400 christmas text messages on 2008/1208

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 7,638 times that day including 4,368 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1208

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2008_12_08_16:32:13.199   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Incoming Winter Storm is making it dark, so turning on a bit early ***ALEK***
2008_12_08_16:32:53.930   208.126.094.xxx   It's getting cold outside!
2008_12_08_16:33:23.339   098.116.209.xxx   ooooo don't not look too good outthere
2008_12_08_16:34:03.737   072.077.073.xxx   Go Penn State
2008_12_08_16:37:21.895   067.086.140.xxx   HO HO HOS
2008_12_08_16:38:02.586   072.064.013.xxx   live.mcintec.net!!! go there and be sqare!
2008_12_08_16:38:39.792   087.222.095.xxx   holaaaaa
2008_12_08_16:38:42.819   121.127.215.xxx   ...
2008_12_08_16:39:06.176   067.086.140.xxx   no u
2008_12_08_16:39:46.733   190.055.042.xxx   from argentina
2008_12_08_16:39:48.132   072.064.013.xxx   i am already there :P
2008_12_08_16:40:17.578   190.055.042.xxx   hi erika
2008_12_08_16:40:26.257   098.116.209.xxx   hei alek
2008_12_08_16:40:59.181   098.116.209.xxx   wheres santa
2008_12_08_16:41:30.795   072.077.073.xxx   turn off the hulk alek!
2008_12_08_16:41:30.922   071.187.042.xxx   Your site rocks! Thank you so much! Give me a thumbs up!
2008_12_08_16:41:40.243   081.104.136.xxx   Alek when can you put xmas pics on pics page??
2008_12_08_16:41:47.433   207.200.116.xxx   Hi!
2008_12_08_16:42:06.152   071.187.042.xxx   Thumbs up, Alek!
2008_12_08_16:42:15.054   072.077.073.xxx   turn off the hulk
2008_12_08_16:42:24.437   081.104.136.xxx   alek when can you put pics on pics page??
2008_12_08_16:42:34.441   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Lots of pictures on the christmas blog ... ***ALEK***
2008_12_08_16:42:59.510   071.187.042.xxx   See ya!
2008_12_08_16:43:18.010   072.077.073.xxx   are most of the lights rope lights?
2008_12_08_16:43:36.854   087.222.095.xxx   holaaa espa___a
2008_12_08_16:44:08.647   087.222.095.xxx   hello spain
2008_12_08_16:44:31.260   098.116.209.xxx   HO HO HO
2008_12_08_16:44:52.246   087.222.095.xxx   como mola esto menuda factura de luz tienes que tener
2008_12_08_16:45:59.803   072.064.013.xxx   me gusta comer pie!!!   lol jk
2008_12_08_16:46:06.848   069.124.237.xxx   Happy Holidays
2008_12_08_16:46:31.707   087.222.095.xxx   espanyoles que haceis por aki ?
2008_12_08_16:48:40.817   072.064.013.xxx   no, me en el espanol clases en la escuela
2008_12_08_16:49:29.026   072.064.013.xxx   me no hablar espanol mucho
2008_12_08_16:49:30.837   087.222.095.xxx   ams ok
2008_12_08_16:50:59.892   087.222.095.xxx   bye bye, great work
2008_12_08_16:52:47.331   216.188.238.xxx   Hello world
2008_12_08_16:53:49.229   068.123.005.xxx   Test!
2008_12_08_16:53:50.299   098.016.096.xxx   hello agian from ohio
2008_12_08_16:54:12.206   074.140.163.xxx   Hello Steven
2008_12_08_16:56:06.622   075.148.069.xxx   hello from mayport, fl
2008_12_08_16:56:21.338   068.000.196.xxx   Is this real time
2008_12_08_16:56:36.374   075.148.069.xxx   Type text & CyesR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_08_16:57:32.121   216.188.238.xxx   I wish everyone one here a merry Christmas!
2008_12_08_16:57:46.012   067.086.140.xxx   ___b___:)
2008_12_08_16:57:53.902   098.016.096.xxx   How is everyone tonihgt?
2008_12_08_16:58:12.357   124.169.080.xxx   Hello
2008_12_08_17:00:19.917   124.169.080.xxx   Gday from Australia!!!
2008_12_08_17:00:30.317   086.157.086.xxx   hello there
2008_12_08_17:00:51.823   098.016.096.xxx   Gday mate!!
2008_12_08_17:01:31.780   124.169.080.xxx   Crikey its 9am Tuesday here
2008_12_08_17:01:50.233   086.157.086.xxx   hello mate from london!
2008_12_08_17:01:58.759   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Elmo is bouncing around in the wind - going outside to fix 'em ***ALEK***
2008_12_08_17:02:04.463   216.188.238.xxx   Hi Alek!
2008_12_08_17:02:19.877   124.169.080.xxx   I made Hulk angry in his pants
2008_12_08_17:03:04.140   205.188.116.xxx   good luck on the winter storm
2008_12_08_17:03:28.249   068.123.005.xxx   make another page that doesnt have a crapload of unuseful stuff on it
2008_12_08_17:04:15.478   068.123.005.xxx   linux ftw
2008_12_08_17:06:58.990   072.004.038.xxx   I Lost my Job? anybody hiring?
2008_12_08_17:07:19.193   068.123.005.xxx   yup, splak.net
2008_12_08_17:08:17.815   072.004.038.xxx   Hello Brandy
2008_12_08_17:08:46.344   076.103.092.xxx   Its getting cold!
2008_12_08_17:09:09.815   072.004.038.xxx   Yes it is getting cold
2008_12_08_17:09:11.667   098.016.096.xxx   it's raining here
2008_12_08_17:09:44.310   076.103.092.xxx   45 in the East San Francisco Bay!
2008_12_08_17:09:47.184   072.004.038.xxx
2008_12_08_17:09:59.807   071.187.042.xxx   Hi!
2008_12_08_17:10:19.224   072.004.038.xxx   Nice hookup
2008_12_08_17:10:28.815   071.187.042.xxx   You're baaaack!
2008_12_08_17:11:09.352   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Waaazzzzzuppppp!!!! ***ALEK***
2008_12_08_17:11:17.792   071.187.042.xxx   Thumbs up!
2008_12_08_17:11:22.757   082.042.104.xxx   wave to the uk please alek we love you
2008_12_08_17:11:25.625   072.004.038.xxx   Wow, your electric bill must be crazy!!!! but its really cool to watch
2008_12_08_17:11:47.438   071.187.042.xxx   Alek! You rock!
2008_12_08_17:12:13.474   082.042.104.xxx   wave to all the uk alek. you cool
2008_12_08_17:12:20.610   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Electricity costs about a few bucks/day - see main page - worth it! ***ALEK***
2008_12_08_17:13:01.223   071.187.042.xxx   How did you get this whole website set up?
2008_12_08_17:13:04.925   072.004.038.xxx   I found your link on the LINK DELETED
2008_12_08_17:13:12.127   082.042.104.xxx   did the horse driven sliegh come
2008_12_08_17:13:37.959   071.187.042.xxx   How did you set up this website?
2008_12_08_17:14:28.043   082.042.104.xxx   he a wizkid
2008_12_08_17:16:04.087   071.187.042.xxx   Why is the site called Komar? (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_08_17:19:03.082   071.187.042.xxx   Why can't Elmo inflate? (11)
2008_12_08_17:19:07.263   084.127.040.xxx   HELLO FROM SPAIN_________ HOLA DESDE ESPA___A_________
2008_12_08_17:19:25.524   096.235.095.xxx   hi
2008_12_08_17:20:09.216   086.001.133.xxx   Happy Holidays.
2008_12_08_17:20:43.905   096.235.095.xxx   hi from sylva
2008_12_08_17:21:09.429   084.127.040.xxx   QUE GUAPOOOOOO_________
2008_12_08_17:21:35.598   096.235.095.xxx   si seniora
2008_12_08_17:21:40.341   071.187.042.xxx   Nice computer! (12)
2008_12_08_17:21:59.266   082.047.089.xxx   hi from telford englsnd
2008_12_08_17:22:37.738   096.235.095.xxx   the book is cool
2008_12_08_17:22:54.571   086.001.133.xxx   hi from rochdale england
2008_12_08_17:23:23.699   096.235.095.xxx   yo
2008_12_08_17:23:55.137   068.123.005.xxx   is this web server hosted at his home??
2008_12_08_17:24:35.775   068.123.005.xxx   hi kids!
2008_12_08_17:25:02.782   082.047.089.xxx   merry xmas from telford and goodnight
2008_12_08_17:25:40.393   096.235.095.xxx   good morning people
2008_12_08_17:25:59.528   173.003.009.xxx   Hey
2008_12_08_17:26:21.460   076.183.250.xxx   this is cool
2008_12_08_17:26:52.300   076.183.250.xxx   hey you with the glasses!
2008_12_08_17:27:27.179   071.187.042.xxx   His name is Alek (13)
2008_12_08_17:27:41.006   098.116.209.xxx   alek how much u pay for the laptop?
2008_12_08_17:27:43.064   173.003.009.xxx   I love this thing...awesome!
2008_12_08_17:27:51.001   084.127.040.xxx   HOMER IS NOT INFLATING
2008_12_08_17:28:12.345   071.187.042.xxx   Elmo isn't either (14)
2008_12_08_17:28:18.308   076.183.250.xxx   Type text & CR tio see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_08_17:28:25.421   084.127.040.xxx   ESTO ES COJONUDO HELLO FROM SPAIN
2008_12_08_17:29:23.277   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Laptop was a Door Buster Special from Black Friday/Cyber Monday - cheap one ***ALEK***
2008_12_08_17:29:33.363   074.222.208.xxx   muy interesante bueno trabajo!
2008_12_08_17:29:54.248   071.187.042.xxx   Why can't elmo or homer inflate? (15)
2008_12_08_17:30:06.064   084.127.040.xxx   WHERE ARE YOU PEOPLE FROM?
2008_12_08_17:30:33.599   084.127.040.xxx   IM FROM SPAIN
2008_12_08_17:30:51.212   074.222.208.xxx   THE PINK CLOCK SHOWS MY TIME :)
2008_12_08_17:31:00.789   098.116.209.xxx   kool alek cause i wanna buy one too
2008_12_08_17:31:29.663   084.127.040.xxx   HOMER IS NOT INFLATING_________________________________________________________
2008_12_08_17:31:39.936   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Elmo and Homer are getting weigh'ed down by the snow - I'll brush off in a bit ***ALEK***
2008_12_08_17:31:40.233   074.222.208.xxx   i like how there are halloween decorations also haha
2008_12_08_17:32:00.597   097.081.219.xxx   hi rande!!!
2008_12_08_17:32:34.861   071.187.042.xxx   Your neighbors must really hate you. LOL :) (16)
2008_12_08_17:32:59.936   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Neighbors think it is a hoot - their kids love it ***ALEK***
2008_12_08_17:33:07.931   071.187.042.xxx   Thank you, Alek! (17)
2008_12_08_17:34:09.465   074.222.208.xxx   I WANTT SOME SNOWW TOMORROW :):)
2008_12_08_17:34:21.121   084.127.040.xxx   IF ITS COLD DOESNT MATTER ALEK______
2008_12_08_17:34:45.553   074.222.208.xxx   haha what?
2008_12_08_17:35:15.141   071.187.042.xxx   D'oh! (18)
2008_12_08_17:36:59.077   074.222.208.xxx   So, what do u want for xmas?
2008_12_08_17:37:11.790   071.187.042.xxx   is Elmo working now? (19)
2008_12_08_17:37:54.633   074.222.208.xxx   I CANT WAIT TILL SCHOOL IS OUTT NEXT WEEK
2008_12_08_17:37:58.262   071.187.042.xxx   Bye, Alex! (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_08_17:38:25.579   071.187.042.xxx   Bye, Alek! (21)
2008_12_08_17:41:31.993   157.127.124.xxx   Merry Christmas Pookie
2008_12_08_17:41:45.669   024.002.202.xxx   Yo!!! Luv da lites!!
2008_12_08_17:41:49.397   068.061.144.xxx   pikachu motha fucka!
2008_12_08_17:42:25.258   024.002.202.xxx   wow that was jerkish
2008_12_08_17:42:50.853   097.081.219.xxx   there's always a sleezer
2008_12_08_17:43:08.621   024.002.202.xxx   u now it
2008_12_08_17:43:39.700   024.002.202.xxx   ___know
2008_12_08_17:44:03.118   068.061.144.xxx   jfkldsklfjsdfjkldsjfkdsfkdjsfkljsdfkljfkldsfkljsdklfjksdlfjklsdfjklsdjfkl___sdj
2008_12_08_17:44:20.812   157.127.124.xxx   This is giving me a headache! :-)
2008_12_08_17:44:38.480   024.002.202.xxx   Giving a shout out the RANDOM CLUB
2008_12_08_17:46:51.736   068.075.062.xxx   Happy holidays to everyone !!!
2008_12_08_17:47:29.816   024.002.202.xxx   Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!!
2008_12_08_17:51:04.391   190.055.042.xxx   merry christmas to all from argentina
2008_12_08_17:52:09.331   190.008.215.xxx   its so f___&___( amazing
2008_12_08_17:54:13.893   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hello Argentina - I'll actually be down there next month. ***ALEK***
2008_12_08_17:55:56.781   067.212.100.xxx   Hi from Eleanor in snowy Iowa!
2008_12_08_17:56:54.105   082.042.104.xxx   is it snowing there
2008_12_08_17:57:14.988   067.212.100.xxx   sleet and some snow!
2008_12_08_17:57:54.269   070.176.057.xxx   Don't cry for me Argentina!
2008_12_08_17:59:58.621   082.042.104.xxx   is it snowing the alek. wave if it is please
2008_12_08_18:00:39.118   190.160.132.xxx   saludos desde chile
2008_12_08_18:01:01.039   190.160.132.xxx   la alita es hermosa
2008_12_08_18:02:10.919   190.160.132.xxx   Alita te AMO!!!!
2008_12_08_18:06:43.340   142.167.167.xxx   hello FM!
2008_12_08_18:08:36.295   067.034.106.xxx   hi
2008_12_08_18:11:39.410   072.064.013.xxx   hai, billy mays here with another annoying product!
2008_12_08_18:13:04.262   072.064.013.xxx   oh hello, how you doing?
2008_12_08_18:14:16.172   076.028.176.xxx   Hi Emily
2008_12_08_18:15:01.842   072.064.013.xxx   o.O hello, merry christmas from New Hampshire
2008_12_08_18:16:36.196   071.080.039.xxx   oh god how did this get here i am not good with christma
2008_12_08_18:16:55.124   199.245.163.xxx   merry christmas from Tulsa!
2008_12_08_18:17:33.773   071.080.039.xxx   Look at this dude.  ___
2008_12_08_18:17:44.168   072.064.013.xxx   woo tulsa! we dont have any snow yet! it is just really cold
2008_12_08_18:18:25.566   071.080.039.xxx   This man is actually an elf.
2008_12_08_18:18:45.063   072.064.013.xxx   yeah, i was going to say, thats not santa!! :( (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_08_18:19:57.007   071.080.039.xxx   LADDER-SANTA IS PLEASED.
2008_12_08_18:22:10.299   068.207.149.xxx   Hello, Hulk loves Christmas
2008_12_08_18:24:02.220   072.064.013.xxx   would be funny if i could turn the lights off in his office, LOL (11)
2008_12_08_18:25:26.147   074.184.237.xxx   This is so amazinggg! :)
2008_12_08_18:26:25.756   074.184.237.xxx   ALL I WANT IS PEACE ON EARTH!
2008_12_08_18:27:06.879   074.184.237.xxx   HELLO SR.
2008_12_08_18:27:35.176   074.184.237.xxx   WAVE TO ME MR.
2008_12_08_18:28:20.034   074.184.237.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS GEORGIA!
2008_12_08_18:29:03.706   074.184.237.xxx   Is anyone reading these? If you're readingf say ME
2008_12_08_18:29:42.951   082.042.104.xxx   ME
2008_12_08_18:29:53.271   074.184.237.xxx   Everyone reading this say ME
2008_12_08_18:30:19.991   082.042.104.xxx   ALL TURN OFF
2008_12_08_18:30:26.507   074.184.237.xxx   HELLO MR ALEK
2008_12_08_18:31:23.184   074.184.237.xxx   Why is everything off?
2008_12_08_18:32:56.073   074.184.237.xxx   IM THE ONLY ONE TALKING OMG! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_08_18:33:34.829   082.042.104.xxx   ALL ON
2008_12_08_18:33:39.026   074.184.237.xxx   goodnight georgia (11)
2008_12_08_18:34:33.074   074.184.237.xxx   ????? (12)
2008_12_08_18:34:35.647   082.042.104.xxx   ALL ON (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_08_18:34:59.227   074.184.237.xxx   hey (13)
2008_12_08_18:35:44.117   072.068.077.xxx   Hi people
2008_12_08_18:38:04.305   072.068.077.xxx   Everybody turn everything off!
2008_12_08_18:38:59.124   072.068.077.xxx   Keep it dark for a bit
2008_12_08_18:39:38.689   098.116.214.xxx   nooo u gotta bring joy to people
2008_12_08_18:44:01.681   068.123.005.xxx   splak.net mofuggasss
2008_12_08_18:45:37.945   068.187.183.xxx   Howdy from the OBX NC
2008_12_08_18:52:31.617   096.255.153.xxx   Hello from the nations capital!
2008_12_08_18:56:20.447   071.058.117.xxx   Merry Christmas Carly!!
2008_12_08_18:56:51.469   071.058.117.xxx   I love you! from Mommy
2008_12_08_18:57:25.000   071.058.117.xxx   Merry Christrmas Chelsea!
2008_12_08_18:58:10.919   068.207.149.xxx   Jealous of the snow.  We don't see much snow in Alabama.
2008_12_08_18:59:23.674   071.058.117.xxx   No snow in central Pennsylvania right now
2008_12_08_18:59:40.921   068.236.140.xxx   Hello From Catskill New York!
2008_12_08_18:59:56.839   071.058.117.xxx   Carly Carly Carly Carly Carly
2008_12_08_19:01:04.972   071.058.117.xxx   Carly Cameron
2008_12_08_19:01:17.590   072.068.077.xxx   I ___3 Pie!
2008_12_08_19:03:47.327   072.068.077.xxx   Hello, people!
2008_12_08_19:04:51.790   072.068.077.xxx   I am on Alek's Screen! Happy Holidays!
2008_12_08_19:11:28.490   072.051.242.xxx   HoHoHo
2008_12_08_19:19:14.758   069.120.122.xxx   yo ho ho, Merry Christmas!!
2008_12_08_19:19:36.068   205.250.045.xxx   Hi from Cody
2008_12_08_19:20:43.379   068.205.024.xxx   i love stephanie...my perfect wife!
2008_12_08_19:21:10.598   069.080.163.xxx   god hates me
2008_12_08_19:21:15.417   068.205.024.xxx   She's my perfect dork!
2008_12_08_19:21:23.094   071.187.053.xxx   i love you're lights
2008_12_08_19:21:34.053   139.067.068.xxx   Hah sweet
2008_12_08_19:22:13.488   075.141.235.xxx   DJ
2008_12_08_19:22:34.146   068.205.024.xxx   DJ Jazzy Jeff...so fresh!
2008_12_08_19:23:20.955   205.250.045.xxx   Alysha is hot!
2008_12_08_19:23:53.422   012.201.100.xxx   Merry Christmas BJ.  I love you!!!!
2008_12_08_19:25:38.558   072.051.242.xxx   Hi Lindsey
2008_12_08_19:26:34.568   072.051.242.xxx   Butthead
2008_12_08_19:34:32.953   024.198.000.xxx   Hola from Buffalo NY
2008_12_08_19:40:53.215   068.236.140.xxx   Hi Buffalo, From Catskill NY!
2008_12_08_19:40:56.360   071.215.070.xxx   Komar's Christmas Lights ROCK!!!
2008_12_08_19:43:25.949   082.028.047.xxx   best wishes from th e uk
2008_12_08_19:45:32.259   068.231.171.xxx   great setup again
2008_12_08_19:48:28.896   071.251.163.xxx   WOOOHOOOO this is the best!
2008_12_08_19:49:43.640   071.136.042.xxx   HO HO HO!!!!
2008_12_08_19:52:38.729   076.017.174.xxx   hi
2008_12_08_19:53:18.398   076.017.174.xxx   This is cool
2008_12_08_19:55:53.348   075.028.062.xxx   Unreal- Hope this works out for you!
2008_12_08_19:56:36.180   205.188.116.xxx   Santa is gonna get you while you sleep!
2008_12_08_19:57:19.799   076.017.174.xxx   Santa is not real
2008_12_08_19:58:36.674   205.188.116.xxx   yes he is , he hangs out with the tooth fairy
2008_12_08_19:59:04.531   205.188.116.xxx   and plays warcraft
2008_12_08_19:59:21.393   098.116.214.xxx   205 are u a kid
2008_12_08_19:59:52.021   205.188.116.xxx   probably to most people
2008_12_08_20:00:20.343   071.251.163.xxx   hello alek
2008_12_08_20:00:22.149   205.188.116.xxx   hey get that guy outta there!!!
2008_12_08_20:00:28.465   098.116.214.xxx   how old are ya
2008_12_08_20:00:39.419   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Inflatables are getting a bit heavy from the snow - help Elmo and Homer stay up! ***ALEK***
2008_12_08_20:01:07.038   205.188.116.xxx   friends with stone phillips, sure you wanna ask that?
2008_12_08_20:01:17.526   098.116.214.xxx   the snowman are doing good
2008_12_08_20:02:03.010   205.188.116.xxx   hey get that beer outta therem this is for kids!!
2008_12_08_20:02:09.760   098.116.214.xxx   a nice corona for me
2008_12_08_20:02:30.214   205.188.116.xxx   mmmmm beer
2008_12_08_20:03:05.490   098.116.214.xxx   a nice cool beer for me alek
2008_12_08_20:03:22.104   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** That beer is for MegaTron! ***ALEK***
2008_12_08_20:04:06.489   205.188.116.xxx   hulk usually hogs all the beer  :( (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_08_20:06:50.747   069.125.134.xxx   This is so cool how do I do this too?
2008_12_08_20:07:35.396   068.123.005.xxx   lolcorona
2008_12_08_20:07:40.258   205.188.116.xxx   you just did you nutty bar! (11)
2008_12_08_20:08:01.954   068.123.005.xxx   (captain obvious)
2008_12_08_20:08:26.623   205.188.116.xxx   no, captain underpants (12)
2008_12_08_20:08:47.427   068.123.005.xxx   oo i see what you did there (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_08_20:09:05.606   205.188.116.xxx   captain america (13)
2008_12_08_20:09:20.478   068.123.005.xxx   8==D (11)
2008_12_08_20:10:04.901   205.188.116.xxx   captain shrinky dink (14)
2008_12_08_20:10:48.750   097.080.172.xxx   hi rachel...i love you
2008_12_08_20:10:48.760   098.025.036.xxx   =______=
2008_12_08_20:11:35.568   097.080.172.xxx   asdf
2008_12_08_20:12:05.748   097.080.172.xxx   hi rachel...i love you
2008_12_08_20:12:59.311   070.161.204.xxx   shizouts to myself!
2008_12_08_20:13:42.346   024.017.236.xxx   ugg im bored this is kinda cool
2008_12_08_20:13:45.050   098.025.036.xxx   derka derka
2008_12_08_20:14:28.255   070.161.204.xxx   sin(cos(tan(sin(3.****9))) Go MIT! - Matt
2008_12_08_20:14:56.304   024.017.236.xxx   Hey people turn everything on
2008_12_08_20:16:13.443   070.161.204.xxx   sin(cos(tan(sin(3.****9))) Go MIT! - Matt
2008_12_08_20:17:18.505   068.123.005.xxx   lolcat (12)
2008_12_08_20:18:42.914   067.164.148.xxx   I love Jenna!
2008_12_08_20:21:54.000   070.017.071.xxx   eh,  no you don't.
2008_12_08_20:27:49.885   074.185.085.xxx   Go Blazers!
2008_12_08_20:32:18.533   074.185.085.xxx   Go Blazers!
2008_12_08_20:32:41.084   098.116.214.xxx   alek what time u gonna be cleaning the snow 2morrow
2008_12_08_20:33:17.072   098.116.214.xxx   alek what time u gonna be cleaning the snow 2morrow
2008_12_08_20:33:17.282   074.185.085.xxx   10 yrear old!
2008_12_08_20:33:30.152   204.210.209.xxx   Go Cleveland Cavs!
2008_12_08_20:34:44.182   204.210.209.xxx   Hi Donna!
2008_12_08_20:36:32.348   070.017.071.xxx   yawn.
2008_12_08_20:36:45.030   074.185.085.xxx   Jesus Christ IS Lord!
2008_12_08_20:36:53.606   071.094.234.xxx   Blessed Christmas to all
2008_12_08_20:37:04.323   070.017.071.xxx   whatever.
2008_12_08_20:37:35.841   071.094.234.xxx   Blessed Christmas to all
2008_12_08_20:37:53.506   070.017.071.xxx   there's no god.....    remember xmas was pagan once.
2008_12_08_20:38:21.636   071.094.234.xxx   Blessed Christmas to all
2008_12_08_20:38:29.931   070.017.071.xxx   where there's religion there's fighting.
2008_12_08_20:38:58.785   070.017.071.xxx   allah craptap.
2008_12_08_20:39:01.094   071.094.234.xxx   Blessed Christmas to all
2008_12_08_20:39:35.729   070.017.071.xxx   is that all you can type is blessed patronizing stuff to us all?
2008_12_08_20:39:41.773   071.094.234.xxx   Blessed Christmas to all
2008_12_08_20:39:50.042   074.185.085.xxx   pervert
2008_12_08_20:40:08.988   071.094.234.xxx   Blessed Christmas to all
2008_12_08_20:40:10.965   070.017.071.xxx   take that xtianity stuff to iraq where it belongs.
2008_12_08_20:40:46.671   071.187.053.xxx   i like the lights
2008_12_08_20:40:52.579   070.017.071.xxx   allah loves jesus both go out boozing and fondling.
2008_12_08_20:41:56.453   070.017.071.xxx   ah the i.q. level of a tampax tonight. (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_08_20:43:05.448   070.017.071.xxx   no thanks not interested in your mother. (11)
2008_12_08_20:43:56.329   070.017.071.xxx   not interested in micrococks. (12)
2008_12_08_20:44:27.799   074.185.085.xxx   duh!
2008_12_08_20:44:30.441   070.017.071.xxx   they can almost count. (13)
2008_12_08_20:44:59.722   070.017.071.xxx   you have nothing, so no one will call. (14)
2008_12_08_20:45:50.058   070.017.071.xxx   no thang in the pantry,  no one wants you. (15)
2008_12_08_20:46:27.924   098.116.214.xxx   call me my #'s 911
2008_12_08_20:46:43.372   070.017.071.xxx   oh, hurt me with dentalflossdick. (16)
2008_12_08_20:47:24.531   098.116.214.xxx   aleks ur back yha!!:) (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_08_20:47:55.958   098.116.214.xxx   yoo watch that (11)
2008_12_08_20:48:54.279   098.116.214.xxx   alek what time u gonna be cleaning the snow 2morrow (12)
2008_12_08_20:49:50.208   098.116.214.xxx   cause i wann watch (13)
2008_12_08_20:50:33.235   098.116.214.xxx   ???? (14)
2008_12_08_20:51:46.996   098.116.214.xxx   alek whata doing??? (15)
2008_12_08_20:52:20.375   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Probably sweeping snow between 7:00-7:30 in the morning ... ***ALEK***
2008_12_08_20:53:15.463   098.031.018.xxx   Hope some of that snow comes to Ohio for Christmas!
2008_12_08_20:53:35.615   071.012.110.xxx   Workshop
2008_12_08_20:54:58.457   098.116.214.xxx   soo thats 9:00-9:30 in ny (16)
2008_12_08_20:55:17.489   012.159.056.xxx   bless you
2008_12_08_20:55:33.560   024.009.024.xxx   nice pj's
2008_12_08_20:56:01.189   099.153.047.xxx   boo
2008_12_08_20:56:05.370   098.116.214.xxx   il be up & could u turn can 1 on too when u do that plzz!!! (17)
2008_12_08_20:56:22.649   024.009.024.xxx   is that good
2008_12_08_20:56:30.935   099.153.047.xxx   ugh the nerd is back!
2008_12_08_20:56:35.923   207.200.116.xxx   hi, was wondering if you can wave to me....
2008_12_08_20:57:04.885   099.153.047.xxx   the nerd is too busy
2008_12_08_20:59:39.394   207.200.116.xxx   can you wave to my 5 year old daughter!
2008_12_08_21:00:08.021   024.009.024.xxx   i guess not
2008_12_08_21:00:27.107   099.153.047.xxx   he s****
2008_12_08_21:00:48.427   024.198.000.xxx   ill wave,  there
2008_12_08_21:00:50.255   099.153.047.xxx   haha
2008_12_08_21:00:52.460   024.009.024.xxx   why is there a pumkin in the yard
2008_12_08_21:01:23.245   099.153.047.xxx   probably too lazy to take it down from halloween
2008_12_08_21:01:36.294   207.200.116.xxx   people can be so inmature...grow up!!
2008_12_08_21:02:01.010   024.017.236.xxx   HI ALEX!!!
2008_12_08_21:02:42.579   072.130.028.xxx   Hi There!!!
2008_12_08_21:02:51.689   099.153.047.xxx   good night!
2008_12_08_21:02:56.734   024.198.000.xxx   Hi back at ya
2008_12_08_21:04:38.640   024.198.000.xxx   Ho Ho Ho
2008_12_08_21:04:57.261   068.200.077.xxx   happy holidays from florida
2008_12_08_21:05:17.654   024.198.000.xxx   Same to you Florida from NY ___)
2008_12_08_21:05:43.416   068.200.077.xxx   hahaha, this is soo cool
2008_12_08_21:06:07.130   024.198.000.xxx   Yep
2008_12_08_21:06:58.155   024.198.000.xxx   25 and snow...brrrrrr
2008_12_08_21:07:13.093   068.200.077.xxx   is that snow on the ground?
2008_12_08_21:07:43.423   024.198.000.xxx   25 degrees and about 8 inches of snow
2008_12_08_21:08:34.687   207.200.116.xxx   wow! im in Wa. I hope we get some snow!
2008_12_08_21:08:47.749   068.200.077.xxx   sorry to hear that.  sunny all day here in florida.
2008_12_08_21:08:49.162   024.017.236.xxx   ITS SUPPOSED TO SNOW ON FRIDAY WOOT
2008_12_08_21:08:52.734   024.198.000.xxx   ill send your ours...yuk,  lol
2008_12_08_21:09:25.801   068.200.077.xxx   I'll be in WA next week
2008_12_08_21:09:34.767   207.200.116.xxx   lol...okay!
2008_12_08_21:09:40.241   024.017.236.xxx   y?
2008_12_08_21:09:55.349   068.200.077.xxx   vacation with the gf.
2008_12_08_21:10:18.489   207.200.116.xxx   well you can stay here and I'll go there...lol
2008_12_08_21:10:26.825   068.200.077.xxx   hope it snows when i get there.
2008_12_08_21:10:54.152   124.182.243.xxx   lifestyle1
2008_12_08_21:10:56.507   068.200.077.xxx   where in WA?
2008_12_08_21:10:57.458   207.200.116.xxx   I live in the Mountains and still no snow
2008_12_08_21:11:31.789   068.200.077.xxx   I'll be in Anacortes.
2008_12_08_21:12:04.688   207.200.116.xxx   we are getting some snow Saturday
2008_12_08_21:12:10.282   024.017.236.xxx   its supposed to snow in seattle on friday
2008_12_08_21:12:43.642   207.200.116.xxx   dont know if it will snow on the Coast or not (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_08_21:12:46.273   068.200.077.xxx   I am so excited. (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_08_21:13:16.523   207.200.116.xxx   Im from Eatonville (11)
2008_12_08_21:13:56.821   068.200.077.xxx   i'm not sure where that is. (11)
2008_12_08_21:14:23.521   207.200.116.xxx   going torwards Mt. Rainier (12)
2008_12_08_21:14:28.320   069.029.126.xxx   Hi GD AND RD
2008_12_08_21:15:46.084   067.086.140.xxx   hi tyler :)
2008_12_08_21:17:18.767   069.029.126.xxx   ROR
2008_12_08_21:17:34.135   067.165.213.xxx   Um...Alek? Where's the vino?
2008_12_08_21:18:05.782   067.165.213.xxx   I thought you were bringing us Merlot.
2008_12_08_21:18:57.372   024.017.236.xxx   hey guys turn everything off
2008_12_08_21:21:07.149   207.200.116.xxx   So we are getting snow in Wa.??? (13)
2008_12_08_21:21:52.493   068.200.077.xxx   seattle should get some on s****d sun. (12)
2008_12_08_21:22:17.923   024.017.236.xxx   ??
2008_12_08_21:22:18.143   207.200.116.xxx   nice! (14)
2008_12_08_21:22:20.439   068.200.077.xxx   saturday and sunday (13)
2008_12_08_21:22:54.457   068.200.077.xxx   I have never seen snow come out of the sky. (14)
2008_12_08_21:23:16.352   207.200.116.xxx   Im taking my girls to get a tree in Snoqualmie on saturday..they'll love it! (15)
2008_12_08_21:24:04.879   207.200.116.xxx   ___MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE___ (16)
2008_12_08_21:27:31.394   072.130.028.xxx   max is my dog
2008_12_08_21:28:34.840   072.130.028.xxx   natalie
2008_12_08_21:30:36.134   072.130.028.xxx   my name is bob
2008_12_08_21:32:16.774   072.130.028.xxx   i like cookies
2008_12_08_21:32:27.846   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wine was up earlier ... but MEGATRON MERLOT is back up! ***ALEK***
2008_12_08_21:32:30.040   024.017.236.xxx   y do u turn the lights off at 10 ?
2008_12_08_21:33:30.675   072.130.028.xxx   tic tac toe spelling
2008_12_08_21:38:32.579   072.130.028.xxx   i like chocolate bars
2008_12_08_21:39:54.732   072.130.028.xxx   doggie do do put
2008_12_08_21:47:37.218   024.117.212.xxx   Merry Christmas one and all,Jen!
2008_12_08_21:49:16.576   024.117.212.xxx   Hey roxanne!
2008_12_08_21:52:11.346   024.235.077.xxx   Whats uppppppppppppppppppp
2008_12_08_21:52:50.649   068.255.099.xxx   car!
2008_12_08_21:53:39.338   024.235.077.xxx   car what?
2008_12_08_21:54:00.970   024.117.212.xxx   i want a car for christmas!
2008_12_08_21:54:20.194   024.235.077.xxx   good luck
2008_12_08_21:55:16.674   024.235.077.xxx   what kind off car?
2008_12_08_21:55:34.356   024.117.212.xxx   Hey, Rox .. its raining cats and dogs outside
2008_12_08_21:56:17.267   024.235.077.xxx   s*** never seen it rain cats and dogs
2008_12_08_21:57:13.806   024.235.077.xxx   wht does that look like when cats and dogs rain
2008_12_08_21:57:15.697   065.024.209.xxx   HELLO HEATHER
2008_12_08_21:57:45.998   065.186.085.xxx   Hey Bumpy!
2008_12_08_21:57:52.129   024.235.077.xxx   did it snow there?
2008_12_08_21:58:11.557   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Not raining - snows SpongeBob's and Homer's - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2008_12_08_21:58:17.821   065.186.085.xxx   It snowed here in Ohio
2008_12_08_21:58:28.227   024.196.011.xxx   hey jennifer!!
2008_12_08_21:58:40.704   024.235.077.xxx   hi

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