1,253 christmas text messages on 2008/1217

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 17,513 times that day including 12,257 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1217

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2008_12_17_16:00:24.835   082.042.104.xxx   HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKIE. LOVE JOHN
2008_12_17_16:00:41.590   066.024.198.xxx   BOOO!!
2008_12_17_16:01:08.117   063.170.080.xxx   WOW!
2008_12_17_16:01:08.297   139.182.111.xxx   OMG ITS 4!!! FUN TIMES!
2008_12_17_16:01:14.566   082.042.104.xxx   HELLO TO ALEK AND YOUR FAMILY. LOVE UK
2008_12_17_16:01:19.096   066.024.198.xxx   I see what you did there
2008_12_17_16:01:29.603   070.077.110.xxx   awesome job!!!
2008_12_17_16:01:39.538   075.092.010.xxx   wave wendy
2008_12_17_16:01:40.361   070.167.246.xxx   Hai from ThinkGeek!
2008_12_17_16:02:10.171   075.092.010.xxx   wave wendy
2008_12_17_16:02:14.251   070.077.110.xxx   Thinkgeek twittered you, so I came here.
2008_12_17_16:02:21.016   210.000.083.xxx   greg rulz!
2008_12_17_16:02:22.766   209.112.171.xxx   Hello from Alaska!
2008_12_17_16:02:26.260   063.170.080.xxx   Hello from Oregon!
2008_12_17_16:02:41.238   071.062.114.xxx   This is amaaaaaaaazing.
2008_12_17_16:02:43.580   075.092.010.xxx   wave wendy
2008_12_17_16:02:46.762   098.209.109.xxx   HI From Michigan
2008_12_17_16:02:56.850   063.254.243.xxx   Hello from Littleton
2008_12_17_16:03:01.416   024.021.224.xxx   Hello From PDX!!
2008_12_17_16:03:04.442   139.182.111.xxx   Thinkgeek = new slashdoted!
2008_12_17_16:03:12.957   130.013.104.xxx   Jason i love you!! We will be fine as long as we're together
2008_12_17_16:03:14.806   208.067.191.xxx   Thsi website looks terrible
2008_12_17_16:03:20.078   082.042.104.xxx   PLEASE WAVE ALEK. WE LOVE WHAT YA DOING
2008_12_17_16:03:23.178   208.126.117.xxx   Hi from Western Iowa!
2008_12_17_16:03:47.173   075.092.010.xxx   i voted for you alek on kfc
2008_12_17_16:03:53.532   159.119.128.xxx   Hi from Southern California!
2008_12_17_16:03:56.674   074.074.197.xxx   Rochester, NY, sends holiday greetings!!
2008_12_17_16:04:08.948   098.209.109.xxx   mmmm KFC!!
2008_12_17_16:04:11.433   130.013.104.xxx   Jason I love you and I am so proud of you. XOXO!!!
2008_12_17_16:04:16.917   075.092.010.xxx   i voted for you alek on kfc
2008_12_17_16:04:17.553   070.114.195.xxx   Hi from Cedar Park, Texas!
2008_12_17_16:04:20.184   082.042.104.xxx   KOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
2008_12_17_16:04:32.551   063.170.080.xxx   I can has KFC?
2008_12_17_16:04:53.444   075.092.010.xxx   i voted for you alek on kfc
2008_12_17_16:04:56.963   063.254.243.xxx   AWESOME!!!
2008_12_17_16:04:58.727   210.000.083.xxx   greg rulz!
2008_12_17_16:05:20.401   071.062.114.xxx   Lmao. Melting snowmen FTW.
2008_12_17_16:05:24.845   075.092.010.xxx   i voted for you alek on kfc
2008_12_17_16:05:40.356   063.254.243.xxx   I voted on KFC too!!!
2008_12_17_16:05:41.304   024.021.224.xxx   Wow, I thougt this was a joke at first.
2008_12_17_16:05:48.777   130.013.104.xxx   Jason is so awesome!
2008_12_17_16:05:55.852   075.092.010.xxx   i voted for you alek on kfc
2008_12_17_16:05:57.749   070.077.110.xxx   Merry Christmas - from BC, Canada
2008_12_17_16:06:25.990   075.092.010.xxx   i voted for you alek on kfc
2008_12_17_16:06:28.614   063.254.243.xxx   Go Steelers!!!
2008_12_17_16:06:33.951   082.042.104.xxx   whats the orange ball in garden
2008_12_17_16:06:36.589   066.031.181.xxx   Merry XMAS from Taunton, MA
2008_12_17_16:06:40.259   024.021.224.xxx   check out LINK DELETED
2008_12_17_16:07:14.505   082.042.104.xxx   whats the orange ball in front alek
2008_12_17_16:07:25.256   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yes, a lot of surfers from ThinkGeek - love those guys! ***ALEK***
2008_12_17_16:07:31.995   063.254.243.xxx   Steelers!!!
2008_12_17_16:07:47.077   075.092.010.xxx   i voted for you alek on kfc (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_16:07:50.778   066.031.181.xxx   ThinkGeek rulz
2008_12_17_16:08:16.084   071.062.114.xxx   I want to adopt that frosty family.
2008_12_17_16:08:28.158   075.092.010.xxx   i voted for you alek on kfc (11)
2008_12_17_16:08:32.399   208.126.117.xxx   this is awesome! thanks thinkgeek! (LINK DELETED
2008_12_17_16:08:55.099   012.207.059.xxx   whoza whatza
2008_12_17_16:08:58.083   082.042.104.xxx   these lights are gona look cool soon when darker
2008_12_17_16:09:24.920   208.067.191.xxx   this website is ugly
2008_12_17_16:09:27.533   075.092.010.xxx   i voted for you alek on kfc (12)
2008_12_17_16:09:30.641   063.170.080.xxx   Gee I wonder how many characters will fit
2008_12_17_16:10:09.595   075.092.010.xxx   i voted for you alek on kfc (13)
2008_12_17_16:10:10.211   065.028.043.xxx   This is cool!!!
2008_12_17_16:10:14.959   068.073.219.xxx   I like Buzz Lightyear!
2008_12_17_16:10:36.690   074.057.123.xxx   Type text & CR WOto see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_17_16:10:47.419   092.003.060.xxx   this is brillent
2008_12_17_16:10:51.348   070.246.170.xxx   hi
2008_12_17_16:10:55.979   082.042.104.xxx   rip the kernal..
2008_12_17_16:11:13.524   065.028.043.xxx   I Miss the AFL, :o(
2008_12_17_16:11:28.764   068.073.219.xxx   I wish the clock over his head was Eastern Time.
2008_12_17_16:11:41.283   082.042.104.xxx   WOW 568 p**PS WATCHIN MORE AND MORE EACH DAY
2008_12_17_16:11:43.181   074.057.123.xxx   8=====D _________ (:
2008_12_17_16:11:49.873   024.021.224.xxx   The people outside have got to be wondering WTH?
2008_12_17_16:12:04.715   067.161.092.xxx   ZOMG!  THINKGEEK!
2008_12_17_16:12:22.084   071.006.027.xxx   hahaha this is freakin awesome
2008_12_17_16:12:35.592   024.029.045.xxx   Where's the button to turn the sun off?
2008_12_17_16:12:44.287   063.254.243.xxx   Too Cool!!! Go Steelers!!!
2008_12_17_16:12:48.416   076.177.101.xxx   hey
2008_12_17_16:12:56.210   071.006.027.xxx   d00d. im so bored
2008_12_17_16:12:57.599   074.057.123.xxx   8====D SUPER p****
2008_12_17_16:13:00.235   064.160.148.xxx   /em seizures
2008_12_17_16:13:21.125   092.003.060.xxx   ttttttttttttttt
2008_12_17_16:13:44.069   068.238.218.xxx   Io saturnalia!
2008_12_17_16:13:48.582   092.003.060.xxx   this is brillent
2008_12_17_16:13:48.841   074.171.130.xxx   DON'T YOU KNOW THE DEWEY DECIMAL SYSTEM?!
2008_12_17_16:14:02.345   082.042.104.xxx   was there fresh snow today alek (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_16:14:15.095   066.216.166.xxx   SERVER IS OVERLOADED. :-(
2008_12_17_16:14:23.185   068.167.214.xxx   aliens are coming
2008_12_17_16:14:26.931   092.003.060.xxx   this is brillent
2008_12_17_16:14:26.991   074.171.130.xxx   SPATULA CITY!
2008_12_17_16:14:58.082   092.003.060.xxx   how do u do this
2008_12_17_16:15:02.445   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks you everyone that voted for my KFC Entry! ***ALEK***
2008_12_17_16:15:48.255   074.171.130.xxx   I wonder where that fish has gone?
2008_12_17_16:15:52.626   074.057.123.xxx   s0ss p**en 8====D ___ ___ PEW PEW
2008_12_17_16:16:22.549   074.057.123.xxx   LAZER WANG 8====D PEW PEW PEW
2008_12_17_16:16:51.431   074.171.130.xxx   No ketchup?
2008_12_17_16:16:54.111   074.057.123.xxx   PEW PEW PEW 8===D LAZOR WANG
2008_12_17_16:17:02.318   064.160.148.xxx   What button to explode hulk?
2008_12_17_16:17:23.253   075.092.010.xxx   i just poooooped (14)
2008_12_17_16:17:54.079   024.029.045.xxx   Seriously... where's the button to turn the sun off?!
2008_12_17_16:17:56.172   072.229.166.xxx   Homer!!!!!!!
2008_12_17_16:18:00.008   074.057.123.xxx   PEWe pew pew epw -.0 foof
2008_12_17_16:18:29.342   075.092.010.xxx   the steelheads arecoming t my school tommorow (15)
2008_12_17_16:18:35.301   074.171.130.xxx   Be alert. The world needs more lerts.
2008_12_17_16:19:04.684   064.160.148.xxx   why so serious?
2008_12_17_16:19:17.345   075.092.010.xxx   BOISE STATE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (16)
2008_12_17_16:19:19.772   130.013.104.xxx   4:20 WOOT!!!
2008_12_17_16:19:57.536   065.189.026.xxx   Merry Christmas! ___3 moto62
2008_12_17_16:20:02.618   075.092.010.xxx   BOISE STATE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (17)
2008_12_17_16:20:34.014   071.132.103.xxx   whooosshhh
2008_12_17_16:20:37.034   130.013.104.xxx   no it doesnt az does and btw 4:20 Woot!!!
2008_12_17_16:20:44.225   074.057.123.xxx   BOISE STATE HAS SMALL P33N 8=D
2008_12_17_16:20:45.526   068.073.219.xxx   Go WMU!!
2008_12_17_16:21:06.468   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Sun is starting to drop below horizon - lights will look better shortly. ***ALEK***
2008_12_17_16:21:15.762   067.066.164.xxx   Go EMU!!
2008_12_17_16:21:18.712   075.092.010.xxx   BOISE STATE ROCKS I LIVE IN IDAHO AND IM A BRONCO FAN (18)
2008_12_17_16:21:20.911   074.057.123.xxx   bOISE STATE HAS SMALL P33N 8=D
2008_12_17_16:21:43.682   074.171.130.xxx   Corn!
2008_12_17_16:21:48.513   065.189.026.xxx   this is great site!
2008_12_17_16:21:54.039   074.057.123.xxx   HUGE CORN 8===D OPEN MOUTH (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_16:21:57.848   130.013.104.xxx   lmao
2008_12_17_16:22:14.147   075.092.010.xxx   DONT TALK ABOUT YOUR SELF LIKE THAT 8-p (19)
2008_12_17_16:22:19.987   087.237.219.xxx   crazy
2008_12_17_16:22:24.148   074.057.123.xxx   LAZOR CORK 8==D PEW PEW PEW (11)
2008_12_17_16:22:32.559   130.013.104.xxx   KFC has good corn lol
2008_12_17_16:22:52.738   074.057.123.xxx   LAZOR CORK 8===D PEW PEW PEW PEW (12)
2008_12_17_16:22:53.559   075.092.010.xxx   HELLO LITTLE BOY HAHAHAHA (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_16:23:22.584   074.057.123.xxx   look its a p**** 8===D !!! (13)
2008_12_17_16:23:58.378   068.073.219.xxx   who is that on your back?
2008_12_17_16:24:00.177   081.129.202.xxx   wow
2008_12_17_16:24:23.674   082.036.114.xxx   hello peps
2008_12_17_16:25:01.709   074.057.123.xxx   especially a lazor one, pew pew pew 8===D (14)
2008_12_17_16:25:24.155   068.167.214.xxx   aliens are coming
2008_12_17_16:25:33.748   074.057.123.xxx   pa pa pa pew pew pew pew (15)
2008_12_17_16:25:33.956   079.196.234.xxx   hey you there. its me. santa!
2008_12_17_16:25:37.796   071.132.103.xxx   whooosshhh
2008_12_17_16:26:06.818   068.167.214.xxx   aliens!!!!
2008_12_17_16:26:09.084   074.057.123.xxx   8=======================================================================D BROKE? (16)
2008_12_17_16:26:10.578   065.189.026.xxx   i love you santa
2008_12_17_16:26:15.093   079.196.234.xxx   hey you with the pink thing. you are g**!!!
2008_12_17_16:26:26.388   130.013.104.xxx   Bally Total Fitness s**** b*** !
2008_12_17_16:26:45.043   202.180.076.xxx   Carla is so beautiful
2008_12_17_16:26:47.683   074.057.123.xxx   PA PEW PEW 8========================================D splas ______ (17)
2008_12_17_16:27:19.027   074.057.123.xxx   is it safe?!?!??! is it secret??! (18)
2008_12_17_16:27:20.881   068.167.214.xxx   question authority
2008_12_17_16:27:26.946   092.003.060.xxx   how do u do this
2008_12_17_16:27:39.267   068.162.216.xxx   HOORAY FOR THE ALLIANCE NAVY!
2008_12_17_16:27:47.780   074.057.123.xxx   is it safe?! (19)
2008_12_17_16:28:03.646   075.218.136.xxx   hello
2008_12_17_16:28:17.099   074.057.123.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time inIS IT  Santa's Workshop Cam! (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_16:28:18.606   098.244.153.xxx   ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US!
2008_12_17_16:28:19.861   202.180.076.xxx   rockjonny is rocking your world
2008_12_17_16:28:23.704   068.162.216.xxx   Merry Xmas  From the AN!
2008_12_17_16:28:30.638   074.171.130.xxx   rm -rf
2008_12_17_16:28:42.139   074.057.123.xxx   You recently IM'ed - window will refresh when you can do again (21)
2008_12_17_16:28:46.683   079.196.234.xxx   hey you with the black shirt! i can see you!
2008_12_17_16:28:46.760   065.189.026.xxx   love the music cr
2008_12_17_16:28:49.220   068.167.214.xxx   monkey!!
2008_12_17_16:29:07.853   024.029.045.xxx   Alek needs to add some IP banning
2008_12_17_16:29:08.090   074.057.123.xxx   You recently IM'ed - window will refresh when you can do again (22)
2008_12_17_16:29:11.825   130.013.104.xxx   bananas!
2008_12_17_16:29:43.434   070.092.170.xxx   Hi, Alek's son! Merry Christmas!
2008_12_17_16:29:47.104   095.033.121.xxx   a cool page ___) i like it.. greeting from north germany
2008_12_17_16:29:50.174   098.244.153.xxx   Voted!!
2008_12_17_16:29:54.421   074.057.123.xxx   You recently IM'ed - window will refresh when you can do again (23)
2008_12_17_16:30:05.412   130.013.104.xxx   we voted too! HOPE YOU WIN!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_16:30:19.898   068.162.216.xxx   AN ROX UR SOX
2008_12_17_16:30:31.573   070.092.170.xxx   Hi, Alek's son! Merry Christmas!
2008_12_17_16:30:31.881   067.066.164.xxx   Go EMU!!
2008_12_17_16:30:36.041   074.057.123.xxx   MY CAT IS STUCK IN THDE DRYER___?! 0.0 (24)
2008_12_17_16:30:38.150   065.189.026.xxx   wth? i never see my text in the workshop??
2008_12_17_16:30:56.961   082.036.114.xxx   hello
2008_12_17_16:30:58.778   068.167.214.xxx   imagine
2008_12_17_16:31:02.056   070.092.170.xxx   Hi, Alek's son! Merry Christmas!
2008_12_17_16:31:02.778   074.171.130.xxx   Sooooooul Calibuuuuuuuuuur
2008_12_17_16:31:07.278   074.057.123.xxx   HEY KID! SANTA ISNT REAL! (25)
2008_12_17_16:31:12.586   065.189.026.xxx   but of course i see that one
2008_12_17_16:31:15.662   068.162.216.xxx   I WISH I HAD A MILLION DOLLARS SO I COULD BUY A PONY THAT WOULD EAT FUD
2008_12_17_16:31:36.598   074.057.123.xxx   SANTA LIED TO YOU! HE'S REAL (26)
2008_12_17_16:31:38.718   067.066.164.xxx   You'll shoot your eye out!
2008_12_17_16:31:40.048   070.092.170.xxx   Hi, Alek's son! Merry Christmas!
2008_12_17_16:31:44.192   068.162.216.xxx   this is amazing.
2008_12_17_16:31:51.094   074.171.130.xxx   I accidently the corn...
2008_12_17_16:31:54.184   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** No talking about Santa while Kyle is in the room!!! ***ALEK***
2008_12_17_16:32:04.639   082.036.114.xxx   this is the madist thing i ever seen
2008_12_17_16:32:13.785   205.188.116.xxx   my grandkids love this website
2008_12_17_16:32:22.652   065.189.026.xxx   santa rocks!
2008_12_17_16:32:29.780   074.057.123.xxx   Santa's wife? (27)
2008_12_17_16:32:36.628   130.013.104.xxx   Slayer!!!!!!!!!!!!! (11)
2008_12_17_16:32:44.694   070.092.170.xxx   Kyle, you have a great dad, you must be proud of him.
2008_12_17_16:32:48.915   068.108.048.xxx   What a lovely idea!
2008_12_17_16:32:53.462   068.162.216.xxx   I WANT TO RIDE MY BICYCLE I WANT TO RIDE MY BIKE
2008_12_17_16:32:56.360   065.189.026.xxx   PANTERA!!!!!!!
2008_12_17_16:33:16.830   139.067.209.xxx   Wooo! How do sup***illians resist?!
2008_12_17_16:33:16.823   068.167.214.xxx   santa is real :'(
2008_12_17_16:33:21.601   130.013.104.xxx   DIMEBAG!!!!! (12)
2008_12_17_16:33:21.906   070.077.110.xxx   This thing is schweeet!
2008_12_17_16:33:23.840   068.162.216.xxx   HAI
2008_12_17_16:33:44.367   071.121.225.xxx   Inflate, Homer!
2008_12_17_16:34:02.388   070.077.110.xxx   ___m/
2008_12_17_16:34:05.466   065.189.026.xxx   twittered the site
2008_12_17_16:34:41.024   068.162.216.xxx   i want to go to sleep b****is site is keeping me up
2008_12_17_16:34:56.809   068.073.219.xxx   Bumbles Bounce
2008_12_17_16:35:00.448   068.167.214.xxx   santa is real :'(
2008_12_17_16:35:08.831   070.077.110.xxx   ___m/
2008_12_17_16:35:17.258   068.162.216.xxx   LIES SANTA IS FAKE
2008_12_17_16:35:18.919   090.212.192.xxx   Hi from England!
2008_12_17_16:35:26.323   071.121.225.xxx   Just tweeted the site!
2008_12_17_16:35:31.729   139.067.209.xxx   ___(___.___)___ ___(___.______)(______.___)___ v(___.___)v
2008_12_17_16:35:44.155   070.077.110.xxx   I ___3 Santa!
2008_12_17_16:35:44.377   068.167.214.xxx   Santa is a liar
2008_12_17_16:35:45.764   095.033.121.xxx   a grate play.. on .. off... on.. off.... its so cool this site
2008_12_17_16:36:01.395   075.218.136.xxx   Santa is not fake!!!!!
2008_12_17_16:36:11.745   068.073.219.xxx   wax on... wax off....
2008_12_17_16:36:26.991   098.244.153.xxx   Yay prescription cought syrups!!!!
2008_12_17_16:36:31.727   068.167.214.xxx   Santa is a liar (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_16:36:31.839   075.218.136.xxx   I see corn
2008_12_17_16:36:54.258   070.092.170.xxx   Kyle, great job with the KFC display!
2008_12_17_16:36:55.988   089.241.202.xxx   good evening Alek, hope your all well. Broke up from work for the Christmas hol
2008_12_17_16:36:58.355   068.167.214.xxx   santa is a liar (11)
2008_12_17_16:37:03.137   068.073.219.xxx   Bumbles Bounce
2008_12_17_16:37:06.232   165.069.090.xxx   hello?
2008_12_17_16:37:15.291   130.013.104.xxx   ....And Knowing Is Half The Battle! (13)
2008_12_17_16:37:20.695   098.244.153.xxx   (BTW, yet another Twitter-er reffed by Think Geek)
2008_12_17_16:37:41.070   070.092.170.xxx   Kyle, great job with the KFC display!
2008_12_17_16:38:00.658   071.121.225.xxx   Think Geek is about to make this site go crazy!
2008_12_17_16:38:04.876   065.189.026.xxx   follow moto62 on twitter (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_16:38:31.237   082.143.158.xxx   posdrawiam Was ciule
2008_12_17_16:38:56.997   098.244.153.xxx   Hubby thinks the site is done ahead of time. I dun care if it is or isn't so lo
2008_12_17_16:39:00.371   091.104.164.xxx   Kfc For All , Merry Christmas Alek . god bless you. London, Uk
2008_12_17_16:39:19.321   024.018.011.xxx   @epicfotoguy was here from twitter
2008_12_17_16:40:00.586   065.189.026.xxx   i'm wanting kfc for some reason (11)
2008_12_17_16:40:24.183   024.018.011.xxx   @epicfotoguy says I want KFC too
2008_12_17_16:40:41.235   065.189.026.xxx   i love the ladder climbing santa! (12)
2008_12_17_16:40:43.603   089.241.202.xxx   your makin me hungry!!
2008_12_17_16:40:57.573   066.140.072.xxx   Merry christmas Kellye
2008_12_17_16:41:19.075   090.212.192.xxx   I'm in England and I want KFC!
2008_12_17_16:41:26.049   024.018.011.xxx   Hey you!  Wave!  says @epicfotoguy
2008_12_17_16:41:29.863   065.189.026.xxx   oh (13)
2008_12_17_16:41:38.232   130.013.104.xxx   By The Power Of Greyskull! (14)
2008_12_17_16:41:59.049   024.018.011.xxx   SHE-RA!!!!
2008_12_17_16:42:01.321   090.212.192.xxx   KFC for me!
2008_12_17_16:42:03.295   089.241.202.xxx   I HAVE THE POWEEEERRRRRR!
2008_12_17_16:42:34.744   065.189.026.xxx   NiNe Thousand!!!!!! (14)
2008_12_17_16:42:40.304   130.013.104.xxx   She-Ra! (15)
2008_12_17_16:42:46.352   202.021.128.xxx   Merry Xmas from me
2008_12_17_16:43:09.249   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** 4 Linux Apache Web Servers are handling the load well so far ***ALEK***
2008_12_17_16:43:11.060   065.169.195.xxx   holy carp. BEES!
2008_12_17_16:43:21.443   081.129.244.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek, from scotland
2008_12_17_16:43:41.999   024.018.011.xxx   Hey Kid! Wear the KFC Bucket as a hat and dance!
2008_12_17_16:43:54.785   139.182.111.xxx   @Alek 4!!!! Nice!
2008_12_17_16:43:55.163   082.036.114.xxx   hi all im ri
2008_12_17_16:44:13.884   081.129.244.xxx   Alek give us a thumbs up in the background there mate
2008_12_17_16:44:14.282   063.170.080.xxx   Hi Chris!
2008_12_17_16:44:24.353   082.036.114.xxx   sean b***ri
2008_12_17_16:44:26.845   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Have to move Giant Santa so wife can get car out of garage - see webcam1 ***ALEK***
2008_12_17_16:44:27.818   130.013.104.xxx   Merry Christmas from the Chamberlains in Arizona (16)
2008_12_17_16:44:45.331   024.018.011.xxx   Hi Chamberlains!
2008_12_17_16:45:00.531   130.013.104.xxx   hello (17)
2008_12_17_16:45:09.763   202.021.128.xxx   I can't believe its not butter!!!!
2008_12_17_16:45:15.168   090.212.192.xxx   Merry Christmas from Central England too!
2008_12_17_16:45:48.791   024.018.011.xxx   Happy Festivus from @epicfotoguy
2008_12_17_16:46:15.410   082.036.114.xxx   hi alll bri from england
2008_12_17_16:46:30.048   082.042.104.xxx   any jobs going there in usa, from the uk. (11)
2008_12_17_16:46:34.319   065.189.026.xxx   awesomeness i voted for #16!!! (15)
2008_12_17_16:46:47.840   082.036.114.xxx   dean you there
2008_12_17_16:46:54.308   065.169.195.xxx   Whee! On! Off! Bleep!
2008_12_17_16:47:17.609   081.153.237.xxx   b******
2008_12_17_16:47:21.524   082.036.114.xxx   sean ya there
2008_12_17_16:47:58.797   082.036.114.xxx   hi sean b******s
2008_12_17_16:48:12.088   130.013.104.xxx   no (18)
2008_12_17_16:48:21.087   063.170.080.xxx   Who designed the CSS on this page?
2008_12_17_16:48:29.224   065.169.195.xxx   omg, i can see your ip. :o
2008_12_17_16:48:29.876   082.036.114.xxx   duck (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_16:48:52.784   130.013.104.xxx   quack (19)
2008_12_17_16:48:55.075   063.097.043.xxx   Is this thing on?
2008_12_17_16:49:01.416   082.036.114.xxx   i waNT SUMN DUCK (11)
2008_12_17_16:49:05.182   081.129.244.xxx   quack
2008_12_17_16:49:06.927   065.169.195.xxx   suggest minor masking of ips on that display thar.
2008_12_17_16:49:17.042   202.021.128.xxx   TRADE ME RULES!
2008_12_17_16:49:31.592   063.170.080.xxx   Never gonna give you up!
2008_12_17_16:49:32.461   081.129.244.xxx   bang
2008_12_17_16:49:38.268   024.018.011.xxx   Oh look!  If you stare long enough santa will moon you!
2008_12_17_16:49:44.630   082.036.114.xxx   I WANT SUM MONEY PLZ (12)
2008_12_17_16:50:07.471   202.021.128.xxx   LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!!!
2008_12_17_16:50:23.351   063.170.080.xxx   Never going to let you down!
2008_12_17_16:50:24.702   082.036.114.xxx   WHO THATS GUY IN THE CAM (13)
2008_12_17_16:50:25.272   065.169.195.xxx   ... I suddenly crave lunch. Mmm, chicken bucket.
2008_12_17_16:50:25.792   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** How about some Extra Crispsy Instead! ***ALEK***
2008_12_17_16:50:28.319   082.042.104.xxx   why is santa lying face down (12)
2008_12_17_16:50:33.615   063.097.043.xxx   Hi Mom
2008_12_17_16:50:38.442   081.129.244.xxx   boooooooooooo
2008_12_17_16:51:02.867   063.170.080.xxx   AHHHHH!
2008_12_17_16:51:08.863   063.097.043.xxx   hello monty
2008_12_17_16:51:13.903   068.225.251.xxx   hi mom
2008_12_17_16:51:17.612   082.036.114.xxx   WHOS THAT GGUY IN THE CAM (14)
2008_12_17_16:51:40.463   072.200.167.xxx   SANTA WON'T INFLATE
2008_12_17_16:51:55.802   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, who is that guy in the cam - Colonel Sanders perhaps? ***ALEK***
2008_12_17_16:51:57.842   082.036.114.xxx   SUNM OF THE FUTTIONS DNT WORK (15)
2008_12_17_16:52:00.624   063.170.080.xxx   He moved it. (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_16:52:10.892   068.225.251.xxx   hi ca**
2008_12_17_16:52:30.166   072.200.167.xxx   SANTA IS A DUD
2008_12_17_16:52:38.056   090.212.192.xxx   oh no, something wrong with santa
2008_12_17_16:52:43.393   068.225.251.xxx   caden
2008_12_17_16:52:45.452   082.036.114.xxx   HELLO WHO THAT GUY (16)
2008_12_17_16:52:59.976   065.189.026.xxx   WHO DEY!!! (16)
2008_12_17_16:53:11.430   090.212.192.xxx   Alek help Santa
2008_12_17_16:53:12.437   068.225.251.xxx   caden
2008_12_17_16:53:16.055   065.169.195.xxx   Jolly Fat Man, down!
2008_12_17_16:53:16.069   063.097.043.xxx   I'm hungry
2008_12_17_16:53:16.758   081.129.244.xxx   here comes the wife on cam 1
2008_12_17_16:53:43.885   063.097.043.xxx   nice
2008_12_17_16:53:51.720   067.100.016.xxx   h*** Tommy, Hell.............CR
2008_12_17_16:53:52.810   068.225.251.xxx   caden
2008_12_17_16:54:10.655   081.129.244.xxx   bye mrs alek lol
2008_12_17_16:54:15.303   090.212.192.xxx   Santa won't stand up :(
2008_12_17_16:54:34.338   063.170.080.xxx   Thats what she said, (11)
2008_12_17_16:54:35.619   068.225.251.xxx   they drove over santa!
2008_12_17_16:54:53.275   090.212.192.xxx   Santa dead!
2008_12_17_16:54:57.524   081.129.244.xxx   santa is off just now as they were getting the car out doh!
2008_12_17_16:55:17.042   072.200.167.xxx   HE LIVES!
2008_12_17_16:55:23.877   081.129.244.xxx   and he is back
2008_12_17_16:55:27.778   068.225.251.xxx   yess!
2008_12_17_16:55:36.719   063.097.043.xxx   really, this works?!?!
2008_12_17_16:55:38.002   090.212.192.xxx   oh i am so happy to see Santa
2008_12_17_16:55:42.136   097.100.142.xxx   Type text &hey there CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_17_16:55:45.031   082.036.114.xxx   MATTY YOU THERE (17)
2008_12_17_16:55:47.962   074.236.246.xxx   Hi Bub
2008_12_17_16:55:56.815   072.200.167.xxx   HELLO from CT
2008_12_17_16:56:15.401   077.102.146.xxx   bri u there
2008_12_17_16:56:16.830   065.189.026.xxx   hi darin! (17)
2008_12_17_16:56:33.329   082.036.114.xxx   JI MATTY (18)
2008_12_17_16:56:37.939   063.170.080.xxx   I just lost the game! (12)
2008_12_17_16:56:41.375   097.100.142.xxx   hey ther from florida
2008_12_17_16:56:43.291   090.212.192.xxx   text & cr (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_16:56:45.203   068.225.251.xxx   hes robbing them!
2008_12_17_16:56:49.657   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** OK - got wife's car out of garage - Santa is back up - HO-HO-HO! ***ALEK***
2008_12_17_16:56:58.026   072.200.167.xxx   ho ho ho
2008_12_17_16:57:07.098   077.102.146.xxx   oi you move from the cam cus ur ugly
2008_12_17_16:57:12.740   068.225.251.xxx   four eyes
2008_12_17_16:57:28.198   097.100.142.xxx   hi from florida
2008_12_17_16:57:29.919   072.200.167.xxx   be nice jacka**
2008_12_17_16:57:35.927   065.189.026.xxx   i hate mean people (18)
2008_12_17_16:57:52.761   081.153.237.xxx   santa s*** him self ho ho
2008_12_17_16:57:54.258   082.042.104.xxx   cant deflate the car (13)
2008_12_17_16:58:00.100   072.200.167.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_17_16:58:14.588   216.228.112.xxx   foobar
2008_12_17_16:58:25.371   081.153.237.xxx   b******
2008_12_17_16:58:27.476   090.212.192.xxx   text & CR (11)
2008_12_17_16:58:28.634   194.164.143.xxx   does this work for me?
2008_12_17_16:58:45.868   216.228.112.xxx   haha! that's fun
2008_12_17_16:58:47.996   063.170.080.xxx   I just lost the game! (13)
2008_12_17_16:58:48.432   082.036.114.xxx   FRONT YARD DEAD # (19)
2008_12_17_16:58:51.039   072.200.167.xxx   bunch of jerks here don't like santa
2008_12_17_16:59:02.497   090.212.192.xxx   I deflated Mr Simpson (12)
2008_12_17_16:59:06.403   077.102.146.xxx   its dark on the front yard lol
2008_12_17_16:59:13.175   065.189.026.xxx   i love the cursor doh! (19)
2008_12_17_16:59:15.308   066.168.092.xxx   Merry Christmas everybody!
2008_12_17_16:59:28.530   082.036.114.xxx   FRONT YARD DED (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_16:59:38.846   194.164.143.xxx   Merry Christmas to you too!
2008_12_17_16:59:43.371   090.212.192.xxx   It's dark in England too, it's midnight! (13)
2008_12_17_16:59:48.584   081.153.237.xxx   do u cry for u mummy lol bri
2008_12_17_17:00:05.863   072.200.167.xxx   dark in ct also 7pm
2008_12_17_17:00:47.248   082.042.104.xxx   wont burger king fit in ya garden (14)
2008_12_17_17:00:54.470   081.153.237.xxx   nooooooooooooooooooooow
2008_12_17_17:01:29.443   082.042.104.xxx   wont burger king fit in ya garden (15)
2008_12_17_17:01:30.405   070.017.064.xxx   what? seen your reflection?
2008_12_17_17:02:11.745   072.200.167.xxx   SANTA here ! What u want for xmas? (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_17:02:16.451   081.153.237.xxx   hi bri m8
2008_12_17_17:02:27.575   082.036.114.xxx   HI SEAN (21)
2008_12_17_17:02:42.872   076.100.003.xxx   blow me
2008_12_17_17:03:00.008   065.189.026.xxx   hi greg how's it? (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_17:03:07.875   070.017.064.xxx   sorry, i don't do electrolux wannabees.
2008_12_17_17:03:23.231   072.200.167.xxx   blow yourself moron (11)
2008_12_17_17:03:40.653   070.017.064.xxx   oh the grammar,  go cry to mother.
2008_12_17_17:03:49.734   063.170.080.xxx   We have your IP. (14)
2008_12_17_17:03:47.693   199.094.084.xxx   _______
2008_12_17_17:04:02.773   072.200.167.xxx   santa here now! (12)
2008_12_17_17:04:18.286   081.153.237.xxx   sheep are black like u
2008_12_17_17:04:20.601   194.164.143.xxx   xoxoxoxoxoxox
2008_12_17_17:04:42.969   072.200.167.xxx   ho ho ho (13)
2008_12_17_17:04:45.423   090.212.192.xxx   Who turned my light off? (14)
2008_12_17_17:05:11.817   090.212.192.xxx   and where's homer? (15)
2008_12_17_17:05:16.235   194.164.143.xxx   which light?
2008_12_17_17:05:25.920   081.153.237.xxx   bri did
2008_12_17_17:05:35.040   075.112.130.xxx   STop messing with my lights!
2008_12_17_17:05:39.641   082.036.114.xxx   SEANB I WANT GF DO U (22)
2008_12_17_17:05:41.025   070.017.064.xxx   your lights?  interesting so then you can pay the bills.
2008_12_17_17:06:00.961   173.088.085.xxx   wheeeeee
2008_12_17_17:06:10.489   082.036.114.xxx   MUST COST ALOT IN ELERTIC (23)
2008_12_17_17:06:16.185   063.170.080.xxx   This is AWESOME! (15)
2008_12_17_17:06:27.135   070.017.064.xxx   oh the grammar.
2008_12_17_17:06:29.916   081.153.237.xxx   bri u  there
2008_12_17_17:06:52.908   072.200.167.xxx   kfc? chicken farm (14)
2008_12_17_17:06:54.942   070.017.064.xxx   bri?  you talk to cheese?
2008_12_17_17:07:09.556   090.212.192.xxx   electric must cost at least 10 dollars a night (16)
2008_12_17_17:07:15.246   173.088.085.xxx   The chair is against the wall
2008_12_17_17:07:33.921   070.017.064.xxx   no, it doesn't.  i have more lights and it only costs me ___30 a month.
2008_12_17_17:08:03.955   070.017.064.xxx   so no it doesn't COST THAT MUCH!
2008_12_17_17:08:10.734   082.036.114.xxx   WERE DUDGE GONE (24)
2008_12_17_17:08:30.576   072.200.167.xxx   FINGER LICKEN (15)
2008_12_17_17:08:38.228   090.212.192.xxx   Does Santa light up? (17)
2008_12_17_17:08:46.967   082.036.114.xxx   WERE IS THE GUY WHO OWNS TIS GONE (25)
2008_12_17_17:09:23.488   090.212.192.xxx   ooh it gone very dark (18)
2008_12_17_17:09:27.213   194.164.143.xxx   KFC I Recon
2008_12_17_17:09:34.913   024.224.100.xxx   Hllo from Mooresville, NC
2008_12_17_17:09:44.070   070.017.064.xxx   you love that fatty crap don't ya?
2008_12_17_17:09:59.231   090.212.192.xxx   KFC for me please, can you post it to England? (19)
2008_12_17_17:10:18.506   070.017.064.xxx   KFC:  killing fat caucasians. (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_17:10:24.557   024.224.100.xxx   I love KFC too
2008_12_17_17:10:25.539   072.200.167.xxx   DARK TIME (16)
2008_12_17_17:10:35.039   082.036.114.xxx   IM HUNGER (26)
2008_12_17_17:10:50.722   063.170.080.xxx   The sky looks green. (16)
2008_12_17_17:11:00.971   090.212.192.xxx   I'm going to the other site like this one soon (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_17:11:01.149   070.017.064.xxx   that's english, right? (11)
2008_12_17_17:11:04.545   068.040.038.xxx   Merry Christmas everyone!  Let's pray for a better ****.
2008_12_17_17:11:16.052   194.164.143.xxx   it looks black in the uk
2008_12_17_17:11:16.115   065.189.026.xxx   climbing santa is back!! (21)
2008_12_17_17:11:31.744   090.212.192.xxx   Santa does light up! (21)
2008_12_17_17:11:35.287   024.224.100.xxx   Santa FTW
2008_12_17_17:11:36.153   070.017.064.xxx   pray?  lmfao!   oh  yes, what an extraordinary excuse! (12)
2008_12_17_17:11:36.629   082.036.114.xxx   LETS SHOT HIM (27)
2008_12_17_17:11:52.026   071.129.046.xxx   Way cool
2008_12_17_17:12:06.568   063.170.080.xxx   Shot him? (17)
2008_12_17_17:12:10.312   070.017.064.xxx   let's shot him?  is that english,  you're inept. (13)
2008_12_17_17:12:38.011   090.212.192.xxx   LOL let's shot him  - good english! (22)
2008_12_17_17:12:58.435   063.170.080.xxx   INternets = win! (18)
2008_12_17_17:12:59.226   072.200.167.xxx   server dying (17)
2008_12_17_17:13:33.104   090.212.192.xxx   was it wet? (23)
2008_12_17_17:13:33.567   063.170.080.xxx   The auto refresh is killing me. (19)
2008_12_17_17:13:39.360   097.102.255.xxx   What's the KFC about??
2008_12_17_17:13:42.259   068.040.038.xxx   Amazing site - Thank you
2008_12_17_17:14:05.464   063.170.080.xxx   Who designed your CSS? (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_17:14:10.026   090.212.192.xxx   oh dying, i thought you said drying (24)
2008_12_17_17:14:33.612   072.200.167.xxx   ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho (18)
2008_12_17_17:14:51.820   074.057.123.xxx   IVE GOT THE PPENTH (28)
2008_12_17_17:14:57.374   099.194.045.xxx   HEY ALEK AWSOME WEBSITE
2008_12_17_17:15:04.650   070.017.064.xxx   mo mo mo mo mo (14)
2008_12_17_17:15:36.151   070.017.064.xxx   the all caps typer is a momma's boy. (15)
2008_12_17_17:15:54.854   072.200.167.xxx   pray for peace people (19)
2008_12_17_17:16:00.283   099.194.045.xxx   HO HO HO 8 MORE DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS
2008_12_17_17:16:02.909   065.189.026.xxx   say no to celiac disease, vote #16 (22)
2008_12_17_17:16:11.467   070.017.064.xxx   pray?  that's useless..  who you pray to god? (16)
2008_12_17_17:16:47.972   072.200.167.xxx   yeah (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_17:16:48.897   075.165.024.xxx   pray to FSM
2008_12_17_17:16:49.538   065.189.026.xxx   pray for you, thats what i'll do (23)
2008_12_17_17:16:57.271   071.129.046.xxx   Jesus?
2008_12_17_17:16:59.723   099.194.045.xxx   IF IT WEREENT FOR GOD WE WOULD NOT HAVE CHRISTMAS
2008_12_17_17:17:02.218   194.164.143.xxx   peace? a wish and a half surely?
2008_12_17_17:17:04.941   070.017.064.xxx   hah, what a joke! (17)
2008_12_17_17:17:24.980   072.200.167.xxx   you da joke (21)
2008_12_17_17:17:39.058   070.017.064.xxx   don't patronize me you xtian!  pray for yourself,   weirdo. (18)
2008_12_17_17:17:46.980   065.189.026.xxx   you'll see the jokes on you (24)
2008_12_17_17:17:50.596   099.194.045.xxx   GOD AND JESUS ARE NOT A JOKE YOU ARE
2008_12_17_17:18:10.331   072.200.167.xxx   yeah what he/she said (22)
2008_12_17_17:18:11.800   070.017.064.xxx   god and jesus..   both folklore,  you pray to stories.  LMFAO! (19)
2008_12_17_17:18:18.469   067.239.044.xxx   dude i cant wait for christmas
2008_12_17_17:18:41.353   065.189.026.xxx   this site is for charity. lets be nice (25)
2008_12_17_17:18:45.267   070.017.064.xxx   xtians steal all the holidays, start wars and then pray! HA! (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_17:18:47.355   099.194.045.xxx   WOW DYD JOKE ABOUT GOD AND JESUS
2008_12_17_17:18:48.359   072.200.167.xxx   must be a towel head (23)
2008_12_17_17:18:57.274   074.057.123.xxx   8======D look! (29)
2008_12_17_17:19:06.582   075.165.024.xxx   bahaha
2008_12_17_17:19:20.308   070.017.064.xxx   xtians are also racists.     love war and hate freedom. (21)
2008_12_17_17:19:22.007   067.177.141.xxx   Merry Christmas ___Misclique___
2008_12_17_17:19:23.390   072.200.167.xxx   must be a rag head (24)
2008_12_17_17:19:26.182   099.194.045.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS
2008_12_17_17:19:34.166   068.040.038.xxx   Knock it off
2008_12_17_17:19:37.724   074.057.123.xxx   it's a real live p**enth 8===D (30 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_17:19:48.666   075.165.024.xxx   let's eat some KFC
2008_12_17_17:19:52.410   070.017.064.xxx   that's how they explain things away, blame an iraqui.  LMFAO! (22)
2008_12_17_17:20:00.211   065.189.026.xxx   lets be nice for alex's site (26)
2008_12_17_17:20:03.946   203.129.025.xxx   yay for stuff!
2008_12_17_17:20:06.826   067.177.141.xxx   I'm a f*****. Put some d*** in me.
2008_12_17_17:20:07.706   072.200.167.xxx   Merry Christmas! (25)
2008_12_17_17:20:16.829   099.194.045.xxx   CHECK OUT LINK DELETED
2008_12_17_17:20:24.556   068.040.038.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2008_12_17_17:20:28.005   070.017.064.xxx   it was xtians who blew up the WTC.    how about that xtian. (23)
2008_12_17_17:20:53.151   205.188.116.xxx   what is with the giant corn
2008_12_17_17:20:58.538   067.177.141.xxx   Merry Christmas Xooshiani
2008_12_17_17:20:59.518   099.194.045.xxx   CHECK OUT LINK DELETED
2008_12_17_17:21:02.743   065.189.026.xxx   i wish alex would block you (27)
2008_12_17_17:21:03.443   072.200.167.xxx   your mothers a xtians (26)
2008_12_17_17:21:16.670   076.097.190.xxx   poop
2008_12_17_17:21:26.106   066.188.130.xxx   Holy poop
2008_12_17_17:21:29.373   099.194.045.xxx   CHECK OUT LINK DELETED
2008_12_17_17:21:39.176   067.177.141.xxx   Merry Xmas all!
2008_12_17_17:21:47.722   072.200.167.xxx   go back to your hole in the ground (27)
2008_12_17_17:21:53.655   099.194.045.xxx   IJHNJKJK___ (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_17:21:53.981   205.188.116.xxx   what is with the giant corn
2008_12_17_17:22:00.676   076.097.190.xxx   I LOVE U
2008_12_17_17:22:05.993   065.189.026.xxx   follow moto62 on twitter (28)
2008_12_17_17:22:15.861   066.188.130.xxx   Someone likes KFC?
2008_12_17_17:22:35.184   082.036.114.xxx   NICE KFC (28)
2008_12_17_17:22:36.268   099.194.045.xxx   PRESS 9 IF YOU HAVE A CLUBPENGUIN (11)
2008_12_17_17:22:40.793   076.097.190.xxx   blacks
2008_12_17_17:22:41.402   074.057.123.xxx   check out my gigantorlazor pe4nith 8===D pew papew (31)
2008_12_17_17:22:41.745   090.212.192.xxx   KFC for me! (25)
2008_12_17_17:22:55.931   194.164.143.xxx   Where's santa gone?
2008_12_17_17:23:02.976   070.017.064.xxx   fatty. (24)
2008_12_17_17:23:06.874   076.097.190.xxx   ur black
2008_12_17_17:23:16.045   089.242.169.xxx   text
2008_12_17_17:23:31.907   072.200.167.xxx   i'm still here ho ho ho! (28)
2008_12_17_17:23:33.478   070.017.064.xxx   first i was iraqui now i'm black.. what next...  lmfao! (25)
2008_12_17_17:23:57.369   076.097.190.xxx   so ur a black iraqi?
2008_12_17_17:24:11.296   072.200.167.xxx   even better (29)
2008_12_17_17:24:28.967   099.194.045.xxx   LETS TALK ABOUT OTHER THINGS LIKE CHRISTMAS (12)
2008_12_17_17:24:42.863   072.200.167.xxx   agreed (30 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_17:24:44.969   074.057.123.xxx   pa pa paew pew pew lazor cork 8====D (32)
2008_12_17_17:24:45.600   203.129.025.xxx   leave em off so he doesnt' get a huge power bill :O
2008_12_17_17:25:12.506   099.194.045.xxx   DO YOU EVEN LIKE CHRISTMAS CAUSE I DO (13)
2008_12_17_17:25:15.940   090.212.192.xxx   Bye (26)
2008_12_17_17:25:17.028   074.057.123.xxx   lazor cork 8==d papapewpewp ewpew (33)
2008_12_17_17:25:42.255   070.017.064.xxx   you have nothing microd***. (26)
2008_12_17_17:25:51.318   203.129.025.xxx   eeediot p**** head
2008_12_17_17:25:53.985   089.242.169.xxx   merry Christmas !
2008_12_17_17:26:17.167   065.207.072.xxx   Hello @thinkgeek
2008_12_17_17:26:18.235   070.017.064.xxx   hands you an electron microscope and tweezers so you can play. (27)
2008_12_17_17:26:23.888   072.200.167.xxx   white christmas here! (31)
2008_12_17_17:26:32.162   074.057.123.xxx   my lazor gpetnis shooots lazerz 7===D ewqpew (34)
2008_12_17_17:26:36.695   096.225.229.xxx   Hi Ana!!
2008_12_17_17:26:37.865   089.242.169.xxx   where is herw?
2008_12_17_17:27:03.348   074.057.123.xxx   gIGANTORZ 8===== +=== +====D (35)
2008_12_17_17:27:14.280   089.242.169.xxx   i meant, where is here
2008_12_17_17:27:18.010   194.164.143.xxx   ahhh - i just turned them off
2008_12_17_17:27:27.249   076.097.190.xxx   ur mom played with meh schlong
2008_12_17_17:27:31.186   096.225.229.xxx   Hi ana
2008_12_17_17:28:02.804   096.225.229.xxx   Hi ana ___3
2008_12_17_17:28:04.523   076.097.190.xxx   r***
2008_12_17_17:28:11.070   203.129.025.xxx   @Thinkgeek Welcome back :D
2008_12_17_17:28:15.211   194.164.143.xxx   Its dark!! Thats bound to save money!! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_17:28:52.093   194.164.143.xxx   ahh - all light again - pretty ___) (11)
2008_12_17_17:29:11.319   074.057.123.xxx   8=====D YOUR LACK OF FAITH DISTURBS ME (36)
2008_12_17_17:29:24.342   076.097.190.xxx   buht smex
2008_12_17_17:29:49.242   089.242.169.xxx   yes, very pretty!
2008_12_17_17:29:52.428   074.057.123.xxx   rm -rt (37)
2008_12_17_17:29:57.715   076.097.190.xxx   ur lack od a d*** disturbs me
2008_12_17_17:30:28.232   063.170.080.xxx   Who ya gonna call? (21)
2008_12_17_17:30:43.338   194.164.143.xxx   Ghostbusters! (12)
2008_12_17_17:30:55.419   089.242.169.xxx   who keeps turning the lights out? :-)
2008_12_17_17:31:17.855   194.164.143.xxx   Not me this time :-) (13)
2008_12_17_17:31:18.404   203.129.025.xxx   tis I, The power Company
2008_12_17_17:31:35.498   072.200.167.xxx   sure mr teeny weeny like ur brain (32)
2008_12_17_17:31:46.827   194.164.143.xxx   ohhh - its dark (14)
2008_12_17_17:31:53.413   089.242.169.xxx   gues you switched alec off!
2008_12_17_17:32:16.961   203.129.025.xxx   other people in the street are complaining of brownouts :P
2008_12_17_17:32:18.040   063.170.080.xxx   Hulk SMASH! (22)
2008_12_17_17:32:50.207   063.170.080.xxx   WOW you are annoying! (23)
2008_12_17_17:32:52.116   089.242.169.xxx   brain obviously small compared to anything
2008_12_17_17:32:54.658   074.057.123.xxx   turn off the lights!!!!!!! (38)
2008_12_17_17:32:56.263   075.021.230.xxx   come on now u know this s*** is cool
2008_12_17_17:33:24.902   074.057.123.xxx   lets turn off the light?S?! ===D (39)
2008_12_17_17:33:41.090   089.242.169.xxx   yes, cool site, but last year there was no bad chat
2008_12_17_17:33:59.687   072.064.114.xxx   This is a test
2008_12_17_17:34:11.004   072.200.167.xxx   ho ho ho (33)
2008_12_17_17:34:19.429   074.057.123.xxx   turn off the lights ===ddddDD preeeeeewwowp (40 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_17:34:22.016   089.242.169.xxx   we almost did it! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_17:34:40.063   063.170.080.xxx   When the internet finds things they kill it. (24)
2008_12_17_17:34:55.422   071.255.124.xxx   Hello World
2008_12_17_17:35:39.628   216.184.033.xxx   Howdy Christmasers!  Gotta love tha goofy sh___t!
2008_12_17_17:35:40.149   089.242.169.xxx   where is everyone from? - I'm N.Ireland (11)
2008_12_17_17:35:53.910   074.057.123.xxx   TURN OFF THE LIGHTS OPEN UP THE MOUFS 7====D (41)
2008_12_17_17:36:03.637   072.200.167.xxx   hartford ct (34)
2008_12_17_17:36:37.666   069.146.145.xxx   Cheyenne wyoming is loving this!
2008_12_17_17:37:18.014   072.200.167.xxx   must drive the neighors nuts (35)
2008_12_17_17:37:36.251   074.057.123.xxx   omg my peth is small :( 8--d (42)
2008_12_17_17:37:58.324   063.170.080.xxx   Why must you post such annoying things? (25)
2008_12_17_17:37:58.518   216.070.230.xxx   Well done Alek! Merry Christmas! From Calif
2008_12_17_17:38:38.173   203.129.025.xxx   Greetings from Australia.
2008_12_17_17:39:27.032   069.146.145.xxx   Hi Mom!!!
2008_12_17_17:40:18.132   066.067.106.xxx   Wow this website is pretty dang cool
2008_12_17_17:40:32.736   063.170.080.xxx   You should ban ip: from posting. (26)
2008_12_17_17:40:43.780   216.184.033.xxx   JACOB WON'T YOU FING WHISTLE
2008_12_17_17:41:21.313   072.200.167.xxx   Alek & family Merry Christmas! (36)
2008_12_17_17:41:25.993   066.067.106.xxx   Hi dad
2008_12_17_17:41:38.645   098.229.133.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS, MUMMA!
2008_12_17_17:41:40.971   076.246.024.xxx   hi son
2008_12_17_17:42:11.096   063.170.080.xxx   You all just lost the GAME! (27)
2008_12_17_17:42:12.621   076.246.024.xxx   do your homework
2008_12_17_17:42:28.326   072.200.167.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek and family! (37)
2008_12_17_17:43:00.833   076.246.024.xxx   HAPPY FESTIVUS TO EVERYONE ELSE
2008_12_17_17:43:19.560   070.017.075.xxx   KFC:  kentucky fried cancer.
2008_12_17_17:43:20.080   069.115.151.xxx   Hello from Andrew W.
2008_12_17_17:44:12.970   098.064.115.xxx   Merry Christmas everyone!
2008_12_17_17:44:20.847   070.017.075.xxx   kfc,   kentucky fried cancer...    get your cholesterol now.
2008_12_17_17:44:34.753   076.246.024.xxx   KFC CHICKEN KILLS
2008_12_17_17:45:01.595   070.017.075.xxx   wait,  his kids can eat kfc?   no way.
2008_12_17_17:45:08.367   096.244.151.xxx   Hello!
2008_12_17_17:45:50.109   096.244.151.xxx   Hello Chritine Chiaro!
2008_12_17_17:46:52.836   076.246.024.xxx   BUSH IS A WAR CRIMINAL...FEED HIM KFC
2008_12_17_17:47:10.891   096.244.151.xxx   Hello!
2008_12_17_17:47:34.969   089.242.169.xxx   can't we just stick to Merry Christmases and hellos? (12)
2008_12_17_17:47:40.628   096.244.151.xxx   Ann Chiaro
2008_12_17_17:47:53.872   076.246.024.xxx   the server is overloaded, everyone leave
2008_12_17_17:48:27.830   069.146.145.xxx   notgonna do it.
2008_12_17_17:48:28.452   089.242.169.xxx   after you :-) (13)
2008_12_17_17:48:33.486   070.017.075.xxx   nah, you take a hike mike.
2008_12_17_17:48:34.907   076.246.024.xxx   all i want for xmas is cheney in prison
2008_12_17_17:48:43.180   096.244.151.xxx   Smell my face! Go Elliot   DC 101
2008_12_17_17:49:04.956   070.017.075.xxx   your face is that of the dog face momma's boy.
2008_12_17_17:49:39.927   096.244.151.xxx   Smell my face! Go Elliot   DC 101
2008_12_17_17:49:43.734   063.170.080.xxx   Cm'on can't we all play nice. (28)
2008_12_17_17:50:11.864   070.017.075.xxx   play?  no.
2008_12_17_17:50:26.641   096.244.151.xxx   XOXOXOXOXO
2008_12_17_17:50:59.775   099.162.114.xxx   hi folks
2008_12_17_17:51:07.976   070.017.075.xxx   pray nice, lmfao!
2008_12_17_17:51:31.101   063.170.080.xxx   Arrrgh! (29)
2008_12_17_17:51:34.703   099.162.114.xxx   austin texas here!
2008_12_17_17:51:59.701   070.017.075.xxx   where the brains are small?
2008_12_17_17:52:40.835   099.162.114.xxx   thats not nice .you kiss your mom with that mouth?
2008_12_17_17:52:55.520   070.017.075.xxx   heh, more making fun of moms... hey mine is dead.
2008_12_17_17:53:24.818   070.017.075.xxx   yeh you texans love death, don't you? (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_17:53:49.136   068.127.164.xxx   yarr
2008_12_17_17:54:01.615   099.162.114.xxx   whats your problem? chill out
2008_12_17_17:54:34.177   068.127.164.xxx   long cat is long!
2008_12_17_17:54:39.053   096.244.151.xxx   I voted for you Alek. Good Luck. Folks remember why you're here!
2008_12_17_17:54:57.742   210.212.186.xxx   BYOB is totally a place to hang out with friends and chill
2008_12_17_17:55:20.860   099.162.114.xxx   you bet
2008_12_17_17:55:53.917   099.162.114.xxx   merry christmas
2008_12_17_17:56:31.247   068.167.214.xxx   happy birthday jesus (12)
2008_12_17_17:56:41.353   070.017.075.xxx   yeh, big bad texans, sure are BIG and BAD, killing n' maiming. (11)
2008_12_17_17:56:59.391   024.072.195.xxx   hello everybody!  Hi doctor nick
2008_12_17_17:57:12.508   070.017.075.xxx   oh now jesus was born in december?  since when? (12)
2008_12_17_17:57:18.117   068.167.214.xxx   santa lies (13)
2008_12_17_17:57:53.597   070.017.075.xxx   just cuz santa doesn't like you doesn't mean they lie. (13)
2008_12_17_17:57:54.074   063.170.080.xxx   Black out! (30 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_17:58:08.064   099.162.114.xxx   what does a cat on a beach and christmas have in common?
2008_12_17_17:59:17.112   208.001.030.xxx   They both have Sandy Claws!!
2008_12_17_17:59:48.893   099.162.114.xxx   you betcha
2008_12_17_17:59:49.445   068.167.214.xxx   eat coal (14)
2008_12_17_18:00:13.499   156.034.196.xxx   new Muppets Christmas show is on tonight on NBC!!!
2008_12_17_18:00:32.395   099.162.114.xxx   what time?
2008_12_17_18:01:04.305   156.034.196.xxx   8PM EST NOW!
2008_12_17_18:01:28.753   099.162.114.xxx   thanks! Merry Christmas (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_18:01:53.073   156.034.196.xxx   ahahaha rat reindeers
2008_12_17_18:02:17.054   075.172.032.xxx   k3
2008_12_17_18:02:52.254   069.178.001.xxx   I'm on the interwebs!
2008_12_17_18:02:52.988   076.246.024.xxx   is this still a hoax?
2008_12_17_18:03:21.595   072.051.230.xxx   nope
2008_12_17_18:03:54.217   076.246.024.xxx   prove it...put a real person outside
2008_12_17_18:04:29.362   206.195.019.xxx   Break stuff!!
2008_12_17_18:05:25.174   156.034.196.xxx   lets start with your head
2008_12_17_18:05:39.205   068.144.036.xxx   poop
2008_12_17_18:05:44.102   206.195.019.xxx   AHH!! that's a threat!! I sue j00
2008_12_17_18:05:49.459   216.036.149.xxx   Hi Mom!!!!
2008_12_17_18:05:58.231   070.017.075.xxx   yeh, big bad xtian texans love to destroy things like life. (14)
2008_12_17_18:06:09.208   076.246.024.xxx   get off the internet son (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_18:06:09.873   098.203.201.xxx   jesus was born in june
2008_12_17_18:06:20.677   206.195.019.xxx   OMG ... seriously get a life
2008_12_17_18:06:28.759   070.017.075.xxx   nope jesus was born in september dude. (15)
2008_12_17_18:06:45.084   076.246.024.xxx   jesus was born in may (11)
2008_12_17_18:06:57.954   070.017.075.xxx   read up on the literature my man. (16)
2008_12_17_18:07:02.838   206.195.019.xxx   Your mom was born in May
2008_12_17_18:07:04.265   098.203.201.xxx   i like KFC. just to throw thatout there.
2008_12_17_18:07:22.446   156.034.196.xxx   doesnt matter we celebrate the birth of our saviour Dec 25th
2008_12_17_18:07:27.931   076.246.024.xxx   may 13...on the holiday of shavuot (12)
2008_12_17_18:07:54.437   098.203.201.xxx   you're out of your element donny
2008_12_17_18:07:58.096   072.051.230.xxx   lolwut?
2008_12_17_18:08:17.163   099.240.146.xxx   All of you a merry Christmas !
2008_12_17_18:08:19.169   156.034.196.xxx   such nice festive sentiments :P
2008_12_17_18:08:23.327   098.203.201.xxx   i don't roll on shabbus
2008_12_17_18:08:31.821   068.146.234.xxx   Gooooo Santa! Up down Up down
2008_12_17_18:08:37.587   070.017.075.xxx   what you going to blow us up now?  ooooh i'm scared. (17)
2008_12_17_18:09:09.024   156.034.196.xxx   it's the season of love so smarten up or I'll hit you  :P
2008_12_17_18:09:11.949   076.246.024.xxx   jesus ate matzah (13)
2008_12_17_18:09:23.417   206.195.019.xxx   I LIKE PIE
2008_12_17_18:09:27.318   099.240.146.xxx   Frohe Weihnachten !
2008_12_17_18:09:36.378   072.051.230.xxx   UP DOWN UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT A B START?
2008_12_17_18:09:41.582   156.034.196.xxx   Feliz Navidad
2008_12_17_18:09:41.513   124.187.104.xxx   KFC and Thinkgeek? I'm in heaven...
2008_12_17_18:09:57.730   070.017.075.xxx   xtians unite against all minorities! (18)
2008_12_17_18:10:00.734   065.080.074.xxx   hippies?
2008_12_17_18:10:05.659   206.195.019.xxx   What on here is from ThinkGeek?
2008_12_17_18:10:07.968   072.051.230.xxx   turn em all off
2008_12_17_18:10:20.266   098.203.201.xxx   thinkgeek twittered this site.
2008_12_17_18:10:23.977   070.017.075.xxx   you're a turn off. (19)
2008_12_17_18:10:28.289   156.034.196.xxx   KFC = killed from cholestrol
2008_12_17_18:10:29.290   076.246.024.xxx   come to my site...control my p**** (14)
2008_12_17_18:10:37.977   206.195.019.xxx   LOL ... yeah turn it all off for a minute
2008_12_17_18:10:41.487   099.240.146.xxx   Was ist hier los
2008_12_17_18:10:59.261   070.017.075.xxx   killed from cholesterol!  LMFAO! (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_18:11:04.276   098.203.201.xxx   i don't speak spanish
2008_12_17_18:11:11.008   075.075.127.xxx   ehowa
2008_12_17_18:11:11.424   076.246.024.xxx   ich bin einer berliner (15)
2008_12_17_18:11:17.535   156.034.196.xxx   Tannebaum (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_18:11:22.303   067.187.001.xxx   c******
2008_12_17_18:11:26.299   099.240.146.xxx   Das ist kein Spanish mr Kennedy
2008_12_17_18:11:27.851   070.017.075.xxx   that's german. (21)
2008_12_17_18:11:41.632   072.051.230.xxx   Mission Accomplished
2008_12_17_18:11:45.967   076.246.024.xxx   ha...no cursing (16)
2008_12_17_18:11:53.228   067.187.001.xxx   my name is cody
2008_12_17_18:11:55.433   098.203.201.xxx   like i said, i don't speak spanish
2008_12_17_18:12:06.939   099.240.146.xxx   Well done ! Frohe Weihnachten ! Merry x-mas
2008_12_17_18:12:10.901   070.017.075.xxx   i do,  TACO! (22)
2008_12_17_18:12:12.090   076.246.024.xxx   shiste (17)
2008_12_17_18:12:38.574   075.075.127.xxx   booya
2008_12_17_18:12:41.926   099.240.146.xxx   ?
2008_12_17_18:12:44.697   076.246.024.xxx   bukake (18)
2008_12_17_18:12:48.727   070.017.075.xxx   he sees these conversations h*** crap his slacks! (23)
2008_12_17_18:12:48.879   206.195.019.xxx   I bet his neighbors friggin' HATE him!!!
2008_12_17_18:13:05.382   098.203.201.xxx   or LOVE him?
2008_12_17_18:13:11.545   099.240.146.xxx   I would go nuts !
2008_12_17_18:13:14.370   072.051.230.xxx   Thats why we'll keep them off for them
2008_12_17_18:13:19.926   070.017.075.xxx   i doubt that...   i have more lights and i'm well enjoyed. (24)
2008_12_17_18:13:28.091   206.195.019.xxx   No ... I think blinking light incite ma**ive violence!
2008_12_17_18:13:53.889   076.246.024.xxx   ha....you cant say ma**ive (19)
2008_12_17_18:14:27.684   206.195.019.xxx   Ma**IVE (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_18:14:31.529   156.034.196.xxx   ma______ive (11)
2008_12_17_18:14:56.467   206.195.019.xxx   M@.______ive (11)
2008_12_17_18:15:00.181   098.203.201.xxx   a**ist?
2008_12_17_18:15:00.795   156.034.196.xxx   _________ (12)
2008_12_17_18:15:23.491   206.195.019.xxx   Wow ... he's good! (12)
2008_12_17_18:15:37.449   156.034.196.xxx   wow cant even use dollar signs (13)
2008_12_17_18:15:58.963   206.195.019.xxx   Like I said .. he's good! :) (13)
2008_12_17_18:16:15.530   076.246.024.xxx   simple censor program...you cant say brian boc*** either (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_18:16:26.757   099.240.146.xxx   sock and awe dot com
2008_12_17_18:16:46.343   072.051.230.xxx   Hi my name's David what's yours?
2008_12_17_18:16:51.385   076.246.024.xxx   c***adoodledoo (21)
2008_12_17_18:17:06.785   099.240.146.xxx   Hi Dave ! I am Mark
2008_12_17_18:17:35.302   156.034.196.xxx   how do we know u are really Mark (14)
2008_12_17_18:18:04.937   064.216.047.xxx   I like the Linux OS. It is very useful.
2008_12_17_18:18:29.018   206.195.019.xxx   So WTF is up with all the KFC? (14)
2008_12_17_18:18:52.505   156.034.196.xxx   duhhh read the page it's a contest :P (15)
2008_12_17_18:19:06.963   072.051.230.xxx   lolz
2008_12_17_18:19:08.930   206.195.019.xxx   Yeah I don't be readin' stuffs (15)
2008_12_17_18:19:35.025   156.034.196.xxx   sux 2 be u i guess :) (16)
2008_12_17_18:19:42.557   206.195.019.xxx   GIG 'em Aggies ... now times to get back to work (16)
2008_12_17_18:20:38.393   068.019.217.xxx   hello from murfreesboro
2008_12_17_18:21:45.999   156.034.196.xxx   is that a make believe place ? (17)
2008_12_17_18:22:09.350   209.181.045.xxx   Where is this located?
2008_12_17_18:22:13.787   024.184.087.xxx   happy holidays to all!!  be well
2008_12_17_18:22:40.066   068.019.217.xxx   middle tennessee
2008_12_17_18:22:56.433   063.170.080.xxx   Hope you guys like KFC (31)
2008_12_17_18:22:57.154   209.181.045.xxx   Merry Christmas from EHOWA!!!
2008_12_17_18:23:01.016   156.034.196.xxx   it snowed here a lot today, looks like a real Christmas now :) (18)
2008_12_17_18:25:20.112   190.189.153.xxx   Type textHi  & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_17_18:25:38.522   156.034.196.xxx   lol (19)
2008_12_17_18:25:51.540   063.170.080.xxx   LAWL (32)
2008_12_17_18:25:53.874   209.181.045.xxx   Heather Will You Marry Me?
2008_12_17_18:26:10.565   068.113.163.xxx   ji
2008_12_17_18:26:34.559   068.113.163.xxx   yes sweetie i wuld
2008_12_17_18:26:57.135   068.019.217.xxx   I will too
2008_12_17_18:27:04.973   156.034.196.xxx   wow a car came in (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_18:27:16.483   072.051.230.xxx   ALL OFF
2008_12_17_18:27:44.260   209.181.045.xxx   She said YES!!! You guys she's right here with me!! Nice tries though!!!
2008_12_17_18:27:56.047   068.113.163.xxx   hi NY!
2008_12_17_18:28:18.071   068.019.217.xxx   Good luck marrage dude
2008_12_17_18:28:34.876   068.113.163.xxx   Sammie hi!
2008_12_17_18:28:35.767   209.181.045.xxx   Thanks!!!
2008_12_17_18:28:47.410   072.051.230.xxx   ALL OFF (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_18:29:04.211   068.113.163.xxx   hi sammie!
2008_12_17_18:29:28.151   156.034.196.xxx   my friend in England proposed today  hes getting married too (21)
2008_12_17_18:30:19.964   063.170.080.xxx   D'oh! (33)
2008_12_17_18:30:24.557   070.017.075.xxx   big deal. (25)
2008_12_17_18:30:57.462   063.170.080.xxx   I want a red ryder bb gun! (34)
2008_12_17_18:30:57.906   156.034.196.xxx   jealous :P (22)
2008_12_17_18:31:04.363   070.017.075.xxx   why do i want to win a years supply of cholesterol? (26)
2008_12_17_18:31:51.539   070.017.075.xxx   jealous? that i've been happily married for 20 years?  LMFAO! (27)
2008_12_17_18:31:53.376   068.009.254.xxx   AJ LOVES LYNETTE
2008_12_17_18:31:53.942   072.051.230.xxx   w/b/ Alek (11)
2008_12_17_18:31:55.716   156.034.196.xxx   it's like a kentucky final exit :P (23)
2008_12_17_18:32:16.073   072.224.144.xxx   kfc this year?!
2008_12_17_18:32:28.405   063.170.080.xxx   I would like some of that corn! (35)
2008_12_17_18:32:30.922   070.017.075.xxx   lmfao! (28)
2008_12_17_18:32:37.594   068.009.254.xxx   AJ LOVES LYNETTE
2008_12_17_18:32:39.181   156.034.196.xxx   hey Christmas Commander guy Merry Christmas to you & your family (24)
2008_12_17_18:32:57.773   068.113.163.xxx   hi guy behind computer!
2008_12_17_18:33:03.284   089.102.207.xxx   What the frak?
2008_12_17_18:33:08.658   070.017.075.xxx   ho ho ho'ing on the KFC man! (29)
2008_12_17_18:33:22.245   209.181.045.xxx   Merry Christmas and thanks for the congats all!!
2008_12_17_18:33:24.147   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks for the Merry Christmas wishes ... everyone else too! ***ALEK***
2008_12_17_18:33:26.819   068.113.163.xxx   watcha doin sir?
2008_12_17_18:33:34.276   063.170.080.xxx   There is a lot of stuff down here. (36)
2008_12_17_18:33:39.637   156.034.196.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek thanks for doing this stuff you make many people happy (25)
2008_12_17_18:33:41.302   070.017.075.xxx   won't last. (30 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_18:34:03.674   068.113.163.xxx   sir....
2008_12_17_18:34:20.945   156.034.196.xxx   Thanks for doing this Alek (26)
2008_12_17_18:34:49.659   070.017.075.xxx   i feel my arteries hardening now. (31)
2008_12_17_18:35:29.531   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Ummm ... should I check my health insurance for 2009 - the year of KFC? ***ALEK***
2008_12_17_18:35:43.096   068.113.163.xxx   Keep up the good wrk Alek ur doing awesome!
2008_12_17_18:36:15.507   064.216.047.xxx   KFC is unbelievably bad now. I used to like them long ago
2008_12_17_18:36:20.078   068.113.163.xxx   lol hi! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_18:36:24.583   156.034.196.xxx   he sure is, his kids are very lucky indeed (27)
2008_12_17_18:36:41.944   063.170.080.xxx   Did I miss the KFC hat? (37)
2008_12_17_18:36:48.868   068.113.163.xxx   yeh (11)
2008_12_17_18:36:51.987   064.216.047.xxx   Wow it looks like Alek's office got spyware
2008_12_17_18:37:00.191   156.034.196.xxx   i know i did :O (28)
2008_12_17_18:37:10.443   209.181.045.xxx   Hey Alek goodluck up in Spokane .... from Lewsiton!!
2008_12_17_18:37:46.050   068.113.163.xxx   watcha doin Alek? (12)
2008_12_17_18:38:22.718   064.216.047.xxx   Linux
2008_12_17_18:38:35.697   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Just got back from dinner with the family - should I put Buzz out there? ***ALEK***
2008_12_17_18:39:00.306   209.181.045.xxx   Of Course!!!
2008_12_17_18:39:08.188   063.170.080.xxx   YES YES (38)
2008_12_17_18:39:10.215   072.051.230.xxx   Say I don't remember seeing that trailer/bus parked outside last night (12)
2008_12_17_18:39:29.492   064.216.047.xxx   How about some more corporate logos
2008_12_17_18:41:29.474   098.114.063.xxx   the corporate logos are only for the KFC contest
2008_12_17_18:41:38.952   068.113.163.xxx   hello! (13)
2008_12_17_18:41:46.404   156.034.196.xxx   mmmm corn (29)
2008_12_17_18:42:25.676   156.034.196.xxx   oh that Buzz lol (30 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_18:42:29.488   063.170.080.xxx   To infinity and beyond! (39)
2008_12_17_18:42:34.979   209.181.045.xxx   To Infinity and Beyond!!!!
2008_12_17_18:42:50.600   068.113.163.xxx   hand! (14)
2008_12_17_18:42:57.486   156.034.196.xxx   cloning! gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! (31)
2008_12_17_18:43:04.484   064.216.047.xxx   buzz looks like he's tryin to rip a big one from all that KFC
2008_12_17_18:43:10.268   063.170.080.xxx   Its falling... With style! (40 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_18:43:29.326   064.237.166.xxx   Great Idea!!!
2008_12_17_18:44:22.574   070.017.075.xxx   you'd need that corn to push out all that kfc. (32)
2008_12_17_18:45:00.480   156.034.196.xxx   :rolleyes: (32)
2008_12_17_18:45:11.340   064.237.166.xxx   Greetings From Puerto Rico
2008_12_17_18:45:16.324   209.181.045.xxx   Alek, if you win can I come up from Lewiston and have some? LOL (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_18:45:51.637   068.113.163.xxx   yh right!lol (15)
2008_12_17_18:45:56.432   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Are you say Buzz Tooted - LOL! ***ALEK***
2008_12_17_18:46:39.975   156.034.196.xxx   this page is way too addictive:) (33)
2008_12_17_18:46:50.456   070.017.075.xxx   i used kfc as a life raft once. (33)
2008_12_17_18:47:01.834   068.251.191.xxx   Hi Kailey!!
2008_12_17_18:47:27.767   068.251.191.xxx   I love you
2008_12_17_18:47:52.964   071.099.098.xxx   ming ming here from fl
2008_12_17_18:47:58.837   068.251.191.xxx   Marisa is a goof!
2008_12_17_18:48:22.714   156.034.196.xxx   Uma Thurman is aww (34)
2008_12_17_18:48:46.943   071.099.098.xxx   hello light guru it is an honor
2008_12_17_18:49:07.479   156.034.196.xxx   :) (35)
2008_12_17_18:49:40.536   068.251.191.xxx   I see you!!!!
2008_12_17_18:49:40.707   071.099.098.xxx   how are you and the fam doing
2008_12_17_18:50:02.380   070.017.075.xxx   kfc saved me from a burning building once. (34)
2008_12_17_18:50:12.899   068.251.191.xxx   doing great, how bout you?
2008_12_17_18:50:48.448   071.099.098.xxx   we are great thanks
2008_12_17_18:51:18.613   156.034.196.xxx   it says his name when he answers nice try :P (36)
2008_12_17_18:51:23.687   075.090.094.xxx   hi from Alabama
2008_12_17_18:52:05.339   075.090.094.xxx   hi from Ashlyn in AL
2008_12_17_18:52:49.989   156.034.196.xxx   darn snow plow :( (37)
2008_12_17_18:53:12.109   070.017.075.xxx   kfc helped me plow snow once. (35)
2008_12_17_18:53:34.324   068.113.163.xxx   really? (16)
2008_12_17_18:53:37.304   071.099.098.xxx   its 70 here
2008_12_17_18:54:09.413   121.045.227.xxx   Ho Ho
2008_12_17_18:54:17.770   070.017.075.xxx   now he's bragging. (36)
2008_12_17_18:54:19.708   071.099.098.xxx   were did the cob come from
2008_12_17_18:54:42.267   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** HEY ... my corn is bigger that yours - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2008_12_17_18:54:58.385   070.017.075.xxx   that's not corn what you have,  that's floss. (37)
2008_12_17_18:55:00.674   072.051.230.xxx   lolwat (13)
2008_12_17_18:55:17.501   156.034.196.xxx   u need dr scholls to shrink your corn then (38)
2008_12_17_18:56:22.566   068.113.163.xxx   hi aleks kid!=) (17)
2008_12_17_18:56:23.702   024.021.161.xxx   Corn Head!!
2008_12_17_18:56:25.770   071.099.098.xxx   ha ha ha thats great!
2008_12_17_18:56:39.559   156.034.196.xxx   Hi Aleks kid (sorry i dont know ur name) (39)
2008_12_17_18:57:07.474   071.099.098.xxx   its mrs nesbitt
2008_12_17_18:57:08.242   072.051.230.xxx   I think everyone at ebaums need to buy one of those shirts (14)
2008_12_17_18:57:15.339   070.017.075.xxx   ah he's getting a buzz. (38)
2008_12_17_18:57:15.393   068.238.230.xxx   hi there!!! ___waves___ merry christmas!
2008_12_17_18:57:33.587   068.113.163.xxx   dude! (18)
2008_12_17_18:57:35.581   069.016.222.xxx   Indeed.
2008_12_17_18:58:09.782   071.099.098.xxx   thats intelligent
2008_12_17_18:58:14.271   156.034.196.xxx   its sad how immature some visitors to the site are :( (40 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_18:58:50.295   068.113.163.xxx   yh really (19)
2008_12_17_18:59:40.565   070.017.075.xxx   oh brother, grow up.. we are all trolls. (39)
2008_12_17_18:59:58.500   072.051.230.xxx   lol (15)
2008_12_17_19:00:10.870   156.034.196.xxx   untrue, people choose how to behave you don't have to be dumb (41)
2008_12_17_19:00:26.855   071.099.098.xxx   i need some bonding strip to fix my space craft (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_19:00:43.422   068.113.163.xxx   lol (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_19:01:03.703   068.102.133.xxx   And away we go!
2008_12_17_19:01:14.624   068.113.163.xxx   lol! (21)
2008_12_17_19:01:21.109   074.033.167.xxx   merry christmas
2008_12_17_19:01:21.322   071.099.098.xxx   oh no its sid (11)
2008_12_17_19:01:36.988   068.113.163.xxx   hi buzz lightyear! (22)
2008_12_17_19:02:13.912   071.099.098.xxx   i need to find als toy barn (12)
2008_12_17_19:02:20.933   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Buzz says hi to the Internet!!! ***ALEK***
2008_12_17_19:02:52.296   068.113.163.xxx   lol! (23)
2008_12_17_19:03:46.156   068.100.088.xxx   This is freaking amazing!
2008_12_17_19:04:14.539   071.099.098.xxx   this is way cool (13)
2008_12_17_19:04:18.094   074.033.167.xxx   merry christmas cr
2008_12_17_19:04:39.974   072.051.230.xxx   sup dawg I herd you like cars so we put a car in your car so you can drive whil (16)
2008_12_17_19:05:16.048   068.100.088.xxx   How is that KFC?
2008_12_17_19:05:19.631   072.051.230.xxx   drive while you drive (17)
2008_12_17_19:06:51.096   074.087.103.xxx   Your site is amazing, incredible and really me smile! Thanks from the Midwest!
2008_12_17_19:06:54.818   071.101.039.xxx   Henson Rocks!
2008_12_17_19:07:28.736   074.087.103.xxx   I had KFC tonight thanks to you, lol
2008_12_17_19:07:34.474   071.099.098.xxx   Light Guru you and your fam have a good night (14)
2008_12_17_19:08:03.064   075.087.162.xxx   My sister-in-law Caitlin says, what...
2008_12_17_19:08:09.432   071.101.039.xxx   Merry Christmas to all... and to all a good night!
2008_12_17_19:08:22.586   070.017.075.xxx   who when where and why (40 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_19:08:45.323   076.240.208.xxx   Hello Guy on cam :)
2008_12_17_19:08:45.770   071.101.039.xxx   Why do you park on a driveway and drive on a parkway?
2008_12_17_19:09:34.062   075.087.162.xxx   Do penguins have knees?
2008_12_17_19:09:36.038   071.101.039.xxx   BOO!
2008_12_17_19:10:06.137   071.143.190.xxx   Merry Christmas!  Go Cowboys! :)
2008_12_17_19:10:12.223   071.101.039.xxx   Tip:  Don't eat yellow snow!
2008_12_17_19:10:36.976   070.017.075.xxx   all this kfc regalia is making me dizzy. (41)
2008_12_17_19:10:55.410   076.125.204.xxx   Look there's a man ___
2008_12_17_19:11:34.888   076.125.204.xxx   He is a live man to boot
2008_12_17_19:11:56.595   076.186.040.xxx   kcf cr
2008_12_17_19:13:14.920   076.125.204.xxx   I think that man should wave at the camera =)
2008_12_17_19:13:26.403   074.087.103.xxx   Everybody who visits, give a donation to a good cause. God Bless!
2008_12_17_19:14:06.581   076.251.006.xxx   Imagine how much could be raised if everyone who visits donates ___5!
2008_12_17_19:14:25.144   071.143.190.xxx   Great Site! Great Cause! Go Cowboys!
2008_12_17_19:14:59.475   024.029.045.xxx   I voted and will be donating. Good luck Alek
2008_12_17_19:15:12.964   074.087.103.xxx   Can I donate with paypal???
2008_12_17_19:16:05.195   071.143.190.xxx   Voted!  G'luck!
2008_12_17_19:17:35.817   076.251.006.xxx   Merry Christmas Erik and Wishbone!
2008_12_17_19:18:13.179   072.051.230.xxx   Alek just looked like he got PK'd in WoW (18)
2008_12_17_19:18:45.951   076.251.006.xxx   Merry Christmas Erik, Wishbone & Simba!
2008_12_17_19:19:09.691   067.162.077.xxx   greetings again from Portage, Indiana
2008_12_17_19:19:25.421   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks for the vote and the donation for Celiac ... ***ALEK***
2008_12_17_19:25:28.463   076.107.042.xxx   GOD BLESS
2008_12_17_19:26:10.119   076.107.042.xxx   Can you wave at the people??
2008_12_17_19:27:51.858   076.125.204.xxx   Although I don't have money to donate, I did vote for you!!!
2008_12_17_19:28:49.202   024.237.252.xxx   Hi from Alaska!
2008_12_17_19:29:16.151   076.107.042.xxx   Addison says Hello to everyone....
2008_12_17_19:29:22.076   075.087.162.xxx   Hi and good luck from Kansas City, Go Chiefs!
2008_12_17_19:29:29.464   068.048.155.xxx   heeellllooo from baltimore md
2008_12_17_19:29:31.450   024.237.252.xxx   Anya believes in Santa!
2008_12_17_19:30:02.358   076.107.042.xxx   Addison says Hello to everyone....
2008_12_17_19:30:15.180   024.237.252.xxx   I like cheese!
2008_12_17_19:30:31.007   068.048.155.xxx   more cheese
2008_12_17_19:30:53.428   024.160.195.xxx   wow, this is pretty cool
2008_12_17_19:31:03.718   070.017.075.xxx   well i seen santa.. he came to our hood. (42)
2008_12_17_19:31:27.448   024.160.195.xxx   I wonder what your neighbors are thinking...
2008_12_17_19:32:29.812   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Neightbors think it is a hoot - their kids love it! ***ALEK***
2008_12_17_19:33:09.963   202.021.128.xxx   You get chrispy chicken for a year? You're gunna get heeeuge!.
2008_12_17_19:33:13.570   024.160.195.xxx   I'd think it would get annoying after a while...
2008_12_17_19:33:13.970   024.237.252.xxx   Christ is the reason!
2008_12_17_19:35:10.755   189.135.122.xxx   Merry Christmas from the Grinch!
2008_12_17_19:35:25.367   210.011.188.xxx   A very merry christmas indeed!
2008_12_17_19:38:32.647   024.237.252.xxx   Santa loves Alaska!
2008_12_17_19:42:21.498   070.065.231.xxx   Merry Christmas
2008_12_17_19:43:10.730   074.171.130.xxx   My only regret is that I have... bone-itis. (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_19:44:16.294   097.122.099.xxx   Hi there how are you?
2008_12_17_19:44:45.100   097.122.099.xxx   what is with the chicken??
2008_12_17_19:44:57.311   074.171.130.xxx   This display is sorely lacking in condiments. (11)
2008_12_17_19:45:15.535   068.096.084.xxx   Turn off all the lights!!!
2008_12_17_19:45:32.227   070.075.040.xxx   Merry Xmas from Canada
2008_12_17_19:45:54.870   097.122.099.xxx   Hey you, what are you doing there behind the monitor?
2008_12_17_19:46:03.098   074.171.130.xxx   Axial Tilt is the reason for the seaon. (12)
2008_12_17_19:46:18.670   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Did someone say they wanted some condiments ... ***ALEK***
2008_12_17_19:46:25.946   097.122.099.xxx   what the heck is that supposed to mean?
2008_12_17_19:46:46.276   074.171.130.xxx   Needs moar Heinz Ketchup (13)
2008_12_17_19:47:08.537   070.065.231.xxx   Needs more Cowbell
2008_12_17_19:47:25.516   097.122.099.xxx   what are you people alking about?
2008_12_17_19:47:45.887   074.171.130.xxx   Bring back the A1 sauce! (14)
2008_12_17_19:47:58.844   097.122.099.xxx   hey s* y come kiss the screen!!!!
2008_12_17_19:48:22.675   074.171.130.xxx   Yay! Ketchup is back! (15)
2008_12_17_19:48:30.395   097.122.099.xxx   what is with hthe ketchup
2008_12_17_19:48:58.990   097.122.099.xxx   dance for me santa
2008_12_17_19:49:33.677   097.122.099.xxx   what is with that face?? sad?
2008_12_17_19:50:06.399   097.122.099.xxx   nod if you live in Colorado (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_19:50:13.048   074.171.130.xxx   Nothing says "Yuletide" quite like Heinz Ketchup. :) (16)
2008_12_17_19:50:34.321   097.122.099.xxx   do you have a headache? (11)
2008_12_17_19:51:32.723   097.122.099.xxx   Touch your chin if you are happy (12)
2008_12_17_19:51:32.851   024.253.152.xxx   TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!!!!
2008_12_17_19:52:17.524   097.122.099.xxx   hey I have four healthy kids I thank God for everyday, I will pray for you and  (13)
2008_12_17_19:52:47.770   074.171.130.xxx   There's way too many ostriches here... (17)
2008_12_17_19:52:52.591   097.122.099.xxx   I said I will keep you guys in my prayers!! (14)
2008_12_17_19:53:23.083   097.122.099.xxx   nice p.j.s! (15)
2008_12_17_19:53:32.242   074.171.130.xxx   The brochure said there'd only be a few ostriches... (18)
2008_12_17_19:53:51.011   065.006.162.xxx   Hey Alek wave, my friend doesnt believe its rea
2008_12_17_19:54:06.866   074.171.130.xxx   This is a TERRIBLE vacation!  :( (19)
2008_12_17_19:54:09.785   097.122.099.xxx   semi finalist? Does that mean you still get chicken? (16)
2008_12_17_19:54:28.017   070.017.075.xxx   uh....................hu................................. (43)
2008_12_17_19:54:33.855   065.006.162.xxx   Alek wave at the camera!!
2008_12_17_19:54:56.842   097.122.099.xxx   do you get to chat too or do you just sit there under the clocks? (17)
2008_12_17_19:55:15.554   070.017.075.xxx   mr. p**ps here,  what debauchery!  kfc? my relatives! (44)
2008_12_17_19:55:42.244   065.006.162.xxx   Hey Alek WAVE AT THE CAMERA
2008_12_17_19:55:56.174   070.017.075.xxx   we are not finger licking good!   eat cow instead! (45)
2008_12_17_19:56:02.506   071.032.199.xxx   Alex and Kayleene say Hello
2008_12_17_19:56:10.817   097.122.099.xxx   why cant you wave!!? (18)
2008_12_17_19:56:12.666   065.006.162.xxx   Alek wave at the camera!!
2008_12_17_19:56:38.504   097.122.099.xxx   just wave dude!! (19)
2008_12_17_19:56:50.115   071.032.199.xxx   Wave at Alex and Kayleene please
2008_12_17_19:57:15.159   097.122.099.xxx   say hi to all the people out there in computer land!!! (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_19:57:16.956   070.017.075.xxx   speaking of kfc,   time for my lipitor (46)
2008_12_17_19:57:31.499   071.032.199.xxx   Thanks for waving
2008_12_17_19:57:46.713   097.122.099.xxx   thanks for waving, are we annoying you?? (21)
2008_12_17_19:57:53.794   064.216.047.xxx   Who here has a PS3?
2008_12_17_19:58:04.138   072.205.247.xxx   Ernie FTW
2008_12_17_19:58:18.676   097.122.099.xxx   not me...what is that a video game machine? (22)
2008_12_17_19:58:19.138   070.017.075.xxx   wow,  mr. p**PS name is offensive.    oh, sigh. (47)
2008_12_17_19:58:51.741   097.122.099.xxx   I live in Colorado and I wear glasses too.. (23)
2008_12_17_19:59:03.982   070.017.075.xxx   wish i had some bread i'd make me a ketchup sammich. (48)
2008_12_17_19:59:14.294   206.174.022.xxx   Alaska rules
2008_12_17_19:59:28.736   097.122.099.xxx   love those KFC mashed taters...and gravy.... (24)
2008_12_17_19:59:49.804   070.017.075.xxx   you mean powered taters and dust gravy. (49)
2008_12_17_19:59:57.271   097.122.099.xxx   yummers (25)
2008_12_17_20:00:27.738   097.122.099.xxx   who is watching a christmas tv show right now? (26)
2008_12_17_20:00:39.637   070.017.075.xxx   last time i ate kfc i got a meal lodged in my left ventricle. (50 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_20:00:50.586   096.228.032.xxx   WAKE UP DEAD Morning Show!  Saturdays @ 9am EST on LINK DELETED
2008_12_17_20:01:00.262   097.122.099.xxx   tell your kid nice pjs (27)
2008_12_17_20:01:18.665   071.032.199.xxx   Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!
2008_12_17_20:01:18.927   074.171.130.xxx   Greetings, programs! (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_20:01:30.321   097.122.099.xxx   what do you want for christmas? (28)
2008_12_17_20:01:35.508   096.228.032.xxx   Merry Christmas from Richmond, Virginia
2008_12_17_20:01:55.431   070.017.075.xxx   richmond!  lmfao! (51)
2008_12_17_20:02:09.465   097.122.099.xxx   Merry Christmas from the Lindgren Family in Arvada Colorado (29)
2008_12_17_20:02:29.690   071.032.199.xxx   Merry Christmas from me
2008_12_17_20:02:38.028   070.017.075.xxx   merry xmas from the ghost of fat elvis and the KM team. (52)
2008_12_17_20:03:02.312   071.032.199.xxx   Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!
2008_12_17_20:03:12.851   024.063.193.xxx   Merry Christmas from Mystic, CT
2008_12_17_20:03:14.413   097.122.099.xxx   ___-) (___.___) :-___ :-___ (30 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_20:03:42.654   097.122.099.xxx   apparantly that did not work (31)
2008_12_17_20:03:45.968   070.017.075.xxx   though my name was filtered merry xmas from mr. p**ps. (53)
2008_12_17_20:03:47.704   071.032.199.xxx   Quit deflating my Elmo
2008_12_17_20:03:51.305   024.063.193.xxx   Merry Christmas from Mystic, CT
2008_12_17_20:03:53.744   069.153.064.xxx   Merry Christmas Priscilla
2008_12_17_20:04:11.302   097.122.099.xxx   nice corn (32)
2008_12_17_20:04:22.441   209.112.213.xxx   Happy Holidays from Jillian in Girdwood, Alaska
2008_12_17_20:04:31.154   024.063.193.xxx   nice ketchup
2008_12_17_20:04:38.020   070.017.075.xxx   i see he's got an ear for what he loves to do. (54)
2008_12_17_20:04:38.270   097.122.099.xxx   mustard time! (33)
2008_12_17_20:05:00.199   024.063.193.xxx   hey? where's the beef?
2008_12_17_20:05:06.640   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Oh yeah, bringing out the Classic Yellow Mustard! ***ALEK***
2008_12_17_20:05:21.210   097.122.099.xxx   Somebody help Buzz before the 900 lb. corn crushes him!! (34)
2008_12_17_20:05:40.723   024.063.193.xxx   creepy corn
2008_12_17_20:05:45.578   070.017.075.xxx   mr.  p**.p.s.   merryxmas. (55)
2008_12_17_20:06:12.857   097.122.099.xxx   there are things floating...mysteriously... (35)
2008_12_17_20:06:32.080   074.171.130.xxx   There's a 68.71___ chance you're right. (21)
2008_12_17_20:06:56.998   097.122.099.xxx   oops its bedtime for my kids...gotta go goodnight Alek and family!!! Wave and s (36)
2008_12_17_20:07:10.918   024.063.193.xxx   You'd a thought Wendy's would be doing the promo., not KFC
2008_12_17_20:10:10.212   216.216.130.xxx   I don't know that I have ever been more inspired to DIY
2008_12_17_20:11:20.611   024.063.193.xxx   say hi to us alec
2008_12_17_20:11:50.316   068.083.108.xxx   help save lives
2008_12_17_20:12:08.288   024.063.193.xxx   nice, real nice
2008_12_17_20:12:41.545   068.083.108.xxx   hello 'cathy hill
2008_12_17_20:12:42.864   097.122.099.xxx   THey should not have kids shows on after their bedtime (37)
2008_12_17_20:13:18.233   097.122.099.xxx   THe kfc stuff is on the box...oh I get it (38)
2008_12_17_20:13:57.043   097.122.099.xxx   So Alek.what did you have for dinner? lol (39)
2008_12_17_20:14:28.256   097.122.099.xxx   hows your fern? (40 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_20:14:28.605   068.083.108.xxx   hello cathy and david leman
2008_12_17_20:14:56.209   069.234.230.xxx   Hello Claudy.. Merry X-mas!!
2008_12_17_20:15:07.658   097.122.099.xxx   Christmas time is a time for lots of chicken and lights... (41)
2008_12_17_20:15:20.924   068.083.108.xxx   cathy hill
2008_12_17_20:15:45.680   097.122.099.xxx   dude your hulk guy is UGLY (42)
2008_12_17_20:15:54.197   072.004.090.xxx   hey whats up dude
2008_12_17_20:16:24.875   097.122.099.xxx   your hulk guy skeered the p** outta me (43)
2008_12_17_20:17:00.193   097.122.099.xxx   you ok? (44)
2008_12_17_20:17:33.922   069.155.049.xxx   Tara and Emily
2008_12_17_20:18:18.010   097.122.099.xxx   I need to put the pasta away (45)
2008_12_17_20:18:22.290   069.234.230.xxx   It's peanut butter jelly time!!!
2008_12_17_20:19:45.016   070.017.075.xxx   processed food time. (56)
2008_12_17_20:19:59.199   069.234.230.xxx   Bring back my mustard!! =)
2008_12_17_20:20:11.993   069.155.049.xxx   Emily and Riley
2008_12_17_20:20:22.744   070.017.075.xxx   buy some. (57)
2008_12_17_20:20:44.791   097.122.099.xxx   why did you do that?! (46)
2008_12_17_20:20:58.961   069.234.230.xxx   MMMM Chicken and mustard..
2008_12_17_20:21:12.649   070.017.075.xxx   he's trying to lure us to the grease side! (58)
2008_12_17_20:21:13.658   097.122.099.xxx   what is with the BEER? (47)
2008_12_17_20:22:02.925   096.224.232.xxx   hi jason
2008_12_17_20:22:03.273   097.122.099.xxx   nu ni nuninu (48)
2008_12_17_20:22:12.916   070.017.075.xxx   i used to love triscuits,  easy cheese and grapes. (59)
2008_12_17_20:22:43.057   069.155.049.xxx   Semper Fi
2008_12_17_20:22:59.767   097.122.099.xxx   could you duck down, it looks like you are in a corn boat and its funny (49)
2008_12_17_20:23:22.457   070.017.075.xxx   corn dog boat! (60 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_20:23:34.226   096.224.232.xxx   hello Jason!
2008_12_17_20:23:35.823   069.155.049.xxx   a call from the corn boat
2008_12_17_20:23:40.790   097.122.099.xxx   hes on the phone hes on the phone la la la (50 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_20:24:00.725   070.017.075.xxx   sailing the seas,   selling corndogs to hungry pirates. (61)
2008_12_17_20:24:03.565   059.167.230.xxx   Hello to the whole intarweb
2008_12_17_20:24:16.174   097.122.099.xxx   everybody sing! Oh wait he hung up (51)
2008_12_17_20:24:47.222   097.122.099.xxx   no he did nt (52)
2008_12_17_20:25:22.250   097.122.099.xxx   yes he did he smiled too (53)
2008_12_17_20:25:59.152   097.122.099.xxx   multicolored blurr...must be a kid goin by.. (54)
2008_12_17_20:26:36.433   069.155.049.xxx   do you have problems with vandelism?
2008_12_17_20:26:55.309   097.122.099.xxx   I bet that room is noisy, there is music from some of those things, like the la (55)
2008_12_17_20:28:38.816   097.122.099.xxx   go brush your teeth Joshua (56)
2008_12_17_20:28:41.317   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I turn the music off, but Stepping Santa and the moving present are a bit annoy ***ALEK***
2008_12_17_20:29:07.167   097.122.099.xxx   thanks for answering (57)
2008_12_17_20:29:43.834   097.122.099.xxx   Hey alek, tell my kids to go to bed!!! (58)
2008_12_17_20:29:43.993   156.034.196.xxx   mmmmm cider tastes soo good :) (42)
2008_12_17_20:30:45.118   097.122.099.xxx   hey alek please tell my kids to go to bed for me, (59)
2008_12_17_20:31:02.501   156.034.196.xxx   they won (43)
2008_12_17_20:31:36.833   156.034.196.xxx   they wont listen 2 u but to a stranger ? lol (44)
2008_12_17_20:32:00.001   097.122.099.xxx   I just thought it would be funny for them to see it (60 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_20:32:16.014   156.034.196.xxx   ahhh :) (45)
2008_12_17_20:32:37.859   097.122.099.xxx   on the screen in your workshop? (61)
2008_12_17_20:33:02.737   097.122.099.xxx   Colorado (62)
2008_12_17_20:33:18.027   076.180.200.xxx   great job!!!!!!
2008_12_17_20:33:44.075   097.122.099.xxx   great job alek (63)
2008_12_17_20:34:20.574   068.033.138.xxx   merry christmas
2008_12_17_20:34:25.746   070.017.075.xxx   barfeyes chickun. (62)
2008_12_17_20:34:37.245   088.107.131.xxx   This is so cool! Greetings from Scotland, Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year
2008_12_17_20:34:42.287   097.122.099.xxx   I like chicken b*****s, cooked in alfredo sauce, with fettuchini.. (64)
2008_12_17_20:35:12.980   070.017.075.xxx   hehe, the filter got them... i won more pennies... (63)
2008_12_17_20:35:32.186   097.122.099.xxx   omg b*****s are a naughty word...sorry, I meant no offense..just talking about  (65)
2008_12_17_20:36:39.933   070.017.075.xxx   oh get over yourself. (64)
2008_12_17_20:36:44.284   088.107.131.xxx   Merry Crimbo lenswipe - AJF355
2008_12_17_20:36:48.692   063.170.080.xxx   What about the corn? (41)
2008_12_17_20:36:56.601   097.122.099.xxx   hey gotta go now...later!!! (66)
2008_12_17_20:38:08.850   063.170.080.xxx   Nice PBR. Classy. (42)
2008_12_17_20:39:15.675   063.170.080.xxx   In this cold weather? (43)
2008_12_17_20:39:50.343   084.064.126.xxx   lenswipe forever
2008_12_17_20:40:18.303   071.203.014.xxx   adopt a Pet.
2008_12_17_20:40:35.384   084.064.126.xxx   East hand sandwich booths are lawning all around the skyscrapers!!111one
2008_12_17_20:40:51.045   063.170.080.xxx   Give me money! (44)
2008_12_17_20:40:52.897   071.203.014.xxx   65 degrees in Florida right now..
2008_12_17_20:41:15.899   084.064.126.xxx   Are you allergic to christmas lights? call now on ****...
2008_12_17_20:41:20.216   071.203.014.xxx   GO PATRIOTS
2008_12_17_20:41:30.305   063.170.080.xxx   GO Ron Paul (45)
2008_12_17_20:41:53.600   088.107.131.xxx   Merry Crimbo lenswipe - AJF355
2008_12_17_20:42:06.324   084.064.126.xxx   This greeting is made possible by Corn :)
2008_12_17_20:42:29.379   063.170.080.xxx   MMMMM! COrn! (46)
2008_12_17_20:42:55.791   071.203.014.xxx   PATRIOTS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL
2008_12_17_20:42:58.473   084.064.126.xxx   This greeting is made possible by Corn :)
2008_12_17_20:43:04.389   063.170.080.xxx   Never going to give you up! (47)
2008_12_17_20:43:29.224   084.064.126.xxx   Today is blue day, or am i the only person who knows?
2008_12_17_20:43:52.467   063.170.080.xxx   You all just lost the GAME! (48)
2008_12_17_20:43:58.926   088.107.131.xxx   GO FLORIDA RAYS!!!
2008_12_17_20:43:59.299   072.093.003.xxx   mmmmm-Donuts
2008_12_17_20:44:10.007   084.064.126.xxx   I just ate some wood - how perfect!
2008_12_17_20:44:10.358   071.203.014.xxx   ANYBODY BEAT THE GIANTS..
2008_12_17_20:44:34.478   121.055.219.xxx   finger lickin' good!!
2008_12_17_20:44:42.834   063.170.080.xxx   I am Batman! (49)
2008_12_17_20:44:42.870   071.203.014.xxx   A CHRISTMAS STORY
2008_12_17_20:45:11.818   084.064.126.xxx   we are now open 200 days a year
2008_12_17_20:45:11.877   121.055.219.xxx   nice product placement
2008_12_17_20:45:13.892   071.203.014.xxx   YOU'LL SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT KID
2008_12_17_20:45:16.095   063.170.080.xxx   Have you seen mah bukit? (50 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_20:45:41.461   084.064.126.xxx   Tuna - Discuss...
2008_12_17_20:45:42.870   076.017.008.xxx   CR
2008_12_17_20:45:59.478   071.203.014.xxx   WHere is everyone from
2008_12_17_20:46:03.486   121.055.219.xxx   HI ALEK!!!
2008_12_17_20:46:07.829   070.017.075.xxx   earth. (65)
2008_12_17_20:46:10.277   063.170.080.xxx   Here! (51)
2008_12_17_20:46:20.502   084.064.126.xxx   Tuna - Discuss... (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_20:46:35.289   088.107.131.xxx   lol
2008_12_17_20:46:38.240   121.055.219.xxx   GUAM
2008_12_17_20:46:42.723   071.203.014.xxx   from Boston.. but live in fl
2008_12_17_20:46:51.192   084.064.126.xxx   you can tuna piano but u cant tuna fish (11)
2008_12_17_20:47:42.426   074.196.041.xxx   hello Tenille
2008_12_17_20:47:42.495   088.107.131.xxx   GO RAYS!!! - AJF355
2008_12_17_20:47:54.490   071.203.014.xxx   red sox (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_20:48:13.446   074.196.041.xxx   Hello Tenille
2008_12_17_20:48:15.428   063.170.080.xxx   I just lost the game! (52)
2008_12_17_20:48:19.868   071.203.014.xxx   RED SOX BABY (11)
2008_12_17_20:48:20.756   088.107.131.xxx   white sox whip ur a**
2008_12_17_20:48:31.669   084.064.126.xxx   Orange juice - good for electric! (12)
2008_12_17_20:48:46.903   088.107.131.xxx   rays are the best - AJF355
2008_12_17_20:48:47.639   063.170.080.xxx   CORN! (53)
2008_12_17_20:48:48.188   071.203.014.xxx   RED SOX (12)
2008_12_17_20:49:01.144   121.055.219.xxx   for some reason I'm hungry for some chicken
2008_12_17_20:49:19.633   168.103.248.xxx   To Infinity.....AND BEYOND!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_17_20:49:29.914   063.170.080.xxx   Buzz Lightyear rules! (54)
2008_12_17_20:49:38.311   071.203.014.xxx   GOOD NIGHT PEOPLES (13)
2008_12_17_20:50:07.915   071.203.014.xxx   ITS 11 HERE (14)
2008_12_17_20:50:10.461   063.170.080.xxx   Almost off work! (55)
2008_12_17_20:50:42.107   088.107.131.xxx   IT'S 3:50AM IN SCOTLAND - AJF355
2008_12_17_20:50:46.797   072.198.103.xxx   Freakin' Awesome!
2008_12_17_20:51:10.461   121.055.219.xxx   1:50 pm on GUam
2008_12_17_20:51:11.683   063.170.080.xxx   I can't wait till I get home! (56)
2008_12_17_20:51:20.310   088.107.131.xxx   well thats ur opinion - AJF355 (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_20:51:28.177   072.198.103.xxx   Sarah is a hottie!
2008_12_17_20:51:55.308   070.017.075.xxx   duh. (66)
2008_12_17_20:52:20.379   121.055.219.xxx   can I get some CORN???
2008_12_17_20:52:38.422   072.198.103.xxx   This is freakin' cool!
2008_12_17_20:52:40.109   063.170.080.xxx   Brought to you by Carl's Jr. (57)
2008_12_17_20:52:42.791   087.194.091.xxx   sup /b/
2008_12_17_20:52:58.029   088.107.131.xxx   sure go to LINK DELETED for som free corn (11)
2008_12_17_20:53:06.262   084.064.126.xxx   I eat shampoo in moments of boredome (13)
2008_12_17_20:53:14.462   063.170.080.xxx   Thats it they have found it. Run form /b/ (58)
2008_12_17_20:53:38.009   084.064.126.xxx   i know :) (14)
2008_12_17_20:53:40.907   063.170.080.xxx   Yes they do they are /b/ (59)
2008_12_17_20:53:54.203   088.107.131.xxx   go to LINK DELETED lol (12)
2008_12_17_20:54:01.056   084.064.126.xxx   i have many problems... (15)
2008_12_17_20:54:28.340   070.017.075.xxx   alek should have the xmas with col. sanders album. (67)
2008_12_17_20:54:30.877   063.170.080.xxx   Brought to you by Carl's Jr. (60 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_20:54:35.764   088.107.131.xxx   no ty (13)
2008_12_17_20:54:49.201   084.064.126.xxx   everyone google for BOFH its rly funny (16)
2008_12_17_20:55:01.127   063.170.080.xxx   Its a trap! (61)
2008_12_17_20:55:16.067   084.064.126.xxx   no, its just rly funny (17)
2008_12_17_20:55:33.799   063.170.080.xxx   Yeah for a trap! (62)
2008_12_17_20:56:45.523   075.024.210.xxx   Yarrrrrrr!!!!
2008_12_17_20:57:30.371   063.170.080.xxx   /b/ has ruined this now. Well, it was fun. (63)
2008_12_17_20:57:44.369   088.107.131.xxx   hi alek nice lighting - AJF355 (14)
2008_12_17_20:58:25.120   074.161.064.xxx   3=====D
2008_12_17_21:00:24.756   088.107.131.xxx   seanhall4 at hotmail com (15)
2008_12_17_21:00:39.442   074.161.064.xxx   Bruce Willis was dead all along
2008_12_17_21:03:31.567   074.161.064.xxx   WHY THE f*** DID YOU RUIN THE SIXTH SENSE?
2008_12_17_21:04:35.123   074.161.064.xxx   no
2008_12_17_21:04:53.918   121.055.219.xxx   who took all the presents??
2008_12_17_21:07:38.762   121.055.219.xxx   why?
2008_12_17_21:08:46.976   088.107.131.xxx   go away sean - AJF355 (16)
2008_12_17_21:08:50.103   121.055.219.xxx   WHY???? (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_21:09:47.650   068.150.179.xxx   go see the Seventh Sense
2008_12_17_21:10:30.868   068.150.179.xxx   2 Buzz Light Years??
2008_12_17_21:14:09.259   121.055.219.xxx   Hi Logan (11)
2008_12_17_21:15:06.468   121.055.219.xxx   CORN (12)
2008_12_17_21:18:13.684   088.107.131.xxx   y r all lights off??#? (17)
2008_12_17_21:18:47.012   071.114.143.xxx   ho ho ho
2008_12_17_21:19:14.302   121.055.219.xxx   HO HO HO (13)
2008_12_17_21:20:01.515   070.017.075.xxx   MO MO MO (68)
2008_12_17_21:20:15.700   173.045.223.xxx   bo7a.org!!! come chat!
2008_12_17_21:20:19.487   024.004.103.xxx   hi
2008_12_17_21:20:28.256   121.055.219.xxx   OH OH OH (14)
2008_12_17_21:20:42.304   076.117.066.xxx   axmax
2008_12_17_21:21:03.717   024.004.103.xxx   not nice
2008_12_17_21:21:05.537   070.017.075.xxx   doesn't care what you like or dislike kid. (69)
2008_12_17_21:21:23.059   076.117.066.xxx   ipwn
2008_12_17_21:21:28.608   024.004.103.xxx   not nice
2008_12_17_21:22:00.295   024.004.103.xxx   growe up
2008_12_17_21:22:03.837   070.017.075.xxx   oh,    crybaby. (70 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_21:22:09.904   098.165.130.xxx   Phoenix is cold and raining
2008_12_17_21:22:32.761   076.117.066.xxx   axmax
2008_12_17_21:22:39.291   088.107.131.xxx   goodnight people at 4:22am i think i shud go to bed lol - AJF355 (18)
2008_12_17_21:23:04.648   024.004.103.xxx   rite
2008_12_17_21:23:25.192   067.162.060.xxx   OHHHH PBR SWEET
2008_12_17_21:23:45.963   024.004.103.xxx   cool
2008_12_17_21:23:52.535   070.017.075.xxx   no. (71)
2008_12_17_21:24:22.554   076.117.066.xxx   freaks
2008_12_17_21:24:26.861   024.004.103.xxx   hi my name is hunter
2008_12_17_21:24:48.387   067.162.060.xxx   hi my name is d*** van d***
2008_12_17_21:24:48.806   070.017.075.xxx   what a rednecky name. (72)
2008_12_17_21:24:50.145   088.107.131.xxx   seanhall4 at hotmail com add me on msn (19)
2008_12_17_21:25:18.565   076.117.066.xxx   global warming is a lie
2008_12_17_21:25:25.026   067.162.060.xxx   Hi my name is d*** van d***
2008_12_17_21:25:43.701   024.004.103.xxx   cool name
2008_12_17_21:25:45.358   070.017.075.xxx   lmfao! (73)
2008_12_17_21:26:02.995   129.116.217.xxx   Merry Christmas from Austin Texas
2008_12_17_21:26:05.830   067.162.060.xxx   ya why is there pbr in the picture if its a family site
2008_12_17_21:26:52.832   067.162.060.xxx   yummy oh ya buzz lightyear like w*****
2008_12_17_21:27:03.430   071.185.219.xxx   Caitlin
2008_12_17_21:27:34.996   067.162.060.xxx   santa is coming to town
2008_12_17_21:27:59.019   071.141.115.xxx   POOOOOP
2008_12_17_21:27:59.908   067.162.060.xxx   santa is fake!!!!!!!!!  NOOOOOOO!!!!
2008_12_17_21:28:47.674   067.162.060.xxx   hi komar
2008_12_17_21:28:50.681   070.017.075.xxx   no he's not..   he was inspired by a saint nicolas. (74)
2008_12_17_21:29:16.863   067.162.060.xxx   I know i was pulling your chain
2008_12_17_21:29:21.911   024.004.103.xxx   what is he doing
2008_12_17_21:29:47.347   067.162.060.xxx   Alek how are you buddy (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_21:30:49.856   024.004.103.xxx   cool (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_17_21:31:05.716   067.162.060.xxx   lmfao (11)
2008_12_17_21:31:34.522   067.162.060.xxx   hi mike and shane (12)
2008_12_17_21:31:54.148   067.162.060.xxx   what state is he located in??? (13)
2008_12_17_21:32:17.143   067.162.060.xxx   who mike and shan  horry caaa (14)
2008_12_17_21:32:27.304   068.014.167.xxx   herro
2008_12_17_21:32:59.000   068.014.167.xxx   dial **** ****211
2008_12_17_21:33:26.988   068.014.167.xxx   ********11
2008_12_17_21:33:58.972   068.014.167.xxx   Mathew Maxwell
2008_12_17_21:34:30.939   067.162.060.xxx   Hello from illinois (15)
2008_12_17_21:36:26.157   067.162.060.xxx   hi alek whats up (16)
2008_12_17_21:36:54.321   067.162.060.xxx   hi michelle! (17)
2008_12_17_21:37:32.720   098.121.074.xxx   Hi Jean!
2008_12_17_21:37:39.632   067.162.060.xxx   hi steve P (18)
2008_12_17_21:38:27.476   098.121.074.xxx   pookiebutt says hey!
2008_12_17_21:38:49.096   205.188.116.xxx   hi all
2008_12_17_21:39:34.143   067.162.060.xxx   hi all (19)
2008_12_17_21:40:28.568   205.188.116.xxx   hi alek
2008_12_17_21:40:34.328   024.004.103.xxx   hi you (11)
2008_12_17_21:44:51.373   068.185.247.xxx   hey hey hey
2008_12_17_21:54:07.861   071.254.033.xxx   he is da man! doofus....
2008_12_17_21:54:13.878   070.134.213.xxx   That's really classy
2008_12_17_21:55:22.445   071.254.033.xxx   looks great alec!   merry x-mas!
2008_12_17_21:56:21.766   070.134.213.xxx   Love your sight man. I'm amazed with what you have done!!
2008_12_17_21:56:36.651   068.105.008.xxx   season's greetings
2008_12_17_21:58:39.722   071.137.212.xxx   BMW
2008_12_17_21:59:07.430   071.137.212.xxx   Lights off!
2008_12_17_21:59:43.487   069.209.100.xxx   Very Nice text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_17_21:59:53.697   071.254.033.xxx   night...

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