410 christmas text messages on 2008/1220

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 17,967 times that day including 13,531 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1220

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2008_12_20_16:01:22.679   206.248.157.xxx   VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!
2008_12_20_16:01:31.032   076.067.073.xxx   lalalal
2008_12_20_16:01:42.405   090.197.119.xxx   hi
2008_12_20_16:01:44.435   071.065.044.xxx   Merry Christmas from Indiana!
2008_12_20_16:01:56.426   139.130.034.xxx   hello oz
2008_12_20_16:02:01.495   072.200.143.xxx   4
2008_12_20_16:02:21.688   076.067.073.xxx   lolercoaster
2008_12_20_16:02:31.663   206.248.157.xxx   Hope you all voted for alek's display in the KFC challenge
2008_12_20_16:03:12.814   090.197.119.xxx   merry xmas
2008_12_20_16:03:19.253   081.141.022.xxx   The Cake Is A Lie
2008_12_20_16:03:38.942   086.020.252.xxx   Was that Alek in the paper with a pumpkin on his head?
2008_12_20_16:04:50.495   086.147.042.xxx   hiya jake
2008_12_20_16:05:19.530   071.179.162.xxx   No! Elmo must live!
2008_12_20_16:05:31.905   092.001.248.xxx   hia
2008_12_20_16:05:36.160   076.098.245.xxx   hiya jake
2008_12_20_16:05:39.376   086.147.042.xxx   Merry xmas jake
2008_12_20_16:05:56.823   086.020.252.xxx   Yes - Hi Jake! You're a great guy!
2008_12_20_16:06:06.611   092.001.248.xxx   merry xmas to u 2 cha**a x
2008_12_20_16:06:10.810   071.179.162.xxx   Elmo, yey!!
2008_12_20_16:06:25.093   081.141.022.xxx   what is the black floppy thing in front of the garage?
2008_12_20_16:06:33.293   078.149.044.xxx   wheres the giant santa... ! and why isnt anything owrking ?
2008_12_20_16:06:39.714   065.025.086.xxx   Merry Christmas from Shelby Ohio
2008_12_20_16:06:44.090   092.001.248.xxx   lmao charlotte sthe best
2008_12_20_16:06:50.005   071.179.162.xxx   That's Homer Simpson but he's not inflating
2008_12_20_16:07:00.557   081.141.022.xxx   i killed elmo LOL
2008_12_20_16:07:14.586   086.020.252.xxx   Maerry Christmas to Shelby Ohio from the UK
2008_12_20_16:07:17.694   098.024.058.xxx   Hey
2008_12_20_16:07:23.562   065.025.086.xxx   Hi Payton!
2008_12_20_16:07:51.900   092.001.248.xxx   charlotte ya mint x
2008_12_20_16:07:52.911   086.020.252.xxx   Hey Payton, do you know Jake?
2008_12_20_16:08:04.684   065.025.086.xxx   Nope
2008_12_20_16:08:09.368   206.248.157.xxx   Homer is not plugged in :-(
2008_12_20_16:08:22.329   081.141.022.xxx   die elmo die
2008_12_20_16:08:42.284   065.025.086.xxx   D'oh No Homer Today!
2008_12_20_16:08:51.530   206.248.157.xxx   Elmo will haunt you like a bad dream..lol
2008_12_20_16:08:53.481   084.023.142.xxx   Mors!
2008_12_20_16:09:08.145   092.001.248.xxx   lmfao
2008_12_20_16:09:23.027   065.025.086.xxx   Can someone explain Burrito  Deer
2008_12_20_16:09:36.873   084.023.142.xxx   N___n fr___n Sverige h___r?
2008_12_20_16:10:05.474   065.025.086.xxx   I love tacos
2008_12_20_16:10:26.070   206.248.157.xxx   I'm gonna kick you in your burrito!!!
2008_12_20_16:11:05.069   078.149.044.xxx   lol
2008_12_20_16:11:22.759   065.025.086.xxx   That's real nice gordita breath
2008_12_20_16:11:37.844   078.149.044.xxx   haha
2008_12_20_16:12:02.776   065.025.086.xxx   Hi MacKenzie One Tree Hill Rules
2008_12_20_16:12:07.305   206.248.157.xxx   I lik ehow Alek has changed the "hohoho" to "KFC"....lol
2008_12_20_16:12:39.225   078.149.044.xxx   true!
2008_12_20_16:13:27.205   206.248.157.xxx   But i'm kinda sad, i liked turning on my HO's....lol
2008_12_20_16:13:45.102   081.141.022.xxx   how does he get the KFC cups and tub to move?
2008_12_20_16:14:23.985   206.248.157.xxx   they are on an animated gift that pops open
2008_12_20_16:14:45.648   071.065.044.xxx   hey everyone
2008_12_20_16:14:50.083   081.141.022.xxx   Thank You
2008_12_20_16:15:12.399   206.248.157.xxx   Not a problem :-)
2008_12_20_16:15:34.459   081.141.022.xxx   why does alek not plug homer in
2008_12_20_16:15:49.207   206.248.157.xxx   Now dont say i dint do anything for you for christmas..lol (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_20_16:16:15.065   086.020.252.xxx   ___--- To infinity, and beyond!
2008_12_20_16:16:22.138   081.141.022.xxx   im not saying that
2008_12_20_16:16:34.540   206.248.157.xxx   Cause He may not be home yet, and they unplug him to get in garage. (11)
2008_12_20_16:17:13.704   081.141.022.xxx   what was that last line?
2008_12_20_16:17:34.337   082.035.222.xxx   I hate Elmo!!! Mwahha
2008_12_20_16:17:34.885   206.248.157.xxx   to get in the garage. (12)
2008_12_20_16:18:04.929   081.141.022.xxx   ok thanx again (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_20_16:18:53.968   206.248.157.xxx   Imagine driving in and POP!!! up comes Homer....lol (13)
2008_12_20_16:19:12.427   082.035.222.xxx   Lets all deflate ELMO!!!
2008_12_20_16:19:18.526   081.141.022.xxx   LOL (11)
2008_12_20_16:19:24.516   071.180.082.xxx   that would be funny
2008_12_20_16:19:27.297   071.065.044.xxx   hey everyone
2008_12_20_16:19:54.044   081.141.022.xxx   Hey 2 u 2 (12)
2008_12_20_16:20:19.886   086.020.252.xxx   Hey back - good to read you!
2008_12_20_16:20:26.391   082.035.222.xxx   I'm coming up.....
2008_12_20_16:20:30.504   079.069.022.xxx   hello emma
2008_12_20_16:20:33.064   071.180.082.xxx   what happened to santa and homer?
2008_12_20_16:20:52.673   082.035.222.xxx   No your not!
2008_12_20_16:21:12.105   081.141.022.xxx   not***? (13)
2008_12_20_16:21:15.224   086.020.252.xxx   Angry neighbour with a shotgun blasted em just a minute ago!
2008_12_20_16:21:40.256   081.141.022.xxx   not what (14)
2008_12_20_16:21:40.303   082.035.222.xxx   fHe falls
2008_12_20_16:21:50.279   071.180.082.xxx   no way
2008_12_20_16:21:57.116   206.248.157.xxx   They are unplugged for now. (14)
2008_12_20_16:22:09.034   082.035.222.xxx   Not inflating
2008_12_20_16:22:10.216   079.069.022.xxx   hello emma from fleetwood :)
2008_12_20_16:22:42.120   081.141.022.xxx   god bless us every 1 (15)
2008_12_20_16:23:10.703   086.020.252.xxx   God bless Emma from Fleetwood. She sounds hot!
2008_12_20_16:23:26.726   071.065.044.xxx   =___.___=
2008_12_20_16:23:36.694   081.141.022.xxx   no she does not sound hot? (16)
2008_12_20_16:23:53.008   206.248.157.xxx   ?? SOUNDS HOT??? (15)
2008_12_20_16:24:16.245   081.141.022.xxx   700 overloads ROFLMAO (17)
2008_12_20_16:24:29.522   206.248.157.xxx   You mean "Im's" hot??lol (16)
2008_12_20_16:24:53.525   081.141.022.xxx   ROFLMAO (18)
2008_12_20_16:24:54.374   086.148.245.xxx   Hello!
2008_12_20_16:25:20.273   206.248.157.xxx   Hi :-) (17)
2008_12_20_16:25:21.000   081.141.022.xxx   HI (19)
2008_12_20_16:25:21.652   086.148.245.xxx   JohnColes.co.uk
2008_12_20_16:25:25.188   082.035.222.xxx   As hot as my willy
2008_12_20_16:26:06.765   206.248.157.xxx   Then thats pretty cold,cause your willy's an Inny (18)
2008_12_20_16:26:17.110   081.141.022.xxx   is that counting as potty mouth (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_20_16:26:42.538   071.065.044.xxx   click on where it says GRRRRR! it's so funny
2008_12_20_16:27:13.452   206.248.157.xxx   ya, the Hulk button....lol (19)
2008_12_20_16:28:02.273   086.148.245.xxx   Sponge Bob!
2008_12_20_16:28:27.356   082.035.222.xxx   i like to go grrrrrr
2008_12_20_16:28:31.310   081.141.022.xxx   how do i deflate spongey boby squary pantsy (21)
2008_12_20_16:28:39.060   086.148.245.xxx   You Like To Move It!!!
2008_12_20_16:28:46.109   206.248.157.xxx   2nd button (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_20_16:29:24.004   086.148.245.xxx   click the second off button
2008_12_20_16:29:24.360   081.156.153.xxx   homer isnt working :(
2008_12_20_16:29:29.983   081.141.022.xxx   that dosent work (22)
2008_12_20_16:30:00.809   086.148.245.xxx   what doesn't
2008_12_20_16:30:08.769   081.141.022.xxx   sponge bob wont die (23)
2008_12_20_16:30:30.813   081.156.153.xxx   homer doesnt inflate either
2008_12_20_16:30:55.417   081.141.022.xxx   homer isnt plugged in (24)
2008_12_20_16:30:58.438   206.248.157.xxx   Homer is Unplugged... (21)
2008_12_20_16:31:03.538   067.163.236.xxx   hommmerrrr??!!!!!
2008_12_20_16:31:15.921   082.035.222.xxx   spongebob is a light, you cant deflate him.
2008_12_20_16:31:19.532   086.148.245.xxx   awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
2008_12_20_16:31:29.006   206.248.157.xxx   Sponge bob is working,he just deflates REAL slow (22)
2008_12_20_16:31:37.673   067.163.236.xxx   wwaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_20_16:31:50.025   086.148.245.xxx   dfsahfoidsgjiwjdbewdjkqefhiorpkfdhgufiojdnbhgueijorfwk
2008_12_20_16:32:27.461   086.148.245.xxx   sorry that was my baby sister!
2008_12_20_16:32:37.525   071.181.240.xxx   Type thelloext & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_20_16:33:10.392   067.163.236.xxx   this is genious!
2008_12_20_16:33:14.160   071.181.240.xxx   Merry Christmas
2008_12_20_16:33:46.847   086.148.245.xxx   You Can Control My Christmas Lights Via Text Message! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_20_16:34:19.985   081.141.022.xxx   alek if dat was u then plug homer in please (25)
2008_12_20_16:34:52.315   071.181.240.xxx   this is a great idea
2008_12_20_16:35:02.746   086.148.245.xxx   Nope Alek Comes Up ______Alek______ Not An IP Address (11)
2008_12_20_16:35:59.202   081.141.022.xxx   okthen (26)
2008_12_20_16:36:36.699   086.148.245.xxx   johncoles.co.uk/merrychristmas (12)
2008_12_20_16:36:51.466   068.158.229.xxx   Good luck Alek!
2008_12_20_16:37:43.957   086.040.222.xxx   merry christmas everyone from ireland
2008_12_20_16:39:05.271   067.163.236.xxx   Merry Christmas from Pittsburgh PA!
2008_12_20_16:39:35.079   071.065.044.xxx   Merry Christmas from Indiana!
2008_12_20_16:39:51.508   067.163.236.xxx   Merry Christmas from Pittsburgh PA!
2008_12_20_16:41:08.460   071.065.044.xxx   my dad used to live there
2008_12_20_16:41:41.492   067.163.236.xxx   Pittsburgh? Go STEELERS!
2008_12_20_16:42:50.999   071.065.044.xxx   you should see him when they win
2008_12_20_16:43:21.945   067.163.236.xxx   Great team.
2008_12_20_16:45:43.454   064.148.040.xxx   Hi Grace & Julia!
2008_12_20_16:46:23.420   091.108.148.xxx   Hi all, great display!!!
2008_12_20_16:46:28.272   064.148.040.xxx   We love Silly Yaks!
2008_12_20_16:46:47.107   071.065.044.xxx   i was born in indiana, so my dad has taught me to love the steelers
2008_12_20_16:46:54.565   081.141.022.xxx   i love random stuff (27)
2008_12_20_16:47:37.599   071.065.044.xxx   LOL...me to (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_20_16:48:18.205   072.200.143.xxx   wazz up Alek?
2008_12_20_16:48:21.793   064.148.040.xxx   Merry Christmas to all.
2008_12_20_16:48:51.517   067.163.236.xxx   Pittsburgh is great and so are the STEELERS!
2008_12_20_16:49:12.928   064.148.040.xxx   go Patriots!
2008_12_20_16:49:13.103   081.141.022.xxx   i am in england and the time here is 23:48 so im tireded out (28)
2008_12_20_16:49:37.591   067.163.236.xxx   go to bed
2008_12_20_16:50:02.864   064.148.040.xxx   go Patriots!
2008_12_20_16:50:09.302   081.141.022.xxx   NEVER!!1 (29)
2008_12_20_16:50:45.902   118.208.139.xxx   Dohhhhh!!!!!
2008_12_20_16:51:10.491   067.163.236.xxx   Dohh Dohh Dooohhhhh (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_20_16:51:16.876   084.144.073.xxx   hi
2008_12_20_16:51:51.187   084.144.073.xxx   hello from germany
2008_12_20_16:52:08.551   081.141.022.xxx   hi to u 2 from england (30 IM's so far today)
2008_12_20_16:52:17.760   067.163.236.xxx   where from germany? (11)
2008_12_20_16:52:29.599   098.017.178.xxx   hello from Thomaston Georgia
2008_12_20_16:52:39.495   084.144.073.xxx   near hamburg
2008_12_20_16:53:15.406   067.163.236.xxx   nice... grandparents from schwenigan..sure thats spelled wrong (12)
2008_12_20_16:53:18.155   098.017.178.xxx   Hello from Thomaston Georgia
2008_12_20_16:54:55.497   064.148.040.xxx   Hello from Portland Connecticut
2008_12_20_16:54:57.862   071.065.044.xxx   so...where's everyone at who's on here right now? (11)
2008_12_20_16:55:23.775   081.141.022.xxx   im online here now from england (31)
2008_12_20_16:56:44.920   067.163.236.xxx   Pittsburgh PA USA (13)
2008_12_20_16:58:30.375   084.144.073.xxx   let___s save energy an turn all the lights off
2008_12_20_16:59:57.714   081.141.022.xxx   urn em all of (32)
2008_12_20_17:00:17.434   067.163.236.xxx   no (14)
2008_12_20_17:04:24.095   081.141.022.xxx   Alek MUST BE AT HOME NOW SO WHY IS HE NOT PLUGGING HOMER IN (33)
2008_12_20_17:05:27.467   071.207.126.xxx   Hello everyone!
2008_12_20_17:05:48.234   084.144.073.xxx   homer is at work ___-D
2008_12_20_17:07:30.897   071.207.126.xxx   This is very cool! ****2___
2008_12_20_17:09:49.260   071.065.044.xxx   :D :P :) (12)
2008_12_20_17:16:49.281   071.065.044.xxx   lets turn all the lights  off then on then off then on one at a time (13)
2008_12_20_17:16:52.124   067.163.236.xxx   no (15)
2008_12_20_17:17:08.427   202.161.075.xxx   i like the site
2008_12_20_17:17:39.770   202.161.075.xxx   i like the site
2008_12_20_17:19:59.248   071.052.058.xxx   me 2
2008_12_20_17:20:03.903   071.065.044.xxx   how do u turn the snowman and the KFC on the lawn on and off (14)
2008_12_20_17:20:08.212   098.017.178.xxx   Hello from Thomaston GA
2008_12_20_17:20:12.323   067.163.236.xxx   great site (16)
2008_12_20_17:21:04.911   064.148.040.xxx   My sister has ceiiac
2008_12_20_17:21:35.933   071.065.044.xxx   bye peoples (15)
2008_12_20_17:21:49.670   082.042.104.xxx   bye
2008_12_20_17:22:10.175   098.017.178.xxx   Hello from Thomaston GA
2008_12_20_17:24:46.696   173.016.120.xxx   Hey Will!
2008_12_20_17:25:28.592   173.016.120.xxx   Grace stinks
2008_12_20_17:25:43.013   076.126.240.xxx   Doh!
2008_12_20_17:26:27.069   173.016.120.xxx   Grace stinks
2008_12_20_17:29:06.583   068.230.113.xxx   what?!
2008_12_20_17:30:08.849   068.230.113.xxx   Correct me if i'm wrong, but are you asking for a CHALLENGE?!?!?!
2008_12_20_17:32:30.660   082.042.104.xxx   hi wendy from uk liverpool
2008_12_20_17:32:52.100   064.148.040.xxx   Good Night Grace & Julia
2008_12_20_17:34:54.254   067.162.077.xxx   Rest in Peace Caylee Anthony.  Justice will be served
2008_12_20_17:35:24.694   071.179.162.xxx   No Homer tonight?
2008_12_20_17:35:56.691   079.226.189.xxx   hi at all
2008_12_20_17:36:43.729   079.226.189.xxx   yes where is my dearest airblown statue homer simpson ????
2008_12_20_17:40:53.669   202.161.075.xxx   hi
2008_12_20_17:41:31.490   202.161.075.xxx   hi
2008_12_20_17:42:06.190   202.161.075.xxx   hi
2008_12_20_17:43:14.929   097.122.111.xxx   hi alek I am back
2008_12_20_17:43:51.316   097.122.111.xxx   its your virtual stalker (just kidding! lol)
2008_12_20_17:52:22.492   076.195.110.xxx   hello
2008_12_20_17:53:49.812   076.229.115.xxx   hello baby, baby!!!!!!!
2008_12_20_17:54:39.510   076.229.115.xxx   merry christmas from Madera, CA
2008_12_20_17:54:49.475   082.042.104.xxx   wheres alek the king of the lights
2008_12_20_17:55:50.504   082.042.104.xxx   as he gone to  kfc for his freebee___s
2008_12_20_18:02:44.208   070.144.143.xxx   Happy Halloween!
2008_12_20_18:03:55.468   071.097.025.xxx   This is sooo coool.
2008_12_20_18:04:01.385   070.208.245.xxx   LA LALALALA
2008_12_20_18:04:34.706   071.097.025.xxx   Someone turn it all off
2008_12_20_18:06:45.809   075.073.017.xxx   CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!
2008_12_20_18:07:23.804   075.073.017.xxx   its coming!!!!!!
2008_12_20_18:07:24.898   064.216.047.xxx   This site's getting too commercial
2008_12_20_18:07:58.061   064.216.047.xxx   If I wanna see KFC commercials I'll watch crappy TV
2008_12_20_18:08:53.885   082.042.104.xxx   krappy freid commercials
2008_12_20_18:09:32.274   075.073.017.xxx   fa la la la
2008_12_20_18:10:38.385   075.073.017.xxx   I WOULD!
2008_12_20_18:12:28.216   075.073.017.xxx   poop
2008_12_20_18:13:00.330   075.073.017.xxx   head
2008_12_20_18:13:07.793   076.120.022.xxx   hi alek
2008_12_20_18:13:25.706   080.003.113.xxx   blackout!
2008_12_20_18:14:03.417   067.236.129.xxx   ok then now what?
2008_12_20_18:14:49.277   068.050.204.xxx   i eat corn
2008_12_20_18:15:23.582   068.050.204.xxx   joshyjerusalem
2008_12_20_18:17:59.676   099.206.175.xxx   Merry Christmas from Mt Airy NC
2008_12_20_18:18:08.502   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** OOOPS - I forgot to plug Homer in - just got home - fixed! ***ALEK***
2008_12_20_18:18:55.542   207.200.116.xxx   Merry Christmas!!!!
2008_12_20_18:19:01.378   067.162.077.xxx   RIP Caylee Anthony. Rest now sweetheart!
2008_12_20_18:25:26.152   071.177.017.xxx   Hi Alec from sunny so cal
2008_12_20_18:28:49.614   024.211.156.xxx   anyone have a Wii Fit for under ___50?
2008_12_20_18:29:12.900   012.216.122.xxx   What's up?  This is pretty cool!!
2008_12_20_18:29:13.825   067.162.077.xxx   Hi!  :waving:
2008_12_20_18:29:42.836   208.126.161.xxx   wave back! : )
2008_12_20_18:30:24.573   208.126.161.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2008_12_20_18:30:26.870   012.216.122.xxx   Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_20_18:30:54.446   012.216.122.xxx   KELLY IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_20_18:32:06.154   208.126.161.xxx   Bailey and Harrison here!
2008_12_20_18:32:42.095   086.157.101.xxx   Daniel Muprhy loves his mum
2008_12_20_18:34:28.281   070.174.001.xxx   i love u
2008_12_20_18:35:13.087   070.174.001.xxx   i love you my beautiful wife steph b.
2008_12_20_18:36:28.123   086.157.101.xxx   Daniel murphy says merry crimbo
2008_12_20_18:40:44.468   082.042.104.xxx   goodnight from john & jackie. uk 1.40 am here
2008_12_20_18:42:47.265   082.042.104.xxx   all switch off
2008_12_20_18:43:47.622   075.208.063.xxx   Hi Mom, Love Monica
2008_12_20_18:44:42.784   075.208.063.xxx   Hi Cameron!!
2008_12_20_18:47:57.757   203.171.113.xxx   Uziman was here!! lol
2008_12_20_18:48:46.877   072.200.200.xxx   hi
2008_12_20_18:48:57.465   203.171.113.xxx   Hi from Australia
2008_12_20_18:49:35.033   203.171.113.xxx   G'day mate lol
2008_12_20_18:51:59.791   098.122.036.xxx   I love Christmas time and KFC
2008_12_20_18:52:21.701   203.171.113.xxx   Hmmm KFC
2008_12_20_18:53:44.418   166.198.014.xxx   Hi Ashley!
2008_12_20_18:54:41.322   072.200.200.xxx   hi manda panda
2008_12_20_18:54:56.925   071.051.096.xxx   hi
2008_12_20_18:55:12.197   098.122.036.xxx   Yummy Chicken and Gingerbread
2008_12_20_18:55:20.795   064.111.152.xxx   hey everybody
2008_12_20_18:55:30.127   203.171.113.xxx   buzz lightyear to the rescue
2008_12_20_18:55:41.543   071.051.096.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS!
2008_12_20_18:55:59.473   098.122.036.xxx   Mashpotatoes and candycanes
2008_12_20_18:56:13.933   203.171.113.xxx   its 12:25pm here in Aus
2008_12_20_18:57:17.400   098.122.036.xxx   Popcorn strung on the Tree and strungout on Popcorn Chicken
2008_12_20_18:57:35.033   203.171.113.xxx   ----___HELLO___----
2008_12_20_18:57:43.018   024.011.090.xxx   Hello from Michigan!!
2008_12_20_18:58:02.064   203.171.113.xxx   G'day
2008_12_20_18:58:09.141   067.172.156.xxx   hi
2008_12_20_18:58:19.917   071.051.096.xxx   HOWDY FROM TEXAS!!!
2008_12_20_18:58:26.259   064.110.236.xxx   Hello from Saskatchewan Canada!
2008_12_20_18:58:39.372   203.171.113.xxx   G'day from Aus
2008_12_20_18:59:04.623   071.051.096.xxx   : )
2008_12_20_18:59:06.532   064.110.236.xxx   Hello from Cole Jacob!
2008_12_20_19:00:12.232   071.051.096.xxx   howdy from texas!
2008_12_20_19:00:25.439   203.171.113.xxx   hiya (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_20_19:00:29.905   071.206.105.xxx   hi from michigan
2008_12_20_19:00:51.484   071.051.096.xxx   merry christmas
2008_12_20_19:00:57.149   203.171.113.xxx   hi michigan (11)
2008_12_20_19:01:33.528   071.051.096.xxx   howdy everyone
2008_12_20_19:03:35.674   072.200.143.xxx   vote for 16 !!!
2008_12_20_19:03:55.116   203.171.113.xxx   man its cold there its 94 here in aus (12)
2008_12_20_19:05:45.498   099.002.125.xxx   8====D
2008_12_20_19:06:02.871   071.206.105.xxx   sicko
2008_12_20_19:07:17.079   099.002.125.xxx   winrar
2008_12_20_19:07:47.869   099.002.125.xxx   save power, turn out lights
2008_12_20_19:07:58.797   209.164.249.xxx   fags
2008_12_20_19:09:55.615   086.157.101.xxx   Douglas Murphy is the best
2008_12_20_19:10:57.545   074.057.123.xxx   huge bonger in montreal 8===D dONG!
2008_12_20_19:11:06.589   067.172.156.xxx   tobey
2008_12_20_19:11:28.819   074.057.123.xxx   huge bonger in mtl 8====D DONGGgg!
2008_12_20_19:12:15.185   067.172.156.xxx   hello santa
2008_12_20_19:12:19.509   098.222.208.xxx   Ella
2008_12_20_19:12:32.126   075.186.143.xxx   hi
2008_12_20_19:12:40.764   074.057.123.xxx   bonger bonger 8===d HEROO
2008_12_20_19:12:54.285   098.222.208.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2008_12_20_19:13:04.436   099.002.125.xxx   what's with all the KFC? mmmm iz dat sum chickn?
2008_12_20_19:13:12.250   074.057.123.xxx   www . 8===D . com
2008_12_20_19:13:36.914   099.002.125.xxx   8======D----()
2008_12_20_19:13:55.099   203.171.113.xxx   you should be all in bed (13)
2008_12_20_19:14:08.452   099.002.125.xxx   you should be in the kitchen woman!
2008_12_20_19:14:21.687   067.172.156.xxx   hello santa
2008_12_20_19:14:55.086   074.057.123.xxx   santa is huge in the pants 8=====D
2008_12_20_19:15:37.437   203.171.113.xxx   you would know (14)
2008_12_20_19:15:38.413   074.077.111.xxx   Wow
2008_12_20_19:15:38.990   074.057.123.xxx   DING DONG!
2008_12_20_19:15:42.588   099.002.125.xxx   save power, turn out lights
2008_12_20_19:16:03.493   074.057.123.xxx   DING DONG
2008_12_20_19:17:32.341   076.027.038.xxx   Hey it is mister lite beer
2008_12_20_19:17:41.292   203.171.113.xxx   boo (15)
2008_12_20_19:18:27.927   203.171.113.xxx   all your clocks are out (16)
2008_12_20_19:18:42.627   099.139.086.xxx   Merry Christmas
2008_12_20_19:19:29.943   067.172.156.xxx   Tobey wishes Santa Merry Christmas
2008_12_20_19:19:59.766   203.171.113.xxx   hes been a bad boy (17)
2008_12_20_19:20:13.136   012.201.019.xxx   Hi Logan and Tyson!
2008_12_20_19:21:12.699   099.228.117.xxx   Merry Christmas from Canada
2008_12_20_19:22:26.919   012.201.019.xxx   Merry Christmas from Illinois!
2008_12_20_19:23:15.659   024.008.248.xxx   it really works?
2008_12_20_19:23:18.378   099.158.229.xxx   Happy XMas from MI
2008_12_20_19:24:02.138   099.158.229.xxx   ****___
2008_12_20_19:24:57.996   067.180.050.xxx   have a cool yule
2008_12_20_19:25:45.984   098.122.036.xxx   I love you Katy!!!!
2008_12_20_19:27:14.232   024.008.248.xxx   peace on earth
2008_12_20_19:28:26.047   069.251.132.xxx   5 days to christmas
2008_12_20_19:28:43.222   203.171.113.xxx   end of the world (18)
2008_12_20_19:29:09.336   069.251.132.xxx   kfc chicken finger licken goood!
2008_12_20_19:29:43.964   069.251.132.xxx   kfc cflg
2008_12_20_19:30:07.866   076.002.175.xxx   this is awesome
2008_12_20_19:30:19.241   069.251.132.xxx   burrrrrrrrrrrrrrp!
2008_12_20_19:30:55.687   024.008.248.xxx   i miss the political ads
2008_12_20_19:33:03.295   203.171.113.xxx   Emma & Hamish was here (19)
2008_12_20_19:34:20.510   072.189.237.xxx   Happy Holidays from Billy & Shelley Hill, Orlando,FL
2008_12_20_19:37:50.950   099.146.163.xxx   Snow IS cold ... that's what I hear.
2008_12_20_19:39:20.615   071.137.158.xxx   No it's not, ICE is cold
2008_12_20_19:41:03.581   068.045.212.xxx   hi!
2008_12_20_19:41:33.198   068.045.212.xxx   neat stuff
2008_12_20_19:42:02.118   068.045.212.xxx   very very cool
2008_12_20_19:42:18.096   070.179.188.xxx   Hello from Manhattan, KS
2008_12_20_19:42:42.390   068.045.212.xxx   hello from Deptford nj
2008_12_20_19:43:29.094   068.045.212.xxx   Your electric bill must be insane
2008_12_20_19:46:10.646   068.045.212.xxx   neato bendito
2008_12_20_19:47:26.487   068.045.212.xxx   can u see the lights going on in off from inside the house?
2008_12_20_19:47:44.619   074.013.186.xxx   hi Sean in Gatineau Qc
2008_12_20_19:48:22.816   068.045.212.xxx   181 viewing!
2008_12_20_19:51:19.322   076.098.245.xxx   busy tonight eh?
2008_12_20_19:52:46.241   074.013.186.xxx   Canada loves you!!
2008_12_20_19:54:03.976   068.045.212.xxx   u guys like my decorations?
2008_12_20_19:54:57.852   156.034.196.xxx   they arent yours
2008_12_20_19:55:39.555   068.045.212.xxx   lol just sein if im the only reading (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_20_19:55:58.638   075.065.195.xxx   merry christmas from madison mississippi
2008_12_20_19:56:20.891   156.034.196.xxx   i c
2008_12_20_19:56:45.592   068.045.212.xxx   Merry christmas from the North Pole ho ho ho (11)
2008_12_20_19:58:21.745   068.045.212.xxx   love SANTA (12)
2008_12_20_20:03:22.551   071.206.105.xxx   good night from michigan
2008_12_20_20:06:55.242   067.048.023.xxx   Hello from Kansas City, Kansas
2008_12_20_20:07:30.144   067.048.023.xxx   Mr. H are you there? Kina here!
2008_12_20_20:22:26.486   216.081.106.xxx   Merry Christmas from Georgia
2008_12_20_20:23:50.618   067.173.246.xxx   This is the coolest, strange, but cool! Happy Holidays!
2008_12_20_20:24:18.747   173.016.106.xxx   Merry Christmas Ariana Villa - From DAD!!
2008_12_20_20:25:16.311   080.177.014.xxx   Testing!
2008_12_20_20:25:51.898   080.177.014.xxx   This is awesome!
2008_12_20_20:26:51.035   098.024.253.xxx   Jacob!
2008_12_20_20:29:08.974   173.016.106.xxx   Merry Christmas America!! From U.S. Border Patrol
2008_12_20_20:29:40.427   098.024.253.xxx   Sponge Bob Square Pants
2008_12_20_20:30:36.601   173.016.106.xxx   U.S. Border Patrol - Nogales Arizona!!!
2008_12_20_20:30:59.281   098.024.253.xxx   Go Arizona Wildcats!
2008_12_20_20:31:42.499   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks Border Patrol - have you voted in the KFC contest? ***ALEK***
2008_12_20_20:34:25.646   124.190.165.xxx   hello
2008_12_20_20:35:25.538   074.036.026.xxx   this is so awesome
2008_12_20_20:35:41.078   098.024.253.xxx   Pioneer Bowl...Go Cats!
2008_12_20_20:35:48.745   173.016.106.xxx   Yes, voted for Alek for the KFC contest! - U.S.B.P.
2008_12_20_20:36:31.296   098.024.253.xxx   Touch Down! Go Cats!
2008_12_20_20:37:10.331   124.190.165.xxx   Merry christmas from newtaco @ LINK DELETED
2008_12_20_20:39:32.518   098.024.253.xxx   Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell Rock
2008_12_20_20:40:49.327   098.024.253.xxx   Essayons!
2008_12_20_20:45:45.637   024.056.149.xxx   hi
2008_12_20_20:45:59.709   067.165.076.xxx   Merry Christmas from Beaver Falls, PA!
2008_12_20_20:46:27.832   124.190.165.xxx   TypeHulks cool! text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_20_20:46:32.649   098.203.201.xxx   Happy Winter-een-mas from Tacoma, WA
2008_12_20_20:51:18.944   074.178.213.xxx   Hello everyone!!!
2008_12_20_20:51:58.469   072.200.143.xxx   Tickle Me EMO! lol!!!
2008_12_20_20:52:09.889   074.178.213.xxx   Jacksonville Love You! Thanks B.C. for this site!
2008_12_20_20:53:14.520   074.178.213.xxx   Merry Christmas Everyone! Drew in Jax, FL
2008_12_20_20:53:39.382   069.146.138.xxx   Merry Christmas from Wyoming
2008_12_20_20:54:15.520   074.178.213.xxx   W-Y-O .. GO!  Go Cowboys!
2008_12_20_20:55:18.315   069.146.138.xxx   The lights are really cool!
2008_12_20_20:56:12.268   074.178.213.xxx   This is an awesome freakin' site!  This rocks!
2008_12_20_20:58:37.290   142.046.214.xxx   say hi to canada
2008_12_20_20:59:18.034   076.181.074.xxx   Christmas Rocks!
2008_12_20_20:59:25.763   069.146.138.xxx   Hi Canada from Wyoming
2008_12_20_21:00:09.928   069.146.138.xxx   Hello to folks outside the US from Cheyenne WY!
2008_12_20_21:01:56.203   097.080.172.xxx   stop clicking on things so that i can
2008_12_20_21:04:09.798   066.227.229.xxx   GO ADAM in STURGIS, MI!!!!
2008_12_20_21:05:06.566   074.063.075.xxx   lets turn all the light off for 10 seconds!!!!!
2008_12_20_21:10:39.194   075.166.167.xxx   I am Uhtred Ragnarson!!!
2008_12_20_21:11:05.250   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** HEY - turn all ON ... and thanks for votes for KFC! ***ALEK***
2008_12_20_21:11:50.582   075.166.167.xxx   How do we vote?
2008_12_20_21:14:20.241   098.219.150.xxx   haha im controlling this dudes lights and its fun
2008_12_20_21:18:09.249   071.137.158.xxx   Sharks 2 Rangers 1
2008_12_20_21:27:16.712   068.109.126.xxx   I WANNA GO FAST
2008_12_20_21:27:52.502   068.109.126.xxx   wow they eat alot of kfc
2008_12_20_21:38:41.248   070.056.055.xxx   happy holidays!!
2008_12_20_21:40:06.869   068.109.126.xxx   kentucky f_________ed chicken
2008_12_20_21:41:23.691   138.088.055.xxx   kentucky fried cancer.
2008_12_20_21:43:58.633   071.179.162.xxx   Vote sent for #16!
2008_12_20_21:48:26.969   024.167.110.xxx   yay autoclick!!!!
2008_12_20_21:51:38.039   069.146.138.xxx   Goodnigh Ame
2008_12_20_21:52:09.114   069.146.138.xxx   Goodnight Mama Bear
2008_12_20_21:54:24.445   071.137.158.xxx   Sharks 3 Rangers 2

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