1,002 christmas text messages on 2008/1224

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 35,515 times that day including 27,225 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1224

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2008_12_24_16:00:10.519   076.120.087.xxx   first!
2008_12_24_16:00:14.564   086.148.245.xxx   First Message! (Again)
2008_12_24_16:00:30.123   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Merry Christmas Eve to everyone - X10 Controls on until Midnight Tonight! ***ALEK***
2008_12_24_16:00:40.623   076.120.087.xxx   i won
2008_12_24_16:00:54.842   086.148.245.xxx   Thanks Alek!
2008_12_24_16:00:59.141   063.225.023.xxx   HI DAD
2008_12_24_16:01:00.583   075.010.124.xxx   What Up From Fresno
2008_12_24_16:01:17.142   076.120.087.xxx   time to donate hope yall take paypal=P
2008_12_24_16:01:27.669   086.148.245.xxx   Merry Christmas To Every One!
2008_12_24_16:01:33.269   024.225.012.xxx   Hello from Phillipsburg ks
2008_12_24_16:01:48.336   075.010.124.xxx   Happy Holidays
2008_12_24_16:02:03.783   063.225.023.xxx   HI MOM AND DAD
2008_12_24_16:02:05.626   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I much prefer people donate direct at UofM's page, but I forward Paypal donations ***ALEK***
2008_12_24_16:03:32.365   063.225.023.xxx   HI MOM AND DAD
2008_12_24_16:03:54.548   024.225.012.xxx   Hello Son
2008_12_24_16:04:59.366   070.176.057.xxx   Kids are watching moron!
2008_12_24_16:05:01.430   090.197.119.xxx   merry christmas
2008_12_24_16:05:37.702   173.088.045.xxx   merry xmas
2008_12_24_16:05:42.036   024.225.012.xxx   Hello all from Kansas
2008_12_24_16:05:53.693   076.192.127.xxx   Merry Christmas  Eve everyone! Lets hope all of our presents are good!!!!
2008_12_24_16:06:02.347   075.010.124.xxx   Santa Is Awesome
2008_12_24_16:06:05.816   076.025.035.xxx   YO CHRISTMAS IS TOMMORROW!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_24_16:06:24.409   024.225.012.xxx   HO HO HO!!
2008_12_24_16:06:36.309   075.010.124.xxx   Any Californians Out There??
2008_12_24_16:06:58.459   076.192.127.xxx   Don't go surfing or swimming!!!
2008_12_24_16:07:24.854   024.225.012.xxx   Roses are Red Roses Are Blue Santa Loves Yo!!!
2008_12_24_16:07:51.792   076.192.127.xxx   goodbye homer
2008_12_24_16:07:59.973   076.025.035.xxx   NO DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!! U WILL FREEZE TO DEATH
2008_12_24_16:08:26.696   075.010.124.xxx   Why the mean stuff?
2008_12_24_16:08:34.615   076.192.127.xxx   bye bye snowmen
2008_12_24_16:08:42.077   024.225.012.xxx   Be nice it___s   x-mas
2008_12_24_16:08:57.655   094.027.209.xxx   szia Apa!!!
2008_12_24_16:09:20.573   076.192.127.xxx   already over 1,100 overloads
2008_12_24_16:09:54.872   076.025.035.xxx   SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN :P
2008_12_24_16:10:18.325   024.047.194.xxx   I want my two front teeth!
2008_12_24_16:10:23.263   075.010.124.xxx   Hey, I just blew Frosty up... I am sad now
2008_12_24_16:10:28.050   076.120.087.xxx   donation made good luck to your fam! thanks for making this site i love it
2008_12_24_16:11:11.472   075.010.124.xxx   I want a hippopotamus for Xmas
2008_12_24_16:11:13.106   024.192.090.xxx   John says hi :)
2008_12_24_16:11:25.599   076.022.189.xxx   Lets deflate'em and lets turn thinz on the house on
2008_12_24_16:11:34.744   076.120.087.xxx   lmao
2008_12_24_16:11:37.438   076.192.127.xxx   YAY! ___(__________) (__________)___ ___(__________)
2008_12_24_16:11:49.655   076.025.035.xxx   JOHN is my cusins name
2008_12_24_16:11:50.076   024.192.090.xxx   Sally is a dog and says merry christmas
2008_12_24_16:12:11.664   067.176.043.xxx   hi dad
2008_12_24_16:12:34.214   080.229.144.xxx   Hello PePs!
2008_12_24_16:12:38.388   024.192.090.xxx   hello
2008_12_24_16:12:47.091   076.192.127.xxx   CHICKEN LEGS!
2008_12_24_16:13:03.258   024.225.012.xxx   And Im an IDIOT???  WOW!!!!
2008_12_24_16:13:08.226   067.176.043.xxx   look at that guy on the pc
2008_12_24_16:13:10.252   062.030.067.xxx   Merry Xmas! From w-mids UK
2008_12_24_16:13:10.749   080.229.144.xxx   Hey Alek, i see you hiding ___)
2008_12_24_16:13:25.567   076.120.087.xxx   next year you need lazors! pewpew
2008_12_24_16:13:30.643   076.192.127.xxx   I see you too OMG
2008_12_24_16:13:41.171   067.176.043.xxx   /e 3
2008_12_24_16:13:56.902   024.047.194.xxx   Hello Steveie T!
2008_12_24_16:14:03.070   076.192.127.xxx   A giant moved over webcam 3!
2008_12_24_16:14:36.945   067.176.043.xxx   merry christmas eve!!!!
2008_12_24_16:14:43.605   151.060.126.xxx   oi
2008_12_24_16:15:09.387   062.030.067.xxx   Merry Xmas! From w-mids UK
2008_12_24_16:15:39.335   024.225.012.xxx   You to from USA
2008_12_24_16:15:48.069   080.229.144.xxx   it snot fair, alek got snow..  i want snow
2008_12_24_16:16:07.100   076.192.127.xxx   How does somebody know about this from UK? (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_24_16:16:25.099   062.030.067.xxx   I hate snow!
2008_12_24_16:16:28.255   080.229.144.xxx   im from the uk and i know about it - known it for years
2008_12_24_16:16:38.564   076.192.127.xxx   Snow is awesome!! (11)
2008_12_24_16:16:57.291   024.225.012.xxx   ITs called the world wide webb
2008_12_24_16:17:01.539   062.030.067.xxx   It's too cold
2008_12_24_16:17:30.903   080.229.144.xxx   i came across the site on google a few years ago,, loved it
2008_12_24_16:17:45.134   062.030.067.xxx   snow is I mean
2008_12_24_16:18:10.828   071.052.058.xxx   merry christmas everyone
2008_12_24_16:18:37.613   024.225.012.xxx   Want to rent my snow machine (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_24_16:18:51.308   062.030.067.xxx   I heard about the site a couple of years ago....UK
2008_12_24_16:19:01.356   063.225.023.xxx   GOTTA MINUTE?
2008_12_24_16:19:02.653   151.060.126.xxx   Type oooooooooooooooooooootext & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Ca
2008_12_24_16:19:19.790   080.229.144.xxx   Type text &amp___ CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_24_16:19:27.239   076.192.127.xxx   O_O O_O O_O O_O O_O lol O_Olol (12)
2008_12_24_16:19:52.855   024.225.012.xxx   Cool UK bought a few things on e-bay from UK (11)
2008_12_24_16:19:54.053   080.229.144.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_24_16:19:56.187   062.030.067.xxx   huh? CR
2008_12_24_16:20:08.076   063.225.023.xxx   420
2008_12_24_16:20:17.751   076.192.127.xxx   It's 5:20 PM here. (13)
2008_12_24_16:20:45.307   062.030.067.xxx   MMMM
2008_12_24_16:20:45.718   080.229.144.xxx   it is 23.30 here soon our xmas time
2008_12_24_16:21:10.433   076.192.127.xxx   Its 11:300 PM there? (14)
2008_12_24_16:21:34.297   086.003.206.xxx   Kids look our of your window, it's SANTA !...Mark from England
2008_12_24_16:21:37.119   076.192.127.xxx   11:30 (15)
2008_12_24_16:21:59.234   081.153.092.xxx   vanessa i love you
2008_12_24_16:22:21.832   076.192.127.xxx   what the? (16)
2008_12_24_16:22:23.720   208.104.207.xxx   Merry Christmas from the Rowland Family in South Carolina!!!
2008_12_24_16:23:02.569   063.225.023.xxx   DENVER COLORADO
2008_12_24_16:24:00.786   071.172.232.xxx   hi
2008_12_24_16:24:03.147   081.153.092.xxx   Merry christmas the whole world
2008_12_24_16:24:24.641   098.030.123.xxx   merry christma** from santa
2008_12_24_16:25:03.391   208.104.207.xxx   Merry Christmas from Connor & Cody
2008_12_24_16:25:44.473   076.192.127.xxx   hello there Alek (17)
2008_12_24_16:26:21.216   194.106.060.xxx   Hello Pistol Pete
2008_12_24_16:26:39.950   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Santa hasn't showed up yet ... currently somewhere over the Atlantic ... ***ALEK***
2008_12_24_16:26:55.027   076.192.127.xxx   Find Alek in Webcam 3 (18)
2008_12_24_16:27:13.166   062.030.067.xxx   textCR
2008_12_24_16:28:00.522   076.192.127.xxx   Look at Alek, sort of not realizeing hes being watch by a million people. (19)
2008_12_24_16:28:22.397   194.106.060.xxx   589 actually
2008_12_24_16:30:20.800   081.153.092.xxx   Merry christmas from the UK
2008_12_24_16:30:29.009   062.030.067.xxx   Santa is in mali now... (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_24_16:31:14.968   062.030.067.xxx   check out noradsanta.org (11)
2008_12_24_16:31:28.199   194.106.060.xxx   blimey he cruises quick
2008_12_24_16:31:35.836   024.008.249.xxx   Merry Hulk-mas!
2008_12_24_16:31:36.447   076.192.127.xxx   in the first 30 minutes over **** overloads (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_24_16:32:13.250   076.192.127.xxx   20 + 00 (21)
2008_12_24_16:32:57.829   076.192.127.xxx   Merry Christma** (22)
2008_12_24_16:33:19.560   195.093.021.xxx   hello everyone from julz in scotland
2008_12_24_16:33:22.192   076.192.127.xxx   whoops (23)
2008_12_24_16:33:44.066   096.233.242.xxx   merry christmas!
2008_12_24_16:33:48.010   071.226.181.xxx   Cameron Says Merry Christmas
2008_12_24_16:34:16.642   067.239.176.xxx   this is fun
2008_12_24_16:34:24.556   096.233.242.xxx   merry christmas!
2008_12_24_16:34:47.220   062.030.067.xxx   Merry Xmas! from Lolly in the UK (12)
2008_12_24_16:34:48.282   024.115.011.xxx   Dont Drink and Drive, remember santas watching
2008_12_24_16:35:19.303   062.030.067.xxx   Merry Xmas! from Lolly in the UK (13)
2008_12_24_16:35:19.864   076.195.204.xxx   merry christmas
2008_12_24_16:35:31.570   069.205.048.xxx   marry christmas from ma**
2008_12_24_16:36:10.269   081.099.148.xxx   ho ho ho
2008_12_24_16:36:31.391   195.093.021.xxx   merry xmas frfom scotland
2008_12_24_16:36:45.545   098.030.123.xxx   no no no
2008_12_24_16:38:09.870   071.226.181.xxx   Pam and Mitch Ferguson from Tennessee Say Merry Christmas
2008_12_24_16:38:40.895   024.008.249.xxx   Colorado Christmas Proud
2008_12_24_16:39:18.326   081.153.092.xxx   clacton on sea says merry christmas
2008_12_24_16:39:35.112   024.008.249.xxx   !
2008_12_24_16:40:11.144   076.195.204.xxx   server overload!!
2008_12_24_16:41:16.638   157.127.124.xxx   deflate
2008_12_24_16:43:17.065   157.127.124.xxx   Merry xma
2008_12_24_16:43:27.271   024.148.199.xxx   hi
2008_12_24_16:43:48.356   090.207.018.xxx   Merry Xhristmas people
2008_12_24_16:43:53.375   024.148.199.xxx   cool
2008_12_24_16:43:56.490   157.127.124.xxx   happy new year
2008_12_24_16:44:08.343   076.101.147.xxx   Merry Warm Xmas from Florida!
2008_12_24_16:44:20.564   012.226.093.xxx   Jesus is the reason for the season!
2008_12_24_16:44:48.645   024.148.199.xxx   christmas is #1
2008_12_24_16:46:50.904   024.148.199.xxx   santa, santa, santa
2008_12_24_16:47:08.997   157.127.124.xxx   santa clause is coming to town
2008_12_24_16:47:09.415   068.103.079.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_24_16:47:27.084   086.148.245.xxx   OMG I Just Heard Santa
2008_12_24_16:47:53.779   157.127.124.xxx   HO HO HO
2008_12_24_16:47:59.226   067.176.043.xxx   look at the nerd on the screen
2008_12_24_16:48:15.260   157.127.124.xxx   DEFLATE!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_24_16:48:28.063   071.240.064.xxx   Dance Snowman!!!!
2008_12_24_16:48:34.308   068.103.079.xxx   kkk CR
2008_12_24_16:48:36.875   086.148.245.xxx   It Is 23:48:00 Here In The UK And I Heard Santa!
2008_12_24_16:48:46.714   067.176.043.xxx   kfc is abd 4 u!!!
2008_12_24_16:48:47.049   157.127.124.xxx   CHRISTOPHER M.
2008_12_24_16:48:50.930   076.098.087.xxx   hi from abby
2008_12_24_16:49:05.374   076.120.087.xxx   Hi mom hows Alaska?
2008_12_24_16:49:11.496   157.127.124.xxx   Ben G
2008_12_24_16:49:18.733   067.176.043.xxx   the nerds back
2008_12_24_16:49:28.346   096.233.242.xxx   Jesus Christ is Born!!
2008_12_24_16:49:30.001   076.098.087.xxx   hi
2008_12_24_16:49:40.934   024.148.199.xxx   merry christmas from nc
2008_12_24_16:49:44.400   071.240.064.xxx   dance Snowman!!!
2008_12_24_16:49:48.175   157.127.124.xxx   I AM THE SON GOD
2008_12_24_16:49:55.744   067.176.043.xxx   guy on the pc nerd
2008_12_24_16:50:23.008   066.223.171.xxx   hi cjt...this is fun!
2008_12_24_16:50:26.189   157.127.124.xxx   THE SUN GOD HAS NOW TEXT THIS THE MESSAGE (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_24_16:50:43.467   067.176.043.xxx   i saw this place on fox31 in colororado
2008_12_24_16:50:50.718   024.192.090.xxx   nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooobs
2008_12_24_16:50:51.604   071.240.064.xxx   I farted
2008_12_24_16:50:58.726   157.127.124.xxx   P'INAUD ENTERTAINMENT :D (11)
2008_12_24_16:50:59.498   024.148.199.xxx   HOMER DEFLATE AND GO BYE BYE
2008_12_24_16:51:25.208   024.192.090.xxx   nooooooooobs
2008_12_24_16:51:27.839   063.225.023.xxx   eat my shorts homer
2008_12_24_16:51:31.045   067.176.043.xxx   whats up fat man on pc (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_24_16:51:34.760   081.156.153.xxx   Merry Christmas Everyone! :)
2008_12_24_16:51:36.746   157.127.124.xxx   P'INAUD ENTERTAINMENT :D MYSPACE IT (12)
2008_12_24_16:51:39.458   024.148.199.xxx   hi person in middle of screen
2008_12_24_16:51:41.695   069.142.051.xxx   cr
2008_12_24_16:52:06.867   157.127.124.xxx   WE RUN TINGS ROUND HERE (13)
2008_12_24_16:52:16.065   081.158.011.xxx   hi!
2008_12_24_16:52:28.327   067.176.043.xxx   someone cuse (11)
2008_12_24_16:52:39.973   157.127.124.xxx   CURSE (14)
2008_12_24_16:52:43.442   024.148.199.xxx   hi person in middle of screen
2008_12_24_16:52:56.231   068.103.079.xxx   Landon thinks this is cool mmm
2008_12_24_16:53:08.624   067.176.043.xxx   dumb_________ (12)
2008_12_24_16:53:09.539   157.127.124.xxx   :D HI how are you today (15)
2008_12_24_16:53:16.152   096.233.242.xxx   go chargers!
2008_12_24_16:53:34.802   157.127.124.xxx   i just SHARTED (16)
2008_12_24_16:53:42.854   081.156.153.xxx   hey alek, when will cam 3 be by tree?
2008_12_24_16:53:53.049   067.176.043.xxx   go BRONCOS boo CHARGERS (13)
2008_12_24_16:53:58.321   076.026.253.xxx   hey santa
2008_12_24_16:54:10.135   068.103.079.xxx   cool cool
2008_12_24_16:54:16.109   157.127.124.xxx   WOW PEOPLE (17)
2008_12_24_16:54:28.352   070.092.170.xxx   Wow, almost **** people viewing!!
2008_12_24_16:54:44.857   157.127.124.xxx   IS IT ME OR DOES THIS MAN EAT TO MUCH KFC (18)
2008_12_24_16:54:55.857   067.176.043.xxx   alek =g** (14)
2008_12_24_16:54:56.257   068.117.064.xxx   Merry Christmas Samanatha
2008_12_24_16:55:02.522   081.096.115.xxx   **** people online wowowow
2008_12_24_16:55:06.083   068.103.079.xxx   I am setting up a relay center next yer not this cool though
2008_12_24_16:55:14.406   094.192.175.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek! -- Dave from RedHotRADIO
2008_12_24_16:55:20.429   081.158.011.xxx   lol
2008_12_24_16:55:21.393   024.148.199.xxx   kfc overlaod
2008_12_24_16:55:24.344   157.127.124.xxx   NERD LOVES KFC AND TOY STORY LOL (19)
2008_12_24_16:55:39.893   068.103.079.xxx   LMAO
2008_12_24_16:55:50.742   074.129.071.xxx   cr
2008_12_24_16:55:54.934   081.096.115.xxx   O V E R  L O A D !!!!!
2008_12_24_16:56:06.979   157.127.124.xxx   I BET HE IS POPULAR WITH THE LADYS (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_24_16:56:31.903   157.127.124.xxx   BIZNATCH (21)
2008_12_24_16:56:37.646   024.148.199.xxx   me love kfc (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_24_16:56:51.124   094.192.175.xxx   Love the buzz lightyears! Toy Story FTW :D
2008_12_24_16:57:10.996   078.032.109.xxx   huv a guid yin troops
2008_12_24_16:57:19.938   099.151.004.xxx   Go Irish!!!!
2008_12_24_16:57:21.264   157.127.124.xxx   I BET HE HAS MY LIL PONEYS LOL (22)
2008_12_24_16:57:24.763   081.156.153.xxx   merry xmas from jack, uk :)
2008_12_24_16:57:35.947   024.148.199.xxx   batten the haches (11)
2008_12_24_16:57:38.084   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Merry Christmas to you Dave - thanks again for your previous help ***ALEK***
2008_12_24_16:57:48.746   157.127.124.xxx   SNUCK THE UK (23)
2008_12_24_16:57:53.231   070.092.170.xxx   how many people can the server handle?
2008_12_24_16:58:07.114   094.192.175.xxx   :) No problem sir! Have a great christmas Alek
2008_12_24_16:58:13.486   065.027.212.xxx   Merry Xmas to all
2008_12_24_16:58:25.310   024.148.199.xxx   appernty 1797 (12)
2008_12_24_16:58:27.396   157.127.124.xxx   Merry xmas to all and to all a good night (24)
2008_12_24_16:58:47.959   075.073.080.xxx   hello mn
2008_12_24_16:59:17.983   075.073.080.xxx   Merry Christmas Shae
2008_12_24_16:59:25.691   157.127.124.xxx   theres no need to fear homer claus is here (25)
2008_12_24_16:59:29.568   076.094.199.xxx   ho ho ho
2008_12_24_16:59:35.382   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Servers are busy, but doing good - unknown what max capacity is ***ALEK***
2008_12_24_16:59:57.154   078.145.194.xxx   HAPPY CHRISTMAS FROM ALISON UK SANTA HAS LANDED THANKS TO NORAD SANTA tracker
2008_12_24_16:59:57.400   076.094.199.xxx   omg almost 2000 people???
2008_12_24_16:59:58.284   157.127.124.xxx   P'INAUD ENTERTAINMENT (26)
2008_12_24_17:00:26.403   157.127.124.xxx   PINAUDENTERTAINMENT (27)
2008_12_24_17:00:36.641   075.073.080.xxx   Merry Cristmas Shae
2008_12_24_17:00:43.023   090.204.235.xxx   Happy Christmas UK!!
2008_12_24_17:00:44.409   094.192.175.xxx   Just turned Christmas here in the UK! Wooo :)
2008_12_24_17:00:54.015   157.127.124.xxx   P'INAUD ENTERTAINMENT (28)
2008_12_24_17:01:43.079   157.127.124.xxx   P'INAUD ENTERTAINMENT (29)
2008_12_24_17:02:13.524   157.127.124.xxx   P'INAUD ENTERTAINMENT (30 IM's so far today)
2008_12_24_17:02:40.856   157.127.124.xxx   P'INAUD ENTERTAINMENT (31)
2008_12_24_17:03:01.617   024.238.077.xxx   Merry Christmas Skylar
2008_12_24_17:03:17.629   076.024.172.xxx   Elysia And Carlos Always
2008_12_24_17:03:21.060   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Christmas Eve historically has a LOT of traffic - Merry Christmas to everyone! ***ALEK***
2008_12_24_17:03:39.623   024.238.077.xxx   HO HO HO DAD
2008_12_24_17:03:55.498   065.027.212.xxx   Yikes, more than 2000 viewers!
2008_12_24_17:04:12.577   099.186.023.xxx   hi santa
2008_12_24_17:04:35.507   024.238.077.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS ERIN !!!
2008_12_24_17:04:37.739   065.027.212.xxx   I love my son Sam
2008_12_24_17:04:53.463   082.042.104.xxx   its christmas in th uk
2008_12_24_17:05:28.759   075.189.235.xxx   Cheers from Wake Forest, NC
2008_12_24_17:05:29.749   082.042.104.xxx   merry christmas alek to you and family
2008_12_24_17:05:54.774   024.127.179.xxx   merry christmas
2008_12_24_17:06:02.576   064.012.116.xxx   happy christmas to the uk
2008_12_24_17:06:04.805   084.144.113.xxx   ITS CHRISTMAS IN GERMANY !!! Its 01.06 AM 12.25.08
2008_12_24_17:06:11.909   086.148.245.xxx   Its Christmas Day In The UK!!!
2008_12_24_17:06:30.192   024.127.179.xxx   not here
2008_12_24_17:06:30.328   064.012.116.xxx   yo
2008_12_24_17:06:38.963   084.144.113.xxx   i love the world...
2008_12_24_17:06:56.960   064.012.116.xxx   i love sam
2008_12_24_17:07:32.236   084.144.113.xxx   Hi Alek! Its 1.07AM in Germany!! Good Morning!
2008_12_24_17:07:45.581   064.012.116.xxx   whers santa
2008_12_24_17:07:59.708   070.027.150.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS JACK AND MEL!!!!!
2008_12_24_17:08:21.093   024.238.077.xxx   ISANTA IS IN ICELAND
2008_12_24_17:08:25.139   041.248.043.xxx   voynich
2008_12_24_17:08:38.391   084.144.113.xxx   Alek look into the camera pls to germany :D
2008_12_24_17:09:50.840   071.008.005.xxx   Merry Christmas from Alabama
2008_12_24_17:10:15.641   066.066.139.xxx   Hi Germany
2008_12_24_17:10:33.099   084.144.113.xxx   Alek you are great! in germany nobody is doing that
2008_12_24_17:10:34.516   071.052.058.xxx   Merry christmas alek from Las Vegas!!!
2008_12_24_17:10:54.921   070.027.150.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM SIMCOE, ONTARIO, CANADA!
2008_12_24_17:10:55.146   066.066.139.xxx   Merry xmas Germany
2008_12_24_17:11:17.154   024.238.077.xxx   :D MERRY CHRISTMAS SMILEY
2008_12_24_17:11:21.874   084.144.113.xxx   Merry xmas  don___t know where :D
2008_12_24_17:12:49.979   086.131.132.xxx   happy xmas annie. xxx
2008_12_24_17:13:48.809   066.066.139.xxx   USA loves Germany1
2008_12_24_17:14:26.247   067.191.193.xxx   frank loves crystal
2008_12_24_17:15:00.553   067.172.134.xxx   Hi M.E. Daddy loves you!!!!
2008_12_24_17:15:07.293   067.191.193.xxx   i love star wars
2008_12_24_17:15:28.928   071.196.236.xxx   kfc does chkn right
2008_12_24_17:16:00.307   075.189.235.xxx   Vicenza, Italy for the win!
2008_12_24_17:17:06.540   067.172.134.xxx   Mandy, M.E. and K.C. daddy loves you all!!!!
2008_12_24_17:17:26.376   070.059.218.xxx   merry christmas
2008_12_24_17:18:04.118   086.131.132.xxx   happy xmas from keswick, cumbria, UK
2008_12_24_17:18:22.261   070.059.218.xxx   war up
2008_12_24_17:18:31.183   071.196.236.xxx   GO BRONCOS!!!!!
2008_12_24_17:19:12.008   070.059.218.xxx   go raiders
2008_12_24_17:19:22.498   071.212.136.xxx   Merry Christmas Dawnie!!
2008_12_24_17:19:49.536   070.059.218.xxx   merry chritmas to all
2008_12_24_17:19:57.117   087.119.185.xxx   Haid joule! (Merry Christmas in estonian)
2008_12_24_17:20:10.676   066.223.171.xxx   merry santa day connor
2008_12_24_17:20:16.640   070.059.218.xxx   hello
2008_12_24_17:20:42.016   086.131.132.xxx   happy xmas from wonders
2008_12_24_17:20:42.157   070.059.218.xxx   merry christmas to all
2008_12_24_17:21:11.415   076.120.087.xxx   hi momma tipper!
2008_12_24_17:21:29.186   068.103.079.xxx   what up Landon thinks this is cool!
2008_12_24_17:22:16.890   071.083.255.xxx   Juliette
2008_12_24_17:22:22.892   068.158.041.xxx   Is that Santa?
2008_12_24_17:22:40.386   075.016.105.xxx   hello from cuero
2008_12_24_17:22:57.170   098.025.196.xxx   HOHOHO
2008_12_24_17:23:05.770   066.223.171.xxx   hey connor
2008_12_24_17:23:19.098   076.120.087.xxx   hi mom!
2008_12_24_17:23:19.283   024.245.089.xxx   santa hasnt came to my house yet!
2008_12_24_17:23:26.061   068.103.079.xxx   DOM bong now!!!!
2008_12_24_17:23:57.852   024.245.089.xxx   im gonna stay up all night to see him!
2008_12_24_17:24:10.654   075.016.105.xxx   hello from krystan saunders
2008_12_24_17:24:17.542   066.223.171.xxx   holly jolly tiplady family
2008_12_24_17:24:32.097   086.148.245.xxx   Good Night.
2008_12_24_17:24:52.680   024.245.089.xxx   hey dudes from illinois!
2008_12_24_17:25:18.087   024.245.089.xxx   im gonna stay up all night to see him!
2008_12_24_17:26:13.543   024.245.089.xxx   santa hasnt came to my house yet!
2008_12_24_17:27:26.099   066.223.171.xxx   santa come see connie joe
2008_12_24_17:27:36.261   078.149.083.xxx   no Santa in Ireland yet either
2008_12_24_17:27:37.488   075.016.105.xxx   hi alek
2008_12_24_17:27:42.195   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Santa wil come to your house if you have been nice! ***ALEK***
2008_12_24_17:27:53.497   090.204.235.xxx   When we movin' downstairs Alek to the fireplace??
2008_12_24_17:28:09.312   076.120.087.xxx   aww no santa for connioe thisd yeatr =( (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_24_17:28:22.350   075.016.105.xxx   do you talk
2008_12_24_17:28:42.969   066.223.171.xxx   Christmas means carnage--from the movie BabeType text & CR to see real-time
2008_12_24_17:28:47.742   078.149.083.xxx   will webcam rumble Santa???
2008_12_24_17:29:55.522   066.223.171.xxx   connor is sentimental and i love him
2008_12_24_17:29:59.068   064.012.116.xxx   Merry Christmas from Norman, OK. Go Sooners!
2008_12_24_17:30:11.724   076.120.087.xxx   aww geezzz (11)
2008_12_24_17:30:12.631   076.192.127.xxx   Woohoo! Over 6,100 overloads in a hour and a half (24)
2008_12_24_17:30:45.277   066.223.171.xxx   Merry Christmas from Palmer Alaska
2008_12_24_17:31:18.714   078.149.083.xxx   Merry Christmas from N.Ireland
2008_12_24_17:31:20.140   024.026.082.xxx   Merry Christmas from Tampa Fl!!!!!
2008_12_24_17:32:01.405   078.149.083.xxx   Merry Christmas from N.Ireland
2008_12_24_17:32:20.118   076.192.127.xxx   Alek is leaving! look in cam 1 (25)
2008_12_24_17:32:58.270   076.120.087.xxx   common everyone turn it off for at least one min =) (12)
2008_12_24_17:33:21.173   064.012.116.xxx   No way! Turn them all on!
2008_12_24_17:33:27.623   067.041.217.xxx   Love the idea!!!  Merry Christmas from JH in Parker!
2008_12_24_17:34:14.216   076.192.127.xxx   lol Alek's car (26)
2008_12_24_17:34:51.207   090.204.235.xxx   last miniut shopping I supose
2008_12_24_17:35:00.358   078.149.083.xxx   hey keep lights off :-)
2008_12_24_17:35:26.935   076.192.127.xxx   its dark (27)
2008_12_24_17:35:36.954   064.012.116.xxx   Turn lights on! It's Christmas why be so dark?
2008_12_24_17:35:50.378   078.149.083.xxx   brilliant
2008_12_24_17:36:39.503   078.149.083.xxx   it's officially Christmas in Ireland - 12.35am
2008_12_24_17:37:12.387   066.066.139.xxx   Hi Ireland. USA loves Ireland!
2008_12_24_17:37:13.176   076.192.127.xxx   Santa has arrived there I suppose? (28)
2008_12_24_17:37:35.893   078.149.083.xxx   on his way!!!
2008_12_24_17:38:44.186   205.240.039.xxx   3077 people viewing Christmas Lights - SERVER OVERLOAD
2008_12_24_17:39:22.148   076.192.127.xxx   X10 Controls toggled 8,884 times (includes 7,022 overloads) today (29)
2008_12_24_17:39:37.037   074.013.071.xxx   g**
2008_12_24_17:39:53.968   085.160.072.xxx   Zdravim vsechny CESI co prave ctou nebo rozsvicej :)
2008_12_24_17:40:07.451   076.192.127.xxx   BAN HAMMER (30 IM's so far today)
2008_12_24_17:40:38.050   085.160.072.xxx   jj ja jsem banan :D
2008_12_24_17:40:51.791   069.204.071.xxx   Hi Santa, it's Hailey. I'm trying my best to behave.
2008_12_24_17:41:49.824   069.204.071.xxx   I hope you have a very merry christmas. tell Mrs. C hi
2008_12_24_17:44:09.063   085.160.072.xxx   Hlinik se odstehoval do Humpolce!!!
2008_12_24_17:45:49.917   085.160.072.xxx   its snowing?????? where??
2008_12_24_17:47:20.311   068.188.150.xxx   Kayden says Hello!
2008_12_24_17:47:20.915   220.233.206.xxx   Its christmas day lunch here in Glenbrook Australia
2008_12_24_17:48:23.248   071.190.004.xxx   wooo 3061 ppl
2008_12_24_17:48:36.207   012.202.180.xxx   i farted
2008_12_24_17:48:43.170   085.160.072.xxx   Greathins from CZECH REPUBLIC ___)
2008_12_24_17:48:50.237   099.146.184.xxx   Hi Tommy, You're a doofus!
2008_12_24_17:48:55.790   070.092.170.xxx   what time is it in Austrailia?
2008_12_24_17:49:39.974   012.202.180.xxx   i took a crap in my neighbors yard :D
2008_12_24_17:49:44.442   099.146.184.xxx   Hi Tommy you're a doofus!
2008_12_24_17:50:32.345   070.188.144.xxx   Happy Birthday Megan
2008_12_24_17:51:43.395   068.188.150.xxx   Hey Kayden!
2008_12_24_17:51:44.032   012.202.180.xxx   i crapped in my neighbors yard ______
2008_12_24_17:52:01.480   076.210.215.xxx   i like canada
2008_12_24_17:52:29.370   068.188.150.xxx   Kayden says Hello!
2008_12_24_17:52:32.521   076.210.215.xxx   do you like s* ??????
2008_12_24_17:53:08.558   068.188.150.xxx   Why isn't mine showing up on the screen?
2008_12_24_17:53:15.812   067.048.023.xxx   hi debi
2008_12_24_17:53:34.113   068.188.150.xxx   Heather love Brad!
2008_12_24_17:53:38.481   012.202.180.xxx   your moma
2008_12_24_17:53:44.620   173.023.066.xxx   Santas almost to the USA
2008_12_24_17:54:06.519   068.188.150.xxx   Yay!!  Santa's almost here!!
2008_12_24_17:54:25.922   213.029.147.xxx   merry X-mas....:D
2008_12_24_17:54:36.096   173.023.066.xxx   I hope he brings a DS for me
2008_12_24_17:54:38.730   068.188.150.xxx   Heather loves Brad!!!
2008_12_24_17:55:25.885   012.202.180.xxx   my toilet clogged
2008_12_24_17:56:09.600   012.202.180.xxx   my sisters giant dookie did it
2008_12_24_17:56:25.340   213.029.147.xxx   m283___ kousnul v___no269___n___ kom_________r:D
2008_12_24_17:57:03.573   012.202.180.xxx   big brown spalooshie
2008_12_24_17:57:20.432   213.029.147.xxx   all the best!
2008_12_24_17:57:31.604   012.202.180.xxx   theres corn in it too
2008_12_24_17:58:10.069   074.076.213.xxx   WOAH.
2008_12_24_17:58:28.427   012.202.180.xxx   s***!!!
2008_12_24_17:59:02.845   074.076.213.xxx   Yup
2008_12_24_17:59:11.880   012.202.180.xxx   hi (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_24_17:59:22.525   074.127.239.xxx   hi santa
2008_12_24_17:59:36.929   074.076.213.xxx   Santa?
2008_12_24_17:59:52.846   012.202.180.xxx   ryan likes rex (11)
2008_12_24_18:00:00.051   074.047.120.xxx   148 people viewing Christmas Lights - INSANE!
2008_12_24_18:00:00.413   024.096.157.xxx   sup p**ps and merry christmas
2008_12_24_18:00:13.232   012.202.180.xxx   Hello Mandy have you been good? (12)
2008_12_24_18:01:13.994   012.202.180.xxx   No I have been bad spank me (13)
2008_12_24_18:01:39.269   012.202.180.xxx   bende over then (14)
2008_12_24_18:01:47.595   074.076.213.xxx   ... Family conversations. Yay, that's brings spirit.
2008_12_24_18:01:48.920   082.042.104.xxx   wow
2008_12_24_18:02:12.295   074.076.213.xxx   ...
2008_12_24_18:02:17.964   012.202.180.xxx   SILENCE!!! I KILL YOU :) (15)
2008_12_24_18:02:46.061   074.076.213.xxx   E-xcuse me?
2008_12_24_18:02:54.257   012.202.180.xxx   HEY RETARDS AND OLD PEOPLE___ DONATE NOW!!!!! (16)
2008_12_24_18:03:17.526   074.076.213.xxx   LOL
2008_12_24_18:03:17.977   012.202.180.xxx   farts in your face (17)
2008_12_24_18:03:54.951   012.202.180.xxx   farts? i left a present in your pantie drawer (18)
2008_12_24_18:04:21.971   024.192.090.xxx   goood morning america
2008_12_24_18:04:49.222   012.202.180.xxx   screw america, HAIL h***** (19)
2008_12_24_18:05:10.122   024.192.090.xxx   John V says hello from Nap***ille
2008_12_24_18:05:23.925   074.076.213.xxx   3155 people viewing?
2008_12_24_18:05:38.425   024.192.090.xxx   alot of people
2008_12_24_18:05:43.874   012.202.180.xxx   your momma (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_24_18:06:02.889   074.076.213.xxx   No, 3155 pickels viewing.
2008_12_24_18:06:23.176   012.202.180.xxx   sitting on their crappers, watching (21)
2008_12_24_18:06:33.040   024.192.090.xxx   hello
2008_12_24_18:06:36.920   074.076.213.xxx   Indeed (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_24_18:06:41.275   076.025.195.xxx   jojo
2008_12_24_18:07:04.478   074.076.213.xxx   FRED (11)
2008_12_24_18:07:11.773   012.202.180.xxx   people mke loud sharts (22)
2008_12_24_18:07:27.922   075.068.096.xxx   Hi everyoe
2008_12_24_18:07:29.365   076.127.213.xxx   hi all
2008_12_24_18:07:42.409   012.202.180.xxx   im gonna go and play with the lights (23)
2008_12_24_18:07:44.480   074.076.213.xxx   My name is not all. (12)
2008_12_24_18:07:47.910   173.033.043.xxx   Merry Christmas to one and all.  Love you, Jan
2008_12_24_18:08:02.182   075.068.096.xxx   Dante was Here
2008_12_24_18:08:02.700   076.127.213.xxx   oh my bad
2008_12_24_18:08:09.949   012.202.180.xxx   poop b*** (24)
2008_12_24_18:08:21.902   074.076.213.xxx   Turn everything on. (13)
2008_12_24_18:08:50.237   074.076.213.xxx   LOL, or turn it all odd. (14)
2008_12_24_18:09:28.508   074.076.213.xxx   Off___ (15)
2008_12_24_18:09:28.705   012.202.180.xxx   im turning everything off (25)
2008_12_24_18:09:29.724   071.245.040.xxx   WE LOVE SANTA CLAUS
2008_12_24_18:09:41.526   075.120.052.xxx   Terry
2008_12_24_18:09:55.089   077.045.237.xxx   I Love You!
2008_12_24_18:10:23.794   075.120.052.xxx   Hello from Missouri
2008_12_24_18:10:29.653   068.038.130.xxx   heey yall
2008_12_24_18:10:43.945   076.025.195.xxx   go chargers !!!!
2008_12_24_18:10:49.335   075.104.116.xxx   Greetings from Pine City MN
2008_12_24_18:11:04.814   077.045.237.xxx   Merry Christmas for all people!
2008_12_24_18:11:15.569   068.038.130.xxx   Happy Holidays!!
2008_12_24_18:11:21.284   074.076.213.xxx   This... means... war (16)
2008_12_24_18:11:36.651   075.104.116.xxx   where is this house located?
2008_12_24_18:11:40.130   076.025.195.xxx   Broncos are stayin home
2008_12_24_18:12:06.475   068.038.130.xxx   heey dowg.!
2008_12_24_18:12:07.839   012.202.180.xxx   its located in your b*** (26)
2008_12_24_18:12:21.577   077.045.237.xxx   Love
2008_12_24_18:12:23.328   070.027.150.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM SIMCOE, ONTARIO, CANADA!
2008_12_24_18:12:38.195   012.202.180.xxx   its located in your a*** (27)
2008_12_24_18:12:42.149   068.038.130.xxx   ahahaha
2008_12_24_18:13:06.697   071.229.233.xxx   fun site thank you
2008_12_24_18:13:10.352   072.051.230.xxx   Wow how are there 3000 people all of a sudden?
2008_12_24_18:13:31.428   075.104.116.xxx   Colorado Rocks!
2008_12_24_18:13:33.624   076.003.068.xxx   INCREDIBLE - THANK YOU!!
2008_12_24_18:13:52.747   072.051.230.xxx   I remember when there was only 300+ a few weeks ago
2008_12_24_18:13:57.765   068.038.130.xxx   HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!
2008_12_24_18:14:22.261   012.202.180.xxx   merry crap mess (28)
2008_12_24_18:14:37.466   068.038.130.xxx   HEEY DOWG!
2008_12_24_18:14:42.439   076.003.068.xxx   HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!!!!!
2008_12_24_18:14:49.903   076.120.087.xxx   yoyo (13)
2008_12_24_18:14:55.152   082.042.104.xxx   santa has drunk all my booze
2008_12_24_18:15:33.519   012.202.180.xxx   santa left a present in my bathroom (29)
2008_12_24_18:15:38.187   076.120.087.xxx   What is a lamp, you nincompoop? Tt's a Major Award. (14)
2008_12_24_18:15:59.827   068.150.179.xxx   that was a cool news report!
2008_12_24_18:16:03.248   076.120.087.xxx   name that movie! (15)
2008_12_24_18:16:14.844   076.003.068.xxx   HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!!!!
2008_12_24_18:16:16.400   012.202.180.xxx   one time i p**d, it was yellow (30 IM's so far today)
2008_12_24_18:16:18.004   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** As noted, Christmas Eve tends to be a huge traffic night - fun to look at lights! ***ALEK***
2008_12_24_18:16:23.974   156.034.196.xxx   A Christmas Story
2008_12_24_18:16:48.147   068.038.130.xxx   thats on!
2008_12_24_18:16:49.537   076.003.068.xxx   HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!!!!!
2008_12_24_18:16:54.099   076.120.087.xxx   you win! you get the major award! (16)
2008_12_24_18:16:58.956   074.212.050.xxx   shy
2008_12_24_18:17:14.539   074.076.213.xxx   =( Everything is turning off. (17)
2008_12_24_18:17:23.804   068.226.083.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE!!
2008_12_24_18:17:25.740   070.027.150.xxx   WHERE'S ALEK?
2008_12_24_18:17:39.126   068.038.130.xxx   lets party and drink eggnog.! :___
2008_12_24_18:17:42.721   076.120.087.xxx   he left to get food for the fam (17)
2008_12_24_18:17:44.078   074.076.213.xxx   HAVING A LIFE, other than you. (18)
2008_12_24_18:18:06.362   068.038.130.xxx   wow___
2008_12_24_18:18:07.433   068.226.083.xxx   OUCH.
2008_12_24_18:18:08.979   156.034.196.xxx   i just had an eggnog milkshake, yum
2008_12_24_18:18:55.787   076.120.087.xxx   no thanks your proly 11teen anyway (18)
2008_12_24_18:18:57.594   068.226.083.xxx   HMMMMMMM.......
2008_12_24_18:19:04.927   070.226.070.xxx   matt H rules!
2008_12_24_18:19:10.359   068.038.130.xxx   ew (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_24_18:19:21.251   076.120.087.xxx   asl (19)
2008_12_24_18:19:30.548   156.034.196.xxx   ha Matt H is a total poser
2008_12_24_18:19:36.790   068.226.083.xxx   who knows.
2008_12_24_18:19:47.258   076.120.087.xxx   lmao (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_24_18:19:57.049   068.038.130.xxx   lol (11)
2008_12_24_18:20:05.120   220.233.107.xxx   Merry Xmas from Zac in Australia
2008_12_24_18:20:40.200   068.226.083.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE EVERYBODY!
2008_12_24_18:20:51.839   068.038.130.xxx   lalalalaala (12)
2008_12_24_18:21:11.769   066.067.183.xxx   HOHOHO
2008_12_24_18:21:14.703   070.027.150.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS ZAC!
2008_12_24_18:21:40.206   074.076.213.xxx   EFRON? (19)
2008_12_24_18:21:50.137   076.120.087.xxx   MC Jenni Morehouse! (21)
2008_12_24_18:22:18.225   066.067.183.xxx   Elf RULES
2008_12_24_18:23:02.536   068.038.130.xxx   lalalalalalala (13)
2008_12_24_18:23:19.559   076.238.128.xxx   Merry Christmas from Dixon
2008_12_24_18:23:38.982   068.226.083.xxx   Merry Christmas from Rhode Island!
2008_12_24_18:23:50.648   070.027.150.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS DIXON1
2008_12_24_18:24:12.605   068.038.130.xxx   merry christmas.! xD (14)
2008_12_24_18:24:49.079   076.120.087.xxx   lfm WC need tank (22)
2008_12_24_18:25:34.700   070.027.150.xxx   WHERE IS ALEK LOCATED?
2008_12_24_18:26:06.332   076.120.087.xxx   Alek is raiding in leave a msg (23)
2008_12_24_18:26:35.553   068.226.083.xxx   I dont think he REALLY exists...
2008_12_24_18:26:50.924   074.076.213.xxx   EFRON? (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_24_18:27:00.500   076.120.087.xxx   well hes santa what do U expect (24)
2008_12_24_18:27:05.281   068.226.083.xxx   oh got.
2008_12_24_18:27:12.081   072.051.230.xxx   ALL OFF
2008_12_24_18:27:12.614   070.027.150.xxx   NO, ALEK!
2008_12_24_18:27:13.208   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** My light display is located in the Republic of Boulder ... and at komar.org! ***ALEK***
2008_12_24_18:27:39.442   064.012.116.xxx   jean
2008_12_24_18:27:40.472   076.120.087.xxx   its not boulder (25)
2008_12_24_18:27:44.823   156.034.196.xxx   Vanessa Hudgens toy ? what about him
2008_12_24_18:28:07.360   068.226.083.xxx   what are you speaking about. MERRY CHRISTMAS
2008_12_24_18:28:39.797   064.012.116.xxx   Jean
2008_12_24_18:29:12.758   072.051.230.xxx   ALL OFF
2008_12_24_18:29:13.356   068.226.083.xxx   Jean who? (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_24_18:29:15.382   074.076.213.xxx   Turn it all off! (21)
2008_12_24_18:29:24.605   156.034.196.xxx   Cousteau
2008_12_24_18:29:55.818   070.027.150.xxx   TURN IT ALL ON!
2008_12_24_18:30:00.006   072.051.230.xxx   win
2008_12_24_18:30:29.810   156.034.196.xxx   ahahahaha u cant kill Christmas no matter how many lights u turn off
2008_12_24_18:30:34.179   068.226.083.xxx   nice work! (11)
2008_12_24_18:30:58.665   156.034.196.xxx   hi from Quispamsis NB
2008_12_24_18:31:05.687   076.205.104.xxx   is santa real?
2008_12_24_18:31:56.854   074.076.213.xxx   OFF/DEFLATE (22)
2008_12_24_18:32:03.937   072.066.161.xxx   whats up
2008_12_24_18:32:13.935   069.253.107.xxx   hii
2008_12_24_18:32:33.744   072.066.161.xxx   Virginia Tech Hokies
2008_12_24_18:32:46.831   156.034.196.xxx   hello! Merry Christmas!!!
2008_12_24_18:33:20.204   082.042.104.xxx   its christmas here. off to bed now. waiting 4 santa. goodnight
2008_12_24_18:33:33.829   069.253.107.xxx   hihihihihihihihihihihihihihih
2008_12_24_18:33:41.668   066.066.234.xxx   hi
2008_12_24_18:33:46.788   156.034.196.xxx   sleep well, dont forget the cookies
2008_12_24_18:33:56.732   075.164.110.xxx   Hi Everyone and happy holidays
2008_12_24_18:34:11.246   066.066.234.xxx   ok
2008_12_24_18:34:15.160   082.042.104.xxx   thankyou. ive left vodka out
2008_12_24_18:34:57.514   066.066.234.xxx   santa
2008_12_24_18:35:35.878   071.196.229.xxx   Merry Xmas Michele! I love U!!
2008_12_24_18:36:17.512   076.088.071.xxx   Merry Christmas everyone
2008_12_24_18:36:34.816   072.208.204.xxx   text & CR
2008_12_24_18:36:47.580   066.066.234.xxx   i love xmas
2008_12_24_18:37:12.486   071.196.229.xxx   Merry Xmas Denver!
2008_12_24_18:38:18.183   072.051.230.xxx   Did someone just pulla U-Turn?
2008_12_24_18:38:21.535   008.007.069.xxx   Merry Holidays!!!
2008_12_24_18:38:49.913   076.205.104.xxx   josh
2008_12_24_18:39:00.030   065.041.203.xxx   Hi Elvie!!!!
2008_12_24_18:39:21.952   008.007.069.xxx   Have a great Holiday from the Hectus family to your family!
2008_12_24_18:39:26.472   076.205.104.xxx   1234567809
2008_12_24_18:39:29.316   066.066.234.xxx   ytw
2008_12_24_18:39:59.500   076.205.104.xxx   12345678910
2008_12_24_18:40:23.396   070.071.238.xxx   hi clr
2008_12_24_18:40:37.792   076.205.104.xxx   youikj
2008_12_24_18:41:27.492   070.071.238.xxx   lalaCR
2008_12_24_18:41:28.555   067.048.023.xxx   it is cold in kansas city kansas
2008_12_24_18:42:36.460   076.120.087.xxx   did i just get a Virus from this wtf (26)
2008_12_24_18:43:56.729   070.027.150.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS JACK AND MEL! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_24_18:46:09.048   071.245.152.xxx   Love You Ally!!!
2008_12_24_18:46:31.450   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Website is virus-free ... except for the Christmas Lights Virus ... HO-HO-HO! ***ALEK***
2008_12_24_18:46:34.621   070.027.150.xxx   R.I.P winnie december 29th (11)
2008_12_24_18:46:49.798   074.079.055.xxx   Merry Christmas from Cicero, NY
2008_12_24_18:47:17.301   071.245.152.xxx   Merry Christmas from Glens Falls. NY
2008_12_24_18:47:19.269   070.027.150.xxx   I love my dog winnie so much (12)
2008_12_24_18:48:22.732   068.239.035.xxx   Merry Christmas to Nancy, Nelson and Craig!
2008_12_24_18:49:01.984   068.081.035.xxx   i love jamiecody &leah
2008_12_24_18:50:32.599   068.109.071.xxx   HI GRANDPA JOHN
2008_12_24_18:50:54.939   024.126.009.xxx   hi from WV
2008_12_24_18:51:41.272   068.109.071.xxx   HELLO FROM SUNNY CALIFORINA.
2008_12_24_18:53:05.559   070.018.249.xxx   well,  how are the ho's of hulkville doing?
2008_12_24_18:53:12.681   068.113.065.xxx   hello from alabama
2008_12_24_18:55:04.119   068.022.198.xxx   hello jacob
2008_12_24_18:55:35.731   068.109.071.xxx   HELLO RYAN.
2008_12_24_18:55:41.869   068.022.198.xxx   kfc
2008_12_24_18:56:15.412   070.018.249.xxx   bfd.
2008_12_24_18:57:12.451   068.109.071.xxx   HELLO RYAN.
2008_12_24_18:58:05.815   068.109.071.xxx   HELLO MEGAN.
2008_12_24_18:59:32.139   151.205.071.xxx   merry christmas every one
2008_12_24_19:00:09.815   151.205.071.xxx   hy this is matt
2008_12_24_19:00:42.069   151.205.071.xxx   this is so cool
2008_12_24_19:01:19.316   151.205.071.xxx   sea monkeys rule
2008_12_24_19:01:26.799   068.081.035.xxx   this is cool
2008_12_24_19:01:37.798   070.027.150.xxx   Merry christmas and a happy new year (13)
2008_12_24_19:01:52.367   151.205.071.xxx   sea monkeys rule
2008_12_24_19:02:31.615   070.018.249.xxx   whoop-dee-do
2008_12_24_19:02:33.811   151.205.071.xxx   wv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_24_19:03:08.802   070.018.249.xxx   it was a rig i tell ya a rig!
2008_12_24_19:03:19.287   024.174.010.xxx   hello shea
2008_12_24_19:03:24.310   151.205.071.xxx   awsome
2008_12_24_19:03:56.945   151.205.071.xxx   :-)
2008_12_24_19:04:52.007   076.116.053.xxx   s*** MY d***
2008_12_24_19:05:06.781   066.056.022.xxx   Hello Steven
2008_12_24_19:05:22.430   076.116.053.xxx   THIS IS FUNNER THAN YOUR MOM (::
2008_12_24_19:05:34.019   066.056.022.xxx   Hello Kim
2008_12_24_19:05:49.345   151.205.071.xxx   hello santa
2008_12_24_19:06:21.956   066.056.022.xxx   Hello Nana, Hows Steven?
2008_12_24_19:06:38.702   069.125.202.xxx   hi santa =___
2008_12_24_19:06:39.252   151.205.071.xxx   waht up dog (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_24_19:06:50.683   066.056.022.xxx   Hey Dude
2008_12_24_19:07:08.294   151.205.071.xxx   hey (11)
2008_12_24_19:07:10.042   069.125.202.xxx   waz up
2008_12_24_19:07:25.216   209.188.034.xxx   cr
2008_12_24_19:07:36.929   151.205.071.xxx   gangsta (12)
2008_12_24_19:07:38.419   098.214.232.xxx   Hey controling your lights is cool.
2008_12_24_19:08:30.379   151.205.071.xxx   holy &@______ this ______&____________ rocks (13)
2008_12_24_19:09:13.923   098.214.232.xxx   hi
2008_12_24_19:09:40.853   151.205.071.xxx   @#______ u in the b*** (14)
2008_12_24_19:09:57.909   098.209.097.xxx   hi
2008_12_24_19:09:59.654   076.116.053.xxx   ur mom is nice
2008_12_24_19:10:11.475   156.034.196.xxx   Jadis has sent the secret police after them!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_24_19:10:25.734   098.214.232.xxx   im hurting
2008_12_24_19:10:38.655   076.116.049.xxx   s*** it
2008_12_24_19:10:52.608   151.205.071.xxx   did u take it to hard (15)
2008_12_24_19:10:58.138   024.174.010.xxx   Brittany is the coolest
2008_12_24_19:11:34.087   024.174.010.xxx   Jolleen is the best
2008_12_24_19:11:55.655   076.103.236.xxx   Tanner & Tyler
2008_12_24_19:12:34.115   024.174.010.xxx   Merry Christmas from Austin, TX
2008_12_24_19:13:04.001   097.104.168.xxx   I love cheese.
2008_12_24_19:13:14.352   076.103.236.xxx   Tyler Tanner Emily Ethan & Julia Merry Xmas!
2008_12_24_19:13:14.777   024.174.010.xxx   Merry Christmas from New York City!!
2008_12_24_19:13:23.615   070.092.170.xxx   Merry Christmas Austin. I have relatives there.
2008_12_24_19:13:54.372   024.174.010.xxx   baHhHh HumMBUG!
2008_12_24_19:14:23.946   097.104.168.xxx   hellooooo from sunny and WARM Florida
2008_12_24_19:14:37.137   076.103.236.xxx   Merry Christmas Ethan
2008_12_24_19:14:38.662   024.174.010.xxx   Smile..jesus loves you!
2008_12_24_19:15:13.845   076.103.236.xxx   Merry Chrsitmas Ethan!
2008_12_24_19:15:21.278   075.017.032.xxx   Hi from Middletown, CT
2008_12_24_19:15:44.418   071.211.046.xxx   mmmm. turkey
2008_12_24_19:16:15.960   076.103.236.xxx   Merry Christmas Emily
2008_12_24_19:16:20.301   071.211.046.xxx   haha thatz me
2008_12_24_19:16:34.876   024.059.197.xxx   iann markert is a bad kid do not come here
2008_12_24_19:17:07.750   071.211.046.xxx   haha itz me bizzich
2008_12_24_19:17:08.041   156.034.196.xxx   ok i txted Santa the info (11)
2008_12_24_19:17:27.548   190.189.126.xxx   happy christmas, From argentina. it's already christmas here
2008_12_24_19:17:50.224   071.211.046.xxx   happy christmas form colorado
2008_12_24_19:18:44.623   071.211.046.xxx   this is cool
2008_12_24_19:19:50.807   151.205.071.xxx   jesus is reason of the season (16)
2008_12_24_19:20:28.007   151.205.071.xxx   kfc rocks (17)
2008_12_24_19:20:39.348   068.230.200.xxx   mmmm i want some kfc right now
2008_12_24_19:20:54.020   068.214.128.xxx   merry christmas from preston and chloe
2008_12_24_19:21:38.301   151.205.071.xxx   i do to (18)
2008_12_24_19:21:44.077   068.214.128.xxx   my wife doesnt believe in Santa
2008_12_24_19:22:23.434   068.214.128.xxx   Dear Santa I love you!
2008_12_24_19:23:39.465   068.214.128.xxx   I want a Barbie for Christmas
2008_12_24_19:23:54.537   075.117.009.xxx   Merry Christmas Katelynn
2008_12_24_19:24:34.316   071.211.046.xxx   this turkey is sooo good lol
2008_12_24_19:24:48.910   068.117.160.xxx   happy holidays from los angeles
2008_12_24_19:25:46.848   071.211.046.xxx   happy holidays hohoho- SANTA
2008_12_24_19:25:58.387   068.214.128.xxx   I'm dreaming of a not so hot christmas :-(
2008_12_24_19:26:06.859   024.115.011.xxx   Merry Christmas from PA
2008_12_24_19:26:25.774   072.204.150.xxx   lskdjhlskdhf
2008_12_24_19:27:18.424   067.190.118.xxx   This is a test
2008_12_24_19:27:39.327   024.008.046.xxx   1001011100001100100100001001111001100
2008_12_24_19:28:00.987   068.044.228.xxx   merry christmas
2008_12_24_19:28:59.638   068.044.228.xxx   lily &dave
2008_12_24_19:29:10.671   151.205.071.xxx   merry @#______ christmas (19)
2008_12_24_19:29:14.299   067.190.118.xxx   Wooooooooo
2008_12_24_19:29:40.315   076.124.216.xxx   Merry Christmas from Don & Angelita
2008_12_24_19:29:43.429   068.214.128.xxx   KFC :drool:
2008_12_24_19:29:48.227   083.037.037.xxx   Ho ho ho ho
2008_12_24_19:30:05.596   068.044.228.xxx   jim kim lily david
2008_12_24_19:30:11.470   097.088.191.xxx   adam b
2008_12_24_19:30:12.962   068.214.128.xxx   my kids need to be in bed
2008_12_24_19:31:35.518   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** WOW - there is a lot of web surfers here tonight! ***ALEK***
2008_12_24_19:32:10.473   083.037.037.xxx   hohohoho
2008_12_24_19:33:02.522   076.124.216.xxx   Excellent use of X10
2008_12_24_19:34:13.866   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Crazy use of X10 - a few Super Sockets blow out every holiday season ***ALEK***
2008_12_24_19:38:13.962   072.081.022.xxx   Have a Merry Christmas one and all!!!
2008_12_24_19:40:21.888   075.166.036.xxx   MerryChristmas Amanda Kaiser
2008_12_24_19:40:29.040   077.045.237.xxx   Merry Christmas! James
2008_12_24_19:41:00.633   076.120.000.xxx   BELUGA
2008_12_24_19:41:45.710   077.045.237.xxx   Merry Christmas! Elena Voronezh Russia
2008_12_24_19:42:27.613   076.120.000.xxx   so, how does this work?
2008_12_24_19:42:39.775   075.166.036.xxx   Merry Christmas Ashby, Amanda, Krystal, Baby, Nana
2008_12_24_19:43:52.616   077.045.237.xxx   Merry Christmas! James Michael Canada
2008_12_24_19:45:55.659   099.141.229.xxx   Merry Christmas Zack and Christian
2008_12_24_19:50:27.541   130.013.101.xxx   hello
2008_12_24_19:51:37.913   075.065.195.xxx   merry christmas from madison mississippi
2008_12_24_19:53:48.446   072.224.144.xxx   Merry Christmas from Saco, Maine!
2008_12_24_19:54:10.011   070.043.215.xxx   merry christmas, from bev, AL
2008_12_24_19:54:52.691   070.043.215.xxx   merry christmas ANIL!!!
2008_12_24_19:54:59.701   066.168.205.xxx   hi
2008_12_24_19:55:43.128   067.061.126.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2008_12_24_19:56:55.602   070.043.215.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS ANIL AND ERDEM
2008_12_24_19:57:33.019   076.195.204.xxx   merry chrismas to all
2008_12_24_19:59:34.474   075.189.235.xxx   Where's Waldo?
2008_12_24_19:59:45.450   070.156.005.xxx   Hey Alek. . greetings to all around the world from Tennessee!!
2008_12_24_20:00:30.137   070.156.005.xxx   A holiday tradition. . .Merry Christmas to you all...God Bless
2008_12_24_20:01:33.112   070.027.150.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS MOM AND DAD! (14)
2008_12_24_20:02:25.707   098.110.066.xxx   hey!
2008_12_24_20:05:35.165   075.110.107.xxx   w00t!!!
2008_12_24_20:06:51.949   075.110.107.xxx   doent the electric bill like fly like crazy?!?!?!
2008_12_24_20:09:35.151   076.181.065.xxx   Ho ho ho
2008_12_24_20:09:39.659   072.152.165.xxx   taco
2008_12_24_20:10:02.472   076.181.065.xxx   Type text & great workCR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2008_12_24_20:10:31.049   076.181.065.xxx   i love KFC
2008_12_24_20:10:39.714   068.007.120.xxx   Hi!
2008_12_24_20:10:42.494   218.083.198.xxx   CP!
2008_12_24_20:12:00.846   076.192.127.xxx   dark (31)
2008_12_24_20:16:07.031   065.001.056.xxx   thats a lot of chicken
2008_12_24_20:16:19.617   084.069.129.xxx   merry christmas from the uk
2008_12_24_20:17:24.225   084.069.129.xxx   congratulations on a great display
2008_12_24_20:18:09.870   065.001.056.xxx   o crap there is santa
2008_12_24_20:18:47.091   065.001.056.xxx   Sana wants your chicken
2008_12_24_20:18:47.135   076.192.127.xxx   Mr. santa, bring me some toys! (32)
2008_12_24_20:19:07.900   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Santa still not here now - probably reaching Eastern Seaboard about now ... ***ALEK***
2008_12_24_20:19:13.462   151.205.071.xxx   bring me knex (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_24_20:19:18.928   065.001.056.xxx   santa wants your chicken
2008_12_24_20:19:53.526   151.205.071.xxx   no i do (21)
2008_12_24_20:20:41.548   098.122.062.xxx   yo ppl
2008_12_24_20:20:55.868   024.008.170.xxx   Dallas Cowboys- Super Bowl Champions XLIII
2008_12_24_20:21:43.239   067.080.254.xxx   Merry Christmas from Bergen County New Jersey
2008_12_24_20:22:31.701   072.208.127.xxx   Merry Christmas from Tucson
2008_12_24_20:23:36.140   098.122.062.xxx   merry christmas for myrtle beach
2008_12_24_20:23:54.569   072.178.039.xxx   fat people!
2008_12_24_20:24:07.873   098.122.062.xxx   merry christmas from myrtle beach
2008_12_24_20:24:12.777   071.211.046.xxx   time for the little ones to go to bed!!! santa is on his way
2008_12_24_20:24:36.254   072.178.039.xxx   fat people!
2008_12_24_20:24:39.173   098.122.062.xxx   santa exists?
2008_12_24_20:25:10.624   024.045.184.xxx   Merry Christmas from the Finns
2008_12_24_20:25:11.504   071.211.046.xxx   this is a family website     be respectful
2008_12_24_20:25:53.069   098.122.062.xxx   yeah really r...e....s....p....e.....c....t
2008_12_24_20:26:28.015   071.211.046.xxx   just be nice!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_24_20:27:03.657   098.122.062.xxx   I am being nice don't worry bout it
2008_12_24_20:27:21.242   071.211.046.xxx   ok sorry (11)
2008_12_24_20:27:33.769   098.122.062.xxx   ha ha this is fun
2008_12_24_20:27:59.670   071.211.046.xxx   merry x-mas everyone from colorado!!! (12)
2008_12_24_20:28:30.163   024.059.155.xxx   Merry Christmas from Jake in New York
2008_12_24_20:28:45.104   072.051.242.xxx   Merry Christmas from Missouri
2008_12_24_20:29:17.695   067.165.105.xxx   Merry Christmas from Pennsylvania!
2008_12_24_20:29:19.834   071.211.046.xxx   touchet :-___ (13)
2008_12_24_20:30:22.727   071.211.046.xxx   merry christmas from the cabin crew at southwest airlines (14)
2008_12_24_20:31:21.523   024.045.184.xxx   Merry Long Island Christmas (and Happy Chanukah!)
2008_12_24_20:32:23.158   071.211.046.xxx   will you marry me anna?? (15)
2008_12_24_20:33:01.881   076.195.204.xxx   merry christmas from houston texas
2008_12_24_20:33:18.036   071.211.046.xxx   thats where my jojo lives (16)
2008_12_24_20:33:41.687   067.048.023.xxx   Merry Christmas from KCK and Kina
2008_12_24_20:34:04.908   071.211.046.xxx   merry x-mas trevor wignall (17)
2008_12_24_20:35:33.427   071.211.046.xxx   not!!!! (18)
2008_12_24_20:36:17.372   071.211.046.xxx   good night everyone (19)
2008_12_24_20:37:06.902   072.093.122.xxx   Merry Christmas everyone!
2008_12_24_20:37:14.824   024.255.222.xxx   Merry Christmas from Kansas!
2008_12_24_20:37:57.307   074.137.180.xxx   Merry Christmas
2008_12_24_20:39:39.056   067.048.023.xxx   Have a very Merry Christmas and say hi to Santa
2008_12_24_20:39:43.202   098.122.062.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM MYRTLE BEACH
2008_12_24_20:39:51.379   071.158.192.xxx   podunkboy says merry christmas
2008_12_24_20:40:39.588   071.158.192.xxx   maya and dara say merry christmas
2008_12_24_20:40:51.308   098.122.062.xxx   Merry christmas from myrtle beach
2008_12_24_20:42:33.695   070.026.133.xxx   Merry Christmas from Toronto Canada!
2008_12_24_20:42:42.236   069.243.247.xxx   Merry Christmas From Kansas City MO!
2008_12_24_20:43:26.886   070.026.133.xxx   Merry Christmas and dont cha wish you were in Santa Barbara, California!
2008_12_24_20:43:40.902   098.122.062.xxx   Merry Christmas From Myrtle Beach, 70 degrees (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_24_20:43:48.992   098.164.209.xxx   bite me
2008_12_24_20:44:04.459   071.158.192.xxx   radio gods forum's watching again!
2008_12_24_20:44:13.682   024.180.237.xxx   hey all
2008_12_24_20:44:28.815   070.026.133.xxx   Hi Myrtle Beach! from Santa Barbara, California
2008_12_24_20:44:32.090   098.122.062.xxx   ints 70 degrees in myrtle beach!!!! (11)
2008_12_24_20:44:54.403   098.164.209.xxx   we don't care
2008_12_24_20:45:04.278   099.159.082.xxx   its 110 in texas
2008_12_24_20:45:05.453   070.026.133.xxx   The Pacific coast ROCKS!!!
2008_12_24_20:45:09.534   024.180.237.xxx   Davsion, MI RULE'S
2008_12_24_20:45:16.637   076.016.019.xxx   yes we do care
2008_12_24_20:45:22.361   098.122.062.xxx   ya sure ur in snow mwa haha!!!! (12)
2008_12_24_20:45:59.587   099.159.082.xxx   jk
2008_12_24_20:46:01.587   070.092.170.xxx   11 degrees in Milwaukee
2008_12_24_20:46:04.033   024.180.237.xxx   Michiganders love snow ___3
2008_12_24_20:46:10.971   070.026.133.xxx   Minnesota...LOL. California ROCKS!
2008_12_24_20:46:17.942   098.122.062.xxx   Merry Christmas from Myrtle Beach (13)
2008_12_24_20:46:19.430   156.034.196.xxx   Raining in NB CANADA (12)
2008_12_24_20:47:01.459   075.138.039.xxx   8====D
2008_12_24_20:47:09.914   098.122.062.xxx   raining on christmas tht stinks!!! (14)
2008_12_24_20:47:18.456   099.159.082.xxx   i wanna hear alek now
2008_12_24_20:47:53.890   070.026.133.xxx   The way KFC kills their chickens is gross
2008_12_24_20:48:28.270   099.159.082.xxx   aleks a good dude. he helps kidz with celiac disease
2008_12_24_20:48:28.922   098.122.062.xxx   what !!!!!!!???? (15)
2008_12_24_20:48:45.083   024.180.237.xxx   thats what makes KFC so good
2008_12_24_20:48:49.422   070.026.133.xxx   Go vegan!
2008_12_24_20:49:15.965   068.207.200.xxx   Montgomery AL cr
2008_12_24_20:49:21.871   024.140.073.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2008_12_24_20:50:16.038   098.122.062.xxx   i ate santas cookie yum (16)
2008_12_24_20:50:29.259   024.140.073.xxx   and a Happy New Year, too!
2008_12_24_20:51:44.103   075.064.083.xxx   Merry Christmas from the Holadays!
2008_12_24_20:56:05.541   008.007.069.xxx   Merry Christmas from the Lawson's
2008_12_24_20:56:08.117   070.156.005.xxx   God's peace to everyone this night. . .He is born!!!
2008_12_24_20:58:18.561   066.170.204.xxx   Hi
2008_12_24_20:59:45.725   072.174.245.xxx   i,m n**** right now
2008_12_24_20:59:58.683   024.180.237.xxx   where is this house at???
2008_12_24_21:00:18.403   075.105.065.xxx   Merry Christmas to all my family members
2008_12_24_21:01:09.700   075.105.065.xxx   Season Greetings from the Holloways
2008_12_24_21:02:00.158   070.116.094.xxx   Merry Christmas from Austin, TX
2008_12_24_21:03:22.770   024.182.108.xxx   Doh!!!
2008_12_24_21:03:56.538   075.105.065.xxx   Merry Christmas from Chandler, Oklahoma!
2008_12_24_21:05:30.483   068.209.226.xxx   Everyone have a very Merry Christmas!!! M. Meeks TN
2008_12_24_21:06:06.933   072.174.245.xxx   im gonna party man
2008_12_24_21:06:31.869   099.142.005.xxx   Merry Christmas  from Hainesville, IL.
2008_12_24_21:07:31.763   067.183.125.xxx   merry christmas from lacey, wa
2008_12_24_21:07:54.080   024.180.237.xxx   Santa is in Florida! tracking from NORAD
2008_12_24_21:08:48.895   071.037.077.xxx   hi from tooele utah
2008_12_24_21:10:38.792   070.170.110.xxx   Happy Hannukkah and Christmas Everyone!
2008_12_24_21:10:42.960   076.017.182.xxx   Hello From Snowy Minnesota
2008_12_24_21:12:29.499   070.170.110.xxx   Hello from a rainly 43 degrees Las Vegas, Nevada
2008_12_24_21:12:40.822   024.032.205.xxx   howdy
2008_12_24_21:13:38.222   076.017.182.xxx   Christmas Greetings
2008_12_24_21:16:54.598   173.021.023.xxx   hi from cedar rapids iowa
2008_12_24_21:26:18.425   068.053.015.xxx   Merry Christmas from Springfield TN
2008_12_24_21:27:11.182   067.240.217.xxx   kyle
2008_12_24_21:27:48.424   075.051.173.xxx   father christmas gives us some money
2008_12_24_21:27:56.462   072.208.165.xxx   You need guinea pigs.
2008_12_24_21:28:03.776   067.191.216.xxx   kyle is g**
2008_12_24_21:28:23.323   072.208.165.xxx   YOU NEED GUINEA PIGS.
2008_12_24_21:28:58.224   072.208.165.xxx   YAY for Guinea Pigs!!!
2008_12_24_21:31:54.119   071.229.248.xxx   hello from KeyLiLover
2008_12_24_21:36:06.271   024.139.164.xxx   Merry Christmas from Puerto Rico
2008_12_24_21:38:10.350   076.210.069.xxx   alyssa smells
2008_12_24_21:39:25.114   063.229.223.xxx   Merry Christmas From Minnesota
2008_12_24_21:41:04.957   076.219.227.xxx   Merry Christmas from Los Angeles
2008_12_24_21:41:18.891   024.073.053.xxx   Deb and the kids rock out in dunedin
2008_12_24_21:42:08.262   063.229.223.xxx   I love this site!
2008_12_24_21:42:51.364   063.229.223.xxx   It's cold here in Minnesota!!!
2008_12_24_21:42:54.085   076.219.227.xxx   KFC makes an awesome Xmas dinner!
2008_12_24_21:43:39.979   063.229.223.xxx   Where's Alek??
2008_12_24_21:44:15.477   024.008.219.xxx   Merry Xmas to my Texas family & friends
2008_12_24_21:44:54.307   072.200.200.xxx   Merry Christmas Brandon in Oklahoma!
2008_12_24_21:45:30.443   072.200.200.xxx   BMP rocks!
2008_12_24_21:46:25.906   072.200.200.xxx   Hi Mimi, Jon, Brandon and Liz Merry Christmas
2008_12_24_21:49:01.670   072.081.022.xxx   Merry Christmas from Pennsylvania!
2008_12_24_21:52:23.878   068.127.158.xxx   Happy Birthday, Jesus!
2008_12_24_21:53:08.828   071.211.248.xxx   whhhhoooo christmas baby!!!
2008_12_24_21:53:50.301   071.211.248.xxx   rhys is soooo hotttt
2008_12_24_21:54:21.325   071.211.248.xxx   blake is a hotty
2008_12_24_21:54:53.105   070.092.170.xxx   Cam 1 is offline.
2008_12_24_21:55:52.289   098.030.123.xxx   HO HO HO
2008_12_24_21:56:21.254   071.102.125.xxx   hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
2008_12_24_21:56:42.583   098.030.123.xxx   hI FROM OHIO
2008_12_24_21:57:06.153   070.192.106.xxx   Hi MJ
2008_12_24_21:57:13.993   071.102.125.xxx   santa goes up teh ladder.....
2008_12_24_21:57:39.464   070.192.106.xxx   Love you the most
2008_12_24_21:57:50.228   216.087.067.xxx   wus up??? luv u mom
2008_12_24_21:58:05.444   071.211.248.xxx   CHRISTMaa**ss
2008_12_24_22:01:52.590   071.102.125.xxx   frosty iz alive
2008_12_24_22:03:13.868   074.047.120.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM LEWISBERRY, PA!
2008_12_24_22:05:18.178   086.040.208.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE FROM IRELAND
2008_12_24_22:07:17.158   071.011.199.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2008_12_24_22:07:33.945   097.118.125.xxx   who turned everything off?
2008_12_24_22:07:47.947   070.181.137.xxx   Merry Christmas From Lauren,Yaya and Bella!
2008_12_24_22:07:50.692   071.011.199.xxx   woot woot
2008_12_24_22:07:52.103   070.116.094.xxx   Goodnight Alliebear!
2008_12_24_22:08:30.673   071.011.199.xxx   Goodnight
2008_12_24_22:08:51.937   071.208.014.xxx   thiz is sooo cool
2008_12_24_22:10:14.623   071.208.014.xxx   Merry Christmas from the Phillipeans
2008_12_24_22:11:18.683   071.102.125.xxx   hi peoples waching this :P
2008_12_24_22:11:42.659   070.181.137.xxx   Merry Christmas from Lauren,Yaya and Bella!
2008_12_24_22:12:19.292   070.181.137.xxx   Feliz Navidad from Lauren,Yaya and Bella!
2008_12_24_22:13:27.000   070.181.137.xxx   Where's ur Christmas Spirit!
2008_12_24_22:13:52.493   071.208.014.xxx   dumbo
2008_12_24_22:14:12.274   071.102.125.xxx   GIANT CORN
2008_12_24_22:15:04.413   070.242.182.xxx   ho ho hooooo
2008_12_24_22:15:14.711   067.162.077.xxx   Anyone know what stations Yule Log will be on?
2008_12_24_22:15:18.209   071.208.014.xxx   cool
2008_12_24_22:15:34.268   071.102.125.xxx   ?????????????????????????????
2008_12_24_22:15:55.485   070.181.137.xxx   Santa is watching
2008_12_24_22:16:10.014   070.242.182.xxx   Merry Xmas
2008_12_24_22:16:24.441   071.208.014.xxx   this is a family website, please no bad language or potty- mouthing
2008_12_24_22:16:27.673   070.181.137.xxx   KFC Rules
2008_12_24_22:16:33.630   071.102.125.xxx   everyone else is too
2008_12_24_22:17:05.319   070.027.150.xxx   HELLO (15)
2008_12_24_22:17:53.932   070.027.150.xxx   HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII (16)
2008_12_24_22:18:06.267   071.102.125.xxx   ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
2008_12_24_22:18:22.792   072.201.138.xxx   Merry Christmas!!!!!!!
2008_12_24_22:18:25.533   070.027.150.xxx   HO HO HO (17)
2008_12_24_22:18:41.043   071.102.125.xxx   NO U (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_24_22:19:08.381   070.027.150.xxx   WHO? (18)
2008_12_24_22:19:17.980   072.201.138.xxx   Merry Christmas!!!!!
2008_12_24_22:19:30.502   151.204.206.xxx   The Game.
2008_12_24_22:19:43.371   070.027.150.xxx   TU U TU (19)
2008_12_24_22:20:24.198   151.204.206.xxx   savage n**** beast
2008_12_24_22:20:26.487   071.102.125.xxx   all is on (11)
2008_12_24_22:20:34.490   071.208.014.xxx   osum
2008_12_24_22:21:17.445   071.102.125.xxx   I see a car (12)
2008_12_24_22:21:26.912   151.204.206.xxx   i walk around like i got an S on my chest.
2008_12_24_22:22:11.667   071.208.014.xxx   crap
2008_12_24_22:23:07.969   151.204.206.xxx   Allah Jihad!
2008_12_24_22:23:25.048   070.027.150.xxx   I WONDER WHEN ALEK WILL BE BACK? (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_24_22:24:02.768   071.102.125.xxx   the car is still there (13)
2008_12_24_22:24:44.240   070.027.150.xxx   WHERE'S THE CAR? (21)
2008_12_24_22:24:50.289   071.208.014.xxx   Takbir
2008_12_24_22:24:58.931   151.204.206.xxx   Morocco Is a Wonderful Country
2008_12_24_22:25:41.297   070.027.150.xxx   CANADA IS TOO!! (22)
2008_12_24_22:26:24.473   071.061.121.xxx   Red Rider BB Guns ROCK!
2008_12_24_22:26:31.774   071.102.125.xxx   good 4 canada :D (14)
2008_12_24_22:26:35.947   071.208.014.xxx   U.S. IS TOO
2008_12_24_22:27:20.180   071.208.014.xxx   r u watching that too? (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_24_22:27:24.164   070.027.150.xxx   WHERE IN U.S? (23)
2008_12_24_22:27:24.225   071.102.125.xxx   THROW POPCORN AT THE SCREEN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (15)
2008_12_24_22:27:32.266   084.133.089.xxx   UNTERGRUNDBIBER!
2008_12_24_22:28:00.104   071.102.125.xxx   the car left :( (16)
2008_12_24_22:28:18.163   076.125.164.xxx   Merry Christmas All. LINK DELETED
2008_12_24_22:28:30.100   070.027.150.xxx   HOW DO U KNOW ALL THIS/ (24)
2008_12_24_22:28:43.038   071.102.125.xxx   ??? (17)
2008_12_24_22:29:06.838   070.027.150.xxx   YOU SAID THE CAR JUST LEFT (25)
2008_12_24_22:29:45.413   071.102.125.xxx   I just noticed it left (18)
2008_12_24_22:30:04.930   069.138.173.xxx   happy xmas flooot
2008_12_24_22:30:13.686   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Are you referring to the car by the KFC that recently left? ***ALEK***
2008_12_24_22:30:16.677   069.123.177.xxx   look santa on the roof
2008_12_24_22:30:46.871   069.138.173.xxx   happy xmas flooot
2008_12_24_22:30:50.229   071.102.125.xxx   I dont see him on the roof (19)
2008_12_24_22:31:42.834   071.208.014.xxx   me nether (11)
2008_12_24_22:32:33.453   082.020.102.xxx   It's Xmas Here in the UK
2008_12_24_22:32:37.440   071.102.125.xxx   there are like 3 on the overhang though (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_24_22:33:37.513   071.208.014.xxx   i see it now (12)
2008_12_24_22:35:09.169   071.208.014.xxx   crap head (13)
2008_12_24_22:37:00.216   071.102.125.xxx   @ alex: yes thats the car (21)
2008_12_24_22:39:37.827   071.102.125.xxx   ___alek (22)
2008_12_24_22:41:33.634   070.027.150.xxx   IS HE THERE? (26)
2008_12_24_22:41:55.660   071.208.014.xxx   idk (14)
2008_12_24_22:42:13.617   070.027.150.xxx   GOOD NIGHT WORLD AND MERRY CHRISTMAS! (27)
2008_12_24_22:42:59.854   071.208.014.xxx   skank (15)
2008_12_24_22:43:08.672   071.102.125.xxx   he was (23)
2008_12_24_22:44:06.327   070.027.150.xxx   GOOD NIGHT FROM ONTARIO CANADA! (28)
2008_12_24_22:48:08.231   070.027.150.xxx   HELLO, IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE? (29)
2008_12_24_22:48:15.008   071.102.125.xxx   stepping santa stopped (24)
2008_12_24_22:49:49.443   071.102.125.xxx   Type text & CR stepping santa is going againto see real-time in Santa's Wor (25)
2008_12_24_22:50:35.299   071.102.125.xxx   stepping santa is/was going (26)
2008_12_24_22:52:13.607   070.156.005.xxx   Snowy night in Colorado, Alek?
2008_12_24_22:57:21.005   071.072.096.xxx   is it col there today?
2008_12_24_22:58:07.670   071.072.096.xxx   Your display is amazing! Congratulations!
2008_12_24_22:59:21.069   024.186.164.xxx   Happy Holidays
2008_12_24_23:00:05.609   024.186.164.xxx   I Love you Brooke
2008_12_24_23:00:23.697   066.066.139.xxx   Merry xmas from Rochester NY
2008_12_24_23:01:10.889   071.072.096.xxx   Merry Christmas From Lancaster Ohio - The Eismons!
2008_12_24_23:01:58.403   066.066.139.xxx   Hi Eismons.
2008_12_24_23:04:02.887   066.066.139.xxx   Go Yankees!!!
2008_12_24_23:05:00.585   071.072.096.xxx   Merry Christmas, and Go Buckeyes!
2008_12_24_23:05:21.096   098.245.075.xxx   go broncs
2008_12_24_23:05:45.727   072.135.214.xxx   GO BEARS
2008_12_24_23:06:16.536   070.140.062.xxx   Textmr
2008_12_24_23:07:08.028   071.072.096.xxx   Alek, what program you using to display the IM as it is typed?
2008_12_24_23:09:08.489   098.245.075.xxx   homer claus is coming to town
2008_12_24_23:09:08.849   076.025.218.xxx   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Great job and good luck with your dreams. G
2008_12_24_23:09:42.267   098.245.075.xxx   good night everybody
2008_12_24_23:10:08.711   069.081.193.xxx   you treat a duel disk just like a woman...you fasten it to your arm and place t
2008_12_24_23:11:47.936   069.081.193.xxx   wanna just talk over this?
2008_12_24_23:12:01.200   072.135.214.xxx   yea
2008_12_24_23:12:13.480   071.072.096.xxx   why not?
2008_12_24_23:12:19.323   069.081.193.xxx   mmk...so how the kids doin?
2008_12_24_23:12:48.286   071.072.096.xxx   tucked in bed, waiting on christmas morning
2008_12_24_23:12:54.158   072.135.214.xxx   WTF
2008_12_24_23:13:00.615   069.081.193.xxx   u said it man
2008_12_24_23:14:05.038   069.081.193.xxx   s*  is not the answer s*  is the question yes is the answer
2008_12_24_23:14:27.893   072.135.214.xxx   lol niice
2008_12_24_23:14:39.787   069.081.193.xxx   dude...the guys there
2008_12_24_23:15:00.573   097.118.233.xxx   'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house...
2008_12_24_23:15:03.568   072.135.214.xxx   lol I KNOW hes cool i shoudl toatally ask him to be my friend
2008_12_24_23:15:05.637   069.081.193.xxx   over here!!!
2008_12_24_23:15:51.885   072.135.214.xxx   i should ask that cool guy to be my friend
2008_12_24_23:16:24.513   069.081.193.xxx   lawl
2008_12_24_23:16:38.339   072.135.214.xxx   y is this alot more fun then im'ing, OH NOES he dissapeared
2008_12_24_23:16:58.626   071.229.226.xxx   hello nice to see it. goos job
2008_12_24_23:17:02.649   069.081.193.xxx   idk but speak 1337?
2008_12_24_23:18:13.357   072.135.214.xxx   ok fien wit 7___-___47
2008_12_24_23:18:41.867   072.135.214.xxx   oh s*** that ruins everything
2008_12_24_23:18:54.219   069.081.193.xxx   54'/ ___/___/___-___47??? (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_24_23:19:23.614   069.081.193.xxx   wo lol ok leet doesnt exactly work (11)
2008_12_24_23:19:58.043   072.135.214.xxx   HAHA i think were the only ones on here this is awesome (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_24_23:20:25.922   069.081.193.xxx   ya we must be (12)
2008_12_24_23:20:40.540   074.195.081.xxx   dorks
2008_12_24_23:21:07.839   072.135.214.xxx   this is OUR little secret not yours get out!!! (11)
2008_12_24_23:21:19.474   074.195.081.xxx   lol
2008_12_24_23:21:38.038   072.135.214.xxx   lol lol jk jk ___) (12)
2008_12_24_23:22:36.882   074.195.081.xxx   Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown
2008_12_24_23:22:41.617   069.081.193.xxx   lol all in good sport XD (13)
2008_12_24_23:23:10.573   072.135.214.xxx   wtf mate................ (13)
2008_12_24_23:23:41.662   074.061.233.xxx   i love buz
2008_12_24_23:23:56.013   069.081.193.xxx   i love lamp (14)
2008_12_24_23:23:59.683   072.135.214.xxx   i love ite more (14)
2008_12_24_23:24:09.914   074.061.233.xxx   you wish
2008_12_24_23:24:14.162   072.222.152.xxx   hohoho
2008_12_24_23:24:16.143   069.081.193.xxx   i love lamp (15)
2008_12_24_23:24:35.167   074.061.233.xxx   hahaha
2008_12_24_23:24:54.239   072.135.214.xxx   yeah while i love sausage......................wait........... (15)
2008_12_24_23:24:55.481   069.081.193.xxx   wait i got 1 (16)
2008_12_24_23:25:17.203   072.222.152.xxx   Buzzz
2008_12_24_23:25:18.427   069.081.193.xxx   this christmas thing is so stupid i....ALL GLORY TO HYPNO TOAD (17)
2008_12_24_23:25:29.427   072.135.214.xxx   yeah while i love sausage......................wait........... (16)
2008_12_24_23:25:49.257   074.061.233.xxx   so kfc
2008_12_24_23:25:50.139   069.081.193.xxx   TOAD (18)
2008_12_24_23:26:22.703   069.081.193.xxx   sausage and KFC...that gives me an idea (19)
2008_12_24_23:26:43.770   072.135.214.xxx   ewwwwwwwwwwwwww (17)
2008_12_24_23:27:01.785   069.081.193.xxx   dont worry i have no idea where i was goin with that (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_24_23:27:43.533   072.135.214.xxx   ok w/e liar (18)
2008_12_24_23:27:54.519   069.081.193.xxx   -_- (21)
2008_12_24_23:28:55.523   069.081.193.xxx   ___(-_-___)(___-_-)___ (22)
2008_12_24_23:29:23.548   069.081.193.xxx   gah lol forgot about the symbols (23)
2008_12_24_23:30:30.715   069.081.193.xxx   spam spam spam spam (24)
2008_12_24_23:31:16.342   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Santa brings coal to spammers ... ***ALEK***
2008_12_24_23:32:02.906   069.081.193.xxx   ha ok point taken (25)
2008_12_24_23:33:08.737   070.092.170.xxx   NORAD Santa in Colorado Springs
2008_12_24_23:33:58.330   072.150.248.xxx   Merri Christmas
2008_12_24_23:36:55.366   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Colorado Springs just South of Republic of Boulder - should be here soon ... ***ALEK***
2008_12_24_23:40:25.837   096.024.078.xxx   so are you going to move the office cam to the tree?
2008_12_24_23:44:02.327   098.112.230.xxx   Cal Poly!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_24_23:44:28.611   071.146.143.xxx   Cal Poly Rules!
2008_12_24_23:48:18.175   069.205.048.xxx   what happened to the giant santa
2008_12_24_23:48:22.092   065.189.048.xxx   Have A Very Merry Christmas!!
2008_12_24_23:51:41.030   072.128.006.xxx   Merry Christmas to you!
2008_12_24_23:52:14.925   072.128.006.xxx   Can you give one last wave before I hit the sack?
2008_12_24_23:52:56.895   072.128.006.xxx   Thank you!  From KCMO!
2008_12_24_23:58:20.965   084.013.042.xxx   7am here in the UK, Merry Christmas!
2008_12_24_23:59:00.891   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Midnight here in Colorado ... Santa is about to stop by ... I think! ***ALEK***

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