733 christmas text messages on 2008/1207

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 9,322 times that day including 5,826 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1207

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2008_12_07_16:01:02.822   068.215.134.xxx   AWESOME HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
2008_12_07_16:02:05.919   084.048.114.xxx   lol
2008_12_07_16:02:10.918   072.071.239.xxx   hi
2008_12_07_16:03:02.343   084.048.114.xxx   It dosent seems to work... :(
2008_12_07_16:03:09.414   071.010.022.xxx   hi
2008_12_07_16:03:38.242   068.165.239.xxx   Guess everything kinda overloads when access is open to the public
2008_12_07_16:03:42.851   071.002.247.xxx   is anything turning on?
2008_12_07_16:03:46.491   071.010.022.xxx   i don't thnk its working
2008_12_07_16:07:03.573   086.132.133.xxx   whats going on? it doesnt seem to work?
2008_12_07_16:07:49.494   071.010.022.xxx   i don' know but i really want to see it
2008_12_07_16:08:41.309   086.154.218.xxx   Evening Alec from Nottingham UK, lets get this party started, yvette x
2008_12_07_16:09:12.050   076.252.192.xxx   ho ho
2008_12_07_16:09:27.848   086.132.133.xxx   still looks pretty light outside
2008_12_07_16:13:10.037   072.069.118.xxx   I can't seem to get it to work
2008_12_07_16:13:23.058   071.010.022.xxx   is it work or is it gust me
2008_12_07_16:15:35.509   068.237.011.xxx   I see the kids outside HI KIDS!
2008_12_07_16:16:11.072   066.243.240.xxx   hmmm...doesnt appear they are working to well today...I dont see anything turni
2008_12_07_16:16:16.966   071.010.022.xxx   hi kids that are walking around outside
2008_12_07_16:16:29.520   072.069.118.xxx   I think they're trying to fix it
2008_12_07_16:18:24.470   071.010.022.xxx   are they trying to fix it
2008_12_07_16:19:06.801   071.010.022.xxx   it works
2008_12_07_16:19:15.670   066.243.240.xxx   Yeah, Alek thank you!!
2008_12_07_16:19:33.388   192.030.100.xxx   Ooo, shiny. :D
2008_12_07_16:19:40.220   071.010.022.xxx   thank you for fixing it
2008_12_07_16:20:00.800   066.243.240.xxx   psst, you got a dude on his side by the driveway
2008_12_07_16:24:12.752   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Ooops ... I had the web server set to go on too early ... reset and X10 controls will be active at 5:00 ***ALEK***
2008_12_07_16:24:41.988   074.193.154.xxx   cool!
2008_12_07_16:24:42.503   192.030.100.xxx   I wondered why I got the snowmen to inflate early ___D
2008_12_07_16:25:34.497   066.243.240.xxx   We dont mind :)
2008_12_07_16:26:02.661   082.042.104.xxx   hello
2008_12_07_16:26:55.995   082.042.104.xxx   keep up the good work. john and jackie uk
2008_12_07_16:28:14.339   071.010.022.xxx   why do we have to wait till 5:00 to control the lights
2008_12_07_16:29:04.299   082.042.104.xxx   alek stop fighting with santa
2008_12_07_16:30:03.465   082.042.104.xxx   this is like deck the halls movie
2008_12_07_16:31:11.271   066.243.240.xxx   would someone please pick up poor frosty...lol
2008_12_07_16:31:46.337   066.243.240.xxx   Yeah Alek finally picked Frosty up!!
2008_12_07_16:32:00.821   071.010.022.xxx   is that Alek out in the yard (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_07_16:32:11.022   082.042.104.xxx   move ya car alek or the horses will tras***
2008_12_07_16:33:08.683   082.042.104.xxx   whats that over road alek
2008_12_07_16:33:23.616   071.227.075.xxx   hello great job on the decorations this is my first time here :)
2008_12_07_16:33:57.975   066.243.240.xxx   I've been enjoying Alek's lights for 3 years now.  My kids love to watch
2008_12_07_16:34:08.171   071.010.022.xxx   good job on the X-Mas Deconrations Alek (11)
2008_12_07_16:34:18.062   071.227.075.xxx   e and able to use the site keep it up :)
2008_12_07_16:34:38.454   098.031.018.xxx   Hello and Happy Holidays from Lima, Ohio
2008_12_07_16:35:09.349   066.243.240.xxx   What kind of car is that?
2008_12_07_16:35:11.469   071.002.247.xxx   its working now
2008_12_07_16:35:41.679   098.223.200.xxx   Hello from Bloomington IN
2008_12_07_16:35:42.191   097.122.121.xxx   hi its Sarah
2008_12_07_16:36:17.783   097.122.121.xxx   This is Larry HELLO WORLD
2008_12_07_16:38:11.975   208.098.167.xxx   hi from ashton
2008_12_07_16:38:27.415   082.042.104.xxx   i wana house in denvor. anyone wana swop.uk liverpool.
2008_12_07_16:38:48.749   208.126.092.xxx   Flashing lights are cool!!!!!
2008_12_07_16:38:49.877   082.042.104.xxx   i wana house in denvor. anyone wana swop.uk liverpool.
2008_12_07_16:38:54.050   208.098.167.xxx   hmm i didnt get to see mine grr ashton
2008_12_07_16:38:56.522   024.072.141.xxx   Good work Alek this is Roger from Saskatchewan Canada
2008_12_07_16:39:36.320   208.098.167.xxx   this is awesome ashton in idaho
2008_12_07_16:39:38.317   082.042.104.xxx   its home of beatles.. anyone wana swop
2008_12_07_16:39:46.273   208.126.092.xxx   I love the fact you can deflate the characters!
2008_12_07_16:40:25.963   082.042.104.xxx   please wave to the uk please alek. great job matey (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_07_16:40:28.175   069.131.206.xxx   ftw
2008_12_07_16:41:01.692   208.126.092.xxx   What do you do when it snows!?
2008_12_07_16:42:46.326   072.231.238.xxx   He pulls out the flamethrower
2008_12_07_16:43:04.008   098.223.200.xxx   lol
2008_12_07_16:43:48.691   071.010.022.xxx   that joke s**** (12)
2008_12_07_16:44:11.639   024.067.253.xxx   santa s****
2008_12_07_16:44:34.451   068.074.221.xxx   Merry Christmas from ohio
2008_12_07_16:45:11.178   069.131.206.xxx   Hello from Nashville, Tennessee
2008_12_07_16:45:17.031   024.067.253.xxx   santa is real and if you dont believe me ill see you punch somesone day!! ___ w
2008_12_07_16:45:34.065   208.098.167.xxx   so cool that we found this site ashton and kim in idaho
2008_12_07_16:45:36.513   068.074.221.xxx   marcia says hi
2008_12_07_16:45:59.404   083.042.090.xxx   happy christmas from Barcelona!
2008_12_07_16:46:11.208   024.067.253.xxx   yo santa you rock!! i luv you lets have s*
2008_12_07_16:46:22.798   072.069.118.xxx   Merry Christmas from Malvern, OH
2008_12_07_16:46:42.452   024.067.253.xxx   yo santa claus you rock
2008_12_07_16:47:05.153   024.067.253.xxx   yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
2008_12_07_16:47:10.524   071.010.022.xxx   santa is falling over (13)
2008_12_07_16:47:15.733   068.074.221.xxx   Barb B from Ohio says Merry Christmas!!!
2008_12_07_16:48:01.990   081.098.206.xxx   Merry christmas from the UK
2008_12_07_16:48:07.353   024.067.253.xxx   do you eat mcdonalds? cuz if you do its pretty obveos
2008_12_07_16:49:57.648   082.042.104.xxx   what he doing (11)
2008_12_07_16:49:59.419   072.069.118.xxx   that was mean
2008_12_07_16:50:01.040   069.131.206.xxx   huh? _________ i dont get it
2008_12_07_16:50:33.107   082.042.104.xxx   has alek put lights on his car (12)
2008_12_07_16:50:35.884   078.150.023.xxx   i think they have gone to mc don alds big mac and fries and strawberry milkshake
2008_12_07_16:50:47.180   072.138.013.xxx   Merry Christmas everyone from Markham Ontario, Canada
2008_12_07_16:51:09.999   076.066.179.xxx   Joyeux noel de LINK DELETED
2008_12_07_16:51:44.695   076.066.179.xxx   Joyeux noel de sansillusion
2008_12_07_16:56:00.370   064.233.142.xxx   hi candace
2008_12_07_16:56:06.983   083.040.154.xxx   Hello all from Spain!
2008_12_07_16:56:31.210   064.233.142.xxx   tell your mom I said hello
2008_12_07_16:57:01.305   082.042.104.xxx   try wrirral cam dot com   home of the beatles (13)
2008_12_07_16:57:12.856   064.233.142.xxx   Merry Christmas Marked Tree, AR
2008_12_07_16:57:42.807   068.063.005.xxx   Happy Holidays Panama City, FL
2008_12_07_16:57:52.563   083.040.154.xxx   All you need is love
2008_12_07_16:57:56.593   082.042.104.xxx   try wirral cam dot com   home of the beatles uk liverpool (14)
2008_12_07_16:58:16.559   208.098.167.xxx   Merry Christmas from Pocatello, Idaho
2008_12_07_16:58:26.367   068.063.005.xxx   Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_07_16:58:37.560   083.040.154.xxx   o yea!
2008_12_07_16:58:40.727   082.042.104.xxx   liverpool is capital of culture **** (15)
2008_12_07_16:58:56.931   069.131.206.xxx   lolz
2008_12_07_16:59:08.743   068.063.005.xxx   Try Starbucks Holiday Trio Espresso Truffle YUM!
2008_12_07_16:59:11.363   083.040.154.xxx   Barcelona is capital of world_________
2008_12_07_16:59:12.257   076.020.168.xxx   hi all
2008_12_07_16:59:32.999   082.042.104.xxx   biggest shipping city in the world. liverpool uk (16)
2008_12_07_16:59:47.678   083.040.154.xxx   Barcelona, Spain
2008_12_07_17:00:25.327   082.042.104.xxx   wave please alek to the uk we love you (17)
2008_12_07_17:00:57.426   082.042.104.xxx   omg he gone again (18)
2008_12_07_17:01:21.898   098.030.183.xxx   WOW
2008_12_07_17:01:34.833   068.215.134.xxx   Alek has an awesome haircut!
2008_12_07_17:01:57.180   082.042.104.xxx   was alek in ghostbusters (19)
2008_12_07_17:02:12.977   076.020.168.xxx   LIGHT CONTROL ACTIVATEING!
2008_12_07_17:02:19.522   083.043.131.xxx   hello
2008_12_07_17:02:30.621   069.131.206.xxx   uh ohh we broke it
2008_12_07_17:03:15.168   071.010.022.xxx   i know (14)
2008_12_07_17:03:16.070   082.042.104.xxx   please wave to all in uk alek. you a cool guy (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_07_17:03:18.303   076.020.168.xxx   ERROR ERROR ERROR!!
2008_12_07_17:03:41.812   068.074.221.xxx   I am in control
2008_12_07_17:03:48.902   071.010.022.xxx   did we brake it (15)
2008_12_07_17:03:51.832   072.069.118.xxx   it's beautiful
2008_12_07_17:03:56.775   098.030.183.xxx   ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR
2008_12_07_17:04:01.806   083.040.154.xxx   Toma ya! Esto peta
2008_12_07_17:04:13.774   082.042.104.xxx   ooooooooooooooopppppppppppppsssssssssssss (21)
2008_12_07_17:04:17.471   076.020.168.xxx   LIGHT CONTROL ON FIRE AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
2008_12_07_17:04:30.011   083.040.154.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_07_17:04:38.876   072.138.013.xxx   Can't wait to see my family back in San Antonio Texas.
2008_12_07_17:04:53.768   064.233.142.xxx   turn it on turn it on turn it on turn it on
2008_12_07_17:05:01.912   098.030.183.xxx   LightShow Palm Tree
2008_12_07_17:05:12.437   083.040.154.xxx   Espa___oles, identificaros!
2008_12_07_17:05:28.654   082.042.104.xxx   merry christmas all. from the uk. england (22)
2008_12_07_17:05:30.694   072.069.118.xxx   does anyone here have celiac that's watching?
2008_12_07_17:05:35.769   068.074.221.xxx   I want control.  I want control
2008_12_07_17:05:49.364   064.233.142.xxx   me2
2008_12_07_17:05:52.604   076.020.168.xxx   I think it is all fake
2008_12_07_17:06:14.102   072.069.118.xxx   it's not fake
2008_12_07_17:06:14.364   068.074.221.xxx   I think your fake
2008_12_07_17:06:15.187   098.030.183.xxx   Halloween & Christmas FAQ should answer most questions - plus some misc. me
2008_12_07_17:06:22.051   064.233.142.xxx   is not....did this last year....just wait
2008_12_07_17:06:29.656   082.042.104.xxx   i seen these lights in primark. (23)
2008_12_07_17:06:30.152   069.131.206.xxx   then leave if you do
2008_12_07_17:06:52.802   076.020.168.xxx   Nope
2008_12_07_17:07:02.017   078.150.023.xxx   who said it was fake grr
2008_12_07_17:07:04.277   068.074.221.xxx   when do we get control?
2008_12_07_17:07:07.081   098.030.183.xxx   X10 Controls disabled for a few minutes for pictures
2008_12_07_17:07:30.259   082.042.104.xxx   hello to all   uk england (24)
2008_12_07_17:07:35.357   075.044.151.xxx   I love this great site!
2008_12_07_17:07:37.766   078.150.023.xxx   alex is taking pictures
2008_12_07_17:07:49.431   098.030.183.xxx   aLEK
2008_12_07_17:07:58.935   068.074.221.xxx   I wish I could be in a picture
2008_12_07_17:08:11.723   078.150.023.xxx   hi alex from alisom uk
2008_12_07_17:08:14.220   098.030.183.xxx   Alek
2008_12_07_17:08:15.020   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** X10 Controls back to the Internet! ***ALEK***
2008_12_07_17:08:18.826   082.042.104.xxx   please wave to uk england. home of the beatles alek (25)
2008_12_07_17:08:35.757   072.069.118.xxx   wave to ohio
2008_12_07_17:08:49.334   139.133.007.xxx   Totally freaking out!
2008_12_07_17:08:50.406   078.150.023.xxx   when isz the big parade styarting
2008_12_07_17:08:54.508   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Keep an eye out for the Horse-Drawn Sleigh on Webcam2 ***ALEK***
2008_12_07_17:08:56.884   068.074.221.xxx   I'm in Ohio too. what part?  Dayton her
2008_12_07_17:09:04.791   082.042.104.xxx   waves from the uk. liverpool (26)
2008_12_07_17:09:07.659   065.185.156.xxx   awesome!
2008_12_07_17:09:33.141   068.236.140.xxx   Hello From New York!
2008_12_07_17:09:46.218   082.042.104.xxx   has alek eaten too many chillies (27)
2008_12_07_17:09:50.155   098.030.183.xxx   215 people viewing Christmas Lights - HOLY MOLEY!
2008_12_07_17:10:15.566   072.069.118.xxx   this is awesome
2008_12_07_17:10:39.544   068.237.011.xxx   Why is there a pumpkin in the Christmas Decorations?
2008_12_07_17:10:43.138   099.182.091.xxx   I want to control the lava lamp!
2008_12_07_17:10:44.460   098.030.183.xxx   215 people viewing Christmas Lights - HOLY MOLEY!
2008_12_07_17:11:03.584   078.150.023.xxx   alex should be santa he is majic
2008_12_07_17:11:17.744   098.030.183.xxx   Homer Simpson - D___OH! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_07_17:11:29.666   068.074.221.xxx   anyone from ohio, dayton here? (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_07_17:11:34.817   068.236.140.xxx   Merry Christmas to all!!
2008_12_07_17:11:47.570   098.030.183.xxx   YES (11)
2008_12_07_17:12:49.663   068.236.140.xxx   Anyone from Catskill New York here?
2008_12_07_17:13:01.006   068.237.011.xxx   How are we going to see a sleigh in the dark?
2008_12_07_17:13:04.441   068.074.221.xxx   Merry Christmas from Dayton OH. (11)
2008_12_07_17:13:04.865   098.116.223.xxx   214 people viewing Christmas Lights - HOLY MOLEY!
2008_12_07_17:13:57.835   208.098.167.xxx   kinda cool but goes so fast cause so many people on here lol
2008_12_07_17:14:01.340   098.116.223.xxx   218 people viewing Christmas Lights - HOLY MOLEY!
2008_12_07_17:14:33.989   099.182.091.xxx   I want to control the lava lamp!
2008_12_07_17:15:29.158   082.042.104.xxx   why are clocks differnt times (28)
2008_12_07_17:15:57.056   068.237.011.xxx   The small one is backward
2008_12_07_17:16:30.526   082.042.104.xxx   fanks. its 00.16 here in the uk (29)
2008_12_07_17:17:09.892   078.144.188.xxx   Hey!! XD
2008_12_07_17:17:11.738   068.237.011.xxx   You're up late then in the UK
2008_12_07_17:17:12.610   082.042.104.xxx   so we ahead now . its next day to you (30 IM's so far today)
2008_12_07_17:17:30.322   098.020.228.xxx   you are great
2008_12_07_17:18:58.698   082.042.104.xxx   heres a joke from uk adapted to us (31)
2008_12_07_17:19:19.339   067.048.023.xxx   hi buddy
2008_12_07_17:19:45.094   082.042.104.xxx   bought an advent callender from the bronx (32)
2008_12_07_17:19:57.731   078.144.188.xxx   Woot!! XD
2008_12_07_17:20:06.760   082.042.104.xxx   bought an advent callender from the bronx (33)
2008_12_07_17:20:59.970   082.042.104.xxx   typical got it home .all window borded over over (34)
2008_12_07_17:21:21.557   098.020.228.xxx   Cameron is a d0d0 head
2008_12_07_17:21:22.215   067.048.023.xxx   kansas city rules
2008_12_07_17:21:25.542   082.042.104.xxx   and chocolates mossing (35)
2008_12_07_17:22:45.691   080.003.113.xxx   ben ashton are you here?
2008_12_07_17:23:26.086   082.042.104.xxx   all turn everythink on (36)
2008_12_07_17:24:15.884   067.048.023.xxx   pimp in the house
2008_12_07_17:24:39.697   082.042.104.xxx   wheres the horse. has it gone for a s*** (37)
2008_12_07_17:25:17.567   067.048.023.xxx   debie I love you
2008_12_07_17:25:29.894   068.237.011.xxx   I have not seen any horse yet
2008_12_07_17:25:49.340   082.042.104.xxx   debie does dallas (38)
2008_12_07_17:26:11.436   088.016.056.xxx   hello from s
2008_12_07_17:26:19.409   083.041.124.xxx   HOLA DESDE MELILLA, ESPA___A!!!!
2008_12_07_17:26:24.216   024.158.053.xxx   i bet the nieghbors hate me
2008_12_07_17:26:28.727   071.010.022.xxx   when is the horse-drawn sleigh comeing (16)
2008_12_07_17:26:46.383   088.016.056.xxx   hola desde Bilbao spain
2008_12_07_17:26:57.432   082.042.104.xxx   wheres alek gone. and wheres the horse. mmmmmmm (39)
2008_12_07_17:27:03.015   083.041.124.xxx   HOLA DESDE MELILLA, SPAIN!!!
2008_12_07_17:27:22.234   088.016.056.xxx   hola al de melilla
2008_12_07_17:27:27.148   067.048.023.xxx   cory is g** from k.c.k.
2008_12_07_17:27:39.594   083.041.124.xxx   A LA, SOY CHICA! :)
2008_12_07_17:28:01.800   088.016.056.xxx   hola a la de melilla op
2008_12_07_17:28:16.181   083.041.124.xxx   Q FLIPE ESTO DE LA PANTALLA!
2008_12_07_17:28:21.071   069.140.170.xxx   wats up!!!
2008_12_07_17:28:23.648   024.158.053.xxx   strangemall dot com
2008_12_07_17:28:47.341   088.016.056.xxx   a sobs
2008_12_07_17:28:50.934   069.140.170.xxx   wats up!!!
2008_12_07_17:29:02.322   082.042.104.xxx   try wirral cam dot com   home of the beatles liverpool uk (40 IM's so far today)
2008_12_07_17:29:05.915   083.041.124.xxx   DONDE ESTA LA CASA DE ALEKS?
2008_12_07_17:29:10.016   024.158.053.xxx   North Carolina in the house!
2008_12_07_17:29:22.637   088.016.056.xxx   a sobar que es tarde
2008_12_07_17:29:26.661   083.041.124.xxx   EN QUE CIUDAD???
2008_12_07_17:29:48.581   088.016.056.xxx   bilbao
2008_12_07_17:29:52.352   082.042.104.xxx   try wirral cam dot com home the beatles liverpool uk (41)
2008_12_07_17:30:13.099   070.022.176.xxx   Daddy loves Kirsten
2008_12_07_17:30:44.150   069.140.170.xxx   this is awsome
2008_12_07_17:30:46.247   068.074.221.xxx   Happy Holidays from Kettering, Ohio.    GREAT JOB! (12)
2008_12_07_17:30:49.887   099.227.212.xxx   Hello From Toronto Canada!
2008_12_07_17:30:51.790   088.016.056.xxx   ma___ana es fiesta pero estoy que no me tengo :-(
2008_12_07_17:31:13.405   069.140.170.xxx   awsomeness
2008_12_07_17:31:15.367   067.048.023.xxx   tyler is here from shaun
2008_12_07_17:31:16.064   071.010.022.xxx   the homer simson isn't working (17)
2008_12_07_17:31:19.279   071.188.174.xxx   Hello Again this year from Fort Wayne,IN Merry Xmas
2008_12_07_17:31:21.305   083.041.124.xxx   SIIII, VAYA PUENTEEEEEEE
2008_12_07_17:31:35.030   076.171.230.xxx   hi
2008_12_07_17:31:40.796   082.042.104.xxx   has elek had an electric shock (42)
2008_12_07_17:31:46.483   088.016.056.xxx   nos es puente, no tiene ojo :-)
2008_12_07_17:31:51.197   083.041.124.xxx   JAJAJA
2008_12_07_17:31:51.800   099.227.212.xxx   Hello From Toronto Canada
2008_12_07_17:31:53.148   071.002.247.xxx   this is cool
2008_12_07_17:32:00.634   071.010.022.xxx   the homer simson isn't workng (18)
2008_12_07_17:32:01.138   068.237.011.xxx   HOLIDAY GREETINGS FROM BROOKLYN, NY
2008_12_07_17:32:01.783   067.048.023.xxx   tyler go to bed
2008_12_07_17:32:04.309   069.140.170.xxx   very cool
2008_12_07_17:32:13.170   082.042.104.xxx   all turn on please (43)
2008_12_07_17:32:23.611   071.188.174.xxx   cheese
2008_12_07_17:32:30.488   069.140.170.xxx   sweet
2008_12_07_17:32:43.054   083.041.124.xxx   DONDE VIVE EL TAL ALEKS?
2008_12_07_17:32:50.445   071.002.247.xxx   Merry Christmas!!!!! Have a good safe holiday!
2008_12_07_17:33:05.410   099.227.212.xxx   Turn e verything off and save power ___)
2008_12_07_17:33:10.676   067.048.023.xxx   tina are you there
2008_12_07_17:33:11.467   083.041.124.xxx   DONDE EN USA? (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_07_17:33:16.522   069.140.170.xxx   happy holidays!
2008_12_07_17:33:18.566   088.016.056.xxx   vive en Maryland (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_07_17:33:41.826   071.002.247.xxx   Go ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_07_17:33:42.111   083.041.124.xxx   Y NO APARECE NUNCA? (11)
2008_12_07_17:33:42.822   068.237.011.xxx   Brooklyn, NY USA HERE
2008_12_07_17:33:48.447   067.048.023.xxx   tina are you there
2008_12_07_17:33:51.041   069.140.170.xxx   wow
2008_12_07_17:34:03.109   173.064.213.xxx   Jay is g**1
2008_12_07_17:34:07.750   082.042.104.xxx   wheres the horse drawn sleigh (44)
2008_12_07_17:34:13.151   071.002.247.xxx   Tina?
2008_12_07_17:34:49.696   067.048.023.xxx   tiana are you there? (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_07_17:34:56.246   068.237.011.xxx   Anyone see the sleigh?
2008_12_07_17:35:04.045   069.140.170.xxx   loko
2008_12_07_17:35:19.801   099.227.212.xxx   Too Early.. The Horse Is Coming Around 7pm Mountain Time.. Still 1 Hour Away
2008_12_07_17:35:21.328   071.010.022.xxx   hi (19)
2008_12_07_17:35:29.983   069.140.170.xxx   awsomeness (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_07_17:36:35.863   216.037.228.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS! GOD IS GREAT!
2008_12_07_17:36:38.599   209.055.085.xxx   This is great come here every year. Merry Christmas!
2008_12_07_17:36:42.464   067.048.023.xxx   any one from kansas city kansas (11)
2008_12_07_17:37:07.839   065.006.184.xxx   Hello
2008_12_07_17:37:09.907   216.037.228.xxx   GOD IS GREAT!
2008_12_07_17:37:38.410   069.140.170.xxx   Look for a horse-drawn sleigh between 5:00-7:00PM on webcam2 ... HO-HO-HO! ___- (11)
2008_12_07_17:37:56.207   088.016.056.xxx   joder se han fundido las luces (11)
2008_12_07_17:37:58.197   209.055.085.xxx   Did we just flip a breaker?
2008_12_07_17:38:05.934   069.140.170.xxx   where is it? (12)
2008_12_07_17:38:31.316   071.075.139.xxx   Mal the monkey face!
2008_12_07_17:38:41.042   067.048.023.xxx   tiana are you on here? (12)
2008_12_07_17:39:16.745   096.234.236.xxx   yea
2008_12_07_17:39:17.347   216.037.228.xxx   yeah
2008_12_07_17:39:28.546   024.184.087.xxx   anyone know how to deal with a dog with severe allergies?
2008_12_07_17:39:33.216   071.075.139.xxx   anyone want a cookie?
2008_12_07_17:39:39.037   075.178.069.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS
2008_12_07_17:39:45.514   216.037.228.xxx   LOL!
2008_12_07_17:40:01.442   067.048.023.xxx   tiana are you here (13)
2008_12_07_17:40:03.854   071.075.139.xxx   rotfl roflcopter hehe haha!
2008_12_07_17:40:10.253   024.184.087.xxx   shake your funny maker, shake it, shake it hard
2008_12_07_17:40:15.701   075.178.069.xxx   HELLO AMANDA, SAVANNAH AND JUSTIN
2008_12_07_17:40:18.680   078.150.023.xxx   tina here  lool
2008_12_07_17:40:48.884   067.048.023.xxx   no tiana not tina (14)
2008_12_07_17:40:55.923   024.184.087.xxx   s=Vot+aT___2/2
2008_12_07_17:41:37.331   068.237.011.xxx   e=MC2 (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_07_17:41:51.591   076.177.159.xxx   hi mommy
2008_12_07_17:43:01.444   082.042.104.xxx   all turn lights off untill see horse drawn sleigh (45)
2008_12_07_17:44:03.951   075.178.069.xxx   HELLO JUSTIN & sAVANNAH
2008_12_07_17:45:03.782   098.031.018.xxx   Merry Christmas all and pray for peace!
2008_12_07_17:45:41.148   075.178.069.xxx   HELLO PEOPLE
2008_12_07_17:46:24.063   068.237.011.xxx   Any New Yorkers here? (11)
2008_12_07_17:50:23.799   087.004.071.xxx   yes, we can!
2008_12_07_17:50:28.834   098.017.196.xxx   Hi from OHIO
2008_12_07_17:50:50.347   216.037.228.xxx   God is Great! Go to church ppl!
2008_12_07_17:50:58.770   087.004.071.xxx   hy, from Obama
2008_12_07_17:51:28.870   216.037.228.xxx   hey alek....wa**sssssup?
2008_12_07_17:51:30.614   012.214.211.xxx   hi from nc
2008_12_07_17:51:49.587   068.237.011.xxx   Hi Alex Where is the horse? (12)
2008_12_07_17:52:03.400   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Horse Drawn Sleigh has gone by a couple of times - keep watching ... ***ALEK***
2008_12_07_17:52:04.879   087.004.071.xxx   turn off all the light, please
2008_12_07_17:52:08.792   216.037.228.xxx   Wazzzzzzzup?
2008_12_07_17:53:23.453   098.017.196.xxx   Love the Lights and decorations
2008_12_07_17:53:40.510   024.060.180.xxx   great job +____________
2008_12_07_17:54:06.860   024.060.180.xxx   b***
2008_12_07_17:54:12.001   082.042.104.xxx   whats goin on . wheres the horse (46)
2008_12_07_17:54:13.179   087.004.071.xxx   hy from italy
2008_12_07_17:54:18.734   068.051.165.xxx   Phone Losers of America
2008_12_07_17:54:26.150   024.235.077.xxx   the pumpkin why is it there?
2008_12_07_17:54:43.514   024.060.180.xxx   i ___**** CHRISTMa**!!
2008_12_07_17:54:58.886   068.051.165.xxx   Take a Bow
2008_12_07_17:55:11.716   024.235.077.xxx   bah hum bug
2008_12_07_17:55:14.509   024.060.180.xxx   i love christmas so much
2008_12_07_17:55:49.491   024.060.180.xxx   8===========D________________________ hehe
2008_12_07_17:55:50.604   024.235.077.xxx   Ha Ha Cowgril's loose
2008_12_07_17:56:31.071   024.060.180.xxx   ===)))
2008_12_07_17:56:37.298   087.004.071.xxx   www
2008_12_07_17:56:59.399   024.060.180.xxx   8=====D___
2008_12_07_17:56:59.422   082.042.104.xxx   iam working all over holls. john the uk (47)
2008_12_07_17:57:07.100   072.178.160.xxx   help santa and homer are stalking me!!!
2008_12_07_17:57:31.094   216.037.228.xxx   god?
2008_12_07_17:57:35.309   024.060.180.xxx   8====D
2008_12_07_17:57:55.881   216.037.228.xxx   GOD!
2008_12_07_17:58:12.804   024.060.180.xxx   haha rofl
2008_12_07_17:58:41.638   024.235.077.xxx   Santa is upset BECAUSE OF THE PUMPKIN
2008_12_07_17:58:51.801   082.042.104.xxx   has the horse broken down (48)
2008_12_07_17:59:10.102   098.017.196.xxx   Poor santa
2008_12_07_18:00:34.262   072.071.220.xxx   oh hai, Matt from New Hampshire wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! and let me 
2008_12_07_18:00:55.049   082.042.104.xxx   do ya think alek is popular with his neighbours (49)
2008_12_07_18:00:59.376   024.235.077.xxx   santa watchen football santa wants the bronc's to loose
2008_12_07_18:01:06.862   072.071.220.xxx   probably
2008_12_07_18:01:49.307   072.071.220.xxx   and my mom complains about OUR electric bill!
2008_12_07_18:01:56.188   076.177.159.xxx   were is Alek
2008_12_07_18:02:03.622   082.042.104.xxx   hello the the rest of the word from uk liverpool. (50 IM's so far today)
2008_12_07_18:02:17.830   068.237.011.xxx   Looking for the horse (13)
2008_12_07_18:02:35.228   076.177.159.xxx   were is Alek I wish he would wave
2008_12_07_18:02:41.139   082.042.104.xxx   worl i meant. soz iam drunk (51)
2008_12_07_18:03:05.917   072.071.220.xxx   wow, who would want to inflate/deflate elmo!! me!
2008_12_07_18:03:15.036   082.042.104.xxx   LMAO (52)
2008_12_07_18:03:31.432   072.071.220.xxx   there he goes
2008_12_07_18:04:14.685   096.028.092.xxx   Merry Christmas from Condoulo
2008_12_07_18:04:35.806   082.042.104.xxx   has alek run away because he received his elecrtic bill (53)
2008_12_07_18:05:04.512   069.120.122.xxx   Mery Merry XMAS HULK!!!!
2008_12_07_18:05:48.889   099.149.113.xxx   ROAR!!
2008_12_07_18:05:54.684   072.071.220.xxx   yup, ___****0 ___:)
2008_12_07_18:06:24.932   082.042.104.xxx   there alot of car pa**ing. STOP find alek (54)
2008_12_07_18:06:26.733   099.149.113.xxx   WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_07_18:06:34.981   072.071.220.xxx   oops, lol, doesnt take numbers or dollar signs :P
2008_12_07_18:06:52.663   076.177.159.xxx   i hope they find a cure for celiac disease for aleks kids
2008_12_07_18:07:20.497   099.149.113.xxx   hello this is jasperdett
2008_12_07_18:07:53.883   072.071.220.xxx   oh no! elmo has risen again!! Jasperdett!!
2008_12_07_18:07:56.343   076.177.159.xxx   is mike out there
2008_12_07_18:08:08.492   068.062.022.xxx   0.0
2008_12_07_18:08:27.566   082.042.104.xxx   mikes run off with the horse (55)
2008_12_07_18:08:41.295   072.071.220.xxx   this is NH___Computer___Geek jasper :P
2008_12_07_18:08:42.448   099.149.113.xxx   live.mcintec.net
2008_12_07_18:09:03.811   076.177.159.xxx   HI Tad
2008_12_07_18:09:25.794   074.137.101.xxx   hello kentucky
2008_12_07_18:09:30.544   082.042.104.xxx   any babes in us, wana guy from uk# (56)
2008_12_07_18:09:47.484   072.038.060.xxx   McInTEC FTW! Google us!
2008_12_07_18:10:06.573   082.042.104.xxx   no FANKS (57)
2008_12_07_18:10:35.802   082.042.104.xxx   sounds like nerds (58)
2008_12_07_18:11:34.268   072.038.060.xxx   live.mcintec.net Go there now :)
2008_12_07_18:12:09.968   074.137.101.xxx   NO!
2008_12_07_18:12:15.333   072.071.220.xxx   wyldryde sucks!! mcintec pwns (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_07_18:12:20.199   072.038.060.xxx   Yes!
2008_12_07_18:12:33.428   099.149.113.xxx   watch jason live @ live.mcintec.net
2008_12_07_18:12:54.752   072.038.060.xxx   Yeah watch me.. I mean Jason there at live.mcintec.net!
2008_12_07_18:12:56.765   074.137.101.xxx   Please..not here!!!
2008_12_07_18:13:10.204   072.071.220.xxx   i am there too, i like pie (11)
2008_12_07_18:13:40.084   076.027.038.xxx   Pie is good!
2008_12_07_18:13:47.640   072.038.060.xxx   irc.mcintec,net FTW!
2008_12_07_18:13:52.251   099.149.113.xxx   jason mcintyre is cool
2008_12_07_18:14:15.280   076.027.038.xxx   Does he like pie?
2008_12_07_18:14:25.038   072.071.220.xxx   jason can lick my, oh hai mom! NHCG here! (12)
2008_12_07_18:14:47.794   082.042.104.xxx   M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S  F R O M  U K LIVERPOOL (59)
2008_12_07_18:14:49.074   072.038.060.xxx   jasperdett and NH___Computer___Geek rock my socks!
2008_12_07_18:15:20.132   072.038.060.xxx   Bird is the word!
2008_12_07_18:15:42.448   072.071.220.xxx   yes, i am the word (13)
2008_12_07_18:15:48.670   078.150.023.xxx   GROW UP THERE ARE YOUNG CHILDREN WATCHING THIS SITE
2008_12_07_18:16:06.088   099.149.113.xxx   live.mcintec.net is the word!!!!!!!
2008_12_07_18:16:07.208   082.042.104.xxx   s*** it and see is the word (60 IM's so far today)
2008_12_07_18:16:29.622   072.071.220.xxx   we are not swearing, just having fun XD (14)
2008_12_07_18:16:33.985   078.150.023.xxx   PARDON
2008_12_07_18:17:03.453   099.149.113.xxx   mcinirc is the best!!
2008_12_07_18:17:05.718   071.255.203.xxx   hi logan in sykesville md
2008_12_07_18:17:18.661   072.071.220.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam! (15)
2008_12_07_18:17:20.286   082.042.104.xxx   dont worry i got ya ip address (61)
2008_12_07_18:17:23.598   072.038.060.xxx   Santa, I want a drum set for Christmas! kthxbai
2008_12_07_18:17:24.492   078.150.023.xxx   UR IP ADDRESS HAS BEEN LOGED (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_07_18:18:20.338   082.042.104.xxx   iam scared now. i got hundreds off them things (62)
2008_12_07_18:18:24.962   072.071.220.xxx   yeah, so haven't yours :P (16)
2008_12_07_18:19:02.163   072.038.060.xxx   Santa, I want a drum set for Christmas! kthxbai
2008_12_07_18:19:06.573   099.149.113.xxx   lets supersize irc.mcintec.net
2008_12_07_18:20:02.222   072.071.220.xxx   supersize me! (17)
2008_12_07_18:20:05.088   082.042.104.xxx   obama bin laiden (63)
2008_12_07_18:20:13.686   078.150.023.xxx   NO SWEARING CHILDREN WATCHING THE LIGHTS (11)
2008_12_07_18:20:38.036   072.071.220.xxx   children can look at lights instead, and we aint swearing (18)
2008_12_07_18:21:02.746   072.071.220.xxx   You recently IM'ed - window will refresh when you can do again (19)
2008_12_07_18:21:05.812   099.149.113.xxx   yeah we know (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_07_18:21:36.388   099.149.113.xxx   Typwhasfede text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam! (11)
2008_12_07_18:21:59.762   082.042.104.xxx   kids suhould be in bed t this time. shame on yo (64)
2008_12_07_18:22:12.291   072.071.220.xxx!!! (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_07_18:22:58.510   099.149.113.xxx   humm i do not know (12)
2008_12_07_18:23:21.165   078.150.023.xxx   ACTUALLY I HAVE A POORLY CHILD (12)
2008_12_07_18:23:38.495   072.038.060.xxx   ___15NH___Computer___Geek ___14(___15ceilingfan@New.Hampshire.FTW.McInHost___14 (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_07_18:23:42.555   072.071.220.xxx   ___Cybergeek___iMac___ ICK ICK GTP IMED ME A TEXT p***O (21)
2008_12_07_18:24:07.073   078.150.023.xxx   SO GET UR FACTS RITE BEFORE U JUDGE ME.. (13)
2008_12_07_18:24:21.004   072.071.220.xxx   bad cybergeek!!! /me slaps cybergeek (22)
2008_12_07_18:24:37.367   065.184.192.xxx   yo ho ho and a bottle o rum
2008_12_07_18:25:02.137   099.149.113.xxx   Were no strangers to love You know the rules and so do i A full commitments wha (13)
2008_12_07_18:25:23.555   072.071.220.xxx   LOL you just got rick rolled! (23)
2008_12_07_18:26:02.964   071.121.135.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Wtestorkshop Cam!
2008_12_07_18:26:08.409   099.149.113.xxx   Were no strangers to love You know the rules and so do i A full commitments wha (14)
2008_12_07_18:26:32.359   216.037.228.xxx   Good morning! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_07_18:27:16.174   072.071.220.xxx   /quit error (24)
2008_12_07_18:28:13.158   072.071.220.xxx   "and the lights go down, in the city...." (25)
2008_12_07_18:29:06.664   099.149.113.xxx   Were no strangers to love You know the rules and so do i A full commitments wha (15)
2008_12_07_18:29:20.875   216.221.096.xxx   weres the guy
2008_12_07_18:30:00.930   072.071.220.xxx   Jason that is how he got banned from Digital-IRC (26)
2008_12_07_18:31:14.691   216.221.096.xxx   did he blow a fuse
2008_12_07_18:31:51.988   072.071.220.xxx   no, anyone can control them, and i just turned it all off, lol (27)
2008_12_07_18:32:31.884   072.071.220.xxx   ok i will see you later all, bye merry Christmas! (28)
2008_12_07_18:32:37.819   099.149.113.xxx   lol (16)
2008_12_07_18:33:39.049   071.058.013.xxx   Test from Williamstown, PA
2008_12_07_18:37:37.115   099.149.113.xxx   mcintec rocks (17)
2008_12_07_18:38:00.538   067.149.104.xxx   CR
2008_12_07_18:38:45.495   067.149.104.xxx   OMGWTFHAX
2008_12_07_18:40:15.255   071.028.233.xxx   Hello from Leitchfield Ky.
2008_12_07_18:40:24.863   075.178.069.xxx   hello savannah baeza speaking
2008_12_07_18:41:06.253   067.149.104.xxx   hallo.........................................................
2008_12_07_18:41:35.110   075.178.069.xxx   who is speacking
2008_12_07_18:42:07.973   067.149.104.xxx   i am.
2008_12_07_18:42:13.052   099.149.113.xxx   your mom (18)
2008_12_07_18:42:45.362   075.178.069.xxx   i mean speaking  this is savannah baeza speaking now
2008_12_07_18:43:25.050   168.103.140.xxx   Rock and Roll ain't noise pollution
2008_12_07_18:44:26.801   099.149.113.xxx   Were no strangers to love You know the rules and so do i A full commitments wha (19)
2008_12_07_18:45:19.186   075.178.069.xxx   you guys are meann ):
2008_12_07_18:45:45.116   099.149.113.xxx   no we are not (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_07_18:45:48.910   075.178.069.xxx   lol
2008_12_07_18:46:33.382   075.178.069.xxx   Merry Christmas who evers house this is. :) (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_07_18:46:47.864   068.193.035.xxx   Hey
2008_12_07_18:47:10.755   098.116.223.xxx   i saw your moma kissing osama binladin
2008_12_07_18:47:27.771   075.178.069.xxx   no wayy o: (11)
2008_12_07_18:47:30.193   099.149.113.xxx   hey is for horses (21)
2008_12_07_18:47:37.937   068.193.035.xxx   FREEHOLD REGIONAL PERFORMING ARTS CENTER ROCKS!!!!! GO ET Students
2008_12_07_18:47:47.446   098.116.223.xxx   but i did
2008_12_07_18:48:12.691   068.193.035.xxx   GO FPAC! ET Level 1
2008_12_07_18:48:32.853   098.116.223.xxx   I saw Mommy Kissing Michael Jacson....... too ya dig
2008_12_07_18:49:15.172   068.193.035.xxx   GO FPACers! ET Level 1!
2008_12_07_18:49:16.679   099.149.113.xxx   mcinclause is coming to town! (22)
2008_12_07_18:49:24.046   075.178.069.xxx   that's pretty grosssss D: (12)
2008_12_07_18:49:46.959   098.116.223.xxx   it was ur mom ask her lolz
2008_12_07_18:50:04.407   068.193.035.xxx   FPAC
2008_12_07_18:50:43.260   075.178.069.xxx   hohohohohohohohoho :) (13)
2008_12_07_18:51:16.816   065.010.223.xxx   GOOD JOBS
2008_12_07_18:51:21.202   099.149.113.xxx   santa got ran over by a semi truck (23)
2008_12_07_18:51:22.943   075.108.140.xxx   aaaaaaabbbbbbbccccc
2008_12_07_18:52:32.260   098.116.223.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in bob's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_07_18:53:05.712   068.004.057.xxx   Hello
2008_12_07_18:53:28.493   099.149.113.xxx   jason mcintyre is awesome (24)
2008_12_07_18:53:33.960   068.004.057.xxx   Dean
2008_12_07_18:54:13.653   098.116.223.xxx   alek ur black
2008_12_07_18:54:15.446   067.065.058.xxx   May GOD bless you this holiday Season
2008_12_07_18:54:43.020   098.116.223.xxx   HO HO HO
2008_12_07_18:54:43.736   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I actually saw Santa tonight, so he didn't get run over - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2008_12_07_18:55:28.065   098.116.223.xxx   ur surn not crushed by hulk (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_07_18:56:01.793   072.071.220.xxx   i make jason's ears go ___POP___ (29)
2008_12_07_18:58:22.931   099.149.113.xxx   haven't you heard?: LINK DELETED (25)
2008_12_07_18:59:44.064   098.116.223.xxx   ratsssssssssss (11)
2008_12_07_18:59:48.387   069.131.206.xxx   ginger
2008_12_07_19:00:44.399   099.149.113.xxx   warning this site might be dangerous! (26)
2008_12_07_19:01:31.132   098.116.223.xxx   dangerous y (12)
2008_12_07_19:02:09.925   098.116.223.xxx   ur dangerous! (13)
2008_12_07_19:02:11.504   069.131.206.xxx   jeffrey the jedi
2008_12_07_19:04:41.003   098.116.223.xxx   holy s***ttttt (14)
2008_12_07_19:04:46.317   099.227.212.xxx   Luca Rulez
2008_12_07_19:05:33.118   098.116.223.xxx   nooo (15)
2008_12_07_19:05:56.771   070.017.120.xxx   yes.
2008_12_07_19:06:30.111   098.116.223.xxx   noooo b**** (16)
2008_12_07_19:06:59.606   076.205.057.xxx   WHATS UP MAN
2008_12_07_19:07:40.786   098.116.223.xxx   nothin man man (17)
2008_12_07_19:08:30.342   098.116.223.xxx   b* big booy (18)
2008_12_07_19:09:06.645   098.116.223.xxx   b* S (19)
2008_12_07_19:09:28.057   076.205.057.xxx   WHY WONT THE LIGHTS TURN OFF
2008_12_07_19:09:49.305   098.116.223.xxx   MEEE NOTT (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_07_19:10:27.920   098.116.223.xxx   SANTA BABY (21)
2008_12_07_19:12:08.509   068.062.022.xxx   HI
2008_12_07_19:12:41.684   079.153.086.xxx   Homer!
2008_12_07_19:13:18.223   098.116.223.xxx   SIM (22)
2008_12_07_19:13:48.096   079.153.086.xxx   Happy Christmas from Spain!
2008_12_07_19:16:31.018   098.116.223.xxx   MY GIRLS FROM SPAIN (23)
2008_12_07_19:17:00.964   070.017.120.xxx   riiight.
2008_12_07_19:17:59.304   070.017.120.xxx   i see  hallo-homer is still well at hand.
2008_12_07_19:20:46.442   024.109.069.xxx   MeRrY ChRiStMaS
2008_12_07_19:21:58.490   086.007.029.xxx   is this really true? the people online control the lights?
2008_12_07_19:23:58.224   071.091.039.xxx   yes. they really control the lights
2008_12_07_19:25:12.841   086.007.029.xxx   hmmm? I just found someting online :(
2008_12_07_19:28:04.749   070.017.120.xxx   don't we all?
2008_12_07_19:28:55.291   070.017.120.xxx   ah those two little bright anamolies that komars cam has.
2008_12_07_19:29:32.783   070.017.120.xxx   i'll know if he changes his santa's workshop cam i'll know!
2008_12_07_19:29:44.662   098.025.044.xxx   Happy 3rd Christmas Thatcher!
2008_12_07_19:30:10.847   070.017.120.xxx   cuz i'll miss those 2 bright anomalies.
2008_12_07_19:31:53.882   098.025.044.xxx   I saw that!
2008_12_07_19:32:08.102   070.017.120.xxx   omg!  the GIANT HAND isback!
2008_12_07_19:32:41.270   098.025.044.xxx   got another brew for me?
2008_12_07_19:33:02.174   070.017.120.xxx   ah, there goes the cam update.. whew!
2008_12_07_19:33:39.926   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** HO-HO-HO on the "giant hand" ... wait until you see the HULK's! ***ALEK***
2008_12_07_19:33:49.666   070.017.120.xxx   no, there's 3 anomalies on the santa cam. (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_07_19:34:31.375   098.025.044.xxx   wave to the cam
2008_12_07_19:34:41.328   070.017.120.xxx   i think i am wrong but i count 3.. i will always remember those 3 (11)
2008_12_07_19:35:28.711   098.025.044.xxx   hello????
2008_12_07_19:35:35.929   070.017.120.xxx   yes,   i will  know when one day he'll change the cam!  :( (12)
2008_12_07_19:36:22.601   070.017.120.xxx   ok, one on the tree, one on his head and one on the chat scrn. (13)
2008_12_07_19:37:20.857   070.017.120.xxx   i grown to love them for the last 3 years.  anyways, giant what? (14)
2008_12_07_19:38:13.896   098.025.044.xxx   move the beer out of the frame
2008_12_07_19:38:14.762   070.017.120.xxx   awaits.     aaaa...waits. (15)
2008_12_07_19:38:43.787   098.025.044.xxx   move the beer
2008_12_07_19:39:12.346   070.017.120.xxx   no way!  beer good!  has enzymes! (16)
2008_12_07_19:40:27.352   070.017.120.xxx   i wonder is that the original corona? (17)
2008_12_07_19:40:47.163   099.227.212.xxx   Tricia Is Sweetie
2008_12_07_19:41:10.795   070.017.120.xxx   ya know original like back in the days or YOR? (18)
2008_12_07_19:41:31.092   024.092.123.xxx   fat people fat people fat people fat people fat people fat people!
2008_12_07_19:42:04.171   070.017.120.xxx   i wanna be like komar of the west,  to represent my kind! (19)
2008_12_07_19:42:13.126   024.092.123.xxx   weeeeeee! Im soo fat!
2008_12_07_19:42:48.341   070.017.120.xxx   yes, komar is all knowing and wise,  i can't possibly... :D (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_07_19:42:56.183   024.092.123.xxx   FAT! FAT!
2008_12_07_19:43:35.593   070.017.120.xxx   ack!  oh no off spring of the west of komar! (21)
2008_12_07_19:43:43.596   024.092.123.xxx   FAT! FAT!
2008_12_07_19:44:13.285   067.076.194.xxx   nice face paint!
2008_12_07_19:44:14.931   070.017.120.xxx   they come with inscriptions! (22)
2008_12_07_19:44:23.243   024.092.123.xxx   fat people
2008_12_07_19:44:56.251   024.125.067.xxx   hello from Virginia
2008_12_07_19:44:58.656   024.092.123.xxx   marriah is so fat!
2008_12_07_19:45:02.090   070.017.120.xxx   komar come with scribes, i must decipher!  or i shall fail! (23)
2008_12_07_19:45:23.081   024.092.123.xxx   marriah is so fat!
2008_12_07_19:45:25.212   071.075.139.xxx   I love minkies
2008_12_07_19:45:29.394   067.239.171.xxx   North Carolina here. I'm sending a link to everybody!
2008_12_07_19:45:30.149   024.125.067.xxx   Hello From Virginia
2008_12_07_19:45:45.927   070.017.120.xxx   VA here also,  NORTHERN  va... (24)
2008_12_07_19:45:50.728   024.092.123.xxx   Typemwhfbejhkrgrjhewgrwhjqrbewjrgqchwkrbrjcjhkge text & CR to see real-time
2008_12_07_19:46:32.263   098.025.044.xxx   goodbye
2008_12_07_19:46:34.659   070.017.120.xxx   yeh yeh, HULK guess what?  it's CLOBBER (25)
2008_12_07_19:47:11.710   067.239.171.xxx   North Carolina CR
2008_12_07_19:47:31.465   070.017.120.xxx   whoops,  that didn't print out right!  :D   yikes. (26)
2008_12_07_19:48:37.111   070.017.120.xxx   whoah the beer like teleported without my knowledge? (27)
2008_12_07_19:49:53.533   070.017.120.xxx   where did beer thou teleport to? (28)
2008_12_07_19:50:46.731   070.017.120.xxx   thy stomach? (29)
2008_12_07_19:51:54.285   072.188.240.xxx   merry christmas
2008_12_07_19:52:47.021   072.188.240.xxx   mike tammy and zachary
2008_12_07_19:53:39.268   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** webcam2 picture of sleigh posted on blog ... ***ALEK***
2008_12_07_19:54:14.075   070.017.120.xxx   oh,  more movies from alek of komars of the west?  brb. (30 IM's so far today)
2008_12_07_19:54:17.029   072.188.240.xxx   mike tammy and zachary
2008_12_07_19:54:43.894   067.182.036.xxx   Merry Christma** all!
2008_12_07_19:55:47.192   067.182.036.xxx   I'm getting married soon! :)
2008_12_07_19:56:13.876   067.182.036.xxx   Travis?
2008_12_07_19:57:12.336   070.017.120.xxx   i like "jack"  i have one but his fan died. :(  keep the pumPkin! (31)
2008_12_07_19:57:43.060   098.116.223.xxx   JACK IS FOR HALLOWEEN NOT CHRISTMAS (24)
2008_12_07_19:57:54.821   067.182.036.xxx   Look at that corona!
2008_12_07_19:58:16.291   098.116.223.xxx   IT MINE RITE (25)
2008_12_07_19:58:34.329   070.017.120.xxx   can't spell corona without OR (32)
2008_12_07_19:58:52.980   098.210.075.xxx   robbiet.us
2008_12_07_19:59:00.236   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Going outside on webcam to look at JACK ***ALEK***
2008_12_07_19:59:12.983   067.182.036.xxx   Sweet
2008_12_07_19:59:16.210   098.116.223.xxx   Alek THE CORONAS FOR ME RITE (26)
2008_12_07_19:59:32.315   070.017.120.xxx   i like jack...  wished mine worked..   everyone like JACK or else! :D (33)
2008_12_07_19:59:50.914   071.193.139.xxx   ken rules
2008_12_07_20:01:10.529   098.164.101.xxx   Feliz Navidad!
2008_12_07_20:01:14.178   098.116.223.xxx   HO HO HO (27)
2008_12_07_20:02:43.602   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Jack is fine - he just wanted a sip of (spiced) Eggnog ***ALEK***
2008_12_07_20:03:14.765   098.116.223.xxx   WHATS THE S_________ED (28)
2008_12_07_20:03:23.355   070.017.120.xxx   i came home and angels took my jack,  his fan that is. (34)
2008_12_07_20:04:14.797   070.017.120.xxx   i brought in seymour today, wind was toooooo much. (35)
2008_12_07_20:05:25.022   070.017.120.xxx   we had gusts of 65 today,  that blows..  lmfao! (36)
2008_12_07_20:06:51.617   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** 65MPH - yikes - yea, wind is tough on a christmas display ***ALEK***
2008_12_07_20:07:15.583   070.017.120.xxx   yeh and i'm in northern VA...   we're suppose to be warm. (37)
2008_12_07_20:07:54.191   070.176.057.xxx   Alek, how about putting a bottle of wine on Cam 3?
2008_12_07_20:08:14.068   070.017.120.xxx   i can't wait for spring, but keep the holiday! (38)
2008_12_07_20:09:11.335   070.017.120.xxx   in comparitive i have 42k lights on my balcony and it's.... (39)
2008_12_07_20:09:56.825   070.017.120.xxx   ___12 more a month.  but we have leds. (40 IM's so far today)
2008_12_07_20:11:32.589   070.017.120.xxx   nah.... (41)
2008_12_07_20:15:05.895   098.116.223.xxx   waaaaazzzzzzuuuppppp:) ALEK (29)
2008_12_07_20:15:11.420   070.049.141.xxx   what what what
2008_12_07_20:16:04.284   098.116.223.xxx   89 (30 IM's so far today)
2008_12_07_20:16:16.755   070.017.120.xxx   yay!  santa is coming the 17th. to our place wooop! (42)
2008_12_07_20:16:35.986   024.059.157.xxx   hi Alek your lights rock :)
2008_12_07_20:16:42.061   098.116.223.xxx   SANTAS FAKE OMFG (31)
2008_12_07_20:17:08.482   065.078.108.xxx   Hi Pat
2008_12_07_20:17:45.560   065.078.108.xxx   I'll have a Corona
2008_12_07_20:17:50.774   070.049.141.xxx   Merry Christmas Tiny Tim
2008_12_07_20:18:15.944   098.116.223.xxx   NO HE FAKE (32)
2008_12_07_20:19:33.531   098.116.223.xxx   Alek SANTA LOOKS LIKE HE GONNA FALL (33)
2008_12_07_20:19:39.637   069.054.060.xxx   HI ALL!
2008_12_07_20:20:54.488   065.078.108.xxx   Hi
2008_12_07_20:21:12.962   070.017.120.xxx   high. (43)
2008_12_07_20:21:16.769   069.054.060.xxx   I Love santa.
2008_12_07_20:21:43.842   069.054.060.xxx   hey! be nice!
2008_12_07_20:22:00.384   070.017.120.xxx   rice? (44)
2008_12_07_20:22:30.808   069.054.060.xxx   nice, it said nice.
2008_12_07_20:22:58.551   070.017.120.xxx   rice, is full of carbs huh?  rice? what!  huh???? (45)
2008_12_07_20:23:22.473   069.054.060.xxx   his power bill has to be a lot of money
2008_12_07_20:23:46.333   070.017.120.xxx   nah, i don't have green energy and my bill is nothing. (46)
2008_12_07_20:24:06.582   069.054.060.xxx   ohh really?
2008_12_07_20:24:12.120   058.006.123.xxx   hiya from australia
2008_12_07_20:24:34.634   070.017.120.xxx   last i counted i had 56k of lights..  my bill's just 12 clams more. (47)
2008_12_07_20:25:10.481   069.054.060.xxx   12 clams?
2008_12_07_20:25:25.290   070.017.120.xxx   12 smakeroonies. (48)
2008_12_07_20:25:53.436   069.054.060.xxx   ahh, gotch ya
2008_12_07_20:26:34.065   069.054.060.xxx   how good does it feel?
2008_12_07_20:26:43.976   070.017.120.xxx   so komar of the west must be laughing at me! (49)
2008_12_07_20:27:23.196   070.017.120.xxx   i don't have green energy i have city energy old timey stuff. (50 IM's so far today)
2008_12_07_20:27:50.222   071.188.174.xxx   chica chica boom boom
2008_12_07_20:28:02.261   070.017.120.xxx   even minilights are more effecient but still filament. (51)
2008_12_07_20:28:08.045   024.116.011.xxx   howdy
2008_12_07_20:28:18.016   069.054.060.xxx   i love lamp (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_07_20:28:19.813   071.188.174.xxx   Who likes cheeses?
2008_12_07_20:28:37.981   070.017.120.xxx   i have many leds b****e way they are manufactured is a joke. (52)
2008_12_07_20:28:48.253   069.054.060.xxx   i love cheeses (11)
2008_12_07_20:28:59.987   071.188.174.xxx   Sharp Chedder
2008_12_07_20:29:13.591   070.017.120.xxx   yeh alek,   show him who's boss eh?   hehehe :D (53)
2008_12_07_20:29:26.943   071.188.174.xxx   mm mm good
2008_12_07_20:29:29.041   069.054.060.xxx   i really want that corona (12)
2008_12_07_20:29:35.696   068.190.244.xxx   Merry Christmas - Kaleldpn
2008_12_07_20:29:48.040   070.017.120.xxx   oh well..  but i can't have cheesies i get GERD. (54)
2008_12_07_20:30:07.195   069.054.060.xxx   you should probably drink that corona before i do (13)
2008_12_07_20:30:11.975   068.190.244.xxx   Hi Becca - Daddy
2008_12_07_20:30:16.458   024.116.011.xxx   we see you
2008_12_07_20:30:23.394   070.017.120.xxx   oh telepathically? (55)
2008_12_07_20:30:31.534   069.054.060.xxx   wave to us! (14)
2008_12_07_20:30:41.975   071.188.174.xxx   Gas is cheap in Indiana.
2008_12_07_20:30:58.227   069.054.060.xxx   doooo ittttt (15)
2008_12_07_20:30:58.656   070.017.120.xxx   if alek is high tide he should wave but if low tide it's ok. (56)
2008_12_07_20:31:11.790   071.188.174.xxx   1.42___Gal
2008_12_07_20:31:39.260   070.017.120.xxx   in wash. D.C.   gas is 2.09 a gallon, cheap now days. (57)
2008_12_07_20:31:55.666   071.188.174.xxx   I have relatives in canada
2008_12_07_20:32:00.238   068.004.006.xxx   Hey!!
2008_12_07_20:32:22.905   070.017.120.xxx   i miss clinton i was rich,  and gas was 89 cents a gallon. (58)
2008_12_07_20:32:31.414   069.054.060.xxx   i just saw someone!! gasp! (16)
2008_12_07_20:32:51.698   068.004.006.xxx   Where's the nativity set?
2008_12_07_20:32:56.618   070.017.120.xxx   no no it was just an anomaly! (59)
2008_12_07_20:33:08.982   069.054.060.xxx   ohh... ok (17)
2008_12_07_20:33:32.281   070.017.120.xxx   dear beer how art i love thou says the bot. (60 IM's so far today)
2008_12_07_20:33:42.494   069.054.060.xxx   that wasn't very nice, now was it? (18)
2008_12_07_20:34:09.576   070.017.120.xxx   the bot puffs out his chest to impress the brew. (61)
2008_12_07_20:34:22.506   068.004.006.xxx   why isn't my text showing up?
2008_12_07_20:34:41.400   070.017.120.xxx   cam timing. (62)
2008_12_07_20:35:16.272   068.004.006.xxx   Visit LINK DELETED
2008_12_07_20:35:17.982   070.017.120.xxx   my cams are  a MESS!   so this is nicer.  envy envy. (63)
2008_12_07_20:35:53.577   070.017.120.xxx   his programs and scripting is nicer mine is horrible! (64)
2008_12_07_20:37:02.049   068.004.006.xxx   Go John McCain!
2008_12_07_20:37:22.482   070.017.120.xxx   yugh! (65)
2008_12_07_20:37:52.516   071.201.099.xxx   go notre dame!
2008_12_07_20:38:13.099   068.004.006.xxx   Go 'SC!
2008_12_07_20:38:18.000   070.017.120.xxx   the more lights the merrier... hooray festival of lights. (66)
2008_12_07_20:38:39.293   068.004.006.xxx   Go Trojans!
2008_12_07_20:39:08.400   076.226.017.xxx   Zir43!!
2008_12_07_20:39:53.786   076.226.017.xxx   Hey Alek..can you see this message?? thumbs up please if you can! =)
2008_12_07_20:40:55.559   068.004.006.xxx   I hope your electricity bill isn't costing much. This looks expensive to operat
2008_12_07_20:41:22.328   068.004.006.xxx   expensive
2008_12_07_20:41:46.563   070.017.120.xxx   what? (67)
2008_12_07_20:42:27.498   070.017.120.xxx   huh? who?  where?  when? (68)
2008_12_07_20:42:48.277   068.004.006.xxx   Nice shirt (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_07_20:43:34.022   070.017.120.xxx   i watched garfield 9 lives and it was nice, like it was back when. (69)
2008_12_07_20:44:12.418   066.108.098.xxx   no queue?
2008_12_07_20:44:30.852   068.004.006.xxx   I just noticed, he forgot to put the word "Christmas" after "Merry" (11)
2008_12_07_20:45:31.408   070.017.120.xxx   mary xmas?  attorny at law! (70 IM's so far today)
2008_12_07_20:46:13.977   070.017.120.xxx   oops, i give up on proper spelling, grammar and manners. (71)
2008_12_07_20:46:36.060   076.066.179.xxx   Joyeux noel de sansillusion
2008_12_07_20:47:15.352   070.017.120.xxx   it's a fine time for a fine wine and smock the knight away! (72)
2008_12_07_20:49:57.129   071.236.117.xxx   Hi Kelly, I love you!
2008_12_07_20:50:27.319   076.066.179.xxx   thats a great idea!!!
2008_12_07_20:51:09.301   076.066.179.xxx   LOL is not my ip is my nabers LOL
2008_12_07_20:51:14.355   071.236.117.xxx   Hi Kelly! I love you!
2008_12_07_20:52:48.184   098.207.042.xxx   Yay
2008_12_07_20:53:20.493   071.236.117.xxx   tracert me
2008_12_07_20:53:32.959   097.096.237.xxx   HOLY POOP
2008_12_07_20:53:54.729   071.236.117.xxx   Holy Crackanoly!
2008_12_07_20:54:18.485   071.236.117.xxx   Merry Christmas my love!!!
2008_12_07_20:55:07.120   074.014.109.xxx   kid_dj 4 life
2008_12_07_20:57:15.080   097.096.237.xxx   kid_dj**** @ LINK DELETED HIS IM
2008_12_07_20:57:54.032   074.014.109.xxx   Drew Pickles loves the poop
2008_12_07_20:59:36.798   097.096.237.xxx   GOOGLE kid_dj
2008_12_07_21:02:13.850   097.096.237.xxx   GOOGLE Iainrocks
2008_12_07_21:02:28.865   076.120.001.xxx   Hi ... We are the suarez
2008_12_07_21:02:55.252   097.096.237.xxx   HI WE ARE THE POOP TUBE
2008_12_07_21:04:31.980   076.099.033.xxx   werd
2008_12_07_21:04:58.631   076.099.033.xxx   i love debra
2008_12_07_21:06:05.164   070.176.057.xxx   Alek, how about putting a bottle of wine on Cam 3?
2008_12_07_21:06:12.141   076.120.001.xxx   hi, this is Stefan!!!!!!
2008_12_07_21:06:23.463   068.229.236.xxx   Sooner Boomer!!! Look out Florida!
2008_12_07_21:06:41.301   076.120.001.xxx   hi, this is Christian !!!!!
2008_12_07_21:12:44.930   098.111.019.xxx   s*
2008_12_07_21:13:12.068   024.066.094.xxx   Merry christmas from Jordan
2008_12_07_21:14:19.130   067.162.060.xxx   Merry Christmas Mike
2008_12_07_21:15:12.484   024.066.094.xxx   where do you live Mike
2008_12_07_21:16:07.163   067.162.060.xxx   Elk Grove IL. & You?
2008_12_07_21:16:35.281   024.066.094.xxx   Manitoba Canada  Merry Christmas
2008_12_07_21:16:59.361   068.185.100.xxx   I love Brittney
2008_12_07_21:17:06.302   067.162.060.xxx   Wow!  Merry Christmas!
2008_12_07_21:17:25.106   209.091.020.xxx   I like lamp
2008_12_07_21:17:48.195   067.162.060.xxx   I am nere Chicago and O'hare Airport
2008_12_07_21:18:24.387   064.053.081.xxx   Diane
2008_12_07_21:18:27.441   024.066.094.xxx   I didn___t know that Santa likes Corona___s   What a guy!
2008_12_07_21:18:34.547   209.091.020.xxx   ****-200-****
2008_12_07_21:19:07.074   064.053.081.xxx   Merry Christmas
2008_12_07_21:19:29.032   209.091.020.xxx   Bellevue Singing Tree Dec. 12 - 17
2008_12_07_21:22:18.826   067.165.213.xxx   Anyone in Boulder, CO?
2008_12_07_21:22:32.157   024.017.236.xxx   THIS IS SO COOL :)
2008_12_07_21:23:44.621   209.091.020.xxx   Tn in the house hey Ben
2008_12_07_21:24:00.676   064.053.081.xxx   Lexington, NC Barbecue Capital of USA
2008_12_07_21:24:04.443   065.078.150.xxx   text & CR
2008_12_07_21:24:25.712   024.017.236.xxx   so anyone from seattle?
2008_12_07_21:25:17.825   209.091.020.xxx   i am
2008_12_07_21:26:01.823   209.091.020.xxx   bye amazing people
2008_12_07_21:27:39.266   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I'll put some vino on cam3 tomorrow - white or red? ***ALEK***
2008_12_07_21:28:24.199   067.165.213.xxx   Merlot :)
2008_12_07_21:40:25.234   098.222.135.xxx   Fuzzybeard says "Buy Gulten-free!"
2008_12_07_21:41:35.706   098.222.135.xxx   fuzzybeard meant "gluten-free"___ not "gulten-free!"
2008_12_07_21:42:43.244   071.237.073.xxx   Hello
2008_12_07_21:43:04.267   099.130.155.xxx   yo
2008_12_07_21:43:15.886   071.237.073.xxx   Turn it off I hat Christmas
2008_12_07_21:43:40.525   071.237.073.xxx   This is awesome
2008_12_07_21:46:58.973   098.222.135.xxx   You must be a good dad to do this for the kids!
2008_12_07_21:48:04.867   098.222.135.xxx   SCARY SANTA! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!
2008_12_07_21:54:51.148   065.031.032.xxx   this is awesome.  I wish I could do it.
2008_12_07_21:56:16.882   076.126.189.xxx   San Jose Representing

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