294 christmas text messages on 2008/1212

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 4,586 times that day including 2,346 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1212

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2008_12_12_17:00:21.407   081.108.030.xxx   hello elizabeth
2008_12_12_17:00:25.507   082.042.104.xxx   HELLO ALL FROM UK
2008_12_12_17:01:00.384   072.002.068.xxx   Hi Jen in Ohio
2008_12_12_17:01:02.896   081.108.030.xxx   Warwick is just as bright!!!!
2008_12_12_17:01:04.518   079.078.251.xxx   I love you Ais x X x
2008_12_12_17:01:08.382   064.203.014.xxx   hi
2008_12_12_17:01:14.076   082.042.104.xxx   CHESTNUTS ON AN OPEN FIRE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_12_17:01:20.024   076.006.006.xxx   Delta 88 FTW!
2008_12_12_17:01:37.933   079.078.251.xxx   I love you Ais x X x
2008_12_12_17:01:46.619   082.042.104.xxx   ITS MIDNIGHT HERE
2008_12_12_17:02:10.809   076.006.006.xxx   Ever actually sit there and read this?
2008_12_12_17:02:19.711   068.055.196.xxx   What a teaser, big news Monday. . . Denver station made a celiac contribution?
2008_12_12_17:02:20.158   082.027.114.xxx   Happy Holidays! Nath, Portsmouth, England
2008_12_12_17:02:26.391   082.042.104.xxx   WAVE ALEK YOU A LEGEND KEEP IT UP
2008_12_12_17:02:34.736   081.108.030.xxx   I have stayed up to do this Warwick
2008_12_12_17:02:57.566   092.072.040.xxx   just amazing
2008_12_12_17:03:11.731   082.027.114.xxx   OI OI everyones from England by the looks of things
2008_12_12_17:03:11.891   079.078.251.xxx   Merry Xmas Alek, wish you and your family the best
2008_12_12_17:03:13.799   086.013.176.xxx   hiya!!
2008_12_12_17:03:18.539   076.006.006.xxx   Pretty nifty. I like the on/off on the roof
2008_12_12_17:03:48.289   086.013.176.xxx   this is awesome dude!!
2008_12_12_17:03:49.832   092.072.040.xxx   I was waiting all day justto inflate Elmo :-)
2008_12_12_17:04:15.155   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Elmo has been waiting all day to be inflated! ***ALEK***
2008_12_12_17:04:42.075   024.064.223.xxx   too kewl
2008_12_12_17:04:49.016   092.072.040.xxx   :-)
2008_12_12_17:05:00.695   086.013.176.xxx   ive been waiting for the last houur and a half to see this workin
2008_12_12_17:05:41.154   086.013.176.xxx   and im not dissapointed!
2008_12_12_17:05:54.142   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wireless network is a bit slow tonight - 802.11 jammer in the neighborhood? ***ALEK***
2008_12_12_17:06:16.490   086.013.176.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_12_17:06:36.993   092.072.040.xxx   thank you for your work - I bet you make a lots of people happy with the cams
2008_12_12_17:07:00.724   082.027.114.xxx   HeY hEy HeY!!
2008_12_12_17:07:11.475   081.108.030.xxx   i think you should get more buttons next year and lights see it from space
2008_12_12_17:07:33.655   067.162.077.xxx   Hey from Portage, indiana
2008_12_12_17:08:00.890   082.042.104.xxx   all turn off to prove not automaitically controlled
2008_12_12_17:08:01.429   067.162.077.xxx   :waves:
2008_12_12_17:08:02.444   082.027.114.xxx   Whos Going to Win X Factor Tommorow? Alexandra!
2008_12_12_17:08:03.850   076.228.124.xxx   Merry Christmas from Blue Springs, Missouri!
2008_12_12_17:08:18.370   079.072.111.xxx   Groovy lava lamp Alek!
2008_12_12_17:08:33.886   092.072.040.xxx   merry x-mas from moers germany
2008_12_12_17:08:52.350   082.042.104.xxx   all turn off to prove not automatically controlled
2008_12_12_17:09:29.073   081.108.030.xxx   b****en we wont see nothing
2008_12_12_17:09:54.363   082.042.104.xxx   as i thought
2008_12_12_17:11:33.425   082.016.134.xxx   merry xmas from the uk
2008_12_12_17:11:50.201   081.108.030.xxx   yey for the uk
2008_12_12_17:11:55.702   082.027.114.xxx   Simon Cowell and his High Waisted Trousers
2008_12_12_17:11:56.817   082.042.104.xxx   where in the uk
2008_12_12_17:12:13.160   079.078.251.xxx   Merry Xmas From Kazachstahn
2008_12_12_17:12:16.567   090.209.111.xxx   Hi im andrew merry xmas
2008_12_12_17:12:17.079   082.016.134.xxx   staffordshire
2008_12_12_17:12:40.577   082.042.104.xxx   i know staffs, liverpool here
2008_12_12_17:12:43.454   082.027.114.xxx   Portsmouth, England PLAY UP POMPEY!
2008_12_12_17:12:52.076   079.078.251.xxx   ASL? l0L
2008_12_12_17:12:54.780   082.016.134.xxx   hellooo
2008_12_12_17:13:00.335   090.209.111.xxx   Merry xmas from kent police
2008_12_12_17:13:09.350   082.042.104.xxx   hello ports (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_12_17:13:12.501   092.072.040.xxx   merry x-mas to everbody!
2008_12_12_17:13:24.804   082.027.114.xxx   Hello, How You Doin?
2008_12_12_17:13:31.030   079.078.251.xxx   Merry Xmas From The Cheese Thief
2008_12_12_17:13:31.121   086.145.027.xxx   hello
2008_12_12_17:13:33.263   082.016.134.xxx   great light show again this year
2008_12_12_17:13:36.237   075.090.119.xxx   hi
2008_12_12_17:13:37.035   067.162.077.xxx   God Bless America
2008_12_12_17:13:38.105   081.108.030.xxx   remember dont eat yellow snow
2008_12_12_17:13:49.424   090.209.111.xxx   ARSENAL!!
2008_12_12_17:13:52.401   076.208.046.xxx   This is cool!
2008_12_12_17:13:55.576   082.042.104.xxx   iant ya supposed be aresting p**ps (11)
2008_12_12_17:14:13.285   081.108.030.xxx   police do work?
2008_12_12_17:14:15.478   082.027.114.xxx   How are you? from (Portsmouth)
2008_12_12_17:14:15.655   086.145.027.xxx   give us a wave!!
2008_12_12_17:14:28.430   086.140.234.xxx   hello
2008_12_12_17:14:31.797   090.209.111.xxx   ITS QUIET TONIGHT GOT LOTS OF PAPERWORK
2008_12_12_17:14:33.007   092.072.040.xxx   not just amerika - god bless all the good people
2008_12_12_17:14:41.891   076.208.046.xxx   Hi, Emily, Stephanie, Evie, and Sadie!
2008_12_12_17:14:44.221   082.027.114.xxx   weyyyyyyy oi oi
2008_12_12_17:14:47.450   082.016.134.xxx   yeaaaa
2008_12_12_17:14:54.695   079.078.251.xxx   Wow! He's Interactive Too!!
2008_12_12_17:14:59.322   090.209.111.xxx   ITS QUIET TONIGHT GOT LOTS OF PAPERWORK
2008_12_12_17:15:01.307   082.042.104.xxx   all do a mexican wave around the world (12)
2008_12_12_17:15:06.941   067.162.077.xxx   i look forward to this site every year!
2008_12_12_17:15:17.315   082.016.134.xxx   me too
2008_12_12_17:15:18.036   082.027.114.xxx   Print Screen (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_12_17:15:30.948   090.209.111.xxx   WILL IT BE UP NEXT YEAR?
2008_12_12_17:15:33.914   092.072.040.xxx   this is my favorite site
2008_12_12_17:15:54.143   067.162.077.xxx   I remember finding it origiinally through LINK DELETED
2008_12_12_17:15:58.134   090.209.111.xxx   WAVE
2008_12_12_17:15:58.323   081.108.030.xxx   rub your belly and pat your head....you need that button alek
2008_12_12_17:16:12.929   082.042.104.xxx   like ya new toy on left off screen alek.  HO HO HO (13)
2008_12_12_17:16:26.938   082.027.114.xxx   Party Time (11)
2008_12_12_17:16:37.538   090.209.111.xxx   GIVE US A WAVE
2008_12_12_17:16:40.796   079.078.251.xxx   'night alek, amazing job :)
2008_12_12_17:16:56.095   081.108.030.xxx   whats everyones favourite light/inflatable (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_12_17:17:03.956   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, new toy is an LCD ornament - Black Friday Door Buster impulse buy ***ALEK***
2008_12_12_17:17:16.779   076.208.046.xxx   Hey, the red clock in the back goes the wrong way
2008_12_12_17:17:19.487   082.027.114.xxx   Shouldn't I Be Out Clubbing? (12)
2008_12_12_17:17:21.640   090.209.111.xxx   GIVE US A WAVE
2008_12_12_17:17:27.581   082.016.134.xxx   love the frosty family
2008_12_12_17:17:41.669   082.042.104.xxx   weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (14)
2008_12_12_17:17:43.510   086.013.176.xxx   dont your neighbours get annoyed at the lights flashing on and off and the stuf
2008_12_12_17:18:00.403   090.209.111.xxx   HELLO FROM KENT POLICE GOODBYE (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_12_17:18:03.899   216.143.120.xxx   Love the lights
2008_12_12_17:18:34.397   082.042.104.xxx   theres not enough people like alek in this world (15)
2008_12_12_17:18:56.687   216.143.120.xxx   Hello
2008_12_12_17:19:18.659   081.108.030.xxx   wow itd be cool if there was imagine a whole street going on and off (11)
2008_12_12_17:19:39.945   082.042.104.xxx   merry christmas alek to you and family from uk. (16)
2008_12_12_17:19:53.779   076.208.046.xxx   merry Christmas
2008_12_12_17:20:51.475   082.042.104.xxx   night all iam off to bed. its 00.20am here . night (17)
2008_12_12_17:21:13.062   086.001.133.xxx   hi again from Ray in lancs uk
2008_12_12_17:22:00.726   092.072.040.xxx   good night alek and everybody else - I need some sleep
2008_12_12_17:22:05.957   082.016.134.xxx   merry xmas jim xxx
2008_12_12_17:22:54.855   076.228.124.xxx   Olivia says hi! She is 3.
2008_12_12_17:23:33.546   082.027.114.xxx   Good Nite, Alek Keep Up The AMazing Work And Happy Holidays From Me In Portsmou (13)
2008_12_12_17:23:34.240   090.208.105.xxx   I hope you raise a lot of money this year well done to you & family from JI
2008_12_12_17:24:14.610   082.027.114.xxx   Good Nite, Alek Keep Up The AMazing Work And Happy Holidays From Me In Portsmou (14)
2008_12_12_17:25:33.450   076.228.124.xxx   Olivia Olivia Olivia   sorry
2008_12_12_17:26:44.056   090.208.105.xxx   Merry Christmas from the UK xx
2008_12_12_17:27:16.882   076.188.129.xxx   hello allison
2008_12_12_17:27:48.566   076.188.129.xxx   you are awesome allison
2008_12_12_17:28:14.229   076.188.129.xxx   Elmo Rules
2008_12_12_17:28:38.734   076.188.129.xxx   Phqu
2008_12_12_17:29:53.850   076.188.129.xxx   Harry was Here.
2008_12_12_17:30:10.787   217.238.234.xxx   Huhu from german
2008_12_12_17:30:37.845   076.188.129.xxx   Elmo is hairy like a lion.
2008_12_12_17:31:13.988   076.188.129.xxx   Pooh rocks
2008_12_12_17:32:01.698   202.089.190.xxx   Hi Declan
2008_12_12_17:32:16.252   076.188.129.xxx   How are you Declan
2008_12_12_17:33:49.427   076.188.129.xxx   Time to make the Donuts.
2008_12_12_17:34:30.955   202.089.190.xxx   Declan Says, "I'm Grrrrrrrrreat"
2008_12_12_17:40:22.926   091.104.151.xxx   Merry Christmas America :)
2008_12_12_17:41:03.882   070.176.057.xxx   I made the doughnuts.
2008_12_12_17:41:12.581   202.089.190.xxx   declan    alan
2008_12_12_17:41:34.216   024.067.140.xxx   BAM
2008_12_12_17:41:48.932   084.144.072.xxx   HELLO FROM GERMANY!
2008_12_12_17:41:57.472   202.089.190.xxx   bam
2008_12_12_17:42:03.754   024.067.140.xxx   Reanna is kool!
2008_12_12_17:42:34.682   084.144.072.xxx   maybe
2008_12_12_17:42:51.059   202.089.190.xxx   kooi     rob
2008_12_12_17:43:24.595   084.144.072.xxx   let___s save energy an turn all the lights off
2008_12_12_17:43:42.300   202.089.190.xxx   dad
2008_12_12_17:43:45.944   098.162.179.xxx   This is the most horrifying website I've see since ****
2008_12_12_17:44:47.854   202.089.190.xxx   dad   is     declan     and      declan
2008_12_12_17:44:57.699   098.162.179.xxx   If there was an animated gif with a guy on a jackhammer I would not be surprised
2008_12_12_17:46:05.324   202.089.190.xxx   loles    mmm
2008_12_12_17:47:19.391   084.144.072.xxx   hi from germany
2008_12_12_17:48:55.294   070.176.057.xxx   Wie gehts!
2008_12_12_17:49:22.620   084.144.072.xxx   gut gut und selbst?
2008_12_12_17:50:06.743   070.176.057.xxx   Sehr gut.
2008_12_12_17:50:58.070   084.144.072.xxx   wo kommst denn her?
2008_12_12_17:51:08.547   067.162.077.xxx   wonder what the big announcement is.....hmmm
2008_12_12_17:51:34.416   070.176.057.xxx   Ist bin Tucson, Arizona.
2008_12_12_17:53:45.986   084.144.072.xxx   good night guys
2008_12_12_17:58:08.281   072.081.021.xxx   Merry Christmas Some_Day_Soling!
2008_12_12_18:00:59.770   074.249.102.xxx   merry x mas andrew
2008_12_12_18:02:38.032   070.176.057.xxx   How many Andrews are on here?
2008_12_12_18:03:34.847   074.249.102.xxx   Andrew from Spanish Fort Alabama
2008_12_12_18:05:13.298   074.249.102.xxx   Roll Tide
2008_12_12_18:06:50.890   098.209.097.xxx   roll
2008_12_12_18:09:32.899   070.018.227.xxx   egg roll.
2008_12_12_18:12:28.629   070.176.057.xxx   dinner roll
2008_12_12_18:19:21.207   067.212.184.xxx   feliz navidaz from Havana club ron
2008_12_12_18:19:42.066   067.212.184.xxx   hello from cuba
2008_12_12_18:22:53.240   069.019.014.xxx   hello fom edna texas!!!
2008_12_12_18:24:40.814   067.212.184.xxx   hola Komar que est___n bien hombre
2008_12_12_18:25:27.719   067.212.184.xxx   ___qu___ est___s recibiendo Wendy para Navidad
2008_12_12_18:26:17.329   067.212.184.xxx   darle una gran w*****
2008_12_12_18:26:55.394   069.019.014.xxx   Hi edna Texas
2008_12_12_18:27:45.446   069.019.014.xxx   Awsome lights
2008_12_12_18:28:01.600   067.212.184.xxx   Mam wielki kogut dla Wendy
2008_12_12_18:28:39.843   069.019.014.xxx   Eh?
2008_12_12_18:28:44.045   072.144.236.xxx   Hi West Palm Beach
2008_12_12_18:28:51.820   076.098.136.xxx   I love this!
2008_12_12_18:29:06.073   069.019.014.xxx   hi dude
2008_12_12_18:29:22.621   067.212.184.xxx   mich zu haben gro___e Hahn f___r Wendy
2008_12_12_18:29:25.762   076.098.136.xxx   This is awesome!  Ho there guy in the room
2008_12_12_18:29:54.870   067.212.184.xxx   Alek are you done shopping for the wife
2008_12_12_18:30:04.560   098.209.097.xxx   hidey ho neighbor
2008_12_12_18:30:22.392   069.019.014.xxx   Your lights are awsome I'm trying to make mine sync to music
2008_12_12_18:32:11.621   076.098.136.xxx   This is hysterical
2008_12_12_18:32:16.023   067.212.184.xxx   Alek, Wendy sagen, Sie haben kleine wewe
2008_12_12_18:35:20.964   076.098.136.xxx   Guten abend alled deutschland!
2008_12_12_18:35:56.077   072.144.236.xxx   Merry Christmas
2008_12_12_18:38:46.438   076.098.136.xxx   Celiac diease is when you can't eat gluten and stuff, right
2008_12_12_18:39:51.524   067.087.246.xxx   i really like this a lot- i am 5-merry christmas to u all
2008_12_12_18:40:11.965   173.024.103.xxx   Merry Christmas from Arthur, IL! :) ArianaCherry.biz !
2008_12_12_18:40:29.075   076.098.136.xxx   merry christmas to all and to all a good night
2008_12_12_18:40:39.369   070.176.057.xxx   You cant eat gluten in wheat, rye, barley, oats.
2008_12_12_18:41:02.693   173.024.103.xxx   Im wishing for sunshine on Christmas!...no snow...
2008_12_12_18:41:05.512   067.212.184.xxx   Deutschland wird sich wieder ein Tag (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_12_18:41:18.897   070.176.057.xxx   ...or anything made with wheat rye barley oats
2008_12_12_18:41:50.800   066.074.218.xxx   ali
2008_12_12_18:42:02.121   076.098.136.xxx   and no flour
2008_12_12_18:42:16.033   067.212.184.xxx   Z___liakie ist alles in Ihrem Kopf (11)
2008_12_12_18:42:20.824   070.176.057.xxx   flour is made from wheat.
2008_12_12_18:43:09.665   067.087.246.xxx   merry christmas. thank u for this every year. i am 10 yrs
2008_12_12_18:43:14.915   173.024.103.xxx   love and joy on Christmas day....
2008_12_12_18:43:22.395   070.176.057.xxx   Die Nagatier! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_12_18:43:49.969   173.024.103.xxx   I love this website...Its my favorite Christmas website to visit! :)
2008_12_12_18:44:29.908   066.074.218.xxx   Hi Ali!!
2008_12_12_18:45:01.523   070.176.057.xxx   Kuchenshabe. (11)
2008_12_12_18:47:11.272   066.074.218.xxx   from your Secret Santa
2008_12_12_18:49:17.912   067.087.246.xxx   i love this place   katherine
2008_12_12_18:54:12.711   067.162.060.xxx   Merry Christmas Sharon, Diane,Renee,Debbie!
2008_12_12_18:57:04.987   076.103.092.xxx   Cant wait until January 20th!
2008_12_12_18:57:55.903   076.103.092.xxx   Hi Alek!
2008_12_12_18:59:54.117   064.012.116.xxx   13 days to xmas
2008_12_12_19:03:07.424   076.103.092.xxx   on the 12th day of christmas....
2008_12_12_19:06:56.424   098.209.097.xxx   my true love gave to me
2008_12_12_19:07:47.217   098.209.097.xxx   a pardridge in a pear tree!
2008_12_12_19:10:52.796   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** How about did your true love give you an inflatable Homer Simpson - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2008_12_12_19:17:48.461   086.101.153.xxx   I love Dominatrix Akva forever!
2008_12_12_19:21:38.513   086.101.153.xxx   akva.extra.hu
2008_12_12_19:25:13.095   067.212.184.xxx   Obama ist ein St___ck Schei___e (12)
2008_12_12_19:26:04.697   067.212.184.xxx   Obama wird ein gelegenen Arschloch (13)
2008_12_12_19:27:33.546   067.212.184.xxx   die liberalen Medien bashed Bush f___r acht Jahre. (14)
2008_12_12_19:31:41.523   070.254.039.xxx   Hello from John Shady Tyler texas
2008_12_12_19:32:37.525   070.254.039.xxx   Tyler And Austins Love to the troops God Sp**d
2008_12_12_19:33:36.056   070.254.039.xxx   Holly Carroll Says Hi to all the rednecks
2008_12_12_19:37:36.623   070.254.039.xxx   Hey whos Out there?
2008_12_12_19:38:13.946   071.175.217.xxx   PLEASE TURN EVERYTHING OFF!
2008_12_12_19:39:16.939   070.254.039.xxx   Please shut up
2008_12_12_19:39:39.425   024.177.038.xxx   HO HO HO
2008_12_12_19:40:05.682   070.254.039.xxx   Hey hey hey
2008_12_12_19:40:49.983   024.177.038.xxx   YOU ARE AWESOME
2008_12_12_19:40:53.287   070.254.039.xxx   Hey ladie in the green shirt
2008_12_12_19:41:23.836   024.177.038.xxx   HELLO YOU
2008_12_12_19:41:28.547   070.254.039.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2008_12_12_19:42:18.074   024.177.038.xxx   DUDE AT THE COMP IS OFF THE HIZZOCK
2008_12_12_19:42:24.670   070.254.039.xxx   Need a Job will work for cookies Sign....Santa
2008_12_12_19:42:28.489   068.039.141.xxx   Hi santa
2008_12_12_19:42:58.716   070.254.039.xxx   Heelo there (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_12_19:42:59.749   024.177.038.xxx   SANTA NEEDS MORE COOOOOKIES
2008_12_12_19:43:56.007   070.254.039.xxx   Little boys and girls go to bed iam on my way santa (11)
2008_12_12_19:44:24.067   024.177.038.xxx   SANTA IS SO NICE TO ME
2008_12_12_19:44:48.666   070.254.039.xxx   Ho Ho mmmmmm! (12)
2008_12_12_19:45:37.983   070.254.039.xxx   All white people report to cooton feilds sign Obama (13)
2008_12_12_19:46:17.321   070.254.039.xxx   Ha ha ha (14)
2008_12_12_19:46:53.855   070.254.039.xxx   Guy in chair wave to us (15)
2008_12_12_19:47:20.354   024.023.213.xxx   Alek- CAM2 B&W sometimes
2008_12_12_19:49:45.737   070.254.039.xxx   Knock Knock (16)
2008_12_12_19:50:06.131   024.023.213.xxx   who's there?
2008_12_12_19:50:44.031   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Roger on the occasional cam dropouts - new wireless router is acting strange ... ***ALEK***
2008_12_12_19:52:04.361   074.129.172.xxx   hi from kentucky
2008_12_12_19:52:52.853   070.254.039.xxx   Hello from North Pole (17)
2008_12_12_19:54:27.543   070.254.039.xxx   Kentucky must be penacostal (18)
2008_12_12_19:55:28.174   206.053.078.xxx   merry chritmas
2008_12_12_19:56:02.156   206.053.078.xxx   hi dad
2008_12_12_19:56:39.433   070.254.039.xxx   Hi son (19)
2008_12_12_20:05:50.940   024.023.213.xxx   There ya go!
2008_12_12_20:11:19.419   024.235.142.xxx   hi big guy
2008_12_12_20:12:06.249   206.053.078.xxx   DOH!
2008_12_12_20:12:48.026   070.176.057.xxx   Festivus for the rest of us! (12)
2008_12_12_20:13:18.520   067.162.077.xxx   wonder what the big announcement is?? hmmm
2008_12_12_20:13:53.773   206.053.078.xxx   HO HO HO. santa had too much egg nog
2008_12_12_20:13:57.514   089.247.086.xxx   greetings from Germany, here is 4:13 AM
2008_12_12_20:14:00.938   070.176.057.xxx   I hope the announcement isn't that*** fake. Heehehe. (13)
2008_12_12_20:14:32.709   206.053.078.xxx   somebody's been hitting the vanilla extract...
2008_12_12_20:15:04.270   067.162.077.xxx   UMMM! Vanilla Extract!
2008_12_12_20:17:00.297   206.053.078.xxx   bartender, can i have a coff of cupp**?
2008_12_12_20:18:13.101   206.053.078.xxx   oh no yellow snow?
2008_12_12_20:21:45.300   067.170.071.xxx   Hey from Seattle
2008_12_12_20:28:43.624   068.042.002.xxx   Santa
2008_12_12_20:31:25.805   067.140.111.xxx   Hello
2008_12_12_20:40:12.100   075.065.195.xxx   hello from madison mississippi
2008_12_12_20:40:18.537   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Monday announcement will be finger licking good!!! ***ALEK***
2008_12_12_20:41:05.913   075.065.195.xxx   did y'all hear about all the snow mississippi got a couple days ago?
2008_12_12_20:44:23.631   068.116.145.xxx   Hello from Fort Worth, TX
2008_12_12_20:58:53.937   216.087.095.xxx   Hello white people!
2008_12_12_20:59:48.964   067.161.198.xxx   nobama
2008_12_12_21:00:19.243   067.161.198.xxx   no bail out, no uaw!
2008_12_12_21:00:50.763   067.161.198.xxx   long duct dong
2008_12_12_21:01:21.194   067.161.198.xxx   cream of sum yung guy
2008_12_12_21:05:07.356   024.126.096.xxx   Go Terps
2008_12_12_21:07:50.965   068.207.149.xxx   Roll Tide!!!
2008_12_12_21:11:00.701   076.121.080.xxx   christmas is love
2008_12_12_21:11:59.127   071.254.061.xxx   what time is it?
2008_12_12_21:12:02.606   092.233.180.xxx   Awesome!
2008_12_12_21:12:42.070   071.254.061.xxx   this music is driving me nuts!
2008_12_12_21:14:20.084   024.126.096.xxx   Ykno u can turn it off - up on the top right
2008_12_12_21:17:38.457   071.190.010.xxx   hi
2008_12_12_21:18:29.661   024.210.123.xxx   Hello Merry Christmas !
2008_12_12_21:19:12.230   076.103.092.xxx   Happy Christmas
2008_12_12_21:19:12.562   068.228.230.xxx   Great light show, Happy Holidays
2008_12_12_21:19:47.404   076.103.092.xxx   Happy Christmas
2008_12_12_21:27:44.338   068.228.230.xxx   Merry Christmas from AZ Thx for the show!
2008_12_12_21:29:45.715   189.205.142.xxx   Feliz Navidad from Mty.N.L. Mexico de Edgarnomics
2008_12_12_21:35:57.217   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I used to live in ABQ, NM ... enjoyed it ***ALEK***
2008_12_12_21:36:55.719   071.190.010.xxx   alek where are u?
2008_12_12_21:37:42.551   071.190.010.xxx   i don't see u in the cam
2008_12_12_21:38:53.866   071.190.010.xxx   where can u be??? tell me
2008_12_12_21:40:50.838   189.205.142.xxx   Mty.Mexico: FEliz NAvidad:Edgarnomics
2008_12_12_21:56:38.003   067.142.130.xxx   Hello from Galena, Alaska
2008_12_12_21:56:56.772   071.097.059.xxx   Merry Christmas, Alex!!!
2008_12_12_21:57:08.005   069.226.120.xxx   woohoo The Dark Knight!
2008_12_12_21:58:43.843   067.142.130.xxx   2 minutes left
2008_12_12_21:59:56.365   067.142.130.xxx   Bye from KIYU radio

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