495 christmas text messages on 2008/1218

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 7,826 times that day including 4,022 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1218

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2008_12_18_16:00:40.944   084.013.227.xxx   Heyy !
2008_12_18_16:00:44.425   091.176.238.xxx   sweet!
2008_12_18_16:00:52.035   071.206.105.xxx   HI
2008_12_18_16:01:28.569   098.110.119.xxx   hi
2008_12_18_16:01:46.296   091.176.238.xxx   this friggen rocks!
2008_12_18_16:01:53.250   078.031.060.xxx   Hello poor humans!!!
2008_12_18_16:02:10.612   098.110.119.xxx   GRADON WAS HERE
2008_12_18_16:02:19.996   012.160.113.xxx   hello
2008_12_18_16:02:42.167   084.013.227.xxx   Alek you are a great guy !
2008_12_18_16:02:43.772   077.100.052.xxx   greets from birmingham uk
2008_12_18_16:02:44.317   098.110.119.xxx   GREETINGS FROM NJ
2008_12_18_16:03:12.960   084.013.227.xxx   LUKE GILES WAS HERE !!!
2008_12_18_16:03:37.734   098.110.119.xxx   HOMER LIVES :-)
2008_12_18_16:03:43.626   084.013.227.xxx   XD
2008_12_18_16:04:18.019   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Homer lives ... but goes up and down ... a LOT! ***ALEK***
2008_12_18_16:04:24.170   098.110.119.xxx   THIS IS COOL ITS MY FIRST TIME
2008_12_18_16:04:54.424   078.031.060.xxx   I hope that you will get enough donations for the Celiac Disease
2008_12_18_16:04:56.488   077.100.052.xxx   hi from brum
2008_12_18_16:05:02.362   098.110.119.xxx   NOW I CRUSHED HOMER
2008_12_18_16:05:09.333   065.174.028.xxx   Yo paul, maybe a fake comcast e-mail ??
2008_12_18_16:05:29.722   077.100.052.xxx   plasticgeordie
2008_12_18_16:05:32.933   091.176.238.xxx   i'd better not say any inapropriate things!
2008_12_18_16:06:07.678   071.230.033.xxx   mackenzie is a noob!
2008_12_18_16:06:08.251   078.031.060.xxx   I think I should get to sleep. It
2008_12_18_16:06:10.840   091.176.238.xxx   FART! Hihihi, i did it anyway
2008_12_18_16:06:19.976   077.100.052.xxx   santa's dead lol
2008_12_18_16:06:42.702   098.110.119.xxx   BOOM
2008_12_18_16:06:49.615   078.031.060.xxx   It's 1  AM here. Good night!
2008_12_18_16:06:50.059   091.176.238.xxx   p****! hihihi!
2008_12_18_16:06:57.413   071.230.033.xxx   kenzie rocks
2008_12_18_16:07:04.051   065.174.028.xxx   Greetings from mayfair in da house
2008_12_18_16:07:07.652   096.239.227.xxx   Feliz Navidad!
2008_12_18_16:07:18.931   091.176.238.xxx   lol, censors!
2008_12_18_16:07:26.228   071.230.033.xxx   hi
2008_12_18_16:07:32.472   077.100.052.xxx   MACDONALDS LOL
2008_12_18_16:07:58.153   084.013.227.xxx   KFC !!!
2008_12_18_16:08:04.661   096.239.227.xxx   CPR for Elmo!
2008_12_18_16:08:12.362   208.125.115.xxx   ray rules
2008_12_18_16:08:22.144   077.100.052.xxx   WIMPY
2008_12_18_16:08:47.632   096.239.227.xxx   CPR for Elmo
2008_12_18_16:08:55.082   098.110.119.xxx   POOP
2008_12_18_16:09:15.926   077.100.052.xxx   ELMO GOES DOWN
2008_12_18_16:09:18.948   208.125.115.xxx   Josh Jacobs Rules
2008_12_18_16:09:31.048   098.110.119.xxx   WELL NOW ELMO LIVES
2008_12_18_16:09:48.911   077.100.052.xxx   HORAAAAAY
2008_12_18_16:10:01.204   012.178.230.xxx   Decir Feliz Navidad en Ingl___s llegado en este Type text & CR to see real-
2008_12_18_16:10:19.403   077.100.052.xxx   what he said
2008_12_18_16:10:41.254   096.239.227.xxx   Feliz here QUE?
2008_12_18_16:11:02.739   071.179.120.xxx   Hi Mike is here
2008_12_18_16:11:12.253   077.100.052.xxx   QUEUE HERE (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_18_16:11:30.065   096.239.227.xxx   HI MIKE!
2008_12_18_16:11:43.811   084.013.227.xxx   alek your office is looking quite full !
2008_12_18_16:11:43.887   077.100.052.xxx   BYE MIKE (11)
2008_12_18_16:12:01.795   096.239.227.xxx   HI QUEUE
2008_12_18_16:12:17.489   077.100.052.xxx   LO QUEUE (12)
2008_12_18_16:12:27.648   071.179.120.xxx   this is cool
2008_12_18_16:12:40.321   096.239.227.xxx   very cool
2008_12_18_16:12:52.999   077.100.052.xxx   sad aren't we? lol (13)
2008_12_18_16:13:18.739   098.110.119.xxx   GRADON WAS HERE (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_18_16:13:20.194   096.239.227.xxx   no just unemployed
2008_12_18_16:13:22.187   077.100.052.xxx   BIRMINGHAM UK (14)
2008_12_18_16:13:33.304   071.179.120.xxx   I would hate to see his electric bill
2008_12_18_16:13:52.636   098.110.119.xxx   HAHAHA (11)
2008_12_18_16:13:56.879   012.039.123.xxx   It's not as much as you'd think...
2008_12_18_16:14:12.291   077.100.052.xxx   I'D H8 TO PAY IT! (15)
2008_12_18_16:14:22.713   085.092.130.xxx   TIngl___s Ingl___s Ingl___s mexicanosype text & CR to see real-time in Sant
2008_12_18_16:14:47.798   098.110.119.xxx   HAHA IM STILL WONDERING ABOUT THE PUMPKIN (12)
2008_12_18_16:15:04.128   077.100.052.xxx   Subtitles Please (16)
2008_12_18_16:15:18.342   085.092.130.xxx   Cuba siempre
2008_12_18_16:15:24.728   071.179.120.xxx   i want kfc now
2008_12_18_16:15:33.744   096.239.227.xxx   Miami?
2008_12_18_16:15:43.714   077.100.052.xxx   YOU WANT TO WHAT! (17)
2008_12_18_16:16:01.181   096.239.227.xxx   mmmmm KFC (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_18_16:16:01.777   071.179.120.xxx   KFC
2008_12_18_16:16:04.472   085.092.130.xxx   ___Viva Fidel, Fidel
2008_12_18_16:16:10.334   098.110.111.xxx   gradon
2008_12_18_16:16:42.096   098.110.119.xxx   WHAT (13)
2008_12_18_16:17:39.466   074.171.130.xxx   New Soylent Clear. Clearly less people, clearly more taste.
2008_12_18_16:17:40.554   098.110.119.xxx   ELMO LIVES (14)
2008_12_18_16:17:46.474   085.092.130.xxx   Larga vida a Fidel Castro
2008_12_18_16:17:46.793   096.239.227.xxx   Frosty go down :o( (11)
2008_12_18_16:18:36.897   068.167.214.xxx   Awesome!
2008_12_18_16:18:46.503   077.100.052.xxx   HI DAD (18)
2008_12_18_16:19:11.091   098.246.129.xxx   Hello
2008_12_18_16:19:17.309   067.212.184.xxx   Havana Club es el mejor ron del mundo
2008_12_18_16:20:08.109   096.239.227.xxx   BACARDI! (12)
2008_12_18_16:20:11.763   067.212.184.xxx   hola de Cuba
2008_12_18_16:20:46.100   096.239.227.xxx   Frosty Lives (13)
2008_12_18_16:20:48.070   077.100.052.xxx   HULA HOOPS (19)
2008_12_18_16:21:11.157   084.013.227.xxx   hola l'espanylola
2008_12_18_16:21:33.753   077.100.052.xxx   GEORGE BUSH RULES (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_18_16:22:14.903   084.013.227.xxx   Bonjour, Le France ! ... Je Voudrais payer avec ma carte de credit.
2008_12_18_16:23:42.000   077.100.052.xxx   Nice job guys (21)
2008_12_18_16:23:53.543   132.205.045.xxx   pray for my exam
2008_12_18_16:24:13.668   077.100.052.xxx   ok (22)
2008_12_18_16:24:48.431   066.041.105.xxx   Happy Holidays!!!
2008_12_18_16:25:07.163   077.100.052.xxx   time for pit nite all (23)
2008_12_18_16:28:37.537   067.212.184.xxx   carte de cr___dit de France n ___ good.sorry fran___ais
2008_12_18_16:29:23.484   067.212.184.xxx   remercier
2008_12_18_16:29:50.907   067.212.184.xxx   Etats-Unis pour la sauvegarde de vos m___gots dans le monde guerre 2
2008_12_18_16:30:36.228   205.188.116.xxx   giant corn is scary
2008_12_18_16:30:40.691   067.212.184.xxx   just kidding l'amour fran___ais
2008_12_18_16:31:36.359   205.188.116.xxx   the giant corn knows all
2008_12_18_16:31:37.550   067.212.184.xxx   Je veux faire l'amour ___ Aleks belle femme
2008_12_18_16:32:39.597   067.212.184.xxx   nice jouissive bout ___ bout rond
2008_12_18_16:34:09.371   076.103.092.xxx   Happy Christmas
2008_12_18_16:34:39.419   076.103.092.xxx   From Livermore
2008_12_18_16:38:12.718   099.194.045.xxx   hola
2008_12_18_16:39:29.065   072.069.084.xxx   I see you!
2008_12_18_16:44:10.894   072.189.237.xxx   Happy Holidays to all from Orlando, Florida
2008_12_18_16:45:11.706   194.164.143.xxx   hello all
2008_12_18_16:47:44.397   216.031.247.xxx   This is awesome
2008_12_18_16:49:11.273   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Lets take a bite out of that giant corn! ***ALEK***
2008_12_18_16:54:19.016   071.099.098.xxx   hello  light guru, hows the day going
2008_12_18_16:55:16.223   071.099.098.xxx   looks cold out there
2008_12_18_16:55:51.444   076.244.161.xxx   this place is a "bucket" of fun
2008_12_18_16:56:30.255   071.099.098.xxx   its almost 80 here
2008_12_18_16:56:51.858   089.241.202.xxx   Outside Weather at 16:55:51 Mountain Time - Metric
2008_12_18_16:57:18.846   089.241.202.xxx   Wind from 020° at 11.9 MPH gusting to 20.2 - No rain/snow so far today
2008_12_18_16:57:41.040   071.099.098.xxx   do you realy get used to it
2008_12_18_16:58:21.813   098.209.097.xxx   you can still see ho ho ho lol
2008_12_18_17:04:47.514   071.179.120.xxx   whats he doing
2008_12_18_17:05:25.913   081.104.136.xxx   Great work would be proud to call you my dad!!
2008_12_18_17:07:07.366   071.179.120.xxx   what are they doing
2008_12_18_17:08:40.612   157.127.124.xxx   Hoooohoooohooooo
2008_12_18_17:08:44.889   071.179.120.xxx   hi kids
2008_12_18_17:09:14.048   157.127.124.xxx   Hey don't look at me in the camera
2008_12_18_17:09:16.435   071.091.039.xxx   hey there lil cuties! merry christmas
2008_12_18_17:09:25.812   071.179.120.xxx   wave to the camera
2008_12_18_17:09:41.408   098.209.097.xxx   no don't hurt mr.corn :'(
2008_12_18_17:09:48.553   157.127.124.xxx   PUT THE CORN DOWN!
2008_12_18_17:09:56.847   071.179.120.xxx   jump up and down (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_18_17:10:19.771   216.164.026.xxx   mmm i want some kfc
2008_12_18_17:10:42.476   071.179.120.xxx   knee down cant see the corn on your head (11)
2008_12_18_17:10:49.391   071.091.039.xxx   you're making me want chicken!
2008_12_18_17:11:09.878   216.164.026.xxx   Merry christmas
2008_12_18_17:11:20.092   071.179.120.xxx   i'm about to go get some (12)
2008_12_18_17:11:36.474   216.164.026.xxx   get me some too
2008_12_18_17:12:01.660   071.179.120.xxx   if your in baltimore,md sure (13)
2008_12_18_17:12:18.782   216.164.026.xxx   nope, pa here
2008_12_18_17:14:25.682   071.179.120.xxx   hi marvin (14)
2008_12_18_17:14:27.114   099.166.075.xxx   howdy! from texas
2008_12_18_17:15:05.620   157.127.124.xxx   OFF
2008_12_18_17:15:32.183   071.179.120.xxx   hi marvin (15)
2008_12_18_17:15:55.053   157.127.124.xxx   ON
2008_12_18_17:15:56.768   067.054.203.xxx   hey hey hey
2008_12_18_17:16:12.537   082.042.104.xxx   its tea time for alek. wonder what he is having.
2008_12_18_17:16:48.145   082.042.104.xxx   does kfc ring a bell
2008_12_18_17:16:49.585   067.054.203.xxx   GREEN tea
2008_12_18_17:18:48.991   067.054.203.xxx   5:19
2008_12_18_17:18:53.388   192.228.019.xxx   Hi Gene
2008_12_18_17:19:41.467   082.042.104.xxx   has anyone tried chips peas and curry. its so nice
2008_12_18_17:19:54.375   192.228.019.xxx   Hello Terry Brunt
2008_12_18_17:20:57.199   092.002.124.xxx   Havent used this for ages
2008_12_18_17:21:39.530   092.002.124.xxx   Hello From The Uk!! There are people outside your house!
2008_12_18_17:22:27.230   082.042.104.xxx   there ghosts. its living tv
2008_12_18_17:22:52.445   074.184.237.xxx   howdy from the good ol south
2008_12_18_17:23:10.221   067.054.203.xxx   hello from eureka springs
2008_12_18_17:23:34.190   192.228.019.xxx   Jim Pflanz, #1 grape farmer
2008_12_18_17:23:38.368   074.184.237.xxx   atlanta ga here___ this is a cute, fun site
2008_12_18_17:24:19.777   192.228.019.xxx   Jim Pflanz, #1 grape farmer
2008_12_18_17:26:09.377   074.184.237.xxx   merry christmas everyone!!!!
2008_12_18_17:27:10.431   067.054.203.xxx   and a happy new year
2008_12_18_17:27:43.788   067.054.203.xxx   we love kfc
2008_12_18_17:27:57.395   192.228.019.xxx   Merry Xmas newfie Gene
2008_12_18_17:30:26.420   067.054.203.xxx   hola
2008_12_18_17:31:24.161   082.042.104.xxx   iam working all over christmas fixing peoples boilers. all say aaaaarrrrr
2008_12_18_17:32:47.312   067.054.203.xxx   hi chimcham
2008_12_18_17:34:56.440   067.054.203.xxx   darkbater
2008_12_18_17:36:33.304   066.229.110.xxx   hey dumbo
2008_12_18_17:37:01.054   066.229.110.xxx   i hate this crap
2008_12_18_17:37:05.833   067.054.203.xxx   hes a classic (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_18_17:37:12.411   070.249.047.xxx   whats the deal with all the KFC stuff?
2008_12_18_17:37:28.894   072.201.018.xxx   mike was here
2008_12_18_17:37:31.542   066.229.110.xxx   i dont get it!!
2008_12_18_17:37:33.718   067.084.202.xxx   HO HO HO
2008_12_18_17:38:08.424   067.054.203.xxx   green giant (11)
2008_12_18_17:38:41.198   072.201.018.xxx   mj was here
2008_12_18_17:39:51.544   066.229.110.xxx   santa, is that you??
2008_12_18_17:40:24.014   066.229.110.xxx   sara seamann, I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_18_17:40:31.031   099.231.184.xxx   test
2008_12_18_17:40:56.566   067.054.203.xxx   no lttle boy (12)
2008_12_18_17:41:09.978   066.229.110.xxx   Sara Seamann LOVES Christmas!!!
2008_12_18_17:41:13.722   099.166.075.xxx   hi christopher & stefan
2008_12_18_17:41:45.325   066.229.110.xxx   move s*****!!!
2008_12_18_17:42:17.783   067.054.203.xxx   can i please talk (13)
2008_12_18_17:42:29.930   066.229.110.xxx   i love oranges!
2008_12_18_17:43:02.382   066.229.110.xxx   if you are still looking at this, duh!!
2008_12_18_17:43:18.280   067.054.203.xxx   does this work? (14)
2008_12_18_17:43:21.473   099.237.176.xxx   Never gonna give you up
2008_12_18_17:43:34.754   066.229.110.xxx   uhh, YEAH!!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_18_17:43:58.868   065.011.137.xxx   You are the sunshine of my life
2008_12_18_17:44:08.957   070.249.047.xxx   hi Alek
2008_12_18_17:45:00.066   065.011.137.xxx   Can i have a piece of chicken please
2008_12_18_17:45:19.981   070.249.047.xxx   oooo me too
2008_12_18_17:45:23.600   067.054.203.xxx   Timmah Here repn NWArkansas whose blacker than that? (15)
2008_12_18_17:45:35.882   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Would you like Original, BBQ, or Extra Crispy? ***ALEK***
2008_12_18_17:46:11.918   065.011.137.xxx   Original Please
2008_12_18_17:46:39.286   070.249.047.xxx   Extra Crispy, please
2008_12_18_17:47:41.787   082.042.104.xxx   goodnight all from uk.12.47 am here
2008_12_18_17:48:02.242   067.054.203.xxx   hello (16)
2008_12_18_17:52:14.885   156.034.196.xxx   umm yes hello
2008_12_18_17:55:15.231   070.249.047.xxx   greetings
2008_12_18_17:56:35.894   068.055.196.xxx   Web cam 3 is that a kfc chicken heading to the fryer?
2008_12_18_18:04:12.481   085.092.130.xxx   KFC, hvad en dum krakker
2008_12_18_18:05:18.005   085.092.130.xxx   el___k______n Jumalan
2008_12_18_18:08:52.544   085.092.130.xxx   hello Alek hyv______ kamaa
2008_12_18_18:09:40.286   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wife has to leave - opening garage - see webcam1 ***ALEK***
2008_12_18_18:10:58.249   065.011.137.xxx   WATCH OUT HORMER!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_18_18:11:36.270   072.049.197.xxx   lets try HOMER!
2008_12_18_18:12:43.385   085.092.130.xxx   Ma femme, permettez-moi de dormir avec son ami pour
2008_12_18_18:13:01.598   065.011.137.xxx   At least Sana got out of da way
2008_12_18_18:13:23.534   085.092.130.xxx   No___l. Son ami est chaud
2008_12_18_18:13:56.912   072.049.197.xxx   speak english
2008_12_18_18:14:19.560   065.011.137.xxx   that was close hormor
2008_12_18_18:15:03.257   085.092.130.xxx   Elle aime soixante-neuf (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_18_18:16:20.460   085.092.130.xxx   Je vais l___cher son l___-bas et donnez-lui (11)
2008_12_18_18:17:38.204   085.092.130.xxx   i s* y homme ___ l'homme mis mon lait dans son visage (12)
2008_12_18_18:18:15.175   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, she almost ran over Homer on the way out - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2008_12_18_18:19:52.651   065.011.137.xxx   At least Santa is Safe
2008_12_18_18:19:54.647   071.192.180.xxx   HELLO PEOPLE OF EARTH!!
2008_12_18_18:20:39.535   071.192.180.xxx   WAZ UP??
2008_12_18_18:21:00.618   076.205.104.xxx   hi john
2008_12_18_18:21:21.580   071.192.180.xxx   ??
2008_12_18_18:21:37.528   076.205.104.xxx   do u love me?
2008_12_18_18:22:01.906   071.192.180.xxx   Osama got run over by a reindeer
2008_12_18_18:22:48.381   076.205.104.xxx   hi emma
2008_12_18_18:23:38.079   076.205.104.xxx   i luv me!!!
2008_12_18_18:23:46.394   071.192.180.xxx   WAZ UP PEOPLE OF EARTH??
2008_12_18_18:24:06.329   076.205.104.xxx   kfc?
2008_12_18_18:24:28.870   071.192.180.xxx   TURN EM OFF!! TURN EM ALL OFF!!!!
2008_12_18_18:24:42.674   065.011.137.xxx   ummmmmmmmm chicken
2008_12_18_18:25:12.305   071.206.105.xxx   Snow day tomorrow!
2008_12_18_18:25:34.165   065.011.137.xxx   A Chicken ain't nothing but a bird
2008_12_18_18:25:40.297   071.192.180.xxx   NO SCHOOL!!
2008_12_18_18:26:08.657   071.192.180.xxx   SNOW ALL DAY LONG!!
2008_12_18_18:26:09.264   065.011.137.xxx   prob last day of school anyway (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_18_18:26:21.264   072.200.167.xxx   ho ho ho
2008_12_18_18:27:06.143   076.205.104.xxx   i luv carla
2008_12_18_18:27:16.317   072.200.167.xxx   dark time
2008_12_18_18:27:49.429   072.200.167.xxx   where's alek?
2008_12_18_18:27:51.781   071.192.180.xxx   TURN EM OFF!! TURN EM ALL OFF!!!!
2008_12_18_18:28:14.895   098.110.119.xxx   i was doing this earlier (15)
2008_12_18_18:28:15.831   071.192.180.xxx   DO IT!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_18_18:28:42.934   071.192.180.xxx   DO IT NOW!!!!!! (11)
2008_12_18_18:28:44.078   098.110.119.xxx   turn every thing off (16)
2008_12_18_18:29:17.953   071.192.180.xxx   DO IT NOW!! (12)
2008_12_18_18:29:30.820   072.200.167.xxx   on on on
2008_12_18_18:30:00.576   071.192.180.xxx   OFF OFF OFF!!!!!!!!!! (13)
2008_12_18_18:30:07.600   072.200.167.xxx   easily amused i guess
2008_12_18_18:30:48.819   071.192.180.xxx   BYE BYE SANTA!! (14)
2008_12_18_18:31:18.437   071.192.180.xxx   SANTA STAYS DOWN!! (15)
2008_12_18_18:31:28.640   072.200.167.xxx   ho ho ho goodnight
2008_12_18_18:31:44.903   096.011.224.xxx   what?
2008_12_18_18:31:58.094   071.192.180.xxx   Ever wondered what KFC stands for?? (16)
2008_12_18_18:32:31.997   072.081.021.xxx   Hope you win Alek!
2008_12_18_18:32:54.610   096.011.224.xxx   kentuckey fried chicken
2008_12_18_18:34:27.659   099.130.163.xxx   loan me $10 to donate?
2008_12_18_18:34:38.419   071.192.180.xxx   :-) (17)
2008_12_18_18:34:50.046   076.205.104.xxx   even fried crap is good
2008_12_18_18:35:06.275   071.192.180.xxx   If U say so (18)
2008_12_18_18:35:09.618   098.110.119.xxx   yea fried crap is good crap (17)
2008_12_18_18:35:20.133   096.011.224.xxx   who owns this?
2008_12_18_18:36:09.671   096.011.224.xxx   really who does?
2008_12_18_18:36:25.350   071.192.180.xxx   Bye Bye Everyone!! (19)
2008_12_18_18:37:03.149   069.019.014.xxx   HELLO FROM EDNA TEXAS
2008_12_18_18:37:09.612   074.087.103.xxx   hi all
2008_12_18_18:37:25.938   076.205.104.xxx   i love myself
2008_12_18_18:37:27.240   096.011.224.xxx   hi from ohio!
2008_12_18_18:37:30.329   203.143.170.xxx   test
2008_12_18_18:37:45.005   069.019.014.xxx   cool
2008_12_18_18:37:53.877   076.205.104.xxx   ron kerensky
2008_12_18_18:38:09.403   203.143.170.xxx   hi from sydney (:
2008_12_18_18:38:23.806   082.016.113.xxx   BOO!
2008_12_18_18:38:24.155   076.205.104.xxx   ron kerensky was here (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_18_18:38:24.632   096.011.224.xxx   hey
2008_12_18_18:38:28.858   069.019.014.xxx   awsome lights
2008_12_18_18:39:23.667   096.011.224.xxx   light it up p**ps
2008_12_18_18:40:26.817   069.019.014.xxx   weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
2008_12_18_18:41:10.551   069.019.014.xxx   hi ppl
2008_12_18_18:41:18.576   202.138.179.xxx   helooooooo beeee!
2008_12_18_18:41:40.416   067.054.203.xxx   hello i am sam from bombay (17)
2008_12_18_18:42:06.898   069.019.014.xxx   good cause 4 lights
2008_12_18_18:44:10.391   202.138.179.xxx   Hiiii baby! RAWR! -mini hulk
2008_12_18_18:44:56.700   097.083.119.xxx   n
2008_12_18_18:45:56.510   202.138.179.xxx   Hiii baby! I'm eating breakfast! :)
2008_12_18_18:46:07.292   098.110.119.xxx   dgfdfdhgfdhggfsdngsdftsgnfds (18)
2008_12_18_18:46:29.511   202.138.179.xxx   Hiii baby! I'm eating breakfast! :)
2008_12_18_18:46:41.355   098.110.119.xxx   gdfsgfsdbgfhsdfbhds (19)
2008_12_18_18:47:09.414   208.198.000.xxx   hi baby! i love you!
2008_12_18_18:47:37.880   098.110.119.xxx   blah blah blah jkjkjkjk (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_18_18:47:55.884   074.087.103.xxx   Vote for #16 people on the kfc contest! DO IT!! :)
2008_12_18_18:49:58.641   071.237.089.xxx   Hi Alek, Paul, Max, and Eleanor
2008_12_18_18:51:31.818   098.110.119.xxx   I WONDER HOW ANNOYED THE NEIGHBORS R SEEING ALL THESE FLASHING LIGHTS :-) (21)
2008_12_18_18:53:05.418   098.110.119.xxx   THIS IS GETTING BORING (22)
2008_12_18_18:54:41.623   208.198.000.xxx   the lights are cute :)
2008_12_18_18:56:15.859   098.110.119.xxx   HI ALEK (23)
2008_12_18_18:56:44.792   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hi Paul - fun having you guys over tonight! ***ALEK***
2008_12_18_18:57:27.272   098.110.119.xxx   WHOS PAUL (24)
2008_12_18_18:57:34.344   066.066.112.xxx   Alek do you ever get annoyed by all these controlled lights?
2008_12_18_18:58:06.897   098.110.119.xxx   I WOULD (25)
2008_12_18_18:58:22.026   066.066.112.xxx   me too
2008_12_18_18:58:51.981   098.110.119.xxx   frosty lives (26)
2008_12_18_18:58:54.126   066.066.112.xxx   but i love it
2008_12_18_18:59:26.023   066.066.112.xxx   It is very creative
2008_12_18_19:00:25.178   098.110.119.xxx   hey alek r u answering these (27)
2008_12_18_19:00:37.055   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks - time to go back down to resume Battleship against my son! ***ALEK***
2008_12_18_19:00:42.231   066.066.112.xxx   no he doesnt
2008_12_18_19:01:00.036   012.159.056.xxx   what's wrong with Homer?
2008_12_18_19:01:08.617   098.110.119.xxx   well hes on the computer so i asumed he was typing back (28)
2008_12_18_19:01:47.652   098.110.119.xxx   hahaha homers dead (29)
2008_12_18_19:02:42.254   098.110.119.xxx   homer llives (30 IM's so far today)
2008_12_18_19:02:57.153   012.159.056.xxx   oh he's ok now
2008_12_18_19:03:16.762   098.110.119.xxx   and now hes not (31)
2008_12_18_19:03:50.104   066.066.112.xxx   Alek will you wave to me????
2008_12_18_19:04:03.820   012.159.056.xxx   emo  must be pushing him backwards
2008_12_18_19:04:24.153   098.110.119.xxx   yea (32)
2008_12_18_19:04:37.425   012.159.056.xxx   he already waved
2008_12_18_19:04:54.212   076.205.104.xxx   ron kerensky (11)
2008_12_18_19:04:56.871   066.066.112.xxx   i didnt see it
2008_12_18_19:05:01.708   071.180.133.xxx   Hi Mekayla
2008_12_18_19:05:02.226   098.110.119.xxx   hey alek go fix homer (33)
2008_12_18_19:08:39.802   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** OK - I'll go check on Homer - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2008_12_18_19:13:36.065   098.110.119.xxx   GRADON WAS HERE (34)
2008_12_18_19:14:28.871   065.011.137.xxx   grandma got run over by a chicken (11)
2008_12_18_19:16:39.223   075.137.186.xxx   f***
2008_12_18_19:17:19.313   098.110.119.xxx   I WONDER HOW ALEK DID THIS (35)
2008_12_18_19:17:37.122   071.137.158.xxx   Hello From Kalifornia
2008_12_18_19:19:27.107   098.110.119.xxx   YO YO YO FROM NEW JERSEY (36)
2008_12_18_19:21:58.347   071.206.105.xxx   hi from michigna
2008_12_18_19:23:21.374   024.017.175.xxx   Hello from WA
2008_12_18_19:23:54.349   098.110.119.xxx   hi (37)
2008_12_18_19:24:47.987   098.110.119.xxx   hi aleks kid (38)
2008_12_18_19:26:45.388   207.200.116.xxx   Hey it's my birthday....
2008_12_18_19:27:47.864   069.156.002.xxx   Happy Birthday!
2008_12_18_19:28:22.124   068.194.244.xxx   what do the neibors think of all these lights alex
2008_12_18_19:28:26.756   024.126.210.xxx   Hello  Phyllis and Philip
2008_12_18_19:28:43.641   207.200.116.xxx   Thanks.  It's the big 5 0
2008_12_18_19:29:11.176   069.156.002.xxx   Mine is on the 23rd...
2008_12_18_19:29:38.080   207.200.116.xxx   Happy happy to you
2008_12_18_19:29:47.180   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Neightbors think it is a hoot - their kids love it ... plus webcam1 is across street ***ALEK***
2008_12_18_19:30:33.879   068.194.244.xxx   o thats good atlead everyone supports the cause
2008_12_18_19:31:24.007   068.194.244.xxx   I think some light bulbs in elmo and santa are burnt out alex
2008_12_18_19:31:58.002   098.110.119.xxx   hi alek and son :) (39)
2008_12_18_19:32:56.833   068.194.244.xxx   KYLE WAVE CUTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_18_19:33:36.989   068.194.244.xxx   AW KYLE U ARE ADORABLE COME IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA
2008_12_18_19:34:39.579   068.194.244.xxx   KOMAR.ORG KOMAR.ORG KOMAR.ORG
2008_12_18_19:35:15.022   068.194.244.xxx   ALEX! when do u find out if u won the contest
2008_12_18_19:36:25.949   068.194.244.xxx   I think you left your pumpkin infladable out from halloween!!!!
2008_12_18_19:37:07.753   068.194.244.xxx   ALEX ALEX ALEX ALEX WHAT IS UP HOMIE
2008_12_18_19:37:17.555   098.110.119.xxx   Hey alek how much does you electric bill usually cost from this (40 IM's so far today)
2008_12_18_19:38:10.258   068.194.244.xxx   1 dollar a day on average look at bottome of page for more info (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_18_19:38:59.051   068.194.244.xxx   ALEX wheres WENDY AT HOMIE (11)
2008_12_18_19:39:30.058   098.110.119.xxx   wow only a dollar a day (41)
2008_12_18_19:39:41.279   068.194.244.xxx   NYC AND LI GETTING DUMPED WITH SNOW TOMORROW (12)
2008_12_18_19:39:43.228   071.206.105.xxx   Cool website Alek
2008_12_18_19:40:07.121   075.111.137.xxx   Ho,Ho,Ho
2008_12_18_19:40:34.623   068.194.244.xxx   yea dollar a day 63 dollars for the whole seasone worth it (13)
2008_12_18_19:40:39.396   098.110.119.xxx   i wonder if youll get alot of people on here on christmas (42)
2008_12_18_19:40:43.856   071.206.105.xxx   Why do you have so much KFC stuff?
2008_12_18_19:42:15.950   068.194.244.xxx   KYLE SANTA IS FAKE ITS TIME U KNEW (14)
2008_12_18_19:42:24.466   098.110.119.xxx   um his name is Alek (43)
2008_12_18_19:42:39.650   071.206.105.xxx   Ok i will where do you go to enter
2008_12_18_19:42:40.348   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Dude - be cool with the Santa comment ... ***ALEK***
2008_12_18_19:43:31.105   068.194.244.xxx   sorry alek wont happen again (15)
2008_12_18_19:44:02.669   071.206.105.xxx   Who said that? Meanie
2008_12_18_19:44:37.181   012.159.056.xxx   I already voted can't vote again D'OH
2008_12_18_19:44:38.129   075.111.137.xxx   Santa is Real!
2008_12_18_19:44:38.834   098.110.119.xxx   kyle dont believe what you see :-) (44)
2008_12_18_19:44:57.077   070.188.151.xxx   Hi Kiddo, super cute!
2008_12_18_19:45:03.449   071.206.105.xxx   How do you no the kids names?
2008_12_18_19:45:16.488   086.134.173.xxx   Heyy Its Craig MERRY XMAS (L)
2008_12_18_19:45:17.300   098.110.119.xxx   yea santa is real if you believe (45)
2008_12_18_19:45:46.096   070.188.151.xxx   hi kiddo
2008_12_18_19:45:49.093   075.111.137.xxx   yup and you have to belive in santa:D
2008_12_18_19:46:06.534   086.134.173.xxx   SANTA IS SO REAL I MET HIM MERRY XMAS LOVE CRAIG
2008_12_18_19:46:20.809   071.206.105.xxx   well i am headin up for the night it is 11:46 good night all
2008_12_18_19:46:21.916   070.188.151.xxx   hi kiddo
2008_12_18_19:46:45.519   086.134.173.xxx   Craig Paterson here merry xmas
2008_12_18_19:47:36.277   086.134.173.xxx   HEY MERRY XMAS LOVE CRAIG PATERSON UK
2008_12_18_19:47:50.862   096.024.078.xxx   Haha the moving k-f-c boxes, Priceless.
2008_12_18_19:48:01.054   086.134.173.xxx   ALEX ARE U ALL READING THIS :O
2008_12_18_19:48:04.636   068.194.244.xxx   Alek SAYS: WAZUUUUUUUP CRAIG (16)
2008_12_18_19:48:37.280   086.134.173.xxx   ITS LIKE 2 AM AND IM ONLY 13 THIS IS SO ADDICTIVE UR SITE
2008_12_18_19:49:01.427   068.194.244.xxx   Colonel Sanders picks the Controllable Christmas Lights as a Finalist in Nation (17)
2008_12_18_19:49:15.097   098.110.119.xxx   im 11 this is really addictive (46)
2008_12_18_19:49:17.169   086.134.173.xxx   I REALLY WANT TO GO TO USA IS IT GOOD?
2008_12_18_19:49:48.055   024.058.192.xxx   NO  stay where you are
2008_12_18_19:50:04.418   068.194.244.xxx   WE SHOULD CALL THE WORLD THE US it rocks (18)
2008_12_18_19:50:13.005   086.134.173.xxx   Whats wrong with America?
2008_12_18_19:50:30.121   024.058.192.xxx   To many forigeners
2008_12_18_19:50:43.212   086.134.173.xxx   Are you the guy with the glasses
2008_12_18_19:51:12.399   086.134.173.xxx   My family are all american (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_18_19:51:33.562   068.194.244.xxx   Sorry lol my name is alex not alek but close (19)
2008_12_18_19:51:54.633   086.134.173.xxx   Sorry (11)
2008_12_18_19:52:19.867   068.194.244.xxx   VOTE FOR ALEK IN CONTEST!SEE LINK (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_18_19:52:30.740   086.134.173.xxx   Are you the man with the glasses? :O (12)
2008_12_18_19:53:37.457   086.134.173.xxx   Hey kiddo craig here (13)
2008_12_18_19:54:57.035   086.134.173.xxx   Night see you tomorrow! (L) Have a good sleep (14)
2008_12_18_19:55:55.241   086.134.173.xxx   T (15)
2008_12_18_19:57:05.122   074.170.008.xxx   fie
2008_12_18_19:57:28.757   074.170.008.xxx   pie
2008_12_18_19:58:20.944   086.134.173.xxx   ARE U THERE GUYS? (16)
2008_12_18_20:03:22.818   086.134.173.xxx   LOL (17)
2008_12_18_20:05:26.049   086.134.173.xxx   ___aa (18)
2008_12_18_20:06:57.551   086.134.173.xxx   Ok Night guys (L) (19)
2008_12_18_20:07:17.570   068.036.112.xxx   silly fruits
2008_12_18_20:09:11.318   156.034.196.xxx   Hello
2008_12_18_20:10:23.615   068.036.112.xxx   well done Alek
2008_12_18_20:13:20.787   071.007.051.xxx   Hi Deb!
2008_12_18_20:15:12.730   024.197.026.xxx   Move your arm buzz!
2008_12_18_20:17:28.629   075.111.137.xxx   Yo,yo what it dizdo?
2008_12_18_20:17:57.594   071.137.158.xxx   WHAT!!!
2008_12_18_20:18:19.130   068.106.177.xxx   I love you Marme
2008_12_18_20:18:58.815   072.181.211.xxx   JESUS FARKIN CHRISTMAS!!
2008_12_18_20:21:01.022   024.197.026.xxx   What exactly does Alek do at that desk all day?
2008_12_18_20:21:49.010   072.181.211.xxx   looking at p*** -Alek
2008_12_18_20:22:19.732   068.106.177.xxx   Merry Christmas to All - Spencer
2008_12_18_20:22:56.845   072.181.211.xxx   Hey Spencer
2008_12_18_20:24:15.617   072.181.211.xxx   Dik in my arse
2008_12_18_20:24:53.394   072.181.211.xxx   HAI EVRY1 IM BUZZ LITEYEER!!1!
2008_12_18_20:28:30.239   075.111.137.xxx   sure your not Budligtyeer?
2008_12_18_20:30:58.005   076.167.210.xxx   So you're kinda crazy huh?
2008_12_18_20:31:39.373   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wife coming home - have to unplug Elmo and Homer - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2008_12_18_20:32:52.096   075.065.195.xxx   Merry Christmas from madison mississippi
2008_12_18_20:33:44.585   075.065.195.xxx   anybody out there?
2008_12_18_20:35:10.967   074.235.203.xxx   Nod if you can hear me
2008_12_18_20:35:13.709   075.065.195.xxx   yoo hoo
2008_12_18_20:35:31.441   065.040.072.xxx   These decorations ROCK!
2008_12_18_20:35:44.029   075.065.195.xxx   where is everyone?
2008_12_18_20:36:26.997   075.065.195.xxx   who's there?
2008_12_18_20:36:55.164   075.065.195.xxx   anyone?
2008_12_18_20:37:18.689   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Just a bunch Griswolds ... ***ALEK***
2008_12_18_20:38:01.727   075.065.195.xxx   who's there?
2008_12_18_20:39:29.759   068.223.042.xxx   OOGA BOOGA BOOGA!!
2008_12_18_20:46:44.529   208.178.013.xxx   Frosty
2008_12_18_20:47:25.261   208.178.013.xxx   Buy NCMI.
2008_12_18_20:48:08.684   208.178.013.xxx   I love chicken.
2008_12_18_20:48:43.298   066.229.103.xxx   May the buttery goodness be with you.
2008_12_18_20:49:34.894   208.178.013.xxx   For a good time call the colonel.
2008_12_18_20:53:15.826   066.229.103.xxx   Mmmmm KFC.. darn now I am hungry
2008_12_18_20:54:55.765   068.110.198.xxx   Hi gaiz.
2008_12_18_20:55:28.495   068.015.042.xxx   O&A Party Rock
2008_12_18_20:55:53.217   068.110.198.xxx   Two Buzz lightyears? THATS PAPOSTEROUS!!!!!
2008_12_18_20:56:52.112   068.109.157.xxx   smash me? i'll smash you!!
2008_12_18_20:57:20.952   068.109.157.xxx   how are you
2008_12_18_20:57:23.599   068.110.198.xxx   CHRISTMAS IN A WEEK@@@@@@@@@
2008_12_18_20:58:14.622   068.109.157.xxx   i like your house
2008_12_18_21:00:30.364   068.109.157.xxx   how's the weather?
2008_12_18_21:11:38.369   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Glad you like the house ... just a bit over the top, 'eh?!? ***ALEK***
2008_12_18_21:13:19.441   096.254.013.xxx   hi
2008_12_18_21:14:06.726   097.076.178.xxx   Hi there
2008_12_18_21:14:08.948   096.254.013.xxx   hi from the pistol whip band
2008_12_18_21:14:42.155   097.076.178.xxx   this is cool
2008_12_18_21:14:42.260   096.254.013.xxx   go tampa bay buccaneers
2008_12_18_21:15:05.098   072.051.242.xxx   HoHoHo from ZZSanta!!!!
2008_12_18_21:15:40.891   096.254.013.xxx   go ravens
2008_12_18_21:16:03.408   072.051.242.xxx   Get it beard ZZTop and santa combined
2008_12_18_21:16:08.216   096.254.013.xxx   dallas stinks
2008_12_18_21:16:38.642   072.051.242.xxx   Sharp Dressed Santa
2008_12_18_21:16:39.136   097.076.178.xxx   Tony Romo stinks
2008_12_18_21:17:15.149   096.254.013.xxx   w3hy me
2008_12_18_21:17:22.389   097.076.178.xxx   Merry Christmas everyone
2008_12_18_21:17:52.752   072.051.242.xxx   HeHe..oops HoHoHo
2008_12_18_21:18:27.539   097.076.178.xxx   U R Cute
2008_12_18_21:19:11.733   096.254.013.xxx   thank you
2008_12_18_21:19:12.227   097.076.178.xxx   u with the glasses
2008_12_18_21:19:39.455   096.254.013.xxx   wave to us
2008_12_18_21:19:39.876   099.172.033.xxx   your site is always Greatttt
2008_12_18_21:19:49.387   097.076.178.xxx   my name is ken
2008_12_18_21:20:21.114   096.254.013.xxx   your name is stupid
2008_12_18_21:20:30.222   072.051.242.xxx   Alek can a donartion be done by PayPal?
2008_12_18_21:20:59.673   096.254.013.xxx   wave to us man with glasses (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_18_21:21:19.218   072.051.242.xxx   oops donation
2008_12_18_21:21:53.020   096.254.013.xxx   the clocks have diferent times (11)
2008_12_18_21:22:20.960   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Donations via Payal taken on the donation page - I foward these to UofM ***ALEK***
2008_12_18_21:22:29.502   096.254.013.xxx   maybe not (12)
2008_12_18_21:22:46.574   099.172.033.xxx   we wnat to buy a large clock like yours-where can we find it
2008_12_18_21:28:39.875   072.051.242.xxx   Donation given..
2008_12_18_21:31:20.419   072.051.242.xxx   Man you look tierd
2008_12_18_21:31:49.691   072.051.242.xxx   oops tired
2008_12_18_21:33:43.229   099.172.033.xxx   is it supposed to snow more this week???
2008_12_18_21:34:36.607   099.172.033.xxx   Do they think a heavy snow on Christmas????
2008_12_18_21:35:43.620   071.032.224.xxx   Hello From Utah
2008_12_18_21:41:28.040   072.051.242.xxx   HoHoHo (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_18_21:46:30.916   068.207.149.xxx   Your Lights Are Finger Lickin' Good!
2008_12_18_21:47:48.571   072.051.242.xxx   Want to see over the top light check out my vids on YouTube..look under ZZTOPMO. (11)
2008_12_18_21:51:13.544   072.051.242.xxx   I have emailed all of my freinds and family about your site. So g___hopefully y (12)
2008_12_18_21:52:18.769   099.172.033.xxx   ony 9 min get some rest alek
2008_12_18_21:54:18.595   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, bit tired tonight - some media coverage will pop tomorrow - WOOT! ***ALEK***
2008_12_18_21:54:33.324   072.051.242.xxx   HOHOHO from SE Missouri (13)
2008_12_18_21:55:10.182   099.172.033.xxx   HO HO HO FROM SPRING TEXAS
2008_12_18_21:55:15.558   068.100.227.xxx   GOOD NIGHT FROM FAIRFAX,VA
2008_12_18_21:59:49.454   099.172.033.xxx   to all a good night

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