD box and I can't get out!! (11)
2008_12_04_21:35:12.173   121.127.215.xxx   Ho Ho Ho
2008_12_04_21:35:32.947   074.014.007.xxx   my cup holder on my computer broke... (26)
2008_12_04_21:35:35.892   075.202.240.xxx   hello trevor
2008_12_04_21:35:45.487   099.234.129.xxx   Help I'm stuck in this LCD box and I can't get out!! (12)
2008_12_04_21:36:02.434   207.118.060.xxx   hi mom
2008_12_04_21:36:06.999   074.014.007.xxx   somewhere on the interwebs (27)
2008_12_04_21:36:17.072   099.237.176.xxx   hi darling! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_04_21:36:31.570   099.234.129.xxx   'lo doll (13)
2008_12_04_21:36:37.918   074.014.007.xxx   Oh I come from a land, from a faraway place (28)
2008_12_04_21:37:00.235   074.014.007.xxx   Where the caravan camels roam (29)
2008_12_04_21:37:21.908   074.014.007.xxx   Where it's flat and immense And the heat is intense (30 IM's so far today)
2008_12_04_21:37:24.491   099.237.176.xxx   Where it's flat and immense (11)
2008_12_04_21:37:44.322   074.014.007.xxx   It's barbaric, but hey, it's home (31)
2008_12_04_21:37:53.351   099.237.176.xxx   Type text & CR to sARABe real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam! (12)
2008_12_04_21:38:06.312   074.014.007.xxx   When the wind's from the east And the sun's from the west (32)
2008_12_04_21:38:28.975   074.014.007.xxx   And the sand in the glass is right Come on down Stop on by (33)
2008_12_04_21:38:30.144   099.237.176.xxx   I wanna be, the very best (13)
2008_12_04_21:38:47.725   207.118.060.xxx   I love Lindsey Louise
2008_12_04_21:38:50.886   099.234.129.xxx   that no one ever was (14)
2008_12_04_21:38:52.075   074.014.007.xxx   Hop a carpet and fly To another Arabian night (34)
2008_12_04_21:39:20.522   074.014.007.xxx   Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring banana phone (35)
2008_12_04_21:39:36.079   099.237.176.xxx   oh god not banana phone (14)
2008_12_04_21:39:53.584   099.234.129.xxx   Stick a banana in your ear... (15)
2008_12_04_21:39:59.407   074.014.007.xxx   :D (36)
2008_12_04_21:40:14.895   099.237.176.xxx   I accidentally Santa Clause!!!!! (15)
2008_12_04_21:40:21.811   074.130.202.xxx   Hola
2008_12_04_21:40:25.121   074.014.007.xxx   that's what she said (37)
2008_12_04_21:40:48.037   096.232.131.xxx   hey
2008_12_04_21:40:52.591   070.253.229.xxx   im baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack
2008_12_04_21:41:18.301   074.130.202.xxx   Don' touch me there!
2008_12_04_21:41:26.715   096.232.131.xxx   haappy hanukah!
2008_12_04_21:41:42.674   099.237.176.xxx   Praise to the allah (16)
2008_12_04_21:41:48.654   070.253.229.xxx   lol dis website rox
2008_12_04_21:42:28.130   070.253.229.xxx   anyone play COD W@W?
2008_12_04_21:43:50.877   074.014.007.xxx   Hello (38)
2008_12_04_21:43:57.862   071.237.089.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2008_12_04_21:44:07.204   099.234.129.xxx   o-___-___ (16)
2008_12_04_21:44:13.012   070.253.229.xxx   im in your website...controllin your lights
2008_12_04_21:44:36.198   099.234.129.xxx   O-___-___ (17)
2008_12_04_21:44:37.303   152.017.134.xxx   awesome!
2008_12_04_21:44:39.023   074.014.007.xxx   Ninja Cat!!! (39)
2008_12_04_21:44:56.976   099.237.176.xxx   I can has Santa Clause? (17)
2008_12_04_21:45:06.633   070.253.229.xxx   you cant just tank cat into mordor
2008_12_04_21:45:30.384   099.234.129.xxx   I HERD YOU LIKE SANTA SO I PUT A SANTA IN YOUR SANTA SO YOU CAN SANTA WHILE YOU (18)
2008_12_04_21:45:42.056   208.124.013.xxx   Hi!
2008_12_04_21:45:57.250   070.253.229.xxx   _______ (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_04_21:46:10.506   074.014.007.xxx   TURN OFF except elmo (40 IM's so far today)
2008_12_04_21:46:35.935   070.253.229.xxx   ELMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (11)
2008_12_04_21:46:59.292   099.237.176.xxx   Use the three christmas webcams for a live view of over 20,000 christmas lights (18)
2008_12_04_21:47:28.351   070.253.229.xxx   webcam lol (12)
2008_12_04_21:48:06.161   070.253.229.xxx   HELLO SIR!!! (13)
2008_12_04_21:48:18.074   099.237.176.xxx   Can I has your autograph? (19)
2008_12_04_21:48:50.550   099.234.129.xxx   i luvs you!!! (19)
2008_12_04_21:48:51.766   070.253.229.xxx   wave at teh camera (14)
2008_12_04_21:48:59.941   074.014.007.xxx   Plz waives!!! (41)
2008_12_04_21:49:17.537   099.234.129.xxx   HI DAD (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_04_21:49:39.924   070.253.229.xxx   aLINK DELETED (15)
2008_12_04_21:49:50.725   072.155.193.xxx   super sweet
2008_12_04_21:49:59.744   099.234.129.xxx   I LOVE YOU DAD (21)
2008_12_04_21:50:29.862   070.253.229.xxx   **** **** go? (16)
2008_12_04_21:50:52.856   099.231.049.xxx   Merry xmas Dave
2008_12_04_21:51:03.171   070.253.229.xxx   that was suppose to be numbers....oh well (17)
2008_12_04_21:51:35.064   070.253.229.xxx   one two three four five (18)
2008_12_04_21:51:35.712   099.234.129.xxx   I am 4so4cool. (22)
2008_12_04_21:51:55.703   128.138.015.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_04_21:52:17.597   074.014.007.xxx   Never gonna give you up (42)
2008_12_04_21:52:24.994   070.253.229.xxx   its getting close to 10pm!!!! (19)
2008_12_04_21:52:26.322   128.138.015.xxx   The guy behind the monitor is g**
2008_12_04_21:52:43.643   074.014.007.xxx   that isn't nice (43)
2008_12_04_21:52:55.665   070.253.229.xxx   rickrolled.. (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_04_21:52:56.473   128.138.015.xxx   the truth can be hard to believe
2008_12_04_21:53:01.305   099.234.129.xxx   depends on what was behind the stars (23)
2008_12_04_21:53:30.428   128.138.015.xxx   i dont get it. Nice lights though
2008_12_04_21:53:31.301   099.234.129.xxx   Hmm, there are 3 clocks with 3 different times... (24)
2008_12_04_21:53:42.425   074.014.007.xxx   why so many clocks...? (44)
2008_12_04_21:53:46.078   070.253.229.xxx   rick rolled? (21)
2008_12_04_21:53:58.691   099.234.129.xxx   bedtime? (25)
2008_12_04_21:54:08.871   074.014.007.xxx   lava lamp!! (45)
2008_12_04_21:54:20.227   069.081.078.xxx   RED/GREEN LIGHTS
2008_12_04_21:54:27.969   099.234.129.xxx   do you believe in Bod? (26)
2008_12_04_21:54:47.500   128.138.015.xxx   420 - Feed the chron
2008_12_04_21:55:06.775   074.014.007.xxx   the box opens !!! (46)
2008_12_04_21:55:18.456   099.234.129.xxx   Do I see BEvERages? (27)
2008_12_04_21:55:25.146   099.237.176.xxx   http:// goat .cx/ (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_04_21:55:27.532   168.103.139.xxx   lol wow
2008_12_04_21:55:45.666   099.234.129.xxx   wow lol (28)
2008_12_04_21:56:11.652   074.068.117.xxx   kittenz
2008_12_04_21:57:11.300   074.014.007.xxx   everything turned off.... (47)
2008_12_04_21:57:19.933   070.190.069.xxx   kitteh!!!
2008_12_04_21:57:45.075   099.241.147.xxx   Is there anybody outhere?
2008_12_04_21:57:53.650   070.190.069.xxx   visit LINK DELETED
2008_12_04_21:57:56.218   068.229.169.xxx   heelo
2008_12_04_21:58:14.799   128.138.015.xxx   JaiL Bombers noT BonGers!!!
2008_12_04_21:58:20.737   208.124.013.xxx   Thanks for the AWESOME display!!!!
2008_12_04_21:58:41.794   074.014.007.xxx   1 minute!!! (48)
2008_12_04_21:58:45.352   128.138.015.xxx   puff..puff..pass!
2008_12_04_21:59:50.593   128.138.015.xxx   420 / 24.7 / 356
2008_12_04_21:59:59.999   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Night Night everyone - see 'ya tomorrow ***ALEK***

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