271 christmas text messages on 2008/1219

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 7,926 times that day including 4,378 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1219

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2008_12_19_16:01:43.005   068.194.244.xxx   hi
2008_12_19_16:02:06.442   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** For those who haven't voted yet, check out the KFC link! ***ALEK***
2008_12_19_16:02:08.484   065.029.083.xxx   hi
2008_12_19_16:02:10.772   068.194.244.xxx   wats up alex
2008_12_19_16:02:13.899   067.187.033.xxx   how are you
2008_12_19_16:02:17.212   088.104.142.xxx   Hi all
2008_12_19_16:02:51.476   024.118.194.xxx   This is the best thing in the world and also a great cause to support, thanks f
2008_12_19_16:02:53.649   068.194.244.xxx   yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyyoyoyoyoyoyoy alek
2008_12_19_16:06:49.111   086.142.142.xxx   ___) cheers alek
2008_12_19_16:08:06.454   067.187.033.xxx   ho
2008_12_19_16:08:43.756   067.187.033.xxx   ho ho ho
2008_12_19_16:09:24.720   067.187.033.xxx   this it the best thing ever
2008_12_19_16:13:34.644   192.154.091.xxx   hi is this the real santas workshop and dont lie.
2008_12_19_16:13:56.932   092.003.217.xxx   Hi, James
2008_12_19_16:14:30.224   092.003.217.xxx   this is the best
2008_12_19_16:15:26.065   084.061.125.xxx   wow
2008_12_19_16:16:16.733   092.003.217.xxx   James is so s* y
2008_12_19_16:20:58.496   092.003.217.xxx   Wrexham!!
2008_12_19_16:21:57.724   092.003.217.xxx   jamesdisco@hotmail.co.uk
2008_12_19_16:25:29.049   092.003.217.xxx   JW love  JD for ever
2008_12_19_16:25:52.480   086.148.245.xxx   Merry Christmas
2008_12_19_16:26:23.859   086.148.245.xxx   JohnColes.co.uk
2008_12_19_16:27:30.823   075.094.217.xxx   I voted for this website on the KFC christmas challenge!!
2008_12_19_16:27:36.717   086.004.166.xxx   hi xx
2008_12_19_16:27:42.852   086.148.245.xxx   Merry Christmas From The UK
2008_12_19_16:30:10.615   078.150.023.xxx   Hi alex well i have had this flue bug that is spreading around uk but im back h
2008_12_19_16:30:11.863   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks for your Extra Crispy KFC vote!    ___-) ***ALEK***
2008_12_19_16:40:14.578   205.188.116.xxx   Im a Space Ranger!!!
2008_12_19_16:41:05.126   205.188.116.xxx   To Infinty....And Beyond!!!!
2008_12_19_16:49:15.110   086.148.245.xxx   Sent form my iPod touch
2008_12_19_16:53:31.778   078.148.185.xxx   hello
2008_12_19_16:55:47.114   071.180.133.xxx   wow... how did you put this together?
2008_12_19_16:57:32.806   076.022.068.xxx   Peek-a-boo! It's SPICY!
2008_12_19_17:01:18.750   098.216.201.xxx   Wish KFC made GF chicken
2008_12_19_17:03:15.332   098.216.201.xxx   Hi Ethan
2008_12_19_17:04:21.923   071.064.125.xxx   hi
2008_12_19_17:05:23.452   071.064.125.xxx   ___n___ntest
2008_12_19_17:05:43.127   099.249.248.xxx   Awesome site!
2008_12_19_17:06:58.079   092.003.217.xxx   Wales, UK
2008_12_19_17:09:12.351   074.057.123.xxx   s 0 s s y
2008_12_19_17:10:02.110   074.057.123.xxx   8=====D  cheers mate
2008_12_19_17:10:34.204   074.057.123.xxx   8===D
2008_12_19_17:10:41.744   076.103.092.xxx   Happy Christsmas from Livermore
2008_12_19_17:11:21.623   074.057.123.xxx   8====d
2008_12_19_17:12:46.276   074.057.123.xxx   NO MOAR LIGHTS 8===D
2008_12_19_17:22:46.379   078.149.051.xxx   santa Claus is coming to town
2008_12_19_17:24:02.420   024.000.095.xxx   patrick is mad
2008_12_19_17:27:57.218   203.097.108.xxx   Meri Kirihimete!
2008_12_19_17:28:02.926   072.145.139.xxx   ok
2008_12_19_17:29:02.913   203.097.108.xxx   Wesolych Swiat Bozego Narodzenia!
2008_12_19_17:30:06.532   142.068.143.xxx   english!
2008_12_19_17:30:47.919   071.137.158.xxx   ___',___',___',___',___',___
2008_12_19_17:31:11.910   203.097.108.xxx   Merry Christmas From New Zealand
2008_12_19_17:31:21.680   076.022.068.xxx   Merry Christmas from Seattle
2008_12_19_17:31:23.900   142.068.143.xxx   what?
2008_12_19_17:31:34.693   071.137.158.xxx   ___****___****___
2008_12_19_17:32:06.254   142.068.143.xxx   say again?
2008_12_19_17:36:02.572   065.074.018.xxx   Merry Merry Yule Shannon!
2008_12_19_17:36:26.126   142.068.143.xxx   who's shannon?
2008_12_19_17:37:30.529   065.074.018.xxx   My Wife!
2008_12_19_17:37:46.414   142.068.143.xxx   nice
2008_12_19_17:38:21.873   189.132.204.xxx   cool!
2008_12_19_17:40:17.612   068.118.209.xxx   I love you Monkey...always, Muffin
2008_12_19_17:40:54.571   142.068.143.xxx   monkeys smell bad
2008_12_19_17:42:16.712   065.074.018.xxx   Not the Luv Munkey
2008_12_19_17:42:19.022   068.118.209.xxx   only when he doesn't shower
2008_12_19_17:42:57.790   142.068.143.xxx   monkeys don't shower that's silly
2008_12_19_17:43:18.209   072.081.021.xxx   Merry Christmas!!!
2008_12_19_17:43:23.353   068.118.209.xxx   Stinky monkey or not...still love you
2008_12_19_17:43:36.764   065.074.018.xxx   I love you too
2008_12_19_17:43:54.137   142.068.143.xxx   wow but i hardly know you
2008_12_19_17:44:17.604   072.081.021.xxx   better get a phone #!
2008_12_19_17:44:55.976   069.177.102.xxx   Merry Christmas from CT
2008_12_19_17:45:39.756   065.074.018.xxx   Merry Xmas from Omak WA
2008_12_19_17:46:23.052   202.161.075.xxx   I LIKE THE SITE
2008_12_19_17:46:53.401   142.068.143.xxx   why are you yelling?
2008_12_19_17:46:57.518   202.161.075.xxx   I LIKE THE SITE
2008_12_19_17:47:28.383   142.068.143.xxx   why are you yelling? (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_19_17:47:29.695   202.161.075.xxx   I LIKE THE SITE
2008_12_19_17:48:01.499   202.161.075.xxx   I LIKE THE SITE
2008_12_19_17:48:09.433   142.068.143.xxx   why are you yelling? (11)
2008_12_19_17:48:33.576   065.074.018.xxx   Maybe because its Xmas?
2008_12_19_17:48:48.889   202.161.075.xxx   I LIKE THE SITE
2008_12_19_17:49:02.542   142.068.143.xxx   stop yelling (12)
2008_12_19_17:49:19.459   202.161.075.xxx   I LIKE THE SITE
2008_12_19_17:49:29.982   142.068.143.xxx   zip it (13)
2008_12_19_17:49:55.284   202.161.075.xxx   I LIKE THE SITE
2008_12_19_17:50:02.123   142.068.143.xxx   shhhhhhh (14)
2008_12_19_17:50:35.636   142.068.143.xxx   no reason to be loud (15)
2008_12_19_17:52:26.750   082.042.104.xxx   hello all. is alek having his tea
2008_12_19_17:54:06.193   142.068.143.xxx   mmmm tea (16)
2008_12_19_17:54:21.699   024.008.053.xxx   Hi Abe & Joe
2008_12_19_17:55:06.318   024.008.053.xxx   BLAA, BLAA , BLAA
2008_12_19_18:07:54.741   081.151.029.xxx   Hello
2008_12_19_18:08:26.487   081.151.029.xxx   Hi from Oban, Scotland
2008_12_19_18:11:58.554   090.210.245.xxx   Good evening from the Telford
2008_12_19_18:12:09.271   085.160.068.xxx   ted jsem prijel z chlastacky... zachrani me nekdo?
2008_12_19_18:13:35.167   085.160.068.xxx   alek: your screem is over the window
2008_12_19_18:14:19.643   090.210.245.xxx   Umm... KFC
2008_12_19_18:14:47.325   085.160.068.xxx   no KFC but MC DONALD :D
2008_12_19_18:15:23.010   099.178.136.xxx   KFC all day, every day!
2008_12_19_18:15:50.287   085.160.068.xxx   MC DONALD everynight :D
2008_12_19_18:16:02.408   099.178.136.xxx   To infinity, and BEYOND!
2008_12_19_18:16:20.851   090.210.245.xxx   Its 1.15 am in the UK... KFC sounds good right now!
2008_12_19_18:16:44.386   076.103.092.xxx   Happy christmas!
2008_12_19_18:17:54.739   085.160.068.xxx   its 2:17 in Czech - MC drive is ready :D
2008_12_19_18:18:52.540   076.024.251.xxx   HEY! Merry Christmas. Sorry about my friends text
2008_12_19_18:20:16.502   085.160.068.xxx   im goin to sleep. bye from Czech republic
2008_12_19_18:21:16.613   076.103.092.xxx   Bye from California!
2008_12_19_18:22:50.478   085.160.068.xxx   bye  all the people from the world
2008_12_19_18:24:36.687   068.051.149.xxx   helloooooooooooooo
2008_12_19_18:24:47.048   090.210.245.xxx   good night everyone
2008_12_19_18:25:02.927   085.160.068.xxx   Alek: check you cam3.. is over the text
2008_12_19_18:25:05.650   068.051.149.xxx   you s***
2008_12_19_18:26:47.675   085.160.068.xxx   kiss me .. good bye
2008_12_19_18:27:08.785   071.137.158.xxx   good bye
2008_12_19_18:27:15.596   075.068.217.xxx   This is neat :)
2008_12_19_18:29:05.010   085.160.068.xxx   nice light___) (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_19_18:31:20.792   071.137.158.xxx   Homer has fallen and can't get up
2008_12_19_18:32:07.154   076.167.210.xxx   His wife must be coming home. He apparently shuts it off when she does.
2008_12_19_18:33:36.929   071.137.158.xxx   Looks like it'd windy there
2008_12_19_18:34:43.659   099.194.045.xxx   merry Christmas
2008_12_19_18:35:49.492   024.111.201.xxx   juff dunham rules
2008_12_19_18:36:23.088   024.111.201.xxx   jeff dunham rules
2008_12_19_18:37:07.468   024.111.201.xxx   jeff dunham on leno jan 7
2008_12_19_18:38:01.719   068.084.078.xxx   hi!
2008_12_19_18:38:12.691   173.020.185.xxx   his Christmas special is on comedy central in 20 minutes
2008_12_19_18:38:59.595   024.111.201.xxx   Hi from Minot, North Dakota
2008_12_19_18:40:53.997   069.119.191.xxx   hello from NY
2008_12_19_18:40:56.237   071.098.106.xxx   Let's go Detroit Red Wings!
2008_12_19_18:41:45.451   024.111.201.xxx   greeting all phone monkeys at sykes centers
2008_12_19_18:43:54.279   024.111.201.xxx   kfc is good but burger king is better
2008_12_19_18:44:46.941   071.098.106.xxx   But Taco Bell rules all
2008_12_19_18:53:37.975   099.151.130.xxx   Chicago Blackhawks are on Fire!
2008_12_19_18:55:06.966   071.137.158.xxx   Then put them out!
2008_12_19_18:55:40.843   099.151.130.xxx   Yer a funny guy
2008_12_19_18:55:50.536   071.137.158.xxx   or you will burn down the city again
2008_12_19_18:56:27.433   099.151.130.xxx   how true
2008_12_19_18:57:09.963   099.151.130.xxx   someone help Homer up     Duff beer again
2008_12_19_18:57:48.423   071.212.141.xxx   merry happy christmas
2008_12_19_18:58:28.571   071.212.141.xxx   evelyn rocks
2008_12_19_18:59:03.146   099.151.130.xxx   Brianne love st. Nick
2008_12_19_19:02:32.143   075.018.123.xxx   Happy Holidays!
2008_12_19_19:03:01.204   075.018.123.xxx   Love you mom!
2008_12_19_19:05:26.156   099.230.192.xxx   Fried Chicken
2008_12_19_19:05:49.421   099.253.181.xxx   tyler your g**, but I still love you!
2008_12_19_19:08:20.595   024.008.202.xxx   Y'all Rock!
2008_12_19_19:11:21.143   068.010.100.xxx   Virginia Beach here
2008_12_19_19:11:32.076   068.098.226.xxx   whazzzup?!?!?!
2008_12_19_19:11:55.850   068.010.100.xxx   where is everyone from?
2008_12_19_19:12:27.198   072.197.035.xxx   San Diego over here!
2008_12_19_19:12:37.864   068.098.226.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!Harland SandersHarl
2008_12_19_19:13:13.579   068.098.226.xxx   do the neighbors dig this set up?
2008_12_19_19:14:12.689   068.057.202.xxx   Merry Christmas from Indianapolis!
2008_12_19_19:14:13.198   115.133.073.xxx   -_____________-"
2008_12_19_19:14:22.611   072.197.035.xxx   Hola!!
2008_12_19_19:14:41.370   068.010.100.xxx   Hello from Virginia Beach, Virginia
2008_12_19_19:16:10.552   115.133.073.xxx   -___________-"
2008_12_19_19:16:14.432   068.098.226.xxx   it's dark in here!!!!!!
2008_12_19_19:17:47.716   115.133.073.xxx   KFC!!! @_@
2008_12_19_19:18:34.501   202.075.136.xxx   hb rox!!
2008_12_19_19:20:09.958   071.052.058.xxx   merry christmas
2008_12_19_19:20:51.483   202.075.136.xxx   (_______)v
2008_12_19_19:23:26.305   075.017.061.xxx   im really bored
2008_12_19_19:24:56.351   072.200.200.xxx   Merry Christmas Derek in Oklahoma
2008_12_19_19:25:24.790   075.017.061.xxx   iM JEWISH
2008_12_19_19:25:44.710   072.200.200.xxx   Good for you! :-)
2008_12_19_19:27:00.795   075.017.061.xxx   YEAH
2008_12_19_19:28:17.632   072.200.200.xxx   In memory of Daniel K. miss you buddy boy
2008_12_19_19:29:23.809   096.224.055.xxx   D
2008_12_19_19:30:35.295   081.109.148.xxx   merry christmas from cardiff
2008_12_19_19:34:15.726   072.200.200.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS MIMI!
2008_12_19_19:36:42.417   064.012.116.xxx   Merry Christmas Ella Bella! Mimi loves you!!!!
2008_12_19_19:36:49.896   208.123.061.xxx   Hi From Minnesota
2008_12_19_19:37:23.248   072.200.200.xxx   Hi from Oklahoma
2008_12_19_19:37:42.139   064.012.116.xxx   Merry Christmas Derek Richards! You are handsome.
2008_12_19_19:38:20.774   072.200.200.xxx   Hi Mimi love Derek
2008_12_19_19:38:43.536   064.012.116.xxx   Emma- I love you baby girl!
2008_12_19_19:39:03.895   208.123.061.xxx   Merry Christmas All!
2008_12_19_19:39:17.913   064.012.116.xxx   Lori just buy Mom a gift card!
2008_12_19_19:39:29.455   072.094.197.xxx   This is Matt
2008_12_19_19:40:13.659   072.200.200.xxx   Anyone have snow?
2008_12_19_19:40:16.618   064.012.116.xxx   Vicki- Will you Marry me? Love, Ty
2008_12_19_19:41:25.927   072.200.200.xxx   Ty--not if you were the last man on earth! --V
2008_12_19_19:42:37.945   072.094.197.xxx   LOL LOL LOL
2008_12_19_19:43:53.870   072.200.200.xxx   Did the Homer fall over? I want to inflate him
2008_12_19_19:44:45.711   156.034.196.xxx   he's busy choking Bart
2008_12_19_19:45:18.742   072.200.143.xxx   Pepsi!
2008_12_19_19:45:32.026   072.200.200.xxx   LOL we call that "barting" at our house (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_19_19:45:34.414   064.012.116.xxx   Dr.Pepper!
2008_12_19_19:45:37.798   203.097.108.xxx   Coke
2008_12_19_19:45:58.534   072.200.143.xxx   Pepsi tasts better!
2008_12_19_19:46:04.578   072.200.200.xxx   Dr Pepper (11)
2008_12_19_19:46:18.535   203.097.108.xxx   Mountain Dew
2008_12_19_19:46:20.599   074.216.101.xxx   Happy Holidays from MB
2008_12_19_19:46:30.507   064.012.116.xxx   You are making me thirsty!
2008_12_19_19:46:39.928   072.200.143.xxx   sunkist
2008_12_19_19:46:42.972   072.200.200.xxx   Origional or extra crispy??? (12)
2008_12_19_19:47:10.625   064.012.116.xxx   Can Crush for Lori!!!!
2008_12_19_19:47:15.547   096.224.055.xxx   coke aka c***
2008_12_19_19:47:16.471   072.200.200.xxx   extra crispy, strips please! (13)
2008_12_19_19:47:33.771   203.097.108.xxx   We wish you a Merry Christmas   We wish you a Merry Christmas
2008_12_19_19:48:16.460   064.012.116.xxx   Hello Youtubers it's me Zipster!
2008_12_19_19:48:26.923   203.097.108.xxx   We wish you a Merry Christmas  And A Happy New Year
2008_12_19_19:48:28.451   065.174.028.xxx   I hate mabel ristine///  nadine flexer
2008_12_19_19:49:02.284   072.200.143.xxx   Alek I voted for you even though I saw better displays!
2008_12_19_19:49:59.442   072.200.143.xxx   The other displays don't have KFC anything in them!
2008_12_19_19:51:27.893   085.092.130.xxx   V___e, co v___s nap___nat hlup___ci Vesel___ V___noce
2008_12_19_19:52:05.713   085.092.130.xxx   todo lo que chupa la polla Feliz Nav
2008_12_19_19:53:37.043   086.145.042.xxx   Heyy
2008_12_19_19:54:00.958   086.145.042.xxx   Rember Craig from yestrerday :)
2008_12_19_19:56:24.566   086.145.042.xxx   Heyy
2008_12_19_19:57:27.450   086.145.042.xxx   Xmas time means Famiy time not Foreginers
2008_12_19_19:57:48.169   098.246.116.xxx   HELLO FROM SNOWY GRESHAM, OR!!!
2008_12_19_19:58:15.209   098.218.009.xxx   Good to see you again hulkster!
2008_12_19_19:58:48.498   086.145.042.xxx   Who just said the thing about the Hulkster ?
2008_12_19_19:59:34.310   072.200.143.xxx   Nailing Palin!
2008_12_19_19:59:40.985   086.145.042.xxx   Alex says: Going off at 9.30 pm
2008_12_19_20:00:11.573   082.036.114.xxx   HELLO BRI FROM THE UK
2008_12_19_20:00:13.942   072.200.143.xxx   Nailing Palin!
2008_12_19_20:01:34.889   082.036.114.xxx   ELLO ALL BRI FROM THE UK
2008_12_19_20:01:37.092   086.145.042.xxx   Alex says: Swear once more and your all banned. ______(
2008_12_19_20:02:25.735   206.040.105.xxx   Hi Patty
2008_12_19_20:03:20.591   082.036.114.xxx   hello all bri ere from the uk love the site
2008_12_19_20:03:45.177   086.145.042.xxx   Phone me ********526
2008_12_19_20:04:07.140   086.145.042.xxx   I faked santa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
2008_12_19_20:06:24.996   082.036.114.xxx   alex but cost lots to build this site
2008_12_19_20:07:35.091   082.036.114.xxx   satna dead   want infalte
2008_12_19_20:10:45.983   071.254.061.xxx   this music is making me nuts!!
2008_12_19_20:14:43.431   072.200.143.xxx   What would happen if Dorthy went down RED brick road?
2008_12_19_20:25:46.769   099.012.195.xxx   Merry Christmas from Mary House in Austin, Texas
2008_12_19_20:29:33.872   071.061.121.xxx   WOOOOOOOO!
2008_12_19_20:30:27.188   071.061.121.xxx   Merry Christmas From PA!
2008_12_19_20:31:05.579   071.061.121.xxx   HO.....HO.........D'OH!
2008_12_19_20:31:15.919   099.012.195.xxx   Lynn, Manuell, Dale, John, John, Don, Rodo, Kim, Sonya, Robert, Steven!
2008_12_19_20:34:12.578   071.061.121.xxx   If you ain't down with christmas..I got two words for ya!
2008_12_19_20:34:42.700   099.012.195.xxx   Steven, Sienna, D.D., Princess, Moe, Tinkerbell, Pie Wacket, Ain't, Winston.
2008_12_19_20:34:48.147   071.061.121.xxx   BAH HUMBUG
2008_12_19_20:34:59.355   076.022.068.xxx   RIP Corey 9/4/74-10/20/02 Love you, brother.
2008_12_19_20:36:52.058   071.080.213.xxx   Hello Kenzie and Maddie
2008_12_19_20:39:23.571   071.080.213.xxx   Frijoles is great!
2008_12_19_20:39:54.613   076.022.068.xxx   That car is loving this!
2008_12_19_20:42:07.142   071.080.213.xxx   Kenzie and Maddie, Reno, NV
2008_12_19_20:44:24.106   085.092.130.xxx   ___________________________
2008_12_19_20:44:51.221   071.080.213.xxx   Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!!
2008_12_19_20:45:21.816   085.092.130.xxx   Me encanta la polla en mi Mangina
2008_12_19_20:50:27.763   082.036.114.xxx   alex can you put sum more features on here m8
2008_12_19_20:51:14.426   082.036.114.xxx   brill site tho must admit
2008_12_19_20:51:59.614   082.036.114.xxx   i  have asked all my frindes to see this there love itt
2008_12_19_20:52:53.165   082.036.114.xxx   ive asked them to donte sum money to your chratiy there have
2008_12_19_20:59:36.564   098.216.201.xxx   Hi Keri
2008_12_19_21:04:06.451   082.036.114.xxx   wats going on with infatbles (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_19_21:05:01.768   085.092.130.xxx   happy Kwanzaa crackers love Barack Hussien Obama
2008_12_19_21:05:48.407   085.092.130.xxx   ps  I really am muslim    fooled you crackers
2008_12_19_21:12:53.047   076.090.071.xxx   alliSIN luvs LINK DELETED
2008_12_19_21:13:46.849   076.090.071.xxx   alliSIN luvs celebritysmackblog com
2008_12_19_21:17:32.543   082.036.114.xxx   21:17:09.007 - You have toggled 250 times today. (11)
2008_12_19_21:18:01.351   082.036.114.xxx   thats not fair (12)
2008_12_19_21:26:14.883   098.246.116.xxx   Merry Christmas Theresa
2008_12_19_21:27:46.064   082.036.114.xxx   is it me are this gone slow (13)
2008_12_19_21:27:53.648   098.246.116.xxx   FTW CHRISTMAS!!!
2008_12_19_21:28:36.292   071.113.071.xxx   Yahoooo
2008_12_19_21:30:20.139   082.036.114.xxx   Yahoooo (14)
2008_12_19_21:31:12.269   071.229.124.xxx   halo 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_19_21:36:13.266   069.137.064.xxx   Merry Christmas?!?!?
2008_12_19_21:38:30.356   065.005.215.xxx   Hi all.
2008_12_19_21:45:25.181   024.072.195.xxx   Merry Christmas from Montana!
2008_12_19_21:52:26.383   069.151.172.xxx   I love cats
2008_12_19_21:53:07.663   069.151.172.xxx   im breaking into my soul
2008_12_19_21:54:11.937   072.200.200.xxx   Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night (14)
2008_12_19_21:59:37.998   081.103.180.xxx   Hi I'm imdeth lol

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