593 christmas text messages on 2008/1214

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 10,318 times that day including 7,172 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1214

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2008_12_14_17:00:16.623   075.134.189.xxx   hi everybody
2008_12_14_17:00:27.712   082.039.019.xxx   Merry xmas from todd uk
2008_12_14_17:00:45.681   071.131.017.xxx   hi
2008_12_14_17:00:49.735   075.092.010.xxx   first one hahaha
2008_12_14_17:01:17.644   064.222.228.xxx   oh how mature
2008_12_14_17:01:33.410   072.152.099.xxx   Hellow
2008_12_14_17:02:05.945   096.252.192.xxx   Rodney Griffin is a nerd
2008_12_14_17:02:29.797   070.122.091.xxx   Hello world!
2008_12_14_17:02:42.216   082.042.104.xxx   hi all merry xmas jackie uk
2008_12_14_17:02:47.380   082.039.019.xxx   ********366 lol
2008_12_14_17:02:51.468   071.131.017.xxx   hello
2008_12_14_17:02:53.151   096.252.192.xxx   Alek is the MAN
2008_12_14_17:02:59.139   064.222.228.xxx   this has to be the coolest thing ever
2008_12_14_17:03:35.370   082.042.104.xxx   it is awsome i come here every day
2008_12_14_17:03:41.898   082.027.114.xxx   Alexandra, X Factor, Amazing!
2008_12_14_17:03:47.062   071.131.017.xxx   =)
2008_12_14_17:03:54.739   068.021.046.xxx   visit LINK DELETED
2008_12_14_17:03:57.121   024.058.192.xxx   Did he have to go poop?
2008_12_14_17:04:26.386   068.021.046.xxx   hello
2008_12_14_17:05:02.605   071.131.017.xxx   yay Ive been waiting so long to do this
2008_12_14_17:05:35.046   064.222.228.xxx   whats with KFC?
2008_12_14_17:05:41.997   098.022.028.xxx   Hello from Levelland Texas
2008_12_14_17:06:09.588   173.088.249.xxx   wa**up
2008_12_14_17:06:49.017   173.088.249.xxx   hi
2008_12_14_17:07:21.814   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Waaazzzzzuppppp!!!! ***ALEK***
2008_12_14_17:07:26.337   082.027.114.xxx   you dont really care for music do ya? it goes like this the fourth the fifth...
2008_12_14_17:07:29.532   068.037.189.xxx   merry christmas from lock haven,pa.
2008_12_14_17:08:21.399   068.037.189.xxx   peace
2008_12_14_17:08:32.846   064.222.228.xxx   Merry Christmas From MAINE!
2008_12_14_17:09:04.875   071.061.018.xxx   Merry Christma**!! only 10 more days!
2008_12_14_17:10:00.149   071.061.018.xxx   Beautiful xmas decorations! What do you neighbors think of all the flashing? lol
2008_12_14_17:10:04.135   071.131.017.xxx   yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
2008_12_14_17:10:27.505   064.222.228.xxx   james say hello
2008_12_14_17:10:34.035   071.061.018.xxx   Great idea. Must have took much work
2008_12_14_17:10:44.118   071.110.012.xxx   Merry Christmas to all of the toys and people of the world!!!
2008_12_14_17:11:05.747   071.061.018.xxx   Wave eto the camera!
2008_12_14_17:11:46.298   068.219.096.xxx   Hello to Freeshares and friends from Duelboard!!!
2008_12_14_17:11:55.174   071.061.018.xxx   PLEASE WAVE TO THE DARN CAMERA!!
2008_12_14_17:12:31.079   071.061.018.xxx   Did you wave?
2008_12_14_17:13:03.577   071.061.018.xxx   yayy!!
2008_12_14_17:13:03.897   071.131.017.xxx   he cant see you
2008_12_14_17:13:36.866   071.061.018.xxx   beeotch
2008_12_14_17:14:24.870   074.129.165.xxx   go homer!
2008_12_14_17:15:19.454   064.222.228.xxx   this has got to be the coolest thing i have ever seen
2008_12_14_17:15:22.297   195.093.021.xxx   hi this is robbie from uk saying merry christmas
2008_12_14_17:16:44.417   195.093.021.xxx   this is fantastic, well done for a great idea
2008_12_14_17:16:59.923   068.219.096.xxx   HELLO TO FREINDS AT LINK DELETED
2008_12_14_17:17:18.104   071.131.017.xxx   I love it
2008_12_14_17:17:41.842   068.219.096.xxx   HELLO TO FRIENDS AT DUELBOARD
2008_12_14_17:17:56.909   068.055.196.xxx   I WAVED RIGHT BACK DID YOU SEE ME
2008_12_14_17:19:00.640   068.219.096.xxx   hellooooooo Rookers at duelboard!
2008_12_14_17:19:43.221   066.066.075.xxx   TLINK DELETED
2008_12_14_17:20:34.833   075.134.189.xxx   thank you for bringing this to the world
2008_12_14_17:20:51.176   195.093.021.xxx   is there any one apart from me watching from UK?
2008_12_14_17:21:14.039   071.131.017.xxx   I love it
2008_12_14_17:21:28.737   082.042.104.xxx   im in uk
2008_12_14_17:21:42.518   068.219.096.xxx   hello freeshares and friends from duelboard
2008_12_14_17:22:02.681   074.137.137.xxx   so cool
2008_12_14_17:22:47.303   209.183.051.xxx   Hey Tonyyyyyyyyyy
2008_12_14_17:22:54.028   066.066.075.xxx   hi
2008_12_14_17:23:19.572   064.012.116.xxx   10 day's to christmas
2008_12_14_17:23:44.948   209.183.051.xxx   Hello RookLovers and Rook Playerssssssss
2008_12_14_17:23:52.297   066.066.075.xxx   track santa at norad dot mil starting the 24th
2008_12_14_17:24:19.864   089.247.078.xxx   hello from germany :)
2008_12_14_17:24:26.601   082.042.104.xxx   3 days to my birthday yayy
2008_12_14_17:24:28.081   069.047.241.xxx   Ho Ho Ho!!! Merry Christmas!
2008_12_14_17:24:54.786   195.093.021.xxx   email me at LINK DELETED
2008_12_14_17:25:00.196   066.065.214.xxx   THIS IS SO SWEET!
2008_12_14_17:25:15.554   078.052.102.xxx   move move ___D
2008_12_14_17:25:55.009   066.066.075.xxx   fixing the screen?
2008_12_14_17:26:26.202   078.052.102.xxx   well done :)
2008_12_14_17:26:53.376   195.093.021.xxx   email me at LINK DELETED
2008_12_14_17:26:58.184   066.065.214.xxx   I JUST INFLATED ELMO
2008_12_14_17:27:05.032   078.052.102.xxx   clean me ______
2008_12_14_17:27:13.360   074.137.137.xxx   merry christmas from kentucky
2008_12_14_17:27:33.409   089.247.078.xxx   ho ho ho from germany :)
2008_12_14_17:27:59.727   074.137.137.xxx   hohoho
2008_12_14_17:28:16.924   082.042.104.xxx   hi germany from jackie uk
2008_12_14_17:29:04.488   068.219.096.xxx   Hello my friends from TonyMontana
2008_12_14_17:29:11.101   098.022.028.xxx   hello jackie
2008_12_14_17:29:13.170   066.065.214.xxx   I wonder if all this will overload a circuit
2008_12_14_17:29:23.866   066.066.075.xxx   Hi Ryan
2008_12_14_17:29:27.446   082.042.104.xxx   hi
2008_12_14_17:29:40.198   089.247.078.xxx   hi jackie from germany :)
2008_12_14_17:30:00.016   066.066.075.xxx   WilliaMSON ny
2008_12_14_17:30:18.267   098.022.028.xxx   TEXAS
2008_12_14_17:30:27.875   082.042.104.xxx   :)
2008_12_14_17:30:31.834   066.066.075.xxx   Happy Hollidays
2008_12_14_17:30:40.316   074.137.137.xxx   henderson, ky
2008_12_14_17:30:55.228   068.219.096.xxx   hello my friends from TonyMontana
2008_12_14_17:35:07.442   066.065.214.xxx   I can't stop deflating Santa
2008_12_14_17:36:31.934   066.066.075.xxx   Hi Sandy and Meg
2008_12_14_17:37:05.408   024.003.198.xxx   Go STEELERS
2008_12_14_17:38:37.762   012.034.010.xxx   hi
2008_12_14_17:39:35.562   012.034.010.xxx   hdsuygfaasuddddddddd
2008_12_14_17:40:10.692   066.065.214.xxx   8___O
2008_12_14_17:40:13.976   012.034.010.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshasian people r cool!op Cam!
2008_12_14_17:40:48.712   066.065.214.xxx   8___O
2008_12_14_17:41:02.562   012.034.010.xxx   You recently IM'ed - window will refresh when you can do again
2008_12_14_17:41:12.834   066.065.214.xxx   : )
2008_12_14_17:41:16.367   076.221.216.xxx   o*****
2008_12_14_17:41:20.977   070.122.091.xxx   haha
2008_12_14_17:41:27.563   012.034.010.xxx   You recently IM'ed - window will refresh when you can do againYou recently IM'e
2008_12_14_17:42:11.348   066.065.214.xxx   That latter santa is the man
2008_12_14_17:42:21.954   070.122.091.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_14_17:44:45.780   068.219.096.xxx   hello duelboard friends
2008_12_14_17:45:49.852   068.057.139.xxx   This site rocks!
2008_12_14_17:46:41.009   064.222.228.xxx   I wuv U Maggie!
2008_12_14_17:47:51.591   068.057.139.xxx   Jingle Bells
2008_12_14_17:50:30.772   068.219.096.xxx   Will u marry me Chet?
2008_12_14_17:50:48.999   068.057.139.xxx   NO
2008_12_14_17:51:15.098   082.042.104.xxx   text&cr
2008_12_14_17:51:31.722   068.219.096.xxx   sure is dark (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_14_17:52:02.657   068.219.096.xxx   how about now? (11)
2008_12_14_17:52:04.954   082.042.104.xxx   how ya see this santas workshop anyone
2008_12_14_17:52:13.825   209.183.051.xxx   Tonyyyyyyyyyyyy  Babyyyyyyy
2008_12_14_17:53:16.151   068.219.096.xxx   lol (12)
2008_12_14_17:54:44.539   068.057.139.xxx   why you gotta be gross
2008_12_14_17:58:35.665   082.042.104.xxx   thgintats disgusting (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_14_17:58:39.363   206.053.078.xxx   bwakka wakka
2008_12_14_17:58:58.701   068.219.096.xxx   ladderbux spent here, lol (13)
2008_12_14_17:59:56.628   068.219.096.xxx   duelboard ___ didnt go here (14)
2008_12_14_18:00:12.347   064.222.228.xxx   ignorant!
2008_12_14_18:00:14.076   082.042.104.xxx   grrr (11)
2008_12_14_18:00:24.041   206.053.078.xxx   DOH!
2008_12_14_18:00:30.876   072.051.205.xxx   I hate republinazis
2008_12_14_18:00:41.182   068.219.096.xxx   8___ (15)
2008_12_14_18:01:16.781   068.219.096.xxx   ___=========________________________ (16)
2008_12_14_18:01:32.090   064.222.228.xxx   you know its coments like that makes it hard for other paople to enjoy
2008_12_14_18:01:33.924   082.042.104.xxx   this great site is for children (12)
2008_12_14_18:01:54.305   070.018.064.xxx   WWWWAAAAAAa**SSSSUUUUUPPPPPP?????
2008_12_14_18:03:34.512   068.219.096.xxx   so how about it...Will U marry me? (17)
2008_12_14_18:03:42.349   074.071.028.xxx   score
2008_12_14_18:04:04.246   070.018.064.xxx   merry christmas from castanea pa
2008_12_14_18:04:36.925   074.071.028.xxx   Merry x-mas from London, England
2008_12_14_18:05:03.955   070.018.064.xxx   cheeerio
2008_12_14_18:05:20.076   068.219.096.xxx   So, will u marry me? (18)
2008_12_14_18:05:40.059   074.071.028.xxx   no
2008_12_14_18:05:43.278   082.042.104.xxx   ant get a life (13)
2008_12_14_18:05:53.402   068.219.096.xxx   everybody say...awwweee (19)
2008_12_14_18:06:40.180   078.146.128.xxx   merry Christmas from Ireland
2008_12_14_18:07:47.855   068.083.112.xxx   WOOHOOO!!!!
2008_12_14_18:08:01.007   065.186.093.xxx   hi
2008_12_14_18:08:03.712   068.207.101.xxx   merry christmas
2008_12_14_18:08:13.590   141.219.081.xxx   hello
2008_12_14_18:08:26.609   078.146.128.xxx   merry Christmas!
2008_12_14_18:08:40.182   064.222.228.xxx   that was rude (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_14_18:09:39.195   078.146.128.xxx   have some respect for the site!
2008_12_14_18:10:01.548   082.042.104.xxx   i work at woolworths i need a job uk (14)
2008_12_14_18:10:11.467   071.236.030.xxx   Hello Nellie Favela
2008_12_14_18:10:56.803   070.246.060.xxx   frosty
2008_12_14_18:11:05.799   071.236.030.xxx   Merry Christmas Mom
2008_12_14_18:11:41.183   024.220.220.xxx   yeah dude
2008_12_14_18:12:07.064   024.220.220.xxx   ___you're
2008_12_14_18:12:21.571   078.146.128.xxx   this is a charit site that kids visit!
2008_12_14_18:12:48.543   064.222.228.xxx   there needs to be a moderator me thinks (11)
2008_12_14_18:13:24.225   064.222.228.xxx   MODERATOR! (12)
2008_12_14_18:14:53.962   068.083.112.xxx   Go Giants
2008_12_14_18:16:11.032   078.146.128.xxx   You know thatAlec will block your ip addresses from the site?
2008_12_14_18:16:39.702   068.083.112.xxx   SVTP!!!!
2008_12_14_18:17:03.503   068.083.112.xxx   I love men
2008_12_14_18:17:08.018   024.220.220.xxx   Jenny Bosch
2008_12_14_18:17:29.780   067.241.164.xxx   Merry Christmas Stephanie!
2008_12_14_18:19:11.462   192.158.061.xxx   LOL WUT?
2008_12_14_18:19:20.082   082.042.104.xxx   omg ur all raciest (15)
2008_12_14_18:19:41.607   067.241.164.xxx   Merry Christmas Stephanie!
2008_12_14_18:19:41.966   070.210.192.xxx   I love U Amy!!
2008_12_14_18:19:51.807   070.020.018.xxx   Happy Holidays Everyone!
2008_12_14_18:20:21.723   078.146.128.xxx   Happy Holidays from Ireland!!
2008_12_14_18:20:41.993   070.210.192.xxx   quit with all this racist junk. it's the holidays. lighten up all of u!
2008_12_14_18:21:18.897   082.042.104.xxx   whos rushy (16)
2008_12_14_18:21:52.320   070.210.192.xxx   Mona rules!
2008_12_14_18:22:16.737   082.042.104.xxx   im in uk rushy (17)
2008_12_14_18:23:45.796   068.219.096.xxx   who's a ho? (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_14_18:24:16.335   082.042.104.xxx   ho ho ho (18)
2008_12_14_18:26:00.057   082.042.104.xxx   g night alek (19)
2008_12_14_18:26:09.179   068.219.096.xxx   Hello friends from duelboard (21)
2008_12_14_18:26:31.220   098.221.048.xxx   trinalets!
2008_12_14_18:26:53.941   209.183.051.xxx   Hello!..this is Freeshares
2008_12_14_18:27:34.628   209.183.051.xxx   and who r u?
2008_12_14_18:28:40.859   096.024.078.xxx   -4 seriously.
2008_12_14_18:29:47.704   096.024.078.xxx   I seriously hope he bans you for those comments.
2008_12_14_18:30:57.463   070.020.018.xxx   Happy Holidays Everyone!
2008_12_14_18:31:45.800   064.222.228.xxx   Kisses Sarah From Maine (13)
2008_12_14_18:33:20.590   098.221.048.xxx   the elves have been busy
2008_12_14_18:33:25.749   064.222.228.xxx   Joe S Luvs Sarah! (14)
2008_12_14_18:33:43.979   078.146.128.xxx   a**
2008_12_14_18:35:03.054   069.068.068.xxx   Merry Christmas Everyone
2008_12_14_18:35:22.520   078.146.128.xxx   Merry Christmas!!
2008_12_14_18:36:55.288   069.068.068.xxx   Keep "Christ" in Christma
2008_12_14_18:37:25.611   069.068.068.xxx   Smile...You're Loved
2008_12_14_18:37:26.619   068.219.096.xxx   duh...keep destroying the guys site, ur ip is recorded (22)
2008_12_14_18:38:15.208   069.068.068.xxx   Smile...You're loved
2008_12_14_18:38:49.807   070.161.204.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's WorkshopThis is Cam!
2008_12_14_18:39:21.006   068.207.101.xxx   hi mom
2008_12_14_18:40:03.356   069.068.068.xxx   Jesus is the Reason for the Season
2008_12_14_18:40:43.196   069.136.089.xxx   no he's not
2008_12_14_18:40:57.879   078.146.128.xxx   Yes! 006
2008_12_14_18:41:28.505   069.068.068.xxx   I Love Bryan
2008_12_14_18:42:24.541   069.068.068.xxx   Bradley is a Goofball
2008_12_14_18:42:27.965   070.161.204.xxx   This is pretty sweet
2008_12_14_18:43:08.844   069.068.068.xxx   Bradley is a Goofball
2008_12_14_18:45:39.201   099.227.212.xxx   Hello From Toronto Canada!
2008_12_14_18:46:33.434   071.206.105.xxx   hi
2008_12_14_18:46:44.821   075.136.223.xxx   Hey Casey!
2008_12_14_18:47:47.998   208.073.056.xxx   Hello world
2008_12_14_18:48:06.666   075.136.223.xxx   EMO's are g**!
2008_12_14_18:48:23.626   074.167.032.xxx   frank?
2008_12_14_18:48:46.238   075.136.223.xxx   Yo man!
2008_12_14_18:49:00.855   074.167.032.xxx   ha ha ha
2008_12_14_18:49:19.048   075.136.223.xxx   Cody is bent.
2008_12_14_18:49:21.202   068.150.179.xxx   some people here have gotta truly grow up!
2008_12_14_18:49:35.412   074.167.032.xxx   anti emo
2008_12_14_18:49:41.032   068.040.065.xxx   GO KOMAR!
2008_12_14_18:49:53.589   075.136.223.xxx   Must be an EMO lover!
2008_12_14_18:50:14.258   074.167.032.xxx   true
2008_12_14_18:50:56.923   074.167.032.xxx   emo's dont like christmas
2008_12_14_18:51:16.875   068.040.065.xxx   Wher'es Komar?
2008_12_14_18:51:23.496   208.073.056.xxx   hi
2008_12_14_18:51:30.932   075.136.223.xxx   Only if it snowed black!
2008_12_14_18:51:56.426   074.167.032.xxx   ha ha
2008_12_14_18:52:36.563   075.136.223.xxx   Snow is made from frozen emo tears!
2008_12_14_18:52:37.310   208.073.056.xxx   hello people
2008_12_14_18:53:05.591   074.167.032.xxx   what are the odds
2008_12_14_18:54:05.732   190.232.221.xxx   ritchert
2008_12_14_18:54:59.667   076.066.136.xxx   Jingle bombs, jingle bombs, i think i got screwed
2008_12_14_18:54:59.818   075.136.223.xxx   frank is g**
2008_12_14_18:55:18.912   074.167.032.xxx   okay going to play with the house
2008_12_14_18:55:31.843   075.136.223.xxx   cody noticed frosty was deflated
2008_12_14_18:55:58.246   190.232.221.xxx   wefwefType text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_14_18:56:01.958   075.136.223.xxx   he wants to offer it a b*. (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_14_18:56:12.023   068.040.065.xxx   TURN EVERYTHING OFF! LETS SEE WHAT HAPPENS!
2008_12_14_18:56:16.980   074.167.032.xxx   death to emos
2008_12_14_18:56:40.270   068.040.065.xxx   TURN EVERYTHING OFF!
2008_12_14_18:56:51.046   074.167.032.xxx   uh it gets dark (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_14_18:57:03.506   075.136.223.xxx   answer your cell.... (11)
2008_12_14_18:57:35.136   068.040.065.xxx   DEFLATE EVERYTHING!
2008_12_14_18:57:43.471   075.136.223.xxx   yay emo christmas (12)
2008_12_14_18:58:22.299   201.083.120.xxx   hello from brazil
2008_12_14_18:58:48.965   190.232.221.xxx   MUNDO DE MORTALES
2008_12_14_18:59:09.136   086.169.005.xxx   hello from wales
2008_12_14_18:59:26.229   068.040.065.xxx   HOW DO U DO THIS?
2008_12_14_18:59:43.925   075.136.223.xxx   Hello from EMO central! (13)
2008_12_14_18:59:54.563   074.167.032.xxx   i cant find my phone (11)
2008_12_14_18:59:56.090   086.169.005.xxx   x10 controllers
2008_12_14_19:00:11.976   066.067.183.xxx   hello from Rochester,ny
2008_12_14_19:00:21.841   086.132.197.xxx   neighbours must love you CR
2008_12_14_19:00:24.887   068.040.065.xxx   What program?
2008_12_14_19:01:02.881   074.167.032.xxx   i cant find my cell (12)
2008_12_14_19:01:36.323   086.132.197.xxx   excellent!
2008_12_14_19:01:26.420   075.136.223.xxx   its ringing! (14)
2008_12_14_19:02:05.526   086.132.197.xxx   excellent!
2008_12_14_19:02:30.210   066.067.183.xxx   hello to all  Jets fans
2008_12_14_19:02:42.222   074.167.032.xxx   merry christmas (13)
2008_12_14_19:03:53.523   074.167.032.xxx   try that with emos (14)
2008_12_14_19:04:11.383   075.065.195.xxx   hello from mississippi
2008_12_14_19:05:25.439   074.167.032.xxx   an emo would (15)
2008_12_14_19:05:45.658   099.151.167.xxx   C'mon.  Knock off the bad messages.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!
2008_12_14_19:05:50.802   068.194.244.xxx   that sounded wrong
2008_12_14_19:06:06.839   075.065.195.xxx   what's the weather like where you live?
2008_12_14_19:06:25.384   068.194.244.xxx   long island new york baby
2008_12_14_19:06:46.210   075.065.195.xxx   merry christmas!
2008_12_14_19:07:03.297   074.167.032.xxx   we need this at the barn (16)
2008_12_14_19:07:03.373   068.194.244.xxx   Alex will the announcment be there in the afternoon also
2008_12_14_19:07:14.356   099.151.167.xxx   Hi Alek!
2008_12_14_19:07:26.883   075.065.195.xxx   i'm watching the old honeymooners tv show
2008_12_14_19:07:44.790   068.194.244.xxx   WHAT IF I MISS THE ANNOUNCMENT I WORK MOURNINGS
2008_12_14_19:07:47.529   066.067.183.xxx   hello to all hockey fans
2008_12_14_19:07:53.343   074.167.032.xxx   we need this at the barn (17)
2008_12_14_19:08:12.605   099.151.167.xxx   Greetings from Illinois.  Glad to see the lights are up. =)
2008_12_14_19:08:24.054   068.194.244.xxx   IM SO EXCITED THIS BETTER BE BIG AND GOOD
2008_12_14_19:08:40.911   074.167.032.xxx   ppl can turn the stall lights off and on (18)
2008_12_14_19:09:05.065   068.194.244.xxx   MABY WENDYS PREGNANT OR MABY UR MOVING
2008_12_14_19:09:32.010   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** "BIG" Announcement should go up in the morning - be up all day/week - stay tune ***ALEK***
2008_12_14_19:09:57.390   068.194.244.xxx   OK GOOD
2008_12_14_19:10:36.897   068.194.244.xxx   ALEX ARE U GONA HAVE ANOTHER BABY
2008_12_14_19:11:14.667   097.122.121.xxx   some people are just SOOOO judgemental...
2008_12_14_19:11:51.435   097.122.121.xxx   alek how are you? Wave at me!!!! I am waving at you!!
2008_12_14_19:12:22.696   097.122.121.xxx   what the heck are you doing over there?!
2008_12_14_19:12:49.868   097.122.121.xxx   hey the clock fell down!!
2008_12_14_19:13:20.666   097.122.121.xxx   made u look!
2008_12_14_19:13:46.828   097.122.121.xxx   ha ha ha
2008_12_14_19:14:19.903   097.122.121.xxx   smile darn it!
2008_12_14_19:14:25.784   074.167.032.xxx   skype me (19)
2008_12_14_19:15:19.222   074.167.032.xxx   he plans to take over the world (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_14_19:15:57.181   098.209.244.xxx   Merry Christmas from Michigan
2008_12_14_19:16:33.030   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Check the temperature web surfers ... COLD outside!!! ***ALEK***
2008_12_14_19:17:01.109   099.162.181.xxx   yo
2008_12_14_19:17:34.828   099.162.181.xxx   this is so sweet
2008_12_14_19:17:56.798   024.206.249.xxx   how many years has this been going on?
2008_12_14_19:18:02.669   074.167.032.xxx   see, everyone enjoys p*** (21)
2008_12_14_19:18:13.926   156.034.196.xxx   Merry Christmas from NB Canada everyone
2008_12_14_19:18:40.724   074.167.032.xxx   he is looking at p*** (22)
2008_12_14_19:19:11.525   099.162.181.xxx   plz be appropiate
2008_12_14_19:19:58.944   099.162.181.xxx   sweet this is so cool merry christmas to your family
2008_12_14_19:20:55.875   070.092.170.xxx   Brrr...is it really -4 there???
2008_12_14_19:21:49.992   076.105.138.xxx   lol don't you get tired of your lights turning on and off all night?
2008_12_14_19:22:46.600   099.162.181.xxx   yeah seriously
2008_12_14_19:22:51.734   068.219.096.xxx   oviously not (23)
2008_12_14_19:23:21.691   099.162.181.xxx   -4 wow!
2008_12_14_19:23:22.781   068.219.096.xxx   halloween n christmas (24)
2008_12_14_19:24:03.014   099.162.181.xxx   lets turn all lights off and deflate everything
2008_12_14_19:24:03.893   012.016.126.xxx   Cool and Wheat Free!
2008_12_14_19:24:33.052   156.034.196.xxx   deflating elmo is fun :)
2008_12_14_19:25:16.553   099.162.181.xxx   turn all lights off and deflate everything
2008_12_14_19:26:24.179   092.017.229.xxx   Travis
2008_12_14_19:26:31.470   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yes, it is really -4F outside ... blower fans are struggling a bit ... ***ALEK***
2008_12_14_19:26:51.169   099.162.181.xxx   can the dude in the chair see this message
2008_12_14_19:27:00.070   092.017.229.xxx   hello mister man
2008_12_14_19:27:13.967   099.162.181.xxx   yo (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_14_19:27:24.871   190.189.126.xxx   Alek, is already monday here in argentina lol
2008_12_14_19:27:50.278   099.162.181.xxx   so cool merry christmas man in chair (11)
2008_12_14_19:27:59.749   024.070.095.xxx   how much fun is this?!
2008_12_14_19:28:02.058   012.016.126.xxx   Celiac is tough stuff...but keeping gluten free will keep them felling good
2008_12_14_19:28:08.075   092.017.229.xxx   Give us a wave :)
2008_12_14_19:28:16.899   068.219.096.xxx   elec bill free huh? (25)
2008_12_14_19:28:21.606   099.162.181.xxx   can you wave (12)
2008_12_14_19:28:43.802   092.017.229.xxx   yes haha
2008_12_14_19:28:46.099   099.162.181.xxx   wave!! (13)
2008_12_14_19:29:05.287   156.034.196.xxx   i'm waving cant u see me ? muahahaha
2008_12_14_19:29:23.465   099.162.181.xxx   lol thanks man (14)
2008_12_14_19:29:39.130   156.034.196.xxx   yay!
2008_12_14_19:29:49.494   065.027.212.xxx   Merry xmas
2008_12_14_19:31:00.574   065.027.212.xxx   This is fun
2008_12_14_19:31:09.015   092.017.229.xxx   wheres the man gone ??
2008_12_14_19:31:21.869   099.141.240.xxx   this is awsome, my kids love it,great job
2008_12_14_19:31:37.545   156.034.196.xxx   eggnog break :)
2008_12_14_19:31:37.800   065.027.212.xxx   Sam says hi
2008_12_14_19:32:56.100   156.034.196.xxx   Hi Sam
2008_12_14_19:33:23.411   099.141.240.xxx   justin thinks this is cool
2008_12_14_19:33:43.507   092.017.229.xxx   i bet this costs alot on electric
2008_12_14_19:33:44.738   065.027.212.xxx   How old is Justin? Sam is 6
2008_12_14_19:34:09.181   099.141.240.xxx   justin is 10
2008_12_14_19:34:16.609   156.034.196.xxx   lol must be funny living in that neighborhood with things going on & off
2008_12_14_19:35:08.083   099.141.240.xxx   Hi Sam Justin is 10
2008_12_14_19:35:33.097   067.175.129.xxx   Merry Christmas to all!
2008_12_14_19:36:00.863   099.141.240.xxx   and to all a good night
2008_12_14_19:36:26.568   068.118.183.xxx   I'm enjoying this very much!!!
2008_12_14_19:36:49.508   156.034.196.xxx   it's addictive
2008_12_14_19:36:51.396   099.141.240.xxx   me to
2008_12_14_19:37:24.449   066.065.214.xxx   Merry Christmas, Jackie!
2008_12_14_19:37:26.624   076.020.168.xxx   Hi
2008_12_14_19:37:36.064   099.141.240.xxx   I'm 39 and feel like a kid again
2008_12_14_19:38:05.835   066.065.214.xxx   Merry Christmas Jackie! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_14_19:38:13.953   190.189.126.xxx   Merry christmas from Argentina it 20___ C here it's summer
2008_12_14_19:39:17.894   066.065.214.xxx   I see you behind the TV! (11)
2008_12_14_19:39:27.894   099.141.240.xxx   It,s winter here in Illinois
2008_12_14_19:40:11.157   190.189.126.xxx   I lived in Buenos aires, never snow here
2008_12_14_19:40:52.701   190.189.126.xxx   no digg overload so far ???
2008_12_14_19:41:43.395   099.141.240.xxx   snow is cool until you have to cleen it up
2008_12_14_19:42:04.636   064.012.116.xxx   this is great
2008_12_14_19:43:00.573   099.141.240.xxx   everybody make a donation so we can help these kids (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_14_19:43:22.566   159.242.255.xxx   snow is cold
2008_12_14_19:44:13.652   071.175.126.xxx   o.o
2008_12_14_19:45:22.989   076.103.092.xxx   hO hO ho
2008_12_14_19:45:37.344   159.242.255.xxx   FLAWLESS VICTORY
2008_12_14_19:46:38.904   070.140.123.xxx   -4.0F Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
2008_12_14_19:47:48.192   074.193.030.xxx   stfu noobs
2008_12_14_19:48:22.067   159.242.255.xxx   silly rabbit, tricks are for kids
2008_12_14_19:49:02.834   071.175.126.xxx   get me some battery acid and h*****e rawrrrr
2008_12_14_19:49:45.078   159.242.255.xxx   I accidentally the webcams, is this bad?
2008_12_14_19:49:53.933   074.193.030.xxx   I just smoked a whole bunch of cr-ack
2008_12_14_19:50:15.313   159.242.255.xxx   I accidentally the webcams, is this bad?
2008_12_14_19:51:22.882   071.175.126.xxx   crack
2008_12_14_19:51:51.138   159.242.255.xxx   FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
2008_12_14_19:52:39.726   074.193.030.xxx   I'm so high.. I have no idea what's goin' on right now.
2008_12_14_19:52:56.260   071.175.126.xxx   Crack is going on, noob.
2008_12_14_19:53:17.600   074.193.030.xxx   Share please
2008_12_14_19:53:30.654   159.242.255.xxx   Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down never gonna turn around and d
2008_12_14_19:53:39.706   071.175.126.xxx   Address pls
2008_12_14_19:54:09.607   074.193.030.xxx   nt, you might mail me anthrax instead
2008_12_14_19:54:09.749   071.175.126.xxx   And nude pix.
2008_12_14_19:54:25.658   159.242.255.xxx   In west philadelphia born and raised, on the playground is where is spent most 
2008_12_14_19:55:42.581   159.242.255.xxx   I accidentally the christmas lights, it that bad?
2008_12_14_19:55:52.958   075.092.010.xxx   supercalafragilisticexpealidosis
2008_12_14_19:55:57.001   071.175.126.xxx   seans a boog
2008_12_14_19:56:33.728   071.175.126.xxx   Lauren is the queen boog
2008_12_14_19:56:36.551   074.193.030.xxx   i'm the juggernaut bish
2008_12_14_19:56:40.517   075.092.010.xxx   supercalifragilisticexpealidosis
2008_12_14_19:56:44.621   159.242.255.xxx   lemonparty.org for info on the credit crisis :) (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_14_19:57:04.329   071.175.126.xxx   Lauren is the queen boog
2008_12_14_19:57:28.133   071.175.126.xxx   you trained me o boog master (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_14_19:57:37.815   159.242.255.xxx   where did you get that computer, the toilet store?___ (11)
2008_12_14_19:58:11.053   074.193.030.xxx   OMG MY b***  ARE ON FIRE
2008_12_14_19:58:22.630   071.175.126.xxx   for a good time call sean ****84---- (11)
2008_12_14_19:58:42.162   074.193.030.xxx   I'll call your mom for a good time
2008_12_14_19:58:43.581   071.175.126.xxx   ****309 (12)
2008_12_14_19:58:48.215   159.242.255.xxx   I just want to tell you how im feelinnnnnnnn (12)
2008_12_14_19:58:58.366   099.141.240.xxx   time for the sickos to get off (11)
2008_12_14_19:59:03.799   068.219.096.xxx   867-**** (26)
2008_12_14_19:59:18.088   074.193.030.xxx   random censored phone numbers...
2008_12_14_19:59:24.683   098.025.036.xxx   be nice
2008_12_14_19:59:27.096   159.242.255.xxx   8-6-7-5-3-0-9 (13)
2008_12_14_19:59:44.892   068.219.096.xxx   ty thats it call jenny (27)
2008_12_14_19:59:45.702   071.175.126.xxx   8-6-7-5-3-0-9 (13)
2008_12_14_19:59:46.449   190.189.126.xxx   alek, someboy wants to be banned please !!!
2008_12_14_20:00:04.340   074.193.030.xxx   get out of the way a______hole (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_14_20:00:18.223   159.242.255.xxx   ban himmmmmmm (14)
2008_12_14_20:00:38.532   074.193.030.xxx   Hey, no. Don't ban me. (11)
2008_12_14_20:00:53.506   159.242.255.xxx   this is cool thanks man (15)
2008_12_14_20:01:10.187   071.175.126.xxx   for a good time call jenny 8,6,7,5,3,0,9 (14)
2008_12_14_20:01:55.135   071.175.126.xxx   This is definetly very creative and cool. (15)
2008_12_14_20:02:11.937   069.050.052.xxx   god bless the Komar's
2008_12_14_20:02:39.800   071.175.126.xxx   boog lauren (16)
2008_12_14_20:02:44.777   069.050.052.xxx   thank you from standish maine
2008_12_14_20:03:04.242   068.219.096.xxx   donate, donate, DONATE (28)
2008_12_14_20:03:41.457   068.219.096.xxx   IF U CANT TELL SOMEBODY THAT CAN! (29)
2008_12_14_20:03:46.708   075.092.010.xxx   stop that sick kid
2008_12_14_20:05:12.096   064.216.047.xxx   lulz
2008_12_14_20:06:11.361   159.242.255.xxx   for the lulZ (16)
2008_12_14_20:06:13.906   071.175.126.xxx   love you adam :) (17)
2008_12_14_20:06:36.688   099.141.240.xxx   hey alek you rock (12)
2008_12_14_20:07:14.208   064.216.047.xxx   What does everyone want for Christmas?
2008_12_14_20:08:03.381   098.221.048.xxx   omg???????????????????
2008_12_14_20:08:34.183   098.221.048.xxx   :)
2008_12_14_20:08:48.555   096.236.180.xxx   hello everyone
2008_12_14_20:08:49.415   099.141.240.xxx   help for the auto ind my job depends on it (13)
2008_12_14_20:09:06.262   098.221.048.xxx   ...............................................................................
2008_12_14_20:09:40.175   098.221.048.xxx   Turn the Lights ON & OFF ... plus have fun with the Inflatables!
2008_12_14_20:11:44.557   098.221.048.xxx   ****___
2008_12_14_20:12:58.600   098.221.048.xxx   1 hour, 48 minutes until X10 CONTROLS OFF at 10:00 PM MST
2008_12_14_20:13:03.187   074.193.030.xxx   You still there Lawren (12)
2008_12_14_20:14:02.554   098.221.048.xxx   1 hour, 48 minutes until X10 CONTROLS OFF at 10:00 PM MST
2008_12_14_20:16:25.119   068.219.096.xxx   he hey duelboarders! (30 IM's so far today)
2008_12_14_20:18:00.265   068.219.096.xxx   Rockin Rookerssssss (31)
2008_12_14_20:19:51.963   068.219.096.xxx   merry xmas gapineyyyyyy (32)
2008_12_14_20:21:01.643   068.219.096.xxx   Happy Holidays ...From TonyMontana (33)
2008_12_14_20:23:43.405   072.145.176.xxx   thank you tony!!!!!!!
2008_12_14_20:24:00.071   075.141.235.xxx   its cold there
2008_12_14_20:24:02.186   068.219.096.xxx   whoohooooooooo (34)
2008_12_14_20:24:23.293   072.145.176.xxx   lol
2008_12_14_20:24:34.023   068.219.096.xxx   _________dis guy looks bored (35)
2008_12_14_20:24:54.010   070.020.018.xxx   He is working... hi Alek!
2008_12_14_20:24:54.578   068.006.237.xxx   merry christmas too all
2008_12_14_20:24:59.964   072.145.176.xxx   yep he do
2008_12_14_20:25:11.131   075.141.235.xxx   hey alex u going to go play outside?
2008_12_14_20:25:18.649   068.219.096.xxx   will u marry me? (36)
2008_12_14_20:25:36.603   072.145.176.xxx   yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
2008_12_14_20:25:42.595   068.219.096.xxx   lol (37)
2008_12_14_20:26:04.093   216.037.228.xxx   hi alek
2008_12_14_20:26:07.385   072.145.176.xxx   already been to one wedding this weelend
2008_12_14_20:26:09.933   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I'm happily married to a wonderful wife who puts up with me ... ___-) ***ALEK***
2008_12_14_20:26:29.860   075.141.235.xxx   i feel sorry for her
2008_12_14_20:26:36.897   068.219.096.xxx   lol not u,alek (38)
2008_12_14_20:26:38.332   216.037.228.xxx   148 people viewing Christmas Lights - INSANE!
2008_12_14_20:26:55.031   075.141.235.xxx   she most be a good women
2008_12_14_20:27:08.906   012.216.111.xxx   WWE PPV Results: John Cena ret. against Chris Jericho
2008_12_14_20:27:48.899   075.141.235.xxx   wheres the A-1
2008_12_14_20:28:25.566   075.141.235.xxx   or ketchup
2008_12_14_20:28:29.517   068.219.096.xxx   clap on....clap off (39)
2008_12_14_20:29:17.252   075.141.235.xxx   thats even better
2008_12_14_20:29:48.420   075.141.235.xxx   thunmbs up
2008_12_14_20:30:20.084   068.219.096.xxx   is that corona for me? (40 IM's so far today)
2008_12_14_20:30:42.784   075.141.235.xxx   its for buzz
2008_12_14_20:30:44.429   156.034.196.xxx   no
2008_12_14_20:30:53.901   068.219.096.xxx   got lime? (41)
2008_12_14_20:31:09.215   087.102.085.xxx   Happy holidays all!
2008_12_14_20:31:17.713   156.034.196.xxx   frosty mug (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_14_20:31:53.207   068.219.096.xxx   k...how bout a lemon wedge? (42)
2008_12_14_20:32:13.602   071.012.130.xxx   Sup Onur
2008_12_14_20:32:23.848   072.226.139.xxx   I can't wait for christmas!!!!
2008_12_14_20:32:51.910   156.034.196.xxx   i can..because it goes by too quick (11)
2008_12_14_20:33:15.743   071.012.130.xxx   Sup Onur
2008_12_14_20:33:19.405   072.226.139.xxx   I wis*** lasted longer...but not too long because then it wouldnt mean as much
2008_12_14_20:33:33.036   075.141.235.xxx   i cant wait for it to be done (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_14_20:33:49.414   072.226.139.xxx   :O
2008_12_14_20:33:52.378   068.219.096.xxx   pa** me dat carona plz (43)
2008_12_14_20:34:23.889   072.226.139.xxx   who was dat??
2008_12_14_20:34:30.675   068.219.096.xxx   did u get me a lime wedge? (44)
2008_12_14_20:34:32.981   075.141.235.xxx   buzz says no (11)
2008_12_14_20:34:50.170   071.012.130.xxx   Marry Christma** ! ! !
2008_12_14_20:34:55.152   156.034.196.xxx   sheesh u people are s**** drivers :P (12)
2008_12_14_20:35:15.574   075.141.235.xxx   how about some A-1 for my steak (12)
2008_12_14_20:35:59.485   072.226.139.xxx   i like the santa climbing the ladder :)
2008_12_14_20:36:05.894   075.141.235.xxx   ur killing m (13)
2008_12_14_20:36:25.354   068.219.096.xxx   give me dat corona plz (45)
2008_12_14_20:36:36.619   156.034.196.xxx   ladder climbing Santas scare me (13)
2008_12_14_20:36:52.371   072.226.139.xxx   who is dat guy in the back?? hi :D
2008_12_14_20:37:11.463   068.219.096.xxx   say hello alek (46)
2008_12_14_20:37:12.279   156.034.196.xxx   he's "the man" (14)
2008_12_14_20:37:16.282   141.150.180.xxx   Hello from NJ
2008_12_14_20:37:31.040   072.226.139.xxx   hey mr. can your wave??
2008_12_14_20:38:12.650   072.226.139.xxx   ooh tigger :)
2008_12_14_20:38:46.757   068.219.096.xxx   just pa** the corona (47)
2008_12_14_20:38:51.094   156.034.196.xxx   bouncing tigger i bet :) (15)
2008_12_14_20:38:51.753   076.103.092.xxx   Happy Christmas!
2008_12_14_20:39:09.320   072.226.139.xxx   whoa that clock in the back on the right is backwards..
2008_12_14_20:39:11.054   098.031.018.xxx   Love the lava lamp! Merry Christmas from Ohio!!
2008_12_14_20:39:18.865   141.150.180.xxx   Happy Holidays from NJ
2008_12_14_20:39:49.191   076.103.092.xxx   & from California as well!
2008_12_14_20:40:10.881   072.226.139.xxx   I think snoopy should be in this display somewhere. (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_14_20:40:17.372   074.181.072.xxx   i love this
2008_12_14_20:40:26.081   141.150.180.xxx   I think the climbing santa is cool
2008_12_14_20:40:42.246   072.226.139.xxx   snoopy should be here (11)
2008_12_14_20:41:08.834   098.031.018.xxx   Who is the new guy at the front of the screen in front of the climbing Santa? L
2008_12_14_20:41:26.051   141.150.180.xxx   Yeah snoopy and the red baron
2008_12_14_20:41:35.613   072.226.139.xxx   merry christmas to all, and to all a good night! (12)
2008_12_14_20:43:50.644   066.031.234.xxx   ho ho ho
2008_12_14_20:44:12.519   074.181.072.xxx   this is so cool
2008_12_14_20:46:09.162   098.031.018.xxx   This is so cool and so much fun!
2008_12_14_20:52:11.679   018.240.006.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2008_12_14_20:57:25.071   068.118.183.xxx   ___----- buzz lightyear
2008_12_14_21:07:03.004   075.111.137.xxx   Hey alek, Ho ho ho.
2008_12_14_21:08:32.614   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** HO-HO-HO is -4 degrees ... darn cold outside! ***ALEK***
2008_12_14_21:08:40.744   068.194.244.xxx   Alex I think elmo, homer and santa have so out lights
2008_12_14_21:09:18.639   068.194.244.xxx   homers really dark and elmos body is not lit up (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_14_21:10:09.455   012.216.111.xxx   HULK SMASH
2008_12_14_21:10:19.294   068.194.244.xxx   santa has some bulbs out also (11)
2008_12_14_21:11:12.583   012.216.111.xxx   HULK SMASH MORE FOOD
2008_12_14_21:11:22.524   068.118.183.xxx   maybe yhey hit the ground too hard
2008_12_14_21:12:16.292   068.118.183.xxx   they the bulbs that is
2008_12_14_21:12:31.945   012.216.111.xxx   I AM BUZZ LIGHTYEAR
2008_12_14_21:12:51.017   012.111.111.xxx   hi to all
2008_12_14_21:13:02.384   068.118.183.xxx   I love lamp
2008_12_14_21:13:22.317   012.111.111.xxx   DUSTIN
2008_12_14_21:13:22.630   012.216.111.xxx   hello from china
2008_12_14_21:13:52.733   012.216.111.xxx   I GOT MAIL YAAA!!!
2008_12_14_21:14:02.200   068.118.183.xxx   hello china
2008_12_14_21:14:18.109   098.164.224.xxx   What happened to the link to vote for your picture in the contest?
2008_12_14_21:14:22.066   012.216.111.xxx   hill is that you?
2008_12_14_21:15:16.999   012.216.111.xxx   hi man i am huas
2008_12_14_21:15:39.685   070.017.097.xxx   heh... yeh ok,  b****e ghost of elvis now resides!
2008_12_14_21:16:23.530   070.017.097.xxx   wait, wait...  but   and the  are bad words?  this is a conspiracy!
2008_12_14_21:16:44.282   098.164.224.xxx   Where's the link to vote for Xmas lights?
2008_12_14_21:16:58.920   012.216.111.xxx   Yippie-ki-yay!
2008_12_14_21:17:01.808   070.017.097.xxx   hmm, someone looks toasted.
2008_12_14_21:17:35.062   012.216.111.xxx   kap is that you (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_14_21:18:27.363   012.216.111.xxx   cindy is hot (11)
2008_12_14_21:18:51.680   070.017.097.xxx   no, they're not.
2008_12_14_21:19:56.348   012.216.111.xxx   its dark outside (12)
2008_12_14_21:20:18.507   068.150.179.xxx   Survivor Gabon Finale tonight!
2008_12_14_21:20:39.010   012.216.111.xxx   its over (13)
2008_12_14_21:20:47.487   068.150.179.xxx   Go Bob Go!
2008_12_14_21:22:39.344   012.216.111.xxx   HI MARC! (14)
2008_12_14_21:23:01.366   068.150.179.xxx   Hey Alex
2008_12_14_21:23:31.133   068.150.179.xxx   where did you get that Backwards Clock???
2008_12_14_21:23:40.505   012.216.111.xxx   ********56 (15)
2008_12_14_21:24:05.704   012.216.111.xxx   We're about to light it up! (16)
2008_12_14_21:24:06.370   068.150.179.xxx   I want to find one, and I cannot find any, any idea where?
2008_12_14_21:24:45.081   012.216.111.xxx   wheres the BEEF? (17)
2008_12_14_21:26:48.240   068.150.179.xxx   There was a farmer who had a dog and Bingo was his nameo
2008_12_14_21:27:05.957   012.216.111.xxx   the BEEF is in the fridge! (18)
2008_12_14_21:27:25.266   068.150.179.xxx   B I N G O., B I N G O, B I N G O and Bingo was his nameo
2008_12_14_21:28:03.230   068.150.179.xxx   There was a farmer who had a dog and Bingo was his nameo
2008_12_14_21:28:24.112   012.216.111.xxx   B-I-N-G-O (19)
2008_12_14_21:28:28.798   070.017.097.xxx   that's gambling... take it to a corporate site.
2008_12_14_21:28:40.839   068.150.179.xxx   _ I N GO, _ I N G O, _ I N GO and bingo was his nameo (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_14_21:28:48.574   012.216.111.xxx   dallas is doing some major league damage to the g-men (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_14_21:29:31.728   012.216.111.xxx   whose that babe (21)
2008_12_14_21:29:45.324   068.150.179.xxx   Bing Crosby, "I'll be home for Christmas... You Can count on Me" (11)
2008_12_14_21:30:08.778   012.216.111.xxx   PLEASE HAVE SNOW AND MISTLE TOA (22)
2008_12_14_21:30:31.803   068.150.179.xxx   And Presents under the tree.... (12)
2008_12_14_21:30:38.790   012.216.111.xxx   and presents under the tree (23)
2008_12_14_21:31:01.445   068.150.179.xxx   Christmas Eve Will find me.. (13)
2008_12_14_21:31:05.015   012.216.111.xxx   i'll be home for christmas (24)
2008_12_14_21:31:32.431   068.150.179.xxx   if only in Alex's Dreams... :) (14)
2008_12_14_21:32:12.158   012.216.111.xxx   HEY DAN! YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS? (25)
2008_12_14_21:32:44.807   068.150.179.xxx   Howdy Doody Time! (15)
2008_12_14_21:33:08.305   024.223.105.xxx   This is SOOOOOOOOOO cool!  Kudos to you :-)
2008_12_14_21:33:44.564   024.028.075.xxx   svt
2008_12_14_21:33:47.151   068.150.179.xxx   it looks like Buzz Lightyear broke his arm! (16)
2008_12_14_21:34:26.591   024.028.075.xxx   svt peformance ftmfw
2008_12_14_21:40:48.802   068.118.183.xxx   I love lamp
2008_12_14_21:40:58.987   068.116.151.xxx   How bout them Cowboys?!
2008_12_14_21:41:28.517   068.150.179.xxx   Isn't that NFL? (17)
2008_12_14_21:41:46.674   068.116.151.xxx   You know it!
2008_12_14_21:41:55.961   068.118.183.xxx   what is a Burrito Reindeer
2008_12_14_21:42:03.872   068.150.179.xxx   the No Fun League?___ (18)
2008_12_14_21:45:39.759   068.150.179.xxx   ssssuper sssexy!!! (19)
2008_12_14_21:47:00.459   070.044.100.xxx   I love tiffany Weber!!!!
2008_12_14_21:47:47.988   070.044.100.xxx   ___----  Tigger loves Buzz!!
2008_12_14_21:50:26.397   216.241.108.xxx   whats in your ear?
2008_12_14_21:50:57.384   074.087.103.xxx   This is excellent!!
2008_12_14_21:52:29.565   068.207.149.xxx   I see it's a tad chilly out!
2008_12_14_21:53:18.396   068.207.149.xxx   HULK IS COLD!  Alek, go give him a hug to warm him up!
2008_12_14_21:53:38.965   075.137.105.xxx   SVTP FTW
2008_12_14_21:53:45.979   068.118.183.xxx   33 f in connecticut
2008_12_14_21:54:02.610   068.150.179.xxx   HAHA -29 (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_14_21:54:29.249   068.118.183.xxx   whoa thats cold (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_14_21:54:36.349   068.150.179.xxx   In ALBERTA CANADA (21)
2008_12_14_21:54:42.290   068.100.227.xxx   It's warming up here in Virginia
2008_12_14_21:54:49.290   074.087.103.xxx   Merry Christmas From Wisconsin! First time visitor but I'll be back!
2008_12_14_21:55:47.254   068.100.227.xxx   Does anyone celebrate Hanukkah?
2008_12_14_21:56:16.385   067.162.060.xxx   You have done a fantastic job!
2008_12_14_21:57:06.185   067.162.060.xxx   hello from illinois
2008_12_14_21:57:54.433   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I'm not going outside for Hulk - too cold ... and I appreciate the attaboy! ***ALEK***
2008_12_14_21:58:26.603   067.162.060.xxx   are you jewish!?!?!?!
2008_12_14_21:58:54.110   067.162.060.xxx   i like to poo
2008_12_14_21:59:18.865   068.150.179.xxx   Type text & CR to see rgrow up peal-time in Santa's Workshop Cam! (22)
2008_12_14_21:59:21.681   067.162.060.xxx   i like to p** too
2008_12_14_21:59:27.444   068.118.183.xxx   goodnight! (11)
2008_12_14_21:59:46.689   067.162.060.xxx   BOB SAGET
2008_12_14_21:59:59.999   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** BIG Announcement tomorrow - will be finger lickin' good - HO-HO-HO! ***ALEK***

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