425 christmas text messages on 2008/1221

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 11,888 times that day including 8,221 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1221

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2008_12_21_16:00:43.427   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Longest night of the year today! ***ALEK***
2008_12_21_16:01:39.773   082.027.252.xxx   hi
2008_12_21_16:01:39.782   069.243.151.xxx   i love this its so exciting
2008_12_21_16:02:02.818   079.178.010.xxx   Merry Christmas - From Daniel, Israel
2008_12_21_16:02:11.452   080.000.047.xxx   hi p**ps
2008_12_21_16:02:17.750   087.244.082.xxx   Afternoon Alek
2008_12_21_16:03:22.738   080.000.047.xxx   I love this it is so cool
2008_12_21_16:03:43.746   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Good afternoon - last day to vote for KFC - thanks for your support! ***ALEK***
2008_12_21_16:03:50.860   084.151.103.xxx   Cool!
2008_12_21_16:03:52.210   080.000.047.xxx   Hi abbie johnson
2008_12_21_16:04:21.087   089.247.101.xxx   greetings from germany :)
2008_12_21_16:04:29.734   080.000.047.xxx   Hi ryan johnson
2008_12_21_16:04:50.924   069.243.151.xxx   Merry Christmas Everyone
2008_12_21_16:04:57.876   080.000.047.xxx   Craaaaazy stuff
2008_12_21_16:05:02.970   089.247.101.xxx   greetings from germany :)
2008_12_21_16:05:25.637   087.194.144.xxx   hiya its bitney here just checking out ure lights i fel sorry 4 ure kids
2008_12_21_16:05:30.518   080.000.047.xxx   Hi yall from england
2008_12_21_16:05:40.173   082.027.252.xxx   Greetings from Northern Ireland
2008_12_21_16:06:10.732   087.194.144.xxx   thirty three trees in northern irelnd
2008_12_21_16:06:15.812   080.000.047.xxx   Abbie was here inflating santa 08 x
2008_12_21_16:06:50.209   080.000.047.xxx   Bowchickawowowow
2008_12_21_16:06:51.884   087.194.144.xxx   these dont even work
2008_12_21_16:07:03.628   082.042.107.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's WorkdsdsCRshop Cam!
2008_12_21_16:07:32.727   080.000.047.xxx   i love my mum
2008_12_21_16:07:41.935   024.130.219.xxx   is this a kfc commertial?
2008_12_21_16:08:06.781   080.000.047.xxx   Pooey bum hole XD (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_21_16:08:32.707   082.027.252.xxx   33 trees in NI?
2008_12_21_16:08:44.759   080.000.047.xxx   that's the jingle bell rockkkk (11)
2008_12_21_16:08:46.928   084.151.103.xxx   Hi from Munich, Germany
2008_12_21_16:09:14.945   080.000.047.xxx   Hey from dorsseeeet (12)
2008_12_21_16:09:44.513   066.067.183.xxx   Hi from  new york
2008_12_21_16:10:13.067   080.000.047.xxx   how long till crimbo (13)
2008_12_21_16:10:44.711   080.000.047.xxx   ___ DAYS (14)
2008_12_21_16:11:09.301   080.000.047.xxx   20 days till christmas guys (15)
2008_12_21_16:11:47.557   084.151.103.xxx   20 days???
2008_12_21_16:11:48.038   080.000.047.xxx   b***ies (16)
2008_12_21_16:12:26.047   080.000.047.xxx   Merry christmas KFC kid x (17)
2008_12_21_16:13:03.494   080.000.047.xxx   how long till darkness       i ___3 cheese (18)
2008_12_21_16:13:35.415   076.021.255.xxx   Hello from Maryland
2008_12_21_16:13:44.841   080.000.047.xxx   Is the man blind (19)
2008_12_21_16:14:16.855   080.000.047.xxx   What is he doing (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_21_16:14:34.367   012.039.123.xxx   Looks like Homer is working again!
2008_12_21_16:15:13.159   080.000.047.xxx   KFC and santa and sweetcorn (21)
2008_12_21_16:15:32.419   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, I forgot to plug Homer in yesterday when I left the house - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2008_12_21_16:16:05.457   080.000.047.xxx   Alek... can you see me (22)
2008_12_21_16:16:33.550   012.039.123.xxx   No.
2008_12_21_16:16:40.339   080.000.047.xxx   Alek can you see what i am writing (23)
2008_12_21_16:16:59.085   012.039.123.xxx   Poppy Corn!!
2008_12_21_16:17:03.195   082.042.107.xxx   hello
2008_12_21_16:17:17.255   080.000.047.xxx   Dont shoot me now..:( (24)
2008_12_21_16:17:22.989   012.039.123.xxx   Buttered or unbuttered?
2008_12_21_16:17:35.803   082.042.107.xxx   these lights are brilliant
2008_12_21_16:17:55.657   080.000.047.xxx   is it butter toffe or CHEESE (25)
2008_12_21_16:18:23.197   080.000.047.xxx   Cheese...Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam! (26)
2008_12_21_16:19:10.405   080.000.047.xxx   Alek LOOK AT THE CAMARA (27)
2008_12_21_16:19:44.776   080.000.047.xxx   Nice glasses dude (28)
2008_12_21_16:20:31.192   080.000.047.xxx   I ___3 ALEK (29)
2008_12_21_16:21:04.252   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Kroger Brand Buttered Popcorn - tasty, but probably not that great for 'ya! ***ALEK***
2008_12_21_16:21:14.725   082.042.104.xxx   wow its still light there
2008_12_21_16:21:51.811   080.000.047.xxx   time for bed Alek dont forget your teddy pajamas - Love Mum x (30 IM's so far today)
2008_12_21_16:22:08.256   156.034.196.xxx   lol look at the clock its only 4:22
2008_12_21_16:22:25.715   080.000.047.xxx   I ****___ alek (31)
2008_12_21_16:22:48.514   082.042.104.xxx   well its dark here at 3
2008_12_21_16:22:50.216   012.039.123.xxx   Ah...yeah!
2008_12_21_16:22:51.657   080.000.047.xxx   i ****___ alek (32)
2008_12_21_16:23:22.263   080.000.047.xxx   Alek BED NOW! - Love Mum x (33)
2008_12_21_16:23:53.596   087.194.144.xxx   an see u
2008_12_21_16:24:10.051   080.000.047.xxx   ****___ ****___ 2w3 (34)
2008_12_21_16:24:11.829   156.034.196.xxx   it's snowing here again :)
2008_12_21_16:24:31.693   080.000.047.xxx   Are you listening alek love? - Mum x (35)
2008_12_21_16:24:34.295   012.039.123.xxx   I wis*** were snowing here!  It's cold enough!
2008_12_21_16:24:36.098   071.211.129.xxx   hello
2008_12_21_16:24:53.512   087.194.144.xxx   wave to the camera alek pleaseits so my kid can see it
2008_12_21_16:25:11.940   080.000.047.xxx   i  E___ alek yea (36)
2008_12_21_16:25:34.695   156.034.196.xxx   we may finally get a white Christmas again :)
2008_12_21_16:25:47.221   080.000.047.xxx   i love alek... (37)
2008_12_21_16:25:47.196   087.194.144.xxx   i cansee what i said
2008_12_21_16:26:20.376   012.039.123.xxx   When do they announce the winner of the KFC contest?
2008_12_21_16:26:21.120   080.000.047.xxx   i love alek (38)
2008_12_21_16:26:40.847   156.034.196.xxx   uh oh the corn is back that sometimes leads to hiju
2008_12_21_16:27:01.295   080.000.047.xxx   can you go in the garden plz alek... (39)
2008_12_21_16:27:08.174   075.048.164.xxx   ehowa is #1
2008_12_21_16:27:25.576   087.194.144.xxx   can u please wave to my kid on the webcam where you can see what you said p
2008_12_21_16:27:39.504   080.000.047.xxx   R Butcher (40 IM's so far today)
2008_12_21_16:28:18.801   080.000.047.xxx   can you go in the garden plz alek... (41)
2008_12_21_16:29:01.223   075.048.164.xxx   this is a great thing your doing alek ......merry christmas
2008_12_21_16:29:02.605   080.000.047.xxx   can you go in to the garden please alek (42)
2008_12_21_16:29:47.081   087.194.144.xxx   ive done a vote o please wave
2008_12_21_16:29:48.247   066.191.227.xxx   hello from bristol, tn.
2008_12_21_16:29:48.444   156.034.196.xxx   naw it's cold out there leave him alone :)
2008_12_21_16:29:58.782   209.099.193.xxx   Hi Zach!!
2008_12_21_16:30:41.234   087.194.144.xxx   Santa's nt real
2008_12_21_16:31:20.001   156.034.196.xxx   he is for people other than u :)
2008_12_21_16:32:06.883   070.146.240.xxx   Merry Xmas from the Morgans in Spanish Fort Alabama
2008_12_21_16:32:34.874   066.191.227.xxx   Hello from the Smiths in Bristol, TN.
2008_12_21_16:32:46.277   080.000.047.xxx   CPR on santa (43)
2008_12_21_16:34:05.063   156.034.196.xxx   charging paddles....clear....zzzzt :)
2008_12_21_16:35:23.720   156.034.196.xxx   uh oh Homer & Elmo are sleeping
2008_12_21_16:37:36.640   080.000.047.xxx   can i ask you a question, alek (44)
2008_12_21_16:39:14.456   080.000.047.xxx   wot is the k part on the button on 'K, Frosty Family' thing (45)
2008_12_21_16:40:10.150   076.097.228.xxx   hi
2008_12_21_16:40:42.770   068.229.236.xxx   I locked in my vote on KFC. Good Luck!!!
2008_12_21_16:40:49.218   076.188.057.xxx   lolz
2008_12_21_16:41:09.103   076.188.057.xxx   i r ubercat!
2008_12_21_16:41:34.964   071.222.130.xxx   lol wut
2008_12_21_16:41:40.386   068.229.236.xxx   Vote!!!! Vote!!!!! Vote!!! KCF
2008_12_21_16:41:40.523   076.188.057.xxx   i pwn u into teh ground
2008_12_21_16:42:10.257   086.131.042.xxx   oo hard man
2008_12_21_16:42:21.995   071.222.130.xxx   Im not to fond of our IP addys being displayed publically.
2008_12_21_16:42:30.874   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I appreciate the Extra Crispy Votes ... and so does my doctor! ***ALEK***
2008_12_21_16:42:34.296   068.229.236.xxx   Vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KFC!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_21_16:42:35.583   076.188.057.xxx   lolz
2008_12_21_16:43:18.630   076.188.057.xxx   i r guy, who gon t33ch u l****n
2008_12_21_16:43:20.924   076.125.067.xxx   Tim King are you watching this now
2008_12_21_16:43:59.956   086.131.042.xxx   yep
2008_12_21_16:44:21.033   080.000.047.xxx   Tis the webcam in the windowype text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Works (46)
2008_12_21_16:44:28.664   076.188.057.xxx   were ****
2008_12_21_16:44:53.265   156.034.196.xxx   well ur supposed to be working Tim so get back to it! :P
2008_12_21_16:44:55.355   080.000.047.xxx   is the webcam in the window (47)
2008_12_21_16:45:06.401   076.188.057.xxx   lol it stars out 1,337
2008_12_21_16:46:30.550   080.000.047.xxx   deflate and turn off  every thing (48)
2008_12_21_16:46:50.911   076.188.057.xxx   no!
2008_12_21_16:47:16.116   076.188.057.xxx   go away
2008_12_21_16:47:46.041   076.188.057.xxx   lolz (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_21_16:47:57.888   156.034.196.xxx   not likely muahahahaha (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_21_16:48:08.982   076.125.067.xxx   megan and michelle happy xmas
2008_12_21_16:48:11.984   076.188.057.xxx   whos that dude (11)
2008_12_21_16:48:17.991   080.000.047.xxx   snrshow is the best site ever (49)
2008_12_21_16:49:01.525   080.000.047.xxx   im english and im just wondering if all americans ... (50 IM's so far today)
2008_12_21_16:49:02.912   156.034.196.xxx   links r auto removed silly lol (11)
2008_12_21_16:49:18.727   099.224.152.xxx   KFC Rocks
2008_12_21_16:49:39.862   080.000.047.xxx   Type text do all amercans have so many lights& CR to see real-time in Santa (51)
2008_12_21_16:50:51.661   156.034.196.xxx   i wish they all did (12)
2008_12_21_16:51:51.836   156.034.196.xxx   X-mas lights rock! (13)
2008_12_21_16:52:29.436   080.000.047.xxx   does this use tons of electric (52)
2008_12_21_16:53:27.887   080.000.047.xxx   do you respond alek (53)
2008_12_21_16:53:55.939   075.016.103.xxx   hi
2008_12_21_16:54:11.818   080.000.047.xxx   Alek: No (54)
2008_12_21_16:54:49.697   156.034.196.xxx   it says Alek at the top when HE replies :) (14)
2008_12_21_16:54:56.549   075.016.103.xxx   y
2008_12_21_16:56:05.889   080.000.047.xxx   it was jaj (55)
2008_12_21_16:56:43.976   080.000.047.xxx   ding dong (56)
2008_12_21_16:56:59.072   075.016.103.xxx   hello from edna texas
2008_12_21_16:57:43.271   156.034.196.xxx   Hi from snowy New Brunswick Canada Merry Christmas!!! (15)
2008_12_21_16:57:45.548   080.000.047.xxx   hello from hampshire england (57)
2008_12_21_16:58:35.475   080.000.047.xxx   Alek please wave (58)
2008_12_21_16:58:44.226   075.016.103.xxx   great lights!
2008_12_21_16:59:25.981   075.016.103.xxx   that wuld be awsome
2008_12_21_17:00:04.060   075.016.103.xxx   uh uo sombodys home
2008_12_21_17:00:16.091   082.042.104.xxx   hi merry xmas all hi alek jackie uk
2008_12_21_17:02:17.072   080.000.047.xxx   Type text & camara offlineCR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam! (59)
2008_12_21_17:02:49.999   080.000.047.xxx   camara is offline y (60 IM's so far today)
2008_12_21_17:04:07.979   080.000.047.xxx   camara of garden is offline please tell me why (61)
2008_12_21_17:04:40.522   080.000.047.xxx   yay it is back (62)
2008_12_21_17:07:53.757   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** The 802.11 wireless sometimes drops out - webcam1 is across the street! ***ALEK***
2008_12_21_17:12:09.653   156.034.084.xxx   Nadia love Michel
2008_12_21_17:13:39.390   080.000.047.xxx   what is with all the KFC (63)
2008_12_21_17:15:00.718   071.234.165.xxx   Love Dad !!!!!
2008_12_21_17:15:23.585   067.183.175.xxx   Ho HO HO
2008_12_21_17:15:28.494   075.141.235.xxx   for a year of KFC
2008_12_21_17:15:55.900   071.234.165.xxx   Look ma I'm on TV!!!
2008_12_21_17:16:33.340   075.141.235.xxx   i want a year if KFC
2008_12_21_17:17:16.477   068.150.179.xxx   So you guys
2008_12_21_17:17:19.353   075.141.235.xxx   will u share ur year of KFC?
2008_12_21_17:17:44.880   068.150.179.xxx   I see it's not all that cold
2008_12_21_17:20:28.760   074.244.055.xxx   merry wishmas
2008_12_21_17:21:05.417   075.141.235.xxx   alex will u share ur KFC with everyone?
2008_12_21_17:21:39.208   074.244.055.xxx   kfc? score!!!
2008_12_21_17:22:32.099   074.244.055.xxx   u b****
2008_12_21_17:23:03.497   066.024.255.xxx   Happy Christmas and Joyous New Year.
2008_12_21_17:23:28.879   209.099.193.xxx   Hi Zach!
2008_12_21_17:25:28.009   097.083.119.xxx   wave
2008_12_21_17:25:29.617   168.103.041.xxx   Evening Alek
2008_12_21_17:26:01.519   209.099.193.xxx   Hi Oliver!
2008_12_21_17:26:34.591   068.150.179.xxx   hey, what happened to the 3rd webcam earlier today?
2008_12_21_17:27:47.753   076.103.092.xxx   Ho Ho Ho!
2008_12_21_17:33:06.768   080.000.047.xxx   seasons greetings (64)
2008_12_21_17:33:42.480   080.000.047.xxx   hay alek... do you use dreamweaver (65)
2008_12_21_17:34:55.930   080.000.047.xxx   no or yes (66)
2008_12_21_17:38:14.795   099.241.147.xxx   Emily and Liam wish Merry Christmas to everybody!
2008_12_21_17:41:02.982   080.000.047.xxx   CR (67)
2008_12_21_17:41:34.511   080.000.047.xxx   wot is CR (68)
2008_12_21_17:41:49.671   077.005.143.xxx   Hallo hallo! :)
2008_12_21_17:41:56.804   156.034.196.xxx   cr = christmas rocks (16)
2008_12_21_17:42:36.872   077.005.143.xxx   Hallo Marco! ___P
2008_12_21_17:43:06.970   080.000.047.xxx   y does it say type text & CR to see santa in real time work (69)
2008_12_21_17:44:43.119   080.000.047.xxx   it is 12:44 in england almost 1am (70 IM's so far today)
2008_12_21_17:45:10.565   156.034.196.xxx   go to sleep then! :P (17)
2008_12_21_17:45:29.359   080.000.047.xxx   KFC KFC KFC KFC KFC KFC KFC KFC KFC KFC KFC KFC KFC KFC KFC KFC KFC KFC KFC KFC (71)
2008_12_21_17:45:42.948   077.005.143.xxx   I should go to bed, too...
2008_12_21_17:45:56.960   086.003.206.xxx   HO ! HO ! HO ! Mark From England
2008_12_21_17:46:05.480   080.000.047.xxx   i am enjoying this to much (72)
2008_12_21_17:46:38.970   080.000.047.xxx   who here likes family guy (73)
2008_12_21_17:48:09.283   080.000.047.xxx   3 days till crimbo (74)
2008_12_21_17:48:59.577   080.000.047.xxx   gtg bye (75)
2008_12_21_17:49:03.834   156.034.196.xxx   hehe my friends from England call it that too (18)
2008_12_21_17:49:48.385   080.000.047.xxx   call what, what (76)
2008_12_21_17:50:10.596   156.034.196.xxx   call Christmas crimbo (19)
2008_12_21_17:50:32.035   080.000.047.xxx   i am from england (77)
2008_12_21_17:51:20.816   156.034.196.xxx   do u like jaffe cakes then ? :) (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_21_17:51:31.013   080.000.047.xxx   gtg bye (78)
2008_12_21_17:51:53.111   156.034.196.xxx   c u (21)
2008_12_21_17:51:58.405   080.000.047.xxx   ya... bye (79)
2008_12_21_17:53:40.192   024.251.108.xxx   SWEET!
2008_12_21_17:54:27.198   077.005.143.xxx   h___bsche huhu
2008_12_21_17:55:17.664   024.251.108.xxx   merry christmas from AZ
2008_12_21_17:55:43.728   077.005.143.xxx   wer bist denn du wer bist denn du wer bist denn du
2008_12_21_17:56:16.065   198.068.016.xxx   Merry Christmas from Clermont Florida
2008_12_21_17:56:35.306   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I appreciate the KFC-KFC-KFC cheer  ... ***ALEK***
2008_12_21_17:57:39.855   024.251.108.xxx   hola amigos
2008_12_21_18:00:06.714   071.125.243.xxx   This is amazing, Thanks Alek!
2008_12_21_18:00:48.467   078.143.204.xxx   WOO THIS IS SO CALL I WANT 1 my-hive.co.uk
2008_12_21_18:02:16.815   066.024.255.xxx   Very nice idea
2008_12_21_18:09:46.363   097.082.167.xxx   this is awesome!!!!!!!!
2008_12_21_18:10:17.678   097.082.167.xxx   andy rollins is cool
2008_12_21_18:10:55.333   064.194.046.xxx   HI mommmy
2008_12_21_18:11:08.139   097.082.167.xxx   GO CAROLINA PANTHERS!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_21_18:14:12.575   064.194.046.xxx   Hey Jane!!!!
2008_12_21_18:15:26.668   097.082.167.xxx   go panthers
2008_12_21_18:18:59.981   216.047.063.xxx   Boomer Sooners all the way
2008_12_21_18:25:27.575   068.093.109.xxx   great brats Jeffie!
2008_12_21_18:26:35.041   068.212.205.xxx   Go KFC!!!!!
2008_12_21_18:27:07.378   070.194.156.xxx   burger king
2008_12_21_18:27:27.369   216.047.063.xxx   OU! Boomer Sooner
2008_12_21_18:27:32.758   068.212.205.xxx   _____________________NO_____________________
2008_12_21_18:28:07.204   068.212.205.xxx   _______________________________________________________________________________
2008_12_21_18:29:00.142   216.047.063.xxx   Texas s****
2008_12_21_18:29:03.828   068.212.205.xxx   dark
2008_12_21_18:29:40.732   216.047.063.xxx   texas bites  OU rocks #1 baby
2008_12_21_18:32:42.555   076.188.057.xxx   lolz (12)
2008_12_21_18:34:27.724   068.093.109.xxx   Love you Max
2008_12_21_18:34:49.088   216.047.063.xxx   Hey max is mine
2008_12_21_18:35:44.765   071.170.215.xxx   ashley rocks
2008_12_21_18:35:59.822   216.047.063.xxx   nuh uh Justin Rocks
2008_12_21_18:37:23.120   072.200.143.xxx   Giant Corn!!!
2008_12_21_18:37:43.547   071.170.215.xxx   i loce ashley
2008_12_21_18:37:49.623   216.047.063.xxx   ghost of christmas past is watching you
2008_12_21_18:38:33.218   216.047.063.xxx   Alex whats up with the skull in the cat in the hat hat?
2008_12_21_18:38:47.310   072.077.110.xxx   Look behid you! :)
2008_12_21_18:39:24.362   216.047.063.xxx   Hello from Montana
2008_12_21_18:40:02.940   216.047.063.xxx   Lol he looked behind him :) (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_21_18:40:31.168   216.047.063.xxx   Wave to us alek (11)
2008_12_21_18:41:25.727   071.206.105.xxx   thank toy
2008_12_21_18:41:32.209   098.200.185.xxx   oooh, the people are interactive too?
2008_12_21_18:41:43.657   216.047.063.xxx   Lol yay  Thanks alek From Justin in montana (12)
2008_12_21_18:41:50.999   075.164.053.xxx   how long did it take 4 u to set this up
2008_12_21_18:42:00.761   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** HEY, how about a big bite of corn on the cob! ***ALEK***
2008_12_21_18:42:31.171   070.190.193.xxx   haha! you're great Alek. amazing what you're doing. GO KFC & CELIAC RESEARC
2008_12_21_18:42:43.787   072.200.143.xxx   Wazz UP Alek!!!
2008_12_21_18:43:37.999   216.047.063.xxx   keep it up man i check it out every year and send this to everyone i know to he (13)
2008_12_21_18:43:56.359   068.089.189.xxx   whats up
2008_12_21_18:44:45.280   068.089.189.xxx   dude this is cool
2008_12_21_18:44:48.458   066.177.133.xxx   I think I visited before, just with a different IP address
2008_12_21_18:45:42.220   066.177.133.xxx   I was trying to find the site so I could send it to a friend for her kids...
2008_12_21_18:46:07.710   065.101.079.xxx   tonight is the night to find out if you won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
2008_12_21_18:46:13.221   138.088.055.xxx   belches.
2008_12_21_18:46:47.350   138.088.055.xxx   winning is not all... esp.  kfc.. ugh.
2008_12_21_18:47:36.493   075.018.170.xxx   epic fail mate
2008_12_21_18:48:38.955   075.018.170.xxx   ****___
2008_12_21_18:49:08.353   072.200.143.xxx   I like Taco Bell better!!!
2008_12_21_18:49:40.429   075.018.170.xxx   ___----- lame
2008_12_21_18:50:16.539   075.018.170.xxx   --------
2008_12_21_18:50:36.639   071.223.184.xxx   Hope you're all stayin' warm
2008_12_21_18:51:15.852   076.176.124.xxx   hello
2008_12_21_18:51:31.905   072.200.143.xxx   Im HOT!!!
2008_12_21_18:51:33.419   065.025.044.xxx   i love zach and idy
2008_12_21_18:51:46.421   024.141.181.xxx   what is this
2008_12_21_18:53:22.242   072.200.143.xxx   4 Days till x-Mas!!!
2008_12_21_18:55:09.727   072.077.110.xxx   What is the corn for?
2008_12_21_18:55:29.035   075.018.170.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_21_18:55:41.346   072.200.143.xxx   K F C contest vote #16!
2008_12_21_18:56:02.769   075.018.170.xxx   ___I___ TEST ___I___
2008_12_21_18:57:28.944   072.200.143.xxx   domestic next door to me!!
2008_12_21_18:57:59.743   099.250.041.xxx   Merry Christmas to everyone from London Ontario Canada ___)
2008_12_21_18:58:28.735   173.024.103.xxx   Merry Christmas in freezing Arthur, IL! It's 3 degrees here!
2008_12_21_18:59:07.249   069.064.003.xxx   Merry Xmas from beautiful downtown Centerfield KY
2008_12_21_18:59:07.325   098.200.133.xxx   anybody  home
2008_12_21_18:59:53.820   074.071.008.xxx   Merry Christmas Everyone!.!.!
2008_12_21_19:00:28.912   024.058.192.xxx   30mph winds here with 12deg and snow, burrrr
2008_12_21_19:01:29.744   072.200.143.xxx   Dose anyone like Pepsi's new look???
2008_12_21_19:01:59.288   074.071.008.xxx   8"s Friday 8"s today Utica,NY Upstate
2008_12_21_19:02:40.603   069.064.003.xxx   Merry Xmas from beautiful downtown Centerfield KY
2008_12_21_19:02:46.575   072.200.143.xxx   Dose anyone like Pepsi's new look?!
2008_12_21_19:05:12.814   098.200.133.xxx   how many x's u gonna write that centerfield
2008_12_21_19:05:41.144   069.116.226.xxx   This is not a message.
2008_12_21_19:06:51.578   070.101.195.xxx   This is so kewl
2008_12_21_19:06:52.914   098.200.133.xxx   do not adjust your set--test test test
2008_12_21_19:09:48.647   069.116.226.xxx   Merry Christmas From Chiron Beta Prime!
2008_12_21_19:10:14.937   098.245.113.xxx   Down the street!  Merry Christmas!
2008_12_21_19:11:06.784   138.088.055.xxx   yawns.
2008_12_21_19:11:21.526   098.200.133.xxx   sleepy
2008_12_21_19:14:32.341   082.042.104.xxx   night all from uk. 2.14 am here and iam tired. night
2008_12_21_19:17:48.285   063.229.223.xxx   Princeton, MN here.
2008_12_21_19:18:46.989   063.229.223.xxx   Merry Christmas
2008_12_21_19:19:30.716   063.229.223.xxx   Where is Alek??
2008_12_21_19:21:08.738   156.034.196.xxx   aliens took him :O (22)
2008_12_21_19:25:15.338   063.229.223.xxx   I voted for Alek!
2008_12_21_19:26:17.474   063.229.223.xxx   Anybody on here?????
2008_12_21_19:27:30.640   138.088.055.xxx   nope,  now go to  bed.
2008_12_21_19:27:38.838   069.146.138.xxx   I'm not anybody...And I'm not on here
2008_12_21_19:28:01.246   063.229.223.xxx   Ahh, good
2008_12_21_19:34:19.600   206.116.008.xxx   your buttons hurt?
2008_12_21_19:34:51.217   138.088.055.xxx   then remove them.
2008_12_21_19:35:02.876   206.116.008.xxx   so answer the door then
2008_12_21_19:37:10.762   071.137.158.xxx   what!!!
2008_12_21_19:40:15.003   138.088.055.xxx   !!!tahw
2008_12_21_19:49:31.494   098.117.198.xxx   hello
2008_12_21_19:58:24.846   068.083.038.xxx   hiya
2008_12_21_20:01:04.484   072.081.022.xxx   Mele Kalikimaka!
2008_12_21_20:06:55.597   076.110.178.xxx   Hi Mom!
2008_12_21_20:10:26.280   024.032.003.xxx   howdy yall from texas! Dawnie
2008_12_21_20:12:47.149   071.188.200.xxx   hey from wv cr
2008_12_21_20:13:37.850   071.188.200.xxx   Melanie says  hi and she  loves  zack davis and furry sheep
2008_12_21_20:14:09.310   068.150.179.xxx   Oh Canada our home and Native Land...
2008_12_21_20:14:31.558   071.188.200.xxx   WORLD OF WARCRAFT ARATHOR REALM
2008_12_21_20:15:06.996   071.188.200.xxx   MIGHT AND MAGIC GUILD ON ARATHOR
2008_12_21_20:24:01.537   068.150.179.xxx   Alex should make the display next year totally different.  change things up
2008_12_21_20:24:28.217   068.150.179.xxx   change it up, a fresh look!
2008_12_21_20:26:23.299   121.096.123.xxx   hi mike and kathy!!! merry christmas!
2008_12_21_20:28:24.323   069.131.198.xxx   brittany is lame
2008_12_21_20:30:51.904   200.118.043.xxx   merry christmas everybody
2008_12_21_20:31:21.353   074.195.042.xxx   I Think I'll Donate. :___
2008_12_21_20:32:04.797   074.195.042.xxx   Everyone Else Should Donate Too!
2008_12_21_20:32:13.508   121.096.123.xxx   merry christmas everbody! by the way just voted for you on kfc. good luck!!!
2008_12_21_20:33:27.788   076.248.092.xxx   its always been a fantasy of mine to be a s*  s**** for
2008_12_21_20:35:10.271   074.195.042.xxx   Didn't You Read The Rules?  No Potty Mouth!
2008_12_21_20:36:31.835   116.212.193.xxx   merry xmas
2008_12_21_20:36:46.475   068.150.179.xxx   Party mouth yes
2008_12_21_20:39:25.781   074.235.007.xxx   JUST COME GET THE BRICKS
2008_12_21_20:39:48.350   071.218.070.xxx   Merry Christmas everybody!!
2008_12_21_20:42:39.586   069.047.241.xxx   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
2008_12_21_20:43:56.153   098.127.061.xxx   Hello Erin, Kyle & Lori in Billings, MT
2008_12_21_20:44:35.026   098.127.061.xxx   hello world
2008_12_21_20:47:37.561   069.212.033.xxx   merry christmas ****
2008_12_21_20:49:52.024   099.242.143.xxx   Happy Holidays from Orillia, Ontario, Canada!!!!
2008_12_21_20:51:30.981   068.044.140.xxx   hi dave
2008_12_21_20:52:05.990   071.091.039.xxx   how are the KFC boxes moving??
2008_12_21_20:55:02.641   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** My son taped the KFC boxes to the present which goes up and down ***ALEK***
2008_12_21_20:56:37.185   071.109.005.xxx   Hi Joshua P. Reynolds
2008_12_21_20:57:49.881   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** KFC Voting closed in three minutes - last chance to vote! ***ALEK***
2008_12_21_21:02:48.641   076.022.068.xxx   Hope you won Alek! -Ted & Carrie
2008_12_21_21:05:16.820   071.137.158.xxx   what!!
2008_12_21_21:05:37.396   024.129.081.xxx   hey
2008_12_21_21:06:10.823   024.129.081.xxx   what?
2008_12_21_21:06:42.144   024.129.081.xxx   did u win kfc?
2008_12_21_21:06:51.023   205.188.116.xxx   What is he doing in there?
2008_12_21_21:07:03.789   070.179.084.xxx   Save the trees turn off all the lights
2008_12_21_21:07:07.491   072.200.200.xxx   I love my twin sister! Merry Christmas L.J.P.
2008_12_21_21:07:44.607   216.160.166.xxx   test message
2008_12_21_21:07:49.806   205.188.116.xxx   I love my Twin sister too! Merry Christmas L.J.R.
2008_12_21_21:08:14.050   072.091.099.xxx   lol wut
2008_12_21_21:08:25.348   205.188.116.xxx   Wonder if he will wave at us?
2008_12_21_21:08:52.740   129.063.033.xxx   4chan raid?
2008_12_21_21:08:56.410   072.091.099.xxx   All your base are belong to us
2008_12_21_21:09:07.630   205.188.116.xxx   Wonder if he will wave at us?
2008_12_21_21:09:51.090   068.164.225.xxx   Originally directed here from EHOWA woot!
2008_12_21_21:10:41.040   072.200.200.xxx   Merry Christmas Alex! Hope you win the KFC vote
2008_12_21_21:10:51.269   072.091.099.xxx   moar blackup
2008_12_21_21:12:45.614   205.188.116.xxx   All I want for Christmas is the background guy to wave at me!
2008_12_21_21:13:24.781   070.179.084.xxx   Save the enviroment
2008_12_21_21:13:46.001   024.022.090.xxx   Ib4TL
2008_12_21_21:13:47.159   070.179.084.xxx   Save the enviroment Your killing whales
2008_12_21_21:14:24.965   071.137.158.xxx   what!!!
2008_12_21_21:14:36.363   072.200.200.xxx   Emma loves Daniel, Merry Christmas in Heaven buddy
2008_12_21_21:15:34.185   205.188.116.xxx   Go to youtube and sub to ****peter he rocks!
2008_12_21_21:15:50.103   070.179.084.xxx   Save electricity
2008_12_21_21:16:06.185   205.188.116.xxx   **** peter at youtube
2008_12_21_21:16:36.039   070.179.084.xxx   Stop Global Warming
2008_12_21_21:18:21.578   070.179.084.xxx   Save this guys money ALL LIGHTS OFF
2008_12_21_21:19:59.430   070.179.084.xxx   We have a chance to make a difference
2008_12_21_21:20:30.288   070.179.084.xxx   turn off ALL LIGHTS
2008_12_21_21:24:51.974   070.179.084.xxx   Lights on Supports Terorism
2008_12_21_21:25:29.448   070.179.084.xxx   Go America Turn The Lights OFF (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_21_21:26:01.581   173.019.036.xxx   hi
2008_12_21_21:26:21.506   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Voting has closed in KFC Contest - Awaiting Results ... ***ALEK***
2008_12_21_21:27:26.736   098.150.079.xxx   /B/ IS A WINAR!
2008_12_21_21:28:24.417   071.175.005.xxx   KFC
2008_12_21_21:29:21.880   071.175.005.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2008_12_21_21:29:23.955   173.019.036.xxx   hi alek
2008_12_21_21:30:00.168   098.150.079.xxx   FOUR-EYES!
2008_12_21_21:31:03.960   076.022.068.xxx   Ted & Carrie Hope You WIN!
2008_12_21_21:31:16.871   098.150.079.xxx   DENTAL PLAN
2008_12_21_21:31:36.376   071.175.005.xxx   over ****
2008_12_21_21:31:46.723   076.022.068.xxx   Nice lights!!
2008_12_21_21:33:01.700   098.150.079.xxx   CORN!
2008_12_21_21:35:03.425   076.022.068.xxx   SNOWWWWWWWWWW
2008_12_21_21:35:56.946   076.022.068.xxx   When will they announce the winner
2008_12_21_21:38:19.229   071.125.243.xxx   This is so great!
2008_12_21_21:40:34.782   076.022.068.xxx   aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
2008_12_21_21:41:36.116   076.022.068.xxx   Heidi Ho
2008_12_21_21:42:36.577   071.125.243.xxx   Is that Alek?
2008_12_21_21:43:39.710   064.012.116.xxx   hi alek
2008_12_21_21:43:56.164   074.014.051.xxx   Santa clause isn't real
2008_12_21_21:44:17.906   064.012.116.xxx   of course he is
2008_12_21_21:44:24.597   071.125.243.xxx   This is seriously overloaded day
2008_12_21_21:46:02.936   074.014.051.xxx   prob getting head
2008_12_21_21:46:04.040   071.125.243.xxx   He's sitting
2008_12_21_21:46:33.766   074.014.051.xxx   Rule 34 on Glasses Guy
2008_12_21_21:46:44.712   071.125.243.xxx   Wanda can't wait to shop with Karen tomorrow.
2008_12_21_21:47:19.407   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** KFC's website says they will announce the winner tomorrow - I will post here too ***ALEK***
2008_12_21_21:47:48.018   064.012.116.xxx   winner of what?
2008_12_21_21:48:06.281   071.125.243.xxx   the KFC contest, idiot
2008_12_21_21:48:21.907   064.012.116.xxx   i am not an idiot
2008_12_21_21:48:47.924   064.012.116.xxx   ummm no
2008_12_21_21:50:44.688   071.125.243.xxx   Wanda LOVES Dan
2008_12_21_21:51:14.333   068.161.188.xxx   Karen loves kenneth's b***
2008_12_21_21:52:35.866   068.161.188.xxx   karen loves kenneth and his hiney
2008_12_21_21:53:21.321   068.161.188.xxx   karen loves kenneth and his bum
2008_12_21_21:54:01.476   071.125.243.xxx   I Will Stop Loving You Soon
2008_12_21_21:54:08.031   096.232.209.xxx   karen is a dumbo
2008_12_21_21:54:14.063   068.161.188.xxx   karen loves kenneth and his bum
2008_12_21_21:55:29.538   024.022.242.xxx   merry christmas cristi
2008_12_21_21:55:40.924   068.161.188.xxx   kenneth owes me lovin
2008_12_21_21:56:08.894   071.125.243.xxx   Karen is so corny (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_21_21:57:19.067   071.125.243.xxx   You'll be sorry when I leave you (11)
2008_12_21_21:57:28.823   096.232.209.xxx   KEEP THIS CLEAN GUYS
2008_12_21_21:57:43.741   067.170.076.xxx   PUT COCA COLA WITH KFC
2008_12_21_21:58:10.195   069.245.238.xxx   Sell euros. Buy dollars.
2008_12_21_21:58:11.561   067.170.076.xxx   ( o Y o )
2008_12_21_21:58:15.274   070.092.170.xxx   This is supposed to be a family site!!
2008_12_21_21:58:39.005   096.232.209.xxx   karen owes me 500 dollars
2008_12_21_21:58:52.741   069.245.238.xxx   fryin chikkins?
2008_12_21_21:59:09.610   071.125.243.xxx   Karen loves Wanda, too bad for Kenneth (12)
2008_12_21_21:59:20.781   096.232.209.xxx   i want fried chicken...
2008_12_21_21:59:47.077   068.161.188.xxx   i found the baseball cap

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