280 christmas text messages on 2008/1211

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 6,774 times that day including 3,858 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1211

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2008_12_11_17:00:26.698   173.074.049.xxx   listen to Hank III!!!
2008_12_11_17:00:50.192   069.243.247.xxx   Hello!
2008_12_11_17:01:06.990   134.134.139.xxx   Ho ho ho!!!
2008_12_11_17:01:16.256   208.088.113.xxx   NICE!!!
2008_12_11_17:01:22.033   082.042.104.xxx   merry crimbo to all
2008_12_11_17:01:22.999   173.074.049.xxx   HANK ______ ______ ______
2008_12_11_17:01:24.145   081.108.030.xxx   Merry Christmas from the UK _______
2008_12_11_17:01:26.266   089.247.022.xxx   Hello from Germany :)
2008_12_11_17:01:35.391   069.243.247.xxx   Hello From KC!
2008_12_11_17:01:45.483   134.134.139.xxx   Hi Kyler!
2008_12_11_17:01:49.979   208.088.113.xxx   Hello Germany & KC From Montana
2008_12_11_17:02:00.800   173.074.049.xxx   denton texas in da house
2008_12_11_17:02:01.882   082.042.104.xxx   hello from liverpool uk. home of the beatles
2008_12_11_17:02:10.331   134.134.139.xxx   Hi Ella!
2008_12_11_17:02:29.581   208.088.113.xxx   Ick, pine beetles...
2008_12_11_17:02:36.613   173.074.049.xxx   f_________ the beatles
2008_12_11_17:03:05.828   134.134.139.xxx   grandpa is funny
2008_12_11_17:03:28.601   081.108.030.xxx   how can it be so light there at 5 T_t*** dark here at 4
2008_12_11_17:04:11.806   208.088.113.xxx   Merry  Christmas from Montana
2008_12_11_17:04:39.939   069.243.247.xxx   Merry Christmas from Missouri!
2008_12_11_17:05:05.585   082.042.104.xxx   merry christmas to all from the uk
2008_12_11_17:05:29.858   207.155.049.xxx   Howdy from Texas!
2008_12_11_17:05:36.746   069.243.247.xxx   And to all a good night! From USA!
2008_12_11_17:06:04.159   082.042.104.xxx   please wave alek you rock
2008_12_11_17:06:05.479   142.046.214.xxx   Jon Hart Owns YOU
2008_12_11_17:06:15.699   207.155.049.xxx   Hi Bev!
2008_12_11_17:06:38.474   134.134.139.xxx   Hello from Newberg, Oregon!
2008_12_11_17:06:57.299   081.108.030.xxx   come do my house
2008_12_11_17:06:59.183   082.042.104.xxx   theres not enough good people like alek in this world
2008_12_11_17:07:08.883   098.163.021.xxx   Hello Tyler in VA!
2008_12_11_17:07:22.484   134.134.139.xxx   rgyty7iuytrewe45y89p0-08u7y6t5r4e3w2dfrgthyuj
2008_12_11_17:07:39.999   099.194.036.xxx   HI
2008_12_11_17:07:50.796   207.155.049.xxx   Howdy Sara & Sam!
2008_12_11_17:08:21.493   099.194.036.xxx   I am debby.......in Georgia
2008_12_11_17:08:51.731   082.042.104.xxx   alek looks like robin williams. lmao
2008_12_11_17:08:54.128   081.108.030.xxx   Merry Christmas to my little sister i hope shes watching
2008_12_11_17:09:06.097   142.046.214.xxx   Hi Alex
2008_12_11_17:09:29.594   099.194.036.xxx   Merry Christmas to all who is watching.......
2008_12_11_17:09:58.071   089.247.022.xxx   i am chris from berlin, germany, nice greetings
2008_12_11_17:10:07.588   142.046.214.xxx   Jon Loves Jen
2008_12_11_17:10:30.133   099.194.036.xxx   HI to all in Germany
2008_12_11_17:10:32.882   098.166.198.xxx   We're watching from Hampton, VA  Great job!!!
2008_12_11_17:10:38.327   082.042.104.xxx   helo debbie from georgia. sure ya not from dalls
2008_12_11_17:11:07.172   099.194.036.xxx   I not from dallas
2008_12_11_17:11:12.755   076.244.162.xxx   Sup Mr Grassmas?
2008_12_11_17:11:56.259   064.216.047.xxx   ho hoho
2008_12_11_17:12:14.830   099.194.036.xxx   found this page this morning while surfing the web....thought it was a hoxak
2008_12_11_17:12:28.486   207.155.049.xxx   Howdy Sara & Sam!
2008_12_11_17:13:09.822   099.194.036.xxx   came back later to see if it really works........HEY man if you are real...wave
2008_12_11_17:14:02.872   099.194.036.xxx   thats what I thought......you arent real
2008_12_11_17:14:59.750   081.108.030.xxx   maybe he deflates?
2008_12_11_17:15:39.774   068.229.138.xxx   we had snow in Louisiana today
2008_12_11_17:16:00.989   064.230.015.xxx   Hi b***oo!
2008_12_11_17:16:39.529   064.230.015.xxx   I love Naomi!
2008_12_11_17:17:18.025   076.244.162.xxx   me too
2008_12_11_17:18:03.647   208.005.216.xxx   love it
2008_12_11_17:18:12.830   064.230.015.xxx   no you do not
2008_12_11_17:19:04.513   076.244.162.xxx   Who's having fun??
2008_12_11_17:19:06.816   208.005.216.xxx   great!!! merry christmas
2008_12_11_17:19:07.454   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I'm real ... here is a W A V E ... ***ALEK***
2008_12_11_17:19:48.096   076.244.162.xxx   he's gone...let's steal stuff
2008_12_11_17:20:15.495   064.230.015.xxx   dibs on the lava lamp
2008_12_11_17:20:19.859   076.244.162.xxx   dibs on the clock
2008_12_11_17:20:47.128   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wife is coming home - gotta move Elmo and Homer - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2008_12_11_17:20:58.699   099.194.036.xxx   can he see what we type
2008_12_11_17:21:09.005   064.230.015.xxx   dibs on the skull the the wheres waldo hat
2008_12_11_17:21:25.696   076.244.162.xxx   he sees you when youre sleeping
2008_12_11_17:22:00.086   076.244.162.xxx   quick, check the desk for his wallet
2008_12_11_17:22:29.209   099.194.036.xxx   is he a Christmas p**ping tom? (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_11_17:22:48.012   064.230.015.xxx   he is outside now!
2008_12_11_17:23:39.820   064.230.015.xxx   fark ftw!
2008_12_11_17:23:52.998   081.108.030.xxx   shes gonna run over santa oh noooooo
2008_12_11_17:24:10.298   076.244.162.xxx   check out camera four!!
2008_12_11_17:24:51.589   064.230.015.xxx   what camera 4?
2008_12_11_17:25:11.331   099.194.036.xxx   I dont see camera four (11)
2008_12_11_17:25:21.936   076.244.162.xxx   next to three, its cool!!
2008_12_11_17:25:52.449   064.230.015.xxx   lies all lies!
2008_12_11_17:26:19.607   076.244.162.xxx   cool it, hes back (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_11_17:26:59.835   064.230.015.xxx   he is a bust fella (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_11_17:27:32.409   064.230.015.xxx   knock knock (11)
2008_12_11_17:28:19.440   099.194.036.xxx   why doesnt he talk with us (12)
2008_12_11_17:29:15.216   081.108.030.xxx   hes a busy man making sure we can have fun with the lights
2008_12_11_17:30:29.832   099.194.036.xxx   I dont think this is fun (13)
2008_12_11_17:32:19.868   070.068.126.xxx   asdasdasasd
2008_12_11_17:35:13.701   004.022.097.xxx   THE BAND CHICAGO=BEST XMAS CD!!!
2008_12_11_17:36:31.988   203.045.062.xxx   w00t, I'm on teh internetz xD
2008_12_11_17:38:17.406   091.121.179.xxx   wooohoooo!
2008_12_11_17:38:25.472   096.252.192.xxx   Rodney Griffin was here
2008_12_11_17:39:56.057   203.045.062.xxx   enigma! xD
2008_12_11_17:39:57.896   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wife made it into the garage without running over Santa - Elmo & Homer back up ***ALEK***
2008_12_11_17:40:41.883   096.252.192.xxx   nice site!
2008_12_11_17:41:09.761   081.108.030.xxx   i think next year its time for a bigger house and more lights _______
2008_12_11_17:41:17.633   096.252.192.xxx   Rodney Griffin is a DORK!
2008_12_11_17:41:34.689   091.121.179.xxx   wooohoooo!
2008_12_11_17:43:22.663   096.252.192.xxx   Rodney is a Manly Man
2008_12_11_17:43:27.315   070.176.057.xxx   I'm sleepy.
2008_12_11_17:43:43.301   081.108.030.xxx   Really made my day thank you
2008_12_11_17:45:39.043   071.052.058.xxx   pie
2008_12_11_17:47:12.101   087.194.101.xxx   merry christmas!!
2008_12_11_17:48:32.537   074.062.174.xxx   merrry christmas
2008_12_11_17:50:25.726   074.062.174.xxx   palm springs california
2008_12_11_17:51:22.965   082.046.226.xxx   Happy Christmas from Liverpool, UK!
2008_12_11_17:52:30.839   087.194.101.xxx   I want a big old Xmas pie.....mmmmpie
2008_12_11_17:53:41.373   087.194.101.xxx   loads of xmas music, no ads!  LINK DELETED
2008_12_11_17:54:01.813   074.062.174.xxx   wave at the cam
2008_12_11_17:57:06.492   099.237.238.xxx   i dont  think he sees that screen often
2008_12_11_17:58:01.958   070.018.232.xxx   no he's tied into it.
2008_12_11_17:58:28.329   099.237.238.xxx   id wish hed change the midi
2008_12_11_17:58:50.829   070.018.232.xxx   oh, complaining?
2008_12_11_18:01:37.576   099.237.238.xxx   too bad theres nothing we can cantrol in his office
2008_12_11_18:01:49.001   074.062.174.xxx   what is the temp where you are at
2008_12_11_18:02:19.247   070.018.232.xxx   where is the HEMP where you're at?  lmfao!
2008_12_11_18:02:26.270   099.237.238.xxx   me? -4
2008_12_11_18:02:55.855   074.062.174.xxx   wow cold what state do you live in
2008_12_11_18:03:09.530   070.018.232.xxx   no way i could take temps like that, sorry.
2008_12_11_18:03:38.168   099.237.238.xxx   toronto ontario, canada
2008_12_11_18:04:31.795   074.062.174.xxx   60 degrees here in palm springs calif
2008_12_11_18:05:09.908   070.018.232.xxx   52 here in no.va.
2008_12_11_18:05:13.973   099.237.238.xxx   nice
2008_12_11_18:05:26.397   074.062.174.xxx   of corse it gets to 120 in summer
2008_12_11_18:06:03.108   075.070.208.xxx   Happy Thursday from Fountain CO
2008_12_11_18:06:35.188   092.002.122.xxx   Hey lets mae it allll go dark!!!
2008_12_11_18:06:43.545   070.018.232.xxx   i hate cold.. brrrr!
2008_12_11_18:07:04.044   092.002.122.xxx   i hate the cold too! where are you all from?
2008_12_11_18:09:01.557   092.002.122.xxx   I LOVE p***
2008_12_11_18:10:33.109   070.018.232.xxx   um.....
2008_12_11_18:11:43.047   071.010.022.xxx   hi
2008_12_11_18:12:19.425   069.196.135.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2008_12_11_18:13:32.081   076.166.101.xxx   This is great!
2008_12_11_18:13:34.953   069.196.135.xxx   Moriah says Merry Christmas!
2008_12_11_18:14:12.407   076.166.101.xxx   Yeah Rudolph!
2008_12_11_18:14:19.795   099.237.238.xxx   nice
2008_12_11_18:14:54.015   076.166.101.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS REMY!
2008_12_11_18:14:57.661   099.237.238.xxx   oh no! blackout!!!!!
2008_12_11_18:14:58.742   096.233.146.xxx   POOPNUTZ
2008_12_11_18:15:10.058   071.010.022.xxx   i love these lights how do you do it
2008_12_11_18:15:24.751   099.237.238.xxx   toronto ontario, canada
2008_12_11_18:16:15.041   065.174.028.xxx   Did it snow in colorado today
2008_12_11_18:16:37.304   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Snow is a few days old - more coming this weekend ***ALEK***
2008_12_11_18:17:18.066   076.166.101.xxx   Fullerton, Califoria
2008_12_11_18:17:24.429   099.237.238.xxx   heh the site says im addicted! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_11_18:17:35.731   012.178.230.xxx   Alek  is vail still a great place to ski
2008_12_11_18:18:02.429   099.237.238.xxx   alek you  do a great display every year, thankz (11)
2008_12_11_18:18:31.238   012.178.230.xxx   I will ski vail in jan 09
2008_12_11_18:18:39.465   076.166.101.xxx   My first year finding this site... AWESOME!
2008_12_11_18:19:17.382   012.178.230.xxx   Is there a better local to ski
2008_12_11_18:19:32.551   065.174.028.xxx   in colorado
2008_12_11_18:19:52.243   070.245.196.xxx   hi from texas
2008_12_11_18:20:04.703   099.237.238.xxx   theres a house near me like this, LINK DELETED (12)
2008_12_11_18:27:48.083   099.237.238.xxx   whoops didnt know  it blocked urls (13)
2008_12_11_18:30:58.068   098.209.097.xxx   HI From Flushing,mi
2008_12_11_18:31:47.128   068.059.021.xxx   hi from Charleston SC!
2008_12_11_18:32:56.795   098.209.097.xxx   Hey Alex can you Please write respend to my blog question...
2008_12_11_18:33:15.692   074.069.002.xxx   CRU IS DA MAN
2008_12_11_18:34:50.265   076.246.026.xxx   happy holidays to the best site
2008_12_11_18:35:48.804   074.069.002.xxx   I LOVE CAYCEE
2008_12_11_18:36:35.307   076.246.026.xxx   caycee loves mepe text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_11_18:37:11.182   070.018.232.xxx   yeh, yeh,
2008_12_11_18:37:15.208   074.069.002.xxx   Caycee Loves Greg
2008_12_11_18:37:54.624   076.246.026.xxx   yay...the kids are here
2008_12_11_18:38:15.501   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Glad to hear that Caycee Loves Greg ***ALEK***
2008_12_11_18:38:41.836   076.246.026.xxx   caycee...will you marry me?
2008_12_11_18:40:21.539   076.246.026.xxx   no....im in love with george...he is hott
2008_12_11_18:40:35.218   070.018.232.xxx   no  one cares dear.
2008_12_11_18:40:48.232   098.209.097.xxx   Black out!!!
2008_12_11_18:41:05.720   076.246.026.xxx   george cares
2008_12_11_18:41:33.511   098.209.097.xxx   LIONS is the best team in football!!!!
2008_12_11_18:42:15.791   076.246.026.xxx   santa needs a bailout...he cant afford rudolph
2008_12_11_18:42:57.339   067.009.234.xxx   Merry Christmas from fellow celiacs in Texas! This is so cool!
2008_12_11_18:43:24.485   098.209.097.xxx   Detroit Lions best team in football. They are going all-the-way..
2008_12_11_18:54:42.056   074.129.019.xxx   merry christmas from the schmidt's in ky.
2008_12_11_18:57:52.023   205.188.116.xxx   merry christmas
2008_12_11_18:59:11.832   074.129.019.xxx   i love eric schmidt
2008_12_11_19:01:34.186   205.188.116.xxx   merry christmas from the fosters
2008_12_11_19:02:18.141   074.129.019.xxx   merry christmas to u the fosters
2008_12_11_19:03:24.033   074.129.019.xxx   have a very merry christmas
2008_12_11_19:05:32.562   067.161.226.xxx   Merry Christmas from Rossville, Georgia.  We love this site.  What a great caus
2008_12_11_19:06:24.587   071.029.188.xxx   Allen Linda and Carter says Merry Chirstmas
2008_12_11_19:07:05.505   074.129.019.xxx   ERIC LOVES TONYA SCHMIDT IN KY
2008_12_11_19:13:01.711   072.177.114.xxx   Gig Em
2008_12_11_19:14:49.070   074.129.019.xxx   turn everything off
2008_12_11_19:15:44.217   072.177.114.xxx   Hello from Aggieland
2008_12_11_19:16:50.713   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hello from BuffLand! ***ALEK***
2008_12_11_19:23:14.422   209.211.000.xxx   Hello
2008_12_11_19:26:12.380   068.194.244.xxx   hi
2008_12_11_19:27:10.646   203.059.135.xxx   G'Day From WA
2008_12_11_19:29:34.267   096.235.232.xxx   Merry Christmas from Pennsylvania!
2008_12_11_19:29:49.310   098.117.100.xxx   Visiting from Bothell, Wasington AGAIN!!! hellowwww
2008_12_11_19:30:36.711   098.117.100.xxx   Hi again!!! I looove your site I visit often!! Thank you for having it ______WA
2008_12_11_19:30:51.051   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I used to live in Swellevue, WA ... PNW is a nice place! ***ALEK***
2008_12_11_19:31:14.653   098.117.100.xxx   I was BORN in Blahview!!
2008_12_11_19:32:07.953   098.117.100.xxx   It has changed so much over the years
2008_12_11_19:33:49.944   096.235.232.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2008_12_11_19:37:01.274   070.176.057.xxx   All I want for Christmas...
2008_12_11_19:37:03.254   074.129.019.xxx   happy holidays to all
2008_12_11_19:37:40.928   072.069.216.xxx   Hey p**ps! Merry Christmas!
2008_12_11_19:38:15.361   072.069.216.xxx   Hey people! Merry Christmas!
2008_12_11_19:45:41.613   024.197.026.xxx   Merry Christmas from Birmingham, Alabama
2008_12_11_19:48:52.170   096.235.232.xxx   Merry Christmas from Warren Pennsylvania
2008_12_11_19:50:15.276   069.062.212.xxx   cheese is good
2008_12_11_19:50:54.739   024.197.026.xxx   Who doesn't like cheese?
2008_12_11_19:51:30.288   024.235.135.xxx   This conversation is cheesey
2008_12_11_19:51:58.863   096.235.232.xxx   However the lights display is awsome
2008_12_11_19:53:38.987   024.197.026.xxx   What do this guys neighbors think?
2008_12_11_19:54:40.143   065.004.064.xxx   Hello
2008_12_11_19:55:12.257   024.235.135.xxx   Whatcha eating?
2008_12_11_19:55:48.275   065.004.064.xxx   awsome setup
2008_12_11_19:58:23.686   098.163.021.xxx   Hello from VA!
2008_12_11_19:59:20.227   098.163.021.xxx   Thanks Alek for the lights!
2008_12_11_20:02:43.580   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** You are welcome - glad you enjoy the show - please considering donating to Celi ***ALEK***
2008_12_11_20:07:44.044   071.230.033.xxx   cr
2008_12_11_20:07:57.827   070.018.232.xxx   berp. (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_11_20:08:35.563   070.018.232.xxx   preb. (11)
2008_12_11_20:09:05.157   071.230.033.xxx   thank u 4 doing this
2008_12_11_20:09:30.515   070.018.232.xxx   bark! (12)
2008_12_11_20:09:51.853   071.230.033.xxx   CHRISTMAS !!!
2008_12_11_20:09:59.379   070.018.232.xxx   krab. (13)
2008_12_11_20:11:37.920   070.018.232.xxx   i ran out of extension cords, my dmx  setup won't be done. (14)
2008_12_11_20:12:44.596   071.230.033.xxx   how much is ur light bill?
2008_12_11_20:13:56.975   070.018.232.xxx   800,000k! (15)
2008_12_11_20:14:56.517   064.012.116.xxx   12 days xmas
2008_12_11_20:15:14.442   070.018.232.xxx   nu uh,  265 days. (16)
2008_12_11_20:15:47.279   068.083.049.xxx   woah
2008_12_11_20:15:52.325   070.018.232.xxx   the other 100 spent on halloween. (17)
2008_12_11_20:17:33.635   070.018.232.xxx   omg it's a ghost int he  lava lamp! (18)
2008_12_11_20:18:54.030   076.121.080.xxx   falalalalalalalala
2008_12_11_20:19:24.912   076.121.080.xxx   hohohohohohohohohoho
2008_12_11_20:20:08.825   076.121.080.xxx   i have dawned my g** apparel
2008_12_11_20:21:26.908   076.121.080.xxx   cheeses riced
2008_12_11_20:22:44.252   071.201.155.xxx   lol
2008_12_11_20:23:09.608   067.187.109.xxx   ORLY
2008_12_11_20:23:59.526   076.121.080.xxx   iced ink
2008_12_11_20:26:56.141   071.237.173.xxx   hello
2008_12_11_20:27:35.290   071.237.173.xxx   you must be a really good programmer
2008_12_11_20:28:30.400   070.018.232.xxx   yeh with a little  x10 and webcam action yep. (19)
2008_12_11_20:29:07.749   071.237.173.xxx   and a lot of time :)
2008_12_11_20:29:44.219   173.003.009.xxx   Hey man, I love this site!
2008_12_11_20:31:22.357   070.018.232.xxx   alek's tiny head tries to gnaw off the cap on the beer. (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_11_20:39:16.750   065.186.085.xxx   Hello Komar.org
2008_12_11_20:41:38.438   173.048.112.xxx   Great light show!
2008_12_11_20:42:20.878   065.186.085.xxx   Hello Komar Kids
2008_12_11_20:45:35.749   067.081.154.xxx   hello
2008_12_11_20:46:11.183   067.081.154.xxx   i love christmas thanks for doing this!
2008_12_11_20:46:35.920   173.048.112.xxx   Merry Christmas Everyone
2008_12_11_20:46:56.692   067.081.154.xxx   merry christmas
2008_12_11_20:48:09.406   173.048.112.xxx   keep up the good work
2008_12_11_20:53:18.394   076.121.080.xxx   supercool
2008_12_11_20:54:21.718   075.068.238.xxx   BEER
2008_12_11_20:54:57.268   076.121.080.xxx   redrum
2008_12_11_20:55:11.285   075.068.238.xxx   BEER ---___
2008_12_11_20:55:43.499   071.098.072.xxx   Merry Christmas from Sarah
2008_12_11_20:55:49.358   076.121.080.xxx   red hook
2008_12_11_20:56:23.544   071.098.072.xxx   I can't wait to see Santa Love Sarah
2008_12_11_21:06:50.956   072.086.114.xxx   Merry Christmas from Fort Wayne Indiana
2008_12_11_21:09:34.926   024.020.045.xxx   merry christmas from portland or.
2008_12_11_21:09:59.734   071.171.130.xxx   Merry Christmas from West Frankfort, IL
2008_12_11_21:11:47.761   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Merry Christmas from the Republic of Boulder, Colorado ***ALEK***
2008_12_11_21:16:05.582   072.086.114.xxx   GO  AVS!
2008_12_11_21:19:36.769   067.165.213.xxx   Alek...did you ever have wine the other night?
2008_12_11_21:21:01.830   124.188.198.xxx   i like this website
2008_12_11_21:21:52.318   124.188.198.xxx   Merry Christmas from paddy in sydney australia!
2008_12_11_21:26:40.332   154.005.114.xxx   hi
2008_12_11_21:30:49.795   075.145.166.xxx   hi
2008_12_11_21:34:59.011   067.041.216.xxx   quit playing with the lights
2008_12_11_21:38:16.409   066.025.093.xxx   hi!
2008_12_11_21:42:25.950   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, quit turning my lights on and off - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2008_12_11_21:43:06.683   067.041.216.xxx   hi mod
2008_12_11_21:43:30.737   097.100.132.xxx   i wait all year for this awesomeness
2008_12_11_21:43:49.219   067.041.216.xxx   hello from Thailand
2008_12_11_21:44:21.949   097.100.132.xxx   thank you alek, you rule!!!!
2008_12_11_21:45:47.065   067.041.216.xxx   i think i see smoke
2008_12_11_21:47:00.561   097.100.132.xxx   the lights are even crazier this year
2008_12_11_21:53:39.583   071.108.233.xxx   Pretty Colors!
2008_12_11_21:54:40.211   097.100.132.xxx   i wonder if you can see this on google earth?
2008_12_11_21:56:21.278   075.162.035.xxx   OH OH OH
2008_12_11_21:56:30.729   071.108.233.xxx   Maybe you can see it on google earth. It's not real-time though.
2008_12_11_21:56:55.571   075.162.035.xxx   HI CCOOKS
2008_12_11_21:58:11.905   067.041.216.xxx   good bye all
2008_12_11_21:58:26.011   097.100.132.xxx   goodnight
2008_12_11_21:58:59.954   067.041.216.xxx   i think i see smoke

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