741 christmas text messages on 2008/1216

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 9,709 times that day including 5,902 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1216

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2008_12_16_16:00:31.459   078.145.175.xxx   OOOOOO !
2008_12_16_16:00:38.234   072.051.224.xxx   GOGOGOGOGOGOGGOGOGOGO
2008_12_16_16:02:07.948   072.051.224.xxx   Big man is down
2008_12_16_16:03:09.399   172.190.024.xxx   why?
2008_12_16_16:04:08.638   089.061.126.xxx   Hello to everybody!
2008_12_16_16:04:39.661   172.190.024.xxx   all off!
2008_12_16_16:05:16.931   064.042.220.xxx   hello
2008_12_16_16:06:32.689   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** OK - I fixed Santa back up - kinda breezy outside right now ... ***ALEK***
2008_12_16_16:06:52.355   205.188.116.xxx   hi
2008_12_16_16:07:04.295   072.051.224.xxx   Dude I need to get me one of those reversed clocks
2008_12_16_16:07:37.590   205.188.116.xxx   how are u alek
2008_12_16_16:08:18.126   071.052.058.xxx   hi alek
2008_12_16_16:08:57.212   072.051.224.xxx   Burrito Reindeer FTW
2008_12_16_16:08:59.931   078.145.175.xxx   wave to webcam alek !!
2008_12_16_16:09:23.506   096.231.165.xxx   Buzz Lightyear needs deodorant
2008_12_16_16:09:45.594   072.051.224.xxx   hahahahahaha
2008_12_16_16:09:53.000   076.232.039.xxx   alek are you reading these
2008_12_16_16:10:17.327   205.188.116.xxx   i like your kfc present thing
2008_12_16_16:10:19.524   072.051.224.xxx   Yes he is
2008_12_16_16:10:36.784   076.232.039.xxx   cool then hi :D
2008_12_16_16:11:07.626   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yep - I read these ... and HEY,  Buzz says vote for him in KFC! ***ALEK***
2008_12_16_16:11:16.961   072.051.224.xxx   h*** act like he isn't, though, but I see him staring at that screen
2008_12_16_16:11:44.740   076.232.039.xxx   thats cool ive never seen you write back
2008_12_16_16:11:47.482   098.192.078.xxx   Hey guys!
2008_12_16_16:12:23.151   098.192.078.xxx   SHOUTOUT TO ONRPG, KFC FTW!
2008_12_16_16:12:26.272   086.136.157.xxx   Evening Alec from Nottingham UK, not long till Santa!
2008_12_16_16:12:27.245   071.211.247.xxx   howdy mr K!
2008_12_16_16:12:39.370   063.148.194.xxx   hello!
2008_12_16_16:12:45.399   072.051.224.xxx   Looks like he's playing WoW :P
2008_12_16_16:12:49.481   076.232.039.xxx   elmo deflated
2008_12_16_16:12:53.450   076.243.038.xxx   theres a dude up there
2008_12_16_16:13:01.009   071.211.247.xxx   lights are looking good!
2008_12_16_16:13:15.375   205.188.116.xxx   what is that thing at the bottom right of the screen
2008_12_16_16:13:56.577   072.051.224.xxx   Did I just see a dilevery truck pa** by?
2008_12_16_16:14:32.264   076.232.039.xxx   do you have fun setting this up/
2008_12_16_16:15:32.660   076.232.039.xxx   like the deflating stuff
2008_12_16_16:15:38.064   072.051.224.xxx   I hear his wife doesnt :/ (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_16_16:15:40.226   078.032.196.xxx   hi from steve in belfast ire ...
2008_12_16_16:15:41.643   012.178.230.xxx   Hi
2008_12_16_16:16:20.620   086.136.157.xxx   wis*** was snowing too! we hardly get snow here :(
2008_12_16_16:17:04.008   076.232.039.xxx   every thing passed by me
2008_12_16_16:17:12.913   136.159.215.xxx   We can vote now! :)
2008_12_16_16:17:50.123   076.232.039.xxx   vote what/
2008_12_16_16:18:32.015   078.032.196.xxx   hi sinead :o)
2008_12_16_16:19:07.087   136.159.215.xxx   Vote to win him $1000 for celiac disease
2008_12_16_16:19:45.877   076.232.039.xxx   ok where do you vote?
2008_12_16_16:19:49.392   072.051.224.xxx   ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS (11)
2008_12_16_16:20:01.523   078.032.196.xxx   eeeeeeeeeeeoooooooooooo
2008_12_16_16:20:46.211   078.032.196.xxx   can you wave to us in ireland sir :O)
2008_12_16_16:21:53.241   089.247.008.xxx   good evening from germany :)
2008_12_16_16:22:46.039   136.159.215.xxx   And hi from Canada!
2008_12_16_16:22:46.055   076.232.039.xxx   Ohio in the house (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_16_16:22:49.450   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** How about some German Votes for KFC!!! ***ALEK***
2008_12_16_16:22:52.448   078.032.196.xxx   please wave.... for my gf... :O)
2008_12_16_16:23:15.440   012.178.230.xxx   Vai jums ir maksts Alec?
2008_12_16_16:23:29.595   078.032.196.xxx   hehe, thanks :O)
2008_12_16_16:23:32.578   076.232.039.xxx   that was cool but it was a little slow (11)
2008_12_16_16:23:33.870   086.136.157.xxx   ohio, must be a big house you're in :D
2008_12_16_16:23:37.489   024.187.017.xxx   Type text & CR to
2008_12_16_16:24:11.422   012.178.230.xxx   Alec ir u a c** kausu?
2008_12_16_16:24:18.196   024.187.017.xxx   JELLO EVERYONE
2008_12_16_16:24:30.688   076.232.039.xxx   No jello (12)
2008_12_16_16:25:10.446   082.042.104.xxx   hello all from uk from jackie
2008_12_16_16:25:38.594   076.232.039.xxx   sjut off the light so we can see what it lookes like in the dark (13)
2008_12_16_16:25:48.315   086.136.157.xxx   Alec, an interactive map would be good to see where in the world you're being v
2008_12_16_16:25:51.234   072.051.224.xxx   Yay stepping santa (12)
2008_12_16_16:26:00.753   136.159.215.xxx   Nice lights!
2008_12_16_16:26:15.726   024.187.017.xxx   FREE THE HULK
2008_12_16_16:26:25.522   082.042.104.xxx   its 35 mins to my birthday. jackie uk. weeeeeee
2008_12_16_16:26:41.208   136.159.215.xxx   I'm craving KFC now.
2008_12_16_16:27:01.445   086.136.157.xxx   yum yum
2008_12_16_16:27:24.239   076.232.039.xxx   im not but it does sound good (14)
2008_12_16_16:27:40.962   082.042.104.xxx   that snow there alek is so koooooool. wish we had snow
2008_12_16_16:28:01.876   024.187.017.xxx   GET AWSOME CHANDELIERS @LINK DELETED
2008_12_16_16:28:05.920   076.232.039.xxx   cuz im hungrey (15)
2008_12_16_16:28:23.193   024.187.017.xxx   GET AWSOME CHANDELIERS @ PLAZA-LIGHTING
2008_12_16_16:28:25.677   072.129.206.xxx   wtf
2008_12_16_16:28:38.711   086.136.157.xxx   lets all crash Alec's for KFC and hot choc with marshmallows :D
2008_12_16_16:28:49.479   076.232.039.xxx   to what (16)
2008_12_16_16:28:51.843   024.187.017.xxx   GET AWSOME CHANDELIERS @ PLAZA-LIGHTING
2008_12_16_16:28:55.896   136.159.215.xxx   Someone is home! Welcome.
2008_12_16_16:29:12.364   024.187.017.xxx   GET AWSOME CHANDELIERS @ PLAZA-LIGHTING
2008_12_16_16:29:22.528   072.051.224.xxx   A visitor has appeared! (13)
2008_12_16_16:29:37.124   024.187.017.xxx   GET AWSOME CHANDELIERS @ PLAZA-LIGHTING
2008_12_16_16:29:44.760   086.136.157.xxx   pillocks stop spoiling it!
2008_12_16_16:29:51.509   064.210.199.xxx   My name... is D.A.R.Y.L.
2008_12_16_16:29:57.789   024.187.017.xxx   GET AWSOME CHANDELIERS @ PLAZA-LIGHTING
2008_12_16_16:30:00.282   136.159.215.xxx   I'll vote for your KFC entry :)
2008_12_16_16:30:01.371   076.232.039.xxx   whos home alek/ (17)
2008_12_16_16:30:03.826   071.041.016.xxx   First Post!
2008_12_16_16:30:04.968   072.051.224.xxx   Oh great a spammer (14)
2008_12_16_16:30:23.473   024.187.017.xxx   GET AWSOME CHANDELIERS @ PLAZA-LIGHTINGGET AWSOME CHANDELIERS @ PLAZA-LIGHTINGG (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_16_16:30:31.333   086.136.157.xxx   wheres the furthest viewer (from the US), I'm in the UK
2008_12_16_16:30:43.062   024.187.017.xxx   GET AWSOME CHANDELIERS @ PLAZA-LIGHTING (11)
2008_12_16_16:30:47.284   064.210.199.xxx   Daleks now control all Christmas lights!
2008_12_16_16:31:06.675   024.187.017.xxx   GET AWSOME CHANDELIERS @ PLAZA-LIGHTING (12)
2008_12_16_16:31:21.908   086.136.157.xxx   omg! if you're going to spam at least spell awEsome correctly!
2008_12_16_16:31:32.779   024.187.017.xxx   GET AWSOME CHANDELIERS @ PLAZA-LIGHTING (13)
2008_12_16_16:31:51.061   064.210.199.xxx   Hm... I sure could use some awesome chandeliers
2008_12_16_16:31:54.517   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks for KFC Votes ... my doctor will thank you next year - BUURRPP! ***ALEK***
2008_12_16_16:31:56.087   086.136.157.xxx   set the Hulk on 'em Alec, ggrrr (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_16_16:31:59.404   024.187.017.xxx   GET AWESOME CHANDELIERS @ PLAZA-LIGHTING (14)
2008_12_16_16:32:11.026   076.232.039.xxx   Is it hard to det this all up alek? (18)
2008_12_16_16:32:12.954   136.159.215.xxx   No spam. Vote KFC #16! :)
2008_12_16_16:32:20.134   024.187.017.xxx   GET AWESOME CHANDELIERS @ PLAZA-LIGHTING (15)
2008_12_16_16:32:40.094   081.159.004.xxx   hi from the UK
2008_12_16_16:32:48.072   064.210.199.xxx   Plaza-Lighting s****
2008_12_16_16:32:52.327   024.187.017.xxx   GET AWESOME CHANDELIERS @ PLAZA-LIGHTING (16)
2008_12_16_16:32:59.486   072.051.224.xxx   Woah the shades went down (15)
2008_12_16_16:33:26.043   081.159.004.xxx   Hi Cath
2008_12_16_16:33:28.068   096.242.215.xxx   yo cuz whats up - Andy
2008_12_16_16:33:30.039   024.187.017.xxx   GET AWESOME CHANDELIERS @ PLAZA-LIGHTING FREE BULBS (17)
2008_12_16_16:33:35.591   064.210.199.xxx   How do those balloon inflate so fast?
2008_12_16_16:33:52.247   024.187.017.xxx   GET AWESOME CHANDELIERS @ PLAZA-LIGHTING FREE BULBS (18)
2008_12_16_16:33:56.988   086.136.157.xxx   nite Alek, nite all x (11)
2008_12_16_16:34:00.610   071.041.016.xxx   Fark First Post
2008_12_16_16:34:09.250   072.051.224.xxx   The fans are on steroids (16)
2008_12_16_16:34:16.118   064.210.199.xxx   OK bye!
2008_12_16_16:34:52.779   072.051.224.xxx   Epic Fail Fark dude (17)
2008_12_16_16:34:58.267   065.113.215.xxx   Hello@
2008_12_16_16:35:01.898   064.210.199.xxx   Other NHL players love my sloppy seconds
2008_12_16_16:35:26.464   072.051.224.xxx   Alek (18)
2008_12_16_16:35:51.818   065.113.215.xxx   Hey frog, don't cross the road
2008_12_16_16:36:00.189   136.159.215.xxx   Dinner time?
2008_12_16_16:36:00.958   072.051.224.xxx   he got dat ladder again (19)
2008_12_16_16:36:07.509   024.187.017.xxx   Other NHL players love my sloppy seconds (19)
2008_12_16_16:36:29.579   024.187.017.xxx   TOMA CONYO (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_16_16:37:01.427   068.014.031.xxx   This economy is in the trash!
2008_12_16_16:37:05.199   065.113.215.xxx   holy h*** man...too much time but a good cause
2008_12_16_16:37:06.203   024.187.017.xxx   GET AWSOME CHANDELIERS @LINK DELETED (21)
2008_12_16_16:37:44.904   136.159.215.xxx   Yay for celiac research! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_16_16:38:15.502   024.187.017.xxx   WHY IS THERE A SKULL IN A CAT IN THE HAT- HAT (22)
2008_12_16_16:38:18.042   064.210.199.xxx   OH HAI
2008_12_16_16:38:19.656   072.051.224.xxx   When alek returns for his ladder turn all off (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_16_16:39:07.085   064.210.199.xxx   I can has drumstick?
2008_12_16_16:39:11.859   024.187.017.xxx   Other NHL players love my sloppy seconds (23)
2008_12_16_16:39:38.262   136.159.215.xxx   Hi child of Alek :) (11)
2008_12_16_16:40:10.078   065.113.215.xxx   okay oaky
2008_12_16_16:40:38.933   064.210.199.xxx   Christmas... ur doin it wrong (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_16_16:41:05.964   136.159.215.xxx   No, you're doing it right. :) (12)
2008_12_16_16:41:08.603   208.111.222.xxx   it's snowing here in PA
2008_12_16_16:41:28.122   065.113.215.xxx   I love Oregon!
2008_12_16_16:41:42.969   208.111.222.xxx   hi little kid
2008_12_16_16:41:44.267   012.159.056.xxx   it's snowing her in michigan
2008_12_16_16:42:17.675   208.111.222.xxx   Hi little boy
2008_12_16_16:42:18.285   072.051.224.xxx   There's ice everywhere here in Missouri (21)
2008_12_16_16:42:27.249   065.113.215.xxx   My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die
2008_12_16_16:42:46.331   216.037.228.xxx   person from PA, what area are you from?
2008_12_16_16:42:48.656   072.051.224.xxx   lol (22)
2008_12_16_16:42:59.811   064.210.199.xxx   Fantastic! (11)
2008_12_16_16:43:08.585   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** My name is HULK - vote for KFC!!! ***ALEK***
2008_12_16_16:43:22.981   208.111.222.xxx   do you sit there til the lights go off?
2008_12_16_16:43:25.544   216.037.228.xxx   wuts up alek?
2008_12_16_16:43:45.859   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Waaazzzzzuppppp!!!! ***ALEK***
2008_12_16_16:43:48.409   065.113.215.xxx   It's 4:43 in the PM and you're watching Perspectives. I'm your host, Lionel Osb
2008_12_16_16:44:02.427   216.037.228.xxx   lol...you do that everytime lol
2008_12_16_16:44:24.939   136.159.215.xxx   KFC #16 KFC #16 win for celiacs! Woo! (13)
2008_12_16_16:44:31.134   208.111.222.xxx   anyone on facebook?
2008_12_16_16:44:38.032   072.051.224.xxx   geez Homer looks like he falls hard when he deflates (23)
2008_12_16_16:44:41.846   216.037.228.xxx   HULK says vote KFC...
2008_12_16_16:44:47.892   065.113.215.xxx   yes. I am on facebook
2008_12_16_16:44:59.593   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Taking some pictures, so X10 controls disabled until 5'ish ***ALEK***
2008_12_16_16:45:08.404   216.037.228.xxx   same here...
2008_12_16_16:45:38.922   065.113.215.xxx   I hear that
2008_12_16_16:46:08.379   216.037.228.xxx   watch for alek...
2008_12_16_16:46:43.270   065.113.215.xxx   fark dot com. the best site evar? (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_16_16:47:43.275   072.051.224.xxx   THAR HE IS GET HIM! (24)
2008_12_16_16:48:19.863   065.113.215.xxx   I should be working... (11)
2008_12_16_16:50:39.487   072.051.224.xxx   THAR HE IS GET HIM! (25)
2008_12_16_16:51:08.910   075.081.247.xxx   This is weird
2008_12_16_16:52:04.724   072.051.224.xxx   He's taking pictures right now so we cant do anything (26)
2008_12_16_16:52:23.490   199.233.178.xxx   nice
2008_12_16_16:53:01.454   072.051.224.xxx   OH SHI I just realized that Buzz went missing (27)
2008_12_16_16:54:06.267   072.051.224.xxx   Both of em (28)
2008_12_16_16:54:22.003   064.210.199.xxx   BOING! (12)
2008_12_16_16:55:51.756   064.210.199.xxx   I'm amazing (13)
2008_12_16_16:55:59.584   097.102.255.xxx   097.102.255.xxx Great Spirit!
2008_12_16_16:56:46.421   072.051.224.xxx   Alek is obviously catering to the black community with all the KFC ads (29)
2008_12_16_16:57:34.648   097.102.255.xxx   Watch it.
2008_12_16_16:59:16.690   082.042.104.xxx   my girlfriends birthday in mins .
2008_12_16_17:01:04.311   075.075.180.xxx   Now is the time for all good boys and girsl to BEHAVE!
2008_12_16_17:01:31.882   062.101.065.xxx   hello
2008_12_16_17:02:55.550   069.012.138.xxx   Seasons greetings
2008_12_16_17:03:43.766   067.082.129.xxx   word
2008_12_16_17:04:10.838   068.093.080.xxx   YO MTV RAPS
2008_12_16_17:04:12.825   067.082.129.xxx   my daughter loves this
2008_12_16_17:04:32.408   064.251.133.xxx   Hoppy Halidays! cr
2008_12_16_17:05:20.397   081.101.206.xxx   Hi from Worthing in the UK
2008_12_16_17:05:57.129   069.149.184.xxx   Edmond, OK says hello!
2008_12_16_17:06:13.637   096.008.240.xxx   Merry Christmas from Texas!
2008_12_16_17:06:34.780   069.149.184.xxx   Travis Hagy is grounded for Christmas!
2008_12_16_17:07:28.136   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Done with pics - control of the house returned back to the Internet ***ALEK***
2008_12_16_17:08:04.509   069.149.184.xxx   not working!
2008_12_16_17:08:56.712   096.008.240.xxx   I made Homer faint!
2008_12_16_17:08:58.241   082.042.104.xxx   happy birthday to me today love jackie uk
2008_12_16_17:10:27.562   081.101.206.xxx   Good show Alek
2008_12_16_17:11:11.863   062.195.254.xxx   sup people merry christmas
2008_12_16_17:11:17.635   064.149.033.xxx   Great lights Alek! Merry Christmas!
2008_12_16_17:11:21.148   069.149.184.xxx   yes Virgina, there is a Santa Claus!
2008_12_16_17:12:13.010   216.037.228.xxx   just voted for you dude
2008_12_16_17:12:58.191   062.195.254.xxx   sup
2008_12_16_17:13:25.990   062.195.254.xxx   sup peoples
2008_12_16_17:13:54.421   062.195.254.xxx   hey why does it show my ip up there???
2008_12_16_17:14:47.622   062.195.254.xxx   no
2008_12_16_17:15:06.608   066.031.111.xxx   hi!
2008_12_16_17:16:08.739   062.195.254.xxx   REMOVE MY IP FROM UP THERE JEEZ
2008_12_16_17:16:20.115   024.116.075.xxx   piper taylor
2008_12_16_17:16:22.684   066.017.088.xxx   this is pretty cool, sorry to hear about your son, he will be in my prayers, Me
2008_12_16_17:16:32.621   062.163.216.xxx   novw.nl
2008_12_16_17:17:21.409   062.163.216.xxx   Type text & CR to see rheddo ?!eal-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_16_17:17:39.786   082.042.104.xxx   so mean no one wish me happy birthday
2008_12_16_17:17:46.509   098.115.037.xxx   thank you
2008_12_16_17:17:55.205   024.116.075.xxx   Piper taylor
2008_12_16_17:18:52.986   072.166.146.xxx   Boulder Rocks
2008_12_16_17:19:14.259   067.082.129.xxx   too many cracked windshields out there
2008_12_16_17:19:22.631   072.241.177.xxx   Chris Owns!!!!
2008_12_16_17:19:57.508   067.082.129.xxx   drinking and driving it cool
2008_12_16_17:20:43.693   072.241.177.xxx   Hey Emily
2008_12_16_17:21:20.539   086.016.142.xxx   boogalooooooo
2008_12_16_17:25:08.122   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Original, BBQ, or Extra Crispy?!? ***ALEK***
2008_12_16_17:25:21.353   072.051.224.xxx   IT'S CLOBBERING TIME!! - Hulk (30 IM's so far today)
2008_12_16_17:26:58.354   082.042.104.xxx   origanal is best kfc rocks
2008_12_16_17:29:44.231   098.024.016.xxx   Hello from NC!
2008_12_16_17:30:11.264   213.113.118.xxx   Hello from Sweden ! ___D
2008_12_16_17:32:41.187   130.076.064.xxx   awesomest dad evar - Picture - thanks!
2008_12_16_17:34:34.436   067.082.129.xxx   great job
2008_12_16_17:35:41.378   024.009.142.xxx   hi alek!
2008_12_16_17:36:17.112   082.042.104.xxx   hi alek plz wave its now my birthday jackie uk
2008_12_16_17:36:21.950   069.149.184.xxx   hi Josh, I love you!
2008_12_16_17:37:36.538   207.253.090.xxx   Hey Hey hey!
2008_12_16_17:37:47.905   142.177.237.xxx   I hear everybody is Flexin' AND Restin' these days...
2008_12_16_17:39:24.694   207.253.090.xxx   Hey, This is awesome, LINK DELETED
2008_12_16_17:40:14.706   207.253.090.xxx   That is dissapointing, F'N'R, How much money have you raised?
2008_12_16_17:40:37.800   098.243.190.xxx   Have a merry christmas Uncle Fred
2008_12_16_17:41:00.783   142.177.237.xxx   I see you...
2008_12_16_17:41:02.188   076.199.165.xxx   Merry Christmas from Milwaukee
2008_12_16_17:41:03.275   085.092.130.xxx   Alek u bent een lul
2008_12_16_17:41:21.875   098.243.190.xxx   Have a merry christmas Nicki
2008_12_16_17:41:22.425   097.102.113.xxx   merry christmas
2008_12_16_17:41:39.898   075.092.010.xxx   wendy wave
2008_12_16_17:41:48.766   207.253.090.xxx   Hola Senor, gracis from Mexico.
2008_12_16_17:42:03.573   076.024.100.xxx   HI
2008_12_16_17:42:17.048   085.092.130.xxx   coeliakie is voor zwakke mensen
2008_12_16_17:42:24.761   207.253.090.xxx   Alek YOU ARE MY HERO, I DONT CARE WHAT THEY SAY
2008_12_16_17:42:32.314   075.092.010.xxx   get wend and tell her to wave
2008_12_16_17:42:36.290   076.024.100.xxx   Screw It
2008_12_16_17:42:45.974   142.177.237.xxx   He's standing up!
2008_12_16_17:43:07.177   207.253.090.xxx   OH GOSH, I BETCHA HES EATING KFC
2008_12_16_17:43:10.521   219.131.237.xxx   He's gone??
2008_12_16_17:43:12.765   071.175.210.xxx   Merry Christmas From Pennsylvania
2008_12_16_17:43:18.123   085.092.130.xxx   hola wow pueblo mexicano a___n en mexico
2008_12_16_17:43:27.285   098.243.190.xxx   merry christmas Nicki and Olivia
2008_12_16_17:43:52.941   219.131.237.xxx   Merry Christmas Giles
2008_12_16_17:44:11.890   068.083.251.xxx   Hello and Happy Holidays Everayone!
2008_12_16_17:44:35.132   085.092.130.xxx   se ejecuta muy r___pidamente a trav___s de Rio Grande
2008_12_16_17:44:36.064   219.131.237.xxx   Does his house smell of KFC?
2008_12_16_17:44:36.977   142.177.237.xxx   neighbours aren't annoyed by this?
2008_12_16_17:45:13.598   075.180.234.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS SASHA & kYRAH!
2008_12_16_17:45:36.049   085.092.130.xxx   Ik wil likken wendys kont gat
2008_12_16_17:45:36.979   076.199.165.xxx   HO HO HO!
2008_12_16_17:45:41.931   024.082.164.xxx   The hunt begins
2008_12_16_17:45:44.107   075.180.234.xxx   NO SASHA
2008_12_16_17:46:13.051   085.092.130.xxx   Ik wil likken wendys kont gat
2008_12_16_17:46:20.516   098.206.012.xxx   Homer Rules!!!
2008_12_16_17:46:46.129   067.082.129.xxx   Hulk MAAAAD
2008_12_16_17:47:17.445   085.092.130.xxx   Alek u kleine we zeggen dat we wendy
2008_12_16_17:47:39.347   085.092.130.xxx   just kidding
2008_12_16_17:47:45.859   190.146.213.xxx   system plus
2008_12_16_17:48:17.602   069.223.038.xxx   Merry Xmas from Ohio!
2008_12_16_17:48:31.749   085.092.130.xxx   Uw huis ziet er belachelijk
2008_12_16_17:48:51.170   075.092.010.xxx   go get wendy to wave
2008_12_16_17:48:51.949   069.223.038.xxx   Go Bucks!
2008_12_16_17:49:30.559   075.092.010.xxx   go get wendy to wave
2008_12_16_17:49:37.445   069.223.038.xxx   Hi Alek!
2008_12_16_17:49:52.271   075.180.234.xxx   PLEASE DADDY
2008_12_16_17:50:10.319   075.092.010.xxx   go get wendy to wave
2008_12_16_17:50:11.109   085.092.130.xxx   dit is een stomme website. je hebt te veel (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_16_17:50:31.008   069.149.184.xxx   kyle is grounded for christmas hahahahaha
2008_12_16_17:51:04.027   075.092.010.xxx   check out my website is LINK DELETED
2008_12_16_17:51:14.793   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Kyle is 7 ... so I hope he has NOT been driving - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2008_12_16_17:51:24.158   069.149.184.xxx   josh is a cutiepatootie
2008_12_16_17:51:26.670   069.223.038.xxx   Merry Xmas to all!
2008_12_16_17:51:43.558   085.092.130.xxx   heel leuk voor de kinderen= very nice for the kids (11)
2008_12_16_17:51:47.994   069.149.184.xxx   kyle is watching you!
2008_12_16_17:52:14.855   069.223.038.xxx   mmmm xtra krispy
2008_12_16_17:52:25.862   069.149.184.xxx   josh is almost 6 years old!
2008_12_16_17:52:28.095   098.245.066.xxx   my cristmas lights look way better
2008_12_16_17:52:44.936   085.092.130.xxx   Alek wil je pijpt (12)
2008_12_16_17:53:03.809   075.092.010.xxx   my name is josh webb
2008_12_16_17:53:33.212   098.245.066.xxx   i am on  christmas break already
2008_12_16_17:53:41.806   069.149.184.xxx   hi my name is josh kappel (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_16_17:53:50.959   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** My name is the HULK and I approve this message! ***ALEK***
2008_12_16_17:54:37.592   071.248.026.xxx   Arthur Galpin was here!
2008_12_16_17:54:54.074   142.177.237.xxx   ___ too much time on his hands
2008_12_16_17:55:47.321   069.149.184.xxx   today is dec 16th, **** and it is almost my birthday (11)
2008_12_16_17:56:05.213   142.177.237.xxx   My christmas wish is for him to wave to me,
2008_12_16_17:56:29.642   069.149.184.xxx   today is december 16th almost my birthday! (12)
2008_12_16_17:56:41.282   082.042.104.xxx   burger king rocks
2008_12_16_17:56:51.647   098.245.066.xxx   Alex has alot of work for christams
2008_12_16_17:57:09.414   069.149.184.xxx   mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm kfc! (13)
2008_12_16_17:57:23.197   076.110.083.xxx   Hello from West Palm Beach FLORIDA!
2008_12_16_17:57:35.752   098.245.066.xxx   Alex nice car
2008_12_16_17:57:57.029   069.149.184.xxx   hi my name is kajosh! (14)
2008_12_16_17:58:21.142   069.149.184.xxx   we just decorated our tree  whoopp**eeee (15)
2008_12_16_17:58:21.179   076.110.083.xxx   We love Kellie Pickler
2008_12_16_17:58:28.975   098.245.066.xxx   mzy name is erick
2008_12_16_17:58:54.743   069.149.184.xxx   i like big b**** and i cannot lieeeeeee (16)
2008_12_16_17:59:05.417   076.110.083.xxx   We love Kellie Pickler
2008_12_16_17:59:13.702   098.245.066.xxx   mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
2008_12_16_17:59:24.704   069.149.184.xxx   chestnuts roasting on an open fireeeeeeee (17)
2008_12_16_17:59:55.907   069.149.184.xxx   jingle bell jingle bell jingle bell rock (18)
2008_12_16_18:00:43.508   098.245.066.xxx   why do you have some halloweeen decorations
2008_12_16_18:00:47.180   082.042.104.xxx   the kurnel is no longer (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_16_18:00:53.837   024.039.029.xxx   lawlz
2008_12_16_18:01:11.034   098.245.066.xxx   khuzftrzuiuuzde6uzhzcgdtz
2008_12_16_18:01:28.928   082.042.104.xxx   happy birthday jackie. love john (11)
2008_12_16_18:01:29.200   069.149.184.xxx   what?!/??!?!?!?!?!??!?!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?????!!! (19)
2008_12_16_18:01:45.624   098.245.066.xxx   hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
2008_12_16_18:02:28.242   098.245.066.xxx   215 people (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_16_18:03:09.989   071.008.223.xxx   hello
2008_12_16_18:03:38.017   071.008.223.xxx   caitlin, will you marry me?
2008_12_16_18:03:41.094   067.082.129.xxx   psshhhh
2008_12_16_18:03:42.094   098.245.066.xxx   who likes rock music (11)
2008_12_16_18:04:48.778   216.252.012.xxx   hi!
2008_12_16_18:05:05.015   069.250.136.xxx   Tyyea Terps !pe text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_16_18:05:20.327   067.239.044.xxx   dude i cant wait for christmas
2008_12_16_18:05:36.469   069.250.136.xxx   Yea Terps
2008_12_16_18:05:55.015   067.239.044.xxx   hello
2008_12_16_18:06:39.559   216.252.012.xxx   I am lovin' it!
2008_12_16_18:07:38.650   098.245.066.xxx   mz house has 500,000 lights at my house (12)
2008_12_16_18:08:22.718   064.012.116.xxx   The other day when I viewed you had some snow
2008_12_16_18:08:49.067   099.242.138.xxx   Hi from Orillia Ontario Canada!!
2008_12_16_18:08:59.528   098.245.066.xxx   kfc mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (13)
2008_12_16_18:09:11.915   064.012.116.xxx   Hi Canada from Atlanta, Georgia
2008_12_16_18:09:34.174   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** KFC - BUURRPP!! ***ALEK***
2008_12_16_18:11:05.979   098.245.066.xxx   alex yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (14)
2008_12_16_18:11:39.962   098.245.066.xxx   ba** (15)
2008_12_16_18:11:47.190   068.193.008.xxx   kfc kfc merry christmas
2008_12_16_18:12:22.466   098.245.066.xxx   ba** fish are tasty (16)
2008_12_16_18:12:22.846   068.193.008.xxx   hi from britt
2008_12_16_18:14:00.466   098.245.066.xxx   helo welcome to kfc how may i help zou (17)
2008_12_16_18:15:11.519   098.245.066.xxx   hello welcome to kfc how may i help you (18)
2008_12_16_18:15:36.358   098.209.244.xxx   Merry Christmas from Michigan!
2008_12_16_18:16:04.382   098.245.066.xxx   move your b*** alex (19)
2008_12_16_18:16:26.953   075.092.010.xxx   you won congrats
2008_12_16_18:16:58.427   064.013.089.xxx   I love my wife, Sarah!
2008_12_16_18:16:59.974   071.065.209.xxx   Merry Christmas from NC!!
2008_12_16_18:17:06.307   098.245.066.xxx   what (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_16_18:17:12.352   075.092.010.xxx   got to LINK DELETED
2008_12_16_18:17:34.525   130.088.174.xxx   Christmas is overrated....
2008_12_16_18:17:36.902   098.245.066.xxx   you stink (21)
2008_12_16_18:18:24.217   098.017.197.xxx   Happy Holidays All!!
2008_12_16_18:18:36.068   071.065.209.xxx   This is great!!!
2008_12_16_18:18:42.759   064.013.089.xxx   I love my wife, Sarah! She rules!
2008_12_16_18:19:14.945   065.078.108.xxx   Alaska needs Sarah Palin. Please keep her there.
2008_12_16_18:19:32.429   098.245.066.xxx   064,013,****14 (22)
2008_12_16_18:20:15.995   098.245.066.xxx   064,013,089,214 you stink (23)
2008_12_16_18:20:28.640   067.082.129.xxx   hi....................
2008_12_16_18:20:34.801   064.013.089.xxx   1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21...
2008_12_16_18:20:48.226   075.172.137.xxx   a very cool website, especially love tigger right next to the board
2008_12_16_18:21:05.419   098.245.066.xxx   064,013,089,214 you stink (24)
2008_12_16_18:21:09.903   067.082.129.xxx   hi
2008_12_16_18:21:33.302   071.245.161.xxx   beans taste like beans
2008_12_16_18:21:38.918   064.013.089.xxx   would you like to play a game?
2008_12_16_18:21:45.756   067.082.129.xxx   Merry Christmas (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_16_18:21:45.906   098.245.066.xxx   i am on  christmas break already (25)
2008_12_16_18:22:36.705   130.088.174.xxx   Fair play, Americans, fair play
2008_12_16_18:22:40.891   098.245.066.xxx   i am on  christmas break already any one else haaaahaaaa (26)
2008_12_16_18:23:02.804   099.228.117.xxx   Merry Christmas from Brampton, Ontario, Canada
2008_12_16_18:23:06.354   071.245.161.xxx   eggs sometimes smell funny
2008_12_16_18:23:23.369   064.013.089.xxx   jag talar inte bra svenska, men jag heter luc. vad heter du?
2008_12_16_18:23:29.859   071.245.161.xxx   Alek's Controllable Christmas Lights for Celiac Disease
2008_12_16_18:24:22.510   098.245.066.xxx   alex your lights stink like some one without lights (27)
2008_12_16_18:25:59.885   098.245.066.xxx   obama is a b**** (28)
2008_12_16_18:26:07.708   064.013.089.xxx   weak sauce
2008_12_16_18:26:38.599   098.245.066.xxx   i hate obama (29)
2008_12_16_18:27:49.044   075.092.010.xxx   its you peole that make are country sound bad (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_16_18:28:22.763   098.245.066.xxx   it's you (30 IM's so far today)
2008_12_16_18:29:08.544   075.092.010.xxx   no its you saying you hate our president that gives us freedom (11)
2008_12_16_18:29:48.274   098.245.066.xxx   who did you vote for (31)
2008_12_16_18:30:14.793   075.092.010.xxx   go live in africa i bet all those little kids would love to be here (12)
2008_12_16_18:31:25.370   098.245.066.xxx   who did you vote for  075,092,010,205 (32)
2008_12_16_18:32:51.545   070.134.213.xxx   Greetings Everyone!!!!
2008_12_16_18:33:30.406   098.245.066.xxx   macCain rules obama drules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (33)
2008_12_16_18:34:08.035   156.034.196.xxx   keep politics out of Christmas!
2008_12_16_18:34:30.265   098.245.066.xxx   no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (34)
2008_12_16_18:34:40.328   075.092.010.xxx   i voted for mccain but im still glade obama won (13)
2008_12_16_18:35:03.840   098.245.066.xxx   i'm not (35)
2008_12_16_18:35:24.008   075.092.010.xxx   go live in africa i bet all those little kids would love to be here (14)
2008_12_16_18:35:27.243   156.034.196.xxx   at least the evil of George Bush will soon end
2008_12_16_18:36:11.641   075.092.010.xxx   George bush got a shoe thrown at him (15)
2008_12_16_18:36:28.417   156.034.196.xxx   so sweet
2008_12_16_18:36:33.722   098.245.066.xxx   demacrats raise our gas prices (36)
2008_12_16_18:37:14.348   156.034.196.xxx   Merry Christmas
2008_12_16_18:37:43.078   098.245.066.xxx   demacrats raise our gas prices (37)
2008_12_16_18:38:05.208   156.034.196.xxx   Merry Christmas
2008_12_16_18:38:23.763   098.245.066.xxx   shut up (38)
2008_12_16_18:38:49.253   099.246.180.xxx   Great Site
2008_12_16_18:39:00.231   156.034.196.xxx   haha i killed Elmo
2008_12_16_18:39:28.571   098.245.066.xxx   it's my birthday (39)
2008_12_16_18:40:03.680   156.034.196.xxx   well Happy Birthday then
2008_12_16_18:40:37.114   098.245.066.xxx   oh no you didn't (40 IM's so far today)
2008_12_16_18:41:09.839   070.134.213.xxx   Hello Jaime
2008_12_16_18:41:23.806   156.034.196.xxx   stop bringing Elmo back 2 life d***it!
2008_12_16_18:41:53.196   070.134.213.xxx   Elmo Rocks!!
2008_12_16_18:42:14.312   156.034.196.xxx   Type teEl
2008_12_16_18:42:35.662   098.245.066.xxx   i killed elmo yesturday with a shotgun (41)
2008_12_16_18:42:35.880   099.002.125.xxx   paint it black!
2008_12_16_18:42:46.384   156.034.196.xxx   El k (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_16_18:43:11.796   098.245.066.xxx   i killed elmo yesturday with a shotgun (42)
2008_12_16_18:43:18.701   074.087.103.xxx   Hello from Wisconsin! Merry Christmas!
2008_12_16_18:43:33.310   156.034.196.xxx   i luv u (11)
2008_12_16_18:43:52.223   070.134.213.xxx   Kansas says Hello!!!!!
2008_12_16_18:44:03.454   098.245.066.xxx   you are g** (43)
2008_12_16_18:45:11.945   024.189.152.xxx   HELLO ANALISA
2008_12_16_18:45:30.935   216.078.203.xxx   Hello Kendall
2008_12_16_18:45:36.536   098.245.066.xxx   i love you dad! (44)
2008_12_16_18:46:09.038   156.034.196.xxx   sorry but Maury says i am not the father :P (12)
2008_12_16_18:46:33.207   216.078.203.xxx   merry christmas
2008_12_16_18:47:37.314   098.245.066.xxx   you rock dad (alex) (45)
2008_12_16_18:47:49.708   098.192.078.xxx   Alek, I'm the guy who posted it on OnRPG :D
2008_12_16_18:48:48.642   067.081.173.xxx   Is this for real?
2008_12_16_18:48:54.237   098.245.066.xxx   no   i was (46)
2008_12_16_18:49:27.551   156.034.196.xxx   no i did (13)
2008_12_16_18:50:37.000   156.034.196.xxx   riiiight :P (14)
2008_12_16_18:50:44.450   098.192.078.xxx   Hey Alek, it's Bryan, epic website
2008_12_16_18:54:44.388   069.121.249.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2008_12_16_18:55:54.932   069.121.249.xxx   Merry Christmas! Love - Pokemon!
2008_12_16_18:56:27.106   098.245.066.xxx   i am rich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 (47)
2008_12_16_18:57:15.435   068.184.242.xxx   Merry Christmas from Alaska!
2008_12_16_18:58:03.228   098.245.066.xxx   who want's ___100 dollars (48)
2008_12_16_18:58:43.076   067.081.173.xxx   Martie Pants!!!
2008_12_16_18:59:36.164   067.081.173.xxx   Jenny Pants.  Cut that out!!!
2008_12_16_19:00:03.705   098.245.066.xxx   who want's ___10,000 dollars (49)
2008_12_16_19:00:23.720   067.081.173.xxx   Extra Crispy!  Mmmmm....
2008_12_16_19:04:00.806   068.184.242.xxx   Kim Ba**man is so s* y!!!
2008_12_16_19:05:14.101   067.219.064.xxx   HI annaleise and chloe
2008_12_16_19:05:53.259   070.145.057.xxx   Jason and Kate look at the lights!
2008_12_16_19:06:24.100   067.219.064.xxx   HELLO SANTA I WANT A NEW ESCALADE
2008_12_16_19:06:32.971   075.068.219.xxx   This is very cool
2008_12_16_19:08:18.999   065.033.126.xxx   hello
2008_12_16_19:08:53.795   065.033.126.xxx   f*** that police
2008_12_16_19:09:26.709   065.033.126.xxx   we got absinthe
2008_12_16_19:10:02.640   082.059.118.xxx   Greetings from Italy!
2008_12_16_19:10:43.448   068.014.031.xxx   Anti Alcohol poster project ideas
2008_12_16_19:15:44.573   072.051.242.xxx   Get a funnel
2008_12_16_19:16:55.928   068.109.126.xxx   omg kfc
2008_12_16_19:18:02.827   161.136.005.xxx   nyo my god
2008_12_16_19:18:58.718   069.123.009.xxx   Hi toots!
2008_12_16_19:19:15.783   071.199.090.xxx   Dab the a*** Bear project
2008_12_16_19:19:37.680   068.014.031.xxx   ANY IDEAS FOR AN ANTI ALCOHOL PSA???
2008_12_16_19:19:43.677   071.199.090.xxx   Merry Christmas
2008_12_16_19:19:59.837   068.014.031.xxx   ANY IDEAS FOR AN ANTI ALCOHOL PSA???
2008_12_16_19:20:02.559   069.123.009.xxx   Skate or Die!
2008_12_16_19:20:22.712   070.017.109.xxx   no  thanks.
2008_12_16_19:20:38.247   068.014.031.xxx   Any ideas for an anti alcohol PSA????? help me!
2008_12_16_19:20:42.990   064.229.030.xxx   skaters s***
2008_12_16_19:21:04.137   069.123.009.xxx   YOU s***
2008_12_16_19:21:05.522   070.017.109.xxx   skater is so teenybopper!  lmfao!  black clothes and small wangs.
2008_12_16_19:21:16.253   068.014.031.xxx   f*!
2008_12_16_19:21:37.581   070.017.109.xxx   skaters are so lame,  they do it on parking lots! LMFAO!
2008_12_16_19:21:54.211   069.123.009.xxx   oh sorry... Britney Spears or Die!
2008_12_16_19:21:55.576   161.136.005.xxx   b****ific
2008_12_16_19:22:10.448   070.017.109.xxx   their weed is brown weed and they live with their parents!
2008_12_16_19:22:36.085   070.017.109.xxx   W))T!
2008_12_16_19:22:44.379   074.087.103.xxx   hello
2008_12_16_19:22:45.598   068.014.031.xxx   circumsized?
2008_12_16_19:22:50.868   205.188.116.xxx   hi all
2008_12_16_19:22:55.008   024.242.202.xxx   _______
2008_12_16_19:22:55.999   069.123.009.xxx   SKATE OR DIE b****ES!
2008_12_16_19:23:10.771   070.017.109.xxx   skaters have no jobs and they mooch off mom!
2008_12_16_19:23:33.159   068.014.031.xxx   @#_____________________@@@!!&_______________###
2008_12_16_19:23:44.989   064.229.030.xxx   skaters need to grow up and enter the real world
2008_12_16_19:23:47.842   070.017.109.xxx   they come crying to mom too when things don't go their way.
2008_12_16_19:24:15.490   068.014.031.xxx   this world s****
2008_12_16_19:24:20.743   070.017.109.xxx   skaters have no groin!
2008_12_16_19:24:38.052   064.229.030.xxx   i like to watch them cry when they break bones
2008_12_16_19:24:49.820   070.017.109.xxx   no  package, no junk!  nothing in the store!
2008_12_16_19:24:59.390   068.014.031.xxx   neither do fags! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_16_19:25:18.771   070.017.109.xxx   skaters are so emo freakazoids! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_16_19:25:24.012   064.229.030.xxx   skaters are fags
2008_12_16_19:25:26.374   069.123.009.xxx   MES IS A f**
2008_12_16_19:25:28.474   096.013.005.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!
2008_12_16_19:25:41.589   076.098.087.xxx   MAYFAIR SAY HI
2008_12_16_19:25:42.100   024.242.202.xxx   _______
2008_12_16_19:25:53.137   069.123.009.xxx   SKATE OR DIE!!!
2008_12_16_19:26:03.285   068.014.031.xxx   kill meeeeeeeee (11)
2008_12_16_19:26:30.695   076.098.087.xxx   MAYFAIE SUPPORTS BARRACK OBAMA
2008_12_16_19:26:31.834   064.229.030.xxx   skaters should choose the second option
2008_12_16_19:26:36.282   096.013.005.xxx   YOU PEOPLE NEED TO REALIZE THAT KIDS ARE VIEWING THIS
2008_12_16_19:27:06.381   064.229.030.xxx   sorry
2008_12_16_19:27:09.207   068.014.031.xxx   kids can't read (12)
2008_12_16_19:27:17.075   076.098.087.xxx   im only 13
2008_12_16_19:27:33.350   097.081.223.xxx   Merry Christmas
2008_12_16_19:27:35.233   074.087.103.xxx   God bless us, everyone! Merry Christmas from Wisconsin!!!
2008_12_16_19:27:40.572   064.229.030.xxx   i'm sorry
2008_12_16_19:28:09.611   096.013.005.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM GEORGIA TOO!!!
2008_12_16_19:28:35.068   069.123.009.xxx   HEATHER IS CUTE!
2008_12_16_19:28:46.677   064.229.030.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM CANADA
2008_12_16_19:29:04.177   076.098.087.xxx   STEVE D SAYS MERRY XMAS
2008_12_16_19:29:14.117   069.123.009.xxx   Heather has beautiful n*****s!
2008_12_16_19:29:40.722   069.123.009.xxx   Boogers (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_16_19:29:50.068   096.013.005.xxx   Grow up folks
2008_12_16_19:29:50.297   076.098.087.xxx   REAL MEN DRINK TEA
2008_12_16_19:29:55.759   070.017.109.xxx   little kids, awww isn't that dear going on about cuteness. (11)
2008_12_16_19:30:22.331   074.087.103.xxx   Donate to this cause everybody here. Help kids and fund research!
2008_12_16_19:30:42.533   070.017.109.xxx   skating, school, mom's wallet,  brown weed,  burger king.. (12)
2008_12_16_19:30:44.456   069.123.009.xxx   Bertha is a terrible name. (11)
2008_12_16_19:30:55.731   074.087.103.xxx   Donate a dollar at least!
2008_12_16_19:31:02.272   096.013.005.xxx   This is a wonderful display of lights!
2008_12_16_19:31:02.848   064.229.030.xxx   SHUT UP
2008_12_16_19:31:10.204   070.017.109.xxx   sorry to hear your name blows rocks. (13)
2008_12_16_19:31:14.107   069.123.009.xxx   NO YOU SHUT UP (12)
2008_12_16_19:31:46.754   192.231.071.xxx   whats up
2008_12_16_19:31:47.232   064.229.030.xxx   grow up (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_16_19:31:48.112   070.017.109.xxx   skaters,  what a lame path in life to be destined, like a*** (14)
2008_12_16_19:32:00.635   076.098.087.xxx   I CAME I SAW & I CAME AGAIN  HAHAHA
2008_12_16_19:32:16.366   070.017.109.xxx   yeh, in your mommy's guestroom. (15)
2008_12_16_19:32:38.422   076.098.087.xxx   my mommys guest room?
2008_12_16_19:32:58.233   070.017.109.xxx   yeh, we know where you keep the p***. (16)
2008_12_16_19:33:06.277   064.229.030.xxx   btw i have recorded ur ip addresses and reported you to the police (11)
2008_12_16_19:33:28.211   076.098.087.xxx   064.229.030.xxx  your a idiot
2008_12_16_19:33:30.770   070.017.109.xxx   so,  go on ahead, it's only a service address.  DUH skater. (17)
2008_12_16_19:34:02.733   064.229.030.xxx   umm im not a loser skater (12)
2008_12_16_19:34:08.837   076.098.087.xxx   LOL @ recorded your IP ADDRESS to the police
2008_12_16_19:34:10.622   074.087.103.xxx   BE GOOD FOR GOODNESS SAKES!
2008_12_16_19:34:11.900   070.017.109.xxx   skaters make the pages of janitors journal sticky. (18)
2008_12_16_19:35:07.305   064.229.030.xxx   skaters shouldbe fed to catholic priests (13)
2008_12_16_19:35:17.045   069.123.009.xxx   My camera's broken. (13)
2008_12_16_19:36:02.895   070.017.109.xxx   thank god for miracles. (19)
2008_12_16_19:37:37.868   069.123.009.xxx   I like the KFC bucket (14)
2008_12_16_19:38:35.176   069.123.009.xxx   I love you all and Happy Holidays! (15)
2008_12_16_19:38:48.821   070.017.109.xxx   the vomit bucket for after eating kfc. (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_16_19:39:51.597   069.123.009.xxx   Bertha, Will you marry me?! (16)
2008_12_16_19:40:21.563   070.017.109.xxx   bertha,  a very good fat emo skater's  lover name. (21)
2008_12_16_19:46:08.091   065.093.073.xxx   greetings from Ontario, Canada
2008_12_16_19:46:23.070   070.017.109.xxx   ...............eh. (22)
2008_12_16_19:47:51.371   065.093.073.xxx   hope everyone is having a great evening
2008_12_16_19:48:03.714   075.176.049.xxx   hello out there
2008_12_16_19:48:06.863   070.017.109.xxx   really now? (23)
2008_12_16_19:48:53.380   075.176.049.xxx   Hi David
2008_12_16_19:49:09.269   012.201.038.xxx   HI Colin
2008_12_16_19:49:39.183   012.201.038.xxx   Hi Stephanie Merry xmas
2008_12_16_19:50:05.315   075.164.139.xxx   Hi Natalie and Tuff
2008_12_16_19:51:38.779   075.164.139.xxx   t shirt and jeans is not fashionable
2008_12_16_19:52:00.182   070.017.109.xxx   no, skating is and whacking in mom's guestroom. (24)
2008_12_16_19:52:56.564   075.164.139.xxx   chicken
2008_12_16_19:53:00.113   024.021.119.xxx   psycho 5 shirt wearing heifer
2008_12_16_19:53:04.902   151.199.016.xxx   SANTA IS NOT REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_16_19:53:31.471   024.021.119.xxx   is too!!!!!!!
2008_12_16_19:53:57.327   075.164.139.xxx   ___Don't make him angry!
2008_12_16_19:54:03.447   151.199.016.xxx   I gots Proof.
2008_12_16_19:54:05.510   012.050.148.xxx   awesome job
2008_12_16_19:54:30.742   024.021.119.xxx   what do you call a psycho theif with no arms and legs ......robin!
2008_12_16_19:55:10.783   075.164.139.xxx   oh the joys of medication or lack thereof
2008_12_16_19:55:39.470   024.021.119.xxx   who needs yahoo messenger we have this
2008_12_16_19:56:07.286   024.021.119.xxx   Jesus with a booger!
2008_12_16_19:56:44.294   024.021.119.xxx   oh shoot goose hit the canopy
2008_12_16_19:57:28.200   024.021.119.xxx   My rib is loose!!!
2008_12_16_19:57:43.993   075.164.139.xxx   hooray i love the internets
2008_12_16_19:57:59.116   205.188.116.xxx   thats not good
2008_12_16_19:58:04.900   070.017.109.xxx   you mean bbq rib, tube brutto. (25)
2008_12_16_19:58:18.547   075.164.139.xxx   and snakes that go 65 miles an hour
2008_12_16_19:58:48.070   070.017.109.xxx   lmfao,  kids..    they need employment of value. (26)
2008_12_16_19:59:02.122   071.207.137.xxx   Merry Christmas
2008_12_16_19:59:16.822   070.017.109.xxx   skating is not a job. (27)
2008_12_16_20:01:14.719   097.117.171.xxx   skating is a job
2008_12_16_20:02:04.210   070.017.109.xxx   yeh, for a teenybopper with no junk. (28)
2008_12_16_20:02:17.821   024.021.119.xxx   oiyty foxx!!
2008_12_16_20:03:07.234   070.110.093.xxx   everything is bigger in texas
2008_12_16_20:03:12.088   070.017.109.xxx   oh oh  the eubonicks again. (29)
2008_12_16_20:03:22.712   024.021.119.xxx   except for your brain
2008_12_16_20:03:45.881   070.017.109.xxx   reason things are bigger in texas is because of the low i.q. (30 IM's so far today)
2008_12_16_20:04:11.238   070.110.093.xxx   who needs brains, if bush can do without em so can I
2008_12_16_20:04:35.234   070.017.109.xxx   oh oh bush fans. (31)
2008_12_16_20:05:18.451   070.110.093.xxx   bush is the man, even the shoes cant get him
2008_12_16_20:05:42.395   070.017.109.xxx   lmfao,  like i said texans are brainless wonders with no junk. (32)
2008_12_16_20:06:40.404   070.110.093.xxx   cant handle the truth...bigger is better
2008_12_16_20:06:56.903   070.017.109.xxx   lmfao,  sorry, sores don't count. (33)
2008_12_16_20:07:55.857   070.017.109.xxx   matter of fact, texans can't count. (34)
2008_12_16_20:08:04.973   024.008.083.xxx   Hey Alek, Hows the 50 Treating you?  Jason
2008_12_16_20:08:06.922   070.110.093.xxx   hey im proud of my crabs
2008_12_16_20:09:40.630   070.017.109.xxx   why am i not surprised.   go find that skater and talk teen. (35)
2008_12_16_20:14:36.554   071.190.000.xxx   nice hat
2008_12_16_20:15:15.085   071.190.000.xxx   alek let me see ur face in the cam plz
2008_12_16_20:15:50.243   071.190.000.xxx   alek look @ the cam plz
2008_12_16_20:16:33.008   071.190.000.xxx   im wating
2008_12_16_20:16:36.798   070.017.109.xxx   strange tumor. (36)
2008_12_16_20:17:38.876   071.190.000.xxx   alek look @ the cam plz
2008_12_16_20:17:50.254   075.145.166.xxx   nice lights and love it
2008_12_16_20:18:40.511   070.017.109.xxx   i see they pulled the husk to expose the fiber rich brain. (37)
2008_12_16_20:19:38.111   071.190.000.xxx   alek someones eating corn in the workshop oo not it ur head
2008_12_16_20:20:14.440   068.110.198.xxx   Amazing lights dude.
2008_12_16_20:20:36.552   071.190.000.xxx   the world nos that
2008_12_16_20:21:17.836   096.052.015.xxx   Wow! =)
2008_12_16_20:21:35.649   071.190.000.xxx   alek let me see ur face in the cam plz
2008_12_16_20:23:08.513   085.092.130.xxx   Alek wat is uw verdomde pech (13)
2008_12_16_20:23:25.143   068.110.198.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek - Jo
2008_12_16_20:24:08.457   071.070.246.xxx   Merry Christmas from NC
2008_12_16_20:25:26.931   085.092.130.xxx   manup nyt Jeesuksen Kristuksen olet typerys (14)
2008_12_16_20:26:16.924   068.110.198.xxx   Did you do it like this Sofia?
2008_12_16_20:26:38.750   085.092.130.xxx   alek are you sitting for celiac tonight (15)
2008_12_16_20:27:08.339   068.110.198.xxx   Do you liek mudkips?
2008_12_16_20:27:14.763   070.137.142.xxx   JO!! did it wuurrrkk??
2008_12_16_20:27:38.883   068.110.198.xxx   I herd you liek mudkips
2008_12_16_20:27:43.163   099.153.184.xxx   Happy Hannukkaukahkah!!
2008_12_16_20:28:03.159   068.187.183.xxx   Hello from the outer banks in NC
2008_12_16_20:29:43.952   075.092.010.xxx   is that wendy hiiiiiiii (16)
2008_12_16_20:30:33.605   068.110.198.xxx   Merry Christma**sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
2008_12_16_20:31:14.040   074.224.216.xxx   Happy Holidays!!!
2008_12_16_20:32:15.188   099.153.184.xxx   I'm a celiac maniac. Use my 15 bucks wisely.
2008_12_16_20:32:21.305   074.012.015.xxx   You so rock, but what's with the giant corn?
2008_12_16_20:32:23.906   068.110.198.xxx   That corn looks yummy.
2008_12_16_20:32:54.124   085.092.130.xxx   paul schneider here from mayfair **** vista street (16)
2008_12_16_20:32:59.352   074.012.015.xxx   corny
2008_12_16_20:33:04.397   070.017.109.xxx   you love plastic eh? (38)
2008_12_16_20:33:41.537   068.110.198.xxx   When Chuck Norris goes into the water he doesnt get wet, The water gets chuck n
2008_12_16_20:33:45.046   074.012.015.xxx   I do, full of vitamin P
2008_12_16_20:33:55.414   085.092.130.xxx   paul schneider here from mayfair philly. (17)
2008_12_16_20:34:01.407   070.017.109.xxx   oh the u**** vitamin. (39)
2008_12_16_20:34:10.394   099.229.003.xxx   Test
2008_12_16_20:34:28.506   085.092.130.xxx   who knows where i will be from next year (18)
2008_12_16_20:35:13.431   070.017.109.xxx   oh who you'll be. (40 IM's so far today)
2008_12_16_20:35:15.192   075.092.010.xxx   the oilet (17)
2008_12_16_20:36:00.726   207.224.034.xxx   Hi Becky, Wes and Robert
2008_12_16_20:36:02.374   075.092.010.xxx   i have footy pajamas on with pengunius (18)
2008_12_16_20:36:13.744   070.017.109.xxx   figures. (41)
2008_12_16_20:37:15.389   075.092.010.xxx   blow us a kiss alek (19)
2008_12_16_20:37:40.764   207.224.034.xxx   hi Becky
2008_12_16_20:37:47.897   068.110.198.xxx   Jackie Chan From China wishes you a merry xmas
2008_12_16_20:38:02.400   075.092.010.xxx   blow us a kiss alek (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_16_20:38:12.421   070.017.109.xxx   lmfao! (42)
2008_12_16_20:38:42.906   075.092.010.xxx   blow us a kiss alek (21)
2008_12_16_20:38:58.942   068.110.198.xxx   Hola Senor! Feliz Navidad!! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_16_20:39:15.822   075.092.010.xxx   blow us a kiss alek (22)
2008_12_16_20:39:21.776   070.137.142.xxx   haha Jo, youre hilarious (:
2008_12_16_20:39:28.169   071.052.058.xxx   me tired
2008_12_16_20:39:34.101   068.110.198.xxx   A/S/L gaiz? (11)
2008_12_16_20:40:08.259   066.242.063.xxx   Hello merry xmas all
2008_12_16_20:41:12.059   068.110.198.xxx   Darth Vader Here, Alek I am not your father. (12)
2008_12_16_20:42:57.326   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks Darth - is Homer Simpson your son - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2008_12_16_20:44:18.292   070.137.142.xxx   omg you read these. im scurred.
2008_12_16_20:45:05.319   071.068.081.xxx   okay this is cool!
2008_12_16_20:45:07.058   071.175.196.xxx   Wonderful lights
2008_12_16_20:45:10.020   068.110.198.xxx   How much does your electricity bill cost? (13)
2008_12_16_20:46:24.563   067.142.130.xxx   hey
2008_12_16_20:46:49.248   068.110.198.xxx   Alek, Is that yoda next to the screen? (14)
2008_12_16_20:48:11.082   166.214.196.xxx   Wonderful lights again this year !!
2008_12_16_20:49:40.154   068.110.198.xxx   Can I have some KFC? (15)
2008_12_16_20:49:55.149   024.183.013.xxx   Hello from Two Rivers,Wi.
2008_12_16_20:50:35.863   166.214.196.xxx   Hello from Maryville, TN !!
2008_12_16_20:50:35.714   067.142.130.xxx   Your sons look like they are great kids!  You should be proud!
2008_12_16_20:50:46.640   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Electrical data below the webcam images - couple bucks a day for a ton of fun! ***ALEK***
2008_12_16_20:51:39.754   067.142.130.xxx   Christmas is Great!  Praise the Lord!
2008_12_16_20:52:00.487   068.110.198.xxx   Spiderpig, Spiderpig, Does whatever a spiderpig does. (16)
2008_12_16_20:52:21.414   166.214.196.xxx   Hello from Maryville, TN
2008_12_16_20:52:41.606   068.110.198.xxx   Can he swing, from a web? No he cant.  Hes a pig.  D'OH! (17)
2008_12_16_20:55:02.429   068.110.198.xxx   GOOD NIGHT GUYS! (18)
2008_12_16_21:02:45.445   070.249.186.xxx   Feliz Navidad!
2008_12_16_21:03:42.306   067.142.130.xxx   God Bless Everyone!
2008_12_16_21:09:26.687   075.004.234.xxx   I'm stealing Millie!!!
2008_12_16_21:10:17.344   024.004.103.xxx   Merry Christmas Everyone!  Hunter & Dad
2008_12_16_21:12:01.966   024.004.103.xxx   Looks Busy In The Workshop
2008_12_16_21:12:48.045   024.004.103.xxx   So Many Thing To Do B4 Christmas!!!
2008_12_16_21:14:16.240   024.004.103.xxx   All I Want For Christmas Are My 2 Front Teeth
2008_12_16_21:15:19.564   024.004.103.xxx   Maybe A New turtle Cobra Would Be Nice Too
2008_12_16_21:15:56.211   024.004.103.xxx   Turtle???
2008_12_16_21:18:21.858   097.118.151.xxx   JK
2008_12_16_21:19:11.789   068.146.234.xxx   KFC won't let me vote. D'oh.
2008_12_16_21:19:29.016   024.004.103.xxx   hi
2008_12_16_21:20:16.370   097.118.151.xxx   Good luck with the KFC contest
2008_12_16_21:21:05.448   024.004.103.xxx   wowo
2008_12_16_21:21:41.004   024.004.103.xxx   kfc?
2008_12_16_21:22:24.644   024.004.103.xxx   hi man in bakground (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_16_21:22:50.212   024.004.103.xxx   hi man in bakground ! (11)
2008_12_16_21:24:46.269   099.236.121.xxx   very cool idea
2008_12_16_21:25:03.385   208.001.030.xxx   Our son is home from Iraq!!! Yip**eeee!!
2008_12_16_21:25:13.691   071.233.253.xxx   very cleaver
2008_12_16_21:25:17.120   024.004.103.xxx   I love it to (12)
2008_12_16_21:25:47.520   071.233.253.xxx   kick a** webpage
2008_12_16_21:26:32.540   208.001.030.xxx   Merry Christmas Everyone!!
2008_12_16_21:27:00.550   024.004.103.xxx   Merry Christmas to you to (13)
2008_12_16_21:27:05.086   208.001.030.xxx   Is that a . . . . . corncob over the lappy????
2008_12_16_21:28:17.612   024.004.103.xxx   yes (14)
2008_12_16_21:29:39.248   099.236.121.xxx   isnt the inflate/deflate damaging to the airprops?
2008_12_16_21:30:36.943   024.004.103.xxx   waive (15)
2008_12_16_21:31:58.455   096.230.238.xxx   Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!
2008_12_16_21:34:07.699   024.004.103.xxx   you know no one lies elmo (16)
2008_12_16_21:35:39.485   099.012.195.xxx   Elmo wished christmas every day then toster repair shop?
2008_12_16_21:36:44.081   076.214.031.xxx   is this blowing anyone else's mind?
2008_12_16_21:37:12.555   099.012.195.xxx   Mind already blown...
2008_12_16_21:37:28.484   076.214.031.xxx   what is that guy looking at?
2008_12_16_21:37:56.529   099.012.195.xxx   Elvis!
2008_12_16_21:38:28.286   076.214.031.xxx   can we tell him to do stuff... break dance...pat his head? is he trapped?
2008_12_16_21:38:59.305   071.090.108.xxx   Hello!
2008_12_16_21:39:04.129   099.012.195.xxx   Like Charlie Manson?
2008_12_16_21:39:33.727   076.214.031.xxx   no, like audience suggestions at a comedy show
2008_12_16_21:39:42.145   024.004.103.xxx   yea (17)
2008_12_16_21:40:06.383   076.214.031.xxx   and why are all the clocks on different times...
2008_12_16_21:40:40.350   099.012.195.xxx   24 time zones at the North Pole
2008_12_16_21:40:58.230   076.214.031.xxx   he left!
2008_12_16_21:41:35.556   099.012.195.xxx   Went to feed the Raindeer
2008_12_16_21:41:40.202   024.004.103.xxx   yea (18)
2008_12_16_21:41:57.879   076.214.031.xxx   how is he related to santa? he's certainly not making toys
2008_12_16_21:42:33.476   099.012.195.xxx   a helper?
2008_12_16_21:43:18.342   076.214.031.xxx   yeah, accountant... IT guy? whateve's ... i love it! Merry Xmas!
2008_12_16_21:43:26.055   099.012.195.xxx   NOEL
2008_12_16_21:43:58.832   024.004.103.xxx   rite (19)
2008_12_16_21:44:07.332   099.012.195.xxx   Site said it used to be faked...  still faked?
2008_12_16_21:44:30.001   024.004.103.xxx   what (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_16_21:45:05.850   099.012.195.xxx   No, but I know his brother Who. (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_16_21:45:15.735   076.021.168.xxx   Hey man
2008_12_16_21:45:50.635   193.157.225.xxx   elmo is evil
2008_12_16_21:46:34.796   193.157.225.xxx   Musicmoz rules!
2008_12_16_21:47:14.475   069.254.216.xxx   THEY TOOK OUR JOBS!!! :O
2008_12_16_21:48:01.388   012.052.225.xxx   cool
2008_12_16_21:48:27.147   069.254.216.xxx   neat
2008_12_16_21:50:56.702   024.004.103.xxx   he is back (21)
2008_12_16_21:51:00.274   012.052.225.xxx   I see you!!!
2008_12_16_21:51:40.788   024.004.103.xxx   cool (22)
2008_12_16_21:52:00.462   141.132.011.xxx   Rock On!
2008_12_16_21:52:32.568   098.115.037.xxx   i love you becky
2008_12_16_21:52:47.326   141.132.011.xxx   Shoutz to Jim
2008_12_16_21:52:49.064   024.004.103.xxx   o k (23)
2008_12_16_21:52:54.579   096.231.165.xxx   I hate you. -Al Gore
2008_12_16_21:53:21.038   024.004.103.xxx   o k (24)
2008_12_16_21:54:05.777   024.004.103.xxx   I love my mom (25)
2008_12_16_21:54:35.585   141.132.011.xxx   Greetz from Uni of Ballarat!
2008_12_16_21:55:35.616   076.093.083.xxx   Helloooo world!
2008_12_16_21:55:58.022   024.004.103.xxx   hi (26)
2008_12_16_21:56:01.832   076.093.083.xxx   my name is Abel
2008_12_16_21:56:36.241   024.004.103.xxx   so is my frends (27)
2008_12_16_21:56:59.156   070.176.057.xxx   Well, that is rather corny looking!
2008_12_16_21:57:04.619   076.093.083.xxx   maybe I AM your friend!
2008_12_16_21:57:15.398   141.132.011.xxx   All ur controlz r belongz 2 us
2008_12_16_21:57:42.432   024.004.103.xxx   Mady you are (28)
2008_12_16_21:58:22.802   024.004.103.xxx   Mady you are ! (29)
2008_12_16_21:58:43.808   076.093.083.xxx   do you know my last name?
2008_12_16_21:59:23.806   076.120.042.xxx   Mmm, fried chicken!
2008_12_16_21:59:27.896   024.004.103.xxx   I donet think so (30 IM's so far today)
2008_12_16_21:59:57.380   076.093.083.xxx   yeah, its very unlikely.  Well, have a good evening and take care!

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