3,150 christmas text messages on 2008/1215

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 42,204 times that day including 34,721 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1215

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2008_12_15_16:00:42.745   072.051.205.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek!  Thanks for doing this again!
2008_12_15_16:00:55.076   086.020.252.xxx   Bob up and down Bob Saget!
2008_12_15_16:00:56.219   081.104.136.xxx   first
2008_12_15_16:00:57.534   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I've turned things on early since we have a lot of people here ... ***ALEK***
2008_12_15_16:01:02.407   081.129.244.xxx   hi from scotland
2008_12_15_16:01:13.054   216.226.180.xxx   You looked cold up on the roof earlier.
2008_12_15_16:01:26.686   092.003.001.xxx   cool
2008_12_15_16:01:28.403   090.208.091.xxx   hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
2008_12_15_16:01:38.245   130.076.032.xxx   Hi fro Kent Washington
2008_12_15_16:01:50.206   204.137.052.xxx   I threw a shoe at Bush
2008_12_15_16:02:01.420   216.226.180.xxx   Doh!
2008_12_15_16:02:12.311   071.052.058.xxx   Woo
2008_12_15_16:02:40.373   068.044.159.xxx   funnnn
2008_12_15_16:02:39.586   086.020.252.xxx   Loving Komar again this year, but it looks sooooo cold!!
2008_12_15_16:02:48.160   092.003.001.xxx   helllllllllo
2008_12_15_16:02:52.763   069.114.077.xxx   hey, whats up
2008_12_15_16:02:58.198   076.100.003.xxx   deflate them all
2008_12_15_16:04:20.265   092.003.001.xxx   hi
2008_12_15_16:04:27.255   204.137.052.xxx   I can haz chismas?
2008_12_15_16:04:50.977   074.036.245.xxx   WDI Rules
2008_12_15_16:05:17.311   092.003.001.xxx   oh f_________
2008_12_15_16:05:28.928   090.208.091.xxx   xbox 360s rule
2008_12_15_16:05:49.018   092.003.001.xxx   Key714
2008_12_15_16:05:57.747   204.137.052.xxx   PS3 Rules
2008_12_15_16:06:07.946   067.162.060.xxx   iT'S COLD outside!
2008_12_15_16:06:30.336   086.020.252.xxx   Vote LISA to win Strictly come dancing UK
2008_12_15_16:06:33.754   072.200.141.xxx   And then the pigeons came...
2008_12_15_16:06:51.663   092.003.001.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR, it's just gone eleven at night where i li
2008_12_15_16:06:54.016   204.137.052.xxx   It's a streetlight
2008_12_15_16:07:05.903   209.175.045.xxx   Nice concept, b****e page hurts me eyes.  What, no dancing Jesus and flying toa
2008_12_15_16:07:50.389   209.175.045.xxx   that was 'b****e', not sure why it was censored
2008_12_15_16:08:16.003   090.208.091.xxx   hellooooo
2008_12_15_16:08:57.886   090.208.091.xxx   i love this site i rock woooooooooooooooooooooooooo
2008_12_15_16:09:12.214   092.003.001.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR
2008_12_15_16:09:29.605   067.162.060.xxx   It is sooooooo COLD!!!!!!!!!!!  Brrrrrrrrr!
2008_12_15_16:09:30.100   076.100.003.xxx   why does everyone have to be a a** its christmas time
2008_12_15_16:09:37.623   092.003.001.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR
2008_12_15_16:10:03.788   092.003.001.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR
2008_12_15_16:10:08.724   209.175.045.xxx   why is the word 'but' followed by the word 'the' censored?
2008_12_15_16:10:09.502   065.205.157.xxx   Stuff and Junk!
2008_12_15_16:10:28.596   204.137.052.xxx   what are you doing behind that chair?
2008_12_15_16:10:33.720   092.003.001.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_16:11:07.637   072.051.205.xxx   what fark headline?
2008_12_15_16:11:19.901   067.162.060.xxx   What is "FARK"?
2008_12_15_16:12:21.400   092.003.001.xxx   HOW CAN WE CONTROLE U'RE LIGHTS (11)
2008_12_15_16:13:34.621   067.162.060.xxx   All I want for Christmas is my mom back from Iraq!
2008_12_15_16:13:52.240   072.051.205.xxx   the on/off button on u're pc
2008_12_15_16:14:04.138   076.100.003.xxx   bye
2008_12_15_16:15:36.911   092.003.001.xxx   WHY DO U LUV HULK (12)
2008_12_15_16:15:39.879   076.112.223.xxx   HI!
2008_12_15_16:15:46.210   067.162.060.xxx   Great job Mr Alex
2008_12_15_16:16:10.107   076.112.223.xxx   I agree, Great Job!
2008_12_15_16:16:10.725   075.200.204.xxx   I think it's so amazing what you are doing. You are a hero.
2008_12_15_16:16:50.429   067.162.060.xxx   Can you give a thumbs up so we know you are real?
2008_12_15_16:17:48.731   217.028.003.xxx   hey
2008_12_15_16:18:06.042   067.162.060.xxx   Can you wave at us?
2008_12_15_16:18:39.000   092.003.001.xxx   R U REAL (13)
2008_12_15_16:19:17.237   067.162.060.xxx   Maybe he is not real and this is taped!
2008_12_15_16:19:32.221   075.200.204.xxx   Of course he is
2008_12_15_16:19:51.019   067.162.060.xxx   Is he mad?
2008_12_15_16:20:01.708   092.003.001.xxx   ___c:drive___clean___virus___start___shutdown (14)
2008_12_15_16:20:33.428   092.003.001.xxx   jnfjndfjfnvfnb*nfdjkndfjkngflngfjn bfgkjfjgbnfjbvjbnbvjbv.cjkbvcj (15)
2008_12_15_16:20:59.874   072.248.208.xxx   u should do a dance for us
2008_12_15_16:21:20.199   071.185.219.xxx   Hello Kelsey
2008_12_15_16:21:27.308   067.162.060.xxx   He is scarying me (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_16:21:53.730   092.003.001.xxx   AHHHHHHHHHHH (16)
2008_12_15_16:22:05.031   067.162.060.xxx   I like his house (11)
2008_12_15_16:22:09.877   072.248.208.xxx   merry christmas to all from manchester community college in ct.
2008_12_15_16:22:23.380   098.212.031.xxx   Hi
2008_12_15_16:22:26.691   092.003.001.xxx   it will be mine (17)
2008_12_15_16:22:45.279   072.248.208.xxx   i can beat the hulk
2008_12_15_16:22:49.850   067.162.060.xxx   Hello from Elk Grove Village IL. (12)
2008_12_15_16:23:06.746   092.003.001.xxx   alvin and the chipmonks (18)
2008_12_15_16:23:43.765   072.248.208.xxx   alek u should face the camara
2008_12_15_16:23:59.100   081.108.030.xxx   Liz coller mute the sound XD
2008_12_15_16:24:09.970   209.130.140.xxx   Halp!
2008_12_15_16:24:26.517   072.248.208.xxx   negative
2008_12_15_16:25:05.732   092.003.001.xxx   Wanna FREE laptop? e-mail me, LINK DELETED (19)
2008_12_15_16:25:18.580   072.248.208.xxx   no kids move
2008_12_15_16:25:44.621   092.003.001.xxx   where did he go? (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_16:25:54.471   072.248.208.xxx   oh no they ate there dad !!!! call the cops
2008_12_15_16:25:59.483   098.244.085.xxx   you can do ANYTHING at LINK DELETED
2008_12_15_16:26:05.553   075.200.204.xxx   LOOK! A GHOST!!!!
2008_12_15_16:26:24.148   092.003.001.xxx   Fark Fark Fark Fark Fark (21)
2008_12_15_16:26:30.256   081.108.030.xxx   where?
2008_12_15_16:26:34.836   098.244.085.xxx   you can do ANYTHING at Zombocom
2008_12_15_16:27:03.172   072.248.208.xxx   i think his kids killed him?
2008_12_15_16:27:23.217   092.003.001.xxx   yeeeey (22)
2008_12_15_16:27:51.251   081.108.030.xxx   great bum
2008_12_15_16:27:59.309   072.248.208.xxx   oh wait false alarm he's back no neeed for the cops
2008_12_15_16:28:03.618   092.003.001.xxx   ha ha ha (23)
2008_12_15_16:28:26.946   075.200.204.xxx   -___
2008_12_15_16:28:56.335   072.248.208.xxx   hey hey hey ur in the way i cant see what im typing (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_16:29:14.053   088.106.004.xxx   Hi Alek from the UK
2008_12_15_16:29:55.673   092.003.001.xxx   wow 11:30 im goin to bed (24)
2008_12_15_16:30:31.712   130.076.032.xxx   Hi Alek
2008_12_15_16:30:44.063   072.248.208.xxx   30 mins till my next class (11)
2008_12_15_16:30:44.593   075.200.204.xxx   So.....alex......whatcha doing.......?
2008_12_15_16:30:58.174   092.003.001.xxx   wow 11:30 im goin to bed (25)
2008_12_15_16:32:27.951   072.248.208.xxx   omg omg omg omg u can see this? (12)
2008_12_15_16:32:29.135   195.093.021.xxx   Hi from the UK
2008_12_15_16:33:00.688   076.103.092.xxx   Happy Christmas to all in the UK
2008_12_15_16:33:29.357   209.196.226.xxx   Merry Xmas from New Liskeard Canada
2008_12_15_16:33:39.623   082.042.104.xxx   liverpool here
2008_12_15_16:33:55.070   076.103.092.xxx   Livermore, California here
2008_12_15_16:33:55.641   072.248.208.xxx   i like tacos (13)
2008_12_15_16:34:34.605   075.200.204.xxx   .....random....
2008_12_15_16:34:53.906   072.248.208.xxx   dont u like tacos? (14)
2008_12_15_16:35:03.065   082.042.104.xxx   whats fark about alex. whats link about please explain
2008_12_15_16:35:06.024   156.034.196.xxx   you are the tacos
2008_12_15_16:35:28.371   075.200.204.xxx   i love them, b****at was random
2008_12_15_16:35:31.650   072.248.208.xxx   i am? (15)
2008_12_15_16:35:54.457   156.034.196.xxx   yes u r
2008_12_15_16:36:01.017   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Here's come the Fark.com crowd ... gonna be busy tonight! ***ALEK***
2008_12_15_16:36:40.618   067.052.158.xxx   Hello All!!!
2008_12_15_16:36:52.777   082.042.104.xxx   ya early tonight alek
2008_12_15_16:37:03.367   156.034.196.xxx   i used a saw on Santas ladder there...keep watching
2008_12_15_16:37:06.304   065.024.082.xxx   no u r not
2008_12_15_16:37:14.175   096.226.033.xxx   Merry Christmas! From Dallas, Texas
2008_12_15_16:37:15.279   024.074.120.xxx   Your mom
2008_12_15_16:37:27.184   075.200.204.xxx   ___- what is that animal? lol
2008_12_15_16:37:29.120   072.248.208.xxx   makes good cookies (16)
2008_12_15_16:37:38.974   081.108.030.xxx   who's on the nice list this year?
2008_12_15_16:37:41.281   072.137.121.xxx   That's what she said.
2008_12_15_16:37:46.711   210.142.144.xxx   it's a squirrel
2008_12_15_16:37:50.407   065.024.082.xxx   there are at least **** lights
2008_12_15_16:37:56.221   156.034.196.xxx   Happy Bunny is
2008_12_15_16:37:58.969   072.248.208.xxx   santas on the nice list (17)
2008_12_15_16:38:20.258   065.024.082.xxx   at least nine thousand
2008_12_15_16:38:20.411   210.142.144.xxx   Fark from Japan!
2008_12_15_16:38:31.455   156.034.196.xxx   unfair he makes the list
2008_12_15_16:38:41.715   072.137.121.xxx   THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID.
2008_12_15_16:38:42.445   012.189.239.xxx   Riverrat Rules
2008_12_15_16:38:45.284   072.248.208.xxx   thats why hes on it (18)
2008_12_15_16:38:54.677   210.142.144.xxx   your mom was on my list
2008_12_15_16:38:55.480   068.012.171.xxx   whos that behind me??
2008_12_15_16:39:02.387   096.028.057.xxx   What should I put here?
2008_12_15_16:39:04.899   070.224.046.xxx   Ahhh!
2008_12_15_16:39:12.905   072.248.208.xxx   a killer taco (19)
2008_12_15_16:39:13.898   024.074.120.xxx   t******
2008_12_15_16:39:16.520   156.034.196.xxx   comet...he wants carrots
2008_12_15_16:39:21.786   065.060.066.xxx   Hey who's the cutie at the compy?
2008_12_15_16:39:27.205   072.137.121.xxx   That IS what she said?
2008_12_15_16:39:30.792   068.002.239.xxx   ITS OVER ****!!!
2008_12_15_16:39:47.610   072.209.180.xxx   Cool setup...
2008_12_15_16:39:50.097   097.084.136.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2008_12_15_16:39:51.370   012.173.168.xxx   yes
2008_12_15_16:39:53.203   012.189.239.xxx   hola Chica?
2008_12_15_16:39:58.938   076.066.135.xxx   Your poor neighbours!
2008_12_15_16:39:59.684   156.034.196.xxx   what is over
2008_12_15_16:40:01.479   075.200.204.xxx   that was mean
2008_12_15_16:40:02.589   072.137.121.xxx   That... is what she said.
2008_12_15_16:40:04.014   096.028.057.xxx   Livin' la vida loca!
2008_12_15_16:40:04.052   076.235.076.xxx   awsome
2008_12_15_16:40:08.391   192.101.077.xxx   One of your clocks is wrong...
2008_12_15_16:40:10.558   072.248.208.xxx   i dont think he reads these (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_16:40:18.349   098.193.111.xxx   You win the internet!!!!   God Bless!
2008_12_15_16:40:19.545   068.004.180.xxx   IMA CHARGIN MAH LAZERS
2008_12_15_16:40:20.689   098.212.060.xxx   homer is broken
2008_12_15_16:40:20.934   065.060.066.xxx   well he SHOULD read them
2008_12_15_16:40:25.577   012.189.239.xxx   he's surfing Foobies
2008_12_15_16:40:33.193   067.177.097.xxx   Hello
2008_12_15_16:40:36.492   072.137.121.xxx   THAT IS WHAT SHE SAID.
2008_12_15_16:40:37.297   210.142.144.xxx   Congrats you have reached the end of the internet
2008_12_15_16:40:48.546   072.248.208.xxx   foobies? (21)
2008_12_15_16:40:52.785   024.074.120.xxx   Chumley wuz here!!!
2008_12_15_16:40:53.025   065.060.066.xxx   He can surf my foobies
2008_12_15_16:41:06.895   012.189.239.xxx   yes, ..LINK DELETED ... go, look
2008_12_15_16:41:10.171   070.232.060.xxx   Murray Crispness
2008_12_15_16:41:15.263   210.142.144.xxx   I surf your moms foobies
2008_12_15_16:41:20.379   068.060.158.xxx   Unf unf unf
2008_12_15_16:41:26.759   065.024.082.xxx   this display never gets any better...
2008_12_15_16:41:28.618   081.108.030.xxx   wow jumper from 190 to 424. lots of people
2008_12_15_16:41:33.115   156.034.196.xxx   wow the Miser brothers are back
2008_12_15_16:41:33.429   072.137.121.xxx   THAT IS WHAT SHE SAID.
2008_12_15_16:41:40.436   074.137.103.xxx   j
2008_12_15_16:41:44.608   076.066.135.xxx   Thought it said 'Stan's Workshop', my bad.
2008_12_15_16:41:45.400   081.035.203.xxx   Hola Daniel
2008_12_15_16:41:49.586   072.209.180.xxx   Hi Mom!
2008_12_15_16:41:53.439   072.248.208.xxx   EPIC FAIL (22)
2008_12_15_16:41:53.636   118.136.093.xxx   Only a few more days till Christmas guys!
2008_12_15_16:41:55.142   068.113.127.xxx   lol
2008_12_15_16:42:05.076   210.142.144.xxx   Do your home work!
2008_12_15_16:42:08.202   063.252.112.xxx   mmmmm CHICKEN
2008_12_15_16:42:08.724   012.189.239.xxx   s****'S workshop ___)
2008_12_15_16:42:08.830   075.032.194.xxx   Tell your Mom I said Hi too...
2008_12_15_16:42:09.530   024.144.052.xxx   Two Big Nerds RAWKS!
2008_12_15_16:42:17.663   156.034.196.xxx   hello Son, i made u coookies
2008_12_15_16:42:20.220   068.002.239.xxx   This is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down
2008_12_15_16:42:22.570   070.224.046.xxx   For Great Justice!
2008_12_15_16:42:25.959   068.060.158.xxx   UNF UNF UNF
2008_12_15_16:42:42.462   081.035.203.xxx   Hola Daniel
2008_12_15_16:42:47.678   071.251.148.xxx   Lulz.
2008_12_15_16:42:48.317   067.183.072.xxx   ______ HEY GUYS LOOK AT ME I'M WEARING GLASSES LULULU
2008_12_15_16:42:49.727   024.144.052.xxx   Drea is my BFF
2008_12_15_16:42:53.359   063.252.112.xxx   UFIA
2008_12_15_16:42:53.648   096.028.057.xxx   Men, all this stuff you've heard about America not wanting to fight, wanting to
2008_12_15_16:42:54.886   072.248.208.xxx   BANANA PHONE (23)
2008_12_15_16:42:55.915   193.001.172.xxx   hello?
2008_12_15_16:43:07.657   012.189.239.xxx   goodbye
2008_12_15_16:43:14.913   067.177.097.xxx   Good evening Farkers!!!___
2008_12_15_16:43:23.265   199.079.010.xxx   Stop typing and donate!!! CR
2008_12_15_16:43:28.713   065.024.082.xxx   you're moving with your auntie and uncle in CELIAC
2008_12_15_16:43:35.402   068.004.180.xxx   I am not a number
2008_12_15_16:43:35.446   157.127.124.xxx   snarf!
2008_12_15_16:43:37.597   075.187.197.xxx   Poop!
2008_12_15_16:43:40.014   156.034.196.xxx   u say goodbye but i say hello...hello hello (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_16:43:43.690   118.136.093.xxx   I love simpsons too!
2008_12_15_16:43:44.662   066.074.162.xxx   Stop him before lights again!
2008_12_15_16:43:51.795   074.065.091.xxx   TURN EVERYTHING OFF
2008_12_15_16:44:00.593   068.060.158.xxx   i don't know why you say goodbye i say hello
2008_12_15_16:44:02.024   012.189.239.xxx   p****
2008_12_15_16:44:08.678   024.177.141.xxx   Howdy do!
2008_12_15_16:44:10.525   065.024.082.xxx   i need some KFC!
2008_12_15_16:44:16.153   012.107.178.xxx   Hello is this thing on
2008_12_15_16:44:20.966   156.034.196.xxx   too greasy (11)
2008_12_15_16:44:24.338   072.248.208.xxx   no u dont ur fat (24)
2008_12_15_16:44:25.402   071.009.079.xxx   b*** s* !
2008_12_15_16:44:27.897   012.189.239.xxx   filterowned!!!
2008_12_15_16:44:32.283   193.001.172.xxx   i want to see santa's t******
2008_12_15_16:44:38.575   067.191.180.xxx   He who dies with the most presents wins
2008_12_15_16:44:39.009   118.136.093.xxx   Hi
2008_12_15_16:44:41.350   075.032.194.xxx   So... Santa, a Burrito Reindeer and the Hulk walk into a bar...
2008_12_15_16:44:45.117   067.241.041.xxx   om nom nom
2008_12_15_16:44:48.439   165.123.208.xxx   hi!
2008_12_15_16:44:59.662   072.248.208.xxx   numa numa yay (25)
2008_12_15_16:45:01.947   156.034.196.xxx   :O (12)
2008_12_15_16:45:04.749   012.039.123.xxx   540 viewers.....sssssmokin'!!!
2008_12_15_16:45:07.993   068.060.158.xxx   This is farking great!!
2008_12_15_16:45:19.756   071.009.079.xxx   Good luck!
2008_12_15_16:45:20.483   157.127.124.xxx   SNARFFLE DERF NARRRRRRRRG
2008_12_15_16:45:22.135   118.136.093.xxx   HI
2008_12_15_16:45:23.762   098.221.051.xxx   i like poop
2008_12_15_16:45:25.051   068.082.057.xxx   jjj
2008_12_15_16:45:30.294   096.028.057.xxx   Blagojevich ****
2008_12_15_16:45:31.152   098.220.093.xxx   mmmm chicken
2008_12_15_16:45:38.032   071.034.186.xxx   This s****
2008_12_15_16:45:40.412   165.123.208.xxx   sarah jessica parker walks into a bar and the bartender says, why the long face?
2008_12_15_16:45:41.673   156.034.196.xxx   i have a can of Turtles want one ? (13)
2008_12_15_16:45:49.479   071.102.156.xxx   I welcome my new santa claws overlords
2008_12_15_16:45:55.407   074.065.091.xxx   so if we can see you, can you see us?
2008_12_15_16:45:56.458   068.082.057.xxx   TACOS
2008_12_15_16:45:59.662   024.252.253.xxx   NOTACON!!!!
2008_12_15_16:46:02.310   068.002.239.xxx   its still OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!!!1
2008_12_15_16:46:02.601   012.189.239.xxx   chicken goes WHERE??
2008_12_15_16:46:04.906   012.039.123.xxx   Site not even breaking a sweat....
2008_12_15_16:46:08.986   067.176.001.xxx   turtle tacos.
2008_12_15_16:46:13.484   072.248.208.xxx   well i got to head to class now ='___ (26)
2008_12_15_16:46:15.540   068.004.180.xxx   Don't cross the streams!!
2008_12_15_16:46:17.013   012.107.178.xxx   Tacos and peaches  mmmmmm
2008_12_15_16:46:18.159   065.024.082.xxx   chicken taco
2008_12_15_16:46:28.723   071.034.186.xxx   How are we supposed to play with this if everyone is playing at the same time?
2008_12_15_16:46:28.832   063.246.055.xxx   All your base are belong to us!!!
2008_12_15_16:46:34.096   012.039.123.xxx   631!!
2008_12_15_16:46:34.359   076.100.034.xxx   BORK BORK BORK!!! Ishdiburychrispniss mitten da girfties!
2008_12_15_16:46:34.513   074.065.091.xxx   taco tacos
2008_12_15_16:46:38.087   075.035.022.xxx   what tacos?
2008_12_15_16:46:40.033   156.034.196.xxx   people are sooo randomn (14)
2008_12_15_16:46:40.101   071.102.156.xxx   MaddCutty rules
2008_12_15_16:46:45.509   074.167.083.xxx   crazy
2008_12_15_16:46:53.680   063.246.055.xxx   ODOYLE RULES!
2008_12_15_16:47:01.050   024.177.141.xxx   MMMMM... message
2008_12_15_16:47:01.641   012.107.178.xxx   fish tacos
2008_12_15_16:47:02.177   074.065.091.xxx   take off your shirt
2008_12_15_16:47:07.917   205.147.244.xxx   Posted to Fark.  All your bandwidth are belong to us.
2008_12_15_16:47:08.201   065.024.082.xxx   how many years are you going to complain about that radio station?
2008_12_15_16:47:12.528   096.028.057.xxx   Is that jacob's ladder?
2008_12_15_16:47:14.126   118.136.093.xxx   Type text & hiCR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_15_16:47:14.824   216.254.058.xxx   AAAHHHH! MY EYES!!!
2008_12_15_16:47:18.684   067.191.180.xxx   the dead shall walk the earth
2008_12_15_16:47:36.030   069.137.040.xxx   hello world
2008_12_15_16:47:38.855   075.185.101.xxx   This is really pretty cool
2008_12_15_16:47:43.928   156.034.196.xxx   jacob claus ? (15)
2008_12_15_16:47:46.550   071.034.186.xxx   Everyone turn everything off.
2008_12_15_16:47:49.461   072.248.208.xxx   oh no zombies are here (27)
2008_12_15_16:47:51.359   065.024.082.xxx   the rivers shall run red with blood
2008_12_15_16:47:52.210   067.010.131.xxx   Spurs Christmas
2008_12_15_16:47:53.656   081.108.030.xxx   you have all lost the game.
2008_12_15_16:47:53.796   098.221.048.xxx   t***
2008_12_15_16:47:56.610   096.028.057.xxx   I thought the dead was gonna skate the earth?
2008_12_15_16:47:57.026   063.246.055.xxx   Hi Mom!
2008_12_15_16:47:57.144   071.205.220.xxx   Behold ya'll the digital vatgs of u****
2008_12_15_16:47:58.998   165.123.208.xxx   hi jason
2008_12_15_16:48:06.699   012.039.123.xxx   You better put cooling fans on those X10 mods!
2008_12_15_16:48:07.151   205.147.244.xxx   OMFG THE UTILITY BILL
2008_12_15_16:48:08.920   098.121.169.xxx   do a barrel roll
2008_12_15_16:48:20.167   208.104.234.xxx   very cool SC
2008_12_15_16:48:26.386   074.142.205.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2008_12_15_16:48:26.823   074.002.221.xxx   Howdy Farkers!
2008_12_15_16:48:32.572   067.077.035.xxx   attention w****!
2008_12_15_16:48:38.929   024.177.141.xxx   Fark!
2008_12_15_16:48:42.002   063.246.055.xxx   I wanna be an airborne ranger!
2008_12_15_16:48:42.108   156.034.196.xxx   Jason...wth...u said u werent home u liar! (16)
2008_12_15_16:48:44.759   024.252.253.xxx   I LOVE NOTACON!
2008_12_15_16:48:45.533   065.024.082.xxx   pop a wheelie (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_16:48:53.498   024.247.100.xxx   tou all s***
2008_12_15_16:49:08.836   071.102.156.xxx   Server overload.
2008_12_15_16:49:25.150   024.247.100.xxx   obey
2008_12_15_16:49:29.275   129.210.091.xxx   It's not Christma**, it's LINK DELETED
2008_12_15_16:49:37.619   096.028.057.xxx   GHOST!!!
2008_12_15_16:49:39.447   205.147.244.xxx   THIS IS FULL OF FORTUNE AND WIN
2008_12_15_16:49:46.939   076.023.242.xxx   It's just a streetlight.
2008_12_15_16:49:47.942   063.246.055.xxx   404 - Christmas Spirit not found
2008_12_15_16:50:06.582   156.034.196.xxx   gasp (17)
2008_12_15_16:50:09.367   205.147.244.xxx   OK HE'S GONE GET THE BOOZE
2008_12_15_16:50:16.160   081.108.030.xxx   you all lose the game.
2008_12_15_16:50:22.984   096.028.057.xxx   hey down front sit down
2008_12_15_16:50:27.991   076.099.052.xxx   b***ies
2008_12_15_16:50:31.885   064.146.239.xxx   Hi Michelle
2008_12_15_16:50:39.409   205.147.244.xxx   mood lighting...?
2008_12_15_16:50:44.490   024.247.100.xxx   OBEY
2008_12_15_16:50:50.360   072.204.062.xxx   hello
2008_12_15_16:50:58.203   064.146.239.xxx   Hi Michelle
2008_12_15_16:51:05.429   156.034.196.xxx   bah humbug (18)
2008_12_15_16:51:07.857   076.023.242.xxx   Aren't there blight ordinances?
2008_12_15_16:51:09.265   065.024.082.xxx   will you marry me michelle? (11)
2008_12_15_16:51:09.754   024.145.154.xxx   I can read this?
2008_12_15_16:51:15.600   096.228.151.xxx   KFC prize?  PETA not amused
2008_12_15_16:51:19.265   069.039.044.xxx   lOVE THE SETUP!
2008_12_15_16:51:19.940   064.253.097.xxx   i wonder what time it is...
2008_12_15_16:51:21.919   063.246.055.xxx   Where's the Trans-Siberian Orchestra?
2008_12_15_16:51:24.325   072.204.062.xxx   Go OSU Cowboys
2008_12_15_16:51:29.588   024.247.100.xxx   I set up all these lights and all I got was this lousy text
2008_12_15_16:51:29.387   189.156.170.xxx   oh hai, im in ur christmas
2008_12_15_16:51:31.218   098.247.148.xxx   b***
2008_12_15_16:51:32.297   072.209.031.xxx   You have a tiny little p****
2008_12_15_16:51:34.380   128.164.100.xxx   LOL HI2U
2008_12_15_16:51:41.644   070.233.160.xxx   Hello from Tonkawa, OK
2008_12_15_16:51:43.764   071.205.220.xxx   no
2008_12_15_16:51:46.591   064.146.239.xxx   Hi Michelle
2008_12_15_16:52:05.029   204.137.052.xxx   b****e b****e
2008_12_15_16:52:08.964   128.164.100.xxx   Hi from Wash DC!
2008_12_15_16:52:12.224   072.209.031.xxx   Pen!s
2008_12_15_16:52:16.151   063.246.055.xxx   In your display stealing your effects
2008_12_15_16:52:22.765   069.137.040.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2008_12_15_16:52:25.342   072.253.181.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2008_12_15_16:52:29.232   068.160.034.xxx   yo
2008_12_15_16:52:30.626   098.247.148.xxx   b***
2008_12_15_16:52:40.062   076.100.034.xxx   is it wrong that i can watch this for hours?
2008_12_15_16:52:45.470   024.247.100.xxx   Big jim
2008_12_15_16:52:49.490   024.058.135.xxx   boe to your x10 overlord
2008_12_15_16:52:51.671   156.034.196.xxx   stop trying to swear u ninnys (19)
2008_12_15_16:52:51.646   071.234.192.xxx   Merry Christmas to all!
2008_12_15_16:52:56.603   098.247.148.xxx   b***
2008_12_15_16:52:57.060   070.233.160.xxx   Fark and Roll
2008_12_15_16:52:59.855   072.209.031.xxx   Over in the weeners
2008_12_15_16:53:04.965   165.123.208.xxx   hi jackie
2008_12_15_16:53:06.344   024.161.044.xxx   good luck!
2008_12_15_16:53:08.474   076.115.131.xxx   Boy, talk about giving relays a workout!
2008_12_15_16:53:09.760   072.253.181.xxx   my eyes hurt
2008_12_15_16:53:21.122   156.034.196.xxx   how (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_16:53:24.596   131.030.121.xxx   THIS IS GREAT
2008_12_15_16:53:27.006   128.164.100.xxx   ______ Best dad on earth
2008_12_15_16:53:30.038   071.234.192.xxx   Let is snow!!
2008_12_15_16:53:31.906   099.246.055.xxx   This is too fun
2008_12_15_16:53:33.568   063.227.234.xxx   What is this??
2008_12_15_16:53:37.237   065.024.082.xxx   carriage return (12)
2008_12_15_16:53:41.427   165.123.208.xxx   jackies a ho
2008_12_15_16:53:43.758   072.025.024.xxx   hehe
2008_12_15_16:53:48.528   076.100.034.xxx   Al Bundy?
2008_12_15_16:53:48.601   156.034.196.xxx   sheesh (21)
2008_12_15_16:53:55.423   128.164.100.xxx   Pewpewpew :)
2008_12_15_16:54:01.853   072.209.031.xxx   spit or swallow?
2008_12_15_16:54:03.246   071.102.156.xxx   site is farked
2008_12_15_16:54:13.939   165.123.208.xxx   hi jason
2008_12_15_16:54:14.844   204.137.052.xxx   He is in the house!  Get out!
2008_12_15_16:54:24.230   072.204.062.xxx   Working on the Pickle Matrix
2008_12_15_16:54:24.589   189.156.170.xxx   mission acomplished!
2008_12_15_16:54:32.591   072.209.031.xxx   text & CR
2008_12_15_16:54:34.064   097.083.153.xxx   It's not even working
2008_12_15_16:54:34.249   070.233.160.xxx   Hello from Tonkawa, OK
2008_12_15_16:54:53.875   156.034.196.xxx   jason vorhees ?!?!? (22)
2008_12_15_16:54:54.182   071.102.156.xxx   like the lava lamp, dude!
2008_12_15_16:55:01.870   072.209.031.xxx   Dude, you need some booze
2008_12_15_16:55:04.029   096.028.057.xxx   Illudium Pu-36 Explosive Space Modulator
2008_12_15_16:55:08.133   081.108.030.xxx   hello to laura Coller in the uk
2008_12_15_16:55:09.613   096.235.025.xxx   BEER!
2008_12_15_16:55:14.228   065.024.082.xxx   hulk stupid! (13)
2008_12_15_16:55:17.296   097.083.153.xxx   Why is there a guy hiding back there?
2008_12_15_16:55:15.244   207.102.159.xxx   Hello from Ft.  Saskatchewan Canada
2008_12_15_16:55:23.814   156.034.196.xxx   wave lamps are fun too (23)
2008_12_15_16:55:24.102   204.137.052.xxx   Your yard is on fire
2008_12_15_16:55:35.590   076.100.034.xxx   Bah hulk cut me off from watching the happy txt window
2008_12_15_16:55:40.608   096.235.025.xxx   where the white women at?
2008_12_15_16:55:41.120   069.113.106.xxx   The wax guy at the PC is very realistic
2008_12_15_16:55:44.260   072.209.031.xxx   Is this to make up for your tiny weener?
2008_12_15_16:56:01.534   065.024.082.xxx   same old tired site for last 4 yrs SMASH! (14)
2008_12_15_16:56:02.722   156.034.196.xxx   mean (24)
2008_12_15_16:56:04.761   071.234.192.xxx   Hello from New Haven, CT
2008_12_15_16:56:15.051   072.204.062.xxx   Lasers and Phasers
2008_12_15_16:56:30.346   076.023.242.xxx   New Haven?  Wallingford in the house!
2008_12_15_16:56:46.635   096.028.057.xxx   Hello from Utica, Indiana home of nothing! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_16:56:44.531   090.184.011.xxx   CanI haz kfc
2008_12_15_16:56:49.074   070.119.069.xxx   HO HO HO
2008_12_15_16:56:55.470   076.100.034.xxx   HIO from Sykesville, MD
2008_12_15_16:57:10.975   065.006.146.xxx   Tucker, Georgia says hi!
2008_12_15_16:57:12.920   024.247.100.xxx   The weather in Holland, MI stinks
2008_12_15_16:57:14.571   075.049.011.xxx   Yay farkers!
2008_12_15_16:57:12.897   216.183.051.xxx   Merry Christmas from Kingsville, TX
2008_12_15_16:57:23.273   064.012.116.xxx   everyone i have sent this site to loves it
2008_12_15_16:57:45.984   076.106.064.xxx   HI-KEEBA!
2008_12_15_16:57:51.314   173.020.051.xxx   BIG BROWN CLOCK FTW!
2008_12_15_16:58:01.483   209.248.124.xxx   Bite me
2008_12_15_16:58:03.534   066.252.139.xxx   This is very silly
2008_12_15_16:58:08.812   024.235.185.xxx   Have a UFIA New Year
2008_12_15_16:58:10.393   069.249.147.xxx   61 degrees in December?
2008_12_15_16:58:10.974   204.137.052.xxx   IS this the real life or is it just fantasy
2008_12_15_16:58:13.673   156.034.196.xxx   u people are sick (25)
2008_12_15_16:58:16.335   209.060.132.xxx   Merry Christmas from Bradley 911
2008_12_15_16:58:18.119   064.146.239.xxx   KGH ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_15_16:58:29.793   207.102.159.xxx   Take the Nets +4.5 tonight
2008_12_15_16:58:32.312   065.024.082.xxx   Type text & CR t*** a tarp!o see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam! (15)
2008_12_15_16:58:48.942   209.060.132.xxx   lllllllllllllllllllllll
2008_12_15_16:58:54.090   065.116.009.xxx   hey hey
2008_12_15_16:58:59.757   156.034.196.xxx   no tasers (26)
2008_12_15_16:59:00.244   173.020.051.xxx   MOHR LIGHTS!
2008_12_15_16:59:01.047   075.037.223.xxx   howzit from SA
2008_12_15_16:59:01.604   065.024.082.xxx   it's a tarp! (16)
2008_12_15_16:59:02.808   071.200.127.xxx   yay
2008_12_15_16:59:03.323   071.205.220.xxx   WEB TASER
2008_12_15_16:59:08.979   076.098.122.xxx   Good Luck with the collection and greetings from NJ
2008_12_15_16:59:14.798   076.115.131.xxx   My message doesn't show up... :(
2008_12_15_16:59:15.573   069.143.172.xxx   Hey there
2008_12_15_16:59:18.191   209.060.132.xxx   Bradley 911
2008_12_15_16:59:26.293   076.023.242.xxx   GET OFF MY LAWN
2008_12_15_16:59:26.723   067.235.048.xxx   Your neighbors must love you
2008_12_15_16:59:26.965   096.028.057.xxx   Can I request some Johnny Cash next? (11)
2008_12_15_16:59:34.275   024.247.100.xxx   turk 182
2008_12_15_16:59:42.670   156.034.196.xxx   yuck (27)
2008_12_15_16:59:45.918   096.235.025.xxx   Alice 105.9 s****
2008_12_15_16:59:58.203   065.116.009.xxx   HAI
2008_12_15_17:00:06.588   081.108.030.xxx   hi laura
2008_12_15_17:00:06.908   064.150.178.xxx   yo yo yo
2008_12_15_17:00:09.637   076.098.122.xxx   cmon, smile into the camera 8)))))
2008_12_15_17:00:13.722   156.034.196.xxx   I believe (28)
2008_12_15_17:00:15.748   096.235.025.xxx   wait, you bleep out s****
2008_12_15_17:00:27.238   070.051.122.xxx   All your base are belong to us.
2008_12_15_17:00:31.789   065.116.009.xxx   WINDSHOVEL NEEDS A NERF
2008_12_15_17:00:38.883   076.180.227.xxx   My baloney has a first name...
2008_12_15_17:00:40.904   081.108.030.xxx   hi laura (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_17:00:41.612   096.235.025.xxx   s****
2008_12_15_17:00:53.637   156.034.196.xxx   u have to bleep stuff people are childish (29)
2008_12_15_17:01:06.188   076.023.242.xxx   He must be a postal worker.
2008_12_15_17:01:06.510   096.235.025.xxx   oh come on!___
2008_12_15_17:01:09.093   064.150.178.xxx   supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is contagious
2008_12_15_17:01:09.938   065.116.009.xxx   NERF WINDRAKE
2008_12_15_17:01:10.782   081.108.030.xxx   hi laura (11)
2008_12_15_17:01:33.295   081.108.030.xxx   ___-___ people in the UK rock (12)
2008_12_15_17:01:35.433   156.034.196.xxx   omg (30 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_17:01:56.048   204.137.052.xxx   I am not wearing pants
2008_12_15_17:02:00.239   072.204.062.xxx   Wave to prove you are not animatronic
2008_12_15_17:02:02.015   189.156.170.xxx   halloween was a while ago dude
2008_12_15_17:02:05.199   065.116.009.xxx   NERF WINDRAKE
2008_12_15_17:02:19.376   156.034.196.xxx   wish we could register nick names for the chat (31)
2008_12_15_17:02:28.023   064.150.178.xxx   ZnVjaw==
2008_12_15_17:02:55.822   071.052.058.xxx   please wave alek
2008_12_15_17:02:55.925   189.156.170.xxx   is he getting a b* ?
2008_12_15_17:03:01.087   098.220.058.xxx   I bet he's looking at p***
2008_12_15_17:03:07.331   204.137.052.xxx   Lets turn everything off and keep it off
2008_12_15_17:03:10.454   072.204.062.xxx   Jabberjaw
2008_12_15_17:03:23.781   173.020.051.xxx   jabberwalky
2008_12_15_17:03:41.426   075.186.001.xxx   cool
2008_12_15_17:03:44.041   064.150.178.xxx   ur javascripts are outta control
2008_12_15_17:03:50.594   070.017.164.xxx   please consider donating
2008_12_15_17:03:51.742   076.100.238.xxx   poo
2008_12_15_17:03:58.691   204.137.052.xxx   Turn it all off
2008_12_15_17:04:02.013   156.034.196.xxx   Merry Christmas to all (32)
2008_12_15_17:04:02.136   189.156.170.xxx   wait till he gets the power bill
2008_12_15_17:04:05.258   096.028.057.xxx   and now for someting completely different (12)
2008_12_15_17:04:08.987   012.010.219.xxx   b***ies
2008_12_15_17:04:09.318   148.087.001.xxx   Hello world
2008_12_15_17:04:16.876   071.205.220.xxx   how do I install ubuntu?
2008_12_15_17:04:17.450   086.020.233.xxx   love you collers in uk!!
2008_12_15_17:04:19.609   071.156.107.xxx   holy crap someone needs html lessons
2008_12_15_17:04:26.306   076.243.038.xxx   Pie is GOOD!!
2008_12_15_17:04:26.480   064.150.178.xxx   f***
2008_12_15_17:04:31.075   076.100.238.xxx   PUT SHOE ON HEAD
2008_12_15_17:04:39.874   012.010.219.xxx   how u mine fish?
2008_12_15_17:04:43.759   156.034.196.xxx   type format c: /q first to install ubuntu (33)
2008_12_15_17:04:46.601   072.013.135.xxx   Hello World!!!
2008_12_15_17:04:47.013   075.060.091.xxx   I should be studying for finals, but I'm so mesmerized!
2008_12_15_17:04:50.649   064.150.178.xxx   ZnVjaw==
2008_12_15_17:04:55.158   076.023.242.xxx   What time zone is pink clock set to?
2008_12_15_17:04:56.542   064.253.097.xxx   you have reached the end of the internet....please go back.
2008_12_15_17:05:04.559   097.083.119.xxx   You're not no.8_________
2008_12_15_17:05:14.207   075.186.001.xxx   login as: root
2008_12_15_17:05:14.282   156.034.196.xxx   omg sicko (34)
2008_12_15_17:05:26.171   076.100.238.xxx   8=====D
2008_12_15_17:05:33.552   189.156.170.xxx   =====D_________
2008_12_15_17:05:34.399   064.150.178.xxx   8==D
2008_12_15_17:05:46.653   064.253.097.xxx   you have reached the end of the internet -- please go back.
2008_12_15_17:05:53.024   204.137.052.xxx   KFC is not good for people with Celiac
2008_12_15_17:05:59.407   207.114.145.xxx   HEROES
2008_12_15_17:06:12.564   076.180.227.xxx   fee fie foe fum
2008_12_15_17:06:18.704   189.156.170.xxx   is that bill pullman?
2008_12_15_17:06:19.864   086.020.233.xxx   my mom loves this website
2008_12_15_17:06:23.555   072.204.062.xxx   Wave to prove you are not a robot
2008_12_15_17:06:30.312   081.108.030.xxx   The game. you loose. (13)
2008_12_15_17:06:30.520   077.054.068.xxx   SEBUP
2008_12_15_17:06:47.387   076.180.227.xxx   your mom loves everything
2008_12_15_17:06:51.226   070.103.048.xxx   Amusement overloaded - please restart.
2008_12_15_17:07:00.651   189.156.170.xxx   uoy kucf
2008_12_15_17:07:09.991   065.116.009.xxx   annoying webpage
2008_12_15_17:07:22.423   068.047.245.xxx   kill me now
2008_12_15_17:07:26.292   070.103.048.xxx   Oh genius... backwords. :D
2008_12_15_17:07:26.524   076.180.227.xxx   YOUR CLOCK IS BACKWARDS!
2008_12_15_17:07:55.899   068.047.245.xxx   where do I vote
2008_12_15_17:07:57.089   204.137.052.xxx   Clock Blocker
2008_12_15_17:08:05.274   024.155.231.xxx   Wave alek!
2008_12_15_17:08:17.654   207.114.145.xxx   :3
2008_12_15_17:08:29.075   070.103.048.xxx   Halo 3 - Finish the fight.
2008_12_15_17:08:32.820   189.156.170.xxx   that santa is giving him a bee jay
2008_12_15_17:08:38.940   124.170.057.xxx   hi
2008_12_15_17:08:45.702   076.106.064.xxx   Our god is an Indian who turns into a wolf.
2008_12_15_17:08:45.814   076.092.251.xxx   get to work slacker
2008_12_15_17:08:53.120   070.103.048.xxx   Hello world
2008_12_15_17:08:58.543   130.076.064.xxx   you're an awesome dad
2008_12_15_17:08:58.661   068.040.205.xxx   word to santa's mother
2008_12_15_17:09:03.100   072.204.062.xxx   Hulkster has left the building
2008_12_15_17:09:07.550   076.100.238.xxx   (")(o.O)("')
2008_12_15_17:09:07.905   204.137.052.xxx   Jesus is the season for my chicken (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_17:09:17.966   024.155.231.xxx   id rather word your mother
2008_12_15_17:09:40.046   070.103.048.xxx   Word my momma's dictionary, yo! :D
2008_12_15_17:09:40.099   196.003.048.xxx   harkin!
2008_12_15_17:09:42.841   070.130.236.xxx   Lights on everything 'cept the tree??
2008_12_15_17:09:43.572   071.176.070.xxx   Hi peoples
2008_12_15_17:09:47.178   024.155.231.xxx   already jerked!
2008_12_15_17:09:52.193   082.027.114.xxx   David Brent!
2008_12_15_17:09:52.267   075.134.211.xxx   wow dude
2008_12_15_17:09:56.128   076.092.251.xxx   bite me
2008_12_15_17:09:59.960   069.144.025.xxx   Love it!
2008_12_15_17:10:08.114   075.060.091.xxx   I wonder how irritated his neighbors get...
2008_12_15_17:10:08.268   065.024.069.xxx   grow up
2008_12_15_17:10:15.554   066.229.142.xxx   Annoy the neighbors much?
2008_12_15_17:10:15.907   070.103.048.xxx   Sunset already?!
2008_12_15_17:10:17.609   012.051.075.xxx   awww
2008_12_15_17:10:34.110   071.176.070.xxx   I am a s* y computer
2008_12_15_17:10:37.859   204.137.052.xxx   Clark W Griswold (11)
2008_12_15_17:10:46.471   070.103.048.xxx   Celiacs Rock.
2008_12_15_17:10:55.076   076.243.038.xxx   There's a dude up there!
2008_12_15_17:10:59.395   198.053.084.xxx   Booh Yeah
2008_12_15_17:11:02.060   076.092.251.xxx   hey dude is very cute
2008_12_15_17:11:18.170   067.173.095.xxx   Great job!  Keep up the good work
2008_12_15_17:11:36.784   076.243.038.xxx   Pie is GOOD!!
2008_12_15_17:11:39.052   066.229.142.xxx   So why do the Celtics need donations anyway?
2008_12_15_17:11:41.680   071.209.250.xxx   The lights are going crazy. That must look cool live.
2008_12_15_17:11:43.229   070.103.048.xxx   Holy Days or Holiday to you?
2008_12_15_17:11:46.884   012.051.075.xxx   WUDDUP BEAVE AND JO
2008_12_15_17:11:55.260   096.052.252.xxx   Have a headache yet?
2008_12_15_17:12:01.192   159.215.117.xxx   Donate the money to a bakery!
2008_12_15_17:12:09.114   204.137.052.xxx   Look a girl (12)
2008_12_15_17:12:16.194   070.103.048.xxx   Get a ma**age today.
2008_12_15_17:12:21.855   076.180.227.xxx   ...a tale of a fateful trip...
2008_12_15_17:12:23.192   207.112.093.xxx   Donate to help with Celiac Disease!
2008_12_15_17:12:28.227   159.215.117.xxx   His mom?
2008_12_15_17:12:28.791   066.229.142.xxx   We need a remote control snowball catapult!
2008_12_15_17:12:41.934   071.008.223.xxx   WAVE HI
2008_12_15_17:12:44.389   070.103.048.xxx   WTF? Ma**age is filtered?! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_17:12:48.591   198.053.084.xxx   Why do I think this is a giant Fark attempt to crash this site
2008_12_15_17:12:50.268   024.155.231.xxx   Im with doofus _________
2008_12_15_17:13:04.932   071.205.220.xxx   I'm hungry. Someone order pizza
2008_12_15_17:13:05.152   099.018.112.xxx   FAIL
2008_12_15_17:13:11.300   204.137.052.xxx   Look at the guy behind me.  Big dorkbag (13)
2008_12_15_17:13:16.293   072.204.062.xxx   Mr. Bojangles
2008_12_15_17:13:16.451   075.070.019.xxx   Happy Festivus!
2008_12_15_17:13:16.884   076.092.251.xxx   dude is cute
2008_12_15_17:13:17.314   066.229.142.xxx   Thin crust or deep dish?
2008_12_15_17:13:22.889   159.215.117.xxx   Why does everyone call him 'Snowball'?
2008_12_15_17:13:24.344   070.103.048.xxx   Ma______age is filtered! That is lame. (11)
2008_12_15_17:13:28.451   071.209.250.xxx   It's 5:13 and already dark! Where are you?
2008_12_15_17:13:28.496   076.180.227.xxx   HARDCORE PHOTOGRAPHY
2008_12_15_17:13:40.729   204.137.052.xxx   g** marriage (14)
2008_12_15_17:13:51.002   071.008.223.xxx   i can say my phone number and it will bleep it out!
2008_12_15_17:13:51.293   198.053.084.xxx   I saw a chick t*** or GTFO
2008_12_15_17:13:55.172   024.155.231.xxx   If you just got here from fark...please type Bewbies!
2008_12_15_17:13:55.622   159.215.117.xxx   Why does the lawn say "FC"?  Shouldn't it be FU?
2008_12_15_17:13:58.954   209.164.249.xxx   a***
2008_12_15_17:14:03.556   012.051.075.xxx   SANTA!. I KNOW HIM
2008_12_15_17:14:04.932   072.240.216.xxx   HORRAY FOR BEER!
2008_12_15_17:14:12.575   072.204.062.xxx   ****5 (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_17:14:16.928   071.205.220.xxx   You don't like g**s?
2008_12_15_17:14:17.523   068.105.221.xxx   Hey everyone from Fark
2008_12_15_17:14:21.010   098.204.222.xxx   tacos!
2008_12_15_17:14:28.240   204.137.052.xxx   It's a streetlight (15)
2008_12_15_17:14:28.436   159.215.117.xxx   Anyone got a dead Labrador?
2008_12_15_17:14:30.859   071.008.223.xxx   1-203-431-****
2008_12_15_17:14:37.515   012.111.048.xxx   Great Farkin Display!!!!
2008_12_15_17:14:44.231   076.106.064.xxx   WHY IT'S YOUR MAMA, STEVE!  GET THE AXE!
2008_12_15_17:14:45.222   072.240.216.xxx   Free Cat ___---
2008_12_15_17:14:47.478   024.223.212.xxx   Drew Curtis is lame
2008_12_15_17:14:50.256   066.213.010.xxx   Well Done!
2008_12_15_17:14:54.692   069.143.141.xxx   I love your mom
2008_12_15_17:14:56.209   075.136.209.xxx   FARK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
2008_12_15_17:15:01.240   159.215.117.xxx   Um...Santa's walkin' like a h***
2008_12_15_17:15:03.256   024.155.231.xxx   Bewbies
2008_12_15_17:15:10.771   076.092.251.xxx   WE LOVE DREW
2008_12_15_17:15:13.014   068.106.084.xxx   hey everyone!
2008_12_15_17:15:17.668   071.237.084.xxx   i ___3 b***ies
2008_12_15_17:15:21.452   024.223.212.xxx   Drew s****
2008_12_15_17:15:24.390   072.204.062.xxx   Bewbies rule (11)
2008_12_15_17:15:29.966   204.137.052.xxx   The pumpkin looks like Drew Curtis (16)
2008_12_15_17:15:31.504   159.215.117.xxx   That santa icon is walking like a h***
2008_12_15_17:15:44.502   071.237.084.xxx   bewbies
2008_12_15_17:15:46.722   068.105.221.xxx   My eyes, the goggles do nothing!
2008_12_15_17:15:48.040   012.111.048.xxx   supercalifragilisticexpealidocious
2008_12_15_17:15:48.256   024.155.231.xxx   SERVER OVERLOAD
2008_12_15_17:15:51.347   024.223.212.xxx   b***ies
2008_12_15_17:15:51.910   072.204.062.xxx   Hookah (12)
2008_12_15_17:16:00.931   075.060.091.xxx   My dad gets me on Fark and this is what I do with my time.
2008_12_15_17:16:08.350   012.051.075.xxx   I H #&CR
2008_12_15_17:16:17.766   071.008.223.xxx   whats fark?
2008_12_15_17:16:29.380   204.137.052.xxx   It is what I do to your mom (17)
2008_12_15_17:16:30.860   024.223.212.xxx   A boring website
2008_12_15_17:16:43.586   012.111.048.xxx   FREE CAT!!!  ==___
2008_12_15_17:16:50.155   132.163.130.xxx   yo yo yo what up yall, hope you figure out that whole celiac disease
2008_12_15_17:17:01.868   070.109.051.xxx   Is there an easier way to figure out where to vote?
2008_12_15_17:17:03.384   071.008.223.xxx   hello retty lady
2008_12_15_17:17:08.341   070.103.048.xxx   Smile, Dudes. It's Christmas! (12)
2008_12_15_17:17:08.960   204.137.052.xxx   She is helping (18)
2008_12_15_17:17:09.988   024.223.212.xxx   He's got help now
2008_12_15_17:17:11.611   072.240.216.xxx   So this is UltraFar+++ Carrier Lost +++
2008_12_15_17:17:42.182   071.008.223.xxx   what is he doing?
2008_12_15_17:17:52.258   075.136.209.xxx   Fark is a bandwidth test
2008_12_15_17:18:12.495   070.103.048.xxx   That is an EXCELLENT bandwidth test (13)
2008_12_15_17:18:15.007   076.092.251.xxx   waive alek please
2008_12_15_17:18:15.668   204.137.052.xxx   Fark is people! (19)
2008_12_15_17:18:27.238   198.053.084.xxx   Hey guy, can you talk back to us a little?
2008_12_15_17:18:27.992   064.017.084.xxx   brains..... brains... give me brains!!!
2008_12_15_17:18:39.949   070.103.048.xxx   People is farked! (14)
2008_12_15_17:18:43.595   071.008.223.xxx   wow.. wat a nerd
2008_12_15_17:18:46.032   076.180.227.xxx   Happy Birthday Jeebus!
2008_12_15_17:18:50.970   076.235.243.xxx   Some people have issues... others have FARK.
2008_12_15_17:18:52.975   132.163.130.xxx   what up yall?
2008_12_15_17:18:58.018   076.092.251.xxx   Proud Farkette
2008_12_15_17:18:59.015   075.136.209.xxx   The body is buried under the smowman
2008_12_15_17:19:00.117   204.137.052.xxx   I hope this guy doesn't OD like the last webcam I watched (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_17:19:01.631   072.204.062.xxx   Why am I spending so much time here (13)
2008_12_15_17:19:02.365   124.157.075.xxx   I can't let you do that Dave
2008_12_15_17:19:17.625   076.106.064.xxx   sup /b/
2008_12_15_17:19:22.777   070.103.048.xxx   LOL. (15)
2008_12_15_17:19:24.565   071.008.223.xxx   caitlin, will you marry me?
2008_12_15_17:19:25.749   096.231.165.xxx   all your presents are belong to us
2008_12_15_17:19:26.120   076.235.243.xxx   Incoming shoe.. DUCK!
2008_12_15_17:19:39.313   076.092.251.xxx   hello McFly hello
2008_12_15_17:19:41.264   070.074.068.xxx   cheese!
2008_12_15_17:19:39.700   144.013.121.xxx   All your carbon are belong to Gore
2008_12_15_17:19:43.167   204.137.052.xxx   I hope this guy doesn't OD like the last webcam I watched (21)
2008_12_15_17:19:51.427   070.103.048.xxx   Caitlin Would you marry me? (16)
2008_12_15_17:19:58.677   068.106.084.xxx   is that a real guy sitting back there?
2008_12_15_17:20:01.775   072.204.062.xxx   Domo-Kun sad (14)
2008_12_15_17:20:03.112   138.210.236.xxx   The first rule of "Alek's Controllable Christmas Lights for Celiac Disease" is.
2008_12_15_17:20:03.988   198.053.084.xxx   Impressive work, my condolences on the bandwidth bill
2008_12_15_17:20:06.721   071.223.134.xxx   Merry HanuChristmaKwanzaka
2008_12_15_17:20:14.042   204.137.052.xxx   No - Caitlin (22)
2008_12_15_17:20:16.512   070.103.048.xxx   Yes (17)
2008_12_15_17:20:16.832   076.106.064.xxx   lol Caitlin j/k
2008_12_15_17:20:18.155   144.013.121.xxx   8====D
2008_12_15_17:20:26.910   071.091.063.xxx   Geaux Tigahs!
2008_12_15_17:20:32.316   096.254.204.xxx   Merry Xratedmas
2008_12_15_17:20:46.303   074.076.087.xxx   Linzi i love you
2008_12_15_17:20:51.765   068.101.055.xxx   d'oh
2008_12_15_17:20:57.580   072.204.062.xxx   Cowboys go Duck huntin (15)
2008_12_15_17:21:02.994   070.103.048.xxx   WTF is a blumpkin? (18)
2008_12_15_17:21:06.127   075.136.209.xxx   ..._...l..____________________, ,
2008_12_15_17:21:11.623   072.086.127.xxx   Coffee is poisoned
2008_12_15_17:21:13.460   024.062.153.xxx   better late than pregnate
2008_12_15_17:21:28.030   024.223.212.xxx   how is babby formed?
2008_12_15_17:21:30.069   072.204.062.xxx   The internet is on computers now (16)
2008_12_15_17:21:37.905   070.103.048.xxx   ____________ Totally a genius (19)
2008_12_15_17:21:48.680   075.136.209.xxx   GOOGLE ME !!!!!!!!
2008_12_15_17:21:58.947   072.199.012.xxx   wha
2008_12_15_17:22:04.248   192.234.016.xxx   Neat
2008_12_15_17:22:06.957   204.137.052.xxx   I come from the future. (23)
2008_12_15_17:22:14.320   076.180.227.xxx   Gotta wash my cat.
2008_12_15_17:22:14.743   067.173.042.xxx   Chick loves taco sauce.
2008_12_15_17:22:17.420   121.200.228.xxx   Im in your christmas decoration, inflating your santa..
2008_12_15_17:22:18.200   075.136.209.xxx   GOOGLE ME !!!
2008_12_15_17:22:20.902   067.084.236.xxx   This looks totally shopped...
2008_12_15_17:22:22.770   012.107.178.xxx   who's the goof behind the screen?
2008_12_15_17:22:27.577   144.013.121.xxx   this is what a charity may look like
2008_12_15_17:22:28.611   065.116.009.xxx   your neighbors must hate you
2008_12_15_17:22:30.066   024.223.212.xxx   Hello
2008_12_15_17:22:42.774   024.062.153.xxx   clownp****.fart
2008_12_15_17:22:47.631   075.070.019.xxx   Hi from the opposite political end of CO (CO Spgs)
2008_12_15_17:22:47.787   076.180.227.xxx   World
2008_12_15_17:22:53.465   068.101.055.xxx   It's a trap!!!!
2008_12_15_17:22:53.579   173.020.039.xxx   turn the lava lamp on
2008_12_15_17:22:56.974   121.200.228.xxx   Farker FrostyOne says BIE plz..
2008_12_15_17:23:01.398   075.136.209.xxx   Google Me !! Google Me !!!
2008_12_15_17:23:07.957   096.231.165.xxx   if you can read this, you're too close to your computer
2008_12_15_17:23:12.960   024.251.181.xxx   lemon curry?
2008_12_15_17:23:16.992   070.103.048.xxx   Is google a dirty word? (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_17:23:18.195   144.013.121.xxx   This is what a charity may look like
2008_12_15_17:23:21.328   068.045.062.xxx   If it wasn't for that horse, I'd never have gone to college
2008_12_15_17:23:27.072   024.223.212.xxx   .org
2008_12_15_17:23:38.083   072.166.164.xxx   Merry Christmas from Arkansas
2008_12_15_17:23:39.480   072.199.012.xxx   San Diego say Hi !!
2008_12_15_17:23:45.258   138.210.236.xxx   /slashies!!!11one!
2008_12_15_17:23:45.524   070.103.048.xxx   Is google a dirty word (21)
2008_12_15_17:23:46.755   071.228.093.xxx   I don't see frankenstein anywhere...
2008_12_15_17:23:55.229   121.200.228.xxx   Nobody supsects the spanish inquisition
2008_12_15_17:23:56.500   144.013.121.xxx   WI says hello, but better
2008_12_15_17:23:59.476   068.101.055.xxx   Squirrely nuts aren't funny, FARK.
2008_12_15_17:24:05.389   076.184.036.xxx   CHRISTMAS!!!!!
2008_12_15_17:24:10.242   072.204.062.xxx   Texas A&M is a cow college (17)
2008_12_15_17:24:15.775   070.103.048.xxx   Salt lake city says Hi! (22)
2008_12_15_17:24:26.382   071.091.063.xxx   Not Safe For Epileptics
2008_12_15_17:24:32.820   144.013.121.xxx   Merry Xmas from UW-Stout
2008_12_15_17:24:36.634   071.192.221.xxx   skip rocks
2008_12_15_17:24:38.389   096.052.252.xxx   Why is it called a burrito reindeer??
2008_12_15_17:24:43.968   075.015.008.xxx   I am browsing this from the bathroom!
2008_12_15_17:24:55.542   068.045.062.xxx   This must really annoy your neighbors...
2008_12_15_17:24:55.962   076.106.064.xxx   I ate all the Pokemons
2008_12_15_17:25:07.874   012.107.178.xxx   put this up!!
2008_12_15_17:25:08.327   076.115.131.xxx   FSM approved!
2008_12_15_17:25:08.465   076.184.036.xxx   The j** is using the Black as muscle.
2008_12_15_17:25:13.013   068.101.055.xxx   Surf and squat?
2008_12_15_17:25:13.960   075.073.195.xxx   noooo pikachu
2008_12_15_17:25:19.345   071.192.221.xxx   skip rocks again
2008_12_15_17:25:30.785   076.106.064.xxx   WHO ATE ALL MY POKEMONS
2008_12_15_17:25:39.143   076.115.131.xxx   FSM?
2008_12_15_17:25:39.405   071.228.093.xxx   It ain't stealing if you do it fast
2008_12_15_17:25:57.448   071.192.221.xxx   hi to ma**.
2008_12_15_17:25:59.866   096.052.252.xxx   Not mudkip!
2008_12_15_17:26:04.714   072.204.062.xxx   Balderdash (18)
2008_12_15_17:26:05.734   098.212.194.xxx   Love the car driving by
2008_12_15_17:26:23.537   076.115.131.xxx   The fark sign is by far the best piece!
2008_12_15_17:26:32.918   071.244.159.xxx   Hola
2008_12_15_17:26:36.397   139.055.039.xxx   This is amazing.. good luck!
2008_12_15_17:26:48.971   068.101.055.xxx   Santa, I want totalFARK
2008_12_15_17:26:49.044   076.184.036.xxx   /b/
2008_12_15_17:27:02.385   076.106.064.xxx   next year have Hulk and Santa fighting on the roof
2008_12_15_17:27:05.636   144.013.121.xxx   sup /b/
2008_12_15_17:27:11.595   076.115.131.xxx   // Comment
2008_12_15_17:27:14.753   068.106.084.xxx   This webcam should have a clock in view
2008_12_15_17:27:18.516   070.103.048.xxx   Raise a Glass  and cheer! (23)
2008_12_15_17:27:27.820   121.200.228.xxx   UFIA!
2008_12_15_17:27:29.464   075.015.008.xxx   (_)_)////D
2008_12_15_17:27:41.801   209.060.132.xxx   ********9
2008_12_15_17:27:49.268   071.091.063.xxx   I like the animatronic fellow under the pink clock.
2008_12_15_17:27:56.863   076.115.131.xxx   Busy page... I believe you need a design consultant!
2008_12_15_17:27:57.070   024.181.235.xxx   Too cool
2008_12_15_17:28:06.213   024.118.110.xxx   Fark
2008_12_15_17:28:27.741   067.084.236.xxx   That's one BIG clock
2008_12_15_17:28:30.130   070.195.085.xxx   HI MOM!
2008_12_15_17:28:30.868   070.103.048.xxx   Cyber commences now. (24)
2008_12_15_17:28:39.143   024.118.110.xxx   I'm not wearing pants.
2008_12_15_17:28:46.670   072.199.012.xxx   this guy is  a turd sandwich
2008_12_15_17:28:47.569   069.076.186.xxx   I love Odin
2008_12_15_17:28:48.575   071.091.063.xxx   I take off my robe and wizard hat...
2008_12_15_17:28:54.490   068.106.084.xxx   I wish I knew what time it was.
2008_12_15_17:28:55.707   068.151.251.xxx   homer says doh!
2008_12_15_17:28:57.916   070.195.085.xxx   hey dude
2008_12_15_17:29:00.884   075.015.008.xxx   Go Eagles!
2008_12_15_17:29:31.374   070.103.048.xxx   I want some Snickers. (25)
2008_12_15_17:29:43.539   098.247.031.xxx   j*** for Jesus
2008_12_15_17:29:53.663   067.084.236.xxx   Oh...I see what you did there.
2008_12_15_17:30:01.376   076.115.131.xxx   What's the FC?  Fu___ked Company?
2008_12_15_17:30:05.804   076.106.064.xxx   FOR THE HORDE!
2008_12_15_17:30:10.366   070.103.048.xxx   Holy! His clock is EXACTLY my time! (26)
2008_12_15_17:30:15.506   076.184.036.xxx   diamond M
2008_12_15_17:30:20.148   071.228.093.xxx   Who throws a shoe?
2008_12_15_17:30:33.719   076.115.131.xxx   Ahh... KFC
2008_12_15_17:30:33.890   098.247.031.xxx   It's an hour fast
2008_12_15_17:30:37.556   072.199.012.xxx   **** called and wants it's website back
2008_12_15_17:30:38.466   070.103.048.xxx   Iraq some shoes. (27)
2008_12_15_17:31:05.448   098.247.031.xxx   Air Muqtada
2008_12_15_17:31:06.506   068.106.084.xxx   this site could really use some lights or colors to punch things up a bit
2008_12_15_17:31:07.426   070.103.048.xxx   I wouldn't nail palin - She looks like my sis (28)
2008_12_15_17:31:23.660   065.007.175.xxx   Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Doc... Are you telling me that*** 8:25?
2008_12_15_17:31:30.356   071.228.093.xxx   hot sister eh?
2008_12_15_17:31:34.766   098.247.031.xxx   Already nailed your sis?
2008_12_15_17:31:38.795   068.049.016.xxx   Happy Christmas Everyone!!
2008_12_15_17:31:44.602   075.009.099.xxx   hello?
2008_12_15_17:31:45.596   069.153.169.xxx   Definitry
2008_12_15_17:31:55.126   070.103.048.xxx   No - Too disturbing to even think of it. (29)
2008_12_15_17:32:10.561   076.184.036.xxx   SMU Will Rise Again!
2008_12_15_17:32:18.945   065.007.175.xxx   1.21 gigawatts?
2008_12_15_17:32:27.991   071.091.063.xxx   If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a shoe
2008_12_15_17:32:29.532   070.103.048.xxx   SMU would fall! (30 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_17:32:40.169   066.041.146.xxx   Kristy is HOT!
2008_12_15_17:32:41.808   098.247.031.xxx   Giga Whose?
2008_12_15_17:32:41.874   076.184.036.xxx   It would be a fun ride though....
2008_12_15_17:32:49.136   076.115.131.xxx   What sort of bandwidth is this taking? (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_17:32:53.229   024.242.218.xxx   SkyBiker!
2008_12_15_17:33:00.643   070.103.048.xxx   Smee... Where is my hook? (31)
2008_12_15_17:33:06.171   066.041.146.xxx   Kristy is HOT!
2008_12_15_17:33:11.137   070.176.057.xxx   Almost 1000 viewers?!! WOW!!!
2008_12_15_17:33:31.330   076.115.131.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam! (11)
2008_12_15_17:33:32.895   065.007.175.xxx   Do the truffle shuffle
2008_12_15_17:33:35.737   076.184.036.xxx   women are a plague
2008_12_15_17:33:37.050   070.103.048.xxx   Smee... It's me! I need my hook! (32)
2008_12_15_17:33:48.488   098.247.031.xxx   a STINKY plague
2008_12_15_17:34:06.304   076.115.131.xxx   Teeth are full of plaque. (12)
2008_12_15_17:34:13.577   065.007.175.xxx   Do the truffle shuffle
2008_12_15_17:34:20.628   098.247.031.xxx   STINKY plaque
2008_12_15_17:34:28.291   099.224.146.xxx   that's a lot of lights...
2008_12_15_17:34:28.816   068.049.016.xxx   Washington DC -Taxation Without Representation!
2008_12_15_17:34:29.291   096.052.252.xxx   Canada ___ U.S.
2008_12_15_17:34:37.900   070.103.048.xxx   Parasites... Takes all your credit cards and gets shoes. (33)
2008_12_15_17:34:58.285   072.209.154.xxx   Yay Flibbert!!!
2008_12_15_17:35:08.604   098.247.031.xxx   I miss him already (snif)
2008_12_15_17:35:35.258   072.209.154.xxx   Hi Lea Ann and Lily!!!
2008_12_15_17:35:41.138   065.007.175.xxx   f*** Drew
2008_12_15_17:35:55.043   068.102.191.xxx   Tinker Tinker I'm a thinker
2008_12_15_17:35:58.898   070.103.048.xxx   I want to... Drew is SO hot! (34)
2008_12_15_17:36:13.967   068.185.161.xxx   I like beer
2008_12_15_17:36:18.298   068.049.016.xxx   Is Drew g**??
2008_12_15_17:36:22.891   082.042.104.xxx   hi from england
2008_12_15_17:36:23.584   072.241.045.xxx   All your base
2008_12_15_17:36:35.410   070.103.048.xxx   In US, you dont turn off human - human turns you off! (35)
2008_12_15_17:36:43.699   068.102.191.xxx   how do you turn off the music
2008_12_15_17:36:52.549   071.170.101.xxx   You people are morans
2008_12_15_17:37:00.002   070.103.048.xxx   You turn me off (36)
2008_12_15_17:37:03.804   076.115.131.xxx   Music is on the top (13)
2008_12_15_17:37:04.564   065.006.151.xxx   durka durka
2008_12_15_17:37:05.923   216.014.232.xxx   The pause button.
2008_12_15_17:37:14.435   068.049.016.xxx   Washington DC -Taxation Without Representation!
2008_12_15_17:37:17.632   098.247.031.xxx   That Bon Jovi is coming from your own library, idiot
2008_12_15_17:37:23.539   068.102.191.xxx   dear lord it isn't showing up.
2008_12_15_17:37:26.474   066.229.049.xxx   f*** this s***
2008_12_15_17:37:29.566   071.104.000.xxx   Hi from California
2008_12_15_17:37:43.016   070.103.048.xxx   Californicaaaation! (37)
2008_12_15_17:37:47.294   070.194.105.xxx   your clock is fast
2008_12_15_17:37:54.670   068.049.016.xxx   DC Rules!!
2008_12_15_17:38:03.503   024.016.224.xxx   your fast is clock
2008_12_15_17:38:03.673   024.021.088.xxx   I love you T!
2008_12_15_17:38:08.245   071.194.105.xxx   Chris P. Bacon was here!!!
2008_12_15_17:38:10.013   069.205.246.xxx   Merry Christmas FARKers..good site, great cause!
2008_12_15_17:38:12.468   098.247.031.xxx   It's not fast*** barely even moving (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_17:38:13.610   065.007.175.xxx   No they're not. They're all 25 minutes slow!
2008_12_15_17:38:14.702   070.103.048.xxx   God, Stop typing that site in! (38)
2008_12_15_17:38:30.698   071.091.063.xxx   San Dimas high school football rules!
2008_12_15_17:38:51.635   216.014.232.xxx   The human is back
2008_12_15_17:39:00.922   070.103.048.xxx   Gib me your clohs! (39)
2008_12_15_17:39:03.205   065.007.175.xxx   Gotta do the cookin' by the book
2008_12_15_17:39:07.590   082.042.104.xxx   hi alek
2008_12_15_17:39:08.267   065.006.151.xxx   sherpa sherpa
2008_12_15_17:39:08.559   068.049.016.xxx   Adopt a Retired Greyhound
2008_12_15_17:39:28.630   070.194.105.xxx   fast your clock is
2008_12_15_17:39:35.809   098.165.227.xxx   Wow...we really WERE made in God's image!  Look at him there!
2008_12_15_17:39:38.393   216.014.232.xxx   quit the internet
2008_12_15_17:40:01.051   076.094.063.xxx   Kira & Kaiya say hi!
2008_12_15_17:40:08.043   070.194.105.xxx   make puke-ade
2008_12_15_17:40:14.172   076.025.013.xxx   Howdy Ya'll!! Yee-haw
2008_12_15_17:40:14.921   074.095.081.xxx   Real men play rugby
2008_12_15_17:40:25.347   098.165.227.xxx   Huh...God wears glasses...how is that perfect?
2008_12_15_17:40:30.530   024.162.236.xxx   Fark FT
2008_12_15_17:40:32.674   070.103.048.xxx   Real men play with themselves (40 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_17:40:38.971   071.194.105.xxx   Obama is a looser!
2008_12_15_17:40:42.639   068.049.016.xxx   Adopt a Fast Friend - Greyhounds!
2008_12_15_17:40:50.607   074.095.081.xxx   Show your t***
2008_12_15_17:40:52.283   098.165.227.xxx   Losers can't spell
2008_12_15_17:40:54.755   098.247.031.xxx   okay rotsky (11)
2008_12_15_17:41:04.508   070.103.048.xxx   Celiacs rock. (41)
2008_12_15_17:41:06.445   071.091.063.xxx   secret muslin terrurist
2008_12_15_17:41:08.810   067.176.049.xxx   hello
2008_12_15_17:41:14.644   076.025.013.xxx   Sorry, pet p**ve
2008_12_15_17:41:18.273   065.007.175.xxx   Jeezus why can't people spell LOSE
2008_12_15_17:41:32.070   070.103.048.xxx   Jingle bells (42)
2008_12_15_17:41:33.214   071.194.105.xxx   Miss Misery is HOTT!
2008_12_15_17:41:34.171   074.095.081.xxx   get off the phone
2008_12_15_17:41:34.418   012.032.090.xxx   did not find your entry at the KFC site
2008_12_15_17:41:37.138   067.176.049.xxx   Madden Rocks!!
2008_12_15_17:41:48.506   024.162.236.xxx   This guy needs to redesign this page before I have a siezure
2008_12_15_17:41:48.741   098.247.031.xxx   Notice there is not even a hint of a woman's presence at that house (12)
2008_12_15_17:41:56.888   070.103.048.xxx   Jingle bells (43)
2008_12_15_17:42:00.782   071.068.204.xxx   b****EKS FOR FREEE
2008_12_15_17:42:01.386   012.159.056.xxx   wow **** people watching your server is going to crash!
2008_12_15_17:42:03.607   076.025.013.xxx   How babby formed?
2008_12_15_17:42:13.455   091.104.164.xxx   Alek , wheres the kfc ? , merry christmas
2008_12_15_17:42:18.483   156.034.196.xxx   last new Heroes is on tonight! (35)
2008_12_15_17:42:21.589   074.095.081.xxx   Dude you need to hire a cleaning service
2008_12_15_17:42:29.309   070.103.048.xxx   Babbyh is formed to instain mother. (44)
2008_12_15_17:42:29.463   071.194.105.xxx   Fondle My Sweaters Swallows!
2008_12_15_17:42:35.683   076.025.013.xxx   How girl get pragnant?
2008_12_15_17:42:36.212   070.194.105.xxx   Wave to the camera
2008_12_15_17:42:38.045   066.168.130.xxx   Bearit rocks!
2008_12_15_17:42:41.961   173.020.051.xxx   LLLEEEEEROOOYYYYY JJEEENNNNKKKENNNSSSS
2008_12_15_17:42:43.151   068.049.016.xxx   Make a Fast Friend - Adopt a Greyhound
2008_12_15_17:42:52.799   065.007.175.xxx   no button for the lava lamp ?
2008_12_15_17:42:56.290   024.162.236.xxx   This webpage is painful to look at
2008_12_15_17:43:09.514   067.189.208.xxx   this is the lamest store ever.
2008_12_15_17:43:11.879   098.192.050.xxx   All Your Lawn Decoration are belong to us!
2008_12_15_17:43:15.213   076.025.013.xxx   It's really cold in Denver right now. We don't even have a temperature.
2008_12_15_17:43:18.508   071.194.105.xxx   Fondle My Sweaters Swallows
2008_12_15_17:43:22.179   070.176.057.xxx   Alek, I want to cast a vote but cant figure out where! Help!
2008_12_15_17:43:24.437   156.034.196.xxx   Hark the Herald Angels sing (36)
2008_12_15_17:43:26.127   074.095.081.xxx   Your neighbors must be p***ed
2008_12_15_17:43:41.120   208.111.222.xxx   this is interesting....
2008_12_15_17:43:53.867   097.104.045.xxx   Oops! Hulk Smash Rudolph!
2008_12_15_17:43:56.138   065.007.175.xxx   So one clock is MST the other is 30 mins later? (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_17:43:56.440   071.194.105.xxx   Where can I vote?
2008_12_15_17:43:57.815   012.158.232.xxx   I am the walrus
2008_12_15_17:44:04.435   076.025.013.xxx   Gishu in you goshu!
2008_12_15_17:44:07.041   067.186.171.xxx   I like dorritoes
2008_12_15_17:44:14.382   071.068.204.xxx   Where the biotches at?
2008_12_15_17:44:14.536   065.029.117.xxx   Chewy Rules!
2008_12_15_17:44:15.467   204.137.052.xxx   Turn it off and leave it off, signed your neighbors (24)
2008_12_15_17:44:23.440   208.111.222.xxx   My son and daughter think this is awesome.
2008_12_15_17:44:31.227   074.095.081.xxx   Worst webcam girl ever
2008_12_15_17:44:38.583   070.176.135.xxx   Nice FARK Shout-Out
2008_12_15_17:44:44.019   076.025.013.xxx   Looks like that guy has a booger on his cheek.....
2008_12_15_17:44:53.174   071.194.105.xxx   Where can I Voye? Can't find it....
2008_12_15_17:44:59.632   070.073.152.xxx   Great cause.
2008_12_15_17:45:02.321   208.111.222.xxx   I love my husband!!
2008_12_15_17:45:16.695   065.007.175.xxx   ARE YOU SURE? (11)
2008_12_15_17:45:17.339   076.025.013.xxx   is that a pink clock?
2008_12_15_17:45:18.220   067.176.049.xxx   where is this house i live in co and want to visit?
2008_12_15_17:45:25.209   204.137.052.xxx   I love your husband too (25)
2008_12_15_17:45:29.801   012.158.232.xxx   mmm...hot dogs
2008_12_15_17:45:41.714   208.111.222.xxx   hey, dude in the chair... wave to the camera
2008_12_15_17:45:50.378   076.025.013.xxx   I live in Denver. Where do you live in colorado?
2008_12_15_17:46:04.968   071.194.105.xxx   Bring back the b***ies!
2008_12_15_17:46:11.595   067.176.049.xxx   Brighton
2008_12_15_17:46:14.565   075.133.080.xxx   your neighbors must hate you, nice job
2008_12_15_17:46:16.904   065.007.175.xxx   First post (12)
2008_12_15_17:46:21.375   069.128.233.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2008_12_15_17:46:22.721   208.111.222.xxx   is that a real man in the chair or a screen? wave at us!
2008_12_15_17:46:24.563   071.039.030.xxx   Rainier, really?
2008_12_15_17:46:16.575   206.109.113.xxx   i can see Russia from my house!
2008_12_15_17:46:30.679   075.172.053.xxx   11 herbs and spices, with zero trans fat!
2008_12_15_17:46:39.685   074.095.081.xxx   I can see russia from his house
2008_12_15_17:46:42.516   068.207.116.xxx   Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
2008_12_15_17:46:47.816   156.034.196.xxx   the internet is a life sucking vampire (37)
2008_12_15_17:47:09.610   208.111.222.xxx   is that a real person? wave to us!!
2008_12_15_17:47:09.457   078.144.080.xxx   HI Alec - is this site still Mod_Perl?
2008_12_15_17:47:13.528   204.137.052.xxx   It smells in here (26)
2008_12_15_17:47:19.132   068.207.116.xxx   ( . )( . )
2008_12_15_17:47:31.499   156.034.196.xxx   Febreeze (38)
2008_12_15_17:47:33.256   065.007.175.xxx   .___. (13)
2008_12_15_17:47:35.750   075.133.080.xxx   pron!
2008_12_15_17:47:40.962   070.194.105.xxx   this music is like crack. can't stop it
2008_12_15_17:47:42.112   076.025.013.xxx   Hey, I work in Brighton (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_17:47:50.727   208.111.222.xxx   wave! wave! wave! are you real??
2008_12_15_17:47:53.834   204.137.052.xxx   Who is that looking into the garage? (27)
2008_12_15_17:47:58.695   070.134.213.xxx   Man there are a lot of people on here!!!!
2008_12_15_17:47:58.634   069.004.071.xxx   I Bright In Workton
2008_12_15_17:48:02.747   064.230.105.xxx   eat me!!!
2008_12_15_17:48:21.118   071.251.139.xxx   awesome display
2008_12_15_17:48:25.616   156.034.196.xxx   are u a gingerbread man ? (39)
2008_12_15_17:48:28.540   070.194.105.xxx   i think you're getting robbed
2008_12_15_17:48:37.075   208.111.222.xxx   are u real? wave to us
2008_12_15_17:48:46.291   078.144.080.xxx   everyone turn off the lights.
2008_12_15_17:49:01.630   076.025.013.xxx   Hey can't wave, his hands are busy behind that screen. (11)
2008_12_15_17:49:03.125   071.194.105.xxx   I think you forgot to put the pumkin away after halloween
2008_12_15_17:49:14.769   156.034.196.xxx   bringing light into the world is better (40 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_17:49:17.481   208.111.222.xxx   maybe he can't see the messages
2008_12_15_17:49:20.123   064.230.105.xxx   drew likes man love
2008_12_15_17:49:21.329   070.176.057.xxx   Still think you need the Leg Lamp.
2008_12_15_17:49:48.183   024.012.008.xxx   just be sure to turn off the webcam when you take your pants off* thx
2008_12_15_17:49:49.955   156.034.196.xxx   drew=miller ? (41)
2008_12_15_17:49:57.848   071.251.139.xxx   lol, nice advertisement for Fark
2008_12_15_17:50:16.828   208.111.222.xxx   why does the snowman say KFC? (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_17:50:20.763   076.179.110.xxx   lollers
2008_12_15_17:50:30.565   070.066.216.xxx   FARK FTW
2008_12_15_17:50:31.889   024.150.024.xxx   This is awesome man!  Bravo!
2008_12_15_17:50:38.098   024.255.140.xxx   Gutter like
2008_12_15_17:50:47.718   071.251.139.xxx   I shall donate when I have dinero
2008_12_15_17:50:50.308   204.137.052.xxx   Shut it off, signed the neighbors (28)
2008_12_15_17:50:52.523   075.067.038.xxx   lullz
2008_12_15_17:51:18.510   208.111.222.xxx   it's gonna snow here!! (11)
2008_12_15_17:51:24.171   071.194.105.xxx   Titz or GTFO (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_17:51:34.110   078.144.080.xxx   vote for alec's lights. keep him in KFC for a year!!!
2008_12_15_17:51:42.618   098.196.195.xxx   redonkulous
2008_12_15_17:51:48.719   076.025.013.xxx   Hello Ponca City, Oklahoma (12)
2008_12_15_17:51:58.675   156.034.196.xxx   y. u want to kill the poor guy ? (42)
2008_12_15_17:52:04.236   071.194.105.xxx   Vote Where? (11)
2008_12_15_17:52:05.784   208.111.222.xxx   Happy Holidays to all!!! (12)
2008_12_15_17:52:06.471   069.177.028.xxx   Thank You!!
2008_12_15_17:52:12.897   067.240.046.xxx   Josh Loves Laura!!! SGF,NY
2008_12_15_17:52:13.893   078.144.080.xxx   LOL
2008_12_15_17:52:37.754   065.122.178.xxx   So awesome.
2008_12_15_17:52:37.928   208.111.222.xxx   Can you look at the camera for us? (13)
2008_12_15_17:52:42.859   072.183.106.xxx   Howdy Y'all from Texas!
2008_12_15_17:52:45.286   067.240.046.xxx   I LOVE LAURA
2008_12_15_17:52:53.527   075.067.038.xxx   ___ Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !
2008_12_15_17:52:59.468   069.177.028.xxx   Thank You for the Displays!!
2008_12_15_17:53:01.563   208.111.222.xxx   Can you look at the camera for us? (14)
2008_12_15_17:53:02.001   070.176.135.xxx   Nice setup. Well thought through.
2008_12_15_17:53:08.072   098.240.168.xxx   I LOVE LAURA, TOO
2008_12_15_17:53:27.629   208.111.222.xxx   Can you look at the camera for us? (15)
2008_12_15_17:53:38.621   156.034.196.xxx   Rankin Bass Christmas specials rock (43)
2008_12_15_17:53:42.457   076.025.013.xxx   Hey, I also love Laura! You jerk! (13)
2008_12_15_17:53:44.761   072.209.180.xxx   We've all loved Laura at one time. Sorry dude.
2008_12_15_17:53:47.990   155.247.166.xxx   booty!
2008_12_15_17:54:02.964   098.240.168.xxx   All your house belong to us
2008_12_15_17:54:12.457   071.039.030.xxx   Rainier Beer, my first real drunk!
2008_12_15_17:54:13.958   098.229.222.xxx   Greenlite
2008_12_15_17:54:34.091   063.240.090.xxx   Very nice!
2008_12_15_17:54:36.087   076.025.013.xxx   My cat said to tell everybody "meow, that is all." (14)
2008_12_15_17:54:40.171   070.194.105.xxx   how do i inflate the guy sitting?
2008_12_15_17:54:48.574   067.240.046.xxx   THIS IS SO SWEET!
2008_12_15_17:54:53.669   071.039.030.xxx   10 bucks sez he picks his nose!
2008_12_15_17:55:10.671   076.120.200.xxx   HULKSTER... Great Job Man!!!  Looks great
2008_12_15_17:55:18.170   098.240.168.xxx   ___--- that Santa just moved!!!
2008_12_15_17:55:20.914   069.226.118.xxx   or looks at pr0n...jk
2008_12_15_17:55:21.160   070.180.033.xxx   HA! And you said this wouldnt work!
2008_12_15_17:55:22.533   024.255.140.xxx   another ___10 says he eats ir
2008_12_15_17:55:24.586   076.025.013.xxx   You can inflate the guy by sending him a wieners link (15)
2008_12_15_17:55:26.329   067.240.046.xxx   YEP PICKING THE NOSE
2008_12_15_17:55:40.696   070.194.105.xxx   you know it itches...right near the brain
2008_12_15_17:55:48.260   074.074.214.xxx   He was hungry
2008_12_15_17:55:52.746   069.226.118.xxx   pr0n?
2008_12_15_17:56:00.149   099.228.014.xxx   picking his noses  lolz
2008_12_15_17:56:19.278   069.226.118.xxx   ha jk
2008_12_15_17:56:43.870   072.218.228.xxx   Merry Christmas!!!
2008_12_15_17:56:44.264   076.120.200.xxx   Boo to 105.9  What a bunch of w*****s
2008_12_15_17:56:57.703   208.058.032.xxx   Three generations of idiots are enough.
2008_12_15_17:56:58.137   070.194.105.xxx   IYAKWIYUUUUUUU
2008_12_15_17:57:02.731   065.026.018.xxx   Merry Christmas
2008_12_15_17:57:03.732   071.039.030.xxx   Meh, where's the subservient chicken?
2008_12_15_17:57:13.755   098.240.168.xxx   ______ Hulkster watching p***
2008_12_15_17:57:38.490   069.226.118.xxx   he needs to get justindottv stream up on here
2008_12_15_17:57:49.910   024.255.140.xxx   One of those clocks is lying....
2008_12_15_17:58:00.783   072.218.228.xxx   Too Kewl Dude!!!
2008_12_15_17:58:03.766   074.069.026.xxx   jam
2008_12_15_17:58:19.974   069.226.118.xxx   justin dot tv stream would be so much better
2008_12_15_17:58:33.356   098.215.089.xxx   UFIA!
2008_12_15_17:58:40.233   071.039.030.xxx   Is this the new Virtual Bartender___
2008_12_15_17:58:44.405   156.034.196.xxx   pink clock is running fast (44)
2008_12_15_17:58:44.685   072.218.228.xxx   Hey!! don't go!!!
2008_12_15_17:58:55.182   098.240.168.xxx   Cat in the Hat got smoket
2008_12_15_17:58:55.267   098.196.195.xxx   uniting friends across america
2008_12_15_17:58:56.455   069.226.118.xxx   dnner time
2008_12_15_17:58:59.018   069.215.020.xxx   Come back =(
2008_12_15_17:59:00.410   024.242.217.xxx   Hi Kathy!
2008_12_15_17:59:02.149   098.114.138.xxx   Thanks hulkster!  It was fun...
2008_12_15_17:59:12.807   208.058.032.xxx   I am evil Homer.
2008_12_15_17:59:21.101   070.194.105.xxx   where'd he go. pickin' in privy (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_17:59:28.691   065.026.018.xxx   Whats for Dinner?
2008_12_15_17:59:41.829   156.034.196.xxx   Mr Hankey the Christmas..... (45)
2008_12_15_17:59:57.047   069.226.118.xxx   cookiez
2008_12_15_18:00:15.220   070.180.033.xxx   what is it with the bent over RealDoll on Cam2......
2008_12_15_18:00:18.949   065.026.018.xxx   mmmm cookies
2008_12_15_18:00:24.829   069.226.118.xxx   gluten-free cookies i mean
2008_12_15_18:00:31.749   070.245.001.xxx   Rufus
2008_12_15_18:00:37.065   071.105.032.xxx   Merry Christmas
2008_12_15_18:00:41.269   076.120.200.xxx   guys, voting is down,. check tomorrow - KFC had issues
2008_12_15_18:00:45.211   066.083.134.xxx   Happy Bodhi Day!
2008_12_15_18:00:52.344   071.039.030.xxx   6 o'clock, tv hour, don't get caught, something something
2008_12_15_18:00:56.166   156.034.196.xxx   i have some mint chocolate oreo cookies :) (46)
2008_12_15_18:01:04.390   074.076.051.xxx   I like fark
2008_12_15_18:01:14.240   070.245.001.xxx   Mmm.... dancing Homer
2008_12_15_18:01:19.819   173.005.102.xxx   hi
2008_12_15_18:01:29.202   074.074.214.xxx   i've got a snake man
2008_12_15_18:01:31.520   067.163.018.xxx   I want to believe
2008_12_15_18:01:34.814   076.120.200.xxx   UFIA
2008_12_15_18:01:52.425   074.074.214.xxx   i
2008_12_15_18:02:04.990   067.168.037.xxx   wot fun!
2008_12_15_18:02:06.865   067.163.018.xxx   Vodak!
2008_12_15_18:02:19.334   074.074.214.xxx   i've got a snake man
2008_12_15_18:02:28.339   076.120.200.xxx   Temperature: 0.0___F   brrr
2008_12_15_18:02:28.976   024.005.200.xxx   Really??
2008_12_15_18:02:38.846   076.025.013.xxx   i'm getting a back rub right now (16)
2008_12_15_18:02:41.038   096.028.057.xxx   beedeee beedee buck (13)
2008_12_15_18:02:47.503   075.189.235.xxx   felicidades
2008_12_15_18:02:51.445   074.074.214.xxx   one time i fed it some beer
2008_12_15_18:03:17.298   076.120.200.xxx   with PAM??
2008_12_15_18:03:25.336   070.066.216.xxx   PAM
2008_12_15_18:03:32.963   075.073.067.xxx   laca
2008_12_15_18:03:40.184   074.171.130.xxx   Sponsored in part by PAM
2008_12_15_18:03:45.650   071.039.030.xxx   Is that the kitchen or bedroom can?
2008_12_15_18:03:45.695   099.170.145.xxx   hello, pam
2008_12_15_18:03:47.258   082.154.078.xxx   congratulations for this incredible setup! and merry christmas!
2008_12_15_18:03:54.583   075.189.235.xxx   do what??
2008_12_15_18:03:55.655   096.028.057.xxx   Is that a golden magic 8 ball on the desk? (14)
2008_12_15_18:03:57.957   076.125.191.xxx   bandit rules
2008_12_15_18:04:07.807   070.180.033.xxx   PAM, it makes it all good....
2008_12_15_18:04:26.236   074.171.130.xxx   Christmas lights sponsored in part by PAM...
2008_12_15_18:04:34.793   075.189.235.xxx   tigger, I see
2008_12_15_18:04:45.105   161.225.196.xxx   too much javascript rots the brain
2008_12_15_18:04:51.167   071.209.201.xxx   Have a finger lickin' Christmas!
2008_12_15_18:04:53.086   069.000.037.xxx   fancy
2008_12_15_18:04:55.237   097.117.013.xxx   Awesome web site, your friend Justin and ryan
2008_12_15_18:04:55.843   209.144.102.xxx   Jello man
2008_12_15_18:05:11.154   099.170.145.xxx   the logos for Pam and Spam are so similar, never thought about thtat til now
2008_12_15_18:05:17.978   076.120.200.xxx   AWESOME SETUP KULKSTER!  Great job bruthah
2008_12_15_18:05:30.193   097.117.013.xxx   Cool site, Justin and Ryan
2008_12_15_18:05:39.952   067.186.178.xxx   LOL DONGS
2008_12_15_18:05:47.254   209.144.102.xxx   Great Idea!  Good luck on it!
2008_12_15_18:05:55.641   068.013.115.xxx   Hello
2008_12_15_18:06:17.688   075.189.235.xxx   Glasses Man, aren't you bored?
2008_12_15_18:06:23.769   075.074.213.xxx   MUST TURN EVERYTHING OFF
2008_12_15_18:06:27.245   068.013.115.xxx   I LOVE PAM COOKING SPRAY
2008_12_15_18:06:48.730   071.205.220.xxx   I ___3 Eva
2008_12_15_18:06:57.832   068.197.200.xxx   i put the tuck in kentucky
2008_12_15_18:06:57.831   064.017.067.xxx   PAM
2008_12_15_18:07:04.853   097.102.074.xxx   tom will you marry me?
2008_12_15_18:07:06.953   071.039.030.xxx   I love WITH Pam cooking spray
2008_12_15_18:07:08.106   068.013.115.xxx   Eva Loves ME!!!
2008_12_15_18:07:17.633   024.242.217.xxx   Pam goes on what?
2008_12_15_18:07:19.095   071.094.133.xxx   No Eva hates you!
2008_12_15_18:07:23.823   071.205.220.xxx   LIES
2008_12_15_18:07:27.367   075.074.213.xxx   TURN IT ALL OFF, EVERYONE!
2008_12_15_18:07:28.786   129.130.202.xxx   we do the weird stuff.
2008_12_15_18:07:35.343   074.036.026.xxx   awesome
2008_12_15_18:07:39.731   075.042.066.xxx   This is fan-farking-tastic! Keep up the good work!
2008_12_15_18:07:49.897   068.013.115.xxx   Eva does NOT HATE ME
2008_12_15_18:08:00.777   071.094.133.xxx   Yes she does
2008_12_15_18:08:08.735   071.039.030.xxx   BUZZ!
2008_12_15_18:08:17.991   075.189.235.xxx   Hah!  Glasses man ___was___ bored!
2008_12_15_18:08:28.901   068.013.115.xxx   Eva, please tell him I have ADORED YOU 4EVER
2008_12_15_18:08:32.546   070.161.124.xxx   I do too!
2008_12_15_18:08:38.357   071.094.133.xxx   Eva hates you beyond comprehension.
2008_12_15_18:09:08.969   071.094.133.xxx   Thats why shes cheating on you!
2008_12_15_18:09:11.503   068.013.115.xxx   It's Christmas, Eva hates no one!
2008_12_15_18:09:18.900   099.227.140.xxx   WTF???
2008_12_15_18:09:40.000   064.085.152.xxx   --- =___.___= ---
2008_12_15_18:09:50.441   071.094.133.xxx   Stop euphamising!
2008_12_15_18:09:50.703   070.103.048.xxx   Mugsy sez hey. (45)
2008_12_15_18:09:55.493   068.013.115.xxx   Baby Jesus loves you EVA, Just like ME!
2008_12_15_18:10:13.859   208.095.178.xxx   Eva is a hottie.
2008_12_15_18:10:22.591   066.112.249.xxx   Oooh fun!
2008_12_15_18:10:24.351   071.094.133.xxx   Baby jesus is dead.
2008_12_15_18:10:39.429   070.138.139.xxx   Merry Christmas from Christine!
2008_12_15_18:10:41.664   068.013.115.xxx   Maybe Glasses man could put a cam on EVA!
2008_12_15_18:10:53.414   071.094.133.xxx   Just live EVA's love, dead.
2008_12_15_18:10:53.452   076.100.034.xxx   The txt window makes me happy in the pants
2008_12_15_18:10:55.558   024.247.020.xxx   Your dog wants steak
2008_12_15_18:11:00.358   076.197.004.xxx   What?
2008_12_15_18:11:04.306   208.095.178.xxx   Any chance you will send me Buzz Lightyear?
2008_12_15_18:11:11.861   068.013.115.xxx   Merry Christmas Christine!!!
2008_12_15_18:11:17.554   070.235.234.xxx   this website is breaking my mind
2008_12_15_18:11:21.713   070.044.196.xxx   FARK!
2008_12_15_18:11:30.276   076.197.004.xxx   What?
2008_12_15_18:11:31.779   071.201.239.xxx   HULKSTER IS DERANGED
2008_12_15_18:11:38.026   024.192.255.xxx   Alek, great job. SoAwesome!
2008_12_15_18:11:46.408   071.094.133.xxx   Eva is deranged!  It must be Lupis!
2008_12_15_18:11:51.312   071.039.030.xxx   Jingle Bell Rock til my brain bleeds! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_18:11:53.484   070.181.000.xxx   stab you, stab you, stab you, you're cool, stab you
2008_12_15_18:12:08.729   070.044.196.xxx   Merry Christmas Steph!
2008_12_15_18:12:12.254   097.117.013.xxx   Buzz lightyear to the rescue
2008_12_15_18:12:12.829   068.013.115.xxx   Dance Glasses Man...at least wave to us! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_18:12:30.203   208.095.178.xxx   I bet your neighbors love you
2008_12_15_18:12:58.965   066.112.249.xxx   I'm watching yoooou!
2008_12_15_18:12:59.167   097.117.013.xxx   Buzz to the rescue
2008_12_15_18:12:59.916   068.013.115.xxx   Dude...seriously wave at us, or I will knock Buzz over! (11)
2008_12_15_18:13:00.686   076.100.034.xxx   Show us your mangina!
2008_12_15_18:13:03.859   070.181.000.xxx   If I donate $500, can I have total control over this?
2008_12_15_18:13:07.659   071.205.220.xxx   Eva does so love me intarnets r mean :(
2008_12_15_18:13:08.324   070.044.196.xxx   i'M HIS NEIGHBOR AND I DO LOVE HIM!
2008_12_15_18:13:13.244   099.132.129.xxx   workshop cam
2008_12_15_18:13:16.207   024.247.020.xxx   Duke s****
2008_12_15_18:13:17.616   069.228.043.xxx   Okay this made my day a little brighter
2008_12_15_18:13:24.776   068.013.115.xxx   ARe you hot? (12)
2008_12_15_18:13:31.513   067.132.241.xxx   erscott_420 from fark-you sir win the internet.
2008_12_15_18:13:32.404   076.197.004.xxx   Your neighbors probably contribute to Epilepsy research...
2008_12_15_18:13:41.449   071.205.220.xxx   asl? (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_18:13:45.079   066.112.249.xxx   Te quiero Mauricio :)
2008_12_15_18:13:59.963   068.013.115.xxx   North Pole...uh 30ish...male... (13)
2008_12_15_18:14:10.334   097.117.013.xxx   d*** that is one big can of Pam
2008_12_15_18:14:10.981   075.189.235.xxx   Feliz Navidades and thanks for the fun website!
2008_12_15_18:14:16.158   074.171.230.xxx   I'm going to steal this web page design!&CR
2008_12_15_18:14:18.672   071.205.220.xxx   omg cyber? (11)
2008_12_15_18:14:37.046   208.095.178.xxx   Do you have neighbors close by?
2008_12_15_18:14:43.680   070.044.196.xxx   Merry Christmas!!!
2008_12_15_18:14:45.616   075.119.235.xxx   for sure
2008_12_15_18:14:46.630   066.112.249.xxx   TQMx w
2008_12_15_18:14:53.586   024.001.119.xxx   who wants some fried chicken baby!!!
2008_12_15_18:14:54.294   024.247.020.xxx   Ric Romero Approved
2008_12_15_18:14:54.844   068.013.115.xxx   I want to see what's in the box... (14)
2008_12_15_18:14:56.011   070.181.000.xxx   This is Chris Hansen w/ Dateline's "To Catch a Predator"
2008_12_15_18:15:11.803   071.205.220.xxx   I don't wanna sit! (12)
2008_12_15_18:15:22.324   076.100.034.xxx   No i wont have a seat right there!
2008_12_15_18:15:23.826   068.044.230.xxx   Greetings From PA
2008_12_15_18:15:29.640   068.013.115.xxx   I swear Chris, those candy canes were for the tree... (15)
2008_12_15_18:15:35.888   066.112.249.xxx   quiero a mi osito
2008_12_15_18:15:38.641   070.044.196.xxx   Wave Dude!
2008_12_15_18:15:45.689   075.189.235.xxx   a NC hi y'all
2008_12_15_18:16:00.281   166.070.234.xxx   Hulster- this is great- my 2 boys + wife R Celiac as well
2008_12_15_18:16:05.622   099.227.140.xxx   I'm starting to have flashbacks
2008_12_15_18:16:06.287   068.013.115.xxx   Quick WAVE AT US!!! (16)
2008_12_15_18:16:06.459   066.112.249.xxx   HOLA OSITO
2008_12_15_18:16:22.462   024.247.020.xxx   EVERYBODY PANIC!
2008_12_15_18:16:27.204   068.001.169.xxx   I use Pam in the kitchen.
2008_12_15_18:16:27.228   024.001.119.xxx   don't pick your nose dude
2008_12_15_18:16:28.248   075.175.118.xxx   what
2008_12_15_18:16:31.347   075.117.014.xxx   remember this from a few years back.... awesome site
2008_12_15_18:16:39.448   129.130.202.xxx   put teeth on the present so it can OM NOM NOM
2008_12_15_18:16:39.656   068.013.115.xxx   WAVE AT US!!! (17)
2008_12_15_18:16:52.308   071.206.105.xxx   hi i am here
2008_12_15_18:16:56.241   067.067.089.xxx   Jumpping Jesus on a pogostick everything just turned off!...I wish to inflate t
2008_12_15_18:16:57.122   075.061.070.xxx   Cant control in firefox in linux
2008_12_15_18:16:59.173   075.074.213.xxx   that's a huge clock!
2008_12_15_18:17:01.502   072.198.218.xxx   This website hurts my head!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_15_18:17:02.839   166.070.234.xxx   is this like subservuant chicken?
2008_12_15_18:17:03.196   075.117.014.xxx   good luck with the votes!
2008_12_15_18:17:06.388   068.013.115.xxx   Where did EVA go? (18)
2008_12_15_18:17:09.802   075.175.118.xxx   FARKe text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_15_18:17:09.958   075.112.150.xxx   Celiac s**** Good Luck!
2008_12_15_18:17:12.779   066.112.249.xxx   quiero a mi osito
2008_12_15_18:17:21.468   076.197.004.xxx   You know who else liked white christmas lights?
2008_12_15_18:17:32.154   071.205.220.xxx   She's on the couch studying for finals (13)
2008_12_15_18:17:55.470   024.247.020.xxx   Your dog wants steak
2008_12_15_18:18:11.129   068.013.115.xxx   I hope she pa**es...good LUCK EVA!!! (19)
2008_12_15_18:18:18.936   216.110.241.xxx   I like cheese
2008_12_15_18:18:21.021   189.192.100.xxx   I love my werita :)
2008_12_15_18:18:21.995   098.210.206.xxx   tester
2008_12_15_18:18:26.678   076.100.034.xxx   UFIA?
2008_12_15_18:18:29.565   072.198.218.xxx   Take off your top!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_15_18:18:36.322   066.112.249.xxx   Congrats, you can has an internet!
2008_12_15_18:18:54.271   024.247.020.xxx   needs Krylon
2008_12_15_18:18:55.446   076.197.004.xxx   Ironic - KFC Chicken isn't gluten free
2008_12_15_18:19:09.183   075.189.235.xxx   looks like people from LINK DELETED have arrived
2008_12_15_18:19:14.984   066.112.249.xxx   Don't be a spoilsport
2008_12_15_18:19:16.106   098.210.206.xxx   tester
2008_12_15_18:19:23.726   075.074.213.xxx   that's a huge clock!
2008_12_15_18:19:28.052   066.065.214.xxx   What do the neighbors think of all this?
2008_12_15_18:19:30.032   189.192.100.xxx   I love my werita
2008_12_15_18:19:30.120   071.205.220.xxx   eva says thanks (14)
2008_12_15_18:19:33.779   068.051.035.xxx   I like Pam original pan spray
2008_12_15_18:19:51.204   071.171.118.xxx   Rah, Pam RULES!
2008_12_15_18:20:23.079   064.180.229.xxx   does this work??
2008_12_15_18:20:29.708   071.171.118.xxx   To INFINITY! (and uhh, BEYOND!)
2008_12_15_18:20:37.637   173.067.241.xxx   k
2008_12_15_18:20:41.419   068.013.115.xxx   Where do we freaking vote at so this man can win some chi (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_18:20:43.428   071.205.220.xxx   Eva is getting a kick, replies, etc... (15)
2008_12_15_18:20:45.303   024.247.020.xxx   Creatons! use Lard!
2008_12_15_18:20:46.290   066.112.249.xxx   OH HAI, I JUST POPPED UR BALLOONZ (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_18:21:01.816   216.110.241.xxx   cheeky
2008_12_15_18:21:05.585   076.197.004.xxx   Move kid!
2008_12_15_18:21:11.630   068.013.115.xxx   Hey KID MOVE...youre blocking my view (21)
2008_12_15_18:21:13.160   071.205.220.xxx   MOVE KID!! (16)
2008_12_15_18:21:15.056   072.198.218.xxx   Get out of the way childrens!!!
2008_12_15_18:21:36.433   068.013.115.xxx   MOVE KID!!! (22)
2008_12_15_18:21:38.074   074.171.130.xxx   You make a better door than a window...
2008_12_15_18:21:38.455   070.194.105.xxx   free ad space available.. (11)
2008_12_15_18:21:50.398   189.192.100.xxx   I love my werita :)
2008_12_15_18:21:51.967   087.244.086.xxx   Evening Dad & son :-)
2008_12_15_18:22:06.190   068.013.115.xxx   Hey WAVE AT US!!! (23)
2008_12_15_18:22:26.665   066.112.249.xxx   Show us some looove! (11)
2008_12_15_18:22:33.388   024.247.020.xxx   Here comes the science
2008_12_15_18:22:56.577   072.198.218.xxx   Do you have any PAM cooking spray?
2008_12_15_18:23:01.377   068.013.115.xxx   WAVE GOSH DARN IT!!! (24)
2008_12_15_18:23:04.670   189.192.100.xxx   I love my werita :).. (ojal___ que si se vea)
2008_12_15_18:23:13.082   069.042.001.xxx   Merry Christmas everybody! F___ck yeah.
2008_12_15_18:23:14.431   075.061.070.xxx   On mine the "Turn lights on and off" wraps, but not the zone text when you mous
2008_12_15_18:23:28.451   068.013.115.xxx   WAVE DARN IT!!! (25)
2008_12_15_18:23:42.808   070.051.122.xxx   HA HA I'M NOT WEARING PANTS
2008_12_15_18:23:43.311   072.091.206.xxx   felicidades loco!
2008_12_15_18:23:44.774   064.129.109.xxx   hi
2008_12_15_18:23:49.830   070.044.196.xxx   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_15_18:23:56.312   070.194.105.xxx   hi fam. great job!! (12)
2008_12_15_18:23:58.797   068.013.115.xxx   Group PICTURE!!! (26)
2008_12_15_18:24:08.161   072.197.023.xxx   What does a pumpkin have to do with Christmas?
2008_12_15_18:24:27.653   068.013.115.xxx   MOVE KID!!! (27)
2008_12_15_18:24:30.216   070.051.122.xxx   Hey, your wife is hot.
2008_12_15_18:24:37.304   066.112.249.xxx   Hey you crazy Farkers! (12)
2008_12_15_18:24:41.838   066.031.044.xxx   I think your probably farked :)
2008_12_15_18:24:43.378   024.247.020.xxx   that's it, shake that money maker
2008_12_15_18:24:52.236   068.013.115.xxx   That' (28)
2008_12_15_18:25:01.899   068.014.031.xxx   She has big kockers!
2008_12_15_18:25:09.323   070.194.105.xxx   but could you all wave. or is it pre-recorded. (13)
2008_12_15_18:25:12.889   071.090.140.xxx   STOP.
2008_12_15_18:25:18.907   024.247.020.xxx   This! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_18:25:20.146   068.013.115.xxx   WAVE AT US!!!! (29)
2008_12_15_18:25:26.560   071.205.220.xxx   oh fark the internet is here (17)
2008_12_15_18:25:34.856   070.051.122.xxx   Oh, wait.  Was that your daughter?  No matter, she's hot, too.
2008_12_15_18:25:38.527   071.090.140.xxx   HAMMERTIME.
2008_12_15_18:25:46.002   189.192.100.xxx   ira amor estoy en interne
2008_12_15_18:25:47.133   074.171.130.xxx   sup, /b/?
2008_12_15_18:25:55.222   068.013.115.xxx   WAVE LINK DELETEDE ON...WAVE AT US!!!! (30 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_18:26:04.538   066.112.249.xxx   o hai i see wut u did there (13)
2008_12_15_18:26:07.023   166.070.234.xxx   vote when the correct link is up on KFC
2008_12_15_18:26:11.784   024.247.020.xxx   Noooo, not them! They're p***erts! (11)
2008_12_15_18:26:32.702   068.013.115.xxx   WAVE AT US...PLEASE!!! (31)
2008_12_15_18:26:35.157   070.194.105.xxx   so the wife's not to happy or what (14)
2008_12_15_18:26:42.774   067.168.037.xxx   wave, wave
2008_12_15_18:26:42.866   166.070.234.xxx   How do you keep a turkey in suspense? I'll tell you tomarrow
2008_12_15_18:26:46.452   075.074.213.xxx   Type texti saw a car go by.
2008_12_15_18:26:49.222   068.003.071.xxx   mweey xmouse vreebodee
2008_12_15_18:26:50.425   076.000.059.xxx   Awesomo!!!
2008_12_15_18:27:00.128   068.014.031.xxx   ho ho ho !
2008_12_15_18:27:12.921   024.247.020.xxx   Sharp knees? (12)
2008_12_15_18:27:17.754   194.106.060.xxx   Morning
2008_12_15_18:27:23.940   066.112.249.xxx   Hola desde Tejas weyes! (14)
2008_12_15_18:27:27.856   098.196.204.xxx   o.O
2008_12_15_18:27:32.005   076.000.059.xxx   All Your Base Are Belong To Us
2008_12_15_18:27:37.032   068.050.051.xxx   Fajitas!
2008_12_15_18:27:37.285   132.013.010.xxx   tyson rocks
2008_12_15_18:27:46.794   024.071.223.xxx   Nice, I'll donate for ya
2008_12_15_18:27:47.210   194.106.060.xxx   I have played too much
2008_12_15_18:27:49.717   068.014.031.xxx   Pam?
2008_12_15_18:27:52.708   024.247.020.xxx   All your base are belong to us (13)
2008_12_15_18:27:53.112   166.070.234.xxx   Nike is giving a sponsorship to the Iraqi Shoe thrower
2008_12_15_18:27:55.783   074.171.130.xxx   There are WAY too many ostriches here...
2008_12_15_18:28:02.687   071.205.220.xxx   NEED MOAR CLOCKS (18)
2008_12_15_18:28:13.928   024.116.044.xxx   What's with the PAM?
2008_12_15_18:28:17.190   194.106.060.xxx   I have played too much Elf Bowling
2008_12_15_18:28:20.598   166.070.234.xxx   Santa REALLY likes that ladder
2008_12_15_18:28:26.360   204.010.222.xxx   Hello World
2008_12_15_18:28:28.193   066.112.249.xxx   Little kid om nom nomnom nom (15)
2008_12_15_18:28:34.994   024.247.020.xxx   Midget toss! (14)
2008_12_15_18:28:43.039   072.091.206.xxx   No jodas, guey!
2008_12_15_18:29:00.250   076.000.059.xxx   CLIMB FAT MAN CLIMB
2008_12_15_18:29:00.415   071.090.140.xxx   Santa is pretty fat for climbing ladders all day
2008_12_15_18:29:25.831   068.014.031.xxx   Ho Ho Ho!!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_15_18:29:31.108   024.247.020.xxx   No, you can't have a ghetto pony. Not yours. (15)
2008_12_15_18:29:31.235   068.050.051.xxx   o___ est le fromage poisson ?
2008_12_15_18:29:31.927   066.112.249.xxx   Te lo juro, no jojo!  OM NOM NOM NOM (16)
2008_12_15_18:29:36.323   098.220.058.xxx   So are sponsored by pam cooking spray now? :)
2008_12_15_18:29:45.847   024.071.223.xxx   Ranier?  Really?
2008_12_15_18:29:55.975   075.073.032.xxx   Awesome job man, good luck with the donations
2008_12_15_18:30:09.280   066.112.249.xxx   Duck!  A shoe coming your way! (17)
2008_12_15_18:30:09.458   068.014.031.xxx   wowow
2008_12_15_18:30:54.025   076.000.059.xxx   You need a camera on your eletric meter. :-(
2008_12_15_18:31:02.158   024.247.020.xxx   First Post! (16)
2008_12_15_18:31:08.385   066.024.198.xxx   farky farker fark farkmas
2008_12_15_18:31:16.102   012.044.118.xxx   i don't understand
2008_12_15_18:31:24.510   066.112.249.xxx   Shh, or I'll take away ur internetz (18)
2008_12_15_18:31:36.716   071.205.220.xxx   fark the farking farkers? (19)
2008_12_15_18:31:46.649   024.116.044.xxx   Whoo Ketchup!
2008_12_15_18:31:48.239   066.024.198.xxx   I see what u did there
2008_12_15_18:31:58.616   068.014.031.xxx   Any ideas for an anti alcohol PSA?????
2008_12_15_18:31:59.912   174.148.090.xxx   I love David Nugent (third year in a row to display this!)
2008_12_15_18:32:02.583   024.247.020.xxx   ketchup? No, Tabasco! (17)
2008_12_15_18:32:05.290   075.061.070.xxx   Heinz ketchup hour?
2008_12_15_18:32:10.201   066.112.249.xxx   Fark! Since when has the ketchup been there?? (19)
2008_12_15_18:32:11.909   024.119.157.xxx   Merry Christmas tot he Troops!
2008_12_15_18:32:13.655   068.035.211.xxx   i saw what YOU did there
2008_12_15_18:32:17.828   098.220.058.xxx   better than taco sauce
2008_12_15_18:32:33.421   076.100.034.xxx   in the shower? (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_18:32:41.143   098.169.255.xxx   FARK
2008_12_15_18:32:44.200   024.247.020.xxx   I SEE what u did there (18)
2008_12_15_18:32:48.841   071.236.139.xxx   Hey! I'm on TV!
2008_12_15_18:32:51.481   066.112.249.xxx   And it's organic!  You farkin hippie! (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_18:32:53.380   068.035.211.xxx   biggest bottle of organic ketchup
2008_12_15_18:32:53.600   068.014.031.xxx   Any ideas for an anti alcohol use PSA???
2008_12_15_18:32:56.926   075.061.070.xxx   No, taco sauce in the shower....
2008_12_15_18:32:59.360   065.013.151.xxx   I'm getting a kick out of these replies...
2008_12_15_18:33:04.498   076.180.227.xxx   Moore_Family can't play Burnout (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_18:33:14.904   098.169.255.xxx   NAtionals
2008_12_15_18:33:16.022   012.044.118.xxx   how can so many people control the lawn at once? aren't we overriding each othe
2008_12_15_18:33:22.857   071.227.164.xxx   what's with the Heinz Ketchup?
2008_12_15_18:33:35.729   189.192.100.xxx   run time error
2008_12_15_18:33:37.289   076.100.034.xxx   lube (11)
2008_12_15_18:33:44.521   068.035.211.xxx   why not heinz?
2008_12_15_18:33:46.630   098.169.255.xxx   Nationals CR
2008_12_15_18:33:49.239   071.205.220.xxx   ORGANIC lube (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_18:33:56.405   068.014.031.xxx   Any ideas for an anti alcohol use PSA???
2008_12_15_18:34:00.169   076.180.227.xxx   Marital Aides (11)
2008_12_15_18:34:20.234   068.014.031.xxx   Any ideas for an anti alcohol use PSA?
2008_12_15_18:34:25.517   170.020.096.xxx   led zeppelin
2008_12_15_18:34:31.445   066.024.198.xxx   drink more
2008_12_15_18:34:33.137   071.205.220.xxx   no shut up (21)
2008_12_15_18:34:41.726   068.035.211.xxx   this is relevant to my interests
2008_12_15_18:34:48.990   024.247.020.xxx   Your dog wants steak (19)
2008_12_15_18:34:50.399   071.068.204.xxx   FARK
2008_12_15_18:34:57.511   066.024.198.xxx   no you
2008_12_15_18:34:58.559   068.014.031.xxx   ANTI alcohol (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_18:35:02.795   071.227.164.xxx   Happy Farking!
2008_12_15_18:35:05.905   066.232.118.xxx   ketchup? wtF
2008_12_15_18:35:10.568   071.205.220.xxx   but why? (22)
2008_12_15_18:35:13.302   170.020.096.xxx   who's this above me?
2008_12_15_18:35:19.535   024.247.020.xxx   Beer Snob Thread! (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_18:35:27.697   074.171.130.xxx   Stephen Colbert?
2008_12_15_18:35:30.522   076.100.034.xxx   use Jim Morrison as an example (12)
2008_12_15_18:35:31.625   064.230.105.xxx   owwwwwwwwwwww
2008_12_15_18:35:33.044   068.014.031.xxx   Any ideas for an anti alcohol PSA????? (11)
2008_12_15_18:35:42.719   024.007.240.xxx   I ate a baby!
2008_12_15_18:35:50.259   066.024.198.xxx   more drinking, less whining
2008_12_15_18:35:51.183   170.020.096.xxx   I can haz xmas lights?
2008_12_15_18:35:54.838   174.148.090.xxx   Brenna, willyou marry me?
2008_12_15_18:35:54.919   066.232.118.xxx   ketchup? wtF
2008_12_15_18:35:55.575   071.127.162.xxx   Sleighbells ring, are ya listenin'?
2008_12_15_18:35:57.021   068.035.211.xxx   beer kills!  j/k!
2008_12_15_18:36:01.218   076.100.034.xxx   use Jim Morrison as an example (13)
2008_12_15_18:36:05.009   076.017.107.xxx   STOP 0x****000
2008_12_15_18:36:07.430   071.065.239.xxx   there are a lot of words on this page
2008_12_15_18:36:12.733   075.137.186.xxx   Farkin Ayy!!!
2008_12_15_18:36:19.632   024.141.008.xxx   Mmm... Baby....
2008_12_15_18:36:24.873   024.247.020.xxx   hi everyone!!!!! (21)
2008_12_15_18:36:26.685   074.171.130.xxx   Grandma got run over by a reindeer...
2008_12_15_18:36:27.251   064.230.105.xxx   ho ho ho
2008_12_15_18:36:30.524   170.020.096.xxx   We're no strangers to love, you know the rules...
2008_12_15_18:36:32.325   066.232.118.xxx   ketchup? wtF
2008_12_15_18:36:41.169   071.127.162.xxx   Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell rock
2008_12_15_18:36:42.153   071.205.220.xxx   has anyone commented on the web design yet? (23)
2008_12_15_18:36:47.238   071.068.204.xxx   It's Christmas at Ground Zero
2008_12_15_18:36:47.472   076.100.034.xxx   NO! NO GRANDMA SONG! DIAF!!! (14)
2008_12_15_18:36:47.908   067.174.091.xxx   coming home from my house on christmas eve
2008_12_15_18:37:09.776   070.176.057.xxx   You upgraded to ORGANIC ketchup. Great!
2008_12_15_18:37:12.856   076.100.034.xxx   ARGH! (15)
2008_12_15_18:37:14.971   068.014.031.xxx   Any ideas for an anti alcohol PSA????? (12)
2008_12_15_18:37:16.524   068.035.211.xxx   ketchup goes good with reindeer
2008_12_15_18:37:19.154   071.127.162.xxx   incriminating Claus marks
2008_12_15_18:37:27.067   170.020.096.xxx   I'm never gonna give you up!  Never gonna let you down!
2008_12_15_18:37:43.394   074.171.130.xxx   Do your own homework, MR. PSA-DUDE.
2008_12_15_18:37:50.582   076.100.034.xxx   Pools closed (16)
2008_12_15_18:37:54.692   068.035.211.xxx   VH1
2008_12_15_18:38:00.678   075.137.186.xxx   Infinity and Beyond !!
2008_12_15_18:38:08.183   118.208.001.xxx   can i please have some of your sauce? ----___
2008_12_15_18:38:13.048   067.190.059.xxx   wtf mate
2008_12_15_18:38:14.452   170.020.096.xxx   anti alcohol PSA = john bonham
2008_12_15_18:38:18.591   071.127.162.xxx   This is test.  This is only a test.  For the next 60 seconds...
2008_12_15_18:38:37.804   076.031.013.xxx   Eat me!
2008_12_15_18:38:50.296   066.024.198.xxx   who do I vote for?
2008_12_15_18:38:55.067   024.063.165.xxx   rahhhhhh!
2008_12_15_18:38:57.413   071.205.220.xxx   how is babby made? (24)
2008_12_15_18:38:58.969   071.127.162.xxx   I'm a candy cane
2008_12_15_18:39:01.805   097.104.029.xxx   Pa** the Ketchup
2008_12_15_18:39:01.844   074.171.130.xxx   Samsung means "to come".
2008_12_15_18:39:02.462   076.100.034.xxx   om nom nom (17)
2008_12_15_18:39:07.754   068.014.031.xxx   Any ideas for an anti alcohol PSA????? (13)
2008_12_15_18:39:24.825   170.020.096.xxx   mmm. u haz a flavr
2008_12_15_18:39:26.399   024.247.020.xxx   Never gonna run around and desert you (22)
2008_12_15_18:39:26.567   071.205.220.xxx   Shut up PSA dude (25)
2008_12_15_18:39:31.767   068.035.211.xxx   oj simpson is going to jail :)
2008_12_15_18:39:38.969   076.100.034.xxx   use Jim Morrison as an example (18)
2008_12_15_18:39:39.184   066.024.198.xxx   you just lost the game
2008_12_15_18:39:55.401   071.127.162.xxx   ya better not cry
2008_12_15_18:40:00.303   074.171.130.xxx   Back...and to the left.  Back...and to the left. (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_18:40:04.152   068.014.031.xxx   ANY IDEAS FOR AN ANTI ALCOHOL PSA??? (14)
2008_12_15_18:40:09.680   024.247.020.xxx   Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye (23)
2008_12_15_18:40:23.390   072.047.034.xxx   ooh baby i love your ways
2008_12_15_18:40:32.757   068.035.211.xxx   never gonna tell a lie and hurt you
2008_12_15_18:40:38.017   024.247.020.xxx   Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you (24)
2008_12_15_18:40:39.392   068.014.031.xxx   ANY IDEAS FOR AN ANTI ALCOHOL PSA??? (15)
2008_12_15_18:40:43.050   199.017.201.xxx   giiggity giggity
2008_12_15_18:40:52.461   156.034.196.xxx   lol i take off for 20 minutes & u bring out Ketchup ? ") (47)
2008_12_15_18:40:52.392   086.175.035.xxx   warranty void if seal is broken
2008_12_15_18:40:57.195   072.047.034.xxx   never gonna give you up
2008_12_15_18:40:59.764   068.014.031.xxx   psa dude (16)
2008_12_15_18:41:01.780   099.162.181.xxx   where is this?
2008_12_15_18:41:05.477   118.208.001.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_15_18:41:06.615   076.031.013.xxx   Everybody knows that the bird is the word!
2008_12_15_18:41:12.439   068.035.211.xxx   never gonna let you down (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_18:41:21.551   072.047.034.xxx   your momma
2008_12_15_18:41:21.894   170.020.096.xxx   p**.s.a    pet p**ve
2008_12_15_18:41:30.054   071.065.239.xxx   how expensive is the electric bill???
2008_12_15_18:41:30.655   024.011.123.xxx   wanna cyber?
2008_12_15_18:41:31.312   068.014.031.xxx   _______________________________________________________________________________ (17)
2008_12_15_18:41:36.739   099.162.181.xxx   is this in maryland?
2008_12_15_18:41:37.435   075.178.019.xxx   excellent site!
2008_12_15_18:41:39.779   199.017.201.xxx   everyone leave, i have to poop
2008_12_15_18:41:49.087   072.047.034.xxx   thanks mom___!
2008_12_15_18:41:53.243   068.035.211.xxx   you know what really grinds my gears? (11)
2008_12_15_18:42:00.336   170.020.096.xxx   i made the man dissapear
2008_12_15_18:42:02.430   071.065.239.xxx   how expensive is the electric bill???
2008_12_15_18:42:03.677   076.111.041.xxx   good for you poop guy
2008_12_15_18:42:15.960   071.227.164.xxx   2 oo & b-yond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_15_18:42:20.871   024.247.020.xxx   ANY IDEAS FOR A PRO-ALCOHOL PSA??? (25)
2008_12_15_18:42:29.622   066.024.198.xxx   There must be___900 lights
2008_12_15_18:42:38.204   099.162.181.xxx   what for?
2008_12_15_18:42:39.157   071.072.187.xxx   Dret Rock Music
2008_12_15_18:42:42.600   076.227.084.xxx   holy snikes
2008_12_15_18:42:43.854   156.034.196.xxx   hey fix the pink clock it's running fast (48)
2008_12_15_18:42:44.323   098.118.135.xxx   b***ies?
2008_12_15_18:42:44.702   070.234.219.xxx   BAH BAH BAH BAH BAH BAH BAH
2008_12_15_18:42:45.254   068.035.211.xxx   move the ketchup bottle a little to the right (12)
2008_12_15_18:42:47.609   024.011.123.xxx   LET'S HUMP!
2008_12_15_18:42:48.102   086.175.035.xxx   and IIIIIIIIII-E-IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOUUUUU
2008_12_15_18:42:53.732   076.031.013.xxx   Perhaps more than that.
2008_12_15_18:42:59.209   076.111.041.xxx   IT'S OVER ****!!!
2008_12_15_18:42:59.470   070.127.163.xxx   help, I'm stuck in this box
2008_12_15_18:43:02.271   066.024.198.xxx   over ****
2008_12_15_18:43:10.867   170.020.096.xxx   Jason will you marry me? (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_18:43:12.778   068.014.031.xxx   santa will kill you! (18)
2008_12_15_18:43:14.627   066.041.023.xxx   ur on crack
2008_12_15_18:43:21.985   024.011.123.xxx   LET'S HUMP!
2008_12_15_18:43:28.035   070.127.163.xxx   help me, I'm stuck in a box
2008_12_15_18:43:30.393   071.072.187.xxx   I just made love to your snowman
2008_12_15_18:43:33.878   074.171.130.xxx   We Wunt Freedom To Zeidi! (11)
2008_12_15_18:43:34.167   076.100.034.xxx   unf unf unf (19)
2008_12_15_18:43:35.042   071.205.220.xxx   quicktime FTL (26)
2008_12_15_18:43:40.035   066.024.198.xxx   any ideas for a crack smoking PSA? (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_18:43:40.345   170.020.096.xxx   thats what he said (11)
2008_12_15_18:43:43.448   156.034.196.xxx   the oink clock is running fast (49)
2008_12_15_18:43:43.856   068.035.211.xxx   seriously, move the ketchup bottle to the right just a little (13)
2008_12_15_18:43:50.728   024.247.020.xxx   Rock the Casbah (26)
2008_12_15_18:44:07.154   074.171.130.xxx   Sheik Djabouti (12)
2008_12_15_18:44:09.501   076.031.013.xxx   Enough about the ketchup!
2008_12_15_18:44:10.387   071.234.192.xxx   Great work on behalf of a good cause. Keep up the good work!
2008_12_15_18:44:09.924   206.227.128.xxx   the sleeper must awaken!
2008_12_15_18:44:14.086   099.162.181.xxx   is this in maryland
2008_12_15_18:44:17.395   170.020.096.xxx   8==D (12)
2008_12_15_18:44:26.656   024.011.123.xxx   What's on TV?
2008_12_15_18:44:27.372   066.024.198.xxx   move spacemans arms and I can see your IP (11)
2008_12_15_18:44:28.515   065.095.239.xxx   The Cozmic Slug Laughs
2008_12_15_18:44:29.128   074.215.086.xxx   Wow.  I wouldn't want to see your electric bill.  ___
2008_12_15_18:44:37.279   074.171.130.xxx   They're heeeeeeeeeeere... (13)
2008_12_15_18:44:38.539   156.034.196.xxx   Paul Atreidies ? (50 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_18:44:42.549   068.035.211.xxx   shake your thang! (14)
2008_12_15_18:44:42.609   170.020.096.xxx   lollercaust (13)
2008_12_15_18:44:47.986   099.162.181.xxx   The lights are wind powered and carbon neutral
2008_12_15_18:44:48.607   070.127.163.xxx   Type text & CRburrito to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_15_18:44:50.683   071.072.187.xxx   I HAVE h*****!!!!
2008_12_15_18:44:53.021   076.100.034.xxx   wow this site makes me so farking happy (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_18:44:54.955   024.011.123.xxx   What's on TV/
2008_12_15_18:44:55.554   072.011.069.xxx   This is f'ing rad
2008_12_15_18:44:59.633   064.053.222.xxx   Heinz?!  Ortega!
2008_12_15_18:45:05.155   071.205.220.xxx   roflcopter (27)
2008_12_15_18:45:06.110   074.171.130.xxx   Bruce Campbell? (14)
2008_12_15_18:45:13.892   170.020.096.xxx   loveline w/ dr drew (14)
2008_12_15_18:45:17.433   068.014.031.xxx   Scroll down to see his electric bill (19)
2008_12_15_18:45:21.218   024.247.020.xxx   The shareef dont like it (27)
2008_12_15_18:45:23.496   070.127.163.xxx   burrito supreme
2008_12_15_18:45:25.578   099.162.181.xxx   is this house in maryland?
2008_12_15_18:45:26.265   066.024.198.xxx   I bet your neighbours luvs you (12)
2008_12_15_18:45:26.316   024.250.116.xxx   Merry Heinzmas!
2008_12_15_18:45:28.074   065.095.239.xxx   Trambampaline!!!!
2008_12_15_18:45:32.003   024.011.123.xxx   What's on TV?
2008_12_15_18:45:36.695   072.011.069.xxx   rock the casbah
2008_12_15_18:45:44.439   070.234.219.xxx   BAH BAH BAH BAH BAH BAH BHA
2008_12_15_18:45:44.659   071.234.192.xxx   Knock knock
2008_12_15_18:45:47.555   071.072.187.xxx   Look I am standing outside n****!
2008_12_15_18:45:50.648   076.100.034.xxx   Im in MD, this house... meh dunno (21)
2008_12_15_18:45:51.094   074.131.053.xxx   my b***
2008_12_15_18:45:52.370   071.205.220.xxx   DONT VOTE FOR #8 it's broken (28)
2008_12_15_18:45:56.980   076.180.227.xxx   who's there? (12)
2008_12_15_18:45:57.548   070.127.163.xxx   double stuft burrito
2008_12_15_18:45:58.359   068.014.031.xxx   Nancy Grace (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_18:45:59.058   068.035.211.xxx   so take your broken wings.... (15)
2008_12_15_18:46:15.785   074.171.130.xxx   Felafel (15)
2008_12_15_18:46:18.307   170.020.096.xxx   know what they say about archeologists? (15)
2008_12_15_18:46:27.028   097.103.058.xxx   doo wop doo wop
2008_12_15_18:46:28.572   070.127.163.xxx   your neighbors must love this
2008_12_15_18:46:33.563   068.014.031.xxx   Nancy Grace (21)
2008_12_15_18:46:35.371   068.035.211.xxx   they date any old thing (16)
2008_12_15_18:46:37.322   096.241.147.xxx   flalala
2008_12_15_18:46:38.183   067.174.091.xxx   can you play a different song please
2008_12_15_18:46:44.124   076.031.013.xxx   This product s**** ===___
2008_12_15_18:46:47.710   170.020.096.xxx   they work hard for the mummy. lawl. (16)
2008_12_15_18:46:49.906   082.042.104.xxx   heinz is part of the 57 varioritys. factury ere in the uk
2008_12_15_18:46:56.165   070.127.163.xxx   all your base are belong to usType text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Wo
2008_12_15_18:47:01.157   024.247.020.xxx   The king called up his jet fighters (28)
2008_12_15_18:47:19.893   170.020.096.xxx   bla bla minaurets (17)
2008_12_15_18:47:20.712   070.127.163.xxx   HULK SMASH
2008_12_15_18:47:57.875   072.024.245.xxx   VERY COOL!
2008_12_15_18:48:12.856   024.247.020.xxx   Rock the Casbah (29)
2008_12_15_18:48:14.437   076.031.013.xxx   (___)
2008_12_15_18:48:20.473   099.162.181.xxx   how u see wat we type is there screen by the tv?
2008_12_15_18:48:26.722   074.171.130.xxx   So whatcha looking at? (16)
2008_12_15_18:48:28.519   068.035.211.xxx   And learn to fly again, learn to live free (17)
2008_12_15_18:48:36.198   070.060.002.xxx   hello der
2008_12_15_18:48:46.144   128.002.246.xxx   It's a streetlight
2008_12_15_18:48:51.923   099.162.181.xxx   969 people?
2008_12_15_18:48:52.278   070.127.163.xxx   is this thing on?
2008_12_15_18:48:58.061   170.020.096.xxx   truth or dare? (18)
2008_12_15_18:48:58.237   076.100.034.xxx   LETS DO COKE! O_O (22)
2008_12_15_18:49:01.757   071.035.166.xxx   to infinity and beyond!
2008_12_15_18:49:05.424   076.031.013.xxx   This looks s****ed
2008_12_15_18:49:05.626   066.162.249.xxx   alooooha!
2008_12_15_18:49:27.339   074.171.130.xxx   Gooood morning Vietnam!!! (17)
2008_12_15_18:49:35.877   099.162.181.xxx   this website is so cool u make it
2008_12_15_18:49:47.561   070.250.215.xxx   Hi
2008_12_15_18:49:51.872   170.020.096.xxx   and shes buying, a stairway, to heaven (19)
2008_12_15_18:49:52.440   192.061.117.xxx   Skadoosh
2008_12_15_18:49:53.757   076.111.041.xxx   HEY ASK ME IF IM A TREE!
2008_12_15_18:50:02.045   024.247.020.xxx   Your dog wants steak (30 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_18:50:04.525   096.052.252.xxx   Thank you Alek, for this neat toy.
2008_12_15_18:50:07.442   066.162.249.xxx   I made Frosty inflate! all the way from hawaii!
2008_12_15_18:50:13.412   082.042.104.xxx   people with celiac cant eat kfc cant they.
2008_12_15_18:50:16.560   070.127.163.xxx   are you a tree (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_18:50:18.527   070.250.215.xxx   What is that noise
2008_12_15_18:50:20.962   074.171.130.xxx   We're a hedge. Move along. (18)
2008_12_15_18:50:28.321   142.068.057.xxx   yo yo yogurt
2008_12_15_18:50:33.205   076.111.041.xxx   NOPE!!!
2008_12_15_18:50:35.670   072.024.245.xxx   What is that smell
2008_12_15_18:50:46.056   070.250.215.xxx   ISAWYOUPERSON!
2008_12_15_18:51:19.164   070.127.163.xxx   Ultrafar...+++ATH0 No Carrier (11)
2008_12_15_18:51:23.487   076.111.041.xxx   Nope!!!!
2008_12_15_18:51:33.223   096.052.252.xxx   I wonder where this stuff goes the rest of the yr.
2008_12_15_18:51:38.004   070.250.215.xxx   Isee you
2008_12_15_18:51:39.160   170.020.096.xxx   brian is g** (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_18:51:41.579   142.068.057.xxx   Yarrrrrrrrr
2008_12_15_18:51:43.678   098.206.114.xxx   Merry Christmas
2008_12_15_18:51:49.515   068.055.196.xxx   Heinz Ketchup you must be Senator John Kerry fan
2008_12_15_18:51:55.094   024.011.123.xxx   Clean up your house!
2008_12_15_18:51:59.622   076.021.079.xxx   I was molested by santa
2008_12_15_18:52:02.960   068.035.211.xxx   he must have a huge garage (18)
2008_12_15_18:52:03.992   070.250.215.xxx   I  see you
2008_12_15_18:52:10.808   192.061.117.xxx   his electricity bill must be HUGE!
2008_12_15_18:52:11.202   070.127.163.xxx   why do you taunt your neighbors with the blinking lifhts? (12)
2008_12_15_18:52:15.870   074.171.130.xxx   IT'S A BEAR! GET IN THE DEN!!! (19)
2008_12_15_18:52:22.243   072.024.245.xxx   Power bill?
2008_12_15_18:52:25.062   074.077.127.xxx   your clock's off
2008_12_15_18:52:38.243   070.250.215.xxx   Climb Santa climb!
2008_12_15_18:52:40.734   075.068.167.xxx   to infinity and beyond?
2008_12_15_18:52:44.424   070.127.163.xxx   what is up with the christmas mummy? (13)
2008_12_15_18:52:46.330   071.035.166.xxx   get out of the way
2008_12_15_18:52:50.655   071.194.105.xxx   Titz or GTFO (12)
2008_12_15_18:52:52.145   142.068.057.xxx   I FARTED!!!
2008_12_15_18:53:06.986   072.024.245.xxx   stinky!
2008_12_15_18:53:07.552   070.250.215.xxx   No respect, no respect
2008_12_15_18:53:07.501   069.154.153.xxx   mooo!
2008_12_15_18:53:15.430   082.042.104.xxx   wind power
2008_12_15_18:53:15.582   075.068.167.xxx   ewwwwwwwwwwwwww stinky
2008_12_15_18:53:26.445   074.171.130.xxx   this is the farewell kiss, dog! (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_18:53:26.740   099.153.184.xxx   Error 404
2008_12_15_18:53:29.821   068.060.158.xxx   where's the farkin banner?
2008_12_15_18:53:36.944   096.052.252.xxx   I'm spending entirely too much time on this
2008_12_15_18:53:37.830   024.011.123.xxx   Who let all these Farkers control your s***?
2008_12_15_18:53:41.102   070.250.215.xxx   Never gonna give you up**** rolled
2008_12_15_18:53:47.935   072.024.245.xxx   how's that power bill
2008_12_15_18:53:49.721   071.013.017.xxx   your power company loves you!
2008_12_15_18:53:55.259   065.005.163.xxx   b****tuff
2008_12_15_18:54:00.872   064.186.050.xxx   shiznit
2008_12_15_18:54:05.253   075.068.167.xxx   move the farking ketchup
2008_12_15_18:54:15.011   068.035.211.xxx   That you're half of the flesh and blood that makes me whole (19)
2008_12_15_18:54:23.091   024.011.123.xxx   Who let these Farkers control your s***?
2008_12_15_18:54:32.130   074.171.130.xxx   maybe it's a clue? (21)
2008_12_15_18:54:34.597   070.250.215.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2008_12_15_18:54:36.851   192.061.117.xxx   Why so Blue Panda Bear?
2008_12_15_18:54:38.540   096.052.252.xxx   The ketchup is hiding something interesting
2008_12_15_18:54:53.961   068.035.211.xxx   i know.  move the ketchup (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_18:54:58.677   075.128.225.xxx   Type text & CRhello? to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_15_18:55:02.583   071.194.105.xxx   I hate Canada! (13)
2008_12_15_18:55:04.809   070.250.215.xxx   I'm your huckelberry. (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_18:55:05.890   066.162.249.xxx   whoa, Santa's climbing the ladder
2008_12_15_18:55:20.155   068.047.194.xxx   Hello from Va.
2008_12_15_18:55:25.386   142.162.079.xxx   hey hey
2008_12_15_18:55:27.228   098.212.178.xxx   good luck
2008_12_15_18:55:36.810   071.013.017.xxx   mmm...ketchup
2008_12_15_18:55:54.067   192.061.117.xxx   You are a buffet of manliness!
2008_12_15_18:55:57.674   075.128.225.xxx   To infinity, AND BEYOND!!
2008_12_15_18:55:58.178   070.250.215.xxx   I'm your huckleberry (11)
2008_12_15_18:56:03.681   070.074.201.xxx   I'm gonna get Blitzened tonight!
2008_12_15_18:56:21.691   096.052.252.xxx   Anybody celebrating Festivus?
2008_12_15_18:56:32.716   070.250.215.xxx   Temperature: -2.0___F - Humidity: 66___ - Pressure: 30.26" Hg (corrected) Wind  (12)
2008_12_15_18:56:33.166   068.060.158.xxx   ketchup has natural mellowing elements
2008_12_15_18:56:48.445   128.002.246.xxx   ****____****___
2008_12_15_18:56:57.137   070.250.215.xxx   Type text & CR to see realTemperature: -2.0___F - Humidity: 66___ - Pressur (13)
2008_12_15_18:56:57.908   071.194.105.xxx   The last honest man in Illinois says Merry Christmas! (14)
2008_12_15_18:57:13.286   192.061.117.xxx   Catsup was once sold as medicine
2008_12_15_18:57:15.617   096.052.252.xxx   Maybe the ketchup's there b/c it's red & green (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_18:57:18.320   068.035.211.xxx   ketchup is tasty (21)
2008_12_15_18:57:40.392   071.194.105.xxx   Farker Hulkster's remote control Christmas display to raise money for Celiac di (15)
2008_12_15_18:57:42.763   070.121.116.xxx   There are no honest people from illinois!
2008_12_15_18:58:04.613   070.250.215.xxx   WHY OH WHY ORGANIC KETCHUP?!?! (14)
2008_12_15_18:58:10.828   173.017.060.xxx   whats up
2008_12_15_18:58:11.305   075.128.225.xxx   To infinity, AND BEYOND!!
2008_12_15_18:58:27.110   068.035.211.xxx   i'm from illinios!  no i'm not.... (22)
2008_12_15_18:58:28.293   096.052.252.xxx   It's -17F where I am (11)
2008_12_15_18:58:29.455   156.034.196.xxx   you muggles and your ketchup...lol (51)
2008_12_15_18:58:30.023   142.161.085.xxx   boo rainier beer!
2008_12_15_18:58:38.094   070.250.215.xxx   w========___ (15)
2008_12_15_18:58:51.029   071.194.105.xxx   Heinz should pay this guy! (16)
2008_12_15_18:58:52.189   098.243.160.xxx   the game
2008_12_15_18:59:04.282   070.250.215.xxx   Hi guy (16)
2008_12_15_18:59:07.117   075.199.019.xxx   Go Alek!
2008_12_15_18:59:21.034   072.083.154.xxx   i see you
2008_12_15_18:59:23.402   071.194.105.xxx   He must have had to go p** (17)
2008_12_15_18:59:35.000   142.162.079.xxx   sup
2008_12_15_18:59:36.371   067.176.049.xxx   HI EM!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_15_18:59:36.773   099.153.184.xxx   I'll donate $5 if you chug the ketchup
2008_12_15_18:59:43.518   070.250.215.xxx   Cell phones cause cancer (17)
2008_12_15_18:59:47.980   096.052.252.xxx   Let's see a fist-pump, Alek! (12)
2008_12_15_18:59:57.386   192.061.117.xxx   Eagan Minnesota in the house!
2008_12_15_19:00:08.525   065.025.044.xxx   i love zach and idy
2008_12_15_19:00:09.599   071.194.105.xxx   It's time for the Miller Bottle (18)
2008_12_15_19:00:10.636   074.171.130.xxx   Tell them the internet says "Hi!" (22)
2008_12_15_19:00:20.819   070.103.048.xxx   I'm off to sleep (46)
2008_12_15_19:00:28.393   142.161.085.xxx   needs more lavalamp
2008_12_15_19:00:52.708   072.141.115.xxx   wheee!!!
2008_12_15_19:01:01.500   074.171.130.xxx   Agreed. Less ketchup, more lamp.   I love lamp. (23)
2008_12_15_19:01:10.957   076.177.159.xxx   what is with the ketchup Alek
2008_12_15_19:01:16.451   173.017.060.xxx   hi from alabamma
2008_12_15_19:01:21.408   067.176.049.xxx   HI EM!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_15_19:01:21.544   076.212.201.xxx   Ketchup --___
2008_12_15_19:01:26.295   074.181.072.xxx   hello
2008_12_15_19:01:29.337   070.250.215.xxx   I'm not your mom (18)
2008_12_15_19:01:33.384   070.121.116.xxx   in display advertising
2008_12_15_19:01:39.065   192.061.117.xxx   catsup
2008_12_15_19:01:41.657   142.162.079.xxx   hello from canada
2008_12_15_19:01:42.453   071.194.105.xxx   Caution! Hot blondes farking is a smokin babe (19)
2008_12_15_19:01:43.330   075.199.019.xxx   To Infinity and beyond!
2008_12_15_19:01:44.514   068.035.211.xxx   hunt's ketchup is nasty (23)
2008_12_15_19:01:47.146   075.075.148.xxx   MOR!
2008_12_15_19:01:50.131   076.212.201.xxx   Poop is coming out
2008_12_15_19:01:54.686   096.052.252.xxx   Ketchup makes me moist.  - fries (13)
2008_12_15_19:02:02.543   070.250.215.xxx   3 hours of fun left! (19)
2008_12_15_19:02:03.589   173.017.060.xxx   yo yo yo pplz
2008_12_15_19:02:07.473   074.171.130.xxx   Sponsored in part by, the Disney Corporation. (24)
2008_12_15_19:02:10.009   098.197.104.xxx   HI ILENE
2008_12_15_19:02:31.636   070.250.215.xxx   See if you can spot the Waldo doll (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_19:02:33.522   076.212.201.xxx   I've got a crap on deck that could choke a donkey
2008_12_15_19:02:34.449   074.181.072.xxx   ho ho ho
2008_12_15_19:02:41.376   098.197.104.xxx   YAY I FIGURED IT OUT
2008_12_15_19:02:41.734   024.067.121.xxx   i___m one of those people who type ___does this work___
2008_12_15_19:02:44.846   070.113.121.xxx   Hello stevie
2008_12_15_19:02:48.608   069.177.224.xxx   Ich habe ein Vogel
2008_12_15_19:02:51.021   096.052.252.xxx   Come on, Ilene. (14)
2008_12_15_19:02:54.649   068.097.027.xxx   hello
2008_12_15_19:02:57.908   067.176.049.xxx   Doesn't this rock Em?
2008_12_15_19:02:59.240   076.212.201.xxx   I've got a crap on deck that could choke a donkey
2008_12_15_19:03:00.207   173.017.060.xxx   i love this site
2008_12_15_19:03:12.660   070.250.215.xxx   Firestorm 24/7 a**ault  on CSS gogogo (21)
2008_12_15_19:03:15.446   074.181.072.xxx   me too
2008_12_15_19:03:19.263   097.115.121.xxx   hello world
2008_12_15_19:03:25.450   076.212.201.xxx   GET IN MAH BELLY!
2008_12_15_19:03:27.262   069.177.224.xxx   BOOGERS
2008_12_15_19:03:35.618   070.250.215.xxx   Firestorm 24/7 a______ault on CSS gogogo (22)
2008_12_15_19:03:38.851   065.025.044.xxx   good luck guys---merry christmas
2008_12_15_19:03:42.569   074.181.072.xxx   ewwwww
2008_12_15_19:03:49.214   076.212.201.xxx   GET IN MAH BELLY!
2008_12_15_19:04:01.421   070.250.215.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam! (23)
2008_12_15_19:04:01.860   068.035.211.xxx   last xmas i gave you my heart (24)
2008_12_15_19:04:10.492   173.017.060.xxx   ha ha ha ha
2008_12_15_19:04:22.836   097.115.121.xxx   delaney says hi!!
2008_12_15_19:04:25.738   074.131.155.xxx   9:03 PM
2008_12_15_19:04:28.702   070.121.116.xxx   ho ho ho ho
2008_12_15_19:04:42.323   068.035.211.xxx   b****e very next day you gave it away (25)
2008_12_15_19:04:43.074   074.181.072.xxx   marry xmas
2008_12_15_19:04:46.793   076.212.201.xxx   George Bush blows goats
2008_12_15_19:04:47.286   074.171.130.xxx   IT'S COMING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE!!! (25)
2008_12_15_19:04:55.053   173.017.060.xxx   lights on
2008_12_15_19:05:10.263   024.155.078.xxx   awesome!!
2008_12_15_19:05:12.762   096.052.252.xxx   Do I spy a Christmas Mummy? (15)
2008_12_15_19:05:15.456   076.212.201.xxx   Clap on, clap off... the Clapper!
2008_12_15_19:05:20.391   074.181.072.xxx   mary xmas you guys
2008_12_15_19:05:20.867   156.034.196.xxx   silar has them trapped!!! (52)
2008_12_15_19:05:29.966   173.017.060.xxx   lights off
2008_12_15_19:05:32.065   068.035.211.xxx   SERVER OVERLOAD!!! (26)
2008_12_15_19:05:47.527   068.109.126.xxx   is he taking a poop?
2008_12_15_19:05:48.050   074.181.072.xxx   hi
2008_12_15_19:05:50.784   076.212.201.xxx   p****.  That is all.
2008_12_15_19:06:11.801   074.181.072.xxx   hi
2008_12_15_19:06:13.208   173.017.060.xxx   bye guys
2008_12_15_19:06:18.165   074.171.130.xxx   "inflatables are working well despite the snow and sub-zero temperatures. "     (26)
2008_12_15_19:06:25.737   098.197.104.xxx   Hey alek, I think your site is s* y Em
2008_12_15_19:06:32.488   142.161.085.xxx   sadie-jo says hello!
2008_12_15_19:06:33.188   067.110.215.xxx   ADMIRAL AKBAR! Its a trap!
2008_12_15_19:06:40.336   076.212.201.xxx   You need some inflatable sheep (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_19:06:53.929   070.113.121.xxx   umm ketchup
2008_12_15_19:06:54.257   156.034.196.xxx   he matters, u dont, muahahahaha (53)
2008_12_15_19:06:56.523   074.131.155.xxx   Santa won't let anyone in the garage
2008_12_15_19:07:07.442   074.181.072.xxx   so
2008_12_15_19:07:10.845   173.017.060.xxx   stop saying bad things plz
2008_12_15_19:07:18.579   068.035.211.xxx   i'm gonna street view your house (27)
2008_12_15_19:07:30.181   074.181.072.xxx   yeah (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_19:07:42.881   173.017.060.xxx   goodbye (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_19:07:45.962   076.212.201.xxx   KFC = frankenchicken (11)
2008_12_15_19:07:47.610   068.035.211.xxx   KFC? (28)
2008_12_15_19:07:48.389   209.060.132.xxx   Merry Christmas from Bradley Co 911 in Cleveland, TN
2008_12_15_19:07:52.518   096.052.252.xxx   I'm masticating right now (16)
2008_12_15_19:07:53.304   068.109.126.xxx   is he taking a poop?
2008_12_15_19:07:54.854   074.181.072.xxx   yeah stop saying that (11)
2008_12_15_19:08:06.005   098.197.104.xxx   sweet yo
2008_12_15_19:08:19.574   068.175.120.xxx   hey hey hey
2008_12_15_19:08:24.971   209.060.132.xxx   Merry Christmas from Bradley Co 911
2008_12_15_19:08:32.125   173.017.060.xxx   ummmmmm who belives in santa (11)
2008_12_15_19:08:41.651   076.212.201.xxx   Is that ketchup or "personal lubricant"? (12)
2008_12_15_19:08:47.622   207.255.174.xxx   Ho Ho from jp***1
2008_12_15_19:08:52.486   098.197.104.xxx   ****1 rocks
2008_12_15_19:09:03.581   070.018.227.xxx   organic processed food?  oh yeh right.
2008_12_15_19:09:06.042   076.212.201.xxx   Is that ketchup or "personal lubricant"? (13)
2008_12_15_19:09:07.848   068.109.126.xxx   i believe in deez nuts
2008_12_15_19:09:10.519   074.181.072.xxx   hi (12)
2008_12_15_19:09:13.641   067.176.049.xxx   HI RYAN!!!
2008_12_15_19:09:13.659   074.131.155.xxx   all right, i was waiting for this song to come on
2008_12_15_19:09:13.756   173.017.060.xxx   alek hi (12)
2008_12_15_19:09:26.654   074.171.130.xxx   Swap out Buzz for some fries, plz. Hungry. (27)
2008_12_15_19:09:34.302   076.212.201.xxx   Alek looks ticked off (14)
2008_12_15_19:09:42.048   208.104.155.xxx   Don't you get epilepsy living there???
2008_12_15_19:09:53.718   070.018.227.xxx   he always looks like that...   :D
2008_12_15_19:09:55.309   098.197.104.xxx   we want a hulk inflatable
2008_12_15_19:09:55.333   074.181.072.xxx   i love your site (13)
2008_12_15_19:09:56.829   068.109.126.xxx   y so many clocks?
2008_12_15_19:10:02.295   096.052.252.xxx   I could go for some KFC biscuits (17)
2008_12_15_19:10:13.906   173.017.060.xxx   stop no potty mouthing remember (13)
2008_12_15_19:10:20.200   208.104.155.xxx   Mmmm....KFC.....
2008_12_15_19:10:30.482   074.171.130.xxx   Bojangles Biscuits ___ KFC Biscuits (28)
2008_12_15_19:10:31.530   074.181.072.xxx   yeah so sto plz (14)
2008_12_15_19:10:38.114   070.018.227.xxx   kfc ?   all that food has more crude oil in it thatn a gas tank!
2008_12_15_19:10:46.059   068.109.126.xxx   TACOS!!!!!!!!
2008_12_15_19:10:52.300   069.054.001.xxx   lol nice
2008_12_15_19:10:57.163   208.104.155.xxx   That's why it's so good!!
2008_12_15_19:11:02.071   076.212.201.xxx   Pink tacos? (15)
2008_12_15_19:11:08.556   098.197.104.xxx   i lomy mom
2008_12_15_19:11:10.692   070.018.227.xxx   that ketchup bottle has alek's head on it!
2008_12_15_19:11:18.163   024.099.063.xxx   delicious bacon. mmm.
2008_12_15_19:11:21.902   173.017.060.xxx   i like the hulk d'oh (14)
2008_12_15_19:11:34.820   208.104.155.xxx   What the h*** was that?
2008_12_15_19:11:45.075   070.018.227.xxx   bacon?   oh no!   severe fat overload!
2008_12_15_19:11:52.592   067.110.215.xxx   KUNG PAO CHICKEN
2008_12_15_19:11:53.773   068.055.225.xxx   hello
2008_12_15_19:11:58.129   068.097.049.xxx   merry christmas from beth & andrew in norman, oklahoma!
2008_12_15_19:12:02.166   173.017.060.xxx   i like slappy d'oh (15)
2008_12_15_19:12:22.554   074.171.130.xxx   Bacon is God's Currency. (29)
2008_12_15_19:12:23.844   076.212.201.xxx   KIDS!  GET TO BED! (16)
2008_12_15_19:12:33.909   070.018.227.xxx   barf.
2008_12_15_19:12:52.153   024.099.063.xxx   b***oo.
2008_12_15_19:12:53.880   208.104.155.xxx   I make you have epileptic seizure! MWAHAHAHA
2008_12_15_19:12:57.372   173.017.060.xxx   ummm alek stop them (16)
2008_12_15_19:13:05.854   068.035.042.xxx   MEEEEEEERRRRYY CHRISTMa**S
2008_12_15_19:13:15.032   070.018.227.xxx   eat those fresh veggies and fruits!
2008_12_15_19:13:17.081   067.176.049.xxx   Ryan's not going to have a white christmas!!!  :o)
2008_12_15_19:13:42.293   173.017.060.xxx   who is ryan (17)
2008_12_15_19:13:45.472   206.109.113.xxx   ketchup move, you are blocking the pretty man!
2008_12_15_19:14:03.872   076.212.201.xxx   Where is the chanukkah bush? (17)
2008_12_15_19:14:06.493   070.018.227.xxx   never had a white xmas here.
2008_12_15_19:14:19.140   098.025.011.xxx   this is kind of lame
2008_12_15_19:14:27.177   208.100.142.xxx   WOOOO OREGON GOT SNOW!!!
2008_12_15_19:14:28.444   074.181.072.xxx   no bad words rember that okay (15)
2008_12_15_19:14:31.693   066.117.076.xxx   Hi Mom!
2008_12_15_19:14:36.569   173.017.060.xxx   alek who was the hulk (18)
2008_12_15_19:14:36.633   068.035.042.xxx   THE HORROR!!!! THE HORROR
2008_12_15_19:14:45.910   070.121.116.xxx   Love you Vivi!!!
2008_12_15_19:14:48.224   129.100.019.xxx   This is amazing
2008_12_15_19:14:48.853   064.252.195.xxx   AWESOME!!
2008_12_15_19:14:50.442   098.025.011.xxx   in a cool sort of way
2008_12_15_19:14:54.804   070.018.227.xxx   yuck, snow!
2008_12_15_19:15:12.848   070.121.116.xxx   love you vivi
2008_12_15_19:15:18.155   067.187.109.xxx   lolz
2008_12_15_19:15:20.184   074.181.072.xxx   stop (16)
2008_12_15_19:15:23.160   070.018.227.xxx   i don't think they can. (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_19:15:35.084   208.100.142.xxx   WOO SPRING BREAK!
2008_12_15_19:15:35.374   173.017.060.xxx   stop his kids are there so no laguage (19)
2008_12_15_19:15:45.395   068.109.126.xxx   i like b***ies
2008_12_15_19:15:55.476   070.018.227.xxx   quit complaining,  we are enjoying our time here. (11)
2008_12_15_19:16:10.707   070.121.116.xxx   Love you Vivi!!!
2008_12_15_19:16:18.516   076.212.201.xxx   ( . )  ( . ) (18)
2008_12_15_19:16:20.565   068.109.126.xxx   thats not a kid thats a ghost
2008_12_15_19:16:25.212   074.171.130.xxx   We got it. You love Vivi. (30 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_19:16:31.195   024.099.063.xxx   what does heinz have to do with Xmas??
2008_12_15_19:16:32.226   074.181.060.xxx   Merry Christmas! Cool setup you got there
2008_12_15_19:16:33.525   074.181.072.xxx   we should say that when he is not there (17)
2008_12_15_19:16:39.539   067.110.215.xxx   i just farted
2008_12_15_19:16:45.552   208.104.155.xxx   i love kittehs!
2008_12_15_19:16:46.531   070.018.227.xxx   barks! (12)
2008_12_15_19:17:09.755   074.171.130.xxx   I leik choclat milk (31)
2008_12_15_19:17:12.406   074.181.072.xxx   let's be nice (18)
2008_12_15_19:17:16.755   070.018.227.xxx   ah hem, that's flatuate my friend.. flatuate. (13)
2008_12_15_19:17:17.873   068.109.126.xxx   haha i turned off everything
2008_12_15_19:17:19.716   067.110.215.xxx   sharks
2008_12_15_19:17:39.014   208.104.155.xxx   Don't turn everything off! It makes Santa cry!
2008_12_15_19:17:40.418   074.171.130.xxx   Candygram (32)
2008_12_15_19:17:44.516   071.201.035.xxx   realtime
2008_12_15_19:17:47.251   070.018.227.xxx   hey i have an xmas shark. (14)
2008_12_15_19:18:12.864   070.121.116.xxx   vivi loves keith!!
2008_12_15_19:18:15.057   067.110.215.xxx   i live every day like its shark week
2008_12_15_19:18:19.131   070.018.227.xxx   didn't realize that  until a neighbor told me. (15)
2008_12_15_19:18:28.623   074.171.130.xxx   Festivus Shark (33)
2008_12_15_19:18:50.542   074.181.072.xxx   can anyone hear me (19)
2008_12_15_19:19:01.892   068.109.126.xxx   no
2008_12_15_19:19:05.851   074.171.130.xxx   Thakkerzog from Dimension...er APARTMENT 14B (34)
2008_12_15_19:19:10.485   070.121.116.xxx   no speak up
2008_12_15_19:19:31.861   068.109.126.xxx   no shut up is more like it (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_19:19:33.597   074.171.130.xxx   que? (35)
2008_12_15_19:19:45.682   067.187.109.xxx   help! I'm stuck in this screen!
2008_12_15_19:19:49.752   071.059.166.xxx   Pretty cool, dude
2008_12_15_19:19:57.517   068.014.031.xxx   Que te gusta? (22)
2008_12_15_19:19:59.278   070.121.116.xxx   vivi loves keith!!
2008_12_15_19:20:09.013   070.018.227.xxx   teeze da season to be jawley! (16)
2008_12_15_19:20:13.580   024.099.063.xxx   poop
2008_12_15_19:20:19.735   074.171.130.xxx   I love lamp. (36)
2008_12_15_19:20:25.684   068.014.031.xxx   De donde eres? (23)
2008_12_15_19:20:32.158   068.035.211.xxx   i'm hungry (29)
2008_12_15_19:20:35.189   066.134.074.xxx   adasd
2008_12_15_19:20:42.308   070.018.227.xxx   that's fecal material my friend now use technical terms. (17)
2008_12_15_19:21:15.068   012.148.143.xxx   turn everything off
2008_12_15_19:21:17.781   024.099.063.xxx   infinity and beyond!
2008_12_15_19:22:02.035   087.231.130.xxx   yes we can !
2008_12_15_19:22:15.420   066.008.142.xxx   Hooray for Kwanzza
2008_12_15_19:22:19.316   070.018.227.xxx   wow,  uh,   you guys need therapy. (18)
2008_12_15_19:22:27.717   069.123.185.xxx   this will totally not get abused
2008_12_15_19:22:44.658   067.187.109.xxx   PANCAKES!
2008_12_15_19:22:55.481   012.148.143.xxx   everything off
2008_12_15_19:23:10.240   024.099.063.xxx   FRENCH TOAST!!!
2008_12_15_19:23:19.828   070.018.227.xxx   pancakes are bad for you.. too many triglycerides. (19)
2008_12_15_19:23:22.454   067.110.215.xxx   get me a chicken sandwich and some waffle fries. FOR FREE
2008_12_15_19:23:31.400   067.193.251.xxx   Hello from Niagara Falls Canada
2008_12_15_19:23:31.425   152.131.011.xxx   Crepes!
2008_12_15_19:23:49.807   070.018.227.xxx   tisk tisk.. bad for you food...   high in sugars. (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_19:23:54.194   072.184.026.xxx   hay guyz!
2008_12_15_19:23:55.681   074.171.130.xxx   mmm.... Chik-Fil-A.    ___droools___ (37)
2008_12_15_19:23:55.925   069.244.203.xxx   mmmm bacon
2008_12_15_19:23:58.189   024.099.063.xxx   waffles
2008_12_15_19:24:04.430   066.008.142.xxx   Kwanzaa Rules
2008_12_15_19:24:21.265   070.018.227.xxx   since when actually? (21)
2008_12_15_19:24:34.597   012.148.143.xxx   look a guy ----___
2008_12_15_19:24:43.568   066.008.142.xxx   ****
2008_12_15_19:24:48.413   024.099.063.xxx   Ketchup and Christmas??
2008_12_15_19:24:51.714   070.018.227.xxx   where?  you?  snickers! (22)
2008_12_15_19:25:03.815   074.171.130.xxx   When do the Feats of Strength start? (38)
2008_12_15_19:25:37.785   066.008.142.xxx   Kwanzaa is great
2008_12_15_19:25:40.133   070.018.227.xxx   gulp gulp plug plug. (23)
2008_12_15_19:25:47.739   024.234.115.xxx   For all great spork!
2008_12_15_19:25:55.720   074.171.130.xxx   Gentlemen, behold!  KETCHUP!!! (39)
2008_12_15_19:26:15.386   066.008.142.xxx   Hey what about Kwanzaa
2008_12_15_19:26:15.590   024.234.115.xxx   Oh noes!  FEAR THE KETCHUP!
2008_12_15_19:26:26.147   070.018.227.xxx   so, what's the deal with this kfc stuff?   feels arteries harden. (24)
2008_12_15_19:26:38.359   152.131.011.xxx   Too Infinity and Beyond!
2008_12_15_19:26:41.015   012.148.143.xxx   NERD ---___
2008_12_15_19:26:47.122   096.255.202.xxx   How do I get my message on the screen?
2008_12_15_19:27:02.205   070.018.227.xxx   we don't know, ask around then try. (25)
2008_12_15_19:27:17.264   074.171.130.xxx   Don't fear the Catsup, baby take my hand... (40 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_19:27:27.501   069.244.203.xxx   press any key to begin
2008_12_15_19:27:28.407   012.148.143.xxx   turn everything off!!!
2008_12_15_19:27:50.297   072.241.034.xxx   ketchup is the condiment of s****
2008_12_15_19:27:56.649   096.255.202.xxx   Is that Alek there?
2008_12_15_19:27:57.901   074.171.130.xxx   It got dark, I got scared... (41)
2008_12_15_19:28:01.141   065.025.044.xxx   i love my boyz
2008_12_15_19:28:17.650   070.018.227.xxx   we had a kfc b****ey left town. (26)
2008_12_15_19:28:27.302   208.063.189.xxx   Hi alek you should sync your lights to music
2008_12_15_19:28:47.737   152.131.011.xxx   WTF?
2008_12_15_19:28:51.571   096.255.202.xxx   Why sync to music everybody does that
2008_12_15_19:28:52.756   066.008.142.xxx   Hey kid
2008_12_15_19:28:54.527   074.171.130.xxx   Then it wouldn't be controllable, whould it? (42)
2008_12_15_19:28:58.642   208.063.189.xxx   Olah Child
2008_12_15_19:29:06.771   024.115.121.xxx   I miss your Hamster Dance page!
2008_12_15_19:29:07.454   070.018.227.xxx   nah, everyone does that, get's old fast. (27)
2008_12_15_19:29:09.941   072.184.026.xxx   wait...what?
2008_12_15_19:29:26.411   099.055.162.xxx   eat it
2008_12_15_19:29:26.729   074.171.130.xxx   Want some candy, little boy? (43)
2008_12_15_19:29:33.602   208.063.189.xxx   You would still be able to turn zones off
2008_12_15_19:29:38.860   076.115.131.xxx   KFC for a year?  Supersize the neighborhood! (14)
2008_12_15_19:29:40.101   096.255.202.xxx   Dad's back
2008_12_15_19:29:42.215   070.018.227.xxx   he morphs from time to time. (28)
2008_12_15_19:29:43.492   066.008.142.xxx   What are they looking at?
2008_12_15_19:30:05.846   074.171.130.xxx   Fark, and something else. (44)
2008_12_15_19:30:07.275   098.118.135.xxx   how is babby formed?
2008_12_15_19:30:09.067   070.018.227.xxx   you. (29)
2008_12_15_19:30:14.133   096.255.202.xxx   Probably what we are writing
2008_12_15_19:30:15.073   099.055.162.xxx   I hate them so much
2008_12_15_19:30:20.427   066.008.142.xxx   Oh hi then
2008_12_15_19:30:24.188   074.094.220.xxx   Stop walking in front of the monitor
2008_12_15_19:30:33.425   060.234.147.xxx   Merry christmas from New Zealand in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_15_19:30:42.109   070.018.227.xxx   oh bossy little humper aren't you? (30 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_19:30:46.839   076.115.131.xxx   This has got to have a h*** of a web back-end! (15)
2008_12_15_19:30:54.779   012.148.143.xxx   miller is an idiot
2008_12_15_19:31:15.451   072.245.148.xxx   all your lights are belong to us
2008_12_15_19:31:16.438   066.008.142.xxx   hey kid
2008_12_15_19:31:18.628   074.171.130.xxx   What the? (45)
2008_12_15_19:31:26.656   098.118.135.xxx   aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
2008_12_15_19:31:40.035   099.055.162.xxx   back off!
2008_12_15_19:31:44.482   074.171.130.xxx   HAHAHAHA (46)
2008_12_15_19:31:49.233   066.008.142.xxx   Santa says you need to brush (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_19:31:50.002   099.236.071.xxx   what is going on?
2008_12_15_19:31:52.010   076.115.131.xxx   HE has Celiac? (16)
2008_12_15_19:31:51.956   158.145.225.xxx   my god my brain hurts
2008_12_15_19:31:58.903   096.255.202.xxx   Whats he saying?
2008_12_15_19:32:00.008   076.241.113.xxx   Move!
2008_12_15_19:32:01.702   074.094.220.xxx   Move little boy
2008_12_15_19:32:05.453   098.118.135.xxx   chocolate rain?
2008_12_15_19:32:24.729   070.251.096.xxx   All your base are belong to us!
2008_12_15_19:32:31.501   070.017.061.xxx   pa** me that ketchup over there --___
2008_12_15_19:32:34.528   070.022.176.xxx   did someone say monster rain?
2008_12_15_19:32:41.469   070.018.227.xxx   property freak. (31)
2008_12_15_19:32:46.319   096.255.202.xxx   This is a fantastically entertaining site - Thanks!
2008_12_15_19:32:47.507   068.157.023.xxx   GO DUCKS!!!
2008_12_15_19:32:51.798   074.171.130.xxx   So we're not doing Singstar anymore? (47)
2008_12_15_19:33:01.552   070.251.096.xxx   Where is the voting link??
2008_12_15_19:33:05.560   076.115.131.xxx   It's snowing in Portland! (17)
2008_12_15_19:33:33.503   024.001.050.xxx   Hey I hope the stem cell research can help them
2008_12_15_19:33:49.901   070.018.227.xxx   yeh, sure. (32)
2008_12_15_19:34:07.430   072.245.148.xxx   Put the ketchup on Buzz Lightyear!
2008_12_15_19:34:08.184   076.115.131.xxx   It'll happen! (18)
2008_12_15_19:34:16.285   074.171.130.xxx   that boy's head is like Sputnik___ spherical but quite pointy at parts (48)
2008_12_15_19:34:38.876   069.061.185.xxx   Worldwide Pants Inc
2008_12_15_19:35:02.192   076.115.131.xxx   Mooooove the Ketchup! (19)
2008_12_15_19:35:14.836   071.239.144.xxx   hey
2008_12_15_19:35:20.181   074.171.130.xxx   Or at least put the PAM back. (49)
2008_12_15_19:35:29.055   076.115.131.xxx   Thanks! (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_19:35:50.629   074.171.130.xxx   Hey kid, grab us a snack while your at it. (50 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_19:35:54.800   072.245.148.xxx   Hey! put the ketchup back!
2008_12_15_19:35:55.405   071.219.232.xxx   How can you eat Buzz Lightyear without ketchup?  Communist!
2008_12_15_19:36:01.524   071.110.081.xxx   It's cold in Temecula CA.
2008_12_15_19:36:02.069   066.008.142.xxx   HI Danny, Happy Kwanzza, Puma King!! (11)
2008_12_15_19:36:07.183   070.018.227.xxx   hey!   the artery hardening preservative filled chemical is gone? (33)
2008_12_15_19:36:16.304   070.121.116.xxx   Bottom of screen now invisable (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_19:36:22.959   098.165.235.xxx   this is very odd
2008_12_15_19:36:26.817   098.209.097.xxx   adjust cam 3 plz
2008_12_15_19:36:39.698   066.008.142.xxx   Hi Danny, Happy Kwanzaa! Puma King (12)
2008_12_15_19:36:42.828   070.018.227.xxx   bossy, bossy. (34)
2008_12_15_19:36:46.860   069.061.185.xxx   Uhhhhhhhhh thankya, thankyaverrrrmuch
2008_12_15_19:36:47.148   070.121.116.xxx   hey kid lower cam please (11)
2008_12_15_19:36:57.771   074.171.130.xxx   OI! LIFT US UP A LITTLE! (51)
2008_12_15_19:37:02.865   098.165.235.xxx   why are you just sitting there?
2008_12_15_19:37:06.959   071.110.081.xxx   Little Jimmy K is the big Kahuna gold coing king
2008_12_15_19:37:27.880   070.018.227.xxx   maybe he's working, derhey. (35)
2008_12_15_19:37:30.123   066.008.142.xxx   hahahaha (13)
2008_12_15_19:37:44.751   069.061.185.xxx   Merry RamaHanaKwanzMas
2008_12_15_19:37:46.929   098.165.235.xxx   you guys are freaks!!!
2008_12_15_19:37:57.540   076.115.131.xxx   Possibly a compression fracture! (21)
2008_12_15_19:38:01.033   066.008.142.xxx   Pumas Pumas (14)
2008_12_15_19:38:06.096   070.018.227.xxx   and  you are the symbol of perfection. (36)
2008_12_15_19:38:27.255   069.055.046.xxx   My kids have celiac too!
2008_12_15_19:38:29.915   069.061.185.xxx   I'm a Doctor Jim!!!
2008_12_15_19:38:33.800   070.121.116.xxx   Glad im in Florida! Burrrr (12)
2008_12_15_19:38:35.700   076.115.131.xxx   Happy Holidays James Madaras! (22)
2008_12_15_19:38:39.388   074.171.130.xxx   We're still waiting on some vertical movement here. (52)
2008_12_15_19:38:42.774   071.110.081.xxx   Jamari has the golden ticket
2008_12_15_19:38:42.888   070.018.227.xxx   that's country doctor. (37)
2008_12_15_19:38:46.342   066.008.142.xxx   Danny, the Puma KIng! Kwanzaa King! (15)
2008_12_15_19:39:04.261   098.165.235.xxx   your yard looks awful man
2008_12_15_19:39:28.341   070.018.227.xxx   you have acne where no one looks! (38)
2008_12_15_19:39:30.757   069.061.185.xxx   Bernard Madoff Investment Counsel LLP
2008_12_15_19:39:34.028   071.219.232.xxx   Hey banked, you can type anything on this thing!
2008_12_15_19:39:36.952   069.151.056.xxx   i like cake!
2008_12_15_19:39:40.106   076.115.131.xxx   James Madaras is in PDX! (23)
2008_12_15_19:39:44.376   074.171.130.xxx   The Burrito Reindeer is a nice touch, though. (53)
2008_12_15_19:39:54.469   098.113.160.xxx   ___
2008_12_15_19:40:01.247   071.110.081.xxx   I love burrito reindeer
2008_12_15_19:40:03.368   069.055.046.xxx   I love glutards.
2008_12_15_19:40:07.425   098.165.235.xxx   hey kids!!! go out front and make fix the christmas lights.  they look horrible
2008_12_15_19:40:09.599   070.026.166.xxx   Merry Christmas guys!
2008_12_15_19:40:25.454   070.121.116.xxx   Great job guys!! (13)
2008_12_15_19:40:25.782   070.018.227.xxx   you are one. (39)
2008_12_15_19:40:26.947   074.171.130.xxx   Hey kid, grab a book and put it under the laptop, plz (54)
2008_12_15_19:40:42.950   071.110.081.xxx   I want to live in Paradise just like jimmy K
2008_12_15_19:40:51.426   207.112.112.xxx   b***oo booo boooooo
2008_12_15_19:41:19.646   076.104.118.xxx   merry christmas folks
2008_12_15_19:41:38.005   066.008.180.xxx   Aloha!  Mele Kalikimaka!
2008_12_15_19:41:39.762   098.113.160.xxx   ___this is confusing
2008_12_15_19:41:50.127   066.008.142.xxx   Merry Christmas Obama (16)
2008_12_15_19:42:12.318   071.110.081.xxx   Little Jimmy K gets coal in his sticking
2008_12_15_19:42:23.690   098.165.235.xxx   CHRISTMAS with A.D.D.!!!!!
2008_12_15_19:42:46.912   070.018.227.xxx   KFC:  kinda fatty christmas.    oh the cholesterol! (40 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_19:42:52.871   076.115.131.xxx   650___ for the computer! (24)
2008_12_15_19:42:53.113   066.008.142.xxx   Danny no soup for you! (17)
2008_12_15_19:42:55.075   071.110.081.xxx   HAHAHAHA someone threw a shoe at GWB
2008_12_15_19:43:16.425   070.018.227.xxx   you're slow on the go eh? (41)
2008_12_15_19:43:32.209   066.008.142.xxx   But his ninja like reflexs and it missed him (18)
2008_12_15_19:43:33.543   071.219.232.xxx   :)"___
2008_12_15_19:43:37.987   071.110.081.xxx   is it snowing in HAwaii
2008_12_15_19:43:50.144   076.104.118.xxx   hi zada
2008_12_15_19:43:57.691   066.008.142.xxx   But his ninja like reflexs and it missed him (19)
2008_12_15_19:44:10.741   071.110.081.xxx   Its raining here in temecula ca
2008_12_15_19:44:19.203   098.165.235.xxx   you are freaks!!
2008_12_15_19:44:20.806   071.219.232.xxx   _______________________________________________________________________________
2008_12_15_19:44:30.012   066.008.142.xxx   Raining in Hawaii (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_19:44:41.320   070.026.166.xxx   whoa I made the santas deflate
2008_12_15_19:44:42.755   074.171.130.xxx   Walla Walla Washington (55)
2008_12_15_19:44:51.825   071.110.081.xxx   I am eating fried rice and egg rolls (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_19:45:03.278   068.082.175.xxx   Raining in Mendham NJ as well.
2008_12_15_19:45:07.334   066.008.142.xxx   I pooped (21)
2008_12_15_19:45:09.355   076.104.118.xxx   mmmmmmmmmmm
2008_12_15_19:45:21.380   071.110.081.xxx   HEY!!! who farted??? (11)
2008_12_15_19:45:35.558   066.008.142.xxx   whoopsy (22)
2008_12_15_19:45:42.558   076.104.118.xxx   uh, mmm eggrolls
2008_12_15_19:45:47.010   070.026.166.xxx   Down he goes!
2008_12_15_19:46:01.986   066.008.142.xxx   whoopsy (23)
2008_12_15_19:46:02.575   074.171.130.xxx   I'm going to blow it up. It obstructs my view of Venus. (56)
2008_12_15_19:46:11.010   099.149.115.xxx   Ishpeming rules!
2008_12_15_19:46:15.688   024.011.123.xxx   Go have s* . (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_19:46:25.344   071.110.081.xxx   I wis*** was 10 o clock.  I need sleep (12)
2008_12_15_19:46:35.489   066.008.142.xxx   whoopsy, I fartd, sorry (24)
2008_12_15_19:46:52.789   070.250.215.xxx   Oreos + Milk! (24)
2008_12_15_19:47:01.097   070.018.227.xxx   fiber in your life dear? (42)
2008_12_15_19:47:12.510   071.162.044.xxx   Fark Rulez!!!
2008_12_15_19:47:23.895   070.250.215.xxx   When did they move the ketchup? (25)
2008_12_15_19:47:34.717   074.171.130.xxx   Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an Earth shattering kaboom? (57)
2008_12_15_19:47:37.622   066.008.142.xxx   Who is Fark? (25)
2008_12_15_19:48:13.510   065.078.108.xxx   Keep Sarah Palin in Alaska...Please.
2008_12_15_19:48:14.623   070.250.215.xxx   google it (26)
2008_12_15_19:48:15.571   074.171.130.xxx   The the eludium pu36 explosive space modulator. That creature has stolen the sp (58)
2008_12_15_19:48:38.846   066.138.057.xxx   what's with the mummy in santa's workshop?
2008_12_15_19:48:42.203   070.250.215.xxx   88mph! (27)
2008_12_15_19:48:45.731   071.034.186.xxx   Yay Snow!
2008_12_15_19:48:55.185   098.211.240.xxx   I have celiac.... thanks for doing something
2008_12_15_19:48:56.029   070.121.116.xxx   go Gators! (14)
2008_12_15_19:49:02.708   070.018.227.xxx   no, no, NO!  i have a module that'll destroy all! (43)
2008_12_15_19:49:12.618   066.008.142.xxx   Go Puma King! (26)
2008_12_15_19:49:17.090   070.250.215.xxx   Awesome site bro (28)
2008_12_15_19:49:29.389   071.034.186.xxx   Browns 3  Eagles 17
2008_12_15_19:49:34.385   070.018.227.xxx   bro?   that's code for ORB! (44)
2008_12_15_19:49:52.889   070.250.215.xxx   I ping every IP that shows up (29)
2008_12_15_19:50:02.191   074.171.130.xxx   You wouldn't put ketchup on a steak, so why on a burger? (59)
2008_12_15_19:50:02.828   066.008.142.xxx   OH KNOW, Steak Sauce (27)
2008_12_15_19:50:06.827   071.034.186.xxx   Its that important...
2008_12_15_19:50:12.831   070.018.227.xxx   so?   ping away,   it's just a service address. (45)
2008_12_15_19:50:20.619   066.215.197.xxx   why would you picg every IP?
2008_12_15_19:50:20.281   024.226.054.xxx   A1 for the win
2008_12_15_19:50:24.571   070.250.215.xxx   A1___H57 (30 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_19:50:26.337   072.245.148.xxx   Mmmm... A1 Sauce. Put it on Buzz Lightyear!
2008_12_15_19:50:27.391   064.092.025.xxx   Celebrate Towel Day May 25
2008_12_15_19:50:32.182   098.211.240.xxx   is A1 gluten free??
2008_12_15_19:50:35.602   066.008.142.xxx   PING PANG PONG (28)
2008_12_15_19:50:43.196   071.034.186.xxx   It's how steak is done.
2008_12_15_19:50:56.367   070.250.215.xxx   Heinz 57 is better than A1 (31)
2008_12_15_19:50:57.015   076.100.092.xxx   wave to the camera?
2008_12_15_19:51:05.930   066.215.197.xxx   Shoe on Head?
2008_12_15_19:51:06.888   074.171.130.xxx   HEATHEN! (60 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_19:51:10.249   070.018.227.xxx   camera to the wave! (46)
2008_12_15_19:51:10.713   072.184.026.xxx   I like Pie
2008_12_15_19:51:16.579   071.034.186.xxx   Yeah, it's that important.
2008_12_15_19:51:21.662   066.008.142.xxx   Heinz stinks (29)
2008_12_15_19:51:22.130   068.150.179.xxx   WOW
2008_12_15_19:51:24.476   064.092.025.xxx   Heather!
2008_12_15_19:51:29.004   142.162.021.xxx   HAIL s**** CR
2008_12_15_19:51:30.543   070.250.215.xxx   SHOEONHEAD! (32)
2008_12_15_19:51:33.559   076.115.131.xxx   A1? Might as well kill a cow on camera! (25)
2008_12_15_19:51:41.765   076.100.092.xxx   HEADONSHOE
2008_12_15_19:51:42.739   074.171.130.xxx   We Wunt Freedom To Zeidi! (61)
2008_12_15_19:51:54.974   066.215.197.xxx   /b/ackup?
2008_12_15_19:51:56.336   070.250.215.xxx   That can be arranged (33)
2008_12_15_19:51:56.867   070.018.227.xxx   you can...   we're not into weird things. (47)
2008_12_15_19:52:01.210   068.014.031.xxx   what do I want for X mas?! (24)
2008_12_15_19:52:02.299   068.150.179.xxx   there are so many people looking at the lights !!! must be close to a record!
2008_12_15_19:52:04.325   072.184.026.xxx   raineeeeeerrrrrrrrrr beeeeeeerrrrr
2008_12_15_19:52:11.881   076.115.131.xxx   ___-- offended vegan! (26)
2008_12_15_19:52:22.227   024.131.160.xxx   Mmmm... beer!
2008_12_15_19:52:27.152   068.014.031.xxx   what do I want for X mas? (25)
2008_12_15_19:52:28.143   070.250.215.xxx   I want a bb gun (34)
2008_12_15_19:52:30.937   070.018.227.xxx   yawns.. i'm vegan also.. let them have their a1 sheesh. (48)
2008_12_15_19:52:33.495   071.034.186.xxx   Mmmm.  Steak.
2008_12_15_19:52:38.687   074.171.130.xxx   You can put A1 on veggies. (62)
2008_12_15_19:52:44.097   076.100.092.xxx   Someone call for blackup...
2008_12_15_19:52:50.203   072.245.148.xxx   You'll put your eye out!!!
2008_12_15_19:52:59.624   142.162.021.xxx   dddddddddddddddddd cr
2008_12_15_19:53:00.386   075.003.128.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS!
2008_12_15_19:53:02.077   068.014.031.xxx   what do I want for X mas? (26)
2008_12_15_19:53:02.967   072.184.026.xxx   I'll have an extra steak for you vegans
2008_12_15_19:53:03.700   070.018.227.xxx   no you can't...  you do know what a1 is made of? (49)
2008_12_15_19:53:13.173   076.115.131.xxx   A1 is meat! (27)
2008_12_15_19:53:19.161   066.008.142.xxx   My little brother looked like a tick redy to pop (30 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_19:53:29.813   071.034.186.xxx   Mmmmmm.  Meat. (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_19:53:34.956   074.171.130.xxx   Soylent Green. It's people. (63)
2008_12_15_19:53:36.158   070.018.227.xxx   a1 has derivative additives made from pork product. (50 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_19:53:40.479   072.184.026.xxx   sweet delicious meat
2008_12_15_19:53:42.595   076.115.131.xxx   A1 Green is PEOPLE! (28)
2008_12_15_19:53:49.806   075.092.010.xxx   it dark
2008_12_15_19:53:51.386   071.185.219.xxx   Hi Kelsey
2008_12_15_19:53:53.386   068.014.031.xxx   what do I want for x mas???? (27)
2008_12_15_19:54:09.356   066.008.142.xxx   OMG Global warming (31)
2008_12_15_19:54:09.665   072.184.026.xxx   a steak
2008_12_15_19:54:15.198   074.171.130.xxx   Soylent Clear. Clearly soylent, clearly delicious. (64)
2008_12_15_19:54:29.333   072.245.148.xxx   Your dog wants steak...
2008_12_15_19:54:33.562   068.014.031.xxx   no thanks! (28)
2008_12_15_19:54:48.282   066.008.142.xxx   This is creating Global Warming (32)
2008_12_15_19:54:55.284   072.184.026.xxx   a nice sweet T-Bone
2008_12_15_19:54:55.998   070.018.227.xxx   for xmas i don't want payroll to forget! (51)
2008_12_15_19:55:00.081   071.034.186.xxx   Good steak doesn't need steak sauce. (11)
2008_12_15_19:55:10.274   098.121.201.xxx   go fark!
2008_12_15_19:55:14.187   142.162.021.xxx   dddddddddddddddddd cr
2008_12_15_19:55:20.907   076.115.131.xxx   It's a TRAAAAAAAAP! (29)
2008_12_15_19:55:22.206   066.008.142.xxx   J E T S Jets Jets Jets (33)
2008_12_15_19:55:22.650   074.171.130.xxx   I want a cocoa sampler box. (65)
2008_12_15_19:55:43.251   072.184.026.xxx   you and me?  We got to party
2008_12_15_19:55:46.533   068.014.031.xxx   f u al gore! (29)
2008_12_15_19:55:56.346   066.008.142.xxx   J.E.T.S. Jets Jets Jets (34)
2008_12_15_19:55:59.313   070.225.041.xxx   All your base are belong to us.
2008_12_15_19:55:59.438   071.185.219.xxx   Kelsey
2008_12_15_19:56:18.589   074.171.130.xxx   Dame Helen Mirren (66)
2008_12_15_19:56:18.718   068.014.031.xxx   f*** You Al Gore!!! (30 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_19:56:25.827   070.250.215.xxx   asdfg (35)
2008_12_15_19:56:34.061   066.008.142.xxx   J.E.T.S. Jets Jets Jets (35)
2008_12_15_19:56:35.629   075.176.049.xxx   Melody
2008_12_15_19:56:39.459   130.166.124.xxx   nice commercial for A1
2008_12_15_19:56:40.288   072.245.148.xxx   Cam 1 is down...
2008_12_15_19:56:49.067   070.018.227.xxx   benny and the jets.............. (52)
2008_12_15_19:56:49.618   076.115.131.xxx   L.A.M.E.! (30 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_19:56:53.923   070.250.215.xxx   cam 1 down (36)
2008_12_15_19:57:06.140   066.008.142.xxx   J.E.T.S. Jets Jets Jets (36)
2008_12_15_19:57:10.682   155.101.250.xxx   wakka wakka wakka
2008_12_15_19:57:11.846   074.171.130.xxx   The system is down.. the system is down.... barupbumb (67)
2008_12_15_19:57:20.111   067.163.179.xxx   Finger-lickin' good!
2008_12_15_19:57:25.023   076.115.131.xxx   Everybody PANIC! (31)
2008_12_15_19:57:29.853   070.250.215.xxx   Pizza lunchables s*** now (37)
2008_12_15_19:57:32.102   072.245.148.xxx   Meh!
2008_12_15_19:57:33.055   070.018.227.xxx   tough night tonight. (53)
2008_12_15_19:57:38.055   130.166.124.xxx   i like the free A1 commercial
2008_12_15_19:57:40.534   068.014.031.xxx   Alek major problem cam1!!! (31)
2008_12_15_19:57:45.809   070.018.064.xxx   SHUT DOWN EVERYTHING
2008_12_15_19:57:57.865   024.121.240.xxx   huh?
2008_12_15_19:57:58.745   066.008.142.xxx   OK, I haver to go feed the chickens and cows (37)
2008_12_15_19:58:16.758   074.171.130.xxx   I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that. (68)
2008_12_15_19:58:28.896   024.121.240.xxx   this hurts my head
2008_12_15_19:58:31.746   070.250.215.xxx   TECH SUPPORT!!!!! (38)
2008_12_15_19:58:33.863   067.163.179.xxx   Eat more Chikin
2008_12_15_19:58:34.056   066.008.142.xxx   Close the pot downs HAL (38)
2008_12_15_19:58:38.000   076.115.131.xxx   Knock knock... (32)
2008_12_15_19:58:41.169   068.014.031.xxx   Cam 1 down! (32)
2008_12_15_19:59:03.313   070.250.215.xxx   Oh my God. Its full of stars (39)
2008_12_15_19:59:13.905   076.115.131.xxx   I blame the sauce! (33)
2008_12_15_19:59:26.540   066.008.142.xxx   I blame the kid (39)
2008_12_15_19:59:26.690   068.014.031.xxx   Whats wrong with cam 1! (33)
2008_12_15_19:59:35.525   024.121.240.xxx   chick loves the taco sauce
2008_12_15_19:59:38.378   071.162.044.xxx   Drink more and you won't care the cam is down.
2008_12_15_19:59:43.246   076.115.131.xxx   The sauce owns cam1 (34)
2008_12_15_19:59:43.308   067.163.179.xxx   EAT MORE CHIKIN
2008_12_15_19:59:50.182   068.056.090.xxx   reindeer with A1 is excellent
2008_12_15_19:59:57.160   066.008.142.xxx   I am currently working on Cam 1. (40 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_19:59:59.868   070.250.215.xxx   Someone buy me beer (40 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_20:00:06.617   074.171.130.xxx   Aaaaaand we're back Colbert Nation! (69)
2008_12_15_20:00:08.636   076.115.131.xxx   own3d! (35)
2008_12_15_20:00:10.706   070.018.227.xxx   hey buy yer own. (54)
2008_12_15_20:00:14.163   072.245.148.xxx   Mmmm.... beeeeerrrrr!
2008_12_15_20:00:15.256   075.003.128.xxx   I wike nachos
2008_12_15_20:00:36.097   068.014.031.xxx   cam1 down??? (34)
2008_12_15_20:00:40.859   087.080.231.xxx   I LIKE TURTLES!!
2008_12_15_20:00:41.253   076.115.131.xxx   Is a cherry martini g**? (36)
2008_12_15_20:00:50.881   072.245.148.xxx   Cam 1 is back (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_20:00:52.693   076.177.211.xxx   your neighbors probably hate you ______
2008_12_15_20:01:11.575   076.115.131.xxx   Does my martini make me a h*** (37)
2008_12_15_20:01:20.894   070.018.227.xxx   hate?   heh,  you're jealous. (55)
2008_12_15_20:01:23.758   070.018.064.xxx   Yay, the cams are up :)
2008_12_15_20:01:26.542   070.250.215.xxx   Head ma**age (41)
2008_12_15_20:01:42.795   065.034.200.xxx   Sending a warm hello from Florida
2008_12_15_20:01:44.788   076.115.131.xxx   Jeeze... the word G@y is censored. (38)
2008_12_15_20:02:05.372   098.118.135.xxx   product placement ftw
2008_12_15_20:02:11.701   076.115.131.xxx   g**. (39)
2008_12_15_20:02:17.084   075.003.128.xxx   a___s
2008_12_15_20:02:24.478   070.250.215.xxx   What a g** and joyous day (42)
2008_12_15_20:02:48.709   070.018.227.xxx   say JOLLY instead..  there calm down. (56)
2008_12_15_20:02:53.642   098.118.135.xxx   ghey
2008_12_15_20:02:57.354   070.250.215.xxx   I just got hulk'd (43)
2008_12_15_20:02:59.931   068.150.179.xxx   so many people online!
2008_12_15_20:03:04.208   074.171.130.xxx   Attractive and Successful? (70 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_20:03:28.929   087.080.231.xxx   HAI GUIZE!!
2008_12_15_20:03:41.513   070.250.215.xxx   I herd u liek mudkips (44)
2008_12_15_20:03:43.321   070.018.227.xxx   oh oh my DRUG time... brb. (57)
2008_12_15_20:03:52.315   067.241.101.xxx   Hello for sunny Buffalo?
2008_12_15_20:04:10.721   072.245.148.xxx   I can has steak sause? (11)
2008_12_15_20:04:18.437   074.171.130.xxx   Poltergeits! (71)
2008_12_15_20:04:28.046   070.250.215.xxx   Happy Chinese NewYear! (45)
2008_12_15_20:04:45.836   076.113.040.xxx   howdy
2008_12_15_20:04:53.494   070.018.227.xxx   what*** february? (58)
2008_12_15_20:05:16.830   070.250.215.xxx   _______________________________________________________________________________ (46)
2008_12_15_20:05:26.436   070.018.227.xxx   fetish cam next site. (59)
2008_12_15_20:05:34.938   076.115.131.xxx   Jesus is the reason for the season, and for war. (40 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_20:05:36.726   072.245.148.xxx   Do you eat it with A1 sauce? (12)
2008_12_15_20:05:41.699   087.080.231.xxx   8=========D
2008_12_15_20:05:54.355   068.112.187.xxx   fark is lame
2008_12_15_20:06:01.049   075.062.158.xxx   am thinking this could be the coolest thing i've ever seen.  god bless you and 
2008_12_15_20:06:01.302   070.250.215.xxx   You know how I know he's looking at fark? (47)
2008_12_15_20:06:02.437   070.018.064.xxx   You guuuuys.  :___
2008_12_15_20:06:15.730   076.115.131.xxx   No, fark is s* Y! (41)
2008_12_15_20:06:32.336   070.250.215.xxx   Everyone please donate! (48)
2008_12_15_20:07:26.136   071.052.058.xxx   family weby dont talk like that
2008_12_15_20:07:36.668   070.250.215.xxx   Sant fell off the latter (49)
2008_12_15_20:07:37.874   068.112.187.xxx   how do you know he is looking at fark?
2008_12_15_20:08:06.965   070.250.215.xxx   Cause I'm psychic (50 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_20:08:20.994   068.100.150.xxx   good luck
2008_12_15_20:08:24.574   024.019.019.xxx   Merry Holidays!!!
2008_12_15_20:08:26.906   070.018.227.xxx   no you're not. (60 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_20:08:27.061   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Fark is a hilarious site!!! ***ALEK***
2008_12_15_20:08:50.073   070.250.215.xxx   Does this turn off at 10pm also? (51)
2008_12_15_20:08:59.428   070.018.227.xxx   whoah, were we just given the finger?  :D (61)
2008_12_15_20:09:26.746   076.115.131.xxx   No, you can still text a TV after 10. (42)
2008_12_15_20:09:36.364   070.250.215.xxx   My pajamas are cooler :D (52)
2008_12_15_20:09:41.018   068.112.187.xxx   nice pajamas dude! sports rocks!
2008_12_15_20:09:52.972   070.018.227.xxx   so you have central air in your pants? (62)
2008_12_15_20:09:53.781   074.171.130.xxx   He has the mustache of a titan. (72)
2008_12_15_20:10:18.019   070.250.215.xxx   Man I love this site (53)
2008_12_15_20:10:19.291   075.178.019.xxx   I love the Santa and Ladder!!!
2008_12_15_20:10:25.590   075.062.158.xxx   best christmas ever +CR
2008_12_15_20:10:53.168   074.171.130.xxx   It's starting to smell a little like danger in here, or heavily-fried food. (73)
2008_12_15_20:10:54.673   070.018.064.xxx   Is that a KFC-in-the-box?
2008_12_15_20:11:12.251   068.112.187.xxx   woo! very nice.. me likey ___)
2008_12_15_20:11:24.026   070.250.215.xxx   KFC sponsored? (54)
2008_12_15_20:11:38.129   070.018.227.xxx   weird eh? (63)
2008_12_15_20:11:51.213   156.034.089.xxx   giggity!!!
2008_12_15_20:11:56.931   068.112.187.xxx   i'd like to see more white meat!
2008_12_15_20:12:01.873   074.171.130.xxx   Space aliens have neat stuff. Their space cookies are good, too. (74)
2008_12_15_20:12:03.294   210.239.073.xxx   boyakash!
2008_12_15_20:12:29.176   072.198.202.xxx   chicken pie
2008_12_15_20:12:36.211   074.171.130.xxx   Well, once again we find that clowning and anarchy don't mix. (75)
2008_12_15_20:13:02.544   069.196.167.xxx   dumb bunny!
2008_12_15_20:13:04.759   138.089.134.xxx   what am i getting for christmas
2008_12_15_20:13:06.950   072.198.202.xxx   i loooooooooooooooooooove you
2008_12_15_20:13:27.054   067.176.049.xxx   HI JERRI! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_20:13:34.140   074.171.130.xxx   Little wooden boy! You take that one! (TOSS) (76)
2008_12_15_20:13:41.887   072.198.202.xxx   lemme upgrade ya
2008_12_15_20:13:57.626   070.250.215.xxx   Time slooooowwwss doooowwwwnnnnn (55)
2008_12_15_20:14:08.173   012.148.143.xxx   TURN EVERYTHING OFF!!!!!
2008_12_15_20:14:08.655   068.112.187.xxx   directv and that destiny's child singer are teh hawt!
2008_12_15_20:14:10.202   138.089.134.xxx   Merry Miss Mas
2008_12_15_20:14:32.604   076.115.131.xxx   Gail Madaras says (43)
2008_12_15_20:14:33.102   099.154.140.xxx   Merry Christmas from San Antonio!!!
2008_12_15_20:14:33.223   070.018.064.xxx   Watching lava lamp on webcam is surreal
2008_12_15_20:14:50.118   012.148.143.xxx   TURN EVERYTHING OFF!!!!
2008_12_15_20:14:58.958   075.178.019.xxx   Sheridan Says Hello (She's 3)
2008_12_15_20:15:00.516   076.115.131.xxx   Gail Madaras says HI! (44)
2008_12_15_20:15:02.466   202.083.067.xxx   Merry Xmas from Brisbane, Australia
2008_12_15_20:15:04.897   070.018.064.xxx   A man in Brazil is coughing?
2008_12_15_20:15:06.675   068.112.187.xxx   this o see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_15_20:15:11.484   138.089.134.xxx   Where is alek From
2008_12_15_20:15:17.312   070.250.215.xxx   I bet the neighbors constantly click off everything (56)
2008_12_15_20:15:22.854   070.018.227.xxx   ghost of elvis says  "hey baby". (64)
2008_12_15_20:15:41.475   012.148.143.xxx   haha neighbors
2008_12_15_20:15:42.393   076.115.131.xxx   Best of luck with your illin sons. (45)
2008_12_15_20:15:43.629   024.082.169.xxx   MNF s****
2008_12_15_20:15:49.701   074.171.130.xxx   Ghost Elvis want a sammich (77)
2008_12_15_20:15:54.158   068.150.179.xxx   WOW 30,000 toggles!!
2008_12_15_20:15:55.876   072.198.202.xxx   shake ya tailfeatha
2008_12_15_20:16:00.391   096.234.077.xxx   your neighbors must HATE this
2008_12_15_20:16:05.685   098.212.030.xxx   ______Tell your friends______
2008_12_15_20:16:05.892   070.018.227.xxx   yuck,  no thanks. (65)
2008_12_15_20:16:11.229   012.148.143.xxx   KNOCK KNOCK (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_20:16:13.204   076.115.131.xxx   My Son will send you ___200.00! (46)
2008_12_15_20:16:15.466   075.178.019.xxx   Sheridan Says Hello (She's 3)
2008_12_15_20:16:36.245   070.018.227.xxx   elvis:  i'm allergic to peanuts man. (66)
2008_12_15_20:16:40.862   099.154.140.xxx   Merry Christmas from Priscilla!!!
2008_12_15_20:16:45.516   076.115.131.xxx   Gail Madaras Loves YOU! (47)
2008_12_15_20:16:49.838   138.089.134.xxx   hello
2008_12_15_20:16:57.485   012.148.143.xxx   KNOCK KNOCK (11)
2008_12_15_20:17:08.902   096.248.059.xxx   This is a test .
2008_12_15_20:17:12.602   070.250.215.xxx   88mph! (57)
2008_12_15_20:17:14.065   086.003.206.xxx   WHO'S THERE?
2008_12_15_20:17:16.107   097.096.016.xxx   whos there
2008_12_15_20:17:19.740   076.115.131.xxx   WHO'S THERE? (48)
2008_12_15_20:17:23.860   138.089.134.xxx   who there
2008_12_15_20:17:30.341   012.148.143.xxx   BANANA (12)
2008_12_15_20:17:40.851   071.254.191.xxx   my right nut hurts
2008_12_15_20:17:42.262   096.248.059.xxx   Banana who?
2008_12_15_20:17:44.166   086.003.206.xxx   Banana who
2008_12_15_20:17:47.251   072.049.025.xxx   Farker Dean
2008_12_15_20:17:48.085   076.115.131.xxx   NANA WHO? (49)
2008_12_15_20:17:51.207   097.096.016.xxx   banana who
2008_12_15_20:17:57.125   012.148.143.xxx   KNOCK KNOCK (13)
2008_12_15_20:18:09.510   138.089.134.xxx   drop your pants
2008_12_15_20:18:15.082   076.115.131.xxx   STOP! (50 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_20:18:21.022   071.254.191.xxx   sandy claws is here
2008_12_15_20:18:27.880   070.018.227.xxx   in the name of love. (67)
2008_12_15_20:18:28.062   096.248.059.xxx   I put on my robe and wizard hat.
2008_12_15_20:18:40.634   070.250.215.xxx   Hulk'd (58)
2008_12_15_20:18:47.248   074.171.130.xxx   Do you cast magic missile at the darkness? (78)
2008_12_15_20:18:51.400   138.089.134.xxx   c*** c***
2008_12_15_20:18:52.606   076.115.131.xxx   A1's sponsor dollars are used up, next product! (51)
2008_12_15_20:18:54.190   173.019.196.xxx   Your energy bill is over ****.
2008_12_15_20:18:55.085   012.148.143.xxx   KNOCK KNOCK (14)
2008_12_15_20:19:00.974   071.254.191.xxx   all your base are belong to us
2008_12_15_20:19:01.708   098.212.030.xxx   D'oh!
2008_12_15_20:19:06.838   070.250.215.xxx   COD4 time (59)
2008_12_15_20:19:30.510   138.089.134.xxx   who___s there
2008_12_15_20:19:30.862   076.115.131.xxx   New product placement please! (52)
2008_12_15_20:19:33.287   074.171.130.xxx   What mystery condiment will be next? (79)
2008_12_15_20:19:35.634   071.254.191.xxx   I want some A1 steak sauce
2008_12_15_20:19:38.777   173.019.196.xxx   Robot punch!
2008_12_15_20:19:51.304   098.015.248.xxx   misteltoe belt buckles for sale
2008_12_15_20:20:03.788   076.115.131.xxx   Boy, these kids are spoiled! (53)
2008_12_15_20:20:06.244   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** MEGATRON is BAACCKK!!! ***ALEK***
2008_12_15_20:20:05.995   024.079.241.xxx   Now is awesome time!
2008_12_15_20:20:14.498   074.171.130.xxx   TRANZOR ZEEEEeeeeeeeeeeee! (80 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_20:20:38.841   138.089.134.xxx   Hello who's That oh Hi
2008_12_15_20:20:44.754   071.254.191.xxx   mustard man was here
2008_12_15_20:20:47.712   070.066.216.xxx   Have we had Mustard yet?
2008_12_15_20:20:50.199   012.148.143.xxx   DOMO ARIGATO MR ROBOTO (15)
2008_12_15_20:20:52.787   074.171.130.xxx   Swap out Buzz for Godzilla (81)
2008_12_15_20:21:10.474   076.233.163.xxx   I hate mr roboto!
2008_12_15_20:21:26.731   138.089.134.xxx   inflate me (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_20:21:40.107   098.240.119.xxx   JINGLE BELL RAWK!
2008_12_15_20:21:48.298   173.019.196.xxx   Riff Raff Theater.
2008_12_15_20:22:09.379   076.115.131.xxx   ****___Welcome back Windoze Firefox Surfer (54)
2008_12_15_20:22:10.561   138.089.134.xxx   pretzel neck (11)
2008_12_15_20:22:12.200   098.217.230.xxx   yo sup
2008_12_15_20:22:33.171   012.148.143.xxx   OFF OFF OFF OFF OFF OFF OFF OFF OFF OFF OFF OFF (16)
2008_12_15_20:22:40.714   076.115.131.xxx   Very selective text. (55)
2008_12_15_20:22:55.429   071.208.105.xxx   on on on
2008_12_15_20:22:57.607   138.089.134.xxx   can i mown your lawn (12)
2008_12_15_20:23:02.891   089.234.119.xxx   get those lights off
2008_12_15_20:23:11.971   074.171.130.xxx   I palindrome I (82)
2008_12_15_20:23:26.680   012.148.143.xxx   NOTLOB (17)
2008_12_15_20:23:28.287   075.111.126.xxx   sarah palin can see this from her house
2008_12_15_20:23:32.834   072.245.148.xxx   RACECAR (13)
2008_12_15_20:23:40.417   071.028.133.xxx   b*** !
2008_12_15_20:23:42.859   138.089.134.xxx   CAN I CUT THE GRASS (13)
2008_12_15_20:23:54.803   012.148.143.xxx   NOTLOB (18)
2008_12_15_20:24:06.878   074.171.130.xxx   NODNOL (83)
2008_12_15_20:24:11.091   071.028.133.xxx   Wangtastic!
2008_12_15_20:24:12.135   076.125.090.xxx   See Dave! That's what I wrote!
2008_12_15_20:24:19.277   070.018.227.xxx   niylp. (68)
2008_12_15_20:24:32.265   067.176.049.xxx   HI ART I CAN SEE YOU ITS ILENE!! (11)
2008_12_15_20:24:36.734   075.111.126.xxx   XES LANA
2008_12_15_20:24:38.287   069.181.100.xxx   Type text & CR hito see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_15_20:24:39.729   070.189.165.xxx   I wish i could punch this song in the face
2008_12_15_20:24:45.386   075.069.158.xxx   Cool Beans
2008_12_15_20:24:45.715   012.148.143.xxx   nudge nudge (19)
2008_12_15_20:24:50.212   076.115.131.xxx   I love this guy, such a nerd, LOVE IT! (56)
2008_12_15_20:24:57.110   076.125.090.xxx   I said, what what in the b***
2008_12_15_20:25:12.680   075.070.059.xxx   hi art!
2008_12_15_20:25:16.034   075.111.126.xxx   b***ies.
2008_12_15_20:25:17.578   067.241.101.xxx   FARK!
2008_12_15_20:25:21.781   012.148.143.xxx   wink wink nudge nudge (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_20:25:22.018   067.176.049.xxx   HI ART (12)
2008_12_15_20:25:30.339   138.089.134.xxx   I VOTED 100___ GREAT DECORATIONS (14)
2008_12_15_20:25:34.081   076.125.090.xxx   Do the stanky leg!
2008_12_15_20:25:37.065   071.254.191.xxx   It's a trap!
2008_12_15_20:25:42.936   076.115.131.xxx   B______________________________________________________________________________ (57)
2008_12_15_20:25:52.448   012.148.143.xxx   FARK, LOL WUt (21)
2008_12_15_20:25:58.774   075.111.126.xxx   HULK SMASH
2008_12_15_20:26:13.815   071.254.191.xxx   get me a beer, Drew
2008_12_15_20:26:22.086   076.115.131.xxx   Okay, only the parents... "Your backyard friends"...? (58)
2008_12_15_20:26:28.143   072.200.077.xxx   Hello Christmas
2008_12_15_20:26:40.010   071.074.139.xxx   yep
2008_12_15_20:26:50.672   012.148.143.xxx   Wa**UP!!!!!! (22)
2008_12_15_20:26:56.088   075.111.126.xxx   sarah palin can see this from her house
2008_12_15_20:26:59.951   076.115.131.xxx   Please fix cam3! too high... :( (59)
2008_12_15_20:27:04.711   138.089.134.xxx   HI SANTA WHERE ARE YOU (15)
2008_12_15_20:27:10.388   075.070.059.xxx   Hi Jer
2008_12_15_20:27:10.733   070.189.165.xxx   zee goggles, they do nothing!
2008_12_15_20:27:15.538   070.018.227.xxx   here with elvis. (69)
2008_12_15_20:27:35.038   071.254.191.xxx   I want some figgy pudding
2008_12_15_20:27:52.959   070.018.227.xxx   none of that here son. (70 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_20:27:54.813   138.089.134.xxx   WHO'S ELVIS (16)
2008_12_15_20:27:59.912   075.111.126.xxx   Ric Romero has breaking news. Lights are bright. Flim at 11.
2008_12_15_20:28:01.112   072.193.238.xxx   Well give him some figgy pudding already!
2008_12_15_20:28:07.145   071.254.191.xxx   He's just pretending to work
2008_12_15_20:28:08.175   070.250.215.xxx   google it (60 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_20:28:14.313   074.171.130.xxx   No, I' (84)
2008_12_15_20:28:26.010   075.111.126.xxx   Ric Romero has breaking news. Lights are bright. Flim at 11.
2008_12_15_20:28:26.804   076.115.131.xxx   He's the MAN! (60 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_20:28:34.555   072.193.238.xxx   Oh, hey a person is amongst that mess!
2008_12_15_20:28:35.967   070.018.227.xxx   looks like komar is getting punched by the bot! (71)
2008_12_15_20:28:41.338   072.004.029.xxx   yaaaakkkkkk
2008_12_15_20:28:46.180   138.089.134.xxx   ELVIS PRESLEY (17)
2008_12_15_20:28:57.274   071.074.139.xxx   HI!
2008_12_15_20:28:57.608   076.115.131.xxx   Every hour or so he types something too... (61)
2008_12_15_20:29:03.016   070.250.215.xxx   Firestorm! 24.7 As___ault - No AWP.AUTO (61)
2008_12_15_20:29:04.662   075.111.126.xxx   There's a dork above me.
2008_12_15_20:29:11.296   070.018.227.xxx   upper cut to komar's chin,  robot punch!  yeh i'm elvis.. hum. (72)
2008_12_15_20:29:30.395   076.125.090.xxx   Fb- is not the father
2008_12_15_20:29:37.512   138.089.134.xxx   WHO'S LAYING ON THE GRASS (18)
2008_12_15_20:29:38.133   076.115.131.xxx   Nerds RULE! (62)
2008_12_15_20:29:40.138   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, gotta watch out for Megatron - he might clobber the "dork" ***ALEK***
2008_12_15_20:29:40.705   075.111.126.xxx   if you like it in the b*** stand behind this screen.
2008_12_15_20:29:43.739   070.018.227.xxx   santa is my uncle. (73)
2008_12_15_20:30:09.180   068.063.050.xxx   KFC doesn't have you on the list anymore
2008_12_15_20:30:20.508   138.089.134.xxx   SANTA IS CUTE (19)
2008_12_15_20:30:21.955   072.221.109.xxx   Poop thread!!!
2008_12_15_20:30:23.783   072.193.238.xxx   one BILLION DOLLAR powerbill... right up.
2008_12_15_20:30:28.097   075.111.126.xxx   Col Sanders = Santa (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_20:30:45.543   076.115.131.xxx   Hi Alek, thanks for the fun site, good with a buzz. (63)
2008_12_15_20:30:58.129   075.111.126.xxx   Einhorn is Finkle. (11)
2008_12_15_20:30:58.687   072.184.026.xxx   mmm...forbiden chicken (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_20:31:17.299   138.089.134.xxx   Alek GREAT DECORATION (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_20:31:18.556   072.193.238.xxx   Chicken = Elfs?
2008_12_15_20:31:27.307   070.018.227.xxx   yuck, chicken! (74)
2008_12_15_20:31:54.226   072.221.109.xxx   LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEROY JENKINS!!!
2008_12_15_20:31:55.077   138.089.134.xxx   MEOW (21)
2008_12_15_20:32:01.977   070.018.227.xxx   elvis only like cheeseburgers then the cheese made me sick. (75)
2008_12_15_20:32:04.938   075.111.126.xxx   This dude has a HUGE clock. (12)
2008_12_15_20:32:06.534   024.223.212.xxx   RUFF
2008_12_15_20:32:22.708   075.070.059.xxx   Hi Jer
2008_12_15_20:32:29.546   138.089.134.xxx   HE FOUND IT (22)
2008_12_15_20:32:32.537   068.011.044.xxx   very cool.  merry christmas, y'all.
2008_12_15_20:32:43.191   072.184.026.xxx   have a great night Hulk! (11)
2008_12_15_20:32:50.367   075.111.126.xxx   i want hulk to do something (13)
2008_12_15_20:33:08.589   024.223.212.xxx   All the hulk does is smash (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_20:33:14.307   138.089.134.xxx   IS HULK MAD (23)
2008_12_15_20:33:16.379   070.040.248.xxx   good luck!
2008_12_15_20:33:27.760   075.111.126.xxx   he should smash something then (14)
2008_12_15_20:33:28.262   070.018.227.xxx   like get a job or something,  hulk needs money. (76)
2008_12_15_20:33:28.342   068.221.146.xxx   text and CR
2008_12_15_20:33:33.360   059.007.241.xxx   lets making the s*
2008_12_15_20:33:49.306   138.089.134.xxx   IS HULK MAD (24)
2008_12_15_20:33:49.367   070.240.199.xxx   Ho Ho h***
2008_12_15_20:34:04.997   059.007.241.xxx   make s* y time now
2008_12_15_20:34:05.568   075.111.126.xxx   wonder what the electric bill is gonna be (15)
2008_12_15_20:34:23.093   070.018.227.xxx   folks, read the site. (77)
2008_12_15_20:34:30.646   076.106.143.xxx   purple monkey dishwasher
2008_12_15_20:34:31.548   138.089.134.xxx   IS HULK MAD (25)
2008_12_15_20:34:38.768   074.060.182.xxx   wonder if you notice his webcam shows our ip's?
2008_12_15_20:34:43.183   059.007.241.xxx   show p**** plz
2008_12_15_20:34:44.848   024.223.212.xxx   HULK SMASH (11)
2008_12_15_20:35:02.285   075.111.126.xxx   and couldnt the electric bill money go to charity instead (16)
2008_12_15_20:35:23.331   070.018.227.xxx   read the site, it's all there. (78)
2008_12_15_20:35:26.220   059.007.241.xxx   plz show ur w*****
2008_12_15_20:35:30.797   075.111.126.xxx   im a tard, igmore me (17)
2008_12_15_20:35:38.787   138.089.134.xxx   Alek WHERE ARE YOU FROM (26)
2008_12_15_20:35:58.488   059.007.241.xxx   show ur jingle b***
2008_12_15_20:36:08.863   075.111.126.xxx   let's talk some more about dude's giant clock. (18)
2008_12_15_20:36:29.969   076.106.143.xxx   purple monkey dishwasher!
2008_12_15_20:36:39.801   070.018.227.xxx   oh the inuendos. (79)
2008_12_15_20:36:58.132   075.111.126.xxx   b*** (19)
2008_12_15_20:37:03.091   072.245.148.xxx   Moar sause plx. kthxbai (14)
2008_12_15_20:37:26.641   138.089.134.xxx   SHOW YOUR CLOCK (27)
2008_12_15_20:37:28.277   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Per numbers on main page, electric bill is a few BUCKS a day - worth it! ***ALEK***
2008_12_15_20:37:40.779   075.111.126.xxx   i tried to type the alternative of margarine. (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_20:38:09.844   138.089.134.xxx   Alek DO U HAVE ANY PRUNES (28)
2008_12_15_20:38:10.538   075.111.126.xxx   seriously though, good work dude! (21)
2008_12_15_20:38:25.738   024.223.212.xxx   From my cold dead hands!!!!!!!! (12)
2008_12_15_20:38:37.483   071.104.176.xxx   Gary was here. Ash is a loser!
2008_12_15_20:38:55.311   138.089.134.xxx   PRUNE JUICE (29)
2008_12_15_20:39:00.582   070.018.227.xxx   elvis says,   listen man,   no bashing! (80 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_20:39:06.379   024.223.212.xxx   hey kid (13)
2008_12_15_20:39:06.350   070.240.199.xxx   GO TO BED!
2008_12_15_20:39:25.243   076.106.143.xxx   mylanta
2008_12_15_20:39:26.704   071.104.176.xxx   Yeay! Pepto!
2008_12_15_20:39:33.762   070.018.227.xxx   stop that bossing around boy. (81)
2008_12_15_20:39:39.710   098.162.231.xxx   Santa is watching you kid!
2008_12_15_20:39:43.060   024.223.212.xxx   PEPTO BISMOL AD!!!! (14)
2008_12_15_20:39:43.196   070.240.199.xxx   Pepto and pajamas
2008_12_15_20:39:43.768   138.089.134.xxx   BEPTO BISMO (30 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_20:39:48.972   074.171.130.xxx   nausea, heartburn, indigestion....upset stomach, diarrea! Yay, pepto bismol!!!!! (85)
2008_12_15_20:39:55.503   072.245.148.xxx   Put the Pepto on Buzz Lightyear! (15)
2008_12_15_20:39:56.488   075.038.223.xxx   Fun with the InterTubes
2008_12_15_20:39:59.134   068.159.077.xxx   buzzy
2008_12_15_20:40:02.124   068.061.013.xxx   hey move outta da way
2008_12_15_20:40:08.156   098.162.231.xxx   tick tock
2008_12_15_20:40:12.779   096.226.032.xxx   hi world!
2008_12_15_20:40:21.641   070.240.199.xxx   g'night wolfie!
2008_12_15_20:40:23.593   138.089.134.xxx   HEY KID ARE U DRUNK (31)
2008_12_15_20:40:26.254   024.223.212.xxx   WOLFMAN!!!! (15)
2008_12_15_20:40:29.622   074.171.130.xxx   Wolfman, or Mange-ridden Ewok? (86)
2008_12_15_20:40:35.867   075.038.223.xxx   Hey these are my intertubes!!
2008_12_15_20:40:38.684   076.106.143.xxx   this is really neat
2008_12_15_20:40:38.824   098.162.231.xxx   Burglers!
2008_12_15_20:40:44.855   072.245.148.xxx   Put the Pepto on Tigger!!! (16)
2008_12_15_20:40:46.885   068.159.077.xxx   teenwolf
2008_12_15_20:40:55.504   024.017.062.xxx   Daryl is cool, and merry christma**!!!
2008_12_15_20:41:02.418   138.089.134.xxx   HEY KID R U DRUNK (32)
2008_12_15_20:41:04.911   098.162.231.xxx   mary mcfly
2008_12_15_20:41:06.965   096.253.214.xxx   hi there
2008_12_15_20:41:07.247   082.000.050.xxx   Merry Christmas from the UK
2008_12_15_20:41:13.470   075.038.223.xxx   Those are spiffy jammies.
2008_12_15_20:41:08.588   076.178.157.xxx   Rainier Beer!! Yay!
2008_12_15_20:41:27.921   070.018.227.xxx   ghost of elvis says,   i need chocolate. (82)
2008_12_15_20:41:29.922   099.012.195.xxx   Merry Christmas from Mary House Austin Texas
2008_12_15_20:41:33.056   076.100.034.xxx   BAH CHILD! (23)
2008_12_15_20:41:33.167   075.070.059.xxx   I like Pepto!
2008_12_15_20:41:55.574   075.038.223.xxx   Doh!
2008_12_15_20:41:57.157   070.240.199.xxx   D'OH!
2008_12_15_20:41:58.098   138.089.134.xxx   BOODWIZER (33)
2008_12_15_20:41:58.675   076.106.143.xxx   simpsons
2008_12_15_20:41:59.278   098.162.231.xxx   DOh!
2008_12_15_20:42:00.471   024.223.212.xxx   NOOOOOOO!!!! (16)
2008_12_15_20:42:04.631   024.017.062.xxx   sweet PJs dude
2008_12_15_20:42:05.926   074.171.130.xxx   Hehe DENIED! (87)
2008_12_15_20:42:09.667   099.012.195.xxx   Out of the Way, I can't see my message.
2008_12_15_20:42:13.738   070.018.227.xxx   misser tudball. (83)
2008_12_15_20:42:25.001   072.245.148.xxx   Sause. Tigger. Just do it! (17)
2008_12_15_20:42:26.199   076.100.034.xxx   It be cooler if he had a bart simpson skateboard... ahh memories (24)
2008_12_15_20:42:34.906   138.089.134.xxx   HANG MY b*** (34)
2008_12_15_20:42:36.234   074.171.130.xxx   bathysphere? (88)
2008_12_15_20:42:37.297   076.106.143.xxx   what ever happened to fresca?
2008_12_15_20:42:52.413   070.018.227.xxx   wah? (84)
2008_12_15_20:42:56.870   070.240.199.xxx   Its a HO ball
2008_12_15_20:42:57.349   076.100.034.xxx   DIAF hopefully (25)
2008_12_15_20:43:02.544   075.038.223.xxx   Fresca the soda?
2008_12_15_20:43:03.570   072.245.148.xxx   This webcam is brought to you by the letter H... (18)
2008_12_15_20:43:05.474   068.011.044.xxx   see steve, it works
2008_12_15_20:43:16.237   068.159.077.xxx   is that tigger
2008_12_15_20:43:25.274   138.089.134.xxx   HANG MY b*** (35)
2008_12_15_20:43:30.699   099.012.195.xxx   May Peace Be With You!
2008_12_15_20:43:38.844   070.018.227.xxx   elvis says:  i gotta scratch myself.. ugh ugh. (85)
2008_12_15_20:43:39.737   072.245.148.xxx   Sause. Tigger. Do it! (19)
2008_12_15_20:43:42.472   075.038.223.xxx   Santa Hat
2008_12_15_20:43:45.477   068.159.077.xxx   can i get a thumbs up
2008_12_15_20:43:45.554   074.171.130.xxx   Ah, savory cheese puffs, made inedible by time and fate. (89)
2008_12_15_20:43:46.394   098.162.231.xxx   Go to bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_15_20:43:51.704   024.223.212.xxx   Yes, Virginia.  There really is a Santa Claus! (17)
2008_12_15_20:44:11.740   075.038.223.xxx   Ho's?
2008_12_15_20:44:13.123   098.162.231.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_15_20:44:34.561   071.012.216.xxx   desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu
2008_12_15_20:44:36.595   024.223.212.xxx   Click the ON/OFF buttons to make things happen! (18)
2008_12_15_20:44:37.108   098.162.231.xxx   You recently IM'ed - window will refresh when you can do again
2008_12_15_20:44:43.052   099.012.195.xxx   Merry Christmas from Mary House Austin Texas
2008_12_15_20:44:47.911   075.038.223.xxx   Whose a Ho?
2008_12_15_20:44:56.349   070.018.227.xxx   lmfao stop that copy/paste stuff.  :D (86)
2008_12_15_20:45:00.745   068.159.077.xxx   can i get a thumbs up?
2008_12_15_20:45:06.920   024.223.212.xxx   Your mom. (19)
2008_12_15_20:45:10.156   070.240.199.xxx   did you brush your teeth and wash your face before bedtime?
2008_12_15_20:45:13.961   071.012.216.xxx   THEN WHO WAS PHONE
2008_12_15_20:45:36.060   070.018.227.xxx   that ball is calling us a ho!  hey!  that's fightin' words. (87)
2008_12_15_20:45:52.645   098.162.231.xxx   The neighbors hate your daddy!
2008_12_15_20:46:09.335   076.186.244.xxx   Dude... what's with the pepto?
2008_12_15_20:46:22.078   024.223.212.xxx   920-729-**** ask for Kent (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_20:46:22.238   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Neightbors think it is a hoot - their kids love it! ***ALEK***
2008_12_15_20:46:23.619   070.018.227.xxx   it's for drinking. (88)
2008_12_15_20:46:40.563   074.171.130.xxx   I guess you need it after ketchup, A1, and Pam. (90 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_20:46:50.541   097.113.072.xxx   merry christmas mikey
2008_12_15_20:46:52.395   076.186.244.xxx   i prefer beer
2008_12_15_20:47:02.880   099.012.195.xxx   --------------___ Makes Rudoolphs Nose Glow
2008_12_15_20:47:03.831   070.018.227.xxx   ketchup, a1 and pam, sounds like a hot night! (89)
2008_12_15_20:47:24.023   068.061.013.xxx   wot r u looking at?
2008_12_15_20:47:31.486   098.162.231.xxx   ok this is getting old (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_20:47:41.884   070.018.227.xxx   you,  i am hypnotizing you. (90 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_20:47:42.423   076.186.244.xxx   OK, how can Drew NOT see the donation link? Is he drunk...again?
2008_12_15_20:47:46.455   070.240.199.xxx   hw surfin' pRon
2008_12_15_20:47:59.990   098.162.231.xxx   when isnt drew drunk (11)
2008_12_15_20:48:19.561   071.012.216.xxx   sup ebaums
2008_12_15_20:48:29.220   076.186.244.xxx   whoa, I didn't need to know that
2008_12_15_20:48:43.601   070.240.199.xxx   where are your pajamas?
2008_12_15_20:48:46.429   099.012.195.xxx   ---o00o--___(_)___--o00o---
2008_12_15_20:48:51.733   076.125.235.xxx   This page is incomprehensible, like hating puppies.
2008_12_15_20:48:53.136   068.159.077.xxx   farkers unite
2008_12_15_20:49:18.111   168.103.248.xxx   mmmmm KFC
2008_12_15_20:49:18.620   070.018.227.xxx   ghost of fat elvis says...  "cheeseburger". (91)
2008_12_15_20:49:24.573   075.119.238.xxx   Is this house visible from outer space?
2008_12_15_20:49:25.276   076.186.244.xxx   farkers untie!
2008_12_15_20:49:59.322   099.012.195.xxx   mees have tum ache nows
2008_12_15_20:50:06.817   074.171.130.xxx   Wolfman is really eyeballing the Pepto. (91)
2008_12_15_20:50:07.529   076.186.244.xxx   man those cursers are annoying
2008_12_15_20:50:17.933   071.012.216.xxx   russia can see this house from here.
2008_12_15_20:50:20.771   070.018.227.xxx   burp.  now wait a  holdit! (92)
2008_12_15_20:50:30.808   072.245.148.xxx   Pour the Pepto on the wolfman!!! (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_20:50:35.051   099.012.195.xxx   Pepto makes Rudolphs nose so bright
2008_12_15_20:50:47.101   068.159.077.xxx   woot
2008_12_15_20:51:03.715   168.103.248.xxx   Hope you are staying warm. I am in Colo Spgs freezing!
2008_12_15_20:51:11.663   098.204.139.xxx   poop
2008_12_15_20:51:13.924   076.186.244.xxx   dot com
2008_12_15_20:51:17.796   070.240.199.xxx   now you have to buy a Fark headline t-shirt (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_20:51:22.840   070.018.227.xxx   rude dolph. (93)
2008_12_15_20:51:22.917   074.171.130.xxx   Go Go Gadget HO Ball! (92)
2008_12_15_20:51:47.810   071.012.216.xxx   sup snacks
2008_12_15_20:51:50.751   124.157.234.xxx   Type text & CWTFR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_15_20:52:02.106   097.095.035.xxx   glad I dont have this guy's electric bill
2008_12_15_20:52:05.422   099.012.195.xxx   Happy Birthday Adolf h***** Campbell!!!
2008_12_15_20:52:08.077   098.244.155.xxx   Iphone
2008_12_15_20:52:12.472   070.018.227.xxx   cwtfr?  can't wait to fart regularly? (94)
2008_12_15_20:52:19.674   166.070.234.xxx   hi guys
2008_12_15_20:52:34.204   068.116.113.xxx   WOOT!  is that you Luke?
2008_12_15_20:52:38.199   099.012.195.xxx   Can't say h***** (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_20:52:39.857   068.159.077.xxx   hey
2008_12_15_20:52:50.377   072.245.148.xxx   This webcam brought to you by the letter H and letter O. (21)
2008_12_15_20:52:52.063   065.013.014.xxx   WHO WAS PHONE??
2008_12_15_20:52:54.741   070.018.227.xxx   i am your father. (95)
2008_12_15_20:53:07.400   068.116.113.xxx   SRSLY?
2008_12_15_20:53:07.607   070.240.199.xxx   upset stomach diareah pepto bismol (11)
2008_12_15_20:53:08.736   076.186.244.xxx   sometimes Drew's "help" is unhelpful
2008_12_15_20:53:11.113   216.147.232.xxx   hello
2008_12_15_20:53:11.432   099.012.195.xxx   Use the Forks Like! (11)
2008_12_15_20:53:20.509   068.207.149.xxx   Ahhhhh!!!  Alek Shrunk!
2008_12_15_20:53:21.201   072.209.180.xxx   Rock Chalk Jayhawk!
2008_12_15_20:53:21.835   094.193.219.xxx   HOT POTATOES
2008_12_15_20:53:36.521   070.240.199.xxx   who's got the squirts? (12)
2008_12_15_20:53:40.242   074.171.130.xxx   LOUD NOISES (93)
2008_12_15_20:53:41.055   070.018.227.xxx   alek took those new hormones.. he's young again. (96)
2008_12_15_20:53:49.636   068.116.113.xxx   whoa what was that?
2008_12_15_20:53:55.403   099.012.195.xxx   That's a bright idea! (12)
2008_12_15_20:54:04.208   070.240.199.xxx   I have an idea... (13)
2008_12_15_20:54:12.803   070.018.227.xxx   now he's a lightbulb head. (97)
2008_12_15_20:54:31.630   074.171.130.xxx   pour ketchup on the bulb and turn it on? (94)
2008_12_15_20:54:42.937   068.116.113.xxx   SRSLY?
2008_12_15_20:55:01.295   074.171.130.xxx   ketchup potpourri (95)
2008_12_15_20:55:03.285   076.186.244.xxx   o rly?
2008_12_15_20:55:08.067   070.196.092.xxx   Merry Christmas Folks-- Rev Cool Bobby
2008_12_15_20:55:18.956   094.193.219.xxx   I like chinese. They only come up to your knees.
2008_12_15_20:55:24.027   071.012.216.xxx   put shoe on head
2008_12_15_20:55:26.137   167.102.160.xxx   PW!
2008_12_15_20:55:30.518   099.012.195.xxx   Which button controls the big bulb? (13)
2008_12_15_20:55:59.952   076.186.244.xxx   that's not a button (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_20:56:26.753   070.018.227.xxx   BUTTon? (98)
2008_12_15_20:56:51.401   094.193.219.xxx   It's a TRAP
2008_12_15_20:57:05.533   123.002.041.xxx   wtfmate?
2008_12_15_20:57:19.638   099.012.195.xxx   All the clocks have differnt times, what time is it really? (14)
2008_12_15_20:57:39.825   074.171.130.xxx   He needs a wackywavinginflatablearmflailingtubeman (96)
2008_12_15_20:57:47.449   076.186.244.xxx   time is relative (11)
2008_12_15_20:57:53.573   070.018.227.xxx   both say 3 til 9. (99)
2008_12_15_20:58:05.298   075.110.186.xxx   It's Hammer Time!
2008_12_15_20:58:28.028   070.018.227.xxx   terd! (100 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_20:58:29.624   074.171.130.xxx   Halt! Hammerzeit! (97)
2008_12_15_20:58:36.003   076.186.244.xxx   or hummer time (12)
2008_12_15_20:59:03.078   072.024.169.xxx   Cool
2008_12_15_20:59:05.861   099.012.195.xxx   Happy Birthday Adolph h***** Cambell! (15)
2008_12_15_20:59:23.789   070.076.048.xxx   Hey Ellie!
2008_12_15_20:59:28.926   068.207.149.xxx   I like Chicken!
2008_12_15_20:59:39.064   097.083.230.xxx   Wow!!!
2008_12_15_20:59:41.578   070.018.227.xxx   nice for you eh?  bawk bawk. (101)
2008_12_15_20:59:48.823   075.064.131.xxx   HOw do you do a barrel roll on this thing
2008_12_15_20:59:53.935   099.012.195.xxx   Raindeer Burgers! (16)
2008_12_15_20:59:56.724   076.186.244.xxx   the colonel was a fascist! (13)
2008_12_15_21:00:18.263   070.018.227.xxx   hehe,  the colonel.    elvis the ghost says he killed me! (102)
2008_12_15_21:00:23.932   099.012.195.xxx   Got Shoes? (17)
2008_12_15_21:00:54.190   075.064.131.xxx   I haz a booger
2008_12_15_21:01:39.825   076.186.244.xxx   have the neighbors tried to firebomb you yet? (14)
2008_12_15_21:01:40.424   099.012.195.xxx   Elfin Goodness (18)
2008_12_15_21:01:53.355   070.018.227.xxx   if you see kay. (103)
2008_12_15_21:02:08.264   099.151.178.xxx   hello
2008_12_15_21:02:37.902   075.064.131.xxx   Hi i need a #2 with no onions and sweet tea to drink
2008_12_15_21:02:41.444   099.012.195.xxx   Ho Ho Ho (19)
2008_12_15_21:03:22.549   076.186.244.xxx   who you callin a ho? (15)
2008_12_15_21:03:45.958   099.012.195.xxx   If the shoe fits... (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_21:04:01.646   076.186.244.xxx   i bet the neighbors will give you ___5k to make this stop (16)
2008_12_15_21:04:28.296   099.012.195.xxx   Neighborhood a**ociation? (21)
2008_12_15_21:04:31.313   064.081.241.xxx   Good job. I think.
2008_12_15_21:04:59.801   071.196.128.xxx   It's too cold!!
2008_12_15_21:05:09.707   076.115.131.xxx   I love you Jen! (64)
2008_12_15_21:05:31.567   206.040.105.xxx   Does this thing work?
2008_12_15_21:05:36.612   099.012.195.xxx   ESPN Strives to Eject Clutter From Its Site (22)
2008_12_15_21:05:46.437   086.140.199.xxx   Happy Holidays to all.. from Rissi in England
2008_12_15_21:05:46.611   075.092.010.xxx   fuge
2008_12_15_21:05:47.792   076.186.244.xxx   Congrats! This is the most cluttered site known! (17)
2008_12_15_21:06:09.706   024.013.042.xxx   Danny and Math love Elmo!
2008_12_15_21:06:27.220   075.064.131.xxx   HA! HA! im using YOUR CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!11one
2008_12_15_21:07:02.674   074.171.130.xxx   Cam2 is down (98)
2008_12_15_21:07:25.112   099.012.195.xxx   Oh no!  What will we do now... (23)
2008_12_15_21:07:37.773   024.092.123.xxx   FAT! FAT!
2008_12_15_21:07:50.164   074.171.130.xxx   I needz my burrito reindeer. (99)
2008_12_15_21:07:56.903   099.012.195.xxx   NTSF (24)
2008_12_15_21:08:01.738   070.018.227.xxx   don't yourself down like that. (104)
2008_12_15_21:08:10.004   071.243.089.xxx   yay cam 2 is up!
2008_12_15_21:08:33.170   099.012.195.xxx   Where's the Great Pumpkin? (25)
2008_12_15_21:09:16.996   206.040.105.xxx   Hey Zaphod!
2008_12_15_21:10:04.661   071.243.089.xxx   Zaphod Beeblebrox?
2008_12_15_21:10:39.733   076.115.131.xxx   wheres bart? (65)
2008_12_15_21:10:41.847   074.171.130.xxx   He's a froody dude. (100 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_21:11:29.659   099.012.195.xxx   Cleanup! Raindeer Asile (26)
2008_12_15_21:12:29.445   065.188.174.xxx   Merry CHRISTmas eveyrone
2008_12_15_21:13:26.873   070.066.216.xxx   FARK FTW
2008_12_15_21:13:31.902   216.160.094.xxx   ahhhhhhhh!!!
2008_12_15_21:13:47.607   065.188.174.xxx   wis*** would snow in NC
2008_12_15_21:14:16.039   068.057.151.xxx   HO!HO!HO!!!
2008_12_15_21:14:18.577   070.076.048.xxx   Hi Kaireen
2008_12_15_21:15:01.372   065.024.082.xxx   marry me jimbo (17)
2008_12_15_21:15:16.816   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, Cam2 is back up - sometimes the 802.11 wireless drops ... ***ALEK***
2008_12_15_21:15:32.769   096.236.137.xxx   jhf
2008_12_15_21:16:00.009   064.080.129.xxx   Merry Cervesa
2008_12_15_21:16:06.364   024.240.056.xxx   Merry Christmas
2008_12_15_21:16:20.558   065.024.082.xxx   jarry me mimbo (18)
2008_12_15_21:16:30.687   068.057.151.xxx   REINDEER BURRITOS!! Sweet!
2008_12_15_21:18:19.945   071.012.216.xxx   d***butt
2008_12_15_21:18:27.407   076.244.158.xxx   LXA KA ****
2008_12_15_21:19:02.454   076.244.158.xxx   Very Cool Site
2008_12_15_21:19:04.723   067.191.180.xxx   Typei love aprylla text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_15_21:19:53.414   076.186.244.xxx   Great... I voted for a freaking tree (18)
2008_12_15_21:20:00.325   024.029.238.xxx   CR
2008_12_15_21:20:37.363   098.212.149.xxx   OMG SHINEY
2008_12_15_21:20:44.687   142.165.041.xxx   como?
2008_12_15_21:20:57.239   099.012.195.xxx   It's beginning to look a lot like Corona! (27)
2008_12_15_21:20:58.976   070.076.048.xxx   Ellie is cute!
2008_12_15_21:21:34.680   142.179.166.xxx   I wonder what the neighbours think
2008_12_15_21:22:41.623   066.162.249.xxx   Aloha again from Oahu, where it's in the 80s. Ha ha ha!
2008_12_15_21:22:55.996   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** See above - Neightbors think it is a hoot - their kids love it! ***ALEK***
2008_12_15_21:23:57.870   024.240.056.xxx   HULKSTER, I'm in your webcams playing with your lights!
2008_12_15_21:24:06.077   067.052.204.xxx   I like xmas if it involves me messing with the controls.
2008_12_15_21:24:52.279   076.100.178.xxx   Oh my god... what is an even worse beer than Corona?  ----___
2008_12_15_21:25:23.215   066.162.249.xxx   Hey, Hulk! Gimme shaka!
2008_12_15_21:25:29.180   068.059.178.xxx   bud
2008_12_15_21:25:55.021   067.052.204.xxx   molson canadien
2008_12_15_21:25:57.510   071.253.098.xxx   I can haz chriskmouse?
2008_12_15_21:26:01.481   024.056.006.xxx   FARK YEAH!
2008_12_15_21:26:37.467   096.250.048.xxx   Wo0o0o0
2008_12_15_21:26:55.626   143.046.096.xxx   jtj
2008_12_15_21:27:00.967   067.052.204.xxx   What'll ya have?  Pabst Blue Ribbon... beeeeeer.
2008_12_15_21:27:06.800   072.206.102.xxx   poop
2008_12_15_21:27:08.571   074.171.130.xxx   Shall we play a game? (101)
2008_12_15_21:27:38.111   066.162.249.xxx   Still hot here in the tropics. Hang loose!
2008_12_15_21:28:02.561   067.052.204.xxx   Mr. Stark... the afterburners still need to be tested...
2008_12_15_21:28:20.959   066.162.249.xxx   Nice b*** Woo hoo!
2008_12_15_21:28:59.206   066.162.249.xxx   and by that, I mean yer bottom
2008_12_15_21:29:33.608   066.162.249.xxx   Gaah! Don't you have any GOOD beer?
2008_12_15_21:29:33.908   067.052.204.xxx   Pabst Blue Ribbon.... beeeeeeeer.
2008_12_15_21:29:40.803   074.171.130.xxx   It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue. (102)
2008_12_15_21:30:40.960   067.052.204.xxx   Niblet!!!
2008_12_15_21:30:49.769   074.171.130.xxx   This space intentionally left blank (103)
2008_12_15_21:31:27.857   074.166.218.xxx   Never Gonna Let You Go
2008_12_15_21:31:29.589   070.018.227.xxx   coors mates with pabst to bring you poors. (105)
2008_12_15_21:31:35.580   087.115.025.xxx   Disco yer theque
2008_12_15_21:31:37.439   066.162.249.xxx   Where are all the drunk Farkers? Oh, just me? (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_21:31:37.598   067.052.204.xxx   I sure hope the server doesn't have an overload... oh crap!
2008_12_15_21:31:50.002   064.234.104.xxx   MMmmmmm.. beer -----------___
2008_12_15_21:32:27.761   075.073.054.xxx   merry christmas from mpls
2008_12_15_21:33:05.748   074.166.218.xxx   Just 10 Days Until Xmas
2008_12_15_21:33:33.294   067.052.204.xxx   Wisconsin says Hello and "Vikings s***
2008_12_15_21:33:34.321   074.166.218.xxx   Never Gonna Let You Go
2008_12_15_21:33:40.528   074.171.130.xxx   Merry Christmas from 101st Keyboard Kommandos (104)
2008_12_15_21:33:44.171   074.223.137.xxx   YOU DIDNT KNOW SON!
2008_12_15_21:33:45.801   076.106.143.xxx   PBR!!!!!!
2008_12_15_21:33:59.542   204.191.239.xxx   I love Chelsea
2008_12_15_21:34:00.062   074.166.218.xxx   Never Gonna Give You Up
2008_12_15_21:34:04.146   064.234.104.xxx   Ranier!!!!
2008_12_15_21:34:09.282   065.031.220.xxx   What up YO!
2008_12_15_21:34:23.955   074.223.137.xxx   ITS A TRAP!!!
2008_12_15_21:34:43.465   074.171.130.xxx   Go Team Venture! (105)
2008_12_15_21:34:50.962   074.166.218.xxx   I Like Bacon
2008_12_15_21:34:56.858   173.023.251.xxx   My daddy says I love you with his fist
2008_12_15_21:34:57.246   064.234.104.xxx   What? No inflatable nut-squirrel?
2008_12_15_21:35:05.892   204.191.239.xxx   I love Chelsea lots
2008_12_15_21:35:25.209   064.234.104.xxx   awwww
2008_12_15_21:35:38.108   067.052.204.xxx   Fartsack McGee says "Excelsior!"
2008_12_15_21:35:44.500   065.031.220.xxx   Homan is a queer!
2008_12_15_21:35:56.572   173.023.251.xxx   I think I may have killed someone
2008_12_15_21:36:12.991   074.223.137.xxx   I KNOW THAT I KILLED SOMEONE
2008_12_15_21:36:14.250   065.031.220.xxx   Sedalia blows!
2008_12_15_21:36:31.163   012.216.043.xxx   HIIIII NOOOOOSH
2008_12_15_21:36:46.101   074.166.218.xxx   WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
2008_12_15_21:36:55.240   074.223.137.xxx   WEEEEEEEE
2008_12_15_21:37:15.821   076.106.143.xxx   gimme an F gimme an A gimme a R gimme a K
2008_12_15_21:37:22.454   067.052.204.xxx   Rum punch!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_21:37:23.716   074.166.218.xxx   The Question: Why?
2008_12_15_21:37:30.598   074.171.130.xxx   And they said I couldn't plant sausage seeds... (106)
2008_12_15_21:37:49.124   173.023.251.xxx   Gimme a F-A-I-L
2008_12_15_21:38:05.254   074.166.218.xxx   Next Question: Where?
2008_12_15_21:38:27.228   067.052.204.xxx   Rum punch!!! (11)
2008_12_15_21:38:33.346   065.031.220.xxx   Coors Light is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_15_21:38:34.980   173.023.251.xxx   right behind you
2008_12_15_21:38:47.037   074.171.130.xxx   Question the Third:         Who? (107)
2008_12_15_21:39:02.938   065.161.188.xxx   g*****
2008_12_15_21:39:04.386   065.031.220.xxx   Coors Light is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_15_21:39:06.259   173.023.251.xxx   Your....son?
2008_12_15_21:39:28.528   065.161.188.xxx   g*****
2008_12_15_21:39:37.333   074.166.218.xxx   Drudge Report?
2008_12_15_21:39:40.923   065.190.160.xxx   Type text & CR to semadness real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_15_21:39:54.520   065.161.188.xxx   I AM SAD
2008_12_15_21:39:56.395   065.031.220.xxx   F CRs!
2008_12_15_21:39:59.501   173.023.251.xxx   lol
2008_12_15_21:40:04.744   071.112.036.xxx   Hello from Sammamish, Washington
2008_12_15_21:40:08.613   064.234.104.xxx   Is it me or is the pink clock backwarrds?
2008_12_15_21:40:14.777   075.134.049.xxx   Leo's Little Peter
2008_12_15_21:40:18.845   065.161.188.xxx   I AM SAD
2008_12_15_21:40:23.933   206.248.231.xxx   it's not just you
2008_12_15_21:40:30.101   065.031.220.xxx   It's totally backwards
2008_12_15_21:40:50.325   074.223.137.xxx   ITS A TRAP!!!
2008_12_15_21:40:52.503   173.023.251.xxx   Wolfman farted. Send help.
2008_12_15_21:40:54.572   074.166.218.xxx   Merry Kwanza (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_21:41:18.692   068.081.156.xxx   Happy Holidays!
2008_12_15_21:41:27.920   173.023.251.xxx   Happy j** Days!
2008_12_15_21:41:37.310   071.012.216.xxx   HOMAR
2008_12_15_21:41:53.611   076.106.143.xxx   simpsan
2008_12_15_21:41:57.510   065.190.160.xxx   madness
2008_12_15_21:42:20.607   071.012.216.xxx   HOOOOOOOOOGARTH
2008_12_15_21:42:35.085   074.166.218.xxx   Happy Ramadan (11)
2008_12_15_21:42:47.592   173.023.251.xxx   Needs moar pron!
2008_12_15_21:42:48.107   065.161.188.xxx   SUPRIZE b****ECHS?
2008_12_15_21:43:09.093   071.012.216.xxx   this cam brought to you by coorbst light (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_21:43:10.149   075.134.049.xxx   Tacky F'ing Xmas!
2008_12_15_21:43:19.707   069.244.255.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santabooyah!'s Workshop Cam!
2008_12_15_21:43:21.297   074.223.137.xxx   insanity
2008_12_15_21:43:35.597   070.018.227.xxx   lamer. (106)
2008_12_15_21:43:39.561   075.134.049.xxx   Leo's Little Peter!!!
2008_12_15_21:43:43.808   074.171.130.xxx   Greetings Starfighter. You have been recruited by the Star League to defend the (108)
2008_12_15_21:43:50.694   065.161.188.xxx   Evil Robot Santa --___
2008_12_15_21:43:57.015   173.023.251.xxx   Wolfman has his humping face on. (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_21:44:06.991   074.166.218.xxx   Merry Festivus (12)
2008_12_15_21:44:27.149   173.023.251.xxx   OMG a GHOST!!11 (11)
2008_12_15_21:44:27.724   065.031.220.xxx   John's big d***!
2008_12_15_21:44:29.356   071.012.216.xxx   This is NOT copypasta. I repeat NOT copypasta. (11)
2008_12_15_21:44:37.463   074.166.218.xxx   Hey, Dude (13)
2008_12_15_21:45:01.059   065.161.188.xxx   HEY COME BACK HERE
2008_12_15_21:45:08.308   173.023.251.xxx   Dude, be more handsome. (12)
2008_12_15_21:45:11.548   065.031.220.xxx   John's little Matt!
2008_12_15_21:45:15.821   075.134.049.xxx   Step Shuffle Step, BallChange, BallChange!
2008_12_15_21:45:17.418   074.166.218.xxx   No, not really. I keed. I keed. (14)
2008_12_15_21:45:25.262   071.012.216.xxx   I'm looking for a bento box, it cant be pinku or any girl color. (12)
2008_12_15_21:45:28.946   065.161.188.xxx   MOAR LITE
2008_12_15_21:45:50.287   173.023.251.xxx   nosepicker (13)
2008_12_15_21:45:56.227   065.031.220.xxx   heal step shuffle! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_21:46:08.360   071.112.036.xxx   We see you !
2008_12_15_21:46:12.000   071.012.216.xxx   HI, I___M GEORGE ZIMMER, FOUNDER AND CEO OF THE MEN___S WEARHOUSE. (13)
2008_12_15_21:46:37.041   065.031.220.xxx   Click on Webcam Image to Super-Size it! (11)
2008_12_15_21:46:39.051   071.112.036.xxx   Hi Alek!
2008_12_15_21:46:43.547   024.107.161.xxx   Greetings from eFoobar!
2008_12_15_21:46:56.136   173.023.251.xxx   He's looking at p*** (14)
2008_12_15_21:47:00.861   074.166.218.xxx   To be or not to be. That is the question. (15)
2008_12_15_21:47:28.599   173.023.251.xxx   OMG moving Santa (15)
2008_12_15_21:47:36.302   075.134.049.xxx   Lee Corso is a p****!
2008_12_15_21:47:39.160   074.171.130.xxx   You set it aaaaaand FORGET IT! YAY!!!!!! (109)
2008_12_15_21:47:41.014   072.051.224.xxx   lolwut?
2008_12_15_21:47:50.004   067.159.044.xxx   Hi, it's Vince with Shamwow! You'll be saying wow every time you use this towel!
2008_12_15_21:48:12.531   072.051.224.xxx   OMG ther's god!
2008_12_15_21:48:14.421   173.023.251.xxx   Is it made by Germans? (16)
2008_12_15_21:48:15.213   076.106.143.xxx   I ate the worm (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_21:48:21.058   075.064.131.xxx   Vince fears BILLY MAYS' BEARD
2008_12_15_21:48:27.841   067.159.044.xxx   It's like a chamois! It's like a towel! It's like a sponge.
2008_12_15_21:48:32.673   065.031.220.xxx   what up alek!!!!!!!!!! (12)
2008_12_15_21:48:49.246   074.166.218.xxx   Vince fears no one. NO ONE!!! (16)
2008_12_15_21:48:49.949   173.023.251.xxx   I heard the Germans mede really good stuff. (17)
2008_12_15_21:48:55.999   024.020.218.xxx   I love desiree!
2008_12_15_21:48:57.837   067.159.044.xxx   A regular towel doesn't work wet - this works wet or dry.
2008_12_15_21:49:00.404   072.051.224.xxx   Is /b/ here already?
2008_12_15_21:49:26.848   067.159.044.xxx   This is for the house, the car, the boat, the RV!
2008_12_15_21:49:28.456   074.166.218.xxx   Yeah, the Germans alway make good stuff. (17)
2008_12_15_21:49:29.311   173.023.251.xxx   What bees? (18)
2008_12_15_21:49:33.101   206.248.231.xxx   /b/ is just an internet meme
2008_12_15_21:49:51.334   071.194.051.xxx   MuHAHAHAHA!
2008_12_15_21:49:54.968   067.159.044.xxx   Look at this! It just does the work! Why do you want to work twice as hard?
2008_12_15_21:49:58.069   069.118.202.xxx   daniello
2008_12_15_21:50:05.113   173.023.251.xxx   They made a really awesome holucaust! (19)
2008_12_15_21:50:34.406   072.051.224.xxx   OH LAWD IS DAT KFC?
2008_12_15_21:50:53.962   076.224.078.xxx   Hello Misty
2008_12_15_21:50:57.488   173.023.251.xxx   Omnomnomnom (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_21:51:03.732   069.118.202.xxx   watamelon?
2008_12_15_21:51:19.206   067.159.044.xxx   BILLY MAYS HERE FOR OXI-CLEAN.
2008_12_15_21:51:55.618   173.065.120.xxx   ZOMG I see dead people!!
2008_12_15_21:52:26.970   076.224.078.xxx   Hello Misty!
2008_12_15_21:52:30.285   076.219.168.xxx   CR
2008_12_15_21:52:48.259   071.194.051.xxx   I put the X in Xmas...
2008_12_15_21:52:57.918   076.224.078.xxx   Nice lights
2008_12_15_21:53:31.916   024.020.218.xxx   I love desiree!!
2008_12_15_21:53:40.329   072.051.224.xxx   Oh noes server overload!
2008_12_15_21:54:04.027   076.219.168.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2008_12_15_21:54:05.935   067.159.044.xxx   Vegeta! What does the scouter say about his power level?
2008_12_15_21:54:51.283   129.002.228.xxx   Balllllllllin
2008_12_15_21:55:13.421   067.159.044.xxx   A cat is fine too ...
2008_12_15_21:55:31.839   072.051.224.xxx   lol epic win turn out all lights
2008_12_15_21:55:41.735   071.032.224.xxx   Hello Vicky!
2008_12_15_21:56:06.557   074.065.014.xxx   ouhou
2008_12_15_21:56:09.087   071.194.051.xxx   This is just too cool.  You rock!
2008_12_15_21:56:17.446   173.023.251.xxx   BUT I : HABE PIZZA FOR YOU HA (21)
2008_12_15_21:56:18.145   071.032.224.xxx   Hello Tyler
2008_12_15_21:56:31.836   142.046.214.xxx   hoho
2008_12_15_21:56:36.142   173.065.120.xxx   you liek xbox?
2008_12_15_21:56:42.013   072.051.224.xxx   epic win op
2008_12_15_21:56:58.855   067.159.044.xxx   XBOXXXXXX ISSSSSSSSS HUEGGGGGG
2008_12_15_21:57:06.062   024.222.157.xxx   Hello World
2008_12_15_21:57:12.758   173.023.251.xxx   YOU: gun may have for me, BUT I : HABE PIZZA FOR YOU HA (22)
2008_12_15_21:57:17.107   142.046.214.xxx   hoho merry xmas
2008_12_15_21:57:24.603   071.032.224.xxx   way to go!!!!
2008_12_15_21:57:25.929   068.107.187.xxx   The Browns lost, again! :(
2008_12_15_21:57:29.110   067.159.044.xxx   so i herd u liek mudkips (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_21:57:35.441   072.051.224.xxx   Where's the Hulk?
2008_12_15_21:57:50.734   173.023.251.xxx   YOU: gun may have for me, BUT I : HABE PIZZA FOR YOU HA (23)
2008_12_15_21:57:57.996   142.046.214.xxx   Pun from Canada
2008_12_15_21:58:03.448   067.159.044.xxx   I LURVE MUDKIPS! (11)
2008_12_15_21:58:23.421   071.032.224.xxx   Its CHRISTmas! NOT Xmas!!!!!
2008_12_15_21:58:25.744   173.023.251.xxx   I like turtles. (24)
2008_12_15_21:58:52.830   024.074.068.xxx   I am a banana!
2008_12_15_21:59:10.991   068.107.187.xxx   eat my banana
2008_12_15_21:59:12.032   173.023.251.xxx   A handbanana? (25)
2008_12_15_21:59:42.794   024.074.068.xxx   my spoon is too BIG!
2008_12_15_21:59:46.853   067.159.044.xxx   Its kwanzaa!  Not crackamas! (12)
2008_12_15_21:59:49.151   072.051.224.xxx   THEN WHO WAS PHONE?
2008_12_15_21:59:58.677   076.014.190.xxx   farts!
2008_12_15_22:00:00.194   173.023.251.xxx   You're living proof that God loves us, Mr. banana. (26)
2008_12_15_22:00:43.549   067.159.044.xxx   brb soup (13)
2008_12_15_22:00:49.084   173.023.251.xxx   banana (27)
2008_12_15_22:00:51.488   066.130.119.xxx   My Sister in law has Celiac too!  My prayers for you all:)
2008_12_15_22:00:58.529   072.051.224.xxx   Was that a car (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_22:01:07.631   071.032.224.xxx   I love my wife Vicky!!!!
2008_12_15_22:01:31.995   216.080.119.xxx   yo, sup
2008_12_15_22:01:32.386   067.159.044.xxx   i love your wife vicky too. (14)
2008_12_15_22:02:00.485   067.159.044.xxx   t*** or gtfo (15)
2008_12_15_22:02:13.935   072.199.108.xxx   ___giggle___
2008_12_15_22:02:29.875   173.023.251.xxx   Pics or it didn't happen. (28)
2008_12_15_22:03:06.659   067.159.044.xxx   WHEN I WAS (16)
2008_12_15_22:03:08.972   216.080.119.xxx   chick loves taco sauce
2008_12_15_22:03:21.166   024.074.068.xxx   TSIUWOP
2008_12_15_22:03:40.999   067.159.044.xxx   A YOUNG BOY (17)
2008_12_15_22:04:00.954   067.159.044.xxx   TOOK ME INTO THE CITY (18)
2008_12_15_22:04:01.095   173.065.094.xxx   Bob Vila was here
2008_12_15_22:04:14.232   076.014.190.xxx   A Man, a plan, a canal, Panama
2008_12_15_22:04:39.079   072.051.224.xxx   What the h*** creepy pumpkin (11)
2008_12_15_22:04:42.211   067.159.044.xxx   HE SAID, "SON, WHEN YOU GROW UP (19)
2008_12_15_22:04:43.234   071.131.202.xxx   this is a test of the xmas texting system
2008_12_15_22:05:09.912   067.159.044.xxx   THE SAVIOR OF THE BROKEN (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_22:05:11.267   068.150.179.xxx   wow
2008_12_15_22:05:14.650   072.051.224.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam! (12)
2008_12_15_22:05:26.672   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** HEY ... your test worked - WOW! ***ALEK***
2008_12_15_22:05:27.264   024.074.068.xxx   pwn3d
2008_12_15_22:05:37.748   067.159.044.xxx   HE SAID, "WILL YOU DEFEAT THEM? (21)
2008_12_15_22:05:48.073   068.150.179.xxx   you must be pretty impressed hey Alex. so many people tonight!!
2008_12_15_22:05:51.128   072.051.224.xxx   Hey it's God again HI GOD!!! (13)
2008_12_15_22:06:08.844   099.012.195.xxx   Happy Birthday Adolph! (28)
2008_12_15_22:06:16.574   173.065.094.xxx   God Save The Queen!
2008_12_15_22:06:18.488   071.131.202.xxx   you cant see my hands!!
2008_12_15_22:06:20.830   024.074.068.xxx   this must be driving you insane
2008_12_15_22:06:30.737   142.046.214.xxx   wave alex
2008_12_15_22:06:42.472   067.159.044.xxx   THE PLANS THAT THEY HAVE MADE (22)
2008_12_15_22:06:57.094   012.159.056.xxx   Hi God can u do something for the Detroit Lions
2008_12_15_22:07:03.972   071.131.202.xxx   f** fap f**
2008_12_15_22:07:05.501   072.051.224.xxx   This must be giving him losta spaghetti (14)
2008_12_15_22:07:11.574   067.159.044.xxx   I'LL LEAVE YOU (23)
2008_12_15_22:07:19.002   173.065.094.xxx   God Save The Queen!
2008_12_15_22:07:20.324   173.023.251.xxx   Top left corner: Misfits skull (29)
2008_12_15_22:07:23.500   142.046.214.xxx   Alex wave to me from CANADA
2008_12_15_22:07:42.636   067.159.044.xxx   A PHANTOM TO LEAD YOU IN THE SUMMER (24)
2008_12_15_22:08:16.281   024.174.000.xxx   wow faark
2008_12_15_22:08:27.495   072.051.224.xxx   dang there went another car (15)
2008_12_15_22:08:26.845   071.114.187.xxx   Hello Farkdom!
2008_12_15_22:08:33.881   173.023.251.xxx   LOL, I called him. (30 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_22:08:34.356   173.065.094.xxx   Britannia Rules The Waves!
2008_12_15_22:08:35.350   067.159.044.xxx   You sir, are and idiot :) (25)
2008_12_15_22:08:48.478   068.150.179.xxx   Go Alex Go!
2008_12_15_22:09:10.506   142.046.214.xxx   ALEC WAVE
2008_12_15_22:09:12.125   074.171.130.xxx   Allez Cuisine! (110 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_22:09:23.062   068.150.179.xxx   Go Alex Go! Go Alex Go!  Go Alex Go!
2008_12_15_22:09:24.346   173.065.094.xxx   I feel sorry for the neighbours
2008_12_15_22:09:35.038   024.074.068.xxx   or at least make a funny face
2008_12_15_22:10:06.006   068.150.179.xxx   Alex, whered you get the backwards clock???
2008_12_15_22:10:07.822   142.046.214.xxx   wAVE aLEKS
2008_12_15_22:10:09.422   173.023.251.xxx   You're sufin' so hard I'm winded just watching. (31)
2008_12_15_22:10:12.089   072.051.224.xxx   or look over in our direction at least (16)
2008_12_15_22:10:19.238   067.159.044.xxx   DSFARGEG (26)
2008_12_15_22:10:41.397   024.074.068.xxx   I have a strange craving for fried chicken now
2008_12_15_22:10:49.149   142.046.214.xxx   Hello Aleks
2008_12_15_22:11:05.453   072.051.224.xxx   wow everything just started up (17)
2008_12_15_22:11:13.206   070.092.170.xxx   I just voted at KFC!!
2008_12_15_22:11:41.665   072.051.224.xxx   Oh noes it's the hulk (18)
2008_12_15_22:11:44.861   173.023.251.xxx   So, anything good on FARK there, active guy?___ (32)
2008_12_15_22:11:51.025   067.159.044.xxx   TONIGHT WE DINE IN h*** on KFC (27)
2008_12_15_22:12:05.368   142.046.214.xxx   WAVE ALEKS
2008_12_15_22:13:05.860   072.051.224.xxx   He's is just sitting there, reading our texts, tormenting us all (19)
2008_12_15_22:13:26.108   142.046.214.xxx   Aleks, if you see this wave....so we know your there (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_22:13:35.207   068.150.179.xxx   Alex rocks (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_22:13:36.781   173.023.251.xxx   Oblivious man is oblivious. (33)
2008_12_15_22:14:04.243   072.051.224.xxx   I say we power down all lights until he waves. (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_22:14:10.018   024.074.068.xxx   oblivious man is gone
2008_12_15_22:14:27.210   142.046.214.xxx   keep themshut off (11)
2008_12_15_22:14:44.870   012.043.233.xxx   I submitted a funnier workshop sign.
2008_12_15_22:15:08.568   070.066.216.xxx   Who is this hours sponsor?
2008_12_15_22:15:09.308   173.023.251.xxx   Too bad we can't turn off his heat (34)
2008_12_15_22:15:23.354   072.051.224.xxx   lol (21)
2008_12_15_22:15:29.153   070.092.170.xxx   Alek you need to hire some live entertainment!
2008_12_15_22:16:13.111   072.051.224.xxx   dammit who keeps turning lights on? (22)
2008_12_15_22:16:14.610   173.023.251.xxx   Replace the donation window w/ webcam grls! (35)
2008_12_15_22:16:17.743   173.065.094.xxx   as opposed to dead entertainment
2008_12_15_22:17:06.519   070.092.170.xxx   As opposed to oblivion
2008_12_15_22:17:27.667   098.202.023.xxx   Thank you Alek. My girlfriend suffers from celiac sprue - God bless you for this
2008_12_15_22:17:40.149   024.074.068.xxx   voting link not working
2008_12_15_22:18:01.321   173.023.251.xxx   Mine suffers from b****iness (36)
2008_12_15_22:18:18.476   173.032.150.xxx   What time is it there?
2008_12_15_22:18:24.699   098.202.023.xxx   That happens.
2008_12_15_22:18:45.809   173.023.251.xxx   It's more likely than you think. (37)
2008_12_15_22:18:58.633   173.065.094.xxx   Bob Dole approved these lights
2008_12_15_22:19:16.569   142.046.214.xxx   KEEPTHE LIGHTS OFF (12)
2008_12_15_22:19:29.274   173.032.150.xxx   Im from Canada eh!
2008_12_15_22:19:30.385   024.074.068.xxx   Al Gore invented these lights (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_22:19:31.605   098.202.023.xxx   NO
2008_12_15_22:19:37.483   173.065.094.xxx   Bob Dole said keep the lights off
2008_12_15_22:19:49.229   142.046.214.xxx   yes (13)
2008_12_15_22:19:51.228   072.051.224.xxx   NO U (23)
2008_12_15_22:20:01.184   173.032.150.xxx   My messages arent being sent?
2008_12_15_22:20:02.339   098.202.023.xxx   Bob Dole can die in a fire
2008_12_15_22:20:08.299   173.065.094.xxx   Bob Vila said his gutters need to be cleaned
2008_12_15_22:20:20.935   142.046.214.xxx   off (14)
2008_12_15_22:20:26.601   072.081.021.xxx   Merry Christmas!!!
2008_12_15_22:20:32.453   173.023.251.xxx   Leave Bob Dole Alooone!!11 (38)
2008_12_15_22:20:32.823   072.051.224.xxx   Bob Saget needs a new job (24)
2008_12_15_22:20:42.347   024.243.129.xxx   /b/lackup has arrived
2008_12_15_22:20:49.279   074.171.130.xxx   Bob Ross said he has happy little trees (111)
2008_12_15_22:20:56.584   142.046.214.xxx   NO I DONT (15)
2008_12_15_22:21:00.313   072.081.021.xxx   Merry Christmas!!!
2008_12_15_22:21:17.546   173.032.150.xxx   Im an agnostic
2008_12_15_22:21:26.985   173.065.094.xxx   Jimmy Carter says we need to be more tolerant (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_22:21:30.881   149.169.113.xxx   CR
2008_12_15_22:21:39.715   072.081.021.xxx   Merry Christmas Anyway!!!
2008_12_15_22:21:59.079   173.023.251.xxx   THIS (39)
2008_12_15_22:22:02.849   173.032.150.xxx   What about hanukah?
2008_12_15_22:22:09.490   070.092.170.xxx   Merry Christmas to you, too.
2008_12_15_22:22:12.466   142.046.214.xxx   WAVE ALEKS (16)
2008_12_15_22:22:30.699   071.205.088.xxx   Cool setup man...
2008_12_15_22:22:28.803   076.170.205.xxx   wat
2008_12_15_22:22:34.132   173.032.150.xxx   Turn the monitor around, we can see youuu
2008_12_15_22:22:45.631   071.181.042.xxx   how many people are interacting with your x10 right now?
2008_12_15_22:22:51.839   072.186.095.xxx   You're not alone.  Gluten FTL!
2008_12_15_22:23:06.432   072.051.224.xxx   Aleck's sittin there, reading our comments (25)
2008_12_15_22:23:25.721   142.046.214.xxx   WAVE (17)
2008_12_15_22:23:42.436   173.032.150.xxx   hes playing WoW
2008_12_15_22:23:43.858   216.244.061.xxx   /b/lack up here
2008_12_15_22:23:48.237   173.065.094.xxx   leave the man alone (11)
2008_12_15_22:23:48.670   068.150.179.xxx   your site is going to hit a new high! a milestone (11)
2008_12_15_22:23:51.330   072.051.224.xxx   SANTA ON HEAD (26)
2008_12_15_22:23:52.277   071.249.054.xxx   Greetings from 4chan!
2008_12_15_22:23:52.910   071.181.042.xxx   oh i see 432 people
2008_12_15_22:24:10.755   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, it's pretty funny to read the comments - glad everyone is having fun ***ALEK***
2008_12_15_22:24:33.645   071.205.088.xxx   Why is there a mummy by the clock?
2008_12_15_22:24:35.393   072.051.224.xxx   I told you so (27)
2008_12_15_22:24:39.793   142.046.214.xxx   WAVE TO US PLEASE (18)
2008_12_15_22:24:46.205   173.032.150.xxx   is that Jack from Nightmare before Christmas?
2008_12_15_22:24:58.506   216.244.061.xxx   candlejack
2008_12_15_22:25:00.644   173.065.094.xxx   BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!!! (12)
2008_12_15_22:25:02.563   076.251.003.xxx   HELLO   WORLD
2008_12_15_22:25:17.683   070.092.170.xxx   Alek, you should be wearing a Santa hat!!
2008_12_15_22:25:18.451   072.051.224.xxx   OH SHI it's Buzz Lightyear to teh rescue!! (28)
2008_12_15_22:25:18.937   173.032.150.xxx   answer me!
2008_12_15_22:25:23.501   216.244.061.xxx   GUI
2008_12_15_22:25:32.374   024.074.068.xxx   HELLO WHAAAARGARBL (11)
2008_12_15_22:25:59.417   076.251.003.xxx   wait,  what?
2008_12_15_22:26:10.876   068.150.179.xxx   40,000 control toggles. over 3,000 text messages!  this is huge (12)
2008_12_15_22:26:30.821   071.205.088.xxx   The Christmas midi is driving me crazy...
2008_12_15_22:26:42.110   024.116.075.xxx   Boise State, the other Broncos
2008_12_15_22:26:55.929   072.051.224.xxx   It's Buzz Lightyear! He's no match for my Pokemans!! (29)
2008_12_15_22:26:50.039   072.186.095.xxx   Got any good Gluten Free recipes?
2008_12_15_22:27:50.297   142.046.214.xxx   WAVE TO US PLEASE (19)
2008_12_15_22:28:17.168   072.051.224.xxx   dude where can I get on of those reversed clocks? (30 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_22:29:01.984   024.074.068.xxx   this looks shop'd, I can tell by the pixels (12)
2008_12_15_22:29:06.803   071.205.088.xxx   I love how he acts oblivious to us...
2008_12_15_22:29:09.447   071.194.051.xxx   Hey dude! thanks for the show
2008_12_15_22:29:21.116   072.051.224.xxx   _______ (31)
2008_12_15_22:29:46.018   142.046.214.xxx   WAVE ALEKS (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_22:29:46.958   075.100.070.xxx   Type text & Chello!R to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_15_22:30:03.548   173.065.094.xxx   This is an interesting setup (13)
2008_12_15_22:30:15.030   068.150.179.xxx   hmmm (13)
2008_12_15_22:30:20.668   142.046.214.xxx   WAVE ALEKS (21)
2008_12_15_22:30:37.214   071.205.088.xxx   Bet the neighbors love the lawn...
2008_12_15_22:30:45.349   076.251.003.xxx   good  dad  ______
2008_12_15_22:31:06.586   173.008.107.xxx   Good luck, Hulkster....Go get 'em
2008_12_15_22:31:07.931   072.051.224.xxx   I think Alek's a pretty cool guy, eh displays expensive light show and doesn't  (32)
2008_12_15_22:31:14.399   076.251.003.xxx   _________
2008_12_15_22:31:36.057   068.150.179.xxx   ok let's play a game (14)
2008_12_15_22:31:37.409   072.051.224.xxx   doesn't afraid of anything (33)
2008_12_15_22:32:05.265   024.074.068.xxx   me fail english?  unpossible! (13)
2008_12_15_22:32:05.714   070.092.170.xxx   Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house just Alek was stirrin
2008_12_15_22:32:23.307   207.007.181.xxx   bobba booey
2008_12_15_22:32:34.566   071.205.088.xxx   How do you get your car in now???
2008_12_15_22:32:36.276   173.065.094.xxx   why do you have KFC in your yard? (14)
2008_12_15_22:32:36.942   173.008.107.xxx   not a creature was stirring...
2008_12_15_22:32:41.813   076.204.076.xxx   Drinks all around!
2008_12_15_22:32:52.721   075.100.070.xxx   how much work went into this?
2008_12_15_22:33:16.941   076.204.076.xxx   Where's the free beer?
2008_12_15_22:33:18.779   173.008.107.xxx   Which button refills my glass?
2008_12_15_22:33:19.524   070.092.170.xxx   not even a mouse...
2008_12_15_22:33:27.588   068.150.179.xxx   lalala dadada (15)
2008_12_15_22:34:01.149   173.008.107.xxx   I don't see a single button here that says "Makers Mark"....
2008_12_15_22:34:29.641   207.007.181.xxx   what a light bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_15_22:34:31.042   071.194.051.xxx   Fa la lalala what???
2008_12_15_22:35:01.936   071.205.088.xxx   This song is boring into my brain...
2008_12_15_22:35:20.343   207.007.181.xxx   what a light bill !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_15_22:35:24.036   072.051.224.xxx   then turn it off (34)
2008_12_15_22:35:28.529   076.204.076.xxx   Play some Ozzy!
2008_12_15_22:35:35.993   068.150.179.xxx   ok who's from where?   EVERYONE? (16)
2008_12_15_22:35:36.735   071.194.051.xxx   Jingle bells, batman smells
2008_12_15_22:36:06.085   173.065.094.xxx   Trick or treat! (15)
2008_12_15_22:36:10.321   068.150.179.xxx   xt & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam! (17)
2008_12_15_22:36:20.866   072.051.224.xxx   I can't tell, but is that a car parked over there? (35)
2008_12_15_22:36:41.821   068.150.179.xxx   who's from where?? (18)
2008_12_15_22:36:55.217   071.194.051.xxx   Greetings from Chicago!
2008_12_15_22:37:14.995   207.007.181.xxx   ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
2008_12_15_22:37:44.169   074.171.130.xxx   Burma Shave (112)
2008_12_15_22:37:45.888   173.065.094.xxx   ahhhhh this midi loop (16)
2008_12_15_22:37:51.679   072.051.224.xxx   Greetings from Missouri! (36)
2008_12_15_22:38:17.080   173.065.094.xxx   I LOVE BURMA SHAVE! (17)
2008_12_15_22:38:18.033   070.092.170.xxx   Can anyone name all of Santa's reindeer?
2008_12_15_22:38:21.437   024.116.075.xxx   text & CR
2008_12_15_22:38:40.481   074.005.167.xxx   This is a wonderful idea, here's hoping you raise a lot of ______
2008_12_15_22:38:48.947   068.150.179.xxx   who else? where ya from??? (19)
2008_12_15_22:39:28.192   067.161.248.xxx   Hello There
2008_12_15_22:39:53.265   173.065.094.xxx   I still am trying to figure out your link with KFC (18)
2008_12_15_22:39:53.532   024.116.075.xxx   Boise here
2008_12_15_22:40:26.830   068.150.179.xxx   myself, alberta Canada (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_22:40:35.841   088.208.235.xxx   Type ..........................................................................
2008_12_15_22:41:06.024   216.020.136.xxx   I was farked into coming here
2008_12_15_22:41:14.144   070.092.170.xxx   Wisconsin here...
2008_12_15_22:41:35.502   024.131.249.xxx   Repping Pennsylvania!  Darn Fark
2008_12_15_22:42:03.817   066.065.098.xxx   Love me  some cheese
2008_12_15_22:42:05.357   173.065.094.xxx   Judging by his last gesture, he just lost a bid of Ebay... (19)
2008_12_15_22:42:07.983   024.116.075.xxx   I typed text & CR, where the fark is the workshop?
2008_12_15_22:43:15.432   216.020.136.xxx   Sum Farker from WV wuz here
2008_12_15_22:43:41.697   208.071.056.xxx   hey now
2008_12_15_22:43:52.213   076.102.168.xxx   Hey.....where'd we go????
2008_12_15_22:44:21.068   208.071.056.xxx   this is one busy page
2008_12_15_22:44:44.982   076.102.168.xxx   Greetings from Healdsburg, CA!
2008_12_15_22:45:09.870   208.071.056.xxx   merry merry merry merry merry merry merry
2008_12_15_22:45:21.108   072.051.224.xxx   HOLEY MOLEY! (37)
2008_12_15_22:45:21.466   068.150.179.xxx   ho ho ho from all over!  it (21)
2008_12_15_22:45:27.454   071.059.033.xxx   WTF, where do wevote?
2008_12_15_22:47:22.331   072.051.224.xxx   Buzz owns (38)
2008_12_15_22:47:55.537   072.051.224.xxx   ___------- BUZZ LIGHTYEAR (39)
2008_12_15_22:49:06.463   070.092.170.xxx   It's COLD outside! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_22:49:08.172   193.200.150.xxx   ****************************************************************************444
2008_12_15_22:49:08.965   074.005.167.xxx   how long does it take you to set this up?
2008_12_15_22:49:41.148   070.092.170.xxx   It's COLD outside! (11)
2008_12_15_22:50:36.587   072.051.224.xxx   It's sleeting where I'm at (40 IM's so far today)
2008_12_15_22:51:45.991   068.150.179.xxx   So Alex, looks like this is going to be the biggest night !! (22)
2008_12_15_22:51:56.882   071.082.141.xxx   How much does it cost to do this?
2008_12_15_22:52:15.493   068.150.179.xxx   A Million Dollars (23)
2008_12_15_22:52:55.930   072.051.224.xxx   ___599 U.S. DOLLARS (41)
2008_12_15_22:53:09.914   071.082.141.xxx   Thank you for allowing me to feel like God. If but for a short time.
2008_12_15_22:53:24.145   068.150.179.xxx   Well with the economy these days, the price rises (24)
2008_12_15_22:53:30.859   024.131.249.xxx   -2 degrees? Holy cow.  That's ridiculous.
2008_12_15_22:54:11.344   071.082.141.xxx   It was -7 out here earlier today. That was fun.
2008_12_15_22:54:26.657   070.092.170.xxx   The wind chill here is -20. (12)
2008_12_15_22:54:45.513   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** 5 More Minutes ... b****ere is tomorrow night! ***ALEK***
2008_12_15_22:54:59.513   068.150.179.xxx   you guys are wimps (25)
2008_12_15_22:55:28.903   071.082.141.xxx   If I were to walk outside, my n*****s would freeze off.
2008_12_15_22:55:38.805   068.150.179.xxx   it gets to -10 here often.. try having it for 8 straight days (26)
2008_12_15_22:55:53.318   076.083.106.xxx   HI HI HI HO HO HO
2008_12_15_22:56:13.777   071.082.141.xxx   I live in MN...I'm more than used to the cold.
2008_12_15_22:58:38.691   068.150.179.xxx   fun cold (27)
2008_12_15_22:58:40.036   072.051.224.xxx   Let's shut all his lights off for him (42)
2008_12_15_22:58:42.982   070.092.170.xxx   Alek may your bucket of chicken runnith over.... (13)
2008_12_15_22:59:07.275   068.150.179.xxx   ok everyone, on 3.. shut his lights off! (28)
2008_12_15_22:59:50.005   072.051.224.xxx   Mission Acomploished (43)

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