329 christmas text messages on 2008/1225

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 6,894 times that day including 3,411 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1225

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2008_12_25_16:23:41.481   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Turning X10 Controls on a bit early - MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! ***ALEK***
2008_12_25_16:27:28.727   070.018.249.xxx   yeh yeh do it already come on bring on the love.
2008_12_25_16:33:49.591   067.191.193.xxx   hey brenda
2008_12_25_16:36:31.946   067.191.193.xxx   kelsey nicole loves you
2008_12_25_16:37:21.713   081.156.153.xxx   Hope everyone has had a great day!
2008_12_25_16:37:41.768   206.116.008.xxx   Merry Kweznuz
2008_12_25_16:37:44.636   067.191.193.xxx   kelsey nicole loves you
2008_12_25_16:37:55.250   189.012.188.xxx   Merry Christmas from Brazil to everyone!!!
2008_12_25_16:39:18.131   206.116.008.xxx   fat tums to all compliments of the gorging season
2008_12_25_16:39:38.318   065.183.105.xxx   light guru merry christmas
2008_12_25_16:39:47.431   206.116.008.xxx   A Merry Messy Kweznuz
2008_12_25_16:40:53.358   081.156.153.xxx   CR
2008_12_25_16:40:55.278   065.183.105.xxx   ming ming says hello
2008_12_25_16:41:49.446   024.008.240.xxx   Merry Xmas to you and YourType text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Worksh
2008_12_25_16:42:43.829   065.183.105.xxx   hows the fam
2008_12_25_16:43:26.123   024.008.240.xxx   Dont Moan the Bone
2008_12_25_16:45:04.583   068.116.145.xxx   Merry Christmas from Ft. Worth, TX
2008_12_25_16:45:28.357   189.012.188.xxx   Samuel says Hello to everybody!!
2008_12_25_16:46:19.928   070.066.216.xxx   Hi from BC
2008_12_25_16:46:20.777   024.008.240.xxx   Short like Tator tot
2008_12_25_16:46:49.961   024.008.240.xxx   Fat like pop can
2008_12_25_16:46:59.276   067.142.130.xxx   Hello From the Waco Texas area.. Saw the story at LINK DELETED = COOL
2008_12_25_16:47:33.191   189.012.188.xxx   Hello from Jacutinga Brazil!!
2008_12_25_16:47:42.532   067.142.130.xxx   Hope you are having a MERRY Christmas!
2008_12_25_16:48:47.015   067.142.130.xxx   Will you WAVE at my Wife... she is watching me type this..
2008_12_25_16:48:52.237   065.183.105.xxx   dont eat the yellow snow
2008_12_25_16:49:51.899   071.221.132.xxx   Merry Christmas from Nampa Idaho
2008_12_25_16:49:52.682   065.183.105.xxx   luke it is your destiny search your fealings
2008_12_25_16:49:53.949   024.008.240.xxx   TaliWacker
2008_12_25_16:49:57.156   067.142.130.xxx   Thanks... This is such a cool idea!! We will leave you to the others now.. Wavi
2008_12_25_16:50:40.769   189.012.188.xxx   hey you at the clocks, could you say hello to cam?
2008_12_25_16:50:40.183   065.183.105.xxx   pete are out there
2008_12_25_16:50:44.311   024.008.240.xxx   TaliWacker
2008_12_25_16:51:11.658   065.183.105.xxx   not cool
2008_12_25_16:51:38.619   189.012.188.xxx   hey you at the clocks, could you say hello to cam?
2008_12_25_16:51:47.602   071.221.132.xxx   Merry Christmas from Nampa Idaho Wavin to Aleck
2008_12_25_16:52:25.415   189.012.188.xxx   Thanks Bro : )
2008_12_25_16:59:01.768   076.076.078.xxx   Buzz Light year to the rescue
2008_12_25_16:59:19.593   024.063.193.xxx   congrats on the big win alec!
2008_12_25_17:01:18.285   076.076.078.xxx   Adam S. In the house!
2008_12_25_17:04:41.895   099.008.037.xxx   ello
2008_12_25_17:04:57.733   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks for the congrats on the KFC Win - my doctor appreciates it too! ***ALEK***
2008_12_25_17:06:31.228   076.192.127.xxx   Alek!
2008_12_25_17:07:08.709   076.192.127.xxx   oh he changed lights.
2008_12_25_17:09:06.014   076.192.127.xxx   wow there is less people than i thought. i thought there would be ****0 people 
2008_12_25_17:09:33.787   076.192.127.xxx   ****0 people here
2008_12_25_17:10:07.259   067.162.077.xxx   Hope your holiday was a good one!
2008_12_25_17:10:08.774   076.192.127.xxx   ********0 people
2008_12_25_17:10:43.445   076.192.127.xxx   grrrr.... TEN THOUSAND PEOPLE
2008_12_25_17:14:49.887   067.164.254.xxx   How do you get to your house?
2008_12_25_17:17:26.071   071.206.105.xxx   i got guitar hero world tour for christmas what did yall get
2008_12_25_17:18:22.314   075.092.010.xxx   i got rock band 2
2008_12_25_17:20:03.345   090.204.235.xxx   Have a nic meal Alek ?
2008_12_25_17:20:15.014   098.215.108.xxx   hey now
2008_12_25_17:20:25.462   090.218.236.xxx   Hi from England!
2008_12_25_17:20:36.875   024.000.250.xxx   lets go celts!!
2008_12_25_17:20:57.122   090.218.236.xxx   I am here and here is England
2008_12_25_17:21:15.849   070.095.097.xxx   Hello Jianna and Kal
2008_12_25_17:21:42.497   090.218.236.xxx   Is anyone else from here?
2008_12_25_17:21:45.166   156.034.196.xxx   Hiya Alek Merry Christmas :)
2008_12_25_17:21:50.060   024.000.250.xxx   hey hey my my
2008_12_25_17:22:27.654   156.034.196.xxx   what the....i never saw that train before :O
2008_12_25_17:23:11.532   156.034.196.xxx   lol i must have imagined that
2008_12_25_17:23:53.326   156.034.196.xxx   no there IS a train, that's new isnt it ?
2008_12_25_17:24:05.812   076.025.216.xxx   its super neat
2008_12_25_17:24:27.988   070.095.097.xxx   The chicken looks good!
2008_12_25_17:24:40.107   156.034.196.xxx   i'm really going to miss this when it's gone :(
2008_12_25_17:24:52.945   098.215.108.xxx   hey i see you on the right of the cam
2008_12_25_17:25:00.251   090.218.236.xxx   Who turned my light out
2008_12_25_17:25:16.027   070.095.097.xxx   this is the work of a genius!
2008_12_25_17:25:20.199   024.008.240.xxx   I did
2008_12_25_17:25:35.381   156.034.196.xxx   ohhh thats what that is in the 2nd window a chicken lol
2008_12_25_17:25:37.685   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Light display goes through New Years ... back Thanksgiving/**** ***ALEK***
2008_12_25_17:25:58.048   090.218.236.xxx   It's an old English tradition
2008_12_25_17:26:02.285   156.034.196.xxx   :)
2008_12_25_17:26:18.120   024.008.240.xxx   You play World of Warcraft dont you?
2008_12_25_17:26:37.702   156.034.196.xxx   something to look forward to all year
2008_12_25_17:26:58.572   090.218.236.xxx   Christmas lights are an old English tradition
2008_12_25_17:27:09.572   024.008.240.xxx   80 t-7 Loock ftw
2008_12_25_17:28:55.543   076.025.216.xxx   its super neat
2008_12_25_17:29:15.586   024.008.240.xxx   Hunters are OP (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_25_17:29:26.936   076.025.216.xxx   katie is a rock star
2008_12_25_17:30:05.855   076.025.216.xxx   kottonmout kings
2008_12_25_17:30:11.061   090.218.236.xxx   Do you have Zinger towers over there?
2008_12_25_17:30:11.376   067.009.065.xxx   Visit LINK DELETED!
2008_12_25_17:30:11.610   024.008.240.xxx   only in the sack (11)
2008_12_25_17:30:51.144   076.025.216.xxx   ill show u in the sack buddy
2008_12_25_17:30:53.791   024.008.240.xxx   LoL  Just Plain Cotton Mouth (12)
2008_12_25_17:31:36.346   024.008.240.xxx   Ive been ordered to put the bong down. (13)
2008_12_25_17:31:59.998   076.025.216.xxx   no such thing
2008_12_25_17:32:56.769   024.008.240.xxx   Sticky Icky Icky (14)
2008_12_25_17:33:06.415   090.218.236.xxx   Type text & Do you have Zinger towers over there?CR to see real-time in San
2008_12_25_17:33:47.325   076.025.216.xxx   zinger? like the snack cake?
2008_12_25_17:34:24.285   090.218.236.xxx   Zinger tower meal from KFC, yummy!
2008_12_25_17:35:18.996   076.025.216.xxx   i duno
2008_12_25_17:35:47.479   024.008.240.xxx   Show me in the sack you dirty girl (15)
2008_12_25_17:35:54.767   156.034.196.xxx   Thanks from Quispamsis NB
2008_12_25_17:36:02.299   090.218.236.xxx   Must be only available from KFC in England (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_25_17:36:42.804   090.218.236.xxx   it's yum but very hot (11)
2008_12_25_17:36:49.970   076.025.216.xxx   maybe..
2008_12_25_17:36:51.814   024.008.240.xxx   show me in the sack you dirty girl! (16)
2008_12_25_17:37:26.668   090.218.236.xxx   spicy hot, not heat kind of hot, well it should be that kind of hot too (12)
2008_12_25_17:37:37.318   156.034.196.xxx   some of you people need to get lives :P (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_25_17:37:46.624   076.025.216.xxx   lol u wish.....im way too cute 4 that silly boy (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_25_17:38:10.456   072.192.210.xxx   is cam 2 also out for u guys
2008_12_25_17:38:23.801   156.034.196.xxx   yes (11)
2008_12_25_17:38:27.254   090.218.236.xxx   can't see camera 2 (13)
2008_12_25_17:38:39.827   076.025.216.xxx   yea (11)
2008_12_25_17:38:56.802   156.034.196.xxx   the Grinch attacked camera 2!!!! (12)
2008_12_25_17:40:00.683   076.025.216.xxx   lmao.....ill pass (12)
2008_12_25_17:40:04.126   065.025.036.xxx   hi cristian!!!
2008_12_25_17:40:18.731   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Sorry about Cam2 - technical typo on my end ***ALEK***
2008_12_25_17:40:21.686   072.192.210.xxx   merry christmas
2008_12_25_17:40:35.584   065.025.036.xxx   hello ashley tomlin
2008_12_25_17:40:37.690   090.207.208.xxx   hi i love the lights
2008_12_25_17:41:07.346   065.025.036.xxx   hi zack tomlin
2008_12_25_17:41:13.314   090.218.236.xxx   Who is Ashley Tomlin? (14)
2008_12_25_17:41:34.315   024.026.082.xxx   Merry Christmas from Tampa FL!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_25_17:41:41.730   156.034.196.xxx   the lights are a wonderful gift to everyone thanks again (13)
2008_12_25_17:42:29.315   086.147.041.xxx   Get yer rat ooot
2008_12_25_17:43:04.332   072.192.210.xxx   my sisters daughter loves these lights
2008_12_25_17:43:11.152   156.034.196.xxx   rat ?! (14)
2008_12_25_17:43:18.836   076.025.216.xxx   the christmas stuff is amazing but toodles........xoxox (13)
2008_12_25_17:44:04.320   090.218.236.xxx   oot, isn't that Scottish for out? (15)
2008_12_25_17:44:18.436   156.034.196.xxx   sigh :( (15)
2008_12_25_17:44:25.922   065.025.036.xxx   hey peanutbutterbutt
2008_12_25_17:44:35.406   072.192.210.xxx   got to go
2008_12_25_17:44:45.563   084.069.107.xxx   wormy is silly
2008_12_25_17:46:14.658   084.069.107.xxx   afrocat is awesome
2008_12_25_17:46:31.117   098.127.061.xxx   Merry Christmas from Billlings, MT
2008_12_25_17:47:18.133   084.069.107.xxx   WHO COULD IT BE
2008_12_25_17:48:18.960   090.218.236.xxx   What time is it down there? (16)
2008_12_25_17:48:55.037   067.190.051.xxx   Merry Christmas and congratulations on the KFC win!  This is soooo cool!
2008_12_25_17:49:21.044   090.218.236.xxx   I'm hoping to win the KFC! (17)
2008_12_25_17:49:31.949   067.190.051.xxx   This is sooooo cool!  :)
2008_12_25_17:50:03.803   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** A number of the other entries in the KFC contest were great! ***ALEK***
2008_12_25_17:51:39.924   090.218.236.xxx   It's amazing for me to be able to sit in my in England and control your lighs o (18)
2008_12_25_17:52:06.051   070.003.186.xxx   Merry Christmas
2008_12_25_17:52:11.748   090.218.236.xxx   ontrol your lights in the us (19)
2008_12_25_17:52:16.770   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** HEY ... it's after Midnight across the Pond right now - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2008_12_25_17:52:34.943   099.162.086.xxx   Merry Xmas from the Sanchez Family in Fullerton, California
2008_12_25_17:53:30.841   070.003.186.xxx   Merry Christmas from Texas
2008_12_25_17:54:00.956   090.218.236.xxx   Merry Christmas from here in the middle on England (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_25_17:54:02.524   075.092.010.xxx   Merry christmas D'OH
2008_12_25_17:54:35.409   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Homer appreciates the Merry Christmas - D'OH back to you! ***ALEK***
2008_12_25_17:54:40.961   090.218.236.xxx   middle OF England i meant (21)
2008_12_25_17:54:42.143   066.214.248.xxx   cool site, was here last year too
2008_12_25_17:55:17.238   090.218.236.xxx   well i was here next year too! (22)
2008_12_25_17:56:25.178   024.098.140.xxx   hey ya'll greetings from Georgia
2008_12_25_17:56:28.351   082.042.104.xxx   alek why aint ya with ya family. instead of on this
2008_12_25_17:56:38.186   076.027.038.xxx   HEy congrats on the free chicken!
2008_12_25_17:56:58.401   090.218.236.xxx   what does y'all mean ????? (23)
2008_12_25_17:57:20.089   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I spent the WHOLE day assembling presents ... including giant double basketball game ***ALEK***
2008_12_25_17:57:25.941   024.098.140.xxx   southern for you all
2008_12_25_17:58:04.414   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** So break time for me ... plus reviewing/editing pictures of kids this morning ***ALEK***
2008_12_25_17:58:04.627   024.098.140.xxx   HOHO HOHO
2008_12_25_17:58:18.232   090.218.236.xxx   but i'm from the south - the south of london (24)
2008_12_25_17:59:16.043   024.098.140.xxx   I'm from Canada! :-o
2008_12_25_18:00:43.955   071.137.158.xxx   Merry Chistmas from Fresno, California
2008_12_25_18:01:21.393   090.218.236.xxx   Fresno, that's a frozen food store! (25)
2008_12_25_18:02:02.632   090.218.236.xxx   oops sorry that's freshco (26)
2008_12_25_18:02:15.772   082.068.154.xxx   hello
2008_12_25_18:02:18.258   076.027.038.xxx   Where is the twin hulks?
2008_12_25_18:02:38.034   099.162.086.xxx   Merry xmas from Dr. Sanchez in California
2008_12_25_18:04:01.241   090.218.236.xxx   I'm going off now. I won't be back until last year, see you then! (27)
2008_12_25_18:04:34.995   024.098.140.xxx   Bonjour! :)
2008_12_25_18:05:52.773   203.097.108.xxx   Happy Boxing Day to all the colonies!!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_25_18:06:46.018   119.094.005.xxx   Hello Mel Baboy!
2008_12_25_18:11:38.923   071.052.058.xxx   hi hi
2008_12_25_18:13:01.878   142.161.061.xxx   Heya, all.
2008_12_25_18:13:55.087   072.042.164.xxx   Hello Merry christmas from Alaska!
2008_12_25_18:16:04.638   189.012.188.xxx   Samuel says Hello!!!!
2008_12_25_18:29:19.349   098.016.099.xxx   Merry Christmas from Ashtabula,Ohio
2008_12_25_18:30:09.157   075.120.240.xxx   Merry Christmas and War Eagle!
2008_12_25_18:31:53.903   068.035.211.xxx   Auburn!
2008_12_25_18:33:33.866   024.029.042.xxx   TOM IS AWESOME!
2008_12_25_18:37:10.329   220.253.080.xxx   robbo rulz
2008_12_25_18:37:51.576   024.029.042.xxx   Merry Christmas from Schenectady!
2008_12_25_18:38:53.995   068.035.211.xxx   let's all have a drink!
2008_12_25_18:39:00.634   220.253.080.xxx   robbo rulz
2008_12_25_18:40:14.306   097.102.255.xxx   Merry Christmas All
2008_12_25_18:46:03.403   075.092.010.xxx   boise state rocksssssssssss
2008_12_25_18:53:33.766   072.064.043.xxx   i love alice
2008_12_25_18:53:55.399   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I think Tom is awesome too ... what did he do?!? ***ALEK***
2008_12_25_18:54:03.330   072.064.043.xxx   I love you too David...mwahhh
2008_12_25_18:55:07.106   072.064.043.xxx   sweeeeeet!!!
2008_12_25_18:57:13.566   075.092.010.xxx   congrats alek i saw the news and you were on
2008_12_25_18:58:59.093   068.038.130.xxx   hi peoples
2008_12_25_18:59:31.585   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks 0.75 - media attention was a bit crazy and fun - back to being a Regular Joe ***ALEK***
2008_12_25_19:03:32.214   068.035.211.xxx   merry christmas everyone!
2008_12_25_19:03:36.589   068.038.130.xxx   lalalalalalalala
2008_12_25_19:13:20.642   069.138.182.xxx   hi from the Ueng family in Bethesda!
2008_12_25_19:13:40.514   072.081.022.xxx   Merry Christmas One and ALL!
2008_12_25_19:15:58.808   071.228.223.xxx   congrats on the kfc win!!!!! yay!
2008_12_25_19:16:33.447   063.214.229.xxx   Hi Stevie...Love Mom
2008_12_25_19:21:46.163   063.214.229.xxx   Merry Christmas Stephie
2008_12_25_19:22:06.330   076.097.052.xxx   Hey, Bob.  Love the bacon!!!
2008_12_25_19:22:02.481   063.214.229.xxx   Merry Christmas Stephie
2008_12_25_19:25:22.352   098.031.018.xxx   Merry Christmas One and All from Ohio!!
2008_12_25_19:27:43.078   068.227.245.xxx   Merry Christmas from Joseph!
2008_12_25_19:30:14.173   098.119.108.xxx   Merry Christmas from Apple Valley, California.
2008_12_25_19:34:21.288   096.024.062.xxx   Merry Christmas from Copperas Cove Texas
2008_12_25_19:35:43.166   096.013.201.xxx   durr
2008_12_25_19:36:16.888   096.024.062.xxx   Happy Birthday Baby Jesus..love little Nick
2008_12_25_19:38:07.140   096.024.062.xxx   I am the Hulk! ___ Little Nick
2008_12_25_19:48:13.544   072.200.200.xxx   Alek-thanks for providing entertainment for me and my kids!
2008_12_25_19:49:06.207   072.200.200.xxx   Your website made my kids Christmas great!
2008_12_25_19:50:41.971   071.212.254.xxx   Hi I really like your lights!
2008_12_25_19:51:10.694   072.200.200.xxx   The Ho HO HO looks nice
2008_12_25_19:51:38.342   071.212.254.xxx   you rock
2008_12_25_19:52:16.868   071.212.254.xxx   I have the same corn hat!
2008_12_25_19:53:12.075   072.200.200.xxx   Help I am buried under a moutain of used gift wrap!
2008_12_25_19:53:18.602   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Glad I was able to make your kids smile 072 ... and Corn Hat came from Cub Scouts ***ALEK***
2008_12_25_19:53:30.628   012.147.132.xxx   Merry Christmas from TEXAS
2008_12_25_19:53:46.810   072.200.200.xxx   Merry Christmas from OKLAHOMA go Sooners!
2008_12_25_19:53:54.559   071.212.254.xxx   My corn hat came from Cub Scouts Too!
2008_12_25_19:54:48.533   072.200.200.xxx   Cub scouts rock
2008_12_25_19:55:43.031   068.032.074.xxx   Iphon
2008_12_25_19:56:54.012   068.032.074.xxx   Merry Xmas !!!!
2008_12_25_19:58:11.418   068.032.074.xxx   Hi
2008_12_25_20:02:00.829   072.081.022.xxx   Merry Christmas from my family to yours!
2008_12_25_20:02:23.195   068.032.074.xxx   I GOT AN IPHONE FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!
2008_12_25_20:02:26.121   070.246.230.xxx   Merry Christmas from Buzz Lightyear!
2008_12_25_20:09:50.251   067.162.077.xxx   Wishing I got presents this year. :-(
2008_12_25_20:12:12.062   156.034.196.xxx   Goodnite from NB Alex - Thanks (16)
2008_12_25_20:15:01.914   071.083.255.xxx   Merry Christmas from Washington State!
2008_12_25_20:18:02.773   156.034.196.xxx   have some egg nog Alek u look tired (17)
2008_12_25_20:21:52.628   024.108.172.xxx   Happy New Year!
2008_12_25_20:23:05.299   024.108.172.xxx   Somebody at the living room
2008_12_25_20:23:37.099   173.097.029.xxx   this is nutz
2008_12_25_20:24:18.570   024.108.172.xxx   Why?
2008_12_25_20:24:46.511   156.034.196.xxx   why not? (18)
2008_12_25_20:25:39.623   156.034.196.xxx   i've always admired people who have huge light displays (19)
2008_12_25_20:28:14.105   024.108.172.xxx   You should see more of land.
2008_12_25_20:30:32.974   024.108.172.xxx   Have Happy New Year!
2008_12_25_20:30:35.165   156.034.196.xxx   heh i'm actually glad i live somewhere where stuff is closed tomorrow :) (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_25_20:31:11.467   156.034.196.xxx   closed tomorrow i mean :) (21)
2008_12_25_20:31:34.432   066.055.228.xxx   Merry Christmas
2008_12_25_20:46:12.740   071.053.089.xxx   Merry Christmas from Killeen
2008_12_25_20:48:08.667   071.254.065.xxx   Kilroy was here......
2008_12_25_20:51:09.792   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Did Kilroy turns the Christmas Lights ON and OFF?!?   ___-) ***ALEK***
2008_12_25_20:53:41.355   066.134.167.xxx   hello jonas
2008_12_25_20:54:06.117   066.055.228.xxx   Whitney Texas
2008_12_25_20:54:41.210   066.134.167.xxx   jonasbfl??? bixinha
2008_12_25_20:55:16.162   071.254.065.xxx   This is absamazingly alluting.  Kilroy.....
2008_12_25_20:55:17.361   066.055.228.xxx   Who is the man in the picture?
2008_12_25_20:55:52.119   066.134.167.xxx   jonasbfl??? bixinha
2008_12_25_20:57:20.772   066.134.167.xxx   nice game man
2008_12_25_20:59:30.029   066.055.228.xxx   Oh My!! This is a neat website.
2008_12_25_21:00:30.440   069.208.086.xxx   Merry Christmas From Michigan
2008_12_25_21:01:07.263   066.055.228.xxx   Merry Christmas to all from Whitney Texas
2008_12_25_21:01:48.661   066.055.228.xxx   Buzz Lightyear to the rescue
2008_12_25_21:02:06.349   024.243.173.xxx   KFC everywhere - must be an Obama supporter
2008_12_25_21:04:26.114   070.242.182.xxx   KFC fails but this site is cool
2008_12_25_21:07:10.606   070.242.182.xxx   ho ho ho
2008_12_25_21:08:31.327   068.078.143.xxx   Some ones up late
2008_12_25_21:09:09.543   076.024.077.xxx   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year From Massachusetts!!
2008_12_25_21:09:38.687   024.099.104.xxx   Hey, what are you doing back there??
2008_12_25_21:10:34.562   076.024.077.xxx   where
2008_12_25_21:10:59.818   024.099.104.xxx   Has your head become part of the display?
2008_12_25_21:15:02.538   098.017.230.xxx   i would like to see cantas real workshop cam
2008_12_25_21:15:02.982   066.206.049.xxx   this is a test of the emergency brodcast system
2008_12_25_21:17:13.495   024.099.104.xxx   Is there a person trapped in the display in the right rear?
2008_12_25_21:17:54.760   024.099.104.xxx   Zowie!!!!
2008_12_25_21:18:16.057   066.206.049.xxx   power! we need more power!
2008_12_25_21:18:54.803   190.148.009.xxx   hola a todos
2008_12_25_21:19:36.230   066.206.049.xxx   chrismascam2 car broken  down!!!! or a robber! so someone bord
2008_12_25_21:19:37.418   190.148.009.xxx   feliz navidad pitufo
2008_12_25_21:20:15.728   190.148.009.xxx   feliz navidad n**** por gusto!
2008_12_25_21:20:45.407   066.206.049.xxx   chrismascam2 car broken  down!!!! or a robber! so someone bord
2008_12_25_21:20:48.593   066.082.162.xxx   hi y'all
2008_12_25_21:20:57.696   190.148.009.xxx   feliz navidad PITUFO
2008_12_25_21:21:39.812   066.206.049.xxx   show us ur elecrtic bill lol
2008_12_25_21:22:14.291   066.082.162.xxx   fa la la la
2008_12_25_21:22:54.252   190.148.009.xxx   We are seeing from Guatemala City... Congratulations!!!!
2008_12_25_21:23:19.614   066.082.162.xxx   you'll shoot your eye out, kid!
2008_12_25_21:24:46.716   190.148.009.xxx   Feliz Navidad Mimichi!!!!
2008_12_25_21:26:02.066   190.148.009.xxx   Feliz Navidad desde Guatemala
2008_12_25_21:28:34.428   098.209.097.xxx   zomg alek's got stalkers
2008_12_25_21:29:27.375   071.037.101.xxx   alek wave
2008_12_25_21:29:28.249   066.206.049.xxx   rubbernecker on cam 2
2008_12_25_21:29:28.346   098.209.097.xxx   will it blend that is the question
2008_12_25_21:30:03.567   071.037.101.xxx   wave alek
2008_12_25_21:30:05.922   098.209.097.xxx   they moved!
2008_12_25_21:30:07.078   067.239.097.xxx   same time next year
2008_12_25_21:30:15.523   066.206.049.xxx   rubbernecker cam 2
2008_12_25_21:32:38.196   096.024.031.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM TEXAS
2008_12_25_21:33:41.383   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Christmas Lights in a blender would not be pretty - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2008_12_25_21:33:45.101   071.037.101.xxx   I love you Alex
2008_12_25_21:33:51.445   098.209.097.xxx   si my name is griswald :p
2008_12_25_21:34:26.172   096.024.031.xxx   I LOVE YOU KENDALL
2008_12_25_21:34:36.118   071.037.101.xxx   wave alek
2008_12_25_21:36:34.141   096.024.031.xxx   TOM IS HOT
2008_12_25_21:36:41.279   156.034.196.xxx   hmmm is that the creature from the black lagoon (22)
2008_12_25_21:37:28.277   096.024.031.xxx   TROY TEXAS
2008_12_25_21:37:43.730   067.176.052.xxx   were comin over
2008_12_25_21:38:25.783   096.024.031.xxx   HOPE YOUR A CUTE BLOND
2008_12_25_21:41:22.555   096.024.031.xxx   merry christmas hope koch
2008_12_25_21:41:55.449   066.206.049.xxx   d@m!t i misstook this house for the runway the other night
2008_12_25_21:42:16.288   071.181.130.xxx   awesome display!!!! merry christmas!
2008_12_25_21:42:55.334   066.206.049.xxx   d@m!t i misstook this house for the runway the other night
2008_12_25_21:46:42.161   024.029.046.xxx   Hello Christopher Charnews
2008_12_25_21:50:54.250   068.194.244.xxx   extra time tonight alex comon its chrismas
2008_12_25_21:51:37.744   024.029.046.xxx   Christopher likes road flares
2008_12_25_21:51:40.875   068.194.244.xxx   keep lights on till 12 which is when chrismas ends alek
2008_12_25_21:51:44.150   012.216.111.xxx   merry christmas from west des moines iowa
2008_12_25_21:52:17.520   068.194.244.xxx   DONT TURN LIGHTS OUT AT 10 ALEK
2008_12_25_21:52:25.987   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Sorry, Webcams shut down at normal time tonight ... be back tomorrow for 'ya ***ALEK***
2008_12_25_21:52:30.890   024.029.046.xxx   #40 likes road flares
2008_12_25_21:53:15.805   068.194.244.xxx   WHY ITS CHRISMAS why tonight normal of all nights that makes no sence
2008_12_25_21:53:33.580   024.029.046.xxx   Merry Christmas from Glenville PD
2008_12_25_21:53:33.982   156.034.196.xxx   G-night Alek (23)
2008_12_25_21:54:00.586   068.194.244.xxx   comon extra half hour just got home from chrismas get together
2008_12_25_21:54:15.302   012.216.111.xxx   thanks for the great light Alek!
2008_12_25_21:54:29.187   024.029.046.xxx   Merry Christmas form Glenville Pd
2008_12_25_21:54:57.203   068.194.244.xxx   had no time all day its only 10 oclock I think u can stay up till 12
2008_12_25_21:55:01.103   156.034.196.xxx   ummm he'd like to spend time with his family too ya know (24)
2008_12_25_21:55:32.384   068.194.244.xxx   ok I never said he had to sit in his office idot
2008_12_25_21:56:22.180   068.194.244.xxx   he can go upstairs and shut lights off when hes finished
2008_12_25_21:56:35.517   156.034.196.xxx   whiny people like u are never satisified (25)
2008_12_25_21:56:58.797   068.194.244.xxx   what are u a  saint shut the h*** up
2008_12_25_21:57:23.341   156.034.196.xxx   make me :P (26)
2008_12_25_21:57:34.905   071.061.121.xxx   MMMMMMM, Christmas Cookies!
2008_12_25_21:57:56.163   068.194.244.xxx   your probably like 5 years old stop talking loser (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_25_21:58:33.809   156.034.196.xxx   u probably r a 5 yr old :P (27)
2008_12_25_21:58:42.410   068.194.244.xxx   all I wanted was more time with the lights u stupid idot (11)
2008_12_25_21:59:05.765   156.034.196.xxx   too bad whiny kid u aint getting it (28)
2008_12_25_21:59:32.265   024.029.046.xxx   Merry Christmas all!!!
2008_12_25_21:59:43.092   012.216.111.xxx   merry christmas everyone

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