364 christmas text messages on 2008/1210

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 6,197 times that day including 3,264 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1210

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2008_12_10_17:01:31.473   064.216.047.xxx   ohai
2008_12_10_17:01:39.481   067.129.065.xxx   cool website/show
2008_12_10_17:02:00.452   064.216.047.xxx   Hiiiiiiiii ayla
2008_12_10_17:02:02.180   076.250.147.xxx   ohai thar
2008_12_10_17:02:29.155   064.216.047.xxx   I heard you like yukatas
2008_12_10_17:02:43.393   076.250.147.xxx   I do :)
2008_12_10_17:03:57.993   076.250.147.xxx   I heard you like wearing them
2008_12_10_17:03:59.945   067.129.065.xxx   hi kim!
2008_12_10_17:05:16.067   066.172.228.xxx   hi weidner girls
2008_12_10_17:05:20.012   207.068.114.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2008_12_10_17:05:24.089   091.065.215.xxx   Evening All
2008_12_10_17:06:05.491   067.129.065.xxx   Janice Jones Merry Christams!
2008_12_10_17:06:50.742   082.042.104.xxx   hello all to the usa from the uk. wish we had your snow
2008_12_10_17:07:30.808   065.117.243.xxx   Thanks for having the cub scouts visit last night.  We had fun!
2008_12_10_17:07:49.460   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Scouts were a blast last night - totally my pleasure - fun stuff! ***ALEK***
2008_12_10_17:08:37.647   066.172.228.xxx   Hello Madison!!!
2008_12_10_17:08:49.861   064.216.047.xxx   Windows 7 rocks
2008_12_10_17:09:13.577   066.172.228.xxx   Hi Becca!  You are adorable!
2008_12_10_17:09:15.868   207.068.114.xxx   Windows is a joke
2008_12_10_17:09:47.020   076.250.147.xxx   Mike rocks moar
2008_12_10_17:09:58.894   064.216.047.xxx   Macs are a bigger joke, and Ayay is the best
2008_12_10_17:10:21.152   066.172.228.xxx   Becca loves to sing Jingle Bells!
2008_12_10_17:10:44.895   065.024.113.xxx   Hi from Ohio!!
2008_12_10_17:11:05.487   076.250.147.xxx   Ohai yo
2008_12_10_17:11:10.296   066.172.228.xxx   Hi Daddy!
2008_12_10_17:11:16.914   065.024.113.xxx   Hi from Megan in Ohio
2008_12_10_17:11:47.113   070.154.222.xxx   this is cool
2008_12_10_17:11:56.008   065.024.113.xxx   Nick is a freak!
2008_12_10_17:12:18.022   070.154.222.xxx   is that buzz
2008_12_10_17:12:33.104   065.024.113.xxx   C.J. is a freak
2008_12_10_17:12:56.976   066.172.228.xxx   hi natnat
2008_12_10_17:12:58.787   071.210.184.xxx   tayte
2008_12_10_17:13:28.246   066.172.228.xxx   hi natnat
2008_12_10_17:13:30.827   071.210.184.xxx   Tayte
2008_12_10_17:13:36.436   065.024.113.xxx   Nice site..  For the cause.!!
2008_12_10_17:13:55.316   070.154.222.xxx   say i if u like this
2008_12_10_17:14:00.748   071.210.184.xxx   My 4 year old son is lovin this
2008_12_10_17:14:02.337   066.172.228.xxx   nat hi nat
2008_12_10_17:15:52.519   071.210.184.xxx   Katie will you marry me
2008_12_10_17:17:31.894   071.210.184.xxx   are you serious
2008_12_10_17:18:06.919   071.210.184.xxx   we've only been together for a month
2008_12_10_17:18:39.053   071.210.184.xxx   you complete me
2008_12_10_17:19:36.105   082.042.104.xxx   hello all
2008_12_10_17:31:52.478   121.073.176.xxx   hey!!!
2008_12_10_17:34:24.981   071.213.167.xxx   wats up
2008_12_10_17:35:02.020   071.213.167.xxx   anybody out there
2008_12_10_17:35:43.691   074.060.080.xxx   test1
2008_12_10_17:36:11.071   066.172.228.xxx   nlw is a rockstar
2008_12_10_17:36:18.944   121.073.176.xxx   Hi from New Zealand!
2008_12_10_17:36:23.278   074.060.080.xxx   can you  wave to me
2008_12_10_17:38:36.337   070.248.123.xxx   Merry Christmas from Texas
2008_12_10_17:39:37.745   070.248.123.xxx   Cole and Kyndal say Hi and Merry Christmas
2008_12_10_17:41:10.462   069.123.177.xxx   hi komar can u wave at the camra
2008_12_10_17:41:50.576   069.123.177.xxx   is any1 here from ny
2008_12_10_17:43:15.882   068.215.038.xxx   hey what up
2008_12_10_17:44:11.604   194.080.032.xxx   Hello laura
2008_12_10_17:44:25.049   068.215.196.xxx   Hello from Georgia
2008_12_10_17:45:26.436   068.215.196.xxx   Hello from Shane Co. in Kennesaw, GA
2008_12_10_17:45:47.176   070.248.123.xxx   This is a great site.  I hope my grandkids see it.
2008_12_10_17:47:34.827   070.248.123.xxx   Just to erase the other stuff!
2008_12_10_17:47:58.398   076.212.146.xxx   thank you
2008_12_10_17:48:34.020   076.212.146.xxx   go home
2008_12_10_17:52:32.187   076.212.146.xxx   youll put your eye out with that thing
2008_12_10_17:53:51.755   076.212.146.xxx   im shaking
2008_12_10_17:57:19.589   076.121.209.xxx   Go Zags!
2008_12_10_17:59:20.599   149.159.192.xxx   go connor
2008_12_10_18:00:44.435   082.042.104.xxx   WAVE TO THE UK PLEASE ALEK
2008_12_10_18:01:21.542   149.159.192.xxx   uk s****
2008_12_10_18:01:22.689   082.042.104.xxx   R.I.P.WOOLWORTHS UK
2008_12_10_18:01:52.515   160.079.140.xxx   hello from Pennsylvania Alek
2008_12_10_18:02:00.766   149.159.192.xxx   america is better
2008_12_10_18:03:39.268   082.042.104.xxx   WAS YANKS THAT RUINED BRITIAN. look and the banks
2008_12_10_18:03:54.260   079.040.142.xxx   Merry Christmas from Italy (Milan)! :)
2008_12_10_18:04:26.392   149.159.192.xxx   was the yanks that rock?... thats all i got
2008_12_10_18:05:15.684   098.166.120.xxx   heyyy
2008_12_10_18:05:35.120   082.042.104.xxx   ya not intelagent enough to relise. do ya homework
2008_12_10_18:06:16.199   074.047.087.xxx   WHAT
2008_12_10_18:06:16.343   149.159.192.xxx   Learn to spell...
2008_12_10_18:07:13.829   149.159.192.xxx   Type text &easy CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_10_18:07:48.652   074.047.087.xxx   WHAT YOUR NAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_10_18:08:18.509   074.056.202.xxx   lol
2008_12_10_18:08:54.841   079.040.142.xxx   Merry Christmas to all!
2008_12_10_18:08:57.284   149.159.192.xxx   what state is this in?
2008_12_10_18:09:56.467   074.056.202.xxx   colorado
2008_12_10_18:12:16.799   074.056.202.xxx   it's Griswald !
2008_12_10_18:14:00.359   068.147.037.xxx   Hello from The Great White North!
2008_12_10_18:15:34.782   094.192.079.xxx   greetings from gods own county
2008_12_10_18:21:13.950   125.207.174.xxx   Merry Christmas From Toyooka, Japan
2008_12_10_18:24:55.948   129.063.221.xxx   Dude it makes stars on your social security number! look- _____________________
2008_12_10_18:27:19.960   070.017.097.xxx   wow, imagine that a filter.
2008_12_10_18:28:43.136   068.147.037.xxx   Yeah its for the immature idiots
2008_12_10_18:29:36.945   070.017.097.xxx   you'd  know... expert.
2008_12_10_18:29:49.271   070.248.123.xxx   Merry Christmas Judy
2008_12_10_18:30:14.168   068.147.037.xxx   A perfect example - Nice IP ya got there
2008_12_10_18:30:34.350   097.081.219.xxx   Merry Christmas Jusy---
2008_12_10_18:31:13.415   097.081.219.xxx   ho ho hooooooooo
2008_12_10_18:31:19.362   068.147.037.xxx   ************
2008_12_10_18:32:00.969   070.017.097.xxx   yep the i.q. has dropped again,  tonight.
2008_12_10_18:32:39.784   068.147.037.xxx   I put in the idiots IP but I guess it filters that too ___-)
2008_12_10_18:33:54.996   070.017.097.xxx   well, DUH.
2008_12_10_18:34:14.585   069.046.215.xxx   what ip?
2008_12_10_18:35:39.586   068.147.037.xxx   Nothing - some people arent worth the effort. Merry Christmas!
2008_12_10_18:35:54.385   070.017.097.xxx   just the ip from the isp  they are serviced by.
2008_12_10_18:36:34.852   068.147.037.xxx   Yes - it was the IP of the idiot that was complaining that it was filtered
2008_12_10_18:36:37.537   070.017.097.xxx   just some folks are never happy, complain complain complain.
2008_12_10_18:37:13.667   068.147.037.xxx   Exactly
2008_12_10_18:37:52.078   074.056.202.xxx   Merry christmas from Bobby Brownie
2008_12_10_18:37:56.657   070.017.097.xxx   blah blah idiot blah blah ip address blah blah idiot blah blah
2008_12_10_18:38:41.205   070.248.123.xxx   Merry Christmas from North Texas
2008_12_10_18:38:52.065   069.046.215.xxx   ok then?
2008_12_10_18:39:20.390   068.147.037.xxx   Reston, Virginia huh?
2008_12_10_18:40:09.386   068.147.037.xxx   Verizon Internet Services Inc (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_10_18:40:36.055   068.147.037.xxx   Duly noted (11)
2008_12_10_18:43:01.364   068.147.037.xxx   LOL guess that shut him up! Merry Christmas! (12)
2008_12_10_18:43:03.586   074.185.085.xxx   Hello world! :)
2008_12_10_18:43:14.946   076.097.141.xxx   Great work!
2008_12_10_18:43:58.132   074.185.085.xxx   fah ra ra ra raaa ra raaar ra raaaa!
2008_12_10_18:45:25.890   070.017.097.xxx   wow, someone can trace ip addressed.. how incredible.. yawns.....
2008_12_10_18:45:52.593   075.156.115.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM NEW WESTMINSTER
2008_12_10_18:46:57.488   068.147.037.xxx   Hey New West! Calgary here! (13)
2008_12_10_18:47:43.027   074.185.085.xxx   Merry Christmas from Nome, Alaska!
2008_12_10_18:47:50.246   075.156.115.xxx   HEY,LOL,HOWS IT GOING OVER THERE?
2008_12_10_18:48:05.688   098.127.001.xxx   Hello from Billings, MT
2008_12_10_18:48:15.738   074.056.202.xxx   WEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLL
2008_12_10_18:48:18.684   074.185.085.xxx   Freezin' my b*** off here...
2008_12_10_18:48:30.585   068.147.037.xxx   Not bad - Had a snowy w/e but*** about 0 now! How bout there? (14)
2008_12_10_18:49:00.038   075.156.115.xxx   NO SNOW YET HERE,,THEY SAY MAYBE SAT
2008_12_10_18:49:06.091   074.185.085.xxx   Had 10 feet of snow
2008_12_10_18:49:20.682   074.056.202.xxx   we had 35 cm yesterday here
2008_12_10_18:49:29.833   068.147.037.xxx   Nice! Lets hope it stickd around for Christmas (15)
2008_12_10_18:49:42.379   074.185.085.xxx   Expecting 5 inches of ice tomorrow
2008_12_10_18:50:02.223   200.204.194.xxx   Hi over there, greetings from me, Reynaldo!
2008_12_10_18:50:09.379   068.147.037.xxx   Ice? 0_0 (16)
2008_12_10_18:50:42.459   074.185.085.xxx   great for the bobsledding events
2008_12_10_18:51:03.546   068.147.037.xxx   LOL (17)
2008_12_10_18:51:26.879   074.185.085.xxx   Here in Nome, it is dark all day...
2008_12_10_18:51:58.420   068.147.037.xxx   I can imagine........ (18)
2008_12_10_18:52:57.609   074.032.145.xxx   hi everyone!
2008_12_10_18:53:26.303   074.032.145.xxx   Hi Abby!!
2008_12_10_18:53:38.743   068.147.037.xxx   Hello from The Great White North! (19)
2008_12_10_18:55:05.416   074.032.145.xxx   Will you Merry Me Baby??
2008_12_10_18:55:35.589   068.147.037.xxx   OK but I want a BIG ring ___-) (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_10_18:55:58.946   069.047.212.xxx   YES
2008_12_10_18:56:24.756   074.032.145.xxx   Best. Christmas. Ever.  :-D
2008_12_10_18:56:45.429   071.210.184.xxx   Katie will you marry me
2008_12_10_18:57:02.430   069.047.212.xxx   This is SO cool! Thanks, I hope this raises a lot of money for a good cause.
2008_12_10_18:57:02.687   071.187.042.xxx   Does this thing work?
2008_12_10_18:57:46.133   074.032.145.xxx   cute site... Merry Christmas everyone!
2008_12_10_18:57:48.176   071.187.042.xxx   Let me test this filter: ____________ you!
2008_12_10_18:57:52.411   071.210.184.xxx   Katie will you marry me?
2008_12_10_18:58:16.804   068.147.037.xxx   Great another idiot who has to TEST the filter ______ rolls eyes ______ (21)
2008_12_10_18:58:53.901   069.047.212.xxx   Are you really asking someone 2 marry?
2008_12_10_18:59:03.038   070.017.164.xxx   The internet is serious business.
2008_12_10_18:59:24.184   074.056.202.xxx   lol
2008_12_10_19:00:06.944   071.210.184.xxx   marry you? ive only know you a month (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_10_19:00:14.561   068.147.037.xxx   If you are ya might wanna use the correct form of the word "Marry" LOL (22)
2008_12_10_19:00:48.102   071.210.184.xxx   Merry you. Ive only know you a month (11)
2008_12_10_19:01:14.711   071.210.184.xxx   i dont think we should see each other any more (12)
2008_12_10_19:01:28.492   068.147.037.xxx   Again...... its Marry not Merry LOL (23)
2008_12_10_19:01:55.521   071.210.184.xxx   haha (13)
2008_12_10_19:02:43.204   058.167.055.xxx   hi
2008_12_10_19:03:11.895   068.147.037.xxx   Hey (24)
2008_12_10_19:03:24.259   074.056.202.xxx   ho
2008_12_10_19:03:37.588   069.047.212.xxx   haha got em all !
2008_12_10_19:04:10.677   070.017.097.xxx   claps.
2008_12_10_19:04:17.475   071.210.184.xxx   One smart fellow, he felt smart (14)
2008_12_10_19:06:00.437   071.210.184.xxx   __________________________________________ (15)
2008_12_10_19:07:31.419   071.210.184.xxx   ______ (16)
2008_12_10_19:08:11.462   071.210.184.xxx   slut (17)
2008_12_10_19:08:45.829   071.210.184.xxx   hey i thought there was a filter (18)
2008_12_10_19:09:09.179   069.047.212.xxx   there is some stuff must slip by
2008_12_10_19:09:52.920   068.147.037.xxx   Qwest outta Denver huh? (25)
2008_12_10_19:09:59.509   069.047.212.xxx   stinks some people would even try to tho
2008_12_10_19:10:23.586   068.147.037.xxx   'Zactly (26)
2008_12_10_19:11:09.014   070.017.097.xxx   get machine addresses and then i'll be impressed. (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_10_19:11:46.746   071.210.184.xxx   ****___ (19)
2008_12_10_19:11:51.708   069.047.212.xxx   Really cool site
2008_12_10_19:12:03.697   074.056.202.xxx   wow it's neo , run for your lives !
2008_12_10_19:12:12.869   068.147.037.xxx   Only a matter of time Skippy :-) (27)
2008_12_10_19:13:03.934   071.210.184.xxx   knock knock (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_10_19:13:24.994   068.147.037.xxx   Denvers there (28)
2008_12_10_19:17:20.971   071.094.234.xxx   Merry Christmas Everyone
2008_12_10_19:19:59.949   067.212.184.xxx   happy kwanzaa
2008_12_10_19:20:28.413   068.147.037.xxx   Feliz Navidad (29)
2008_12_10_19:21:54.369   067.212.184.xxx   Anyone know the three stages of man
2008_12_10_19:21:54.464   065.190.131.xxx   Hello World!
2008_12_10_19:22:27.690   067.212.184.xxx   Anyone know the three stages of man
2008_12_10_19:22:54.998   065.190.131.xxx   NO
2008_12_10_19:23:26.114   065.190.131.xxx   can i get a h*** yeah?
2008_12_10_19:23:28.642   067.212.184.xxx   One) he believes in santa claus
2008_12_10_19:23:33.462   068.147.037.xxx   Wow - dark (30 IM's so far today)
2008_12_10_19:23:52.364   065.190.131.xxx   bah humbug
2008_12_10_19:24:17.157   068.147.037.xxx   One in every crowd :-( (31)
2008_12_10_19:24:34.159   067.212.184.xxx   One) he believes in santa
2008_12_10_19:26:15.482   067.212.184.xxx   two) he doesn't believe in santa
2008_12_10_19:26:38.404   070.145.019.xxx   hi
2008_12_10_19:26:45.624   067.212.184.xxx   three) he is santa claus
2008_12_10_19:26:48.341   074.056.202.xxx   believe in elvis (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_10_19:27:18.204   067.212.184.xxx   three) he is santa claus
2008_12_10_19:28:06.250   067.212.184.xxx   if santa rode a motorcycle what kind would it be
2008_12_10_19:28:30.621   070.145.019.xxx   im a little potty mouth
2008_12_10_19:29:17.246   069.112.144.xxx   hi there!
2008_12_10_19:29:21.011   067.212.184.xxx   A holly davidson (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_10_19:29:38.725   070.145.019.xxx   hi poo poo potty mouth
2008_12_10_19:30:05.051   070.145.019.xxx   um
2008_12_10_19:30:12.424   067.212.184.xxx   hello tea bagging h*** (11)
2008_12_10_19:30:49.946   067.212.184.xxx   you like Man milk (12)
2008_12_10_19:31:27.459   067.212.184.xxx   alek like man milk (13)
2008_12_10_19:31:33.098   069.137.252.xxx   No, but your mom does.
2008_12_10_19:31:59.238   067.212.184.xxx   i give lady my man milk (14)
2008_12_10_19:32:29.875   067.212.184.xxx   your mom swallowed my man milk (15)
2008_12_10_19:32:35.004   069.137.252.xxx   You should know English before you give any one your man milk hun.
2008_12_10_19:32:44.674   068.147.037.xxx   Searching that IP (32)
2008_12_10_19:32:47.375   072.155.215.xxx   this is a charity site please,
2008_12_10_19:33:12.132   067.212.184.xxx   me and my 10 buddies pour man milk on your moms face (16)
2008_12_10_19:33:16.003   069.115.236.xxx   i like d*******
2008_12_10_19:33:51.596   072.155.215.xxx   Stop.This is a charity website for Children
2008_12_10_19:34:04.666   069.137.252.xxx   Mm hot d*** here I come, tell me how you want it done.
2008_12_10_19:34:09.886   067.212.184.xxx   me and my 10 buddies pour man milk on your moms face (17)
2008_12_10_19:34:12.666   068.147.037.xxx   Wow there are TRULY some pathetic people out there (33)
2008_12_10_19:34:38.520   076.103.092.xxx   Ignore them.  They will go awaay
2008_12_10_19:34:44.607   072.155.215.xxx   Yes, I agree
2008_12_10_19:34:54.828   069.137.252.xxx   It's acutally a charity for University of Maryland, not just for children.
2008_12_10_19:34:58.756   067.212.184.xxx   Come on he raised 20,000 in ten years (18)
2008_12_10_19:35:18.353   069.115.236.xxx   d1@rh3@
2008_12_10_19:35:33.152   068.147.037.xxx   And all their IPs will be noted - they will be banned or better yet reported (34)
2008_12_10_19:35:34.108   067.212.184.xxx   you can google alek, He is a fraud (19)
2008_12_10_19:35:47.049   069.137.252.xxx   Over $30,000 was raised last year, do your research.
2008_12_10_19:35:57.708   074.192.191.xxx   Merry X-Mas
2008_12_10_19:36:00.054   072.155.215.xxx   Everyone, remember the reason for the season,Jesus Christ
2008_12_10_19:37:05.554   068.147.037.xxx   Exactly (35)
2008_12_10_19:37:13.680   069.137.252.xxx   f*** Me I'm a celebrity xoxo Jeffree Star
2008_12_10_19:37:46.192   072.155.215.xxx   Jesus Christ died on the cross for all of you
2008_12_10_19:38:21.542   068.147.037.xxx   And now yur IP is on record....... BRILLIANT! (36)
2008_12_10_19:38:56.539   072.200.167.xxx   ho ho ho
2008_12_10_19:39:05.903   069.137.252.xxx   Oh hun, you don't know what to do with an IP.
2008_12_10_19:39:10.987   071.231.110.xxx   poop
2008_12_10_19:39:26.233   068.012.107.xxx   Merry Xmas
2008_12_10_19:39:40.646   071.231.110.xxx   tony J. is dumb
2008_12_10_19:39:42.858   072.200.167.xxx   greetings from hartford ct
2008_12_10_19:40:00.905   072.155.215.xxx   Merry Christmas everyone from First Baptist Church
2008_12_10_19:40:15.629   072.200.167.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_10_19:40:25.708   071.231.110.xxx   fararararara
2008_12_10_19:40:52.045   072.200.167.xxx   jingle bell rock
2008_12_10_19:40:53.212   024.235.185.xxx   Santy Claus is my hero
2008_12_10_19:41:30.924   118.208.001.xxx   the best the best the best
2008_12_10_19:42:32.478   072.200.167.xxx   want bmw santa 3rd year in a row
2008_12_10_19:43:21.545   072.200.167.xxx   woot off in progress LINK DELETED
2008_12_10_19:43:34.399   066.172.228.xxx   Hi Mommy! I love you! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_10_19:44:21.463   066.172.228.xxx   hi bailey (11)
2008_12_10_19:45:03.015   066.172.228.xxx   Bailey is the most beautifulest! (12)
2008_12_10_19:45:14.993   024.235.185.xxx   Elaine gets coal this year
2008_12_10_19:45:18.938   072.200.167.xxx   where is ALEX?
2008_12_10_19:46:01.922   066.172.228.xxx   i dont know. he is normally there.... (13)
2008_12_10_19:46:50.477   068.012.107.xxx   Grrr  Hulk turn off lights!
2008_12_10_19:55:33.479   067.212.184.xxx   Cadet phil carcell here (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_10_19:56:24.852   024.111.106.xxx   God Bless Celiac Children!
2008_12_10_19:56:31.710   067.212.184.xxx   i will crack your fifth vertebre (21)
2008_12_10_19:56:37.349   098.015.248.xxx   merry christmas from new york
2008_12_10_19:57:23.106   067.212.184.xxx   Merry Xmas from Nature Valley granola bar co (22)
2008_12_10_19:57:59.691   067.212.184.xxx   Merry christmas from nature valley granola (23)
2008_12_10_19:58:24.504   067.212.184.xxx   oat aday keeps komar away (24)
2008_12_10_19:59:02.350   076.186.244.xxx   Merry Christmas! Now donate some money!
2008_12_10_20:00:03.103   067.212.184.xxx   I only donate to me sucka (25)
2008_12_10_20:00:35.650   067.212.184.xxx   I will donate a sack of oats to charity (26)
2008_12_10_20:00:47.620   076.186.244.xxx   If you don't donate Obama won't pay off your mortgage
2008_12_10_20:01:52.331   076.186.244.xxx   MMellville needs to buy me a beer
2008_12_10_20:04:01.312   076.186.244.xxx   visit Scary Personals dot com
2008_12_10_20:06:18.067   098.213.087.xxx   Greetings from Fark!
2008_12_10_20:07:34.687   076.186.244.xxx   Billy the Kid loves playing with electricity
2008_12_10_20:09:41.825   024.180.105.xxx   hahaha
2008_12_10_20:09:49.204   067.175.104.xxx   this is really cool
2008_12_10_20:09:56.833   076.186.244.xxx   If Immuis sends you a tiny url DO NOT CLICK IT!
2008_12_10_20:10:37.956   067.175.104.xxx   is this legitimate
2008_12_10_20:11:48.720   071.111.219.xxx   My hovercraft is full of eels!
2008_12_10_20:12:23.872   068.083.082.xxx   I like big b**** and I cannot lie.
2008_12_10_20:13:52.252   076.186.244.xxx   You know, the last post looks dirtier with those asterisks
2008_12_10_20:14:02.072   071.117.186.xxx   jenna
2008_12_10_20:14:32.653   098.213.087.xxx   Hi Jenna!
2008_12_10_20:14:47.703   071.117.186.xxx   dada
2008_12_10_20:15:29.690   071.117.186.xxx   dada loves jenna!!
2008_12_10_20:16:36.049   071.117.186.xxx   jenna and alayna
2008_12_10_20:17:15.158   071.117.186.xxx   Hi Jenna!!
2008_12_10_20:20:48.232   071.117.186.xxx   I like turtles!!!
2008_12_10_20:21:29.840   071.117.186.xxx   Jenna and mama and dada
2008_12_10_20:22:16.065   168.028.180.xxx   Hi, LINK DELETED!
2008_12_10_20:22:52.339   168.028.180.xxx   Hi, Jasper!
2008_12_10_20:26:46.803   070.017.097.xxx   uh oh, i pharted. (11)
2008_12_10_20:30:38.934   068.033.125.xxx   oh my does it stink
2008_12_10_20:32:26.620   086.140.251.xxx   !!!BLOG___HARES FTW!!!
2008_12_10_20:32:54.753   071.204.195.xxx   Neato-Mosquito
2008_12_10_20:33:36.543   086.140.251.xxx   JTSage is Invalid - perhaps you used a block level element inside a style eleme
2008_12_10_20:33:57.218   070.017.097.xxx   inside a t*****. (12)
2008_12_10_20:35:34.732   086.140.251.xxx   Can Elves Get Pregnant?
2008_12_10_20:35:42.940   098.213.087.xxx   Boycott Alice 105.9!
2008_12_10_20:35:47.371   070.017.097.xxx   cop circles.. lmfao! (13)
2008_12_10_20:36:27.456   098.213.087.xxx   Boycott Alice 105.9!
2008_12_10_20:36:31.826   068.150.179.xxx   15 days till the big day!
2008_12_10_20:36:44.408   070.017.097.xxx   boycott it yourself. (14)
2008_12_10_20:37:17.520   098.213.087.xxx   ohhh tough guy!
2008_12_10_20:37:39.234   070.017.097.xxx   lame... anyways,  back in the day of onions were in style.... (15)
2008_12_10_20:37:42.691   086.140.251.xxx   LMFAO you ladies need to take this outside!
2008_12_10_20:38:22.609   071.111.219.xxx   Merry Xmas!  Ho ho ho!  :-D
2008_12_10_20:38:59.580   098.213.087.xxx   I like venison!
2008_12_10_20:41:19.021   070.017.097.xxx   i'm not surprised....   rednecks love tough floss for meat. (16)
2008_12_10_20:42:35.196   070.017.097.xxx   crack open a domestic beer.... (17)
2008_12_10_20:42:38.683   068.150.179.xxx   lalala
2008_12_10_20:42:55.529   086.140.251.xxx   btk is definitely doing one of these on the farm next year.
2008_12_10_20:43:15.426   070.017.097.xxx   al al al al..... (18)
2008_12_10_20:44:28.934   098.247.072.xxx   brown paper packages tied up in strings, these are a few of my favorite things
2008_12_10_20:45:03.951   070.017.097.xxx   carca** hanging off a tree, right? (19)
2008_12_10_20:45:38.741   086.140.251.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_10_20:45:48.432   216.221.095.xxx   Shawn from peterborough
2008_12_10_20:46:19.014   098.247.072.xxx   i hope santa gets stuck in my chimney this year. I WANT MY BIKE!!
2008_12_10_20:47:10.928   216.221.095.xxx   Shawn from peterborough
2008_12_10_20:47:50.253   216.221.095.xxx   i love april
2008_12_10_20:48:59.690   216.221.095.xxx   crystal smells
2008_12_10_20:49:01.104   024.235.142.xxx   shawn is a dork
2008_12_10_20:49:26.598   216.221.095.xxx   oh really
2008_12_10_20:49:57.937   216.221.095.xxx   crystal smells
2008_12_10_20:50:26.115   024.235.142.xxx   crystal smells like roses lol
2008_12_10_20:50:36.259   216.221.095.xxx   and loves jen
2008_12_10_20:51:29.119   024.235.142.xxx   shawn wishes he was brian
2008_12_10_20:51:38.634   071.120.077.xxx   HI
2008_12_10_20:52:18.969   024.235.142.xxx   bye shawn
2008_12_10_20:52:27.993   216.221.095.xxx   april is getting no camera for x mas
2008_12_10_20:52:58.064   216.221.095.xxx   just a lump of coal
2008_12_10_20:53:45.881   216.186.171.xxx   wat
2008_12_10_20:54:21.593   216.186.171.xxx   this is awesome
2008_12_10_20:54:41.901   131.191.021.xxx   hey alex wat u are doing is great
2008_12_10_20:58:14.639   074.046.182.xxx   . . . Merry Christmas . . .
2008_12_10_20:59:08.843   119.094.023.xxx   ingatz!!!
2008_12_10_21:02:20.423   119.094.023.xxx   kiko can s*** a golfball through a garden hose
2008_12_10_21:02:33.775   202.073.183.xxx   go pacquiao
2008_12_10_21:03:02.060   119.094.023.xxx   hapibertdaey tu mi!
2008_12_10_21:04:35.912   119.094.023.xxx   'sup bro?
2008_12_10_21:05:03.716   202.073.183.xxx   come to the philippines for the longest christmas in the world
2008_12_10_21:06:17.805   071.175.217.xxx   hello all
2008_12_10_21:06:50.639   119.094.023.xxx   mahilig kaming kumain ng aso
2008_12_10_21:09:49.903   203.206.120.xxx   Wtf?
2008_12_10_21:10:00.209   072.051.242.xxx   Jon is a b****ead
2008_12_10_21:10:15.826   203.206.120.xxx   Lol
2008_12_10_21:10:24.959   072.051.242.xxx   Jerk
2008_12_10_21:10:55.441   119.094.023.xxx   john is a what????
2008_12_10_21:11:05.454   072.051.242.xxx   Jon is a weeny
2008_12_10_21:11:51.304   119.094.023.xxx   i thought john was euphamism for wash closet
2008_12_10_21:12:52.290   075.117.065.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_10_21:13:05.556   072.051.242.xxx   GIT ER DONE!!!
2008_12_10_21:13:41.315   119.094.023.xxx   clubbing is for baby seals
2008_12_10_21:16:42.048   024.110.030.xxx   Pirate santa says "Yo ho ho"
2008_12_10_21:27:10.479   164.111.205.xxx   yo stfu
2008_12_10_21:31:12.074   076.226.029.xxx   all your bases belong to us
2008_12_10_21:32:09.324   024.002.053.xxx   OMG
2008_12_10_21:32:35.168   076.226.029.xxx   076.226.029.xxx at 21:32:40 said:
2008_12_10_21:34:56.169   071.198.126.xxx   ho ho ho b*****!
2008_12_10_21:35:36.204   071.198.126.xxx   ho ho ho B14tch3s!
2008_12_10_21:36:54.788   068.051.035.xxx   Merry Christmas kiddos
2008_12_10_21:37:28.556   076.226.029.xxx   luv CHRISTMAS ZOMBIE nxt 2 clock!
2008_12_10_21:38:29.314   076.226.029.xxx   look at hands on small clock upper right
2008_12_10_21:44:56.249   098.104.153.xxx   UA local 342
2008_12_10_21:45:44.810   098.104.153.xxx   Microholics.org
2008_12_10_21:52:29.700   067.162.077.xxx   Hey all!
2008_12_10_21:53:07.519   067.162.077.xxx   Greetings from Portage, Indiana
2008_12_10_21:58:50.639   024.175.004.xxx   Hello from El Paso, TX Thanks for sharing, Carla!

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