350 christmas text messages on 2008/1209

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 8,025 times that day including 4,699 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1209

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2008_12_09_16:00:44.519   086.020.252.xxx   I'm First!!!
2008_12_09_16:01:08.397   069.139.125.xxx   hello
2008_12_09_16:01:10.710   216.226.180.xxx   Let there be light!
2008_12_09_16:01:15.430   088.159.166.xxx   Merry christmas! Love this concept! Just a little bit laggy
2008_12_09_16:01:34.600   067.080.026.xxx   hi
2008_12_09_16:01:48.644   088.159.166.xxx   Christmas is a lot of days away though
2008_12_09_16:02:28.940   081.151.064.xxx   keep it clean
2008_12_09_16:02:33.258   067.080.026.xxx   please visit my website at LINK DELETED
2008_12_09_16:02:58.365   088.159.166.xxx   do i have shut up because i say it's far away?
2008_12_09_16:03:24.575   081.151.064.xxx   blah blah blah
2008_12_09_16:03:34.634   088.159.166.xxx   This is the slowest chat I've ever seen :p
2008_12_09_16:03:44.701   086.132.130.xxx   yo yo
2008_12_09_16:05:01.057   024.191.034.xxx   poop
2008_12_09_16:08:40.014   086.132.130.xxx   great display alek! keep up the good work! :)
2008_12_09_16:08:47.572   086.020.252.xxx   Lovin' the Laptop ****
2008_12_09_16:09:57.155   086.020.252.xxx   Since when was typing the year potty mouthed??!!
2008_12_09_16:11:03.179   065.078.204.xxx   Rick Hoffman #1 Used Car Manager at GMAC!!!
2008_12_09_16:13:41.268   082.042.104.xxx   send the poles back from britian !!!!
2008_12_09_16:14:42.146   082.042.104.xxx   wave alek please we love you
2008_12_09_16:14:48.147   068.211.202.xxx   g******* dot com
2008_12_09_16:15:47.435   086.020.252.xxx   Best pole is North pole cos Santa lives there.
2008_12_09_16:16:57.723   082.042.104.xxx   yes its working alek. cooooooool
2008_12_09_16:18:05.307   076.119.219.xxx   this is really nice
2008_12_09_16:18:09.355   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I turned things on early since we have a lot of European surfers today ... ***ALEK***
2008_12_09_16:18:09.850   082.042.104.xxx   fanks for waving alek. you the man.
2008_12_09_16:19:14.948   068.037.073.xxx   Hello OJ
2008_12_09_16:19:43.969   086.020.252.xxx   Yes - all his friends do!
2008_12_09_16:20:43.946   086.020.252.xxx   Postman Pat has a black and white cat called Jess!
2008_12_09_16:21:17.884   067.081.128.xxx   what is alerk's phone number
2008_12_09_16:22:34.103   212.182.174.xxx   moh
2008_12_09_16:24:03.933   086.020.252.xxx   818/990-****
2008_12_09_16:24:26.109   082.042.104.xxx   all do a mexican wave around the world now
2008_12_09_16:33:05.528   012.178.230.xxx   someone please steal the hulk tired of hulk,  will pay 100.00 dollars for hulk
2008_12_09_16:34:47.820   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Donate a thousand bucks to Celiac and I will take the HULK down for a day ... ***ALEK***
2008_12_09_16:35:26.735   216.119.177.xxx   Hi Alek! First time to see the lights and it's fun!
2008_12_09_16:36:00.780   082.171.193.xxx   poepslet
2008_12_09_16:36:19.718   216.119.177.xxx   Great break from studying for law exams! Thanks!
2008_12_09_16:37:45.515   068.123.005.xxx   bot ban ban ban
2008_12_09_16:38:04.796   082.171.193.xxx   why would u do this???????
2008_12_09_16:38:26.761   068.123.005.xxx   this is not an advertising tool
2008_12_09_16:38:55.032   076.119.219.xxx   i like pickes
2008_12_09_16:39:22.953   076.119.219.xxx   yummy yummy
2008_12_09_16:39:58.022   076.119.219.xxx   thats sick
2008_12_09_16:40:27.220   082.171.193.xxx   mmhhuuuuhhahahaha
2008_12_09_16:40:37.951   216.119.177.xxx   Why are there Halloween decorations?
2008_12_09_16:40:42.105   090.200.154.xxx   Backwards Clock!!!
2008_12_09_16:40:42.770   076.119.219.xxx   you need a life
2008_12_09_16:41:12.869   090.200.154.xxx   Backwards Clock!!!
2008_12_09_16:41:16.072   076.119.219.xxx   because its a free display
2008_12_09_16:41:29.858   082.042.104.xxx   all turn off now
2008_12_09_16:42:09.294   068.123.005.xxx   racist mofo
2008_12_09_16:42:10.342   076.119.219.xxx   slow
2008_12_09_16:42:13.093   072.077.073.xxx   what?
2008_12_09_16:42:44.902   076.119.219.xxx   thats bad
2008_12_09_16:43:13.087   208.101.144.xxx   Merry Christmas
2008_12_09_16:43:14.771   072.077.073.xxx   do alek's ugly kids ever come in?
2008_12_09_16:43:22.706   076.119.219.xxx   someone is p**ing in the yard
2008_12_09_16:43:22.745   082.171.193.xxx   sick!
2008_12_09_16:43:55.913   208.101.144.xxx   Merry Christmas
2008_12_09_16:43:56.978   076.119.219.xxx   then move it (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_09_16:44:07.045   070.227.031.xxx   Hmmm....different
2008_12_09_16:44:11.697   072.077.073.xxx   where are the horrid children?
2008_12_09_16:44:12.473   065.174.028.xxx   Merry Christmas From The Detkey's  Were Still Better then U
2008_12_09_16:44:22.403   082.171.193.xxx   wow! awesome!
2008_12_09_16:44:47.113   072.077.073.xxx   i want to take your children
2008_12_09_16:45:02.477   070.227.031.xxx   wow, you don't look like Santa...
2008_12_09_16:45:05.517   076.119.219.xxx   hey this is a holiday site (11)
2008_12_09_16:45:38.952   072.077.073.xxx   oops, wrong chat
2008_12_09_16:45:42.554   208.101.144.xxx   Merry Christmas
2008_12_09_16:45:46.700   082.171.193.xxx   weird americans...
2008_12_09_16:45:56.118   070.227.031.xxx   You don't look like Santa....smile!!
2008_12_09_16:46:11.985   072.077.073.xxx   : )
2008_12_09_16:47:41.150   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Taking some pictures, so X10 controls disabled until 5'ish ***ALEK***
2008_12_09_17:00:45.765   086.003.206.xxx   Ho Ho Ho !
2008_12_09_17:01:08.159   012.159.056.xxx   Hi Alek
2008_12_09_17:02:36.084   074.237.161.xxx   Hi LuAnn
2008_12_09_17:04:16.089   213.051.177.xxx   Jaggle rules !
2008_12_09_17:04:27.682   076.177.159.xxx   hi taddy
2008_12_09_17:05:31.437   004.022.097.xxx   I'm back!   Fear me!!!!
2008_12_09_17:05:33.682   076.177.159.xxx   I'm the hulk HERE ME ROAR !
2008_12_09_17:06:37.490   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Done with pics - control of the house returned back to the Internet ***ALEK***
2008_12_09_17:07:27.959   064.216.047.xxx   yay internets
2008_12_09_17:08:33.887   012.159.056.xxx   I have control
2008_12_09_17:08:44.865   086.003.206.xxx   Ho Ho Ho ! Merry Christmas !
2008_12_09_17:08:50.951   168.103.248.xxx   Awesome Website This Is!Great Job!
2008_12_09_17:09:33.805   024.213.093.xxx   this is cool
2008_12_09_17:10:03.125   074.237.161.xxx   LuAnn
2008_12_09_17:11:21.871   089.240.147.xxx   HAPPY XMAS EVERYBODY
2008_12_09_17:12:27.912   069.251.087.xxx   Merry New Year
2008_12_09_17:13:50.913   071.113.067.xxx   Happy Christmas
2008_12_09_17:16:03.644   089.240.147.xxx   Good Night from the UK
2008_12_09_17:17:30.920   084.104.229.xxx   Hello from Abbekerk!
2008_12_09_17:17:32.792   024.213.093.xxx   how do your neighbours like all the lighting action??
2008_12_09_17:28:00.321   068.211.022.xxx   Text & CR
2008_12_09_17:28:48.985   082.042.104.xxx   aLL OFF
2008_12_09_17:30:55.893   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Neightbors think it is a hoot - their kids love it! ***ALEK***
2008_12_09_17:32:42.301   097.122.121.xxx   hi
2008_12_09_17:33:07.281   082.042.104.xxx   i think its cool and iam 38. my missus hates lights gre
2008_12_09_17:33:51.202   074.012.008.xxx   Celiac Disease is for losers like Alek :p
2008_12_09_17:34:25.372   074.012.008.xxx   Just kidding
2008_12_09_17:34:25.712   082.042.104.xxx   alex you a wizz kid. in a good way. l love what ya doin
2008_12_09_17:35:30.666   074.012.008.xxx   Display = wasting Hydro.
2008_12_09_17:36:24.166   074.012.008.xxx   Alek: I'm Geiy
2008_12_09_17:37:22.584   082.042.104.xxx   alek. how long does it take to set this lot up please (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_09_17:37:41.347   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Scroll down to see the Hydro/Electrical usage - couple of bucks a day - worth it for fun and charity ***ALEK***
2008_12_09_17:38:02.715   075.185.121.xxx   how do your neighbors feel about this?
2008_12_09_17:38:27.566   097.122.121.xxx   hey they do it for charity!!!
2008_12_09_17:39:03.249   097.122.121.xxx   I think it is neat, so the neighbors understand
2008_12_09_17:39:22.874   082.042.104.xxx   theres never enough good people in this world like alek (11)
2008_12_09_17:39:31.665   097.122.121.xxx   why is there three clocks
2008_12_09_17:40:15.331   097.122.121.xxx   I like it a lot to see people doing good in the world
2008_12_09_17:40:54.120   097.122.121.xxx   what is your favorite holiday decoration?
2008_12_09_17:42:22.790   082.042.104.xxx   misseltoe (12)
2008_12_09_17:42:47.582   071.072.111.xxx   Go Buckeyes   OH     IO
2008_12_09_17:42:51.136   082.042.104.xxx   cameltoe (13)
2008_12_09_17:44:09.866   070.054.006.xxx   tongue in crack
2008_12_09_17:50:39.409   082.161.098.xxx   wat vleeselek is dit
2008_12_09_17:51:09.927   097.122.121.xxx   Are you in Colorado?
2008_12_09_17:52:06.363   097.122.121.xxx   wow you walked by wave to me HELLO
2008_12_09_17:52:38.275   097.122.121.xxx   what are you looking at?
2008_12_09_17:52:40.869   087.221.006.xxx   holaaaaa
2008_12_09_17:53:19.977   097.122.121.xxx   hi I like that santa going up and down the ladder (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_09_17:54:18.433   024.192.015.xxx   I live in Canton Michigan
2008_12_09_17:54:46.844   068.179.183.xxx   Visit LINK DELETED !! It's alsome!!
2008_12_09_17:55:09.029   082.042.104.xxx   liverpool uk. home of the beatles (14)
2008_12_09_17:55:28.282   024.192.015.xxx   I live in Canton Michigan
2008_12_09_17:56:53.374   024.192.015.xxx   I live in Canton Michigan
2008_12_09_17:57:04.165   068.179.183.xxx   ___________________________   look up ha this is neat
2008_12_09_17:57:35.522   097.122.121.xxx   hello can you read this? (11)
2008_12_09_17:57:47.690   068.179.183.xxx   I am from Evansvill, IN email me at ryanb58 @ LINK DELETED
2008_12_09_17:58:11.289   097.122.121.xxx   hi people (12)
2008_12_09_17:58:22.507   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wife coming home - have to unplug Elmo and Homer - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2008_12_09_17:58:39.683   097.122.121.xxx   hey alek!!!!! (13)
2008_12_09_17:58:56.731   082.042.104.xxx   lmao (15)
2008_12_09_17:59:09.815   097.122.121.xxx   where are you (14)
2008_12_09_17:59:22.533   068.179.183.xxx   THIS IS AWESOME I WANT MY HOUSE TO DO THISS!!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_09_17:59:36.372   082.042.104.xxx   he in bedroom window. lmao (16)
2008_12_09_17:59:48.955   097.122.121.xxx   six o clock are you in colorado? (15)
2008_12_09_18:00:19.145   097.122.121.xxx   this house is in Colorado? (16)
2008_12_09_18:02:01.725   082.042.104.xxx   quick alek before she gets home. we wont tell. LOL (17)
2008_12_09_18:05:04.548   071.205.011.xxx   Bah Humbug!  Lights off...
2008_12_09_18:10:19.146   074.141.085.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
2008_12_09_18:13:36.072   070.113.123.xxx   hello hannah!
2008_12_09_18:14:08.426   070.113.123.xxx   Merry Christmas!!!
2008_12_09_18:16:41.717   071.013.032.xxx   Happy holidays baby!
2008_12_09_18:17:26.612   082.042.104.xxx   night all from the uk (18)
2008_12_09_18:18:36.422   067.048.023.xxx   what time is it in England
2008_12_09_18:19:12.702   082.042.104.xxx   1.20 am next day. in liverpool. home of the beatles (19)
2008_12_09_18:19:37.285   067.048.023.xxx   Where are all the Christmas fans???
2008_12_09_18:20:55.662   067.048.023.xxx   Anyone here from Germany, Ireland, etc.??
2008_12_09_18:21:49.613   096.048.150.xxx   Hello every one!
2008_12_09_18:22:29.169   076.124.002.xxx   Donna C loves M Scott C
2008_12_09_18:23:55.627   096.048.150.xxx   Hey from Canada!
2008_12_09_18:24:16.592   067.048.023.xxx   I love my trucker in Georgia
2008_12_09_18:28:22.792   086.087.003.xxx   hello from holland!
2008_12_09_18:29:30.094   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** A bunch of Scouts coming by - watch webcam2 by sidewalk ***ALEK***
2008_12_09_18:29:44.788   096.048.150.xxx   I see a christmas elfe!!!
2008_12_09_18:31:20.743   070.049.238.xxx   Hello Michaela and Chloe
2008_12_09_18:34:37.789   097.102.081.xxx   Hello Megan
2008_12_09_18:34:56.858   164.111.205.xxx   haha this is so great i turned everything off then on
2008_12_09_18:36:15.108   071.052.058.xxx   hey, alek merry christmas!!!
2008_12_09_18:36:44.737   097.102.081.xxx   This is so cool
2008_12_09_18:39:17.437   070.049.238.xxx   congrats on the engagement Tammy
2008_12_09_18:39:24.159   097.102.081.xxx   Megans Cool
2008_12_09_18:39:37.054   070.176.057.xxx   Outside, it is cold.
2008_12_09_18:50:11.685   085.160.067.xxx   hey!
2008_12_09_18:53:32.045   079.072.090.xxx   hi
2008_12_09_18:53:37.872   070.176.057.xxx   Hey what?
2008_12_09_18:54:05.615   071.091.039.xxx   sure wish we had that snow here! it's 70 degrees!
2008_12_09_18:56:11.150   070.176.057.xxx   70 degrees is cold___ if you're in Arizona like me!
2008_12_09_18:56:50.740   071.091.039.xxx   i'm in alabama. so 70 isnt warm. just warm for dec.
2008_12_09_18:57:56.472   071.091.039.xxx   what's in the green present that opens?
2008_12_09_19:00:25.821   071.091.039.xxx   ah! it says happy holidays. i can see that in the bigger image :)
2008_12_09_19:01:40.024   079.072.090.xxx   hi
2008_12_09_19:02:31.943   071.052.058.xxx   wave alek
2008_12_09_19:03:12.616   071.052.058.xxx   please
2008_12_09_19:03:18.054   070.176.057.xxx   Wave on 3! 1...2....3!!!
2008_12_09_19:04:02.017   071.052.058.xxx   179 people viewing Christmas Lights - INSANE!
2008_12_09_19:04:28.157   097.083.119.xxx   142
2008_12_09_19:04:48.908   070.176.057.xxx   Wave!
2008_12_09_19:06:04.250   070.181.069.xxx   Hello Trabuco Canyon
2008_12_09_19:07:56.151   098.116.220.xxx   Alek I SAW UR COMMENT ON SCHWIPPY TREE THING
2008_12_09_19:09:09.003   072.200.038.xxx   All your base are belong to us.
2008_12_09_19:11:41.216   070.176.057.xxx   Game Over
2008_12_09_19:12:22.269   098.020.241.xxx   w00t bah!
2008_12_09_19:12:56.181   092.251.064.xxx   Kutvolk nice job
2008_12_09_19:14:41.423   092.251.064.xxx   well done and good cause I will donate
2008_12_09_19:19:20.725   076.236.026.xxx   Hello from Chico, California! Merry Christmas.
2008_12_09_19:23:35.340   142.068.176.xxx   Merry Christmas to all
2008_12_09_19:23:42.246   071.012.130.xxx   Merry Christmas.
2008_12_09_19:24:39.756   071.012.130.xxx   wave Alex...
2008_12_09_19:30:14.274   067.072.098.xxx   I have visited before, but it appears that my connection is too slow to use thi
2008_12_09_19:33:06.307   068.039.183.xxx   who farted?
2008_12_09_19:33:38.084   076.119.219.xxx   you did (12)
2008_12_09_19:34:22.540   068.039.183.xxx   let there be darkness
2008_12_09_19:36:11.859   067.212.184.xxx   P-schniddy in da house
2008_12_09_19:36:31.622   076.119.219.xxx   darkness isnt very christmas like (13)
2008_12_09_19:36:33.768   098.116.220.xxx   Alek I SAW UR COMMENT ON SCHWIPPY TREE THING
2008_12_09_19:36:55.166   067.212.184.xxx   Happy Kwanzaa,  Love Jalea
2008_12_09_19:37:21.944   098.116.220.xxx   Alek I SAW UR COMMENT ON SCHWIPPY TREE THING
2008_12_09_19:37:34.725   067.212.184.xxx   Jawanna love P-schniddy
2008_12_09_19:39:07.510   067.212.184.xxx   This is my last christmas in my house
2008_12_09_19:39:30.545   067.212.184.xxx   I'am moving
2008_12_09_19:40:20.430   067.212.184.xxx   This is really really really really wonderfull
2008_12_09_19:41:16.981   067.212.184.xxx   What's with santas helper
2008_12_09_19:43:34.986   066.190.152.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek!
2008_12_09_19:44:00.116   076.089.110.xxx   Merry Christmas!!!!
2008_12_09_19:44:02.862   067.212.184.xxx   Duck us all in bowls of barley, fa la la la la la la
2008_12_09_19:50:18.099   070.017.118.xxx   werd yup!
2008_12_09_19:50:38.865   069.253.200.xxx   Merry Christmas from PA
2008_12_09_19:50:56.927   070.017.118.xxx   60 fine degrees here in north.va.
2008_12_09_19:51:14.876   069.232.198.xxx   merry christmas from santa cruz california
2008_12_09_19:51:36.307   070.017.118.xxx   'owdeedew mr. komar of the west.
2008_12_09_19:53:22.974   096.232.108.xxx   merry xmas from new york
2008_12_09_19:54:21.863   075.119.228.xxx   Hey Alek This is our 2nd Year messing with your lights!! Thanks from CANADA!!
2008_12_09_19:58:58.839   075.119.228.xxx   How are the kids doing Alek??
2008_12_09_20:00:38.197   070.017.118.xxx   ah, crisp, delicious soynog.
2008_12_09_20:01:07.179   075.119.228.xxx   How many "Overloads" you get all christmas season??
2008_12_09_20:01:13.256   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Dirk is practicing the Trombone right now ... so I've got the office door closed ***ALEK***
2008_12_09_20:02:07.372   075.119.228.xxx   Trombone?? wow,I use to play the Trumpet when I was in grade 6-7
2008_12_09_20:02:50.179   070.017.118.xxx   ah blew your own horn eh?
2008_12_09_20:03:07.161   068.147.037.xxx   Hello from The Great White North!
2008_12_09_20:03:15.425   075.119.228.xxx   lol....ya guess you could say that...lol
2008_12_09_20:03:37.855   070.017.118.xxx   merry xmas trumpet player once was?
2008_12_09_20:03:57.158   075.119.228.xxx   lots of Canadians on here eh??
2008_12_09_20:04:24.103   068.147.037.xxx   We're everywhere ___-)
2008_12_09_20:05:05.730   068.147.037.xxx   LOL
2008_12_09_20:05:46.390   075.119.228.xxx   Hockey and Lacrosse BABY!!!
2008_12_09_20:05:57.892   068.147.037.xxx   this is a truly amazing site - cant wait to show my neice
2008_12_09_20:06:30.063   075.119.228.xxx   Where is everyone from?? Toronto,Ontario here.
2008_12_09_20:06:54.164   068.147.037.xxx   Calgary
2008_12_09_20:08:33.804   075.119.228.xxx   d*** HULK pop up scared me...lol
2008_12_09_20:09:06.742   075.119.228.xxx   Dang Hulk....... (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_09_20:09:44.733   075.119.228.xxx   Hey there Kiddo!!! (11)
2008_12_09_20:10:25.436   075.119.228.xxx   White tiger in my way!! cant see....lol (12)
2008_12_09_20:10:31.424   068.147.037.xxx   LOL now we cant see the screen! Nice Tiger tho ___-)
2008_12_09_20:11:09.783   075.119.228.xxx   RIGHT THERE!!! thats good (13)
2008_12_09_20:11:31.326   068.147.037.xxx   PERFECT!
2008_12_09_20:11:41.691   075.119.228.xxx   ______High 5______ (14)
2008_12_09_20:11:44.844   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** That's Kyle Tiger on the Santa Workshop Cam ... HO-HO-HO! ***ALEK***
2008_12_09_20:12:10.028   075.119.228.xxx   Whats his name Kyle?? (15)
2008_12_09_20:12:17.731   068.147.037.xxx   Hey Kyle! Very nice Tiger
2008_12_09_20:13:11.096   075.119.228.xxx   Whats Kyle's Fave decoration?? (16)
2008_12_09_20:13:24.566   024.125.178.xxx   Must take a lot of work to set those lights up!
2008_12_09_20:13:44.833   067.131.061.xxx   Thanks for the Holiday Cheer!!!
2008_12_09_20:16:58.671   098.116.220.xxx   KOOL A TIGER
2008_12_09_20:17:11.136   075.119.228.xxx   KYLE, what did you ask Santa for  for christmas?? (17)
2008_12_09_20:18:00.252   098.116.220.xxx   A NOTHER TIGER LOL
2008_12_09_20:18:47.003   075.119.228.xxx   A live one though...lol (18)
2008_12_09_20:19:35.882   075.119.228.xxx   "I swear daddy,I will take care of it and walk it" lol (19)
2008_12_09_20:20:27.397   024.125.178.xxx   His dad needs someone to help take down all those lights! lol
2008_12_09_20:21:18.369   075.119.228.xxx   thats what kids are for...lol (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_09_20:21:50.027   075.119.228.xxx   .....RIGHT KYLE??? (21)
2008_12_09_20:22:28.551   024.125.178.xxx   I like that animated santa climbing the ladder with the lights
2008_12_09_20:23:33.348   075.119.228.xxx   WOAH!!!! that present just opened!!!!!! (22)
2008_12_09_20:24:48.629   068.055.018.xxx   test
2008_12_09_20:24:57.804   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, the Present opens and closes ... while Santa goes up and down the ladder - LOL! ***ALEK***
2008_12_09_20:25:20.110   024.125.178.xxx   I've get to get me both of those!
2008_12_09_20:25:26.281   075.119.228.xxx   I've seen that santa at Costco....lol (23)
2008_12_09_20:25:35.960   068.123.005.xxx   costco probably sells it
2008_12_09_20:26:05.228   075.119.228.xxx   Have yet to see it this year...and I WORK THERE!! (24)
2008_12_09_20:26:18.121   068.123.005.xxx   lolz
2008_12_09_20:26:50.332   024.125.178.xxx   hello nat
2008_12_09_20:27:43.191   075.119.228.xxx   gotta go get the wife from work. (25)
2008_12_09_20:28:26.844   075.119.228.xxx   See you again soon alek.MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! (26)
2008_12_09_20:32:14.379   068.147.037.xxx   I love you Rita
2008_12_09_20:32:55.465   068.147.037.xxx   Sorry just sending a message to my G/F in Toronto (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_09_20:33:09.406   068.146.025.xxx   HI SARA
2008_12_09_20:33:45.373   068.196.071.xxx   I love you Net-T!
2008_12_09_20:34:10.008   072.200.038.xxx   :D
2008_12_09_20:34:10.964   099.234.135.xxx   this is so cool Wil... thank you so much
2008_12_09_20:37:06.983   068.147.037.xxx   CKA Radio Rocks! (11)
2008_12_09_20:37:16.425   063.225.108.xxx   Leslie & Scott
2008_12_09_20:37:49.748   063.225.108.xxx   Ohh Coors Light
2008_12_09_20:38:01.981   070.160.050.xxx   Nate says "Hey!"
2008_12_09_20:38:14.796   068.123.005.xxx   CNNiR
2008_12_09_20:38:39.561   069.004.136.xxx   Happy New Year from Orangevale, California!!!
2008_12_09_20:39:12.633   068.123.005.xxx   Hey Alek!, I'm a 14 year old web host and was just wondering how you control X1
2008_12_09_20:39:45.847   068.123.005.xxx   How does the site control X10?
2008_12_09_20:40:20.950   068.123.005.xxx   Sweet
2008_12_09_20:41:02.465   068.123.005.xxx   Man, I need to learn PERL, only know PHP =___ (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_09_20:41:41.363   068.123.005.xxx   Ya (11)
2008_12_09_20:42:27.802   068.147.037.xxx   have some respect (12)
2008_12_09_20:43:20.872   071.062.171.xxx   my nose hurts
2008_12_09_20:43:53.806   071.062.171.xxx   I picked it
2008_12_09_20:44:17.003   068.123.005.xxx   I wonder if he has a console so he can see this on his comp (12)
2008_12_09_20:44:32.486   071.062.171.xxx   it is bleeding
2008_12_09_20:45:29.402   071.062.171.xxx   I fell down and broke my b*** and it has a crack in it
2008_12_09_20:45:59.963   071.062.171.xxx   bu++
2008_12_09_20:46:12.129   068.196.071.xxx   It's called research for a reason dip____________... there IS no operation yet!
2008_12_09_20:46:12.488   070.104.025.xxx   This is too cool Merry Christmas
2008_12_09_20:46:28.914   071.062.171.xxx   look how big his nose is
2008_12_09_20:46:51.770   063.225.108.xxx   Scott & Leslie
2008_12_09_20:46:57.489   071.062.171.xxx   I think he is asleep
2008_12_09_20:47:22.715   024.064.243.xxx   Where are these lights?
2008_12_09_20:47:26.226   063.225.108.xxx   Take a drink of your coors light
2008_12_09_20:47:31.064   070.104.025.xxx   Merry Christmas from a Fred Miranda Visitor
2008_12_09_20:48:10.336   071.062.171.xxx   his neck hurts
2008_12_09_20:48:18.709   068.196.071.xxx   Fish Wrangler Rocks!
2008_12_09_20:48:52.290   071.062.171.xxx   his head hurts
2008_12_09_20:49:06.425   076.120.001.xxx   Stefan was here!
2008_12_09_20:49:24.389   024.130.219.xxx   ho ho hoe
2008_12_09_20:49:27.192   071.062.171.xxx   who pays the power bill? (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_09_20:49:53.774   076.120.001.xxx   Merry Christmas b****eads!
2008_12_09_20:51:30.216   024.130.219.xxx   yep
2008_12_09_20:52:55.578   070.160.050.xxx   Thanks Alek!
2008_12_09_20:54:02.043   065.174.028.xxx   hi there
2008_12_09_20:54:33.280   012.178.230.xxx   hard to believe another year spent here
2008_12_09_20:55:20.397   071.062.171.xxx   I think his Dixie Wrecked (11)
2008_12_09_20:55:58.637   068.196.071.xxx   Thanks Alex. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
2008_12_09_20:56:09.893   071.062.171.xxx   Broncos are a minor league team (12)
2008_12_09_20:56:22.511   068.196.071.xxx   Alek.
2008_12_09_20:57:52.939   069.115.248.xxx   Happy Holidays
2008_12_09_20:58:59.460   071.062.171.xxx   Broncos are a minor league team (13)
2008_12_09_20:59:36.478   071.062.171.xxx   this is fake, the dude isnt even moving (14)
2008_12_09_21:00:08.089   099.224.152.xxx   yes he is
2008_12_09_21:00:21.596   071.062.171.xxx   someone is on the lawn and is taking the pumpkin (15)
2008_12_09_21:01:29.563   071.062.171.xxx   I wished he had something more s* y on (16)
2008_12_09_21:03:24.880   071.062.171.xxx   there is some pooh in the yard (17)
2008_12_09_21:04:34.716   071.062.171.xxx   if you hit alt+f4 his house will go dark (18)
2008_12_09_21:08:16.541   099.224.152.xxx   miller genuine draft...yummu
2008_12_09_21:10:43.841   024.111.106.xxx   My 4 year old also has celiac disease
2008_12_09_21:14:00.814   070.157.100.xxx   I like turtles. I mean I literally LOVE THEM! OMIGAW!
2008_12_09_21:17:33.895   074.229.196.xxx   Hello from florida this is so cool
2008_12_09_21:18:22.592   024.111.106.xxx   North dakota here
2008_12_09_21:19:02.515   074.229.196.xxx   how cold is it where these lights are?
2008_12_09_21:19:50.504   168.103.248.xxx   Its here in CO and its 18 where i live
2008_12_09_21:20:16.000   024.111.106.xxx   4 here in north dakota
2008_12_09_21:20:18.930   074.229.196.xxx   brrrr
2008_12_09_21:20:49.275   074.229.196.xxx   goodnight all
2008_12_09_21:26:42.655   075.139.180.xxx   hi alek
2008_12_09_21:31:02.387   069.120.072.xxx   hi alex, it jewels from the dan show on justin tv
2008_12_09_21:33:08.016   165.123.141.xxx   Hi
2008_12_09_21:33:44.836   069.120.072.xxx   you are miss the red nose raindeer!
2008_12_09_21:35:17.867   165.123.141.xxx   Where's the 50D?
2008_12_09_21:36:42.069   068.096.084.xxx   Hows the weather?
2008_12_09_21:37:34.681   165.123.141.xxx   Pull out the 50D!
2008_12_09_21:38:50.898   068.096.084.xxx   1 5___3_______________0 31_______________8 65____________86
2008_12_09_21:48:32.823   068.150.179.xxx   why is tri****  not working
2008_12_09_21:51:10.101   096.230.255.xxx   What? CR
2008_12_09_21:51:47.166   096.230.255.xxx   OMG, Lego's Rule!!
2008_12_09_21:53:19.934   096.230.255.xxx   Red clock is set to the wrong time...
2008_12_09_21:53:40.558   074.185.085.xxx   Love the HULK!!!!!
2008_12_09_21:54:03.583   096.230.255.xxx   then again, it's also going backwards
2008_12_09_21:55:22.868   074.185.085.xxx   Linux Rules - Microsoft blows!
2008_12_09_21:55:59.868   096.230.255.xxx   psh
2008_12_09_21:56:39.897   074.185.085.xxx   Dude lives on a corner
2008_12_09_21:56:57.870   068.194.244.xxx   alexs whats wrong with the window lights???tonight
2008_12_09_21:58:21.678   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I'll check the windows lights and make sure they are working tomorrow ... ***ALEK***
2008_12_09_21:59:32.775   096.230.255.xxx   1 minute, vooots

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