782 christmas text messages on 2008/1205

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 16,853 times that day including 12,138 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1205

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2008_12_05_16:00:44.847   098.030.018.xxx   Look! I saw a real person!!
2008_12_05_16:01:10.131   086.157.094.xxx   Hello ben!!!!
2008_12_05_16:01:14.542   012.039.123.xxx   Hey
2008_12_05_16:01:22.661   081.104.136.xxx   third
2008_12_05_16:01:30.917   078.145.150.xxx   Heyyy !
2008_12_05_16:01:31.608   072.161.171.xxx   wassup
2008_12_05_16:01:37.369   058.172.025.xxx   awsome idea
2008_12_05_16:01:42.606   012.039.123.xxx   No, fourth..
2008_12_05_16:01:48.263   209.215.071.xxx   hey kimberly
2008_12_05_16:01:49.277   086.157.094.xxx   its chriisssssstmassssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!
2008_12_05_16:01:50.555   081.104.136.xxx   heyyy
2008_12_05_16:02:10.270   071.243.089.xxx   HI EVERYONE!
2008_12_05_16:02:18.504   098.030.018.xxx   Look! There he is again
2008_12_05_16:02:32.265   072.161.171.xxx   Hi Alek!! Wave for us!!
2008_12_05_16:02:35.901   086.157.094.xxx   its chriiiiiiiiiistmasssssssssssssssss!!!
2008_12_05_16:02:42.398   012.039.123.xxx   Whoa!  Gettin' wide angle on cam 1!
2008_12_05_16:02:48.083   098.030.018.xxx   Wave to us!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_05_16:03:13.846   086.157.094.xxx   woop woop!!
2008_12_05_16:03:18.278   098.030.018.xxx   Wave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_05_16:03:19.309   012.039.123.xxx   You're right, Alek...you can't really see the lights yet!  heh
2008_12_05_16:03:46.907   078.145.150.xxx   Wave to the camera alek !!
2008_12_05_16:04:16.043   098.030.018.xxx   Turn and read the computer Alek
2008_12_05_16:04:41.407   078.145.150.xxx   alek wave to the cam
2008_12_05_16:04:48.278   098.030.018.xxx   Ahhhhhhhhhhh.... he's gone again
2008_12_05_16:05:07.103   071.243.089.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS
2008_12_05_16:05:07.202   078.145.150.xxx   wave to us alek
2008_12_05_16:05:28.907   098.030.018.xxx   Whatcha doing back there Alek??
2008_12_05_16:05:45.170   086.157.094.xxx   up the ladder down the ladder!!!
2008_12_05_16:05:56.674   078.145.150.xxx   Wave to the camera alek
2008_12_05_16:06:03.769   098.030.018.xxx   You looked stressed!
2008_12_05_16:06:30.269   082.027.249.xxx   Hello from the UK
2008_12_05_16:06:35.237   024.137.069.xxx   Hey dud, great light show...many thanx...
2008_12_05_16:06:39.984   078.145.150.xxx   wave to the camera alek !
2008_12_05_16:06:54.786   098.030.018.xxx   Is that a mummy or a skeleton to the left of the clock??
2008_12_05_16:06:45.497   198.178.008.xxx   Where's the control to make Sponge Bob explode?
2008_12_05_16:08:05.205   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** UPS just dropped off a Cyber Monday Laptop - WOOT! ***ALEK***
2008_12_05_16:08:13.986   098.030.018.xxx   Is that a skeleton or a mummy by the clock?? (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_05_16:08:32.153   151.065.255.xxx   FANTASTIC :-) EXCELLENT WORK!!
2008_12_05_16:08:52.087   064.012.116.xxx   You rock!
2008_12_05_16:08:53.423   096.241.225.xxx   RAINIER BEER
2008_12_05_16:09:00.978   086.131.036.xxx   r u focasted for any more snow
2008_12_05_16:09:06.269   098.030.018.xxx   Well_________ what is it?? (11)
2008_12_05_16:09:17.620   201.246.200.xxx   asdf
2008_12_05_16:09:23.892   078.145.150.xxx   Hey Alek... Wave To The Camera !!
2008_12_05_16:09:25.638   096.241.225.xxx   RAINIER BEER
2008_12_05_16:09:26.451   064.012.116.xxx   Merry Merry Christmas to you!
2008_12_05_16:09:52.997   078.145.150.xxx   Wave to cam alek
2008_12_05_16:09:55.233   098.030.018.xxx   Someone needs to tell me if it's a mummy or a skeleton (12)
2008_12_05_16:09:57.223   071.052.058.xxx   hey, alek
2008_12_05_16:10:00.239   096.241.225.xxx   RAINIER BEER
2008_12_05_16:10:32.079   098.030.018.xxx   what??? (13)
2008_12_05_16:10:55.004   067.091.118.xxx   cr
2008_12_05_16:11:05.241   098.030.018.xxx   Shhhh.... he's on the phone (14)
2008_12_05_16:11:06.913   151.065.255.xxx   i love you!!! fantastic work!!
2008_12_05_16:11:18.958   067.091.118.xxx   hey
2008_12_05_16:11:34.711   151.065.255.xxx   UN SALUTO DALL'ITALIA!!!
2008_12_05_16:11:59.417   067.091.118.xxx   I am talking to you sir.
2008_12_05_16:12:06.680   078.145.150.xxx   Alek wave to the camera
2008_12_05_16:12:06.341   079.226.166.xxx   hmm is that there windows on his laptop
2008_12_05_16:12:07.202   098.030.018.xxx   can't anyone tell me? Look at the clock... now just left... what is it? (15)
2008_12_05_16:12:36.904   078.145.150.xxx   its a christmas tree ( small ) (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_05_16:12:38.408   098.030.018.xxx   a mummy? (16)
2008_12_05_16:12:39.024   151.065.255.xxx   do you use microsoft? :-( you are n00b in informatic :-(
2008_12_05_16:13:00.364   079.226.166.xxx   i LOVE MAC OS X
2008_12_05_16:13:11.714   074.193.154.xxx   mac is better than pc
2008_12_05_16:13:13.973   209.089.007.xxx   Hello Alberta!
2008_12_05_16:13:17.711   151.065.255.xxx   @@@@@@@@@
2008_12_05_16:13:24.145   098.030.018.xxx   no... your other left (17)
2008_12_05_16:13:38.525   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** It's an el-cheapo Acer Laptop - Windoze Vista pre-load ... will add Linux ***ALEK***
2008_12_05_16:13:40.788   074.193.154.xxx   mac is better than pc
2008_12_05_16:13:43.540   079.226.166.xxx   my macbook pro is the best thing in the world after my boyfriend
2008_12_05_16:13:48.680   085.160.087.xxx   Alberta? meteoritte??? )))
2008_12_05_16:13:48.978   151.065.255.xxx   why do you use windows vista? :-(
2008_12_05_16:14:12.532   098.030.018.xxx   by the lava lamp (18)
2008_12_05_16:14:29.077   151.065.255.xxx   alek: ah ok, i'm sorry. what distro do you use?
2008_12_05_16:14:41.725   079.226.166.xxx   alarm alarm a windows user = gets controlled of  a virus
2008_12_05_16:14:58.911   098.030.018.xxx   between the R and the clock and behind the lava lamp (19)
2008_12_05_16:15:21.262   079.226.166.xxx   mac os gets no viruses
2008_12_05_16:15:21.846   074.193.154.xxx   leopard beats vista....heck PANTHER can beat vista
2008_12_05_16:15:25.107   151.065.255.xxx   Un saluto dall'Italia e da Viareggio, da Luca Mercatanti! :-)
2008_12_05_16:15:27.877   067.091.118.xxx   skeleton
2008_12_05_16:15:59.015   074.193.154.xxx   EVERYONE CLICK DEFLATE/OFF NOW!
2008_12_05_16:16:06.552   151.065.255.xxx   HACKED BY ZIPPER2
2008_12_05_16:16:17.716   098.030.018.xxx   Ahhhhh what happened (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_05_16:16:24.283   074.178.166.xxx   hey you, get away from those presents!
2008_12_05_16:16:40.891   068.048.020.xxx   OOPS = I FARTED
2008_12_05_16:16:54.381   058.172.025.xxx   this is so cool
2008_12_05_16:16:54.830   074.193.154.xxx   ?????????????????????
2008_12_05_16:17:10.524   079.226.166.xxx   ohhh how sweet he farted
2008_12_05_16:17:21.231   074.193.154.xxx   college is horrible
2008_12_05_16:17:41.206   079.226.166.xxx   but must be
2008_12_05_16:17:49.171   074.193.154.xxx   finals s***
2008_12_05_16:17:59.076   024.126.006.xxx   Hi Everyone
2008_12_05_16:18:08.035   079.226.166.xxx   i am h****
2008_12_05_16:18:28.236   067.042.077.xxx   i am hulk
2008_12_05_16:18:36.327   068.048.020.xxx   JUNK MAIL
2008_12_05_16:18:36.805   063.245.140.xxx   Hi I'm Thomas!!!
2008_12_05_16:18:46.752   074.193.154.xxx   mac users*** command Q now!
2008_12_05_16:19:00.771   087.194.144.xxx   hiya m8 tis is really kool
2008_12_05_16:19:22.841   068.048.020.xxx   AAUGH I farted again
2008_12_05_16:19:38.098   074.193.154.xxx   grow up....
2008_12_05_16:19:55.799   099.237.238.xxx   lol
2008_12_05_16:20:13.701   058.172.025.xxx   :D
2008_12_05_16:20:14.084   074.193.154.xxx   ___marquee___Merry Christmas___/marquee___ (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_05_16:20:33.405   099.237.238.xxx   you farted ........
2008_12_05_16:20:39.077   058.172.025.xxx   :D
2008_12_05_16:21:08.632   079.226.166.xxx   HEY STOP SWITCHING OFF THE LINGTS d***
2008_12_05_16:21:14.406   074.193.154.xxx   im bored....ALEK, can you make the sun go down? (11)
2008_12_05_16:21:16.643   063.245.140.xxx   !!!!!!!!Hi!!!!!!!!
2008_12_05_16:21:43.131   074.193.154.xxx   Finance 310 stinks (12)
2008_12_05_16:21:50.797   004.022.097.xxx   Listening to Chicago's Christmas CD right now - Awesome!
2008_12_05_16:22:47.617   074.193.154.xxx   H                    I                    ! (13)
2008_12_05_16:23:08.970   099.237.238.xxx   heh hehe alrigght
2008_12_05_16:23:31.027   074.193.154.xxx   H..............................I (14)
2008_12_05_16:24:37.374   118.100.090.xxx   nama saya RAIN!!!
2008_12_05_16:25:03.316   085.160.087.xxx   Goood night :P
2008_12_05_16:25:13.659   004.022.097.xxx   what's a burrito reindeer??
2008_12_05_16:25:40.011   086.132.130.xxx   Thanks for turning them on earlier tonight alek! :)
2008_12_05_16:27:20.419   071.254.061.xxx   greetings from LBI nj!!!
2008_12_05_16:27:46.486   118.100.090.xxx   ****************************************************101
2008_12_05_16:27:50.691   071.254.061.xxx   Logan loves Jackie
2008_12_05_16:28:04.271   085.160.087.xxx   good night from czech republic ___)
2008_12_05_16:28:23.652   071.254.061.xxx   wow this room is messy
2008_12_05_16:29:18.908   076.118.106.xxx   This is really cooooooooool
2008_12_05_16:29:31.575   071.254.061.xxx   this is our 4th year playing with these lights thanks!!
2008_12_05_16:30:08.240   118.100.090.xxx   yeah!!!
2008_12_05_16:30:44.770   190.189.156.xxx   Luciana te amo
2008_12_05_16:32:01.018   085.160.087.xxx   B@N@N zdravi celej svet :))))))))))
2008_12_05_16:33:03.297   076.118.106.xxx   as a parent, I am so proud of you
2008_12_05_16:33:33.266   063.245.140.xxx   thomas says Merry Christmas!!!!!!
2008_12_05_16:33:54.290   074.129.019.xxx   Merry Christmas to you as well
2008_12_05_16:34:18.294   207.171.180.xxx   Merry Christmas -TyD
2008_12_05_16:34:27.891   151.203.236.xxx   Hi, this thing is Amazing! Thanks for what you do to raise money!
2008_12_05_16:34:42.257   074.129.019.xxx   I have waited all year for this
2008_12_05_16:34:43.936   076.118.106.xxx   Merry Christmas from Cape Cod, MA
2008_12_05_16:35:15.322   151.203.236.xxx   Where in cape cod are you?
2008_12_05_16:35:20.633   203.132.067.xxx   hello &cr
2008_12_05_16:35:45.649   076.118.106.xxx   buzzards bay
2008_12_05_16:36:00.759   151.203.236.xxx   Nice! Im in Boston
2008_12_05_16:36:45.105   076.118.106.xxx   my Family is in Fairhaven - heard of it?
2008_12_05_16:37:01.790   151.203.236.xxx   Yes
2008_12_05_16:37:39.206   076.118.106.xxx   this site is awesome
2008_12_05_16:38:29.261   076.118.106.xxx   he's back!
2008_12_05_16:38:39.794   151.203.236.xxx   Are you able to reply to our messages Sir?
2008_12_05_16:39:37.613   076.118.106.xxx   I am so glad I found this site - I will come back and doante every year
2008_12_05_16:40:40.223   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** So how does the new laptop look?  And thanks for your donation for Celiac ***ALEK***
2008_12_05_16:41:00.839   074.222.153.xxx   HoHoHo
2008_12_05_16:41:42.687   074.222.153.xxx   Paul Wood was here!
2008_12_05_16:42:27.457   076.118.106.xxx   Eileen is here
2008_12_05_16:43:11.978   099.224.013.xxx   I like cheese
2008_12_05_16:43:29.563   076.118.106.xxx   I like Olives (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_05_16:44:42.367   203.100.231.xxx   Helgas'!
2008_12_05_16:44:57.063   064.081.049.xxx   Ian was here
2008_12_05_16:45:27.807   076.118.106.xxx   HI Ian (11)
2008_12_05_16:46:14.331   076.118.106.xxx   Hey where did the man at the computer go??? (12)
2008_12_05_16:46:32.892   064.081.049.xxx   No handbags this year
2008_12_05_16:47:20.907   207.171.180.xxx   handbags?
2008_12_05_16:47:39.910   208.106.050.xxx   great website..hope your electic bill is not too high
2008_12_05_16:47:46.273   076.118.106.xxx   I like hand bafs (13)
2008_12_05_16:47:48.677   064.081.049.xxx   Li-Ming gets coal, no handbags
2008_12_05_16:48:20.105   076.118.106.xxx   but I like hand bags (14)
2008_12_05_16:49:01.793   075.021.186.xxx   mike from saginaw rocks
2008_12_05_16:49:22.154   076.118.106.xxx   Hey boston guy u still there? (15)
2008_12_05_16:50:13.072   076.118.106.xxx   acushnet person? (16)
2008_12_05_16:50:48.915   082.042.104.xxx   hello
2008_12_05_16:50:59.241   068.236.140.xxx   Hi Santa
2008_12_05_16:51:34.918   082.042.104.xxx   merry xmas from jackie and john liverpool uk.
2008_12_05_16:51:35.082   076.118.106.xxx   What state is this home in? (17)
2008_12_05_16:51:45.392   086.131.218.xxx   Yayayayay!!
2008_12_05_16:52:14.647   208.106.050.xxx   wave to the camera!!
2008_12_05_16:52:19.104   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** X10 controls disabled for some snow pictures - back in a few minutes ***ALEK***
2008_12_05_16:52:37.677   068.236.140.xxx   Cheers to all of you and Merry Christmas
2008_12_05_16:52:48.579   082.042.104.xxx   merry xmas from jackie and john liverpool uk ......
2008_12_05_16:53:06.422   068.248.235.xxx   Hi from the Millers!
2008_12_05_16:53:11.353   068.236.140.xxx   Merry Christmas from Upstate NY
2008_12_05_16:53:56.423   082.042.104.xxx   you yanks sure put on a good shoe
2008_12_05_16:54:06.193   076.109.049.xxx   EHOWA rocks. Hey ernie
2008_12_05_16:55:34.855   076.109.049.xxx   Santa Will see that
2008_12_05_16:55:52.381   082.042.104.xxx   hello from liverpool uk. home of the beatles
2008_12_05_16:56:05.814   069.148.139.xxx   The Spy in the sky is watching you! Go AWACS!
2008_12_05_16:56:10.320   091.116.136.xxx   hello! from coru___a, spain
2008_12_05_16:56:17.374   068.248.235.xxx   Great Work! Thank you and Merry Christmas
2008_12_05_16:56:17.384   076.109.049.xxx   Beatles ROCK
2008_12_05_16:56:49.379   076.109.049.xxx   SO does SANTA my man
2008_12_05_16:56:50.714   069.201.188.xxx   li-ming myke and rob say hi!!!
2008_12_05_16:56:51.410   091.116.136.xxx   S P A I N !
2008_12_05_16:57:24.985   091.116.136.xxx   HOHOHO, FELIZ NAVIDAD!
2008_12_05_16:57:54.029   082.042.104.xxx   this website is cooooooooooooool best of luck
2008_12_05_16:58:14.915   068.236.140.xxx   13 days until Christmas!!!!
2008_12_05_16:58:27.565   058.172.025.xxx   hiCam!
2008_12_05_16:59:02.838   088.026.074.xxx   hello
2008_12_05_16:59:26.011   076.118.106.xxx   MORGAN S RULES (18)
2008_12_05_16:59:43.421   088.026.074.xxx   Ho ho ho feliz navidaaaad!!! =) feliz navidad a todos, happy holidays
2008_12_05_17:01:01.144   072.082.241.xxx   ho ho ho
2008_12_05_17:01:18.182   075.167.209.xxx   Airliner
2008_12_05_17:01:31.122   071.233.142.xxx   I love my Wii
2008_12_05_17:04:36.070   068.155.223.xxx   Howdeh fellas
2008_12_05_17:04:40.712   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Done taking pictures - X10 control returned back to you guys ... ***ALEK***
2008_12_05_17:04:46.043   076.118.106.xxx   how can you have time for wii w/ this web site??? (19)
2008_12_05_17:05:19.200   068.155.223.xxx   '___ DROP TABLE
2008_12_05_17:05:24.936   068.236.140.xxx   Can you wave?
2008_12_05_17:05:31.387   058.172.025.xxx   LOL turn ecverything off and then onn again
2008_12_05_17:05:51.757   076.118.106.xxx   yeah, please wave (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_05_17:06:36.259   076.118.106.xxx   wooo hoooo (21)
2008_12_05_17:07:48.400   076.118.106.xxx   one more time - some missed it wave again (22)
2008_12_05_17:09:17.844   064.216.047.xxx   hey everyone happy holidayz
2008_12_05_17:09:22.096   076.252.192.xxx   ho ho ho!
2008_12_05_17:09:39.485   058.172.025.xxx   lol can u turn all light off and then everything on again
2008_12_05_17:10:09.339   076.252.192.xxx   yes i can ho ho ho
2008_12_05_17:10:34.145   076.118.106.xxx   of course he can - he is the MAN! (23)
2008_12_05_17:10:35.522   069.128.129.xxx   merry christmas to all and to all a good night
2008_12_05_17:13:00.763   076.118.106.xxx   sweet dreams (24)
2008_12_05_17:14:02.893   076.177.189.xxx   I luv Santa
2008_12_05_17:15:23.413   068.062.240.xxx   Hello from Orlando !   Merry Christmas
2008_12_05_17:16:22.026   076.252.192.xxx   granby ct
2008_12_05_17:17:24.649   068.155.223.xxx   '___ DROP TABLE
2008_12_05_17:17:29.001   076.252.192.xxx   another Workshop Cam!
2008_12_05_17:18:15.103   156.034.189.xxx   fredracer says Hi
2008_12_05_17:19:21.004   070.185.255.xxx   I just farted
2008_12_05_17:20:35.387   076.118.106.xxx   YOU STILL HAVEN'T WAVED. PLEASE????????????? (25)
2008_12_05_17:21:08.840   070.185.255.xxx   I just farted again
2008_12_05_17:21:22.816   216.107.226.xxx   Hey Sandy, you arre awesome
2008_12_05_17:21:27.005   076.118.106.xxx   YOU KEEP LEAVON WEB CAM MAN...... (26)
2008_12_05_17:22:00.533   216.107.226.xxx   pick up the skeleton
2008_12_05_17:22:09.105   074.242.145.xxx   EHOWA SUX
2008_12_05_17:22:46.130   076.118.106.xxx   PLEASE WAVE (27)
2008_12_05_17:22:50.449   076.252.192.xxx   Hi Alek I love you!!!!!!!
2008_12_05_17:22:52.989   074.242.145.xxx   dead space rules
2008_12_05_17:23:18.852   076.252.192.xxx   ho ho ho!
2008_12_05_17:23:44.331   076.252.192.xxx   NANCY SILKEY!!!!!!!!
2008_12_05_17:25:02.216   097.081.204.xxx   merry christmas!this is neat!
2008_12_05_17:25:30.836   074.242.145.xxx   Your neighbors must think you're crazy.
2008_12_05_17:25:36.199   198.178.008.xxx   HULK say "No deflate Santa!"
2008_12_05_17:26:10.761   074.242.145.xxx   I love nancy silkey.
2008_12_05_17:26:13.168   097.081.204.xxx   hey,merry christmas!
2008_12_05_17:26:13.514   076.118.106.xxx   good night - (28)
2008_12_05_17:26:41.238   216.107.226.xxx   B======D____________
2008_12_05_17:26:56.120   097.081.204.xxx   hey,merry christmas from north carolina!
2008_12_05_17:26:57.431   058.172.025.xxx   can u please turn off all the light and then turn it on again ?
2008_12_05_17:27:18.837   216.107.226.xxx   Thats a stupid request
2008_12_05_17:27:38.144   097.081.204.xxx   wwhhheeeee!!!!
2008_12_05_17:28:02.449   074.071.028.xxx   score!!
2008_12_05_17:28:13.071   076.118.106.xxx   wooooo hooooooooooooooo (29)
2008_12_05_17:29:43.644   074.071.028.xxx   kk
2008_12_05_17:29:44.311   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I waved at least a dozen times to you guys allready - LOL! ***ALEK***
2008_12_05_17:30:35.814   074.071.028.xxx   score___
2008_12_05_17:32:27.527   076.118.106.xxx   thanks alek! (30 IM's so far today)
2008_12_05_17:32:59.722   216.037.228.xxx   wuts blocking the merry christmas thing?
2008_12_05_17:33:20.619   067.060.027.xxx   leave em on!
2008_12_05_17:33:34.901   076.123.095.xxx   v*****
2008_12_05_17:34:07.340   173.033.020.xxx   yo yo yo!!!
2008_12_05_17:34:14.094   076.123.095.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS b**** E S
2008_12_05_17:34:45.054   173.033.020.xxx   GUZZLING EGGNOGG!!!! YAAAAA
2008_12_05_17:34:48.237   066.140.072.xxx   What Up ????
2008_12_05_17:35:50.304   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Waaazzzzzuppppp!!!! ***ALEK***
2008_12_05_17:36:40.656   096.224.059.xxx   waaaaazzzzzzuuuppppp:)
2008_12_05_17:36:47.732   068.227.165.xxx   hello from Omaha
2008_12_05_17:38:22.358   173.033.020.xxx   GNAA wuzz ere
2008_12_05_17:38:22.915   076.123.095.xxx   the guy in santas workshop is a weirdo =P
2008_12_05_17:38:33.524   096.224.059.xxx   alek y u need a nother laptop for?
2008_12_05_17:39:23.436   076.123.095.xxx   how does your ISP like having 344 people on their service?
2008_12_05_17:39:28.706   071.002.247.xxx   this is cool!
2008_12_05_17:39:43.296   173.033.020.xxx   baaa humbug!!!
2008_12_05_17:39:56.096   096.224.059.xxx   hi cool guy
2008_12_05_17:40:06.985   076.123.095.xxx   how does your ISP like you hosting all this data?
2008_12_05_17:40:09.525   075.179.010.xxx   theres a pumpkin
2008_12_05_17:40:54.541   075.179.010.xxx   is that for christmas
2008_12_05_17:40:49.441   198.178.008.xxx is hogging the controls.. LOL
2008_12_05_17:41:25.041   075.179.010.xxx   who
2008_12_05_17:42:45.918   071.142.212.xxx   this is fun!
2008_12_05_17:42:37.299   198.178.008.xxx   Your IP shows up when you send an IM _______________
2008_12_05_17:43:13.793   075.179.010.xxx   oh yea i forgot
2008_12_05_17:44:03.357   075.179.010.xxx   merry christmas to you guys
2008_12_05_17:44:05.845   071.002.247.xxx   merry christmas
2008_12_05_17:44:38.008   024.251.097.xxx   merry christmas metallica___
2008_12_05_17:46:02.838   068.177.146.xxx   santa time
2008_12_05_17:46:12.968   024.251.097.xxx   come on leave the lights on please
2008_12_05_17:46:21.623   079.092.128.xxx   Joyeux No___l
2008_12_05_17:46:36.592   068.177.146.xxx   So we control the light/
2008_12_05_17:46:43.490   024.251.097.xxx   d***
2008_12_05_17:47:32.075   024.251.097.xxx   sorry about saying d***'
2008_12_05_17:48:58.834   075.179.010.xxx   hello from Brian and Cody
2008_12_05_17:49:21.733   208.253.161.xxx   hi poopa doop
2008_12_05_17:49:50.449   071.002.247.xxx   is this live?
2008_12_05_17:50:05.114   198.178.008.xxx   no its Memorex
2008_12_05_17:50:17.558   208.253.161.xxx   hello my loving poohbear pooperscopper love buns
2008_12_05_17:50:22.263   098.226.098.xxx   merry xmas jill
2008_12_05_17:50:58.466   071.002.247.xxx   is anyone there?
2008_12_05_17:51:55.404   075.179.010.xxx   hey
2008_12_05_17:53:12.253   208.253.161.xxx   bah humbug
2008_12_05_17:53:19.818   024.171.063.xxx   335 people viewing Christmas Lights - HOLY MOLEY!
2008_12_05_17:53:25.583   198.178.008.xxx   Wow.. who hates Santa?
2008_12_05_17:54:53.453   075.179.010.xxx   hey alek
2008_12_05_18:00:05.110   075.179.010.xxx   make it dark for them walking
2008_12_05_18:02:52.907   074.129.019.xxx   LOL, sounds good....sory
2008_12_05_18:02:59.151   198.178.008.xxx   People in At***er CA are mean
2008_12_05_18:03:30.832   203.059.012.xxx   pretty cool
2008_12_05_18:03:40.263   075.179.010.xxx   wwwwwaaaaaahhhhhHJHHHH (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_05_18:05:05.194   075.179.010.xxx   HGGGHLKBLKFGHDKLHEHBL RHBLKH (11)
2008_12_05_18:05:34.116   216.107.226.xxx   Hey Emma Baby.  Wub you.
2008_12_05_18:05:44.984   075.179.010.xxx   THIS WEB SITE NEEDS MORE CAROLS (12)
2008_12_05_18:09:54.728   067.164.220.xxx   I think this site rocks.. great idea.. inspirational
2008_12_05_18:10:02.611   079.148.179.xxx   ola a todos
2008_12_05_18:14:11.250   070.128.116.xxx   cr
2008_12_05_18:15:34.623   067.164.220.xxx   thanks for the show
2008_12_05_18:15:43.623   068.155.223.xxx   Hi Big Buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_05_18:16:05.005   068.155.223.xxx   Christopher has a big head
2008_12_05_18:16:15.110   066.176.017.xxx   hey mari
2008_12_05_18:16:43.395   068.155.223.xxx   Its rely big
2008_12_05_18:18:26.254   068.155.223.xxx   Hi mom Christopher still has a big head
2008_12_05_18:19:02.334   068.155.223.xxx   It is REALY REALY BIG
2008_12_05_18:20:01.302   068.155.223.xxx   I like paint
2008_12_05_18:20:42.271   068.155.223.xxx   Hi Mom (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_05_18:20:58.700   063.146.069.xxx   I like beer.
2008_12_05_18:21:40.452   068.155.223.xxx   Thats not nice (11)
2008_12_05_18:23:23.579   067.009.147.xxx   Brandon - Houston, TX
2008_12_05_18:24:13.671   068.155.223.xxx   I love you Brandon (12)
2008_12_05_18:24:30.024   067.009.147.xxx   HAHA... That's funny.  Did you read find the site on gizmodo, too?
2008_12_05_18:25:04.947   067.009.147.xxx   Someone loves me!?
2008_12_05_18:26:42.284   067.009.147.xxx   Why would anyone wish me a horrible Christmas?
2008_12_05_18:27:40.354   064.081.049.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek
2008_12_05_18:28:22.394   068.155.223.xxx   Hi Alck (13)
2008_12_05_18:28:38.287   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Appreciate the Merry Christmas - ditto to you and everyone else ***ALEK***
2008_12_05_18:29:13.765   070.006.238.xxx   Likas say merry x-mas!!!
2008_12_05_18:29:55.484   068.155.223.xxx   It's CHRISTmas (14)
2008_12_05_18:30:06.698   070.006.238.xxx   Merry X-mas 2 all!
2008_12_05_18:30:40.490   068.209.231.xxx   Love you Beverly...
2008_12_05_18:30:56.492   068.155.223.xxx   Beverly I love you more!!! (15)
2008_12_05_18:32:06.523   072.141.116.xxx   Merry Christmas Tanya
2008_12_05_18:32:32.870   068.155.223.xxx   Do you like waffles? (16)
2008_12_05_18:32:48.944   068.209.231.xxx   no
2008_12_05_18:32:56.927   074.195.230.xxx   Hey Tay tay
2008_12_05_18:33:05.180   072.141.116.xxx   hello from Alliston, Ontario
2008_12_05_18:33:10.496   068.155.223.xxx   Well y not (17)
2008_12_05_18:33:30.312   068.209.231.xxx   y do u like
2008_12_05_18:33:31.028   070.129.149.xxx   kristal peters tx
2008_12_05_18:34:49.715   097.081.050.xxx   Merry Christmas to the Kids!!!
2008_12_05_18:35:37.085   068.209.231.xxx   WAR EAGLE ! ! !
2008_12_05_18:35:41.459   069.208.140.xxx   santa is coming
2008_12_05_18:35:59.610   072.002.068.xxx   Jen says merry christmas
2008_12_05_18:36:15.367   069.208.140.xxx   obama is the antichrist
2008_12_05_18:36:40.960   071.003.105.xxx   lol
2008_12_05_18:37:10.480   012.192.137.xxx   Get back to work, Martin
2008_12_05_18:37:10.998   069.208.140.xxx   Sara is a babe
2008_12_05_18:37:14.477   071.003.105.xxx   kool this site is awesome
2008_12_05_18:37:46.501   069.208.140.xxx   Merry Christmas, K-ster
2008_12_05_18:38:18.305   070.129.149.xxx   What do lions sing at Christmas?
2008_12_05_18:38:42.239   071.003.105.xxx   what?
2008_12_05_18:38:47.109   072.175.104.xxx   go sp**d racer go
2008_12_05_18:39:04.529   070.129.149.xxx   Jungle bells!
2008_12_05_18:39:14.145   072.175.104.xxx   eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
2008_12_05_18:39:36.476   079.226.166.xxx   ho ho ho merry christmas (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_05_18:40:06.173   079.226.166.xxx   ey du arsch (11)
2008_12_05_18:41:56.298   070.018.131.xxx   Merry Christmas from New Paltz NY
2008_12_05_18:43:10.199   070.251.079.xxx   I thought we get a free christmas gift here?
2008_12_05_18:44:08.328   068.090.219.xxx   meow
2008_12_05_18:45:41.111   070.251.079.xxx   hi
2008_12_05_18:46:11.156   064.237.170.xxx   rj s****
2008_12_05_18:46:42.035   064.237.170.xxx   7thgenhonda ftw
2008_12_05_18:47:09.044   070.251.079.xxx   8thgenhonda ftw
2008_12_05_18:48:15.610   064.237.170.xxx   7thgenhoda ftmfw
2008_12_05_18:49:03.621   071.123.250.xxx   Michael says Merry Christmas
2008_12_05_18:49:09.064   098.227.155.xxx   Happy Holidays, from the Dawson's
2008_12_05_18:49:55.897   075.108.021.xxx   hello all
2008_12_05_18:50:33.727   075.108.021.xxx   have a merry christmas
2008_12_05_18:53:48.695   098.227.155.xxx   chicago
2008_12_05_18:54:01.038   216.037.228.xxx   _______________________________________
2008_12_05_18:54:07.603   071.030.240.xxx   Hoppy Holidays from Blackberrybunny
2008_12_05_18:54:29.209   216.037.228.xxx   ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
2008_12_05_18:55:00.875   098.227.155.xxx   snakes on a plane
2008_12_05_18:55:59.620   075.100.225.xxx   Hello Kettenringhouse
2008_12_05_18:57:29.867   067.142.130.xxx   Hello from Galena Alaska
2008_12_05_18:57:57.717   076.114.031.xxx   Hello from Sacramento, California!
2008_12_05_18:58:17.979   075.100.225.xxx   Hello from La Center wasington
2008_12_05_18:58:26.293   065.190.169.xxx   Hello from Goldsboro, NC
2008_12_05_19:00:38.944   076.251.081.xxx   hello
2008_12_05_19:01:21.988   070.024.158.xxx   Go Leafs Go!
2008_12_05_19:01:22.869   065.190.169.xxx   z
2008_12_05_19:01:34.891   076.251.081.xxx   whos a shower or a grower?
2008_12_05_19:02:27.938   075.100.225.xxx   You should be able to donate from paypal
2008_12_05_19:02:55.347   076.251.081.xxx   walnuts anyone?
2008_12_05_19:03:50.350   075.100.225.xxx   Would love to donate, but bank account empty.  Got 5.00 in paypal though
2008_12_05_19:05:35.833   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks for the donation - every little bit helps! ***ALEK***
2008_12_05_19:07:21.497   086.144.004.xxx   merry xmas america from uk
2008_12_05_19:08:38.412   075.100.225.xxx   merry christmas uk from the state of washington
2008_12_05_19:10:09.642   076.251.081.xxx   merry xmas to all of our troops over seas
2008_12_05_19:11:10.711   205.188.116.xxx   i wish a merry christmas from Baltimore Maryland
2008_12_05_19:11:22.428   063.099.001.xxx   hohoho!!!
2008_12_05_19:12:21.325   075.100.225.xxx   I love you Eva!!
2008_12_05_19:14:26.426   074.225.080.xxx   Ho Ho Ho
2008_12_05_19:17:29.823   220.253.166.xxx   Merry Everyone!
2008_12_05_19:18:10.730   075.100.225.xxx   Go Raiders!!
2008_12_05_19:18:53.865   220.253.166.xxx   Gumdrops!!
2008_12_05_19:20:47.829   075.176.042.xxx   hey
2008_12_05_19:20:52.462   074.225.080.xxx   Cat Food Cake
2008_12_05_19:21:12.179   075.176.042.xxx   hey dusty
2008_12_05_19:22:09.541   074.225.080.xxx   Daves Not Here
2008_12_05_19:24:34.061   067.170.114.xxx   PUYALLUP, WA
2008_12_05_19:24:52.904   099.144.220.xxx   your all homos
2008_12_05_19:25:59.836   071.056.049.xxx   who farted?
2008_12_05_19:26:16.254   074.225.080.xxx   Dave are you here
2008_12_05_19:26:28.709   077.101.216.xxx   good luck with everything.  happy christmas
2008_12_05_19:26:44.938   074.225.080.xxx   Daves not here
2008_12_05_19:27:18.581   069.140.170.xxx   hello everybody!
2008_12_05_19:28:06.580   069.140.170.xxx   great job with all the lights
2008_12_05_19:28:28.836   071.056.049.xxx   wow those lights sure are purty, like your mouth
2008_12_05_19:28:42.892   074.225.080.xxx   Frosty are you here
2008_12_05_19:29:40.636   216.096.035.xxx   love the lights!!!!
2008_12_05_19:32:14.913   216.096.035.xxx   Awesome display!!!
2008_12_05_19:32:47.216   216.096.035.xxx   Great display!! keep up the great work!!! and awesome job once again!!!!!
2008_12_05_19:33:47.655   071.255.052.xxx   Jenna Rocks
2008_12_05_19:34:48.455   216.096.035.xxx   whats up with the mean messages?? be nice it's the holidays
2008_12_05_19:34:57.483   071.185.213.xxx   Alex paulski is awsomeness
2008_12_05_19:35:00.278   118.107.052.xxx   wishing all ppl a wonderful Xmas
2008_12_05_19:35:28.423   024.235.200.xxx   Alex rocks
2008_12_05_19:35:56.933   070.161.073.xxx   This is Great
2008_12_05_19:35:58.396   216.096.035.xxx   Merry Christmas and hope your kids stay healthily and ya'all have a very merry 
2008_12_05_19:36:04.880   071.185.213.xxx   he does
2008_12_05_19:36:12.505   098.208.106.xxx   Cameron has a slow Cobra
2008_12_05_19:37:23.108   071.185.213.xxx   wasup homeskills
2008_12_05_19:37:25.207   071.255.052.xxx   Hey Jen
2008_12_05_19:37:53.251   216.096.035.xxx   Komar.org is the best place ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_05_19:39:43.725   071.255.052.xxx   MetallicA ___m/
2008_12_05_19:40:02.899   071.185.213.xxx   WASUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_05_19:41:07.539   024.124.066.xxx   Brooks was here
2008_12_05_19:41:14.778   071.185.213.xxx   DELAWARE IS AWSOME!!!!!
2008_12_05_19:41:19.548   069.112.023.xxx   OMG. EVERYONE ELSE GTFO
2008_12_05_19:41:34.868   024.124.066.xxx   Carlyn says hi
2008_12_05_19:41:53.787   069.112.023.xxx   Mike has pubic lice.
2008_12_05_19:41:54.358   070.133.223.xxx   Muzz is Here
2008_12_05_19:41:58.621   216.096.035.xxx   hey, great display!
2008_12_05_19:42:09.776   071.185.213.xxx   IO:UH"OIUG:LYGOIG:IUHOIUHUYDUGLYG___ifehgovsihfdg'iob___oihwadfgb___ifshdvbiohf
2008_12_05_19:42:38.257   071.255.052.xxx   Bah humbug
2008_12_05_19:42:53.026   216.096.035.xxx   Everyone please turn all lights on!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_05_19:43:18.938   071.185.213.xxx   POKEMON IS AWSOME
2008_12_05_19:43:28.425   099.155.119.xxx   Is this real?
2008_12_05_19:43:37.481   069.112.023.xxx   Pokemon is for losers.
2008_12_05_19:43:50.516   071.185.213.xxx   MY MOM ROCKS
2008_12_05_19:44:03.937   216.096.035.xxx   please can we turn all lights and inflatables on!!
2008_12_05_19:44:22.150   067.079.200.xxx   Type text & CR to see retestal-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_05_19:44:32.958   071.185.213.xxx   POKEMON IS THE BEST THIN EVER
2008_12_05_19:44:46.825   069.112.023.xxx   I rock your mom.
2008_12_05_19:45:08.305   067.079.200.xxx   Someone needs to seriously have a garage sale
2008_12_05_19:45:12.710   216.096.035.xxx   all on!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_05_19:46:21.024   071.255.052.xxx   ALL OFF!
2008_12_05_19:46:41.030   216.096.035.xxx   ON!!!! (11)
2008_12_05_19:46:47.007   067.079.200.xxx   This is like watching paint dry
2008_12_05_19:46:55.622   069.112.023.xxx   Boom boom boom boom.. I want you in my room.
2008_12_05_19:47:19.348   071.255.052.xxx   no
2008_12_05_19:47:26.761   071.185.213.xxx   for shizzle!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_05_19:47:30.780   216.096.035.xxx   PLEASE ALL ON!!!!!!!!! (12)
2008_12_05_19:47:46.066   072.048.082.xxx   what
2008_12_05_19:47:58.297   067.131.061.xxx   Hello Beau!!
2008_12_05_19:47:59.124   071.255.052.xxx   nope
2008_12_05_19:48:10.956   071.185.213.xxx   poop (11)
2008_12_05_19:48:25.046   074.226.089.xxx   how do you send a web cam message
2008_12_05_19:48:32.105   216.096.035.xxx   Great display please keep up the great work!!! (13)
2008_12_05_19:48:37.132   072.048.082.xxx   if this is for real everyone say happy holidays
2008_12_05_19:48:49.984   067.131.061.xxx   happy holidays
2008_12_05_19:48:53.868   069.112.023.xxx   Happy holidays!
2008_12_05_19:48:56.951   071.185.213.xxx   happy holidays (12)
2008_12_05_19:48:59.182   216.096.035.xxx   happy holidays (14)
2008_12_05_19:49:21.415   099.155.119.xxx   you mean merry CHRISTmas?
2008_12_05_19:49:25.699   072.048.082.xxx   wow hows it done
2008_12_05_19:49:43.541   071.185.213.xxx   POKEMON IS COOLIO (13)
2008_12_05_19:49:50.926   173.016.120.xxx   Hi Grace
2008_12_05_19:50:01.836   072.048.082.xxx   well way cool
2008_12_05_19:50:17.243   216.096.035.xxx   great job! keep it up plz!!!!! ViXeN128 channels 128 dimable (15)
2008_12_05_19:50:33.499   071.185.213.xxx   u know it (14)
2008_12_05_19:50:47.941   173.016.120.xxx   Jesus is the reason for the season
2008_12_05_19:50:51.240   069.112.023.xxx   OMG! Who has AIM!?
2008_12_05_19:51:00.339   071.185.213.xxx   life is great (15)
2008_12_05_19:51:33.631   072.048.082.xxx   life is wonderful
2008_12_05_19:51:41.846   071.255.052.xxx   sometimes
2008_12_05_19:51:45.490   173.016.120.xxx   Jesus is the reason for the season
2008_12_05_19:52:11.812   069.112.023.xxx   MSN anyone?
2008_12_05_19:52:54.564   071.185.213.xxx   university of delaware (16)
2008_12_05_19:53:56.143   074.192.039.xxx   hey hey. like it!
2008_12_05_19:54:06.094   071.185.213.xxx   poop (17)
2008_12_05_19:55:17.496   173.016.120.xxx   Jesus loves you all
2008_12_05_19:55:45.051   075.100.225.xxx   I LOVE YOU EVA!!
2008_12_05_19:55:52.133   173.016.120.xxx   Merry CHRISTmas
2008_12_05_19:55:57.498   069.112.023.xxx   Mike, will you marry me?
2008_12_05_19:56:16.825   075.100.225.xxx   I LOVE YOU EVA!!
2008_12_05_19:56:18.125   070.119.183.xxx   merry xmas everyone!
2008_12_05_19:56:28.262   069.112.023.xxx   GTFO Eva (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_05_19:56:43.630   173.016.120.xxx   not xmas CHRISTmas
2008_12_05_19:57:01.956   075.100.225.xxx   I LOVE YOU YOU EVA (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_05_19:57:13.194   069.003.211.xxx   L. Ron will return!!!!
2008_12_05_19:57:14.312   071.185.213.xxx   i love me (18)
2008_12_05_19:57:20.541   070.119.183.xxx   yes christmas
2008_12_05_19:57:32.026   069.112.023.xxx   I love Forrest Gump. (11)
2008_12_05_19:57:41.998   075.100.225.xxx   ITS MY BIRTHDAY (11)
2008_12_05_19:58:43.372   071.185.213.xxx   HI (19)
2008_12_05_19:59:07.986   069.003.211.xxx   mufasa
2008_12_05_19:59:37.155   071.185.213.xxx   HOHOHO (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_05_20:00:17.245   071.185.213.xxx   Feliz Navidad! Yo estoy Mexicano!!!! (21)
2008_12_05_20:00:44.559   075.100.225.xxx   WHY DONT YOU/ (12)
2008_12_05_20:01:11.589   202.078.154.xxx   NZ
2008_12_05_20:01:27.353   071.185.213.xxx   me liky hawm buger (22)
2008_12_05_20:02:09.881   164.107.243.xxx   s/Hulk/Christmas/
2008_12_05_20:02:17.273   071.185.213.xxx   peanut butter jelly time (23)
2008_12_05_20:03:31.156   071.185.213.xxx   hohoho im sandy claws (24)
2008_12_05_20:03:44.156   076.065.024.xxx   Were no strangers to love You know the rules and so do i
2008_12_05_20:04:05.963   076.065.024.xxx   A full commitments what Im thinking of You wouldnt get this from any other guy
2008_12_05_20:04:28.319   076.065.024.xxx   get this from any other guy
2008_12_05_20:04:31.191   071.185.213.xxx   APRICOT PUDDING (25)
2008_12_05_20:04:50.324   076.065.024.xxx   get this from any other guy
2008_12_05_20:05:12.129   076.065.024.xxx   I just wanna tell you how Im feeling
2008_12_05_20:05:14.728   071.185.213.xxx   HEHEHE (26)
2008_12_05_20:05:56.854   075.100.225.xxx   HI (13)
2008_12_05_20:06:18.256   071.185.213.xxx   hi! (27)
2008_12_05_20:06:33.458   071.184.223.xxx   Hello
2008_12_05_20:06:36.319   088.106.004.xxx   Ho Ho Ho...Merry Everything from England. xxx
2008_12_05_20:07:09.982   071.185.213.xxx   HOHOHO MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM DELAWARE (28)
2008_12_05_20:07:47.456   071.185.213.xxx   Feliz Navidad para Mexico!!! (29)
2008_12_05_20:07:54.966   069.196.133.xxx   merry xmas from kville
2008_12_05_20:08:14.613   071.185.213.xxx   HI MATTY P (30 IM's so far today)
2008_12_05_20:08:49.864   069.196.133.xxx   hello matty as well
2008_12_05_20:09:03.356   074.226.089.xxx   alek come back!
2008_12_05_20:09:31.766   071.185.213.xxx   BABY COME BACK TO me!!!!! (31)
2008_12_05_20:10:12.590   068.155.223.xxx   I want to but just can't (18)
2008_12_05_20:10:15.773   071.185.213.xxx   LA VACA DORADA ES MI MAMA!!! (32)
2008_12_05_20:10:28.304   074.226.089.xxx   go santa go
2008_12_05_20:10:35.903   072.048.082.xxx   HI DERICK
2008_12_05_20:11:15.580   072.048.082.xxx   MERRY X-MAS ALL
2008_12_05_20:11:16.759   071.185.213.xxx   HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE (33)
2008_12_05_20:11:52.001   072.202.149.xxx   hi unidragoneswife
2008_12_05_20:12:01.594   198.053.089.xxx   This Rocks!
2008_12_05_20:12:05.451   071.185.213.xxx   Dinkleberries!!! (34)
2008_12_05_20:12:11.329   072.048.082.xxx   hello
2008_12_05_20:12:18.174   068.155.223.xxx   I love Brandon (19)
2008_12_05_20:12:27.241   216.110.246.xxx   ho ho ho
2008_12_05_20:12:50.209   071.185.213.xxx   I have poo in my pants (35)
2008_12_05_20:13:10.782   071.185.213.xxx   ME TOO (36)
2008_12_05_20:14:03.845   071.185.213.xxx   me liky hawm buger (37)
2008_12_05_20:14:05.551   072.048.082.xxx   hi electric o rock
2008_12_05_20:14:10.778   065.027.144.xxx   ho ho ho
2008_12_05_20:14:18.015   068.155.223.xxx   DID you poop today (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_05_20:14:25.766   071.185.213.xxx   I SEE YOU (38)
2008_12_05_20:14:48.710   068.155.223.xxx   I saw you first hot stuff (21)
2008_12_05_20:14:49.896   072.202.149.xxx   love you unidragoneswife
2008_12_05_20:14:50.059   072.048.082.xxx   mery christmas santa (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_05_20:14:51.578   065.027.144.xxx   merry christmas
2008_12_05_20:15:07.457   071.185.213.xxx   I know what you did last summer (39)
2008_12_05_20:15:25.812   072.048.082.xxx   are you listning to him (11)
2008_12_05_20:15:36.822   071.185.213.xxx   WHAT THE BACKSTROKE (40 IM's so far today)
2008_12_05_20:15:37.534   068.155.223.xxx   I still know what you did last summer (22)
2008_12_05_20:15:53.732   072.048.082.xxx   what are you sicic (12)
2008_12_05_20:15:56.954   070.221.089.xxx   Hi Sherry
2008_12_05_20:16:21.302   072.202.149.xxx   love you unidragoneswife
2008_12_05_20:16:37.972   071.185.213.xxx   hey bebeh (41)
2008_12_05_20:17:05.957   072.202.149.xxx   love you unidragone
2008_12_05_20:17:18.502   068.155.223.xxx   hey there handsome (23)
2008_12_05_20:17:31.274   071.185.213.xxx   i know (42)
2008_12_05_20:17:58.951   068.155.223.xxx   I knew it first (24)
2008_12_05_20:18:03.311   071.185.213.xxx   CHEESE NIPS (43)
2008_12_05_20:18:25.861   068.155.223.xxx   ritz crackers (25)
2008_12_05_20:18:30.355   071.185.213.xxx   sssussssiieeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (44)
2008_12_05_20:19:08.872   071.185.213.xxx   PPPP POPPCORRRRN!!! (45)
2008_12_05_20:19:31.242   071.185.213.xxx   chilly chill (46)
2008_12_05_20:20:06.262   098.215.116.xxx   merry christmas!
2008_12_05_20:20:12.986   071.185.213.xxx   Rockachu (47)
2008_12_05_20:20:27.994   076.025.239.xxx   b0nerjam!!
2008_12_05_20:20:31.074   098.215.116.xxx   pooop
2008_12_05_20:20:59.727   098.215.116.xxx   santaaaaaaa
2008_12_05_20:21:51.690   072.202.149.xxx   hi peyton
2008_12_05_20:22:34.675   072.209.130.xxx   hi daddy
2008_12_05_20:23:55.720   068.090.040.xxx   This is Amazing
2008_12_05_20:24:42.247   071.185.213.xxx   MITCH I POO ON U (48)
2008_12_05_20:24:58.158   068.090.040.xxx   Hi Mommy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_05_20:25:37.004   118.107.052.xxx   Hi Mindy
2008_12_05_20:25:39.333   072.209.130.xxx   hi meggy
2008_12_05_20:25:54.512   024.236.154.xxx   hi all
2008_12_05_20:26:23.662   118.107.052.xxx   your great
2008_12_05_20:26:40.979   068.090.040.xxx   Thank you for making this display
2008_12_05_20:26:43.748   024.236.154.xxx   Merry Christmas Bet
2008_12_05_20:26:58.943   071.071.088.xxx   hi all
2008_12_05_20:27:19.839   161.130.135.xxx   GO MIZZOU
2008_12_05_20:27:30.244   076.251.216.xxx   Have merry Christmas.
2008_12_05_20:27:32.464   071.071.088.xxx   whats up iam on tv!!!!
2008_12_05_20:28:03.534   024.236.154.xxx   Happy Holidays
2008_12_05_20:28:13.174   071.071.088.xxx   draper and the bricks repsent nc foo
2008_12_05_20:28:52.984   071.071.088.xxx   Eden N C in the house!!!!
2008_12_05_20:29:01.746   024.236.154.xxx   8=======___
2008_12_05_20:29:41.896   071.071.088.xxx   Merry Chirstmas from Eden NC
2008_12_05_20:29:43.742   205.188.116.xxx   ho ho ho ho merry christmas
2008_12_05_20:30:08.398   118.107.052.xxx   ho ho ho merry Christmas
2008_12_05_20:30:20.983   205.188.116.xxx   oooooooh aahhhhhhh
2008_12_05_20:31:04.706   205.188.116.xxx   iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiahhhhhh
2008_12_05_20:31:29.031   071.071.088.xxx   Merry christmas from EDEN NC
2008_12_05_20:32:18.855   071.071.088.xxx   Will someone please wave to us in the window
2008_12_05_20:33:10.787   071.071.088.xxx   Will someone please wave to us in the window
2008_12_05_20:33:39.567   071.071.088.xxx   Merry christmas from EDEN NC
2008_12_05_20:33:55.807   118.107.052.xxx   santa Rocks
2008_12_05_20:34:18.566   071.071.088.xxx   Will someone please wave to us in the window (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_05_20:35:15.056   024.117.139.xxx   Ho Ho Ho dudes
2008_12_05_20:35:17.042   076.020.168.xxx   YOU DOGS
2008_12_05_20:35:28.520   071.071.088.xxx   Merry christmas from EDEN NC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (11)
2008_12_05_20:35:33.791   071.206.248.xxx   does Santa really exist?
2008_12_05_20:35:39.077   068.111.152.xxx   This is crazy cool!
2008_12_05_20:35:46.237   068.155.223.xxx   No (26)
2008_12_05_20:36:01.349   071.071.088.xxx   Will someone please wave to us in the window (12)
2008_12_05_20:36:02.933   074.226.089.xxx   yo yo yo yo
2008_12_05_20:36:42.907   071.071.088.xxx   Will someone please wave to us in the window (13)
2008_12_05_20:37:07.838   072.202.149.xxx   I see you!
2008_12_05_20:37:19.422   096.224.059.xxx   hi
2008_12_05_20:37:40.769   071.071.088.xxx   Will someone please wave to us in the window (14)
2008_12_05_20:37:58.342   024.131.049.xxx   Bah humbug!
2008_12_05_20:38:30.168   071.071.088.xxx   ___32 male/single??? (15)
2008_12_05_20:39:59.205   072.202.149.xxx   not
2008_12_05_20:40:05.185   092.005.090.xxx   I came here last year! merry xmas!!
2008_12_05_20:40:25.033   024.117.087.xxx   shandy your a dink
2008_12_05_20:41:05.079   068.155.223.xxx   Quit asking them to wave hout the window (27)
2008_12_05_20:41:12.288   092.005.090.xxx   merry xmas!
2008_12_05_20:41:28.936   068.155.223.xxx   Hi big buddy (28)
2008_12_05_20:44:04.128   024.117.087.xxx   billy you see me
2008_12_05_20:45:24.978   071.164.032.xxx   HORSE!!!
2008_12_05_20:46:41.045   072.202.149.xxx   HO HO HO
2008_12_05_20:46:51.060   024.116.011.xxx   merry christmas
2008_12_05_20:47:24.661   024.116.011.xxx   happy quanza
2008_12_05_20:48:06.135   024.116.011.xxx   Christmas is going to the dogs..
2008_12_05_20:48:51.107   024.063.062.xxx   Merry Christmas
2008_12_05_20:48:51.386   024.116.011.xxx   great lights
2008_12_05_20:49:20.358   024.063.062.xxx   Cool lights
2008_12_05_20:49:23.343   099.147.139.xxx   This is certainly entertaining.
2008_12_05_20:49:45.216   024.116.011.xxx   on dancer, on prancer, on comet, and vixon
2008_12_05_20:51:17.811   071.062.107.xxx   Coaster Crew in the building!
2008_12_05_20:51:37.821   024.116.011.xxx   M-I-Z-Z-O-U
2008_12_05_20:52:03.866   099.147.139.xxx   Hello from Texas.
2008_12_05_20:52:29.110   071.062.107.xxx   Hail To The Redskins
2008_12_05_20:52:35.911   024.116.011.xxx   Hi Texas
2008_12_05_20:53:36.710   074.140.163.xxx   lexingon ky!!!
2008_12_05_20:53:44.938   071.062.107.xxx   Merry Everyone
2008_12_05_20:53:48.203   024.116.011.xxx   hi lexington
2008_12_05_20:53:57.397   066.120.226.xxx   I Love The Police!!!!
2008_12_05_20:54:18.649   024.116.011.xxx   i love ice cream
2008_12_05_20:54:41.991   099.147.139.xxx   This calls for hot chocolate.
2008_12_05_20:54:44.813   024.205.067.xxx   go BRUINS!!!
2008_12_05_20:54:54.185   098.030.077.xxx   i love christmas
2008_12_05_20:55:22.846   071.062.107.xxx   Happy Festevus for the rest of us!
2008_12_05_20:55:42.827   099.147.139.xxx   Festivus is how I thought it was spelled...
2008_12_05_20:56:03.748   071.062.107.xxx   My bad!
2008_12_05_20:56:08.558   071.179.110.xxx   lets go Ravens
2008_12_05_20:56:33.428   099.147.139.xxx   Now if only it would snow in Texas.
2008_12_05_20:56:44.448   071.062.107.xxx   b***altimore...Go D.C.
2008_12_05_20:56:54.710   024.205.067.xxx   tailgating at the Rose Bowl Tomorrow!
2008_12_05_20:57:16.390   071.062.107.xxx   It censored Baltimore???
2008_12_05_20:57:28.409   098.030.077.xxx   u can have all my snow
2008_12_05_20:58:01.227   099.147.139.xxx   We'll take whatever snow we can get...at least I will.
2008_12_05_20:58:19.930   098.030.077.xxx   bring your shovel
2008_12_05_20:58:26.932   071.179.110.xxx   lets go flacco
2008_12_05_20:58:38.657   072.200.141.xxx   I love snow!!!!!!!
2008_12_05_20:58:43.151   074.140.163.xxx   What would Jesus think?
2008_12_05_20:58:56.825   099.147.139.xxx   What would Jesus think about what?
2008_12_05_20:59:20.948   072.200.141.xxx   hO HO HO!!!!!!!!
2008_12_05_20:59:21.328   074.140.163.xxx   This display
2008_12_05_20:59:21.972   067.183.003.xxx   Hello Ingraham High Schoo___
2008_12_05_20:59:23.171   071.200.212.xxx   Richard Loves Karli
2008_12_05_21:00:14.999   066.120.226.xxx   merry xmas
2008_12_05_21:00:15.902   024.116.011.xxx   here comes santa claus, here comes santa claus, right down santa claus lane (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_05_21:00:18.783   072.200.141.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS!
2008_12_05_21:00:36.360   071.200.212.xxx   jack o lanterns rock
2008_12_05_21:00:43.322   024.205.067.xxx   apple something has nothing to do
2008_12_05_21:01:02.260   099.147.139.xxx   Merry Christmahanaquanzika ___excuse my inability to spell.___
2008_12_05_21:01:04.518   072.200.141.xxx   mv stop hartford ave
2008_12_05_21:01:40.950   076.251.081.xxx   i herd you like to hide, so i put an attic in your attic to hide while you hide
2008_12_05_21:03:00.154   072.200.141.xxx   I love x mas lights!
2008_12_05_21:06:04.105   072.200.141.xxx   I have to design a print ad about the dangers of alcohol any ideas?
2008_12_05_21:07:55.580   058.172.025.xxx   lol hoe do u display it?
2008_12_05_21:08:07.552   098.030.077.xxx   show a shriveled up gray brain
2008_12_05_21:08:25.232   058.172.025.xxx   ___HOW___ (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_05_21:08:38.081   098.030.077.xxx   med books
2008_12_05_21:08:38.123   072.200.141.xxx   any other ideas?
2008_12_05_21:09:04.366   098.030.077.xxx   med books
2008_12_05_21:09:25.016   072.200.141.xxx   k thanks
2008_12_05_21:09:37.300   098.030.077.xxx   yup
2008_12_05_21:10:32.408   058.172.025.xxx   this is awsome really (11)
2008_12_05_21:10:52.095   068.061.144.xxx   hello
2008_12_05_21:11:04.855   098.030.077.xxx   hi
2008_12_05_21:11:23.386   072.200.141.xxx   CT will see snow sunday!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_05_21:13:22.933   068.061.144.xxx   /b/
2008_12_05_21:13:45.921   067.242.035.xxx   Joan Rules!
2008_12_05_21:13:59.053   068.061.144.xxx   i like raep
2008_12_05_21:14:05.697   072.200.141.xxx   Boots is a cat! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_05_21:15:59.194   058.172.025.xxx   what program is used to display text (12)
2008_12_05_21:17:25.610   072.200.141.xxx   I saw this web site on the news! (11)
2008_12_05_21:17:25.679   068.061.144.xxx   ramen noodles
2008_12_05_21:18:04.391   058.172.025.xxx   ???????????????????????????????????? (13)
2008_12_05_21:20:33.504   071.170.225.xxx   merry chrismahanaquanzika!
2008_12_05_21:21:35.654   072.200.141.xxx   I'm the type of person who dose projects at last min. I have a project due afte (12)
2008_12_05_21:22:44.635   070.017.120.xxx   eh, yeah.
2008_12_05_21:23:03.803   058.172.025.xxx   wow 277! (14)
2008_12_05_21:23:22.563   081.151.064.xxx   ha ha ha ha ha ha
2008_12_05_21:24:10.376   081.151.064.xxx   love it
2008_12_05_21:25:19.205   072.200.141.xxx   NO SCHOOL TOMMORROW! (13)
2008_12_05_21:26:12.230   070.017.120.xxx   of course... derhey.
2008_12_05_21:26:19.305   081.151.064.xxx   come on the mighty livi lions. Livingston FC to beat Dundee 2-0
2008_12_05_21:26:48.939   070.017.120.xxx   bfd.
2008_12_05_21:29:07.616   081.151.064.xxx   livingstonfc.co.uk
2008_12_05_21:29:59.023   076.067.072.xxx   HI THERE
2008_12_05_21:30:35.809   076.067.072.xxx   IS IT CAN BE HUGZ TIEMS NAO PLZ?
2008_12_05_21:30:44.936   081.151.064.xxx   any one from the uk about
2008_12_05_21:31:10.645   076.067.072.xxx   nope
2008_12_05_21:31:21.633   070.017.120.xxx   sensational snottickles presents.
2008_12_05_21:31:22.253   219.237.242.xxx   nope
2008_12_05_21:31:42.554   076.067.072.xxx   Less QQ, More Pew Pew
2008_12_05_21:32:00.789   081.151.064.xxx   just me that cant sleep then its 4:30am here in the uk
2008_12_05_21:32:29.226   070.017.120.xxx   yeh, yeh.
2008_12_05_21:32:47.774   219.237.242.xxx   12:32 lunch time here
2008_12_05_21:33:15.192   081.151.064.xxx   friday or saturday
2008_12_05_21:33:54.583   219.237.242.xxx   saturday here. in a boring meeting hahahaha
2008_12_05_21:34:25.664   074.226.089.xxx   10:34 p.m. in tennessee
2008_12_05_21:35:00.203   081.151.064.xxx   sat am here, got soccer at 12pm uk time
2008_12_05_21:35:28.431   072.200.141.xxx   Smoke in the building, # ten chatsworth drive we just got call! Im vol. fighter. (14)
2008_12_05_21:35:35.787   070.017.120.xxx   yep.
2008_12_05_21:35:41.205   081.151.064.xxx   should really get some sleep  but cant lol
2008_12_05_21:35:53.104   219.237.242.xxx   still have a hangover and only got 2 hours of sleep....
2008_12_05_21:36:11.458   074.226.089.xxx   How do you shut off office lights
2008_12_05_21:36:29.546   072.200.141.xxx   you can't lol (15)
2008_12_05_21:36:30.380   081.151.064.xxx   just leave them lol (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_05_21:36:41.008   074.226.089.xxx   what channel
2008_12_05_21:37:15.296   072.200.141.xxx   change smoke detector batteries regulary! (16)
2008_12_05_21:37:41.907   074.226.089.xxx   my dog once got lit on fire
2008_12_05_21:37:43.418   076.097.020.xxx   Hey cody can you see?
2008_12_05_21:38:12.489   069.143.198.xxx   BARF
2008_12_05_21:38:15.253   074.226.089.xxx   my dog once got lit on fire
2008_12_05_21:39:00.150   074.226.089.xxx   has this happened to any one else (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_05_21:39:49.920   219.237.242.xxx   hey guys! only a few mins left till lights out
2008_12_05_21:40:18.498   070.017.120.xxx   no, really?!
2008_12_05_21:40:31.579   072.200.141.xxx   I've seen a similar call before! cat on fire No joke! (17)
2008_12_05_21:41:33.333   069.214.011.xxx   This is awesome
2008_12_05_21:41:53.255   072.200.141.xxx   doh! (18)
2008_12_05_21:42:08.509   024.247.082.xxx   I love Lauren
2008_12_05_21:42:18.018   118.107.052.xxx   hello fro Morwell, Australia
2008_12_05_21:42:27.935   072.200.141.xxx   Im a cop (19)
2008_12_05_21:42:43.793   069.214.011.xxx   have a donut
2008_12_05_21:43:02.971   072.200.141.xxx   funny. (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_05_21:43:05.353   024.117.087.xxx   hey mom love ya
2008_12_05_21:43:31.258   072.200.141.xxx   dial 911 emergencys (21)
2008_12_05_21:43:46.715   070.017.120.xxx   yeh,  right.
2008_12_05_21:44:09.459   072.200.141.xxx   ??? (22)
2008_12_05_21:44:56.362   058.172.025.xxx   ____________________________________________________________ (15)
2008_12_05_21:45:53.258   058.172.025.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam! (16)
2008_12_05_21:46:13.820   070.017.120.xxx   yep....  amazing eh?
2008_12_05_21:46:18.255   068.155.223.xxx   well CR (29)
2008_12_05_21:46:35.693   058.172.025.xxx   ok (types text and cr) (17)
2008_12_05_21:46:51.538   070.017.120.xxx   how about CCR instead. (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_05_21:49:04.263   096.247.109.xxx   does this actually work
2008_12_05_21:49:28.071   118.107.052.xxx   yep i guess so
2008_12_05_21:49:55.308   096.247.109.xxx   this is so great and i love this every year thanks for always putting this on
2008_12_05_21:50:42.023   070.017.120.xxx   lmfao... (11)
2008_12_05_21:51:17.887   096.247.109.xxx   merry christmas everyone
2008_12_05_21:51:18.130   076.088.099.xxx   this is really awesome. go gluten free!
2008_12_05_21:51:38.566   070.017.120.xxx   lmfao! (12)
2008_12_05_21:51:54.970   096.247.109.xxx   merry christmas everyone
2008_12_05_21:52:47.929   118.107.052.xxx   ho ho ho and a big merry xmas from downunder
2008_12_05_21:54:13.101   070.017.120.xxx   horph. (13)
2008_12_05_21:54:27.360   118.107.052.xxx   ubuntu is the best operating system
2008_12_05_21:54:42.041   070.017.120.xxx   sure it is. (14)
2008_12_05_21:55:02.664   068.205.024.xxx   Ernie Kicks Major Apples!
2008_12_05_21:55:41.361   072.200.141.xxx   Blboys . com (23)
2008_12_05_21:55:46.840   098.192.028.xxx   jon is g**
2008_12_05_21:55:51.752   216.048.129.xxx   I love this site!!!!!
2008_12_05_21:56:06.079   072.000.042.xxx   Oh noes
2008_12_05_21:56:15.380   072.200.141.xxx   Blboys . com (24)
2008_12_05_21:56:21.244   098.192.028.xxx   jon is g@y
2008_12_05_21:56:37.926   068.205.024.xxx   Hurricane Charley rocks!
2008_12_05_21:56:52.327   072.200.141.xxx   Blboys . com (25)
2008_12_05_21:56:56.225   070.017.120.xxx   you would know, expert. (15)
2008_12_05_21:57:20.803   072.200.141.xxx   good night! (26)
2008_12_05_21:57:32.005   216.048.129.xxx   merry christmas to all the people in the WORLD!
2008_12_05_21:57:35.982   098.192.028.xxx   ford
2008_12_05_21:57:46.689   070.017.120.xxx   is crap. (16)
2008_12_05_21:57:50.246   072.200.141.xxx   Good night! (27)
2008_12_05_21:58:15.652   216.048.129.xxx   Keep a knockin but you can't come in!
2008_12_05_21:58:19.811   070.017.120.xxx   found on a rusty dump. (17)
2008_12_05_21:58:54.021   216.048.129.xxx   quit being rude
2008_12_05_21:58:57.279   098.024.043.xxx   Leet
2008_12_05_21:59:13.982   070.017.120.xxx   lmfao... FLEET. (18)
2008_12_05_21:59:27.498   072.086.033.xxx   Hello Kristine!
2008_12_05_21:59:52.392   216.048.129.xxx   I have the power in my hands!!!!!

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